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What prevents migraine head-aches?
my right hip is hurting?
How do I deal with the pain?
is it ok to take oxycontin 40mg while on the fentanyl 50 patch?
10 points for answer, but this is a serious question my life be at risk no joke! need answers please!!?
How much advil should I take?
Eye pain ???????????????
Chest pain at 19? What's going on with me?
the right side of my chest hurts. it hurts when i twist my chest inward and outward. what could be wrong? any ?
I've got a really sharp pain in my chest and my fiancé just left me are they linked? ?
one of my tonsils have three white things sticking out of them, and it kind of hurts. . ?
my knees and elbows hurt but there is no pain,stiffness bruising or swelling any ideas?
Do you cry when you get shots?
Ears ringing????????
I fell down and hit the back of my head and it is pulsing and throbbing and it hits pretty bad is this bad?
I have a migraine headache!?
Why does my throat hurt when I swallow ?
I have had bad lower back pain and sometimes pain in my groin?
Really Bad Throat Help :)?
does vicodin still get you "high" even if your in pain?
Eye problems am i okay?
Can I put contact lenses back in case without rubbing it with solution?
My eye color has changed?
Is there any treatment for macular degeneration ?
using computer harms vision?
I'm Color Blind. Now What? Is There Anything I Can't Do or Something?
Help With My Contacts Please!?
Are checkout laser scanners bad for your eyes?
Is it time for contacts?
I had a corneal transplant 18 months and I havent seen any improvements. Frankly I see worse without contacts.?
Weird left eye, is this a sign of lazy eye?
how can i cure my puffy eye?
My eyebrow muscles hurts?
Colored contacts.....Help?
What are my eye problems a result of?
please help!! :)) it will be greatly appreciated!!?
Contact Questions Plz help!!?
After Zyoptix surgery can i donate my eyes?
I had hazel eyes when i was but now they are blue?
visibility tint on contacts causing blurred vision?
What's going on with my eyes?
eye is red and hurtsss!?
Why do I suddenly see a flash of red in my eyes?
What's the best spray or roll-on deodrant?
Is she going to find out?
chest pain since this morning, is this anything to be concerned about?
Did I already get 7 hours of sleep?
Pain on top side of head while touching?
Can a toddler have a sinus infection without a runny nose?
What are the common procedures/requirements for doctor to code a well care office visit vs office visit?
could all this be from low blood pressure?
im tired of feeling like this?
What helps with falling asleep at night when you slept in too late that day?
Accidently wore an EKG node during an MRI?
Does this have a name?
Ridges in fingernails ?
Is it bad for you to be jolted awake like this?
no sleep not eating keep bleeding and always crying?
take every 2 hours or as needed... when is as needed acceptable?
How do I fight fatigue and stay awake?
My ankles crack all the time!!!!!!!! >:(?
I'm doing a 24 hour urine collection & about 2 tablespoons of pee didn't make it in. Can test still be done?
symptom: feeling of rumbling / vibration below my ribs, over on my left side, deep inside.?
Is my ear infected, or just Irritated?
Random, SHARP stabbing chest pain?
cant sleep,scared of choking on my own vomit,what do i do?
I have to take an ua for probation in about 48 hours,is there anyway to get opiates out of my system?
Will cipro treat sinus infection?
Is this bad............?
My Dr told me to remove my own stint - he said "just pull the string". Has anyone done this?
how can i stop white skin discoloration?
what are these dry skin patches on my face?
Brown line under toenail?
Why do i have a circle on my elbow?
Acne scars are healing slow. Why?
How to get rid of a mole?
question about skin condition?
my dad has a skin rash from this detergeant i told him to try, how can he get rid of it?
How to have flawless skin?
Would it hurt more getting a cartilage piercing at Winter than Summer?
Can I reuse freezer tip applicators if I soak them in peroxide or lysol?
How do u get rid of horrible ache and zits?
What causes itching? In general?
Question about a rash.?
Ever since i remember I've always had these goosebumps on my skin. Is there something wrong?
Skin questions, my face gets exstremely red and i dont know why.?
I have brown marks similar to bruise marks on my thumb, and now there's a strange line. What do I do?
Stress relief tips?!?
Cap/lid of prescription bottle has a hole in it... please help!?
passing out from marijuana?
Do you get seasonal depression?
help me im a worrier?
headache for 3 days and diarrhea?
can you get addicted to cough sweets?
Why are my pupils always dilated?
the difference between darvocet and a OTC drug?
What caused this blackout?
this is really strange...?
My pee comes out cold but the tip of my urethra burns really badly. is this bad?
which muscle is used when you shrug your shoulders? describe how this action is accomplished?
will someone help me?
What does my dream mean?!?
My wrist is disgusting?..............?
need quit smoking hypnotist?
Narrowed Heart Artery Questions? Cardiology.?
what can I do to raise my blood pressure?
what does it mean when your heart races and you feel like your gonna throw up and your shaking?
how to find best cardiologist?
which doctor I need to see for high cholesterol?
What foods could i eat or things could i do to lower my cholesterol fast?
Heart Muscle feeling discomfort?
If you had a heart attack?
is 93 resting ( siting), standing ( 100+), 70 resting ( laying in bed) normal heart rate for 27 years old male?
heart murmur question?!?
my heart hurts sometimes?
how to help a sore throat?
What are the top cities in the USA with the most cases of flu and cold?
weird flu like symptoms with no fever?? help!?
What can i do to get rid of this cold?!?!?
How long does someone with liver scirosiss(spelling)not sure usually live?
i think i might have staff infection?
I have very high ALT/SGPT result, what should I do?
Toddler, vomited once, lots of diarrhea, no fever, acting normal?
What could these symptoms be?
I accidentally ate uncooked pork that was in a wanton broth is this safe?
Where are some herpes blood test clinics ?
what is influenza? explain it?
What are these white bumps in the back of my throat?
My doctor is putting me on antibiotics for a....(give in to your curiosity!)?
can anyone help me determine what this mean?
Remedy for Headlice?? Running out of Ideas. Nothing seems to help...NEED HELP!?
i want to know something about urnary tract infection (uti)?
Will I get sick if I stop taking acyclovir? prescribed before my negative test results came back.?
Can rats be eradicated?
How high of a fever does a toddler have with a kidney infection?
Is paranoid schizofreni dangerous for me?
I have a temp of 100,soar throat and dry cough.sometimes i even have vomiting sensation.do I have swine flue?
Can somebody interpret my urinalysis result?
std's please help!!!!?
help im not sure what to do.?
Why do I want to kill my self?
Is my boyfriend crazy? Are these early signs of a sociopath?
a walk for cancer name?
How does it feel after a Heart Transplant?
Could memory problems be caused by Antiphospholipid syndrome ?
puked red liquid yesterday !!?
Acne question...proactive?
Severe ear infection?
Do I have bronchitis?
Can smoking a cigarrette reduce anxiety?
What can I do and eat to get rid of a cold as soon as possible?
What is happening to me?
broken rib?
i had a milk shake and i got a headache so i took 2 panamax?
im sick what can make my cold go away?
Antihistamines - what are they?
Prednisone for poisin ivy..?
Is my daughter allergic to Feta Cheese?
How did i get these hives?
Very white and sticky snot?
what is the adverse reaction of ensure milk?
wy don,t doc know about a gluco watch thats you where automatic cheeks your glucose levels?
Bloody phlegm raw throat what could it be?
Weird breathing attack from energy drinks?
How is passive smoking worse than smoking?
I am 18 years old and I still have breast buds (earliest breast development stage)...?
What does a urinary track infection feel like and how do you get rid of them?
what happens if you exercise when your blood-glucose level is 250+ ?
What are the ways to tell you DONT have a intestinal block, and it's something else?
can a contact go into the sinus cavity?
Where can I find a good and cheap healer?
Can I get rid of my OCD if I lose my ego?
Winter season problems and benifits?
sneezing issue help plz?
can you get sick from smoking?
Could i have pneumonia?
is chronic lymphytic leukimia serious?
please help me i cant breath well?
why is airway so important?
Every time I work out, I have trouble breathing...?
) Differentiate clearly between minute respiratory voloume and alveolar ventilation rate?
does anyone have mesothelioma?
Question for people with Anxiety and Panic Attacks..?
I think I have the swine flu.?
ear infection?
It's been 3 days...still haven't gotten rid of my stuffy nose?
Does this sound like a sinus infection? Plugged ears....can't breathe out of my nose?
Stop vomiting??????????????
Ive been taking clariton for about 1 week and a half?
would your immunity system attack someone's cell if its in ur body?
my knee is numb after a injury?
I got hit and i have no bruise?
A friend of mine suffered an aneurysm in January ?
Someone squirted canned air into my ear.?
Is it A Sprain/worse?
i hit a wall doing a handstand and have a bump on my shin, if it is fractured how do i know, can i walk on it?
How do I help foot pain from walking on the outer part of my foot?
What is the difference betwen muscle spasm n a lymph knode?
Jammed toe? Or Broken?
Stress fracture in the foot?
I can only eat a few bites of food?
Please someone help me!!!?
Nausea when smelling certain things, after eating, and increased bowels?
what do you think this is?
Think I failed my Nursing state board exam?
Mysterious rash...from the flu shot or something else?
i have vericose veins problem,kindly give me good suggestion?
What kind of health benefits do restaurants offer?
Please Help ! ! ! Medical Issue ? (readd)?
How can a minor see a doctor without parents permission?
"New" Smoker - Pins and Needles in arms and lower back?
Does anyone here beleive that universal health care will allow those withtheirown insurance and/or?
pneumonia how to prevent, is it contagious?
i am having back pain,my joints are paining what will it be, i am 25,i used to driver 60 km daily in bike?
I have a really hard time sleeping lately...?
can my employer go against my doctors health restrictions he has put on me?
Why do I always feel so sluggish when I wake up? What can help?
I feel lightheaded and dizzy but mostly at night before i am about to go to bed. My head feels weird. y?
I have and ear problem.?
I got in a fist fight the other night and have been getting dizzy everytime i stand up. What does this mean?
whats wrong with me????
Young Smoker and Not addicted. .?
Feeling dizzy and always hungry ?
What would be a bad heart rate for me?
how do we use cells not cell phones but cells that grow in your body?
Smelling Strange Odors When Sick?
Stretched ears swell almost shut when I take the plugs out.?
will I get any taller?
Why do i have motion sickness for no reason?
Is this really weird?
What kind of sickness do I have?
Why is binge drinking/smoking so common in Spain?
i am baby sitting two kids a boy and a girl. the boy is 1 and the girl is 2 i am 17 almost 18?
If melamine is toxic to eat or absorb through your skin, why do they make dishes of it?
how do i sign up to be a bone marrow donor? i tried it once online and they wanted $52 how do i do it for fr?
Stomach Pains 2 weeks after giving birth?
Why do I feel eeewwwww when I touch metal...?
Me and my bad habits?
PLEASE HELP!! why do i get headaches when there is a strawberry scent?
trying to prove my friend wrong, help? (the clap)?
where the kiss came from?
tell me if this is possible someone..?
i think im ill.. what shall i do?
Is this a normal blood pressure for a 14 year old girl?
At 95% CI what will be the prevalence of enteric fever,if total are 100 people where 15 suffering?
Question about being an athlete and smoking pot. Help please?
Can you catch a disease from that wet stuff on a dog's nose?
Help!!!VCD(vocal chord dysfunction) issues?
MY bf is dieing and I wanna be by his side?
a disease that interferes with breathing?
Swollen Eye, Itchy Problems?
My right eye hurts and im crying from it as i cry from it it get swollen wat is it? since yesterday afternoon?
Heart racing and now pausing every few beats?
Why do I keep coughing?
Is this the common cold?
I had an itchy rash on my neck for a couple days, now my neck is rough...why?
i have a lot of spots on my backside.....?
My face became suddenly dark?
Born with large hard ridges in the palms of your hand?
what is the larger issue with plastic surgery?
is the yeast infection cream supposed to burn when you use it?
I have a stye and I need it gone fast?
What is the fastest and most effective way of getting rid of infection?
I have a boil in a very private area.?
When will the redness go away?
Why has my head become out of proportion to my body?
my dog has itchy skin?
how can i get rid of my new cold sore tonight?
Is there any meds I can ask my Dr. for to help with extreme fatigue? I'm so tired all the time, Help!?
Dose getting your ears pearsied hurt?
I have had foot pain for 6 weeks my doctor says its metartasalgia? I'm not so sure, i'm no doctor!!?
Why does my back hurt when I wake up in the morning?
I need home remedies for cramps!?
Did i herniate a lower back disc?
ive been very tired lately, why?
does putting ice on a broken foot help the pain?
I have really bad pains in my chest?
indescribable pain in my hip to knee, can you tell me what?
what is the difference between oxycodone and hydrocodone?
My eyes hurts still after 3 days?
it says do not take more then 6 ibuprofen 24 hrs what happens if i exceed that limit?
my sister just took 8 advil. will she be ok?
is it normal to get odd and random pains?
How can you get rid of migraines?
is this something serious?
Woke up from a nap and my back shoulder blade felt like there was a funny bone stuck in it?
what is good to get rid of a stomach ache i am 11 soo make it easy?
Should I put a plaster over raw skin or just leave it?
Could it be BV? or worse.. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
Did you ever experience food poisoning?
How do you tell if your getting pink eye?
How do antibiotics attack pathogen's ribosome in the cell?
does the new flu shot fight regular flu and also H1N1?
How do I get over a cold fast?
sore throat???????? cold??
Child,5, fever 40,8!! What should I do?!?
I have something wrong with my eye. I'm not sure if it's an eye infection or something else.?
How do you get rid of a dry,sore throat ?! PLEASE HELP !?
I have the flu , it's getting worse. I went to the doctor and gave me some pills. But I would love somremedie.?
can i die with somthing caught in my throat?
how do i get something that is stuck out of my throat?
Sickness coming on.. How to prevent anything else to come?
flu shot site red and swollen?
What causes a man to get aches and pains as they get older?
why does my wife always gets strep and i never do. we share drinks and all that stuff??
is it ok to take fish oil capsules & ginkgo biloba at the same time?
Is it bad to wear contacts everyday?
Why do I get frequent pink eyes?
i have a medicine here for my son called phen/ clor tan? what is the medicine for?
Question about contact lenses?
Is it ok to still use with soft contact lenses?
How to convert the numbers from my glasses to eye contacts?
Eyes hurt with contacts on?
My eyes have red "lines" on them?
contacts! Answer if you wear "hard lenses"!!?
Contact lense help!!! my eye wont stop spazzing!?!?!?
Lasek question?? Laser vision correction?
My eye hurts everytime i blink and its been 12 hours?
Need suggesstion on LASIK. Who have done one or know people that have done one?
What is this guys eye color?
Can the frames of rimless eyeglasses can be Chance my nephew bend one. I took it to 3 stores they said no but?
So I just broke my 1-day-old glasses...?
Is This Bad Vision? I Wanna know cause its making me crazy.?
contact lenses question...?
My eyes have a haze and when i look at a line or something it squiggles.?
my left eye is starting to get reddish and don't know if it is pink eye?
problems with my eyes?
I need new eyeglasses like these but NO ONE can duplicate them! They're a mystery to everyone! I need help!?
How do you fix blindness?
What are ways to improve hand-eye coordination?
15 and experiencing chest pains?
I have black spots/lines in my eye (not floaters).?
I am Lactose Intollerant, so I dink Soy milk, but I love cheese, any suggestions?
Can you have a ganglion cyst under skin on bottom of forearm?
I have had eye floaters for a while and new ones are now appearing?
Where cani buy crazy colored contacts with a perscription?
How do you do this heart on picnik?
Is it possible 2give some1a lung if their bloodtype is b&urs is sum10 else other then O If nt wt would happend?
Sore throat and swollen tonsils? What could I have?
the total amount of blood the heart pumps in one minute?
URGENT! Does anyone know a POT syndrome doctor? Please HELP!!!?
I need help creating a Blog Name Help! I am creating a blog name for Cancer Survivors. My name is Allison My n?
Can All This Happen To My Mother Because Of Lithium Withdrawal?
WHEN YOU SNEEZE................???????
side affects of viral meningitis?
Help! I have ear infections(s) and took ear piercings out!!?
why am i having trouble sleeping?
I have this cracking noise in my hip.?
Statistics of Drug Dealers?
Having trouble sleeping.?
What r the symptoms of thrush ? i've just been on antibotics does this cause thrush ?
how do i get rid of an ice burn.?
Why did they take blood and urine samples during pre-op?
so much stomach probs?
where can i email about health problems?
how do I find a psychiatrist that takes Medicare?
SHould my lip still be bleeding?
please answer best answer 10 points?
what the heck is biting me?
How come pot can stay in your system for a while?
Question about short term disability?
In neurologist terms, what is a Right UE EDS?
is it normal if your heartrate goes up a bit when you inhale kinda deep but not very deep?
How can a person deal with the problem of hypertension?
my son is 18 and his blood test came back with high (53) sgot (ast) what should we do?
what do frequent heart pains mean?
Should i have done this? There's blood!?
Weird Heart Pressure?
HELP! Why is my Grandfather, who has a history of heart condition, dizzy?
wen the doctor tells u ur kids has a second heart beat?
Father's side of family has major heart problems?
what do minor heart attacks feel like?
Is having chest pain after running normal?
Blood Pressure high after walking, should I be worried?
does paxil makes heart skip a beat?
Vomiting blood/isolated incident?
What causes decreased blood flow in the arteries?
how do i know if im high?
Nasal drip after surgery?
is 132/91 blood pressure too high?
What will happen?? (Fast replys PLEASE!)?
pain from a heart attack results from?
How to lower rapid heart rate?
Is this chest pain a result of anxiety or heart murmur?
Low Pottasium...?? should I be concerned?
I had a aortic dissection , 5 months ago and it was grafe , can any body tell me how much weight i can lift.?
Does drugs elevate heart rate?
My Diastolic is 57, What should I do?
Should I not worry about this anymore?? soo stressed. Please help!! Blood Clots?
Is it true that hospitals will treat people, even if they have no health care coverage or insurance ?
Why are health care and dental care mentioned separately?
Could this be something serious?
Has anyone taken the sleep drug Ambien?
Are getting Cat-Scans and X-Rays of your entire body bad for you, I'm a female?
Pain above both eyes?
How does health insurance work? ?
What now, after too many prunes?
I constantly feel tired but I get an average of 7 hours of sleep per night. I am only 21 so I am wondering why?
what affect does increasing cost of healthcare have on society?
HELP, please, question!?
Blood pressure question?
Can i take miralax with pop?
is my dentist competent?
Does injections for varicose veins really work?
Why did I faint? plz help (:?
Am I causing myself bladder problems?
I heard my knee crack. Is it serious?
What is up with this heartburn?
Why do I feel like I haven't gotten enough sleep?
once i get over mono, will i gain the weight back? and how long should i expect to have mono for?
I am 60 year old woman and my pulse rate is 42-45 take with a blood pressure machine. Is that a concern?
i feel sick and i dont know what it is?
why does the increase rate of heart diseases increase with old age?
How scared does someone with coronary artery disease have to get for it to trigger a heart attack?
what helps to clear eyes feeling sticky durring a sinus infection?
What if he'll is just a bad LSD trip that never ends?
what causes tonsilitis?
I have Lactose Intolerace and it's been getting worse.I live in the Philippines,Where can i buy lactaid?
Blocked Nose, Watery Eyes, Wheezing, every morning since I moved.?
Singulair and strange dreams and thoughts?
Runny nose every time, pain pallate while swallowing saliva and dry throat.?
Allergies in Autumn? What medication should i use?
Why are my eyes swollen like that?
Home cure for pink eye?
Is there a way you can find out if you are allergic to insect stings without getting stung?
can you take have fiber when you cant have wheat or glutin?
Can someone overcome an allergy and not be allergic?
I don't have a cold but my throat is itchy and irritating?
Why does my face, especially my cheeks, feel tingly and numb when I bite into a bartlett pear?
How do I get rid of my allergy to metal?
what do you give a dog for allergies?
I have itchy and watery eye I've tried everything and it doesn't stop. What can i do?
what does inflame means for a nose surgery?
Hives on 5 month baby--please help!!?
Allergic reaction to face cleanser? HELP?
ok i have a problem. whenever i do curls now my left lower outside arm hurts as almost as if it was bruisedbut?
When you pop someone in the back of the head, how do you protect your knuckles from being crushed?
whats the longest you've had a wrist sprain?
fractured bone? i need to know?
knee injury/whats wrong?
Hamstring / back of knee injury?
Is this a good choice?
When the put metal palte in your arm?
Once it fully heals, does your bone get stronger after you break it?
When can I get surgery on my knee?
can i walk? or will it make it worse?
I have really sun burnt feet for a week, been to doctors and got cream but still SO painful, any suggestions?
If you bite your tounge and it's bleeding a little, can you still keep eating?
Sprained ankle/broke it?
What do I do to relieve stress?
what are good more recent songs about death and/or grieving?
is this a mental disorder?
Is something wrong with me..?
Is this kind of rash contagious?
How do i even out my facial skin?
What do i do to my plantars wart now?
How can i get my skin to clear up?
Best products for red, blotchy skin?
Why do i have a big head pls help ?
Is my skin classed as sensitive?
Nose / Eye Rash help?
Does a hot tub make acne worse?
has any one heard of granuloma annular? they look like ringworm but they dont itch just leave spots all on my?
OK once and for all:?
still have dandruff with head and shoulders?
Stretch marks..help please.?
how can i make a model of the skin?
How long do I have to wait after using Clindamycin phosphate gel and differin?
how long do i have to wait to kiss my girlfriend after i have poison ivy on my lips?
What shouyld I do if everytime I work out my inner thighs by my groin get red?
burnt armpit solution?
What is this bump on my toe?
whats the best way to get rid of head lice?
I'm hungry but whenever I try to eat I feel nauseous?
Ear problem, feels like I'm under water or have an in ear earphone in?
Help with mitral valve prolapse?
Can't Get A Full Breath Because My Diaphram Cramp?
really worried please help!!!?
coughing up yellow mucus in the morning, then it turns clear the rest of the day?
RLS symptoms... what have you done to relieve this?
I'm getting pain in the top of my hand/wrist when I clench my fist?
what meds do you take for fibromyalgia?
i have a lump in the back of my neck that I know is a cyst?
Why do i get pain in my knees? what can i do?
my chihuahua is in pain. I think it is his back. Can I give him aspirin?
I been having some back pain can anyone help?
can someone HELP with headache?
HeartBurn Question !!!!!?
what are these bumps under my wrist?
Leg pain please help ?
immediate lower back pain help?
Why am I having chest pains?
My neck is really stiff?
Chronic Back Pain Problems, Therapeutic excersises?
How do i cure this hangover!!! please help me?
How do I get rid of shin plints?
Headache over my left eye...?
BACK PAIN RELIEF??????????????????????????????????
does anybody else here wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?
im really super sore. need it fixed?
Is It Possible To Cause A Mini Stoke By Pressing Hard Over Sides Of The Head?
Headaches constantly for 2 months now, need help??? thanks?
Chlamydia, Infertility?
when will my antibiotic kick in for a bacterial infection!?
how long does it take after you gargled water for a soar throat?
What happens if you take 4 Dayquil Liquicaps at once?
meningitis Amoxicillin Blood brain Barrier?
does nectarine with lemon get rid of sort throats and a cold ?
What is a changeable risk factor?
Can you have the flu without vomiting?
how do i get rid of a cold fast?
sir my father urin have puss cells 25-26.what can i do?
canadian embassy requested me to have my medical exams but i have gynecomastia will i fail my medical exam?
my baby is vomiting whenever she is given food,what could be the problem cos she has no fever n the temp ok?
how can i know what kind of bug or parasite this is i found in my room?
which infection can cause this?
what does the flu bug taste like?
I have gingivitis i think, how do i get rid of it?
Do I have a cold or its something else?
signs of strep throat?
Can you get sick even though you are already sick?
am i going to get mono (mononucleosis)?
how bad do kidney infections hurt?
Does anyone know a cure for back pain???????!!!!!!!?
What does this sound like?
how dangerous is ecstasy?
What does the Rx drug do?
White-hot pains in stomach and chest && problems in the bathroom...?
Why do my knees always hurt?
Why does my ear still feel clogged up?!?
Do I have some kind of sinus problem?
Medical question...help?
I was in the pool and I swallowed water.?
i'm sick and need meds but i take regular ua's. what can i take for a cold that wont give me a positive result?
What is it called when your vision sometimes stops beings like a movie and more like separate snap shots?
Should I be able to see my tonsils?
dry humping causes it to burn when peeing?
What is so great about Plastic surgery?
Average heart rate........?
had flu for a week, almost recovered, made out w/ gf?
I have been feeling sick?
why does my stomach hurt so so so much!?
WELL I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there a website where you can enter in symptoms and it will find a diagnosis?
I am now on the z-pack, how soon will I start to feel human again?
CAN anyone "read" this chest x-ray?....?
i got a bug bite of some kind on the side of my thigh its big and red and looks kinda bruised it hurts 2 touch?
I really really need some details on deaths related to cystic fibrosis!!?
what is that that i feel it under the prostate gland? tumor?
is it okey to an old man to take an ensure plus eventhough he had a kidney problem?
I just took my tb shot today, will smoking marijuana or eating a brownie have a negative affect on me?
anyone know anyhting about lupus?
Ear reacts weirdly to cold food or drinks!!!!!?
how long dose it take to recuperate from kidney surgery?
when you have your gall bladder taken out is it normal to have smelly breath?
I have been diagnosed with graves desease but can't find much about it.?
fuzzy eyed and light headed/?
i went to the eye doctor and after that i was trying my friends glasses, and after that....?
what kind of gland is the thymus gland ?
what perscription cholesterol statin medicine has less side effects,safest?
Can anyone give me information about Familial Alzheimer's????????????????????
What could be causing my tongue to feel like it is burning?
Why do I see colors around everything?
What should the temp be on a worm eye compress?
Seeing white stars/specks.?
Every time I take out my contacts my eye turns red!! Is that a problem?
Is squeezing your eyes bad for you?
My eye burns whenever I blink!?
Has anyone ever improved their eye sight naturally (eye exercises)?
What do i do with my eye?
Help eye itch and irritated but not red.?
Up to what line are you supposed to be able to read on a snellen (eye) chart?
What causes Near Sightedness (Myopia)?
is it possible to get new eyeglasses without getting a new eye test or whatever?
Hit in the eye with a tennis ball?
why do i get irritating afterimages?
How can I be less afraid to put on contact lenses?
Need Help with eye issue?
Help!!! what is this?
When you buy colored contacts from 1800contacts.com?
Question about leukocoria, or white pupil reflex, in a 3 week old baby?
Can you buy colored contact lenses at Walmart?
Do you think this eye colour is real?
coughing &spiting up yellow fluid?
i have asthma and don't know what to do?
Question about infection of the lungs?
If i had asthma when i was 10 can i not be in the military?
is promethazine a fun drug?
ive been having pain in my chest?
is it possable to choke on or gag on your own neck fat?
PCP or Benadryl OVERDOSE? is there anything else that might cause this! HELP brother is in I.C.U?
What is wrong with my throat?
Sinus infection gone bad?
I have Mucas In My Throat?HELP ME SERIOUSLY!?
I don't understand asthma or bronchitis. Are they the same?
What is a vaporizer?
Why is bronchiolitis more dangerous for infants than adults?
sometimes i get stress out by little things which causes me to have hard time breathing.what could this be?
Chronic sinusitis sympotms, help?
Hey everyone, i been feeling horible this whole day. I think im super sick and heres the symptons.?
Having problems breathing?
My friend is throwing up blood? please help? :[?
Give two reasons why cold viruses are more prolific in the winter?
does Alka-Seltzer relieve common colds?
what is air moving in and out of the lungs called?
Broken, Sprained, or Pulled Muscel? or...what?
punched in the neck!?
finger problem....doctors plz help mine had no answer?
I fell and it felt like my legs and arms weren't there! I couldn't get back up, what is wrong with me?
my wrist was sprained 2 months ago and its still hurts when i move it i had a cast for 2 months and i need to ?
burning feeling in ankle?
Nasal constantly congested?
Shoulder Arthroscopy?
what is it when your eyeball feels like its bruised...and is a bit swollen on the edge of your eye...?
If I fell hard in soccer and landed on my arm, could I break it or severely break it?
i have numbness on my outer thigh, with no other s/s. I did receive an injection 2 weeks ago?
Broken Arm??????????????????
Helpp!! I have a fever?
i hurt my big toe playing soccer and it REALLY HURTS?
I sprained My arm this ?
my hep c test came back reactive/non reactive what dose that mean?
Raw feeling in my lungs when I first wake up in the morning. Any medical advice?
Boil on scalp, What are some good remedies or tips?
I got cut by barbed wire...?
how do u know if u have a herniated disk in ur neck?
Sore throat, and lots of...?
How long recovery will be for bruised outer bone area?
I feel Dizzy and dont know the cause?
I have a pulse-like thumping under my right rib cage?
cancer? what happens...?
Fever from 103-106, a spot on her lungs of a 16 month old what is it?
Risk of Getting Infected? Hiv,Std,herpes?
what anti acid makes you burp?
Sneezing out of my mouth?
"Healthy Life" bread causing allergic reaction?
how long does food allergy reaction last?
i'm lactose intolerant and i drank a Mocha for energy, now my stomach is killing me, how to make it go away?
Is this a reaction to Amoxiciliin?
Patanase nasal spray question?
my NOsE!! RPLY.....hLp?
Cranberry + Ribena allergy???
can someone tell me any way how nasal sprays are bad for you?
will dog shampoo kill kittens?
Alcohol Intolerance...or allergy?
I've got some kind of allergy rash all over my neck..?
How long can a sinus infection last?
I have an Amcor AM-60 Air Ionizer/Purifier?
List of Why Food Additives are Bad?
what kind of allergic reaction can somebody have if their allergic to marijuana and smoke it?
My son had an allergy to a bug bite . . .?
How can I tell I am allergic to something?
can you take two "1 a day" hayfever tablets?
How do I know if I'm allergic to bees?
Swelling problem?
Strong yeast smell in my nose?
Bosniak type ii renal cyst?
I have to take blood test today will doctors look for nicotine?
Can a cold make you pee yourself? If yes, why? and is this normal? What would you do in my shoes?
what is an appropriate diet for a cancer patient?
Burning sensation on my leg?
Can his treatment for tuberculosis affect our conceiving?
Nausea's for a few days but neg tests?
Scared help please?. . . .?
im suicidal and depressed?
whats is so bad about me cutting myself?
My wife is freaking out, any help?
What is the worst thing that has happened to you?
is it common for an 8 year old to be suicidal?
Are you happy with your life right now?
I have a slight case of paranoia at night?
I think something is wrong with me. How do I find out what?
Depression. When will it go away?
I want to be a slave to a paralyzed woman. Is that weird?
Help! Is this some sort of an eating disorder?
If someone has died, and someone close to them is not crying, is that ok?
i hate myself and i dont know what to do and i am still hiding my depression from my mom and dad what do i do?
I hate myself. Any advice?
I'm very suicidal. I don't know what to do.?
My friend cuts herself ?
Why do i feel like this??????
If a thirteen year old used to cut herself, says she is depressed but doesn't want help, should...?
please answer, do i have a problem?
I don't understand myself - what's wrong with me?
This is a question about scabies. What is Scabies? And How do you know if you have it?
Itchy legs, hands & arms at night?
does vitamin E help improve stretch marks?
How to get rid of backne?
Skin lightening/liverspot question (dermatologist question)?
How do get rid of cysts on your face?
I Had A Ringworm On The Side Of My Lip & Now I Have A White Spot?
Extremely Sensitive Skin Help!!?
Can different water cause dandruff?
There is skin peeling off my forehead?
How do I get rid of a stubborn keloid on a tragus piercing?
In like the last two weeks ive noticed these little red bumps appearing on my body.?
why do i have dents on the side of my tounge? what can i do for it to go away?
i need some help on my skin bad!!?
Does everyone have this on their chin?
How long will it take for my stitches to heal ?
Can pinkeye & strep throat 'germs' be carried by someone who doesn't have symptoms?
What are the likely causes of the infertility in human?
Does spraying and fogging eliminate infestation of bed bugs?
Why do you need some immunizations once and other several times?
Very high alt and ast liver readings.?
Cures for a sore throat?
Does the HIV virus live longer on environmental surfaces on a colder day?
Is this the starting of pink eye?
please help have no money and think i may be really sick?
could i have a a really mild case of mono?
high amount of white blood cells shown during a urinalysis?
What are the best ways to get rid of flu symptoms?
Is mono contagious????
If i got a staph infection how long would it take to kill me?
yellow pill with righting on both sides?
How can I get FREE flu shot in New York Metropolitan Area?
One of my friend has scabies, help needed?
Onychomycosis leftover in shoes?
what are the 5 environmental lifstile factors that place you at risk for disease?
what do you mean by immunization status?
If Jesus smoked would you still tell him to quit?
My cold sore isnt like hard anymore its nots bumby. so does that mean its about to heal? ?
how many times do we brathe in one hour? how many inhale? how many exhale? how many pair of breath? please ans?
I have to get a sports physical and what does this mean?
has anytone heard of webbed toes and hearing loss?
I'm always sleepy, my eyes feel heavy and I am yawning?
I need an answer quick?
White blood cell 15,000,severe tirednes head & neck ache,no energy, dizzy, nausia, swollen glands,?
whats wrong with my eyes!? they constantly look so tired, even after almost 11 hours sleep :(?
question with blood pressure ??? help!!!?
My girlfriend is having kidney pains she says its kidney stones please help?
My knee has been twitching for the past two hours, literally, is this bad?
underarm sweating problems that will only go away with certain-dry, but it makes my pits smell. please help!?
What should I do about this cough?
Could this be from lack of sleep?
Is this ok for me to do?
is my cut infected....?
Will I freeze or will I be ok?
i have a calcium deposit, does hitting it really hard really work?
If ecstasy takes an ice cream scoop out of your brain, what does cocaine do?
I have been having a stuffy nose for about two months. Please help!?
my dog has a tumor on his left side of his mouth and it wont stop bleeding is there a way i can stop it?
You must keep your health in. at your work,even if you qualify for medicaid,right?
I smoked 3 times in the past month, is 18 days enough to clean out from weed?
which country has the lowest cost and best medical rx in the world?
My knees crack when I move them and sometimes they hurt and give out.?
why does my legs from my knees down feel like electrical shocks are going through them only at night?
i need doctor advice have no money to go to doctor?
Recurring pinched nerve?
Extreme pain in lower abdomen, what could it be?
Can anyone help, migraine?
i have a throbbing headache whenever i stand up and walk around. feels like massive pressure. what could it be?
help i burned my tongue!!!?
Should I have my impacted wisdom teeth extracted now, or at the end of next month?
Whats wrong with my foot?!?!?
pain in my leg feels like growing pains?
What can I do to strengthen weak knees?
Help! My jaw is killin me! I woke up this morning and the left side of my jaw is locked and very painful!?
I realy worried about getting stabbed i dont no y help me?
My wrist is hurting? someone please tell me why?
How dangerous is it to take 6 tylenol?
Horrible stomach pain! What could be the problem? HELP?
Knee surgery so young?
I feel pain on the right side of the abdomen below the liver what could this be?
I have a sharp pain in my upper back from after lifting.?
Why do I have this ongoing headache?
Whats wrong with my hands?
Is this normal having yellow discharge?
what is a yeast infection?
Does she like me? that question is burning me inside!?
how long does it take for weed to get out of hair?
my hair will grow but it sheds all the time and I have not had a perm in a year but I do take medication?
im afraid of needles!?
To Dr's: What is your opinion of medicare?
has this happened to anyone else besides me?
when do u stop growing?
How can I get myself to fall asleep at an earlier time every night?
Has anyone else felt sick from flourescent lighting?
Anyone know why I cough like this?
Is there anyone else out there that is a parent of a child or have nf1(neurofibromatosis). plz help me .?
my pus cells 4-7 hpf is it normal?
Is there anyone out there that has lupus?
whats wrong with me i think i have a disease?
but now i noticed some white patches almost looks like dust on his fins is he sick?
Do I have bowel obstruction?
Pain In Left Leg - HELP?
I woke up and my right leg and hand seemed paralyzed?
how bad is my sprained wrist?
Herniated disc L5-S1..Numbness?
who has ever torn a muscle?
What's wrong with my knee? It hurts!?
got stitches on my finger 4 days ago now my finger and hand always feels werid and cold why?
Help? Knee Sprain/Strain? please?
How severe could this injury be?????????????
my foot is brused and i cant walk properly, can i make it heal faster?
Broken finger question?
How serious could this be?
What's Wrong With Me?
OMG Costachondral Separation: need advice!?
what was this bump on my toe?
i broke my arm at work 8 years ago , it was work related workers comp did pay while i was out of work . ?
I got kneed in the knee when I was fighting a friend and I'm kind of worried...?
What happened? my mom thinks muscle breakdown?
How does a kidney disease affect mental development?
can high cholesterol be affecting my lightheadedness?
How would you remove the brain from the body?
Smoking weed for the first time?
High Blood Pressure readings high?
I can't stop burping?
why children are particularly vulnerable during illness and hospitalization?
what behaviors can help your heart and lungs?
What is wrong with me!? Very worried, please help :(?
How many teaspoons of turmeric can I take a day?
Why have my eyes turned Grey ?!?
Spectacle lense thickness?
After having used 15 years of contact lens i have done my pheco in both eyes, i recently face the probelem?
Is it ok to wear contact lenses for a very long time as long as it's not effecting the eye ?
Why is my eye still swollen?
involuntary eye twitching?
Which contact lenses allow for the best vision for people with astigmatism?
Do irritated eyes relate to blurry vision?
Is it normal for vision to blur while wearing contacts and glasses at the same time?
When my eyes constantly burn and vision sometimes gets blurry, does this definitely mean I need glasses as it?
Is it okay to wipe your eyes with toilet paper?
What does this prescription mean?
Natural Looking contacts?
Why do I always see a slight drizzle?
Contact lens problem!!?
My eyes or eye-lids are uneven?
contacts questionss..?
New Prescription Questions?
Can i get eye contacts?
Is it just an eye freckle or more?
Bright white flashes when eyes closed?
is there any hospital for eye dryness in india (steven johnsons syndrome)?
crazy eyelashes getting in eyes?
what has a hazel nut in every bite?
Sort my ear out .?
life as an emo is better?
Can you help me? I don't understand? Please help?
Do I have depression?
How to stop feeling lonely?
plzz my gf is having thoughts of suicide!!!!!!!!?
Am I depressed?
My best friend is a terrible person. Or is she? Please help me. Someone?
What is wrong with my friend? Is this a disorder?
How to stop suicide thoughts??
I'm really scared. Please help. ?
What do you do when you realise you're all alone and no one really cares?
Why would someone be hospitalized? Looking for more answers?
i had a heart attack 3 years ago does extreme heat affect you?
Could I have schizophrenia?
Is it normal to feel really hyper/energized when a big storm comes?
Is there a relationship between heart beat rate and blood circulation?
Very strange heart problems. Experts only please?
Have you had a heart bypass ?
If i'm only 17 years old, could i go to a doctors appointment alone..?
Was anyone disappointed to hear about the BP oil leak being plugged?
How does smoking affect the structure and function of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems?
What does it mean when you're getting heart pains?
High Blood Pressure, But 20 and Healthy?
High Blood Pressure Anybody else have problems in their family with this?
what is the management for myocardial infarction?
Why does my heart fell weird?
What is a leaky heart valve called? (technical term) that starts with a "V" ?
my heart skips beats during exercise. It also takes my heart a long time to go back to resting rate?
i have heart palpitations?
I hate cholesterol, is there anything without it?
The left side of the heart usually fail first then the right side would follow. Is it possible for the right s?
My new born has a VSD?
my blood pressure is high, need some advice?
what is a heart murmur?
i have really bad dandruff ! help?
Oily skin! Heeelp please.?
Ingrown hair that form a cyst 3 weeks ago?
What are these bumps and how can I get rid of them?
How do i get rid of this black spot at the tip of my tounge?
dark areas and spots around mouth?
I have a rash, that I dont know what is, anyone know anything about these things?
Sores in my nose that will not heal?
I have a weird bump on my collar bone?
My bottom lip has a black line almost like a scar?
Does Mederma work to clear scars left from acne?
Red spots on stomach/breasts?
I have a red itchy rash on feet?
My daughter has veins that show in her hips and belly. She is 10 years old, Blond hair and light skin.?
how to get rid of hickeys?
What can i do to stop my skin from being oily? Please help?
What are these "rashes" from?
I would like to know were i can find information on the parasite Giardia not symptoms?
My k9s have a Parasite called Giardia every thing we have tried has not worked does any know that works?
pink eye lasting for two weeks?
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) Do I need medical treatment?
what to expect after having your tonsils removed?
I keep getting strep throat?
I feel different today... uh-oh?
Brownish color under toenail?
is tanning in a tanning bed bad for a bad heart?
What does this sound like I might have?
Appendicitis Help Please !?
Tatoos and mrsa is it bad to get one if you've had it?
I feel like throwing up, and i make a lot of saliva, and my throat makes alot of noise?
please help cat scratch?
Do I have a bacterial infection? Whats wrong with me?
What can we attribute the recent rash of bedbugs to?
Is it bad if i poked my tonsils?
Infected insect bite in pregnancy?
can a spider contract malaria?
Always tired, Woke up couldnt breathe?
How do I think about not peeing!?
I have grey hair growing around a bump on my head, can anyone help explain?
How to get better since I've been sick for a month?
How long does Strep Throat last?
What can I take for a sinus infection since I'm on Depo Provera & can't take antibiotics?
can your gp change or back date your records?
Will I get a choice on if I want to be awake or asleep ?
please help! overdose!!?
I don't really get the concept of a loofah...?
Ileus and ulcers can they go together Pangolin?
sweating a lot at a dance...?
Daybreak vs few hours sleep?
can mosquitoes transfer aids/hiv from person to person?
What kind of cold/flu/other do i have?
Can we take aspirin indefinitely after having a stroke?
I got the runs and im scared...wat might b wrong and what shud i do?
Would it be better to stay up all night or get 3 hours of sleep?
What is this burning pain in my pelvic area?
Should I be worried?...?
Eye lid swollen, do I need to drain it?
Do sleep sound machines really work?
Head cold; can't taste or smell?
Could this be Dry Pleurisy? and if so any ideas for home remedy?
I think I have mold or something?
When can you start taking an antibiotic again after you have become resistant?
im young could i have colon cancer?
bloating and fullness after only a few bites?
What is the best way to get rid of parasites?
Chlorophyll and bad breath, is it save?
How long does walking an hour a day 5 days a week take to drop blood pressure by 20 points?
Which is not related to PRIMARY TUBERCULOSIS? PPD+, Cavitation, Caseification, Calcification, Granuloma?
Does television receiver antenna harmful to health (radiation)?
What is "dope"........It may be a DUH question but i just want to make sure i know....?
How can I hold in the need to defecate?
Why do I feel like this? I have always had headaches but recently they have gotten worse?
does anyone know what drugs can kill you when when you mix it with methadone?
i need an acronym for donating bone marrow!! i have CHEMO- creating hope..then im stuck HELP! any other ideas?
feel like Im leaning to one side,lightheaded,and sometime feel like im going to pass out?
im sick and feel very tired what can i do...?
restoring my brain???????????
Could i become a doctor?
help with problem... please???!!!?
I don't know what my symptoms mean...?
Can measles in pregnancy cause anencephaly?
Not sure what I have?
How bad are colonoscopies?
why do i feel tired and sleepy and i basically do nothing all day?
Team name ideas for breast cancer walk?
IF i had a tumor would it show up this way?
what works best to get rid poison ivy? i hear bleach,salt and baking soda mixed together works well? Help!!?
I am allergic to mugwort, what is mugwort?
anyone taken radio active iodine? any reaction?
what cough medicines work the best?
is it possible to be allergic to heat?
Has anyone else had an allergic reaction to Eternal Ink?
My nose looks like his,Is that a bad thing?
Eyes Are Always Bloodshot. What to do?
anyone who suffers from an allergic reaction please tell me how it personally makes you feel?
what causes blocked ears?
my chest has been hurting for a while now?
Sore throat and congestion?
Why is it so hard for me to sleep without smoking marijuana?
Can i drink monster while on prednisone?
My breathing is abnormal, I don't take deep relaxing breathes why?
I think I sleep too much and still feel heavy. I don't feel like leaving the bad in the morning. Am I sick.?
Do you think i have asthma?
chronic hyperventilation?
Second Hand Smoke Coughing?
Does dehydration and insomia cause someone to act like a zombie or zone out @ times?
Exercise induced asthma?
Please Help me very sick?
Do i have asthma or panic disorder?
my 5 years old has being coughing for a week what do I do?
Gasping for my breath at night?
why does my chest hurt so much?
if we once get asthma can it be cured for lifetime?
My boyfriend has viral laryngitis and I kissed him do I have it now?
When getting treated for pneumonia at a hospital, how much was your hospital bill without insurance?