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Why does your chest ache when your heart breaks?
What or Whom does one fear when one has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
I'm young, and I have severe astigmatism. Could this be a bad sign for the future?
Can an eye patch really help a lazy eye?
my lower left eyelid keeps twitching...?
Why do i keep getting a twitch under my eye?
Why does it feel like I have a pulse in my eye? Is it from lack of sleep or styaring at computer screens?
Cut On Finger, Top Half is now numb?
Can you get drunk/ drown from water?
If you tell the hospital that you have a broken arm, with they plaster it for you?
How do snake bite lip piercings look with clear piercings?
What are some natural ways to get my skin glowing and clear?
Help smart people pleasee?
Sad and depressed about weight:( :( ?
I need a natural way to increase my energy! I am a recovering diet-pill addict! Thanks.?
Bulimia question about binging and purging?
Blood test ? Can you read the results ?
i have really sharp pain right under my left shoulder blade to my spine? think its the muscle. what do i do?
How do you know if you've broken your big toe?
Can anybody tell me the difference between vomiting pain and diarrhea pain?
what is amox-clav used for?
Hi! I have a question. I have a cold sore and went out last night drinking then today I was thinking what if
How are people dealing with the swine flu?
can an MRI............??
Can sleeping too much be bad for your health?
Throat phlemmy?
Why do I feel like sneezing but I can't? Freaking out!?
What are the types of hypersensitivity reaction?
Could I change my caucasian eyes to asian eyes?
with brain cancer...........?
Injured my eye!? Horrific Pain. /:?
I have a really bad ankle, help!?
Start with the Rt Atrium, go through the heart, naming the chambers and valves... through the pulmonary circui?
Is it normal for someone to go into a coma after a heart attack?
Should I take the Nuclear Stress Test? Any Cardiologist out there?
Does salt add to high blood pressure? ?
Very high systolic BP and low diastolic?
complete heart block or 3rd degree heart block which one is it?
I want to lose 10 pounds in 1 hour, which limb should I chop off?
PLEASE PRAY WITH ME. Im soo confused.?
What are some of the physical effects of being a hypochondriac?
Stomach Ache - Watermelon Growing in Stomach?
Aged between 45-64 years if there are anyone. Do you feel better or worse as we get older?
How do i change my habit?
how long will it take for the caffeine to leave my body.?
Do you wash your feet?
Can someone who has recieved a donated organ, donate that organ again when they die?
how can i fake a sprained ankle or someother injury?
Relative Hospitalized over a dozen times?
what should i do to prevent bad breath?
What is this yellow spark of twinkle light I keep seeing?
My contacts make my eye red!?
How can we be prepared if the swine flu gets out of hand and people are getting the flu like swine disease?
What studies have been done to figure out if there is a link between cancer & moble phones?
How are people with cancer so hopeful despite their condition?
Is smoking more likely to cause cancer than alcohol?
What are some symptoms of childhood diabetes?
A couple questions about diabetes?
How long dose it take for a pulled muscle in knee to heel?
Am i a freak???? Details?
How well do anti-histamines work at treating allergies?
Kind of embarrassing...................?
does Lysol get rid of allergens like pet dander?
Why does salt make your nose itch?
Do they make high definition eyeglasses now?
Are there any side effects of wearing contacts?
can you be nearsighted and farsighted on both eyes together?
How to Improve Your Vision?
Help please?
Suggestions to cure iron deficiency anemia?
How high are my risk factors for sudden cardiac arrest?
pulse rate above 90 all the time?
What happens to plaque that has "broken off" inside your arteries if it never ends up causing a clot or stroke?
I was wondering if you can have a permanent bruise.?
Do I have a pre-existing Medical Condition?
What can I do about a Deep Bruise Shadow?
How do i make tattos less painful?
Middle thumb nail hurts like crazy? Call 911?
I feel like I don't want to live....?
Would these symptoms be considered allergies?
What is this pain?
Any of you ever have Chiggers ?
Sudden severe back pain.?
Ways to relieve consitipation? Thank you.?
What Causes Headaches?
Do people with BO know they have BO?
Why does it feel so good to smoke a cigarette after you eat?
Does anyone have any advice to help me stop drinking?
Numb hand?
How do poisonous toxins get into cigarettes; aren't cigarettes just from tobacco plants; does tobacco have it?
How much does chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer cost?
How successful are pneumonectomies for cancer?
Nodule on Liver and Lung?
What is 8' tall with plenty of headroom and promotes disease prevention?
Child Autism information.?
I have a really painful canker sore, please help!?
How do I stop grinding my teeth?
Spray on tan or natural?
How do you Exfoliate?
can anyone tell me from personal experience about chiggers?
what might this be?
I'm afro American my son is 12yrs old he has bad acne.?
What is a sebaceous cyst? Does anyone know?
Have you ever had a conversation with a spider on the wall?
what is the cure for swelling in horse legs?
What exactly DOES a spider bite look like?
Can someone give me a good timeline on the health benefits of quitting smoking?
Crying is good for you?
colonoscopy question?
is anyone familiar with seattle cancer treatment and wellness center?
Could armpit lumps be a sign of cancer ?
How can I help with my grandmas cancer scare?
Who has Neurofibromatosis?
Could being a vegetarian be causing me to get canker sores?
injection scared!!! and crying like a baby i`m 14 :(?
Which over the counter pain medicine do you take?
Will my costochondritis ever go away?
I was prescribed a watson 933 which is oxycodone 7.5mg/325mg. Can I cut this in half?
If I Continue To Self Harm - Can I Be Put On Involuntary Psychiatric Hold (Suicide Watch)?
How can you tell if an adult has autism?
how old should i be when i get LASIK?
Are these floaters?
How much do colored contacts cost with or without prescription?
water helps acne?
What is the strongest cure for repetitive mouth ulcers?
What are some good ways to get sleep fast?
I want to be a herbalist and i have no idea where to start..help!?
How accurate is an MRI?
Hip makes a popping sound when I walk...what is it?
Has anyone here ever had carpels tunnel and did you ever find any relive for it?
How can I get my boyfriend to loosen and not be scared to touch me?
does lasik surgrey last forever?
Can I take regular Tylenol with Percocet(Oxycodone)?
Having constant pain in my back, to the left and up around the middle. Is that the kidneys or is it too high?
Do you think intelligent people are more susceptible to negative thoughts?
Does human vision have a "resolution"? A camera can be like 5 megapixels, and a monitor 1024x768. Can an eye?
Why our body can not create antibody for common cold or cough?
What is it like to smoke Hookah?
Does anyone have any compelling leukemia related stories to share?
Why are there so many people dying of cancer?
How do I know I have a brain tumor?
Do chemotherapy patients lose their nails?
Injured ankle 2 yrs ago and just learned that I broke it then. Constant pain w/ therapy & pain blocks. Help?
stomach and intestines?
While I am on coumidian, do you think that physical therapit will take me?
is nerve damage permanet hearing loss?
head throbbing?
to all you potheads who believe weed should be legal what would be the best website to learn how to make bongs?
REFLEXOLOGIST? certification?
What is that tea, drink, natural remedy to rid of anxiety and panic? Kaba?
This is it! How can i get help after loosing all common sense?
Is there any computer sites or programs that help relax your eyes?
My Dad has congestive heart failure, how much time does he have left, he is disoriented and dizzy?
No more ankle sprains in basketball: possible?
My father has a metal plate in his hip, will it be a problem in the x-ray machine at the airport?
my sternum hurts soo bad it only stops when bend over is this serious and if not how can i stop it?
How bad is surgery for a broken Tailbone?Is it a big risk?I have been in pain of and on for 8 Years. Thanks?
Girls only Have you ever had a door slammed on your toes while wearing flip flops?
please help quick survey?
Does Coffee Give You Cancer?
I have acid reflux for almost 2 years now and always feel nausea.What is the best medicine I need to take?
can bulimia cause a bloody nose???
What kind of pain do you think this is?
How can my body avoid pain from carrying heavy materials?
Lump at sternum that is sore?
Poll-Who thinks Chocolate helps with pain ?
Anybody out there, whose ever had back surgery from scoliosis?!?
When i do a lot of work with my hands the back muscle between my neck and shoulder tenses up and it hurts.....?
Spinal Pain?
what can i do for a hangover?
what dose it mean if i carnt read the third line up on an eye test?
bloody nose?
ACHILLES TENDON hurts alot!?
Broken nose?
Do your ears ring...?
Why is my foot hurting?
My neck popped !!! :(?
1.5, 1.6, 1.67 lenses--HOW thin is THIN?
Dilated eyes??
What can you put contacts in without ruining them?
how do I make a bruise appear quicker?
Why does cold feel hot to me sometimes?
Which test give view of sigmoid diverticula?
If body fat can be measured, can you also measure muscle?
Can you *really* target an area for toning and weight loss?
Medical websites recommendation?
light headed often!?!?
Symptoms of AIDS?
what is multiple sclerosis?
Is Down's Syndrome inherited?
Help me! My eyes are going blind?
Can problems with your ears be a sign of heart problems?
Question about getting an echocardiogram...?
Does anybody know a hospital in Denver that would be able to answer an email within 1-2 days?
Is it the FDA or the Drug company's that don't want America to know Cheerios lower cholesterol?
How does one get over fear of hospitals, nurses, and doctors?
supraventricular tachycardia (svt) when should i get on medicine?
I'm so depressed. Can anyone help me?
why does my shrink get mad when I call her a shrink?
What eye color is this?
Tips on keeping the whites of the eyes white without the use of eye drops?
Lasik Surgery Gone Wrong??
Removing contact lenses with long nails?
Glasses for a Person with a Large-Circumference Head; please read on...?
How do you avoid injuries?
Have you ever been slammed into rocks by an ocean wave?
shoulder pain?
What are some good supplements for mental sharpness and alertness?
What's a good all natural remedy for headache?
Wierd lump on the back of my neck?
Why is my friend now in a coma after finishing chemo?
Is it ok to wear CLEAR nail polish if you're having surgery?
Bloating Relief?
my side hurts from straining from going to the bathroom?
Will water flush oxycontin out of your system?
Is it possible to totally block out pain?
Have a infection?
What could be the cause of the pain in my hand?
Is autism a medical disorder or a psychological disorder?
will the steam room help me get rib of the cold?
What could this be?!?!?!?
what's your story, the battle with an eating disorder?
are you someone who can 'make up' for lost sleep later? or once it's gone, is it gone forever for you?
I've been throwing up and having bad stomach pains!?
does vitamin b-12 help you get more oxygen to run.?
Well my chest has hurt for a day?
Contact lens if folded over and stuck in the upper portion of my eye. Can't get it out!?
How is possible that you can eat a 2lb box of chocolates...and gain...?
Why does smoking cigarettes cause cancer but not smoking marijuana?
I have 3 bruises (fell off a motor cycle) that I would like remove as quick as possible?
my ankle is really sore and feels like it needs to be popped. what can i do to get rid of the pain?
Help on a cold that does not want to leave!?
Does salt work as a anti-septic as good as other peroxides?
Experiencing some chest pain?
Bleeding chemical burn on scalp?
Have you ever taken antidepressants and they failed to make you feel better?
how are homeopathic remedies made?
Chronic Indigestion? What's wrong?
healing stone should it touch the skin?
If you were decapitaed, is it possible to remain alive (or be aware) for a period of time after?
how can i get rid of my fatigue?
How sick do you have to be to call into work?
My sandwich it's running over there! Can you capturing it?
I have cataracts growing but the eye Dr. says they aren't ripe enough to remove. What can I do in the meantime
I have eye problem!?
how do you know if you have an eye infection from wearing contacts too long?
help. confused about the use of contacts.?
What causes an oddly shaped pupil?
long lasting cancer question?
if you take to many vitamins can you get a headache?
if i take yoga will it help or hurt my lower back pain ?
Have been feeling head pressure and tightness for the last two months?
Ingrown toenail?
Can't breathe in grandma's dusty house?
Constant shortness of breath? Please help?
Should 6% hydrogen peroxide sting?
how can i help heal my bruise?
I fell on my side and it hurts to move?
how do you heal hurt calves?
What to do about my Puncture Wound?
how do you ride a rib stick?
Medicine is applied statistics?
When will stem cell therapy/ treatment be available to cure deafness to the public?
What are the psychological factors that motivate a person to become a suicide bomber? read details?
Is it bad to layer your contacts?
How can i fall asleep tonight?
What is your opinion or experience with "Kaiser Hospital"♥?
To any doctors or ppl who know?
I was wondering where can I find a place to donate my hair to kids with cancer?
What would you want to ask someone who's had cancer?
How can I cure this faster?
Why should doctors be paid if they do not "fix" the problem?
The other day, I decided to eat a sock. Now I'm constipated. What do I do?
Just had hernia removed how?
does accutane remove acne scars aswell?
can i pick my face while on accutane?
What has your garden gnome done for you lately?
I have chest/heart pains. Does anybody know what it might be?
Chest pains, fainting spells - Should I go to the doctor?
im a male 38 years old in good shape but ive been waking up with my heart beating fast?
What are some possible causes of a 2+ week coma in an apparently healthy 22 year old male?
my heart burns when i run?
My wisdom teeth are coming in straight and are not bothering me, do I still need to get them removed?
My whole body aches, I feel tired and exhausted and I also feel like crying?
Can somatization worsen or even lead to cancer?
Of people who get cancer,what is the percentage that survive?
Should I get one breast or both breasts taken off?
My child has had low iron levels for more than 1 year and a pale face. Does this mean that she has leukemia?
Leukemia costs? plz hurry important!?
Has any one heard of histiocytosis x?
I dont want asthma attack.?
How come i don't seem to get a rash or allergic reaction when in contact with poison ivy?
what cause's nose bleeds?
I have a question about a new mole that I noticed. Please help?
Why do we get birth marks?
I need more explaination please,I think I will die crying all day,I have 2 kids.Lupus?
is it possible i have a torn acl?
How do you get rid of this???(click to read more...Its urgent)?
help me please!!!!!!!! i am in a big pickle!?
My left knee feels very weird?
My Knee is swollen and i don't know whats going on any help please?
why do people roll their eyes...?
how come you can go blind or injure your eyes if you read in the dark?
What website to order Sharingan Eye Contacts?
If you stay on the computer for too long will it mess up your eyesight?
Help! Armchair self torture techniques required to distract from Big Brother?
I feel like living any longer is torture. I'm not supposed to be alive. I have no right to live. Can you help?
What are the short and long term effects of marijuana?
what is the drug of choice for meningitis?
my nut sack itch at night, i have to take off my underwear and let air circulate around them why?
Allergies are kicking in, how to get rid of them?
What kind of tests are given to diagnose lactose intolerant?
Can drinking alcohol make a cold worse?
Does cancer hurt? ..if it does how?
Brain Cancer Question?
GUYS: how do you deal with your wife having breast cancer and going through kemo?
breast cancer?
Can having cancer cause you not to heal cuts and bruises as fast as you normally should?
My blood pressure has been erratic all day.?
hypertensive arteriosclerosis cardiovascular disease?
Can aspirin cause Bradycardia?
What is the most affordable and accurate personnel blood pressure monitor?
Really strange chest pains and palpitations?
uncontrolled itcing all over the body?
As a result of a stroke, a patient has uncoordinated swallowing...how will this affect her respiration?
how do you treat myocardial rupture?
I bit my tongue pretty hard when I had a seizure the other day and it is hard for me to eat because it hurts?
i got kicked to the head and thrown into metal fence?
How can I help my knee heal faster?
How long does it take for a hickey to go away?
Do you own an adjustable bed?
When was the last time you fell off the wagon?
How were diabetics treated before the discovery of insulin?
How do you get Diabetes?
Why is the clevicle at risk to fracture when a person falls on his or her shoulder?
How long does it take for severe epicondylitis (lateral) to heal, so I can repeatedly pull 50lbs, again?
Any idea what kind of knee injury this is?
Getting hit on the head, how bad is it?
can i take a bath after massage or not this day?
What happens when you are high on pot/weed/marijuana?
Throat tightening maybe caused by anxiety?
Anyone have a good, no cost plan to stop smoking??.?
Stinging,burning,numbing sensation in my head with bad pain on the back bottom of my neck!?
what is it like to get an MRI ?
What's the most extreme thing you could do in five seconds?
Does anyone know of a homeopathic treatment/cure for Alopecia Areata Barbae?
I really like nonstick cookware but i hear that the teflon coating can wear off and cause cancer.?
can kids under 18 get prostate cancer?
pituitary gland?
i need medical evidence of what kind of toxic exposure will cause carcinomia cancer?
What are the ethical issues over fetal tissues being used to cure things?
Why frequency of cancer is proportional to the level of life?
is there a TOO YOUNG for breast cancer?
Answers please...?
Getting out of gym class for a legitmate reason without a doctor's note?
Imagine you are in a room with 50 random strangers ~ how are you different; how are you the same?
What can you tell me about the medical ailment "Trigger Finger"?
Which martial art you think is better?
what is the best medicine to take in fighting hepatitis b?
what kind of bee is it?
What does it mean when a doctor tells you you have clomped arteries in the back of your head.?
Normal blood pressure?
If aspirin causes me bruises, is it still a good idea to take daily for heart attack/stroke prevention?
High Heart Rate? Should it be that high?
I feel like I am seeing by only one eye?
Can you feel LASIK eye surgery?
My eyes have changed colour from dark brown to green?
I Woke Up Feeling like Throwing Up?
Asbestos. How bad is having already ripped up a vinyl floor with an asbestos paper lining?
What do you think is worse for your body?
What quality do you like in doctors the most?
Do you find it better to be alone, than with someone who is all wrong for you?
crutches and halloween?
FUNNY story....I think i may have sprained my ankle mean while :]?
Any Doctors? Help?
my daughter has hypoythyroidism low off the charts will armour tyroid be best for her?
ADHD and brain chemicals? does it mean that..
How come it feels so cold, but its only 50?
what are some good antidepressants i can request from my doctor... my current one doesnt seem to work?
Shin splints?
what is pink eye?
Does a sleep mask really help to fall into sleep quicker?
How get rid of/cure a runny nose ?
Go to the physio or wait and see if the pain goes away?
How many people deal with chronic pain on here?
there was a recent study that discussed chemo brains on patients who was taking chemo-theraphy. for breast can
Does cancer occur more commonly in certain parts of the world? why or why not?
my mother has thyroid cancer what can i do to help her feel better?
what are signs of colon cancer?
4 months ago i had a acl replaced and meniscus surgery,still in pain (knee cap) and no full extension?
Iv'e got a steel nail in the back of my eye and i cant see now i need imediate help !?
What are your thoughts on dealing with this type of work injury?
how do i know if a cut is infected ?
What are muscle imbalances? How are they caused? How do they lead to injury?
Side Effects of apple cider vinegar? Especially for teeths?
Apple Cider Vinegar, Forgotten Ancient Remedy?
Is there any shop which sells homeopathic medicine in Dallas, Texas?
Naturopathic solutions to Anxiety and depression?
Did you know carrot juice is good for your skin an can help clear it up?
Any ideas on how to relieve a cough from bronchitis??
whats the purpose of gargling?
Spitting up blood or not?
Why dont people take bullying more seriously?
How can i let my friends know that i suffer from depression, without them feeling sorry for me?
Why dont cast saws cut skin?
what is a broken arm like? ( i need info for my book )?
my right arm hurts from playing tennis. what's wrong? how do i fix it?
I burnt the skin off my tounge?
A Treatment in the arm Tearing Scar tissue has anyone had this done?
does this look bad? what does it look like happened? does it look like i fell on ice? ?
Headache followed by bilateral scintillating scotoma...?
What can I do about the serious pain in my left arm?
im right and left handed. but not in the good way. help?
Fed up with Gas pain!?
i have a bad headache. like i feel like theres blood rushing trough my head and it hurts and makes me feel?
How come after I eat I always feel dizzy and weird?
what are the symptoms of blood poisoning?
Mom is constantly nauseated?
Pancreatic Cancer Question?
cervical cancer..?
Bone marrow donor registry?
is it worth going to the doctors?
how dangerous is permanent eye color change operation?
a question about vision?
What are some ways to calm yourself down while you are having a panic attack?
I'm so depressed. I hate being Asian?
What are the most commonly misdiagnosed emotional or mental disorders?
Even though I am not a "soldier" I am a victim of PTSD. Any good books out there that can help?
any sedative or hypnotic drug I can use to help me sleep?
What is the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist and a therapist?
how can I sleep during night?
Does eating meat build plaque in your heart?
Chest pains help? Is this something serious?
If you swallow marijuana smoke, could you die?
Brusing Really easy?
Ankle pain and problems... please help?
I have back pain, should i be worried?
Bee Sting and Pregnant?
I pinched my skin?
about a wound and being infected?
Read it as, I am a Hypertrophies Cardiomyopathy Patient, I will get pain in the chest very frequently,.To get?
How does Colon Cancer kill?
how can i gat rid of my yellow teeth caused by cigarettes?
Could this be breast cancer...or wat else?
why i have big lump on my back it is so hard like bone hard?
what to do with a 8 1/2 unspayed rottweiler with many cysts not cancerous but one very large breast tumor.?
should I be concerned about my wrist?
Yahoo Eliminated The "Thumbs Down" Option On Questions Asked Because Of The Hillary "Answers" Question. Right?
ears are popping?
What are the symptoms of poor blood circulation?
should i be drinking more water while taking probiotics?
Himalayan Salt Lamps?
How do you prevent cancers and diseases? What are some good steps to take?
What Is Wrong With My Child ? PLEASE HELP!!?
can people with turner syndrome have kids ?
lowgrade fever anything to worry about?
UVEITIS how long till vision is better or improves?
Mold On Windows Dangerous?
How would you differentiate laryngitis from tracheitis by auscultating?
Bronchitis' . Do's & Don'ts.!?!?!?
Extremely sensitive or what????
life is too hard?
Have you experienced ECT?
What is one thing that you are addicted to that is actually good for?
A Bipolar/Attention Deficit Disorder future?
What does the eye doctor do when you come in with a black eye swollen shut?
Night glare with CRT contact lenses?
Watery, bloodshot eyes?
Have i damaged my eye from looking through a dslr viewfinder with a 300mm lens pointed directly at the sun?
what are some color eye contacts that look real?
Lower right pelvic pain, what is it?
My boyfriend won't stop retching bile...?
Help! My stomach hurts after I eat! Eek.?
Diabetics, have you ever used slim fast?
i jammed my toe sometime ago (2 weeks i think)
What are some foods high in protein?
Injuried at boot camp (ankle broke 2 places) ankle is sore all the time. just want out of military now?
Harder to cut through your skin?
Tail Bone?
How do I avoid this tight cramping feeling in my legs and feet when I power walk?
What is it like to be a pediatric nurse?
Why do people look so weird when they first wake up?
is there anything you can do to get rid of a cold faster?
I know this is weird but help!?
Please help- I'm literally freaking out about this drug test?
How to grow taller through doing exercises ?
Just tried to put in new earring and it bled!?
How do I lower my LDL cholestrol and raise my HDL? Are there certain foods that will accomplish this?
If you swallow a chewable medication whole, is it as effective?
I think i broke my thumb..?
Memory loss and general anesthesia?
Could this be tendinitis?
what is the Lowest a 13 year old girls pulse can be before she dies?
How I do not feel angry, sad, jealous...?
Is it possible for Anxiety to go away?
Why do people ask for medical advice here?
Knee Pain/Potential Injury Question?
sprained ankle????????
My shoes were too tight and now I got some Bruises?
something wrong with my calf muscle?
Does a cut that doesn't heal properly leave a scar?
what is the best natural over the counter remedy for aches and pain of the muscles for a diabetic?
Has anyone here read the book "Snake Oil Science: The Truth about Complementary and Alternative Medicine"?
Have you ever done shrooms?
Shin Splints?
Is it an ankle sprain or strain?
What would you possibly do if you had an hour left to live?
Is there something wrong with Yahoo's lungs?
Can someone please wake me up at 3:30?
Did they take Renu off the shelves?
Do you eat a little often or eat a lot, but eat less often?
Is Polycythemia Vera Thought To Be Hereditary?
breast cancer??
can polyp of the colon be reversed or shrunk away from our bodies through diet and exercise?
Can Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) at stage 0 progress to stage 1,2,3 or 4?
Will radiation damage my computer?
Can dislodged vertebrae in neck cause a lump??
What Is Wrong With My Leg?
MRSA infection ........?
What causes angioplasty?
How do i deal with my parents dating others...?
Are you as tired as I am?
What do you think about "free" healthcare?
Tingly hands?
Pain on left side of heel?
what the best way to heal goin injuries, pulls and strains?
fishing hands swell?
I was attacked at work receiced a minor cuncusion now im constantly dizzy like im on a boat, horrible headache
I think I need a therapist, HOWEVER...?
what do you do when you feel worthless?
what was the most traumatizing event in your life?
Vitamin D Supplement- actual sun?
I have tried everything to regain my hearing what can I do now?
Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage ?
Why does your nose get stopped up when crying?
Is this normal after getting my glasses?
How long after you finished chemo for breast cancer till your periods are regular?
will she be ok?
When tumor is unresectable ?
. What should to do after chemotherapy of 6 month to not reveres of blood cancer (ALL)?
Have you ever had an ACL replacement?
Fastest way to heal a sore or torn quad?
I sprained my ankle last night.....?
Achilles and/or Peroneal Tendonitis?
Which diet is best for people with PCOS or insulin resistance?
does a general practitioner give you anxiety meds or do you go to a mental healh doctor?
What alcohol will damage your liver less?
Upset tummy after eating pizza?? Lactose Intolerance, maybe?
Is drinking organic coffee bad for people with lupus and kidney problems?
bipolar disease help? can some one tell me what it is?!?
help! what's wrong with me?
Feel Weak And Tired all the time?
Please help me with a potential diagnosis?
Can a stomach or gut condition cause mental illness?
Feel sick after drinking and throwing up. What to do?
What is the fastest most effective way to get rid of hiccups?
I am cutting my wrists who to I tell?
It has been 8 hours and my head is still dizzy from my bike accident.?
how often do i have to dress my burn wound? about 1x7 inches wide?
Looking for a support group (message board) for Total Knee Replacements.?
how do i cure a bruised palm, i have a bruise at the bottom of my palm?
inner knee pain -- ankle/running related?
Eye Doctor said my expectations are unrealistic! Are they really??
Can ur eyes be too bad to get lasic eye surgery???
Specs remove and wear, remove and wear, will it make eyesight bad?
Are plug in oil air fresheners bad for your health?
What is the best legal alternative to marijuana smoking ?
I can't eat dairy, what dairy supplement should I start taking?
Is there anything that will help?
Will doing mushrooms show up on a typical urinalysis?
How is the procedure of a bone marrow transplant? And where are the bone marrows in our body located?
What Kind of Doctor would you see for lumps?
I had a mammogram today .......?
i have chronic lymphatic leukemia what questions should i ask my doctor?
has anyone ever heard of a larynx transplant?my larynx is crushed,vocal cords crushed, tracheatomy 50 years?
Do you like the "knock out" effect that you get after doing a hard workout?
help with itchy scalp?
Tail bone troubles??
How do I get over my OCD problem? I keep rotating my car tires on a daily basis!. help!?
Could a person go into shock and be dissociative from the event and never really come through it all?
What is the difference between an optician, ophthamologist, and an optometrist????
Eye problems i think?
Color blind?
i have corneal dystrophy. i am only 23--what is it ?
Ruining my eye sight?
I need help on an Eye Disorders question.?
Quick! Can you get sick from staying up 3 days in a row?!?
Feeling very ill with sore throat. What could it be?
HIV and Dry-Cleaning...?
Need someone whos like a doctor or something idk?
I can't sleep, i need tips?
does anyone know a good book about how to reduce stress? :)?
Is it okay to take paracetamol for colds?
is cocaine or alcohol worse for your brain?
Does anyone know where I can read an unbiased comparison of conventional and traditional medicine?
Are certain foods and vitamines helpful in reducing stress?
What are some good natural headache remedies?
what do you think it is?
why do i still have pain?
Head Aches?
Knee Problems and Exercise?
Ow~ I split my toenail. what happens now?
How do you improve your memory?
By someones walk can you tell if they are vulnerable?
I'm 13 years old.... Do you think I have a chance at becoming a doctor or nurse when I get older?
Nose Bleeds?
Do you get cold easily?
What causes skin stretch marks and how can I get rid of them? I have one on my shoulder.?
bone marrow what?
preventing mouth cancer due to snuff?
Tell me all you know about brain cancer?
Who is Joseph Panno, Ph. D.?
what do I need to do at home for a child with leukemia?
Dave and his wife and Breast cancer...?
What is bronchitis and ,...?
Stomach Hurts Badly!?
I have trichotillomania and i dont know how to fix it.?
Autism Causes?
Does anyone have good ways to fall asleep within 5 minutes at any given time?
How can I stop chewing my nails?
does indigestion or heartburn cause a rapid heartbeat? especially at 4 am when i am trying to sleep.?
If you exercise at home, what is your routine?
What's the best way to get rid of a burn scar?
Have you ever been so depressed you couldn't get out of bed?
Anyone with strange and weird habits?
Relaxing Music...?
What are your thoughts on Ester Hicks' views on autism?
why can't you stare at both of someone else's eyes'?
Why did I go blind in my eye..?
How can I increase my vision radius?
Does the color of an eye effect the size of the pupil?
Is It Safe To Watch TV At Night With The Lights Off?
Words blurry on screen. It actually hurts to read. Monitor or my eyes?
Why would someone's blood level drop to the point where they needed a transfusion? ?
is there a cure for cancer out there that we don't know about? ?
The form of cancer that affects the tissues that produce blood is called...?
does air poultion cause lung cancer?
What can anyone tell me about far-infrared saunas? I'm after personal experiences, thank you?
are there any foods to eat to bring up low white blood count due to large dose of vanco for staff infecton?
Yasmin birth control & hives?
what is a good way to get sleep with fibromynalgia and muscel spasms?
Addiction to Pain Killers... it must end and soon!?
Does this ever happen to you when you have a bowel movement?
anyone taking zoloft 50mg,,, what were you symptoms the first couple weeks?
My mouth has just broken out in ulcers. Do I have a vitamin deficiency?
My mom has MS (multiple sclerosis) so I think I might have it!?
Can Someone Tell Me How You Can Tell If You're Dehydrated?
Why is losing weight so hard?
can you get high after being around weed for hours?
Which is healthier: Taking a shower in the morning or at night?
When ppl crack their fingers, where does the noice of the crack come from?
Too much caffeine, how do I sleep?
I was told that i have 20/20 vision in both eyes so why was i giving glasses with prism lenses?
To see a white light?
I'm blind. What is the colour red?
Has anyone tried the Apple,Cider,Vinegar Diet Or Green tea ? Also which one is better ?
is it okay to be sick?
I am suffering from tenis elbow from nealy three months. What is the best treatment and exercise to treat it?
Where can I find free medical advice by symptoms?
CCCI blood circulation in the brain?
What are the symptoms of lead poisoning?
Are there extremely light symptoms of down syndrome?
I'm currently experiencing trouble with my schizophrenia, should I see a doctor or a couple's counselor?
can coughing be an allergy?
Does anyone have any NAET testimonials for allergies, immune disorders, autism... etc.?
why does milk, and eggs make me sleepy?
can accupuncture clear up a consistant year long stuffed nose?
What else can you take when you are allergic to Ibpurphin/Tylenol/Alieve/ & Asprin?
can anyone explain why i cant sleep?
is a vitamin deficency life threatening just had blood results showing up possible vitamin deficency ?
Cancer Answer ... Fish Oil, Antioxidants (flavanoids - tea, nonflavanoids - red wines)?
Can I get second hand smoke damage from viewing somebody on their webcam that's smoking?
what percentage of boxers get cancer?
What are somethings I should look out for if I have a tumor?
i need to loose 60 pounds in 4 months?
Someone is losing weight, having hard time walking lately, and always having chest pains and shortness of?
irritating pulse in neck..please help!?
Freaking out, blood pressure dropped to 100/37, what should I do?
contact solution allergy?
Is it easier to get the contacts in or out??
Is my vision going to change anymore?
Chronic hip pain, please help!?
Has anyone ever torn their MCL in their knee? If surgery is required, do you know how long the surgery lasts?
what is wrong with me? am i heartless?
Why do I want to do these things?
Can serotonin levels be permanently/significantly lowered or raised?
Do pathological liars know they're lying?
Any allergists out there , I have a question!?
Addicted to Nasal Spray (afrin)?
Constant pink eyes/red eyes?
What is wrong with me? Eye buldge, headaches, weakness/numbness, anxiety?
Can I find a cure for my sweaty palms?
How to do quickly get rid of a headache?
why dose my heal feel like it is bruised when i walk on it ?
please read..about a rare type of cancer?
do i have leukemia this bruise is so weird....... help! asap!?
Death by cancer question?
multiple myeloma can gerson cure?
My husband has Leukemia (cll) He won't talk about it and doesn't want anyone to know.?
what do you say to someone who just lost their brother to cancer?
Can a breast tumor be removed in outpatient surgery or does it require hospitalization?
Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism with HYDRACLEAR users?
Can Reiki be learnt/practiced by just everyone? Or, some people are natural-born as intruments to harness?
Any opinion on herbal medicines for and ADHD child?
i am trying to quit smoking. last night i took the lobelia inflata and my regular dose of zanax and did not sl
homeopathic medicine?
How can I make my own massage oil?
Do Marijuana Alternatives really work?
Will I need Knee surery?
How to fix a sore tendon in my neck?
i fractured my collar bone?
What do you do when you've had an absolutely terrible day?
Describe your self in the 4 nicest ways you can !!♥♥♥?
I keep seeing things and I feel quite strange?
How can I force myself to sleep early?
Last night I was trying to sleep and I heard voices....wth?
Who do you go to when the people who are supposed to be 'there' for you, never are?
I dont know what to do with my DAD he refers to himself as WE?
Besides too much peanut brittle can you offer an explanation for a healthy 45 year olds shredded colon?
Formally took Ditrpan EX but this new med is Oxybutnin ER?
Panic Attacks in a day--?
Can you help me...?
my little sister has a tumor in her brain?
Does anyone know what causes seizures?
is this a sign of breast cancer? someone help please?
What kind of analysis shows breast cancer?
How do you feel about advocates against chemotherapy?
Would you agree with this?
I need some allergy Help?
Really Sore Throat & Runny Nose?
Allergies and Singers?
One day I was at a floor meeting in college (in September) and all the sudden, i saw black for a few seconds (
i cant sleep?
Right index fingertip numb?
what is cd4 and why is the cd4 cells counted in HIV patients?
pink eye question?
is it possible?
Can bad eye sight affect your eye shape?
nervous for first time getting contacts?
how much does an eye visit cost? w/o dilaltion?
Does everyone have a little voice inside their head?
xanax question?
Any difference in effects/side effects of smoking pot or baking it into something and eating it?
is it true that there is a vein in your leg that makes you orgasm when squeezed?
Do you think I am constipated?
Can not eating normally cause depression?
Is there anyway to get the benefits of Q10 without buying the supplement?
Bad Bruise on my kneee!?
How long do concussion symptoms last? What can help?
Out of 1 million heart attacks that may happen each year, what percentage of them could have been.....?
Shaking and slow heartbeat? HELP!
how can i get rid off this itchiness? will it get worse if it's exposed to wind?
my nose is always plugged?
People with food allergies/intelligences: do you get tired of others giving you a hard time about food?
What could my symptoms mean?... right side swollen throat, nasal congestion, stuffy ears...?
Will shots get rid of my allergies and asthma?
If I got lasik eye surgery, how much time would I need to take off from work?
Why is it that my contacts really irritate my eyes sometimes?
can i occasionally sleep with daily disposable contact lens on?
Can I watch Avatar in 3D with one good eye?
What should I do to stop my knee swelling?
i feel nervous all the time?
What could kidney pain be a symptom of ?
stomach and diareha problems?
I think I have Lyme Disease what happens if you treat it immediately?
Is it possible to develop facial or other paralysis when you go from one temperature extreme to another?
Is there anyone out there that gets dizzy right b4 they have a seizure?
Get more sleep?
What are some of the qualities that a doctor need to have?
I need urgent help! I know i have adhd?
I have had my arms & hip making popping sound, what should I take to improve my health with this problems?
Do you have any moles or warts or both?
i have a major sweating problem?
How do you know if you have broken a bone?
Why do I have air pockets/bubbles in my back?
What are some uncommon injuries?
please someone ,OK we went back to the Dr today someone give me an answer?
Chemotherapy and sterility...?
I need to know about leukemia?
What are the herbal treatment for skin cancer?
need to chat with family that has leukemia?
Cancer and signs!OPEN!?
Does cigarette tobacco show up on a drug test.?
My father is bleeding from both sides of his brain how long does he have to live?
My dog was diagnosed with very progressed cancer of the lymph nodes, know any alternative methods of treating?
decaslim or apidexin?
I can "see" my glasses?
How much is laser eye surgery?
I am short sighted, will it continue to worsen and will I eventually become blind?
Anybody take bilberry to help the retina of the eye?
Where can I find really cool colored contacts for my perscription for a good price?
Both of my eyes have been really sore lately... But my doctor says ther is nothing wrong..?
my jaw cracks EVERY time I open my mouth too far...?
How to heal a bad cut.?
when was the last time you picked your nose?
Plz Anser... If you were when at baby times, you fell off a bicycle and crash your head...and it bleeded alot.
Did i breack,crack,dislocate, or hurt my hip?
Is it ok to eat a meal right before going to bed?
Looking for Natural relief for Anxiety/Panic Attacks? Need some quick and natural relief if there is such.?
how to deal with insults?
What is the best way to fall asleep fast?
My elderly friend has swallowed a fly, is there any advice I can give her?
Are there any free clinics in Los Angeles?
what do you do to fall asleep?
Heart flutters!*!??
Massage Indicated for Cyclic Vomiting SYndrome?
Is there proof that vaccines cause auto-immune disease?
I am 8-month pregnant, i am suffering tonsilitis with cold, sneezes, WHAT CAN THIS ILLNESS DO TO MY CHILD?
can anyone tell me why i have been gettine hiccups like 5-10 a day?
Drinking A LOT of water?
How serious is ovarian cancer?
Hair extensions for cancer survivors?
What are some inspirational books about breast cancer?
My dog is diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma(cancer) what to do ?
If you had cancer, How would you conduct your research and make an informed decision?
Mycosis fungoides involves malignant:?
How does lung cancer affect the Economy?
Caffeine intolerance?
What are the best natural remedies to cure asthma?
what are Best healing for tinnitus?
how do i decorate my crutches?
which side is the tibia on and which side is the fibia on?
How long with a broken toe?
i had arthoscopic knee surgery over a week ago. How long does the pain last?
How normal is it for the left foot to be swollen after having left ACL reconstruction plus meniscus repair?
Should it still be hurting 9 months later?
How do i get rid of the Flu?
How did doctors finally stop the Spanish Flu?
Apples & Acid?
Surgery- Who has had surgery because of an extra tooth??
I am looking for a hot reputable dentist in Ireland, How should I go about seeking?
Wisdom tooth question?
Are there any SSRI's that don't cause insomnia?
Do you believe animals can help lift people out of depression?
Since half of my family is crazy, should I attempt getting a TC badge in Mental Health?
i had the spinal cord stimulator put in a month ago. my problem is i dont know when i have a full bladder?
What is the best and quickest way to get rid of scars/ deep cuts?
if you sever your spinal cord at C7, will any of your sympathetic nerves be damaged?
Leg Recovery?
Help please!!! My hip pops or cracks a lot, any ideas as to whats wrong with me?
will this rug burn EVER go away!?!?
I'm feeling randomly dizzy everyday...why?
can any type cancer be detected in a blood test?
Lung Cancer Specialist in NE Ohio?
Can you get brain cancer from listening to your Ipod to much?
how to stop body from rejecting dermal anchor?
Can you get skin cancer tanning for 5 minutes in a bed?
Crohns disease?
blood in urine?
what can make a man to rise up with difficulty in the morning?
What could these symptoms mean?
hypertension: ARBs vs ACE inhibitors?
If you have NF do you get dizzy spells and forget things easily?
Hey Im having a surgery for my Pilonidal cyst and Im really scared! When can I go back to school?
Exercising With A Brain Tumor?
can you get high from 2 2mg hydromorphone pills?
My son has the shin splinters?
Can being a vegetarian affect your joints?
Should you treat your own ingrown toenail?
does this swelling sound like swelling from a meniscus tear??
Bruise lasting for eight months? Is that normal?
what is the technical name for the forearm muscle?
I just got heat hives, will this be a life long thing?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Does eating before bed make you over sleep?
symptoms of diabetes?
which do you prefer?
what does having your tonsiles feel like as a person age 12?
I've been uncontrollably licking my lips for the past 2 days. How can I stop w/o it becoming a habit?
I'm Bipolar, That make it make hard for to find guys who want to date me?
Would this embargo cripple their will to live?
People are stressing me out today any ideas what I can do?
How do you handle the loss of personal property? I mean cope.?
any ideas on how to unclog my ear due to a cold?
home remedies for grease burns?
How do you get rid of a blocked nose ?
Does Claritan help allergic reaction to food?
Best way to handle really bad allergies?
Allergy to carbohidrates: cure? solution? treatment?
Nose is permanently stuffed?
EMERGENCY QUESDTION please help me...i injured my small finger from the hand yesterday while playing wit my?
How long do tailbone injuries last for?
how can i sprain my ankle if im in my bedroom?
What a good exercise?
What should I do about my best friend dying?
what are the last few days of pancreatic cancer like?
Question for oncologist...?
Why is radon a treatment for cancer when it causes cancer?
How to treat treat cancer or what is the best way, need someone who survive opinion?
has anyone out there ever had improvement of fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma after chemoembolization?
When quitting smoking...?
could my new corticosteroid inhaler be causing my face to blow up?
is it possible to get cancer in the little pink fleshy bit in the corner of the eye?
DO glasses/lenses make eye sight weaker with years, Because your eyes become dependent on them?
What are the benefits of fixing a lazy eye?
ANYONE who works with eyeglasses- can I get new lenses for old frames?
Where did STDs originate from?
I plan to go into the medical field but I refuse to take flu vaccines and the like, is there any way to get an?
Does looking at the computer really ruin your eyesight?
What do you do to help yourself fall asleep at night?
What is the coldest temperature the body can withstand?
When you eat something cold, why do you get pains between your eyes??
Grandmal Seizures???
whats the best, non addictive medicine for attention deficit disorder?
What type of Doctor/specialist should you see if you suspect you have carpal tunnel?
how long does xanax stay in your system?
Why am I so sensitive and sentimental? Can anybody help me?
How can you determine your skin is dry?
numbness in arms and hands-carpel tunnel?
what should i expect with a torn ACL?
Have you ever broken your ankle? How?
My foot hurts on the top and side, what is this?
water inside my ear and it hurts when i yawn or touch it?
Can I have arthritis already?
Injury Question?
If I have been living for 4 months on only 600 calories per day..?
is it a tumour??
how can we cure inflammatory breast cancer without surgery?
Can you drink alcohol if you've had cancer?
Does Kool-Aid cause cancer?
Health Question????? Please Help????
Is there anyone with cancer who is following Dr. Gonzalez' protocol?
on average, how many months/years of his/her life, does a person waist being sick?
how do you know if glasses are uneven?
Has anyone heard of getting reading glasses to correct distance vision??
Is this normal? My eyes go out of focus a lot...?
is this normal?like coming from the left and right of my eye it looks like tiny red lines that may be vessels?
i need to grow taller, what can i do??
What are some ways to reinforce my resolution to quit smoking?
How do modern psychiatrists treat phobias? Do they use psychotherapy or behavior modification techniques?
I'm so tired all the time?
i can crack almost every bone is this bad?
i sleep often. How to avoid this bad habit?
help before i fall asleep?
How can I speed up my immune system?
How do you take care of an ingrown toenail??
What can I put on my nose to help with extremely dry skin?
Peyronie’s disease ? has someone got it cured? if yes how? Personal experience counts?
Do you have OCD? Know anyone who does?
Does the average adult really need 2,000 calories per day?
extracting pre-molars for braces?
Stronger teeth?
receding gums?
stage2 breast cancer cure?
chemo & hair what do yall think ?
Mucus in bowel movements?
I want to do Radiation therapy?
i need help i am losing my home due to sickness?
rotator cuff / shoulder injury?
shoulder,slap tear pictures?
Which finger do you pick your nose with?
OK i just went to a football game and got completely sunburnt it hurts soo bad. What do i do?
what can u use to make scars go away??
when you sprain your ankle?
Why has my little finger had pins&needles/tingling sensation?
is percocet safe to take with with zoloft?
Restless Leg Syndrome?
My vision keeps getting worse, will it ever stop?
I have trouble seeing outside?
Do people with a lazy eye know it?
Help! There is something wrong with my eyes!?
Question for people who have taken depression pills?
What do these numbers mean? I'm 5'9, 140 lbsLDL 57Very LDL 8Cholesterol 97Triglyceride 50HDL 32?
Natural remedy for catarrh?
Any home remedies/natural ways to prevent UTI?
Chronic Fatigue?
What's your favorite home remedy?
Underactive thyroid, any solution idea's that don't involve taking medicine?
What are the absolute best acne products?
Eyelid keeps twitching on its own.?
Does Glucosamine really help your joints heal?
How in the world does this happen?
what is your opinion on the U.S. Health Care system?
Is it bad to pop your fingers alot?
Is too much sleep BAD?
Is your overall health caused by genetics or life style?
Is cancer a man made disease?
Contacting a doctor of Tata Memorial Center of Mumbai for Urine bladder cancer?
My mum doesn't want me to have the vaccine, but I do, so what do I do?
In which ways can a healthy lifestyle change a persons risk of cancer?
if you have mouth cancer at 80, can you have chemotherapy ?
Why can't we find the cure for cancer?
Can any breast cancer sufferer tell me if hardening of the breast and extreme pain could be cancer?
Could I have lung cancer after only dipping for 2 days?
Surgery for nothing?!?
is there an otc medicine that will get rid of a migraine headache?