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Should i really be worried?
Which Dr diagnoises Cold Sores?
would i show positive on a drug test?
My head feels heavy I go to the bathroom often I get dizzy all the time?
Do i have rabies??? my cat bit me now shes sick?
Blood pressure - 115/67, 60bpm after drinking coffee, is this good?
I've lost my appetite and I can't find it!! Help!?
Is there any cure for paradontosis?
How long can a person survive after being removed from the ventilator?
I have had swollen lymph nodes in my pelvis area for monthes now, and they seem to be getting bigger,?
Can you be allergic to coffee?
How long does Synthroid take to work ?
Is Yahoo Answers scared of Homeopaths?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a cold, blocked nose and bad cough?
Are you aware that you are breathing at the moment?
Tachycardia 150 to 300 bpm?
Allergy and hayfever treatments?
My Golden Retriever's top lips are swollen?
what are the advantages of using machines ?
Trying to reduce neti-pot use?
Could I have some kind of allergy ?
What happens if youre allergic to pollen, but snort it?
Does these have wheat in them? Im wheat intolerant and so confused!?
pain in back just below rib cage?
what ideas do u have to help with severe back pain, and unable to sleep for more than 3hrs a night?
Which is better: barefoot or arch support?
how do i fix a dislocated jaw?
Is it safe to mix Aleve and Ibuprofen?
Help!! My Stomach hurts...?
fast cold sore cures? please!!?
severe ankle pain, any help solving?
What should I eat after tonsil removal surgery?
how do you????? plz help... it hurts!!?
I have horrible leg pain and I dont know what it is.?
What should I do? I'm feeling really down today?
my right arm hurts really bad?
Mysterious ankle pain, help please?
I am 38yr old male who having pain in my lower left side of abdomen! Can anyone tell what it could be?
is it ok to taper off vicoden with tramadol?
I'm posting this again! Shooting pain!!! Help!?!?
Drugs are bad, right?
what is wrong with my foot?
i got shot in my leg with a bb gun now i have really bad muscle pain in a different area what should i do?
What should i do (ibprofen)?!?
Will cracking your knuckles or toes give you arthritis?
Can you use your cell phone if you are a patient in the hospital?
white patch on small of my back after I stopped tanning about the size of my fist?
Feels like there is something in my eye?
if you sleep on your stomach will you still snore?
Is this just a sore throat or something eles?:(?
how i cant sleep at night?
Anyone know how to remove the blue dye from an ice pack off of your hands? Soap and water hasn't worked.?
Does HIPAA affect the patient’s access to his or her medical record?
HOW CAN I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
why cant i sleep? its been going on for 2 weeks now!?
Help with piercing my nose at home, please help...?
I just ate extremely undercooked chicken. What should I do to decrease my chances of getting sick?
why is that that when its light outside, i get really tired but when its night, i become awake?
is this normal??????
heart beats fast when trying to go to sleep?
left arm and left side of the face going numb?
Is 13 hours of sleep okay?
I'm having a lot of trouble falling what should I do?
How long will it take to get THC out of my system?
i think i might have depression?
Am I going crazy or already am I?
If you get residual schizophrenia can you get regular schizophrenia again?
I am so depressed, help...?
Depressed and struggling with college and life...?
SEVERE sore throat. Should I go back to the doctor?
Can't stop shaking help!?
I have a sinus infection and asthma..my doctor put me on a methylprednisolone pack. Now I can't sleep at all.?
can someone please help?
I had a urine test and the result said that i have +RBC.What does it mean?
Chronic kidney disease and cancer?
my heart always broken what can i do now?
will my lungs ever get 100% better?
Can u get sick instantly by smoking if one person Gots the sniffles?
Open ended nose ring?
what are some scientific benefits of quitting smoking?
Why have I been coughing up phlegm for a year now?
I'm having chest pains under my heart?
when ever i sweat on my back, i cant stop coughing, almost a month now. why?
Is sceond hand smoke dangerous?
Chest pain when I breathe or take deep breaths?
Fire breathing Dragon..?
sleep apnea question?
my tonsils is always been large and now I feel like it's causing my pulling of my breath .Any remedy?
does the med sertraline cause hunger?
how many total doses are in a 4oz bottle of tussin cough?
is it like legally safe and confidental if i tell the emergany room i took ecstacy? or will they report it?
Cracked Rib or Pulled Muscle From Coughing?
sleep apnea or something else? please help?
Blood when I clear my throat, sometimes blood occupied in nose, sometimes not?? Really scared.?
Why do i randomly have shortness of breath?
do i have swine flew?
Can this be asthma? Please Help, I haven't slept..
is prednisone a steroid?
can asthma go away for ever?
Should I talk to a doctor?
Serious health question.. Anyone know? Serious answers only please!?
Health Homework: How long would a larger person take to....?
when i wake up, i look EXTREMELY tired.?
suddenly stronger ??????????????????????????????????????
What is duty of care?
please help if you know what this is!?
Question about Contact Lenses? (CLICK HERE)?
Can dentists see when you are having tooth pain,, Explanation inside?
What do these symptoms indicate?
propranolol vs. tranquiliser?
is it normal for a 6 yr old child with asthma to get pnamonia often?
Need help. blood in my stool.?
Have you ever been cured of H. Pylori (stomach bacteria) infection? If so, how?
i have a swollen lymph gland in my mouth, what could it be?
Huntington is a medical disease.?
Does Anyone Know About AlphaONe Anti-Tripson Defficency?
Help! I know this! If someone has loss of the control of the limbs, and one arm just flaps everywhere...?
I need help with caring for my ears while they're on medication?
can a stomach virus be deadly?
Muscle Growing Disease?
what wave occurs during the contraction of the atria and shows the begining of cardiac depolarization?
What is heart attack and how long untill you know you have one?
sharp pains bellow heart?
has anyone tried the cardiac drug coreg ? did it work ? any side effects ?
can u get high off anti depressions?
Circulation problems in teenager (long)?
when cardiac muscle cells are damaged by a heart attack, they are usually replaced by?
Would laying in bed avoid PSVT?
When I stretch I have a spiky pain in my heart, what that can be?
How to lower triglycerides/up good cholesterol?
How do I know if I have an inflamed heart sack?
I had a tangerene and i peeled it and opened it and foundgel like clear liquid in the middle ?
how is resdpiratory system somewhat dependent on the cardiovascular system to achieve its goal of oxygenating?
Does Duct Tape really help remove warts?
Getting my birthmark removed? Help?
Why do dermatologists say that hot showers is bad for you?
Small bump in the back of my mouth; mouth ulcer?
why am i getting acne now @ 24 i never had it before?
I have no idea what the heck is going on with the skin on my face! I need HELP.?
Blackheads , how can I dissapear them?
How to help skin peeling/hand eczema?
Can you repair your ears from Keloid scarring?
Have you ever had your moles removed with laser and did they grow back?
I Can raise my ears up without my hands?
how to remove blackheads on nose?
My nostrils are very dry and they hurt. What do i do?
I can feel a lump / bump on the back of my cartilage piercing?
Quick Answer? Can a lotion cause permanent breakouts?
how does one stop biting thier nails has someone found a cure?
How are antibiotics absorbed, distributed, metabolised and excreted in the body?
Cold and yellow liquid diarrhea?
Stomach Bug or Food Poisoning?
cystitis of the bladder?
How do you get sick ?
How long does mono last?
Is it normal for blepharitis to be VERY painful?
My roommate has chickenpox. I've had it before. What happens now?
how bad is the dengue/mosquitoes situation in delhi in nov 2010 going to be?
How long can I live with HIV?
What is mad cow disease? Just curious?
how do you diagnose staph infection?
I need to get antibiotics for my guinea pig, where would i get this from and around how much are they?
pus cells is over 100 in urine test?
Emetophobic.. kind of nervous..?
Possable misdignoisis of Episcleritis, any thoughts on what it could be?
what are the symptoms of a perforated ear drum?
Bug bites, what kind of bug is this!?
Are Fifth disease, Cold sores/herpes, and Pityriasis Rosea related?
Slept at friends saturday, just found out she has lice?
Is it herpes or is it a bump?
inflammation cervix can u help?
I had a urinary stone?
confused What is std?
what is to have crabs?
Serious question!!. . . . >>>?
Organ donating with a heart murmur?
i took my blood pressure about 4 times in one day each time was different why?
ive been having these symptoms, and just wondering what you guys think?
Why do I dry retch after I eat?
I have a super flaky scalp but my head is not itchy at all!?
Would laser treatment be good for minor acne scars?
Why did i have a nosebleed, feel dizzy nauseous, vomiting and feel hot?
Can dehydration be chronic in teens?
How can I reduce snoring?
I wanted to know about a problem that my dog has. He been with a lump in his side of chest that bleeds alot?
What does it mean if your gag reflex suddenly STOPS working?
High blood pressure, do I have it?
i pulled my muscle please help?
Knee Giving Out.............?
My arm still hurts....?
Broken arm question?
Why am I injured easily?
I cut my finger off at work a couple months ago and was wondering what i would get paid for it?
About my acl tear that I have to have surgery on...?
Cortisone shot and fat loss at injetion site? Is it likely to happen again?
How to stop muscle twitches?
How to treat SHIN SPLINTS?
what wrong with my tongue ring? please help..?
Do knee pads stretch out?
when you sprain something do you get a sling or?
Wrist SPRAIN! Help? Pain and such!?
how long will it heal?
Thigh/hip joint pain, keeps coming back?
Light mucus cough that won't stop.?
Are you more likely to get strep or Pneumonia if you have already had it?
What's the difference between wal-dryl and benedryl?
Cannot stop sleeping?
What animal is suitable for asthma,bronchitis,,emphysema, sufferer?
Does Lasix cause hypovolemia?
i wnna have bright/ablaze eyes?
How much exactly are these contact lenses?
When would I get them?
Help! Is my 20/20 vision going away? Or something else wrong?
What type of eyeglasses are best for this person?
Can a full African american whith a lot of White Ancestry eye color change overtime?
Contact Cleaner in Eye?
Atropine sulphate eye drops?
Swollen lower eyelid?
Any directors of health clinics could you please correct me?
online glasses using debt card?
Is it possible for someones eyes naturally to change from blue to green?
one of lens got lost and my mom dont got insurence yet what can we do and school startin next week?
Redness in right corner of left eye?
My eye exam numbers are +0.50 -1.25 x 90 for my right eye and +1.75 -3.50 x 90 in my left eye, what do these?
my eyes getting worse?
Slight Eye Discoloration?
I would like to know how much is the cost of a Keratoconus laser surgery and/or Teratoconus cornia transplant?
Eyesight problems......please help....?
What's the best company to go with for Laser Eye Surgery? (England)?
Are Emmanuel Buriss' blue eyes just contacts?
Where can I get contact lenses in London?
can i use my contact lens rx to get glasses?
Does society rely too much on medicine to cure it's ills?
What do you do for stress relief?
Vomiting, accompanied by fluctuation of body temperature usually happens at night, what could it be?
Can ticks cause knots or lumps to come up on your head?
what becomes a toxic when u burn it?
Can you explain to me what a rehabilitation facility is? and what community therapy is?
Regarding Drugs and Pain Meds?
I regret my operation so much it hurts!!!!?
should i go away or not?
AHH. I got a REALLY bad sunburn last saturday, and one of my shoulders peeled, and its now it looks like..?
why do i fill tired ?
what is a or nurse or icu nurse?
Will surgical masks expire?
Can I get sick from this?
plz help! i cant sleep ? !?
Why am I experiencing Diarrhea and headaches?
is it safe to go to .........................................?
really weird coma thing happened?
When someone does coke...?
doctor transfer help?
Do friction blisters on your feet leave scars?
What are some important facts about heart disease?
does heart and body extract work?
I drank Redbull, and now I'm afraid I'm going to die or something... please help?
can working in a freezer bring on a heart attack?
Heart Problems Under 20?
My boyfriend is tachypnic and tachycardic with normal bp...?
why do i have very frequent ectopic (irregular) heartbeat?
Could I possibly be dying?
Rapid heart rate and shortness of breath during/after tai chi?
My nostil is really dry, and it stings when i breathe out?
What ethnic background is most likely to have sun allergies?
Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to Tupperware?
Is there a permanent solution to allergic 'rhinitis' ?
Allergy Drops (Allergy Clinic in La Crosse WI) - do the drops actually work?
sinus or allergies knots?
I Have A Fleas Question?
Am i Allergic to my kitten if i have these symptoms?
Im getting tested for any allergies?
I live in n.c what do i have to say to a doctor so he can prescribe me promethazine w/ codeine cough syrup.?
Why do I get sinus problems when I drink?
Can itchy,watery,sometimes sore and swollen and matted eyes in the morning be an allergy?
what to do if cat is allergic to flea and tick meds?
Is this a possible allergic reaction or what?
What plants can worsen allergies symptoms?
Can cotton candy fumes be bad for you?
If you're allergic to hemp can you still smoke weed?
Runny nose treatment?
Dizziness on elevators?
why did yellow squash make my lips go numb?
OMG my throat is sososo itchy! :(?
Feels like something is in my throat when I swallow?
My 17 - year old son has a bad for 2 days now?
Why is it that i worry so much?
Should i stay home from school tomorrow?
I feel tired by early afternoon?
veins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm sleeping too much?
If you snore in your sleep would you snore if you were in a coma?
what causes your legs to tremble and feel like theyre going to give out? im only 39 and my husband has to help?
Is 84/60 good blood pressure? and how good/bad?
What it this realy weird taste in the back of my mouth?
why does all of this happen to me?
Does Vickies Vapor Rub remove chapped lips?
hospital or not????????
How can I stop excessive armpit sweating?
Does Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Messaging Really Work?
how can i stop my my hands from twitching?
everytime i eat I throw up.?
HELP! please!!! important health question :(?
Low levels of cholesterol?
friend smokes weed 5-6 days a wk. weights 105 how long will it leave her system in 26 days she needs this job?
If you use a cigarette injector to roll joints does the filter take out THC?
I am looking for a on line health and safety course run by the Amoco's union can you help?
is bronchitis congratious?
trying to find info on electrical shock, to compare with what I'm having.?
I was just prescribed xanax?
Donate bad blood?
I think I may have a food allergy, but I don't know what it is. Help?
What it takes to become a respiratory therapist?
Could i have gotten an std ? chances and how would i know?
stomach burning after taking advil?
What kind of pill is bright yellow and has an A on one side and is round?
How to get a fever overnight or atleast get sick?
My tongue is yellowish/whitish and is slightly swollen in the area with the piercing.Is it infected or healing?
Why does my nose burn in one nostril?
what am i sick with? Feel horrible!?
14 and my mom died!!!?
5-htp for depression stopped working?
Boyfriend on Heroin - do I stay or do I go?
i am going to kill my self i need the best way?
What strategies can you use to avoid abusing a dexamphetamine prescription?
Itching arm? any ideas..?
Weird head feeling and dry eyes?
Will a aspirin make a zit go away overnight?
What condition could this be (grey skin)?
Can you feel stretch marks forming?
how much are tie know doe pads lyyyyiike thee hole thing?
I chafed in my groin area and now I have raw skin on my inner thigh on both my legs..?
Weird genetic condition??? how common is it?
Please Helpp meee theres something wrong with my Eye!!!?
I used no gloves to bleach my hair nd my hands are getting really itchy nd my skin is all white :(?
why is their red blochy spots on my upper arms when i get out of the shower?
What causes itchy skin and puffy eyes?
what is the best treatment for fast healing of burn blisters on lips?
i need help with acne?
how to get rid of red face?
How do you use dettol as spot treatment?
Abnormal sweating under arm pits?
Can somebody attempt to diagnose the problem I have from this description please?
Has anyone experienced a ' Sinus Infection ' before? Please tell me about your experience.?
Could my breathing trouble be asthma?
i took six ambiens. how dangerous is that?
Is it ok to swallow blood?
Why do my lungs and chest hurt when i breathe?
I've been coughing for two weeks and cough medicine doesn't help.... doctor?
I can't stop coughing!!!?
Coughing up blood, cold/flu like symptoms, vomiting, nose bleeds?
Which is more dangerous?
What is the pain in my rib cage?
anxiety attacks?
How long after quitting smoking?
How is asthma diagnosed?
Can someone help calm me down?
what happens when you stop smoking?
relation between skin alergies and asthma plz help... i need a lot of matter to make a project report?
Have shortness of breath? Please read and help?
my son has had this over and over kind of like a cough and next thing you know fever?
any one know where i can buy an adult nasal cannula that's got a narrow nose piece?
How to get rid of Chest Congestion & runny Nose?
my baby is 15 months old and his chest is not clear, he breathess like someone who have cold. Is he asthmatic?
Sore throat and runny nose?
What could it be if you have a chest pain and its kinda making feel like your gonn a breath funny?
What can I do for a headache that WILL NOT go away?
What causes lower back pain with foot numbness?
My mother has bad bad back pain a bad cough and is having alot of problems breathing.?
Losing hope on the doctor's, seems they are stumped on whats wrong with my daughter. Can you please help me?
Migraines, dizziness, near passing out? ?
Today I woke up with a headache after a long sleep..temple hurts to touch/rub?
How can I get rid of my back pain?
my cat broke its foot, what medicine can I give it to ease its pain while I set the break?
Why do I get dizzy when I stand up?
Does swimming help you lose weight without hurting your knee if you have to have knee replacement surgery?
how to sooth a very very dry throat?
dizziness everyday what could it mean?
why would my left arm go numb?
My headaches just keep getting worse?
i have very severe migraines any suggestions on meds ive tried a lot with no luck?
Do you have Asthma how do you feel the system you go through?
my throat has been hurting the past week 1/2 non stop.. wut is going on?!?
Do I have Pica and should I get my iron checked?
Spontaneous leg pains? Is this a concern?
my throat hurts what should i do?
i have a lump on my clavical, what could it be?
My body is in constant pain. I am only 27 years old. Is it stress?
How can a Freshmen in High School be getting prescription painkillers?
Is my Rib pain serious?
how to help my sore back?
How long does it take for a kidney stone to drop?
Can i take vicodin without eating anything?
I have just slept for 23 hours help?!?!?
Do you a question for HIV, AIDS?
can sudden blockage of Femoropopliteal bypass be caused by blunt trama to the leg?
Heart problems, any help!?
How do palpitations relate to this condition?
Does anyone know any good sites for CHD survival rates?
which arteries are passed through to reach the entrance of left coronary artery?
Atrial Systole means?
What's TVC of heart???
Who knows a lowering-cholesterol drug whose active ingredient is berberine?
Can you have children harmfully if you have heart murmurs and randomly palpitations?
How can I get my Palpitations to stop?
I took two vyvance on accident instead of one... my heart is beating fast and i can feel it against my chest?
If my LDL is very low and my HDL is very high, why does my doctor tell me that my cholesterol level is high?
how long does it take for heart pacemaker surgery?
Does the mitral valve surgery leaves a scar on the chest?
Can you reverse dilated Cardiomyopathy?
What do these symptoms mean for my husband?
Do blood clots hurt?
Explain how septal defect testing works?
Question regarding having high blood pressure?
What should an EMT do if patient distolice blood pressure is higher then 110mm?
What does a taser feel like?
Can past flu pandemic's return? e.g. spanish influenza, bird flu ect?
Would it be possible that I could still have food poisoning if I'm not sick within 24 hours?
Are fever blisters and cold sores the same thing?
Can you make love when you have cmv virus?
HELP! im unsure weather i have a bladder infection or if its something else!?
What is wrong with me? Someone help!?
Can you get mold poisoning from mold forming in a coffee cup & sitting under your desk for several months?
can a dog get parvo if she got her shots?
you can have pneumonitis if you have tuberculosis?
How bad is hepatitis...?
Could this dog have cancer in its eye?
i keep getting sick please help!!?
is it ok to drink coke or milk when i take any antibiotic?
what happens if you get sick from a hot shower then you get out and the room is cold?
how long will i be out of school with ringworms?
will bleach clean thc from your urine and is it detectable?
my friend has swollen hands?
Possible Mono Relaspe?
height question for my daughter?
I keeping falling back in and out of my eating disorder?
can a puncture to the inside of your lip develope a staff infection?
How can keep myself from sleeping?
concerning sleeping problems?
i live in downey ca and I was wondering if the Kaiser in this city or bellflower offers lasik surgery?
Do blood clots hurt??????
What are the Symptom of a Fatal Lung Disease?
how long does hiv takes to be seen in ure blood?
Need some information on adderall fast?
Can stress cause back sores?
I have been getting nose bleeds 2-3 times a day? I get them a lot by eating chocolate? How do i stop this?
Will mold from fruit cause food poisoning ?
Is it back to smoke with a chest cold?
Multiple Peptic Ulcers?
I have a cold and am short of breath and can't breathe, what is wrong with me?
could this be a psychological disorder?
Does Xanax affect people of differently?
Sinus problems with nose rinse?
What about a drug causes severe side effects?
does all alcohol cause nasal congestion?
STD question? Please help !?
dry heaving in the middle of the night?
Could punching your leg be a sign of Drug/alcohol withdraws?
what will take the swelling away from your hands?
Physical therapy question help please!?
crashed and landed on knee and elbow, bone misplaced? causes extreme discomfort, no pain or noise. help!?
how can i tell if i broke my toe?
Osgood-schlaters surgery!?
How long does it take for a clavicle fissure to heal?
Is my ankle sprained? or Broken?
Athletes that got ACL surgery?
when i breathe it feels really tight and i sneezed and my chest got really tight and started hurting a bit?
My elbow really hurts when I stretch it out, not like a sorness, but like the actual joint or whatever?
I had and old injury on my ankle and sometimes its realy sore at time. Do ou think there maybe some scar tus. ?
Should I do to doctor for tailbone injury that isn't getting any better w/ time?
i was injured at work and put on restrictions can my work make me work a different shift?
Can pinching any nerve on the body knock someone out?
Does anyone get an alergic reaction to decaf? hives etc.?
Hard to breathe, trouble swallowing but no pain?
Do I have a band aid allergy?
itchy hard palate..why is this happening?
How come it gets me sick?
Can someone get sick from certain smells?
allergic reaction "downstairs" help?
What is causing my tightened throat and over salivation?
Where can i buy lumigan that works the same as lattise?
Penicillin Side effects question :(?
what are the poison stuff?
skin allergy treatment?
How do i know if i had an allergic reaction?
I wake up in the night, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes. Any idea why?
why to my eyes turns red?
do all allergy meds contain antihistamine?
the taste of bugers when having a cold?
Allergic to my laundry detergent?
have i had reactoin to colour?
Muscle twitch with toddler?
Is this OCD? Part 2?
Is it a cold or alergy ?
How to prevent cat vomit? ( 10years old, almost everyother day to vomit)?
Husband had Rhabdomyolysis should we get further testing?
Is it dangerous for the gas furance to blow cold air from the cool air return?
I feel sick every time I eat.?
chest muscle spasm and tightening?
Beta Blockers for Anxiety?????????????????
Am i coming down with a cold or is it just my signuses ?
Do I have Herpes??? PLEASE HELP!?
Need to know how to manscape?
Nodule in cheek on left side of face?
High Reverse T3 question?
what is a medical condition called fibrayia mynicca?
Blood in stool Sometimes? Early Period?
ummmm..... whats up with me?
do the freshlook colored contacts come in a diameter of 14 and base curve of 8.4? ten points?
How do I know when I have to stop using my contacts?
what is the minimum residual stromal bed thickness after prk?
How to get rid of recurrent corneal erosion?
Is my eye scratched or what?
To become an optometrist...?
How much is an eye test at Costco in UK?
Pressure behind right eye?
what it means if you have redness strings in the eye, that goes from side to the middle?
Can using eye drops for redness everyday be bad?
are contact lenses suitable if im playing full contact football?
How much are colored contacts?
eye feels like i have a black eye?
Why do things go blurry if i stare at them for a long time?
OPtical prob or is it ?
why does this happen when i get up?
i have 2 bad eyes my left eye is a lazy eye and worse would contacts help?
could you please read this prescription and tell me what it says?
What should I do about my bad eyesight?
i have glasses but want to get the contast tht change the color of my eyes should i /?
Contact Lense Diameter size?
Do eyebrow hairs loss from syphyllis regrow and if is so, how many days does it take?
What kind of STD'S can you get from surfaces like a an object thats been touched by someone with an std?
how would i know if id hiv?
How do I get a prescription for my blood pressure?
Inner Thigh Pain... Worried about DVT?
Do you ever get that single heart palpitation that feels like the life is drained from you for a split second?
104/63 low blood pressure?
Help with chest pain and loud heart beats.?
Which of the following adverse drug reactions indicates an abnormal heart rhythm?
how do I safely get off the drug call flecainide?
My heart CRUMBLED when I read THESE messages on my GIRLS wall!?
how much is a funeral vs double bypass surgery?
my heart is Breaking?
Ejection fraction in dilated cardiomyopathy?
Anxiety about EKG retesting?
Why do I have palpitations and heart aching?
My husband had a massive stroke on Oct 3, 2009, he was in ICU for 30 days, he?
My diastolic blood pressure is over average high,while the systolic one is average.What is it all about?
i have no insurance and need quadruple heart by-pass surgery, how much will that cost?
does anyone else wake up to a pounding heart after drinking beer?
My heart is really hurting right now literally?
What is it called when your heart squeezes like this?
i have to fast for 12-14 hours can i drink water?
Why do I shake before I fall asleep?
Is there something wrong with me because when i go to bed it takes me 10 minutes-2hours to sleep?
Is it true the older you get the bigger your nose...?
checking my bp with a new wrist cuff bp meter..it was 229/120. now its lower..help?
is it bad to "crack" your back?
Do I really need health insurance right now?
Cause of being really tired?
Why have I been so dizzy?
Should I be worried about this?
Can glasses affect your nose?
just started feeling dizzy out of the blue. not tired or anything. just ate so no low sugar what is it?
I smoked weed about nine days ago will i pass?
any nursing community that you know of?
can you use surgical spirits on a ceasor wond?
my friends hands won't stop shaking! How can we make it stoppp Dx?
Can sleeping on your back improve posture and mood?
What can cause hearing loss in one ear?
how do i fall asleep?!?
Knee problems or normal?
I had sugar in my coffee before a blood test. Will it affect it?
What can I do to improve my posture?
Are there any side effects to having a chemically induced heart stress test?
Blood stopped circulating in my finger!?!?
What is the estimated time of survival?
What is the medical term for a person born with one kidney?
sick 3 days, bad sore throat, sneezing, coughing,?
Anxiety, slight trouble breathing, and a myriad of other symptoms- any help would be greatly appreciated!?
what's the leading cause of death in AA's?
Should I get a tonsillectomy?
I need some tips on relaxing?
Possible reasons for halucinating?
random drug screen..if i use a quick cleanse today will it clear some of the THC out..or just mask it?
anyone know of a good face wash i can use daily to get rid of acne?
Is something wrong with me?
Where can you buy a brace that will push your ribs back in if you have flared ribs?
Finger problems? Please help?
where do i get tested for adult add?
Feel Nearly unconscious?
If you press lightly into your stomach around your navel, does it feel hard?
Gray scab came out after nasal cauterization and bled? is this a problem?
cures for stuffed nose?
While asleep i stop breathing for long periods?
Left arm/ heart blood clot ?
can fertility treatment be justified?
Is it normal to feel hungrier when suffering from a cold?
I am 26, very athletic and my pulse sometimes goes down to 42!!?
Are there any other explanations for ketoacidosis other than diabetes?
how many days take to completely eradicate typhoid bacteria after taking antibiotics?
please help me!!! im scared?
Do I have strep or do I have mono?
SO, You think the government caused your disease?
epstein barr sydrome?
Feels like I am running a fever, but I am not.?
Can you have a seizure from taking antibiotics?
I'm I gana get rabies?
my brother have piles so what is best treatment in india.?
do i have the flu? help asap?
is this possible when u have hiv?
Do I HAve? Viral Meningitis?
have u ever had lyme disease?
can you have stomach bug from saturday until tuesday?
Dude, why is my throat so sore?
What is mono of the bone in adults?
what infectious disease is it?
Is my tailbone broken, bruised (Etc)?
Could I have a stress fracture in my shin?
what happens if u tear ur acl but dont hav surgery to repair it and just try to carry on as normal?
do a lot of elite doctors have terrible bedside manners? i have an appointment to see a specialist?
did i bruise or brake my ribs??!?
sleep walking leg injury = recipe for disaster 20 points?
Could a recent ankle sprain that bruised, cause a skin rash or hives due to shock of the injury?
How long will it take to file a disability claim? When the doctor says you can not work with your injured knee?
How Long Will it be before i heal? im 14 years old?
2 weeks ago a full set of bleachers was rolled over 2 of my toes, and got stuck-?
Broken hand, Where is a cheap place to get it fixed?
A paint in my knee wont go away!?
Why was not my broken foot placed in a cast?
If the itching doesn't go away I'm my vigina after I took the 3 day cream why is that. ?
I had bags for 4 years straight how do I get rid of them?!?
I don't know what kind of dandruff problem i am having..Please help!!?
bump under my skin on the bottom of my heel?
keratosis pilaris question? plz answer?
How come when I go outside in the daytime my skin sizzles and burns very intensely?
how can you get rid of folicolitus? (little spots on legs?!)?
Does putting too much neosporin on a cut slow down the healing?
Red Dry Skin around mouth? acne? bumps?
How do i get rid of my sun spots?
How do you get rid of strectch marks?
can i get tips to acne cure pls?
best ways to get rid of cold sores?
my friends skin is completely yellow from birth,she is an indian ready for marriage,can she become normal?
what is this red mark on my baby's forehead?
I sweat way too much!?
Weird small black circles on my legs caused by hair please help?
Is this kind of anxiety normal?
what would of been a reason that i was annoying in junior & senior year of high school?
Dysthymia plus fear of failure plus anxiety plus low self esteem makes for a destructive person. Please help?
ADHD vs other condition?
What are the signs of bi polar I think I might have it?
Please help me stay awake!?
what is the least painful way to commit suicide?
What is an easy way to make yourself throw up?
Should I go to the ER, Please read!?
How can i make myself fall alseep?
What should i do i have water in my ear and i'm in pain. my ear is swollen.?
My pacemaker/defib. battery needs replaceing, don't have $6000.00, what shounld i do? Low income, no insurance?
Strange feeling with my heart?
If someone is in an anoxic brain a coma does that mean they're in a 'vegetative state'?
Anyone have experience with a child who has a patent foramen ovale (pfo) and a patent ductis arteriosus (pda)?
What is considered the normal range of pressure for the pulmonary artery?
Was this a cotton swab from a bandaid in my food?
i wanna know if it's possible to sail if i'm being HIV positive?
STD how do they check it for guys?
i want to raise money for cancer, multiple sclorosis, sickle cell anemia, and lupus.?
Has anyone ever got their Hair Analysis done? Best place to have it done? Best Price?
my insides feel jittery?
The text notes the damage caused by acid to tissues. We hear a lot about GERD, gastro esophageal reflux diseas?
Coumadin and Lovenox?
Why are cancer cells "immortal"?
What do they do in a thyroid exam?
if you take too much iron will it lead to kidney failure?
Muscular Atrophy?
MRI for rotator cuff?
how can i get rid of lop ears without the need for a surgery?
lightheaded,pressure on feet?
Need HELP!!! Late stage of Polycystic kidney disease?
How do you define disease indicators? And what are its limitations?
Stomach Problem?
Is this anything serious? Everyone is saying it isnt but Im not sure?
does anyone know if suboxone is expensive? I have no health insurance . I need them for an opiate problem?
I have got facial bells palsy for the past five months.?
i am taking a cough medicine with Dihydrocodeine?
Ears clogged with wax and fever?
My mucus is very yellow, like canary yellow...?
My friend needs help and advice and i dont know what to say to him!! he has like a drinking problem! help!?
Stress causing heart flutters?
Is alcohol the #1 date rape drug?!?
Do you think I have anemia?
Septum or AngelBitez?
if i smell cigarette smoke i get a headache. does this happen to anyone else? are there any cures?
I've been having trouble with migraines and cluster headaches, what do you think of oxygen for help?
how can i weight lift without becoming exhausted so quickly?
what type of medicines make people depressed?
Why woman 60yr have constant sporadic gas?
Is this a penicillin rash?
Question About Smoking?
how much is gram of marijuana in the states?
Why am I always zoning out?
Are glow sticks toxic if drank by a 2 yr old?
I sometimes but rarely have days where i can't control my urine what could be wrong with me?
Mass inside my daughter's nose?
My friend has cancer?
Why is my one iris bigger than the other?
Contacts and Infection?
How long does it take to get colored contacts from doctor after u order them from ur eye doctor?
Illusions contacts lenses...?
how bad are my eyes i now wear contacts but they bother me and i dont really understand what they mean?
I need info on colored contacts?
can you help me With my glasses ?
Red eye! Please help!?
Close vision is blurred with contact lenses?
If I have a corneal scar, will I ever be able to wear contact lenses again?
What to do about low blood pressure?
Can you wear circle lens while on accutane?
why do my eyes switch between green and purple every month?
Which are worse for your health - normal cigarettes or roll ups?
I have a hard time getting to sleep due to a bad back. Any suggestions on a sleep aid?
why does my eye keep doing this?
Why is it that when I drink more water at night, I wake up thirstier than ever?!?
invert the vial?? why?
Please help I can't sleep?
Emergency! should i call 911?
Dark Under Eye Circles Help!?
my foot hurts really badly?
Cant sleep, might be acid reflux?
What's Wrong? What should I Take?
hey if i slept 2 hours yesterday like at 6 pm and slept like 6 hours from 12 am to 9 am,?
Why cant i sleep? i have not slept more than a few hours 4 days straight what can i do?
I need some help, very worried?
Waking up alert, but fatigue 2 hours later?
Need a website for chatting with child doctors online for free. Please help me! emergency!?
My eye lid is drooping?
ok i can not sleep at all.?
What are a few few reasons for not donating blood?
How do doctors give you the results of blood work?
Why is it that when your hand falls asleep you get a tingling feeling in your hand?
Why when you close your eyes different amounts of light produce a different color you see?
Will i be weighed when i will be given a heart holter (24 hour EKG)?
IMPORTANT whats wrong with me?
Sinus infection, hearing loss and lump in armpit. Remedies?
im tired but my body wont let me sleep?
Why am I losing my voice?
Help medication is costling way to much for my sister!?
Muscle atrophy in left hand?
can health departments release info about you to anyone?
when i sleep in my bestfriends bed she kinda gets really close and starts rubbing her leg up mine. please help?
I am having knee problems that bother me?
Am i going to go deaf young?
Why does it feel like my heart stopped?
How did people in the 1800s deal with allergic reactions?
I had pneumonia twice (as a baby and at 16 yrs), i have asthma, allergic to dustmites..?
How Can I Breathe Better - My Nose Is Blocked?
yordora deordorant non-aluminum were can I purchase?
Cat with allergies not any better. Now eye is draining!!!?
Dark chocolate allergy?
Do I have Allergies or Worse?
Anyone had a sudden allergy to their brand of cigarettes?
I have been taking bactrim(antibotic) for 3 days and i keep thinking im allergic to it,i have no rash,and i?
I'm allergic to percocet and i was wondering if i can take morphine?
Itchy, red and swollen injection site one day after flu shot???
why do my eyes become blood shot.?
My black and white kitty had a runny nose and has a really bad odor, whats wrong?
Cold sores from allergic reaction?
Am i allergic to chocolate?
is being addicted to cigarettes all in the head?
Problem with congested nose and more?
Can dehydration affect ones allergies?
Am i allergic to strawberries?
Why am i constantly getting an itchy red rash all over my arms and chest?
i am miserable this time of year with allergies...i take zyrtec but still have an awful runny stuffy nose help?
why do i have a hard time breathing when doing activity's?
lactose intolerant: unpasteurized milk?
Need some info on hepitatis?
Ok I have a growth in my scrotum almost positive it's a hyrdocele anyone answer no cancer cd I have had itlong?
Axiety attacks please help?
menthol ciggaterettes?
My son is smoking! What do i do?
why do people get smegma?
First time smoking...?
my mother has a oral infection for over a month now!!!?
How long should you watch a swollen lymph node before you demand a biopsy?
what color is AIDS???
Constant diarrhea please help?
Is milk bad for your throat if my throat is hurting?
Concerned for my dog .?
Are these bug bites ?
How do you provent toxic shock syndrome?
Can kidney stones and bladder infections kill a baby before they are born?
Sick, wanna know if i should go to the hospital or doctor?
Is Anemia a dealy disease?
My blood count is 3.77 would that call for a transfusion?
what are flu symptoms?
HELP?! I found a tick on me?!?
Does barbicide really kill AIDS?
is tonsilitus contagious?
Is it easier to catch strep throat after having it before?
Can scarlet fever heal itsself?
what if my dog gets his distemper shot twice?
How bad do shots in your arms hurt?
EXTREME constipation?
does anyone find it weird that ive...?
what diseases cause dizziness, neck-pains,and head aces ?
how can i stop the pain in my feet?
Do I have kidney stones?
knee hurts after doing certain excercises like squats?
Whats' the difference between oxycodone & hydrocodone?
cure for Tendonides in my sholder?
i have severe pain that shoots in my breast when i move and hurts bad when i take a deep breath been going on?
why would the calf of your leg hurt?
why do i have a bad headache in the back of my head n neck hurts?
How would you have to wait to have some wine after taking Vicodin?
need of some urgent help!?
What's causing my nausea and vomiting?
why do i drink to numb the pain of being me?
I have pain everywhere but the doc's say nothing?..?
I accidently took three Tylenol Extra strengths when I thought they were regulars...am I ok?
Crampy pain under left rib?
my knees are hurting?
I have a Tempurpedic mattress and pillow, but still wake up with a stiff neck what's wrong?
A cold sore resulted in a rash all over my face?
I had acne but now I don't but now I have the scars?
my last c-section was 6years ago now a small hole just open and i have puss with a little blood and it smells?
i have a mild rash, i dont know what it might be of?
help on my gross skin?
do i have a mild case of frostbite?
How do you get rid of water retention.?
how do i get rid of a really big freckle?
Is this normal for the skin?
girlfriend need acne advice?
Does milk cause acne?
i used a douce and now i itch?
Head Lice Question! Really Urgent!!!!?
Is there anything that's super moisturizing that I could try to get my face back to normal?
will my cold sore scar go away?
Putting water on face constantly?
Vaseline Morning Issues ._________.?
what causes high blood pressure?
What could be wrong with my heart?
Can i have a cigarette ??
Would you reccomend a 90 year old women to get a pacemaker to regulate her heartbeat.?
My heart is beating hard and loudly?
Question About Contact Lenses and Lasik?
can i buy adderall in mexico & if so where can i get it?
what happens when we consume 10 or more panadols?
Egypt country has decided to kill all the pegs?
I get teary eyed really easilly...?
are there headphones i can wear that ensures i cannot hear anything external at all?
what systems work with the heart to keep the body healthy and how?
Can you take Tramadol and Solpadol together?
if i tie an elastic band round my toe & leave it there, will it fall off?
Marlboro Lights or Marlboro Ultra Lights- what's the difference?
i woke up sick this morning (please help asap)?
I am considering buying from legalbuns.com. does it get you high/really work?
How long should it take for Medicaid to contact me?
what's "Angel Dust?"?
What could be wrong with my gum?
HELP!!!There is something wrong with me read my description for details?
Whats the best way to flush your system?
how often can you take a oatmeal bath?
Can a stroke victim still be treated if....?
I have an eating disorder but I can't tell anybody..please help me?
Sports Medicine related. PLLLEASEE help mehhh?
What should I do if I have an irregular heart beat?
Suffered with Bells Palsy can accupuncture help?
diarrhea about 1 week?
does smoking help ulcertive colitis?
I have a desease and i need to know what it could be?
I experience involuntary movements only during sleep and just during allergy season. I don't know why!?
Does This sound Familiar to Anyone?
I am not being able to burp after eating or drinking water?
i have a clear little bubble on my eye inside of the sclera,what is it.?
How to treat Anxiety and what to expect?
What is the most commonly infected central line?
Scalp Numbness and Other weired Things?
what are some statistics on porphyria?
Sibutramine- Cotrimoxaxole drug interaction?
Im really worried please help?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of a healthy adult organ and an aged one (not with disease)?
where in ri can i go for stress,anxiety,discouragement after four major surgies in one year,stress at home?
if bone of forehead broken and blood is clot, can we consult neuro surgeon or ?
Did I pull a muscle in my arm...?
sprained ankle 12 weeks ago?
Bruising on both sides of the foot?
I hurt my hand what should I do?
if someone slipped or felt down on floor,what's the muscle most likely to be injured in his pelvis?
help with knee problem?
Do you think I pulled a muscle?
my elbow really hurts to straighten whats wrong with it?
tiny blood bubble on my heel?
What do you think of these Ankle Boots?
What do you think?? Lump on groin?
Is there a bone in your body that will stop you from growing if you damage it?
I hit my elbow and there are red spots where I hit it. It is also a little bit swollen. What's wrong?
Pulled Hamstring Injury?
elbow misshapen from falling down stairs?
What would cause one's back to hurt for over a month?
I can't sleep help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does any one know a cure for anxiety or can any one relate?
Am I good enough? I feel a if I am not perfect enough!?
I need help BAD. Please?
I have a fear of dying of cancer.?
Horrible nightmares :/ .. help!?
is it bad to get a job when you are having mental issues?
what is wrong with me? is it a panic attack, anxiety, or something with my heart?
cam gum diseases be reversed?
Can you describe this condition accurately? 10 pts for correct answer!?
is this a possible heart attack?
Heart rate of 201 after only a few steps?
How do i check to see if someone is in the hospital?
What is average blood pressure?
What's your resting heart rate?
my arms hurrts and my cheast and iam only 13 i think iam having a heart atack
Am I a likely canidate for a heart attack???
When your blood pressure is taken, what does it mean?
I had an EKG today! Help!?
A fear of heart attacks, I just need reassurance..How could I have a heart attack?
im 48 years old ive just had a serve heart attack can i claim mobility?
weed showing up in blood test?
Question about my blood pressure?
illnesses that change your sense of smell?
heart health issues what is going on?
Little Urine test to complete I put a Little water! WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT?
idk if i need get checked out?
i dnt have a regual period. after my last period i have notice a cheamy yellowish discharge. i went to the doc?
what are the signs of kidney disease?
does anyone else suffer from swollen upper eyelids?
Can you get checked for std's or a yeast infection, while you are on your period?
Do I have Toxic Shock Syndrome?
Frequent Bladder infections?
Are You Geting The Flu Shot?
how to get rid of bladder infection?
how can u soothe ur throat during mono?
What kind of bug bites are these?
What are German measles?
worms i may have swallow from my mouth piece?
what is this disease?
.Help! feel like I have the flu.but I know its not that.?
HIV questions? Help!?
Yesterday, i caught a sinus infection, and they put me on some medicine,I have a question?
Do I have pink eye? What should I do about it?
symptoms of thrush and how do you get this?
How to not get the stomach flu?
can you have a brain eating amoeba go up ur nose and kill you from a shower in Texas?
Can you have tuberculosis and alcohol dehydrogenase deficiency syndrome at the same time, if so can you please?
My friend coughed on my face delibrately and said he has HIV?
What are the symptoms of Pink Eye?
if my ankle is sprained do you think i can still be in a fashion show next week and wear knee high boots?
I have a sinus infection (self diagnosed) and I can't get rid of this pressure around (below) my right eye?
If a light sleeper sleeps with the light on, what does a hard sleeper sleep with?
Any recommendations for constant thirst/ dry mouth?
Whats wrong with me? i cant quite figure it out.?
twitching objects, please read?
Is it not normal for a teen to get high blood pressure?
Why do I get so light headed all the time?
what do you think i have?
Shivering in sleep? What is this?
I feel really sick please tell me what to do.?
In serious need for advice?!?
how come im never sick ?
Why would I suddenly feel very hot and nauseous?
if you smoke weed and work out would you still get muscle?
Do you think this is weird? about sleep...?
My knees hurt what can i do for Jumpers knee?
I just got health insurance for the first time since 2003. What do i need to do first?
Does smoking cigarettes cause brain damage due to lack of oxygen or something?
I'm so easy to sleep and so difficult to wake up. How to get rid of it?
Should i go to the doctors office?
My heart rate was 118 and my blood pressure was 170 over 68?
could i have heart disease?
CPR's purpose is to restart the heart.?
Husband having heart problems?
Did i just have a stroke?
SHOULD I go to the Hospital??? having heart palpitations?
okk, so i just recently found out that i was born with a hole in my heart?
If you can't take aspirin for your heart. What can you take?
How can I lower my "Blood Pressure?
is a heart beat 0f 143 per minute good or bad while resting?
Would Oral Allergy Syndrome symptoms last for 2 days?
am i allergic to sunblock?
What are some non medicated foods for cats with skin allergies?
What is the best non prescription medicine for cat allergy?
Are watery ears a sign of...?
I think my dog is giving me hives? help?
Severe allergies, help!!!!?
allergic reaction on my taste buds?
Coughing up yellow phlegm but not sick?
in what every day substance can Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim be found in?
runny nose on hot days?
I don;t have benadryl. The only thing I have is zyrtec, can I give it to my dog for an allergy?