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how do i build red corpuscles?
I have been running for awhile now ? Anxiety?
why can't I fall asleep anymore?
Someone I know has been ingesting paper towels over a long period of time, 2 years.?
Feels Like throat is closing up... Cant sleep!!!?
Contact lenses...help please?
A funeral and a really bad cold today. Please help!?
why my hand can numb especially when i sleep in the night & happend later?
when can i brush my teeth after having mouth surgery?
How can i induce sleep talking?
I was recently dumped by my really super amazing boyfriend...and i cried ALOT, and now its hard to breath..?
can you get medical pot if you have IBS? (irritable bowel syndrome)?
Not enough sleep? askldfakhfaiophga?
I'm not tired- But i feel as I have no energy.?
i have a pretty bad ingrown toenail. can i be put to sleep to do it?? that would be easiest for me?
Is my toenail going to fall off?
hand veins lmao .....?
I have had very dull chest pain in the center of my chest for 2 days now. What could this be?
I just noticed a ball inside my inner thigh?
how can i beat fatique?
health problems...? please help?
How is the best way to stop Mosquitos biting?
Heart problem? Need help, please?! What could it be?
i have been experiencing lightheadedness, headaches, and low blood pressure. any ideas what it could be?
what is this? urgent please answer!!?
When people have a heart attack, is the pressure in the center of the chest or on the left side?
During Quad Bypass surgery, Doctors said that they stopped my heart for 5 minutes. Was I dead during this time?
Does anyone know any risks of using artificial blood?
Do they test for HIV when you get an abortion? General question - definately not for me so just...?
ive ben an idiot and need help .xx?
My tynol pm isnt working?
I've had a heart transplant, will that stop me from having kids?
can people with tachycardia take birth control?
whats wrong with my heart.?
is this heart problems?
Why does my heart beat abnormally sometimes?
IWhen does the HIV-AIDS virus remain undetected in someone's body?
2 questions please answer?
my blood pressure runs 150/50 is that normal?
Besides smoking and heriditary, what are some causes for heart attacks and strokes?
What is this chest pain?
What's wrong with my heart?
Heart problems :S randomly stops beating?
pace maker can do pray like muslim?
Can someone with a pacemaker use a cellphone without affecting her pacemaker?
Shortness of Breath, heart palpitations in throat?
i am having bad chest pains feel like im going to puke dizzy n numb?
I have been diagnosed with Prostatites and have been prescribed Cipro. Reviewing side effects and reviews on t?
is this normal please answer??????
I am a 31 yr old woman who has kidney disease and suffering from Gout for 7 yrs now. Can I get disibility?
having inconsistent urinating problems?
Chest pain in the mornings....?? HELP?
Should I massage my wound at an early stage?
Tapeworms in flounder?
was handling raw chicken at work, next day i have diarrhea which has now turned green, is this normal?
why was chicken pox called chickenpox?
enzymes in the liver,what is it for?
Do you think I could have meningitis?
Diarrhea for two weeks? I'm feeling fine?
Food poisoning?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what is the best treatment for cryptocuccus infection on my dog?
Ate something spoiled, not feeling sick yet, anything that I can do to prevent getting sick?
i have been so stressed lately i have scizzo effictive disorder and hepetitis c but i have been vommiting scin?
help i have no clue what this is (pics included)?
My eye lashes have vanished?
do you get money for having a ulcer?
How long do germs last?
What on earth should i do?
what is in doxycycline?
What are the red bumps in the back of my throat?
I am 17 and I haven't gotten the chicken pox yet?
How do you know if you're TB positive?
I have to go to the doctors tomorrow for a blood test , A fasting sugar test so i need to fast but?
how to improve bad circulation?
my father in law is diabetic..is feeling 'itchy' one of the symptoms?
Is it correct that as I have diabetes and cholesterol and high blood pressure that I can get a higher pension?
Help getting contacts please?
I get a swollen eye every once in a while. Does this have to do with smoking marijuana?
what is the best pain medicine to be on for pain?
Why am I getting heartburn constantly when I have never had it before?
Rose Bowl Flea Market--Eyeglasses VENDOR!!?
Which lasik lasers are used to treat farsightedness and which are the best?
What could this weird little spot in my eye be?
Where is the best place to get non perscribed free colored lenses?
Feels like something is in my eye?
What allows hearing impaired people to identify speech sounds?
2 percocet 10mg ,1.5mg xanax , 50mg saraquel?
Eye pain, nausea - What do you guys think?
Why do i have a headache?
help do I have appendicitis?
Lower right dull abdomen pain and dull lower back pain.?
scared of hydrocodone use, anyone else know about this stuff?
Ive had a stomach ache for 4 days straight, How should i cure it.?
Can I go to the navy seals with eyes that have been perfected to 20 20 using PKR eye surgery?
what could possibly be the problem with my eyes?
If you have pink eye, how soon will the redness and eye sleepers go away if you have drops?
Headaches, Stomach Pain, Peeing Alot Etc...?
A painful bump inside my throat?
Ear stretching problem?
My appendix area is hurting. can someone help?
My big toe hurts when Ii bend it...?
whats an eye freckle ?
=) eye color contactss?
what is someone's eyesight structure after getting older?
What does my eye glasses prescription mean?
weird thing with the pupils of my eye?
my throat hurts so bad, it hurts when i swollow, im losing my voice and i've been getting horrible headaches?
I have terrible headaches!?
My eye ulcer seems to have gotten worse?
Cosmetic Contacts???
Info on Acuvue Oasys (read details)?
Questions about Laser eye surgery?
Help red spot on my eye?
Eye question, need help?
Can you guys please help me out? I think I have a fever, but I am not sure. It also hurts to swallow my saliva?
horrible stomach pains?
my vision is driving me crazy?
Little ball under my skin...what could it be? help?
in school why does y face get so oily?
Best facial sunscreen for people with oily skin?
Rash-like on inner thigh ?
What gets rid of cold sores?
why is there a blood blister looking bump on the bottom hole of my navel piercing? and why is it bleeding?
How can i get skin this clear?
What causes random stinging and itching on the skin?
Is Aloe Vera is good for alopecia?
is there anything that works better then proactive?
Does anyone know what sunscreen is good for very sensitive skin?
I've go a cold sore T.T"?
What is pustular psoriasis?
how do i get rid of dead skin peeling between my daughters toes?
Little ball under my skin in my leg...is it a cyst?
How do I balance eczema and acne?
I have it looks like white heads on my face that I can't pop. Any suggests how to rid of them? Please help.?
I'm 13 and have a white circle on the top of my right breast. What do I do!?
Kidney stone, help pls ???
i noticed black specks in my left eye?
I'm only 28 and I'm having a real problem remembering.......?
Gallstones ¿How to feel better ?
Are there people who smell toes?
has anyone taken ecstacy and has had weird symptoms weeks later? let me know about it please?
I dont feel good please help?
Vitamin Water and Kidney Stones?
how long does food poisoning take to develop?
how much more to the point can i get? lmao WHAT IS THE HIGHEST AMOUNT IN MILAGRAMS A DOCTOR CAN PRESCRIBE?
i've been on doxycycline for 3 months, can this be detected in a blood test?
how long will doxycycline remain in your sysytem?
help! i swallowed the wet stuff found on reusable lens cloths!?
Help!!!!!! PLEASE!!!?
is one who is epileptic never to drive for life?
siezures types?
What can help soothe my anxiety??
Has anyone ever taken Topamax?
i got 1 more test then ssi will take that and my reports 16 yrs?
Symptoms of a gallbladder attack?
what does an acute stroke mean?
Chest infection?
Do I have asthma? Please help!?
give an account of part played by the blood in transport of respiratory gases?
i've been sick for the past 2 days, and i coughed up a lot of mucus what might i have?
how does one clott blood?
Question about my Ear being Clogged?
can i take sudafed with avapro?
nasal passages burning?
Can I take childrens cold medication for cough?
My friend says that he can't come over because he has a "lung infection". He can still talk fine over the phon?
Very sore throat - any remedies?
Will anemia make your chest hurt, and cough?
how much co2 does smoking produce?
hospitals ask patients if they want to sign a living will what is a living will?
Please help, serious heart pain and can't get a deep breathe?
How long do homeopathic remedies last/keep for?
Is Vitamin Water Really Good For You?
Is it healthy to have colonic irrigation?
Do the herbal bust enhancer tablets Really work that you can get from Harriett and Barnett shops really work?
THE best crystal for depression?.?
would you, have you and why?
Stop Smoking Medication.?
My 5 yr. old sister has pneumonia?
what are the side effects of basal body temperature?
Where to purchase herbal ciggies in the UK?
Help, someone deduct what respiratory disease I have did have? 10 points?
what are Antihistamine's and are they illegal and are they addictive?
is colonic irrigation a good idea?
natural home cough remedy?
does anyone know any good tricks to get rid of a sore throat?
How does homeopathy work, if it's just water/alcohol?
What do people on here think about things like homeopathic medicine and Bach flower remedies?
could any one kindly tell me how to cure prolonged inner ear infection using natural remedies?
Can bactrim treat plueresy?
How do I get rid of alligator skin on my legs?
I have red flat circular spots on my inner thigh that are spreading, they aren't dry and do not itch?
Itchy & dark armpits ?
Benzoyl Peroxide Allergic Reaction?
Cancer that originates in the lungs is most likely to develop from?
how to relieve pressure in head during flu?
sinus problem difficult to breathe?
Can Peptic Ulcer cause cancer?
What is an easy way to break a bone?
How to get rid of knee pain?
dude i have this sunburn and it hurts so bad what do i do to get rid of it?
Why do my big toes underlap my 2nd toes?
Has anyone ever got a prescription refilled from a ER doctor after the pharmacy called it in?
I get so aggressive sometimes ?
stomach can't digest anything to much to drink?what do i do?
How can I make my stomach flat w/o losing THAT much weight?
i have constipation's and would like to know if anyone tried this product?
What virus do you think I have...or do I even have one?
Will the bone marrow I donate reproduce on its own?
How is this even possible?
Original formula Emagrece Sim question...?
Has Anyone Used Align Probiotic?
Would it hurt if you were digested alive?
not as happy as i used to be..?
I need help,they are taking my home how do i stop it.?
How to get a 6 pack or more?
Has anyone ever worked for the union in DE or MD? Did they drug test you?
i keep getting banging headaches and feeling dizzy,?
why do people want to get off theire medication such as xanax zoloft and so on?
Upper stomach problem?
Will they still operate if I have a cold?
is it normal to wake up crying in your sleep?
I purged my lunch today? ?
How long would i have to stay in a mental hospital for a severe anxiety attack?
I want to take my life but I cant because of my religion.....its unfair...?
How can I cure jealousy?
starving myself......is it considered self harm?
How can I stop my friend from suicide?
I can't stop crying and every time someone says something a little bit upsetting i want to break out in tears?
i have no self control...
I think I have an eating disorder..when I'm upset or nervous I can't eat. What can I do?
Is this some kind of illness?
What do you think of smokers?
What's the worst STI possible?
Grey hair a symptom or side effect of HIV infection?
oral thrush?
herpes, please helpppppppp.?
Do herpes recurrences eventually stop?
I tested positive for THC but I haven't smoked in a long time...?
How can i make my throat better??!!?
do i have a urinary track infection?
Numbness in nose and fingers. Blindness in one area of eye.?
Donation center said I had bad veins?
health concerns!!!!!?
Does the Gardisal shot hurt?
cellulitis turned into a hole in my leg...?
someone please help me?
what could this be, strep or tonsillitis?
can pink eye kill you?
whats wrong with my left eye? just recovered from pink eye?
What caused a fever and chills in a kitten?
Did I almost faint, or is something else wrong?
health insurance what isbetter health plan or health insurance?
I fell asleep last night and when i woke up my face was on the iron. Its made my head a very odd shape. Help!?
i've had chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain, and no insurance to go to a clinic what should i do?
A healthcare professional who specializes in health information management (HIM) may have job functions as a?
UTI for months? and now green urine?
could dry eye be causing halos?
Can you get mono a second time?
I had what seemed to be the 3 day stomach flu but now I am still throwing up every few days. What could it be?
How has technology changed the way people view and treat diseases over the centuries?
how long does it take to get rid of parvo from my backyard?
pink hamburger? Food Poisoning?
would this be medical malpractice?
Crackling in Ears Question.?
Does Lake water is bad for baby?
Human to human rabies transmission?
Why do people say drinking lots of liquids helps with flu ?
Ich treatment? [please read before you answer!]?
2 months and a half Non-Stop mild fever! what's the reason?
how much is the tablets for pinworms?
knee injury on the back?
Can you still stretch your ear if its infected?
what could I have done to my toe?
Eye problems????????????????????????????????
Should I get my back checked out after I've injured it and it is still bothering me?
Jammed nuckle????????????
What can I expect from a shoulder MRI? Am nervous about being still for 45 mintues.?
why does my ankle keep twisting?
what will i do to grow taller?
Looking for an alternative to Diovan-High blood pressure meds?
What happened to my ankle?
How long does fatigue from nicotine withdrawal last?
When I'm falling asleep I randomly jump, what is this from?
tendon and muscle pain without working out?
What is wrong with my foot?
My best friends health is making me worry!!!?
My elbow hurts really bad when i flex.?
how do i fix my knee and prevent it from hurting again?
Why do I need ankle surgery?
Have a problem with SLEEPING....?
my friend got stiches under her knee? should it still hurt?
Can any surgeons give me advice?
k, I've "borrowed" adderall from a friend to help with my final exams and...?
Why am I having muscle spasms?
What does this expiration date mean? 7290309 It's on a vitamin supliment?
I am concerned for my health, but I have always been a sick person and am not sure if this is an over reaction?
Why are my pupils often different sizes?
my friend just overdosed on vicodin after what can i do?
What Vitamin's should I take everyday?
need help with my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
if you freeze your ears before you get an industrial will it help with the pain?
Where can I buy a buckwheat BODY pillow?
Stress Releif Solutions?
My stomach is making REALLY loud sounds...idk whats wrong? I'm not sick or anything...?
do i have high bloos pressure? what should i do?
plz help...really bad sore throat?
my body is always cold no matter what?
Help Im Having a Massive Anxiety Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!?
About Not Taking The Pneumonia Medication?
what muscles do we use when breathing?
Who can handle a sore throat?
what dose it mean when your oxygain level dropes at night but picks up when you are a wake?
My Doctot is sending me to a Endocrinology Doctor?
Flu in the summer? what is this?
Asthma attack-wot should i do with my long haired kitten?
how long does the AVERAGE lung holds its breath ? ?
When I run my throat closes up and can't take deep breaths ?
can i chang my shape of rib cage?it's band inside my chest.?
saline or silicone? which is better?
Asthma question.....?
Skin peeling on the back of my neck?
Best product/way to lose a tan?
how do you stop a zit from bleeding?
should i be concerned of a giant ball inside my arm pits?
what is this red circle on the corner of my mouth?
What is the cure for eyes that are red, dry, and itchy?
I'm 16 years old with a smile line, how do I get rid of it? :(?
What could this be? Red bump on elbow. Pic included?
Did Aveeno skin relief improve your skin dramatcially ?
What would cause an itchy rash over a tender lymph node?
what is a good healing face wash?
is it possible to get blood blisters in your mouth?
Inside of my ears are dry, itchy, scabbing and leaking clear fluid. Help!?
I have one nail on my hand that is yellowish orange im 35 and i do have health problems but the rest r fine?
how do i remove my corn rid ?
My neck hurt so bad please help me?
A medicne of head ache ?
I cant' go to the bathroom and it HURTS I need help please!!!?
hey my eyes hurt from playing my game from 12am to like 6 am when i woke up at like 1 pm my eyes stared hurtin?
toothache help--pain relief?
comfotable sleep after back surgey IN MY OWN BED! HELP!?
I cant wake up in the mornings?
is it bad to like being caused pain?
Cancer ~ Lung surgery PAIN! Please help?
Menstrual Period lasts 1 day?
My whole upper body was paralyzed for about 3 min what's wrong with me?
I started having bad cramping in the upper right side of my abdomin.It gets worse when standing up?
Ive got a really bad knee it is a throbbing pain .What is it?
My knees? And joints and running please Help?
I have a small white oval pill with the letters "E" and "N" on it...what kind of pill is it?
What can I buy or do to make the tendinitis in my elbow not hurt while I'm working out?
I'm 30 and have severe aching in my body. Some days I find it hard to walk. Is it arthritis or something else?
my throat hurts so bad,helpp!?
what do i do do if my knee has popped out of its socket?
Sleeping problems ? Help ?
Vision (foggy and unfocused)?
Chalazion, terrified!?
My Eye Color Changed?
should i get eye contacts?
Something In My Eye every time it moves it gets me teary?
What's up with this.....Dry eyes....?
Does the eye socket grows?
yesterday i didn't have a contact case or solution?
i have a slightly crossed right eye?
I have dry eye so my contacts don't work. How can I cure my dry eye? Will contact lenses ever work on me?
Compare Optima contact lenses with Hydron, please. Which one is better?
Why does my eyes hurt?
is something wrong with my eye?
i used homeopathic similasan dry eye relief drops 10 mins ago and my eyes havent changed at all.......?
Do I have a stomach bacteria? HELP!?
Can anyone figure out what is wrong?
does ultram show up on a 12 panel urine test?
A pituitary problem?
why cold compress good for reduce swelling and bruises?
where is the best hospital for infants who are terminally ill?
My father 93 years mostly bed ridden also has Mysthenia gravis He cannot take food dietician suggests 2000 cal
How can i Sound different?
Yet another nail in the coffin of homeopathy?
what are the benefits of hemp seed oil?
Chinese medicine?
how do you get rid of toothaches without medicine?
Wierd itching sensation on right side of head?
Has anyone experienced shortness of breath with Exffexor?
What food I shuold not eat when I have gout?
Is this possible.?
Anyone?...my friend tried adderall once. 30mg. 16days ago. he has a drug test in a week. will he be ok?
how yoga help cure fibroids? thanks?
would you say homeopathy is either science, pseudoscience or placebo?
are there medical connections between osteoarthritis and use of cannabis?
Acupuncture for pain relief? and for thinning hair?
Advice needed about what is needed to start up a Reiki Healing practice please ?
Where can I buy a herbal remedy for high blood pressure?
Headache HomeMade Remedies - that work!?
Persistent cough.. Would alternative therapies help?
is heroin a hallucinogen?
Has anyone tried Trepanning?
Has anyone ever had acupuncture to treat fertility issues?
What is the best remedie for the worst case of achne?
were can i buy?
the quickest way to recover from cough and flu?
Do Chinese herbal remedies work or is it rubbish?? Serious question.. thanks?
Im 15, and i have had thoughts of suicide. Is that rare?
What's the use of living?
I need help with stress, any suggestions?
Which mental illness is this? PLEASE HELP!?
What music do u listen 2 when u're depressed or down?
what are killers with no emotions called?
Going through depression.?
I think I may have diabetes or hypoglycemia?
How can I tell if my daughter has blood sugar problems or is anemic?
advice on diabetic recipes!?
Effective exercise help?
Is there any reputable plastic surgeon, do you think, that would be wlling to take a size c to a b?
I get diarrhea for a day or two then am constipated for about a week.. Do I have IBS?
I have a HUGE mosquito bite reaction on my thigh, 3-4 inches in diameter...?
Is Singulair non drowsy?
What is causing this extreme bloating? Doxycycline or is it IBS or dietry?
Rash-type thing around the grooves of my nose (hurts!)- Could be from Target off-brand of Zyrtec?
Horrible allergies and already on meds?
Could extremely high sensitivity to light (photophobia) be a result of a Benadryl type of medication?
united kingdom spider bite ?? help!?
i have a stuffy nose every single night.?
Chickenpox vaccine reaction?
i have a sore throat, headache and my knees hurt. is this a allergic reaction to a ferret or my cat?
the whole bottom white part of my eyeball is swollen and red, it doesnt look natural, shoudl I be worried?
Will Sulfa allergy/ Bactrim (brand name) disqualify me from military?
phenergan and benadryl interaction?
What kind of insect bite swells, gets better and then gets even worse?
Am I allergic to it or what?
Is an allergic reaction possible after 2 years of being on medication?
Am I allergic to my car interior?
After you get a allergy shot do you get stuffy?
Advice on my medicine please?
how do you know if you have Celiacs disease? can they test you for it?
Is this a reaction to hair dye?
Reporting workplace accidents?
Please help, what is happening to my toe?
I CANNOT wake up in the morning, what do I do about this?
major problems napping/sleeping?
how many hours of sleep?
If I don't sleep for a night does that mean I need more rest the next night?
Help! My boyfriend and his brother are having a problem.?
Help!! Bladder problem?!?
how long does the pain killer hydrocodone stay in your system?
my friend wont go to the doctor?
Kid put chip crumb in my ear while taking nap, should I worry?
can u feel lymph nodes when there not swollen..in ur neck..i feel very small lymph nodes..?
Concerning my inguinal hernia?
Do I have swimmers ear?
someone is prentending to be me on aim and i dont know how to stop it?
Where Can I Get A Needle And Information?
i went to the docter once but they could't find it but my grandma got it out?
Nauseous quite often?
Every time i come home from dance class my fingers are red, and my toes are red..?
Are naps good for you?
when can i use my health insurance?
Has anyone ever bought vancomycin from mexico? What was your experience?
Is it ok to work out with a staph infection?
Throat is killing me,not a cold??please help?
doctors or anyone that knows about throat bumps?
could this been begining signs of appendicitis?
has anyone ever heard of accupuncture for infertility?
Is this the beginning of a cold?!?
a question about blood transfusion and hiv?
Is dry eye curable or go away by its self?
Are we too afraid of germs?
I need Medical HELP!Please!!?
how do you know if you have pink eye?
I had MRSA, will it come back?
I caught a wild bunny today. Do you I've got rabbit Fever?
Fastest way to treat a fever?
vomiting and headache/4 year old?
how I can kill H.Pylori by naturally?..?
what are the symptoms of hepatitis virus?
what is amoxicillin 875mg?
Kissing lip to lip Isn't it disgusting?
what are the diseases that may occur to the reproductive system of male and female?
My father wakes up coughing and choking.....?
I have asthma but i have trouble breathing in not out, is this normal?
i have bin having lung problems?
Black specks in mucus ?
my friend is coughing up blood. what should i do?
so i got a cold and...?
Chest infection related question?
Is there any kind of test you can take to prove you do not have asthma?
helpppp, how can i get to sleep?
Attachment disorder causes an infant to cry if the mother or primary caregiver leaves.?
chest pain from weed?
Throwing up blood?????
I have pressure in my chest and throat. Doctor thinks asthma but the inhaler doesn’t work. What could it be?
can i smoke weed while having measles?
Possible heat or lung problem?
will i get sick if i eat food cooked by a person who is couging/sick?
why Cant I have milk or ice cream with Ciprofloxacin?
i need help please my asthma is acting up?
what are the symtoms...... when you have got thick blood.only......?
could this be a panic attack?
Are Sudafed pills addictive?
how come i tasted blood while mad?
Painful stomach and back pains..?
Why am i having Bad Headaches?
Theres something wrong with my middle finger?
What is wrong with my hands?
My body hurts... What's wrong with me?
Whats happening to me?
chest pain after alot ?
Lower left side pain in the stomac! help ? DOCTORS NURSES?
I have tendentious but my PE teacher could care less, how do I let him know that I can't do all that running?
help lots of pain!!! what to do?
my nose is seriously bent (this is serious) ?
tingling in right leg? (no discoloration)?
can i swollow this motrin?
What is the best way to ease a pinched nerve in the back?
Pain and throbbing in my stomach...?
i have wrist pain ,can anyone help?
hand pain! should i see a doctor?
Methods that releave Gout pain?
i have this lump inside of my left leg, it hurts when i push but its soft..im scared, what will it be?
When did AIDS become known as HIV/AIDS, and why?
Is there a cure for genitle herpes?
Is it true that Archbishop desmond tutu have AIDS?
Ever heard of HPV, Human Papilloma Virus?
Is cloudy urine an indication of Chlamydia?
Contracting HIV/STDs?
what started it all ?? plzz answer?
need help please?
what are the health risks of inter species relations?
Can you help balance my muscle training?
sprained ankle ?
I have a horrible pain in my ribs (left side). I had an xray done and it shows no fractures.?
Back pain after stress fracture healed but in a different place. Is this common? What should i do?
Pulled my back out? Will it get better on it's own?
I have a bruised lung, but what else may be injured from My car wreck.?
I hurt my lower back or lumbar or whatever they call it a little over a week ago...?
if my friend got shot in mouth and it came out of her neck how long will it take to recover ?
Back problems help please?
my backs been hurting since i can remember any ideas?
how do you care for a sprained ankle?
how long can i have metal plates in my hand after a surgery 20 years ago?
How to stop hand sweating at school?
Does accutane cause rashes?
What is a skin tag and what causes them?
what is it called when your bones grown faster than your skin?
what should I do about my acne?
what would cause the blood on the inside of someone to turn brown?
My face is broken out in something..?
I have spots left from zits and it seems to be paler in that part of my face... what can I do?
Bump on my face that is NOT GOING AWAY!!! Its feels like a knot 4MONTHS later and its still here!!!!!!!!!!?
Does Ringworm always itch?
why do i sweat so much?
Crawling on legs and itchy?
How to get rid of spots completely?
Im 15 and i have like some Dark circles around my eyes, How can i get rid of them? home remedies? Thanks!?
cold scab on my nose helppp?
Itchy foot! Need some answers thanks!?
Is it common for fire-ant bites to be extremely itchy off and on over a week later?
two red spots on chest and lower stomach they do not itch and are not raised and they are perfect circles?
laboratory question, blood test tubes?
Do you have any allergies?
I just got snakebites,?
I'm not sure if I am addicted to pain pills and if I am, I am scared to tell my parents! What should I do?
Are abdominal exams painful?
Heart/respiratory problem?
Is it dangerous to use deoderants? Someone told me they could use serious diseases.?
how many times a day are you meant to got to the toilet?
When will this go away?!?! :-(?
What happens when we take a bath?
Is it true that children are more likely to survive cancer than old people?
can i dye my hair 4 days after getting a nose job??!?!?
why is it that everytime i get like agitated i get very nauseous, like i want to throw up but i can control it?
Why am I so exhausted all of a sudden?
how do you get rid of the hick-ups?
what would cause vertigo an dizzy spells?
doesn't it seem like drugs (and alcohol) are taking over the world?
am I going crazy? Or having sleep problems?
is this sleep patturn okay?/?
what would happen to a 13 yr old trying cocaine?
I need some help with my contacts please?
Whats it like with contacts?
can blue florescent damage eyes?
is there a difference in buying solution for hard contacts ans gas rigid contacts?
Is it possible to get unnatural colored prescriptioned contacts?
i have a question about prescription costa del mar sunglasses.?
What's wrong with my eye?
i have a watery eye and now a painful eyelash but it does't look ingrown?
wore wrong prescription contacts?
Eye trouble please doctors shed some light on it for me!!!?
why do i read text faster and better when i wear frame without glasses or when i cover top of my eyes w hand?
Seeing strange lights in my eyes?
anyone have colored contacts?
Whice eye place is prestige health insurance accepted? Going blind help?
My eyes (the pupils) are not leveled, how do I change this?
Eye Glasses Question?
I see a dark spot in one eye... should I be worried?
whats a good place to get glasses under 250$?
What are the most natural and subtle color contacts on asian eyes?
What should i use all this exp. contact solution for?
Contact lens 0.04mm center thickness vs 0.10mm.... is the difference noticeable?>?
i had an svt ablation ,no voice for 4 weeks ,now i can not walk due to being dizzy and falling?
anyone know of any intense songs with a fast beat?
Why is my heart beating so hard?
High blood pressure for 77 yr old women?
Should i be worried???????????
i fainted for the first time yesturday.should i be concerned?
i went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was really high?
whats wrong with me (please i need answers)?
is DVT (deep vein thrombosis) a disease, or ?
questions about my heart?
What is high blood pressure ?
My husband just had a 2nd heart stent put in less then 2 months, 2 days later hes hm & bp dropped to 96/69.?
incomplete right bundle branch block is no longer present?
high normal fetal liquid?
i have a blood pressure question can you help?
why when you sit down does your heart beat harder when you get up?
Has anyone ever heard of Marfan's Disease?
Heart pain? Please please PLEASE help :( especially doctors.?
After Stenting what could go wrong?
i have chest pains,WHY?
What's going on with my tongue?!?!?!?
Is my dad going to be OK (lack of sleep)?
No pulse found in right ankle.?
Really wierd dizziness?
in an any type of emergency what are things that you shouldnt do?
My thumb has a crack and won't heal.?
Do i have indigestion or something worse?
Unable to sleep for more than 1 & 1/2 hours at a time?
Can you vomit with lack of sleep?
I just inhaled some of my cigarette and..?
Muscle spasms in my right hand?
it's normal ben hard every morning?
wierd stuff happening PLEASE READ?
I'm starting to get little veins on the sides of my nose. Does anyone know how to stop from getting more?
Vitamins are preventative measures for better health?
Cant Pee: Drank like over a gallon of water a day for 3 days and barely peed pee is dark ? whats wrong?
Does anyone know what it is?
what can i do when i have a busted up knee?
okay so it's day 14 and my scabs from my tonsillectomy still haven't fallen off, when will they fall off!?
Is it possible that in a week and a half my body might become dependent on Vicoden to sleep?
Will Suddocrem cure sore/chapped lips?
i am taking melatonin to help me go to sleep and stay asleep , is that good and does it have any side effects?
My GP recommended to wash "using a cup" [of water] after going to the loo [instead of wiping]. How?
Fainting spells?
Sore throat fixes?
can I keep my baby in an airconditioned room ? is it good or bad for him ? if yes what range of temparature is
uhm dilated pupil question for my friend?
My cartilage is red and swollen, what should I do?
My son has fused pinky/ring finger knuckles in both hands. It is not syndactyly (no webbing.) Any ideas?
Had sleep paralysis last nite,seemed as if someone was walking in my room,I climed the wall saw trash all over
I've been smoke free (cigarettes) for almost a year now. Why does the smell of smoke make me nasous......?
Can a endoscopy or a sigmoscopy tell if you are pregnant?
Does anyone know what signs and/or Symptoms led to the diagnosis of John F. Kennedy's--Addison's disease??
I am scheduled for a thyroid ablation. what should i expect and what are the side effects.?
ok i need some help about my headaches?
What would u do if you'r not feeling so well, like what would u do & y?
I need health advice. Can anyone help me.?
Any Gastro Doctors?
ive been prescribed Celexa for my depression & anxiety ..?
How big are swollen lymph nodes?
4 years ago,my serum billirumin is 1.5,den i checed recent years it is .9 bt sgpt 87.?
Question on flu virus?
sick all the time i dont get this?
How does one get a UTI( urinary tract infection) & how does one get rid of it?
What do I have? a cold?
Hi is there a devie to detect cocaine?
Could I get hep c from kissing ?
Tonsils removed on a two yr old?
If i had pneumonia how would i know if i have it?
You should answer this question?
Does anyone know what kind of bug this could be?
I have white spots in the back of my throat, and it's dreadfully painful. Not strep or mono. What could it be?
could my tonsils be worse than i thought?
What is good for an open wound?
I think i have the west nile virus, should i be worried?
Please help FAST! Do you think my sister has meningitis?
so i herd about aids wat is it and am i infectet and how do i get it i am freeket out?
what can a pus/wound swab detect?
Is it safe to take medicine for the common cold at the same time as medicine for a bacterial stomach infection?
Help!? I was diagnosed with Mono?
is it rare to be HIGHLY allergic to dogs?
hi i have this sneezing problem for more than a year and it's really bothering me.?
Can Claritin make my eyes dry?
Is it true that if you have allergies, when the weather changes you feel like throwing up or being sick?
How much antihistamine 25mg Benadryl capsule has?
cat allergy or ultra-sensitivity?
My eye is swollen what should I do?
How do i know if i'm allergic to corticosteroid?
which medicine is good for chronic bronchitis?
Why haven't i sneezed?
I am allergic to liquor!:(?
One of my eyes is red and the other one isn't?
What should I use for food allergies?
redness and swelling omg ahhhhh?
desserts for people with wheat and egg allergy?
seven year old boy with nose bleeds?
What is going on with my allergies?
Allergies are caused by what?
can a sinus infection cause............................?
Is the McDonald's mocha frappe gluten free? It's the sugary icy thing w/ whipped cream?
co pd with blood clots?
Patient test positive for TB. Do you have to wear mask + glove?
what is meaning for tonsills?
is about 2 months of exposure to asbestos bad?
What would you like to ask?i know maleria cannot cause it,wat am asking is that can it weaken the immune syste?
Sinus infection, fatigue, and which doctor?
Does anyone know any reasons that I have had a persistent cough for almost two years?
Earliest sign of respiratory distress?
Why do patients in the hospital recieve IVs that contain that contain saline solution as opposed to water?
i have a sinus infection and have antibiotics but they dont seem like they're working. my nose is so blocked?
Cand i exercise with Mono?
I have a cold and i have to go to a outdoor activity tomorrow night?
Stressing over DVT any help?
breathing problem, any advice? DOCTORS PLS!?
why is the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria a serious problem today?
Why am I always sick October through April with out of control coughing and no air for voice to come out?
What are the symptoms of pneumonia?
Can living in an old apartment give you head aches?
CAN GERD be causing me asthma to get worst!???
I get choked up at night, and in the mornings?
The fibrous cord that holds bone to muscle/organs is?
3 weeks ago i felt a lump in my throat,?
A stray kitten in my backyard has upper respiratory infection?
Do I have smokers cough?
What will happen if you put Tylenol with codeine in a fish bowl?
St Johns Wort. Anyone taken it and?
Why is there an Alternative Medicine section?
I got a terribble cough for about 15days?
different types of natural healing eg: massage ,herbs,tapping,reflexology?
Does ear candling work?
Worry, Healing stones?
Is it true that the only medicines without side effects are medicines that don't work?
how many tablet of codeine causes an overdose?
how are depressants used, and abused?
can anyone tell me where i can buy either genuine ephedrine (ma huang) or genuine phentermine diet pills!?
Does a "Health TONIC" work on an 18 year old??......?
Can you recommend a tried and tested Omega 3 supplement?
If I have a back problem do osteopathy and pilates help and why?
Homeopathy - How do I take them?
is ginko biloba good for blood pressure?
how does acupuncture make a person feel in relation to health and well-being?
Have you taken anything for water retention that actually works?
Ways to get rid of a headache?
proprananolol & herbal nytol?
Why am i having this pain in my foot?
what pain medication is this?
Bloated, painful abdomen?
i have a bad pain in the side of my neck?
Bone condition at 18yrs old?
What do I have that make me get heartburn when ever i eat?
unbearable pain on right side of neck?
Any advice for sore muscles?
Really bad Headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i cracked my neck and it really hurts. anything i can do to make the pain go away?
What is wrong with my heel?
Which profesion that is tilted a doctor is the easiest?
Why do I have a tight feeling in my throat only at night?
i have a major pain in the left side of my back. help?
A vertebra is classified as a/an _______ bone?
what is wrong with me?
My Throat Hurts When I Swallow?
my fingers are weird!!!?
Hurts to swallow. Help me please.?
What is causing my intense back pain?
Chest pain while eating?
Chronic spinal cord pain?
Can someone tell me what is wrong with my middle finger?
Slight swelling on left side of big toe nail....which is nt vry painful...?
I have a soccer tournament on Friday and need to get rid of my sore throat before then... PLEASE HELP?
Thrush?? Why wont it go and is it normal to have period type pain also?
What are the symptoms of crabs?
whats bigger a virus or a bacteria?
hi,dear sir i am having a problem its now 4years of shaking my tongue what will be the problem please help?
How can I get my partner to stop drinking?
Does apple cider vinegar helps recover swelling?
How can people get aids?
who gave me herpes i have two girlfriends?
Is losing weight possible...Tell me your story.... I need a little motivation!?
question about my eyebrow piercings infection...?
I sweat a lot on my back please help?
Im 13 and have a mole :(?
claps, what is it?
Strange Bumps on Face?
how to get rid of acne relly fast?
tablets, shall i stop taking them?
Girl with permanent red toes, help?
Does birth control help acne?
how to remove a foreign object from a cat without having to perform a surgery?
How long does pain from Mesenteric Lymphadenitis (Mesenteric Adenitis or MA) usually last?
what are the POSITIVE consequences of drugs?
what are these? pics included !?
when I travel my ankles and hand swell, what should I do?
what could this be? freakin out.?
do eyelid creases go away?
acne on neck only........?
How worried should I be about getting the sick?
Why do I feel like this?
i have an itchy redish/purple bump at the top of my eyelid?
my 2 year old daughter has red bumps on her inne legs and they itch what are they?
anyone know about health?
Do dairy foods cause acne?
how long does weed stay in the system?
HELP I'm really CONGESTED! What can I do to make this not as bad?
can i die from taking a pill of extacy everyday?
Would taking cod liver oil be a good idea for someone with anxiety?
how should i help him ?
Why are there random rashes on my arm?
my fingernails are gone! help!?
What is a botox always wondering?
Middle back pain but not the spine.?
I sleep for 12 hours but I still feel tired?
How many people do you have to kill in order to be considered a cereal killer?
What are low cost options for dealing with my depression.?
I wake up screaming, is there something wrong with me?
Is it a good or bad idea to tell someone that you are bipolar when you first start dating?
Who can I talk too?
I was used and now i feel... Corrupt?
I really just don't like myself very much?
Manic Depession and Bipolar at the same time?!?
What is wrong with me =[?
I'm depressed and don't know how to ask for help. What should I do?
i m suffering from several mental illness ..?
seeing my doctor soon.... but?
What sort of mental illness has my daughter got?
can you be more specific??..cause I don't understand this..?
I've been having crazy rape fantasies.(btw i'm a girl)?
They keep calling me and I'm scared, help?
Help on cutting????????????????
if you found out your sister's child is allergic to cats an dogs...?
if your sinus drainage is dark yellow can it clear up on its own?
why does my nose feel like this?
throat questions serious answers only DOCTORS preferably!!?
Prednisone making hives worse.?
what in hot cocoa mix can I be allergic to? I know I'm not allergic to milk, soy, or chocolate.?
Is it normal to wake up with Flynn on your throat?
How to cure pink eye?
Why is the flem always at the back of my throat?
Is there a home remedy I can try for allergies?
I have strong allergies.. what can i use without perscriptions?
how to relieve allergies?
why is my nose always blocked when i wake up?
Why does my nose keep bleeding?
About how many days or weeks will i still have the spring allergies?
Help With My Cold And Nose?
I am allergic to wheat (not gluten) could I be allergic to barley grass?
itchy gums and sinus problems?
Chemical Burn or Alergic Reaction question #2?
could i be allergic to cats?
Am I really allergic to these fruits?
My legs are very sore?
what lions club and where?
Why is there an irritation after taking my contacts out?
whatdo you guys think i should do?
contact lens? has anyone ever tried this?
my 2 year old has baggie eyes that look green is this normal?
When do you get your glasses?
i can't see form my contact!?
Most comfortable and hypoallergenic contact lenses?
my eyes get watery from contacts why????help me please?
if your a ophthalmologist or somthing like it pls answer :how you got it; what tasks you do?
What could I possibly have in my eye?
what's cheaper TSO or Eyemasters?
What's wrong with my eye?
Dehydration: Everytime i TRY to force some water down my throat, i throw up?
I have a runny nose but it seems very clear?
I think I have a sinus infection but I am not sure!!! I don't have the sore throat, haven't had one since 1993?
My mother has been to the hospital for the past 3 days with chest pains, dizziness, headaches and seeing dots?
Why am I having trouble breathing?
Is my lazy eye getting better?
sinus congestion / blockage question?
if you do not know your power left and right eye can i just say -0.00?
if you have a negative power vision, would that mean you're nearsighted?
do i have to take the eye test again?
ahhh! plez help mee!!!?
I have a serious eye poking issue?
is this sleep apnea,insomnea or something else?!?!?
I'm a pool guy and on a daily I deal with muriatic acid and the fumes?
I keep seeing these strange straight lines in front of my eyes, what could they be?
Smoking some old herbal smoke?
I swallowed iodine, what happens next?
i've had a fever for a while could you help me out with my symptoms?
Can a chest infection cause shortness of breath?
I have a health question?
:::::::Torn Ligament..Need Advice::::::?
what can you do about tonsillitis?
I need some help knowing my medical problem?
Does toothpaste make your body temp go up?
I have this sensation in my chest.?
My knee got punctured by led.?
How much longer will I be sick? help please!?
i was told two days ago that i have a UtI .So I am taking meds but now i am swollen down there that i cant sit?
what sunscreene should i wear to the beach to get a tan but still be protected.?
Is testosterone and adrenaline the same thing?
can i take birth control, ance medication, and add medication together?
What's up with my finger?
why do i feel like going back to sleep after i wake up?
What color arm cast would you rather have?
How can i get rid of stretchmarks?
How to completely get my voice back?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
My husband had a defribillator put in two years ago, it seems his heart failureseems worst, does that mean he?
How concerned should I be? Heart problems at 26?
What is this heart condition?
super tired..what can give me more energy?
Could I have High Blood Pressure?
how do you raise youe HDL?
Slept late the night before, Took 3 SAT II's, oddly, afterwards, not sleepy?
If when you have been peeing, and it burns when it comes out. Can you take something or go to doctor?
Scared!! Seeing weird things?
My hands go really purple when im out in the cold.Any help?
Lowering HPB in 17 year old?
Should I Go To The Doctors ?
Haven't slept in 3 days and have tried using pm medicine... what to do?
My eye has been twitching?
does lying with closed eye and sleeping recovers the same energy?
Bruises? Why id this bruise growing by day?
Can having brused ribs cause my blood pressure to rise?
How do appointments to the doctor's office work?
My Chest are in different locations..?
Am I hypoglycemic? I get Dizzy and sleepy when I get hungry?
How long does it take for antibiotic pills to expire/start to go bad?
Will my earring skrink?
Why have I been feeling high?
Is this bad? My pulse is 57 beats per minute.. please read all?
Help to stop body twitching?
Anyone who could help?
how many days without sleep can a person go without dieing?
i have trouble getting out of the bed in the morning how can i get more energy?
My moms leg is pulsing?
congential heart defects?
Burn on my face from IcyHot?? Help!?
In a regular urine or blood test for a doctor, will they check for drugs?
I have heart failure?
mini stroke at 18 & still getting symptoms 6 months later?
Sweating Problem? Please answer?
i have a question about the heat in Arizona...?
Where do I hit,pinch,or etc. To make them go to sleep?
what is wrong with me?
How to increase my energy levels, and how much sleep should I get?
Whats My Sickness/Sickness Level?
i had a tick head stuck in me and i dont know if its out what should i do?
Severe Upper Right Abd Pain. Vomiting w/blood?
seems like indegestion??
is this something to worry about?
My son has been diagnosed with add today should we medicate?
Severe Hangover?
Is there a docter in the house?
Stubbed toe, don't know if its broke but uncontrollably shakey?
problems with uvula, i think?
i have these symptoms...?
how it is that drinks you drink like soda or milk can come out your nose?
why is it that some days i feel so dizzy?
Gastritis issues and worrys? Is this normal?
Bump in my ear??
cankersore. smoking cigarettes.?
help son is havng leg pains after bball game?
I punched a punching bag, now my pinky knuckle is funky.?
I fell down from my two wheeler and I as Unconsious whole day. it happended before 1 1/2 year back. ?
PLEASE whats wrong with my foot ?
What can I do about my ankle?
I hurt my elbow a few months ago. Why does it still hurt?
ACl recovery help please?
i have a bruise tendon on my foot, any advise?
im having ankle ligament surgery and have questions please help?
where can i get a free chlamydia testing kit
Can a person test positive for herpes and then later in life test negative?
HIV question!!!?
Anyone know of any free HIV testing clinics in Central London?
if air gets to aids does this desroy it. my husband says it does. i disagree. he was talking to my stepson?
how long can you have thrush for?
What are the chances of getting aids if i am infected with herpes simplex virus 1 and 2?
will this help me get rid of acne scars or lighten them..?
i have puss coming out of my wart! will it pop? what should i do?
Is There A Surgical Way To Get Rid Of Acne?
How can i get rid of Bruises faster?
blood spot on lip please help?
what works for acne scars?
what is the best product to use to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff?
I have a rash under both breasts what could it be?
home remedie for Blackheads!?
Will it leave a scar?
Mole removal in Canada?
Best tips to hide or get rid of Cellulite?
Help with Massive spot!?
the best way to remove warts?
problem choosing skin product?
is there any way to make my back acne less noticeable in a strapless dress?
On the left of my index finger by the nail on my right hand my skin is getting dry and rough what is this?
What to do about the itching and sores?