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Im very sick help me (HELP)?
my daughter might have cystic fibrosis and i need some help and advice?
im sick....with what?
Short breaths, coughing, throat clearing?
Why do I feel wierd after smoking too much?
I'm having trouble breathing.?
I have a little bit of a sore throat, any thing i can do to 'sound' better?
GERD symptoms and relief?
Is it possible to have seasonal asthma?
id this true about weed cronic and meck?
I've been coughing up a thick, yellow phlegm daily for 5 weeks. Just competed 2nd antibio and no change?
I think I have a parasite.?
Is there any relationship between excessive coffee consumption and the risk of anaemia?
What to expect at the doctors?
Is there any way to possibly cure lung cancer?
Liver related . . . Need help or advice?
worried about menengitis help?
the functions of the lymphocytes?
Why does my nose and head hurt when I breathe in the cold winter air?
How can i get rid of my annoying cold ive had it for a while and im sick of it!?
Why garlic is still smells on my hand ?
Nose piercing; can I swim with it?
Do I have to use acne medication CONTINUOUSLY for it to work?
how to get rid of acne scars?
What age was teenage acne the worst for you?
Can droo cause acne.?
I have little dark bumps around my knee area, how do I get rid of them?
Please Help Best Answer Gets Max Points Really Deseperate here !?
How do you clean a dirty neck?
Scalp itching madness.....?
My skin keeps peeling off?
Hyperactive child with terrible eczema?
Spider veins on legs, best home treatment?
How do I get rid of ingrown hairs?
treatment for ringworm?
How to get rid of clogged pores?
is it ok to put primrose oil on a cold sore?
ok, so i had a corn on my foot, used medicine, and something happened..?
Sunburn(maybe) with a twist...?
why do my eyes tear excessively sometimes from the sun?
How do you prevent hardening of the arteries?
question about the subclavian artery?
Does this sound like a heart mumur?
wake up from sleep because of as if my heart stops?
what is the best way to stop bleeding for a child on warfarin?
father is in MICU heavily sedated after heart attack, delirium tremons..how can i help?
Heart attacks in women...?
Pain in my heart, 15 year old. what does it mean?
Whats wrong with my heart?
My Blood Pressure @ the doctor goes up cause i get stressed out, so i had an EKG done @ a cardiologist.?
Little pains & pressure around my heart, tingling in left arm,&anxiety episodes,what could it be?
i am 5'11" weighing 264. my blood pressure today was 160/100 a am taking:avalide,crestor,and tricor.?
do high blood pressure means faster heart rate?
what is contra-indicated means?
Painful, throbbing vein in neck?
is 125/72 a good blood pressure?
Low Blood Pressure 93/63 when sitting. Standing 138/76.?
blood pressure monitor?
whats rehabilitation?
This is about blackouts, please help.?
help me please...................?
My mum has a very large aortic aneurism (11 centimeters) and it extends to the to the arteries dthat go downn ?
do i have an irregular heart beat?
Shoulder injurie due to throwing ?
Chondromalcia Patella, Need Suggestions Please....?
how likely is it to catch fingernail fungus?
is there a posability to get bruses in your hands that hurt if you are alerjit to something.?
can swimming in river or ocean cause a bladder infection ?
my toee hurts i dont know if its like sprained or somthing?
Are these symptoms just a cold?
what gauge syringe to get?
what are these symtoms of?
Please help me!!!! How do I get the hole to stay open on my furuncle, not working!!!!!!?
Promising HIV test result?
yeast infection meds are not helping?
When you think of someone with mono?
TB Skin tests with a negative chest x-ray, followed by a negative skin test...?
Can you get scarlet fever more than once?
help about a cold sore?
is the west nile virus in illinois?
Is licking a girl down there safe?
I worked at a swine flu call centre last summer- what kind of skills can I write about in my c.v. for that?
What is UTI? Please Help me!?
I think I have headlice I am 15! I am freaking out!?
what does a saliva test took for when getting life insurance?
what are a few hep. c symptoms?
pneumonia symptoms, improvement, and treatment?
when does it heal when i get a mole removed?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm going to my doctor about my constipation since childhood, what should i ask?
my girlfriend is pregnant and so is my sister?
Where can I buy drug masking drinks like ultra klean on the South Shore of Mass?
Is an angiogram painful?
If I had a dream that I had diabetes could this be a way of my body telling me I have it?
To sleep or not to sleep... help!?
What were the nurses checking ?
Is it normal for my veins to be noticeably bulging all the time?
My joints crack (maybe ache sometimes) a lot and I'm young. Help!?
My lips are insanely sore and itchy ...?
Why am I so sleepy? Even if i sleep good?
Just to prove how bad the health care system is?
is becoming a sleep lab tech a good career?
Feeling really bad, can't go to the doctors because it's late?
help. TUMMY HURTS. and i cant sleep...?
Plastic Surgeon help! please?
I'm going with friends to some malls next thursday(after the last exam) and i need to look my best?
Will my health insurance cover me in another state?
Causes of a lack of Health Insurance?
Whats happening at night???
Dialated pupils with headache?
Every time I drink energy drinks, my tongue has a white coat on it. It goes away after awhile. Any Ideas?
feeling weak, dizzy , lightheaded and fullness in ears?
what is the ingredient that made vioxx bad?
i have a 60 lapse in medical insurance for me & two kids?
What is Cyberknife Radiosurgery?
five diseases for muscular dystrophy?
a sick rumour has gone round saying i got cancer which is untrue how is the best way to deal with this?
HELP! My hair is falling out! :(?
what are the 3 waste products of lungs?
How do I get my Mom to go to the doctor?
I am 43 male hypertensive, please advice what should I eat drink during dry winter because I always feel cold?
Hosp that treats Hepatitis C type 1 in Maryland?
shortness of breath, tight sore dry throat, swallon glands?? wont go away been like this for 2 years? help!!?
what can i take that will stop a running nose?
Am i lactose intolerent, or do i have an allergy?
getting rid of snot in my throat?
sesame allergy toddler?
is it safe to run chlorine water in a humidifier?
Does ZYRTEC contain aspirin?
Face Rash and/or Acne..?
i'm sneezing and i have a sore throat once in a while, stuffy and runny nose but no cough at all. Why's that?
Ive felt dazed for about a year. Its pretty scarry actaully. Whats going on?
Pink eye or allergies?
My friend is having odd symptoms since she woke up.?
I just found out that I am alergic to Sulfa drugs...how long will the itching last?
Breatheright-type strips, non-latex?
i think i might have asthma.Help !Paul C?
VERY expensive prescription med. allergy?
Why do i have black dust in my house?
why have me and my son developed allergies to guinea pigs?
do i have a sinus problem?
I have an allergy to sulfa drugs?
lactose intolerance?
i feel like i got intoxicated?
If you have pink eye (conjunctivitis) does it go away on its own?
is blurry vision normal when u get diabeties? and does it go away?
medical question?5 stars?
Has anyone here been diagnosed with Myoclonic seizures?
liver profile blood work?
can caparl tunnel affect my drawing touch?
How can I cure yesterdays stinging nettle sting?
my stomach hurts really bad.?! lower pain.?
What causes leg and foot cramps?
lower right side of my stomach hurts?
how to cure lower back pain?
would it be crazy to ask for this at the er?
I had throat cancer can I give plasma?
Apnea and Pollution / Stress?
fever reducing medicine in london UK? Can anyone tell me which pill should(brand name) i use to reduce fever?
Chest Pain- 17 year old female?
For how long will my teeth hurt if i just got my braces?
do spacers hurt a lot?
I have pain in my right side :( ?
waht is wrong with my nose?
I have been having pains in my chest lately.?
I need ideas of what to do about my back pain?
i think i broke my ear~?
what do i do if my feet hurt me everytime i do something physical?
Really horrible cramps and tylonal isn't helping...?
is there any possibility of spreading computer virus to humans?
My grandmother has had a dull pain on the right side of her stomach.?
My leg has been numb for 3 days. it goes aways but then comes back for some reason. anyone know why?
going to the doctor for knee pains, thy been since i can remember but they worse now, can...?
Ongoing ear pain for several weeks...?
What would cause a headache for over a month? along with nausea?
My throat hurts. Help?
what do you guys think about stretched ears?
I'm suffering pain on my left foot probably plantar faciitis, whats the best remedy to ease the pain?
What might a shooting pain in the brain (literally) mean? It's not like a headache, just random pain.?
I cry kind of easily?
What should I do when I am feeling depressed? Is medication the answer?
what is it called when you breath heavy and start flipping out when your in the dark?
Should I end my life?
Now what should i do?
mother has paranoia..is this inappropriate to do?
Can Pedophiles Be Cured?
what is the best way to fight stress?
I'm going through major depressive disorder?
Is there anybody out there who cuts?
This is a serious question.. I think I'm going crazy..?
Why hasn't someone invented a STD home testing kit?
q. about having friends?
im 15, and i cut alot and im addicted and i can't stop help?
why am i so unmotivated...?
Would being locked in a room during the day affect a child?
Can HIV positive women fall pregnant?
do you ever get this feeling?
Is it possible that I have OCD?
Blood test!!?
Need support for my friend!?
Over prescribing antibiotics.....?
Why am i still sick?
Is this sport induced asthma?
Flu medication....please help?
Weak, chest pain, light headed.?
I really can't stand the sound of people sniffling in the winter...what can I do?
what could this be cant get good breaths?
Struggling To Breathe.?
Help Me Please!!!!!!?
Bronchitis. treatable or life long? deadly or bearable?
If im drugtested from my hair and the last time i smoked was nov.6 and i got drugtested feb.5 will i be safe?
Hic ups while sleeping?
What's wrong with me? Is it just a cold?
Pains in my stomach & chest?
does anyone know how to get over a cold quickly? like maybe 2 days?
Calling all Ex Smokers - Im giving up smoking - HELP.?
What are signs of A SINUS INFECTION?
Could this be sinus related?
what are the permanent effects of smoking paper?
I have a grayish-green phlegm that I cough up with chest pain.?
what factors keep the alveoli expanded?
is there a problem if you don't sleep for 4 days?
If you are having an ashtma attack, can sprite help you?
send the eye hospital's name in Banglore,please?
lenses having a bubble underneath?
how is sankara nethralaya kolkata?
how long will it take to get my glasses made from boots? plz answer?
Constant burning, mostly when i pee?
Do I have a eye Infection please help?
what's wrong with me?
anyone want to guess how much my glasses will cost at LENSCRAFTERS?
...Colored contacts...?
I have an Epiretinal Membrane in my right eye. Will it get worse if I don't have eye surgery?
whats an eyeglasses barrel?
I cant fall asleep! help!?
help me read , my eyes get strained alot.?
Can you use Refresh Liquigel artificial tear drops with contacts in?
How do I know what kind of lenses to order in glasses?
My eye doctor told me to polish my hard contact lenses with reg white toothpaste. Has any one ever tried it?
hi, i am a 15 year old boy, and i have a problem.?
My lower eyelid hurts and its just a little puffy.....?
if you were going to sleep and you layed on ur eyes by accident and it starts to hurt. is it ok?
Does "Dr" Gillian Mckeith put you off health foods and alternative therapies?
I purchased a washing powder with pine inside it... it smells rather strong. What does pine do for the body?
My 3 year old daughter has been sick for 4 days...?
My eyes look really blue after wearing my contacts for about 6+ hours?
My girlfriend just got a bad cold I have interviews in 3 days how can i avoid it if i live with her?
“How does absent healing work?
I got a terribble cough for about 15days,?
could she be color blind?
cant sleep due to this issue help!?
Eye sensitivity to light help please!?
Embarrassing to go to hospital..?
What is the solution for headace.?
Indian/Chinese herbal treatments for hypertension?
How can I tell my pinky toe is broken?
does anyone know where you can buy over the counter colour eye contacts in Western Australia Perth?
how common is female hair loss?!?
When do I have to remove my contact lenses for an eye exam?
Antibiotics not doing anything?
the right part of my left eye..?
I have one eye that keeps tearing up; But not the other? why?
just got my new perscription glasses and they seem out of focus, having a hard time reading...normal?
What is good for ear wax?
bad cough...need quick relief?
Where can i buy avatrol or other oral medicines for bowel problems,except online?
please give me 6 non verbal messages?
What mineral supplement is often prescribed to treat red blood cell deficiencies?
Best way to get rid of a cold?
What exactly is faith healing?
Have you tried colonic irrigation? Is it worth it? Did it make you feel brighter? Is it useful for depression?
Is Milk Thistle good for your liver?
What should I do?????????
My hubby has very low back pain. Fine all night but hurts after being out of bed for 10 mins or so.?
wired bumps in my neck?
what is happening to me my body?
My hampster has been itching all day today?
Is it possible that I have rosacea?
Help! My skin is really dry?
I have red spots on my stomach and legs?
I have a mole, i think it's a mole kind of dark greyish, behind my ear and am embarrased to get a haircut!?
I think I'm developing psoriasis..What do I do?
How to prevent sweaty hands?
How do I get rid of this chemical burn on my armpit?
really need help, acne problem?
Help! Will Mederma affect my birth control pills?
Accutane with no initial breakout?
Side effects of Bactrim well after I've stopped using it?
Is Aloe Vera good on Eczema? Yes or No and why ?
I have dry, and splotchy skin---any possible solutions except lotion?
I have clear skin but am developing small white boils kind of problem on my cheeks.?
Very strange lump on hand overnight!!?
Is there supposed to be something wiggling in my elbow?
Financial problems whith madicals bills?
analyse long term effects of exercise on the musculoskeleteal system?
Is it unhealtyy too....?
Why do people get sore throats after making out?
Theres somthing wrong with my stomach and i am geting nervous?
Am I underweight????
why have i been sick?
how is surgery and fingernail polish related?
What is body frosting? and what is it used for?
Breathing problems form lactose?
Question for doctors. What are the first things a nephrologist does?
I Have This Problem When I'm Still For A Long Time?
im sick and went to the docter...?
I've been trying to lie, but it always turnes out the truth?
I have this jump in my leg?
headaches and fatigue?
Headache when I woke up this morning, now my nose is running, and coughing...?
Which one of the following muscles is involved in abduction of the arm at the shoulder joint:?
do i have a minor constipation problem?
I need to stay awake till morning and not be tired how do i do it?
sick, flu or sleep deprived, please read?
Treatment for constipation?
Why am i getting chest pains?
Hepititus C Question: Need to know the answer fast!?
caughing up blood stomach hurts pale skin?
HELP my thoat hurts!?
Ok I have had a coldsore the last two days and after I woke up I looked in the mirror and my lip was swollen?
coming down with a fever how do i get rid of it?
Help diagnose 55yr old male?
Will I get sick?? Swallowed a bug?
can a hospital be liable for a staph infection from surgery?
how do i get rid of a cold?
is abscess contagious?
Do I need the Meningitis shot before I go to college?
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and working with elderly?
how do we get pink eye?
Is there anything i can do to get rid of/relieve the flu?
Is French Kissing with open cuts in your mouth safe if the other person DOESNT have any cuts of their own?
yellowy discharge........?
Several days ago got a bite on my toe?
if a man cant get pid then how can it be spread back and for from partener to partner?
what does orale mean?
Is it Leukemia or am i just freaking out too much?
What happens in rehab?
medical advice about chest tightness please?
Is it safe to smoke Nargilah for a hookah after a room was bug bombed?
is this a misdiagnosis?
How to relieve from itchy troat and cough?
effects of smoking a cigarette?
My bf's heart is below his chest, is it a problem?
I have double vision...I had a head injury 7 years ago, could this be related?
Is it true that you can get arthritis in your hands from cracking your knuckles?
Does Bipolar Disorder affect eating?
I hurt my back, im not sure what i did but its the lowers part of it any advice?
please help why is my knee sore?
I messed up my left leg. ?
i broke two bus chairs bent them too far back but they are just to the point where you cant sit on them. ?
Since if been out on injury, how long do you think it will take to get my tumbling back?
Treatment of punctured lung?
How do I know if my finger is broken?
i went to the hospital and found out that i chipped a bone in my tibia what can the doctors do to fix it?
If a cat gets shot in the eye?
Bruised my shin!!!!!?
how to get to sleep and im not tired?
I get tired around 2-3pm daily?
if you've gotten the meningitis shot please answer!!!?
Is it normal to sleep a lot when you are sick?
can drs tell if you smoked cigarettes 2 weeks before your surgery. My dr wants me to quit for at least 2 weeks?
Is gum harmful to my health?
Help with an injury>??
my 3 year old boy does not sleep through out the night. is it a problem?
Okay so my ex girlfriend is having surgery on friday and it seems serious...?
do you get automatic perm handicap parking after 8 surgeries to the same spot?
Do I have a pulled tendon or muscle?
i have a health question?
Can't sleep and stressed out.?
Is this Safe: What Should I Do?
Can anyone explain what would cause a strange habit I have of running things through my fingers?
How can i get the paracetamol out of my system?Really worried?
how can make her feel better?
If there are more doctors in the neighborhood the quality of health care increases.?
What causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
How to quit smoking!! Help!!?
Zit on the eyeball, not a sty?
Why do i throw up during swim practice if i drink a lot of water?
Can I take my vicodin on the plane? It's 6 months old.?
right arm twitching for a couple days now?
Why does fluorescent lighting affect me?
i have a serious toothache its on my lower bottom way in the back and i have been taking advil tylenol etc.?
Im 15 sudden tinggly feeling and numb lump in neck , dizziness.. plz help:(?
I'm in pain!!!! Please help!!!?
What can I use for Arm pain?
Upper Back pain when eating rice?
STOMACH PAINS what to do?
Im always dizzy when I stand up?
What kind of headache is this?
What could this be...concerned?
I've had a dull pumping headache for about 4 days now...?
Urgent help needed, going abroad tomorrow. Ear pain...?
Muscle and Push Up Question?
pain in knee caps at only 14 yrs. old?
im scared, my jaw hurts!?
My eyebrow bone has been hurting for about 3 days now.?
can bronchitis make yo back hurt?
leg started to swell up?
would it hurt you if?
what could be causing severe lower left back pain?
Occasional Sharp side pain.(Stabbing)?
what happens when you have a pain in your chest?
I notice my 8 month old grandson gets little red blotches on the back of his head, sometimes, allergy? ?
Can you become dependent on benadryl as a nasal decongestant?
how do i get rid of black mold?
Can you be allergic to a specific kind of weed?
can a high pollen count in the air cause heart palpitations?
how can i stop my runny rose?
What is the best allergy medicine for the fall season in Maine?
Where can I get my tear ducts unblocked permanently?
Do you think this is a onion alergy?
What are these bumps?
What is going on with my eyes?
Is Detussin cough syrup an expectorant?
what can i use/do to help fight this sinus pluggage?
What cream should i use to heal a pollen rash?
Help I think I'm sick.....?
pneumonia symptoms, improvement, and treatment?
How hard would it be to get my docotr to prescribe valium for my anxiety?
Does asthma get worse without exercise?
Question about locked-in syndrome?
My skin feels like its burning?
What could my rash be?
How can i stop this anxiety/ prevent it?
Am I allergic to honey?
I have heart or chest pains after i swallow?
Daily headache for almost two years and "mini blackouts" ? Help (: PLEASE READ!?
what is the normal result to blood sugar?
the right food to eat?
do I have type 1 diabetes?
Am I showing signs of diabetes or high blood sugar, this is really tearing me apart and scaring me !!?
I need some advice!?
Would urin/blood test showed if u got an STD.?
HELP IM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is it Hiv??????????????????????????????????????
Does smoking weed hurt you at all, compared to any other drug?
Why do i get so emotional?
Is suicide selfish????
22, never had a gf. Depressed. I want to get out of depression. Commit Suicide?
Can someone diagnose me?
14 and i was raped and now im scared!!?
what can I do I a scared of to many things.?
Is it strange to have someone tell you they think suicide is a legitimate way out of your problems?
How come when i'm alone i am happy but when i am around people i get sad?
How do you remove hickeys FAST?
A small white spot on my back?
Why do I have dandruff?
Hard, Painless, Small Moving lump on back. Does anyone know what it is?
Will taking cator oil cause a micarrage? 6 weeks ?
What medicine should I ask my dermatologist for ance?
Should I see a doctor for a really bad case of athlete's foot?
Acne issues! Please help!?
Think i popped a blood vessle in my palm?
Help! Blackhead Problem!?
I have an embarrasing problem with sweating?! Helpp?
what is the daily face wash, spot treatment and anything else related to acne.?
What part of the body is most sensitive to heat?
Would the inside of a raw egg work to get rid of the sting of a burn that's from a hot glue gun?
How to get rid of a sty? FAST?!?
is there Natural cures for acne that you can make at home?
How to Fix My Pectus Carinatum?
what is the disorder and causes for Hermaphroditism?
what part of the brain is affected by photosensitive epilepsy?
What are all these conditions signs off?
what are 3 illnesses/syndroms that causes abnormal blood count?
not eating and chest pains?
Sick not feeling good?
Can this lead to something bad?
why do i keep wheezing please help?
My girlfriend has walking pneumonia....?
what is this hole on my nose?
sore throat but not a sore throat?
Getting a small cough!! how do i get rid of it ndd quick!!?
Question about nicotine...?
my wife's hemoglobin is at 9 after getting 2 units of blood. I'm wondering how safe this test is with it low?
Why do I get cold so easily?
my 5 month old grandson is coughing and has a rattley chest but doctor says hes fine what do i do?
Having Rib and Chest Pain? Any Ideas of what it could be?
cough won't go away after 4 months?
Hip Popping, tightness. I've been experiencing this problem for a few years now?
Why would our bodies get a fever, runny nose, cough, diarrhea, or vomit when we're infected?
If someone had their lung impaled by an object (through the ribs), would they survive?
Having alot of chest pain lately?
My son has been on pulmicort since March of 2009 after getting RSV he was also put on oxygen to help him?
Do you smoke? drink? other?
I need someone who knows what they're talking about to come up with a possible diagnosis (my doc is stumped)?
why is smoking more dangerous to the inhaler than the smoker?
do contacts go bad in cold temperatures?
What would cause one eye to be red and irritated constantly?
Information on Prosthetic eyes?
My eye won't stop twitching! What's causing it and how can I get it to stop?
If i get a regular doctor to refer to me an opthamologist would it be cheaper than going straight to an optham?
what's wrong with my eyes?
Fellow americans: Is it cheaper to go to an opthamologist if you get referred by a regular doctor?
Will i go blind in the near future?
is it okay to wear the same power lens when one is different from another?
Are my red, and dry eyes from too much visine going to go away?
Is Rohto's Redness Relief Ice For Eyes Supposed To Make Your Eyes Burn For A Few Seconds?
EYE COLOR??????????????????????
What's wrong with my eyes ?I can't handle this anymore.?
I see a sort of a half transparent outline on objects and when I squint my eye, it looks normal?
why can't i read texts on monitor with my right eye well enough though im wearing glasses?
What kind of heterochromia do i have?
Question about eye brows.?
what are the prices of different kinds of contacts.?
When I look up, one eye stays stuck?
So I had a Stye and I love my contacts.?
Cleaning contacts - Best practices?
i have a bulge on my right eye what might it be?
Extended wear lenses.?
Why are bogies green???
Cod liver oil and/or glucosamine for back pain?
i dont want to go to counselling is there a way to get over this?
Can cider vinegar ease arthritis?
Are Vitamin Tablets Good?
my Girlfriend has Cataracts in both eyes... anything I can do to help her condition?
24 yrs old female with a heart murmur should i worry?
From Wikipedia, can be roasted and eaten as a snack, similar to the sunflower seed.?
im taking taking a homeopathic nosode, just wanted to know if the same doses apply for animals and humans?
Has anyone used 'Bach Rescue Night Spray'?
does a stent show up on an x-ray?
can a baby survive if it doesn't have all four chambers of heart?
Do right heart catheratizations hurt?
Have you ever done a colon cleansing? I have been seeing stuff on t.v. about it and am curious as to if this?
Is putting steak on a black eye an old wives tale or does it really work and if so, how?
fibromyalgia? any core in naturally herbs?
I have extreme high blood pressure, around 260/160. What went wrong?
Do I have a blood clot? Or what is this?
how do i recover from a broken heart?
Whats wrong with my heart?
does anyone know how to slow down hairloss?
I'm not great at swallowing tablets - can you help?
Chest Pain, no idea why?
im trying to lower blood pressure and lose weight?
what does your blood pressure mean if your Systolic is high but your Diastolic is normal;?
I had a quint bypass and 3 mos ago and my choles is high my doc said to take red yeast rice any help//?
Medical Question : what is the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?
how can you lower your cholesterol?
I just took my blood pressure, I think it's REALLY low?
What's a good high blood pressure monitor?
Does taking CPR and AED training make you confident and prepared to save someone?
Should I trust gym equipment's heart rate sensors?
How long before antibiotics kick in?
Why does it take me so long to get over a cold?
Do your nails grow faster when you have the flu?
What is this disease?
Does having an enlarged prostate mean you have testicular cancer?
What cuase red lumps in the of throat in mouth?
My cousin has a Weird shaped pupil?
Everytime I drink something,?
Can I use a sunbed 11 days after surgery?
Tylenol and A few drinks by accident?
Recent Surgery but weird things, HELP!!?
You know when you take blood, whats that thing called where you put around the arm before u take the blood?
ambulate as much as possible what does it mean?
Air Force and Knee surgery?
Can sinus drainage cause?
Are glasses prescription the same as?
Did i faint? please help?
How bad is this, boyfriend's scoliosis.?
is there a way to ............?
I've been sick..... ?
Does anyone know of any very powerful over the counter sleep aids?
how can i get better faster?
everytime i burp it has this weird not normal smell.. its been like that for about a week. is something wrong?
How do you get weed out of your system?
i have lower pack pain when...?
Tonsils swollen for the last 2 months, sinus maybe?
HMOs and PPO's different from health insurance?
Abdominal Pain Occasionally? Read the details. Help.?
does sciatica have symptons?
Can you pick up a vicodin perscription for a parent?
How much would a tongue/nose piercing hurt?
Im 15 and Ive been constipated, help?
throwing up and head ache's?
i have a one sided head ache its also sorta hurting one of my eye im 12?
what does it mean when your heel on your foot hurts extremely bad all the time?
Leg and Feet Pain. Muscle spasms?
Has this ever happened to you...?
heartburn problem, please help!?
What would happen if I mixed these pain killers?
is my neck broken i need help please.?
I woke up with pain on lower right side?
painful lump on the back of my neck - appeared yesterday?
I have pneumonia and it hurts really bad to cough up phlegm, what. pain med?
Does stress cause your back to hurt?
What is T-pain's Music considered?
ive got sickness and diarrorah been like this for two days terrible pains in my tummy what do u suggest i do?
I woke up at 5 this morning with intense pains in my mid lower back on the right side, it's also on the front.?
What can I eat to stop this hurting?
My step dad grabbed me by the neck! Help!?
Should i see a doctor.......?
possible wheat intolerance? MAYBE milk too?
Itchy lately in my room, do I have mites?
What's wrong with me? My doctor thinks it's hives but I don't!?
Heat intolerance with limited exercise ability?
How do I get used to cats when I'm allergic?
what will happen if someone eat 5 paracetamol tablets daily for a month?
Does "Oust" kill dust mites?
Anyone out there having positive results with the new "armour" Thyroid NP?
I wake up with red swollen eyes.?
Ear is clogged up and can't hear is there something i can use over the counter?
I think I have arthritis. I`m only 14 but I have been having about all the symptoms. I don`t have a doctor?
EKG - "Borderline R wave progression"?
lightheaded aware of heart anxious?
Why when I crack my back around my heart can I breath better?
Will an Inhaler help?
I lick my lips constantly?
Is any increase in heart rate good for the heart.?
i wake up with a numb right hand and my fingers specially my middle finger feel hard and cold.and as soon as?
what causes swelling under knee in young adolescents?
How does ur heart rate increase after 3 minutes of jumprope?
Sore throat and blood in mucus?
does boba tea have high copper content?
my nose has a random weird bump?
Is it possible to be allergic to types of coffee?
How can I tell with out going to the DR if I am allergic to cats and dogs?
My dachshund has skin allergies and is on prednisone and cephalaxine but his hair is falling out where the ?
home remedies for sore throat?
Is it true that you cannot eat egg if you have dyshodrotic eczema?
What is the Equivalent of Benadryl (generic name Diphenhydramine) called in German?
Antihistamines that don't produce depression?
Do I have a wheat intolerance?
How can I get rid of a giant cold sore that has spread onto my cheek as soon as possible?
How long does it take for a fever of 100 degrees F take to go away?
is it safe too take melation with a small fever?
Lighter fluid poisoning?
can I take codeine promethazine with a fever? I have strep throat and its extremely painful?
when do you die from liver damage?
Constant Urinary Tract Infections?
I wake up feeling starving--is amoxicillin to blame?
How do I get rid of my pink eye?
My GP says i have a staph infection. What caused it? How serious is it?
what are the chances of getting disability for bipolar disorder?
huge coldsore, 3 huge mouth ulsters, lots of boils down below and pain in my left ovary ? help :(?
how do i know when mono is gone?
Please help...i'm very scared?
MRSA in the bloodstream?
what could a pelvic inflamation mean?
reason for the change in taste sensation during fever?
ringworm when will it go ?
i have these circular rashes.?
Tazorac and clindamycin -- one in a.m., other in p.m., or both together?
Can I put sugar or salt into my Clearasil face wash?
Can you buy a cream to remove skin pigmentation from a supermarket?
Athletes foot? Rash? Other?
i would like to ask if i scratch my skin due to itchiness can cause dark spots. what would i'll do?
Oozing clear liquid from area of scalp?
how long does a cut take to heal?
Can accutane make you feel sad or moody?
why does forehead always look like its peeling/dry skin?
Why are people scared of me, just because I have black skin?
What could this bump be?
How do you cure dandruff for good?
What is the best product to clean my pores super FAST!!?
What are these little red bumps?
Get rid of dark circles? :)?
Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with me.?
I need to know if I'll pass my drug test tomorrow if....?
Do I have lukekimia?????????????
The effect of marijuana can be felt between what minutes after ingestion.?
WHat can i do to improve my appearance?
rem sleep and melatonin?
How to deal with Homesickness at camp?
I want to be a nurse, Will I get drug tested?
can i collect social security becuase of a brain anurisem?
does ultram show up on drug screen?
Throwing Up Clear Liquid?
Can to much computer (2-4 hours a day) be bad for Neurological health?
PLZ HELP NO ONE ANSWERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When your young and you bump your breast into things, does it hurt them, or do any kind of bad affect on them?
I have a Prozac Question...?
what should i do? (medical help)?
What causes people to keep eating when they are stuffed right full?
Is this an infection or a blow out?
Is sleeping for 10-12 hrs a day good for u?
why does standing up fast or bending over cause a sudden COPD panic attack in which I can't catch my breath?
Can radiation damage muscle tissue making a person weaker?
Sharp pains around my heart area?
Always cold but never feel it. What could be wrong?
How do people die of cancer?
Reasons why tobacco/smoking is so horrible?
My son is scheduled for a mylagram tomorrow.?
I saw a new dr that didn't even take vitals!?
Dizzy spells?
i dont understand how you fall into a coma.. explain please.?
Swelling Problem? Help please!?
anxiety problems?
What condition arises from gastric juice beginning to digest the walls of the stomach?
I was diagnosed with OBS w/ constipation, but the doctor didn't give me anything for it... It's REALLY bad.
Pain in back, lumbar region?
dizziness most times of the day?
Is there a patron Saint for acid reflux?
i really need help...im desperate. i need some kind of medical miracle.?
On and Off Nausea- How can I cure it?
I have a strange sensation/discomfort in my left side.?
home remdies on getting rid of cold sores?
Can tonsils cause you to be obese?
I need answers about hitting nerves in the hand and the arm bruising and having red blotches.?
my gut hurts?
Please help me? Could this be a related problem? Urinary tract infection?
do you think i should get psychological help?
I think im going to die - help?
I am having drug for my depression and because of that i am feeling drowsiness through out the day.?
Should I combine all these DRUGS?
i think im struggling with deppresion/existential crisis, i started maybe 1-2 years ago. im only 14!?
Has anyone else ever experienced or known someone personally who suffered from anxiety or a phobia?
i cant sleep HELP ME!?
My mother is 72 & is starting 2 do strange things. I dont know if it's depression or alzheimers. What can I do
Is my sister going to die?
Anyone suffering from extreme sadness??
am i an alcoholic, if so how do i stop?
Why cant i stop thinking about suicide?
Please help me care again... I can't live like this anymore...?
have you ever been suicidal?
Too scared to Sleep !?!?!?
what are the side effects of serequel?
Is this normal at all?
Can you overcome long term effects from marijuana?
i think im anorexic! and no one listens to me?
what is a sprained ankle?
The back of my knee hurts and i think i injured my medial meniscus.The back of my knee hurts when i bend it.?
Could there really be something wrong with my arm?
I have a knee brace question?
sprains n soft tissue claims?
Why do I have this intense pain in my throat and what should I do about it?
What glove or mitten would fit over a cast?
broken bones knowledge: radius bone?
Do I have a stress fracture?
I have been having a mucle spasam under my right peck on top of my rib cage(see detail)?
what do you think i did to my elbow?
Rolled ankle at practice...?
I need help for scar tissue on upper lip...?
What is wrong with my back?
Did I strain/sprain my forearm?
Is it possible to get a bruise on your lip?
i recently fell off of a uhaul truck i think i strained my elbow and wrist?
What's the best breakfast cereal for a Type 2 diabetic?
help find whats wrong with my girlfriend please?symptoms?
Can't breathe out of nose?
Does Age affect lung volume?
Doctors say I have "Lypoma"?
Could I possibly have mono?
Can menthol cigarettes be more harmful than regular cigarettes?
Blood in my phlegm.......?
What are the white spots on my tonsils during mono?
My 6 yr. old daughter has had on/off constipation. Lately she has begun to vomit bile. What does this mean?
Is a blood pressure of 119/53 healthy for a 16 year old male?
Difficulty breathing because of nasal congestion. What should I do?
can you take more than 1 lunesta at night?
going to see doctor without parents (UK)?
Clogged ear and ringing?
i think i have Rheumatoid arthritis in the knee, should i see a doctor? if i do...?
How can you stop yourself catching something when you know you're going to be around ill people?
i got blood drawn yesterday and.......?
I'm always tired and I don't know what to do.?
What do you think this could be?
What happens if you eat at least 5 or 6 L'ilcritters gummy vites? We were told some things...?
Is it bad to chew your lips?
Is this possible? Any info will help?
i think i have been having heart palpitations for the last couple of days, should i be concerned?
I drink 3 to 5 drinks a day. If im partying with friends I drink more. What's my life expectancy?
Why does this always happen to my fingers?
How to get rid of a mouth ulcer ?
Can smokers give blood?
Is my tremor an essential tremor?
my sister too 10 pills of Advil? ?
I don't know what to do!!!?
When i finger myself?..?
red dot on eye white ?!?
Can some one tell me the answer to this?
where can i buy these honey contacts ?
Questions about lens contacts?
Im really worrried about this please help. am i going to go blind here?
why is the corner of my eye sound squishy?
Blind spots in my vision when closing my eyes?
Where to get Colored contacts?
When you first put your contact lenses in your eyes was your eyesight blurry?
freckle on the white of my eye....I want it gone?
How do I stop my eye from watering?
my left eye wont stop watering. I think i have a tearduct that wont close?
is there any attempts to cure optic nerve by nano technology?
Why do my eyes change color? constantly !?
I think there's something wrong with me...?
what happens is silica gel gets in your eyes?
I got shampoo in my eye this morning, and put my contacts in ?
Blurred Vision, too much time on the PC???!!!??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????!?
a line or crack on my contact lens..?
I have a bump under my top eye lid...?
How can i get my old glasses lens to be cut to fit my new glasses?
tiny bright spot in center of vision?
Why water comes out of my eyes and not from some of my friends when we're riding a bike?
Has anyone else noticed medications dont work as well and medical care is going downhill. Comment on yours?
I have a question about an injury?
This is very serious, Back pain at age fourteen?
Empty bottle of Hydrocodone from surgery this past summer, (refills require authorization)?
does class a drugs absolutely guarantee that they are better quality?
I live in Manchester and I'm 16 years of age. Can i pick up a prescription without a parent or legal guardian?
Have you watched this youtube? a question for all you altmeds out there?
What can you eat or take to help keep mosquitos away.?
what makes you laugh'?? its sad, but I laugh when people trip /fall/ as in you been framed?
im having a swab down below 2day and really nervous?
can the clinic/hospital or whever make mistakes and do they happen often?
Why is a person more prone to contracting HIV when he/she suffers from an STI?
I am confused?
What is this?! Please help!!?
Please please please help ?!?
What is wrong with me?
8 cm Ovarian cyst my Doctor wants to "leave alone" help!?
is fish oil good for svt heart arrithymia?
A girl I really like has just had a cold sore emerge. What to do?
Where can Norovirus live/thrive?
Spot of blood in the bends of my arms?
What are the Risk factors of UNdiagnosed tachycardia?
what is wrong with me if green mucus comes out of my eyes in the morning and the then its red,?
how much to rent an oxygen machine?
Red drinks vs red foods showing up red in stools?
weird whooshing sound in my ear, I went to the doc?
Does cracking your knuckles give you arthritis?
What's stronger vicodin or adderall?
Feels like stomach is in my throat?
Passing Out-- But it's different.. help? [long]?
Do you think this is ok? -people who've done it before ONLY pls!?
What is an example of supply and demand in health care?
Cleaning a cut efficiently?
how many 9 fl. ounce cups of water should i drink a day?
why can't i sleep,,,,,,,?
what is holistic wellness?
What is this feeling in my stomach?
Fertility Drug... how effective to get pregnant with twins?
Is this a qualifying event for cancelling health insurance?
what can i do to prevent ear pain on an airplane?
is it ethical to sell cigarettes when it is known that smoking is harmful to health? and why?
Is sitting out in the sun bad for you if you're sick?
Just pulled my hamstring last nite playing baseball, I hurts but not realy BAD. Should i take today off work?
nose surgery and website?
spinal meningitis, help?
common ailments/diseases of the reproductive system?
what are the treatments to cure the chicken pox? can we give juices?
Possible minor food poisoning?
Lip ring help, infection?
what is the commonest cause of postoperative fever?
My dog has a wound that is spreading in patches, anyone experienced this?
I am feeling weak. I had diarrhea for a couple days.?
is typhoid fever related to cerebral palcy?
Worried about Boyfriend who is still in hospital?
questions about Dengue?
how do you prevent..?
how long can you live with hiv?
could i have infection?
What to do about a cartilage infection?
Please help i'm scared!?
is plegm a symptom of mono ?
Do many Americans have parasites/ascarids?
what is the treatment of hepatitis c in india ,whether it can be treated in india or not ?
Blood Blister or Toenail Fungus - how can I tell the difference?
Will the Skin on my feet grow back?!?!?
Can HPV cause weight gain? Also can it also cause you to look pale?
why do drugs make your skin darker?
White line on lower lip? Ive had it for over two years it still hasn't gone away?
Painful Bump under the armpit?
what stores can you find Maxim deodorant in?
What can be done to treat dry eyelids?
is maderma any good..?
I would like know about fungus cream?
what's a good product for sagging skin under the chin?
How can I find out what's causing my hives?
Finger-Nails. Does anyone know?
My face is dry,itchy,and red!HELP!?
Randomly itchy all over?
can you take a xanax with a pain killer?
Painful headache lasting for about 3 days now?
I have rib pain, but I don't know what it is? Doctors suggested cracked rib, but the x-rays show nothing...?
What is the weird heart pain i get?
Headache Problems..Help?
How to stop a migrane headache FAST?
Leg pain solutions anyone?
Could I have back problems now?
I don't want to wake up tomorrow, so....?
Extreme foot pain... HELP???????
My two arms are tingling, what's going on?
horrible numbness in leg...?
Is cracking your bones bad?
Do vaccines hurt? If so give me some techniques that block the pain.?
Hydrocodone Xanax withdraw?
left hip pain what could it be ?
how to heal slip disk?
Major lower back Pain?!?
head hurts but isnt hot?
EAR INFECTION-how to make them stop hurting!?
i just took a tylenol for no reason?
Can this be cancer, i had this white lump, maybe red now,but i had it now for 3-4 months, and it doesn't?
Why am I constantly sick?
How can you tell if you hav bronchitis?
Can I run track with asthma?
Having a strange throat problem... neurological?
what happens if a smoker can't smoke at a certain time?
is roux-en-Y gastric bypass(RYGB) a restrictive surgery or malabsorptive surgery or both? pls i need ur answer
How can I cure a sore throat very quickly?
which need to ligate? occipital artery or external carotid artery?
Allergic to Factive- Can I get hives weeks later after on a steriod for first reaction to factive?
Why does my skin get swollen in the cold?
how bad is this for me?
what is this lump on my scrotum!?
Has any1 had a corneal transplant?
is my shallow breathing pattern due to anxiety or the bronchitis i was diagnosed with?
why am i always so upset at night?
which is less risky, cutting or burning?
what should i do imma kill myself if she sees it?
Does anyone ever feel this way sometimes?
I am just not happy anymore....?
I've been having problem making eye contact with people when talking to them. How to solve the problem?
How can you pull an all-nighter (no caffeine)?
Is there something wrong with me? I'm 19 years old, and I just built a snow fort.?
a question about suicide?
I just found out my lil sister is a cutter..Big problem?
what can i do about being easily distracted?
How do you-keep a positive, outgoing and magnetic personality?
How do I stop feeling worthless ?
bipolar testing question?
am i going to die from this?
Help!!! I'm scared, I don't know what is wrong with me.
Is 20 a little old to be just now coming out of the fantasyland I've lived in?
How does emotional/verbal abuse effect someone emotionally?
is it jus me but i hate life!!!?
Is this normal or not?
Please help 13 year old girl wanting to overdose badly...?
what is wrong with me?
i havent smoked weed in such a long time up until about 2 weeks ago?
i need help w/ bladder infection ??is it normal . are there at home remidies ?
Why do I sound like I have "Smokers cough" ?
What do coma victims experience while asleep?
Do i have skin cancer?
Is it normal to cough after exhaling recovering from bronchitis?
Abnormal Urine Test Results - advice?
does ankle weights cause ankle weights cause knee damage and make you jump higher?
Shoulder Surgery Now shoulder is squeaking?
Could this be cracked ribs?
How can vocal cords be severed?
I'm not sure if i swallowed a small piece of metal?
Who is responsible when hurt at school?
lower back pain anybody know?
Sprained wrist ???.........?
Do burn scabs heal faster covered or exposed?
HELP!! A.S.A.P PLEASE!!!!Head Injury!!! (repost x2)?
Medial meniscus tear?
Overdid the treadmill now major ankle pain?
I cut my finger and I'm worried. ?
Frost Bite/ Frost Nip?
What sleeping positions are there that reduce back pain?
What is going on with me ?
Can indoor mold cause problems with ear, nose, and throat? Particually headaches and pounding in ears.?
Can you get allergic reactions from having any type of worm?
I always have running nose almost every day or 2 ?
I have swelling around cheek and under eye area, is this sinusitis?
Allergic reaction complication?
Could this be food poisening?
giant schnauzer keeps biting and scratching can'y have anything that has steriods in it, what OTC product c?
My sister has a alergic reaction to her deoterant......?
First time Allergy Reactions!!?
Can you be allergic to mouth wash? If so what are the side effects?
random outbreak of hives?
how long do u fell sick after food poison as diareh has stoped and vomiting just felling ill now and again lik?
i think there is snot in my ears (gross question)?
what is a Narcisse? and how do you spell it?
Lately everytime I eat chocolate (small bar) I end up feeling really sick.?
Am i allergic to the smell of sanitizers?
Ive had a cold each month since October. Im starting to think it could be an allergy?
What is the difference between using an inhaler verses benadryl?
im allergic to shrimp?
hives from from flowers?
Cats and asthma/allergies?
Dog Allergies: Symptoms and Treatment?
k i need help idk whats wrong?
Does the government give subsidies for reasturants to use MSG?
How do you get rid of acne on your backside (butt)?
will she die,, brain injury or what?
Feeling "off", time for a doctor's visit?
effect of mixing brandy with vetsin?
Does Ducolax cause diarrhea?
HELPPPP Please! my fingers feel wierd adn i don't know whats wrong or if i should see a doctor?
Info on cardiac surgeons?
Can i get sick/dizy from cigarettes?
cartilage bumps, help?
What is this in the back of my throat?
bagged out hooking up? :S?
Bumps on my leg and stomach area ?
I am having an MRI Scan?