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remedy/medicine for skin allergies? please help?
can licking perfume of somebody be harmful ?
Ls lactose milk the same as silk milk?
Why are some people allergic to aspirin?
Is it safe to take Claritin more than once in 24 hours?
How do I stop my allergies?
Ceoliac/Wheat allergy, where's best to eat in London?
have a question about food intolerance?
i smoke marijuana and i have to take a drug test what do i need to take to clean my system that way i pass it?
i'm eleven an i can't swallow pills i went to the nurse and all they cary is pills can some one plez help my!!?
sick sick sick sick sick?
Swollen neck and a little hard to breathe?
Is it a dream or not?
Why does this always happen with my pinkie toe?
My Sister was suffering from SLE nephritis she was my only sister and she Passed away?
In a thc urine test, if the urine is not sent in for results for about a month. will thc still be detectable?
how do you get rid of your gut.?
can i give blood if i have marijuana in my system?
Whats Wrong With Me?
aspirin and drinking alcohol?
How does a bone litterly break?
I feel dead all the time?
strange foot problem?
Please help..................?
what substances can be absorbed directly into the blood stream?
Is this normal- fatigue?
My stomach is so bloated. It's been this way for maybe a month now. I dont know whats wrong. Any ideas?
Bloodtest in 1 month?
How long will it take for me to get marijuana out of my system to pas my drug test at MEPS?
Why am i getting these weird shocks/waves of tiredness?
How long oes it take for oxy cotion to be completey out your system?
Question about smoking for the first time?
Different types of rooms in hospitals, Special Procedure, Cath Labs, Angio suites?
What is the best cough syrup to get rid of a nasty cough?
Why am I coughing up grayish phlegm?!?
Black Mold toxic Please Help need answers?
Explain fetal respiration.?
Why did my doctor have me do a sleep study and not follow up with it?
Why can't I breathe good?
help with anxiety meds?
what are other harmful effects of noise pollution?
What should you do when someone is having a seizure, and stops breathing and loses consciousness?
My 19 month son coughs every time he runs, dr. prescribed singulair without further examination. Is this ok?
What CO2 and O2 values would you expect to see for spirometry readings?
Is this normal and can it be dangerous?
breathing help please????
I am a janitor at a grade school and I am just getting over a sinus infection. How can I protect myself at ...?
Have Blood In My Phlegm???
Can u gets atackd and killds by a chiwawa?
I got shot in the chest by a man while in court for some case. I felt myself dying then woke up?
i have been having sinus problem for months now last few months i switched doctors ......?
Testis develop in a mammalian fetus because of the...?
inflamation of the membrane surrounding the lungs?
Is Chewing Tabacco worse than cigarettes and weed?
Eyes acting weird, computer screen bothers them, seen a colored line in my eyes?
what are the best contacts?
thres sumthing wrong w my eye thre is a big pink area & a red dot & its causin migranes i cnt go to a doctor?
Is there an online generator that lets you upload an image to see what colored contacts will look like on you?
Omg please help me, this is ridiclios.?
Where can i get colored contacts right now?
How are plastic eyeglasses supposed to sit on the face?
Temporary loss of eye sight!?
My eye's been watering all day?
Do they make temporary distance glasses?
Help when I look at my laptop & my iphone screen its blurry?
Transition coating coming off?
please answer?!! Worried about my eye...?
Is this normal for the floaters to bother me like this in my eye. What can the doctor do?
why does pulling at the outside corners of my eyes make my vision sharper?
Kayser-Fleischer rings?
Aging Eyes (OD's!): Some Days your vision is just off...?
Dry Contact lens eyes?
Visual disturbance developed in left eye?
Vision work anti glare ClearShield question?
What do greens eyes look like to you? How do you see them?
i look to the right trying to see something on my shoulder and i when i looked strait again i saw little?
What is the brand name of these eyeglasses?
Can you get social security disability for migranes?
What do I do if I have back pain?
im 13 and i have backpain what should i do is this a serious issue?
I have sharp piercing pain in my right apendix. is this normal?
if i snort one vicodin will i get withdrawal symptoms tomorrow?
How painful is Knee surgery?
is my appendix bursting?
What are shin splints?
Should I give In to the pressure?
I have eye pain and a headache for 2 days now is it...?
Is my boyfriend taking methadone?
How can I fix pain in my neck without medication?
How do you make swelling do down in the back of your throat?
cracking your knuckles=arthritis....Fact or Fiction? help me out?
I have been having weird pains. What is it?
i have a shocking pain in my lower left side of my back.?
pain in the side of my stomach?
Why does my wrist feel weird?
I am getting my tounge peirced!! how long does it hurt! does it hurt when getting it done!!?
What should I do? I hurt so much.?
Husband addicted to pain killers again?
How do you break your arm!!?
why am i getting stretch marks!?
ringworm like rash on thigh?
How to get rid of a bump on my foot?
How long after finishing accutane does my skin return to normal?
i have seborrheic on eye can i wear contact lens?
Why are my hands and feet all scabby, bleeding and flaky?
How to get rid of extrea skin?!?
How long will my Accutane work?
What's wrong with my lips?
Wat time of makeup can cover up a birthmark?
what are the best treatment for hot oil burn?
What is this spot on my thigh?
every time i get out of the shower my face and neck get itchy pinkish-red spots, what could be the cause?
my dog has a skin condition she always smells bad what could be wrong with her?
How can I get rid of this by Saturday?
why does my tonsils hurt really bad with a sore throat, dry skin, and i cant ear from my left ear. what do i h?
Can not eating enough make my head feel tingly?
Do i have an eating disorder not specified?
Why does my heart rate go so high?
nose hurteing after runny nose?
Can I get a medical card for insomnia even though I don't have medical records in Colorado?
yesterday was my friends birthday and I smoked a cigar?
Im 21 dont drink or anything my blood pressure is 144/68 what does this mean? ?
Mild Dysplasia..please help me out?
Doctor question about STD's and surrogacy?
if i used someones razor who had herpes and i cut myself while shaving is there a chance i could get it?
blue feet- 19 years old?
what does it feel like to have an alser?
Sun Deprivation?
gall bladder?
Viral symptoms but no virus?
Beta Blockers for Hypertention?
My Son 16Y, diagnosed with high proetin in urine after an infection (450mg Vs 150mg normal. Causes & prevent?
is there a diesase that makes you extremely bloated?
Is marijuana and hypertension medications a bad mix? Please answer.?
Heart or Muscle Pain?
What does it mean if you a heart rate below average(41) average is 50-100?
My mom has Heart Disease ?
why do i have high cholesterol?
High blood pressure at age 19?
Should I go to the ER?
how can i treat shin splints?
Long standing strained ab?
Injured thumb numbness?
Workers comp. I had an injury at work, but I work for 7 other places. What could happen if I injury myself aga?
I'm still tingling after carpal tunnel surgery?
uhhm , my knuckle, whenever i move my finger, i feel something pop like 6 times in my knuckle i hit a wall?
What exactly is a bruise? ?
Is my finger broken??Ouch!?
Sudden Ankle Swelling?
my pinkie toe feels sore?
broke middle finger in multiple different places: surgery monday for pins...any advice?
how to avoid gettin shin splints?
the half of my lips have been swollen for a month. PLZ HELP ME?
Shin splint problem or stress fracture?
How long will a pinched nerve take to calm down?? The pain is SEVERE!!!?
Nagging toe injury becomes worse?
A few months ago during Aqua Aerobics class I heard a popping sound that came from my left leg?
How (or where) can I read this text: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8840614?
How does the heart beat when going from an exercise rate to resting rate?!?
Stabbing in the right Side if my stomach?
Medical question.? : Foot Fungus. ?
what is the survival rate of hemochromatosis?
Slow heart rate......please reply.....?
my SVT is has returned 4 years after a full map ablation?
How Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You More Likely To Get Blood Clots While On Birth Control?
why does my throat feel tight swollen and dry?
What is my sickness? NEED HELP !?
What's wrong with me??? strep throat again?
i am hiv+....Im wanting to have a child. Is safe to have a artificial insemination? Viral load is low!?
So I have Ringworms....?
Is it Possible to make a new virus? like mixing germs and cells? is it possible the virus can be a cure?
Being lied to about HIV and AIDS, what do you think of this?
how to use ginger to cure chicken pox?
Is it true that pee and sweat are like cuzins?
I on antibiotics for tonsillitis and I shouted now I have a stiff neck?
does anyone know about the process of endocytosis with hiv? How does hiv attach and enter a host cell?
how long can stomach bugs last?
differentiate between community acquired infections and a nonsocomial infections?
Do Anti-inflammatory medicine for eyes kill normal cells?
Someone visited me, then they found out they had bed bugs.?
how to sure a sore throat FAST! VERY IMPORTANT!?
my dog tongue is swollen and she can't get is all in her mouth?
my mcv is 65,and my hb is 13,what may b the cause and treatment?
UTI question, please answer fast?
what happens if a human gets tapeworms?
household products/toiletries with alcohol while taking metronidazole?
Can I add Cinnamon to a joint to give it some flavor?
Please help i need to stop snacking every night!?
Have I reached my growth spurt?
Which of the following incidences are high among alcoholics? (Choose which ones apply.)?
Does smoking pot help calm anxiety?
I keep getting headaches?
what could this itching be?
A couple of months ago?
help i feel sick can someone tell me whats wrong and if i need to see my doctor?
is it true that sleeping on your stomach or back causes future snoring?
How many years in college do i have to take for ER nurse?
Has anyone had a facial rash after starting Premarin? I have been on this for 1 week.?
How can I do this?? Crossing legs more than once.?
what do doctors wear?
i need your help i am going to hurt myself?
How Do You Get Rid Of Thes?
how long does it take for weed to get out of hair?
Has anyone had surgery with Dr. Robert Rey?
is it possible heart attack in 29 age and first attack man are dead?
Should I be concerned about my skipped heart beats?
I have high blood pressure and its still high i need advice?
Panic Attack Question????????????
Am i dangerously ill?
Is a blood pressure reading of 177/63 abnormally low?
my pulse was 138/98.. i know thats bad, but whats the danger level?
What influences blood pressure?
Hi, Blood Pressure question?
heart keeps skipping beats?
is sea salt ok to use with high blood pressure?
I recently went to er because of sharp pains in my chest and spasms under my left rib. ?
can i take tylenol cough and cold with zpack?
Red Cheeks = 5th Disease?????!!! ?
I Have A Stuff And Runny Nose, I Juss Feel Congested && Stopped up.?
Could this be a serious heart condition?
What are the health effects of nicotine?
I feel sick every night?
I can't find any band-aids!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
i had a ct scan w dye.On half of my left kidney, no dye entered it.they have scheduled biopsy.is it cancer?
Does my friend have crabs?
My friend just took two 7.5/750mg hydrocodone pills will he be ok?
smoking weed alot nasuea?
I have been using marijuana daily for the past three years and today will be my last day. What to expect?
please help 10 points.?
how do I report misconduct in a hospital that is happening right now! help!?
Why is Healthcare so awesome?
nausea but not pregnant ?
I just took my blood pressure and it was 127/70?
What type do you usually go to sleep?
What would you like to ask?
How often do R.N.s actually have to do dosage calculations. I am in school, I hear 2 diffrent things....?
What is something that has improved your skin dramatically?
Sleeping Pills - How Many ?
how long will it take to leave my system?
Dizzy, pressure in head..ear infection?
Surgeries that you have to be awake for?
Why can't I hear out of my ear when I'm not listening to music?
What to do about tired eyes?
Should I carry identification?
does anyone have any good tips to get to sleep?
Can a gelastic seizure occur without abnormal activity on an EEG?
Can numbness be a regular symptom of M.S.?
progress and prognosis of urinary tract infection in children?
due to some disease i have lost some of my hair is there anyway to recover them back ?
medical condition please help!! desperate!?
Urinating problem?
What Should I Do :S !?
what does having high level of enzines in liver and heart, blood mean and what are the effects?
whay are the signs that you have a brain tumor?
spondylolisthesis grade 4 16 y/o?
Heart rate?
high cholesterol?
I am 34 yrs. old, my blood pressure is at 150/100. Do I need to go to the E.R. Also have migrain-help?
high blood pressure ?
HELP! my mom overdosed on atenolol?
asking about high blood pressure?
I just had an allergy test today. How long does it take for these red bumps to go away?
baby ate some aluminum!!!!!!!?
Has anyone broken out in hives by using iron tablets ?
Water bubbles on upper lash line,Should I be worried? Pictures included.?
why does the tip of my nose turn red?
How to overcome depression without any help?
Are 12 step programs just a form of religious brainwashing?
I feel so insecure about myself?
problems going to sleep at night?
Why does cutting make me feel so good and make me think more clearly?
Does anyone suffer from alcoholism and ocd at the same time?
Do you think I'm depressed or just sad?
shortness of breath? what could this be?
hyperventilation linked with panic...?
has ray ever mess around on me?
Could she be developing asthma?
chest pains and breathing?
anyone with sleep apnea?
Chest pain.. is it serious and should i worry?
Should I go to the doctor for this cough or not?
it was i cold day, as i was talking to my friend my nose started to leak . i felt so embarrassed?
Grandpa coughing blood?
Was this just a panic attack?
my cat is having cough. we want to try salbutamol tablet for him. Is it fine?
I can feel Bronchitis coming on, I can taste it ?
can a doctor in ireland tell your parents that you smoke?
Can someone help me? im allergic to Noel Edmonds?
Do I have Pneumonia????
what is "vulvar intrapith"?
left leg pitting edema?
house mold health concern?
bronchitis contagiousness?
i am sick and i need help ?
phlegm in back of throat??????
I have pain under both lungs due to smoking .If i stop smoking few days no pain anymore.?
Where can I go to get tested for the BCRA gene?
Dry cough that won't stop help?
is deep breathing better than breathing normal?
trouble with nose never had this trouble before any suggestions would be helpful ty :)?
Shortness of breath in the shower?
I'm a runner. Recently my asthma has come back, after a severe asthma attack while running on the beach, i am?
when testing visual acuity the lit suggests it should be done with/without glasses which give more information?
Contacts are so expensive...?
What's wrong with my eyes, if anything?
Is it possible to have maroon eyes?
What are prescription colored contact lenses?
Is there any cause for a massive mutation to eye color, causing our eye's iris color to fade to yellow?
Why Does my eye Color change?
My right pupil is bigger?
what does white spots on a topographic photo of eyes mean ?
My eyes sting some point below 15 minutes. Is it allergy?
i have a contact lens power of +2.00. what does this mean?
Eye Problems with 1 Contact Lens?
Discomfort in my eye?
In the state of new york, does health first or medicaid cover prescription lenses?
what is the lens power required if the eye sight is 6/24?
Half Circle Light Flash on the Right Corner of Eye?
Green non-prescription contacts? which ones?
What do you see in this magic eye?
I am wanting to get some colored contacts, but a lot of the colors don't show through my eye color...?
Just out of curiousity, what is your prescription?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Migraines making things harder for me. Advice?
Feels like there's something stuck in my throat?! :I?
Which would be more painful?
What is tingling mean on the right side of the brain mean. ?
Pain and burning sensation in elbow and I was wondering what it could be?
i have to run 5 km in 20 minutes and my left knee pains a lot.what drug should i tske to nullify my pain?
how much pain am i going to be in??!!!?
Day 1 After Tonsillectomy.. HELP!?
Soreness around bum's hole?
i am 16 and have scoliosis what do i do?
Can i take advil with oxycodone?
What kind of headache is it where its in the back of an eye?
Both of my caf mucles hurt everytime i walk or go up steps!!!!!!?
What is wrong with my tailbone?
I get major calf pain when I run, help?
I've been feeling so left out lately?...?
i accidently had an encounter with a desiccant....should i be concerned...?
I have been itching now off and on with the severity for about two weeks HELP?
Are medical procedure notes a legal requirement?
ankles in pain any have any ideas why?
What is the best mattress for scoliosis in my sorta unique state?
My little 6 year old brother has a cramp?
this is a question about bones plz help!!!!!?
Unexplained Back Pain?
having phlegm without any colds?
Why my husband's leg cramps & causes him to black out/pass out?
What's wrong with me?
is it normal to always be depressed and cause your self to stress?
Help! I'm moving out for the first time, and want to know some tips for surviving!?
should my arm hurt after donating blood?
Why do I get sick so frequently and why is the duration of my sicknesses so extraordinarily lengthy?
I'm starting to get sick! Help?Easy 10 points!?
still having issues with my ear!?
Is it healthy to eat only twice a day.. Breakfast and dinner?
Help with back please?
should i try to play my senior year on a torn acl, partially torn mcl, and torn meniscus.?
I Need ACL recon and am having a hamstring graft and have muscly legs wil my rehab time stil as long?
What happened to my thigh and how can I treat it?
How can you tell the difference between pulling a groin muscle and a hernia?
my tendoitis went away, but came back, please help?
Naill fell off..........?
ligament injury/problem?
How long does it take burn marks to go away?
dancer with a tingling knee?
Need help finding the right sports brace?
i think i broke my knuckle ?
6 year old stomache injury?
If my mom's knee cap moved, will she need surgery?
Can humans get tested for rabies?
How much is a rabies shot for a human?
what is the difference between pink eye and sore eye?
if my dog has parvo, will she burp and have a nasty smell?
HOW to get rid of infection in dogs eye?
What sickness do i have?
I have a mild sore throat, and phelm I what do I have?
question about the medicines I'm taking for staph infection. please help?
what are 4 classifications or manifestations of aspergillus disease? and an example of each?
how do the doctors mail blood work?
Can you get a stomach Virus from your dog?
i dont want the stomach flu?
Can A Pink Eye Medicine Help?
What is a Xist i thought it was a parasite?
my throught hurts... can i have strep?
Do I have strep throat?
Is it legal for a doctors office to deny you surgery for a life threatning illness?
Is thsi a fever or my imagination?
Is a swollen tonsil contagious?
Im sick but im not sure why?
acid on my chest what to expect please help?
my one year old basset hound has a heart murmer should I be worried?
Proactiv product advice?
In the middle of my heart, if i press it, it deeply pains inside that i dont allow any body touch it. It makes?
Why are my boyfriends palms red and mine aren't?
Is It Possible To Lighten Dark Skin?
What is the best cream or product that eliminates dark spots?
How to make your skin less shiny?
im 13 years old girl and i have a giant bald spot on my head.?
what skin condition is this?
Does switching cleansers make you break out?
my dogs chin is breaking out?
I have a lump that just showed up under my armpit... how do I get rid of it?
can someone help me get rid of my tinnitus?
how to prevent scars!!!!!!!!!!????
Red, circular mark on my skin?
Why do i have this red bump on my nose?
large white scar from hot water burn?
Pain in chest, shoulders, arms..?
how can i reshape my body shoulders and chest, experience people only plz?
Whats the best way to treat razor burn under your arms?
What are the signs of a heart attack?
I just got angelbites and the guy says no kissing for 2 months?
can u still smoke marijauna when it hurts your heart?
what body systems are involved in a heart attack?
can a doctor legallly withold info about your medical condition?
signs for cordanary heart disease?
heart Problem or what?
can i smoke & drink after angioplasty?
if someone had open heart sugery at age 83 would they make it?
My blood pressure was 174/101 and pulse 120?
do i have a yeast infection?
Questions about STD tests?
I wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air like I wasn't breathing. What's wrong with me?
Feel a knot in my throat... for a week now.?
What exactly peptide hormones?
I'm having trouble breathing why?
I dont know if anythings wrong or not but any advice would be helpful if you know your stuff medical wise?
Could I have high-functioning Autism?
Why is my heart rate so high?
from the right femoral vein to the lower lobe of the right lung via the pulmonary artery.?
is it had to raise money as an avon walk for breast cancer walker?
can a dog have a stroke?
What's the strongest type of weed?
is 200 too high for an exercising heart rate?
How do you fix a broken heart?
Is 134 over 88 considered to be a risk for high blood pressure / hypertension for a 20 year old male?
What kinda chest pain is this?
i have high blood pressure, and I love to swim and then go into the hot tub is it okay?
what is warfarin used for ?
What causes the two heart sounds?
Are heart palpitations normal?
Am I at risk of a heart attack ?
Do i have a heart attack or something?
Abnormaly fast heart rate?
Really High Heart Rate?
what would damage to the sinoatrial node in humans do?
My heart beats fast for a minute then beats normally. Usually when I do something too fast. Whats up with it?
Does my PPO cover a psychiatrist?
I have drunk heavily for the past 4 months. The doctor told me stop?
How do I get rid of stress?
Immune to the microbes?
i suffer from ADD and want to try the herbal treatment listol. does anyone know where i can buy it?
My chest gets red when I run?
2 year old daughter has a up set stomach and a fever of around 103.?
what kind of growth hormone can help you get taller?
Mixing extra strength tylenol 500mg with 2-3 shots worth of 80 proof vodka.?
Why Does My Dad Get Really Dizzy When Jogging?
Ima 13 year old. I wanna get involved with kids that have autism, howw?
How can I transfer my husband from a hospital where I feel is not getting the care he urgently needs?
i have stomach problem cramp, have sound, distention etc?
help with vyvanse????!!!?
bite my own lip, now its swelled and i keep biting it even more now, what to do?
Am I developing an eating disorder?
How much do you think I burned off.?
do i have sleep paralysis?
How long does it take for a cell to become damaged after it is exposed to lasers?
swollen lymph nodes...please help!!!?
Digestive problems or something?
How is a heart attack different from heart failure?
Do these symptoms sound like they could be a brain tumor?
How does my dad's lab work look?
How to fall asleep when you know you have to get up early to go to work?
Should i go back to doctors?
Does pharmacist has to talk a lot?
What is the average height for a fourteen-year-old girl?
How long should I wait until I take a drug test?
Why am I so tired during the day?
my ears are really painfull , have been for over a week?
would anyone know what this pain is from?
I feel tired all the time???
what is wrong with me?
How can I cover my veins?
I overdosed help me, how do I get it out of my system?
how do you get your veins not to pop out?
is this normal at all?
Going to be kicked out of my house?
It feels like there is a bubble in my throat?
if i tied a mouse cable around my wrist really tight and go to sleep will it fall off in the morning?
I am having ingrown toenail surgery help?
is it bad to sleep during the day?
is it true that if one has a cold they should refrain from chocolate, milo drink, mangos and ice cream.?
i am having two wisdom teeth pull both on my right side one of them is impacted will I get laughing gas or?
having a physical. fasting for bloodwork tomorrow, can i smoke?
Is smokeing really that bad within moderation?
Tightness and Heaviness in chest?
Chronic Cough = Frustrated Lady :(?
What drugs can you lace in your cough drops?
Can I run track with asthma?
Ugh gas problems?
Is halitosis a genetic problem ?
Ok i need help my husband is in the army . could any of these meds make him fail a drug test?
should i be worried about my breathing?
Panic Attack?
my dad has HIV and has been dry coughing a lot lately...?
Difficulty in breathing??
Just Want To Know How Soon You Experience Problems With Food Poisoning?
What is causing these symptoms?
Throat/nose Obstruction and Symptoms??
Anyone have any idea whats wrong with me. Throat/cough/breathing?
Sinus congestion, what is a good medication?
Any suggestion where I can get help for a mesothelioma case?
can you make yourself get sick?
Asthma makes me tired, so much I can't work?
had an endoscopy today?
have you tried the electric cigarettes?
Why do I have pain in this area of my back?
Why would I get a sharp pain in my neck while doing push ups?
How can I deal with all this pain?
I woke up this mornining and the lower left part of my lip is swollen?
ringing in my ears? please help?
Would a doctor prescribe Vicodin to an 18-year-old for a broken wrist?
Does getting braces hurt?
Having severe abdominal pain.. Doctors aren't sure whats wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
What causes bone pain?
I'm thinking about getting a tongue piercing but kind of worried about the pain.Is the pain bearable?
I have chest pain. It really hurts, help.?
Calf muscle tightness & pain?
so my mom is in surgery right now and im cyring alot. is it possible to like cry too much and get sick?
can someone tell me what i can do about pain in my teeth/jaw?
Do i have left hand side brain damage?
Left ear is getting crusty and hurting me to the point I take my earrings off?
I put my fist between my sister's shoulder blades and hit it with the other. She said it made her heart stop.?
Is my Dr a bad Doctor?
I am having pretty bad pain in the top right part of my stomach and the top left, its unbearable, whats...?
Does heartburn come from Acid?
Does hernia surgery hurt?
What's my Grandma's condition?
Heart hurts when i breathe deeply . Any ideas why ?
Listerine Poison Control?
Medical Terminology... Abdomen?
My heart's been hurting, and I can't eat cause of it .. does anybody know what it might mean ?
Swimmers Ear.?
How do you know if you have dislocated your shoulder?
Small, blueish, sore bump on knuckle?
i have an ingrown nail?
sprained/strained quad muscles.?
nose surgey questions?
what can go wrong during removing a bullet in surgery?
How severe is my sprained ankle?
Just curious-probably a dumb question but I want to know...?
i been feelin light headed @left head feels numb what 2 do?
Can bruises grow? ?
Is it broken????????????
is this motorcycle burn bad??/ [[pic]]?
About 14-16 weeks pregnant, having strange muscle pains.. anyone who knows about the muscles and all, please !?
Did I break my toe? ?
Asked orhtopaedic if I could have and MRI done. Why won't he do it?
if the thumb is swollen from the knuckle up would it be broken?
can teens have clogged arteries?
I was wondering if i've had a mild stroke. Im 28 don't smoke and never had any heart problems that I know of. ?
I think I may have low blood pressure. Do you think I do?
My heart beating 20 more beats than normal?
Am I going to get a Stroke ??
Why does my heart do this?
Why do I have consistent heart burn?
Scared about this, please answer?
MY 12 year old daughter is having chest pains,shortness of breath,and feels dizzy?
Is this Sinus arrhythmia?
connection between heart and magnet?
My blood pressure spiked all day to an average of 150/99?
Could I have had a heart attack?
if my boyfriend moved around while blood pressure testing will this alter his results?
why is there a heart beat in my lower tummy.?
33 years old with high cholesterol!?
fast heartbeat?
Reason for chest pains and rapid heart beat with NORMAL EKG and bloodwork?
i have bradycarday and have damage to my heart due to a heart attack what can be done for bradycardia?
I just took my blood pressure and it was 187 over 91. My feet and hands have been itching alot lately.?
Am I a fatty ??!!!!!!!?
Is Max clarity a good acne treatment?
Can someone tell me what kinds of burns these are and if im doing ok with them?
Will skin exfoliation help to remove my scar on my face from a scratch?
Drinking on accutane?
Help ? Fruta Planta? Bad acne ? help ? !?
whats a quick way to get rid of a zit?
How do I get rid of blackheads?
Is there anything I can do to correct a white spot on my face that will not tan? ?
i have got 2 spot types of lumps in my ear hole?
What can I use to cover my hands with overnight once I have covered them in aloe-vera gel?
red splotchy patches on body?
hey guys my feet a unusually warm all the time, it doesn't burn it's just warm like they've been in socks....?
I break out at random times all over my body what could it be?
Cost of Botox and Juvaderm?
i have for the past couple of weeks been getting these small red lump type bumps on my forearms that dont itch?
Itchy bumps on achilles tendon?
what kind of birthmark do I have?
Is there any way to Prevent dreaming of any kind, or keep it from affecting my sleep.?
Vision problem. Who to see?
Can I use Visine eye drops if I have pink eye?
where do you get colored contacts ?
Is it normal to always be thinking?
Woke up with a droopy eyelid (not swollen)?
Can "purple" be a real eye color?
What's wrong with my left eye?
Question for people that have prescription glasses?
when should i throw my contacts out for a new pair?
i cant get over the pain of humuliation i have experianced?
What would happen to someone is a person stabbed a pencil deeply into their eyeball?
How do i go about getting contact lenses?
How to get a contact out?
Hurt my eye really bad. Help!?! Please!!?
first time contact user?
My dad said i shouldn't wear contacts?
What could cause all my contacts to disappear?
why is the bottom part of my eye green?
I just started wearing my glasses, is it normal that my eyes feel tight?
How long until Restasis becomes effective?
Contact lense question?
Freshlook Colorblends Contacts without prescription?
I have a yellow ring around my pupil, do I have central heterochromia?
Can this affect my birth control pill?
how serious is mumps infection?
Husband is really sick, does he have the flu? or what does it sound like?
Throat Pain/Sore Throat On Right Side?
My daughter has a high fever, take her to er?
my girlfriend got mono, how long do I have to wait for her to be non-contagious?
How long does mono last, and can it keep relapsing?
my platelet levels are SKY HIGH?
My tonsils isnt the shape it use to be...?
What does blood mixed with feces indicate?
Do I have the flu or something?
What is wrong with me? could this be kawasaki's disease?
My grandad had dementia and i'm scared I might get it?
Should i stay at home with a bad cold?
Can head lice be transferred from being in the presence of someone with it? Can it be transferred by touching?
What is a necessary medicine for diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and body pains?
what is difference between tonsil and tonsillitis?Are tonsils present in everybody?
Blood Question.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is BELL's PALCY recoverbale ? i'm so worried, though it has mild effect, pl. help?
Do you think I will throw up?
what are the life functions of a virus?
Do you think I will get sick?
Lactose intolerance?
what are symptoms of pink eye?
question about blood work?
what is trauma? how does it affect children?
what are the symptoms of glucose galactose malabsorption?
How do people die from psychiatric illness?
Anyone know what this could be a symptom of?
I have the flu and I feel awful?
I have kidney probs please help?
i think i have hemophobia?
is this hernia?
Kidney question?
Hills z/d help with Addisons in Dogs?
my stomach gets bloaded, and i cant breath, please help?
How does HEAD LICE start?
Which are prescription drugs and which are not?
I want to sign up for EKG Technician but i have a few questions.?
its 4:15 now and i need to wake up by 6:30....should i go to sleep or stay up all night?
Why can't I sleep during the night?
Painless Lump Under Skin In Right Side Of Neck?
does smoking cause hardened arteries?
How to cure a runny nose? Any products you use that work?
Inflamed intestines at 17?
Stuff in my throat but my voice is fine?
i seem to have acid reflux but it burns when i drink water and i even trow up from it.could this be a ulcer?
How will I know if I'm lactose intolerant?
how long the person to stay in hospital if he getting ct scan?
my blood pressure is 180 over 29 what does it mean?
Will cola (regular, not diet) cause brain damage in infants?
I am a 41 year old female my chest has been hurting and my blood pressure is 151/110 with a pulse of 77 .?
what is a good blood pressure reading?
My blood pressure runs about 142 over 72 and i am a 24 year old male who wheighs 160 and 5ft9 is this normal?
Is this NORMAL????????
has anyone used simvastatin?
What are some of the causes and signs of a heart attack?
is it dangerous to have high cholesterol??
Which structures in the heart do Pulmonary arteries/veins take blood from or carry blood back to the heart?
Low Blood Pressure, Is This Bad?
What is better a brain surgeon or a heart surgeon?
stopping your heart by pure power of will?
What is this thing called anemia?
Should i take her to the ER?
I have high blood pressure, I have been put on tablets and water tablets I have suddenly started to sweat is t
do blood clots in the heart dissolve on their own?
I am 15 and i smoke but i am having like a heart problem and i dont know if it is bad or not?
Am I too young to have a heart attack or stroke? 10 points!!?
Do I have a heart problem?
Are there any alternative ew age treatments for depression/anxiety/confidence boosting?
Is this article regarding health care in America true?
Help!! My wart on the bottom of my foot won't go away?
i have a few questions about smoking weed?
why cant i get on medicaid?
Cigarette Smoking question?
What is going on with me?
unhealthy fingernails?
What do you think this is?
What area of the medical feild do you practice in?
Should I quit smoking cigarettes or weed first?
does an apple a day really keep the doctors away?
Is it normal to be dizzy after...?
waspleasuring self, used wire in uretha, it fell in--blood's been comming out for last half hour--HELP!!!?
I put some Deodorant on my armpits and now their really hot and they feel like their burning.?
How to feel awake after sleeping too much?
what should i do in this situation?
How do you fall asleep?
Feeling like I am about to fall while sleeping?
What does this dream mean?
My vision in my right eye is suddenly fuzzy. I can't see through it. What should I do?
Price of staying in the hospital per day?
How to make an allergic reaction on the skin be less noticeable?
is there a problem with tavelling with allergies?
Well, I just wanted to know. If you take say 2 sips of benadryl syrup.?
the difference between cough syrup an and nyquil?
what are the foods to avoid if you have dyshidrotic eczema?? please help me!?
Flea bite remedy? I'm allergic.?
can eating to much paprika cause my feces to be bright red?
does flu shots help reduce sinus ?
Can inhaling tea dust be harmful?
Is it an allergy to something or something else? : please read ...?
should i use this formula?
Why is my throat feeling so tight?
Why is your Index Finger called your Index Finger?
will getting a industiral piercing get infected if i also have an allergy from most metals?
A question about pollen.?
Can you get allergy shots in your thigh?
mild allergy to cats... will I build up an immunity?
A question regarding allergies....?
Is there any thing that shows we have got Asthma?
Help, emergency?
what does this sound like???
would snooring affect the quality of my sleep?
what's worse? cigarette or black and mild?
how to get loved one to stop smokeing?
How do I know if I got a blood clot in my head?
I have extreme coughing attacks, swollen throat, fever w/sweat, pain, and oily face. what could it be?
chronic bronchitis along with a pungent smell in the house. Is it making me sick?
Home remedies for a cough?
What are the health effects of nicotine?
possible sleep problem?
Right ear is clogged and i have had a cold?
Do i have bronchitis? HELP PLEASE?
i have a golden ring around my pupil.?
What is the pain for after ejactulating?
Help me with my chest pain. Is it Gas or Something else?
I need some advice on a five-day headache that only goes away when I lay down?
my right ear has a problem./..?
Carpol tunnel and what it is?
Tonsillitis? Why does my throat hurt so bad?
Sudden severe stiff neck?
what is this on my fingers!?! please help?
I have ringing in my left ear, no pain but it is loud, what will help?
is vicodine bad for me?
Shooting Pain in my Head?
I am 21 and I have had upper middle back pain since I can remember what could be causing it?
Upper abdomen and back pain.?
Help please, extreme pain...?
What is this thing on my toe?!?
Really weird tongue pain ?
Pinched nerve in neck?
Is it better to be in pain and disabled or dead? ?
My son is 20 years old, He has been having back pain since he was around14. He had pectus carinatum surgery?
i just got my ears peirced . should i twist the earings or not ?
Help, doing a project for health on HPV?
the top eye lid near my tear duck is swollen,itches,red,and i dont no wether its pink eye or just a stye?
My left lung hurts..?
Why does my heart hurt?
Could I be Lactose Intolerant?
please read my ekg, why does it say borderline? link below.?
i took her to the ER, all her vitals signs were ok they say it look like a cold, to give her tylenol.?
Two harmful effects that tobacco has on the heart?
My Boyfriend got heart valve surgery a little over a year ago, and has been experiencing groin pain?
I am having a lot of bladder infections and was wondering if anyone could advise me what to do. Someone?
Extreme fatigue with a common cold?
could i have the flu?
Can you die from low blood count?
Question about Strep Throat !?
Gym Use and Skin Infections?
An unknown pain in my wrist ...?
what's wrong with my leg??? skateboard injury?
what % of americans have broken a bone?
can i put hand sanitizer in my urine?
could i have glandular fever or any other suggestions welcome?
What does it mean if a 16 year old boy has fevers often?
i feel really ill? what's wrong with me? please help?
Do I have sore throat or strep throat?
How do you raise your immune system ?
How would I know if there are parasites or worms inside me?
my son broke his collar bone?
Do I need surgery on my knee? Please help!?
how to create the virus hepatitis b virus?
How can you prevent pandemics?
I had a spinal cord injection today to numb some nerves that I am having trouble with.?
What can help you get better when you are sick.?
i have a quick question about taking my temperature because i am not feeling good?
are there germs/vruses that can become airborne from dirty dishes?
Is this strep throat?... Or just a cold?
hep b question plzz help!!!!!!!!?
Whats wrong with my shoulder?
If you have had Hepatitis B in the past, why can't you donate blood or be an organ donor?
Strep Throat that won't go away in a 2 year old. Any suggestions or advice please.?
Help me Please! Do i have a parasite?
Need Help, I'm sick !?
What is the prescribed dose in mg? How much medication should the nurse administer?
i have a few strange injuries on my legs..?
The outter part of my eye hurts.....?
The cast on my hand hurts?
breathing problem? anxiety? panic attack? or asthma?
Sweating problems. Any tips?
Contact Lenses problem?
How much should I weigh at 15 yrs. 5'5 tall?
What can a dentist do about bulimic patients?
I'm scarred she'll die? heroin and chlorine shot?
is grapefruit juice bad for you if you are pregnant?
Do everyone's ears pop when they swallow?
Excessive thirst before getting sick?
Can a man freez himself then be unfrozen a month later?
Does ARIMDEX delay growth plate closure?
is this drug in the family of penician??very allergic to it?
why does my arm keep twitching ?
very important please answer?
Where can i go for my back?
Need help with weight?
I have a visible lump in the back of my throat. Right behind my tongue.?
why is it icthy on the arm?
Can morbid obesity cause thin skin?
How do you make a sty stop ITCHING?
My acne is pretty bad. If i do not eat sugar for 2 weeks will it go away? More...?
How do you get rid of peeling skin and just damaged finger tips/nails?
Face rash? due to lotion. Need help fast?
My skin is irritated? :(?
what can i put on my hands for extra dry skin?
rash around knee area?
if you steam your face once a week, will your skin turn darker or lighter?
Is what I have considered cold sores or herpes?
what are some natural remedies to get rid of dandruff fasts?
Do stretch mark creams work for men too?
Is it bad to write on your skin with any kind of black marker?
how do you get rid of stretch marks on your sides?
After washing your face with warm water, should you rinse with cold water?
I have a bump on my shoulder?
Infection under my skin next to my fingernail?
What's new with the bird flu?
Where can you LEGALLY and safely purchase a partial liver for transplantation?
How fast can your blood?
Feel cold all the time and itchy every where?
So my mom has breast cancer and she is going to be unemployed, little help?
what's wrong with my lungs?
how many times shoud you get the flu shot a year?
my mom's family has a heart problem (cardio). can i still be a pilot?
i started smoking ciggarettes and tobbaco lately and my chest hurts ?
I have just caught a cold and I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow?
Did I have a panic attack? If so.. why?
Is the occult blood stool sample an acceptable method for testing for colon cancer and where can I get info?
why does my chest point out?
My brother says that I can damage my heart if I ride my bike too much. How much is too much? Is he right?
can or has anyone ever survied being shot or stabbed in the heart?
I'm an 18 year old female and my heart rate is 118 bpm, is this normal?
I think i jus had a heart attack!?!?
what is the best way to lower your high blood pressure?
Cholesterol level higher after 3 months of treatment.?
How long can you survive with a heart attack left untreated?
Can Taking Extacsy While having a mild case of heart murmur benefit negitively?
i feel burning on my heart and after a secret my left hand is heavy and a bit pain is it strangh ?
16 year old with 4 heart problems HELP?
I'm taking Atenolol for hbp. It's causing hair loss. HELP!!?
i have a heart problem?
what is the approximate mortality rate for myocardial infarctions?
Can you die from a fatal heart attack or a stroke without a clogged arteries?
Can too much water increase Blood Pressure?
anyone know about ekg's?
Smoked Daily for 5 months, Test in 3 days, stopped 2 days ago. Will I be able to pass?
am I having a heart attack?
can mutli-vitamins increase your blood pressure?
My heart beat feel very weird and painful every 5 seconds!!!?
what drives blood throught the heart?
dizziness and slow heart rate?
Why ever time I eat something I have to smoke a cigarette?
what can i do so i will wake up when my alarm goes off and not turn off my alarm then go back to sleep?
Is Citalopram /Celexa more of an anti depressant or an anti anxiety med?
How much do psychiatrists(in private sector) who are specialized in combat disorders such as PTSD charge?
what should i do.....?
im so scared to sleep in my bed because...?
how can i help myself move on from loosing a loved one with out forgetting them?
Weezing/chest tightness at night?
what is stiff person syndrome?
How often are tumors cancerous?
what are the treatments for leukima and lymphoma?
Have a lingering cold and cough for two months!?
nutrition and lipids?
my fiance has been very lethargic and confused lately he has very bad teeth is this a result of blood poison?
What diseases or illnesses can make you more attractive?
Questions to ask about appendicitis?
Im in the Air force, Can i get kicked out for herpes?
Im doing a paper on AIDS for bio, tell what i can do to help the people that have it or do about the spread?
how does an infected...?
penicillin vk will it treat forms of std's?
Whats is The Medical Attention For AIDS (Treatments)?
Is smoking that bad ?!?
I have a blood oxygen level of 88 my doctor put me on oxygen for 12 hours at 2 liters at night does that sound?
I have a question as to what my lung doctor told me at my appointmet? confused!!?
Im not a smoker, but have a questions about smoking?
Was the reason for my hospitalization dangerous?
I have this lump sticking out of my chest.?
I have been sick for a week ?
Chest pain when i run and sit down and shortness of breath.?
what is wrong with me? any advice will help :)?
do i have the swine flu if i have a stuffy nose?
I am having strange sensations in my chest...?
is smoking weed a good or bad idea?
feeling really sick in the morning, them feel fine?
Whenever i stand i feel weak, light headed, my nose is stuffy, and more...?
Is this really that bad?
Is it possible to have TOO much olive oil?
I feel dizzy, sluggish and weak right now, how do I cure this?
if u smoke weed or something like banana exotic and u go 2 a doctor 4 a pee test cant they tell if u do drugs?
My eyes went from +1.00 to +1.75. When will it settle?
i got fingered 3 days ago and today..?
My tinnitus wont let me sleep. How do I sleep ?
Can it kill me if I smoke 5 cigarette a day?
How come when i wake up im tired but i get 10 hours of sleep?
My bones crack,does that mean they are weak?
why is it said to sleep early and wake up early?
Help! Just woke up with a horrible cold and I have finals all week!?
is there a way that you can avoid having to sleep?
is there something wrong with me?
Do you think i could get into medical school with these H.S. grades?
Trying to Save $.. Do you think putting used gum in listerine to reuse it is a bad idea?
What happens to the skin when you go out the house underdressed in the month of December?
Hi I am 26 years old and I drink like two to three times a week.?
I got a really bad cold! HELP ME!?
Why can I not fall asleep?
am I sick???? please help?
How do you get cigarette smoke out of your system?
hip hurts when jogging?
Is this bug bite just a coincidence?
Why am I fatigued and lightheaded?
I take 1 excedrin pill a day. Can this be bad for me in the long run? Not 2 pills just one.?
I am going to see the doctor about being a candidate to do live liver donation.?
how many MG of morphine dose it take to kill one self?
What would happen it I were to take 30 valium at one time?
Is this a medical condition?
Does this count as three "consecutive" days absent due to illness?
When you have your tonsils removed do they remove your adenoids too?
Where can I get help?
How to lower blood pressure in 3 days?
Is there any sort of medical condition where your heart stops for 20 seconds?
My heart rate is high! Please help?
my heart beats too hard?
What could be wrong with me? Every time I am in a physical altercation with a client my heart acts weird?
Help I'm only 27 and have chest and back pain could it be serious?
is there any way that we can get money or a doctor for a heart transplant for my dad?
Open heart surgery for an 86 yr old woman..?
I had my blood pressure taken about 3 weeks ago & they said it was normal. And 2day..it read 135/100..normal?
How to control cholesterol?
how many times have you been heart broken?
Can heart murmurs affect blood?
what are the symptoms of a heart attack?
Just found out my dad has Hypertension stage 3, but he does not want to see a doctor!?
I need help, my heart is breaking. How do I win his heart?
How high of blood pressure is this?
How do i catch big foot?
i need some advice on my high blood pressure (17 years old)?
Stroke and get words mixed up ?
5 day headache? Help plz?
Is there anything I can do? My ear hurts.?
Why do i feel this way when i stand?
Back pain? calcuim be the answer?
I had an xray of my neck now they want me to have a mri what is different?
Pain just under right side ribs?
i hear this thumping noise in my left ear?
I pulled a muscle in my back...what can i do to stop the pain...is there anything i shouldnt do?
How do I tell my doctor I ran out of pain medicine early?
My ribs on my right side hurt for i believe no reason?
I'm 18 and I occasionally get sharp pains in my heart, what is it? Should I be worried?
Is there something wrong with my ear?
weird tummy aches that wont go away?
I have a sharp pain in my neck muscles.?
Crooked back............?
What could be causing my back pain?
chest pains............?
I have a really bad sore throat but its only on one side of my throat?
have a real bad headache can someone help me figure out why ?
I have been getting these sharp pains in my right side and lower back?
my head only hurts on the right side to touch.?
I'm on my 4th day of Zoloft and I hate it. Please tell me it gets better...?
Could I have multiple sclerosis?
i have trouble breathing HELP PLEASE?
Please answer this Please???????????
do i have mono? my throat kills and i have a fever?