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Stitches left in too long?
Ingrown toenail help?
i hurt the bone down the side of my thumb badly and don't have a bandage or anything?
Is life-coaching a bubble that is about to burst?
My Index finger is sooo small?
Penicilin G in powder form : is it good for healing open wounds?
I feel I'm going def in 1 ear :S [see details]?
Why can any prolonged & repetitive coughing, sneezing, & blowing your nose cause discomfort to groin muscles?
Cut my own lip stitches within 6 days of op! Help!?
Where can I take a first aid course??!?!?
I'm thinking of taking a first aid course in London .. Any thoughts?
what is the relevance of a current first aid certificate?
How many people die of no water every year?
Cuts on my leg-how to treat them?
how to manage my time?
ear stretching blowouts?
How bad is weed for you?
what could cause numbness in your leg?
Stress & Stomach Problems?
How to Detox my system!?
is seeing floaters unhealthy?
is this carpel tunnel or ?
SNEEZING?????????????????? Okay, so i found a way to sneeze whenever i want and it feels good for some reason.?
What can U recommend to a person with chicken pox?
Doctor told me I have Gastroesophageal reflux, medication?
Does anyone know how does alcohol metabolize in the body?
Are there any famous people that are double jointed?
I have got a bunion?!?
how to heal a broken heart?
best way to get rid of my acne ?
Sweating, Excercise & Acne ?
small foci of intermediate signal intensity in the medial meniscus,posterior horn body junction are seen with?
what are these random bumps?
Skin problem questions?
mole??? crusting over?
is a chemical peel good for rosacea?
bubble/bump on my lip?
Dry, flaky, itchy, and inflamed eyelids?
What Are These Markings I found on My Chest/Shoulder?
I've got excess skin down below.?
is natures cure acne treatment for men good?
how to get rid of bacne?
whats the fastest way to get rid of scars on your face?
Acne products......Need review (Beyond Belief)?
what was aflac called before it became aflac?
How long can you live with a V.A.D.?
Prolonged tachycardia?
how accurate is the hiv test?
how are the heart and lung linked?
Where can I but 400mg avelox without a persscription?
I have been having palpitations, had an ecg which shows irregular ventricular activity with q waves present.?
rapid and hard heartbeat that comes and goes?
ok to ride a motorcycle after mild heart attack?
Why does it feel like my heart stopped?
colin cancer?
Boyfriend dieing.. i need doctors opinion or someone that knows information about adrenaline heart diease.?
Enlarged liver - 400?
does vitamin c cause strokes?
If you already have slightly blocked arteries,?
how unusual to have 5 bypasses without having a heart attack and no damage to the heaer muscle?
How much does it cost for a heart Transplant in the U.S.?
Vaginitis? Herpes? Something?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from sharing cocaine straws?
Are there any websites that I can track my diabetes rather than use a log book?
Does anyone know a lot about comas?
What is wrong with my foot?
how can i get rid of my headache!?
My shins have been aching for a few weeks now...?
Why does my crotch hurt when I walk?
Should I go to the ER?
What does it mean if you feel pain in your abdominal area after eating/drinking something?
Armpit pain and swelling?
should I go to the hospital?
how much tramadol should i take and not od?
What's wrong with my throat?
Im getting a headache and my neck and shoulder hurt... why ?
My legs and lower back are very sore is that bad?
Is taking 15 Klonopin a lot?
Do I have something serious happening to me?
Everyone at a loss.. feel like giving up, anyone have ideas?
Repeatedly occurring very painful headaches?
are Hazel eyes considered brown when calculating genetics?
Something stuck in my eye for the last two days?
Would Colored Contacts Work on My Eyes?
A white dot on my tongue that hurts?
if i usually wear a 8.60 BC is it ok if i wear a 8.70 BC?
Something is wrong with my eyes? I think...?
does hd contact lenses exist & can they be surgically placed?. Also where can i get it done at if so.?
i see this solid black dot in my vision?
what is causing my random lower back pain?
Pain in lower right abdomen?
Help ! (Eye question)?
Can looking at polarized light for a few hours cause headaches?
Astigmatism; glasses or contacts?
I went to the eye doctor and he said my vision is a "minus 10" what does this mean? I know I have poor vision?
where can I get cheap Acuvue Advance contacts?
Question about my eye color (And something totally unrelated)?
I was told that my contact lenses last for a week but is it a week in the solution or in my eyes?
A patch on my eye? Lazy eye?
How to ask your parents for contacts?
What's the white powdery stuff in my contact lense case?
Prescription Contacts?
Why is my eye all gross?
Single, clear eye over watering?
Colored contacts vs regular?
How Can You Recover from Dry Eyes After Wearing Contacts for Years?
my eyes are red, but don't itch or nothing?
Myth for female right eye twitch?
Runny Eye...only in my left eye?
Any danger in using some samples of expired lac-hydrin 12%?
ive had the same cold for a month is this bad? i thought it went away for a bit then i started coughing again?
cutting scars?
I need to pass a drug test I am entering the work force after 2 back surgeries I took percocet for 9 months da
what is lice?
Burn appearence?
Bedbug bites?
welts appear and dissapear? everyday!?
patients with advanced peripheral arterial vascular occlusive disease exhibit which of the following skin?
Question about Oxy face scrub?
Has the number given for what is a "normal" temperture for the human body been lowered over the years?
where do people to get the treatment for HIV/AIDS in Brazil?
Natural asthma cure ?
what if my boss won't let me go home when i have a 100 degree temp and asthma symptoms?
What can you smoke that is NOT bad for you?
HELP!!! My mom is throwing up blood?
Should I get my chest pain checked?
i just smoked in my room how long will the smell last?
what can i do about snoring ? it seems the older i get the worse it's getting. i have no insurance.?
Does smoking weed mess up your lungs?
I cannot seem to get warm no matter what!?
Does Making out cause sore throats?
I have a friend that has frequent sinus infection what does that really mean?
I'm having an anxiety attack right now. How do I calm down?
What do BedBug eggs/larvae look like?
Smoking areas in Disneyparks bad influence on kids?
I've got this gunk in my throat?
how do you get rid of hicups?
6 year old with asthma and constantly coughing?
I am having a panick attack help me?
I have been smoking all day and want to put a patch on now before bed..?
would it take about 2 weeks of antibiotics to clear up a sinus infection?
i have a question about headaches and asthma?
what are the symtoms....ofa h3art attack?
Please, need real help, real answers?
What is going on with my left ear?
why are people so scared the u.s has the best health care in the world?
Sometimes when I take a nap during the day I involuntarily hold my breath?
What health problem could i have?
Think I have Pepsi stuck in my lung what should I do?
my feet always fall asleep?
How many hours sleep would I need after I stayed awake 36 hours?
what can you use on your face to help dry skin?
Does coffee help you quit smoking?
Is it ok to take these medicines together?
Can I take Desyrel with Piroxicam?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
Do I have to take my piercings out when I get surgery?
Really nervous about smoking. Help?
Please help me. I am so scared. I feel like I cannot breath sometimes?
If I sleep a couple hours during the day, do I still need at least 8 hours of sleep during the night ?
Quitting smoking... 4 hrs since my last cigarette?
Why are my fingers blue? Help?!?
how to stop my eyesight from geting wrost ?
I drank about 30 units and can't sleep, should I just make myself sick?
is this normal? / okayy?
can I take Phenergan and tylenol pm together?
what could be the problem?
ear problems!! am i deaf and what should i do and can it get better?
When I breathe (mostly upon exhale) it tickles my throat and makes me have a coughing spell which then causes?
Can someone help me on a couple of broken finger questions please.?
im slightly confused on this.......?
training with a gluteus maximus injury?
how do i make swelling go down ...?
has anyone ever got staples instead of stitches?
what are quadriceps? ?
Constant Cold Hands and Numb Toes Problem?
ok so what do you have to do in order to get put in crutches?
what is wrong with my foot?
i have a swollen pinky finger?
I fell snowboarding and put my arm down. A pain shot up to my chest. HELP!!!?
Muscle moving Bone Fractures?
Rotator cuff? help please?
What to use on forehead above my eye.Had Shingles 4 yrs ago on right side & still very sensitive to touch.?
is there a way to recover a thought that slipped your mind that was important?
How to get rid of the bruise in side of my lip?
is it true that you must not wet your hands after playing guitar for a long time?
Hurt my ankle, Seek help?
foot hurts to walk/put pressure on?
Playing football without hurting knee?
Could I have broken my sternum?
Dislocated finger.???????
I have a verucca?
any heavy smokers ytere please?
Community first responder?
Can a person who's had mono before, give the virus to someone?
What to do if you have severe headaches in 2 days?
I have a really huge mosquito bite.,?
What is this sickness?
Worried about potassium levels?
ok i have a very underactive thyroid problem and im not sure if there is any particular diet i should be on.?
have fever and body aches for 24 hrs, what is it?
I have a sore throat and it won't go away!?
how can you stop nausea ?
Can hepatitis be transferred through contact lenses?
what are flat white worms,after worming theses are still showing in bowel movements?
why do i have yellow in my eye?
Can you still get the flu, even if you get a flu shot?
i have a sore throat?
Best to way prevent getting a bad cold?
i have strep AND a cold. should i go to work today?
is bronchitis contagious?
what are possible causes for these symptoms? Hobbling, Hands shaking, sneezing, fainting, dizzy?
I am a vet and won't to ask out one of my doctors.?
What type of sickness do I have?
how to cure high puss cells?
I am an Hiper Cordiomyopathi Patiebt. I get freequent pain,fo that I will take "FOTWIN" injuction dailly is it
Has anyone ever had radiesse (collagen filler) injected into their skin to help hide a scar away?
My boyfriend looses his attention and falls asleep too often.I feel that it might be a decease. Comments?
Working 24hrs is a pain in the neck?
What do my symptoms mean!?
Red burn mark on my hand!?
My lip is trying to heal over the flat part of the bar..is this normal? if not what do i do? please help?
Extremely unwell please help, what could this disease be?
can a fly lay maggots in your stomache if swallowed?
What sickness do I have?
Why does it hurt your ear if you have an infection in your throat?
legs sore...not sure why??
When is it a good time too take your blood pressure?
5 years ago I had severe double ear infection. Since then, my ears drain puss daily, & smell horribly! WHY?
who do you get food poisning?
what are these small pea sized lumps everyone asks about?
Eating disorder questions?
what is a good way to get rid of a bad sun burn??
Should parental permission be sought if a life-threatening tumor is found during surgery on a minor?
what system does the respiratory system work closely with in animals?
how do you get rid of ant bites?
my dog is dieing and i dont know what to do..?
i have celiac and need to know some tiny treats recipes(4 a party)?
why does your nose stop up like what causes it.?
I'm allergic to Alkaline!Can any one help me stop having allergic reactions& what I'm coming in contract with?
Im allergic to use on my skin regular mosquito repelled...where can I get non allergic mosquito repeller for s?
Are fabric softener allergies immediate or can they appear a few months later?
Sudafed or zyrtec or claritin or benadryl?
Antihistamine and sleeping pills?
What should you avoid when a person is allergic to mixed weeds, and rag weeds?
How long does the side effects of the antibiotic doxycycline continue after stopping?
Why do herbal medicines never work for me?
How can I eliminate "White Dust" spread by my humidifier?
How do I get rid of mucus? Should I try Mucinex?
Am I allergic to Pretzels?
Could this rash be caused by an allergic reaction to shampoo?
is my cough because of allergies?
Is using bug spray with DEET harmful?
How to get rid of a runny nose + saw throat!?
My cat drank nyquil?!?
will being in the sun make my skin rash allergies worse?as i have itchy skin &raised red bumps?
Allergies and sinus trouble.?
how do u find out if you have allergies?
Allergic reaction to ear drops?
What are all the symptoms for HPV?
Is it really true that HPV can be cured?
Anyone with Celiacs Disease?
what should I do about my hypothyroid disease?
Causes of Frequent Urination?
Weight gain after treating hypothyroidism.?
That certain disease that shows no symptoms...?
Osteoporosis, scoliosis, and kyphosis. Be able to explain osteoprosis and its statistics, causes, prevention,?
what is this lump on my back?
What is my friend diagnosed with?
I need to know the name of a disease where you have problems with iron I think it may be called hemaclomatosis?
Why do people with advanced kidney disease commonly become anemic?
LAtely, after writing alot in the dark, things seem very blury to me now, whats going on ?
If my headache went from very bad to nothing really at all does that mean i don't have brain tumor?
What is Plantar Fascitis?
Do I have an eating disorder?
My temperature is usually in the high 95's to the low 97's. Is that bad?
symptoms of alcoholism!?
After the nurse took blood from my hand, I have a lump that hurts, what is it?
Has any else had this bowel movement problem? Is a laxative the answer?
Am I anemic or something?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
If you swallow 24 advil in 24 hours, will u die?
Gastrointestinal: Do you think, barring endoscopy results, this surgery is the way to go?
black spots on face and head?
are my stitches supposed to feel like this?
What is the surgery called for a chemical removal of a ingrown toenail.?
How do fruits and vegetables help clear acne?
what are the white spots under your fingernails?
Tiny white bump on lower eyelid.?
I just recently got really bad acne and I need it gone by the next few days. Any suggestions?
oil massage good for body?
why do I have a full body rash?
Proactive is making me break out on my forehead and around my lips where I never got zits before! Help!?
any one using tetracycline for acne?
my dog has developed rash on some part of her body ,what should we do/?
Acne removing facial wash?
how can i get rid of my acne overnight?
How can I get these 6 cuts to heal?
Should I take Accutane?
How can I get rid of these awful dark circles?
athlete's foot?
is eczema dangerous?
my husband has sugar in his urine and his blood sugar is 250 he thinks he is fine i'm worried?
What are the symtoms of diabetis?
Can I switch my Humalog insulin to Novalog?
What are the chances of a person getting diabetes if they have packed on 85 pounds from a certain medication?
what can a person do about diabetes?
What dangers exist if the glucowatch is incorrect?
My blood sugar is high but goes down when I eat?
I need help with my mood!?
What do I do? I hate my life!?
What is the best smart drug, or "nootropic" drug to take to improve higher brain functions and concentration?
i think my body is going crazy?
i feel so depressed my heart hurts?
Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?
What do BedBug eggs/larvae look like?
I think I might have lung cancer or something similar. Help?
6 year old with asthma and constantly coughing?
when i was smoking weed i was in the middle of taking a hit and i just couldnt breathe?
Coughing up blood, could it be serious? what should i do?
How to deal with chronic, nonstop, unproductively dry coughing?
do girls hate a smoker?
my roommate has been throwing up in her sleep, what does this mean?
I have been coughing for like 2 months?
Trip to the ER, or can it wait for a doctor's apt in the am?
Why does the back of my head hurt, and neck and shoulders?
Are my Fingers broke?
why does this hurt so much?
What to do for severe gas problems?
How long do MIGRAINE headache episodes last?
REALLY bad back pains?
How long would i be dirty for if i smoked a couple of bowls of pot? I havn't smoked for 4 months prior to this?
I bit my tounge and now?
backache after sneezing?
In the past four days, I've been getting a sharp pain once a day in the back right side of my head. ?
I have mysterious chest pain? ?
5 weeks ago i sprang my ankle, now the doc says the MRI told him its fractures]d;, what will they do to it?
what is the best thing to do for a stiff neck?
What could be causing this pain?!?
what is the difference in hydrocodone 7.5-325 and 7.5-750?
How can I stop this pain?
Should i hurt myself??
my chest hurts when i brethe in and my upper back is killing me?
why is hand, foot and mouth disease called hand, foot and mouth disease?
What's Wrong With My Vision?
Can hypothyroidism cause excess hair growth.?
Please help!!!?
my 6mth old grandson appears to have hayfever.is there anything from the chemist that i could get for him?
First of all thank you.then i want to know: What is the sign of low blood flow in brain?
Consatnt tiredeness?
Is Something Wrong ??
What is Thyroid Autoantibodies? and how do i make it lower than what it is???!?!?
signs of a heart attact in a person?
the book of curing all diseases?
Daughter has low WBC?
im Worried That i May Have An Eating Disorder.?
I have been doing physical therapy for 2 months, can I do these excercises now?
Have My Vocal Cords Become Strained?
Should I get "Monthly Disposables" contact lenses or "bi-weekly disposable" contact lenses?
eye glass warranty lenght?
I didn't treat my dry-eyes, is that why i don't see as well as i used to?
where can i get eye contacts?
why is my vision better at night?
Can eating a raw food diet make your eyes brighter? Not change the color but just make them clearer?
What do hardened eye lids mean?
can i get any type of contacts?
Will there be any problem if water vapour touches my transition lenses?
I wondering about my eyesight?
Are all colored contact lenses on dark eyes going to make the pupil look unnatural, or is it just the size?
Fresh Look Contacts.. "FL" sign?
Cleaning my eye lenses case?
one of my pupils were white in a flash picture?
Prescription Sunglasses?
how do we loose our vision do we loose it by bright lights?
where can i buy visine for contacts in the philippines?
I can't get my contacts on!?
Black out? Health Q!!!!!!!!!!!?
When do you think a black eye will develop?
question about lense fitting?? please answer please?
My eyes are really dry after taking out contact lenses?
Do i have glaucoma? Please answer?
Am I too worried about my 1 year old preemie being sick?
I have an ultra sound to see if I have gall stones tomorrow morning 8:15am...?
Health and social option!?
nursing acute care experience?
can i wear hair extentions in hospital (having tonsills removed)?
Is there are a chances that I can still grow a lot?
Do they let you have a lap top while getting a blood transfusion?
bilateral femoral shortening?
Why is my stomach twitching?
Forcing bowel movements?
Zyrtec- Does it prevent headaches?
I need help with my sleeping schedule...any advice?
why do i twitch and my leg cant stop moving?
Why do I feel sick after or during using my laptop?
Waking up in the middle of the night, need advice?
what are these tiny little white animals ?
can anyone tell me the symtoms of an STD any of them :D ?
What's the type of thing is AIDS?
herpes and nerve sensitivity?
what is vampirism? (20 characters)?
My friend wants to know where can he take an hiv test?
relationship and std question answer please?
Medical help involving a rash on shoulders and chest!!!?
Severe headache ????
Eating honey to alleviate allergy - how raw or diluted?
My mom thinks she's allergic to my guinea pig...?
my son seems to have allergic conjunctivitis he says some blood came out of around his eyeball?
Allergy and dizziness?
Is there a shot/medication to stop the growth of poison ivy?
Allergic reactions--what makes them delayed?
How can i cure my blocked nose & sinus`s or help deal with it better?
why do dogs bite on paws?
are there any ways to give yourself sinusitis?
Hair dye reaction or not?
cymbalta and alcohol allergic reaction?!?
i have fluid in between my eyes and nose. what should i do?
What is the best cure for a super itchy throat?
Is there Gluten in Birth Control?
is there a way to lose your dog allergies?
i just spontaniously gotten hives after work from mcdonalds?
Why is my throat and mouth itching sooo badly!!!!?
dirty carpet, and such make you sick?
How to cure a sinus allergy reaction completely?
Help with Kids Allergies?
Help with allergies please?
How do you clean your system from weed ? without waitin 60 days..i mean very fast ?
Can people or any other being die of hunger while sleeping ?
Went to Amsterdam for 3 days and worried about a drugs test.?
It's 3:30am and I can't sleep?
Why is my eye twitching?
i need to detoxify my system from drugs what can i use?
Please help! Very concerned!!!!:(?
Somebody please answer!?
does anyone have any ideas?
Is it okay to get my blood drawn two days in a row?
will my boyfriend get sick?
I smoke a lot of marijuana but always come back clean on the tests? How is this possible?
Why does my arm feel numb?
Health Question... IMPORTANT PLEASE HELP!?
Is healthcare a right?
rusty barbed wire????
Should I go to see a doctor?
Topic for Nursing Research paper?
Is my six year old daughter having growing pains or something more serious?
What do you think of my health?
Dehydration and Blood Pressure?
I Felt dizzy, and tired last night after dinner?
On high dose antibiotics and lymph nodes still swollen? Please answer.?
can antibiotics ointments heal infected cracked skin?
please advise on these random symptoms?
Is there a way to not smell like cigarettes?
i smoked weed and i have ashma now i can bearly breath how long will this happen for?
would I be being a drama queen if I go to the ER for a lupus flare?
how do you get rid of a sty (or however you spell it)?
Can I lose my social security disability benefits because I start going to a methadone clinic?
How can anemia get worse?
My throat hurts and it's read just above that dangling thing at the back of your throat?
Is this liver damage?
What is going on here?
What are the symptoms of an alcoholism?
Is it right that osteo-arthritis can be avoided by rubbing large amounts of axle grease into my thighs?
Old Injury. I semi-sprained my ankle 18 months ago. Its OK but still not right. Should I be worried?
migraines and pfo closure?
how do we test the temperature when we cook meat?what is the right temperature for cooked meat/?
alchohol poisioning?
Food Poisoning...?
purelli handwash for cuts?
I have swollen feet and incontinence and I am wondering why. I?
Symptoms of Coeliac Disease?
I used a cotton bud in my ear and it's bleeding!!!!!?
grumbling appendix symptoms?
What are the effects of Prozac on your mind and hormones?
what is the mask called that burns victims wear to protect there face and scars i htink it begins with a p?
What are the contents of a firstaid kit meant for deepsea fishermen?
can i get my stitches wet?
How long will a wasp try to sting you for?
finger tip burn? damaged nerves?
If you have Flat Feet, is it better to walk in shoes or bare?
help with hamstring problems?
I need help with a broken ankle?
Why does my heel and ankle hurt when i walk?
How do i know if my elbow is broken?
i have two black pinky toe?
muscles so soar it hurts to bend knees?
Ran into a door in the dark and now I have a bump (feels like a huge vein) how do I relieve pain?
about my thumb ... its really weird?
Did I Pull My Groin????
Knee Injuries...any suggestions?
Is this bad just want to know?
when well it completely heal? i need help!?
how to relieve a pulled muscle?
Knee is really hurting/sore?
What are some ways to help reduce facial swelling?
i broke my foot and been in a cast for 4 months now im going to therapy but im still limping wat should i do ?
What shoes/supports are recommended for a avulsion fracture metatarsal bones?
if i don't have a doctor...where can i turn?
I just recently got bad B.O?
Infected wound on my knee, its burning!?
How can you tell if you have a broken Coccyx?
Really bad pain in my elbows?
Please tell me what could this be?
Help me, i get really scared when i throw up by a bug?
does the h1n1and flu shot effective against colds as well?
What do you think about my symptoms?
Think it's a Tapeworm or The Flu?
Please help!! Could I be sick?
what are my chances of getting flesh eating?
Wat will happen in a disease dead or alive?
I saw my doctor at 4:30 PM yesterday and started on mint-ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day to eliminate a urina?
Is it okay to run even if i have a cough and runny nose?
Is my Cold finally going away?
What are the symptoms of gangerene in a toe?
Is colitis contagious?
what are the symptoms im haveing is it an allsor or incungestion?
Do I have an illness or am I just getting light headed?
What is Seliac's Disease?
I have some questions about mrsa?
I have recently received the results of a CBC, and my calcium level is elevated, would I see a endrocologist?
Where can I get the flu mist in Long Island or NYC?
does hiv stop eating food?
How do I get rid of school sores (impetigo)?
puss pocket on throat for over a month?
Kidney Stones and constipated..HELP?
small lump on foot?
child with tubes in the ear ??
What cause'shigh cholesterol?
tightness in chest?
How to get soft, clearer skin?
what are some tests for concussions?
My 6 yr. old black lab mix has all of a sudden got white flaky skin.?
Im I sick!?!?
Face Wash that wont burn or dry your face.?
how do you guys deal with cuticles (care)?
Does milk help with coldsores?
what are the signs of an Amorism ?
I dont know what just happend to me but My eye sudenly is blury and I feal A bit disoriented Any advice?
big dandruff issue!!!!!!?
Can anyone please help with this?
what's a facial lotion that works for really dry skin?
Please help, What should I do about my excessive sweating?
I am losing strength first it was my legs now its my hands and arms doctors call it mytosis I don't think so?
How to make your veins on arms more noticeable?
Any creams that heal the skin? Get away scars, rashes, patches of eczma? that you can buy at the counter? UK?
Ways to prevent red ring of death?
How can i tell if my ringworm is dead?
how do you get your legs really smooth?
How to get rid of perfumes?
Right mustache for oval face?
how to stop hand sweating?
dark underarms???lemon juice?
Dark circles after surgery?
Why are my hands swelling and itching ?
Do you think scars are disgusting? ?
Have u ever felt this before?
What does it mean if i have bruiseish sort of shadows in the corner of my eyes?
Is there anyway to make yourself less contagious when sick with a virus? or take the sickness away?
Why does body hair fall out ?
If mother gets kidney stones for some reason is it possible for her son to get kidney stones?Is there any poss?
I'm feeling very down at the moment?
help...possibly phemonia?
how long do you usually inhale tobacco for?
I need a hearing aid device?
I'm feeling nauseous and took this EMETROL medicine which I take every 15 minutes. What can I eat & drink?
Should I stop taking Ceftin?
sleeping trouble............?
what is causing this?
does water soften existing stool?
Why has my voice changed all of the sudden?
Doctor for abused children? What is that called?
does anyone know how a nose job surgery goes?
hiv needle please help its really affecting me?
do i have an std i got a lil watery mostly clear discharge?
Can you get chlamydia from make up?
Whats wrong with me? Is it normal?
Am I suffering from a panic attack?
I need help with smokeing!?
Will i become dependent on an asthma inhaler?
How can i stop smoking? FORMER SMOKERS ONLY!!?
my son has had a dry cough for over 6 weeks and dr's cannot find what is wrong with him now he has rib pain,?
i have a smoking question?
why there is a need to complete the course of antibiotic treatment?
why is inhaled air dirtier than exhaled air?
what's the best cough medecine for a two year old?
Bad cough with blood and Im concerned?
when i breathe my upper back and chest region hurts?
I seem to be having trouble?
I have a horrible immune system?
A 17-year-old student has experienced reversible, periodic attacks of chest tightness with coughing, wheezing,?
my daughters pulmonary function test showed moderate obstruction what does this mean?
having sharp shooting pains in my chest ..and down and around my back what wrong with me?
quitting smoking?
My boyfriend has bad habits, he blows his nose in the house in the air and neezes without covering?
My tongue really hurts and it has bumps along the sides. I can't get in to see the Doctor 'til the 5th.
What is nephroligst?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
homeremidees for herion withdraw?
once your nail falls off... what should you do?
Did i sublux my shoulder or disloacate it? And i still feel pain after wrestling...is surgery needed?
muscle twitch/spasm/pinch?
Which is harder to treat?
What are some things I can do to become mentally stable?
Can somebody tell me how I can get my 25 year old some mental help?
What is EDNOS? And how do we know if someone has it?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Why people can easily feel disappointed?
Will drinking herbal cleanser cause me to withdrawl off my methadone ?
Low Blood Platelet Count......What can it be?
Today and yesterday I've felt really run-down and have slight headaches?
Mortality rate of Job Syndrome?
Strange head sensations go away when wearing a hat?
AcneFree lotion - is this what it's supposed to look like??
i have red patches under some of mt finger nails and sore to touch i have psoriasis could this be connected?
HELPPP!!! I cant move my neck in any direction!?
Why is my back hurting me?
my bones hurt all over?
What can i do to relive arthritis in the wrist?
I just took like 10 ibuprofen pills?
What piercing hurts more?
Is my headache just tension or a migraine? Does anyone have any quick fixes for a headache?
Legs hurt after working out?
i ate a mcdonalds biscet & my stomach started hurting SO bad?
I have a faint chest pain and a faint pain in my left shoulder almost like in the bone itself, when I inhale?
What are some home remedies for treating a canker sore?
Tylenol question...........................?
what's wrong with me? I have been feeling weird for weeks!?
I have no energy any more what can I do?
Headaches and chest pain everyday. is this normal?
How can I get rid of a stomach ache fast?
About how long does it take Pearl Vision to make your glasses, so i can pick them up?
What do i do when everytime i swallow my throat hurts?
what is the difference between proclear contacts and the proclear compatables they are both made?
ok..i need glasses but i hate wearing them. i want to get contacts.where could i get them? how much are they?
Eyes glaze and loose focus really easy?
i lifted something heavy now my chest and back hurts.. did i pull something or tear something?
I have a lazy eye - my doctor prescribed prism correction in the opposite eye..is this correct?
UV rays penetrating glass window?
Is a prolonged, left side headache with temporary vision impairment something to be concerned about?
i have lower back pain and i don't know why?
fix a hurting spine??????
anybody know of anything besides painkillers to use for cramps? i dont have any at the moment.?
My menstrol cramps are bad what can I do to make the pain go away?
What is wrong with my eye?!?
wheres the cheapest place to order (GP) contacts online?
Which glasses would be best for farsightedness?
what should i know about contacts? please help?
Is there anything wrong with my eyes?
yellow eye discharge question?
Annoying Vision Problem I need advice on?
I have a pain in my eye?
My eyes itch with my tears whenever i cry? Never happened before? What is this?
Which mass market optical center do you recommend for prescription eye glasses?
I just had minor eye surgery. Can anyone here please answer some of my questions?
Slight blue/green colour blindness?
Eye bag & dark eye circle problem! ?
Contacts for Grey/Blue eyes?
I have -.75 contacts. I was wanting to know what my vision was.?
Why did my eyesight suddenly go all redish?
My pupils get very large...?
what is causing itching of female private part and passing blood after urinating.?
What is chlamydia's impact on society?
Do I have HIV? Please help me.?
Your Mom Has Herpes and Clomydia?
am I worrying too much? How do I overcome my fear?
I do not have any med. insurance. Where can I find a doctor for the cataract srg for less then $3000?
What are the things in marijuana that get u so high?
Is duoneb for my nebilizer covered by medicaid?
What important function of bone becomes altered when the red bone marrow becomes afflicted with disease?
Appiontment for a booked month?
How Do I Cure This Zit!!!?
can I smoke st.Jon's Wart tea?
This is so aggravating! Anyone else experience this?
Why am I so itchy!!!?
Whats the difference between 8.5 base curve and 8.4 BC?I have BC 8.5 but Acuvue uses 8.4,can I get them?
what is the average weight of a 7th grader?
Is there any way i can clear my stomach?
Has anyone else been treated this way from hospital billing managers?
Is it safe for a fourteen year old to take Hydroxycut?
is it a tumor? yes or no?
Parents that did drugs in the past. Will this affect their children?
why is my stomach so disporportionate?
why cant you sleep when youre hungry?
When you go to the emergency room(for whatever reason), what do the lab techs check for in your blood test?
Hey what do I have? please help.?
how come i don't feel hungry, but when i eat i feel like vomiting?
How do i not get sick?
When it is hot, I can't sleep. My feet get extremely hot and my feet and legs get very uncomfortable.help me.?
Is being excessively clean puts you in a risk of more infection?
Should you throw out your chapstick out when nothing comes out anymore or when you can't turn it anymore?
please help me (sick but don't know what's wrong)?
could someone explain my cough?
How often should i visit a doctor?
Can you go through life without ever needing glasses?
I have this cut on the corner of the inside of my mouth and gum that has been hurting for about 4 days now?
Wearing Annual Contact Lenses?
Omg!! I have a bunions????!?
Should i stop taking steroids (Prednisone)?
i dont know if i'm tired?
I am having a hard time breathing? My hands cannot stop shaking?
What temp. as far as low should we start getting scard? My husband as been running @ 96.4 What should I do?
No bowel movement for a week?
Should i go to the ER? I took 2 Excedrin, possible allergic reaction?
What's an easy way to fall asleep fast?
Sometimes, it feels like I can actually feel the blood going through my arteries. What can this be?
I have a white bump on my lower knee & it's growing!?
i have dark circle around my eyes & wrinklesunder my eyes for a three or four years .what do i do?
what foods to eat for a lazy bowel?
I think I might have appendicitis...?
WHat can i do to get rid of a sty?
my parents said i should just go to a dermatologist, but idk?
I picked at my scab..?
Question about Doxycycline?
What does ridges in your fingernails signify? Is it a sign of a deficiency?
Can not eating cause diarreah?
hhmmm werid spots?
I have a white spot on the back of tonsil on/off for 6 mos. swollen gland, sore throat not too bad. any ideas?
Are some people very susceptible to alcohol's effect on the brain?
In the UK if an under 16 has a problem (e.g eating disorder) can she be treated without her parent's consent?
I want to know the best combination of antibiotics to use for TB,Bronchitis and asthma.?
can a brain tumor be passed down genetically?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
I have been diagnosed with seizures. I read Mark 9:17-28. Do I have a bad spirit inside of me?
bleeding in the brain?
Is ecstasy bad for gastric ulcers?
I have been diagnosed with IBS when will I be able to eat again?
Am I Scyzophrenic???????????
Help with a kidney infection?
I am 22 years old, and for the past year I have had high blood presssure. Today for example it was 161/106.?
What is this white stuff I found in my sisters room;some kind of drug I think?
what is lupus coagulant& why does my new dr. say i don't have lupus after about 7 yrs. of thinking i do?
What is the most DEADLY DISEASE known to man?
am i dying??? is this normal?? pls..help me!!?
Does anyone hear weird noises?
I found a spider in my bathroom this morning?
Does this mean my ear is infected?
Wanna Play a Game? Wanna Play a Game?
What kinds of drug tests are there for children besides blood test?
Can you get a blood disease from this?
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease... help please!?
Sick, orange circles around my eyes, confused and worried?
I feel sick! Ulcer/ H.pylori related question. help?
where do i find email address of doctors for osteoporosis?
How come you can bend the top of all your toes except for your little toe?! 0_0?
i have stitches on my finger and was wondering if its ok to do aerobics?
What is the medical term for the area in between human fingers, the bit which would be webbed on a duck?
Can I sue the NHS?
What hand/finger support would help?
i went to the gym and had a bath 2-3 hrs later, like 10 mins later my legs kill?
sun block /sunscreen ??????
What is the best remedy for Ant Bites?
insect bite cures anyone please!?
guitarists, how do you stop the skin peeling off your fingers?
what does happen if you?
What can i do to help heal a sprained hand?
Is there any medication I can take to get rid of sweaty palms?
My toe is not right after I wore high heels!?
suppliers of Burns ocean bites west cornwall?
Can't antibiotics be the cause of my swollen piercing !?
im having a back pain on the left side and it looks purple?
can plastic surgery fix acid scars?
How to get rid of a rash on my lips?
Eek! How do I get rid of a chest zit?
what is a good product for super oily skin and breakouts?
Really strange, please help?
my 2 year old son put ointment cream in his hair..help?
HELP! Skin feels rough, tight and red?
Anti aging cream for sensitive skin..?
How can eye drops help Acne Redness?
is there a way to get rid of stretchmarks?
What will help with my oily skin?
what is a quick way to get rid of this cold sore?!?
Question about boils...?
differance between viral and bacterial pnuemonia?
What is the cost of an appendicitis operation in India?
blown ear drum from someone yelling into it?
what causes you to vomit blood?
How long do you think my cold will last?
Why has my virus come back?
I feel...sick? what could this be?
can you tell if you have tapeworms using a pregnancy test?
Staph Infection Spreading Through Washing Machine?
Fever, cough. What could it be?
Is severe tonsillitis dangerous?
Do I have Mercury Poisoning?
Why do rabies victims suffer hydrophobia?
Woke Up as a Ginger today?!?
If I'm getting over my cold, which I gave to my bf, if I kiss him could I get sick again?
What is mercer infection?
yeast infection? Help ?
how to get rid of sore throat ?!?
Please read. is it mono or a yeast infection?
Why does my nose itch?
medecine commercial?
Is it dangerous to take allergy medication everyday all year long?
Allergies after pregnancy?
could i be getting dark circles and bags under my eyes from allergies?
Do I have pink eye or is it allergies? What should I do?
Any way to temporarily "get rid" of allergies?
Foods with Nitrates bad?
My eyes and throat are itchy like crazy; my nose is running like a fountain and each time I blow, blood came?
woke up this morning with foam in my mouth?
Raw, sore inner nose due to awful allergies?
Are you a Dental Hygisnist with any exposure to fluoride?
A question about Epi-Pens?
i started sneezing so much with out any symptoms of flu then i started to feel headache?
Sore throat and stuffy nose.?
can a person be allergic to their own sweat?
How to get a cough and a sneeze to go away?
If I'm allergic to cats, is there a high likelihood I'm allergic to other felines?
Why do pumpkin vines cause an itchy rash on skin?
do hair straightner cause allergy on skin?
What do you do for apparent itchy eyes?
best way for temporary allergy relief?
Why am I coughing blood?
can someone smoke 4 packs a day?
what is the meaning of hyperventilation?
What is the likeliness of getting a major cough after smoking a little pot?
should i see a doctor, what is this?!?
What is black, the stuff you smoke?
how do i cure the swine flue?
I keep on having my fever come back!! Please help?
can chiuahuas help cure asthma?
breathing thru lungs?
Collapsed Lung? Or something else.. help!?!?
My mom has been vomiting and having the hiccups for the past few days. Her hands and head has been shaking?
can anyone tell me how to cure sinus..some remedies for sinus infection?
why are my lungs still filled with phlegm or mucus?
Please help! I'm really sick?
what are some good breath fresheners?
Accidentally breathed in oust air freshener through my mouth?
Where does nasal discharge come from?
is there any over the counter meds for snoring?
I have a running nose,itchy throat and coughing up cold what can i use for old and new remedies?
I broke my ankle early in the summer. It is possible to have muscle/tendon damage too?
What is making my face so red?
Why am I sore after water tubing?
I cracked my knuckle, and the tip of my finger went numb! what is this?
While playing soccer, I landed on my knee. It's hurting a lot, what could i have done to it?
If you jam your hand?
have i seriously hurt my arm? ):?
Should I get my hip looked at?
Pinched Nerve, Should you go to the doc's?
Broken ankle... Not sure what to do?
Whats a migrane?:]?
I'm experiencing a lot of strange symptoms and would like to know what exactly is wrong with me...?
What medical history would a doctor look at if he thinks you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?
I have a problem with my ribs :[[?
Insomnia or panic atack?
can lead paint cause skin cancer like dermofribosarcoma?
Does anyone know of support groups for people with Charles Bonnet Syndrone?
Deviated Septum sugery - I accidentally HIT my nose?!?
Do I have some disease or illness?!?
how does the immune system respond to gonorrhea?
Can someone tell me whats wrong with my zit?
HIV my test is nagative after 5 months now next wht?
what are some of the gonorrhea symptoms?
Online cancer communities?
what can i take for chest congestion?
Heart or something else...?
i have a very tiny bump need help?
Anyone take omega fatty acids while pregnant and if so how much is safe and which kind?? I dont notice that my
is factor v leidon mutaton dangerous? i recently suffered pulmonary embolism. how long should i be careful?
what is a syrup drug and what are its most common uses?
Sleeping patterns.....?
a mass like grease on top of ribs on human?
i need help didnt sleep need stay up?
Mystery bug bites? What can I do?
i have a really bad headache when i close my eyes?
aare the at home drug test you buy from a drug store as efficient as the one at court or at a facility?
why is this about diabetes?
what is klonopin??...?
What do I have, it is just a cough and I am not sick?
Help Poison Ivy!! Please help me?
i can't sleep at night. help?
will marijuana help optic nerve atrophy?
do i have a dangerously low blood pressure?
How common is this drug?
I think i have anxiety?
Anyone that can give me advice on my anemia.?
are you suffering from a mental disorder ?
Why do I keep hearing this song everywhere?Am I crazy?
why am i so interested in drug addicts?
Suffering from depression abit what to do?
What are the psychological problems that can be caused by computer addiction?
is he ok mentally, im so worried and dont know what to do....?
Can people with heart problems drink fuze?
Will my resting heart rate drop significantly if I stop smoking?
skin irritation problem from flea bites?
Bad Kidney stones?
About how much does it cost for colored contacts?
Can things get stuck in the back of your eye?
something wrong with my eyes?
Would I be able to get contacts if..?
Can My low prescription be cured naturally by time?
Does Sunglass Hut sell non-prescription glasses. Not non-prescription sunglasses, but non-prescription glasses?
OK Lens Eye degree cap?
im 37 weeks pregnant and im having really lower back and hip pain to where i dont wanna move any help?
i found out a way to get over my keratocouns problem which is pulling my eyes.please read more in details.?
My eyes are getting worse from my temporary contacts, is this normal?
My eyes became red while wearing my contact lenses, and after sleepin it off it looks even redder, why is this?
Reading Glasses .. Computer Glasses?
eye condition? unsure?
When a bright light is flashed before your eyes, how can it damage your photo-receptors?
can hemorrhoids cause lumbar pain?
What the heck is wrong with my eye!!!?
i have hazel green eyes can i get colored contact enahncers in green?
Diagnosed with CSR (Rt eye) 3 yrs back and was lasered after 6 mths. has reoccured. Dr says imdt laser. advice?
what can this pain be from? I have a horrible ear ache that shoots down my jaw.?
Will my colour contact move when blinking?
If i think i am getting pink eye should i go hang out with my friends?
I want to get contact lenses for the first time!!!!!?
has anyone ordered from zennioptical?
Is it still bad to wear used contacts, even if.........?
Are there gel contacts?
I need help on tooth pain, please help.?
Headache?! Sharp pain on the right side of my head?
Contact fitting,whats gonna happen?
seeing things at corner of my eye?
toothache i in alot of pain please help?
Sometimes my bones move when Im not moving at all. What should I do about it? Is it serious?
Glaucoma Optic Nerve Eye Scan ?
Why do my contacts get itchy and blurry?
Need info regarding contact lense?
Bad Tooth ache please help me?
how to heal tennis elbow?
pain in my right side. cant move and it hurts to cough and breathe?
why didnt i get high?
is it painful when your liver fails?
Is it normal for my forearms to ach after I work them out?
help with swollen finger with ring on it?
Just got over the flu, why cant I eat?
What shot did I receive at the doctors office today?
Any treatment for strep throat w/o going to the doctor for antibiotics?
Headaches and eye strain?
I smoke a cigarette around once every 2 weeks is this really that bad?
Why does my pinky and half of my ring finger go asleep?
Why is sleeping on your belly bad for you?
Will I get in trouble for this?
i can't fall asleep, and on many occasions end up not being able to wake up early enough for work?
ear stretching help?!!?
how long will it take for weed to get out my system if i hit it one time?
Should I just go to the hospital?
Back ache, Cold sore and really stressed.. are they related?
I Have This Urge To Swallow Anything?
My heart is pounding at 96 beats per minute?
Why do I feel so ill when I have indigestion/heartburn?
why does my knee always crack?
i was out side in the sun then i got this really kinda like hot spot on my neck any one know what it is?
Do I have good blood pressure?
nurses and doctors.....................?
how can you tell the difference between having lack of iron in your body and being diabetic?
"WASH YOUR HANDS IMMEDIATLY AFTER USE" is it just so they dont get sued?
Is it serious......................................?
i really really really want my sons name on the side of my hand by my little finger,?
Why is it that ladies only perspire and not sweat?!!!?
How do you treat an infected toe?
is it safe to use benzl benzoate mixed 1 to 6 with olive oil to clear up a mite infection in my dog's ears?
If you have Type 2 Diabetes, can you eat Lobster still? Thanks?
i am diabetic, and i am 42 yeards old?
How can I tell if I have gum disease?!!!?
oral herpes?....cold sores?
If I have lyme disease and let it go untreated, will I die?
If I had a stomach virus and took the Phenergan suppository, would it keep me from vomiting and help nausea?
How long does it take for a UTI to spread to the kidneys?
will we encounter a zombie outbreak?
Interviewing Sickle Cell Clients?
My 9 year old has had a low grade fever and a sore throat for 5 out of the last six weeks can anyone help?
can you get hiv when some one spits on you eye?
What does it mean if you have a low temperature while ill?
I have a strep throat and can hardly swallow?
what is yellow fever and what causes it?
can you get a cold sore if you have the flu/cold?
If you stick your tongue far enough down someones throat will they throw up?
How do anaerobic diseases spread?
do i have mono or something else help?
what can i take if i have a sore throat and it hurts to pass saliva?
i think i have UTI, HELP!?
can you get hepititis from sharing the same needle but cleaned it with peroxide?
How is (Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva caused?
Nausea lasting over a week.?
Cause of non stop itchiness on breasts?
How to treat stubborn under the skin achney!?
How to get rid of stubborn blackheads?
Stopping acutane temporarily?
what are little red veins in your legs?
Skin under my fingernails are Itchy?