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i'm always scared that i will get a panic attack?
kidney infection again?
My tummy hurts because???
Focalin XR not working??
Please!!! Will somebody answer my question about lymph node and salivary gland swelling?
Can muscle tissue get infected?
Not drinking enough water?
Any ideas what I have and what I can do for it?
Did herion once and have a hair test in a month.Will flushing out my system with water help. Will one use show
Anyone experienced this on Accutane? What can I do?
what should I do about my temporary hearing loss?
what do u think i should do about this?
What does it mean when your feet get swollen from the snow?
obliteration of the eustachian tube?
Does drinking water help unclog arteries?
How do I cure my short bowel syndrome?
Question about drinking baking soda with water.?
Can holding your breath while taking blood pressure test affect your result?
Is donating blood bad for gaining muscle?
I have a jones brake How long will it take to heal?
im worried about my son's skin after i took off his band aid on his leg?
Was born with nerve damage, can it ever be reversed or improved?
Do you think i sprained my hand?
my knee has swollen to the size of a grapefruit and i dont know why?
how long is recovery for an ?
My back hurts from football im curious what is wrong and what i can do to fix it?
What can I do for a stretched ligament in my ankle/achilles region?
I tore my muscles and i want to heal them?
back pain!!!! HELP!!!?
hand impalement between middle finger and pointer. lots of swelling plz help?
why does3 my foot tingle?
hard/boney lump on back of head?
can someone help me with the sleep once again stuff?
if I take like 5 hits of good weed how long will i stay high?
concerned about me!!!! Help?
bowel movement ? dehydration? constapation?
i remvd a mole off my middle finger since then fats grow inside the finger i oprted it once but dy ve grwn agn?
how can i stop(blah blah 20 characters)?
i walked for 7 days in pain of leg and then was told by doctor I had torn ligament is this possible?
Subcutaneous nodules and joint pain, what condition is this?
A couple of days ago I started experiencing experience this ringing in my ears.?
What is Folic Acid and why does the body need it? I know pregnant women need it but why does everyone else?
will i pass a drug test?
Drug test tomorrow...How do I pass it?
I need help what is this? (PICTURE)?
suffering from chronic nose bleeds?
i had 2 take a tp test which turned red...................?
What is the opposite of hot flashes?
Doctors just wont do anything? :/?
Anyone ever have deviated septum surgery?
How can blisters on your feet heal faster?
Whats the best way to cause scarring?
Why do I have permanently chapped areas on my lips and how can I stop this?
I've had my piercing for 3 years. For 2 and 1/2 years i've had a ring and the other 1/2 a stud.?
Is there a way to get rid of shingles?
My resting heartrate is about 54 bpm, is this normal?
Which is the best dandruff shampoo? I have chronic proble?
tickle in throat causes coughing fit?
Random red itchy skin?
is cetaphil lotion good for both acne and eczema..?
My son (22mo old) has been on medicine for 3 days because he had a minor cold (watery nose)?
Why do I itch ALL over?
is it bad or good to scratch itch on face?
How to fix protruding shoulders?
How do you tell the difference btw URI, flu, and pneumonia?
is it possible that i have an asthma?
What is the symtoms of infection?
Gene linked to some smokers’ lung cancer?
How can I help speed up the process of skin healing?
Chicken and/or Beef allergy?
Why am I all of a sudden getting blisters?? ?
What do you think could be wrong with me?
my lungs? are they ok???
Having sleep problems but passed Sleep Test for Sleep Apnea?
How do you get a big bumpy zit to go away fast?
Do i supose to feel this moveable lumps this days ?
what helps acne scars?
Do I have a cold sore scar?
Keratin treatments safe?
Jock itch and anti-fungal soap?
What can i do about poision oak?
Why have I not been hungry?
how many hours can you go without sleep before dementia starts?
help with this problem!?
Do bacteria killing sprays actually kill 99.9% of germs?
Singulair (medication): A cheaper alternative?
homesick sleep away camp!?
can certain foods affect your sleep?
I have a gassy feeling allot. What causes this?
Craving raw onions, what gives?
I'm having an issue with smoking s um thing?
I'm having problems with sleep can some one help ?
Pros and Cons of a shot that counter-acts the negative effects of the Hep A & B shots, please?
why are most (children's) medicines always cherry flavored?
Urge to put pressure on face?
My body is shutting down on me...?
What viruses are going around right now?
i smoked weed a while back and i going to MEPS this week should i be ok?
do you know any good hypnosis? i don't mean a doctor or go to a clinic?
Can I laminate my CNA card?
General Practititioner and Internal Medicine? which is longer of school?
How do I change my sleeping pattern?
Does friction kill germs?
What illness do I have?
are these flu shot symtoms?
why do i feel like i have a fever,but i really don't?
Why do I have a urinary tract infection (UTI)?
what is the medicine for flu?
how can people get hiv?
do you get red spots if you have viral meningitis?
what are some more detailed syptoms of turbuculosis,?
Does this person have aids.?
How bad is it to have tapeworms?
What are these symptoms of?
i was tested for chlamyida?
Is it dangerous to share alcohol with people your not related to?
I have mono... will I infect him?
HIV or Hepatitis trough cut.?
How to find out if you are suffering from malaria?
i've been feeling really depressed lately.?
Why am I paranoid to go to sleep?
I think i am slightly crazy.?
If you were raped?
Is this normal??: Need Some Answers?
im constantly feeling low?
i hate my body really bad!!?
Do I have depression or is just moods?
Tell me what should i do? Ha?
I hate my life...i wana suicide?
I've been real depressed and been thinking about suicide a lot lately. What do I do?
Why do i cut myself? Whats wrong with my brain?
does she look sad???
how can anyone commit suicide without a gun?
Serious depression issue, REALY need help. CANT STOP CRYING!!?
depression and medication? help please!?
Suicide. Should I tell someone?
eye discharge for a few years?
Can anyone recommend a dry-eye healthy wash cloth, which can be used for heat compress or to rub eye itches?
why does my eye do this?
What is the cheapest way to buy Acuvue Daily Contacts?
How do you put in eye drops while wearing contacts?
can i get contacts that are coloured too?
how long does crizal avance last? Given we take care of it?
Computer glasses question?
trouble writing words down correctly?
My eye appears very red?
I have one eye that has been watering for about 5 days, should I go see my eye doctor or my normal physician?
can Myopia be worse at night?
where can i get a free eye test?
What glasses do i need?
strabismus alternative treatment that work?
What brand/style glasses are these.?
i need to get new glasses?
I got face toner in my eye! What will this do?
A small paint thing fell into my eye. Will I be alright?
Question on Contacts! HELP.?
Contact lenses with short eyelashes?
What are alternatives to a stethoscope?
what stage of ckd does kidney pain appears?
How can Hypertension cause an insufficient supply of blood to the heart?
Can 4 teaspoons of tussin cf get you high?
My heart is beating faster right before I fall asleep.?
Is compulsive overeating classified as a disease like alcoholism?
possible heart problems?
How fast does skin cancer spread?
I'm a 30 year old female with low potassium and my dr. can't figure out why.?
With tumor does your white blood count go very high or very low?
Is it likely that I have sleep apnea?
is it common to get a rash whilst suffering a viral infection?
why do eyes get watery?
Anyone know whats wrong?
Can an allergy make me crazy?
Very swollen upper lip. Also the top and bottoms of cheeks are swollen as well near chin line and near nose. ?
If I end up in the hospital again will they be able to treat me if Im allergic to Vancomycin?
Is it safe to kiss him if he's allergic to penicillin?
Any suggestions for non-drowsy over the counter allergy medicine?
promethazine and codeine?
what is hypersensitivity pheumonitis?
does levothyroxe make you lose or gain weight?
anyone know anything about nerves?
what do u do when u have an asthma attack?
Why is Diovan (B.P.drug) has so many bad side effects ?
What are the chances that I could get Alzheimer's?
What is the difference between familial hypercholesterolemia and a family history of high cholesterol?
Are these good cholesterol numbers?
My inhalers for asthma....................?
how long should i wait to get a lip piercing after a tonsilectomy?
Can I have alcohol while on the following medications.?
does my little brother need medical attention?
can left over fire extinguisher get you sick?
wat should i write on a cast?
i got hit hard with a blunt object and i have a bruise thing thats red and purple under my skin what is it?
can i re-break a knuckle?
didn't you see the document with men who died for no sleep??its real..he had some kind of brain damage.real?
Sick? When will i get better. Throat hurts?
Why do I get dizzy so easily?
does popcorn have anything to do with sore throats?
ive been feeling sick and have been having diarea, what does this mean?
how long does head last?
does anyone kno where to get drug detox? a stong drug detox?
i'm always really warm?
Skin question?????????????????????????
What is wrong with me?
will fish oil lower colesterol as well as crestor?
Had some PVC runs today. Question?
can your heart feel physically heavy. . . . .?
are my kidneys failing? please help me, im really scared.?
Asleep, heart rate increases, heavy breathing?
My daughters 2nd birthday is the same month as my dads. He had triple bypass surgery.?
my mother (71yrs) can't sleep, has chest pains and urinates little volumes frequently. Any ideas on treatment?
does jellyfish stings leave scars?
today was strange what should i dooo?
breathing issues.................?
Should I babysit a child who has recently been diagnosed with pneumonia?
Coronary artery disease symptoms?
I have a small bump on the back of my head?
Is there muscle weakness/paralysis linked to mental/emotional stress?
Can anyone feel their heartbeat in their stomach?
I have an MRI of my head tomorrow. I'm scared, does this sound bad?
Does anybody have trichotillomania?
My boyfriend is having heart surgery IM SO SCARED!!?
Grieving still?
if a person tries to commit suicide are they committed to a mental hospital?
What are you doing over the holdiays?
help me!!!! is this nomal!!?
what will happen I stopped taking my Antidepressants? ?
I have an addiction for being out at the bar. Please give advice on how to break this bad habit.?
okay someone help please now. it's serious!?
Is there something wrong with me...?
Anyone else have a life like me?
In what ways can I combat my Depression without drugs?
My brother always texts while driving?
Do you pretend you are happy when you are sad?
Help me please im scared?
How would you like to die?
feeling sad----any suggestions?
Should I kill Myself.?
Help!Im so worried!?
Hearing lose questions. After shooting a .45 ACP.?
Can I have an MRI scan with a clip in my head ?
In what ways would patients be in danger if it were not for medical practice acts?
Nauseous and gross after drinking, what to do?
My brother said he feels sick?
Can a person really slip and fall on a bananna peel?
Irregular heart beat for the last half hour?
my brother said the tips of his 2 big toes. whats going on!?
i need to see a dermatologist but my doctor refuses to send me!! what can i do?
Reason for having pain in right knee cap area?
What can I do to prevent losing my voice?
What happens when I go from hot water to cold wind?
Why do my veins show all the time?
Chills without fever, headache, neck ache.?
DESPERATE For Help! :( :(?
my left ear feels like it has water in it?
PLEASE HELP!! retaining water on my FACE?!?
Whats a good way to fall asleep?
if you where me what would you do?
I've been sleeping around midnight or 1-2 a.m. these past 3 years....?
i am always tired but i get enough sleep...?
Am I getting strep throat?
Anyone have Hashimotos thyroiditis?
Illness Question From 1919?
Fever symptoms, but No Fever?
what are all the symptoms of hiv?
took my kid to the doctor three days ago and she's had fever for 5 days she's on antibiotics what do i do?
What kind of bug bit me?
Does Aisha Alia really have HIV?
what happens if someone donates blood and has HIV, or hepatitis? Do they call the person? If they got payed fo?
how hard would you have to be punched in the eye to cause internal damage?
how do you know if you have a urinary tract infection?
How long can HIV virus (or other blood-borne diseases viruses) survive when exposed to air ?
How do I treat spider venom that I drank from a spider in the water?
what are the signs of cirrhosis of the liver?
Not a uti, I don't think..?
suffering from yeast infection?
TB medication maing my mom sick!?
How do you know if your tonsils are infected?
My cholesterol is 250. Is medication a must?
What are some of the causes of High Blood Pressure?
Hey i have become sick is this normal?
what can damage the blood pump in the body?
i have a head ach i feel like im going to throw up and im shacking and dizzy whats wrong with me?
Strech marks! Help!!!?
if you run out of plavix how long will take for artiers to clog i had 2 more stents put in 4 months ago?
If your child has celiac disease, What were their symptoms?
Why does my face slightly itch after I use neutrogena face wash?
Lactose intolerance - losing calories from meals. ?
What is wrong with my foot?
can someone help me with my nose ring?
Terrified of doctors because of past?
Blood Blister on Finger plzz help?
can a pulled muscle in your back make your side hurt?
sprained ankle!!!! PLEASE HELP ASAP!?
What's wrong with my ankle?
is it possible to have your shoulder amputated?
i am not sure if i broke my nose or just tore cartilage ! help!?
jumpsoles with a torn ankle ligament?
i broke my wrist and i still have a pin that sticks out how do they remove it?
what is the organ(s) below the chest on a persons left hand side right above or near the last rib?
Have you ever broken your hyoid bone?
Did anyone break their own wrist? if so, how?
why does my skin itch when I take a shower?
help i have a zit with puss in it.?
I woke up with extemely puffy eyelids HELP?
I need help.I have got a wart(flat wart)on my head and its been there for 5months now.Doesnt hurt.Pls help?
cold rash on inner legs?
does the olay total effects 7-in-1 anti-aging moisturizer work for a combination skin type?
What to put on a dry cold sore?
What is the best product or vitamin to alleviate severe dark circles under the eyes?
I peeled the top layer of skin on my toe, and now it itches?
Itchy rash with no end for the past year?
Nose tip skin has thickened significantly over the past 3 years!?!?
How do I make my own facial masks?
round shaped face and bangs?
my hands are so rough help?
I dont know what to do? ..help?
Is it possible for me to have type 2 diabetes?
I'm getting Plastic Surgery and I have a question or two...?
ah i need help with my health!!!!!!!?
Stool is regular, but it has a green color?
Need help with my stomach being constantly upset?
EYE REDNESS -help how to improve eye health?
Waking up in the middle of the night and passing out in the bathroom?
How can i get my contact lenses in my eye?
Where can I get phaco cataract modern surgery with multi focal IOL,Cristalens accommodating IOL in India?
can ocean water make pink eye worse?
quick ways to get rid of a blocked ear?
About once a month something causes my eye-sight to grow blurry and undulate in strange ways.?
How Do I get the smoke smell out off my body and clothes?
I had sypillis, can I get a eye corneal transplant?
Help! Have to get get contacts today! Before vacation!?
WHat can be the cause of upper GI gas and burping. I never have this and all of a sudden a few days ago I got?
Missed a dose of venalfaxin?
frequent users of sunbeds?
Is this unsafe or does this actually fix glare?
options to rid of an Eye Freckle?
Have i ruined my insides from throwing up my food at least 15 times the past 2 months?
Can you get an accurate blood test reading for ck levels on a 3 yr. old when they ar fighting you.?
Which works better for a bad tension (head/neck pain) headache? Excederin Migraine/GoodyPowder?
In what ways has the refrigerator been directly or indirection related to suffering?
what does it mean if you feel dizzy when you are walking with your eyes focused on something far away?
how do you prepare for an MRI?
Been sick for 3 weeks ?
If you only had one month to live what would you do?
Do people heal better at home or in a place other than home & why?
what's going on with my eyes?
Do you think it's possible to let feel what is a drawing to a blind person?
Why is it getting harder too see out of one eye?
Ankles and Feet Hurt!!!!?
Hard for me to stop smokin Weed.?
when can I start wearing contacts again?
oval circle with a silhouette inside?
Coloured Contact Lenses.?
typical dog allergies?
my pitbull has bumps on her body what can i do the vet said it a allergy reaction mixed with an infection?
when I eat peppers, My head starts to itch, and i feel static around mt forhead and head, why is that?
Worried about taking medication? Can this cause allergic reaction?
Mixing allergy medication with fever medication for children?
What is the best thing to use in your house to help with allergies?
is there something wrong with my eyes?
Can you Go Into A Coma From A Food Allergy?
Is it wrong to poke your nose?
How do you stop a runny nose in cold weather?
Am i allergic?answers please!!?
I am 26 years old i have asthmatic problem from childhood no solve the problem in hemopatic aurvedic aelopatic?
my baby's cheek is swollen. why?
is it possible to be allergic to a crown? i just had crowns yesterday and my gums are puffy and red?
ALLERGIES: Antihistamine or decongestant?
Why is my wool sweater upsetting my allergies?
Runny Nose-Had it for a week. ?
Scratching my head, can this be cancerous? (please read details)?
my soft palate is swollen... what can i do?
Lithium . . . . Blood Thinner?
has anyone noticed mood problems while taking concerta?
what is the best treatment for Chron's disease? I am having a super flare up and I can not miss any more work
Sleep apnea and chest pain?
i test postive for cocaine but i dont use that drug?
Sore chest, gammy throat?
Can you look at my sisters cardio report... is it normal?
Heart always feels like its beating heavy.?
How do you cure hiccuping pillows?
Swollen Taste Buds... I think?
Do Bee's Sting And What Kills Them?
took xanax, was given laughing gas & novacane, then tested for morphine 2x on 5 days interval. is this possibl?
what agency checks homes for mold levels?
I have bronchitis and I have had it before but this time I am not coughing anything up.?
my mom is really sick.?
i want to get minoxidril for hair improvement, i have hypertension, so what do i ask my doctor for?
What are some good ways to air out a windowless room?
I just socked myself in the nose 12 days post op from a septorhinoplasty?
What can be a good relay for life team name that has somthing to do with hunting? ?
swollen lymph node under chin!?
how to havea miscarage at 20 weeks?
Severe Nausia? Gallbladder problem?
what on earth do i have?
any ENT specialists out there?
Experience and alcohol? heart palpitations?
its really important question?
I wonder why hospitals accept patients even if they know they wouldn't afford the medical bill?
if i haven't smoked in 8 days will thc show up in my pee?
What sickness is this?
what is your view on vegetarianism?
How long will it take me to quit smoking?
My Lil Bro played with Air Duster??
How can I fall asleep more easily?
Lack of sleep ? Deathh ?
Burns sometimes when I pee but not UTI or Std..what is it?
how to fall asleep fast???????????????????????????
tonsillectomy and pregnancy?
My daughter complains off and on of a bump in her neck.?
why is my right hand always falling asleep especially when im sitting or lying down?
Chills all over but no tempature.?
I been feeling light headed, dizzy all this week.?
Help with wrist problem!!!?
Is it normal for veins to get puffy?
Which diagnosis is worse for a teen?
How much is to much B-12?
please help... cant sleep at night?
What are the best natural diuretics including herbs, foods and vitamins ?
how do i cry?
what to do when all you want to do is die...?
I Have A Suicidal Friend Please Help!?
I suffer from depression and lack of sleep I need someone to talk to that may understand me. PLEASE HELP?
I am 14 years old, depressed, and seriously contemplating suicide. What should I do?
Should i kill myself?
Cutting myself.HELP PLEASE?
Does My Dad abuse me?
Should I be offended if a counselor tells me I need to get a life?
Is Suicide EVER okay?
What did you know about the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?
My sister's funeral is this Friday..what should i expect??
how do you make ecstacy?
How do you view suicide?
Couple questions about strep throat!?!?
i lost my voice, is it strep throat or something?
A question about HIV...?
I have been working in third world Africa for the past two year. Should I see a doctor when I return.?
Can MRSA prevent me from shipping out for basic training?
Should I play football with staph/MRSA?
What do these symptoms sound like?
I'm depressed and on anti-depressants but i don't think they are working...Help?
Constant colds, sinus infections, and pain... help?
Is it true that if you jump every day then you get taller?
What does an anxiety attack feel like?
how can i sleep for so long?
What are the signs of depression?
These are my symptoms, I have no idea what is wrong with me.?
What's the difference between gangrene and gout?
ear infection............................?
Name a diesease that is rare that requires surgery on your face?
I think i may have the mumps?
what are the names of company for tainted salmonella?
Strep Throat not getting better after 2 weeks?
how to get rid of a sore throat quick?
What could this huge splotchy mark on my stomach be?
Red spots and lines on the back of my throat?
Can you use hand sanitizer instead of soap?
how long do cold sores remain contagious?
Pain while swallowing?
Unknown Sickness, please help!!?
what is the meaning of blood stage malaria?
What does Str^r mean? Antibiotic resistant or antibiotic sensitive?
Questions about lymph nodes.? and HIV?
how long does it take for a virus to develop?
is there a cure to hepa B virus?
how to get rid of diarrhea?
How do I know if I have a urinary tract infection? Please Help!?
Why is Ibuprofen making my stomach hurt? Why isn't the sinusitis getting better?
why does the top of my foot hurt. If dancers could answere that would be?
Muscle Aches, off and on fever of 99 to 101 degrees,?
Having Esophagus Pain?
Why does my stomach hurt?
I think my mam might have cancer, what do you think?
panic attacks and heart squeezing sensation normal?
How bad is my concussion !!!!!?
My left thumb has been acting up.?
Im ALWAYS hurting myself?
do you think i'll need surgery?
how long does it take for a bone bruise to heal and could i run two cross country races on it?
someone hit me in the calf muscle with their knee and now it hurts to put weight on it what should i do?
My foot hurts so bad and doctors won't help?
how does blood travel from the left big toe to the right ear and then to the right thumb?
Help... Fractured ankle + elite distance runner = depression!?
making a topical bone cream from powdered calcium supplement?
i'm having a thyroid ultrasound today do you think the technician will tell me if my nodule is bigger if i ask?
Could this be a fracture? Or something else?
I Got stitches at target need help?
my wrist is red puffy and swoolen it hurts a lot but i can still use it is it broken p.s. it hurts on top only?
economical and social issues about Respirators?
Jammed Finger...could it be more?
I have a question about a muscle in my leg?
metacarpal trapezial articulation?
Unknown cat bit my sis's hand, aweek ago today, well that day it was red, painful, pus-ing. Today its.?
A Rubber up my bum? Help Me ?
I am just wondering how long will it take me to recover after an accident?
Sports injury -- HELP!!?
How to make caluses from burn go away?
Should I go to the doctor?
how can i heal the pain in my calfes quickly?
Constant muscle pain in my back?
My back/hips hurt when I lay down or sit against something.?
Nauseous,backache,headache and fever?
Anyone who is familiar with bad headaches?
My back hurts please help!?
16 Years Old with Severe Lower Left Back Pain?
what causes a headache after running?
would yoga irritate siatica problems?
I am in so much pain. Aleve (220 mg) didn't work in the past 3 hrs...?
I have had a headache for the past 3 days?
How to stop a burn from hurting?
A Random Hip Question?
The joint between the upper and lower arm?
My right eye hurts. Why?
Hi, I have 7 canker sores in my mouth, and It got to the point where I can't eat a whole lot and I need someon?
Oily Skin Need Help Fast !?!? x?
I'm looking for something that removes stretch marks?
Blackheads on nose...HELP?
How do i get puffy cheeks ?
How to Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads?
How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Nose Read more: How to Get Rid of Blackheads on My Nose?
Is it easy to get sunburned in the car?
help with acne!!! pleasee answer?
i think i have a cyst....?
How To Get Rid Of A Burn Quickly?
I think i've been bitten by some kind of insect. Help!?
Most unlikely to be chickenpox, just a allergic rash? what do you think?
How do you get clear skin?
I have this random white patch on my back that I noticed a few months ago.?
I have these realli tiny bumps on my hips..i go INSANE at night with this crwling sensation on my skin..?
i am a 53 year old female with iron deficiency anemia and a blood pressure of 90/54 is this okay?
Having problems with body acne?
Cutting lump from skin by myself?
HELP....(People who take or took accutane only)?
My chest just popped! Please help me?
Help! My skin is extremely itchy and irritated?
Can a person die of a broken heart ?
I have discoloration in my skin? ?
light clear painful bump on big toe?
heart beat question? more in info...?
My HDL is 66, my CHOL is 243 trying a low fat diet. Am I a candidate for Heart Disease?
I think i have a ring worm?
Can i drink alcohol with BP of 155/88?
High Blood Pressure, need advice?
am i at risk of a heart attack?
Heart on your right side?
Is this normal for a heart?
"Is a "possible anterior infarct of undetermined age" on an ECG a FAA grounding condition?
Whether blood clot has any relation with irregular heart beat .?
Will Doctors be needed forever?
Heart Palpitations ........?
I'm 15 and my heart beats per minute is 56, normal?
im 16 my potassium levels are low,i went numb and tingley,felt like there was weight on my chest.heart attack?
what is the important first aid to be given for stroke?
I have high blood pressure?
Symptoms of anything neurological?
ouch, a mosquito bite me on my forehead?
How to treat this burn (Pix attatched)?
Why can I only breather from 1 nostril?
HELP CHEST PAINS! help help?
need help with managing high cholesterol and high blood pressure?
How long does it take for your lungs to heal the affects of 1 pack of cigarettes?
were can eye get fre fud?
under eye dark circles?
Is this website safe to get colored contacts?
HELP my contact turned yellowish. but my eyes r fine?
What's this Black Dot in My Eye?
Got My Eyes Tested & I Passed at the Doctors. Then I got them Tested at school and I failed. Help ?
can i put albuterol inside of the humidifier water?
a little hard to breathe? i feel terrible?
contact lense people!!!?
Help me with my contacts?
how to get rid of eye tics?
Were can I buy a nebulizer? How much do they run?
Why am I short of breath in the shower?
nicotine patches good or pointless?
How do I get rid of phlegm?Im 28wk pregn.so can't have any med. Tomorrow I will see my doc.In the mean time?
what causes seizures?
i have been having on and off sharp shooting chest pain for like 48 hours. what could it be?
Trouble with Eye Floaters, maybe more axious?
There's a Gray dot in my eye?
have you ever been on a ventilator or life support?
I Am having horrible Chest pains- what is the cause? for peole who have had it-symptoms of swine flu?
what are the risks of smoking?
I had a sore throat so I read that gargling with lemon salt and warm water would help. I did this all day now?
Will I be able to wear contacts again?
what are the side effects of yaz. My friend told me that they heard it had worse side effects than other pill?
problem breathing after fast food consumption?
What is the scientific name for Pertussis(whooping cough)?
What is going on?!?!?
Something in my eye Please Help?
need opinions on what colour my eyes are?
Do I HAVE to get my eyes measured before getting contacts?
My LENSES.....PROB!!! *HELP* ...................thnkoo=]=]?
I got hit in the eye and now there is small red spot?
will lifting weights in gym affect ones eyesight?
Why are nerves under my eye visible?
Eye irritation...Help please.?
what can one do to fix the drop in the eye area?
Flat feet question????????????????????
have you havd your tonsils out as an adult? was it worth it and was it painful?
I NEED HELP WITH THIS SCIENCE QUESTION ASAP (genetic disorders)!?!?!? pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help me!?
How to prevent hearing loss when you get older?
Does this happen to people right before sleeping..?
I have been taking 1600-2000mg of ibuprofen the past 5 days, can I drink alcohol tonight?
Constipation and diarrhea?
What's wrong with my ears?
Im underweight and my bones are really visible?
Help on passing a drug test? Serious answers please.?
is it normal.....................?
Is taking too many vitamins harmful?
I drank too much last night, causing me to throw up... how do I get rid of the gross taste in my nose?
I have chronic insomnia and can never sleep, what can I do or take right before bed to make myself go to sleep?
Best ways to fall asleep?
can i sue a hospital?
I need energy...??? help!!!!?
Why does it feel like I'm moving when i sit down?
If i tie a string really tight around my finger and leave it there, will my finger fall off?
A lot more sensitive, please read?
what would happen if i took 3 ibuprofen?
I sleep for 12 hours but I still feel tired?
if you fall asleep if you are drunk will you soba up faster?
Morphine autopsy murder can it be found a year later?
Feels sleepy at all times?
what does critical but stable mean?
Sensitivity to light and sound?
MY NAILS!!! help me yellow nails?
I am so tired, I didn't sleep! Help Please :)?
Whats Causing My Severe Back Pain?
why am i having constant pains ?!?
Cramps/upset stomach in foreign country?
It burns when I get fingered?
how do I get rid of a headache caused by hydrocodine?
I've taken 6 tylenol... um and have a question.?
i have a pain in my knee and ankle when walking or standing?
Am I Lactose intolerant?
my shih-tzu is itching ALOT ?
why is it that everytime i blow my nose i have blood on my tissue?
What could have bitten me?
I have been getting a sevear shooting pain that stars in the base of my skull and travels up the back of my he?
My right side hurts should I be concerned?
If I'm allergic to vancomycin, would it make me easily allergic to clindamycin?
Allergy? what's the link?
is this condition they call sciatica?
I am in pain and I am scared tp tell my doctor about it.?
Can To much Naproxin kill you.?
Was this an allergy shot reaction, or something else?
Why do i have a constant runny nose?
throat and nose help?!?
is it ok for me to wear subtle eye make up during an allergic reaction on my one eyelid?
My irritated, swollen eyes have like a pus on my eyeball?
pain on right side of chest?
My kid on his body is skin allergy so itchy?
i am having a bad allergic reaction to ragweed?
Do I Have A Dislocated Knee?
What can help spurs in heels?
My girlfriend tried cutting my throat yesterday.?
info about back surgery?
Why do I have servere back pain in the morning?
What could cause someone to wake up and be really dizzy?
Bump after allergy injection?
How do i know if I'm allergic to gluten? what are the symptoms and treatments?
Can one be allergic to tea?
medical advice: I feel slight pain in my nose and a part of it swells also.?
Which of the following is most likely to be causing hives?
can you gain an allergy?
i have an allergic reaction to penicillin how long will it last?
Which cough medicine is this commercial for?
How can I just be Myself?
This is driving me CRAZY! please please help me!?
I think i have a mental problem...?
im really scared of dying...?
I'm thinking about trying meth ?
What would you do to a person if they killed someone u love?
hi i am a 12 year old girl that ways 250 pounds and people say i am fat. do you think i am fat YES or NO?
Do i need a psychiatrist?
can anyone help me, i cut myself but am not sad?
Am I to young to......?
medication help? please? easy question?
What to do if i think im going to kill myself? (bipolar)?
i started cutting just recently. is it normal to cut yourself?
is it pathetic to be 35 years old.. and live in NYC in a STUDIO apartment?
Suicidal and depressed?
Do you think I'm right or do you think I have an illness?
what is the definition of mental illness?
Am i an alcoholic or on my way to becoming one?
suicidal..answer quick (this isnt fake i need help)?
I've been having constant ups and downs, am I depressed?
What time of doctor do you go to for a oral yeast infections?
My date told me she has Crohn's disease?
can you treat a cat for tapeworms is she is nursing?
A lot of Canker sores and sore throat.?
How can I make myself get a fever?
How can I make my nose run?
what is the human immunodeficiency virus classification?
how do you get rid of the odor of rats urine & feces?
does measles affect only children?
Help with coldsores!?
What do i have...i vomited and i have bumps on my tongue?
i have to get my tonsils and adonis removed wednesday?
when do you know when thrush is gone?
How long does it take for the Red Cross to notify you if your blood is contaminated?
I'm not sure if I have threadworms or not right now?
Went to doc on Tuesday becase sore throat n v croaky voice she said I have laryngitus but no anti biotics?
Terrible Diarrhea or worse?
what is the treatment for anti hcv positive 60 year old ?
Are all these sightings and infections of bedbugs coming from Mexico? and have been for some time now since we?
How can i see the germs on my hands?
if i fall ill in europe on holiday how far will the hospital go with treatment.?
whats the best solution for fluid on the knee?
How long do you need to leave blister plasters on for?
How do you tell if stitching has gone wrong?
Tetracycline for my acne. On the bottle it says to take two tablets twice a day... (4 in all?)?
does tobbaco mixed with water sting on contact with skin?
How to get rid of naturally red hands?
Is walgreens scar gel as affective as Mederma brand?
What to do for droopy eyelid?
how do i preserve my mole?
How do you get nice skin, get rid of spots blackheads and various red marks...?
Acne Free Scar Fade and Erase smells terrible....?
My skin has been really itchy on my chest/side. Do I have ringworm?
bump on ear that leaks clear fluid?
Perfect Skin? Max Clarity?
How do I get rid of disturbing black spots?
is shampoo supposed to be itchy?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!.......?
behind my ears, my neck side of my eyes n mouth is iching n flakey what is it please help me?
how to get rid of sore lips and upper lip?
i was Injury at work two of my figures were cut Of had 3 sragen if i sue how much can i get in nyc?
i need help knowing if i bruised my big toe.?
Hot, swollen knee, what might it be?
why does the muscle around the area of a shot, tense up?
What should I do about my finger? Sports injury?
how bad are muscle spasms?
Nail problem, help im like freaking out.?
how long those it take to heal a sprain ankle.?
my ankle has been hurting for the past 3 days?
One canker Soar , Swollen bottom lip?
Is this a muscle strain or hernia ? plszz help ! hurts so badd?
something happened to my wrist?
my osgood schaltter knee is injured help?
help is my friend going to be ok?
I want my mom to quit smoking.?
Is this a problem i need to tell someone?
Question about Pot (weed) ?
Uncomfortable with taking my shirt off?
I ve had my ear irrigated by the doc removed wax ...home wax kits..it all started when i blew my nose to hard?
Can i Mix these two medicines together?
Might be drepression but un-sure?
passage of blood through the heart?
Anyone know anything about heart problems ?
What is Cholesterol and what makes it so high?
what are the side effects of pravastatin?
im in my early teen years and i have a pacemaker?
why am I getting these random stabbing pains in my heart?
My 2 1/2 year old son has irregular heartbeat when sleeping. Normal?
Last night, I was laying in bed and my heart started beating really hard. My left side of my body got cold and?
what is the purpose of performing a 12-lead ECG?
how can you find out if a person has problems with their heart?and cheapest way for a doctors checkup?
How soon can someone leave the hospital after a mild heart attack?
Are these symptoms of heat stroke?
who has the smallest heart in the world?
how cardiovascular system interract with muscles system?
Can you get pregnant off a toilet seat?
My heart feels like it skips beats and thumps really hard sometimes out of nowhere?
does it mean, when your left arm is numb you have problem in heart ? could you site an evidence.?
PLEASE ANSWER I'M FREAKED OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Kidneys failing...QUESTION!!!?
important please read!!!heart attack or panick attack?
can a stroke cause dialated pupils?
Has Anyone Ever Had A Heart Attack Whilst/Soon After Smoking Cannabis?
Have you got this sudden feeling of being alone? Like the camera is on you, and your heart beats fast?
Smoking weed for a year is there still hope?
Is cigarrette smoke harmful to me when my defences are down?
Ingesting bleach what can it do?
Side effects of add medication Vyvanse?
Post Nasal Drip Remedies?
The function of the respiratory system closely overlaps with what system?
My daughter breaths deap why?
I'm suffering halitosis over years. My job performance right now is affected. What will I do?
Cough Remedies??? DESPERATE!?
Help with a Horrible soar throat?
Does anyone know how to tell?
Thick nasal drainage, uggghhh?
What are the symptoms of mono?
Blood work question...?
I had Anaphylexis shock to avolox tonight an antibiotic. I had the epi pen at E.R. am i Ok to sleep? ?
asthma question, please help.?
The right activities and sports for a person with asthma?
Would anything happen, if I dont take my medicine?
sick sister...please help?
hey plz help me ...........my fingers!!!!!!!!?
i just got a mole removed and i really liked it, is there anyway surgery i can do to get it back?
My Blood Pressure Has Dropped To 107/43?
my hair is falling out. wtf?
How noticeable will the scars from having my appendix out be?
What does it mean when your eye is twitching/jumping?
Can a couple of months of smoking weed leave your body in bad shape?
What is wrong with me? Is it just a virus or is it more serious?
Should I stop being a vegetarian due to a weak immune system?
Why am I always tired, even with a full night's rest?
Is there something wrong with me?
will i be clean for a drug test?
I need a cigarette....stop cravings?
what's wrong with me?
Do hernia mesh patches break easily?
how do i treat a large vericose veins in my legs?
Wooooh! just fainted from standing up too fast?
What is the name of that medical device that shocks the chest and brings people back to life?
Is there a medical reason why I do this?
Should I be concerned with the amount of tylenol I have been taking the last few days?
Is Advil considered an antacid?
What can I do to get better Sleep at night?
what to do about sudden leg pain?
ear pain for all most two months please help me?
Neck Pains? What is it and how can I keep it from happening?
Whats this back pain from? Should i be worried?
I have scoliosis, would I still be able to work at a job where I had to stand?
Help me. Losing my mind from chronic headaches.?
What's wrong with my elbow?!?
someone please help me cronic pain in upper back on right side from spine to shoulder blade?
my prescription says fill after 11/8/09?
im 17 can i still grow im 5'9 and 1/2 and my knees hurt?
Fade/ relieve pain of a sunburn?
How do you fix an ear ache?
sharp pains in left side of chest, and in neck, back and arm...?
Why is whisky giving me chest pains?
why are my knees so stiff after sitting? i am only 13?
my inner ear and throat hurts?
I have a pain on the back of my head...?
Why does my wrist ache?
Help! Severe lower back pain.!?
im having a sharp pain in my left side of my brain?
Okay so yesturday i was feeling so sick?
Pain in the middle right of my back?
Why does my head hurt when I read?
Do you feel the doctors have told Patrick Swaze everything he needs to know...or do they just answer the?
nervousness and high blood pressure?
"Sandbag" Knees?
Meningitis? My neck hurts?
why are my lymph glands swollen?
I have been bulimic 4 quit some time now and have quit 2weeks ago wich is a big deal for me?
Topomax level check up?
please HELP me. i need answers?
What type of doctor would 'get rid of" hemmorhoids? Could my problem be worse?
Time to wake up...?
HIV Project?
Can I crush my folic acid tablets?
What is causing an elderly stroke victim to have swelling in the right arm and leg,the side affected by stroke
My husband went to our local hostpital & was diagonosed w/ Mersa?
Are Shingles contageous enough to keep me from going to work?
Question about shingles?
My really good friend has aplastic anemia, how long he has to live?
How do i get rid of my cold and flu?
I've had a fever for four days. Should I be worried?
Whats something at home i could use to get rid of a bacterial infection?
I recently came down with a bug and my stomach still hurts after a few days, what could it be?
Can it possibly be Anemia?
I think i'm getting a cold! :(?
Do you have to go to see a doctor to treat bacterial vaginosis?
So I slapped a girl with junk in the eye by accident (missed her mouth)?
What happens if you stick a needle in a insect bite?
I just found out that I have Lyme disease and I am very emotional.. What can I do to treat Lyme disease?
I feel really sick can someone help me?
how long can parvo live after a parvo inffected dog has left?
unknown animal contact?
How did Smallpox impact society?
Can an infection spread?
When I wake up in the morning one of my eyes is different from the other?
Reasons for best corrected vision less than 20/20?
One eye bigger than other?
If I miss lights in a visual field test where do they appear in the print out?
Is it possible to damage your eyes from looking at the computer too much?
isn't contacts same as wearing glasses full time?
Does color contacts make your vision worse?
i can't read my eyeglasses prescription?
Flashing band of light in my vision?
My eye prescription is very low, just got new glasses and it feels like I'm in a fun house, why?
I need some advice. I've been told that i can't use contact lens because my eye curvature is too big.?
Benign cyst on my eye. Anyone else?
Change contacts diameter from 14.5 to 14?
how much would disposable colored contacts cost?
contact lens protein removal?
My right eye is red. Is it pinkeye?
What are the names of some contacts that can be used in the day and night while u sleep?
Is this something serious?
Does anyone know what is the matter with my eyes?
how long does a purple eye last?
I have one really long eye lash, what should I do?
What do you think of a pair of glasses size- 51/15-140mm...wide? narrow? large? small? thanks a bunch!! :D?
How many times have you sweared today?
Healing fast? I got burnt 3rd degree burns 28% of my body quoted me at 6 months I was out in 2 weeks.?
sgould i die since i dont have happimess or the abikity to fibd it?
Does anyone else do this?
Why am I so paranoid?
Weakness and Fatigue -- What's wrong with me?
could i be turning............?
how can i be emancipated from my mom at the age of 16 ( no bs answers either . ) i need HELP . i live in NY?
What does it mean if you do this?
what do i do?????????????????
Depression..PLEASE HELP!!!!?
How can I control my anger?
What is chainsaucer....?
WHat should i do im puking up blood?
Can a stomach ulcer cause depression?
What happens if you eat cigarettes?
Need help on vitamins???????
Is it dangerous to work closely with mulch/manure?
why am i always so scared of someone breaking into our house and killing all of us someone please help im 13yr?
Which one of these medications do you think worked?
Somebody help me pleaseee? Headaches?
is it posable for a 16 year old to have depression?
Am I evil for wanting to kill someone (just in thought)?
please help me!?
I hate my life what do i do ?
HELP jaw problems!!!!?
Are my tonsils very large?
What is Insomniatic dependencies and what are some of the symptoms?
Can someone explain this?
what is effect my body?
My Boyfriends Takes My Medication, What do I do?
guys am traveling on 25th of june n will undergo a nose job on 30th of may...is it risky?do i have to wait!?
Scientific reason behind stomach noises?
Red jelly thing in my eye - what is it?
I have swollen ankles and feet and yesterday i tried this blood pressure cuff at the pharmacy and it was high?
What can I do about stress....?
last year i had alot happen and so i started cutting my wrists, i am 15, how do i stop?
What are these bumps under my eyelid skin?
Anyone know about eczema?
What can i use to clear my skin by the summer?
White skin black people?
How do I get rid of/ reduce stretch marks?
If you squeeze the ooze out of your cold sore and peel it so your skins showing, can it still spread?
a cut caused by a razor blade is called?
Uncontrollable itching all over and need some help?
anyone ever have spots onyour skin that feel sort of like they are sunburn.. cant see a thing and no other sym?
What is it called when you have fat overlapping fat on your legs and arms.?
Will I get a cold sore?
What can I use to prevent lice on a daily basis?
How do you cure hives by using home remedies?
What is my red itchy spot on my back ?
My Bichon is constantly getting hot spots right after they go away and I have no idea why. Any help? Thanks.?
Acne is horrible! Who agrees?
I have had a small bump on my ankle for the past year?
skin cancer - weeping sores?
Do i have a keloid scar or is it something else?
I think i broke my toe?
how long this it take for my ankle to heal? its sprained ?
Micro Discectomy Scar...How big?
my leaf ear cant hear well. It just happened to me after i woke up last week. Up until now, i can't still hear?
I hurt my foot at the gym, should I put hot or cold on it?
I pulled my calf muscles, im in a lot of pain now. What can I do?
Rolled my ankle in football?
did i fracture my hand or is it just a bruise...?
Is it normal for your head to feel COLD after hitting it rather than painful?
My arms and hands are weak and I am very tired...Could it be a pinched nerve?
acl deficiency, torn meniscus - non surgery options?
Potentially broken ankle?
How often should I exercise my rotator cuff after a shoulder impingement injury?
does a ELEVATED WBC AFFECT the HEMOGLOBIN and hematocrit?
snoring problem?
Can you pull a muscle from coughing too hard?
will lungs improve after quit smoking?
How can I stop snoring?
Are we being exposed to asbestos?
how does obesity contribue to asthma?
What causes my chest pains?
My little bro has chronic reflux disease and he wont eat anything, how can i get him to eat?
Coughing up mucus for weeks.?
My Husband has been spitting after vomiting and occasionally after coughing?
Right Side Chest Pain?
my mom has been sick for the past 4 days!!!?
where does the center for disease control and prevention get its funding from?
ahh! please help me! i don't feel so good...?
is ronchi and crepetations a sign of acute bronchitis?
Good excuses to parents about getting shot by a BB gun ?
Nose bleed after hot shower?
Is this a cold, allergies, or just puberty?
How do you know if you have a true alcohol allergy? What are the symptoms?
My nose hurts???!?!??