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how to tell if mold is air born in your house.?
Swollen Sinuses & lump in throat ?
my eyes are almost always red and watery like I've been drinking or have'nt slept for a long time?
If you are exposed to a allergen as a child than what are the chances of developing an allergy to it later on?
possibly infected nose ring!!!?
What's the best over the counter nose spray?
Soy food allergy testing?
How do I know when my hives have healed properly?
help with my sick cat?
is it an allergic reaction?
if i swim in a pool with containing oleander nectar am i at risk for poisoning?
im getting a big rash(allergies) due to the chemicals we use at my job. can some one help me?
Allergic Reaction To Sterling Silver Bracelet?
Feels like a ball in my throught after eating fruits with pits, what is it?
Hospital Gave husband penicillin knowing he was allergic?
who has had a nightmare after eating cheese?
how soon after getting stung do you develop signs of allergy
Should I go to school with nosebleeds?
My eyes are being all weird?
Rutin foods. I'm allergic?
Ho to stop dry eyes with out drops?
i feel like bugs are crawling all over my body?
Acne?, Whats The Best Cure For Acne, I Mean Cure Where Its Going To Go And Not Come Back I HAVE 1000 EURO?
Where did this random little mole come from?
What are some effective acne products?
my chin hurts really bad because i rubbed it and scratched it hard because it was itchy is something wrong?
how to stop getting itchy skin in winter?
height and acne questions?
Can i take out my earring now?
How to get rid of acne fast?
Skin is red & swollen all over, sometimes itchy & vommitting.?
How often can someone use scabies treatment?
what products can I use to clear my acne from my face & chest?
What is wrong with my skin? How can i cure it? Pic included?
Help on light skin.....?
Stomach Pains, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Acid Reflex/Heartburn, Nausea, or about Four Weeks!?
I have a question about the stomach?
What is this lump in my neck?
sharp pains in the middle of my chest?
Okay, I have bulging disks at C4 & 5 and I have tingling and pins and needles feeling and cold sensations on?
How do I stop the ringing in my ears?
did i kill brain cells?
i get no sleep?? how to sleep?
Something wrong with my lips?
How can I un-plug my nose?
Going too doctors HELP?
Low blood pressure help?
Do i have heat stroke/heat exhaustion?
My belly pulses like it has a heartbeat....? is this normal?!?
i am constantly tired and i get headaches that last for hours?
I may be depressed, but I don't want to go to a doctor. Is there something I could do on my own to fix this?
Home treatment for ingrown toenail?
Will this drug combination work to make help me get sleep?
Normal Health Problems.?
How do u no it u have menangitas?
Anyone felt like this before?
guys i have a question?
Can I use Ativan 1 mg as sleep aid? I have not used it before?
Have I Got A Virus If...(Please Answer Really Need Help!)?
Why is it hard for me to wake up?
my 10 days old newborn has blue lips?
Will a Varicose Vein burst and bleed?
compatiable kidney donor denied for past drug addiction why?
Mouse-like odor...?
my family is totally infected with lice not just body lice head lice to I've done everything any suggestions
The doctor said my 18 year old daughters iron level is 7. How bad is that?
My grandpa is dying and I'm not sad.?
can't function in this world?
I wanna die.. =|?
how can an addicted person who cuts there wrists give it up for good and there also manic depressive?
problem with sleeping?
Has anyone ever felt like they were going to die soon?
afraid to go to sleep
I don't feel like living anymore?
Is there anything natural that REALLY works for Anxiety?
why my attempts to end myself are are failing?
What can I do to get rid of anxiety?
What is the point of taking Anti-Depressants if they don't work?
Whats is an easy death?
please help me i'm at the point of killing myself?
i get really bad anxity and depression alot?
Should i tell the therpist the whole story behind my anxiety?
anxiety and panic attacks?
how do you stop hating yourself for caving into an addiction?
Do i have an eye infection or contact stuck?
Will getting a Pilonidal Cyst lanced by dermatologist make the clearish liquid stop dripping?
What symptoms are these?
Does Lil Wayne Have AIDS?
My Cousin has lime disease. Or does she?
what is a wound vac used for?
Can u get lice from showering 3 days in a row?
cold sore is gonna ruin the moment?
what is hyperthyroidism and how is it treated?
is cipro good for sinus infection?
Can exposure to x-ray developer and fixer cause flu like symptoms?
can shingles virus reoccur?
are there white tick ?
AMOX/K CLAV, is this bad?
Flu Help????????How long will it last?
What if I don't get into medicine?
a question about ciprofloxacin?
Strep throat question! 10 PTS!?
Can i sue hospital for catchingsevere staph infection after surgery of appendix i stay hospital for two months?
I have had a fever for the past 3 days.?
getting to sleep late?
This is my second time trying Chantix. Do I need to buy another starter kit or can I split the tablets I have?
Are there negative health effects for sugar intake, among people who are not overweight?
Allergic Reaction or Something Else?
Can you recommend good sunscreen towelettes for my hubby to use while driving his convertible?
Any advice for nail technicians concerning back pain?
How far back does a Hair follicle test go?
how is bewilderment manifested? can it be healed?
does it sound like I have the flu?
I get hungry, then when I eat I feel sick .. ?
Will it show up on the drug test at school?
What is the difference between pulse and blood pressure?
where can i get some codeine and promethazine without a prescition?
sharp pains from my collar bone to mid stomach?
is this permanent?or dangerous?
Does this mean that there is something wrong with me?
The bottoms if my feet are peeling really bad.?
What function does the mucous membrane do?
I am worried about my peak flow should i ask my reg doctor next week if he can do a peak flow on me?
I coughed up phlegm that had blood in it, what's wrong with me?
My cold won't disappear?
my sleep paralysis issues?
pcp & young people, why is it?
Trouble Breathing These Days!?
I don't know what triggers my asthma, help me figure it out?
Am i sick or something?
I cough ever time I breath?
Should my sick brother return to school?
cna i get pneumonia when i jog in cold weather?
Any chronic bad breath treatment?
why am i spitting up blood?
Help me im sick with sore throat?
Is it harmful to sleep after eating?
Is it possible to lose weight while on symbicort inhaler if I restrict food and increase exercise?
my friend has a sore throat.?
I breath hard after climbing i set of stairs?
what is the matter with my chest?
Can I still become a sniper in the military if i have high order aberration?
How much will contacts cost?
what is the best way to gain yor eye sight?
O.G.I EYEGLASSES can someone help me?
Could and impacted tooth uppper molars cause eye problems are any problem to the eye? ?
Orange spot keeps following me?
How do I get help purchasing eyeglaases?
Working daily on a computer/Damage to your eyes?
Glare in one eye in pictures?
Which are better Blue or green contacts?
color deficiency you see green and you say yellow?
my little niece has woke up with a red dot in her eye?
i look so different with contacts!?
help stared at bright light?!?
Why does one of my eye seem to blink before the other?
colored spot in eye been there for days? eye disorder?
Information about laser eye surgery.?
What is happening to in my eye?
how old must i be for eye surgery?
Can I wear contacts lenses?
Can I surf with pink eye?
weird eye problem after wearing colored contacts?
What is the egg mask to take away small pores?
15 years old with stretch marks, will they fade?
Can I use salicylic acid to remove a face mole?
Red spots on husband's body?!?
I broke my nail in half?
I have acne scars and rosacea?
Lumps On My Skin. Help?
should i be worried of my 3 month old starting to get eczema?
i got small dark spots inside my toe?
How to get rid of ticks?Please advise on the best and effective method/medication for prevention.?
I have athleetes foot ?
does tomatoes and lemon lightens you skin?
is there a cure for Osteomalacia?
Helpp.. Razor bumpss?!?
How do you get rid of acne scars ?
Prolonged Shock Syndrome?
heart,cant talk,goosebumps....READ PLEASE...I dont know what it is?
any good polydactyly/syndactyly sites?
what can i use to keep my contact lenses moist in its case?
How many days can your body go for with only 3 hours of sleep ?
I cant sleep, please help!! 4 more hours until school?
I found a tick in my hair, what should I do now?
Why am I no longer able to scream?
I got hit in the mouth, help?
to sleep or not to sleep?
What could possibly be the reason why my lower stomach part hurts ?
how to tell if my my pink finger is sprained..or broken..i dont want to go to a doctor?
Advice for staying awake 2 days?
im goin 2 get tear drops and a cross tated on my face yall thank its gone hurt?
Need help w/ injury/unemployment ?
Is this too much radiation?
Why does my nose block when I sleep?
I can never sleep...But I'm not tired?
So i was awake for 48 hours, then fell asleep for 6 hours and i feel completely awake?
Took too many laxatives.?
I need help about a doctor to see about something.?
Had a horrible cold, now in my right ear I have shooting pains, is it blocked, my nose is still stuffy, or...?
I had surgery 5 days ago on my wrist and have a few stitches. . .?
Can you loose your hearing when you fall?
diarrhea for 5 days no symptoms?
How long does it take nicotine physical dependence to go away ?
do i have a bladder infection or something?
Started as a sinus infection...what now?
How do I get over the embarrassment I have...?
Why shouldn't u let strange people sleep in your bed?
Silver spider that swims (pics)?
Iv had one zyrtec, two advil, will it kill me?
i heard from many people, that smoking nargileh is worse than cigarettes. is it true and why?
I need to know if my hangover is a sign of a different condition?
how to prescribe antibiotics to people who take maintenance medication for high blood pressure?
Severe throat pains..........?
The later i go to bed, the easier i wake up in the morning?
can you wetyourself as a result of a panick attack..like your body go into shock?
my husbands ear is plugged and is having a hard time hearing. isn'tt painful what can he do for this?
Magnivision glasses where to buy and strengths available.?
Nausea a lot of times?
How do i know if my tonsils need to be taken out?
Question about doctors?
how do you make someone wear sunscreen?
Am I actually addicted to chewing gum?
Why does Cymbalta cause side effects?
Should I be worried about my puffy feet?
what could a sore neck, lower back, throat with a cough and fever mean?
Why does everyone keep forcing me to cut my nails when I need them to scratch?
How can i help someone who wants to commit suicide?
What do I do about depression?
Im Suicidal what should i do?
Whats wrong with me?!?
i argue with my thoughts?
help for anxiety and depression?
Lack of concentration and forgetful?
i am so low i dont think i can get any lower?
Why am I weird?.....?
Help, I'm really depressed about turning 30!?
my dreams have been broken i need help please (10 points best answer)?
Am I really depressed at 13?
I have a lump in my throat?
have pain under right knee but only when i kneel in certain position.the pain is like an electric shock?
my mother tested positive for oxycodone?
Best Cure for a Cold n Sore Throat ?
do magnetic bracelets work?
can i still take these tablets please help?
Is there an alternative to Diazepam that doesn't stop you dreaming?
Would any one with real homeopathy knowledge like to answer this?
Does Hypnotherapy work for depression and low self-esteem?
Spiritual guidance,charms,or natural remedies for big warts on hands/virus!?
Which of these therapies would you think best?
what would users of complementary therapists look for to make sure they are safe?
Alcoholics and cider?
does anyone know the best alternative treatment for endometriosis and infertility?
calming remedies.........................................?
Alternative medicines how good are they and do they work ?
cotton stuck in my earr. i need helpp!?
What's a good natural remedy to combat nausea? I can't have anything ginger?
Any herbal remedies to stop bloating?
Why shouldn't you apply lavender oil directly onto skin?
Why do we have ear wax. And is it a natural insect repelant?
shortness of breath.. gasping for air..?
I'm 13 years old...And I desperately want to stop smoking. Please help. </3?
what is a dropped lung, and how do you know if you have one?
Help with athlectic breathing difficulty.?
How long should an elderly person be hospitalized when they have pneumonia?
why is it that the fluid which comes out from "my thing" is blood or with blood?is that alarming or i'm oversx?
what to do after choking?
what is a chest cold?
Do i really need these medications?
Does Tuberculosis have a cure?
Do i have whooping cough?
hi im 28 yrs old and now im having this fast pulpitation..i wasn't aware abt it before but when i have this?
wat are the side effecs of prednisolone?
My nose wont stop running its been like 4 months? Sometimes it just drips i dont even notice it, ugh...?
My Uncle Was Smelling White Powder and Some Accidentally Went Up His Nose!!?
Grass allergies in late winter?!?
my dauschaund has allergies. does anyone have a home remedy ?
I need help in dealing with a grass allergy for a german shepherd.?
Do i have the Flu? help?
Puffy baby eyes in the morning?
what is the best anti allergy pill that won't make you feel like dizzy and fat?
Touched lower eyelid with hair dye and now it's swollen and red. It's been over 24 hrs. Any home remedies?
Is this an allergic reaction from gardisil?
What is this rash on my face?
Herbicides=really sore throat? :(?
Can You Be Allergic to Velcro?
so my nose is burning..its dry and then runny throughout the day, and my thoat is really sore?
Is is safe to take 75mg of benadryl?
Am I allergic to cats?
Sensitive Skin Problem...!!?
remedies for cat allergy?
Worried about allergies to non steroidal anti-inflammatories and being in labour?
Can you take piriteze and benadryl together?
i got upset earlier and i was shaking crying and tightness in the chest, well everything quit except?
what kind of doctor do i need to see for anAbdominal Aortic Aneurysm?
High blood pressure question?
what happens if ur cholesterol is 649?
can my problem be angina, hernia,or stress?
chest pain under left shoulder, left chest, left arm?
DO I have high Blood Pressure?
Weird heart feeling?
I would like to know how to treat a dog who has a possible blockage?
I have heart murmur, I'm so easy to be sleepy, I'm thin. Are they conected?
Are these heart attack symptoms?
why did this happen to me?
My Dr. found a heart Murmur today at my physical. I don't know what that is. He said not to worry.?
I have been told i have dangerously low blood pressure....but still don't understand what it is!?
do violent video games affect blood pressure?
how can i tell if i am short of breath ?
I had a girlfi who wanted out in such a short stint of time after i messed alittle bit interms of affection.?
Heartache = a sign of Heart Problem?
i need answers... has anyone had reoccurring pancreatitis?
Anxiety Would Cause My High Blood Pressure, Right?
symptoms after stopping blood pressure pills?
What can cause an increase in normal blood pressure?
What do I need to do to raise my HDL cholesterol ?
SKIN on face is PEELING!? How do I stop it?
Why do I have this red patch?
Does smoking blunts cause acne?
Could this be skin cancer? Please help?
What is Cinnamon brown skin?
Cold sore scars??? Help!?
can you overdose takeing, Amoxicillin (acne) tablets?
waking up in a cold sweat?
How to prevent ingrown fingernails?
I have dark, blotchy discolored skin on my back that itches.?
How can I remove Plantar warts?
How do i get rid of this spot?
Treating uneven skin beside my nose (not acne)?
True solution to acnes.?
Nose piercing; can I swim with it?
Mysterious bug bites?
Question about rimming?
Stomach problems?
urine drug test?
what are the gastric acids omeprazole and cimetidine act on?
What is the medical term of the teeth obsession?
What can I do for a stye?
Feeling of fullness in chest area with difficulty swallowing, as if I'm not able to?
How do you treat depresion?
Numbness in my little finger after having nail extensions on, why is this?
My eye keeps twitching?
does anyone have good ideas to remove wart?
zoloft prescription and weight?
something moving in my knee?
The other day i almost passed out.?
Is it safe to take a blood thinner now?
sleeping issue... please help.?
What kind of joint at knee allows use to kneel?
How detailed is a hospital bill?
sometimes my hands get really hot. Why?
Help me with my sickness?
What's wrong with universal healthcare?
pain in my lower right hip region?
If the healthcare passes I understand it can never be rescinded. Right?
I cant wake up in the mornings... I need advice!!?
what time do u go to sleep at ? and how many hours sleep do u get?
does any one know a health/ diagnosis website that is FREE?
Can I go to my doctor or the health department? ?
What should i do about this?
How do you describe this extreme feeling?
Not so sure whats wrong with me?
how is a stethoscope like a harry potter magic wand?
Really gross problem.......?
is it healthy to sleep alot when your a teen and not growing ?
please help me...im lying in bed and cant sleep...?
Do bifocal contacts come in colors?
When an image enters the eye,how does it appear?
Corner of one of my eyes is weaker...?
Colored Contacts....?
ok so i have lots of little teeeny tiny red veins all over my eyeball whites in both eyes, they are?
i need help with pink eye?
please help i don't know what to do?
Question about contact lenses?
everything looks darker out of one eye?
why does a person have a glass film over their eyes?
Please help , eye problem?
Help me fix my eye site?
My left eye does this very slight pulsating thing.?
Why do my eyes change from dark brown with splotches of green to a light brown/reddish color?
Should I get glasses?
How can I get Rid of a sudden Lazzy Eye fast!!!?
Is this a good color for dark eyes ?
Where can I find cheap Itachi prescription contacts?
My eyes lose focus all the time, can anyone tell me why?
Can it mean that if you want something your eyes dilate?
What are the best brand of contacts lenses?
my eye feels really weird?
How likely am I to get glandular fever (mono) if I kissed someone with it?
How soon can a positive test come?
Would big pharma hide cures for diseases to protect their profits?
What would a doctor use to treat a cough in 1880?
Could you give me examples of Food Safety/Sanitation?
kindly give me some advice, points, tips on having a diagnostics laboratory?
i have cialis the experation date on the box is feb 1 2006 is it ok to use?
My boyfriend's throat is sore after kissing me, why?
Is bacteria Vaginosis contagious? How do i constantly keep getting it?
do i have a good grounds for a malpractice lawsuit?
can you get salmonella if you touch raw chicken and don't was your hands?
Is cirrhosis a contagious disease?
Constant watery diarreah ?
Does anyone know anything about meningitis causing hearing loss?
what prtozoan disease is most deadly worldwide, killing over one million individuals a year?
does sunstroke be dangerous?
i was given 14 metronidazole 500mg to take for 7 days 1 every 12 hours what is it for?
I am getting over strep and i still have a acidy burn in my chest how can i get rid of it?
Molluscum contagiosum?
what is the term for pathogens?
if u get an absent do u get a shot?
Its two weeks till my debs and i've the chicken pox!?
i think i might be becoming an alcoholic?
is a blood sugar level of 6.5 something to worry about?
I'm a diabetic can you do home brew with out sugar or can i get a diabetic beer?
How do I get over the teen pregnancy problem at my school?
How do I beat my addiction to the internet?
If i shoot myself in the upper torso region of my body...?
I have anxiety really bad at school. Taking all kinds of antidepressants.?
schizophrenia...............the signs please.........?
depressed and mom wont listen?
How's your day going?
My girlfriend has schizophrenia...?
how do i get over my daily panic attacks?
I don't want to live anymore?
Am I being unfair to my friend who is being abused?
Emotional roller coaster~!?
Should I see a therapist?
Please tell me how to tell my mom.?
I need to be hospitalised, i dont know how to tell anyone. Im only 16?
I've had severe headaches and flu like symptoms with productive cough for 2 weeks or more. What have I got?
Advice for cough suppressant for a 1 yr old?
TB shot...can you get tested more than once in a year?
PLEASE HELP....Chest pains ect.?
is there such a thing as a sore throat... in your nose?
What is causing my burning cough and severe stopped up nose?
My child's nose is always running not just clear liquid, it is yellow and thick sometimes.Help she is only 2yr?
keliod from ear pericing?
I have these warm red blotches on my arm where I get a shot?
Bump in groin area? Diagnosis?
What are the medications to cure Tinea Versicolor?
White spot on my eyelid?
how many weeks or months does Lemon whitens your skin?
my deorant gave me rash and it made a hole under my armpit im scared?
Why does I get acne with this?
stretch mark i think?
Question about accutane? 15 day supply?
Where does an itch go when you scratch it?
I have a hard lump growing on my arm?help!?
Strange perfect white circle on arm with dot in center.?
How do i get rid of flesh colored spots?
Dark pigmentation around mouth, knees, and armpit?
Acne how did you get rid of it ?
Seeing white spots while standing up after sitting down for a little while?
Why do I sneeze and build up mucus when Im washing dishes?
How hard would it be to get my docotr to prescribe valium for my anxiety?
Nausea/queeziness (like morning sickness) 5 days w/ this...E.R. said blood tests ok, got to follow up W/?
Where can I buy drug masking drinks like ultra klean on the South Shore of Mass?
did weed cause my paranoia, & worsening anxiety?
Can Fiber Vitamins Cause Cramping?
got an early morning how am i going to...?
what are symptoms for a cold?
does stratter (ADHD) effect athletic ability?
I had a Hour Long Bloody Nose?
I have been feeling so ill for a while these are my symptoms..?
What do I have to say to get a hospital to admit me with no insurance I'm in a lot of pain but worried?
why wont my 2month old tick bites heal?
what are symptoms of Appendicitis?
Does anyone know of a good cure for a hangover?
Whats the minimum amount of time in which you can be 'high' on cannabis?
is it possible not to get a hangover?
What Natural Ways Can You Cure Spots? Any Good Products? Routines? Or Home Made Facemasks?
health benifits.......?
I am a Hypnotist , looking for Students , who want to learn Hypnosis. What's the best way to advertise ?
what is dsylexia and is the a cure for it and what are the sings of dsylexia?
I want to be a homeopath. What is the best site to download a certificate from?
Can i try herbal cigarette?
has anyone tried MonaVie Acai juice?
Should you drink tea or coffee when taking herbal medicines?
I have been taking saw palmetto for 5 years now for my enlarged prostrate. Is there other alternative cures?
names of herbal tablet for sleep?
what are the hickups?
Do herbal sleeping pills work?
Alternative remedies for kidney infections?
Are all chromosome abnormalities genetic?- Can I pass this to my kid?
I've have nose bleeds often; however this morning was a quite different, help?
How does a person get ring worm?
whats a good website to show a teenager pictures of stds?
Whats involved in setting up a cancer support group?
When will I know vocal chord polyp is gone? My dr. wants to cut it out.?
Is it possible I have mild narcolepsy?
Acne Really hurting! Help!?
Frequent Urination and Metformin?
I have the urge to pee when my bladder isn't full, and my lower stomach hurts. Is this a bladder infection?
Why does my toe nail not grow and hurt?
how can i make my body or skin stronger?
for what problem augmentin teblet is used?
I have been diagnosed with shingles. This is my 3rd day having them. I started taking my medicine yesterday. I?
mononucleosis (mono)?
My 6 month old lab started licking her anal area obsessively at 3:30 this morning is this a sign she has worms?
what is the best to do to prevent ptb early..?what the medecines?its expensive?
Do I have/will I get food poisoning?
what are these symptoms?
need your opinions please! thanks!?
do mosquitoes dislike rubbing alcohol?
What are via antibodies in the immune system?
Which of the following is NOT a viral disease?
how do i quickly get my bowels to move?
How many people needed to have something be called a pandemic?
How likely is it that my 6 year old would get the chicken pox from her sister?
I went for NAT HIV-I test,It says lower than detectable limit (analytical sensitivity 53 IU/ml) what it means?
What is benefits of eggs (chicken) with free antibody?
a question on how AIDS spreads...?
Willl I have a cold or stuffy nose soon?
what type of sickness cause by citrobacter spp?
where was the right when rick perry wanted all 11 year old girls to take shots? where were they then?
Food Allergy - HELP ?
Anyone with an allergy to corn syrup? What are your symptoms?
Can a low immune system or lack of sleep make your allergies worsen or make them hard to fight off?
Should I be concerned about a rash from amoxocilin thats now probably gone away?
my brother is allergic to animals. what kind can we get?
Allergic reaction or circulation returning to normal?
How do i get rid of my puffy eyelid?
when does short ragweed bloom?
I'm allergic to nickel what should i do?
how to get rid of a stuffy nose in 1 day?
What could be wrong with this cat?
Arm swollen and red and getting worse 16 hours after allergy skin test?
breathing question please anwser?
allergies how long does it take?
after eating something you're allergic to do hives come out?
how long does it take for allergy shots to work? I have been talking them ofr about 3 weeks and they are not?
nutrients for asthma?
Are 'chronic allergies' worse than 'regular allergies'?
What exactly does HIV do ? ?
my partner of 16 yrs is hiv positive. He has been faithful all through but He may have had the virus b4 we met?
help...its my health?
I am a lead in a play tonight and i dont know if i should give blood or not!?
Should I space out my doctor appointments?
I have ear pain when i fall asleep?
How can I get doctors to take me seriously?
Sweating....... UGH!?
Donated blood and have been feeling very tired and dizzy?
Has anyone used the free downloads for breast enlargement through hypnosis from blaketalks.com? Any success?
Something is wrong with my finger.?
sore throat pain,i keep spitting saliva out!?
Will we keep going forward on improving health care and not go backwards with the appeal voted on in congress?
Stuffy nose sinus thing?!?
Does swallowing an aspirin help indigestion?
My eyes twitching, how do I stop it?
I have a hole in my ear drum....?
How can i sleep in longer?
Does this sound like I was drugged at a concert?
eye twitching???????
Options other than emergency room?
I am 21 years old, and ALWAYS hot, I use my air conditioner in my car year-round, someone please HELP!?
what do you think i have?
Really bad pain in my lower back?
HELP! Very painful Can't sleep!?
Could I have fractured my hip?
Can cronic pain be one of the causes of osthioarthritis?
Does tonsil surgery hurt?
I'm 37 weeks and having back pains and pain down my leg!?
my throat really hurts quick cure please!?
Sore eyes all day, Whats wrong?
Broke my knuckle what should i do?
Knee surgery due to dislocation?
My grandma is in pain right now do we take her to the hospital?
cheerleader with mono, is it dangerous?
I cant hear out my left ear?
I have a cramp on the left side of my stomach...?
numbness in leg and face, muscle weakness, mild depression, and trouble with vision?
life expectancy of person with heart failure?
I used garnier fructis smoothing milk it broke my scalp out. How do I treat my scalp now ?
is my shallow breathing from chest infection of anxiety?
Am I taking way too much Tylenol PM?
Is carving things in my hand related to cutting?
If I take 2 5-500 vicoden how would i feel?
Tylenol every day, bad outcome? PLEASE?
It hurts help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is this normal, please answer.???????????
Aching eyes. Headache?
My grandmother passed away around 1:15am this morning, I'm so upset?
What is atelectasis of the lung base ?
I had four charlie horses two nights ago and my legs still hurt?
Any ways to stop the pain?
does anyone else lick their Q-tips?
HEALTH IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is it dangerous to fly with a black eye?
how long do well cared for color contacts last?
Help what is wrong with my eyes?
are bluegreen eyes particularly rare?
Eye Problem - I can't see straight!?
Can I leave my contacts in the Clean Care solution for more than 6 hours?
is it internal hordeolum?
Why am I red-green colorblind but...?
Eye hurts when blinks.?
Why do eyes appear hollow and small after using spectacles for a long period ?
red eye, starting to be a problem. help?
Has anyone ever experienced blurred vision from wearing colored contacts?
Is this pink eye or a stye ?
How long does it take to acquire eye damage from looking at the sun?
What do the eye doctors put in the drops they give me?
Allergies or just sick?
hi nurses i need help?
Does this sound like the flu?
i am takin testostorone boosters how can i pass a physical? Thanks!?
Where can I find the new surgical procedure for cure of emphysema?
What to do about bad breathe?
how do i reduce swlling in my lip...?
how am i supposed to breathe?
Anyone know anything bout Keratoconus?
Saturday I got a cut when I was outside a tent and its infected how long does it take to go away?
Will I pass the drug test?
why do i have a hard time catching my breath?
Sick and tired of being sick and tired!?
i didnt get my blood donor card?
are there drug in my friends system?
my 2 year old has a horrible cough a stuffy nose and a sore throat . her presription meds are not working?
is it possible to smoke q tips?
what can i do for this cough? please help =[?
drug test advice 2...more help?
please please help!!!!!?
Someone i need help???!!!! I took my cat a bath but he didn't....?
steroids where can I buy them?
Unidentified chest pain?
help, i'm chocking on phlegm!?
I am 14 and i am having a hard time breathing?
if dont see mold but could smell it is it still bad for you..?
Does going outside help your sickness get cured?
how can i stop smoking?
who knows about pneumonia?
taking a sip outta someones drink n they tell you they have bronchitis...what can i do to prevent it?
Will I ever cough anything up after quitting 5 months ago ?
is there any benifits if drink veginal fluid?
What's a quick remedy for a sore throat?
How sick? How can I get better FAST?
dachshund has urinary problems?
Should I buy Mucinex maximum strength expectorant if I have cough accompanied by phlegm?
I really want a puppy. My mom won't let me get one unless i dont swear until January 1st, 2010!?
My mother is losing her memory?
Should I take Zoloft? (anti-depression/ anxiety pills)?
my dad hates me? it hurts?
I need a name of a mental illness?
Over Hungry And Can't Decide On What To Eat?
What struggles do you have in life?
what mental illness do i have?
Is it possible to just wish away mental issues?
What's going on in my head?
Reasons for this anger problem?
Why is life so hard that you feel like killing yourself?
I feel like i'm gonna die in my sleep?
when should i seek help?
Please help! PLEASE this is verry urgent!?
Anti Depressant and anxiety medication question...?
Which one is effective way to get rid of acne red mark?
At home treatment for eczem thats sensitive enough for my 3 year old?
i have these dots on my legs after waxing . . i dont know how to get rid of it. please help me!?
Please help me! itchy red rash on face!!?
How did Sammy Sosa turn white?
how do you get rid of scars and stretch marks?
Is this rash..?!! What do you think?
Who does good eyelid surgery in Honolulu?
How can I get rid of this?
How do I get rid of cellulite?
Feels like there is a little bump attached under my skin in right breast?
Should I ask my regular doctor if I want to find a dermatologist (recommendation)?
hands seem to always be cold?
How can i sweat a lot?
why is there a bump on my eyeball?
why is my skin scaly in dry all over my body this is not cool,?
What are Keloids , are they a infection ?
Rash under my armpits, HELP!!!!!!!?
My doctor told me yesterday that I have some pretty bad drainage going on. My ears weren't blocked yesterday ?
Is there a connection between depression and allergies?
Do you have to relocate after Scoliosis Surgery?
anyone out there who had a baby boy who's heart beat beat per minute at 9 weeks was 180?
Is this a common place to get back pain?
does anyone have fibro myalgia?
Question about cancer?
What sickness to I have?
has anyone ever had brain problems?
Have you ever felt like your heart is burning?
I just found out I have diabetes and I also have high cholesterol?
How would i know if i had diabetes?
Why do people who inject insulin in their body have to watch the amount of carbohydrate in their diet?
Should I be worried (Health Related Question)?
Do i need to see a doctor?
What is the difference between alcoholic cardiomyopathy and congestive cardiomyopathy?
zeno heat treat? how long does it take to work?
how do i prove to people that marajuana doesnt kill brain cells?
Hemorrhoids :( ? What can i do ?
How is a kidney function test done?
can i join the army with asthma.So would i be able to join is i don't have a asthma attack after the age of 12?
how would you know if you have aids?
what is cellulitis, and being 9 months pregnant should i be worried?
What is the best Anti-Inflammatory to take?
Do I have an infection of some sort? Please help me.?
how to get strep throat?
Strep throat mouth sores?
Is ebook a positive site which help takes cold sores away permanently?
has anyone infant had the flu before?? if so what did you do to make your baby feel better?
Feeling sick while eating?
something bit my niece and now she has a skin viral infection, what might have bit her?
sore throat shooting pain into ear and fever?
im going to camp in 2 days and im starting to feel like im getting the stomach flu?
Sore throat that won't go away?
Can i drink alcohol while taking cipro?
whats happening to my throat?
I get sick after I eat... What does that mean?
what are ethical ramifications if a medical personnel leaked HIV/AIDS info to unauthorized source?
My tonsillitis is getting worse?
Will my sickness get worse?
i hav a disabitly called erbs pasly.im nearyl 12 is there any1 else out there the same as me?plz let me no?
can you do this,because i don't think you can!!!!?
What foods should i eat after i got the stomach bug?
about how much in a workers comp sttlement while i recieve for a spinal stenosis injury?
My mother has a hurt foot (possibly nerve damage) after stepping on nail?
Is a dead nerve in your lip a gene that you can get from your parents?
Sprained foot questions!?
How much sleep 15 year old guys get?
I woke up, and the two finger tips of my middle and point-finger feel fuzzy, for like 5 mins?
I have some cold sores on my lips and I have a sore throat so I know I'm sick but now...?
i am feeling that there is pinworm on my stomac?
What could be wrong with me?
stomach aches when i sleep in someone else's bed?
Does a nylon brush harbor bacteria if kept in shower area?
Doctors? Help? Anybody?
Do doctors get paid for patients they don't see for awhile?
What helps an on coming cold?
How is Varicose Veins Diagnosed?
Is 14 days in a hospital a long time?
Do you think you have a certain responsibility to be a good patient to your medical doctor?
i am not able to sleep mostly at night , and dont sleep in afternoon too??please suggest me some way .?
Problem with hard ear wax….PLEASE PLEASE READ AND HELP!?
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?
I need links to literature on this subject?
My friend has fever that is being caused by internal infection.?
I'm still on the fence about National Healthcare, is it going to be mandatory that doctors accept patients?
I'm always tired but I sleep alllll the time?
Help I don't feel well!What can make me fell better?
Give me all the info on crack?
Is there anything wrong if I have a temp of 36.4 degrees C?
are the drugs ritalin and barbiturates illegal, recreational or medicinal?
Has anyone heard Deodorite ?
How safe is it to smoke herbal tobacco?
what are some of the common home remedies for the common toothache besides garlic?
What the different between a nurse and a dermatologist's nurse?
what is the fastest and most effective way to cure a cold and a sort throat?
do wet socks cure a cold ? - 10 PONITS FOR BEST ANSWER?
can any one help me on a good vitamin?
Acupuncture- Good or Bad?
6'6 143lbs, 27yr would like to gain the 60lbs I lost when I was real ill. However, I lift weights anymore!?
Muscimol? Fly Agaric and Pantherina - better than cannabis?
I want to learn hypnosis...?
1 year old has eggy burps and diarrhoea?
Disgusting Question about a toe :/?
Does anybody know an alternative to 'Ibuprofen' that is good and kind to the stomach?
Does anyone recommend the Dr Bach Flower Remedies?
Legal highs?
almond oil is it gud for wax blockage,or what do u recommend?
Burping and getting mouthfuls of spit?
Any diagnosis of this stomach problem? I feel like i have an empty stomach and i eat every after 2-3 hours..?
Is it possible to physically massage a woman's heart through the C-section?
i wanna ssstaay home from school?!?
Prolonged diarreah, and difficulty eating?
I wanna stay home from school ?!?
Consistent phlegm in back of throat?
How long does a person with pneumonia live before it becomes fatal?
I just got 2 12 week old kitties and im having really hard trouble breathing, how can I stop this?
chronic catarrh in children?
asthma help plz x ???
My 7 year old has a fever, vomiting, and slight congestion?
how to cope with snoring while on plane?
Nebulizers for chest cold?
How do you know if you have bronchitis?
Asthma worse today than ever?
Ear infection question?
Is it illegel to mail prescriptions through the mail?
i just got three kittens they are 10 weeks i think they have an upper respiratory infection but i am not sure
What is the best, fastest, easiest way to get rid of my congestion?
are there any reasons why a young 16 year old could not recieve a lung transplant?
I think i might have a chronic cough?
What medicine is best for sinus congestion?
thick hard bloody mucus?
I think my left hear is clogged up or i have hearing loss?
What should I do if I am diagnosed with bronchitis?
Possible Lung Infection?
should there be screening for blood disorders befor any surgical procedures even minor ones ?
My daughter has ceribal palsy and has an abnormality on the right side of her brain.?
is trying to vomit alot a sign of lung cancer?
sour stomach all the time?
will medroxyprogestrone affect a drug test?
What's Causing This?
Has anyone ever suffered from an eating disorder?
i have a hairline fracture in my little finger what sould i do to make it heal faster?
Are heart murmur in humans hereditary?
My Mom Has Cancer...what are some ways i can help cheer her up on a daily basis?
Ear Pressure-whats causing it?
Does taking heart pills really make the heart healthier?
What causes the chest congestion and shortness of breath during chest infection?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
my toe is swollen and hurts to walk and now its purple?
smoking once in a while okay?
Does chlorine water cause skin cancer?
What do these symptoms mean when you have gastritis, rib cage discomfort and pins and needles?
i have a question about yellow skin...?
Calcifications of vascular etioloty?
Is there any home treatment for dogs that itch a lot. She doesn't have fleas, on allergy med and meds thyroid?
how long does a pineapple allergy rash last?
I've been feeling pressure under my eyes recently...like my eyes want to water but the tears can't get through?
Why is my face swollen?
i am taking percocet due to an allergic reaction i had..?
I am feeding my 7month old with sweet potatoes.she basically has a sensitive skin.any potential allergy ?
If it's not allergies, then what is it?
What's the best way to deal with springtime allergies?
Nasal congestion with very little mucus?
Mole starting to turn dark purple?
Need Acne Help!!!!!!!!!?
how many hairs duse a human being have on his head?
skin careHow to reduce dark circle on my face who comes after pregnancy?
how to reduce black spots on face?
like acne wasn't bad enough,did anyone experience this?
Need help with an odd skin problem?
Where to buy unique creme Treatment for Sensitive Skin?
huge sore on my scalp oozing honey colored liquid?
Back itch inside the skin?
Sensitive Solution Earrings?
I have a big bump on my head =(?
does diet really effect acne?
What to do for burns?
my steriod rosacea is back can u help please?
I have what I believe is eczema on the back of my head...?
when you have eczema does it mean you have over active skin cells?
Whats the best stretch mark lotion/creme out there?
is it bad..... Fordyce's spots ?
what does it mean when you poke yourself with a pen and red liquid comes out?
when shall i go to bed?
how can i get a good tannn?
what do you eat when your sick?
will i be alright to go on vacation this soon after getting my tonsils out?
Itchy bumps on the bottom of my foot!?
What do u eat when your sick with a stomach ache?
Health! I just have a few questions i cant figure out?
Can you get high off of tylenol or ibyprophen?
Question for people who had their appendix out?
What kind of sickness do i have?
when an average person dies..?
What brand of motion-sickness medicine do you recommend? (non-drowsy formula).?
I just started to dip and im using grizz wintergreen pouches and im puking and getting very dizzy?
I got a sore throat, cough, blocked nose, feel hot and tired....what's wrong with me?
Do Nicotine patches interfere with medication?
What could be causing one of my eyes to swell?
I have a VERY tiny clear bubble at the edge of my waterline on the very end, what could this be?
medicine or drug which regenrate optical nerve of eye or make it stronger .?
Have red eyes for almost week?
Is it possible to reduce the short sight power?If so,How?
Will i need glasses I went in september they said i nealy needed them i go on the computer for at least 6hrs?
Hmm. What's wrong with my eye?:(?
eyes tired when i.wear glasses for 2 hrs?
are color contacts bad for your eyes?
White light when blinking in bed?
can i get generic contacts?
Do I have eye cancer?
can lack of sleep cause eye floaters?
can u join the army with 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in other with 30percent vision loss in right eye?
Is it bad to turn roll you're eyes?
whats wrong with my eye!?
Would I be able to see 20/20 or at least 20/30 through an eye that was never fully developed?
Is Wal-mart liable if they break your eyeglasses?
Can't read small text with contact lenses?
Colored toric contacts?
Random bruise on eye?
cheap eye exams for glasses in tx?
What do the eyes of someone who's been blind their entire life look like.?
Do i have tonsillitis?
Do mosquito's carry hepatitis C virus?
Why does the epidermis not bleed?
is it dangerous to be pregnant and have mononucleosis?
i keep getting a canker sore in the same place in my mouth?
can antibiotics help get rid of mono?
little remedies medicine good for 12 month that has fever?
Is this just a cold or should I go to the doctor?
How bad is a 70,000 CFU/ml UTI of lactobactillus?
Bowel Movement Question?
How to know if you need your tonsils token out?? white spot on tonsils!?
What does it mean when right as I'm eating a metallic taste comes up from my throat and into my mouth?
what to do about hay fever in Summer?
i have cirrohsis and hcv with a ecoli infection and drank a bunch of liquor?
diseases, Chrones or anything about Dialysis?
i'm HBsag reactive what's meaning of this. my abs 2.897 my cut off value 0.105 this be bad?
Is this normal for a big toe?
Do i possibly have RABIES?!?
Swollen tonsils with strep throat?
i have had a sore throat for three days now and am congested?
Infected Cartilage..?
Will microwaving infected food sterilize it?
Do I have appendicitis?
What to do when your ear gauges are infected?
will 50 ml of xylocaine kill you?
mono, white stuff in throat?
can Lyme's disease symptoms recur over several months?
interferon mod of action?
chest pain..."devils grip"?
should I go to emergency if my temperature measured in ear is 104.5F?
How much does a upper gastrointestinal endoscopy cost?
Is chimera to blame for my two different ears?
diabetic diet?
Why didn't BP try this TOP KILL technique sooner?
What should a hart beat be when your sitting down in bed on your computer?
40mg adderall xr for 100 pound 5'6 women isnt that too much?
blood pressure 104/55, good or bad?
what would you do if you did a blood pressure and it was 80/40 or 190/110?
blood pressure of 160lbs 49 year old woman?
Why does my Heart hurt after a heart beat?
does hydrocodone ease your troubles and make you feel good?
i've been light headed for thepast couple of days, what could b causing it?
Can I be 28 and have heart failure?
Hypertension in a 33 year old female?
im so scared!!! my heart??? :'o(?
Is this normal...Is it gas or heart problem?
heart problems? Hi, Pretty healthy normally. But, the other day all of sudden I felt my heart thump very?
relationship of blood pressure and panic attack?
Heart randomly beats faster?
Which of the following is not one of the three main factors influencing blood pressure?
What is this pain in my abdomen?
How can I get hydrocodone or another relatively weak painkiller?
can i have a heart attack at 14?
Which statin drug is the best for removing heart plaque?
Whats wrong with me? (high heart rate, trrembling)?
should i go to the er for hemmroids?
Horrible tailbone problems..?
is it elegel 4 kids 2 threw bricks at my hous?
how to cure a stomach ache in a hour?
Lower Back Pain ?
My neck is killing me...what should I do?
I have had a stomache-ache for almost a week. What's wrong?
What helps charley horses, for real.?
What is wrong with my head?
pain during organism?
my ex-boyfriend is very sick and is now addicted to a pill for the pain. what should I do?
i have a uraniry tract infection help?
How many ennymes can you have on your liver befor you die?
What disorder/disease kills many babies, and if they survive, causes stretched, red skin?
Should I be concerned?
Chest Acne? How to cure it?
Post-nasal "drip" for over 3 years now?
diagnosis question????????
i had lead in my arm, help please?
my forearm pops when i clench a fist?
My 2 year old son got 3 stitches in his lip last night?
Injured foot sprain, broken, or what?
I fell on the ice 5 hours ago it still hurts i hurt my tailbone?
Help! 2 months after appendectomy!!!?
Why have I got a black eye?
i just replaced my acl 4 moths ago, and recently i got in accident and might have tore it again, is there hope?
can you strain your neck from yelling too loud?
Pain in Right Elbow someone help?
possible torn labrum?
Can a stress fracture of the tibia cause a visual bruise?
I cut my heel on a broken piece of a lightbulb...I think the all the glass came out but theres a dark spot ?
lightheaded 2 times and tangley arm?
how can i make my knee's color the same as my body ?
should a person with copd drink alcohol?
i'm having trouble breathing cause of m tonsils...?
I get sharp pains in my chest. They happen out of nowhere HELP!?!?
my father has been put on ventilator he was unalbe to breath what are the chances for his file? Please inform.?
Do I have Sleep Apnoea?! I really don't know what to do PLEASE HELP!?
vomiting blood passing blood?
What are the causes of asthma?
DOCTORS!! PHARMACISTS! Is there an alternative way to take blood out of the lungs?
What is wrong with me?!?
Why do i only cough at night?
how much damage would i be doing to my lungs with only smoking for 4 months?
are there any home remedies for a sinus infection?
I have shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, numbing of fingers and chest pains. ?
She tried smoking for the first time...help?
What could I possibly have?
True or false: The biological reason you breathe air into your lungs is to that the nitrogen in the air can en?
what is the medical term for when food and water goes down to the lungs?