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i have these things on the top inner rim of my eyes?
Eye herpies... Eye cancer...?
Lazy eye question...?
Eye inflammation? what could this be?
Reading in bed hurts kids' eyes: Urban legend or truth?
Aftermath of eye loss info please(research for fictional work)?
Can lenses be thinned after purchase?
since contacts are supposed to feel like..?
One of my eyes is blur since i got up this. What could be the reason? thanks?
can anyone recommend a lasik surgeon in san miguel mexico?
question about my vision and contacts! look please!?
proper way of taking out acuvue oasys contacts? please help!!!!!!!?
Why can't you see contacts in actors eyes?
I want contacts so badly, but my mom won't consider the idea?
I lost my glasses and I bought replacement glasses before the incident. How much will I have to pay for lenses?
Contacts, glasses, and lazy eyes?
I heard on my favorite podcast Break This City that Anal warts can be cured?
clearing up chlamydia after taking the pill.?
What city in the U.S. has the higest rate HIV/AIDS?
If a police officer contracts AIDS through the line of duty or a blood transfusion can he remain on the force?
I am wanting to know whether I should buy Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach or the DSM-IV-TR?
How to Forget About Scary movies?
How to get them out of my head?
when will zoloft kick in HELP?
Yellow skin now its gone?
What is the fastest way to get rid of dark marks on AA skin left by bug bites. Looking for home remedies .?
why does our skin become dry and wrinkly as we age?
What's the cure/treatment for trench foot?
Can stretch marks spread?
growths in my mouth wont go away?
Orange blotches under skin and "dead looking" toes?
Upper lip lines caused due NAIR upper lip removal cream..?
Bruise Or Hickey(kissmark) ????? HELP (3 PICTURES INSIDE)?
How can I remedy very dry lips from taking an Acutane-type medication?
Reasons for white hairs as a teenager?
Best treatment for cystic acne?
I got my skin biopsy results today, what do the numbers mean?
when hanging a deer do you skin it first?
is Aloe vera a myth or miracle..?
non comedogenic product with sulfates?
My foreskin comes back alot but when I pull it back there's still skin attached.!will this com?
Help! I can't sleep at night!?
I find it really difficult to sleep at night?
Something really weird just happened to me. Extreme dizzy spell and ringing in my ears?
What's worse for your health: a cigarillo or a cigarette?
how can i sleep less without becoming tired?
If a person has his ears cut off, can he still hear?
Should I tell my family?
How can u do it? wats the trick..?
I am 5' 10", 145 lb, 22 y/o male. My resting pulse the last few days is about 90 bpm. What's happening?
Is it healthy to sleep almost all day?
Hearing Aid repairs and cost?
Major issues with sleep/energy/tiredness?
what is the best position to sleep on..?
does 116 text messages per day work out to be 8.3 per waking hour? if so how many hours D'ijon slept each day?
how many fingers do i have up?
Is it ok to wash my hair as soon as I get home? Will I be blind or will I get rheumatism in the future? I'm 20?
I only got 11 hours of sleep this weekend and now im dizzy?
why is my body twitching all over?
Do doctors check for marijuana in your system when you get blood work done a week before surgery?
how do you know if u have a hernia?
I have GERD and nothing seems to help!?
How can I make myself throw up if I have no gag reflex?
Is burping healthy? or should it be avoided?
What is the best thing possible to conquer bad breath?
How long will this allergic reaction to cats last?
I think i have throat cancer?
I'm really worried I have a brain tumor?
nicorette and smoking at the?
If you start smoking cigs/weed, how long before doctors can tell?
how bad is it for a 1 year old who has asthma to be around someone who smokes Marijuana?
the middle of my chest hurts rly bad when i cough or laugh, or bend certain ways...?
A Question About Smoking?
when can you tell you need oxygen?
Extreme pain in chest?
What structure controls the passage of material from the esophagus to the stomach? ?
Tuberculosis... maybe?
what is mesothelioma?
What should I do now!? Worried an confused!?
Why is second hand smoking worse then first hand smoking?
can anyone tell me what's wrong, or if i have anything serious?
How can you stop snoring permanently?
I always get bloody noses like 50 times a year, is it a bad or a ok thing.?
Pressure on chest, hard to breath.?
What happens if I cough so hard I throw up?
will vicks vaporub cure athletes foot?
Being woken from sleep from feeling of not breathing?!?
Coughing blood, X-Rays done?
How bad was your bronchitis?Were there any complications?
i need some allergy medicine advice ?
does cefalexin contain sulfide or sulfite?
humidifiers...My house is so dry that we all wake up with sore throats..?
Why am I suddenly allergic to my housemate's cat?
mom has cat allergies, is it in her head?
Can you be allergic to whisky?
Why does my son get congested randomly?
what kind of sinus medcation can i take for a sinus infecation?
can coke give you a rash if you drink to much?
I have stuffiness in ears and a squishy sound when I swallow. I do not hear well, head in bucket feeling. ?
I sneeze on you because of my allergies, what is your reation?
I need allergy/birth control advice?
dizzy and nauseous allergies?
my right nose is burning?
Am i allergic to honey?
Should I do a allergy test?
Why is my nose ALWAYS runny? And why can't I blow my nose?
reaction to chocolate.?
Does saturated fat cause plugged milk ducts?
pets and asthma dont know if this is the right place?
How can I get involved with St. Jude Children's Hospital?
Somebody need your help....please its question of a life.... Ps help?
can breathing in cold air contribute to causing bronchitis?
I have been breaking out in hives for the past week....?
Is it dangerous to blow my nose real hard?
if someone has Chlamydia?
pearly penile papules help?
Can I get a cold sore this way?
Can bedbugs travel thru apt. wall into the next door neighbors apt?
Throat swolen Please help :( :(?
I had the flu and it seemed to attack my mouth and give me red, loose gums, heaps of ulcers and more..?
Has anybody ever had Gastroenteritis?
sore throat, headache, etc. help me?
Bed bug confusion. I had bed bugs for months but now they seem to have disappeared?
Am I still contagious?
Funny Feeling with urine infection?
Can i drink with mono if I'm feeling better?
When is it safe to kiss after mono?
What is the first, second and third line of defense in the body to protect you against diseases?
is obesity a disease?
Ulcerative Colitis Flare Up?
What's the difference between parasites and protists ?
Will gargling with salt and water hurt if I have ulcers?
over the flu but still cant eat?
Feels like lump is in my throat?
Does this ounds like Appendicitis?
Do viruses get stronger?
I am takin cephalexin will my implanon work after i stop talking it?
any one know what this is?
Can stress cause bruised ribs?
Flat mole on the side of my nose?
When I record my voice; it sounds different then when i say it aloud?
Spinal Problem Major pain!?
Can High Metabolism stunt growth?
Im congested and i am going to visit friends tomorrow, how can i get better by then?!?
i need a good stomach excuse?
I have gnarly bruises all over my shins and thighs why is this?
How can I change my voice a little?
Is LD50 how much u can ingest in a day or at a specific time?
how much are average perscription contact lenses?
Donating Blood????????
Where can I find these?
How tall will i be when i stop growing? (estimate)?
will i pass the etg test 110 hours after drinking 2 glasses of wine?
PLEASE HELP!?!!?!?>>>><<<< I live in Australia, Is there any Services like Kids HelpLine?
Where can I donate bone marrow in Missouri?
A 23year old friend has such a bad stammer he can hardly speak at all. Has been on courses etc. Any ideas?
Dull aching in legs and purple knee?
i need help??? my girlfriend has cancer?
Information on agnosia, apraxia and aphasia support and services in the UK?
how to stop stitches coming out?x?
how best to cure morning after jalfrezi belly?
How do you put someone on hold on the LG cookie?
how many times can my son have bronchitis before there something wrong?
why sinusitis causes respiratory diseases?
how do you give a dog?
Questions abou the coconut oil treatment?
i wanna one photo of a sterile mediflow contact lens device ( use treat chemical burn of the eyes?
Just today I found very small traces of blood in my mucus. Is that normal?
is it possible to loose weight with an underactive thyroid?and how do i do it? levels are normal with meds.?
how to stop diarrhoea when u tried everything and know its not polypus, i.b.s. or your diet?
love bite like rash on arm?
help me with my left foot plz?
I have a blister in between my toes, how do I take care of it?
What is joint mobility and how does it differ from muscles flexibility?
Can I buy Naseptin nasal cream on net? I was prescribed it by Dr previously & it was [email protected]?
my finger is 60mm so what is my ring size?
how do you know what size squishy cup to get?
a medicine manfacturer called CARE which makes magnesium trisilicate?
What needs to appear on appointed person first aid sign?
what causes dizzyness after a stroke?
Accidentally inhaled/swallowed foil, should I worry?
What would happen if someone overdosed Weleda Ipecac 6c?
why does your head hurt sometimes when you eat something cold like ice cream??
Hurt hand and wrist help?
cause nose bleeds high blood pressure?
How to stop wheezing?
Bowel movement after gallbladder removal (lap chole)?
Panic disorder and drinking tea?
my grandma has just been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma?
Do i have Bronchitis?
Why does chem therepy in cancer patients result in hair loss ?? ?
Can second hand vapor from an electronic cigarettes harm you?
wen is puppet wiling to kill slick?
Im a teenager, is it possible for me to stop smoking?
whats an MVP disease??..?
Is Maltitol heart healthy?
Can we travel through aero plane while suffering from pericarditid?
What Could Cause Right sided Chest pain in a 23 yr old woman?
can pregnancy cause a longer q t interval?
would your heart fail if blood rushed in to quickly?
What is the current research regarding LDL levels in the overall lipids/cholesterol testing?
Are red eyes a symptom of pneumonia?
diagnosis management of acute hypoglycaemic episode in children?
what is Hyperaemia?
My second holes on one ear, are closer to the first holes, than they are on the other. Can I fix this?
Aghhh what do i do?!?
smashed wrist in door. is it fractured or just bruised?
why my eyes appear so red when wearing contact lenses? I kinda feel my vision becomes worse....?
dark outline around iris of the eye?
Possibly serious eye problems?
What does 2 week disposable contact lenses mean?
are all contact lens prescriptions the same?
history of eye glasses!?
today at lunch my friend noticed i had a red spot on my right eye?
eyes getting red from contacts?
My eyes hurt when I look down?
What is wrong with my eyes/vision?
Why are contacts giving me headaches and hurting my eyes?
Pros and cons of contacts? what are the dangers?
does looking at a light as it goes off damage your eyes?
Best place for Halloween prescription contacts?
What's wrong with my eyes?
i have a painful cracking in my left ear?
Contact Lens Problem?
Why are the bottom of my eyes yellow?
where can i get those contacts?
can you mix clonazepam xanax and oxybutynin together without it hurting you to badly?
i got something in my eye?
Tylenol 3 question ( Very simple )?
What's wrong with my tongue?
Can a doctor help me?
Red Right Eye from contacts.?
Is my prescription and eyes that bad?
Ouch my knee still hurts?
what is carpel tunnel,my hands feel numb and tingly when i sleep?
I have been getting migraines and i am only sixteen?
Is my prescription for regular contacts the same as coloured contacts?
Is it possible my vision has worsened because of my insomnia, and the more time I spend on the computer?
Did I get sunscreen in my eye or was it just the water that made it bloodshot?
What is up with my eyes?
What is wrong with my head?
Bald patch of the right side of my left leg should i worry?
Long Term Lower Back Pain Help?
whats the best way to make a sore throat feel better?
Please help, freeking out!!!!?
what should you do if an adult takes a tylenol 3 and a regular tylenol?
What Is Causing My Lower Back Pain?
My blood pressure was 165/60 right after drinking about 5 beers and doing push ups - is that about normal?
what is the best time to sleep at night?
What does this sound like?
Does a lack of sleep lead to a worse crash than normal?
help, emergency; my sister like fainted or something. serious.!?
Why is my Forehead numb?
My head and eye is hurting at a pain level of 10 and i can not sleep?
Staph Infection Cleaning?
How many hours of sleep do you need to get rid of baggs under your eye?
Is a dush really harmful if this is your first time using it?
im so tired, i didnt sleep anything tonight, but i cant go to sleep, how can i keep myself awake?
Why i cannot sleep ? every night is another struggle !!?
why cant i sleep at night?
A question about Blood Pressure?
salt problems please help?
I have an infected/swollen upper chest and lower throat, and no health insurance?
Yesturday I got a shot?
What causes your body to feel physically tired but when you try to sleep....?
Trying to Fix Bad Posture?
Is this too much sleep?
My panic attacks are becoming worse.?
What is normal for blood pressure?
Is there any way to make it look like you have not peed your pants when you have?
Has anyone ever had a hairstrand drug test done?
iam 26 yrs old, iam single also but iam facing problem of breast feeding howz it possible.plz suggest?
Do avocados increase cholesterol level?
how soon can you die from leukemia?
Heart problems or nothing to worry about?
health disease question?
Do I have sun cancer? ?
Will I get hepatocellular carcinoma if I drink coke all the time?
wat are the parts of the respiratory system?
First time Monistat 3 day user. it says to use overnight..?
Cold sores (sorry for reposting this)?
Is caffeine really worse then doing heroin?
Is there any logical explanation?
Why can't I show my emotions?
Do think that I am Bipolar?
Why do I hurt myself and have paranoia often? Is this Depression?
mentaly ill ??? :S pleease help me?
What is the name of the disorder where you wake up screaming?
Normal red blood cell count?
Bunk bed making me ill?
After working hatd on school work I plummet into a VERY lazy state? Help, I always have work to do?
im sick, waht do i do?
Feeling sick? Nauseous? Upset/irritated stomach? Somewhat better after BM.?
Can anyone truly help me?
Did i smoke weed ???
How can I gain more self-confidence?
i got lice from kids and im a single parent, how can i remove it without some1 helping me, i cant see it?
Spot on inside of Leg.?
public health emergency!!!?
heat limit in school?
i have hyperhidrosis..?
How do heath decisions affect your Digestive System?
What are the symptoms of hydrogen peroxide poisoning?
While im typing this im shaking, and don't know why?
Is it toxic or bad to drink Ever Clear (alcohol) while the person is high on weed?
How can I improve my vision naturally through vision exercises, diet, etc. etc.?
My supervisor won't return my call....what do I do....?
Red bump on my nose grown over my nose stud!!!?
What is the bump in my lip?
I have a problem with zits on my back. Help please!?
My vans gave me blisters?
Strange red marks on knee? *Picture included*?
PLEASE HELP! red reoccurring itchy welts on stomach,back, and chest?
what is this bump in the middle of my hicky?
What happened to my scar?
Problem about my face lol?
Dark patch on skin (pic)?
acne breakout!!!! help me! (read description for more)?
What exactly is a sty?
I just popped my Boil why is it still have a bump?
I have never had the flu .Do i still need the flu shot?
White mouth sores on inside lip and gum?
Does anyone have interstitial edema and what are the symptoms?
What is scabies and what symptoms occur how long do they last can it give you diarrhea or virus like symptoms?
Can Someone Please Help Me write a warning letter from a disease to a teenager ?
Do I have stye or pink eye?
how long can i do sports after a surgery from apendix?
can you tel me the course of treatment how much time it will take to cure it?
Extending a doctors note?
im getting my tonsils out soon?
what percentage of kids 2 decades ago ate fast food daily?
Contageous jaundice/hepatitis questions?
So it seemed that i got the stomach flu or food poisoning but some other weird symptoms have me worried...?
Dog's muzzle is puffed up and now has a decaying hole. What is it?
What is the disease called when seeds can be caught in the walls of the stomach?
Can my cat catch the flu?
Can you catch hiv by not wearing gloves?
Are antibiotics effective in treating fungal infections?
what do some of u say if the bubonic plague or black death has a hand in the end of the world?
What are the effects of contact high?
Dealing with side effects of Methotrexate.?
How long does lymph nodes last? i think i have a lymph node but ive had it for 2 mnths now. is that bad?
Should she go to the doctor?
Bad nose bleeds and blood clots?
Pain in the chest, sternum area?
I have itchy bumps on my skin?
how to make skin grow faster????????
Swollen gland perhaps?
reumatic heart desease?
i cough blood / slavia mixed with lil thick blood in it . i use to drink coke 1.5 litre daily ?!!?
Chronic Cough! Please help!?
stroke or vasculitis?
side effect tab midazolam?
What happens if you eat too many multivitamins?
Severy Allergies with no Itch or Rash?
Allergies and working out?
Will sinus problems go away on their own?
I have allergies mainly wheezing and coughing because of the rain. Does anyone know how i can get rid of this?
How can I breath better without my puffer? I have allergies and cant breath well and cant find my puffer!?
will metronidazole affect me if im allergic to penicillin?
Clarinet nose bleeds...?
can an allergic reation make u throw up blood?
yeast infevction at 12?
makin that lean or syrup. codeine?
Sinus problems every summer?
Would Histamines Be Good for Alcoholic Allergy?
is milk good for an alcer person? what are the best foods to cure alcer?
waking up itchy but i cleaned my sheets and cat has no fleas am i allergic?
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My cold!?
Can sunburns on your face cause sinus problems?
I accidently swallowed nasal spray?
Sick all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can u use white bread in milk and leave it over night?
i have a cough that will not go away and drives me crazy?
My throat feels weird like its hard to breathe. I kinda get light headed and dizzy. Whats wrong with me?
nausea with my corn allergy? help please?
can doctors tell if you have an std in a urine test ?
How long has HIV/AIDS been around for? Has it been around since Shakesphere and Henry the VIII?
Sick daughters ?
some one help me please?
Does anybody know a effective way to alleviate a sinus infection?
What order could i do this in and what time should i go bed?
Inner ear and jaw pain, especially when opening mouth?
eardrum making noises?
Help please I'd really appreciate it =]?
My sister is sick ?
i cant sleep at night!!!!! what do i do?
Felling dizzy during Football practice?
What could this bump in my bottom lip be?
What oral disease is this?
had a hiv test at 10 weeks?
how does society influence inhalant drug use?
how can i get to sleep even when im not tired?
sleep problems! help!?
When operations/surgery is done, of course they put the patient to sleep.. how exactly does this work?
drinking alcohol and sick feeling the next day.?
would it be ok ?
about your achillies tendon?
wart looking thing on side of tongue?
i need to know what a ger-mo is i don't know please help!?
Will if affect me if i wake up in the middle of the night to watch soccer then sleep again for just this once?
Do I have a sleeping disorder?
Back Pain? help asap!?
If any body knows n thing bout trazodone help me?
will it show up if i take a drug test?
do you think this is it constipation?
Nose decongested...but still can't taste anything?
Is it ok to take these two pills together?
why do i feel lightheaded?
can you donate one of your organs to someone that you know if both people are a match?
what is the medical term for breakdown of fat, and pertaining to gallstones?
Anyone that has taken Topamax?
about eyedrops?!?!?!?!??!?
What do Nurses do besides helping people?
can anyone tell me what this is the symptoms too?
health question for someone?
do i have hives and how did i get it?
Doctor or nurse maybe? I'm having some issues.?
I'm having back pain.?
why does my stomach keep twitching??? help!?
Calf bones: bent inward. Is this normal?
My dog is coughing blood?
sharp chest pain when breathing?
Do I have asthma or is my family full of hypochondriacs?
My Symptoms, Sputum, Fatigue, Joint Pains, and Muscle Aches,Night Sweats, Lack of Sleep, Prolonged Cough?
why did my doctor check this?
Calling All Smokers!?
My wife is having an invasive surgery in a few hours, can she have a cough drop?
CVS gave my son wrong dosage of pulmicort.?
have this cough in the chest cant get rid of it , what the best stuff to take?
grandmother is sick?
CPAP machine for sleep apnea. I can't fall asleep with it on. Any advice?
My chest makes a weird noise?
What is wrong..this cold wont go away?
What do you need to do to get more air into your lungs?
what happens when you consume nos?
does this mean i'm not contagious?
what are the symtomes for a galblatter attack?
Did smoking a cigarette give you good benefits? What are those benefits?
can my 10 year old take adult cough medicine?
oh please help? please..?
Why are my upper knuckles swollen?
A question about Sick foodhanders?
asthma, allergies, or lung problems?
Have you ever been in a deep sleep and....?
My room worsens my sickness..?
Is this melanoma? 23 / Male / Melb, Aus?
Shortness of breath.?
balsamic vinegar allergic?
Does a lip piercing have to be all the way pierced to be called pierced.?
Can someone have 3 terminal illnesses and still live?
I have some health concerns?..?
What are some tips on getting to sleep?
how can i easily fracture my elbow in the least painful way?
Why do some doctors freely prescribe controlled medicine and some do not?
Will my mom have her appendix removed?
I have a slight pain on my left side of my lower stomach, earlier I had a slight pain on the lower right side?
relief from lower back pain in a short period of time?
I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, what can i eat so i can take my vicodin?
is wanting to break my bones weird?
why does my back crack?
What is the point of suppositories?
what would cause a headache and then stomach ache?
Chest pain on right side?
weird feeling is my legs. please help.?
Im always sore and when i stretch it hurts. what should i do?
what hurts more? dull or sharp?
my throat hurts and the sides of my lips are cut?
What is wrong with me?
i have a bad burning?
I cant take this pain any more!?
what to do? im so hurt?
Wrists hurt from playing video games?
which pain reliever is the most fast acting?(science fair experiment)help?
Eye infection please help!?
Why does my right eye feel so weird?
How do you figure out how often to wear your glasses for slight astigmatism?
What do Blue-Green eyes look like?
So me eyes are hurting after looking at a computer screen/lights/tv after abit sort of a dizzy , eye ache,?
Why are my contacts burning ?
what is the best brand for color contacts? for dark eyes.?
Contacts really hurt help???!!!?
just found out about my color blindness.can u tell me bout the day-to-day disadvantages of it?
Do I treat fake colored non-perscription contacts the same as real ones?
Contacts are irritating my eyes after a year of wearing them?
Am i able to get colored Contacts?
Sticky eyelids in the morning????
Is this due to dry eyes?
if you wear eyeglasses will you have to keep wearing them?
Sensitive swollen red eyes ?? could this be pink eye ?
Was this a good deal for $217?
Could this have damaged my eyes?
A contacts question...........?
any way to fix lazy eye?
Do you get split screen vision if you remove one of your eyes and move it around away from the other eye?
Where Can I Buy Color Contacts?
What would the attacks be called?
Husband is a hypochondriac?
Keep scratching throat( From eating) everyday and have pain, Will i get cancer?
would black mold cause a child to get pneumonia?
How can someone recover speech after a stroke?
can radiation therapists become dosimetrists?
doctor, i had fish for dinner and now i have a fish bone small peace in my thoat?
What Does Zooted Means?
Are my symptoms normal?
how long does strep virus stay on toys?
Do I have Major Depressive Disorder?
When was the last food- or waterborne disease outbreak in US schools?
Old antibiotics should I keep them or throw them out?
Tummy bug for a week and three days after holiday?
my 30 year old son just found out he has crohns and said its so bad that he cant work or has the money to get?
What to do to get a cold a away fast?
Why does noise stress me out so much?
weird cold symptom... Is it really a cold?
Okay, please don't judge me. But is there some possible way that....?
i have major pain while swallowing,chills,runny nose, a cough, and im very tired. IS this mono, strep or both?
is there a treatment for osteoclast?
Do you think it is OK for someone who has had a major drinking problem in the past who has now quit....?
Anyone experience shingles?
is there anything that can be done if my dog gets kennel cough?
At school with scratchy throat please help.?
sleen and mono symptoms?
is my industrial infected?
Help With The Stomach Flu?
Am I sick? Do I have the flu? Please help!?
how to prevent a common cold?
what is the difference between alzheimers and dimentia?
Is vasiline safe to use for dry facial skin?
how to get rid of a star (bump) on your eye?
Gauges, brown ooze blood?
I just used 100% undiluted Tea Tree Oil on scalp for dandruff, Help!?!?
what antifungle cream is best to buy for ringworm and where can you buy it?
wierd scab has left a hole in my skin?
how can i prevent my skin from acne?
Do i have a cold sore?
the best thing to use for acne?
combat stubborn dandruff?
How do I know if I have a keloid?
I have a bump on my mons pubis?
I used nair upper lip removal cream and it burned but now...?
I have what I think is a wart on my hand?
I have some sort of bump on my foot. Any help?
Get rid of bug bite scars?
how to get cheeks in one week?
Could fumes from spray paint cause a terrible headache about 4 hours later?
what are ways to bring down high cholesterol?
Medical marjuanna and OCD?
i have been in pain for 2 wees in my stomach on my right side and my back?
Does my dad smoke? (Cigarettes)?
So i have this cyst in my throat?
Do i have asthma or could it be something else.?
Really weak immune system?
are magnetic frames attached to refrigerator doors harming to food? could they cause cancer?
I found out I have hpv but it is mild what does that mean?
I've been coughing up black/bluish stuff lately, what could this be?
Weird illness? Symptoms... Has anyone had this before?
how do you like to sleep at night?
I cant sleep right! Help!?
My right pointing finger twitches now?
my veins in my hand are really visible?
My allergy in my eyes started for no reason why??
skin irritation after eating alfalfa sprouts?
Can allergy injections make you sick?
Which do you buy for a dry nose all the time?
Question About Allergy Shots?
is there any medication for lactose intolerance besides lactaid and similar products?
who does my nose always seem to be blocked?
since 10 years im suffering from sinus problems kindly suggest me if i can cure it permanently ?
How to stop your eye lid from twitching?
Getting shots for cat allergies?
Flax seed and now snow peas?
Is my son allergic to cats or just sick?
redness on my nose / how can i get ride off it?
its really hard to breathe...?
Is anyone good with telling a sickness?
Needlephobia... anyway to fix that?
I fell at work and injured myself...?
shaky and weak, sometimes dizzy?
oil free redness and breakout green bottle of neutregena allergic reaction alert. face is burning, eyes?
Need some advice - Jal Neti / Nasal Irrigation?
fructose malabsorption...cancer?
Is the mold in my house making me sick?
How can i stop my eyes from watering?!?
I would like to know about a certain type of nose job...?
Im allergic to pennisillin and my dog is taking amoxicillin.?
Is this just allergies?
A good home remedy to stop my nose congestion (nose is stopped up)? no dumb answers plz?
I really need medical advice?
does it normal if we urinate often when we drink lot of water?
What could be wrong with me?
Itchy irritated eye (some redness too)?
How to get rid of cough?
help Nasal Polyps !!!?
Best Non Disposable Breathing Mask?
help me i have allergic rhinitis! how should i resolve this?
if i am getting light headed easy is that a sign of strep?
My 4 yr old son has croup.He coughs all day and all night. Makes it hard for him to sleep?
Why does emphysema continue to worsen even if I stop smoking ?
metastatic liver cancer patients speak out about treatment?
My friend had an ultrasound and this is what was found?
I am wondering what the consequences can be from a delay in cancer treatment?
What is this lump I have just above my jaw bone.?
I have an upper respiratory infection? Help?
how can i calm down my nervousness?
i have had a bad headache for 2 days and have had sinus drainage and a sore throat that barely hurts for 1?
can you have asthma thats not so bad when your active but worse when you are sleeping and sitting aorund?
Pneumonia for 3 months, help please!!! ?
What can you do to make a sinus infection not hurt as badly?
Can someone give me other opinions on this breathing problem?
young daughters exposed to someone with pneumonia should I be concerned?
Cough caused by blood pressure medicine ...can anything be done to help problem?
Do i have sinusitis? Please reply as soon as posible.?
The consequences of smoking weed?
I am 16 and am having breathing problems..is this something I should be worried about??Help me somebody..?
athsmatic and have no inhaler?
Pain in my left lower side.?
Whole body is hurting, and I'm cold?
what to expect at the lung doctors on wednesday?
i had swine and want to no more?
I NEED HELP! Am I dying?
How to air out a smoking room?
any idea what i could be sick with?
have you ever had pneumonia?
My chest hurts alot, what is it?
Asthma. I have forgotten to bring my inhaler to work, is there anything i can do?
Extreme cough won't go away. Comes on strong at night and when i wake up, tried everything!?
Whats that one disease called?
Running/stuffed nose, fatigue, sore and dry itchy throat, very deep cough that wont stop?
What is this pain i've had for a really long time(a few years)?
The difference between APS and Lupus?
I'm 24 with chest pain?
What causes tachypnea and tachycardia secondary to bacterial pneumonia?
does benylin require a prescription in the uk?
I get sun rashes, but only in the begginning of the summer, should i still consult a docter?
please answer the question?
for surgeons: do you enjoy being a surgeon?
nausea, headache, loss of appetite?
Digestive Problems??????????
Why don't the fingernails on my left hand grow?
Why am I sick every morning?
alcohol and drug use may decrease the effects of precribed medications?
Feet keep falling asleep?
How tall will I be, I'm not really sure.?
How can we make our mother's transition to the alzheimers memory care center easier for her and for us?
Depression only occurs when bad things happen, right?
if i have a shoulder problem?
Help! Acute neck pain!?
my stomache hurts unless im eating?
i have a bump on both my knees help?
A charlie Horse Cramp in my leg wakes me up at night sometimes...?
I'm having chest pains?
i have a sqiushy bump on my wrist?
sharp pains in my head for 5 days?
Is this too much vicodin?
how to get rid of my back pain..what should i do?
My Right Eye is not following my left eye?
Men With Fibromyalgia?
What is wrong with my neck? Cracking and pain?
I have a stiff neck. Should i use a hot pack or an ice pack to treat myself? URGENT?
Throat hurts really badly! please help me! :'(?
my neck is so sore from the top of my left ear to my left shoulder. Sharp shooting pain. Pain level 10?
Terrible Back pain! needs help?
Pain in back hurts to walk on the left side.?
I have had chest tightening pains for 5+ hours. What should I do?
what is wrong with my toe,someone help please. nobody ever answers?
i think i have restless leg syndrome?
If a doctor kills someone in pain is it murder?
head really hurts, i don't know why!?
Will snorting skittles hurt me?
sharp constant pain in heart area, pain going down left arm?
Did I just overdose? I'm scared!?
Does Anyone Know What This May Be Or Called?
have i broken every toe in my foot?
Have I bruised a rib?
Migraine or headache help?
Is it dangerous (or disadvantageous) to mix forms of Advil i.e. 1 gel-cap with 1 normal Advil?
Muscle Spasm In leg without pain?
For a pee test, do they need so much pee or just a little to see if u've dont drugs?
Small, raised bumps on inside of labia...? Help.?
How can I control Gastritis, Interstitial Cystitis and more inflammaton in my body?
if my sgpt has been increased to 89 do i still need to continue my plendil 5mg, what else can i do to lower?
can someone be a professional nurse even though they have rhinitis and asthma?
Could Urethra irritation be anything other than an STD?
I heard that birth control causes fluid retention, so, should i drink less water? What should i do?
Constant low blood pressure and cold feets. ?
With heart attack or AMI, why do people have varying symptoms?
Why can an enhanced acquired immune response be detrimental to the treatment of HIV?
If my uncle has hiv can i get it?
is parvo contageus to people?
mono kissing??help me please?
Do I still have a soar throat? ?
How to get over a cold fast?
is it normal to have onsets of fever?
how do you get tonsillitis?
i have urolithiasis..what are the food and drugs that i should avoid?
white stuff on tonsil and severe sore throat?
What is an Orasure Western Blot?
I have been in the hospital with pancreatitus several times and my blood work shows I have hep c. without me?
Can Hepatitus C be dormant and not do any harm to your liver?
Why would I start getting a fever in the middle of my sickness...after two days of antibiotics?
Should I go to school if I have an upper respitory infection?
differences between innate and adaptive immune responses. 3 examples for each?
what is the etiological agent of swine flu (H1N1)?
i have to diarrhea every 1 1/2 hr, do i have a stomach virus?
Why is my vision in one eye blurry?
Is AC Lens a safe website?
How/why eyes change color?
I need color contacts?
Why soes my friend roll his eyes alot?
Do you need both polycarbonate and high index on your lenses?
Are my contacts ruined because of my brother..? PLEASE HELP):?
When I woke up this morning, the top eyelid of my left eye was a bit heavy, what's going on?
Eye Vision Test.. Can anybody explain to me what this means?
Can eye glasses be more normal than human vision?
what size/strength contacts would you wear if you didnt have an eye site problem?
So, I've been having eye problems, mainly with my right eye, but I've never seen a doctor about it because I j?
Optometrists Only Answer?
is it possible that my eye doctor made a mistake?
question about contact lenses?
how can i make my eye vision clearer?
I have a Cataract in my left eye.Is it painful and/or expensive for lens replacement?
Contacts Lens Question?
wonders about contacts?
eye twitch sticks :SSS?
Is there a such thing as red eyes?
Sometimes my vision "speeds up" or like goes fast for a couple seconds. Why does this happen?
glasses for small eyes?
is this normal?????????????????????
New fear of crowds,help!?
Is my mom having mental problems or what?
depressed, live at home, 30yo, $200 to my name?
I'm about to do something really drastic that i might regret?
i need ibs remedy please?
the thoracic cavity is ---------- to the abdomen?
bit my nail now my finger is swollen... ?
panic attack and marijuana?
fainting while smoking weed?
If you throw up aftr you eat ONCE are there any dangers to that?
Does anyone know what this means? Prednisolon (medical steroids) causing nerve contractions?
Is bronchitis contagious?
Why am i spitting up blood?
Would my chest pain be something that is really life risking if I don't call my doctor ?
Why did you start smoking?
Im getting a chest xray tomorrow, wuld it show if i was preg ? [read below]?
sinus infection help?
Am I suffering from asthma, but I don't know for sure?
why can i see it in my chest?
is this a chest infection?..?
Should I play football with bronchitis?
how have you lungs improved after quitting smoking?
How do I stop from smoking?
Can asthma go away or could the doctor make a mistake?
what is the major ingredient that needs to be removed from the blood?
Sould I be worried about this drug test?
Why does my blood clot when i'm trying to donate?
Sleep stress????????????????????????????????????????
Where do I report organ trafficking?
I want to die but im scared ovbs..?
Is it possible.......?
How can I convince my Dr. to prescribe me a particular medication?
Can someone tell me what this dream means?
Why do when i see like intense movies,, i get?
What effect does exercise have on my ADD pill (Vyvanse)?
In Mexico, having stomach problems... any suggestions?
Stomach pains and bad headaches?
has anyone ever had a allergic reaction to levaquin?
Allergy Symptoms caused by Allergy Medicine?
how long does herion stay in the body?
I think i might have a cat allergy - What are the symptoms ?
What can you do to cure a swollen or inflamed mouth?
old perscriptions. do they just get weaker or do they become posion?
how do u get cigg. tar out of your lungs the fastest?
My dog has horrible skin and eye allergies, what can i do to help her?
Allergic reaction to sulfa, reoccurring symptoms, help me?
Why do i twitch in my sleep?
What is death like?????
Stomach problem Please Help?
Abnormal sleeping pattern???
What should I do about this?
what if you feel sick after you have eaten ?
pls help me ...vision problem, pressure on forehead,headache, blocked nose... its sinus or some other thing?
Ears Plugged Up, *PLZ HELP*?
Are my lips having an allergic reaction?
How many weeks for hives to heal?
will an epipen get you high?
What smell is coming from my nose?
Are there any vitamins out there without citrus?
my head itches when i have hot sauce?
why do I get heartburn with white flour but not with wheat?
How can I make this "holes" in my skin caused by acne disappear? Are lotions with erythromycin good for it?
Sisters With Rae Skin Disorder?
Does Minomycin Cause itching all over the body?
guys.. do you think its discusting if a girl has sweaty red hands?
Does soap causes blackheads on the face?
rash on my abdomin after surgery. what could this be?
i have keloids on my ears from my last stretch, and i'm planning to stretch my ears again is it possible?
how to get rid of zits fast?
Solution to razor bumps (bikini line)?
What is the best treatment for spots?
What is this c shaped red mark on my arm?
Acne toothpaste mask? Oatmeal and water?
Why are my Palms hairy?
What do you think of healing crystals?
Dry elbows that look dirty ?
so about 2 months ago i put toothpaste on for acne treatment BAD IDEA! i put it all over my face overnight?
Is there a child called asthmatic stanley?
heart surgeryy? helpp?
I was told I have stage 2 Kidney Disease?
I am 16, am i prone to arthritis ?
Questions about liver and lung cancer?
Can I get sick from this?
What happens after a respirator is removed?
How do I Know if I'm Actually Anemic?
How long does it take for a respirator to be removed? What happens after that?
my son has been home sick with?
If I am too lazy to work, I will still get free healthcare, right?
i seriously need some help.. im begging i need help?
i have dark circles and veins under my eyes and sometimes get slightly purple fingernails?
i have been feeling different for the past few weeks. does anyone know if they know what may be wrong??????
What Can i eat after day 5 of a tonsillectomy?
what can i take to get weed out of my system by fri at 11am if i haven't smoked in 5 days?
health insurance deductible?
i have been clean from crack for 14 months...but my hair tests are still postive..Why?
Does anyone else feel squeamish to look at slashed?
How many times a day should you have a bowel movement?
My tears are this weird whitish color. I'm not sure what's causing it, but it's really freaking me out.?
im really worried about my sleeping please help?
Dilemma; Drug Testing?
what's the best way to prevent sweating?
why is my knee turning purple?
I can't sleep, not hungry, and don't feel sick?
Am i taking too much vicodin?
Sleep aids???? Please help!!?
I need some advice please?
Pain, hard to swallow after couple days of acid reflux?
Strange pain in the arch of my foot?
pain after exercising?
I accidentally took to mch pain killer and I'm not feeling the best can somebody help?
Sharp, random pains in the right side of my waist above my hip?
What could be causing my headaches?
Something wrong with my wait/spine...?
why do i keep getting pains in my lower belly and my sides????
Why do I have swollen toes?
What are the best shoes for standing all day?
headache cure? please help!?
Why did he want to lift me up?
my mom wont let me stay home i'm in a lot of pain?
Why are all my joints aching?
building tolerance to hydrocodone?
why is my foot swelling up? i didn't hurt it or anything?
my cousin is trying to burst her appendix?
Why does my side hurt so bad and it moves to my overaies?!?
why does my left sides here:read on.?
I'm not sure...is xanex an opiate?
Got a new mattress (switched from a water bed) now my back is killing me..is it just an adjustment phase?
Two bites on left rib with horrible pain?
What to do about Knee pain?
What causes leg cramps?
Did I make the right choice?
having feet hot flushes?
Mature adults only please.My wife and I are going on holiday to Greece soon, where most beaches are topless.?
is it smoking cause it? y and how?
2 swollen lymph nodes on one side of neck?
Whats causing my coughing?
How to get rid of a cold sore ASAP?
Blood tests for Shortness of breath?
why is there a lump in the thumb of my right (writing) hand?
If I have clogged arteries and the dr. says i need surgery, how long can I go w/out having heart attack?
A friend's dad died to visit his daughter from Nigeria to Ky, after dying on the airplane, heart-attack.?
random skyrocketing heart rate?
failure to use due care?
help with cardiac questions pleeaaasseee?
the circulatory system is made up of the heart, the blood vessels, and what else?
Am I having small heart attacks?
Why Is My Heart trippin?
Whats the realtionship between blood presure, cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate & TPR?
Plavix after catheterization + stents- Dental surgery and Vicodin?
Does a stent inserted in an angioplasty ever have to be replaced or cleaned?
i get a tingling sensation in my head then my eye sight go's bright slow heart then fast heart rate?
how to know when you have symptoms of an impending heart attack?
everytime i breathe or laugh my heart hurts.. why?
how muchdark chocolate reduces high blood pressure?
What are my chances of getting diabetes?
isa the canadian cancer coin worth much best anser favorite?
Why would central venous pressure be increased in heart failure?
Does giving blood every month or two lower your blood pressure by making new blood in your system .?
Can over tiredness/exhaustion lead to hyperventilation?
Psychiatrist? Psychologist?
when you have a skin infection like cellulitious, is it getting better when it's wet or worse?
Why do people get glass eyes but blind people dont...?
Does getting a cyst removed hurt ?
How many people have the Swine Flu and how many have the Regular Flu in America?
Chronic Nausea (6 Years, Need Help!)?
How is snot in your nose formed?
How do you get 20/20 vision?
I am getting worried...please read!?
ok so i have a really bad phobia with throwing up and seeing throwup...?
I took some pills, now this?
How are diseases discovered?
My finger is infected?
my stomach hurts and i have to diarrhea every hour, i also have symptoms of a cold help?
are my ears inffected from my gauges?
strep throat when safe to go to work?
What are symptoms of pnemonia9?
What are some common illnesses in pre-school children?
interesting...Clamidia and gonnerea?
How long did it take you to get HIV results?
home remedies for uti/kidney infections?
Could I be sick with the stomach flu?
I am constantly drinking liquids and using the restroom?
I need someone to talk I'm very concerned about my health... ?
I'm afraid of getting mono?
What is the best way to remove stomach ulcer?
What is happening to me? Should I change the antibiotic?
Can you get HIV from swallowing flies?
I was diagnosed with Whooping Cough yesterday and was wondering if that could make my period come...?
What causes eye styes?
It 101.5 is a high fever for a 2 year old?
i have taken a dewormer but yet i dont see changes that much can i take a dewormer again.?
Is there a such thing as arthritis of the ribs? If so, how is it treated and will it ever go away for good?
i'm going in to the doctors what should i expect?
Are my lungs doomed to asthma already?
Itchy scalp when i'm running or bike riding?
Ill, but the doctors don't open until Monday, help?
Help pls with this case study?
White/ pale yellow phlegm?
Had My First Panic Attack Yesterday & Haven't Felt The Same Since?
is he suffering from depression?
how can i stop feeling so anxious ?
is it weird to sometimes have feeling that youre in a dream ?
Why am i always in a bad mood when i first wake up?
I dint know what to do?
Why do I put up a wall?
why do i keep coughing at night & in mornings when i wake up? it's so annoying?
Help for Panic Attacks?
what is omnicef?
What are snoring treatments?
why should i give up smoking?
I think i might have swine heres my symtoms:?
Why cant I sleep properly? Please help!?
Re: eye enucleation surgery?
can see im wearing contact lenses?
how do i know if my base curve is too big?
Will spectacle lenses irritate my eyes?
Ambition Color Contacts?
Uncomfortable contacts (read details)?
i went swimming with my contacts on?
Marilyn Manson contacts?
someone tell me this is legit?
Why does my eye look shiny?
Blurred Vision, Stingy eye?
What could be the cause for occasional red eyes and cloudy vision?
What are some simple treatments for mild cases of ptosis?
Is it safe to out contacts in after they have been in the solution?
im getting small freckles on my eye's waterline? anyone know what it could be?
Dark brown eyes and contacts?
Comparing Opthamologic Measurements?
What should i do? Problem with my left eye.?
Eye contact prescription help?!?
Allot of discomfort...eye scratch?
Can there be long-term damage to your eyes when you wear rigid contact lenses every day?
eyes become very blurry when ... ?
What is wrong with my eye?! HELP ME!!?
Weed and skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have EXTREMELY OILY skin! It's horrible and getting worse, what should I do?
I have perioral dermatitis on my face. Been taking doxycyline for months. It wont clear up. Any suggestions?
I have this weird thing on my face?!?!!?
Why does my coldsore itch?
Skin cleansing question?
I have a sty in my eye lid, how do i get rid of it?
i have a hard pink small area on the back of my head?
I mixed my acne creams now my face is?
How can I get rid of stretch marks naturally?
how can you get rid of a hickey?
Looking for reviews on Dermatend mole remover?
will shampoo for hair loss help against the accutane side effect?
I am suffering with razor bumps on neck, how could I prevent them from returning?
What type of zit is this?
dark gray blister type thing on my foot?
how to take care of a burn?
what bodily urges drive you day to day?
Is any one else addicted to Yahoo answers?
Red eye without irritation?
Wht type of Allergies cause Heart Palpitations? Be specific plz.?
what am I allergic to?
an allergic reaction? plz read here?
I take my Claritin at night. I just swallowed a 24 hour tablet but now I'm not sure if I had already taken it?
I'm really itchy..............................?
throat/nose burning and headache a day after swallowing hair color?
why is my mole changing colour?
what to do to prevent cough and phlegm if my kid has eaten some cold dessert?