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1 year old: Low SpO2, irregular breathing, etc... PLEASE HELP!!!?
Why does everyone think I am crazy?
when someone says they can't stand to be around/don't love themselves ... are they suffering from depression?
Do I have a mental disorder? Only serious answers please.?
bi-polar people can be totally healed or not?
Please help me i don't want to live anymore!?
i think i'm depressed? am i bipolar?
DO therapists really make you dependent on them or is it one of my issues?
Am I crazy if I cut myself?
Help? I need encouragement. I feel so alone, and depressed.?
Is this weird?
Does this sound like depression?
Depressed people - are you ashamed to admit your depressed?
My Neighbour is biopolar should we be worried?
what are some alternatives to cutting and other forms of self harm?
I don't want to fight my depression any longer, why?
My 16 year old daughter writes on herself?
I need verification from someone who knows about diabetes and kidney failure...?
How do I get rid of my anorexia?
Is it normal to have chest pain the day after an anxiety attack?
My son has a ringworm spot on his scalp. My son is African American, what can he use to get rid/stop it?
small bite like bumps on dogs skin?
yesterday i noticed that my hands (palm side) are very pink/redish. they are cold but sometimes hot and sweaty?
Krill oil vs Fish oil for heart health?
How to live a healthy life with gout?
Pains in chest area, how do I get rid of this?
Hi HAS anyone experience of reducing blood pressure without the use of prescription drugs?
what does appendicitis feel like at the start?
I have a very sore toung with bumps and cracks in it what could it be?
Dry Cough for a week, will it ever go away?
can anyone give their reactions to this articles?
Is removal of parts of the liver okay for alcoholics?
Why do I feel my brain?
HELP! vision blacks out in eye?
I think i have gallstones?
How to stop bloating?
i took ecstasy like 6 hours ago and now i am tripping not rolling is there a way to come down?
What's going on here?
Best Health care for kids in Florida?
why are my fingers wrinkly?
how do i take on and develop my practice?
why dont you let someone sleep after the had a head tauma?
health insurance question!!?
Never got an answer to: How long does it take to get nicotine out of your system?
Sleep problems.......?
Why am I so warm all the time?
why do you have to take lipitor at night?
Could this be a split lip, and if so how can I fix it? MATURITY PLEASE?
Diagnose me please.....?
How many pills did it take to almost kill my friend?
how to stop face twitching?
my girlfriend left me because i was smelling cigarette.?r=1242780725?
Red veiny spot in my eye, goes away sometimes, gets really bad at night. What is it?
i can only see half from my right eye what could be causing this?
false imprisonment is a form of what kind of abuse?
Drained of energy due to a cold!?
Help!!!! Having dry skin and a dry scalp!!!?
i turn red super easily/?
Has anyone used baking soda for acne?
Botox and smoke????? Plz help?
my face is tight and dry.?
White pointy sore on my lip?
What's this bump on my sons face? Pic included.?
Itchy scalp is really startin to get to me, any suggestions?
What is Royal Jelly? What it can do on my Skin.?
How can i get rid of my eczema on my arms?
i have unknown bruises on my thigh and they look like thin, straight lines. What does this mean?
Is it illegal to send prescription drugs by Airmail?
Tiny red bumps all over my legs?
Does this sound like Cystic Acne?
real bad skin and diging at ears now is real lethargic?
How bad will my initial breakout be if I'm switching from .01% differin to .03%?
Face gets worse throught day?
Blisters on my bumb cheeks only, very itchy and painfull?
dizzy when standing up?
What are your biggest tips for avoiding health problems?
Sick. How do I feel better in three days?
Getting up to quick and feeling faint?
whats wrong with my stomach?
Lump situated behind Sternomastoid muscle?
Does a regular "dipstick" drug screen check for steroids?
why does having an orgasma make you so tired within seconds?
is there something else wrong or is it normal?
why is my new used sharper image ionic breeze making noise? I just cleaned it extremely very well?
I'm having really bad problems?
is this pot? if not what is it?
Effective exercise help?
What Is Happening When Your Stomach Turns?
i have alopecia is it a good idea for me to get a hair cut?
Can anemia disappear later in life?
I hit my head on some fence boards. Help?
wheat free yeast free bread?
I haven't had a ciggarette in two weeks and my allergies are worse?
Allergies - all the time - solutions?
I take Tylenol PM to go to sleep every night.?
I have a hard swollen upper lip?
what would cause lips to swell up?
I have dust allergyand sneezes every morning. But why it attacks only when you awake?
What was your worst injury?
How long does it take for an allergic reaction to subside after getting a cortisone shot?
Spring allergies acting up?
Could this be a mild cat allergy?
Do I have an allergy to milk/dairy? When I was little I was tested and it came out positive. I haven't been?
what could be going on with my eyes.?
I'm going to Quebec in a couple weeks and was wondering if they have lactose free milk there . Help !!!?
Have you ever heard of anxiety being a symptom of a food allergy or intolerance?
Things to do during an all nighter?
Is my toe broken? HELP!!!?
scabies at work just want to no what my chances are off geting it ahh?
Is putting vapor rub on my nose good 4 me?
how can you prevent nose bleeds?
can a wheat allergy go away?
How Do I know If I am Allergic To Prozac?
Any suggestions for not being able to breath out of my nose for years?
I think I have the hives.. Helpp?
Can a person develop a lactose problem? Am I now lactose intolerant? or is it my rotten teeth?
stomach goes crazy when i lay down and i have yellow diarrhea in morning?
Can a inflamed chest get worse and do you need medication?
panic attack question?
financial help for cancer survivor patients?
i can feel and hear my pulse when im trying to sleep, it keeps me awake!?
Does anyone else get a buzz from smoking a black and mild?
About how much time might this woman have left?
Will a seizure kill you if you dont go to the hospital?
Is viral the same as a virus?
a mouse just bit me do i have any diseases?
how long does it take for strep throat to develop?
If i have mono can I go swimming?
What does it mean when you get a lump in your throat?
if you have taken the z-pack for chlamydia and the symptoms still didn't go away what do i do?
Should I reconsult a doctor?
Strep throat, contagious, could I have made others sick!?
what are ways people might get meningitis and how can it be prevented?
Long-term implications of electrocution?
Meningitis research help?
I have an infection and need help?
Tonsolitis with dry throat?
What causes blindness with a seviere headache?
sickness from public swimming pool?
Blood work shows my Gran count is at 76. Is this normal?
Severe Nausea and Vomiting?
An agreement to count slaves as three-fifths of a person was related to?
will getting my tonsils and andeniods make me sound better or differnt as in more clear and not so crooky?
What can I do to get by until I have my eye glasses replaced?
Having problems with putting contact lenses in....?
Where Can i But Contacts in Australia- Queensland- Mackay? And should i really get them?
What is wrong with my eye?
Why does my perception distorts when I stare at a screen?
my girlfriends eyes arent white they have more of a cloudy brown look whats wrong?
A hole in my left eye is possibly causing unexplained irritation and excessive tearing...What could it be?
If a Colour Blind person is Red-Green colour blind, Can they still see most shades of those colours normally?
i have a eye problem plz help ?
are eye sight correction by lasic laser is valid in marine engineering jobs?
Pattern in vision right now?
Is it harmful for your eyes if you leave contact lenses in an unopned contact solution case for 2 years long?
can lutein cause constipation?
is this possible.....?
Eye contacts for cosplaying!?
contact lenses stuck?
Is it possible to be both long sighted and short sighted in the same eye?
Do brown eyes naturally have green pigment?
What would cause me to have extremely blury temporary vision?
Red eyes, protein build up in corner?
is it difficult to get colored contacts?
Where can I get safe colored contacts?
lung cancer definations and treatment options?
I've been taking Lithium for about a month now.?
i woke up with a red eye and some mucus around it?
Does Acid Reflux cause Heart Problems in the Future?
i have had a cough for about 3-4 months.And the cough is pretty bad with mucus coming up.?
I woke up this morning with a bloody nose and when I coughed this morning I had mucus with blood.?
panic attack on my way to school?
I had a bone marrow biopsy, and the results were good, but does this eliminate leukemia in the future?
Cold hands and feet in the winter?
Headaches!!! someone help!!?
What's wrong with my knee?
Will the sciatic nerve stop hurting eventually or go on for ever?
anyone can help me with lower back pain?
Horrible headache...I want to die?
How do i run without getting a cramp?
Need explanation for chronic joint pain.?
Sharp pain in upper left back?
Serve pain on left side of stomach with trouble going to the bathroom, help!?
Crawling sensations on body.?
Bad headache next morning after vicodin?
cartilage piercing? how bad does it hurt?
Can someone tell me whats wrong with me?
Pain in my left sholder blade that gos straight through to my chest on my left side? I?
Knee Pain, no injury recalled? What the heck? :(?
Stabbing pain, please help me out and tell me what it is?
Pain on outside of foot!?
bladder is hurting help?
how long will my growing pains last?
I woke up and couldn't swallow help?
Always thirsty ... why?
Why am i so thirsty??..?
which carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heat?
what is a septum??????????????????????????????
What causing chest pain and shortness of breath?
how to give up smoking?
Ok i know this was dumb but can cough syrup kill u?
Question for nurses about TB skin test?
Is it bad to breathe in...?
I think i am sick help!?
I had a sore throat and then it traveled to my nose and then i got a fever. Now it is in my nose a little and?
Pain in my upper left chest?
What can replace nasal decongestant?
wheezing all of a sudden?
Hi ... I am David 33, Denver, CO ... have been having breathing problems right chest .... will trade advice?
deep dry persistant cough, can't sleep?
It is bad when you breathe in and your chest or your upper back hurts?
constantly having to clear my throat.?
i'm an asthmatic, i had five puffs of an inhaler half an hour ago. my heart rate is 114. is this ok? I am 12?
swine flu in az please help!im crying!?
is this considered an asthma treatment?
Extreme soreness, aches, and breathing problems in chest and back/shoulder blade?
Does asthma make your chest sore?
what can the mold in your home do to your health?
Recently I have started to get pains from time to time in the back and side of my head,?
Why am i having crazy eye spasms?
Can walking pneumonia develop into the flu?
i need help i cant stand the word blood what should i do?
What should I do ? ! ?
do you do this...? or is just me?
I'm just a little freaked out but...?
I have no insurence does any one know how much a spinal tap is?
Do I have a hormonal imbalance? How can I tell?
right to wear a surgical mask.?
Mononucleosis symptoms?
Cold Soar on Lower LIp?
What reaction do you get from too much insulin in the body ? A black out? i.e. coma? death?
can gout be cured without medication?
My Bones Hurt,Do I have leukemia?
I am wondering if I need any follow up for a SGPT of 33 and SGOT of 31, urobiligen is 1t.?
gout?kidney problems?
yellow stool with pink in it?
What could a sharp pain in the chest be?
would 8 tylenol pm's kill me?
Where could I find syrup of ipecac?
I was prescribed amoxicillian 500 mg for a root canal that i had on friday, and now I have broken out on face?
Taking cough syrup while on SSRI's ok?
Do i have a brain injury or what?
What Does This Sound Like To You...?
Did your ultrasound show a white spot on the baby's heart?
I feel like there is a big burp waiting to get out but can't all the way and i suffer from acid reflux?
What are the symptoms of refeeding syndrome? Please help!?
Is this considered OCD?
Can black mold cause an upper respiratory infection in a 2 year old with rad?
How can you drain clogged ears?
What do I do if my ears are swelling after 2 weeks of piercing?
I don't know what's happening, please help?
LCL Injury. How long does it take to heal?
My knee joints and my heels were hurting?
Feel nauseous every time i stub my toe on something, is this normal?
Got cut from biking accident liquid coming out.?
My mom knocked her head and her body went numb for about 5 seconds...please answer if you have experience?
few months ago i pulled the ligaments in my wrist and it still hurts all the time what do u think i should do?
Is this a muscle spasm?
Injured my shoulder during basketball (supraspinatus tendon)?
if it's been almost 5 months since i've cut myself, can i donate blood?
Ruptured ACL.. Can I still walk on it? who knows?
can you answer this? ?
Worried about my wife.?
is suicide my best option?
Do you think I have depression?
help u might save my life plz am serious i need help?
im really scared please help?
a ziareck nerve on my lower back?
Some Good ways to handle stress?
is my bulimia killing me?
How do I get rid of the empty nest syndrome?
How can I get 250 Dollars?
What is the cause of my back pain and how do i treat it?
Can anyone offer some advice on what is possibly a damaged major nerve in a foot?
Ghost keep on calling my name ,can u help?
I need someone to talk to i'm feeling really depressed?
Can 25mg of Zoloft really make a difference? Anxiety and Depression..?
I don't even know who i am anymore.?
im feeling very paranoid.someone is chasing me in my house and im home alone?
How can I live with depression/anxiety...I hate myself!?
To those with depression, what's your personality like?
I have bulimia but...?
Celexa (citalopram) making me very depressed?
Suicidal but not depressed. Is this possible?
I started getting urges to hurt myself, or hurt people that I love. I've never wanted to kill anyone before?
My girlfriend is suicidal over me doing a sport. She is 100% serious and i dont know how to handle this.?
I'm REALLY Scared!!!?
scared of blood poisoning from piercing!!?
How can I remove this?
SLEEEP HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS!!?
I'm always hungry today?
Is there any kind of gel that I can put on my body to keep me cool when it gets hot outside?
How long do i wait until i take Nyquil after taking tylenol extra strength ?
What does this phrase mean?
is this something to be worried about?
Is it common to get a stiff jaw from Zoloft?
is it bad if your eyelid is twitching if it doesn't normally?
Possible sinus Infection but a little panicky that it could be something else?!?!?
I cant seem to get to sleep at night, thinking about taking melatonin,how much melatonin is safe to take?
Why does my neck always crack?
Dizzy and Nauseous for 1 week?
On those upside-down machines, are your knees supposed to lock?
I wake up with NO feeling in my limbs?! how to get better circulation?
if there was food stuck in my throat would i be choking or unable to swallow any other foods or liquids?
pain in left side of my left calf just below knee?
Red eyes keep coming back?
What is wrong with us all?
Can Cellulitis cause nerve damage?
Why are red marks forming on my skin?
I wake up with bruises all over me?
Want Tattoo, but have psoriasis ?
What is this rash? It's driving me mad!?
does moisturizer cure blotchy, red skin on your face?
i have a brown mark on the bottom of my little toe bloodblister or something else?
I have 2 red scabby sores on my right breast. ?
how can you peel the white layer ( dry skin) left from scab off? I know scratching is bad, but ?
What can I give my son for a rash all over his upper body and face?
going to start Stelara for my Psoriasis i'm nervous should i do it?
Has anyone used EDTA Keladine creme?
What is the medicine for tinea?
little white bumps on my top lip after i got stitches?
What are these pus-filled bumps on my leg?
Why don't doctors use anesthesia for wart treatment?
Acne scars??? Please help?
i have a yellowish white bump inside my lip.?
How to reduce redness of a hickey fast!?
I'm allergic to fruit, what can i eat to replace it?
What is that allergy commercial?
Allergic to *insert something here*?
Does anyone know of an herbal tea to help with migraines?
allergy to zaxby's fries?
i have hives all over. can you tell me what they are?
Hives, itchy throat, loss of voice...allergies?
Allergies causing swollen lip?
Are sunflower seeds considered a peanut?
can you have sinus trouble without a stopped up nose and clear airways?
How quickly can a person die from anaphylactic shock?
I took a sip of a gatorade with clumps of mold?
When the weather changes suddenly I find myself sneezing and getting a runny nose?
why are my ears are clogged up after a shower?
Could it be Sinusitis?
do i have allergies? my eyes have been watery and itchy?
Does using benedryl typically cause constipation?
Am I having an allergic reaction?
Dust mite allergy drops. Do they really help?
Allergic Conjuntivitis and Antihistamines?
Is it Allergies, a cold, or what?
How long, on an estimate, does it take for your stomach to heal from food allergies?
I believe I have had a sinus infection for the past five days now. I have been coughing, stuffy head, fever?
why do patients with heart problem have to sit with legs dangling?
Resources for Eating Disorders?
I have had four drink bottles full of water and still feel like I haven't had a drink in weeks?
Help with an recently relapsed alcoholic mother?
Will my 'Sickle Cell Trait' affect my blood type?
what are the side effects of the drug coumadin?
When I am really cold my fingers and toes turn white and go numb?
Acute Myeloid Leukemia?
Still feeling a lump?
I'm addicted to eating my dog's fleas?
Cross country running, aches, fatigue, shivers ect.?
How can I get my swollen tonsils to go away?
IAre there Internal Shingles and if so what is the treatment?
i have been real sick since put on antibiotics for hole in sinus is this normal and how long will this last?
Body ache and weakness is it swine flu????!!!?
How do i get rid of my pink eye??
is this a type of strep throat?
How much should you worry about germs?
Antibiotics and cigars?
How can you tell if i am sick.?
How soon after having mono can i kiss my bf?
what are the signs of infection in your body?
Stomach virus....please help. :(?
Two days ago i had a leech on my foot?
i went to the doctor yesterday told me i might have meningitis and told me to go get tested the thing is where?
Stye Treatment!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! 10 points for best answer!!!!!!?
is sepsis like steph?
Super dehydrated -- urgent care with IV in new york/brooklyn ?
what is gastro dysfunctional bowel syndrome?
I have a bruise that wont go away?
why do i only have one swollen tonsil?
Whats wrong with me? any advice?
Tired, frequent urination?
im tired all the time.?!?
What happens when a scar turns red?
is 92.4 degrees a bad body temp!?
light headedness and Dizzy HELP 10 pt?
whats the name of the thing that shows your dead thats in the hospital?
If you area "psychologist", I dare you.....?
Appendix removed????????????????????
What is the difference between an active nurse and inactive nurse according to their Professional Status?
Is running a consistently low temperature normal?
what to do about post nasal drip?
do i have amber or brown eyes?
I have a tiny pink spot in my eye, not a popped blood vessel. When I wear eyeliner, it gets redder. Any help?
Why is it that convergence insufficiency has the same symptoms as dyslexia !!!!?
How long can do u discard an eye drop?
do i need to go see the eye doctor?
is there such thing as surgery to get your neck shorter?
Cats eye contacts lenses i have questions ?
is it normal for my eyes to hurt when i get teary eyed ?
Do I have something wrong with my eye?
Question about ptosis induced by contacts?
What is the easy way to put in colored contacts for small eyes (HELP) p.s. about bigger than chinese eyes?
What is it called when someone's eyelid is slightly closed?
My niece has interocular hypertension. What is it ? Does she have to use eyedrops all her life, is there a?
what does mean CSR about eyes? what kind of background regardingg to that?and what are the medications?
My eyes go blurry even with glasses then they hurt could this be from twitching or too much use off eyes or?
Astigmatism question?
How common is a pale optic disc?
where can I get contacts with prescription that can make my greenish/hazel eyes blue at a good price?
Do I have strabismus? If not, what condition do I have?
if ur optic nerve is cut or injured and if your eye sight is loss because of that... do we have any treatment?
Help! If I go to get colored contacts today...?
I need help with my contacts!?
Do I have a high risk of a heart disease?
There is sometimes a very small amount of blood in my flem when i spit?
That random "heart beat type thing" you randomly get in parts of your body?
I got a big, painful boil for the second in the same spot as the first one. should i go to the hospital?
Quick Question About Lice?
My daughter is 7months, she is on Pulmicort,Albuterol,Zyrtec,Singulair and Zantac. Is this safe? Please help.?
i know its not infected but did i clean it wrong?
How to get back to my normal sleeping pattern?
What would happenn if we were unable to sweat?
i spend avrg 4 hours online a day is this bad?
I just had a curcumcision?
Why do we humans feel sleepy at work place even though we had good night sleep?
Hands shaky, I'm only 16, possible causes?
Injured?! PLEASE HELP!!!! 10 points to best answer!?
im hungry and tired but i cant eat or sleep?
can anyone tell me why do i wash my hands in my sleep?
Why do i have migraines every night and cant sleep?
What are the ramification of sitting for a long time with numb legs?
Should i use Glasses before i start using Contact Lenses?
How to stop throwing up?
When I sleep on my left side, my right arm goes numb?
Earlier today, I drunk alot of LEMON tea. Shortly after, i had a creamy cake. Now why was that not a good idea?
How do I get rid of this cough?
I think I have a possible sleep disorder and do not know what to do? It involves kicking, biting, ect.?
im a cna at a hospital and having some problems?
help trouble sleeping and i have a test in 4 hours?
How can I get my parents to take me to the doctors before things get bad?
Foot hurts from running!?
Does walmart sell 7-days acne detox?
I have a friend that has dandruff and i want to know how to make it go bye bye. How do i get it to go bye bye.?
could using vagisil once in a while, then not using it for a long time cause irritation, redness, and pain?
whats wrong with my legs?
if i am 12 years old will the doctor prescribe me accutane for scars on my cheeks?
13 and have a question about sweat glands and why some girls sweat more then others?
how to get rid of blackheads?
im going to the dermatologist tommorrow...?
Home remedy skin care treatments?
Is it a good idea to get facials every now & then to remove blackheads?
my baby had a band-aid and her skin came off what do we do?
itchy rash all over body of the contraceptive implant?
how to treat ear itching due to excessive exfoliation?
painful callus.please help!!!?
Why do hemorrhoids itch?
how do i remove tan from skin?
Dandruff cure or temporary relief?
It hurts help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
HELP!!! I took an ADHD pill that wasnt subscribed to me my hands shake i cry i get dizzy and my head hurts. ?
I found a pill is my cabnet and I wonder what is this pill for?
Afraid of that genetic factor :( ?
Does breast cancer mean death?
Would stomach cancer show up on a CT scan?
Why is laetrile banned by the FDA?
What wrong with me I can't breath and feel lite headed alot what's up with me? ?
how has the medical opinion changed about tobacco over the years?
is it normal for a person to do number 2 twice a day?
I don't eat any fruit, what do you think will happen to me?
What is the best and easiest wat to get lice eggs out of your hair!?
Alternatives to drug use?
3000mgs of acetaminophen over 12hours?
is body hair growth or presence affected by a person's diet or does it lie within the genes?
How to keep your body cool and dry?
I have to see a counciler today and I don't know what to say...?
What's a support letter?
Doing exercise has brought my ticklishness back.Why?
I huffed last night and didnt die. If i never do that again will i be okay?
Does this sound like burn out or depession?
When I boil cold water from the tap, it forms a residue which sticks firmly to the bottom of the pan.?
Should I go to the doctor?
How can I get rid of this fear!?
Does lack of exercise cause eye bags?
Do people at Marijuana Anonymous look down at people who still drink alcohol because their problem was pot?
Can you build muscles and a good body if you have cervical spondylitis?
Nose bleeds, at least once a month?
Blood in Post-Nasal Drip?
Dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine are two examples of what?
Can I take a Benadryl after I have taken a Zyrtec?
who is a scientist working on dust mites?
What would be a good scenario for asthma?
allergy help?
I spranged my ankle yesterday?
Are footbaths, mainly only intended for women?
i burned my hand help what should i do!?
How to prevent sweating?
How do you treat a burn?
what is wrong with my mother?
i have recently discovered a hard lump in the groin area..?
Can I go back to school after an ingrown toenail operation?
why does my eye keep twitching??? its kinda funny , but i hope itsnot serious is it normal?
Feeling tired all the time?
should i go to the docter? or should i wait?! HELP!?
what happens when you tell the authorities you're suicidal?
Please tell me if you like this..?
My mum wants me to see the school councilor. (confidentiality)?
Why shouldn't I commit suicide?
is it so wrong that i dont dress up for school like everybody else?
What's the best way to release my anger and stress?
Freaking out about life and school!! What to do?!?
Will the Rubber Band Trick Help Me Not Cut Myself???
Can you die from lack of sleep?
i really need some advice?
what do you think bi polar people are like?
Why should Yahoo limit the number of answers you can give daily?
Small traces of blood in urine ?
Why can we not swallow phlegm?
what is addisons disease?
would doctor prescribe something for a person who sleeps constantly?
Is my blood pressure high?
what are questions to ask a student whose mother died of breast cancer?
I have had a swollen tonsil for more than 2 months?
It hurts to do dialysis?
Can someone give me some help i have had a toothache for 3 months?
Has anyone ever tried the "my snoring solution" jaw strap thing? Would it help for sleep apnea?
just had a ultra sound and have been told my gallbladder is very contracted..what does that mean?
my urine analysis result was: 10-15 pus cells, 1-2 RBC, amorphorus urates (few), epithelium (few), is it UTI?
Do I have bacterial or viral tonsillitis?
can i cure my infection?
Bitter taste in my throat when im swallowing food?
Can you catch something from a toilet seat?
What is this? Cold or flu?
Do I need antibiotics?
Help With Headlice :'(?
What could be causing my husbands diarrhea?
Does Sickle Cell disease or Sickle Cell trait cause a false positive on an HIV test?
Am i ill or have a disease?
Mystery illness? PLEASE HELP!?
8yr old positive for mycoplasma and mononucleosis at least three times a year since age 3?
I can't tell if it's pink eye or not! Please help!?
Is it really true that alcohol causes antibiotics not to work?ive been takin Amoxi ...?
white puss coming out of the eye?
how if you screening in hepa b last year december 2009 if effectively until july 2010?
is this epilepsy/diabeties or wot ??
bad anxiety?
what if i take synthroid but dont need it....got it mixed up with other pills and took it?
I have p.c.o.s... iam having a hard time losing weight because of this.?
what are the steps in helping a man suspected with spinal cird injurt? i need the immediate care?
How dangerous can swallowing a sharp, 1 inch shard of wood be? ?
the value of total body injury?
possibly a stress fracture or..?
I had tummy tuck and liposuction 2 1/2 months ago.when do I get back to normal. I have discomfort w/ itching?
I have been a nurse for 25 years. Severe nonwork trauma injury Aug. '08 and can't find work-any suggestions?
muscle relaxers, help please?
do i have shin splints?
My leg muscles are weak?
Arthoscopic surgery on my knee?
has there been any true ancer cures?
Scientifically speaking ... does it annoy you?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of chewing cloves?
Can anyone recommend best book to help me stop smoking?
What happens if you take antidepressants when you're not depressed?
Has anyone tried alternative medicine to get rid of gallbladder stones? What did you try? was it successful?
Is bach rescue remedy any good?
diet pills??
How do I perform distance healing using Reiki?
When you have a sick note are you expected to work?
has anyone ever tried those candles for your ears?
should psychiatry be considered Alternative Medicine?
What if you have a lump under your arm?
What happens if pneumonia doesn't clear up with meds ?
What causes a 4 yr old to have an uncontrolable bladder?
My arms and legs went numb, what is happening?
would an allergy to something youve eaten or drank make your throat swell up?
Are colon cleansers good?
Blood in stool, is this cancer?
how to get rid of an upset stomach?
streching my ear help, its bleeding!?
Why is it when i stand up (or in the middle of walking) i black out?
Whats wrong with my vision?
a physical body question please read!?
why does my sore throat hurt worse in the day?
What medication can I take for hayfever when I take inhalers?
Can you grow into hayfever?
Where are the H and N located in H1N1......see more...?
i can grind my shoulder blade on my ribs in the back.?
Can you get a contact high from synthetic drugs?
Food handlers card expired?
is this Xanax withdrawel?
How can i get this out? HELP?
I am about 2 months pregnant?
is it really bad... if i dont do anything will it harm me?
I'm 14 and my jaw always cracks?
Why does my right ear feel kinda "deaf"?
How does Cryptosporidium impact human health indirectly and directly?
Sunscreen hazards/Oxybenzone and Mineral sunblocks?
quickest way to get rid of a mosquito bite or reduce swelling?
Blister scars??????????
not painful red bump on my ear? why?
Legs go red and blotchy?
Do I have sunspots? Help! ?
how do I cover up bug bites?
What is wrong with the skin on my legs?
dirty looking skin on elbows?
How do you get rid of swelling between the cheek and the chin?
Why do we have moles/birthmarks?
why do i only have one dimple?!?
bambi has a big ball on her chest it was smaller a year ago, family says its a fatty tissue can that be i am s?
what is the best hand lotion?
I got itchy wound, it spread on my body. what can I do?
Which of the following is a risk from overexposure to UV radiation?
Red Face linked to Acne?
what's are these grey spots on my irises?
ocular migeane visial snow?
51-16-140...do you think these eyeglass measurments will suit a person wide face/nose?
where can i find colored contacts?
Is there any type of a risk when using color contacts (just because the look cool)?
Stye in your eye :( anyy helpp!!! :?
Can eye color be mixed..?
Do you know anyone who's been blind from birth and have gained their sights back?
Heterochromia and Genetics Question?
Wat does it mean if the right side of my peripherals is faded?
a question about strabismus.."lazy eye"?
How to get rid of this stye?
Is it okay to use my contact comfort drops as eye drops?
Can i buy daily contact lenses up front in my opticians?
Is it bad if I can see scanlines through my eyes?
im new to the whole contact idea and its been about 40 minutes and everything is all blurry why?
Do specsavers allow you to pay for spectacles in installments?
Is this just me or does anyone else notice this with their vision?
Are there support groups for family members of cancer patients?
why does my bowel movement smell sour?
does the heart of a 10 year old?
what are the dangers of ppa in medications.?
Im 18, Can I Take Myself To The Emergency Room?
A swelling in the lateral aspect of ankle?
Does this sound heart attack?
Ct scan results, Chronic sinusitis? symptoms been persistent for about a year. help.?
I am having surgery on Nov17 Which is in 4 days.I am on zithromax for broncitis, is it safe to be put to sleep?
sunburn stiff arms an sore?
Problem with knee,help? any doctors?
Feeling out of it, disconnected from reality?
i smoked laced weed, is this a bad or good trip?
Whats wrong with me? Should I go to the ER?
does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth remove?
walk-in health clinic?
New random light blotch on my forehead?
The TV Show House and Medical Bills?
my baby toe on left side is tingly quite often..?
can i get disability Benefits for a bad knee? see details below?
Nose Infection help please!?
Would I know if i were sleep walking?
Question about having a prescription partially filled?
Disabled Veteran Living In London Who Can't Work?
How do I know if my son will be tarded?
i had a sinus infection about 7 months ago and since then, i can't smell anything. Any remedies?
What is this popping noise in my throat?
Does ibuprofen make you tired, or more awake?
Ive been told i grind my teeth in my sleep and this is causing my front teeth to overlap, how can i stop this!?
I have a kind of numb feeling...It seems like I'm not feeling anything?
What helps you sleep?
I'd like to lower my blood pressure by excercising. how much and how often?
about high cholesterol?
what is amlodipine besylate?
hypertension questionssss?
something wrong with my heart? maybe breathing? anyone know?
Can the heart muscle repair itself after damage or erosion?
stretching of the myocardial by the venous pressure during diastole is called?
could i ask any question related to health?
Angina Pain and It's Location?
Survival rate of stroke+blood clot?
My heart is beating cause I can feel it?
Question about blood pressure?
Can someone please explain why I am getting these symptoms with hypothyroid?
14, nausea, really bad chest pain?
what can i do to stop my neck from hurting?
Do I have a sprained wrist?
My top eyelid on the left side became puffy?
why i feel like this?
i have scoliosis and i have a metal rod in my back would this help protect my spine from breaking?
What would cause a severe headache for days with little or no relief from pain killers?
What do I do if I have a sore back?
In my run today, my achilles had this dull pain feeling?
does anyone know anything about throat stones?
The doctor just explained that I appear as a "drug seeker" and made me pee in a cup?
Lower Pack Pain!! HELP?
I hit my head, what do i do?
hi, my husband is having shoulder ache for the last couple of months.?
Headache when im sitting or standing. Whats wrong with me?
Ladies: I'm having THOSE kinds of cramps. Are there any remedies that could help?
Do Dr Scolls insoles go on top of your old insoles?
Migraine and burning sensation in head (serious answers please)?
How bad does it hurt to get stabbed?
Not sure what is going on with headaches any ideas?
question about taking pain meds?
this hurts so bad......?
am i becoming allergic to meat?
For 4 weeks I been waking up with facial swelling, but for the past 4 days I been waking up with a face rash.?
how do i get rid of a dry cough?
Help me find the spelling of this OTC cough syrup?
how to do with my too long nose in winter?
What is the best way to keep my dog from pulling her hair out??
How is the immune system effected when allergic reaction occurs?
can someone be allergric to RDI minerals and vitamins?
Question about a blocked nose ?
Should I wear a medical bracelet?
Am i allergic to hay?
allergic to something that builds up in bedding material...bed bugs?
Head pressure and watery eyes?
I have a very mild dog allergy (the only thing that happens is my throat feels like it's dry), and...?
Does musinex make your nose bleed ?
i would like to know why at the age of 50 i am now allergic to milk?
what happen if mold and mildew get in your eyes while cleaning?
Is my dog having an allergic reaction to her new treats?
Allergic some kinds of fruit?
Why not suicide? I am still hurting. ?
i just want to die, please help?
How long does it take a person on average to get over emotional abuse?
do you think its weird to cut your self?
I'm about to cut myself?
is it wrong for me to want my dad to die?
This is really weird..how to deal with this?
what is my age?
I don't know what is wrong with me?
what is your phobia.....?
is this abuse?
I have a hard life but i don't let that drain me down.....when i hear stories abt depression??
How do i sucide help me ?
At what point do you just give up?
Do you pray before you sleep?
bipolar disorder without mania?
Choking from hiccups or what is it?
Brain tumor worries.? I'm 15,?
I have a mole on my private spaces - can it be waxed?
what are the treatments for lipomas?
Chapped rashed skin on face!?
I have a lump on my eyebrow?
Drainage from a c-section incision?
My dad had one eye completely red, no white showing?
My father 68 yrs old, was having fever for last two months and it didnt go down for several antibiotics,?
Need to look up infectious diseases by symptom?
can mono last up to year ?
A mosquito bit me, how can i be sure it's not gonna be dengue?
What are some causes of my ulcer and stomach sores?
CSI: Blood eating diseases?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
why is my dog is fainting?
Alcohol leading to burning throat?
Will use of microban create "super bacteria" in the same way that overuse of antibiotics created super germs?
Antibiotic for UTI side effect help?
I feel fine, other than I’m coughing up yellow and green phlegm. I had a fever earlier this week for three day?
This is my mother Gastric biopsy report; anybody may please help me interpreting this, is it normal or there i?
Bug in my drink get sick?
no one can heal the wound, not even you?
Painful Strep Throath?
Should i get my tonsils removed?
I think i have a cut in my throat?!?
I have an eye infection, but I can't see a doctor until three days from now?
EKG- sinus bradyacadia with occasioal premature atrial complxes???PLEASE EXPLAINS?
back of my throught is dry! why?!?
Health help ! breathing, dizzy, and blacking out S: Important !?
Severe nasal congestion. Used nasal drops but getting worse!!!?
Hey I have moderate asthma and I was wondering how bad it would be to smoke weed every once in a while?
Why do I want to stop breathing but when I do, I can't hold it?
what does it mean when you find dry blood in your ear?
How does urine enter the lungs?
I quit smoking almost three yrs ago...?
I've been coughing for 2 weeks and my muscles are sore!!!?
how long do marijuana fumes linger in a room?
I feel sick,does anybody know anything about these syptoms?
what the heck are u doing wasting yoiur time doing this????????
Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
Issue with my lungs waking up feeling like I'm drowning and coughing up obscene amounts of fluid.?
do I have asthma............................?
What causes night sweats?
headache problems help
This is real serious to me so only serious answer. Than you if you read all and for those who give me answer.?
how can i smoke without anyone knowing i smoke?
chiwawa sneezing help!?
how to get rid of a sore throat?
Dog suddenly vomiting, tired, nose is hot and dry what could that be?
Someone help me ?!!!?
Severe chest pain unrelated to heart burn, i usually experience it after i eat uncooked dairy. Any ideas?
How Do you get tumor?
Reaching out to others to find answers ....?
Do i have 5th disease?
Why do my legs suddenly feel weak or floaty? Affects my arms at times too.?
Does Vitamin water really give you kidney stones?
Lyme disease?
Can Low potassium cause depression or a psychiatric imbalance?
Their are some black little things in my brother's hair, i want to know if it is lice, its BLACK,what is it?
does Seroquel have side effects?
I have just had my cholesterol, thyroid, glucose, haematology (iron) tested..?
has anybody with anxiety ever felt they cnt feel there arm but it still workin its just a feeling also feel yo
What is the process of a spinal tap?
i think my friend has an eating disorder...?
Che'diak-Higashi syndrome?
Does putting vinegar on a wound make it better?
help!! im 15 year old girl who eats a kind of healthy balanced diet but ... ?
Do I Have Diabetes ?
I have a pain at the bottom of my eye leading down to my mouth?
Website aboUt the affect of druGs?
I was watching Dr.Phil today , I have question for everyone out there?
How do i stop headaches without using medicine?
With a blood sugar value of 10.5 how long has one to live and why?
non-diabetic 4yr. old son has high blood sugar 368?
help!!!! umm smoked weed and.....?
Does stress cause kidney stones to pass?
I have a fever :( What can I do to help me feel better?
What is the average height of a sixteen year old?
how is a hair strand drug test done, and how accurate is it?
Why do I have chronic stomach problems?
does getting an IV injected hurt?
I hear my pulse in my ears?
how long does it take for something to become a habit?
what in the world is this ?
Every single time I get up I get super dizzy to the point where I have to make myself sit down or...?
What does an asthma attack feel like?
can a laptop cause cancer?
how to get rid of a cough???????????????????????????????
My son is 6 he has seen his regular dr. They found traces of blood and protein in his urine. ?
Im having a punch biopsy on my tail bone will the seam on my pants irritate it after ward?
What is the best shampoo to use for a head full of zits?
how can i ge the medicine oestrogen?
Swollen earlobe piercing?
HELP! itchy after nairing?
What's the difference between white and purple stretch marks?
Why i have little bumps on my body?
I have some scratch marks because I lost weights and because of weight lifting, is there anything I can do?
Is Carmex good for your lips?
Why do I have scar tissue on my lip?
I have small bumps forming under my eyes.?
im conserned about my lil sister: red under eye?
Can someone please help me get rid of my wrinkled fingers?
Trying to remove a hickey I peeled off my skin what should i do now?
Do I have a blowout or an infection?
How can I prevent/get-rid of my black heads?
Does birth control get less effective against acne over time?
Can you really remove warts with urine?
blackhead trouble, impossible to get out?
Would it be beneficial for me to take an omega 3-6-9 supplement, I'm 15 years old btw...?
Self Reflexology treatment?
im interested in drinking green tea but..........? x?
Is the height 4ft11 dwarf height?
are there any legal natural things that give you a buzz?
any cure for hay fever?
What is the best herb to use for steam inhalations?
From your own experience,what difficulties do you think elderly people have wiht their medicines?
Can i buy Accutane over a pharmacy counter?
How long will I take to come down?
does anyone know about astragalus?
are magnetic therapies safe after by pass heart surgery?
can smoking canabis confict with taking anti-depressants?
What's the best natural sleep aid? tried lavendar?
i got chicken pocks two times!?
Spirulina the new wonder?
any cures for alopeceia?
will my hamstring be ready for me to perform?
fracture to phalanx great toe?
i need help with my tail bone i slept wrong on it?
what to do when your constipated?
Please help! it's 6 am and I cannot fall asleep!?
Can you make yourself drink when you're not thirsty?
Sprained ankle?? Help!!?
Injured at work but my supervisor has a problem with me going to the doctors?
Dizziness after a Cruise/Flight to Mexico?
Can you die from having hernia?
I just took 4 equate laxitives and a glass of prune juice. How long will it take to go the bathroom?
I have a bacterial infection but no health insurance?
I am worried about my father he is coughing alot?
How do I go about this since the doctor is VERY 'off'?
Is this possible and unhealthy?
I have trouble trying to fall asleep?
i mostly wake up weak even though i sleep about 8 hours.help....thx?
My friend gets really angry...?
what is the whole smokers denied access to health care?
Why does my throat feel dry?
What is the best and correct way of alternate hot and cold shower?
whats wrong with me? I feel so awful.?
Can a child well 14 year old refuse hospital treatment even ifcot means you could die?
Is petroleum jelly safe to use on chapped lips?
Sharp, stabbing pain in my lower right side?
Stomach Cramp? I Cant Fall Asleep?
Not drinking enough water?
I feel like I'm having chest/throat burns why?
I have a bump under my eye lid?
Headaches and fatigue? Advice?
Are my knee pains normal and my knee caps?
is it possible for a good voice to crack or something?
I can't wake up- sleep paralysis?
did i have an allergic reaction?
hand sanitizer drips on wood?
Combat Arms Hacking Help!!?
If you have a intolerance will it be obvious the first time you drink alcohol?
what are signs of a 2 1/2 year old to be lactose intolerant?
what is ragweed............................................................?
Is Locoid Lipocream okay to use on an rash caused by and allergen?
how long does a systemic allergic reaction last?
when i go to the loo liquid comes out?
Why do eye glasses cause eyes shadows?
Why do my eyes feel airyy?
Why did all of a sudden objects become very distant looking?
Did I mess up my eyes?
why is 1 eye more dilated than the other when check up at the eye doctors?
i have this random blindness?!?
Wearing contacts in california fire weather?
i have a small dent starting to grow right at the center of my thumb nail, is this normal?
Exercise to help stop growing ?
clear lens glasses IN NOVA SCOTIA ?
i just recently had my gallbladder removed and now i'm experiencing stomach pains. What could it be?
i just got new contacts and im not sure if i could.?
I need help taking out my contacts?
eye color questions??
How can you make your own stomach acid without taking it out of your stomach?
i have a yellow line across my eye ball?
what should i do nickle swallowed ?
What is wrong with a person with constant nausea?
Would laser eye surgery correct lazy eye wondering?
Info about coloured contacts?
What kind of contacts can I get that will be less irritating to my eyes?
My ears clog up every few weeks?
goosebumps when my worker came over?
how much will it cost?
What are some common health problems of Italians?
Ive gone off my food.?
Can anyone diagnose this sickness?
Rubbed my eye and now it's sore, should I wear contacts tomorrow?
How can i get rid of these bubbles in my ear?
How long weed in system/body?? please help?
Why were my contacts fine when i got them from the doc, now 2 weeks later...?
feeling dizzy n spaced out ? WHY!?:(?
Terrible headache, nausea, not being able to eat..what is it?
please please i need an answer...i just can't sit here...scabies?
what could be wrong with my eye?
Medical question can you help me?
Kissing with a cleft lip!!!!!!?
how much nurse get paid?
eyelid problems for more than 5 months?
doctors and rn's only please, kidney infection pos and worse?
How to prevent sweating?
Lump on inside of cheek?
how long does it take a largeish skin tag to fall off by tieing a string around it?
signs of a brain tumor?
NEED ADVICE ASAP.. bladder and poss kidney infection and poss more.. proff med advice only plz?
I have small "blackhead" looking dots on the inside of my upper arm?
what are dark red itchy lumps on my toes?
Please HELP! Swollen retina.?
My nephew has been diagnosed with Autisim.?
Call back after breast biopsy for appointment?
I've been coughing up a thick, yellow phlegm daily for 5 weeks. Just competed 2nd antibio and no change?
i have had a headache for two weeks now?
I forgot to take my pills, wondering what I should do?
how long does a stroke last with a quadriplegic?
18 year old that has back pain?
Clicking in my ears... 10 points for best answer?
I feel stressed out and left out, help?
Pain in the flank area when I take a deep breath?
Is it bad to have blood coming out of your bum?
im hurting help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it normal to have "slight/minor" pain after earlobe piercing?
My ear is making strange sounds?
The centre of my head hurts each time I cough or sneeze? The pain is momentary but severe and unbearable!!!!?
Why am I in so much pain?
Headache question ? Please help me out guys (:?
abnormal pap smear and hpv positive what does that mean?
my necks in pain when i try to turn it?
PAINFUL, bleeding hemorrhoids? NO Relief?
Backpain every morning. Please Help!?
cause of intermittant right side pain, deep radiates down front of leg as well as some right spinal pain low?
Do braces hurt?? please tell me!?
what does it mean when you feel there is to much pressure in your head?
can anyone help me with my stretched ear problem?
My next door nieghbor was a nurse at the psych ward I was at?
14 and need suicide help?
Depression? Anxiety? Something else?
Should I sleep tonight?
Should i suicide or not?
What is wrong with me? am i really crazy?
If your lung collapses, can you talk with a chest tube inserted?
do you think i could have asthma or something? or am i just out of shape?
how can i stop my adiction 2 ice?
A woman died and the autopsy revealed that her death was due to the pack on her back.Y was the pack so deadly.?
My doctor told me that I am not exhaling all of the air I bring in, have you heard of this?
Ever since i've gotten sick a year ago, my voice has been incredibly scratchy.?
Ear Infection help please?
Suffocating Yourself?
I can't get rid of pneumonia?
HELP! im afraid i took to much meds..?