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am i sucha horrible person ?
Effects of a heart murmer?
How bad is my grandpa's stroke?
Scanty Urination?
What is the perscription for Schizophrenia?
What can lightheadedness along with bad heartburn be?
diet related deseases.... i really need ur help?
how can i cure halitosis??
if a mother suffers from a thyroid, will a child also gets this problem?? if it is there, what medicine should
Medical help pls. I feel choking in the chest. extremely paining when eating. Feeling like a burp but the way?
I have this bump sort of on my hand like my bone got bigger.?
Acidosis or azidose has very few treatments; does anyone have any ideas...?
what to do....(scar marks)?
Painful cluster of white bumps on L side of tongue!!! help!!?
wHY Can't I stop yawning every day?
Remedies for runny nose and constant coughing?
Lot of weird spit lately please help me!?
will my parents find out if I go to the doctors tomorrow?? I took them sat night..?
Why can't my body handle much sugar? When I drink pop or eat candy ect I get sick to my stomach/upset stomach?
why cant you donate blood while on antibiotics?
i have a cough and i cant realy breath is that normoll and my head realy herts?
can you get cancer in your feet?
Tingling sensation in the tips of my fingers?
what is the stuff you sniff to wake you up?
Red fingers, Red/blue toes... Help!?
Suggest some alternatives to drug use and ways to prevent its use or abuse..?
When can i get a nose job??? ?
help me please. should i be worried?
im haveing stomach pains?
when i stretch my arm i see some light flashing around my eys?
how to stop a runny nose or a nose that just pours?
Which is worse? Dying in a gas chamber or dying from a disease that you had almost you whole life?
my niece undergone appendectomy 4days ago and now still bloated tummy and jaundice?
no expression on face disease?
Sickness help? Lost 11 pounds in less than 24 hours...?
Coughed up yellow mucus chunk/plug.. beginning of something?
Xanax for first time?
I have a lump.... Can it be cancer?
Is my little toe broken?
What is the safest way to fracture my leg?
Longest infection you've ever had?
How can I get rid of an ear infection with out a doctor?
Infection spreading throughout head.?
Sick but don't know what I have ? someone help ?
Are ulcer symptoms worht a trip to the ER?
what is aderol prescribed for?
too many white blood cells in pregnancy?
What does the Red Cross do if when you donate blood, it tests positive for a disease such as HIV or Hep C?
Scabies and Bed bugs?
Fever for 4 days, jaw infection?
Do antibiotics make a person drowsy and tired?
is there any medication available for Hepatitis C virus?
I have flu like sypmtoms?
can humans catch hiv (fiv) from cats?
going places with mono question?
Should i get flu mist or a flu shot?
kissing problems?!?!?
If you survive being poisoned, will you build up an immunity?
is this a cold? i can't tell... please help?
Rapid Strep Test - how long does it take for the results?
nightmares: typical and personal?
What is wrong with me, what could this be?
i have been hearing about the 2 girls 1 cup video, but im alittle scared to watch it. should i?
Tying to commit suicide when drunk?
Is there such a thing as being addicted to videogames?
Which of these vitamins should I take for depression and anxiety?
Just recently been hearing voices.?
I just want to die. What should i do??
When should I see a doctor?
I want to die. I'm depressed, and I need help.?
Do you think I should die?
I have thoughts of suicide. Are there any free online therapist I can talk too? or anything?
Is this weird? Anyone else like this?
please help i have no idea what to do im scare?
What are these random bursts of overwhelming excitement I feel?
Is it healthy to date a guy who is much older than me?
I live in Houston, TX and have seriously been considering suicide.?
constant headaches/migraine?
Is this normal while on adderall?
Meth use around my step daughter?
My Right Foot's Toes feel slightly numb! :(! I'm scared!?
dry scalp problem!!!?
Does dimethyltryptamine, or dmt, have a positive affect on people with sleep apnea?
I have a question about pill dosage/combinations- PLEASE help.?
I was diagnosed with streptococcus B. Would it be ok to take penicillin if I'm not pregnant?
What causes bad acid reflux?
What is this clear liquid in my blood?
What is the medical term for..?
Can Mono and Polyunsaturated fats trigger a gallstone attack?
Sensitive, Oily, Acne-Prone Skin: Help please?
Can ct scans spot brain tumors and brain cancer?
Are head and body lice the same type lice?
Cold sore!! UGH HELP!! How do you get rid of bumps on the face in general?
Why do I always scratch my head?
I have really itchy skin, why? ?
Can Coffee Affect Sweaty Palms?
What causes eczema herpeticum?
my nose ring is infected?
What are some causes to goosebumps?
I have this bump behind my ear ..?
Weird rash on neck..?
My entire body is extremely itchy - especially in the evening - PLEASE HELP ME?
How to get rid of a zit?
what kind of treatment would you give a cat with boils that appear on stomach, inside of legs, and underarms?
How is biotin a "hair, nail, and skin" vitamin if you gives you horrible acne!?
I have warts on mu legs and fingers.?
question about oil in the face?
Are there any ways to cure a cold?
what are the typical effects to smoking cannabis?
How can i get rid of toncelitus?
cannabis i want some?
Does acupuncture work?
Has anyone heard of magnesium helping MS symptons?
Has anyone found that taking St John's wort in the evening rather the in the morning has any benefit?
Is Castor oil a laxative?
Hang over cures wanted..?
health risks..? need help?
Should i wait until im fully healed before returning to school?
Im freaking out right now, why does the back of my shoulder feel like its bubbling? it moved from my elbow!!!?
Bump on inside of my hand?
Get rid of bruised knuckles.?
96.6 body temp. normal?
Cannot get to sleep what to do?
Prescription Problem with Insurance?
Any suggestions? I need sleep?
I get muscle twitching all the time i started having seizures last year?
tired after tanning in tanning bed?
one hand is cold, and the other is hot?
What are deductibles and co-pays and what role do they play in the American Health Care system?...?
How do YOU treat heartburn?
What Bug bit me? Please Help!?
How do you fall asleep quickly?
i have a ? about ambin?
Help a Restless sleeper?
Nausea and Fatigue from a Flu shot?
can you use hand sanitizer to clean fake earrings?
HELP! Muscle spasms on my right side when I sleep! What can I do?
why does my face get hot after a cigarette?
I am sick not realy sick but help?
Does this sound like a sinus infection?
Need help on a sore throat?
Whats worst for a child with asthma a dog or roaches?
can chocolate drinks trigger cough?
what gets rid of congestion in your head?
What is a morphine induced coma ?
Im 16, and my hands shake alot and dont stop; also i have asthma so can asthma be a cause of my hands shaking?
My mom and dad are smokers, is it true i won't be as healthy as my friends?
pneumonia symptoms help? ?
What is the best product to relieve sinus pressure and congestion?
what do you do when someone is having a panic attack?
cant breathe through nose well?
Should I blame my mom for giving me asthma?
Question about knee pain?
Hospitalization for dehydration?
i'm having this pain in the center of my chest?
Why do i keep coughing?
what is the best medicine for 1 year old that has cough?
Mild Concussion/Full concussion?
How do steroids work?
what cause a person to have high white blood cells?
Why my children are suffering from asthma?
I spit blood....mixed with my saliva. I don't know why!?
Is ASTHMA psychological?
Smokers, you can quit whenever you want to, right?
Will I be clear for a drug test?
Is it normal to have a light brown discharge leaking out of your stool if you're constipated?
what's the cause of my headaches?
how do i unplug my ear?
Can I take omeprazole and tagament together?
Would Mylanta lessen the effects of my medication?
do i have kidney stones?
Do I have throat cancer? Please help!?
what color means what (awareness pins)?
Why do I get random earaches and ringing (in the ears)?
Do you know what is happening to me?
Need advice on organ donation?
my whole body will start to just tremble, cant control it!?
Blackheads on my nose?
How do I get rid of a full body rash?
Is it going to ruin my skin if i smoke at 14?
Why do I hyperventilate every so often?
Dry cough or wet cough?
I'm 35 years old and my gfr is 71 and my creatine is 0.9 is this between the normal range?
why do i alwas rely on alcohol?
What are some of the most common causes of mild fatigue, hyperprocrasination,and a slightly decreased appetite?
Why am I allergic to Aloe Vera?
Pediatric Nursing Careers?
Help experiencing mild pain and swelling under left eye!!?
please someone help me with this question!!!?
Multicolored Flash/Wave in Peripheral Vision?
why do i read texts in books and on monitor better and faster with my sunglasses?!!?
I see floaters in my eyes, but doctors and opticians said they cant see any?
Does every human on earth have nevus ?
What causes eye glare?
I bought colored contacts a week ago, i wore them for two hours and they become dry and looks like i'm crying!?
Is it the shape of my eye?
Help i need glasses!!!?
I need help! What happened to my eyes?
Problems with my Contact Lens?
One of my eyes becomes irritated when I blink or close it?
I have something called yellow jundice in my eyes. Where as, my whole eye is constantly yellow.?
I have contacts and the corners of my eyes are really red?
My left eye is red in half of the eye ball?
where can i find Mad Hatter Contacts?
My vision is 20/800 in my left eye... Does this mean I can't drive?
My eye is red from my contacts?
Temple in mm is what?
Optical: Contact lenses that enhance brown eyes?
what do i do to treat a burn?
i have bangged my hand on a wall now i have a lump underneth my thumb what have i done?
do siamese cats need shots?
GI discomfort: I need a diagnosis?
Do i have the chicken pox or is it allergies?
Why is always 1 of my Nose holes Blocked?
are people more allergy prone to cats with pink noses?
my eczema get worse everytime when i brush my tongue,why?
Best Home Remedy for Food Infections & Allergies? Please anyone help?
Is anyone allergic to cotton?
CAn I sue for a severe allergic reaction to a medication doctors kept giving me?
my wife feels sick after chocolate?
can i combine meds with zyrtec?
I ate something that typically gives me hives, how long does it take for hives to appear?
How do doctors 'fix' a closed throat?
why am i bleeding from my nose alot and throat soar?
How to get rid of clogged ears when you dont have a cooled?
Are there any long term effects in taking antihistimes for more than a year? Please help!!?
my throat has a white thick thing on it and one side swollen help?
I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, would it be bad to use a small amount on a small section of my face?
Do I have sinus allergies or a cold?
I ate a Russian and after hours my whole face and mouth was swelling ,do you know what kind of Russian i ate?
Not eating when I'm sick?
I CANT FALL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ive just been exposed to the chicken pox?
what in the air causes pink eye?
what are signs and symptoms of pathogenic diseases?
can you use a double dose of DTAP infantrix in adults?
Where does AIDS come from, the whole story ?
should i get medicine for herpes simplex 1 now?
how long do shingles stay on you?
What could constipation and elevated white blood cell count be?
i have recently been diagnosed with the staph infection (but not mrsa). Pls read on.?
Is this too dangerous?
what causes an enlarged liver in the mid 20's non-drinking, non drug user, married, faithful and no hepatitis?
If i am on keflex 500mg will one or two beers have an effect on me ?
MIRSA HELP my niece has mirsa and has been prescribed the wrong antibiotic, she went to a comm diease doctor?
question about sneezing when you have the common cold: is this normal?
What is H Pylori and is the infection contained in the stomach or intestines?
Tonsilitis?? 10 pointss!!?
i have a staph infection and the latest bump is on my left forearm. When I am sleeping,?
Intrauterine device and Pelvic inflammatory disease?
How long does it take to get results from an HIV test?
What are the best things to do for a sore throat?
Can my staph infection come back?
How long can a child have fifth's disease?
How long does it take for carbon monoxide to kill you?
Burning sensation throughout my throat and down through my chest when I drink something warm...?
frequent urination after drinking coffee?
Why did I wake up out of breathe?
My throat is burning (feels mucusy) please help?
my friend coughs alot?
smoking for how long can cause cancer or other effects?
Do u keep sore throats with lymp nods? or whats the symptoms? i dont want this to be cancer?
If I have appendicitis, is it CERTAIN that it will show up in a blood test?
How do I get rid of my cough?
Is there a treatment of stomach alcer?
why is my chest buring and i kinda throw up in my mouth?
How do you get Schizophrenia?
Am I depressed?
Should I take a suicide threat seriously?
I am afraid of the dark...any meds that will help?
If somebody's depressed and the anti depressants dont work, whats the psychiatrist gonna do next?
is it horrible to be 33 and completely lost?
How can I have a relaxing sleep?
i wanna kill my self but i no i need help?
what would you tell a friend that wanted to commit suicide?
Final Goodbye :(?
Who to contact if feeling suicidal?
What is your biggest fear in life?
i want to kill myself but....?
what are the benefits of depression?
Can you die of boredom?
i heard anti depressents change your eating habits?
What in the world is on my ear!!?
I have foot fungus and am using betamethasone dipropionate cream and clotrimazole cream and the pain is worst?
Why is it when I scratch my skin, huge mosquito looking bumps show up?
Is it possible to clear up deep scar tissue?
How Can i Remove Redness?
I have white stuff on my toungue web piercing?
I have a sore knot under my chin what is it?
Breaking out on my cheeks?
Child eczema? Please, can someone help?
Fleas!!! Ow Itchy Scratchy!!! HELP ME!!?
dark skin under blacklight?
Acne Help Please! I don't know what's wrong?!?
skinny very itchy after spa?
Can warts affect joints?
lamp light can cause acne??? should i be wearing sun screen if im too close to a lamp studying for > 6 hrs?
Which Surgery is best for me in my case a Scar Revision or Hair Transplant (FUE)?
What is this horrible thing? (rash) please help, Really Worried :/?
Speed Ball (Drug) Does it have a 7) Physical dependency or Physiological dependency?
i have just been to Sydney aus and i was near the ship and know i got stomach cramps and a sore throat?
will be my white blood count be low if i just got over the flu a week ago?
How can you get BACK to sleep if you get woken up?
I feel like i cant breathe sometimes?
how long does it take to get pot out of your system?
Why does my breath always stink after...?
How long do liquids take to exit the body?
How did I get a Deviated Spectum?
Tube in nose for sinuses ... how do you eat w/o pain and bleeding?!?
Am I underweight for my age and height?
sleep problem, pls help?
how long does it take for mouth sores to go away?
nose Surgery Plastic Surgery surgery?
What is wrong with me?
So, i may know what it is, but how do i get rid of it? PLEASE ANSWER!?
why does this happen???? please help!!!?
Why don't my daughters nails grow?
which vitamin contains all or most of the following: iron.zinc,biotin,selinium,copper,B6&12?
What's This Happening to Me?
How do they test for heart diseases?
whats the difference from a stroke and a heart attack?
why my blood pressure shows different results?
who performed the first heart transplant?
I am 86 years old and am taking blood pressure medicine. The last three days my bp has been 186/84, pulse 90.?
Sedatives lower blood pressure?
can a chest xray see a enlarged heart?
Chest Ache from heart to right ribcage?
Heart starts to race when I'm asleep, but I'm paralyzed?
List the pathway of blood through the heart, beginning with the Superior/Inferior Vena Cava and ending with th?
what is cardiomyopathy?
What can cause heart palpitations?
Can anybody tell me the contributing factors of Ischemic Heart Disease and precautions of the patient?
Diet is only cause of CHD(coronary heart disease). agree or disagree? plz help?
Where to find bff unbroken heart necklace?
Irregular heart beat?
Do I a have heart problem?
Y dose my heart beat so fast?
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?
Bradycardia question?
What could you do to lower your risk of the top ten leading causes of death?
what is pleurisy/chest pain?
Quick acting remedies for cold symptoms,?
my mother is suffering from effort angina for last ten years her two artries are also 70% blocked please advis?
I have a dull pain on my left side of my chest and under my arm, I am on BP Meds, no insurance, I have concern?
Sleep paralysis, same hallucinations?
just recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and im finding it really hard knowing how much insulin to?
Blood Pressure Check?
can a patient be saved from tubercular pleural effusion?
How can you tell if the food you are eating is being digested?
If you take too much insulin, can it kill you?
Is this lymph gland cancerous?
my tonsils are swollen and do not hurt its been like this for two weeks is this some type of infection?
How do i stop the ringing?
Is showering 9-15 times in a row bad?
What kind of doctor can do Botox?
How do i stop my nail-biting habit?
how to treat penile inflammation?
i find it hard to pee this past few days??? what are the possible problems?
Will Lemon Head Dissolve in throat?
Does mrsa lie dorment in the nose?
Does breathing easier after exercise mean it's probably not lung cancer?
Why would I have dark orangish/brown grainy like crystals in my urine?
Does anyone know how i got TMJ?
Headache made worse with light, Hard stomach whats wrong?
Very high heart rate and high blood pressure.?
how to become a pediatricians?
I have a stomach ulcer and gastritis that was found on my endoscopy will xanax irritate this or make it worse?
Do doctors recommend putting elderly parents in nursing homes?
Why am I constipated now when my "eating problem" hasn't caused it before, and can I get rid of it on my own?
What is the newest MLM health and wellness today?
URGENT! Is there any way I can take out my hard contact lenses without the suction cup?
is it possible to catch bed bugs from trying on a hat in a store?
how not to fall asleep at work?
Headache.... HELP!!!!!!?
Will it affect my health? - Marmite?
I have a Swollen/blister on 2 of my fingers.. link is inside des to see a pic.?
Eye muscle hurts from looking up?
Ive got a hard area where a bruise was?
Consequences of a pulled muscle?
Swollen Cheek please help. ?
Quick way to heal ankle sprain?
why dont i bruise? i can feel it, but theres not purple/yellow/black color!?
compensation case. i had a knee operation about 2 yrs ago. this past june i reinjuried my knee falling out of?
i have no idea what is wrong and i cant take it?
how long will it take before I'm back running for the endzone? ?
WHat are the side effects of muscle relaxers?
Twisted my ankle... can barely move it now?
Is my arm fractured or just sprained?
Help! Can't Straighten Leg!?
How do i get rid of my dizziness when stress/anxiety/panic happens to me?
I have 2 kidney stones and I'm confused?
recovery after a brain hemmoradge?
What is the better way to give treatment for Lupus Nephiritis?
am i going to get the 24 hour bug?
what are some diseases that can kill you and that can make your bones really weak?
swollen cheek from oral surgery please help?
I always have blood in my mucus?
Why does Tourette's syndrome cause anxiety?
Going to the doctor on Monday...?
PLEASE HELP ME..im so scared & about to cry?
is apple juice good for a person having benign prostatic hyperplasia?
What is the best over the counter headlice lotion?
What do these symptoms mean?
my sons fever is 102 and he hasnt held any food down should i take him to the er?
Do I have a urinary tract infection?
me and my friend are sick what could it be?
PLEASE!!! Can You Help with Bladder question?
Question about mono ?
How long do stomach viruses last?
friend in hospital........?
what should i do if i have multiple bug bites?
When did the 2009 swine flu crisis end?
I have a boil on my tailbone, is it a Pilonidal cyst?
I have the flu and can't hold any food or liquid down?
oh sh!t do i have ringworms?! help!!?
I got pink eye how do i get rid of it?
We were at my brothers house with someone who had MRSA- Staph Infection. Do we need to worry about getting it?
do they make the antibiotics for strep throat in liquid form?
am i going to get mono too?
Can I take old Antibiotics?..Amoxicillin 500mg.?
milk thistle and olive leave for Hep "C"?
What is an ulcer???????????
How can methadone be prescribed to an alchoholic?
a nurse should reasses a red surgical site (normal) every _____minutes?
Dry Cough 8+ days, what do I do?
Throbbing under skin sensation?
I am an athlete, I was born very fair but loosing my colour and becoming dark. what can i do?
PT and OT, insurance refusing to pay..help!!!!?
Hard lump under ear on jaw?
looking for my shot records?
What's wrong with my eye?
Why do I see shapes that aren't there when I first wake up?
Does this sound like pink eye? Will it go away on its own?
how can i see the colored contacts they have at " Divas " store in serrmonte?
stomach ache that last forever?
Can the optometrist put lenses in frames you get somewhere else?
how can i decrese my breast size?
Why do I twitch when sleeping?
no longer bulimic ...?
Pink Eye Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
where do i go to get the best most trustable eye surgery!! who has the best cost?
My eyes and the area around them are swollen. What could this be caused by?
Is Lensbase.com and Visiondirect.co.uk reliable?!?!?
is it normal to cry instantly after you put on contact lenses?
Problems with Toric lenses?
why can't doctors fix a legally blind persons sight?
Does anyone know about Freshlooks Vibrant Views contacts?
Are waivers pretty hard to get in the army?
treatment for giant papillary conjunctivitus?
Can strabismus be cured completely (inturn of one eye)?
please tell me how can i fix my lazy eye i hate ittttt :,(?
Is this an internal hemorrhoid?
Eye question.. broken eye vesslels?
Why do my contacts hurt from time to time?
Miniatus grouper with 1 puffy eye, discoloration and shaking violently?
What makes feet,legs and hands swell?
questions on overdoses?
how to become a optical technican in michigan?
Why is my upper eyelid swelling?
Mucus or some watery stuff builds in the corner of one eye (I'm guessing the tear duct)?
Why Does it feel Like There's Something in my Eye?
Whenever the heat is on, I become extremely tired and my eyes burn and cannot stay open. Why is this?
Is there any treatment of retina displasia or Norris disease?
Visual Snow, do I have it?
Eye Conditions: Bad Vision problems.?
i thought things were supposed to double when wearing soft contact lenses?
how to stop self harming?
Are you scared of dying?
14 yr old girl with so many problems.....?
Is there a noise or sound that makes you really angry?
What's a drug or anything you can take that'll keep you calm, cool and not give a ****?
I'm scared to go to sleep?
Dead before 25..........?
What is the most easiest, less painfull way to kill your self?
Can you have Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder?
So lost after relationship...Help?
I want to be bare down there. But im scared.?
Bipolar disorder question?
How do I get the images of my dad's death out of my mind?
I'm scared to death I'm an alcoholic - please help!?
Please tell me xanax side affects?
Is there something that grosses you out that you can't explain?
I can't quit cutting....?
im a 18yo male i need to know whats wrong with me?
Am I okay as a human being, mentally?
I'm taking new depression meds?
What do I do with the bumps on my face?
Home remedies to keep skin matte during the day?
acne on my body? help!?
What causes head lice?
my face is red for no reason?
Will i have scars on me after this?
Are black moles cancerous?
I see a small bump above my lip, and its a little red.. do i have a cold sore?
What is the best skin cream for treating acne scars?
accutane question?!?!?!?
What are these flakes coming out of my pores?
Top of my lip where arches are, very dry and hurts?
dark circle remedies?
Skin bump related question.?
Red itchy bumps on forearms, thighis, body ?!?!?!?
A Cream to get rid of my dark circled eyes ?
Yesterday I woke up not feeling right.?
Wake up every moring with a bad headache?
my neck is seriously hurt?
Do I have a pinched nerve? I can't tell.?
Hi I am 14 years old i have lots of lumps in my testicals that are soft and do not hurt?
What is wrong, symptoms just gettings worse (no energy, concentration, heavy arms/legs, pain, cannot think)?
Torn hip how do i take care?
unbearable pain in my legs....?
If I'm a little drunk,but have a headache now, which medicine is safest to take for it?
Servre headaches, stiff neck, loss of hearing in one ear, odd, often painful, sensations in my skull.?
For 3 days now my stomach has been hurting on and off and i pass gas a lot.. What should i take to stop this?
sciatica stretches exercises.?
I have a pain in my chest in the right side, near the middle, right below my right breast.?
i broke my pelvis22 years ago in a major accident. I am now 30 and have severe back pain.Is thisdue to my inj?
What should I do about pain in my right knee?
would a tattoo hurt on the boney/tendon area?
why is it painful when you pull your hair? but when you cut it, it doesn't hurt?
is it normal to have headaches every day?
My foot hurts, will tylenol help?
I keep having these weird tingling sensations in my cheeks at random times... What does this mean?
Pain in the back of head and neck?
I have the most painful headache and has been going for a long time. Can this be serious?
Entire lower right abdomen swollen, and rigid..possibility of appendicitis?
When i eat food like crisps and stuff my tongue comes out in these sort of hives. Any idea what this is?
Where on the food web is MOLD found?
I'm allergic to something, but I don't know what.?
What can I use for allergies causing red eyes?
what is pica and what do eating ice have to do with it?
Do you get sick from eating moldy bread?
what is causing itchy burning skin on arms, legs stomach. I have to scratch until it bleeds?
is celebrex a sulfa based medication ?
Why do my eyes tear up or water a lot?
Why Do I Always Sneeze After Sleeping?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
Why does my nose itch when I eat garlic?
Is it an allergy or something more? please help!?
Can a latex allergy cause stomach problems?
Will i get my voice back?
Do hepafilters really reduce cat allergies?
Stuffffy nose!!! help!?
Does anyone out there have non-allergic rhinitis?
can chihuahuas have allergies?
Can I take an otc allergy and sinus while taking Carbamazepine?
Can I take benadryl durin day and drink later on at night?
The side of my face is puffy - sinus problems or something else?
mosquito bite in winter?
Help, Infection because of wound?
I have a bug and I want to sleep but I'm scared I'll choke on my vomit?
An Issue that can't be solve by a tissue. Help meeee?
I'm always nauseous, whats it from?
I got a really bad habit?
For the past 3 days, my calve keeps twitching.?
Hardly Eating/Purging??
Do you think I broke my big toe?
I am going to be in the hospital for a few days. What to bring?
how much does medical marijuanna cost?
is the something you can take that will clean your system of nicotine and contine?
Regular Weed Smoker:How Long Does Weed Stay In My System? (Urine Tests) Also, 2nd Hand?
what if you take out the contact lenses when you go to sleep but put them back in the next day?
How do I clip my toenails without cracking them?
i sleep very deep, its very hard for me to wake up in the morning?
Lightheaded/dizzy sensations won't go away?
Can a person with a cold "catch pneumonia" from a person who has pneumonia?
Chest Pain While Breathing?
I've just had 102 fever and a BAD throat (coughing) but now my eyes are also very painful...?
Should I be worried about asthma?
What can cause these chest pains?
My son has sleep apnia and he has found out that his right ventricle is enlarged. He is 30. What causes this?
Does my mother have Sleep Apnea?
Where can I get a TB Test, and how much will one cost?
I would like to know if summing can give you phenomia ? since i was having cold and the doctor say so?
Do you think I have asthma?
Vomiting blood, period 2 weeks late (pregnancy tests say negative) Is anything wrong?
How often do people need brain surgery for any reason?
How to get back on sleep schedule?
Help! How do I grow 10 more centimeters?!?!?
Symptoms of a sinus infection or just allergies?
MAN. i have so much acne...what shud i do?
Anyone know why all of a sudden the mediport site hurts and cannot lift arm?
Do I have pneumonia? If not what is it? ?
Adriamycin Cyclophosphamide (AC) or any other cancer regimen question?
I pulled a hair out of my nose & it moved!?
cough for seven months, is this for serious?
Can a pulmonary function test rule out Emphysema 100%?
Question about my heart?
What is Osgood-Schlatter knee disease?
my colon filled with fecal material,and several loops of small bowel filled with gas?what does it mean?
what kind of blood test are required to verify that a person is alcoholic?
How to cure oneself of obesity?
date rape drug?
whats renolds disease?
How long does ECG results take to get to your doctor?
Bad cough and runny nose, no fever?
after people have walking pneumonia do they get super hungry?
Why does cough syrup give you a raspy voice?
What does it mean when my heart vibrates/pounds?
What could be causing my neck to feel really grindy?
how long of a hospital stay after a radical mastectomy? why would the doctor of a 90 year old do this?
2 months after laproscopic gallbladder surgery, the incisions are red, raised, and hurt to touch. Any advice?
why do i have a bump on my finger?
I have had 2 concusions in the past month. Been to a doc.is it normal to have gue over my eyes in the morning?
My 3 year old got hit in between the eyes a week ago by a porch swing. His nose didnt bleed but it was swollen?
is it a risk to marry a diabetic person?his 23 years Old had diabetes since he was 5 years old,help me pleas?
cist after loosing baby?
What is a growth plate disorder and what causes it?
Are there alcoholic rehab centers in every state?
I have something caught in my throat that needs to be removed?
I just had a flash fever for about 15 minutes. Is this normal?
How long does a dog have parasites after treatment? Can our dog get them?
Strep, can it be carried without symptoms?
can staph be contracted through kissing?
i have been getting bitten by flies should i be worried?
mucus from the right eye only?
Could rinsing with peroxide repeatedly cause tonsillitis?
grand daughter has had a fever for 2 days they gave her tylenol and ibuprofen and it is not helping. they took?
can you get hiv from kissing?
What are those symptoms of? Plz help!?
Is taking 2 tabs of Azithromycin 500mg same as taking 1g Azithromycin?
How do I get rid of pink eye FAST?
how do i get a ticks mouth out of my body?
today i poo and all i saw was blood?
Mono questions, just curious?
cold chills in hot weather?
Are antibiotics usually in the form of pills or cream?
What are some non-acidic liquids?
What do you use to get rid of headaches?
Armpits itchy, crusty and strange smell?
Dark Skin Around Mouth?
Oatmeal acne remedy? does it work?
Am I at risk of getting an infection from a pedicure?
ways to stay awake all the time?
Is depression just a feeling that you can snap out of if you try hard enough?
I need help with my skin fast!?
I found a bump under my armpit, what is it ?
How to repair multi-toned skin?
I Feel As Though I Need Mental Help?
Aunt says that she's concnerned for me?
I was an 120lb bulimic now I'm 175 and miserable!?
I want to kill my self?
Acyclovir not working?
How to get rid of a wart in 1 day?
Can a female talk to me please? I'm feeling suicidal extremely bad & I just need to express my feelings asap.?
Best way to help dry skin?
I talk to myself and imagine situations, do i have a problem?
Is something wrong with me?
Why am I waking up with zits all of a sudden?
how to remove acne scars?
what do i do about acne on my jawline and chin?
Hives help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can I use moisterizer after I use this, or will it cause the astringent not to work?
I have acne on my upper thighs?
my puppy is sick he has little blisters on his ears what causes that?
Best Way To Get Rid Of A Zit?
Why Don't People Listen To Professional Advice on This Board? ?
what are the good things about suicide?
How to smile and go on after dark times? And to fall asleep before three this time...?
Is it better to be 5'11 than 6'2?
is depression really a curable disease?
Recent Drug overdose: What should i do.?
Stomach ache question?
i been havin severe lower left side pain & breast is hurting but not usually its a deep pain? any idea?
Any ideas on this terrible back pain?
Burning back of the neck?
What is a quick way to sooth a sore throat?
The pain is unbearable! what shall I do?
tingling sensation in my left little finger and hand?
Can young people be afflicted with rheumatism?
what to do for severe leg pain in both legs?
Should I go to the ER?
I have been getting stomach pains in the middle of my stomach for two weeks now they hurt really bad. help?
I always have repeated headaches, how can I prevent them from happening?
I need help. My eyes have been aching and the top of my head have been aching as well for the past two days.?
shoulder pain and numbness?
My chest hurst,what do I do?
I crack my neck a lot, is that bad for me?
Help me!!! My mom is in pain right now!!!?
I get dizzy when I stand up?
Arch Support for Shoes?
I have a pain very low on the right side, right over the waist. what is it?
Does anyone else get this pain or know what it is?
Do heart attack symptoms go away?
how long will a person of breast cancer 2nd stage live?
My two month child has mucus&flem what can i do?
what is normal blood pressure for a 15 years old
if its ok to be pregnant when u have a rheumatic heart disease?
my age is 41.nd i m sufferng frm hand nd chest pain n a small work out.i had a heart attack 5 yrs back.wat shd?
How to tell Heart Rate?
Clogged arteries - Unclog?
Which is better Vaporizer or humidifer?
why does my heart hurt when i breathe?
I think my heart may be pounding too hard?
question about tinnitus and hearing loss?
if you are a heart doctor please help!?
can donating blood or plasma lower your cholesterol?
I'm hungry but I'm not.. If that make sense ?
Bad dry cough, no other symptoms?
what would cause a healthy 1 year olds heart to "drop"?not the heart rate.the actual heart.?
How long have you had insomnia?
What is the knot on my wrist?
clicking in my ear -- water? how do I fix it?
really bad sleeping problems.....?
Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat?
how long for a lot of adderral to be out of my system?
Having a hard time getting a restful sleep with my boyfriend?
i have a huge crack on my lips..?
How long does it take for a mosquito bite to go away?
Ate raw garlic, now have bad heartburn?
acneee... what's a girl to do?
what is a liquid hernia?
Getting sick during sleep?
Which area do I need to get an MRI done?
i have a crooked nose!?
Can celexa affect running?
I am a super light sleeper, when i wake up i cant get back to sleep, why?
Help !! i cant sleep?
What is group health insurance?
Fell on knee, anything serious? ?
why do athletes need excellent lungs?
How do you correct a deeper eye?
will fluid on the ear of an adult turn to ear infection?
Does the Respiratory system depend on the Skeletal system? And how?
can i use a lidoderm patch if i have chest pain?
is nicotine inherently present in tobacco?
Is there any fruit juices or sleeping positions that are better for someone with Pneumonia?
Should I go to the ER for moderate to slight severe breathing? I am 17 with Asthma.?
I know a lady who is having problems with double vision, but she only sees letters and words that way.?
Do u think i need knew eye glasses ? Asap?
Is it possible to have h1n1 with only a mild cough?
who are the best eye doctors in Kansas City?
Do 3-D glasses damage your eyes if you wear them all the time?
grey speck in field of vision?
how to cope with tinnitus since the children?
i need advice about my eye help please! :(?
how can i determine if my 9 month old son has pneumonia?
Is it okay to run even though i have a runny nose and somewhat of a cough?
Am I sick? If so, with what?
very scared now, taken too much accidently.?
My chihuahua mix has been coughing a lot, can this be something to worry about?
i cant smell plz help?
Where can a group of BoyScouts get CPR certified and first aid training?
can i take a xanax that is from 2005?
Sudden disorientation?
I need to know what V8 Juice is best?
How do you get a stomach virus?
why is it said to be bad to eat certain foods late at night or close to bedtime?
I have been prescribed trazidone. I am currently taking minocycline and glucosamine. Is this a problem?
Do I have stomach ulcers ?
Will i any taller(please help)!!?
It is possible I might have coccydynia?
Can someone please help me?
Will I be okay? To much dimetapp?
Plz tell me that in which edible products "VITAMIN D" is available?
Whats a good travel sickness curer/preventer?
my age is between 25 and 30 years. what is my age about?
Having Stomach Pains?
I've heard that John Gerrish Syndrom is a life altering disease that causes the nervous system to twitch? HELP?
what is happening when your stomach is growling?
What are Some of the uncomfortable truths that BIG AltMed doesn't want you to know?
What is bletheria eye disorder?
I had gone for a thyriod test. The reports stated low T3 and T4, but very high TSH and high S. Prolactin?
have sarcoidosis,is out there somebody cured?need some hope?
My sisters white blood cell count is 1.6/10 is this a bad sign?
Can you sign my guestbook?
Can Lactaid Milk be frozen?
Part of tongue swollen?!!?
Skin Hives From Pollen?
Does anyone know if these are symptoms to anything?
The doctors say it's the dust?
allergies long term effect?
Hay Fever TabletsHay fever Tablets?!?!?!?
Something in my nose =(?
My throat feels kind of plugged and i keep spitting up my food...?
What is the difference in hypoallergenic and antimicrobial mattress covers?
What could I do to feel better?
my child she has blocked nose and coughing , vomiting around 1.30am and 4am for 2days now?
are amoxicillin and penicillin the same thing?
I didn't use to be allergic, but now...?
Can you get night sweats with allergies?
minocycline reaction?
My breath gets wheezy after eating Hotpockets Pizza flavor, What's wong?
nose jobs? can i have one if i break it?
My heart hurts........?
Have a cold, ears stuffy for 3 days- should I worry?
Do i have ADD?????????
why did i vomit this morning?
Is it normal for my head to hurt after breathing gasoline for a long time?
Help I been feeling shortness of breath....?
My dad had a stroke while in the hospital. I was wondering can he come off the ventilator if how soon?
Am i getting a cold, or just allergies?
headache stomach ache, belly ache, nauseous?
What actually is Sciatica?
getting over a cold fast?
Weird snot? Infection?
if a person has headlice and they use a comb and you use that comb does that mean you have headlice?
Is Ciprofloxacin ototoxic?
I think I have an ulcers, does anyone knows whats the medicine for ulcer?
What are some diseases that you could acquire in a home with inadequate ventilation?
Do I have meningitis?
will taking azithromycin cause a non-negative urinalysys?
my soon is 3 yrs old and I can't get his tempreture lower than 99.8 it has gotten as high as 102.8?
What do hospitals do when you take a child in with a fever?
4-6/hpf RBC in urinalysis result.. is this normal or i have to consult a nephro..?
Flu & Tonsillitis, or Mono?
What two antibodies was discovered that can stop more than 90% of global HIV strains?
I think I may have strept throat,?
I have mono, what do I do to make sure my boyfriend doesn't get it ?
My father got E Coli, please help me!?
my Hepatitus B report is NEGATIVE, please suggest me what i do,?
I have MRSA and a compromised immune system. I have a few questions help me please.?
My toe was "numb and cold" and now it is red and swollen. What is it?!?
Non painful bruises on my legs?
good sensitive skin shaving products?
Okay.so im 15 and constantly worring about my health. And dieingg and for the past few months ive felt this wi?
Any idea what these small red bumps could be?
Please help whats going on?
is my lip infected or not?
Are Kawasaki Syndrome (or Kawasaki Disease) and Heart Murmur interrelated?
Support groups for schizophrenic people consider gastric bypass surgery?
Does anyone know what's wrong with me?
My son is 62 and needs a kidney transplant. I am his mother, 82 years old, active and in excelent health.?
ACVx Treatment For Molluscum Contagiosum?
Why do I get sunburnt easily?
i have green fungial nail infection what do i use?
Whats the best way yo cure breakouts?
Itching out of nowhere!?
i am 30 years old but my hairs are becoming white what is the ways to become dark my hairs without side effect?
how to cure athlete's foot ?
Stye the size of a pill has been inside my eyelid for a month, I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP ME?
What is wrong with my skin?
What is an ingrown hair?
Red blistering rash on testes?
A Drastically Changed Mole!?!?!?
why are my lips falling to the side?
what is this skin condition on my neck?
what do you do if your doodoo is a very dark DARK DARK green? with brown spots? and swirls? IM SCARED. HELP!!?
Does anyone know anything that helps melasma on the face?
Why does my back burn all the time?
My skin gets very dry a few minutes after contact with water. Is this normal?
Will the hole go away?
Why do usually sneeze 2 times in a row?
Hot tap water, real harm?
Help what should I do for my CPR/AED course?
my child's anesthesia?
what does it mean and how does it affect your body, if you have a shrinking artery?
DONT KNO WAT TO DO,LIVER PROBLEM NEED DR. very unique situation?
I had impetigo and i dont know what to do?
In humans what is only present during development , but becomes the tubes that run from the ears to the throat?
How would you know if your lactose intolerant ?
What is this Should I go to the hospital!?
Need an answer...please help?
i sleep during the day and up all night and i like it that way...is it ok?
Lawn Mower and Hearing?
What is considered the normal blood pressure reading for the elderly?
is the pulse stronger on the left side rather than the right? im in CNA and wondering this?
8 ounces of water, or any liquid?
Why Do I Sleep So Much?
suchh a hypochondriac help?
Can I Know more about Harmone Replacement Therapy?
How often do probation offices do urine tests? Is it on every monthly appointment?
Can someone help me? In regards to h health?
a month ago, i slept at a hostel, and woke up with something similar to a mosquito bite, now every morning...?
Why does my body get hot when I sleep?
Health Care Question?
why does my mom's right hand keep giving out?
Does Skipping a meal affect your body health or something?
Getting raw blood test results from hospital?
pleeeeaaassseee help meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Trying to fall back asleep and I'd get a sudden uncontrollable body shake?
What's the name of a water pill that starts with suma?
Health care for children?
I need to clean my system by monday?
Can a Medical personal tell if someone is drunk by their eyes if so how?
a hormone question....?
Tendonitis and the doc?
Stabbing pain in throat and ear?
What are drugs and things that people inhale with?
appendix, help?!?!?!?
bad headache, any cures please?
I just got my tonsillectomy today and the pain is unbearable..........?
My right side on back really hurt it is in middle of my back- it gets worse later in the day. Don't know why.?
i just took 10 ibuprofen and 3 tylenol?
Pins and Needles in my arms?
i am due to have my daughter on monday and i am having severe pain all aound my ttummy and in the front?
have ibs last few months i have been woke up with pain in the back the last week i have reflux and ab pain?
can you bleed without pain?
I have a lump in my throat?
I have taken about 20 paracetamol. And now i feel really bad''/ What could happen?
My arches hurt after a while when I am running and then ache afterwards?
my mother tested positive for oxycodone?
Woke Up With A Sharp Pain on My Right Side of Ribcage. What is the Problem?
what can i do to make my ankle heal?
A question about weird migrains?
I have a sharp pain on the lower left side of my abdomen...?
Do sudden headache and blurred vission can cause death?
my mom is losing energy in her legs and she can hardly walk up the stairs. can anybody tell me whats going on?
numb around my eyes and face?
Bursa bag in my knee?
Is this normal after an injury?
Hurt my arm, what to do?
My knee?? Do u think i need surgery!!?
Does popping your knuckles and back really cause arthritis ?
What should i do to return my eye normal?
Has anyone had surgery to repair a torn labrum in their shoulder?
Should I go to the doctor?
If you cut the radial nerver in your forearm could you still extend your elbow?
How to treat a broken finger?
I cleanly broke my clavicle andi was wondering if i can play soccer in 6 wks, it has ben 3wks and i can doalot?
Foot strain. How can I make it heal quicker?
depression help/advice?
Do animals ever suffer from depression and suicide like people do?
Weird Blacking out experience, need help.?
Can someone fail to properly become an adult?
can living alone w/ minimal social contact drive one crazy?
Do I need mental help? ?
How do i cure depression?
do you talk when your sleeping?
suicide??????i need help now..?
Can I drink while taking xanax?
having a bad night, any suggestions?
I'm out of options - suicide?
Can a 12 year old be depressed?
Cutting...whats really wrong with it?
Im starting to cut myself again.?
what do i do ? (self harm)
What mental disorder is this?
Are these signs of social anxiety disorder?
Help a celiac with lunch?
ANXIETY! - Am I going crazy?
What is considered to be a critically low level of potassium?
can you take hiv test 1 time or must you take 2 times?
I am recovering from a eating disorder what workout is best for me?
My Lab has a lump on her hip?
abnormal heart rythem/rate?
Why is my thirst like this?
Bullimiaaa eyyy?
Do onions get rid of Skin moles?
how do you keep your face from turning red?
$1300 for a CTA Chest Scan!!!?
hands itching when i touch raw chicken?
Really bad acne on my chin from being pregnant and it's really itchy! help how do i make it stop!?
Calcium Oxalate crystals in urine?
Difference between Pre-Rosacea and Acne?
What does it mean when i feel my heart skid a on a few beats stop, then continue once again?
Skin Tag! Help,Please!?
What does this sentence mean? heart disease or stroke are exclusions?
What's the best solution to my back acne?
Smoking tea ..? How can i do it with Blunt?
Shoulder Pain Since December?
What does this eye exam result mean?
all of a sudden these tiny little veins are showing in the whites of my eyes, in bunches?
I need help with my contacts (for eyes)?
What is my eye problem?
How many different sub-types of Glaucoma are there?
When can I get my eyes back?!?
Does honey colored contact lens work on dark brown eyes?
what color does my aunties eyes look?
What does it mean if you have a Base Curve of 9?
could having my eye problems be related to my Emphysema?
Tell me about circle lenses?
Is there any way to get the nicotine out of a cig..?
Help please - Eyes keep going VERY blury?
Bump on my dad's eye?
Which climate is better for asthma? Hot or cold?
Do I need laser treatment for pigment dispersion syndrome?
symptoms & levels of; Lyme's Disease and how it affects you more than your family?
Is it normal for vision in one eye to worsen dramatically in one year?
Expired contact lenses?
nose and stuffed keeps coming back..?
Ptosis surgery results?
What kind of infection can cause intense cold?
What is the best way to become stronger?
Eyes get really tired when I look straight ahead or up is this normal?.?
what does it mean if you have yellow, runny/thick, smelly discharge?
Is there any reason not to go to work because of pinkeye?
What causes a spleen to be borderline enlarged?
Traces of blood from ear infection what does this mean ?
Can you get a staph infection from swimming in a pool with someone who has one?
Is amoxicillan a good antibiotic for strep throat?
Does it sound like i have hookworms?
acute tubulo inter spiral nephritis?
Are staph infections contagious, can you get them near the corner of your mouth?
Should I go get tested for Hepatitis C?
yellow tongue isn't going away?
do you need a prescription from a vet for pet antibiotics?
Yesterday I ate an undercooked hamburger on accident, the meat was frozen before, can i get a parasite?
my tonsils are enlarged, red and raw looking, and are covered in bumps.?
What are the effects of chicken pox?
how do men get rid of a yeast infection?
How do i get rid of shingles?
What is the risk to pregnancy from Herpes Simplex 1 (HSV-1) or oral herpes?
Why does my nose itch when I get annoyed at something?
3 month old's nasal airway closes up when she is sleeping to where you can't see in her nose. Is this normal?