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Could this be gout? Doctor denies it but feels very similar?
This cough is making me stay awake?
Where can i buy steroids?
what is isoelectriclevel in heart?
should I call in sick anyway?
What is the common dose of lean cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine?
Are certain blood types more vulnerable to illness?
Knee pain 14 year old help please!?
I burned my foot with boiling water, 5 days later it starts to hurt again, is this normal?
I hurt my elbow in spinning class; should I use ice or heat?
All of the sudden, any sort of pain medication stopped working at normal dosage. why would this happen?
does it hurt to get this part of your ear pierced?
Heartburn for over a year?
Has anyone else experienced this?
How do you know if you have a stomach ulser and is there a cure for it or them?
headache only on the right side of my head?
MOST painful headache I've experienced!?
What are the ingredients in Natalcare Gloss Tabs prenatal vitamin that was discontinued by Ethex?
Pain from my chest straight through to my back?
Hard, painful lump in lower leg?
why does pineapple hurt my stomach?
i have a severe pain in my right side of my stomach, i have back pain too. please suggest what it is.?
my throat rly hurts what will help it?
does anyone else feel this way besides me?
how do you get rid of really bad indigestion?
why do i get leg cramps at night?
I woke up this morning and the left side of my neck is stiff. What would you recommend in healing my neck?
How often should you use the tanning bed? What would be a unsafe example?
question about a tick bite?
OMG HELP my nose WONT quit bleeding!!!!!?
I cant sleep through the night. I wake up at least 2 times EVERY night any suggestions?
I lost my Voice and my throat really hurts !?
Best food to drink to eat after a tonsillectomy?
Help I have terribly low blood pressure?
how often should one take an enema?
how come every morning i wake up now, i dont know how i fell asleep the night before?
why do i fall asleep like this? is it normal?
I have a hard ball on my foot?
i can see my veins ??????????????????????
Is it ok to sleep on your side after hernia surgery?
Feet are still swollen: Sunday flight from Paris ... Its now Thursday?
low white blood cell count, what does it mean?
How badly does Ambien knock you out?
Why is my hand twitching violently?
Getting a 2nd opinion?
Why did I feel sick, tired, and dizzy my first time smoking?
I had a 5-hour energy drink.....over 10 hours later my hearts racing.?
why do I hate sounds?
varicose veins!? Help!!?
High red count?
When u have ESRD is water easier to filter than soda or they require the same amount of work from the kidney?
can i die from secondary drowning?
Natural cure for Deformed Big Toe?
Okay please someone anwser this very important question.?
How long does it take liquid to go from your stomach to intestines?
There is mucos or saliva that feels like it's leaking in my throat. Am i sick?
Do human teenagers need more relaxation or..?
i USE to hurt myself...think i should still see a therapist?
Donating Plasma???????????????
Its 12:00 at night here & my anxiety panic attacks are getting worst? They tend to start playing up at nights?
I feel as if my brain is draining some fluid is this possible?
My grandma is seeing things.?
I think I'm getting headaches from WiFi...?
ECSTASY..what do the pills look like?
i don't know what it is. is it serious?
is it true u gain weight alot after gallbladder surgery?
why does my stomach hurt so much?
What causes an eye to twitch?
do you have odd alergies?
Having Dandruff Problems..?
height after 16 ?
how long does fexofenadine stay in your urine?
What should i do about my anxiety and blood pressure.?
What is your opinion on these health drink things. probiotics and good bacteria things,Do they help you?
Are cold sores/ herpes type 1 serious?
What is a cure for loss of voice?
My hand is really swollen!!?
Ear hurts and I'm feeling dizzy?
Should I seek professional help?
hearing my heart beat outside my body?
How can i cut off blood circulation ?
What is the size of an inflammation appendix?
pleomorphic adenoma: do i must go through this surgery?
Should the NHS be more reluctant to offer care to fat people and smokers?
Is giving high dose acyclovir to a 16 year old with 7 months of hypersomnia of unknown origin reckless?
Lymedisease and anti biotics?
whats a really good name for a virus?
What causes the pink eye?
how do i get rid of a soar throat fast?
What if a lumbar puncture is done too high?
for my health project i have to do enteric infections but i have no idea what it is so can someone explain?
Can I take Cipro and Fluconazole at the same time?
Idiot doctor prescribed me the wrong medication for gum infection. What do I do?
Can a high fever cause memory loss or weaken your short-term memory?
i have a bottle of amoxicillin from 09/10/2007 is it ok to take yet?
Should I go to the doctor to get more antibiotics?
How long does norovirus survive on surfaces?
Nausea. Someone please help.?
im always feeling cold in the night the doctor checked and there was nothing like malaria so what could c?
I have the common cold and am coughing up and blowing out yellow mucus.?
Best friend may have HIV- freaking out?
How can I prevent from getting sick?
Should I still go to school tomorrow?
Will this skin heal to normal?
How to chose a moisturizer ?
i have weird hard little bumps on the back of my thighs i can pop them but they dont go away what are these?
how to i get rid of the black lines under my eyes?
i wana kno about facial hair?? how serious?
i am having very dry skin in fact how can i get nourish my skin especially in winter times?
Red itchy skin around mouth!?
how do you clean chincillas ears?
the sides of my figure is dark purple, so do i need to go to the doctors?
Discoloration under nails. What has caused this? Is it my pregnancy?
How to get rid of razor burn? ?
Can I take Zental liquid worm medicine while on accutane?
I have dry skin under my toenail?
What product do you recommend for cracked, dry heels?
Lips are getting darker?
is there some sort of mental disorder where you piece things together in your head?
I have a weird feeling in my head. what could it be?
Does having 1/2 of thyroid removed cause the other 1/2 to enlarge to compensate for the missing 1/2?
Sleep depravation symptoms?
Is there any brain desease u can get as a teen where theres no cure and ull die ?
Where can I get STD checked without parental consent?
I took one hydrocondone last week and a quater of a subox today I have a drug test on the 9th will it be clean?
Facebook Question Help?
i have needle phobia and faint. Is it bad to faint and go under anesthesia...???
allergy medicine question?
Blood in Champaign illinois?
How can i get rid of stress?
Questions about Mairjuana.?
Ways to know that your anemic?
what can I do about this?
Not sleeping for just 24 hours?
am i getting alcohol withdrawal symptoms?
whats the most dangerous ...?
is my sunburn bad enough to go to the doctor? its been a week! pics!?
I took 150,00mg+ Iboprofun. Is that toxic, i can start myself feeling sick.?
Why am I Having So Many Nightmares?
my knees hurt!!! help me?
How can I prevent chronic nausea?
Conscious during sleeping?
My mom died and im scared!!! ='(?
just a question about mole removal?
i wake up once a night.?
What is a name for someone who makes elixirs?
I want to develop a propensity to deny depression in my life. Any suggestions?
FMLA Question....kinda long.?
Does xanax get old after 3 months?
Diastase in urine (medical term)?
Do tastes buds change every 7 years?
has anybody gotten pregnant with no trouble having hypothyroidism and was not taking medicine to cure it?
RIP My grandfather?
kindly give me the best remedy for kidney stone?
Has anyone ever heard of this kind of brain problem?
helpful treatments for parkinsons?
some country say tab water is safe and drinkable..how to proove ?? The inner walls of pipes can be dirty?
puzzled about illness while camping... did not appear to be contagious..?
How can I stop myself from scratching my nose in my sleep?
Is something wrong with me?
why does my toes vibrate on its own?
Is it bad that I woke up this morning and didn't remember hardly anything from the past few days?
Ewwwwww How Do I Get This?
is sunscreen bad for someone who puts it on a lot and eveyday?
Does anyone know why I could be getting dizzy? It's when I'm lying down.?
Which would work better for loosing weight, crack or laxatives?
what is the best medicare plan?
Tips getting to sleep?
Something to help you sleep no side affects?
I haven't slept in a little over 48 hours and I'm not tired. What's going on?
How do health care facilities use electronic (or computerized) medical records (EMR)?
When i burp it makes my chest burn and mouth water.... any ideas?
I don't know what to do please help?
im about to go to trail for a medical malpractice case and my lawyer just quit on me i don't know what to do?
Never hungry anymore. What could this be?
Traveling after a tonsillectomy...?
Horrible stomach problems, no answers.?
in order to stay completely protected in the sun... shouldn't we all ..?
How do i get more sleep at night?
Can bilateral facet arthropathy at L4-5 and L5-S1 be caused by a fall?
I suffer from migraines. I normally get the "aura"?
Sharp stabbing pain when coughing under left rib cage, also is tender to touch, what could this be?
what do i eat to make cramps go away?
Shooting pain in my temple?
Have you ever had Kidney Stones?
Sore Muscles In The Leg... =|?
Having lower lumbar pain, what would cause this? should i see a doctor?
I woke up with a huge bruise on my body?
Feeling like I'm outside my body?
How can i stop cramps fast? ?
been sick for 2 months please help?
do i have asthma, someone who has it?
Having trouble breathing, after having nasal surgery please help?
I have brown phlegm??Please help!?
HELP i cant feel my legs?
Lower back pain..............?
How can I help my daughter whose cough won't stop?
What is wrong with my finger?
I have been having headaches at the back of my head. I've never had it before. ?
I just took 4 Aleve pills. Am I going to be ok?
I have tried everything to fix my posture!?
Why does my stomach hurt while I'm fasting?
Do Leg tattoos hurt because i am looking forward to get one?
What are the best exercises if you have a herniated disc?
how do you crack someone's back who is much bigger than you?
what dose it means when you wake up with a dark red dot in your eyes?
im using DuoTrav and.......................?
Why are my eyes so sensitive to light?
Are moles in your eye normal?
a basketball bouncing hurts my eyes?
What does my eye irritate?
My eyes are still bloodshot?
My Eye Pupils Take Up All My Iris.?
my eyes are going me problems..They are burning,blurry vision, eyes are so heavy all the time?
Can I still use my contact lenses if I stored them properly after opening them 7 months before?
Demo Color contacts from walmart?
Whats happening to my eyes?
two mostly different colored eyes, why?
Toric XR lenses vs. regular toric lenses?
i got pink eye only in one eye. is it safe to use the same old contact for the eye that was not infected?
Does Dr Munir Khan opt for eye patients ?
My -2.25 vision too bad?
What is the cause of eye pain?
Colored Toric Contacts?
why did mt dark brown eyes turn green?
White Stuff near pupil of the eye?
Do I have Chronic Dry Eye?
Corrective eye laser surgery if you have a prism?
Pain in heart when i tilt my heard to the left...?
where can I find a list of both acceptable and not acceptable food with high cholesterol and diabetes 2?
Can Crohns disease cause death?
Loud noises hurt my ears.?
Is it safe to put your ears under water?
can smoking 2 puffs of marajuana a week affect your lungs or brain?
It was thought I had a heart attack I had a myocardial perfusion scan?
how to clear out throat and lungs?
ImI'm taking prednisone for 12 days can this harm me?
Swollen eyes and pregnant?
What's causing my hives?
am i allergic/intolerant?
My daughter take cetirizine every night for her allergy. is it safe to give her Hylands Cold'n cough?
How long does it take for allergy hives to go away?
How do you blow your nose?
I scratched the back of my throat with a chip, and now it constantly feels like there is something stuck?
Why are you supposed to not chew certain medicines like mucinex? They are so big.?
My Alergies are really bothering me. What Should I Do?
can the pill loratadine 10mg tab sandoz (Claritin) Speed you up?
can you get a 'NUT' when you get a vesestomy?
What should i do? This poison ivy just wont go away :X?
frds, suggest me for itching in my that area? Can u suggest cream or sonething?
whats wrong with me i have a cough?
how can you control toddler cough?
Allergic reaction? or getting infected!?
ALL of you that have allergies I have a question!.... ???
Do i have nasal congestion if every time i sniff my head hurts?
How to tell if your allergic to something?
if you have had herpes once, can it be detected through urine even when you do not have it at that time?
How can i use ginger to ease nausea?
How to get over a cold in 24 hours?
will taking a shot of liquor make strep throat feel better?
how do i get rid of a common cold quickly?
I have low wbc 3.4 low rbc 3.5 and low granulocytes 1.8. What does that mean?
My girlfriend has mono? what do i have to do to not catch it?
Why would I have yellow stool?
Can fruit flies that land in your drink transmit any diseases ?
what you mean cholera?
If a fever is useful in killing bacteria...?
i have got hepatitis negative what is the next step i do?
Strep throat of cold?
I've had strep throat for a month. As soon as i finish my antibiotics it comes back. How do i get rid of it?
Is it possible to have Gastroenteritis without showing any symptoms?
How do I prevent getting an upper respiratory infection? CRUCIAL. PLEASE HELP.?
Do I have an Inner ear infection?
What's going on with my throat?
what does scarlett fever do?
I have strep throat, My doctor gave me an inhaler, Its hard to breath.?
will penicillin treat a viral infection?
HSV positive: Can i have it and never have an outbreak?
Could I have meningitus?
ok i know this isnt really a ?
help me please i dont know if its normal?
Strange symptoms, what is wrong with me?
Hydrogen Peroxide + Health?
What's wrong with my gums?
I need help losing this fat! it wont go away. I've lost about 15 pounds but that stomach part wont leave?
Sleep Problem, NEED HELP FAST, Please help!?
Red Light Outside My Window?!?
how old do i have to be to smoke cigarettes in public in texas?
cigarette smoke?????????????????????????????????????????????
If you had only 30 days to live?
How can you tell the difference (symptoms) between a normal flu and the swine flu?
Walking every day isn't overkill, right?
why wait 30 minutes before lying down after taking naproxen?
need help dont judge me?
y do i always look tired and high?
what happens if you burst a blackhead on your back and it turns into a painful large bump that puss?
okayy so im alergic to Dial soap.......?
Why does my back itch?
Large bumps on my bottom!?
what could have caused a red sore puffy eye?
How Often Do YOU reapply lotion during the day?? ?
What natural shampoo is best for sensitive skin/scalp?
Does anyone know an EFFECTIVE home remedy for acne?
What are these strange white bumps on the lower lip?
what can cause my skin to feel llike its burning?
Acne problem, just turned 13?
How do you get rid of zits fast?
Do I have ringworm, or is it just a dry patch?
Black thing coming out of my arm?
What Causes Rheumatic Diseases?
Need advice help? swallowen cheek?
what types of foods are approprite to eat if one has lupus and kidney failure?
Why can't i breathe if there is cigarette smoke around?
Do i have bronchial asthma?
Had a heartrate of 42?
How dangerous is natural gas and how much exposure does it take to cause health problems?
Im having problems in my throat?
what is a common good for smoking?
Sharp Chest Pain? Scared?
How fast (on average) would it take to develop a tolerance for adderall?
Is he happy about me having cancer?
Should i be worried about my Heart condition?
I have a enlarged uterus and cervix advice needed?
Lactose intolerant? help?
what is the importance of chemotherapy?
I am blind in one eye! can i drive?
heart attack or trapped gas in chest?
I need you thought on this...?
how long before xanax or trazadone leaves your system?
what r the complications if i became pregnant when iam diagnosed with disc degenrative decease?
Lately i have no appetite and when i do eat i get sick?
What is Chromosome 7 Q deletion?
where do I look for answers to medical questions for physical symptoms?
hot flashes sweating disorders?
Will losartan produce discoid lupus erythematosis?
high levels of ESR in my blood tests?
im experiencing vertigo like symptoms along with some numbness in hands along with feeling "out of it".
plz:I am worry about my husband health he is with implant kidney since 8 years ago taking immune suppressents?
pee sized lump found in my salivary gland.?
Would Concerta have any negative effect on my kidneys?
Kidney and Liver question!!?
is just a question about the herpes 1?
is it normal to be afraid of someone who recently passed away?
I think that I'm going crazy?
Self anxietty, I get really nervous, im quiet, I run out of things to talk about. PLEASE help?
How can i sleep? And wake up earlier?
i feel bad every day and sad ever day?
Can trauma cause the use of drugs?
why do my hands get numb?
i'm a 21 yr old girl, little overweight, not obese..just not skinny. had heartburn/indigestion since christmas?
I think I'm sick but i don't know what it is, what is it?
please help!! my baby girls is poorly!!!!!!!!?
On average, once the sleep cycle begins, how long does it take to fall asleep?
i have trouble waking up in the morning and i get tired again at noon and also i get hugry allot?
Health Care Insurance question, need 10 people to answer?
I can't eat I can't sleep and I feel nauseous?
Help!! I have three marks on my chin that appear to be hickeys..any ideas?
question on headaches after I eat?
what do you do or take to get rid of to much iron in your blood?
Does flouride hurt kids?
Best way to give up smoking....?
Vomiting questions!!!!!?
Please Help! What are the chances of this being something bad?
Yellowish poo, is this bad?
On what basis do we choose the size and length of a syringe?
Why am I tired at like 7:00PM but not at 3:00AM?
Not feeling Well...please help?
How to get rid of a cold?
Is this normal? please answer!?
Whats wrong with me?
should i go to the doctors because i hit the back of my head 3 times on the floor today?
can i put vicks on my lips?
breathe but I am getting enough oxygen. Does anyone know what I could do? I am 26 and never had allergies?
Yellow Phelgm?
Can airborne allergens cause this cough?
Asthma relief?
can the air from a/c make me sick?
Does second hand smoke affect a drug test?
Why does laying down cause asthmatics to need a rescue-inhaler?
How come I cough a lot when I'm sleeping?
home remades to stop coughing?
can i play sports if i have asthma?
i have a severe, severe strep throat, with effects of drooling,loss of appitite, lack of sleep,should i go 2ER?
Why do i cough up blood when i feel the slightest of stress?
what exactly is codeine?
Is Weed illegal? cause i smoke it 40 times a day,?
sleep apnea.......confused !!?
Breathing problem after smoking weed?
Mucous Coming out of throat?
what to do besides smoking a blunt ?
Sick, please help me!?
stop smoking but why ?
why is there black flakes in my vicks vapourizer?
A cold or something more serious?
How does your body keep itself breathing when it is in rem sleep?
can prune juice cause an imbalance in electrolytes and fluid and cause rapid heartrate?
I think I cracked or broke a rib around the back/side..I can't take a deep breath or move!?
How do I check myself for lice?
How to get rid of sinus congestion in one day! ?
Should i be worried???????????
green smoke it is good or not ?
How easy in large hospital is it to intubate someone who isn't breathing enough?
Is is normal to throw up when you have mono?
Always feel dizzy... like im gonna faint...?
redundant torchurous colon/any surgical approaches?
how tall will i be when i reach adulthood?
What if you have to go potty then pee yourself?
why does everyone seem to think...about people?
Do bladder infections effect your monthly?
Could i have the flu?
Can you become tolerant to 0.1% Patanol allergy eye-drops?
Could i be allergic to vegtable oil?
What exactly am I allergic to..?
i break out in hives when?
Is there anything that you can mix (like foods and liquids) with Milk of Magnesium?
am i allergic to advil? im not relli sure?
Can Nasonex be discontinued after first (1 day) use?
Extremely bad elbow pain!! What could it be?
I am getting my ears piriced in a week i am not good with pail but i dont want to back out WILL IT HURT?
I need kidney stone relief?
cannabis for chronic pain?
i am 16, and i've had a headache for the last 3 weeks.?
Teen girl, my right hip hurts when i press on it?
how much co-codamol dose it take to have an over dose ?
Spine Xrays. Do they hurt?
stabbing pain in my chest?
Lower back pain and only 21?
Is it normal for people to get shocked and fall unconsious after they have great pain ?
well my back isn't straight, i am hunched, my neck has a curve, what exercise can i do to straighten it?
Does getting an IV hurt? What can help the pain?
I'm having really bad shoulder pain .. Why?!?
boyfriend has stomach pains, why?
my head has been hurting for 2 days, what should i do?
I have chronic hip pain when I sleep!?
I found a lump on my neck that doesn't hurt. What could it be?
how to kick a vicodine addiction?
How do I get rid of a headache...?
Does this sound like viral pink eye?
My eye has been twitching for 2-3 weeks everyday, off and on. What does this mean?
[Help Eye Problem]Can Anyone Give me some good advice on lessening or maybe to cure it?
How do I align my eyes?
Help on Eye Fluid Question?
Cheapest prescription lenses?
Can a surgeon hold two fellowships?
Best brown colored contacts under 30 dollors ?
Lack of sleep/food = blurry eyes?
My vision is -4.20 in both eyes and i would like to be a cop someday which requires 20/40 vision?
is rebound hyperemia caused by eyedrops in the eye permanent?
Is any body on ovi contacts if so leave ur name?
What is wrong with my eye sight?
How often should I change fashion colored contact lens?
how do i fix my eyelids?
Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Time: How long will the red from the whites of my eyes take to fade?
can pressure behind eyes cause sinking of the eye?
does tricare prime not cover eye exams i was told no by walmart just asking to verify?
went to eye place to see optom....?
questions for optometrists or eye specialists.?
Can bright lights damage vision?
My eyes don't concentrate?
Does Altitude affect contact lens fit/comfort?
How exactly do you get Hepatitis C or HIV from Intravenous Drug use?
Is it possible to test positive for THC 7 days after testing negative being clean?
Common cold or something more serious?
Strep throat while pregnant?
what will happen if i get really drunk while im taking antibiotics ( palitrex )?
When should I get my tonsils out? Please give feedback?
in the biliary tract ,which duct has a retroduodenal part?
What do cocain and the vitamin b3 niacin have in common?
Treating a mild bladder infection at home?
What are the kinds of fever?
I don't feel good; Is it the flu?
how do you get sore throats?
what is this illness called that you are born with?
How can I catch a cold on purpose?
What to eat with strep throat?
Medical experts only please!?
how long are cold sores contagious?
A treatment is administered to a sample of n = 4 individuals selected from a population with a mean of ยต = 80?
How long should a stye ask before I should see a doctor?
the pathogens of Anemia?
Is my heart "clicking" a bad sign?
Why do I wake up, and not feel like I should get up?
Is there any way to do a scan of someone's lungs who is on a respirator?
Chest pain for 1 month already?
can morning sickness be cured?
Heart Skipping Beats?
Dyspnea/Air Hunger - is it asthma or anxiety related?
How long does it take smokeless tobacco to show SERIOUS effect on gums and lips?
Treatment for closed eye hallucinations?
Itchy, colourless raised patches on my son's hands and fingers!?
Are rashes; caused by bed bugs contagious?
does the acnefree set actually work and how long does it take?
Is my wart treatment working?
mole removal cost and procedure?
what is so bad about ringworm?
Redish white bump on eyeball?
my dog has small round little bumps on his skin help!?
I have a hard bump in my lip ?
I have red lines on my belly, What is it?
what are some good natural remidies for blackheads.?
How do i get really good clear skin ?
What are these hard round things under my skin?
What is this rash on my leg?
will this skin look normal again?
I need to get rid of my acne in 2 days!!!! HELP!!?
What should I use to get rid of scarring from a dermatitis rash?
Red spots on my chest help please!?
Where can i get a free std test in LA, CA?
I always feel dizzy and kdownt know why?
can Cerabral palsy be linked to Fibromyalgia?
just devloped a heart murmur?
medical question need help people who are good at this?
Valium vs Xanax?....?
There is a lump under my eye?
My wife is Pregnant and her hemoglobin level is at 6.5 and the doctors have admitted her in the hospital.?
what std can affect the eyes?
Swollen and rough skin around mouth HELP?
Any one ever taken Bactrim and had bad reactions ?
I am on day 5 of Atenolol and I have panic attacks?
do i have pneumonia?!?
help. i am in a mdeical terminology class and i need help with memory aids from terms used in genitourinary?
What do high levels of dopamine mean?
How do i get to sleep fast, even if im not tired?
After changing your cholesterol meds how soon should you have a lipid profile?
wpw syndrome can i go for operation or not?
Question about Vein,Artery, and Capillary?
can blood pressure vary from one arm to the other?
okay i just asked about a burping problem.. umm can i die from it?
Are all showerheads the same dimensions (the pipe part)?
I die every night for 8 hours.?
What is this lump possibly? ?
Throwing up after I drink something?
how do doctors inject demerol?
Stuffy and clogged nose?
I can't sleep at night!?
what should i do if im at risk for mono?
Is it unhealthy for a teenager to get only Four-And-A-Half hours of sleep every night?
Will I get fired? healthcare?
Is this a serious thing?
I just got out of the hospital last Saturday and the doctors did not close the wound can i have a beer.?
what happens if you eat a fungus that is the food by accident? And vomit it back out so what are the effects?
I have water coming out of my furnice is this normal?
this morning i couldnt feel my arm?
Please help.....???????????????
Headaches, Muscle aches, and constant Dehydration?
do anyone Else's eyes do this?
ear issue???????????
is she anerexic?
cigarette makes you healthier in the society!?
After donating a pint of blood?
I just moved in and already my ceiling is leaking & there is mold...Help I have a 6 month old baby!!!?
If I am in eighth grade soon to be 9th and want to be a doctor is thee any clubs i can do for it?
Cause of eye twitching?
If you work 8 to 5 monday-friday how late do you sleep in on the weekend?
What if there is an laser that is use for other medical things?
I have been havin heartburn for 2 weeks. My two sides hurt and my stomach is burning...anyone know ?
Heartbeat in my left ear?
Tonsels??? I have this huge lump in my throat.?
What do you think of before you drift off to sleep?
have detox drink will that help for an oxycontin and xanax. I quit pot 2 days ago please help?
How do i cure my dry chapped lips??!?!??!?
Bloating lower belly/intestine?
what is wrong with me?
How to get rid of Intestinal Gas?
I THINK I HAVE BRAIN CANCER, (Cerebellopontine Angle)?
What state would be the best for me?
Where to buy Carbon Monoxide Oximeter (CO Oximeter)?
Panic attacks! Coughing and NO medicine?
Feels like i'm not with the world?
I have a weird phobia how can i get rid of it?
I had an unsettling dream that shot my biological clock?!?
Could I know of someone's death?
hpno-therapy / hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks ?
Any advice on how to stop doing my ocd rituals?
Can hot foods/drinks damage your taste buds?
Does Walgreens collect any information when you get a flu shot?
chronic hepatitis c and fibrosis stage 1?
fever/enzymes question! please help!?
brothers girlfriend has mono will we get it?
after 3 and a half days on antibiotics?
I really want a dog, but my mom and dad have asthma to dog's and all other animals with fur...?
Question about allergies?
I had lyme disease and was treated for it with antibiotics, and three weeks later I still have symptoms?
Strep Throat but No Tonsils?
Why do some people put tissue up their nostrils when their nose is stopped up?
physiotherapy role in aids?
do dogs over one year of age get the parvo virus?
might have allergy, hand became red and tingling and slight asthma, what to do?
can anyone tell me if my nose is broken?
Anchovy Storage Question - Out of OIl = Sick???
Common cold questions?
How to fight the regular flu?
Why can't I build up an immunity to cats?
Is it ok to take allergy (cat allergy) meds every day? And If which is recommended for a daily use, plz?
Help!! I feel like I am being smothered. Is this an allergy symptom?
My eye is swelling up and my throat itches?
How will i know when my fungal infection is gone?
Diseases in deer horn?
Question on pneumonia?
what germs does soap kill and how to test it?
scared of blood test?
Is it common to suffer 6 months after Shunt revision surgery and setting change recovery ?
what type of allergy medication should i put my son on to help him sleep at night?
Allergies - allergists' prescription?
what sickness do i have here are the symptoms?
Do you think I could be sick right now?
could lyme powder make me sick?
i need to get rid of my cold by wednesday?
What does it mean when a virus mutates?
Common cold,allergies or sinus infection?
I am allergic to anything that containes carbomer, carba mix, carbamate. Is there a topical treatment?
How many colds does a 2 year old get a year?
Okay. Well i have this scratchy feeling in my throat that when i breath or cough makes me feel like i have to?
Lakisha jones has allergys?
Is it possible that flea bites don't itch??
i tested negitive for methadone in my metabalite urine test, but tested positive for it in my system, how?
My cousin is infected with Thalasmea.?
How can one moisten the nostrils?
could i have stomach cancer or ulcer?
could i get sick from food covered in mold in fridge?
a little trouble breathing?
kidney transplant question?
bright red blood after forcing for a bowel movement.. whats wrong scared of cancer?
Is this a sign of asthma?
Is it possible to break your foot right after sprainging it?
can taking painkillers ease the pain of a tattoo?
Is it ok to snort tylenol?
Extreme eye pain URGENT!?
I have a sudden sensitivity around my waist and on my left thigh, feels like a sunburn but nothing there?...?
Is this possible to be free this stress, having with me for 5 years?
Does this sound like the flu?
Headache that won't quit and feel out of it?
does this hurt or no?
Anyone ever heard of a medical problem where you get electrical shocks in neck or arms, etc?
Which is the major cause of most back pain?
Serious pain from new years eve party!!!!!!!!?
Small pains on head that come and go?
I have this pain on the bottom of my foot......?
my kidneys really hurt what shall i do and what is it ?
How to help neck/back pain. ?
I hit my arm and I don't know what's going on...?
I just woke up in bed with massive pain in my left lower abdomen?
lower stomach pain feels like a full bag wanting to pop ?
Is it safe to take two hydrocodone and two somas?
my right ear just whent out and now its starting to hurt a little?
Is my appendix about to burst or in bad condition?
I woke up this morning and saw my white of my eye bloody. I don't feel anything. what is it? worried..?
Having trouble breathing?
OTC medication to stop me form throwing up when i'm nervous?
Need help from a doctor?
How can I break my nap cycle?
Is there something wrong with being too dehydrate?
Do scab scars usually disappear after awhile?
What is the current life expectancy for men and women?
What's wrong with my toe?
Is it possible I have diabetes?
Saw a bad car wreck.. what do convulsions mean?
What does it mean if you get al lot of....?
Am I going to be deaf?
i feel a sensation that start from my thoath to my left ear ,when this happen it stop my breathe an i faint,?
question on US hospitals?
I look fatter ever since i started working out?!?! HoW!?
Is it normal to be lonely like this?
Illness that will quickly kill an infant?
what drugs can kill you if you mix with methadone?
yeast infection mouth be cure?
Arms get itchy. itch. bumps form?
Large Painful Bump, inside or under tongue?
I have noticed clusters of small colorless bumps on arm/hands?
How do you get rid of chicken skin?
How do I beat the urge to scratch my itchy inner thighs?
what can I do for my Golden Retriever who seems to have dandruff and very itchy skin?
how long can you use antispetic cream?
How to get rid of BODY scars?
I have a bump on my head is it normall?
surgery to get a scar removed?
what is causing tingling in my lip?
Why am i always super tired?
Light headed and heart aches?
Head Acne? Does anyone know why this happens?
Various Questions about skin/acne...?
do i have trichotillomania?
how does a person die from Alzheimer's disease?
do veins return blood back to the heart?
Is there such thing as having a heart that's too strong?
How do I cure Osgood Schlatters?
An optometrist referred to my daughter's eyes as "french-black eyes" because they are so dark.?
need help with eye issue please?
Can the suns harmful rays damage your eyes if you look at the screen on a digital camera?
How long can you wear disposable contacts per day?
Lately sleeping with my eyes open.?
Is this normal for eyes to do?
need help re eye test?
Wearing contact lens while having a cold?
I need BLOOd shot eyes?
Can you tell if anything is wrong with your heart with certain test?
my dad has diabeties and high blood pressure...?
What would a dying stroke patient look like in a hospital bed?
what is a mild stroke?
is something wrong with my eyes?
I have an irritation under my right right eye. what could this be?
Question about colored contacts..?
Is there an accepted norm for the look of a cornea in topographic mapping?
spots in eye won't go away?
cannot see right out of right eye?
Cant open my eye wide enough to get my contact lense in properly?
Intacs or Cornea Transplant for Keratoconus?
red & blue spots in eye?
How do you heal a bridge piercing for pierced glasses?
Everyone thinks I have crooked glasses because one side of my face is bigger than the other?
white dots in front of eyes?
Do I have a healthy heart?
In simple terms - Explain what SVT is?
How come I feel high?
17 years old with Angina?
Can you guys help me with this clinical analysis type of question?
Why are my eye muscles tensing up when I put in my contacts?
Having trouble focusing eyes...?
where can I get some A.O. SIRMONTS EYEGLASSES?
Retinal detachment surgery?
Rapid heartbeat (when is it too high and need to be checked)?
Are my heart palpitations serious?
Why is my heart rate so high?
so i recently found out i have svt or super ventricular tachycardia?
Exercise cardiac output is 9900 mL. What are the pulse and stroke volume?
Is blood pressure dangerous if the readings are 147/68 with pulse 72 I take meds?
can stress be harmful to a heart murmer?
pulling my hair out?
How is there not a cure...?
Scholarships for brain tumor survivors?
Does Primidone interacts with Clonazepam if taken together?
the one side of my jaw hurts really bad?
Could there be any connection to a yeast infection and bowel issues?
Is smoking more addictive now than in the past?
Severe chest pain, please help?
What can my mom do about me smoking?
Asthma: emergency maneuver?
What happens if you hyperventilate, no one's around and you can't stop it yourself?
is smoking weed a good or bad idea?
my lungs and chest hurt really bad would it be ok to go to the doctor tommorrow?
Is this my asthma or is it something else?
There's a bit of some blood in my mucus when I blow my nose, what could be the problem?
I Have Been Haveing Chest Aches/Pains In My Chest?!?
My friend has been having REALLY bad nosebleeds...?
cough so bad!! Chest hurts! help plze?
Cigarettes, not addictive for me?
This is a health question. Has anyone had that sinus/repiratory thing going on that takes 8 weeks to go away?
My moms left side is hard to move and she has a litttle trouble breathing any idea?!?
Did i get HIV/AIDS>???????
Can u really get an STD from Making Out/Kissing?
Weed causing me to have a constant panic attack?
If you have an ear infection, should you stay home from school?
How long does it take to get rid of Walking pneumonia?
help with urine samples?
Nosebleed and now my chest hurts and i'm super dizzy.?
Medical experienced - what do you think this sounds like?
Lump in my underarms?
Sensitive skin (feels like sunburn but havent been exposed to sun) and abdominal pain, what could this be?!?
I'm having Stomach Aches every time I eat?
Are there any natural remedies for treating depression?
Can I go on rollercoasters with mono?
what is the ability of a pesticide to cause injury when it is ingested?
Do you think I have appendicitis?
can you get get staff if its in someones blood stream?
Is this food poising, the flu or a stomach bug?
saline injections for testes?
Are these symptoms of a cold too?
why do i keep getting styes on my right eye?
i get sick after eating?
Mono for the second time...?
What exactly is a bacteria infection and can it get serious?
ok im in bed sick with the flu and strep help me!?
How can i get my immunization records from jamaica?
Is this a soar throat?
Is the Zovirax cream would work for me ?
% Chance of contracting MRSA? Please help.?
My puppy has the red mange , how can i cure this ?
Should I be concerned about my fever of unknown origin?
what is wrong with my nostril?
during anestesia, do people are so unconscious so they may salivate?
I am taking Zoloft for anxiety....?
can acid (lsd) be addicting?
is it normal that i can make my scapula stick out of my back?
How tall will i be when i am an adult?
What should I do now?
Constant Nausea, Diarrhea, and Fatigue?
I sleep all the time. Why am I still tired?
What can I do to make these ANNOYING allergies stop!!?
can breathing to much air in make your stomach blown up?
Please help i think i always get stuck halfway on a thought?
What are the chances my cousin will develop schizophrenia?
Why do i feel this way about my crush? Have i blown it with her?
How do I break out of this lifelong loneliness, anxiety and depressed moods?
how many kids commit suicide due to bullying?
Why do i feel like crying for no reason?
Runny nose please help..................................?
Im feeling really depressed and im having trouble avoiding thoughts of suicide please help me?
are there any over-the-counter ?
my lips are swollen from allergic reaction how long till it goes away?
Why things always doesn't go the way that I planned?
Could my fiancee ever fully trust me again after my womanizing past? Advice?
is it okay to take zyrtec twice a day?
can someone tell me if this is poison ivy?? (pics included)?
swollen throat with allergies?
Is it alright to take 2 10mg Singulair tablets? in 24 hrs?
having a severe food allergy stop you from joining military?
benadryl or nyquil sleep/allergies ?
Do I have a mental disorder?
my eyelids are swollen, they don't hurt and i didnt do anything different yesterday. why are they swollen?
how do you stop sinusitis swelling?
After getting surgery on my nose (deviated nose symptom), will exercising me easier?
Is there anywhere I can go online to do a brief test where I can see what my possible allergies are? HELP!!!?
HELP? Could I have a poisinous spider bite?
gluten free wine coolers?
could there be a problem with my eye?
Anyone have the recipe for homemade cough syrup using Honey and Whiskey?
for any of you who are allergic to garlic, have you found your symptoms are worsened if you have wine, etc?
Can I drink a b&j strawberry daiquiri If I have a kiwi food allergy?
What cough and allergy medications can people who've had seizures not take?
What's better: Fresh air or A/C?
Get over a cold in 24 hours?
Long Nosebleeds???????????????????//?
how long does nicotine stay in the blood?
Life threatening illnesses for children?
weak, dizzy, feel like fainting?
does smoking weed cause a sinus infection?
i started smoking a month ago smoke 1 almost every day some days i skip? will this effect my health if i stop?
I have a cold...would it be gone by my birthday party on saturday?
cant sleep at night what should i do?
Dose the water you drink "today" hydrate you for that day or the next day "tommorow"?
Who else can't sleep or just woke up?
How can I improve circulation...?
i feel like im high; i have a cold?
i need something to stay awake?
What does my eyeglass prescription mean?
what aisle in Walgreen's is certain dri sold in??
What is wrong with me?
Why don't doctors know about tonsilith/tonsil stones? Do you know about them?
can someone diagnose me, please?
Why do I sleep so much?
my left side of my body hurts while i try to fall asleep?
Boyfriend has upset stomach. How can i help?
ice from tap water safe to eat?
Why do I overheat all the time?
I always feel something is stuck in my throat.... Help!?
The lungs surround the heart on both sides. They are not the same size, nor do they have the same amount of lo?
what is for heart muscle?
what is the best action for you to do if the AED gives a no shock indicated message?
is there such a thing as dangerously low blood pressure. and if so what is the lowest?
Are BP doing enough????
Simvastatin while drinking?
Does having your ears pierced hurt worse than having an IV put in or an epidural?
which piercing hurts more?
Why do i have pain in my chest?
anyone with medical knowledge please help?
I slipped and fell on my back yesterday, and today my lower abdomen is in so much pain.?
i found my bottle of oxycodones in my closet they are3 years past expired...are they no good for pain?
Leg Cramps Frequently - Please Help ?
this is the 4th day of my migraine..?
I have an ear infection and I'm in so much pain that i can't sleep. I've tried everything. What should I do?
Should I let my doctor know I will be committing suicide should attempts at treating me fail any more?
ive had a headache for 7 hours. it comes and goes. what should i do?
knee is hurting!! i dont know whats wrong?
Lower Back and Leg Pain?
why does the top of my hand hurt?
Pain in back and chest when taking deep breaths. Please respond!?
Whats wrong with my wrist?
An uncorrectly written hydrocodone prescription?
what will Social Security do to me?
Does consuming too much water lead to a pain in the side, around the hip area?
Today I was playing touch footy and i got cramps.. BAD CRAMPS - in my legs?
Does a MIGRAINE headache pain get worse when you bend down or cough?
severe head pain after a concussion?
what's the best solution for curing sore throat/coughing?
My blood pressure is 101/54?
What is this feeling in my lower left abdomen?
my mom is in the hospital with chest pain and last week she had been diagnosed with an enlarged heart..what do?
What are some relatively new diseases that have emerged (or re-emerged) in the last 10-20 years?
Could i be having a asthma attack..?
Why would I get a blister..?
why do moles disappear?
Post-Scabies treatment and itching is worse??? Help please!!!?
is using Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.1% good for ringworm ? will it hurt him to use it?
Really itchy skin with dots on my arms?
How long would a mosquito bite take to heal?
which 1 is the best face product?
red spot on the sole of my foot?
Is there any side effect of skin cream ?
using castor oil and baking soda to remove a mole? what castor oil is it?
i got a small cut on my finger now there is a small lump under a part of it that is purple and hurts whats it?
Blackheads Blackheads Blackheads?
could moisturizer cause or worsen acne?
How do you get rid of that dark circle on your finger that you get from writing?
What do you think this could be?
How do I get rid of burns FAST without scaring?
How do I get rid of my back and chest acne?
How do i get rid of this huge zit?
is this part of my ocd?
coughed up a piece of lung?
how do you get rid of the flu type a?
I feel lightheaded.?
feeling like im going to faint?
Why so much brain fog and memory loss with T4 replacement?
will a bacterial infection causing swollen glands in the neck?
why do I always need the toilet?
Can a person ask for an MRI scan to predict schizophrenia or show any risk for it?
kidney cell?
can rheumatoid arthritis go away on it's own, permanatly?
enlarged liver??
recently read an article about kidney health, recommending that ppl "know your kidney numbers,?
could i have brain problems?
Important--Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum?
Have you personally ever heard of staring seizures?
Shaking all the time?
testing your own blood pressure?
if someone hurt there knee somehow and it got infected and they had to have surgury can they die from that?
Help idk what to do it's an emergency!!!!?
if you go to the ER you think it's a sciatic nerve shouldn't they take x-ray?
i got knee'd in the thigh?
Problem With My Knee???
My thumb/wrist hurts!! details inside! HELP!!!?
how do i keep my friend from cutting their wrists?
Help me i think i broke my knee i need to know plz read!!!!!!!!!!!?
HELP MEEEE!!!! (cut)?
how long does it take for a acl recovery ?
Help with medical facts for encephalitis/meningitis story?
Soft tissue damage to thigh, how to deal with pain?
Do i really have a keloid in my ear or in my nose?
throat and ear problems?
what class of strain do i have? pulled muscle?
is hepa a curable and how long may it be cured?
Swollen Fingers anyone?
Questions about rabies?
Do I have the stomach flu?
my dog could have been exposed to ant killer and is not feeling well.?
can you be sick if you don't have a fever?
Scientific and Common Name for the disease Dysentery?
Can tonsilitious go away without medicine/antibiotics?
i may have strep throat?
What is happening to me? Sickness, infection, or what?
ive been really sick the last week. signs of strep, like all the whiteness in my throat. it wont go away?
what do you think it is?
has my questions a while ago already answered?
do blind people close their eyes when they sleep?
Do I have some kind of problem?
Abdonminal pain when drinking beer?
Do I have meningitis?
How long is too long for a fever to last?
i had and still have a cold and i need serious help?
how to get rid of eye infections?
Is there anything you should or shouldn't eat or drink before taking the h1n1 flu shot?
what food causes cancer?
Where to get your Cartilage Pierced?
Is this a serious condition?
I need to know how to detox off xanax ?
Why do I still feel like I have heart pain although I'm taking Omega 3 Fish Oil?
Why do I get sick from eating a cough drop or from eating oranges?
fastest way to get rid of a cold/cough?
My grandfather just passed away from Kidney cancer...?
What are TMJ symptoms like?
How can i get rid of this bad sore throat fast, im also pregnant so what can i do or take?
is there a waver for eyes test if you have 20/20 in one eye?
Colored contacts for kids 14 years old non-prescription in the USA?
How long should I wear glasses? after 1 month contacts?
What are 4 specific duties performed by ophthalmologists?
i've always wanted to wear contacts with no prescription, are they bad for your eyes?
whats happening to my eye?
Constant dilating eyes?
Do our eyes work harder when they are dry?
Which number on the glasses is the model number?
My Eyes Change Color?
Prescription Halloween Contacts?
Why are my contacts blurry?
Drooping, irritated lower eye lid?
When I put on my contacts?
seeing a purple spot in my vision.?
laser surgery on your eyes....?
I need help with my eye problems (10 points for best!)?
please help me...i need eye advice (i wear contacts)?
Questions about being blind in one eye?
Did Opti-free replenish change ingredients recently?
can playing ps3 cause damage to a myopic eye?
where in aurora can i get cheap colored contacts?
what is ischemic stage?
My friend has VSD,what can she do?
Do i have heart palpitations?
If someone were to contract HIV within the past 3 months...?
where to find organizations that help hiv patients?
my friend has a chance of having HPV and i let her use my eyeliner...?