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My neighbor/friends mom has MRSA...?
do loufah's carry germs?
Can you use regular eye drops with your contact lenses on?
Where can I buy cheap nonprescription colored contacts lenses?
birth mark on my eye?
homemade red eye relief ????? HELPP!!!!!?
Can bloody tears be caused by severe emotional stress?
How long does it take for ligaments and tendons in the knee to heal?
Which neck brace is better for my girlfriend, an Aspen or Philadelphia collar.?
Waterbed and upper back injury. Do they mix?
Covering up cuts on my hips?
Why do my muscles twicth?
something is wrong with my leg and it hurts really bad when i bend, run or do pretty much anything! plz read!!
hyper and hypothyroid?
Does anybody know anything about Tegretol?
what is your personal feeling on the vaccine being offered to young girls to prevent the spread of hpv?
cancelled psychologist appt on a day I really needed it?
How can I disappear completely from the world?
I'm going on anti-depressants tomorrow?
How can I keep myself from touching my face?
Can Clean and clear make acne worse?
Mosquito Bites Killing me!!!!?
Will leave-in conditioner cause dandruff?
Can an excess of Vitamin C contribute to acne?
Toe nail removal tomorrow, and im terrifed !!! HELP?
How can i tell if i have broken my ankle?
How do I find a natural way to correct a hormone imbalance?
Dealing with cancer in the family?
Is Lukemia a type of Cancer?
My xbf claims to have small cell squamous lung cancer, not the skin cancer kind, HELP???
Stage 4 cervical cancer?
Is it wrong for a doctor to go into surgery on a tumor before a biopsy unknowing whether it is malignant?
any of you had watery eyes coz of chemo?
Where can I buy cheap work out pants?
How to get rid of spots on back?
How do I get rid of scars caused by acne?
do 'whitening' eye drops cause permanant damage to your eyes?
lumineyes 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please HELP..........................?
I am afraid of Contact Lenses?
How do you put eye contacts in?
How do I get rid of my anger in a healthy way?
Is there a 24 hour suicide hotline instant messenger? like a screen name on aim?
My girlfriend keeps getting lightheaded and passing out.?
Ok is this a normal temp???? or should i like go to the ER about this?
What does it feel like to have a heart attack? Is there such a thing as smaller heart attacks?
any good ways to get ride of athletes foot?
blackheads.....real awnsers plz?
Why do mosquito bites itch more when they are exposed to hot water?
What steps can I take to prevent acne breakouts?
is there a home remedy for dandruff?
what are the symptoms of.......?
My friend thinks he has a tape worm.?
how long does it take for someone to get over septic shock and are there any longterm effects?
breast cancer question?
survival rate of having multiple myeloma cancer?
Seven months pg n live with smokers ?
Can Stage 4 cancer surround my sister's heart?
Essiac tea for cancer?
any experience with kidney cancer....?
blocked ear/ear ache?
where do i get answers to the NREMT?
Nosebleed wont stop, what should i do?
headache at the back of my head originally then spreading over sides and tops?
I have a broken BIG toe that is 75% healed. Would it be fine to ski on a mountain, or is that a bad idea?
Is it possible to cut the circulation off to your head?
The Pope's fracture, why does he have his arm down by his side?
i slipped and fell on ice?
So about a black eye...?
Is diarrhea heriditary?
!!! I have trouble sleeping ALOT! . Please give me tips on falling asleep bett?
Can you help me out? My husband has been working 12 hours a day "forever" and he has to get up at 1:15 am.?
Can 'cracking' of the joints cause permanent damage?
what are some non medication ways to help with post partum?
How can I keep my emotional breakdowns to a minimum?
I am feeling uneasy, any advice or opinions?
From a therapeutic standpoint, how much St. John's Wort does it take to counter the effects of?
what do people think about bipolar patient?
i'm lost. how do i find myself?
If you have had experience with withdrawal from the drug Cymbalta, could you share it?
Is it impossible to treat DKA at home?
Acne HELP?
acne advice?
Is it true that Vicks vapor rub/mentholatum can rid one of toe nail fungus?
canker sore/cold sore?
How can i fracture my foot on purpose?
Is it bad if you keep cracking your bones?
Did i break,fracture,dislocate,sprain, or strain my pinkie toe and ankle/foot? if so which one?
Scar and cut removal?
If you think that you have sprained your ankle and it doesn't hurt alot should you still get it x-rayed?
Can a person without eyelids sleep?
I suppose you get this question so often but please try answering mine. Thanks.?
have you ever got a 2nd opinion from a doctor or surgeon?
how do you get pin worms?
Are there any testimonials who can justify that using herbal products can treat cancer particularly leukemia?
can smoking a cigarette without inhaling it, still affect your body?
Breast cancer?? His much chance do I have of getting it?
is there a cure for colon cancer?
Could it be cancer on his tongue?
Can a bloated looking tummy be a symptom for lymphoma?
What Tooth Paste Whitens Teeth The Best?
Why do I stay up all night, and sleep all day?
How is health affected by malnutrition?
Fat burning foods question?
nausea, headaches, hot flashes...22 years old?
Is the hype about smoking true?
My stomach is killing me ! :(?
Scoliosis surgery. I'm really nervous?
Is depression the new black?
What are the steps to beating the fear of failure?
why am i obsessed with darkness?
What is 'psychosis' ?
What research is currently being done on the phenomimon of "religiously delusional" and "God-belief."
my ear has an infection?
How do you cure a sore throat without using medicine?
what kind of vitamins can I take for I can grow taller?
Are preservatives necessary in a natural toothpaste?
I don't think I perspire enough is something wrong & what can I do?
why do i feel so sick? should a hangover last this long?
what supplement that helps to increase your height?
is it okay to use eyeglasses only when needed?
Hit/poked in the eye.. will I go blind?
For a fractured ankle, do you get a walking cast or a cast and crutches?
I did something weird with my jaw and now my face is numb... can you help?
My husband broke my foot. I have been walking on it and it really hurts.?
Why does a day at the beach make people tired?
How to go to Sleep FASTER?! PLEASE! I'm DESPRETE!!?
How long does it take Tylenol PM Simply Sleep to work?
What does missing out on sleep do to your body???
Cigarette Smoking, does it make your nostrils slightly bigger?
what can i do about the bad smell in my cast?
cant always go number 2? 10 points best anserw?
Hospital Neglect Has Got To Stop! Why Does This Happen?
Are ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS really bad for you?
i've never used protein pills.should i use?
What helps you to fall asleep?
Is marijuana really bad for you?
what is the difference between a normal headache and a migraine?
i have been taking rx meds for years for my chronic plaque psoriasis< and the last five months it has got wors?
How long does it take for Eczema scars disappear?
How to reduce acne's?
Did you ever feel this way...and can a person ever get over this?
I'm afraid, I don't know what to do?
Has anyone has long term side affects from chemotherapy? I was on 5FU & Oxilaplatin.?
where are there high cancer risks in new jersey?
Can granulocytes kill more than cervical cells?
How long Xeloda stays in the body after 6 months taking 7 pills daily?
Why do some people say Vitamin C cure cancers, some people said it can't?
where is the synaptic cleft located in the brain?
relay for life!!!!?
why does swallowing seawater cause burning sensation at the throat? how can it be prevented/dealt with?
what foods should be avoided if u have an allergic conjunctivitis?
What foods are better to eat, to keep your stomach flat & not blow-up ?
How can I find out if Im allergic to aspirin?
a couple days ago i fell and hurt my wrist?
My daughter has just been prescribed Flagyl, 500mg/twice a day for thirty days for Crohn's. Any thoughts?
What are the symptoms of low blood pressure,like how will it make you feel and all.?
is this normal?? does it happen to everyone?
What is Lupas and what causes it?
crohn's disease question ( i might have it)?
whats wrong with my legs?
How do you tell the difference between an arthritic flare-up and gout?
Acupuncture for Depression?
Is ingesting fluoride really bad for you?
How to treat insomnia without medicines?
Best Organic/ Natural.... Deodorant/ Antiperspirant?
My contacts make my eyes feel warm, Is that normal?
What Is Aerobic Exercise?
Is my brother ok? WHat should i do?
How can I tell if I sprained my ankle or twisted or what's the difference?
Ive struck by ive been hit a smooth criminal. Any advice?
Anterior cruciate ligament injury question?
i had 2 hiv tests done while pregnant. would it of detected it if i had it? im scared of that disease.....?
7 year old girl had unexplained low grade fever this weekend - by Mon fever is gone, but legs in pain. Help?
Why come the tops of my feet is itchy?
I experience bloating and gas everyday no matter what I eat. Also comes along embarrassing gas, what can I do?
what is the most painful thing you have ever been through?
Why do you see patterns when you rub your eyes?
Is it okay for me to start working out again?
How long do the withdrawal effects of Lexapro last once I stop taking it?
What is hematology?What are the different tests?
one breast is a little bigger then the other Do I have breast cancer?
How ill will my cancer treatment make me?
What are the symptoms of NHL lymphoma?
How do you get cervical cancer?
If you have HPV virus it means you have cervical cancer?
Are You Aware of Inflammatory breast cancer?
Do women have higher risk of breast cancer when wearing bra 24/7?
My mom is acting very weird. What may have caused her odd behavior (explanation inside)?
does vaseline really cure chapped lips and make them soft and smooth?
In America do you still have to pay for someof your health care even if you have health insurance?
i can't sleep at all, i'm not even tired?
what's the nest cure for a hangover?
What is the best mobility aid to use for rising out of a chair?
I've had heat stroke for the past 3 days...?
Question about Chronic hives?
Allergic reactions due to Mirena?
dealing with reccurent severe bouts of anterior uveitis for 6 years, any ideas?
Strange allergic reaction?
Can I donate blood with a peanut allergy?
how could you explain to a colour-blind person about colours?
What is the best brand contact lenses for a 14 year old?
knee pain??
what is the homeopathy medicine for underarm sweating more in winters.?
Can i get a list of all of the vitamins?
Why do the Sceptics Slander, Insult & Spread Lies/Propaganda in the Alternative Medicine Section?
what's better to do first exercise or eat?
I take diabetic pills, is it Ok, to take calcim supplements at the same time or should I take at a different ?
What are the SYMPTOM differences between a VIRAL infection and a BACTERIAL infection?
whats the deal with swine flu?
Has anyone had surgery for a labral tear in their shoulder?
Is my ankle sprained or broken?
i just broke my collarbone and was prescribed percocet I regularly take anti-depressants should i stop?
can depression cause a person to be less empathetic?
Why people say mean things to make you feel bad?
Do you see ghosts or are you just psychotic?
OCD/Luvox CR/Swine Flu? Is my medication wearing off?
What do you think Alan Entin,, observation that Depression problems can be improved by interacting with pets?
do your lungs ever go back to normal after smoking?
At what times in your life have you been the most rebellious?
Is it possible for contact lenses to 'roll' to the back of the eye?
what does plano mean in refering to contact lenses?
Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else?
My feet hurt! Help!?
Would a cauterized wound hurt?
My thumb nail was bent backwards, what do I do with it?
can you get hit so hard your eye pops out?
My friend had a slip disc & was off from work. Is this most likely going to happen again to her in the future?
How to fake a sprained ankle? 10 POINTS!?
Does having your foot stepped on by a kitten heel break the skin?
Urgent - something very weird happened to me without cause?
Help, i got tea tree oil in my eyes! how do i clear it?? -also if i don't get it out can it impair my vision?
Is this an allergic reaction to rabbits?
What month is the worst for allergies?
Is there such as thing as a medicine that does NOT contain any corn products?
Is it bad for women to do men push ups?
Is drinking 8-10 liter's a day too much?
Herbal remedies - good?
What are some good natural remedies to help repair ripped "torn" and damaged muscle?
whats the fastest way and easiest way to get rid of a sore throat?
How to create bruises on the stomach area?
Alert everyone, Are they spraying around were you live?
what all can i eat if i have gallstones?
Germs and viruses keeping me ill?
Hard White Things in Throat..?
Do you have any chronic condition or disease?
what does a nicotine craving feel like?
Why am i always sleepy?
Why am I like this? Seriously. Someone please help me.?
How long will it take a healthy person's black eye nearly swollen shut to heal to a mustardy yellow bruise?
I have clear contacts but would like to get colored contacts, would I have to get refitted?
Do I have to throw my contact out?
home remedies for getting rid of black heads?
What are some way to get rid of zits?
do big and small scars go away or do they stay there that's what i want to know?
What is good for acne? Is Dove soap good?
my daugther hands sweats a whole lot, is there anyone who can answer or tell me what is this condition called?
Does it mean anything if a woman gets a rash on her neck/upper chest whenever she speaks to you?
Nerve Damage In Foot: Have Questions...Please and Thank You!?
Would like and alternative medicine for memory loss?
Help! I used to smoke pot about 4 days a week up until november 11th like 5 blunts per day can I pass?
Does putting salt on a canker sore help it? if not what does?
I have been treating the pink eye and after a couple of doses a red spot was present on my eye.?
is it possible u can have an allergic reaction to smoking pot?
the best medicine/ home remedy for alergy season?
What is Sulfate, Can you have an allergy to it?
How can I get six pack abs?
How long do you think I can last without BLOWING MY TOP!!!?
Alternating Bowel Habbits?
How do I tell the difference between having a cold or having the flu?
I always get blisters on my feet when on holiday when its hot. any preventative measures please!?
13 years old and gettting liver spots?
What besides lotion is good for the dry skin caused by the weather?
the left of my jaw constantly clicks and I dont know if I should worry? What should I do?
Is it true that people can get vampire-like simptoms?
Can you give an estimation of the volume of smoke an average smoker produces per day?
When you have a concussion what is the confusion like?
what does smz/tmp ds 800-160 teva tabs do?
If depression is inherited, do I have have hand-me-down blue genes? ?
i think im dying from a broken heart?
Is it possible to sprain your collarbone?
I wad born Crosseyed?
severe back pain =( help please?
My 13 yr old son has spondylolysis with minimum spondyloslisthesis of the L5 vertabrae. How serious is this?
What is the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis?
Has anyone had side effects from blood pressure medicines?
Heart problems???????? Please answer!!?
Has anyone used the new Chloraseptic Allergen Block?
Whats the best way to get rid of a clogged ear?
pleas tell me how long it takes to get well with poisen ivy?
i have an allergy to wheat who else out there has this allergy?
why do I get lots of mosquito bite than other people?
Can eating a cat get rid of a cough?
Watching someone take a nebulizer treatment?
Can Tamiflu cause hair loss?
i have a bad cough and nothing is helping not cough drops or med. what should i do?
Is it true if you eat food with carotene it can make your eyes lighter?
How do i get this contact out of my eye?!?
What happens if you take Potassium Cyanide and do not die?
what do you think about people that snore?
What is Lupus?
what does these symptoms indicate?
I was just diagnosed with SWINE FLU over the phone..ridiculous!?
What is the average height or adult male/female?
Is my nose bad enough that I should get a nose job?
What to do about full-body itchy hives (probably fungal)?
what does smoking do to your skin?
Moisturizer for face (after scab)?
red spots on tongue I CANT CHECK A DOCTOR DONT SAY IT.?
What is the difference?
Have you ever gotten to the point where you really don't care about anything?
If I am Bi-Polar and the Earth is Bi-Polar, why aren't we in sync?
would just like to say thank you?
Is depression, or feeling unaccepted a symptom of Asperger's syndrome?
i was wondering how to make myself faint because it sounds interesting?
How can a woman prevent breast cancer?
Hair loss due to pox is recovarable??
have recieved terrible treatment at uk hospital, who do i complain to?
Can an overdose of these medications cause you to die?
surgery=swollen lymph node?
ingrown toenail? help!?
how can i prevent hair falling specially in forehead?
whats worse .. than?
left hand is tired does it lead to heart attack ?
Compare defibrillators - Medtronic vs St Jude?
Is it "normal" to fall off your hrose?
My lower back is hurting?
What is the best diet pill out there?
If I do excersizes for love handles would it really help me lose my love handles? 10 points to best!?
What the healthiest fruit?
bright spot in vision?
do you think i could be having a seizure soon?
what can cause my body to be swollen and the right side of my face. My calf and ankle were swollen first.?
is it possible to break your shoulder?
CAR ACCIDENT LASTNIGHT!! the car rolled and i have little pieces of glass all over my body.How do i get it out
Why am I always depressed?
recently, after I have a bowel movement, when I wipe, I see peices of what appears to be skin. Am I ok?
i am so tired but i cant sleep wat should i do?
is it true that smoking (anything) burns your brain cells ?
I hate having allergies!!?
what is the end products of glycolysis?
Does any kind of Cheese can cause you have a bad sinus?
Am I having an allergic reaction to earrings?
what are symptoms of the Swine Flu?
Is the swine flu going to turn into an epidemic?
Does under-ease or flatulence filter work?
Recently had a nose job (2 weeks ago) now there is some black blood when i try to clean my throat?
DBS for Tourette Syndrome?
Anyone with a story of how taking concentrated trace minerals regularly has improved their health and well be?
Songs to get high to...?
What are your opinions about the sudden interest in the research community on vitamin D3?
Does anyone here do their own therapy with autistic children at home?
Why can't we touch with our hands homeopathic remedies, pills ??
I have a brother who is thinking of committing suicide?
How do you find yourself when you've lost track of it a long time ago?
How can I not be as sensitive?
My 5 year old son has just been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (autism), what can I expect?
Have you ever felt unwanted/un-needed?
What's the best job for someone with Social Phobia?
3 Minute Depression Cure?
what are the general stages of cancer?
my mom had a malignant melanoma, it was removed but said it was in stage 4, what are her chances?
Can there be a point when you have exercised way too much...?
what are some low-fat cookies that won't end up on my thighs?
How do you determine your ideal body weight?
Poll: Do you believe if someone is a wooly mammoth they shouldnt be in a tank top?
I need help asap!!!!! HELP!!!!!!?
How long do you spend at the gym when you go?
What's the best breakfast to have to produce a lot of energy ?
What does a nice afternoon nap do for you?
every morning i wake up feeling sick...?
please help unknown type snake bite on dog face swole up bad can see bite marks?
Never Excited! Am I Depressed?
my brother is a drugaddict....Plz help?
What should someone do when they have an addictive personality?
im taking a week off from work due to depression?
Why do so many people seem to WANT to be Bipolar?
Please help me! im 14, and scared of sleeping by myself and being all alone, i think its a disorder...?
do i have allergies or something?...please help?
Has anyone heard about the vaccine that may cure skin cancer?
Fern-C is good for Cancer? Please give me more details?
what is the best way to treat ADD?
What vitamins, when taken daily, can help to elevate your mood?
What alternative remedies combat congestion and sinus problems?
Why do I have such a hard time brushing my tongue?
HELP!!! Is there anything besides orajel that will help a throbbing toothache?
Is brushing your teeth with baking soda take the enamel off? And does it make your teeth whiter?
Why more people have carpal tunnel syndrome?
I just fractured two vertebra's in my lower back. Well my back be 100% again?
what does a concussion feel like?
Ringing in the ears?
i got a horrible headache anyone have the same symtoms?
Has anybody tried activive for fibromyalgia?
Metformin question?
does repeat h.pylori infections lead one to a bad stomach ? i havehad a bellyache for1 year after my infection
Im 13 and I weigh 120 pounds, by the way im 5'4 am i fat?
can someone help me out i have a report on nutrition/health but i cant quite choose a topic to elaborate on ?
how to get skinny legs fast!?
have you a healthy eating habit or do you eat what ever and when ever?
What songs do you usually work out to ??
Sick and tired of being fat?
How can you tell if your child has a cold or allergies? See details inside.?
What will happen to nurses when Obamas awful universal health care plan passes this year?
Seems till forever,,,?
what are some of the first pain killers ever made? and some history on them?
My arm is on fire! What should I do?
How come when I tried out some shoes, my left foot seemed more loose then my right foot, which was tight?
please tell me if there is any truth behind these?
Can u die from smoking weed?? also can you overdose on weed??
I have a question to the DEPRESSED!! Please help.......? ?
I can't open my eyes: what to do?
will you describe your OWN PERSONAL clinical depression?
I have a friend who twitches when he tries to relax (going to sleep) Why?
Joint stiffness after injury?
My husband is 31 y/o and has high blood pressure. Currently it is running 153/100 with a pulse rate of 108,
Heart disease??
Can humans give you rabies?
What are the side affects to swine flu shot?!!!!?
Is it ok to dip the finger which is cut,in an antiseptic lotion?
Knee Injury?
Mail Carrier with probable Multiple Sclerosis HELP....?
Does anyone know anything about chronic dementia?
Hi, I have a retinal problem started a month ago I went to the doctor and he said it might water or blading ?
sinus surgery?
Is 2000 calories a day a lot....?
How can i work my lower abs?
Is it true that the least number of people go to the Gym in December?
How many pounds of water weight (bloat) is it possible to put on in 2 weeks?What's the best way to lose water?
Poll Do you eat a low fat , low sodium diet?
When puberty ends is weight loss easier to achieve?
Why is the skin on the bottom of my feet peeling?
how do you lighten dark armpits and what causes this?
Weird throat/neck pain, if it's even that?
How can I mentally prepare myself for going back to college?
morphine shots?
i'm trying to quit smoking. any tips?
is it bad for your body and health to?
how do you tell your mom you want to wear diapers?
Is having more body fat life saving if your stabbed/slashed?
How can i get rid of this hangover?
How to crack your own back?
my foot is swollen randomly. What could be the cause of this?
i think i swallowed my nose ring?
Paper cut to the throat?
My Ankle still hurts long after it healed. What do I do?
ATTENTION OPTOMETRISTS, if you sit too close to the TV does it..?
Red Swollen eye!?
Why do I get double/crossed vision when my eyes are relaxed?
adderall xr?
Has anyone ever had Lasik?
has anyone here quite smoking?
Angioedema or Uricaria.. Anybody know about this? I have been?
Why do they add DYE to Benadryl and the sell a DYE FREE version?
What's the difference between prescription Claritin and non-prescription?
Easy ways to boost metabolism?
How do you make yourself pass out.?
I heard that by doing Gym Exercise the persons height will stop.Is it true?
i'd like to lose weight in a healthy way? about 10-15 pounds...?
Why is it so bad to have a high calorie dinner?
What's the average life expectancy?
Are there in permanent effects after suffering heat exhaustion? If so, are they treatable or abe to be cured?
Has there ever been a Human Being who was born with 3 Eyes?
How bad does getting braces put on hurt?
who thinks biologic dentistry is a scam?
i brush my teeth three times a day but still have bad breath. what should i do?
I got 5 fillings ten days ago but everytime i drink something cold it feels like its going straight up my gum?
Why are bubble gums healthy?
how much on average do braces cost? and how how long do i have to keep them on?
Could depression cause doubt in a relationship?
braces/retainers survey (20 characters)?
Why is mental illness considered a disease and not a gift?
What is the difference between psychological problem and psychological disorder?l?
Death...Afraid or not?
do you feel like most of the time you're all alone in this big crazy world?
Acne: Differin Gel 0.1% and Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion, WILL THIS WORK?
I got my cast wet? What do i do?
Do I have Appendicitis?
My GP recons i have swine flu, should i still take the tamiflu?
Cookie dough being recalled for e coli?
Anyway to prevent getting swine flu?
dogs health/ ears?
What should I do about my shins?
How far can an average human jump out of a tree?
hi girls i was wondering if you lift someone with your strong leg before like a workout ?
Will my kidney stones hurt when I pee them out?
OXY for acne skin?
How do you get rid of dry, flakey skin on your face?
why am i getting zits in odd places?
Homeopathic cure for facial warts?
what is the best and quickest solution to heal scars on hands and legs from bites (ex:mosquito bites)?
My stomach feels really swollen and hurts?
toddlers wrist cracks whenever she moves it up and down?
Why do I always start yawning when I feel nauseous?
Do you know someone who's died from second hand smoke?
deadly poisons that is absorbed through the skin?
I feel sick every time I eat. Is there something wrong with me?
Is it true that bodybuilding mags present an unrealistic image of bodybuilders?
how to get skinny legs like selena gomez?
Where can I find the entire original last lecture done by Randy Pausch?
Can I do this with Klonopin?
do i have problems? (healthwise)?
Dull pain in the center of chest?
How do I get out of this endless dark tunnel? Afraid to tell therapist he'll go immediately into commando mode?
Does your Hate sometimes give you temporary relief?
Right pupil stopped dilating after going to optometrist?
Do these new glasses improve my looks? I need to wear glasses with strong prescription. Frames are from France
Does anybody here wear contact lenses?
Spots in my eyes? What do I do?
Bored in the hospital... help?
what can i do to help my soreness and bruises from football practice?
How do you know if you got allergies or not?
How would you know if something were wrong with your rectus muscle?
whats wrong with my lower right abdominal area?
i do hockey club and ive been getting muscle pains lately, due to not stretching enough maybe??? please help?
Arthroscopic knee surgery...?
A mirror fell on my head, what should I do?
If am going to be stabbed should I tense my abs to brace for it?
Do your cheeks hurt from sitting in the rest position while you were at your place of employment?
What is the difference between Oxycontin and Oxycodone?
Electic-shock down my spine?
Im addicted to RoxiCodone trying to find HELP?
Is mild sweating during sleep a cause for alarm?
How can I help someone laying in a hospital hooked up to machines with no will or power of attorney?
How can my brother lose weight?
IS it bad to run 6-8 miles a day?
How can I live for hundreds of years in my own body? I do not want to die?
question about sleeping pills....?
i have a severe case of guttate psoriasis?
Does drinking lemon juice help acne?
Why does my face get so dry it cracks and peels?
Does sunscreen do as much harm as good?
If I've had Mono, can I get it again?
I don't have a fever, so why do I keep getting hot and cold?
What does water from the pool have?
Where can I buy a blind person's cane?
Visual Snow? HELP!!!!?
Repair eye glasses' ?
Can contacts really make you blind after only wearing them for a few months? Help!?
"Do not cross your legs" sign at the optometrist?
Why do we get twitches in our eyes sometimes?
What's the worst place to get a papercut?
How to bring the swelling down on a busted lip?
How to heal a pulled quad?
what does a tapeworm look like? and can a human get tapeworm? if so how do they get it and what cures it?
Blocked nose all the time???
Am I lactose intolerant in the morning?
what is chrones?
I have celiac disease I don't feel like not eating dang gluten, what will happen?
Ceiliacs disease?? plz help?
Swimmer's ear?
Has anybody ever died from overdosing on marijuana?
Is it bad if I can hold my breath only for 15 seconds?
How can I get rid of Sleep Paralysis?
What can you do to stop snoring?
Why is it that 31e's (internment resettlement specialists) all seem to get PTSD?
Inability to laugh?
Have you ever swithced from one addiction to another?
What are some calming exercises when in a state of panic?
Is it possible to be 41 and still not have a period?
Suicide or euthanasia?
Can fear be a result of a food allergy?
Am I allergic to onions?
i think im lactose intolerant?
Anyone ever do a food diary ?
Allergy to metal or plastics?
What do you wash/cleanse or face with that also has acne..?
How can i get rid of spot scars and shaving scars on my legs?
Clear up greasy, flaky, stress acne?
How to get rid of dark underarms?
Know any clear skin secrets(acne, scars, brighter skin, blackheads ect.)?
What does it mean when old scars are sore, swollen, and slightly red?
How should I treat a sore/pulled shoulder muscle?
i've had weird vibrations throughout my body, not sure what it is?
What are acutally good websites about aspartame?
I'm 12 years old and i have very sharp panes in my heart area they only last 10 to 20 seconds? Ive gone to the?
My knee popped out, then back in?
I had surgery to repair a torn ACL and meniscus in April 2009.?
I have a 20~25 degree scoliosis curve, and I'm 17 years old.?
i just spraind my ankle what would be a the correct type of wrap to wrap my ankle in?
How can i fall down stairs and not break any bones?
I was playing soccer and i went to push the ball with the outside of my foot and my ankle rolled over the ball?
Sleeping problems????
What does it mean if whenever you go to sleep you always wake up 2 hours later?
Do carrots really.....10 pnts btw?
I poked my eye with my car antenna?
20/20 to 20/40 in 2 months?
Help , My Contact Lensess Burnn whenn ii putt emm onn.?
Glasses Wearers: How long did it take to make your glasses?
My daughters fingernails and toenails are peeling off. She had HFMD abot 5 wks ago I saw a few post about the?
Can washing your face too much cause your face to become red?
How to get rid of insanely cold sores on the upper and lower LIPS!?
Does anyone know of someone or have themselves had noise-induced Tinnitus and have it suddenly gone?
Celiac disease and Vitamin B12 Deficiency?
What is Lithium?
Remicade for UC?
i have lower abdomen pain and at the end of my urination i have server pain and bleeding. can this be serious?
my six year old son has autism, and some times when we try to get his attention he sometimes doesnt respond?
How can i stop breakouts?
Why do my top front teeth hurt when I wake up sometimes?
Could Untreated Cavities lead to Heart Disease And/Or Death?
Does a dentist have a dentist?
teeth extraction question?
Is there anything that will help me sleep?
If Our Brain And Our Heart Keep Us Alive What Keeps Them Alive?
When I start jogging I get stitches in both my sides that just get progressively worse and don't go away.?
My boyfriend has aspergers syndrome and accuses me of all sorts, even though I haven't done anything, is....?
I'm Bored, Lonely and Sad. What do I do?
Why am I always so sleepy....?
If prehistoric chickens had huge horns and teeth?
I have a very fat arms and i desire to slim these arms down. Is there any quick way to do so.?
What would be a healthy weight for someone who is around 5'5?
I want thinner legs. Any help?
Razor Burns??
How to get rid of back acne?
If you could feel anything under your bare feet what would that something be?
what do blind people see?
Have you had Lasik Eye surgery?
Glasses & the computer?
Can i use Visine for contacts when im not wearing them?
What is a blind (from birth) person's conception of vision?
Eye care, does any one know or heard of?
I just tore a calf muscle tonight at the gym....Do I need a doctor?
Dislocated Elbow?
about how long does it take for a high ankle sprain to heal?
i think i hurt my finger, tell me if i did plz?
Back pain: Sprain, strain, pulled muscle? What's the difference, and How do I know if I need to go to the Dr.?
how to treat a hyper extended knee?
lip and finger biting, i need help!?
horse breaks a persons leg?
Can I give my dog probiotics?
Is there anyone that has ever got the "lap band" procedure done?
What does it mean if i cough up light yellow phlegm?
Acne problems?
wut should i do???? omg my skin!!!! =[[[?
Help! Hairline acne problems!?
How can I get rid of the black around my elbows?
Irritated swelling near fingernail...?
What occurs when a muscle becomes weaker and smaller from not being used?
i have a question about knee pain? what should i do?
What the difference between sun screen, sun block?
how many times do you go up and down per week?
Is it safe for elderly people to take fat women burning pills?
How can I become more flexible quickly?
where does the fat go when we lose it?
Gross stomach??
Help with name for weight loss group?
Adult night terrors!?
Do you know any practical methods or exercises that can help you in concentrating?
How do you get out of your head? Is it really possible?
What is the connection between emotional pain and physical pain?
info on rare mental illness called proveria or close to it. any web hlp out there?????
Is is possible to enjoy feeling depressed?
Does Gastric bypass Srgy Help relieve pressure from Borne Cancer?
Runny nose?
my allergy is affecting my work and my lovelife and myself...?
Problem of one teen :( :' :) :P?
How well does Mederma work for acne scars?
How long until hickeys go away?
Smoking Tea?
How do you improve your eyesight?
medication problem, important!!! please please help 10 points and an easy 2 for answering!!!!!!?
What can i eat??? Doc wants me to cut sugars, grains and starches out!?
Pain on my lower right area, near appendix.?
Any others out there with chronic pain?
what causes pain on the left side of head above ear and makes ear hurt?
Is it ethical for my cardiologist to tell me not to go to the ER with angina?
My cat just had surgery. How long does it take for a wound to heal?
I Have a Sore knee??
Achilles Tendon:Rupture or Soreness?
my injured ankle?
good leg exercises?
my son is 5,dr. says active asthma 2 yrs ago.now cough is gettin worse but no wheeze. sounds like drycough.why
i cant stop drinking because i dont think people will like me like i normally am? wat can i do?
How many of us here have disabities in real life? Either mental or body?
Why can't people with bi-polar go into the armed forces?
How can I come out of my shyness and have more self-esteem?
What are some great and efficient ab workouts?
how can i lose 20 kgs with in 2 months. i want a detailed answer please.?
I eat too much?
Do you think anyone could have a body like a Victoria's Secret model?
If I went to a Foster Home..[probably better answer if personally experienced]?
what are the lumps in my lower jaw? i know one is a gland?
Is cancer genetic? PLease help ?
is Caillou realy based on a little boy who had cancer?
I heard sprinling pubes on your toast in the morning will help your eyesight. Is this true?
Is this normal for eyesight?
How often should you change your contact lens storage solution?
what is the difference between glyburide and glipizide?
so how many men do u think i intend to wound with this bad boy, its not just for show ya know?
My friend got shocked by her straigtener this morning?!!?
Illegal Immigrants and Helth insurance?
NURSING: Wound management?
I keep having muscle spasms in my arm, like every few minutes, what does this mean ?
Results of lumbar MRI?
Who else thinks the Swine Flu is MAN-MADE? 10 points?
What is the most painful thing that happened to you?
What could possibly be wrong with my knees, they crack and hurt when I bend them?
just ripped my index finger nail!!! HELP?
which of these WOULD YOU RECOMMEND?
way to get six pack abs just by sit ups?
Best Exercises to get a 6-pack?
I heard its good to eat 6 small meals a day to loose weight. Whats an example of the 6 meals for one week?
how can i lose belly fat fast?
Alli...has anyone tried it?
I been using baby oil on my hair for 5 years, is it Safe To use ?
What is the significance of vertical ridges in fingernails??
How do you get rid of acne scars?
how safe is applying of vitamin e capsule on skin(face)?!!?
itches very annoying?
Accutane? Is it as bad as they make it out to seem?
what makes your body sore?
Left eye watering, left nostril watering, constant sneezing?
Dairily speaking, why does lactose-free milk taste so funky?
If someone has tourette's syndrome...?
Do you think Alzheimer's is linked to attention deficit?
Is this normal after antidepressants?
how do you get rid of staff infection?
please help! (doctors and nurses only)?
What are the possible causes of a swollen Axillary lymph node?
If you had a newborn infant would you want it tested for genetic disorders?
Why do I feel funny sometimes when im standing or talking to someone?
I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, should I be more worried about the lump on my breast?
do benign tumors have tentacles or just malignant ones?
left eye squinting in pictures?
Why Is October Breast Awareness Cancer?
How painful is it to die of colon cancer?
What is the best brand of contact lenses for astigmatism?
Laser eye surgery??
Ever get the feeling there is a hair in your eye, but you can't find it or get it out? Well, I've had this....?
Dealing with panic attacks?
I realize this isn't normal, I realize that. But I can't get over Michael Jackson's death. Advice?
I have been doing so well and become efficient lately again ... But >:?
i'm scared of psychologists?
Do those "Are you suffering from depression" commercials make you depressed?
Help, I am losing use of my hands?
Do you really see stars if you get hit hard enough????
Why have I never gotten a nosebleed?
Plastic surgery on nose...After Affects?
i have a large blister on my pinky toe, how long will it take to heal?
what should I use to fix my skin? my face is so dry and peels!?
what's the best way of getting rid of blackheads?
Accutane Does it cure scars?
Good body scrub or soap to help with acne?
eczema; what do i do?
hard calous on bottom of foot at ball of foot?
February is American Healthy Heart Month...Do you have a good tip for maintaining a healthy heart?
If I don't eat a lot of protein can I still get a six pack abs?
Will a banana be enough to eat with my antibiotic?
pain and nauseous feeling after bowel movements- what could cause it?
How can I not be so scared of injections?
how can i prevent myself from getting sick on roller coasters?
What are these awkward lumps on my knees?
what can i do for a burned arm?
Help! There might be a vodoo doll of me?? i need protection?
My pet rat bit me again worse help please?
How easy is it to break your nose after rhinoplasty?
Flat Feet?
Anyone taking the prescription Zoloft?
gall stone removal?
I have an infection in my earring hole in both ears?
Do you make a list of questions to ask the Dr when you go for an appointment?
Obese vs. Underwieght?
What's your worst experience at the Doctor's or the Dentist?
A deep cut.?
How does a steak help a black eye?
Is my tailbone broken?
What Is The Average Time For For A Broken Femur To Heal ?
How do you know if you've broken your toe?
What do I major in if I want to be a pathologist?
Is cancer genetic? Is there anything I can do to help prevent it?
Is There a Cancer Causing Gene?
Whats wrong with my eyes? - i just went on my laptop now and a tear forms in them and everything is slightly?
i keep seeing these clear things swimming around my eyes?
Acuvue 2 vs. Acuvue 2 Oasis - Problems - Is this just getting used to them???
Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?
What are some things you cant do when you only have one kidney?
can someone explain multiple sclerosis to me? simplify it.?
when did people start cutting themselves when they got depressed?
Where is the best place to cry my heart out?
Why is David Blaine always doing something crazy, is he mentally ill?
Too Much Sleeping?
I'm not looking forward to going back to work !? How to cope ?
Is it possible I have Bipolar disorder? Especially when I may have Tourette's...?
What kind of sleep condition is this?
If asteroids come from outer space, where to hemorrhoids come from?
Can Pop Tarts cause Schizoid personality disorder?
I want to make a doctor's appt. but I'm worried they'll call the house...?
OMG I HATE oily skin!!!!?
if i rub behind my ears i get a weird smell on my fingers,what is it and why is it?
why do i breakout when i smoke marijuana?
I woke this morning itching and there were little black dots dancing around on my skin...do I have the herp?
i have bad asthma is there anyone i can get exempt from gym i cant even run with out having trouble breathing.?
claritin and benadryl?
Can skin Dermitologists help fight Acne even with sensitive skin?
how to get rid of dead skin from acne on your face?
Is Aspercreme for people with Asperger's Syndrome?
does headbanging damage your neck?
By best friends were just in a car accident. What do you reccomend for treatment of whip lash?
Are IBS sufferers more susceptible to cancer of the digestive tract?
I was recommended to try a liver cleanse using grapefruit juice, epsom salt, and olive oil.?
What is your view on homeopathy?
What are some good massage tips and techniques for men?
What does 20 2000 and 20 200 mean?
Eye question? white dots?
trouble seeing/rainbow vision?
can a person have a black iris?
What types of contacts are best for astigmatism...?
why is my right eye pulsating?
What's up with my eye???
Are there any natural foods or herbs that help curb cravings for alcohol?
MUSCLE CONFUSION??? Does it work and can some1 enlighten me on its workings.I am interested in PX90 workout ??
Why is my eye swollen?
acne scars?
Serious skin problem help!!?
How do i help my 12 year old get rid of acne from oily skin? I never had acne and I want to help her.?
how can I get acne on my face?
Tore my MCL(knee)?
I have scoliosis. I have been wearing a back brace for 2 months. I'm scared. Will I need surgery?
Why is my pinky swollen?
sprained ankle?!?!?!?
How do I get rid of a fever?
can negative ions affect virus of swine flu?
What is the SWINE FUL?
can someone with hepatitis be a cook at a restaurant?
If there was an anthrax spread, what government agency would be in charge of stopping it?
bowel impact?
Do you think you're worth it.>?
sharpen the blade, watch the sparkle in her eyes fade?
My father and I suspect my mother has multiple personality disorder/DID. How do we help her realize it?
How is depression an illness?
Can a seemingly rational person commit suicide please read entire question then answer?
What are careers for ppl with ADD?
Should I use a cane because I'm in pain?
Is a cane better, easier, than a crutch for weight bearing hip pain on one side?
Horrible lower back pain?
my friend was jogging and complained that his leg ached and he felt weak.so he got some sports drink?
About 6 weeks ago I passed out and fell on my jaw.?
Is Speed bad if your perscribed to it?
I cant hear out of my ears. Any Advice?
Help.... what do I do?
My Husband keeps saying I am loosing weight? I know I am not sure why?
what are the best ways to gain muscle on my legs?
Is white bread fattening?
What is the best creatine supplement available right now?
What are the best diet pills out there?
has anyone used tea tree oil for fungus or ringworm?
is there any way of not getting bald, if it was genetically acquired?
What is it that causes blackheads? I had a dermatologist tell me that it is not dirt but something in your?
Does the liquid from weeping blisters caused by poison ivy spread the rash?
why do people in movies only put sun tan lotion on their noses?
What can I do about blisters on my lips that I know are definitely from the sun?
What is vascular cancer?
Weird numbness in my thumb???
How soon after ACL surgery can I get into the pool, for exercise or just to cool off?
I have an ACL tear how hard is it going to be for me to get back for football??
Is my foot broken?
I just dry shaved ! owww ! what do i do ?!?
What can I do about my bad Acne?
What is wrong with my skin??
Would you describe YOUR skin as thick and YOUR blood as thin, or vice-versa?
Do you have to come in contact with the actual cold sore to catch one?
How do you downsize HUGE ZITS!?
what does high blood pressure causing chronic renal failure mean?
what to do, when tension is high?
Has anybody heard of a "cast fetish"? My husband really likes it if I wear a cast, it really "turns him on".?
HELP!!! my toes are turning yellow!!!!!!!!?
What does it mean when someone has a little toe next to there pinky toe?
Is amputation harder if you wake up and are amputated or if you are part of the decision???
If you're hit from the outside of your left leg, can the inside of your left leg sustain a fracture?
What is wrong with my leg?
my lip is swelling up! what is it?! help please!!!?
i'm lonely and confused. i want to be happy again but i don't know what to do?
For people with bipolar: Would you have brain surgery to cure your disorder?
I hate my brothers Girlfriend and she is abusive?!?!?!?
Is it possible to treat or eliminate paranoia without medication?
how can i get over my depression????
What's wrong with me?
Do You Really Look Like Your Avatar?
does eating oatmeal really slow your metablosm?!?
Why am I strong ?
Why are my arms so weak and tired?
I have been experiencing a burning sensation in my upper back. It just occurs not due to a specific action?
A wizard has turned me into a mudkip! Is this awesome?
My Knee Hurts!?!?!?
What are the symptoms of a C3-C4 disc herniation?
How can I break my ankle or foot?
how come your not supposed to sleep after you get a concussion?
Help me with my pierced ear problem?
numbess on toes after wearing highheels?
how do i stop worrying?
Zhen de Shou users?
Natural Treatments for Anxiety?
Yoga: What can you tell me about it?
Why does the rotting stench of death pervade my every sense, anymore? Should I see a physician?
How to treat my Staph Infection. Please Help.?
how do you get rid of acne?
Anyone know what medical condition this is?
I sweat a lot, HELP?
Mole-removal products, is BIO-T it?
Cure For asthma??????
i have a dry cough now for about three days?
What is the best way to control anxiety attacks?
How do you treat Carbon Dioxide poisoning in the blood?
Im in my school choir and our concert is on tuesday, but i have laryngitis...?
What are the chances of tearing my patella retinaculum again after surgeory? What do I need to know?
has anyone ever wanted to just fell the rush of killing someone?
a side of my nose is moving around alot(supposidly nerves). what is going on?
Tendons are in a catergory called?
knee swollen, is it broken?
Has anyone read "Flip the Switch" by Dr. Robert K. Cooper about switching off the body's fat making system?
what helps lose 30lbs in 2 months?
how do you look fatter than you are?
How can I get a six pack abs?
ART GCSE!!! quotes about anorexia / obesity?
where can i get the regular flu shot?
Today i punched myself and it hurt?
Cure for another bad mattress?
Would you go through all this pain? Take a bullet straight through your brain?
Why is it expensive to ride in an ambulance?
help me pls my knee cap :[?
how do you explain Leukemia simply?
Can you name some really, really rare forms of cancer?
i am scared??? can you help???
How you die from cancer? What are the last days like?
can you get treated for breast cancer at 16?
What's causing the increase in autism?
On Jan. 02, the love of my life died. How can I stop crying?
What can I do to help with my depression?
Is it unhealthy to spend a lot of time alone?
what causes high blood pressure?
What could cause my head and heart to pound when I stand up? Is this normal?
I'm 12 years old and my mum is unwell and I need some emotional advice xx please answer xx?
Any IBS sufferers out there?
How do u make your bad sleeping/napping habit go away?
If my leg were to get cut off would they let me...?
I got bit by a spider!! AM I GOING TO DIE?!?
I passed my kidney stone about 4 days ago and i'm still having back pain. How long will it last?
Do hernias tend to come in clusters or multiples?
Does popping result anything to your body?
how can i break my arm on purpose?
Whie Puss in a Deep cut?
Earring infection?
Has anyone used minocycline and retin A therapy for acne?
where can i find aloe vera face wash/soap in stores?
4 yr old with severe exzema...have tried everything! Deperate!?
What's a good daily skincare ritual using homemade stuff?
Zits and what men think of them?
Dry skin from Acne Medication.?
What exercises can I do to make my stomache slimmer?
I took 6466 steps today. Is that good or bad?
which food do you wish you could eat without any consequences?
Why is water a good thing to drink on a diet?
What specific problems are cause by astigmatism?
eyes hurt after wearing glasses for a long time?
I wear contacts. Are my eyes bad based on my prescription?
i have a black discharge mixed with my snot when i blow my nose...what's wrong with me???
does sleeping with your cell phone under your pillow cause headaches?
I keep developing food allergies?
What is the best air purifier to buy?
i have a pain in the upper portion of the right hand side of my back underneath the shoulder. it is sore when?
How do you cope if you're allergic to eggs?
Would you rather be a nurse or a doctor..... in the ER??
i stomped my baby toe months ago it turned completely black and it still is black..anyone kno wat i shuld do??
crawly feeling in head after concussion?
i have a pain in my left foot?
i fell and my ankle is swollen?
How can a person balance being a good person with not worrying & still be aware of getting things done?
does blue cross/ blue shield ppo plan cover abortion services?
Deodorant stopped working!?
what is the best and easiest way to get out of my puffy face? I hve an allegy and sinus.?
How can I remove writing from my cast?
i scratched my arm on a door today...any suggestions?
Dislocated Ankle...................................…
Does cracking your fingers cause arthritis?
How do you know if you've pulled a muscle?
I'm worried about my head, help?
Is colon cleansing a good or bad thing? and are some of the products a scam?
any hints when i am doing sit ups?
what should i do now that i think that i have bipolar?
have you withdrawn entirely at some point in your life?
I'm 16 and I don't really have friends in school, what should I do?
How common is holiday-related depression?
does post-partum depression really exist?
What are some ways to help with depression that do not require medication?
What is a good diet for someone with a high cholesterol level?
Any support groups for Tourette's and ADHD..?
How old is it possible to get Fibromyalgia at?
Is this acid reflex?????????????
Please help me!!! D:::?
Why do Bulimic people save their vomit?
Brain shocks? Or Simple Partial Seizures?
Will wearing Nikes make my carpal tunnel go away?
I was going on walk.....?