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Hair Colour Allergy Test?
Im breaking out all over my face and my eyes are swollen and red?
Is it safe to plug my nose and blow?
Are my symptoms caused by an allergy?
I have watery, puffy eyes?
my face is swollen...is it pollen?
Sister has a strange reaction to the ocean?!..please answer!!?
Can't breath through my nose.?
Sinus problems, any help?
Burning in throat and Nose?
Fruit allergies involving my toungue?
why is my nose stuffed?
is it ok to take diphenhydramine with penicillin?
Why do I get a weird feeling in my throat after I drink water ?
right breast swollen, metallic taste in mouth, food taste salty?
Is there a way to find out what kind of food I'm allergic to w/o going to the doctor?
Can the marines turn you down for a pollen allergy?
Poison Ivy rash is now swollen?
is there any natural herbs i can take to help me with going off my anti-depressants cold turkey?
Home remedies for a Sore throat?
iwant to quit alcohol how i can get rid of it ?
My boyfriend is in the hospital!need major help?
What could be causing me to be so tired all the time?
i got some hot fudge in my throat, im not choking. but what can i do to pass it down?
How can I fix my poor sleeping habits?
How do I fall asleep faster?
How bad is a tonsillectomy as an adult?
i got my ears pierced back in april and one of them really hurts?
Will smoking show up on a blood test?
is this due to weight lose?
could I be dehydrated or something?
Smoked 33 days ago for the first time, will i test positive Today?
How to get rid of bright red chapped lips?
right hip clicking when walking?
How can you make you lips bigger.?
My body is letting me sleep 15+ hours. Is something wrong?
does vinegar work to get thc out of your system?
when you sleep less you are not as tired?
Do you think Natasha Richardson Would Have Survived Had She Been In The US?
What vitamins/minerals am I deficient in if my hair starts to fall out?
I'm getting my tonsils out this week and I'm terrified!?
Is Universal health care a good thing?
HELP PLEASE! What are these on the soles of my girlfriends feet?
Liver Failure Question concerning Mental Capacity / Confusion?
i been slapped in the ear and i need to know the symthums?
How do i stop this headache?!?!?!?!?!?!?
there is a terrbile pain in my arm?
Can promethazine /codiene syrup hit get old?
how can reduse HDL cholesterol?
I have pain on my chest what can cause that pain?
should i go to er i ave taken an imatrex a few hours ago and headache is worse?
Inability to feel full?
Blood Clot Question?
What is a normal heart rate?
The R.I.C.E procedure is useful for:?
Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope?
my chest/heart hurts?
why does my heart beats very faster and get tired so easily when i am playing football(soccer)?
What could this injury be and how could I make it better?
Heart/chest pains 15 year old boy?
why is a hypertensive patient more prone to syncope (faint) ?
Heart Pain-What Doctor?
please help in alot of pain?
How to get high off tylenol?
i have a friend who has pain in the center of her chest, that radiated through to her back what could it be?
how do i get rid of pain on the left side of my jaw?
What's the best pain relief?
Is it possible my gall bladder is causing my problems?
do injections hurt?? i haven't experienced one since i was 4!?
im 13 and have terrible back pain ! help?
How much does it hurt to break a leg and any ideas on how to?
Foot pain after work?
What does stomach pain and throwing up with a little blood mean?
For several months I have had this burning ache like feeling in my right sctroum - any suggestions or help -?
I have a carpet burn on my knee?
Weird bite mark? Strange flies yesterday? Woke up with them?
Strep throat...Tonsillitis?
what does lymphatic glands mean?
if i chew metronidazole flagyl will it not work?
Can I catch a disease from a dental visit (cavity filled)?
sore throat question...?
cut on the back of throat?
white spot on back of throat?
i think i have triple e but my om wont take me to the hosptial?
i touched someone else's blood what could happen to me?
Can you get Hivs ............?
If hand soap doesn't advertise that it kills germs doesn't that mean it doesn't?
Can someone be a carrier of viral meningitis & if they can, can they be a carrier for years?
can antibiotics give you diarrhea?
Can either hepatitis B or cholelythiasis cause anemia?
What's up with my tuberculosis skin test?
Is this a strep throat impostor?
How do i know if i have staph infection?
I have my chicken Pox and im itching like crazy?
Tell me your bad experiences with monthly contacts?
An infected eye that is being treated with anti-biotic eye drops.?
Problem with color lenses...help needed!!?
Where To Buy Colored Contacts?
What is dry eye syndrome & what causes it?
OMG! I got a CONTACT LENS stuck under the bottom of my eye!!!?
doe anyone elses vison / eyes go funny when they see the colours bright red and blue together?
Why has my eyes changed color?
When I wake up, My eyes are always watery?
Can I get Color Contacts?
Having Trouble With Contacts!?
Im having blurred vision at moments and my family says my eyes get cloudy?
Visual Acuity Question?
when i get up i can not see? or it gets bluuryy,?
my eyes are blurry after i put in my contacts?
Were can i get perscription eyeglasses using medicaid in Davenport Iowa?
does anyone know when LASIK will be perfected to cure nearsighted people? can an eye doctor please answer.?
palinopsia anyone? why does this happen?
why has my right eye been jumping for a month now?
if you wear contacts is there a possibility to scratch your eye?
My lower eyelid is swollen it hurts when i open and close it even when i touch it what do i do? or take?
I'm looking into Contacts lens. I finally going to get them.. Help have a question?
How do I know which color contacts are right for me?
why cant i stop crying?
Has anyone ever experienced what I believe to be called, Sleep Paralysis? I have and it is so scary. ?
should i tell my mom i was molested?
Can I just kill myself right now so i can meet god already?
Can I have a heart attack from stress?
can somone help me? i feel suicidal?
i took to much depakote......?
Self - harmers... i'm doing an essay?
am i actually going crazy?
isit ok to ?
am i being suicidal?
Self Harm/Injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help PLZ!!!!!!!?
How do you cure an addiction?
Depression medication?
when u r depressed?
could i have ocd??????????
Both my parents smoke marijuana, lately it has been very chaotic in my home because of it. What do I do?
Sore/pain in my chest, (not sharp, just sore) in the center.. sometimes it moves upper left of my chest.?
Is there a Smarties Cologne?
Do I need to get an x-ray for TB testing?
what is wrong with him?
Do i still have lice?
Can smoking without inhaling still get me addicted?
Inward curving hips.?
Sore stomach muscles?
flu/ weird tongue color??????
I have second degree burns on my legsss.... anddd?
Information about orange skin diseases?
i get rashes on skin as "pitt". it is 6 months now.?
i want to ask that how i can get rid from dark circles?
What are the red dots under your eye?
help identify skin condition?
why do i have to get a biopsy on my leg? i only have a rash?
Why has my skin been breaking out recently?
Alopecia, going crazy.?
Why do I have red raw spots next to my mouth and chin?
I have red dots all up my arm to waiste what clould that be?
I have this random rash on my face?
natural cures for facial redness?
Red spots on the scalp?
i have 3 blackheads on my nose?
How dry does accutane make your skin?
Can talking to someone make you cough?
Could I have asthma possibly?
is there a delsym comercial that has a mother and a daughter layingg in the grass saying i love you.....?
is the sternum located in the thoracic cage?
so what does he mean by inhale?
sinus infection help pleaseeee?
Are my chest pains from smoking?
If a 17 year old male is having cough and wheezing three times a week how would you classify his asthma severi?
I was an everyday smoker, and have quit for two days and feel terrible, why is this? ?
what are the symptoms of TB?
Chest pain while doing dishes?
what is wrong with my throat?
Nasal spray question?
i smoked hooka 6 times will i be okay?
I was wondering if i have anything...sore throat when i swallow..sore chest when i cough..running nose..?
waht the depth of vegina?
Enflamed spleen pains?
I think i breathed in some mold spore?
calling all smokers and ex smokers like me....?
sleep/nose help Plzzz!!!?
Anyone have chest pain like this?
respiratory question?
I want my chest infection to go because i want to go to school tomorrow?
Allergic to Hamster. Hamster given away. How long now till allergies clear up?
Haematology.Which is the best book for medical students? (including also oncology..leukemia etc.etc.)?
how long does it take to get a ultrasound scan?
What is wrong with me?
What would happen If I took a whole inhaler if I didnt have asthma?
What is the most common cancer in children?
What is this, if not epilepsy?
What Are the Bumps on the very back of my tounge?
Blood,blood clots, and pain when urinating?
important quick question?
Strange Rash on my Stomach, has been there for about a month any ideas ? goes up and down in intensity.?
Burned my inner arm with steam at work today?
Coughing up sponge-like stuff?
what is considered expired on cough medicine?
What's the average size of a brain tumor ?
Tachycardia! Stomach?
Can anyone tell me what happening here?!?
Why do my ears feel plugged?
my uncle got a sonogram on his kidneys?
Throat badly hurting, for certain reasons? need information!!! HELP.?
Colon Hydrotherapy!! What goes on?
Why does my nose keep bleeding?
Whats Wrong With My Digestive System?
I just took one tablet of antidepressant medication at the same time as two cold medicine pills. Is this bad?
is saline good for bellybutton piercings?
I constantly feel i have to urinate...but nothing comes out?
Medicines don't effect me like they do most people..?
Why do i keep coughing for so long?
What do you do when home sick?
can i got to a hospital with no health care or credit card?
What the heck is wrong with me?? Please diagnose my problems!?
My poor son has a bad dry cough for 4 days now. Nothing seems to help, any suggestions?? Please help!?
im 16,and i got a tonsillectomy on friday. how long until the pain decreases?
what are some ways to fall asleep faster?
My blood pressure is 91/53, is this ok?
I've lost my voice. Please help!?
i have this problem its very gross?
I am having a really bad headache, stuffy/running nose, and a sore throat.?
I'ev made a lot of mistakes in my life and now I'm paying for them? Help me!?
is this a normal thing?
Are there any long term eye damage from wearing contact lenses?
Is this a migraine or something more serious?
i really need to know this for later...?
should i be worried about this?
There's a white bump in my throat?
How do I fix my, er... sleeping times?
My mouse hand is cold?
what are some hospital jobs? liek doctor or MRI techinciain?
Immortality...how?where?how much?
How do I know if I broke my ankle, broke my foot or hyper-extene my foot?
Is it @ all possible to fix a twisted leg that you are born with?
Have you broken your colar bone?
my foot is numb!?!?!?
Insensitive area on shin following a bruise?
my finger is a little purple andswolen and i canmove it alittle i hurtwhen i wasplaying goolkeeper is itbroken?
My big toe is red under the toenail yet it does not hurt at all except a tiny bit.?
i have a shoulder injury for 11 weeks it doesnt hurt if i pull it backwards but any weight foward it kills?
blood blister,what do i do?
P.T. Help!!! Physical (Therapy)?
Ace TekkZone Ankle Brace?
I got a question about athletes and injuries?
i hurt my back in football any advice?
how long does it take for swelling to go down?
dislocated ankels how long does it take to get fully healed ?
please help i think i have mono!?
Help I get cold sores every other week :/?
can you guys please tell me if i have mono before i go to the doctor?
i have pinkeye! how long will my eye be red for?
How to remove chicken pox scars?
which side of the patient are the sharps or scalpels placed?
i have strep throat again but my friends want me to party!?
is having 1 abdominal/pelvic cat scan dangerous to check for appendicitis?
what are the chances of my spleen rupturing?
there is blood in eye of small dog from cat scratch?
What could these symptoms mean?
i had a bladder infection with 2 rounds of different antibiotics?
Can i take half a threadworm tablet?
my 5 year old has protein and high white cells in her urine what does it mean?
Help please, last 3 days i had a fever now a low temperature?
what are the symtoms of having raybees ?
Can Strep throat be cured naturally?
nursing diagnosis of dengue fever?
how can u not touch cold sores..?
what can you do when you hit your finger with a hammer?
Calcium supplement causing joint pain?
can you take benadyrll and tylenol together?
Best cure for Pounding headache?
Sprained wrist what should i do?
Can i snowboard after my acl surgery?
I have a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade when I wake up in the morning. What should I do?
intense leg pain...please help?
What is wrong with me?
Sharp Pain on the Right Side of My chest, and a Numb Arm.?
Help!! Bad headache, my ears hurt, my chest and throat burns!? everything is wrong!!?
A 2 Day Headache that is gettting worse?
Any quick fixes for KNEE pain?
What do muscle relaxers do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!____________________________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Misdiagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis?
friend has just drank bleach and vinegar?
Is there something in my throat?
Pain in my chest all day, hurts more when i breath and move my right arm...?
I've had this dull pain beneath bellybutton for a few days now........Anyone know what this iss?
Pain in my chest and head, What is wrong with me?
My root canal tooth hurts. ?
My back hurts any suggestions to help? Besides painkiller?
Chest Problems?
how long should a 50 year old male run on a treadmill during a stress test?
what is wrong with my heart please help?
89/53 blood pressure heart rate 38?
ECG and Echocardiogram results normal. Could my dad's problem still be heart related?
Should you take Omega 3 even if your Cholesterol is normal?
Whats the fastest way to a mans heart?
Why do i have a pain in my heart?
name three types of treatment for seasonal affective disorder?
How do I know if I have Malnutrition?
Im anemic. does that make my immune system weak?
Does this cold sound serious?
Does mucinex make mucus go away?
Exhaustion?? please help!?
Keep Getting A Cold Every Few Weeks?
Can your dog get your soar throat? And can they spread it to other family members?
What is the youngest you have ever heard of anyone having a heart attack?
Knot at the base of my skull?
recipe/Gift ideas for lactose intolerant friend?
would oatmeal, honey and milk make a faicial mask?
Wintertime exercises?
Nappy rash and dairy intolerance?
cold/allergy problems help!!!!!!?
what kind of liver cleanse herb can i use if i'm allergic to ragweed?
why do people take drugs?
what over the counter medication can you give to an 8 month old baby for runny nose and sneezing?
Allergic Reaction to Cayenne Pepper?
Raccoon has a runny nose?
My daughters got bit 10+ times by a mosquito the bite's really hard,swollen now she has hives is she allergic?
is my poison ivy getting worse?
is this allergy reaction?
Constant nosebleeds= High blood pressure?
why is it that everytime i put my lil boys in the pool they get runny noses?
Help whats wrong I feel so congested?
Has anyone tried the product Lactagen?
Has anyone used Stinging Nettles for allergies?
Allergies or something else- puffy eye?
why my are eyes not clear?
Does Zinc help with acne?
how do i make my face less red?
Is There Any Homemade stuff to have a clear skin?
Why do I have bumps on my arms?
To the dermatologist?
Painful, itchy, swollen, bruised red bumps on legs?
My friends daughter 7 yrs old has a small cluster of red tiny bumps below her bottom lip.what coujd it be?
whats a good skin lotion?
Childhood acne--an underlying problem or normal?
Can plucking in the middle of the eyebrows (the center where the eyebrows meet) cause wrinkles?
how can i get rid of stretch marks without buying products ?
my skin burns please HELP?
Give me tips to avoid bad body odor?
Could somebody get a yeast infection from somebody with athlete's foot?
Why are my hands extremely itchy every morning?
I want to do laser eye operation to remove spectacle. There is any disadvantages? Best clinic in ahmedabad?
Views on ASDA opticans in the UK? Also what happens in a regular eye exam?
I get "eye pain" when I look into small spaces?
Why are my eyes so sensitive? How do Stop them from being like this?
how do you get pink eye?
glasses or contacts!!!i really don't know?
i need contacts and help?
Prescription Contacts - Mad Hatter [Alice in Wonderland]?
What kind of contacts last the longest?
How do I look in my new designer eyeglasses ? Do they suit me well ? Do you like this style of frames?
school starts in 3 days and i just got pink eye this mourning will i make it on the first day back?
Eyes Sore and Tired for no reason?
Eyesight problems involving focussing?
Are inverted tables for back pain relief safe if one had laser LASIK surgery one year ago?
pink eye? eye doesn't itch or burn yet? developed overnight?
how to get colored eye contacts?
fix blown eye vessel?r=1257811835?
I'm having trouble opening my eyes?
how much are prescription contacts?
How can you purposely give yourself pink eye?
Eye problems what should I do?
movie today, eyes dilated?
can a pacemaker make a noise after the person has died?
Am I having panic attacks?
what is the cardivascular system made of besides the heart?
When I get irritated physically and MENTALLY, I start itching?
i have a bubble action going on if i don't cough i fill like chocking?
what type of reactions can a baby had by a mosquito bite?
Normal to be very hungry after MMR vaccine?
Very Bad Sore Throat?
Stomache pains & feeling sick?
H1N1 Getting worse????
pinky finger hurts at joint/knuckle area?
My skin is starting to itch real bad?
my boyfriend passed out today?
My heart can go up to 200 bpm is that normal?
help asap 8 year old gril kidney problems...in hospital...?
Physiological benefits?
Can someone give me advice?
If you were in my position what would you do !?
medical question, please help..?
What are some of the best ways to promote Liver Health?
why can't I ever sit still?
Does anyone know what methods besides 'the pill' are covered by tn medicaid?
is there any nurses online? need help here please!!!!?
what are some of the treatment options for ocd parents?
I Need you help??
what is going on???
what is this spot on my tongue?
How can you cure acid reflux?
Does releev work?(cold sore medicine)?
Who frequently wanders about in frightening off-red undergarments?
Severe symptoms undiagnosed?
what is the level of sodium,potassium,calcium and magnesium in feces?
Chest Congestion Problem??? Please Help Me??!!?
spine problems!?!?! im only 13?
depressed? someone help me please?
Does Zoloft actually work for anxiety?
these symptoms mean....?
help i just took some pills?
I got humiliated big time, now i feel like walking ****......?
Second attempt in suicide...10 points up for grabs too.?
why am i so depressed.?
I feel like cutting....bad....?
Am I going crazy??????????!??!?
how can i get my mind off bad things?
Should I starve, yes or no?
why can't i get over his past?
My mother is bipolar! What should I do?
A friend recently commit suicide at age 32.. I've known him for 11 of those ears?
I don't know what's wrong with me..?
I feel like I don't belong ..?
I am very serious about this, pleasse help me?
What causes throat pain one sided feels like tearing/stretching when I open my mouth.?
Worried about my mom's REALLY high blood pressure.?
family refusing to inform patient of diagnosis?
Should I be smoking weed if I have bad pains on my chest?
How serious are my gall stones?
If you drank water and peed and drank the pee would it be the same amount it would be in the first place?
i have bronchitis. need help!?
what are the symptoms of pneumonia or bronchitis?
coughing up blood, do i have a disease?
Has anyones child ever had a fever for more than 5 days? If so what was the problem?
Can you get phnemonia by being near someone who has it even if they're only just breathing?
Does this sound like my asthma is getting worse?
Quitting smoking and insomnia?
endocrinology- my t.s.h level was 8.35 what will happen when i see him? scared..=(?
What can cause chest pain?
what do you do when your sleep apnea test comes back normal?
can a sinus infection get into your lungs ?
bad lung/chest pains?
~~~~~~~MUCINEX can get you HIGH?~~~~~~?
When you have a panic or anxiety attack do you get dehydrated?
Why cant i hold my breath for long?
chest inftection/pneumonia?
Swine fluu question ?
Ive been sick with a cold for almost a month. I have a really bad cough in the morning and at night.?
my 5 year old has problems breathing she started turning blue could she have anxity?
it feels weird when i breathe?
Scratchy throat and blood in my saliva?
what happens in a panic attack?
My sister can't stop coughing...?
Steroids: Can there be side effects if a doctor prescribed it?
Always tired and thirsty?
How to think of getting old as a blessing instead of a curse?
How long do.............?
what is a headache? what causes the pain?
Medical issues. Please help:(?
Having troubles getting to sleep. Any advice?
i just coughed up blood what should i do?
why do i keep peeing every 5 minutes?
Today's issue: how to deal with this terrible hangover.. help?
got shot with a pellet gun 8 years ago could i have lead poisoning?
My fingers keep getting cracked. What can I do?
SMOKING HABIT!!!! want to quit!!!?
I would like to know whats going on i need at leas 5 answers please.?
my left eye has been red for 2 weeks and just today its started to get blurry ?
Constantly hungry and tired?
How many hours of sleep is recommended to aid height growth?
is it normal to not to be able to stand the cringy feeling of when my leg falls asleep?
Doctor's Appointment.....?
2nd question: What foods/drinks should i have to make this nasuea go away from a hangover?
is there a test or something to check to see if one has a parasite?
what do i do when i am stuck at home with a fever?
is this a safe way to get rid of a wart?
Severe ankle sprain that never healed...should I be worried?
I don't know what it is....?
I hurt my shoulder and i was wondering if you can help me?
why would there be fever developing 3 weeks after surgery?
Should I worry about this?
swelling above my left ankle? ?
I have very painful calves, anyone know what could be wrong?
cheek muscle is moving!?
What do you know about "trigger finger" ?
Has anyone experienced a Baker's Cyst?
What would you like to ask?What can i expect in the days following ulnar transposition surgery?
i burnt myself and its swelled?
I hurt my ankle in a cross-kick. it's been 5 days,i have rested but really want to bike. Is it ok? ?
Help with my ankle??
What is wrong with my wrist?
How do I get rid of nasal congestion?
My mom has been vomiting and having the hiccups for the past few days. Her hands and head has been shaking?
Has anyone known someone to have mental confusion while on Tarceva?
Looking for a reliable cholesterol home kit?
Stomach problems and constant burning feeling like I am hugry?
I have IBS and its slowly killing me. I dont know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?
dr said i had an area of decreased perfusion in the anterier lateral portion of my heart, what does that mean?
My girlfriend has a heart murmur...?
i have had my pulse rate checked and its about 71, checked it several times, , it says i have arrhythmia?
I have a minor heart mumur, and I'm scared, I'm not sure if it's true either. D:?
problems with my heart racing!!?
fluid retention due to CHF?
i am 23 yr old female my blood pressure is 118/94 is this healthy?
Medical question to do with heart?
what does it mean when your blood pressure goes up?
Suicide heart donation?
What is wrong with me? Is it my heart or something else?
Doctors say its healthy but is it really healthy?
I want to know about stroke?
What does it mean that my blood pressure is 141/79?
Is My Heart Rate Bad?
My boyfriend heart chest pains?
what if my High Cholesterol is 340?
I had an ECG a week and a half ago...?
Help I just suffered a Minor Heart attack?
anyone here have valve surgery?
anyone out there taking toprol? Are you having any side effects?
How can you lower heart blood pressure?
Why is my wart now red?
Products to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads?
how to get rid of a wart in 1 day ? HELP?
Can you freeze warts off with spray on deaoderant?
my dry skin ive tryed everything?
How do you get rid of breakouts on your back/shoulders?
When is the wart I had frozen going to blister?
Is isotretinoin (Accutane, Claravis, Sotret, Amnesteem) safe to take?
how to clear up skin?
Please help! Large boil?
Boil on groin, please help...10 points?
how to get rid of black heads?
Zinc or fish oil pills for acne? Which one works better?
Face Acne, White Head, So Forth?
Is it normal for my lips to be naturally chapped?
2 bumps on the lips "down there"?
how well does scar away help car tissue disolve? PLEASE HELPPPPP?
Is There Something Wrong With Me?
I've been feeling out of it lately?
My doctor put me on Welbutrin 5 days ago, can I stop?
What are the major differences between meth and heroin?
Chantix, what's your experience?
Think I've got Almond Oil Stuck in my ear...?
does anyone hate homeopathic remedies?
How can I just donate an organ? I would really like to bless someone's life, what can i do?
steroids injected into hip joint?
Numbness in toes during exercise?
i am on a no smoking patch. can i still smoke pot. nicotene vrs thc?
Second Degree Burn and Bio Oil?
help!!! i got water in my cast.?
Did it effect her liver enzyme?
I'm worried about her...?
is this a good cause?
i took shrooms yesterday. is it ok to take a xanaz to calm down?
whats the quicket way to heal a swollen tongue?
what is the liquid that comes out of the ear when you cut it?
How can i cure asthma ? Any medicine ?
Ok why do i keep getting random nosebleeds today?
do allergy shots make you drowsy?
arm rash? allergy? cure?
Almond skin allergy or fleas?
why does it seem that coughs get worse at night?
Why do some fruits make my throat itchy?
Why are some people allergic/intolerant of seafood?
Hai, Due to my job i have been using nose mask by dis i got a blak ring around my mouth. how to get rid of ?
Milk allergy/intolerance?
Am I allergic to msg?
The outside of my nose hurts!?
If my blood work came back good will i be ok?
please answer this???????????????
I have lupus,but want to go on a summer holiday,any idea if it is safe to do so,getting very different answers?
What could these symptoms be?
Does this sound like melanoma ?
i have food allergies and i am confused can you help?
Lactose intolerance or IBS?
Ways to calm a nervous stomach?
What does my dream mean!? I woke up with my heart pounding.?
the pus cells in urine examination is more than 100 hpf. what does it mean?
mono question.. please help :)?
I had a liver biopsy 4 days ago?
is this thrush? need help?
If two people have mono, does it matter if they kiss?
What effect does Tuberculosis have on society?
do I have the right to know if i have received a blood transfusion?
can u catch hiv of clothes?
should you carry your contact lens case with you everywhere you go?
what is a risk you have taken?
Sore Throat with Puss Pockets, no achey body, no fever, negative for strep and mono?
Could it be that the new arrival of whooping cough and bed bugs have anything to do with illegals?
what is botulism and how does it affect children?
What is the full form of TAB vaccine?
what can cause of stomach abscess?
Just been to Cambodia and i'm worried that i might have malaria, i'm scared!?
whats glandular fever, my spleen really hurts..?
How often should I check for UTI's while pregnancy?
My child constantly has ulcer. What should I do?
How Often Do You break out with a coldsore?
how can i get over this sickness?
Myopic vision suddenly getting clear?
I want to know about the Versace Frame Eyeglasses?
i have an eye problem - double vision and my eyes feel tired a lot of the time. even after a 10 hour sleep.?
Can i change my eye colour permanently?
How do I get this out of my eyelashes?
What would my eye sight be? (In terms of 20/x)?
How much would a four month supply of contacts cost?
Will a minor lazy eye sort without operation?
Please help,how do I stop this eye tic habit of mine?
Are Ray Ban Wayfarers good prescription glasses? Are they also stylish? In my opinion they look trendy.?
Will being on my laptop watching movies with the lights off damage my eyes/eye sight?
Why do I find it hard to shut my eyes?
Popping out lenses question?
Sore eye :( Hasn't happened before.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I can't keep my eyes open to insert and remove contact lenses. Is there a device that can keep my eyes open?
Popped blood vessel? Am I able to wear contacts?
Why does my eye keep twitching?
I took a eye test, some questions about a eye test?
slight double vision in both eyes?
If I use Glasses, what kind Eye set would you give me?
I Want to Clarify On My Last Question?
Can Systane Ultra be used in combination with Gentamicin?
my cat is sick and she is skinny,runny nose and eyes,and she is not eating?
Stomach Hurts Forever?
This is a serious health question What are rockerbottom feet?
I feel drained and tired, and have had stuffy nose and greenish mucus for 2 weeks now...?
Should I tell my doctor about this ( read description)?
vagistat 1 made my symptoms worse. its been a day and its no better....can i take another 3 day course soon?
I have had a violent cough for some time now.?
Is walking pneumonia contagious? Please answer asap?
Why do i feel like i can't catch my breath?
I keep throwing up in the morning and have bad diareah and feel queasy and fussy.?
My throat hurts, so I will like to know how can i deal with this problem.?
Do you have an addiction?
Do I have a mental illness?
Some on to talk to?
I'm so upset, this is the worst thing that could have happened, has this happened to anyone else?
AM I TOO FAT ?????? I'm scred plese judge me.?
I'm going to die?......?
suicidal feelings?
I've already wrote my suicide note - is that a bad sign?
I am so depressed with life; can anyone recommed anything?
Very stressed. Should I call my boss and tell them I may not come in tomorrow?
what disorders do you have?
Why do I feel so worthless?
I think suicide is the way?
I cant stand my life anymore?
how do you know you are addicted to maijuana???
When i commit suicide should i write my enemy a letter?
This is gonna sound really weird but I'm serious?
Question about my daughter, taking it too far?
Could someone tell me what is wrong with my collarbone and how it can be fixed?
I injured the nail on my left thumb last year what should I do (details below)?
Do I have shin split?
How to recover from an arm injury?
Ankle pain what can I do?
Muscle contraction sensation at bottom of foot- but no pain, can you diagnose?
i have a wierd lump or so i think by my heart and it hurts when i breathe or cough.bruised rib,or breast?
4 week finger sprain abnormality...normal?
MY ankle HURTS BUT only sometimes?
I have been getting really bad head aches everytime i play video games oron computer for long period of time?
I just had sugery on my foot?
Why The F*Ck Does It Still Hurt? Should It Be Swollen? How Can I Make The Pain Stop?
How to get rid of depression?
are frequent headaches a genetic trait?
what would a pediatric urine test check for?
Please help! I need to get rid of a cold asap for a formal event on thursday? Any tips?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will I still damage anything(Feet ,back..whatever) if I wear cowboy style boots 3 days a week?
Am I at danger? Librium&Alcohol.?
almost every night, i have a very weird sensation of just randomly falling, and then i wake up to vibrations.?
Does this Mole look bad?
Dizzy when I get up fast?
I dont know what to do? ..help?
Musclar endurance training?
Need help with my stomach being constantly upset?
what causes blood in the nose, when you get up?
I have a medical question!?
Why do i have this pressure like pain under my rib cage?
Do you have arteries in your lungs?
how medical advances prevent inherited conditions?
I have fever almost one month?
What are the works of a dialysis technician? What qualification is required to become a dialysis technician?
I have very recently begun to suffer with an allergy...?
Stomach cancer????????
do injections hurt?? i haven't experienced one since i was 4!?
How much does it hurt to break a leg and any ideas on how to?
help i have neck pain i am a 13 year old boy?
What does stomach pain and throwing up with a little blood mean?
Tiny red bump on wrist?
Any idea on what this could be on my face?
thick dead skin on my sons fingers?
How do i cure toe fungus?
What is this red,itchy,burning rash?
Bleach water for chronic athlete's foot?
How good is my skin care routine?
My Wenis is numb!! PLEASE HELP!?
how can i stop my face from flaring up?
Clindamycin Phosphate has been causing my skin to itch. Help!?
What do I do? Infected piercing?
Has anybody heard about the Oregon based Company that makes " That Dragonfly Stuff " Dragonfly Landing?
HELP! I have a blister/sore on the corner of the right side of my mouth!?
I had have fungus in my foot for years.I`ve tried Lamisil, other over the counter ointments, gels...you?
how can i get my skin to be lighter?
How to get RID of huge plantar wart on the bottom of my foot? PLEASE HELP ME!?
How to cure these random red spots?
I'm concerned if this means something or not?
I sleep ALL the time, is that suppose to mean something?
does anyone know what my problem is?
im sweating. 103 fever. im dizzy. i cant stand. i cant sleep.?
What could this be??x?
how can i stop nail biting ?
any tips on how to fall asleep quick?
I know colosopy's are usually safe.?
Uncomfortable feeling in throat, help?
what makes you fall asleep quickly?
I have had twitching on my left cheek for about three weeks now, relaxants don't help, what could it be?
How do I get some sleep?
which arm to donate blood from?
What is wrong with me?! Question in description?
i don't feel right. migraine, neck pain, nausea vomiting, shaky.?
i have a bad Habit of biting the skin off of my lips?
Is it safe to take a pill that has been sitting in my pocket for over a week?
i got fingered for the first time...?
At home sleep remedies?
Please help... this happens once every month during my sleep... bothering me very much?
WHAT professions are there in the drug abuse prevention field?
What makes a cough go into the chest?
Low blood pressure 105/65. Is it OK for 78 years old?
What can it be? Not Feeling Well?
Why does your chest rise when your dead?
does biogas can help develop a lung cancer?
Is pneumonia contagious?
after laser surgery on prostrate and bladder 3 wks. ago.wondering why i am no better?
Why is it so hard for me to breathe?
What could this pain be in my upper stomach/back?
Gastritis keeps coming back I do not smoke or drink?
Anyone w/ Alopecia Areata...question?
sounds can be harmfull?
I had an ultrasound and was told that my liver was extremely high. What is the cause of a displace liver.?
How exactly is plasmapheresis performed?
I woke up and my hands are killing me?!?
my back feels itchy after drinking vodka and then i got heartburn the last time i drank beer?
I took the H1N1 shot and now my legs feel like they're being squeezed?
Any one know 2 comunicable diseases and ..?
how do i build my immune system up?
Could this be food poisoning?
my friend has the flu?
Is this a reaction to medicine?
Am I having an allergic reactin to Loestrin 24?
what does it mean when my throat is sore and dry?
How long would you get sick for if you had heptitus?
why am I sneezing after nasal oxygen?
Roommate Drinking Problem?
how long salmonella contagious?
tell how bacteria reproduce?
if hepa b virus is transmitted to me what will happen to the level of my hepa b vaccine?
What's wrong?
What is the abbreviation TCN for?
Is she probably allergic to pet dander too?
What would cause an annual outbreak of hives?
I cant breathe when i sleep at a friends house do i have allergies?
Is this a normal reaction?
really bad diarrhea- HELP!?
Can you kiss the person who gave you mono after you're not sick anymore?
Why can't I sneeze whenever I get sick?
Which cheese will mold 1st 2nd and 3rd?
Need help to find Helicobacter pylori.?
how many shots should a person get?
Does MRSA disqualify you from joining the Military?
I have Tonsillitis what do i do ? Help?
Hepatitis C, what's it like when liver really starts to go (eminent failure)?
my face was clean but for allergy from days face is going to glow less .what should i do?
I am SO confused. Do I have a metal allergy?!?
is it ok to take cetirizinehcl, diphenhyraminehcl,chlorpheniramine maleate at the same time?antihistamine ol?
are my gauges getting infected?
If a CD4 level is below 200 is it "clinically" considered AIDS?
doctors gave me medicine for stomach ulcer?
IS this UTI or kidney stone?
Swollen lymph nodes. Useful suggestions greatly appreciated!?
what can be done about a possible misdiagnosis?
can my being sick for about 2 weeks and a half cause me to become lactose intolerant?
what is garmelia decease?
Does ceiling vent affecting my breathing?
what can i do to help with my sore throat?
I'm not sure Do you think I Have Asthma?
Coughing up Green flem..?
i get weird sharp chest pains?
solution for harsh coughing?
Difficulty breathing through nose - rhinoplasty required?
why we should breath from our nose and not from mouth. give reasons?
too much smoke in my room!?
do me and my mom have a right to be mad at my lung doctor?
what differences can be seen between a smokers lung and a normal lung?
why cant i breathe sometimes?
I've been coughing for 1 week help!!!?
Post nasal drip and nausea!! PLEASE HELP!?
how can I improve my breathing after a lobectomy?
Is airborne getting discontinued in stores?
do I have bad bones ?
Lexapro question. Has anyone experienced the below while taking this medication?
Why do we get delirious when we're really tired?
Constant Thirst Problem?
Why do health care organizations have problems with budgets?
pain in left schoulder with tingaling down arm?
Is pain in elbo joint signs of a heart problem ?
I'm taking a B/P test next week and need to lower my B/P by at least 10 points, any quick ways?
random pains in my heart,feels like stabbing !am only 18?
What could be the problem with my heart?
if a person had a heart attack and half of their body got paralyzed,is it possible for them to recover?
What should I do If my blood pressure is more than 170/100 for the first time.?
What things that people who had hypertension cannot do?
My 18 year old brother just had a stroke,he does not use drugs, and they have no answers? looking for advice?
I dont know how to tell people about my heart.?
Should I stop my last blood pressure medication?
Heart Tingling Problem :S?
Chest pain when I twist, breathe deeply, or position myself wrong.?
What happens if a stroke if left untreated?
who can i talk to for help after a heart attack?
Ayurvedic Medication & indian system of treatment for Heart attack . Whom & Where to contact ?
can a 17 year old have a heart attack?
Sore Lump On My Neck?
Will eating right before bedtime have any affect on my sleep?
I am getting very light headed (fuzzy feeling).?
I keep getting heart palpatations?
Why does Cait have a big nose?
for the weed smokers. does smoking weed give you cancer ?
Big white acne on chin?!?
Can I die on insulin overdose?
Would this be considered a leg injury?
Can broken ceramic get into the blood in the vein?
pins in my foot are now out....i have lost feeling on the top of the big toe...will feeling ever come back?
thought it was a sprain?
when ever i bend my elbow and move it side to side it squeaks, can someone please tell me why?
y does it hurt when i pee?
Knee pain when running?
im getting surgery. shoulder surgery tear supraspinatus tendinosis/tendinopathy. ?
Ok so you know that 2 days ago I jumped out of a swing 2-3 feet high its still red hurts to walk on and now ?
I've had knee problems in the past...?
Lower back and adominal pain. How can I get through one week?
I have a headache! What to do!?
My feet, mostly toes are in so much pain. been going to basketball last couple of days and we've been running.?
Are these two problems related?
Head aches every day and feeling nauseous? Please help?
SEVERE stomach pain, should I go to the hospital?
Pea size lump on left side of neck?
Is it better to use a cold ice pak on your sore wrist, or a warm/hot one?
What is the worst injury you have ever had?
ouch it hurts!! plzz help??? ?
I got hit on my head and I can't pop my ear holding my nose, I just feel air coming out of my ear. what is it?
two days ago i coughed and now i have back lower pain when i breath a curtain way or when i move?
how long will it hurt?
does ibuprofen help with cramps ?
my stomache hurts..........?
i hit my lip on an object today and it swelled up. whats the fastest way to have the swelling go down?
How long do you have a cast on?
Will my arm get back to 100%?
I woke up with a dead arm, is it damaged?
Why do I have a a chest pain?
i have a kanka sore on my toniles help!!?
can you help my mom get knee surgery?
should I do ecstasy? and if I do will it change my life/personality?? is it fun? what do i feel?
POLL: Do you talk to yourself?
How can I build courage to suicide?
whats going on with me?
help me i am having a crisis!?
I want to die.?
How can I fade scars?
life - how much pressure can you handle?
do you believe time heals all wounds?
Am I Insane? What Should I Do? Is It Normal?
I just took LSD?
How would you handle it if your six year old daughter told you she had been raped?
how can i get sick thoughts out of my mind?
Do I really need counseling?
How do you know if you have depression?
Does talking to myself mean I'm crazy?
is it wrong to want to be a teenage mother..?
should i rush to the ER or has anyone ever felt this way before? im so scared : ( ?
Disposable Contacts Question?
how do bifocal contacts get right side up by themselves?
why are blind people sensitive to light?
Clear outline on side of glasses?
Need to know requirements to get as a ophthalmologist technician?
Do you think Chrystal Blue contacts would look good on dark brown eyes?
getting new contacts?
a cut in my eye/springtime allergies?
Weird looking vein? in my eye?
I have a vision question regarding athletic performance?
Eye problem, what are they?
Weird dot in daughters eye?
Little Red Dot On One Eye? Help?
No daily contact lenses with my prescription?
What is wrong with my eyes? Blurry streaks and blobs when looking at a light.?
eye changing color? (please read)?
My eyes droops when i take pictures. what can cause this?
Seeing glows from lights after looking away from the light itself.?
acuvue 2 lenses...red eyes!?
What is this red blotch on my eye?
Fast changing astigmatism?
bells palsy on the right side for 10 days now my left eye keeps twitching non stop?
help maybe have skin cancer!?
What are some ways to make my asthma /heavy berthing go away? Pleasee I'm panicing?
possible acid reflux... please help?
Is my blood pressure OK?
salivary glands are swollen?
im 12 yrs old and i have had a little bit of trouble breathing...?
how to be sick in the morning?
Difficulty Breathing sometimes?
Anxiety meds?! what's the best.?
Arms fall asleep easily?
how long will shrooms a.k.a Psilocybin and Psilocin be able to be detected in urine after first time use?
Do i have a social anxiety disorder?
i paralized my legs... what should i do?
how do i go to sleep really early when i am not sleepy or tired?
My future mother-in-law works for a general practitioner. Will she be able to see my medical records?
when i got up i felt dizzy and fell down?
it is impossible for me to sleep!!!!?
Suggestions for health?
4th toe is shorter then 5th toe,what to do?
Will squeezing blackheads from my nose with fingers wrapped in tissue deform my nose?
How do you fall asleep really fast?
smoking?!? please answers?
what's wrong with me?
Why am i always so tired but can't fall asleep ?
Do doctors need to read new studies?
What should i do? My right ear is stuffy and i cant hear out of it.?
Whenever I wake my husband up, he jumps a foot off the bed. It bothers him. Does anyone know why?
My uncle is 45 years old he has hypertension and has had frequeunt arm numbness and acheness that appears?
Could i have cancer or something?
Bruises on my breast for no reason?
can u catch hpv from sharing needles?
Every morning I take meds for my ADHD and I took it ad swallowed weired and it feels like it's stuck?
Pituitary tumor disappeared ?
COPD and bronchitis & dr. said advair 2 a day instead of albuterol. I've heard advair causes pneumonia!?
infected ear piercing or not?
parasites when i went outside?
What does it mean when a product says live active cultures?
Stray cat scratched me, should I be concerned?
what can i do to prevent this?
any remedy for removing amoeba from ....human body?
what will happen if i just drank liquids for 2 days?
Have I got conjunctivitis?
What do these symptoms mean?
Urinary Tract Infection - what can I do?
What is staph infection? How is it spread?
can hepatitis b antibody be detected after twenty years?
My Community is under a boil order?
Fever for a week after virus?
can you donate the plasma from blood if you were infected with hepatitis b twenty years ago ?
I never got chicken pox as a child. Does this leave me vulnerable later in life?
If both parents have mono do they pass it on to their baby?
Im sick and I am not sure what it is, help?
Common diseases in human?
am scared to tell my grandmother?
Hot water bottle...will this become a permanent burn?
How bad is lead solder for you?? Will I get sick?? PLEASE HELP!?
i need some really cool new medical discovery?
my 3 y.o brother is sick.....?
AcipHex and Army Test?
Why have i been so tired lately?
PT and OT, insurance refusing to pay..help!!!!?
Is there a scientific name for the slight, sensual achiness and languor that occurs post-orgasm?
Why do I often have just one shiver when when I am not cold?
what do you think about this?
Do I Really Need To Lose Weight?
cAn aNyOnE GiVe mE A SiTe oR aNyThInG To hELp mE Do aN AIr fLaRe...?
Can Adderall cause hives?
What are some ways we can reduce pet dander?
Is it possible that an allergy to an item appears because your exposure to the item is reduced alot?
tubes in ears can you use a humidifier?
Am I having an Allergy Attack...?
Are these pains caused by my allergies?
switching between nostrils to breathe?
Could my baby be having an allergic reaction or just allergies?
Do I need an allergy test?
my cats nose has changed colour, why is that?
what to do if my earring holes closed up?
I have a Yellow-ish face !?
please help with razor burn!?!?!?!?
after shave the the area of under arm remains black. How can I get back the normal skin colour?
Little red/brown spots on my feet?
How can you get rid of bacne/acne quickly?
Do I have to leave the scab on my lips alone in order for them to heal?
What is Intradermal pigmentation ?
tiny red dots on my lower arm?
what is the best way to keep black heads from coming back?
The line of skin under toes and genetics.?
How to get rid of flat head warts?
What makes it hard to stop itching once you've started?
My friend's skin and muscles are hurting without a fever, what could be the condition?
will asprain work over night on a zit?
How to get rid of scars?
How come my feet have always been really dry compared to the rest of my body?
Cleansers for acne-prone, rough skin?
Is it harmful to use lysol wipes on your face?
Will my speech be affected if I undergo Botox treatment on my masseter muscles?
Can mold grow on a small statue carved from wood?
what are ativan [lorazepam]..2mg effects and how does it compare to xanax?
im 13 and i smoke help?
I have bronchitis is this normal?
how soon can i get my vicodin refillied if i have a refill marked on bottle?
Why does it feel like I have to pee but I can't?
Harmful effects of weed?
Weird Lump in my neck? ?
i have a tummmy ache how can i get rid of it without food or drink?