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Yesterday, i felt a pain under my skin but did not see anything on the actual surface of my skin.?
I have a blood rash underneath the skin, it hurts to touch, what is it?
I need to get rid of scar/acne for tomorrow?
My 10 yr old daughter (African American) developed uneven, dark spots all over her neck.?
Does your acne worsen if you THINK it is getting worse?
caladryl for eczema? my legs are really itchy?
I accidentally bleached my skin?
Anybody know why i have small, red itchy spots on the palms of my hands?
i have a tiny hard clear bubble on the bottem of my tounge that hurts?
Can you still breastfeed your baby if you have HPV?
what can i take to pass a pee test from weed?
what percentage of people with aids live in Africa?
what is the diffrence between a urethra and bladder?
How do some people not cotact HIV if they were with someone that is positive?
Can you help me, i wanna know if i have herpes!?
Is there something a person with HIV can take to gain weight?
what causes sneezing?
Allergies! question about cleaning pet dander?
Help with problems with allergies to dogs?
Getting nose bleeds almost every time I sneeze?
What could be causing my Type I Hypersensitivity?
How do i know if I'm allergic to something?
Sinus Suggestions Please?
I just found out that I have numerous food allergies. I need help locating good websites to help with my diet.?
Cost of dog allergy treatment?
allergic reaction to carmex!!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
Good speech topic about allergies?
how do you get rid of a blockd nose quick?
is there a natural allergy pill for a child that's 10 yrs old ?
Why is my dog always scratching himself? He is washed and groomed often.?
has anyone had surgery for GERD/ acid reflux. Is it worth it can you tell me about it?
My 1 1/2 yr old westie retches on an empty stomach, green bile or frothy white. won't eat in am.or till 11 a
I have fibro and a colon disease for over 9yrs. I filed for ssi I have an appt in a few weeks I'm nervous
I have been very tired lately, can't think, and having tremors. I found out that my iron was 8 today.?
HELP my teacher has a harmless cancer and has to get serger but i am still worryed!?
I can't link all my symptoms and I hate doctors...?
I am suffring from Sinus.my nose & throt is not well every time.what I do? ?
Am I having an allergic reaction to my birth control?
Im so itchy and i have no red marks or bites?
I ran today after my run my nose started running and I started sneezing now it wont stop?
Could I be allergic or is it a cold and it's just worse on me bc I'm pregnant?
Why does my throat feel wierd when I talk?
What candy is safe for kids with milk & citric acid allergies?
a few questions on allergy test."and how each is taken to be exact."?
How likely would my baby have a peanut allergy if the father has it?
Wat iz celiac disease???
I need a seasonal affective disorder testimonial.?
sweaty hands & feet?
what does smoking crack do to your heart?
Does Salt Ocean Water Help Make Strech Marks go away? What about sunburn? Will these things help?
Can urine give you ringworm?
who discovered pancreatic cancer?
What foods trigger migrane headaches?
please help me find out my problem!?
my doctor thinks i probably have mono but haven't been around anyone with mono so how'd i get it?
can people get fleas?
Pill Snorting: Permanent Damage?
if im 100lbs, how many mgs of focalin xr should i take?
Is this workout routine okay? Cause I don't seem to get that much bigger after a year?
Weird feet problem...not gross!?
ok i need an explanation for this!?
woah my arm just like had a seizure or something, what happened?
What does alcohol do to the body?
my eyes are red but they dont hurt at all or itch nothing what is it?
How to swallow spit from snuff?
when the water in the shower pours straight on my face i panic?
help health problem with spine?
has anyone did cocaine?
Iam 142cm and iam 1month away from turning 12 how tall would i be when i get taller?
If i let my hands hang down they get full of blood, and get really red. Then they itch. What could be wrong?
If we have rumatisim,can we do yoga or not?
my bodys hot when the temperature is cold ?why?
im really tired and i have a test. stay awake?
Can cats give you Asma?
My brother is using meth very heavily!?
I think I may be sick..?
Does anyone know of a good decongestant medicine?
what is cause of sudden overall weakness w/nausea and funny fealing?
Is this a carbon monoxide alarm?
i cant stop shaking and being sick.?
what happens if oxygen cant reach kidneys?
21 Year old with chest pains?
Scared of the inclosed waterslides?
Is it normal..that when you have cough your chest hurts?
How Come i cant stop coughing.?
What's wrong with me? Am i sick?
how come if someone has a panic attack...?
How long does Salbutamol stay in the body!?
what can make me stop coughing!!!!?
I stopped smoking weed about 2 months ago, for a urine test i had, unfortunately i smoked again but it was?
will i get lung cancer if ive smoked for a month?
How Long Should These Surgeries Take?
I don't know what to do?
ive had the hiccups for over 2 years now. its getting really annoying. ive tried everything? help?!?
what is the average maximum heart rate for someone who is 10?
school help: causes of non-communicable disease?
Anybody else have frustrating situations like these?
What does a tsh reading of 1.45 mean on a blood test?
with low K and Mg,why is it better to replace Mg 1st than K?is it easier to correct K if Mg level is normal?
I think i may be anemic?
does any one know if decreased appetite is common with ibs?
Can celebrates be use for asthma?
Can i still have herpes even if a test said no?
Can I get e-coli from getting a handjob?
can you get hiv by kissing and having cuts?
How long does it take for an HIV/AIDS test to come back?
i want to know if i have problem about dire and weakness in body in nov 25 so when i have to check my hiv?
how long after you go to meps will you be drug tested again?
My paps results were abnormal?
I made HIV laboratory test and the result was 0.20, what this 0.20 means?
I keep being sick, and have a very bad chesty cough & more.?
I'm so thirsty and hungry, but I can't keep it down...?
can i take roxithromicin if i am allergic to penicillin?
Is there a relationship between Tobacco use and cancer?
i woke up this morning , and i cant stop shaking , my stomach hurts and i feel way out of it?
....hopeless answer about bad breath?
i think i have trichotillomania, i keep pulling out strands of my hair.. what should i do?
what foods are prefertable to eat after a stomach virus?
what is the cure for polycythemia?
I found some feathers growing under my armpit, should I go to the doctor?
I had some blood work done today?
how do you deal with death?
Does anybody else but stinks after a long day?
Is it normal for your hands to swell during jogging/powerwalking?
Can you fake a drug test with a detox kit?
i can't sleep, dead legs.. help!.. READ MOREE! ...?
my eye is red and very sensitive to light and hurts when i blink?
Are some hair types more likely to get lice and what can I do to prevent it?
i'm healthy, but why do i urinate so often?
Is vanilla really a good way to deal with mosquitoes?
Why an I only throwing up greenish bile?
Is it bad to wake a sleep walker ?
weed and birthcontrol?
do ur body parts grow?
Can A 14 Year old Take these vitamins?
is headache and dizziness the same thing?
why would a nursing home resident be only striped from the waist down at nap and bed time .?
friend takes advantage of health care?
in pain please help????
do I need flouride I am 64 yrs old and no longer have flouride in my drinking water?
Non-medical treatment for a bad cough?
im spitting up yellow stuff?
Snoring and Snorers Question?
feel like gonna pass out?
What can make me not so depressed?
Do doctors have a limit to the time of consultation per patient or the number of complaints per consultation?
Am I really suppose to take this pill on an empty stomach?
I felt two "heartbeats" type feeling in my back!? wierd!?
Health 10 Questions. I Really Need Help M.C?
hey i work out alot but i cant sleep is there anything i can do to go to sleep fast?
What are the possible causes of a swollen tongue?
Is there any solution to someone who can not smell?
what houseflies bite in the uk?
How long does it take to clear a flu bug?
does an apple a day rally keep the doctor away?
Can anyone tell me about pinched nerve condition?
is it okay to soak your gauges in ice water before you put them in your ear?
Blood clots after a nosebleed?
is it normal to develop a lump afte having stitches out?
My tongue is swollen and red for no reason?
Has anybody bought and used a 'super mini ear' hearing aid and what do you think of this item?
How to get rid of acne,and acne scars?
What are these small puss filled bumps on the bottom of my foot.?
what is a good skin care product?
What Kind Of Lotion Should i Use To Get Rid Of Redness.?
How do you take care of facial skin in winter?
I have these reddish orange bumps on my lips and they make my lips very dry. what are they ?
I have a giant rash on my legs?
The dermatologist said I have a mole that has to be removed.?
stretch marks after pragnacy?
Will bore stripes work on my blackheads?
Bump on my bottom lip that hurts?
I have had a cold sore for 15 days now and I got a new one yesterday! How can I get rid of it?
how to get rid of oily face?
If you look after your belly piercing VERY well, will your body still reject it?
What to use for marks left from acne?
How do I get rid of the redness around my nose?
which is best cream for removing scars?
im 13 && I have TERRIBLE bacne on my back && on my shoulders, what can I do?!?
Proactiv + drinking water = faster acne relief.?
What does this mean? Subunit vaccine using gp 120 expressed in Saccourmycees?
i smoked pot out of a pototo like a month ago, and recently found it, is it bad to smoke it?
Should I tell my boss I have mono?
how do you communicate with a stroke patient from another culture?
Can you get Hepatitis C from ear piercing?
Throat Always Dry And Always Has Mucus?
what are some water transferable disases?
Are Phenegran suppositories or Compazine suppositories more effectice with a stomach virus?
medical proceedure where polips remove from colon?
Could I have a parasite?
I have a sore throat but no cold and I feel tired?
How to do good bating under pressure?
What are some illnesses with the same or similar symptoms as infection mononucleosis(mono)?
Propanolol tablets making me feel more depressed? and I wanted to know if..?
A Shout-out & Question to all Cardiologists! Please help!?
what is a infections agent?
can someone please help me does this sound like anemia or mono?
What is a fast way to get rid of a fever?
How can low temperature get you sick (e.g. catch a cold: sore throat, running nose, watery eyes, etc..)?
How to GET the "stomach flu?" the 24 hour one...?
How do I cure my Bacterial Vaginosis?
Can you seriously die if you get high once?
Recovering from UTI but I can't pee?
After I stop taking pepcid I became dizzy all the time any I else HELP!?
Dizziness, Cold Sweats, Nausea, etc. What does this mean?
my 11 year old niece had her tonsils removed and still is always getting strep throat?
I suspect I have pid my doctor's appointment is on Fri it's Tue should I wait that long?
Can somebody please help me??? shoulder pain!?
What is the pain in my knees?
Should I have surgery for herniated disc?
I have pain in my shoulders?
Are my fingers supposed to hurt after playing the guitar?
Why Is My Ear Doing This?
im in so much pain, please help me?
I hurt his leg by ACCIDENT!?
equivalent to Vicodin ?
how do i deal with painful stiff shoulders?
help with Knee discomfort in the morning?
symptoms of appendicitis?
Do you feel a lot of pains during bad weather?
Abdomen Seriously Hurting, why?
I got a prescription from my doctor 2 days ago, and it doesn't work as good as my past Rx, can I take it back?
Is it normal for your head, neck, and back to hurt constantly?
help help help stiff neck!?
I can't fall asleep because my back hurts?
Heart attack? stroke? Chest pain from my neck all the way down my side. Then numbness that turned tingly.?
Emetophobia - I have it, and i dont know what to do.?
Do I have any sickness?
my son has a bump inside his ear that first looked like a black spot but now has swollen with fluid under it.?
if i get a insect bite like sore after i eat green apples am i allergic?
When you bake something with milk in it does the lactose decrease?
i think my nose is not attractable, what will i do?
Am I allergic to these fruits?
Could this rash be an allergic reaction to my hepatitis A shot? Or something else? Please i need to know ASAP?
why did I just become lactose intolerant?
did my daughter have an allergic reaction?
allegra allergy question please?
Does my lab have allergies?
Feels like pink eye but no redness?
am i allergic to fragrances?
Allegra-D or Zyrtec?
Allergies to solvents and lymph nodes.?
Hay allergy? Allergy or not?
infected nose ring?
I accidentally 40lbs of mangoes?
what happens if my dog eats a rat and she doesnt have her shots?
why do i get red blotchy skin on my face and find it hard to breath after drinking for a few hours steady?
Nasal hair loss..?!! (Only nasal hair, nothing else!)?
Could the sores on the outside of my dogs mouth be a food allergy as she didn't have them before I got her.?
My eye test says the AXIS in my RIGHT eye is 180.0 D & LEFT is 5.0 D. What does this mean? Is it unusual?
HELP!!!!!PLZ!!Soaked lenses in tap water!?
Double vision all day, now its just in one eye, am I okay?
Weird colors in my eyes when I stand up.?
Eye problems at night~?
how much are colored contacts?
I saw a bright shining line moving across my field of vision?
can i ask for a trial pair of contacts?
-0.50 contacts correcting 20/200 vision to around 20/60?
Stye eye? im scared......lol?
please someone help me with this question! :[?
How do you get rid of eye veins?
Is it normal to be able to change your eye color?
Somethings wrong with my eyes :( ?
I have a little white bump on my upper eyelid and I was wondering how do you get rid of it.?
Any idea whats wrong? eye help please?
How do you put on a contact lens?
why do my color contacts break so easily?
why wont the contacts fit?
the inside of my eyes is bleeding?
Is green light from green light bulbs bad for your eyes?
should i switch contact lens brands or is it just pollen?
What do you think is wrong with me?
Where can I find good information about mental illnesses of today?
can i just give this one up?
Can you break out in hives from anxiety?
Your personality? Anyone? Help ?
Y do I feel pressure wen I go pee ?
Throat is itching after scratching it with tongue?
is it normal not having back my menstrual period after i undergone chemotherapy?
do steroids for asthma cause mood swings?
Bluethoot headset is harm for brain ?
Omega -3 reduse cholostrol in body?
PLEASE HELP. do i have Toxic Shock Syndrome?
What part(s) of the brain does Tourettes affect?
How far away can a blood test be away from a doctors appointment for it to be valid?
Is 55 days enough for a semi accurate HIV test?
Can Sulfamethoxazole/TMP DS treat an std such as chlamydia?
can you get herpes from drinking alcohol after someone?
is there any way to get rid of a sore throat just using Cinnamon?
I inhaled household cleaning chemicals...?
How long would it take my lungs to heal?
What does this mean? I went to the doctors yesterday and he seemed unsure?
How bad is smoking for you? Please help :(?
My kids were swimming in the pool without cholorine and they came down with flu like symptoms.?
How to cure/reduce snoring?
Smoking cigarretes that have already been smoked?
Why would a lung doc want a shrink to prescribe "stop smoking" pills when they are only allowed to prescribe?
My husband complained about my snoring.He then said go look up on internet for cyanide.Please help,what is it?
Stopping smoking and anger?
Recovered from cold, but still can't taste?
health problem inhaled gas can iit ber deadly!! HELP?
what if you just took 1 antibiotic and decided not to take the rest 'cause it was probably a virus anyway?
why dont i take more care of myself i smoke?
How tall will I be when I grow up?
Does Albuterol have MAOI in it?
Borderline high triglycerides?
When you have crohn's disease why would you choose to go on a liquid diet?
Why is karma such a b!tch?
How do i know when to comeback from injury and start playing football again?
why do i still coughing after 2 months ?
Am I sick with something?
Will i get sick if i walked past a girl holding a vomit bag and bowl?
A drug abuse letter to a doctor?
See-through veins?? Help?
People PLEASE help me! :|?
What Do I do? Please answer both questions. Thanks?
My Dad Has This Weird Issue?
Quit smoking and haven't coughed anything up, has that happened to anyone else?
when i drink, i dont sleep. why is this?
i was dying to pee at 3 in morning but i slept through. at 6 am i had no urge to pee. what is this any copmln?
what's the first thing will i do,if i find out my blood pressure is too high?
is the health care plan going to be bad?
I'm bored, afraid of the dark right now and it's nighttime, and I cant fall asleep. What should I do?
What is the major problems of health care system in the U.S.?
How long does it take until weed shows up in your system?
is this important?! should I see a doctor?
Why is it that my sister can't sleep at night?
when i got my tonsils taken out when I was about 5 years old....?
does chewing gum work your jaw and face?
How many different people work in a hospital?
Why do i have a problem with for geting things.?
why am i feeling like this all the time?
possible to drown while asleep (not related to being drunk)?
hi anybody slept in the same socks that u wore whole day?
Possible signs of Heart Attack?
Is it bad to not vomit in such a long time?
Does laser treatment cause cancer?
What do I have? Oral thrush or something else?
Help I just suffered a Minor Heart attack?
Lifting weights advice?
Just banged my knee on a wall. Help?
Where can buy a roll of sticking plaster?
best thing to put on sunburn?
Strange Rash on my Stomach, has been there for about a month any ideas ? goes up and down in intensity.?
I cant get around easily as i have a broken foot. Anyone have good ideas of things to do?
How do I know if theyre is a stinger in my skin?
Can't touch water without putting handcream on…?
What is a Bakers Cyst?
how to make the bruise go faster?
what to do now about toe infection?
Help with Insect Bites!!!?
complication of taking intravenous interferon?
pencil lead in hand?swollen tounge? help!?
Insect Venom, do you build resistance to them, or are each bite as strong and painful as the previous bites.?
i think i might have just ate a worm?
Strep Throat With No Symptoms?
Fever after finishing bactrim for MRSA?
What do you do to a stye on your eye?
Black or bloody stool?
How long does it take for a person to catch pinkyeye after they have touched someone with the infection?
Possible gastroenteritis, but not sure?
What symptom is this..do i have any disease..? ?
can fleas blood on a open wound give you a blood bourne disease?
What are the symptoms of chickenpox?
Can i stop taking the antibiotic,metronidazole (Flagyl) for 24 hour and then go out and drink a good amount?
How do you get rid of pink eye overnight?
Should you be doing any work when you have mono?
What causes bones to be soft in children?
Over the past two days, I have had a fever of 101. Should I be worried?
If MRSA is inside body is it contagious?
Do you think I will get the Stomach Flu, too?
Diseases in cells!!!!!!!!!!1?
Is it even possible to?
i have a bump on my lip and its cracked open and there is zit lookin things around it what is it im scared?
any natural remedies for dry skin?
How To Get Rid Of Acne?
Catch Anything from girl's lubricating fluids?
I have itching frenzys where im itchy everywhere? I tried changing my soap a millon times I even thought it?
why do i get boils on my body?
dose cameroon have health insurence?
staff/skin infections . what does it look like, and how do you cure it ?
I need help Please what employment can you do with cold & heat urticaria?
Suddenly breaking out in severe acne?
Can you get your period if you have HIV?
I have very itchy skin. What lotion works the best so i can be comfortable again?
What could be the cause of a pink, itchy lump on my lip & being itchy on the palm of my hand?
what can i do ive tried everything to get rid of my acne idk what else to try?
is it good to use benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid together..?
how to get rid of acne quickly?
Healing process for 2nd degree burn?
Efficient way to even skin tone and lighten scars?
under the skin wart?? HELP?
how can i treat or prevent in grown hairs?
Hard, painful zits.....?
Right nostril always partially blocked.?
Is it possible for the reaction to become worse with more quanities of the food?
can cat hair make me feel like i got something in the back of my throat all the time like mucus i cant get rid
Dry sore throat / dry bloody nose ?
I have surgery next Friday and I was around someone with the flu yesterday, and today I have a runny nose?
if thats cats nose is dry dose that mean its sick?
my eyelids are swollen from touching my eye?
What exactly is a hypochondriac? Can they create their own symptoms, illness or bad reactions to medication?
Is insomnia a symptom of A.D.D?
Is insomnia a psychological problem or a sleep disorder? Which category would you classify this?
What is it like to get an allergy test?
Right hand swelled up all of a sudden. Why?
What is causing this pain in my chest?
i think im lactose intolerant?
Running nose and plugged ear?
Can a virus cause these symptoms?? Help!?
Allergic to Electric Heat?
Can I be alergic to salt?
Marijuana problems specifically smoking.?
Having Vertigo?
is 2 doses a day for 7 days the same as 1 dose a day for 14 days?
Is there any way to prevent eye swelling once it has already started (hives)?
Allergic Reactions: Swollen eyes!?
I am I allergic to bananas?
Can you take prescription allergy meds indefinitely?
my throat hurts alot and my nose is really stuffy?
are people who are allergic to peanutes allergic to legummes?
Do I have some illness? morphines syndrome?
Extreme sweating, vertigo, severe weakness, icy coldness of body, relieved by passing stool indicates what?
chest pain and upper back pain?
What type of food or additives or preservatives that is ototoxic and could potentially causing tinnitus?
Only my right eye is tearing up?
Why does Every time I drink water (room temp or cold) My body gets really hot?
How are allergies developed?
The corner of my eye closest to my nose it has two parts to it now?
Tired of feeling Horrible?
Bad cold? How can I cure myself?
What does it medically indicate when white blood cells, protein, and blood are found in a persons urine?
Any reason for toe numbness?
Any1 know how 2 handle this?
Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis?
i am having high uric acid ?
how do you lose a cold in a few days?
My throat hurts, help?
why does my stomach hurt so bad that i cant even sleep on it?
lower back pain will someone please help?
I rubbed my eye and now everytime I blink it hurts ?
has anyone ever over dosed on weed?
ouch ouch ouch my tailbone!!?
What do you do for hangover nausiousness?? Please help!?
hi there. im a 20 year old male 190 lbs and experiencing what i think is chest pain but i don't know?
chest pain lower right side, hard to breathe?
is this another symptom of fibromyalgia?
husband went to Dr.4 severe pain Dr said that anyone can say they have back pain told him would not give?
knee pain - what is the condition?
Tightness in chest, dizziness, nausea. Couldnt breathe! :O?
What's with the migraines?
My Right Ball Hurts.?
plaese help i think im dying?
What's wrong with me?
How to I stop allergies from acting up?
There's an constant twitch in my right thumb ever since I woke up?
pain in bottom of my feet?
im having sugery on my foot. do i have to take my tongue ring out?
My head hit the cement pavement really hard the other day. I just woke up today and I couldn't remember things?
What helps with Gout?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What works best for a headache? ?
Why are my hands always cold?
Growing up in a smokers home.?
Why do i have a pain in my sides when i run?
What are some symptoms of osteoporosis?
I keep getting chest pain. I am only 20 yrs old. Ive getting them throughout the day randomly when i do moveme?
What are some side effects of smoking marijuana?
Bath house for men in Michigan?
Does body weight affect Zoloft dosage?
PLEASE HELP ASAP (10 points)?
Chest pain and headache symptoms?
A man has trouble tying his shoelaces, writing, and walking straight. A special x-ray scan of the brain would ?
can't breathe well, help?
I need some help, I can't breath well?
Should you go to school if you are coughing out phlegm?
voice has been gone for 4 weeks?
if i have a stuffy nose.....?
Does this sound like a breathing problem or anxiety?
What are some diseases that kill a person with weak lungs that are not contagious?
how to get rid of this mucus?
Question about Cigarettes?
Question on Smoking Weed?
sick of coughing please help!?
i've had hiccups for the past 30 hours?
Does swine flu is more severe in Mexico compared to other parts of the world.?
My moms left side is hard to move and she has a litttle trouble breathing any idea?!?
how to prevent from throwing out peep from hand in student age?
Urgent: please i need your help !!!?
Why do the lymph nodes swell when I have an infection?
Mucus or something in My Throat, IMPAIRS SPEECH?
why is it i have phlegm 24/7, im not sick, but i always am spitting it up, i live in mn does that factor in?
anyone know what sickness this is?
Breathing problems when going to sleep?
3 risk factors for heart disease that is avoidable?
is it ok to take tyenol sinus congestion and pain if you are pregenant?
grey spots on eyes what are they?
Why do I see colors in my vision?
I have had contacts before in the past. I got frustrated with them and gave up.?
With a vision test, what is a failed sphere?
Pupillary Distance (PD) on glasses prescription?
My one eye is really watery PLEASE HELP!?
does marijuana do anything long term to your eyes?
IV normal saline to rinse contacts ?
GEO contacts? Information needed.?
Question about Macular Degeneration?
Can the base curve affect how colored contacts align with your iris?
Where can i buy exotic contact lenses (like white iris)that are safe for my eyes? I dont want dangerous contac?
I have an eye problem; start more then two year; sometime I have curvey surface when read computer screen or?
Can an eye doctor tell if you have smoked pot recently?
Why does one of my contacts hurt my eye?
My eye is twitching!?
I want colored contacts, but I'm wondering...?
How to get double eye lids without surgery?
My eyes are strained very quickly playing World of Warcraft?
Is needing glasses more common in people with blue eyes than people with brown eyes?
What's a good contact solution brand?
compare the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors?
How do you get rid of a food addiction?
self harm. people are asking?
Why can't I sleep when I want to!!?
Family trouble, its killing me. what do i do?
am i allergic to plastic?
How long will marijuana stay in my sytem?
What problem does cholesterol create for our cardiovascular system?
Is systolic pressure higher than diastolic pressure?
How to get rid of Altitude Sickness?
Do houses from the 1920s have asbestos, how about 1959?
Is there another cause of Hypothyroidism?
i had a blood pressure of 231/98, should i go to hospital or can it wait for a day,?
If u were on a traveling bus and were fingered can u get an STD from germs on the seat?
HIV,how safe the barber shop for transfering hiv virus?
why cardiac muscles of heart has lower lactic acid tolerance than skeletal muscles?
I got diagnosed with chlamydia and gonorrhea?
im 14,virgin, i have a white discharge,and it smells. no irritation,what is it?
Flued around the heart?
Does a heart beat twice to go through both the systemic and pulmonary circuits?
how can i interpret a 12 lead ekg?
How do you get tongue herpes?
Sniffing deodorant can cause heart failure?
Are palpitations dangerous..?
Heart drugs and green veggies interaction?
Is it normal to have you ear start bleeding?
i have a mini stroke on my face?
Help.. Blood pressure monitor bruised my arm?
what are the chances of me getting STD?
why do some single ladies participate in beastiality with their pets especially male hounds,why not go for men
Everytime when I change my cartilage studs, it's still bleeding a bit, but not hurt, is this normal?
Health Care support worker?
Okaay all you vineger-heals-sunburn people ??? help !?
is anyone taking Enalapril Maleate tablets for high blood pressure?if so have you had any side effects?
stretched ear bleeding? normal?
i'm interested in studying Kinesiology to become a therapist, where should i start?
My Puppy Has Been Stung By a Bee Twice in the Last Week?
How do you how to treat an anemone sting? Will it leave a scar?
how can i get a cut in my nose to heal up quicker?
Describe the feeling of pain from a broken arm using only passionate or forgiving words?
every time i go to the shop i buy bog roll. but i never use it. is this an addiction?
My greyhound has been diagnosed greyhound specific steroid responsive meningitis. Anyone have any info on this
Child Incontinence problems?
How do you get hepatitis and is it curable?
would like some advice on going for the j pouch any help at all will help me make my mind up 2 go for the opp?
best thing for aerosol burns?
what does it mean if i am getting bloody noses daily? im not on drugs.?
does it mean ur a man if your voices breaks? does it mean ur a womem wen u get ur periode?
Any information on substance abuse? Like sharpies, dust remover, Glue, anything out of the ordinary.?
Please help - I just want to sleep?
I need some opinions on how to search my symptoms. Please help!?
does anyone have a stuffy nose?
help or advice please...much appreciated?
whats a good sleeping pill for my flight?
how can you get help for health insurance,if your unemployed and cant afford any health insurance in colorado?
Can't go to bed!! Helppppp me!!!?
will orange peekko tea help me sleep at night ?
Health prob. need help asap!!!?
How much i should sleep?
After I take showers I get this wierd rash thing that goes up my leg..And its gotten worse over the years...?
i have a nervous habbit...?
Admitting myself to the hospital?
Do I have a fever? And should I go to school tomorrow if it persists through the night?
Why are the NHS so ignorant?
Could this be a hiatus hernia?
What should I do?? Need serious help.?
Urinary tract infection - best medication?
I choked on a hotdog and threw it up but I still feel like something is in my sinus and I feel little dizzy?
How do I stay awake through the day?
EXTREMELY congested and can't fall asleep! Please help!?
My child has an ear infection and not sure if the antibiotic working!?
Thought it was the flu...could it be something else?
HELP...2 days ago i smoked i type of weed called "dro"..i was freaking out and i still feel weird please help!?
Why are my elbows itchy, rashy, and getting thick skinned?
dermatology app. question?
Lemon juice on acne scars?
How do i get rid of patches of dry skin on my legs?
My Schnauzer Has Developed Crusty Spots On His Back?
how can a teen get rid of gynomastia?
How can I get clear skin? - Home remedies?
I have a sty. Will salt and water actually help?
anyone know how to get rid of scars?
What could be the problem?
so how do i get rid of these Acne scars ?
Little white bumps above lip that WON'T go away?!?
If I have not been in the sun or using any sun products but my skin looks like i have been getting a sun tan.?
I've had a razor bump/swelling for three days. How do I reduce the swollen area? Aloe Vera?
i have scabies, how long after i applied the cream will the red bumps and rash last?
how to get rid of blackheads.?
i woke up this morning with a red eye, is it pink eye?
Thyroid profile testing time?
does anyone have an eating disorder like me?
Hypothyroidism - is it necessary to continue?!?
Is there any relief for IBS?
Help with Zoloft doses?
vomiting after each meal?
Please help. The lower right of my abdomen hurts. My mouth is dry. I cant pee?
Can a doctor seen an ear infection?
So for the last 2 weeks i have had a cough and for the last month or two i have had swollen lymph nodes?
Howcome whenever I breath I feel air in my stomach?
sometimes i make some very strange noises at some very random times its not nerves what is it?
Blood In Toilet/Toilet Paper?
What causes tinnitus? Ear ringing?
i suffer from over sweating. please helpppppppppppppp!?
Recommended pillows for sleeping with acid reflux?
How do I get rid of my lisp?
I have one small bump on my vulva. This is the first one. It hurts, What is this?
could i have a hormone disorder?
Can you drown yourself from drinking 8 water bottles a day?
is it bad if you don't take bowel evryday?if it is, what is the posibble disease will rise?
woke up with red spots on face?
Does anyone know about face rashes related to allergies?
How to get rid of a sore throat and cough withOUT medicine?
6 month dutch rabbit , puffed eyes & sneezing (flu)?
Why do I get hives on my thighs/upper legs randomly?
How do I keep this drainage ?
My dog has terrible allergies of some sort, his skin is inflamed and red. he itches constantly. help?
Rash from facial cleanser... what can I use on it?
Bone and Eye irritation?
what causes hives in toddlers?
Burning sensation in nostrils and throat?
When ever I'm doing something active (football, basketball, running, etc) the section under my ear is painful.?
are my allergies acting up or is it a cold coming on?
What is MSG and how do you know if you are allergic?
eye problem?
Sneezing fits every day at round about the same time - several times ?
what should I do about my ears?
Why do I break out in hives when I run but not when I do other physical activities?
wierd bug bites i think?
What are the symptoms of allergies?
i am having problem with micturation & pre ejuculation?
Where does the medulla receive information from and where does it send information to?
Does Asbestos harm you after a one time exposure?
stomach issues, bloating gas, pain,?
how many people died in india from cancer?
should I pop my blood blister?
my tonsil is hurting?
Can smoke be smelt from insde if the smoker is outside ?
How do doctors test for ADD?
Bad Stomach Pain with Sweating And fainting Anyone Knows What This is?
My mom got stitches 2 weeks on her back because something needed to be removed. It's all infected now(more?
Autonomic Dysfunction and Weather?
blood pressure high side in the morning is 190 and goes down to 60 in the afternoon. What is her problem?
What will i do if i wake up during brain surgery?
I have a problem with addiction. Ive been eating pain pills for 10 years (im 28) How do you cope, after detox?
Help! I'm in SO much pain!!!?
im gettng tonsils & abnoids outm they said it be sever pain for TEN days , no less..?
Headache problem. please help. important.?
I'm only 19 but my knees and sometimes my elbows hurt when i exercise. What should I do?
cant move my neckkk!!?!?! What to do???? HELP! :(?
Am I messed up in the head?
is it possible to swallow your tongue?
what helps ease sunburn pains?
Someone Answer Me! My neck hurts whenever I turn it right, then up or down!?
it really hurts when i pee, not when i pee after it's like a sharp crying paintt.?
Cramp Pain! Help! It hurts!?
should i go to the er?
I was running and hurt my foot..?
My girlfriend is in so much pain (shoulders and neck) please help?
Sore Throat Relief! URGENT PLEASE HELP!?
Even if Im not on my feet alot they hurt. I cant even go shopping for a couple of hours and they hurt very bad?
Severe pain, home alone, 911.. help!?
a left hand and right hand question?
How to stop these Cramps?
why does my back hurt in bed in the morning?
What are the symptoms of hepatitis A?
What is a good medicine for soar throat you can take if pregnant?
Haiti, ships ballast water known to carry cohlera -- is anybody checking them?
the body of the patient has lost his power of fighting any infection . Name the disease and its causative agen?
sometimes i vommit with blood..what is my desease.?
what could this possibly b?
How long will pink eye last if i have been treating it ?
can we eat chapati in dengue fever ?
What cure could I use for BV?
Is this a stomach ulcer and what foods could I eat?
Recurring UTI..what can I expect next time I see a doctor?
what is the concept on emerging infectious diseases?
suffering from a severe fever blister please help?
What could my illness be?
medical problem rash, fever, fatigue...?
who else hates mono??????????
Why won't it just go away?
Emotional "attacks" consistantly, unsure of what it could be. Pls help!?
I have some health questions in need of answers.?
hospital mole removal how long?
i need ur advice thank u?
Is it a bone could it be on ?
Sweating (problem below)?
bipolar/puberty help plz?
Lump of muscle or lump in muscle?
Weird heart beat feeling?
can you be born with a respiratory infection?
Stabbing chest pain, occurs at random times.?
Pressure near my left breast (male)?
. Polyomaviruses and papillomaviruses can cause cancerous transformation of cells but apparently can only do s?
My 8 month old has breath that smells like ammonia. What could be going on?
Every so often when i'm trying to fall asleep my heart races and my body goes numb?
More about rheumatoid arthritis and pleurisy?
im 13 and ive taken 8 paracetamols, will it cause any serious damage? im worried sick... :(?
Can you buy (COLORED) contacts in (STORES) or do you have to order them ?
Lost one of my contacts. Eye appointment in 2 days.?
Question about ordering eyeglasses online?
Laser lasik treatment for eyes.?
Is iris detection possible with dead persons eyes?
Question about my eye color!?
Alright, I'm not crazy but this story of mine is.. thoughts?
What company ships for 1800contacts?
How to make blind people feel better everyday?
eyestrain risks.....?
what is amblyopia in the eye?
How to take your contacts out w/o touching your eye?
I was born with brown eyes and my right eye had two blue lines, the doctors said it would go away after ..?
How do you convert a progressive lens Rx to a progressive computer lens Rx?
Once every blue moon, my eyes pop out of my sockets.?
Colored contacts for brown eyes?
My eyes have small dashes of light?
I suffer from ocular migraines. Now i have a new symptom.?
How can I take care of my eye sight? I have a -6.00 perscription at 20?
will alot of scratches on glasses hurt eyes?
sore eyes from the pool ?
If a diabetic patient is ill and hasn't eaten why do they still need to take their insulin?
I started my period 2yrs ago, im diabetic and take insulin, my period is coming 20 days apart. Is that normal?
what is the normal blood sugar level for a 55 year old male?
do u kno anyone close to u that has or had a STD, HIV/AIDS, or has gotten pregnant at a young age?
should i be worried about hsv-1?
does crabs affect a person internally???? external effects are clear...?
second hand yeast infection?
Plz Help: I have a medical Problem?
Dissolving stitches: Labiaplasty?
feeling cold after being in the heat too long?
Macular tear/hole operation........advice, please?
what is wholemeal made of?
if you are choking,how long before you pass out?
[10 POINTS!!!] Is there any difference between the YOUNG LIFESAVER and YOUNG LIFESAVER PLUS award?
I am looking for a stockist of Abena Abri-form X-plus incontinence nappies in Wood Green?
What does an orthoptist do?
croaky voice have wart on the uvula?
Does Jointace work? it's a product which has creotin and fish oils in it I think.?
how do youuu ?????????????????????????????????????
can overuse 0f paracetamol increase the gamma gt count in the liver?
i removed the ball to my lip ring one night and the opening healed inside my lip whats the best way to remove?
Gout problems and going on holiday soon help, as i need to walk?
Where can you buy syrup of ipecac in the uk?
Help removing spray on plaster?
how to heal a deep graze quickly?
I would love to try out reflexology but was wondering what it is they actually do and is it sore?
I.is growth hornone good for me? I am 80 withdegenerative conditions?
I just had 2 apples and 1 orange. now, I crave for a coffee w/ milk. Is it just fine nutritionwise?
Where can I find a pink hand splint?
if i handle meth would it show up positive.?
Help please!!! I don't know what is wrong!?
What is happening to me?
The people who socially abandoned me are just taking over my life, I'm just losing it and it's getting worse?
What would you think about someone that was trying to get certified to teach high school math & science?
I feel depressed .. helpp?
Why are my toe nails dull?
How Long Does It Take To Get My Glasses Fixed?
Does sleep affect your grades?
Whats wrong with me? Please help?
How to stay awake & full of energy at night?I mean around 10:00 to 12:00 pm?
I blacked out after coming out of the stand-up tanning bed. I landed on my face & skinned my nose.?
if you have worms, when do they start to show?
I just blacked out and almost fainted...?
What is the bast Cigarette patch?
Swollen vein in wrist with no pain?
The doctors don't know what's wrong with me! :(?
I accidentally a whole battery.?
i need a sentence with the term mononeuropathy?
sometimes i see stars?!?
Cant sleep but tired please help wierd!!!?
Is taking two asprin bad?
Can't Sleep..its driving me crazy..?
how can i sleep better at night after working graveyard for 3 years?
I just got my new glasses rx today and things are clear but sort of appear further away, is this unusual?
heart murmur in 5 yr old child?
I'm having a burning pain in my Chest when cough?
based on my symptoms what do you guys think? about 2 years ago is when it all started i was laying in bed and?
what was the Medieval European logic for a disease,s origin and the same disease's cure?
What are some of the changes over the years for survivors with prune belly syndrome?
On an X-ray, they found that i have a weird dark spot on my femur, what could it be?
Dizzy Spells and Headaches.?
why does ventilatory rate increase with a decrease lung compliance? It makes sense that?
i feel like vomiting?
What causes toe nails to become thick?
How do get rid of skin tags?
help!! burn on my eyelid?
How can I get rid of a cold sore fast! PLEASE!?
I have a hole in my armpit and it seems wet?
my arm is really sensitive?
Keloid or hypertrophic scar? (pic)?
What options are there on oral medication for acne?
I have blackheads can any one help?
how do i get rid of red and purple spots on my legs?
Do stretch marks ever go away?
I have this rash on belly and is spreading to my back... what is it?
why is my skin soo itchy?
help!!! how can i remove white scars on my arm?
is doxycycline good for acne (personal use)?
How can i tell if im allergic to pollen?
Something that puzzles me about allergy?
Stand up and feel dizzy, headache, blurred vision?
Apple allergy? Lip swelling?
survival rate for a massive heart attack.?
Omega 3 Fish Oils Addict ?
I need good sinus doctors?
Is there a fast acting Rx nasal spray safe for use over extended periods of time?
Allergic reaction scars?
how to get rid of pit stains?
nose jobs!!! please help [=!!!?
Is this just allergies?
Is it possible to join the British Air Corps if I have allergic reactions or anaphylaxis requiring adrenalin?
why do dust accumulate at the back of the ears?
why bleeding from the nose when eat red meat?
Why would eating a banana make me throw up? I've never had this problem until recently. Please help!?
my little son has asthma field?
URGENT! I think my cats got into magic mushrooms.?
Random Hives....HELP!!!?
Is Western USA a good places to move to if you have bad allergies during this time of year?
are people as alergic to Chihuahas?
Please help With nose problems?
My kittys' lip swollen?
My eyes are constantly watering? Why?
Why is methadone used to treat opiate addicitons?
my pulse is normally at 90-120 at rest, can you tell me why this is, im normally healthy and a little overweig?
can i mix AIRBORNE with powder-mixed lemonade?
I have a really sore stomach?
how to promote positive aging?
SPLEEN... I want to know if...?
does sleeping more help your body change?
When will I stop growing?
Exposure to Solvents?
How are hearing aids made?
mucus in the throat from smoking?
drugs Holiness for teens?
Information about hydro weed?
tell me about prevacid?
What do you think are 2 important health and safety practices during mealtime?
why do women live longer than men?
Donating plasma question?
am i lactose intolerant?
What can I do about my smoke allergy, will it get worst?
How do u get asthma????????????
What do you think is wrong with me...possibly bronchitis?
What are the symptoms of asthma?
i'm having a little trouble breathing?
what to do about a deviated septum?
can cough syrup kill u?
is making your own cigs safer then buying?
Can inhaling gasoline fumes and or additives for long periods at a time cause blackouts?
I'm fatigued, tired, heavy legged and I feel this weakness in my chest or lungs that's hard to describe?
i ahve asthma, having terrible trouble sleeping?
I had a panic attack from smoking weed?
Can myasthenia gravis cause the inability to breath.?
Why do I feel like I am out of breath all the time?
Why some people smoke?
effects of smoking????????
I've been coughing alot lately?
how long will this flu last my stomach and back hurt terrible?
How can I get rid of this cough?
Heart beating real fast and shortness of breath?
I have alot of acne!?
My skin feels dry because of SKINID does this mean it's working?
prediposing factor for coronary embolism?
Lungs hurt when breathing In deeply?
tachycardia attack? Why?
Been feeling sick almost every morning!!?
What is the concept of emerging infectious diseases and antibiotics?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
A good sore throat and cold remedy?
why are my hands so weak?
Help, I think my chicken has pneumonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?
Bladder infections? get rid of it?
sick this weekend..help please!?
I have abad cold how do i get rid of it?
What are some diseases that you are unlikely to contract?
my 17 mos old dauther has mono?
What to do about my cold?
How long does coccidia/e-coli live in the ground and contaminate other dogs?
Wat is a cyst if it's on ur va-jj?and can it be dangerous?
after having c-def, how long are you still susceptible to catching it again?
some ways to stop soar throat?
Can you get any infections or whatever from sitting on a public loo?
Unknown symptoms, any ideas?
how slow would lead poisoning kill you?
Help, is this a cold sore?
my wbc are 2700,mmy neutrophils 28%and lymphocytes 61%.?
Do anybody have any suggestions on how I can ease my menstral cramps?? ?
What could this pain be?
Why won't my ribs heal?
crampy right calf two days now?
I'm 70 yrs old. Have lower back arthritic pain. A semi-firm mattress seams best for me.?
Why do I have lower back pain?
Why my back hurting so bad?
hit my head. please help.?
my knees hurt mainly when sitting down?
Is it Safe to take Tylenol PM everyday?
Best way to take a pill without tasting it?
Constant silent migraine? Please help.?
HELP?? My foot is asleep and I've been walking for about 15 miniutes.?
what to do about restless legs?
does it hurt when you get your second ear pirece?
how do i get my wisdom teeth to stop hurting?
Question about Scoliosis...?
I have had a headache 4 3 days and it hurts so bad somtimes i passout is this normal? ?
ingrown toenail question?
would this be ok to do you think?
what can i eat&drink to help with migraines?
Please someone help I'm in so much pain right now?
What is the potential impact of a care environment on the formation of an individuals identity.........?
I have to do a first aid wilderness/survival first aid course for a job i've got (must do course in London)?
If there is a medical emergency in france do you call 18 or 15?
if blood from the alveolus enters the body and leaves the blood and enters the alveolus?
Sore eye with blister?
how do you know if you got a ear blow out?
Help! ear infection? swelling?
how wales have approached their strategies meeting peolpe with learning disabilities needs and their carers ?
When does a wound stop attempting to scab over? & What should I do with....?
Copy of the Human Rights Court Ruling on Beta interferon for all multiple sclerosis sufferers?
Reliable blood pressure Monitor ? ?
I have hard skin on my finger that appears bruised and is numb?
What is it like to have you hemorrhoids (piles) injected?
who's got the dreaded sunburn from this mini heat wave?
Pepper spray burn on my hand?
is it possible to lose weight fast?
why does my face look really bad when I'm tired?
Suggestions for homemade ipecac?
Whats the best thing to keep a burning sting out?
how can i get aderrall in the uk?
This afternoon I accidentally cut across my thumb and most of my thumbnail with a hacksaw.?
Does anyone know the diet where somone is having sugery in a few days and need to loose weight quick?
What's an illness called that will never go away?
My mom says it's hard for her heart to breathe?
Could someone please help me figure out what I might have?
How do I cure and obsession I have with a teacher?
My chest feels like its collapsing?
My mom went through chemotherapy for lymphoma. She is doing okay...?
Does head rushes affect ADHD/ADD?
If I have cut myself three times in the past three- four weeks should i go to the hospital?
Hand Trembling/Shaking?
Chronic Sinusitis and shortness of breath?
What tests should be ran to check why I keep getting low blood pressure?
Can Sleeping Paralysis be good?
What does it cost to get a heart replacement?
Really weird chest pains?
Why do i have like a lump under my ear ?
My arms are sore from work, what do i do to make it better?
How can I start sleeping through the night and waking up on time (6 am)?
Vaporizer Website.... !!?
Daughter has high fever after shot?
how does Topamax affect memory?
doctor, i had fish for dinner and now i have a fish bone small peace in my thoat?
Can I get help from California Children Services?
My girl friend's hands become very warm even though her body temperature is normal. What could be the reason?
will marijuana show up in your system through a urine test? READ FIRST*****?
What could cause one's fingernail roots to be a purple/blue-ish color?
how do i remoive pencil lead from a place like that?
Besides waiting longer....?
Am I sick? Here are my symptoms...?
I have swimmer ear what should I do?
Got Somthing in your contact lens during Science?! And.. against uv rays (sun)?
i took one puff of a filtered cigarette?
eye twitch????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are Acuvue Oaysis Toric contact lenses the same as Acuvue Oaysis for astigmatism?
eye strain and headaches?
white dot on my cornea(white part of eye)?
Do solution for soft contacts work for hard contacts also?