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Are back and shoulder pain always caused by the same thing?
Why does everything hurt?
my tongue has been swollen for 2 days ?
Stomach bloating & pain!!!?
severe sore troat for 2 weeks?
Can someone tell me why my arms are numb and would not work in the morning?
foot pain how do i make it not hurt?
cant open mouth properly or straighten arm fully?
chest pain after drunken night?
will a glass of wine help me through opiate (heroin) with drawals?
i'm 15 years old and have lower back pain?
my tongue and throat hurt really, really bad?
I need migrain advise, if any one suffers from migraine than you should know what im talking about.?
do i need to see a doctor?
I broke my leg and its not getting treated?
i have a bad headache in the lower left side of my head, what could this be ?
i have a weird pulse in my arm? please help!!!?
I have an odd chest pain? Help?
Stabbing pains everywhere!?
I have been ill for 5 days. Cough, chills, fever, stiff neck...whats wrong with me?
What kinds of food won't clogged arteries?
how do you get rid of a serious cough?
Coughing up yellow phlegm for a while now and worried.?
is there something wrong...?
Question about an ear infection?
What is the best thing to use when I am sick with sinus infection?
I have a pulmonary contusion in my lung?
is there something i could take to sleep better?
Are nicotine patches healthy?
Had endoscopic sinus surgery. How long do i have to wait before i start training.?
Getting rid of a relentless cough?
i have a running nose and nose irritation snce two days.its kind of constant. no fever or headache.what to do?
What diseases can you get from marijuana?
What can i do to help me breathe if i can't find my inhaler?
i cant sleep at night and have trouble waking up in the morning?
Could I have got active TB while in the hospital?
Why don't we (close) control people coming into the USA from Mexico the source of Swine Influenza?
really bad chest pains?
What are the possible side effects of steroid use?
Quick sore throat remedy?
Panicanxiety attacks help!?
why do athletes need excellent lungs?
Do I have a aortic aneurysm ?!!?!? HELPPPPP?
what are the effects of prolonged diarrhoea on the cardiovascular system?
Can not eating before a doctors appt affect heart rate?
10% of my heart is not responding?
My Blood pressure is 96 over 51 and I am sixteen?
is this a high blood pressure?
High heart rate and constantly hot/Not able to gain weight?
Very fast irregular heartbeat?
My blood pressure is 130/70. How do I lower the 130 down to 115?
how much hours air condition 6500w) in day?
dose a heart transplant changes the patient feelings and emotions?
i have had xrays and sonograms of my heart and both have shown up a shadow in the same place. what could it be?
Can you have a heart attack while exercising?
BURN! I got a nasty steam burn on my arm from the kettle today what do i do?
Ear helix swallon for years now?
i've got olive oil stuck in my ear after to trying to remove ear wax!!! Help!?
how do i finger myself any good techniques im 17 xx?
How can you tell if someone is really drunk or if their drink was spiked?
does odourless garlic stop me getting insect bites?
im 19 years old, and experiencing shortness of breath?
This goes along with my last question qbout my moms cancer?
How is bone marrow made or produced?
My chest is really Hurting?
Aggressive problem's NOT HORMONES!?
How do you know if a complex liver cyst is cancerous or not?
my knee sumtimes gets hot but i have no pain, iv just found out i have polycictic kidney disease?
has anyone used the smokeless cigarettes?
How did "lorenzo" get this disease? Was it from his mother or was it from his father?
Help how old do u have to be to take valerian root or melatonin 1?
Tell me is Body Revive by Dr. Munir Khan gives good results?
I have 5 freckles 4 in a square like shape then one in the middle of them. they are on my left hip...?
symptoms: get sick when i eat anything, stomach cramps often, constipation, vomitting, cough, stuffy nose?
Extreme hamstring means what?
what are the chemicals in steroids. especially the ones that get you high?
At 21 years old, I still don't grow facial hair on my face... so does that mean I'm still growing?
Is my mole dangerous?
help on cutting??????????
how do i deal with depression?
what to do if i want to kill myself?
I have a BIG problem with procrastination please help?
I'm depressed. How can I cheer myself up?
suicidal/want to kill my self. last time to ask for help?
How can I OVERCOME my emotional stress?
I have had alot of things happen to me in my life.Iwant someone to talk to just to give me some clarity.help..
me and my friend always get naturally high?
Is it weird?
My mom died 3 days ago and i cant sleep?
I want to know if i am depressed. Am I depressed?
how can you cure depression?
I hid all of my dad's underwear on the roof...?
What kind of mental illness does my Dad have?
Panic attacks on weed?
Do you think I have OCD?
Major depression and suicidal thoughts, what should i do?
Got a shin splint what do i do?
i hurt my ankle please help!!!!!!!!!! 10 pts best answer!!?
question about crutches? please help?
On Saturday i sprained my ankle pretty well playing basketball. My foot and toes have been numb for 2 days?
helppp...broken foot question..?
can I stretch my cartilage ?
I have been having an undereye spasm for the past week & it will not go away.?
my eye lashes got burnt off?
two days ago my friend and me acidently bumped heads my left side of the head is totaly numb is it serious?
i used to cut myself all the time...?
Focal bulges at c3-4 and c4-5, creating impingement on the neural canal?
How long does it take a bone to heal?
What is the name of the syndrome?
Cystopic Scope - anyone had one?
Did I have a panic attack?
is it safe to smoke cigarettes a week after suffering from a left basal temporal bone fracture?
I have a health related question which is kind of personal, I'm wondering if theres a doctor to help?
blood circulation...???
i am DESPERATE for answers. please help?
i got 2 lumps and some swelling on my outer calf.?
How do you get rid of OCD thoughts? My friend has it.?
my eyes water then bleed. what is this?
I am detoxing from alcohol. I'm having terrible nightmares and sweating. When will this go away?
Stomach for almost 3 weeks!?
i'm doing my senior project on post-traumatic stress disorder but i dont know what to do my product on?
What is an air-borne illness?
I have a few questions about hemorrhoids.?
Whats a possible cause of a lump-like/discomfort on the lower right abdomen?
Can a 16 yr old have an inquinal hernia?
How Does One $hit A Brick?
My head feels tight - numb - Full of pressure?
Warm orange or cold orange?
help i cant stop weeing?
how to wake up when youre half asleep?
Are you allergic to stuff animals?
Tumor malignant degeneration?
i'm 12 yrs old and my back is slightly being hunched and i need tips on how to keep it straight!!!!!!! help!!!?
Why is it always said that it is wrong to drink water immediately after like going up the stairs?
*okay, please answr i am curious*?
The purpose of sleep?
Acuvue 2 reviews: cons and pros?
what coul dbe wrong with my eye the right eye seems like its different then the left?
GERD in a 15 year old?
What can help me fall asleep?
Other nurse hurt her back. She's blaming me?
What are the name of these circle lenses Xiao Chuan is wearing?
What happens when my eye touches a stinging nettle?
Contact lens, wet blur feel?
What is the best way to find a GOOD doctor in my area?
Will Visine Advanced Relief eye drops hurt my contact lenses if i put them in while wearing them?
how do i stop my sports goggles form fogging up?
Inner corner of eye hurts?
Is there a way to track down your medical records?
bad for you to have surgery while on your period?
Where's a good place to go if you're paying from your own pocket?
I often black out when standing up and legs/arms fall asleep very fast?
whats ur favorite color! be specific!?
i have a sinus infection and the doctor cant get me in for 9 more days?
Ever since I woke up today the bones under one of my eyes hurts?
How much for a biometry procedure? What is the name of a good optometrist?
Blurry vision in one eye.?
help! i got joy dish soap in my eye!!! :/?
why does my right eye shake?
If I got in a car accident & had a 1 glass in my right eye what is the possibility that i will regain sight?
somebody please help me!?
How can I easly fall asleep ? ?
Someone plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
For contact lens users...?
Inner Corner of my eye is swollen ?
can you wear color contacts with a perscription that is 4.00+?
Am I going blind? I have had a series of eye catastrophes.?
I see rings around lights at night, is this normal?
Ophthalmology: "mowing eye" & "visual bracing"?
Can someone please explain why my contacts are blurry? please?
is it possible to get West Nile?
a question about the common cold and the flu?
how dose salmonella get into eggs?
I think I might be Infected?
I think I have MRSA!?
Question about my pilonidal cyst...?
Is Laughing contagious?
i have body aches, head aches, loss of appetite,chills and a sore throat but no fever, what does that mean?
Bats/Rabies/Symptoms of Rabies...?
What does your appendix do?
I kissed somebody about 3 weeks ago who was just diagnosed with mono a few days ago. am i going to get it too?
Once you have the swine flu, can you get it again?
i have a question about mono. please help?
Any suggestion about a very good dermatologist in northern Va or Washington dc?
Bladder infection? Need help PLease!!?
mono or just tonsillitis?
I'm feeling hot and cold at the same time?
Can you get mono in your fifties?
when the fever goes away when child has otitis?
what can i drink that will give me a fever?
How do I treat an infected lip hole? HELP!?
How can I hide/heal a fever blister on my bottom lip?
i got bleech in my eye, it got red all a round and crusty , i went to the doctor but still red and it burns.?
My son has really bad enviromental allergies. he just recently got his tonsils taken out...?
allergies to cats...?
My nose runs whenever I'm outdoors for more than 15 mins. Is this allergies or something else? Remedies?
Help ................ what does it mean if i get a hive on my face whn ever i touch my dog!?
why the palate gets swollen?
allergies, colds, virus, w/e- why do i get so sick?????!!!?
will this filter allergens?
Am I allergic to strawberries?
methyl methacrylate allergy?
I'm 6 mnth pregnant and i have thick mucous in my throat that i find hard to clear and sometimes choke on.Help
i cant eat it :( am i allergic or something?
C'mon guys, why do you think weed is bad?
Why do I have an itch that doesn't go away?
I have a mole. I know it sounds disgusting, but...?
My chin turned red from using lemon as a toner. how do i bring down the redness quickly??? PLEASE HELP?
how to personalized chapsticks!!!!!!!!!!!?
Scar from razor bump?
I have a horrible bruise on my arm, how can I cover it up for a wedding?
How long does it take a small incision to heal?
will my acne be gone in a month?
cat has open mole in her side a little bloody what is it?
Accutane (Isotretinoin) Stunting Growth?
best treatment for warts?
in TX what do I need to do to take care of my mom that went blind?
How do I get rid of a rash from a pacifier?
my hand lately has started to get small bumps and itch alot...i dont know what it is?
Is it possible for your elbows to be sore? ?
What's the name of this disease!?
Why are there blood clots in my stool?
OSCILOCOCCINUM is a placebo or a real drug?
Can the cervical cancer jab help you lose weight?
Do you think I have asthma?
found deletion on 21q23.3 on son what does this mean?
I need help with my project about insomnia?
How to get rid of dark circles under eyes and make skin look better home remedies?
what would be wrong if you have no pulse in feet?
medicaid help? anyone?
I am doing some legal research & I cant figure out if hospital gowns are flammable why do they still use them.?
what's the difference between a social worker, Psychiatrist, a therapist, Psychologist, etc...?
Is putting urine on my face dangerous?
if i become a YMCA member...?
Stomach Rumbling Help!?
i need money quick, can i sell plasma?
What causes ears to start ringing?
Medical Question? Please Help...?
I feel stoned, but I haven't had any drugs or anything like that. Could it be a stress response?
Too many pills? Or regular stomach flu?
Can a person actually die from grief?
What could I be sick with?
Hicups!!! i get them at least twice aday! wehat is wrong with me should i get it checked out by a doctor?
Should I see a doctor?
when people dont get much to eat do the get really tired even if they are just sitting around?
quest diagnostics, lab corp?
Loestrin24Fe pills Side Effects?
do you have to take your clothes off for a physical?
got my nose pierced n nose is numb,did they hit a nerve?
mi mom and stomach problems? PLEAZE hEEELLLLLLLPPP! = (?
Why is carbon monoxide so dangerous ?
Problem with Advair dosage counter. Has anybody else had the same problem?
I need to get some more cigarettes but the place i normally go has closed down!?
i just smoke weed but how long does it stay in your saliva?
information on mrsa?
how do u get rid of a cough?
bad chest tightness! help please!?
Having mold problems, can I get out?
mold around infants is it harmfull?
Sometimes in my dreams I'm in a scenario where I'm suffocating, literally gasping for O2? Is it SLEEP APNEA? ?
Is smoking weed bad in any shape or form?
What do you hate most about having asthma?
What could be causing my chronic sinusitis to get worse?
is my cold going to get any worse?
Unbalanced when i walk. Picture included.?
what is the connection between blood pressure and blood sugar?
Causes of shortness of breath?
Can oral cancer cured 100%?
Should I feel guilty about coping with my Mom's cancer?
What are some foods/drinks that relieve heartburn?
i cut my leg pretty bad?
Whats up with my friend?
im back with my stomach problems again, please help!?
How do i settle a horrible stomach ache?
strange pains all over my body?
I just got spacers and it's been 8 hours and they don't hurt yet, will they soon?
I have a really bad stomach ache?
what kind of docter can help me?
tingling feeling in my arms?
is it just a sore throat that doesnt hurt?
Arthritis or just pain?
I wake up with headache, I can’t feel my hand and head, I feel there is no blood.my pupils get bigger. Why?
After Surgery Question?
Spain-do they not use real pain killers in the hospital?
I cracked my head open once on the side of a pool when I was young and have had headaches ever since...?
I keep getting heartburn in the middle of the night, I took 2 Zantac and 2 Gaviscon, please help!?
why do guys like to be kissed on the neck and ears?
Is it normal to pop your sternum?
im only 14 if i do weights will it stop my growth if not how often?
i need help with an ankle injury i sustained in volleyball over two months ago?
There's something wrong with my big toe.?
What puts the most stress on your ankle?
How do you heal a bruised spine?
Burning sensation on lips?
I havnt slept for 30 hours?
Im always hungry but...?
What causes an itch.............?
Possible stress fracture in foot?
Bad vision, eye twitching, jaw pain, headaches, and confusion?
How can I make steam to treat my cold without using up my hot water?
My Doctors' Office Manager released my medical file without my permission, can I sue?
If you stay up till 2 am and have to be up at 4, should you sleep the 2 hours?
i pulled my muscle under my wrist.?
How do I fix my posture?
I've had green stool for the past week, should I be concerned?
need help!!! sweating problem?!?!?
how do you make your eye stop twitching?
Haven't been sleeping well recently, adviced?
i have a broken collor bone and dont no if 2 sleep wit my bandge on, can any one help me?
I have been having a lot of trouble with my jaw ever since a injury a year ago what doctor should i go to?
How to get my shoulder NOT TO HURT? PLEASE HELP!?
I have shin splints from basketball. They hurt SOOOOOOO bad! What can I do to relieve or get rid of it?
why does this happen... i have one of my foot has more cracks than the other?
I am feeling really low and dejected. Can you suggest something that will elevate my mood? ?
Any advice please help!?
Wellbutrin and alchohol... sezuires...?
do you really need 8 hours sleep? cause im not getting that, help please :)x?
IBS troubles, please really need help?
why does my right eye feel like i have looked directly into the sunlite.?
How can i fall asleep?
I smoked for cigarettes for 6 months and decided to quit 2 weeks ago, how long does the urge to smoke last?
Numbness in right hand tight bands on?
I have NO time in the morning!?
Why is my eyelid twitching?
Oh man. How am i going to sleep tonight?!! HELP!!?
What do I do? I think horrible thoughts!?
I want to get off of antidepressants, do you have any advice?
Im ready to die!!!!!!!!!!!?
Not sure what to expect from my crack addict aunt? Help?
How can I tell them I don't want to be a part of this band?
Is being gay a mental illness?
How come people think that I am gay because I watch twilight and listen to justin bieber?
feeling sucidal?....... ?
6 hours Sleep not enough?????
Ok well i cut myself and i don't know what to do about it anymore i guess i need help can anyone help?
I feel so alone... I dont know what to do...?
PLEASE. i need anyones opinion.?
I want to kill myself?
What about e-cigarettes?
What is the disease that clogs up arteries with fat and cholesterol deposits?
How can i get rid of my stomach?
Connection to my allergies or just ironic, massive headache after smelling fresh fish being cut up?
I don't know whats wrong with me?
My throat/chest/ears ?
Can anyone tell me if this is saying melatonin kills gliomas(brain tumor) or protects the tumor?
LPR reflux burn help?
I know im sick, i just dont know what this could be? Please help?
Does this sound like Bipolar ?
extremely nervous please help?
What are the side effects of being injected with diprospan?
Should I go to A&E Stress Trauma- Please Help Tonight!?
Have you ever had an health exam that you didn't know what was going on?
Where/How to get a prescription for colored contacts?
Am I going blind? I have had a series of eye catastrophes.?
Where can I get an eye exam on a sunday?
Is it possible to get a mosquito bite on your eye?
HELP: Skipping eyes!!!?
If I do the following things, will my vision get better?
can opti-free replenish get rid of redness while wearing colored contact (prescription)?
I am 18. I have eye problem since I was 13. Now I am looking to take contact lenses or do lasik.?
Could i see 3D on a 3DS if i have a lazy eye?
I just saw a black looking bug in my granddaughter's head. When i tried to get hold of it, it moved. Her hair?
strep throat question?
Signs of a bladder infection or something more serious?
I've on my third day of Sulf/Trim DS I haven't seen any inprovement with my enterear infection and Bell Palsy.?
What's with these weird shivers?
whats more seriouse gallstones removed or appendex being removed?
Could this be food poisoning?
what does it mean that your liver enzymes are not working?
Why are pigs asymptomatic with avian flu but are hosts?
Black and red specks on towels and clothing?
Can you get cold sore by sharing a drink?
What does it mean when you have blood in my saliva?
My friend who i played beer pong with now has mono what should i do?
Throat cleaning stuffy nose?
How do I prevent getting sinus infections?
Endocrine Abnormality Question?
is diarrhea in older people?
I started getting sick on Sunday?
Why is it hard to develop immunity against trypanosomes?
Have my eggs been contaminated?
How do you get UTI's ?
for last 4 days my son having 102-103 fever. DRS. PLEASE HELP?
Pain in the neck!?
how do i know if my rectum is infected?
Gastritis issue. Suggestions (from anyone that experienced the same thing)?
What is hyperparathyroidisn?
Weight loss and polyps???
what makes your muscles and limbs twitch?
today i feel really tired and dizzy and heave a headache?
my mom has hives and she has bad allergys what should i do?
Could having a deviated septum cause troubles with the throat?
puffy eye one day...?
If I have an allergy to cocamide DEA, does that also mean that I'm allergic to coconut?
Rash caused by cell phone?
Can You Get A Fever From Allergies?
Anyone experience being allergic to lisinopril b/pressure medicine? Symptons?
Falling asleep after eating any dairy? I know I'm lactose intolerant?
Could I be allergic to our dog?
allergy to cats question!?
Side effect to steroid (medical) use?
what is the allergist going to do?
puffy and red eyelids?
nostrils haha ya odd question?
Is this symptoms of a food allergy?
am i sick cus like my trhoat hurts and my nose is like super runny?
Help for a horse with allergies?
Soy products in our foods?
A patch of 10+ Insect bites right next to each other?
My dog has Pneumonia. But she won’t eat. She is allergic to chicken and beef. Can I substitute anything?
sore musseles in hind quarters in 6 mos old sheltie?
Black stuff in like, lougies and ha uhm, snot?
I have shingles and wanted to know it I can use triamcinolone acetonide on it?.?
do diets help heal acne?
Should I be worried about this foot blister?
What happen to your skin if you expose it to salt water for about 10 hours?
Zit form infection in arm, what is it?
Results from Chemical Peels?
Rash on face due to Clinique 3-Step System? Suggestions? PLEASE HELP!?
Prenatal vitamins and acne?
My face eels sunburnt after using epiduo for about 6 days?
what is best for dry skin on the face!?
my fists get so dry in winter time they bleed?
How do people with bad facial deformities/scarring cover it all up...?
Do love bites scar......?
I found out i got nits a few days ago...?
what what the gray spots on her skin?
I Sweat ALOT.Please Help!):?
Bags under eyes, milia or milkheads, and skin peeling in 2 hours. How can i get rid of them?
How to clean this little cut?
Sharp heart pains help?
I'm taking amlodin 5mg for my hypertension. Can i take it twice a day? ?
Can doctors really see inside our arteries?
Blood Pressure Symthoms?
How to reduce my hypertension?
....whats with my heart!?!?!?!?
is heart disease a virus?
Could hydroxyurea raise your paluse rate?
put on Rythmol to convert back to NSR. Echo showed no problems, any idea how long to get out of A fib?
Sudden Sharp Chest Pain In Center of Chest?
can your heart stop beating then start back up?
Blood Thinners + Small Heart Murmur = Bad?
It feels like someone is shooting me in the chest.?
what effects does an allergen have on the integumentary system?
How can i improve my lungs?
why does has my stomach keep hurting for about a month and has to much air?
Help me I'm worried, Can I get oral cancer from chewing once for 2 minutes?
What is the right way to use nasal spray?
question about my MRI tommorow?
Terrible, terrible toothache?
3:00 am stomach pain. HELP?
about breast pain becouse of shweling ?
SEVERE pain after surgery?
How bad does th tragus piercing hurt?
Bottom left back pain? HELP please:)?
My knee has been hurting like something is pulling what could it be?
Will a chiropractor help my back pain help?
Question about Oxycodone?
What is wrong with me? I have severe pain every so often in my side...and everything is acting up, I'm scared.?
(: i keep getting stomache achee.?
Please tell me IBS remedies. I experience tremendous pains and doctor treatment doesn't work?
How long after a surgery will you be released from a hospital?
Could my 18 month have an ear ache without a fever?
i have a pitch nerve in my left arm going into the joint of my shoulder-i tryed every thing, it isso pain full?
Lower back pain.... call docor?
how to get rid of pins and neadles?
MIGRAINE QUESTION, please quick answers!??!!?
Severe headaches after sprinting?
How do you qualify for medical marjuana?
Do I have Bronchitis? Here are my symptoms.?
i have chest pains my arm and hand starts hurting while im having the chest pains'?
HOw do i get rid of a sore throat ?
Is it dangerous when the doctor tells you you have a cough virus ?
i cant taste or smell is that a disability?
my baby is 9 days old and has respiratory problems since birth.?
Constant Cough--What Is This?
does smokeing affect cholestrol levels?
Pen back Stuck in Throat?
how can i sleep better?
I started smoking, i need help.?
I have been sick for 2 and a half weeks!!!!!!?
I'm not breathing properly? It's difficult to take a deep breath...?
what are early symptoms of ms?
Multiple panic attacks - calm down / reduce caffeine in blood?
my 2 1/2 year old daughter has a constant cough at night with not temp at all, some runny nose. Help?
my 8 week old has had two nosebleeds so far and is very stuffy in the mornings. Is this normal?
does exercising while having the flu help yourecover?
When i breathe in it hurts my chest right beside my right breast and i am having a hard time breathing?
i need something that will make me feel better like drugs/pills?
Sunburn soothing remedie, URGENT!?
sinus headache for three days?
Possible Eating Disorder?
why does it hurt when I pee?
What effect does adrenaline have on myasthenia gravis?
What does shortness of breath feel like?
Are occasional chest pains on the left side of my chest normal?
my eardrum is driving me crazy?
do you struggle to stay awake while tanning? (beach or tanning bed or both)?
how can i sleep ultra good?
I'm a first year nursing student, scared because my clinicals are tomorrow. Any advice from nurses?
Which is better Wellbutrin or Zyban and is both used for same reasons?
What's wrong with me? Any ideas?
What nasal spray really works and that is not addictive to clear up your stuffy nose ?
Do I have a cold or a virus?
This is embarrassing but I'm having a problem with constipation and there's no reason why I should be?
why does it feel like there are bugs crawling on me when there really isnt?
I get dizzy and pass out?
sleeping problems I cant sleep before 6:00 AM?
I cant sleep, is there anyone who can help me...?
I smoked weed once, one hit, highly regret it. anyways i was told i did it wrong.?
Affects of Monster on health? Doctors answer this?
falling asleep in class?
If a doctor tells you they are running a specific test , can they run others without your permission?
why is too much sleep bad? 10 points?
I am so depressed please helpp??
is cutting yourself a sin.?
My sister has Schizophrenia, what would happen if she stopped taking her meds?
Anti-depressants don't work on me.....why?
why i'm i so pale?
its summer... how can i hide my cuts and scars from family and friends? :/?
how do i make myself a more confident and psoitive person?
Hearing voices?
Can worry and stress cause disturbance in sleep?
what does being ocd mean?
How Can I Stop My Paranoia? (kinda long question)?
how do i treat my depression without a psychiatrist and medications?
What Should I do? (Panic Attacks/Anxiety Disorder)?
Everyone has problems, right?
scared of roller coasters! going 2 6 flags 2marrow!?
Are these all the same thing?
I've been up almost 32 hours am I going to die?
This is a mental question.Please just give serious answers.?
im thinking about killing myself please help me?
Am I crazy or just religious/interested in spirituality? What do you think? (10 points!)?
Questions on jell and gelatin stuff. Please help?
removing a mole/skin tag?
Falling asleep at the wheel and a medical connection?
Fluoride is good for your teeth, but the toothpaste says don't swallow...so what happens if you have a lot of?
What happens if you do this...?
seeing red.. literally?
im not really a cry baby but now it seems like i cry about everything..?
What do these symptoms mean?
salmonella poisoning help?
I developed a sudden rash thursday night.?
after a night of light drinking, next day i become nauseous?
HIPAA and HIPAA info?
How bad is Vicodin withdrawal?
my eye is bloodshot for 8 days whats wrong?
Drug test positive after 7 days?
I have been feeling a shock in my body?
IBS? GERD? Anxiety? What do you think this is?..Please help?
Randomly getting light headed?
is there anything you can do about shin splints? like can the doctor do something either?
Is my hand fractured or sprained?
Is it proper to remove the dead, peeling skin from around a wound?
unpainful muscle spasms on right shoulderblade?
I got a bruise on my lower front leg 3 weeks ago. now a knot is there and its still sore?
Parapligic in the uk?..Support?
what is a "T fracture" of the ankle?
Do you think my wrist is broken or just sprained? PLEASE HELP ME 10 POINTS!?
Why would my shoulder be popping?
bone/muscle dislocation need help...?
knee problem please help?
Question regarding sprain/fracture?
How do I know if I broke my toe?
my arm hurts really bad.?
Can I heal my leg? Please help!?
What would make a dog collapse into a deep sleep, other than narcolepsy?
What could be causing these symptoms?
I have a cold sore I need to get rid of it by Tuesday today is Sunday ?
coffed up some blood with flem?
Would someone's blood be able to get into this cut?
How to use Murad Acne Complex?
I have just come back from Thailand and have flu like symptoms. Could it be Malaria?
The list of drugs that will cure ghnoria.i wil buy it at eny registared phamacy?
HELP!!! I saw a little blood on my toilet paper after bowel movements?!?
Lymph nodes have been swollen for months. What should I do?
Explain how an understanding of cells and cellular processes can help in diagnosing, and treating disease.?
i was at a&e with little pains in my chest they say every thing is ok but i am still getting little pains w?
What causes slow healing skin?
Anyone else out there?
what illnesses have headaches and bad reath as symptons?
Anyone with P.I.D.?
Diluted bleach as a natural home remedy for toe nail fungal infections?
Alopecia Areata?
Just returned from snowboarding trip and am now failing colorblindness tests. Will my eyes return to normal?
I have an eating disorder and I need help?!?
Why do I keep burping excessivley?
Is a brain tumor on the pituitary gland genetic?
I have a small white spot on my tonsil, what is it?
Am I just out of shape or do I have mild asthma?
What else can it be if not pancreatic cancer?
do i have skin cancer? omg please help!?
Is this drooping eyelide very bad?
Anyone have information on oxy-view oxygen eyeglass frames, let old dude hear.?
My contacts sting randomly?
My eyes are really feeling wierd?
Is lens extractions a safe procedure instead of lasik?
Head and eye question?
Vision problem, not just seeing "halos" but now all the lights outside look like an "eclipse."?
i have astigmatism and am wondering if can i get colored contacts with a cyl of -2.25?
I Need Eye Contacts Help?
Where can I get refresh dry eye therapy preservative-free?
constant tearing when wearing contacts?
is it normal for your eyes to change colors if they are brown and not hazel?
What's wrong with my eye?
why does my eyes sometime get blurry and i see rainbows on the lights?
how come one of my eleylids wont open up fully?
Eye floater that changes shape and can see in dark?
contact help!!!!! they tear when there in their case over night!!!?
I'm so sad cuz I just got diagnosed with PVD and I'm only 27, is this going to make me blind?
My right contact len keeps tearing in my eye?
One of my eyes keeps watering for no reason..?
How long can a viral infection cause every muscle in your body to be in knots?
Could this be appendicitis?
How do you get a core out of a staph infection when the hole is to little?
what can help my cough?
I just heard about that salmonella outbreak on eggs and will I be fine?
how can i prevent a cold?
i have hyper active thyroids and something is wrong plsz read!?
Anal Fissure Question?
so if I use the cream on my child if I hold my child is it afe for me not to get scabies?
What is more dangerous hepa b or hepa c? Why?
What precautions are taken in preparing chemotheraphy drugs?
Can you get sick by eating something that someone sick made for you?
i heard theres an egg recall for salmonella in eggs is that for me too?
Can I mix Augmentin and Zithromax?
Can cyst in children kill them?
what does fits disease look like?
Throat Infection with fever?
What kind of sickness does this sound like?
What is the treatment for erosive colitis? Can this be treated with a change in lifestyle and diet?
lumps in the mouth? (nurses or doctors plz or ppl with history in this topic)?
I have MRSA on my left eye?
Is there always fatigue with mono?
Can I used unprescribed eye drops to treat an Eye Infection?
Can I use Salicylic Acid and Retin-A together?
what should i do if when i shave my armpit i get a rash?
What is the best and quickest way to get rid of a cold sore!?
recommended sun cream to avoid freckles as skin is sensitive due to medication(sulphsalizine)?
Confidence with this insane skin problem...?
Has anyone had pinkeye and a rash on arms and legs recently.?
im a wolf biter...how do i stop?
what product in the Philippines that have 5% Benzoyl Peroxide ACNE?
There's a part of my lip that feels like rash, but the rest of my lips is normal.?
I think i have hand, mouth and foot disease! im 14?
Have a itchy rash, what should i do?
How to get rid of chubby cheeks ?
Rash on neck? From medicine?
can skin lotion heart you?
I need to get rid of freckles! vitamin E works?
Started as Blister bump, now loads of blister bumps on back of tongue?
Wet pits problem please help!?
Heart pounding all the time!?
How can you get rid of a post nasal drip and stop bad breath caused by it?
i think i have been having anxiety attacks my heart is acting funny and my heart aches today never had it ache?
Please help I woke up with horrible throat pain?
My knee hurts...what should I do?
what can i take to stop feeling nausea?
Would it hurt more to be cut with a sharp or a dull knife?
How fast is Emphysema obtainable?
How to cover up a cut on my wrist from my mum...?
natural pain killers ?
What could be the cause of abdominal pain on the right side. Appendix, gall bladder, ulcers? Please answer.?
My mum's a smoker- won't quit?
How to heal a broken heart after being played?
daughter and health problems?
My sister had lung cancer 3 yrs ago and had 1/2 of her right lung removed. Now they have found something on?
Pulling feeling in the arch of my foot?
What is - H Pylori Infection?
what are the chances i'll need an operation?!?
how can I fall asleep like...NOW!?
How do I beat my hunger pains?
what exercises can I do for sciatica and bulging disks at home? I can not afford PT.?
What's a way to clean your digestive tract?
14 year old migraines and growth?
hurts to breathe and pain in ribs?
Throat hurts in front when I swallow, neck is sore, and more?
Does a gazelle hurt your knees, if you have knee pain?
i have a really bad headache, but it gets confusing when it comes to what i can take fo it.?
will i have withdrawals?
clavicle(collarbone) or tongue piercing?
Heart burn??? Hard to breathe for a sec! PLEASE HELP?
I wish I could knock down my Ventral Tegmental Area so I won't feel love and heartaches no more?
how would you like to die in your sleep or awake?
For the past two days I have had a head ache, Sore throat and on and off stomach pain. What is wrong with me?
I keep cracking my fingers!?
Does smoking nutmeg really work ?
what is this weird lump on the left side of my neck under my ear?
Disposing of Rat Poison with Fumes...?
My eye is twitching!! how do i stop it?
walk in clinic for physical? Blue circles under eyes?
I have been having excrutiating headaches that last days and I find it hard for me to sleep. What should I do?
Would it be unwise to mix coke with meth?
im taking naproxen and its causing an upset stomach. will this go away if i keep taking it?
How to clean THC out of your system?
If i swallowed moth posien, could i be better after one day?
Should I call the doctor back?
Help..Contact Dermititis...Question...?
For Blood donation, wouldn't they have to do extensive testing to make sure you dont donate bad blood?
looking for another medication for c.o.p.d. and ashma since i am on proair?
When should I go to the doctor if I have developed hives?
Can someone please help me out with this pain?
is it true more people have food allergies now than they did a long time ago?
I feel cold, achy, and I have brown things coming out of my nose?
Allergic Reaction to Smog in Los Angeles?
Question about Allergies?
will someone please tell me if i have allergies or a cold?
what is wrong with my nose bleeds?
im a single mum on benefits and my son has severe peanut,wheat and egg allergy he also has two epi pens?
Could my puppy's licking my nose cause me to have nosebleeds?
what happened to me? fainted?
Help on bowels after Spinal operation?
getting rid of a cold?
will I have same sensitivity to morphine that i have with codeine?
I need a homemade recipe for pizza base using flour, water etc.?
To all the ladys thats ever broke an ankle how long did it take u to get from cast to high heals?
i discovered some of my allergies are dust mites. any info dust covers? pillow or other advice or needs?
Is this normal (About stools)?
Serious allergies...?
Feeling sick, upset stomach and pain?
why do my bed bug bites more painful than they are itchy, not at all itchy even?
how much do a 5 feet person supost to weight?
Itchy/scratchy throat, any treatments?
Can Fermentation remove a food allergy?
About animal slaughterhouses . . .?
Is Mesquite flour gluten free?
friend got high, then face got pale, and lips purple?
i couldn't move after throwing up?
i have red bumps on my body i don't know what they are?
Why cant i see my buddy list on AOL?
flatten head in the back?
I think I have an allergic pink eye. How do you tell when you need to see a doctor for this?
What is the difference between ...?
what would cause just the left ankle to swell?
Please HELP: where can I buy "Sea Bands Acupressure Bands" in Los Angeles, California? I have morning sickness?
How much does a nurse make? :)?
anyone ever smoke out of a steam roller type pipe?
Wondering if this was right or wrong for a high school football trainer to do concerning my sons knee injury?
is there a medicine that can cure allergies? the ones that can be injected..thanks!?
Any tips for staying awake and alert throughout school today?
I googled albuterol because I need an inhaler, no insurance,never ordered without prescription?
What is your opinion? Do I have asthma?
I am coughing alot what could be wrong?
My kitten has been treated for an Upper respiratory but as soon as I stop the antibiotic she gets sick again?
i think i have bronchitis, but i can't go to the doctor, what should i do?
i think i've got asthma ?
ive got a chronic cough with excessive congestion that makes me vomit, what can i do about i?
how do I know if I have pneumonia, or some other illness, I am short of breath, feel faint after short time up?
can a person have pneumonia for 3 months?
How do I get more air into my lungs?
Diabetics refuse chocolate, but the next minute they're on the floor screaming for sugar. Attention seeking? ?
how do you smoke a cigg but not inhale the smoke?
why is it best to exam. a patient when sitting instead of laying down when examinin the lungs?
I am a student I cant work for a year I have preexistant desease no insurance want to axept me.what should Ido
does anyone know for sure?
I have had no voice for 2 weeks?
Why is tar in Cigarettes?
hyppertrophic obstructive cardio myopathy?
Blood in the pulmonary veins returns to the…?
i had hcv 30 years ago and now in exams i m found that this is cronic no damage in the liver at all(fibrosis v?
My wife is getting sicker every day and refuses to go to the doctor. What is this illness?
Is this behavior OCD?
Does amoeba affect the brain?
im 26 yr old male, and this started yesterday, i felt sharp needle pain that started in my lower abdomen that?
Am I at risk of developing an eating disorder?
Does Smoking Shishas Have Similar Side Effects as Cigarettes?
It feels like there's something stuck in my throat, and it hurts to swallow?
My dad has a small tumor near his spine. What is a safe way to remove it?
i think i have lympoma?
i'm sick and the meds arn't working what else could i have?
Accidentally inhaled/swallowed foil, should I worry?
How to prevent a hangover?
Has Homeopathy worked for you?
Where can I find a top knee specialist that works with amputees?
Does my boyfriend have a broken rib?
how long does it hurt if you cut a muscle?
I have hip tendonitis, what can I do on my own to help it?
Weight lifting issues ?
why did i get cramped?
Elbow hurts to bend! please help!?
Electrical Shock or small Seizure?? ?
I was playing football with some friends last week and now me right knee is popping a lot (read details)?
Question regarding chest pains:?
Why do I have tendinitis...again?
I still have jaw problems due to an injury?
I broke my fibula and tibia really bad.....and....?
Feeling like a knot and pressure in my abdomen?
Stomach Cancer survival rate?
Can type one diabetes cause insomnia?
I want to be a dermatologist...?
What if my heart hurts?
I think it may be something to do with my liver?
What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?
can sitting at a strange angle with half of your uper body elevated cause wheezing? or half wheeze like sounds?
Got a good medical question people good in sinus problems take a look please?
Exercise induced nausea?
My gf has meningitis?
I have really bad depression.?
Please Help me, I am thirteen years old.?
Is it weird that I am thinking this?
I want to die so bad, But I can't go through with it what do I do?
What are thing you do to go to sleep?
Does mental illness really exist?
i need help about suicide?
Thinking of Killing Myself?
how to tell my mom that i have bad anxiety at school?
Why do I have a weird feeling something big is going to happen when I turn 17?
should i kill myself?
I really need help right now?!!?
If life is hopeless is suicide the best option?
am i really that weird?
I think I have Six sense...?
I hate my dad right now!!! what r good ways to ignore him for the entire weekend??
why do i feel so depressed all of the time?
Why do I hate myself and believe im worthless?
Is it ok to turn to a teacher to talk about my depression?
Do I have OCD?
what are these symptoms of?
I want air ambulance services.?
Does my stomach have a problem?
I have the flu!!!!!!!!!?
I have been sick for about a week and im finally better but Im still throwing up daily.?
How do I stop sweating from my underarms so much?
I have Ray Ban and i love it ..........?
Do you think that I am getting sick?
when my friend was younger she got touched in a wrong place but she told me not to tell anyone................?
ive been clean for 7 months and went on a 2 day binge how long before the meth is for sure out of my urine?
Taking amphetamine for the first time?
is my appendix about to burst?
if you gauge your ears will they close back up?
Has medicine changed the world for better or worse?
I’ve got these discolored orange spots on my skin (pictures) I don't know what they are?
what does promethazine do when you take it?
What is wrong with me?
how do you find out more information about a doctor?
What is going on with my body?
Out of 100 crack dealers, how many do you believe will be killed in their line of work?
What to expect at an appointment with the Urologist?
is salmonella airborne?
Can a human die of a parasite in less than say a month?
How dangerous is black soap scum?
Do I have the flu or something more?
heart burn l had flu since monday was put on medication?
Can mosquitoes die of starvation?
what is the best way to cure the eye rabbit?
Can eye sty be caused by a weak immune system?
Toddler with MRSA - How do I get these doctors to give her medicine that will actually help?
Is my cut infected? HELP!?
how can you treat an yeast infection?
can i get glandular fever from my personal trainer at gym?
Does anyone know how to recover from a cold throat? I can never have a cold drink, my throat stays cold?
Should I go to the doctor? Slight fever, abdominal pains...?
Is this the flu--or something more serious?
Symptoms: Frequent Urination, sore throat, stomach pain, General Flu symptoms...what is it?
What is the medicine, Clindamycin and what is for?
Naproxen for Tonsillitis?
What do these symptoms add up to?
why am i so sick and throwing up?
Diagnosed with Mono almost a year ago, still getting a rash with Amoxicillin. WHY?
I have those weird things on my legs?
what helps acne and scars?
Help!!! I have thousands of blackheads and I need to get rid of them?
Can I use clearasil tinted acne cream?
Should I be concerned about this mole?
What are some of the better scar treatments?
Epiduo for Cystic Acne does it work ?
How to drain Cystic Acne spots ?
Small rash on lower leg, not sore or itchy?
Help getting rid of stretch marks? Please?
Rash in groin area? (male, picture with no nudity)?
Industrial piercing infection?
Im am 23 years old and have just been prescribed Trinessa for my acne?
what's a good body wash for acne?
what does hydrocortisone valerate help ?
rashes at lower arm not spreading and itchy . reason?
How do i totally clear my skin?
Removing plantar warts on my foot.?
I stubbed my pinky toe hard on a metal post, broken or dislocated?
What is a machine called?
How can i get my voice back?
PLEASE HELP NOW! Pain in my chest and i cant breath or swallow!?
lower abdominal pain.... need help?
Tight Muscles On Right Side Of Neck?
I Think My Appendix Hurts But No Insurance?
Question about restless leg syndrome.?
How can I tell if I am addicted to Vicodin?
Sinus Headache all day...?
techniques and exercises to increase pain tolerance? 10 point for best answer!!!!?
can you vomit with a very mild headache that has lasted 22hours?
Should I go to the doctor/hospital?
How long is the minimum amount of time after a tonsillectomy untill i can smoke?
What is wrong with my mom?
Knee Pain !!! what could it be ?
How much would be cost for gallbladder removal?
Broken or sprained..?!?
What to do to relieve my heartburn?
how long should i expect tramadol withdrawal to last?
leg pain in bed...help plz?
What kind of foods can you eat that can cure a stomach ache ?
what do i have? knee pain?
Can teens really have tension headaches or migraines? How do you feel better with headaches?
What is the difference between Vicadin and Norco?
when i run my mouth hurts?????
What is surgery like?
what other things can I do with this back pain?
how/where do I find black salve?
my stomach has been numb on the right lower side can you tell me what can that be?
It's my neck! Please Please help! :(?
Is taking tylonal (pm) and drinking beer bad?
How long do I need to flush my system?
Virus how long will this last?
Having surgery next week?
Really need help about sleep, much appreciated?
Cracking neck...sore throat?
my finger is numb, just the tip for at least a hour now.?
Why do my leg muscles hurt, it has nothing to do with exercise?
Continuous Back Tension. What's causing it?
why am i always tired when i wake up?
symptoms of a TENSION HEADACHE?
I feel like my hair is being pulled in one direct area of my head?
What's the BEST way to get Promethazine/Codeine from the doctor?
If my mom is allergic to everything but 24kt gold for her ears would I be allergic to the metal in a tongue ri?
My three year old sister has stomach problems?
Stress+heart problems=what? :?
HELP!!! I think I have heart problems?
How to prevent blushing??(plz answer)?
Is it possible to get 'phantom' bug bed bug bites two months after you were originally bitten?
my pulse has always been really high (120+)?
Does anyone have advice for curing eczema on my face?
Minor frostbite under eyes?
I think I have hypoglycemia? Help?
Where's a good place to get CLEAR lens glasses?
what is acuvue advance?
is 125% eye degree is bad?
Which eye contacts are the most comfortable for you?
Blurry eye. Why do eye drops remove blurriness for a little?
got new eye glasse but having a very hard time adjusting?
Coach Eyeglasses Frames?
colored/patterned eye contacts sites?
Changing contact brand?
I was wondering if there was any way to control a closed eye hallucination while your awake.?
Dark area under one eye only?
Does it matter if you go over a few days with your contacts?
my eyes have red spots on them and the area around my eyes have a rash?
How do you fix a bung eye?
I have black eye is not because I need sleep?
What is my eyeball size?
should I buy local lens or imported lens for cataract operation?
What's causes eyes to have purple dots at the end of the veins in the eye?
Which contact lenses are the latest and greatest?
Incorrect Color on monitor and eyes?
Where may I get eyeglass straps where the head band is made of coiled plastic?
Something to counter-act the drowsiness?
can avoiding the sun make you more sensitive?
h1n1 shot for kids, did u get it? or are you?
how do you stop your ears from itching,swelling.running fluid, and it hurt?
am i having an allergic reactoin?
Why did my eyes turn red?
good food or advice for skin allergies?
could my clogged right ear be from getting over my cold?
why do i get allergies?
Can popcorn husks harm the throat or esophagus?
My 3 year-old throws up when he has soy milk. Is it an allergy? Should I avoid all sources of soy?
If you're allergic to pet dander- What can I do to my home to make it easier for an allergic guest?
how to tell the difference between sinus/allergy problems and bronchitis?
Can I be allergic to my flatmate?
Why can't you taste when your nose is stuffed up?
Is polyester bedding good for sensitive skin?
How to get rid of nasal allergy. I had an operation of my nasal polyps two months ago and now again feeling?
How can I treat fall allergies?
it feels like i cant swallow after i eat?
how to squese my nose?
does the vemma product really work well?
To those who replied to my lactose intolerance question..?
Is Migrane a symptom of HIV?
will coricidin liquid pills make you trip ( congestion and cough )?
Should you apply cold to bring down a mild fever?
Does anyone else experience extreme lung pain during asthma attacks?
why does my middle section of my chest hurt when i breathe in?
My throat itches when I eat avocados. Am I allergic?
I have on occasional long spells of irregular heart beats.?
how much are doctors paid annually in america?
I get this frequent chest pains(4-5 times). My Doctor did an EKG and Cholestrol is also under control. I am 28?
A heart attack moves from an atrium to a ventricle, it must pass through a _________.?
i sometimes can feel my heart beating in my back? what does that mean?
What is the reason behind these chest pains?
why when i walk up two set of 5 stars and my heart was pounding?
Can vains hurt?...the vains in my arms hurt a lot...and my heart beats weird sometimes, and sometimes I have..?
102 heart rate for 16 yr old girl?