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chance of lytic lesion being cancerous?
Can you catch bronchitis from not wearing a coat in the winter?
what type of medication reduces tachycardia?
What is the purpose of a wart?
how to not show a lazy eye?
Help! What's wrong with my eyes!?
RESTASIS eye drops? Should i consider them?
Corner of my eye is blurry?
The pupils fof my eyes seem really big recently...?
What is the best website with reasonable prices to order contacts off of?
Contact Lenses dryness?
my eyes be changing color?
vision problem (please take this question seriously)?
Contact lens stuck... pretty much glued to my eye..... help?
Dropped my contacts? Help!?
tool to put-in-and remove soft contact lenses?
should i get contacts?
How do I tell my Eye Car Prac. that I want to buy Contacts online?
PRK SURGERY eye will be seeing you.?
Would you consider this a ripoff or a fair charge?
i get what i think is eye boogies on my iris and cornea...it blurs my vision and hurts my eye?
Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?
Eye pain????????????????????
Is it bad to keep contacts in container w/ solution for a while?
How to Maintain Eyesight? Hard Contacts?
can i wear contacts after getting hit in the eye by a water bottle rocket. my pupil is a bit misshapen and is?
what happends if you wear your 2 week disposible contacts for over a month?
I think I've got a bruise on my foot?
Can i do Basketball after this surgery?
my ankle hurts really bad, please help?
Can i walk with my splint on?
i woke up with scratches on my thighs?
Is it common after a concussion to pass out and forget things?
i just got my lip periced like 3 weeks ago and i got a bump under it and its a little white is it infected? ?
Pain in outside left knee?
injured reall bad in car accident?
I got my cartilage peirced almost three months ago and i tried to take the back off last night and it started ?
Fake doctors Note!?!?!?! Please HELP now, PLEASE!!!?
I broke my hand and am wearing a galveston brace to fix it (per the doctor). Is it normal to develop blisters?
I take Dilantin for epilepsy, 100 mg. three times a day. I have been on this medication for 20 years. I know
What ways can i Stall the aging process significantly?
what hot water helps us?
drug testing?
cold sores- if i have one strand of HSV that causes cold sores and I am exposed to the other...?
Ive been tested positive for Group C Strep disease and am NOT FEELING WELL AT ALL!?
what aqulifies to have ssi?
Is there an illness where you throw up everytime you eat a lot? Or a little?
What are the most numerous leuocytes?
I'm taking Omeprazol20 for my stomach, but i smoke too. does smoking have an effect on this drug?
Diagnosed with "vaso-vagal syncope." Now what?
Why does thick skin lack hair follicles and sebaceous glands?
My throat is extremely and I lost my voice and my ear hurts. what could I have and what do I do?
How long are the symptoms active for mono?
Is blood canser is removeable ?
Medical Problem (numbness)?
Is this Xanax withdrawal?
I am a 44 year old white male, recently had a series of strokes from which I have recovered totally.?
How long will it take for my lungs to clear out?
is it something i should really worry about?
chest pains right in the middle?
Shortness of breath in the shower?
Increased heart rate, overwhelming increase in body temperature, and extreme nausea...but only lasted 30 min?
Is ot okay to mix luquior,weed,herion,serqouel and kolnapin?
Vision fading all the sudden, what does this mean?
how do you get rid of a sty?
Where in the world did my panic attack come from? Was it even a panic attack!?!?
I had a weird love of bar of soap?
Whats the best way to cure a rash?
what are these lumps i have under my skin?
How much would my acne scar laser resurfacing cost?
I'm on my second month of Accutane. I know is has tremendous effects on the liver but I have a party tomorrow?
I have lots of itchy bumps on my foot that won't go away. What could they be?
How to get rid of the bumbs on my skin?
My cheeks were sun burnt couple of years ago. They are still red, how can I get rid of that.?
how long does it take for earring holes to become unnoticable?
ugh stretched ear too soon or a bigger problem ?
I have a wart on my hand that sometimes turns dard purpple? Is that bad? Why does it do that?
Why do some people have purple lips?
how long will epiduo burn and sting my face for?
Sensitive Skin problem? Bikini Bumps?
How come when i wake up the next morning, my acne is gone?
how to keep myself awake?
I Experienced Nose Bleed for 4min?
why do i feel burning in my nose?
Is a epi pen necessary?
My nose is draining out a bright orange yellow liquid that is thin like water, what is this?
Can you bath in Rosemary and Lemongrass?
Random swelling of body parts?
Allergic to milk proteins and soy?
does this sound like allergies?
Where to get an allergy test?(for wheat and dairy) How much? ?
Advantage of oxygen Nasal Cannula?
I am lactose intolerant, however when I consume lactose FREE milk, I still become ill. Any ideas?
Can post-nasal drip cause mucus/bloody streaks in stool?
Post Nasal Drip question?
What is the best herbal medicine to take for allergies that does not contain antihistamine?
I need a list of foods with NOOO iodine (yodo)?
I got my lip pierced a week ago...would I be allergic to it if I got rashes on the joints of my hands?
Allergic to tomato paste?
What is the cause of swollen lymth nodes?
Do I have an infection?
What illness have I came down with?
Question About Patient-Doctor Confidentiality?
I can't gargle using Betadine? help!?
My son has MRSA should i keep his sister out of school?
How close to a vomiting person do you have to be to catch a stomach bug?
I'm sick but have no idea what it is can somebody help me please?
twenty years with anemia. three hospitals a million tests--but no answer yet?
does my mom have mrsa the staff infection?
Question about my baby!!?
is this positive or negative?
I feel sick. I am vomiting uncontrolably, now I can control it.?
how to get rid of an ear infection?
Are there places where I can get tested for free?
If I have Hepatitis B, how to prevent others from getting it...?
Will I get AIDS by sharing food?
how long does strep throat last?
what does an infected tongue look like?
Do you think the AIDS campaign is a lost cause?
what does e coli help you with?
thyroglubulin antibodies very high!?
My friend thinks you can aids easily.If u get you private part on somethng is there a possibility u can get it?
what is a plantar warts?
i dont want my echocardiogram :(?
why do I wake up with my left arm numb?
My dad is on blood pressure medication and his blood pressure is still high?
Is blood pressure of 99/74 for a 13 year old too low? or is it normal?
my heart rate went down from 60 to 48, could it be because i'm bulimic?
i had a echo cardiogram,and found out all 4 chambers of my heart are enlarged,is that serious?
My dad has low bp 85/60 when he stands up it drops after a few steps he gets light headed and passes out ?
Heart problem............ :(?
Heart pain and discomfort.?
Please help me, I think I'm dying...?
how long do i have to study to be a heart surgeon?
what could this be?
Can gum diseases cause or turn to heart diseases?
1)Lowering cholesterol naturally?
My mom is 70 and had a heart attack ago week and her Troponin level is 2.83 is that really bad?
My mum has diabeties and High blood pressure?
are heart attacks contagious?
I need help about blood pressure..?
I just got a weird heart flutter, is it serious?
do i need to worry if I have a whole in my heart?
What would it feel like to die from cardiac arrest?
Painful terminal diseases commonly found in the elderly?
Is there something wrong with my lungs or...?
hey whats the best treament for Bronchitis?
How can you get relief from chest tightness? ?
Feel nauseous after eating?
I have a cough, just a cough?
25yo m w/ chest pain?
Can my increased hunger just beall in my head?
Am I sleeping too much?
Can a Decaying tooth Lead to Deafness?
A physical at the doctor.?
Just curious, how old do I look?
what is causing an intense stomach pain and the cold shivers?
What to do for 2 1/2 year olds dry, scratchy cough....?
How do you make your stomach stronger towards food?
will i lose disability living allowance if return to work?
I don't know what to do, is it my appendix?
Why do you dribble when something's in your mouth.?
herbal remedies for (almost) chronic chest infections?
ive had a bad cough for over a month,?
Do i suffer from Anxiety attacks?
What am I sick with? Any ideas?
I've been coughing up a lot of black particles from my throat. I do smocke but I've cutt down to like 4 cig
Anyone know how to breathe?
how much is prozac with healthcare?
Are doctors against the new healthcare policy, and why?
My dad had knee surgery Thur. And has had hiccups every since!?
is a tempurpedic mattress worth it?
Feeling Dizzzy?!?!?????
Ear plugs in already plugged-up ears?
How to raise low blood pressure?
It really hurts to pee, but negative for UTI. what could this be?
Just stood on my ear ring?? and hada pull it outta my foot, what should I do?
How often should kids bathe?
How can I get to sleep?
What is wrong with my legs?
Can you sleep on a broken bone?
what is it?!?!?! please help!?
I tilted my head and it cracked. And something else happened. Is it bad?
smoking before a tonsillectomy?
does music help peope sleep?
Problems putting in contact lenses.?
How much smoking does it take to get a raspy voice?
NEED HELP I am tired and my face arms hands and legs and feet are numb?
Does this happen to you while asleep or waking up ?
why is my blood pressure high at doctors?
help perod alert i am confuse please help me plllllleaze?
is it safe to smoke weed out of anodized aluminum pipe?
I feel horribly naucous but I can't puke. How could I puke without pieac?
Blood filled bubbles on my thigh..?
My mom has sever central pontine myelinolysis,who knows any information on it?
Why is bulimia considered a disease?
lumber Spondylosis? Will it go away?
I am a 19yr old female, my BP is 99/64, my heart rate is 75..?
Has there ever been a cure found for a single disease?
How dirty is toilet water? To an open cut?
Please help!! I'm seriously scared this might happen to me.!!?
how you feel on during the time of bubonic plague ?
What should the heart do when transitioning from an exercise to rest?
Is 72 beats per minute a healthy resting heart rate?
How easy is it to develop lip cancer or throat cancer?
I popped a blood vessel in my nose.. and now i feel like ima puke. is this normal?
Schizopherina questions?
Is there something wrong if you have bad bad gas all the time night and day ?
what kind of bugs that leave a mark on your skin but doesn't hurt/itches for years and years?
how many sessions for electrolysis?
What's the cause of spot bleeding?
I sweat alot, but not BO?
Itchy skin / rash after weightloss?
Rash on my wrist won't go away?
Can stretch marks go away natually ?
Random Bug Bites Please Help !?
I've got a drug test today, have had a clean system for 12+ hours. THC is the only thing in my system-Ideas?
Can you get over the counter drugs through the drive through at Walgreens?
I am experiencing pupil problems, headaches, and light-headedness, what should I do?
itchy irritated lip help please?
Do you know of any eye drops for blood shot eyes?
Cleaning Eye glasses?
ive had the flu/cold once every month this year. why?
I have really bad dandruff. There are chunks that grow over my hair folicles and i am losing hair, what is it?
Body Issues please help?
if the body tempature goes from hot to cold too fast would it cause the body to passout?
Bad habits at Night (music and T.V)?
Doxycycline to acne?
Why does it hurt so bad when my Ears pop?
eye problems need help !?
What can I do to get rid of huge pores and dark circles? (picture included)?
What is this stuff in my eye?
I have a rash and itching with sores(dry) what is it?
Is Colored Contacts Good Or Bad?
Why is my Body so Unsymmetrical?
Need help with acne its getting to be a problem?
When I buy a prescription drug, who is my money going to?
Im 13 and i just got contacts....need help?
what is the best spot treatment to use for your body in general?
How to prevent eye strain?
I (Idiot) lost a contact, what do I do?
is it safe to wear contact lens that is stored in the same solution for 3 days?
I take Claritin 1 pill a day and I still have bad allergies, what else can I do?
chest pain- heart attack?
Can I mix these medications together?
Blood pressure 80/69 is that good?
does smoking and drinking increase blood pressure?
rapid heart beat for no reason what causes that?
Reading glasses vs. corrective glasses?
why did this happen!?
What's wrong with my eye?
Can an opticians office refuse to fill my contacts prescription 5 days before it expires?
got scotch guard in my eye?
What's the matter with my eyes?
scratch on eye need hospital?
I took my blood pressure at the store and it was 118/100.?
Help! my eye is irritating me.?
What exactly is wrong with my eye? Can anything fix it?
enlarged heart& high blood pressure?
Do lenses look stronger?
why is my eye sort of a different shape then my other eye..?
Will contacts get stuck if you don't rub or touch your eye?
Can somebody change his eye colour?
who can tell me how aids is contracted?
please help! eye emergency!!?
Could I be having a heart attack?
what could these symptoms mean ?
Should I go to the ER?
is 134/57 good blood pressure?
hi i have a blood pressure of 113/92 is this good or bad thanks?
My bf has a STINKY tongue..could it be herpes?
Can u recommend some good medicines for heart burns and acid reflux?
I tested negative on a rapid HIV test. Can I put my mind to rest?
why should you "sleep on it" when you have a big decision to make?
Health worries :/? Help please?
is it alright to get more honest bit by bit?
Why do I feel embarrassed to be seen exercising?
I need help making a 60 day goal calendar. Mental Health?
I cannot concentrate for more than 5 minutes on anything?
What are some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and ADD?
Is pain on your right side, almost towards your back normal with mono?
What is Viral Hepatitis like?
Can you get oral herpes by sharing a straw?
When you have a cold.....?
Does cyclobenzaprine cause clostridium difficile?
Should i take my temperature to be on the safe side?
interstitial cystitis?
What could it be chicken pox...bug bites?
what is the duration of smallpox?
If you get the flu shot when arriving to USMC bootcamp, then how can you still get the flu?
some one comes to your house with mercer.?
My test report says that i have typhiod that is the mild one.?
urgent rabies possibly. i may have contracted it?
I have had a cold for about 3 days now painful!!!?
high platelet count? - should i get a second opinion?
are polyurethanes (PU) used in clothing (i.e. as jackets) dangerous to health?
Epstein Barr Virus REPEAT??? PLEASE HELP!?
ear infection questionnn ;/ pleaseeee read.?
Can spider bites give you diseases?
My small children keep getting bit by mosquitos at night.?
Ways to help get better during the stomach flu?
Headlice question HELP?
How to increase bone density? What are good ways to increase bone density? Someone I know has cancer?
How do you get rid of a bad lose cough?
We are not finding a cure for my son's allergies?
Has anyone ever had Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) or know anyone who has?
Odd Heartbeat? Could this be a problem?
7-yr-old with elevated ALP; LDH; calcium; and decreased creatinine; WBC; RBC; GRAN; HGB & HCT?
Anise breath & taste in mouth ..without eating anise..?
I've been wearing monthly soft contacts for 4 years...?
can severe screaming affect the parathyroid gland- hormone?
Hospital procedure?
Surgeons? please read....?
i repeirsed my eyebrow and its still infected and i take of what should i do? all i know that alcohol is bad?
Sore Throat Bath?
Is my theory of why smoking is addictive correct...?
do you get ink poising if you right on yourself but not on a cut???
What is the gene responsible for lupus?
what is the relation of the foveolae to gastric gland?
Could this be anxiety?
Does sciatica affect your fertility? Diarrhea?
can the medicine prescribed for hypothyroidism interact with my birth control ?
sprained arm help please!!!!?
should i go to the doctors for my wrist?
I broke my fibula (ankle) last December.....?
I might have broken my toe. What will the doctor do?
my toenail flipped off?
I few weeks ago, I fell on my thumb. At first it was swollen and hurt a lot. Now, I can move it normally?
i crack my knuckles and noticed my grip is weaker?
Bump on my kneck won't go away?
As a kid, I sometimes got very painful, sudden locking of left knee. Agonizing. Anyone know what it could be?
I hurt my shin last week. Can I start putting pressure on it again?
Is it a muscle strain or what?
whats wrong with my shoulder?
Do I have a torn calf muscle?
need help with neck pain and really bad headaches help please...?
Why does my legs hurt all the time when I walk?!?
can someone tell me what can help the pain of arthritis?
can you cure a stomach ache by just rubbinq ur tummy?
pain in the testicals?
Burning and pain in my left groin..tender spots in my inner left thigh?
What is wrong with her?
Question about my appendix?
Why does my lower right back hurt often?
how do i know if my socke are on the right feet!!!!!?
Hit hand earlier and have a question?
What are some lesser known methods to help a headache?
My appendix scar hurts when I stand up straight?
why do stomach makes noise after taking meals Is it abnormal?
Woke up last night feeling warm, sick to my stomach, dizzy, and shaking. What is this called?
Major back pain!!!! help me =(?
Weird chest pain, what is it?
What is wrong with my back!?
help please :S headache?
Sore back.....? Help!?
i think my ear cartilage is infected?
What is this twitching?
what's wrong with me!!?
Is it bad to vomit and then, directly afterward, smoke a cigarette?
whats the best way to improve eyesight?
Why am I getting worse?
Sleeping 4 hours a night and 4 hours a day?
What could be the cause of all these progressing symptoms ?
Can migraines cause any kind of brain damage other than excruciating head pain?
5 year old temprature?
can someone explain health insurance to me?
Need help with a nursing diagnosis spontaneous rupture of membrane?
which std can be symbolized by frequent urination and how often do you urinate?
why do my hands fall asleep at night?
does anyone know whats wrong with me?!?
Can't sleep !? Helppp !?
How can they do this? Is this even legal?
Do you think it's weird that I feel powerful as a nurse?
i accidentally drank two pills, would something happen to me?
Is it bad to take iron supplement continuously?
Can sleeping next to your girlfriend cause them to come out in spots on their Body?
non alcoholic red wine. same benefits?
is overproduction of mucus in the eye(one worse than the other) and diabetes related?
What is a good home remedy for the sinus?
Gastroparesis and aspiration pneumonia?
i have this little lump on my neck and i'm not sure whether or not its something i should have checked or not?
Which Gastro (GI) test is better or best?
can chorizo give me acid reflux?
i feel tired all of a sudden?
qustion about laxatives use ?
How many people are allergic to egg or gelatine (having difficulty finding numbers!)?
Why do I have a sore throat, sneezing and blocked nose every morning?
does a patient with cancer throw up green substances?
Allergies, puffy eyes, what is this?
Is it possible to get animal specific allergy shots?
crys crys do you or do you pick your nose i dont?
Unbearable Allergy's?
my dog lick on my hands and i guess i touched my face. when i woke up this morning my eyes were swollen?
anaphylactic type 1 hypersensitivity reaction?
does all type of milk have mucus , what about the powder type of milk?
I have recently been diagnosed with an severe allergy to citrus. Anyone have any info for me?
Do I have Allergies or a cold?
Im dizzy and i have a scratchy/dry throat and i feel tired? whats wrong?
An Allergic Reaction?
swollen lip cures/treatments?
What are some symptoms of having allergies?
is dust allergy due to low white blood carpuscells?
I have developed food allergies and had a question about something?
My eye has a swollen bag underneath it & my other eye is irritated & red, can someone help?
does Hytop Foods marshmellows have gluten in them?
red spot on nose?? any clue what this might be?
Common Fever Shots Required?
i have a hypersensitivity ( over sneezing and running nose)?
Difficulty breathing?
"A child's behavior closely resembles the behavior of its parents.Therefore, most human behaviors are genetic?
Do hydration levels effect PH balance in the body?
Calling all 12- 15 year old girls.....?
How To Get Rid Of A Carving?
Do i have stomach virus?
my friend is having a brownish discharge kinda like a period no odor or irritation and has lasted over a month?
How many of you would wear a red ribbon to spread awareness for AIDS & HIV?
If I have clymidia does my husband have to see a dr can't they just give him medicine also?
Could this be herpes?
Site some examples of foods that can lowers blood pressure?
will fish oil lower blood pressure?
gastric bypass pros and cons?
Cardiovascular Question...?
can young people die from there?
any natural medicine for coronary artery disease?
What does it mean when i feel my heart skid a on a few beats stop, then continue once again?
should i go to the emergency room? (BEST ANSWER GETS 50 POINTS) REPLACEMENT?
what exercises keeps your heart rate elevated over a period of time without making you breathless?
about coronary heart desease..?
This is more of your opinion, because I knw you can't give me an answer...my grandfather is in the hospital?
Please help! Very concerned, heart problems?
Please if u have a heart answer.?
I never had higbloodpressure but have been taking my bp for two months its been running like 171106?
heart Palpitations and chest inflammation question?
i have to choose between angioplasty and the risk of a stroke or doing nothing and having a heart attack what?
Turberculosis Test in arm?
High Blood Pressure In Teenaged Boy. PLEASE HELP! MY DOCTOR WON'T!?
Is high cholesterol really high if the LDL is normal?
Should I be worried about blocked arteries?
Lately my right hand only is freezing cold could these be a heart problem ventricular thing?
Music damage to my ears?
Allergies torwards kiwis...?
suffering from high bp?
How can i get rid of this stomach virus?
is it true that teens hearts can beat extremely fast without any problems?
My tinnitus has gotten louder?
Why does voldermort have more than one nose ?
Friend carved into my friends skin with an unsanitized knife could that be dangerous could it get infected?
Why am I having trouble breathing?
why do i have so much gas?
Suddenly pee color Reddish.?
got pink eye, help please!?
What would happen if the lung was perforated?
sand-fly bites won't go away?
acyclovir medication for head shingles?
acne product help, please help?
can i get rid of my loose skin? Plz answer anything You know?
Recipes homemade facial washes for sensitive oily acne prone skin? Please answer?
Acne problem.. :( Anyone know any good home remedies?
what does it mean when you have a wart?
My mom has a corn on her toe for 30 years!!!?
my skin is normaly oily why is it so dry?
I'm 13 and my under my lips have been unbelievably itchy!?
Itchy Scalp in crown of head, why?
Doe the disease that Kayla Woodhouse have, need a cool suit to temperarily cure?
does a unhealthy diet cause boils?
what stores carry dermisil for warts?
Stubborn wart on right knuckle. Please help!?
Will the scar on my face really ever be gone?
I have fatigue, a sore throat, and aches and pains?
I keep feeling like i have a fever ?
When I cough I can hear the mucus?
What helps prevent a cold before it happens?
Do i have the common cold or something more.?
Could I have cealiac disease?
could this be strep or just a cold?
Sick of this ongoing battle with nits?
What is ENT? What are common ENT problems? Show me photos and videos of head and neck diseases? Advice on ENT?
How does the lymphatic system facilitate immune response?
Can cats have "lifelong rabies"?
Do people get tested for diseases when they go to jail?
Is my piercing infected?
Sore throat/stuffy nose/headache?
can you die from the mumps?
My eye is swollen and won't open all the way.?
Can Weed and Cigarettes togther cause a fever at all?
can smells carry germs?
what is wrong with me if i have diarreah for 2 days?
What are these the symptoms to?
What is the respiratory rate of a lizard?
My 12 yr old sons upper arm is red and firm. He had a meningococcal vaccine Friday a.m. Is this normal?
Why do I get colds so often?
Is it normal to feel your lungs inflate?
Is there any proof that recovery rooms must be extremely cold ?
I ate cream cheese icing when it wasn't refridgerated... What's going to happen?
What Would A Dermatologist Prescribe for Hyperpigmintation?
What causes Sinus problems?
what is sustained pmi?
I have a question.....?
Problem with my ears. Sharp sound coming from of it...?
can i take cephalexin to treat the flu?
Can I get colored contacts?
Cataracts. Has anyone had them removed and would like to give me some advice?
After excercising I get an acid taste in my my mouth - near the base of my toungue - what is that?
does your eye hurt when you get blind?
Burning in eye when I poke myself?
Looking for the best laser eye surgeon Fitchburg, MA?
colored contact exam for first time?
What's the difference between Express and Replenish?
Question about eyes, whn reading nd going in d computer?
applying contacts, please help?
How to increase my voice volume.?
Why do my eyes water when i stare?
Contacts (NEED ANSWERS FAST, School starts in 15 minutes!!)?
How long can I wear colour contacts?
Contacts question? HELP?
When is it time to get new eye contacts?
There's something wrong with my eye?
How do pupils dilate?
My contact is stuck!?
Do color contacts affect your vision?
Red/Blue 3D lasting effect?
My eye is sore when I push it through my eye lid and it's red?
My friend has eye problems...?
Why am I in such a fog lately? Please help?
Emotionally numb? Anxiety? Depression?
what might be wrong with me?
I have the flu and the other night I was shaking uncontrollably?
How can my anxity just go away?
I always have weird moments in my head..?
Really tired when wake up.?
Can a US doctor mail to Canada a prescription bottle of meds to Canada?
Expired IV Bags?????
My health insurance doesn't start till Sept. 17th. ?
Does lack of sleep give you saggy skin?
Why does my lower back hurt?
can someone please help me?!!?
something about sleep?
Help! I've been having extremely weird dreams.?
why does my hand fall asleep?
Dangers of a Cat Scan on toddlers?
help medicare or something?
My neck pops a lot is that healthy?
is it bad to sleep next to a car?
My doctor gave me a topical for my nails should i use it twice to make it go away faster? And i take pills too?
Medical Question pregnant or not?
How often do I need a colonoscopy done when you have had one already removed?
I don't have full feeling in my arm?
I have not been getting much sleep lately?
Whats the best prescribed sleeping aid?
Omg gotta have a Smear Test. PLZ HELP? Petrified it'll be agony again ?
I've been oversleeping and lately I have the hardest time waking up?
how can i tell if i have asthma? ?
Could I be asthmatic?
how to stop hiccups had them for two days now?
Is smoking outdoors bad?
Anyone know of anything to help with coughing?
Asthma induced by excercise ?
Does sleeping in a hot and humid place increase my sleep apnea problem?
I took some cough medicine, now I'm itchy?
help with sleep apnea?
name in order the respiratory organs that the air passes from the nostril to the lungs?
What is causing my chest pain?
problems during the revolutoion??
Hurts my chest when i swallow?
Can the heater during winter make you dizzy or light headed?
Please help me. I have what seems to be terrible sinus, and consistent phlegm. Answer my concerns please...?
sinus problem help please?
How can I get pneumonia relatively quickly?
What causes infectious pneumonia?
is thinking about your breathing allday a anxiety symtomps also last night i had flutters in my chest woke up
when i cough i have strange phlem comming out?
HOW COULD I STOP smoking ?
Bad cough for over a month?
Friends mom in the hospital. Stroke?
quick sharp pain in rectum?
my hair will grow but it sheds all the time and I have not had a perm in a year but I do take medication?
Hand Sanitizer ( A bit) in mouth?
Why am I constantly bloated?
will this help? anybody everybody, i need you help?!?
how do i get ride of acne scars fast ?
What kind of cancer a person with cryptorchidism might have?
Is Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis a good option to make sure kids don't inherit a genetic disease?
My T3 = 47.5 and T4 =6.9. Does this mean that I definetly don't have thyroid problems?
Severe deep leg pain and weakness! HELP!?
Lou gehrig disease symptoms?
What can I do to get rid of my sore throat?
pain treatment for multi sclerosis?
Fever of 38.1 with bronchitis?
Songs about cancer and death?!?
I started having weird oral symptoms about 8 months ago, please help.?
What is the origin of STDs?
does chancroid recurr?
Can a STD affect your period?
Can aids transfer when a glass of water with the blood (with aids) gets poured to a fresh wound?
Are the initial signs and symptoms of HIV must after the first infection?
What does it mean for a 2 month old to have an enlarged heart.?
Too much salt damages the heart, is it irreversible?
Help i feel like dieing!!!!?
how often do one need to adjust/ replace his pacemaker & is it safe & is it possible to increase the power/vol?
chances that i will have a heart attack or stroke?
Anyone know about the heart valve?
i have heart pains, kidney pains and shortness of breath and i get dizzy and blackout and spew up all my food?
Extra heart beat (palpitation)?
Are antidepressants bad for your heart?
What do doctors do during a heart attack?
Can someone die from an illness while having a healthy heart?
how do you lower your cholesterol?
Is it likely I will have another baby with same heart defect?
can a 17 year old have a heart attack?
is zero cholesterol desirable?
What's the best place to get information on diets for people with high blood pressure?
What is this heart condition?
What's wrong with me? Numb arm, droppy left eyelid, racing heart and short of breath.?
How do I lower my blood pressure?
My heart is beating weird ..help?
how do i got rid of RSI (repetative strain injury)?
How do I minimize my facial scar?
Have I Fractured Or Broke My Jaw ?
will my dislocated knee ever heal?
Muscle ache question?
i was bitting my lip (like when your boored) and then i played basketball i got hit in the lip twice and...?
Pain in knee 2 weeks after injury?
Why does my knee only hurt when I go on long runs (10+ miles)?
suppose a nerve leading to an arm muscle become damaged. How could this affect the arm's ability to move?
whats wrong with my leg?
What happens if EXTREMELY hot water is poured on someone? How is it treated?
the bottom of my eye got burned helpp mee?
Broken pinky? Can't bend after 2 weeks...?
What should I do to build my ankel back up I just got the cast removed last Monday?
what to do if you tor all the muscles in neck?
fracture questions.?
My nose is really swollen ... Is this an infection?
Does egzama make red itchy bumps on ur hands and maybe your feet?
Can Poison Oak spread through dust?
Will i be allergic to all antibiotics?
Is it possible to be allergic to Aloe Vera?On skin,like.?
Can milk mold kill me?
Sometimes my non-moldy clementines have white blotches in the slices. Is it mold? Will it hurt me?
my lab has rapid breathing and continual excess salivacoming out of his mouth,what could be the problem?
Allergy crisis!!! I'm going to die?
Can gluten be absorbed through the skin?
ok i have some problems in my nose?
how do i find out how much pollen is in the air today? thanks!?
could this be sinusitis?
Ways to help earring nickel allergy?
can a wasp sting cause red eyes in a child whom is allergic?
My eyes are swollen from an allergic reaction?
Does anyone know if Chlorpheniramine allergy pills work for anxiety and depression?
Everytime I step out of the shower my eyes are blood red, my throat feels dry?
bleeding nose during winter time?
burning sensation in my chest?
Has anyone used Vicks Vaporub for fungus?If so did it work?
How long does it take for lung cancer to come back?
Reasons for an enlarged liver?
if a father develops als timers what are the chances his daughters will get ir as well?
can you pls tell me what is the best medicine for coughing?
whats new in medicine?
How do i make zits grow slower or in less amounts?
what can I do for dry skin around my nostrils?
What are the side effects of Chemical peels?
WHAT IS THIS? Cole sore? pic inside.?
What could this small itchy spot be and how could i fix it?
I have a bump inside my cartalige piercing why ?
is it ok to use a moisturizer everyday for dry skin?
face hot everyday!......................?
what helps dry flaky skin?
can you use vaseline petroleum jelly on your face for dry skin?
permanent toenail removal?
Skin addicted to acne cleanser?
Blister on bottom of foot?
how can i get rid of my stretch marks ?
what is the causes of leukemia?
red bumps on the back of my tongue, sore throat at the top of my throat and coughing?
I need cataract surgery and I can't afford it?
lumps on both inner thighs?? PLEASE HELP!?
Why am I gagging so much?
Names of diseases caused by missing or malfunctioning cellular organelle.?
Feels like water in my lungs?
why are anticoagulants lesser effective than anti-platelet aggregation drugs in arteries?
what is the life expectancy for a person diagnosed with coronary artery disease?
can you discontinue preventative treatment?
really bad coughing attacks?
Any idea on what was wrong with my ears did i need more sleep or something ? ASAP?
how to treat eye infections in cats?
How to prevent Connective eye ? [ conjectivitis].?
I think I may be in the early stages of chicken pox?
What are some ways that will make u fall asleep when u r excited?
best way to get rid of sore throat?
Can I get staph from someone else touchingme after they touch someone with staph ?
if anybody is out there my dog died two days ago from being sick and stool was blood can anyone tell me what m?
Questions about staph infection?
At what temperature of a fever should a person go to the hospital? I'm talking about an adult.?
how to get rid of sickness(cold and flu) and keep it away?
has Meningitus been eradicated?
Describe the cause of autoimmune diseases.?
Can I get hepatitis from cleaning a public bathroom?
Symptoms - have an idea?
What should I do about this fever?
ok well i did have a fever i took medicine will the fever come back?
Am i sick and if so what do i have?
How can s non-living thing (such as a virus) reproduce?
how can you be at high risk for hiv infection?
Could this be deadly to a baby?
How do I know when my yeast infection is gone?
Will appendix infections reoccur?
I wake up at exactly the same time every night and can't continue to sleep?
My fingernails are looking very unhealthy, What could be wrong?
Who cares for the caregiver?
Im sick. Can you please help figure out what I may have?
I got a bad sunburn / sun poisoning ... questions?
safe to have 3 CAT scans in one month?
Is it pointless for a smoker to work out?
Quit smoking 2 months ago....?
I Haven't eaten for About 7 hours and now i feel weak and my hand is shaken?
Does this sound like carpal tunnel?
Do prescriptions come up on health insurance statements? If so, what does it say?
about how much does a sleep comfort bed cost? I need a queen size.?
Why is it I twitch/jump during sleep?
Losing voice any tips??...please answer!!!?
When will surgery be an option?
How to get a copy of my x-rays. or do they even have them still?
Is there any harm in biting into a capsule as compared to just swallowing it ?
why I could not sleep at nigh?
White and Brown Stool, Lower Abdominal and Back Pain...HELP!?
What are the symptoms of?
how long before thc leaves the bodys'system all together?
I have a problem with my knee locking?
Dizziness/fainting after waking up.?
Is heat or cold best for upper back pains?
What's wrong with me? Ouch Ouch!?
I hurt/cut myself....please help?
The worst pain ever???????
Can someone please help me with my horrible migraines?
Possible Gall Bladder Pain?
Why does my shoulder hurt after I run for a while?
Soreness in lower right side of my stomach?
I am 15 and just found out i have scoliosis! how can i relief some of this horrible back pain?
help! My ears hurt and i can't hear a THING?
i have a lump/knot on back of my neck?
chiropractor help my back pain help?
my feet are swollen,when I go 2 bed do I put the pillow in between my legs or put both feet on top of pillow?
Horrible leg cramps?..?
degenerative discs - what to do?
Boyfriend with teeny tiny pupils. Trying to figure out why?
Is it a good idea to get back surgery?
what could cause a mid/lower back pain, near the kidneys?
throat pain please help?
I always have sore fingers after writing notes. Help?
what does it feel like to be high?
Is this stress or really hypertension?
Heart bypass surgery and glucose level?
Enlarged heart and decreased blood flow in and out of heart at age 36. What now?
where is a good place to find out my heart rate?
How does one recovery from a stroke?
Could I have symptoms of Heart Disease?
heart failure stage 4, now what do i just sit around and wait for the end?
High blood pressure. Is 118/87 with 89 pulse way out of line?
sharp heart pains, please answer?
Can my boyfriend pass a 72 hr alcohol test tues if the urine was sent out for eval and he drank sat night?
had a slight t.i.a. All tests came back negative. what now?
Blood pressure.?
is this just FAINT or...???
What Causes High Blood Pressure At A Young Age?
what is a name of a bad heart condition?
My middle-left chest has been hurting in a weird way for an hour?
i know its not medically known but try to help me please?
inflamation of the membrane surrounding the lungs?
what are some nonprescription remedies for asthma?
I'm 17 and need to quit smoking b4 i enlist what can help me?
How do I run faster and deal with asthma at the same time?
Moving to Manhattan from FL for college in Sept. - Am I really going to catch more colds this year?
I misread the codeine/promethyzine cough syrup and have been taking tablespoons, what should I do?
I got sun cream in my eye?
Can Glasses fix a lazy eye?
if i leave my contacts out will my eyesight get better?
Can somone help me about my eyes,Ptosis? [Easy Points]?
My eye burns. What does that mean?
contacts question? pls help im desperate?
what are good eye exercises?
colored contacts that wont effect my vision?
Is it normal to get double vision by pushing on back of eyelid..?
Why are my eyes changing color?
Faster than the Human Eye?
Contacts bad for puffy eyes?
has anyone ever had this problem with their eyes?
help please answer!!!!!!!!! D:?
Can excessive tears cause contact lens problems?
Driving with Amblyopia?
if you get a dental x ray there is no eye protection given?
Where to go for surgery (treating lazy eye(s)) ?
Hi what does this sort of eye sight indicator mean ??? HELP PLS !!!?
can girls with eyeglasses do ballet?
white little dot on eye?????? on iris part?
When should my contacts from 1-800 contacts come to my house?
Wearing lenses that fell on the ground?
do my aunt eyes look like they change color from brown?
How long will the FULL recovery be for my tendon surgery?
Injured Quad, what should i do?
Sprained thumb-increasing pain?
should it heal okie and will my hole close?
Injured while serving in the Navy, but injury is being overlooked. Now what?
I have a pinched nerve in my back around my disc area.My ? is do u have 2 go thru surgery to get it fixed?
Thumb hurts really bad?
Should I get my toe checked out?
Sneezed and something snapped...?
weird bone stick out ?
Wrist Ligament Damage?
Why does my leg hurt? How do I make it stop.?
broken hand? please helppp?
how can i obtain the video of my kidney stone surgery from my hospital if there is one? thank you?
when i wake up in the morning, I am not hungry. i go smoke a cigerette, and it makes me numb, and i puke. why?
How to help my friend?
Where does my itching come from?
Did I build up my immune system?
cigar vs cigarette? which is worse?
I cant breathe through my nose!!!!?
Had brain tumor removed about an year ago, got hit in the head, should i go to the doctor?
my mom has cancer and im 13, help?
Been sick for over 2 months... Please Help?
How can I get rid of my cough?
Help help help!? Acne ?
which substances can kill hiv virus?
Question about possible thrush problems?
If i tell my doctor i have trich ( Pulling my own hair out) what will he do?
ok there has been this yellowish white goo comming out of my area what is it?
i drank after my son and he has 1-2 type herpes will i get it?
When your billed for "CHLAMYDIA TRACH, TMA" and "N GONORRHOEAE , TMA" it's just the test or is it treatmen?
How do I get over my fear of swallowing/choking?
how do you not have anxiety when hanging out with people?
Is it a disease to be scared all the time?
Am I being considered dramatic or suffering from depression?
when should a person be hospitalized for depression? help..?
Can I still get my fingerprints taken if I have a wart on my index finger?
How to get rid of razor burn bumps?
The flesh in my foot is showing because of a cut; what should I do?
Itchy Bumps on skin. please help?
How to make my skin healthy?
does parazap heal ringworm?
Red Face Help Fast !?!?
Sweat cause infection in burn wound?
i'm black and have white spots?
how to get rid of sty inside my right lower eyelid?
White hairs at the age 17?
How Can I Get Rid of Dark Circles?
what is the best remedy for open pores. I have dry skin too?
Dead skin on legs & feet what does it mean?
Cut my mole!! help??? thanks?
What is the best skin care product?
what is the most anti acne treatment?
What type of medication is in my prescription eczema cream?
what's the best product to get rid of blackheads on the nose?
Any funny puke , barf , or vomit stories ?!?
can you take maalox with omeprazole?
Is it just as bad (inhalants)?
How to get rid of a cough?
Heart skipping beats while having the flu?
From my symptoms what Do i have?
how to tell the difference between a cold or flu?
crazy stomach flu today?
is it the 'c' infection?
what are the benefits from co-amoxiclav?
My daughter has ITP.....?
Can acting out a fake flu can get you into being real sick?
what would happen if the brainstem was damaged, or if we didnt have it?
hiv and pregnant...how do i know if my baby is getting the nutrients it needs?
I'm afraid I have scabies...?
What disease it can be?
Body itching all day and night?
can you get hepatitis C from tears?
Is a woman more likely to get some kinds of cancers if she has never had children?
I've had flu like symptoms for over a month now!?
can you prevent getting a dry throat when your dead?
AIDS!!???? blood work???? HELP!!?
Reason for lightheaded and blurred/black vision?
I feel awful...tips on a quick recovery?
Smoking weed while prescribed Xanax?
If you have torn the ligaments in the knee....?
Found cigarette on the ground, dump out tobacco, rolled it?
Every time I swallow, It feels like it's going down really slowly?
Is it healthy to go to bed at 5-6 am and waking up around 1-2 pm ?
my ear is blocked with wax but it is 1am so I can't go to the shop and get anything for it?
Why dose my hand go numb when my headache is almost over ? ASAP?
Is this a HIPPA violation?
Calf muscle twitching for over 2 weeks. is that bad?
If you don't have health insurance in the US, can you move to Canada and get health care?
How hard are you supposed to throw the apple at the doctor to keep him away from you?
Hemmrhoids? HELP!!!!?
how do i quit smoking crack?
Serious health issue?
Why are my toenails getting darker from the sides?
Help me wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can a GP (in Australia) PRESCRIBE anti depressants?
have eating disorders damaged my heart?
is this warning sign of heart attack?
severe Heart Palpitation Please check?
what are the causes of kidney diseases, prevention and cure?
describe the path of blood through the heart from vena cava to pulmonary artery?
Why have I always had such a fast heartbeat?
Does using our fingers a lot will result in hurting your heart?
In what country are they faced with vitamin D deficiency?
anybody know whats going on with my heart?
what is the difference between a Angiography and radionuclide angiography?
scared! anyone had elevated heart rate and chest pain--mostly soreness upon movement?
Heart palpitations ? (Your input needed)?
why does my son have abnormal heartbeat of about 120 whenever he has fever ?
Is it possible to have a heart attack with low blood pressure & low cholesterol?
I'm a teenager with high blood pressure...Any advice?
Do I need to tell/see the doctor?
Atrial Fibrillation? could i have this?
i was at the club dancing and me heart was feeling funny?
should I take coenzyme Q10 if i'm on crestor?
Heart Rate Question....?
What is the danger of anemia, and dangerously low iron?
My heart beats 124 times a minute. What could the possible repercussions be?
what are the warning signs of a stroke?
is my blood pressure good or bad?
is this bad/? answer pleasee?
Does Weed Show Up In A Physical?
Pains after smoking weed?
I'm having nausea, and i want food but when its in front i feel like vomiting?
hacked up big clot of blood help!!!?
What are the least expensive heart tests that really tell what is going on with your heart?
My stomach has shrunk!!!! :(?
Im doing a research paper on arthritis. Am I wrong or isn't just about every part of the body at risk?
does every bone in the body have a joint?
Abnormal bowel symptoms?
How can I start a Leukemia Cancer Fundraiser?
giant mosquito bite wont go away !!?
how much longer will this scab take to heal? (pin incl)?
My guinea pig keeps breathing slowly and then fast it sounds like she's wheezing is she going 2 be ok?
what the cause of coughing up yellow phlegm which increase at night &no any other symptoms?
Why could my nose be bleeding?
If you get an allergic reaction, is it possible it could take a week to form a rash, or is it sudden?
If I am allergic to pectin what foods should I avoid?
Why does lactose free milk have a much longer shelf-life than regular milk?
Have given my bulldog medicine for allergies (cephalexin 500 mg), Now hes out and allergies back. What to do?
why does my skin itch when in the sun?
Everything smells like mushrooms to me. Could this be a fungal infection? If so, what can I do?
why do jeans make me itch?
Is there anything that can be done for sensitive eyes?
Cat Allergy......What do you think?
my dog constantly scratching even after her bath. we use different shampoos. even changed her diet.?
I'm allergic to hay, but work with small animals. Is there anything I can do?
Can I be Allergic to this?....or this...?.......... Goodness?
Food intolerence - do i have one? to what? are tests any good?
Cold coincidence, or is there something I'm not seeing?
What am I allergic to?
Window airconditioning causing mold?
i got ink on my hands and i think i might have eaten some with my food?
can a man be tested for hpv?
Is there a doctor out there? Should i go to school tomarrow?
My b/f had inguinalhernia surgery 11 days ago but he sometimes has sharp pains in his testicals. is it normal?
my index finger hurts i went to the doctor on friday and he told me that i sprained it with a bone bruse?
can you loose feeling in your legs due to cuts?
Growth Plate Fracture?
Has anyone had a cortisone shot in the periformis muscle?
hurt my arm. -help- !?!?!??!!?!?!?
is my ankle sprained?
Do you think I had a concussion?
how do i get glass out of my skin?
My throat is hurting....?
What's wrong with my back?
I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago, and its still swollen...normal?
can a pinched nerve cuase slight pen point aches on the top of your head as well as a warm sensation on the to?
Having trouble breathing, coughing, cant sleep.?
Can anyone confirm whether or not this kind of CPAP machine exists?
Why does it hurt when I inhale?
How long have you had your cough and cold this season?
Is this an anxiety attack?
My dad is 85, and still works outside. Is very active. Is a pulse rate of 50 to 55 normal?
Is osteoporosis more prevalent in different geographic areas?
i have a line of lumps under the skin decending down my outer leg, could it be a blood clot?
lymph nodes please help!!!!?
A question about kidney donating?
is it normal for a 10 year old tinnitus?
what could it be?
what disease is this?
Do I have hemorrhoids?
If a doctor say you have a lump in your lung what could it be?
i just went to the bathroom pee sorry to be blunt and i cleaned myself and there was brown goo mixed with bloo
Breath that smells like alcohol without drinking?
How long after a ruptured aneurysm could you survive without treatment?
I am a 15 yr old and my eyesight is at 9.75 so they are suggesting gas peremables. what are they like?
Pupils are tiny and eyes are somewhat yellow with sinus infection?
Shock of Terminal illness Diagnosis and effect on Judgment, and pain killers effect on judgement?
my stomach and abdonin hurts when I eate seedy food vometing also sometime can you please this and tell me som
Jaw numbness and stomach pain?
How do you know if you have kidney stones or an ovarian cyst?
i ate some undercooked pork the other day?
heartburn problems daily?