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Do I possibly have Irlen Syndrome?
Help with my lazy eye?
is it bad for your eyes if you read in a moving car (as a passenger)?
should i get prescription lenses online or at the store?
Am i colorblind if...?
Getting new glasses but having the same lens?
Contacts for Astigmatism?
what is good to get rid of a eye star?
feel sick but cant throw up?
The muscle just under my left eye has been twitching every so often for the past couple of months.?
im always crying.......?
What are eye contacts made of?
Bright flash light under my right eye HELP!?
How dangerous is eyewash/eyedrops which are passed expiration date?
Where can I buy contacts online without a prescription? My current one ran out.?
Can I get colored contacts without seeing a doctor?
Health Legal Q?. Does anybody know where it is written officially the statement regarding copies of xrays?
why do i take a long time to fall asleep?
Contact eye color enhancers?
Do contacts help keep your eyes from hurting from chlorine?
Health care and pre-existing condition?
Why do I get light-headed around lunch time?
OMG.. help please!!!..?
Is it Dangerous if you have something dead in you air conditioning vents and you smell it?
Say if I smoke weed like twice every 3 weeks?
do i have sun poisoning? (even though i wore SPF50)?
How can I make my eyelid stop twitching?
I have a small ball in my knee and I don't know what it is. Should I get this checked?
Do you think anything is wrong with me??? PLEASE!?
have you ever smellt your feet? if not than smell them and tell me how bad they smell.?
Anyone know what I have?
whats wrong with my jaw?
Does anyone here have plantars fascitis?
questions i can ask my class about alzheimer's?
doctor found blood in my urine during my physical what should i do?
Medical help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my 3 yr old son has green dioherra, what causes this?
Are there any known physicians who are worth seeing to treat chronic pain/fibromyalgia?
Emetophobia - I have it, and i dont know what to do.?
my mom has untreatable MRSA. can you give me some information?
Do I have any sickness?
I urine alot and its bubbly?
Can a woman affected by polio in both legs produce healthy children with a healthy man ?
my son has a bump inside his ear that first looked like a black spot but now has swollen with fluid under it.?
I cleaned my puppies wound without gloves. Is this ok?
could i have a kidney stone?
lower stomach left testical hurts?
What conditions do these children have?
binge-eating disorder?
how does pneumonia travel throughout the body?
Toxic Effects of Aluminum in Antacid?
chlamydia help!!?
My brother in law feel off a roof, sprang his wrist and arm, and cut his kidney open...He went to the doctor..
Normal blood clotting results from H and hemophilia from gene h. a man w/ hemophila marries a woman without ..
What are the downsides of high blood pressure meds?
Is my UTI/bladder infection cured?
I have mono and i'm having very bad pains i need some help?
High Lymphocytes and Bilirubin?
Omg please help, strep,tonsilitis,thrush? Help!?
stomach bug questions?
Doctor/Nurse? Can a common cold make your white blood count low?
what do my urinalysis results mean?
Ulcerative Colitis, help.?
Can you have strep throat without fever/cold like symptoms?
can u catch hep c if u drank some liquid after someone who is positive?
How long does a cold last??? Here is my situation...?
Do you know what my illness is?
is it normal after intestinal surgery the patient got dehydrated?
PLEASE HELP..c-reactive protein (CRP) level is high?
Will Reactive Arthritis keep me out of the Army?
how long can a person live with rabies virus?
Can Alcohal poisoning last a while ? ?
What is the symptoms off baterial vaginosis?
Has any anstronauts gone through a worm hole?
What are the issues or anorexia?
I'm losing my voice, what can I do to fix it?
Weird movie deja vu Harry Potter?
Drug test coming up soon.. advice please!!?
What is the the toll on my body from?
dermatitis getting sore! and itchy?
this is my 2nd cold sore in 2 weeks how can i prevent these cold sores from developing?
what is this from? dry skin?
Can a mild solution of Epsom Salts be used as a douche preparation?
Can you moisturize your face with any moisturizer?
Reddish purple marks where spots used to be?
homemade facemasks for oily spot prone skin?
How do I use moisturizer after applying facewash?
Ring Around My Neck? Please Help?
Vaseline good for skin?
what cause thrush and How to treat thrush in the mouth?
When someone has ringworm rash are there actual bugs living under their skin?
Moisturizing oily skin?
First Few Weeks on Accutane?
i was wondering if i needed to get tested?
std testing and how to get cured?
Do sleep aids make problem worse?
is it possible to have several normal pap test before hpv appears, or is it immediately detected?
I have chronic yest infection but i notice that my discharges are a yellowish...is that normal?
Burning Urethra at tip (tests negative)?
should i be in a mental hospital???????????? answer?
I really think I'm depressed?
is there anything i can do to make fighting the urge to cut easier until my next appointment?
I'm failing highschool becuase of social anxiety?
Minimal change disease. What is this disease and if you have it, how do you get rid of it??
friend in bad shape at the hospital?
do i have bulimia?
what is night blindness?
Can anyone tell me if my tiredness is because of Epstein Barr?
Can I still exercise if I have an ulcer?
Small amount of cotton stuck in my ear?
please answer need advise asap!?
my hand has swollen up..?
Headaches/strange vision....?
what is rheumatism??
do your teeth ever get "itchy"?
Heal sore blisters on feet?
tonsillitis and mono?
For the past month I've been taking "simvastatin". Since then I've had dry throat, lightheadness....
which is correct, enclosed or inclosed?
Not urinating enough,what is wrong?
Could heavy nose bleeding mean there is other underlying health problem illness?
Has anyone had tubes put in a teenagers ears? How did it go?
i have had diarrhea for nearly 6 weeks now but no blood in my stools or anything like that.?
Whenever I drink coffee, I end up getting a terrible headache a few hours later...what whould i do?
my back hurts... how can i treat the pain...?
what would a doctor prescribe for sore muscles from weight lifting?
do they give you a shot when you get braces?
where is gallbladder pain located?
how to make burn pain go away?
38 weeks, 4cm, 75% effaced, plus stations having stabbing pains in my left leg, and plevic area bad?
acetominaphan and hydrocodone?
Should I take tylenol and advil?
does anyone know any good stress relievers?
I have a sharp excruciating pain in the arch of my left foot and my calf? Help?!?
what does it mean to have severe sharp stabbing pains in the back of the neck?
how to relieve lower back pain?
What are some non chewable salty food's?
will taking codeine and drinking alcohol together ruin my liver?
Does ibuprofen mask morphine in a urine test?
My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me on sunday and i am in heartwrenching pain?
it feels like one of my ribs is cracked?
Can leg cramps be from not getting enough potassium?
Best remedy for a bad case of hives?
My earring hole keeps oozing clear pus type thing that dries yellow! what is this?
how to cure skin allergies?
how do you know if you have a wheat allergy?
Is my bee sting reaction severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor?
Why do I have this spontaneous rash?
after using a neti pot with seasalt, do u sneeze alot?
Am I getting sick or is it allergies?
Do allergy shots really work and how effective are they?
Constant Cold-Cause?
Im allergic to every fruit that grows on trees?!?
Allergic to apples and peaches...?
does anyone know a good website to find out what to give your child if they have a milk allergy?
Allergy/intolerance to alcohol?
Allergy shots question? Very confused.?
alergic to myself?
Allergy eyes =[?
Help with my eye??
How can i get my hear to unstop?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Do allergy shots work?
why I wake up coughing when sleep?
Scared about my symptoms?
what does this mean?docter told me NO?
i blow my nose and it bleeds.?
he keeps coughing up blood n having Asama attacks & has no health n insurance almost died?
Is It because I stopped smoking?
I wake up choking and coughing?
Dianosed with asthma, now what?
problems with my breathing and dont know what it is?
can you breathe while you eat?
my friend is smoking?
I have an upper resp infection. My 5 mos old started coughing yesterday and now has 101 T. Can i do anything?
is my cough from weed or cold?
Smokers only please!?
asthma medicine and boot camp?
Looking for information on refrain from smoking.?
I snore really loudly and heavily. how can I stop this?
I have been coughing for almost a month?
I have a bad sore throat. Help?
my friend is drunk and she's hyperventalating?
Having difficulty breathing for the past week and i have no health insurance?
What are the pros and cons of smoking weed?
what is a drug house?
can a 13 year old take shark cartilages?
When will my body even out?
How do I treat anxiety?
Why would I vomit green?
Does the pillow affects one's sleeping?
I've had this problem for the las 5 months can anyone help?
Why do i catch everything????!!?
can you overdose on adderal?
Does taking a shower immediately after exercising gives you spasms, varicose veins or arthritis?
When i play my bass, a vein pops up in my strumming arm, is that a problem?
i am 13,5 years old and 173 cm ( approximately 5"8 feet ) What should i eat if i want to get taller?
if you're 8mo pregnant, what do you do if you have a sinus infection or an upper respiratory infection?
How is aspartame obtained?
Are there any legal drugs you can take that help you get fit and not do any damage to your body?
I want to be a bone marrow donor...how?
A very serious question about drugs and the brain?
does anyone on here have insomnia?
Begging stage of wart??
Can you get rid of your allergies? (Spring season - pollen, etc.)?
normal MRI & CT scan, in 3 weeks IQ is minus 30 pts?
i was diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 years ago..?
How Can I Become A Better "Morning Person"?
my veins pop out on my feet?
16yr old had appendicitis, 17yr old has a bad stomach virus.?
how come when I drink A LOT of water, I become lazy and tired?
Is there an easy and more comfortable way to put contact lenses in?
How can I sleep better in the night?
if i had a concussion and its been a week and nothings really happened should i go to the doctor anyway?
How can I get myself to sleep longer?
Please!! I need help, I'm going insane. Anybody?
if i work out every day and i smoked weed once how long will it take for it to leave my system?
All day i have found it hard to breath?
is it ok to drink alcohol if itake 2 or 3 ibuprofen about an hour and a half beforehand?
i might have to do a urine drug test soon , and i havent smoked in over 3 months and a half?
Why do we need to sleep?
My eye is twitching..?
marijuana smokers i have a UA tomarrow help?
One QUESTION for a druggist?
I gave blood last week and now..?
If you were to write something on a cigarette and smoke the cigarette (with pen or something), any effects?
Can theraflu cause your flu symptoms to come back shortly?
Are boils worthy of going to the emergency room for?
I have mono and cant eat OR drink - cant hold it down, HELP?
Is coughing up green phlegm a definite sign of a bacterial infection?
How do i feel better? Stomach flu?
what is erythematous duodenopathy?
Kidney Infection, symptoms returned?
can parvo be transmitted from dogs to humans?
Just got over the flu, Can't eat anything?
Feeling fatigue and sickish?
Is it safe to take shingles vacine if one has Herpes?
How does mono start out?
If youve had a kidney infection what kind of antibiotic did you get?
I aspirated water days ago and my throat is still scratchy?
Post Chicken Pox Weakness?
What would happen if I don't get sinus surgery for chronic infections?
I get Urinary Tract Infections all the time. What are some ways to stop this?
Could this possibly be Mono?
what is the virus that causes Influenza?
a girl at school poked me with a thumbtack after she poked other people with it an i bled is hiv possible?
How long would rabies take to kill a person if not properly treated?
im 22y/o female and i have lost of presure in ma head and it runs down to ma neck. what can this be?
Has anyone heard of surgery on the pituatry gland to control depression?
hey.what is a hereditary disease?
if blood was determined AB positivve. what does this means?
gland swollen in front of ear?
Will drinking coffee with half and half affect my cholesterol test?
I'm 15 and for about a month my stools have been floating and sometimes blackish greenish, and i go often?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Is there a connection between Acid Reflux Disease and Subluxation?
I have Frequent urination?
What is this lump in my neck?
I just noticed a painful reddish lump under my armpit?
are my ears infected?
my 8yr old son has muscular dystrophy what besides steriods will help him?
What do swollen neck glands mean?
What should I do about my father faking an illness?
Feeling sensitive after getting fingered?
If you had a cold sore when you were younger and no longer do, Can you transfer it to someone else?
Help me please? What should I do?
std question?pppllllzzzzz heeellpp?
If I tested negative for HIV after 3 months am I in the clear..?
Im doing a project on AIDS & HIV and if anyone has this terrible misfortune please comment on how you feel?
If I have minor lupus and I met a lady with Herpes Type 1, should I date her?
kinda strange question for me?
What spending long amount of time on the computer cause?
will my eyes change again?
Prices on Lasik eye surgery?
My contact came out, and my eye burns!!!!! what should ido.??!?!?!?!?
Help!!! contact emergency?
Colored contacts for astigmatism...?
My contact just ripped in my eye?
Is this normal or am I paranoid?
i got apple cider vinegar in my eyes...... HELP!.............!?
white streaks in vision after i roll my eyes really far?
When getting colored contacts at the eye doctor how do you ask for them ?
Do I need glasses? Prescription from eye doctor?
I need glasses and I was wondering?
do your eyes need to be a certain size for contacts?
my eyes cant focuse what are some eye exercises i can do so they can focus?
Can anyone give me information on LASIK eye surgery? Possibly from personal experience.?
Eye Question for eyes?
after chalazion removal surgery: it's been about 3 wks now. it looks a lot better than before surgery but i?
Can eyes change colour over time?
do colored eyed contacts ruin your eyesight? (the ones for people who dont need glasses)?
what colors are there for prescription eye contacts...?
Severe pounding headache in back of head, nausea, 84.6 temperature. Onset of headache: 3AM?
Is this OCD?
Are these the symptons of going blind? HELP!?
can u explain what is steroids and what can be done to avoid it and where this came from and where can we get?
What drug is taken in small doses on a continuing basis to reduce platelet adhesion?
what is motor neuron diseas?
relation between albumin and creatinine?
Strange sensation especially when swallowing food or water?
what are pedicle injuries? related to the kidneys?
Loss of Appetite, Fullness feeling in throat?
Please help think im getting Mano?
my son is 5 months old and was diagonosed with rickets. can rickets also cause seizures? HELP!!!!?
my eye is red and swollen and it cries all of a sudden?
i removed gallbladder one year ago now bloating,constipation,indigestion,gas ,5 times bathroom,and abdorminal?
What eventually happend to fluid that leaks from capillaries into the surrounding tissues?
My Cat has bumps on her skin like bites but is flee free. She itches a LOT.?
how to make turmeric ointment?
Can anyone tell me what this is? (Fixed Link)?
Can anyone tell me what this is?
Can someone give some basic acne tips for a better skin?
what are some ways to get rid of acne scars that are homemade?
Is pro active safe to use on my skin ?
swollen skin near nails on fingers and Toes during winter?
I'm having some real issues with my skin?
Question about keloid/hypertrophic scarring on cartilage piercing?
Why do I get tiny bumps on my lips and it becomes extremely dry after?
Why do my skin hurts when something touches it?
i have this red bump on my foot and when i tryed to pop it blood came out what is it?
Why doesn't my mom take me to a dermatologist?
How would one define the following condition?
how to prevent sweaty palms?
What happens if i don't treat frostbite?
How to remove black heads ?
how to get rid of bumps on your face?
Why do we have nose bleeds?
My Mate got piles and she is doing my head in going on about how much they hurt her. Any ideas for her?
Why does your mouth go dry when you're nervous and you also get the urge to throw up ?
Any doctor out here, need your help please!?
When or is it too late to stop thinking negatively.. how can i acheive this and have a fullfilling life?
Are your muscles weaker when you are intoxicated? If so, about how much weaker?
Im doing a paper "what do you think about puting children on medication for ADHD?"?
what is whooping cough and what are the signs of it?
why would someones skin be leaking fluids?
Bug bite went away, but knee feels weird?
What could a tickly cough be a symptom of?
I feel really weak with nausea?
Im getting dizzy when playing sports?
The heel of my foot hurts and i thought i might have a bone spur but...?
When i play wow for 8 hours strait my eyes get sore, is this normal?
Can I take tramadol for pain?
My mom has a pain in her lower back right side, kidney?
constant headaches/migraines?
throat hurtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttts?
HELP! experiencing a lot of pain!?
ok so this sounds really realllyy dumb, help?
My two big toes hurt real bad,they hurt by the touch.?
HELP I am in serious pain?
Help please??? I cant swallow!?
Pain in my lower stomach?
Back Problems....help?
Pain and Hydrocodone?
my friends joints hurt after she woke up, after a party, what could someone have put in her drink?
What is wrong with my wrist?
How many Vicodin/Percosets did you get after wisdom teeth removal?
This is very serious, Back pain at age fourteen?
My head constantly hurts....?
how many people do Oxycontin ?
so my legs cramp like 24.7?????
Is it bad to crack my neck?
why am I always happy one day then sad the other?
Has anyone's mental illness been helped by Christianity?
Losing tolerance - mental illness?
If you dont sleep, cn that become an addiction? And why??..?
My brother is a drug addict, How can i have him involuntarily committed?
Will Hitting a Heavy Bag cause Damage to my Hands?
Broken blood vessel in eye?
I sprained my ankle wednesday..?
how much would an all black tatto of just the word two on my right shoulder maybe a little bit below my trap?
Can a contact get stuck in the back of your while asleep?
Foot sprained or fractured?
smoking question????
My Daughter was diagnosed with asthma, she is 5, How can I help her?
Feeling nauseous, left arm tingling, accompanied with light headedness and mild disorientation.?
slipped on ice, fell on driveway but did not bruise?
bad chest pains, on right side of my chest (please help)
My grandma has a nonstop cough what could it be?
If I Cough A lot And I'm Not Sick But I Smoke?
I keep getting a lot of injuries- like torn hamstrings etc, im only 15- any help?
how to tape down your chest?
Will I get Arthritis?
Shoulder Injury- How can I stop it from happening again?
Sprained my knee a couple of months and still hurts?
have i fractured my chin?
why do i keep on having constipation i have had it 3 days then it got better than now i am on 2 days what is?
Please need answers on torn ligaments?
I have Osgood Schlatter Disease?
My Big Toe is acting very weird?
I was tested positive for chlamydia and I took 4 azithromycin 250mg dosage. we had oral 6 hours after?
how can the first human that is infected got herpes, got herpes from?
how to avoid getting cold???
is it harder to ovualte when you have herpes?
does anyone know a doctor that prescribes phentramine?
Can I get it again?
Does anyone here have AIDS or HIV?
1 million blood platelet count?
How long does someone live with small cell cancer and prostreat cancer?
Is it possible for an accidential fall to cause an embolism(clot move to the lungs) ?
Olestra Side Effects?
Are Scientist Close to Finding a cure for HIV?
blood tests?
I have been bitten by spiders at least 18-22 times in my bed while sleeping. What do I do to get rid of them?
My 13 year old has had a swollen lymph node behind his ear for 6 months now. Why is this?
I've had a 103 temp the last few days and now all my symptoms are gone, I still have white spots on my tonsils?
How do I protect myself from a stomach virus?
How do you know if a sore in the corner of your mouth is a Cold Sore or Angular Chelitis?
I smoked weed for the first time 3 days ago and i now have a sore throat. Could this be from the weed?
Has anyone used www.easymdpharm.com?
What are the symptoms of hiv?
inflamed large intestine?
Low Creatinine Level?
what happendes if you pee blue?
Is this a viral or a bacterial sore throat?
how to sleep quicker?
i had my flu shot sunday and accidentally had it again on wednesday.?
what is the best way to get some sleep?
What are some things i can do to help with my Sickle Cell?
What were the ethical dilemma with Edward Jenner's smallpox?
I am on the antibiotic ERYTHROMYCIN 250MG?
I need help, what could be wrong with me?
How to get rid of a common cold in 5 days?
Weed smells like lemon cleaner and is soggy?
what could be the reason for being dizzy and lightheaded?
is milk thistle good for liver shunt?
Is it a cigarette hole or something else?
As a chef, is it possible to get varicose veins?
How do you get rid of muscle twitching?
Why did I pass out this morning?
Takes me about an hour to get to sleep!?
How to get rid of staph infection?
which laborotorys can diagnose hepatitis c viral load in LA?
My eye stye is almost gone now..its just a really little bump... so when can i begin 2 wear makeup again?!?!?
ok who fell for swine flu?
What to do if u are having up and down fever?
Will you donate your organs?
Sinus infection and ears popping on planes?
I have a freezer full of meat that quit working about 4 years ago, how long will it take for smell to go away?
Sleep or stay up till work?
When will the next global pandemic occur?
My dog is 1 yrs old and is really sick with Addisons desease. He takes meds everyday and its like its always s?
Can I get some info on blood donations?
i polked my eye will it fall out?
Please help ........?
what if you take tylenolpm's every nite for a year straight will it affect me?
Is it probable to quit smoking cigs by smoking weed instead for a couple days?
Pink eye or are my eyes just dry?
Whats wrong with my eyes ALLERGIES?
How to solve runny nose?
Monosodium Glutamate. Experiences?
Q1. Why when i drink tap water i get sore throat . Q2. When i eat are drink my throat start to close?
Can a water softener cause an allergic reaction in a person?
I have green snot looking stuff coming out of my eye?
three year old with eye redness?
Am I allergic to something in mint chewing gum?
do allergy tests hurt?
why do all my nose hairs come out when I blow or wife my nose?
How can I decorate my bedroom when I'm allergic to dust mites?
I have hives and it's been days, now I'm sick..someone help me?
often runny/congested nose! dont think is alergies!helpppp?
nose has been dry for days and days?
if you are allergic to penicillin,erythromycin,ancef can you takeazithromycin? ?
MY 2 year old son has bright red swollen bottom lip?
why does my cat have sores on her neck?
How to heal the skin allergy?
Could this be black mold in my air filter?
Can heart problems derive from abusing pills earlier in life?
how to increase the levels of HDL with medication?
whqt is normal blood presure?
If you have a low blood pressure, what can you do to raise it?
Chest flutters, arm numbness only at night?
How can I gain weight fast? Plz HELP!?
What happen when i....?
question on folic acid!!!!!?
Subutex withdrawals??? Any advice? And how long will they last?
How do I get my voice back?
My mother has this ich problem all over her body that is very bad at night time when she try to go to sleep.?
what can i do to get rid of this?
why am i feeling like this is it stress?
It hurts when i swallow? Please answer?
Help! I am desperately worried!?
how long does marijuna stay in your system?
Vomiting all day for no reason?
For hyperthyroidism..when they mean "sensitivity to heat" what exactly do they mean..(to what degree)?
One of my recently pierced ears is red and swollen. Why & what's wrong with it?
Why do our ears block up when we have a cold?
emergency emergency.............?
Need Relief------Plugged up!?
severe dermatitis on face?
Acne products for oily skin?
Any treatment for swollen foot?
medical question: I have these purple blood spots under my skin what is it and why am I getting it?
i have a black line under my lip?
I have real bad acne, and I want flawless skin. I've been using retin-A but i don't know if thats working out.?
best way to get rid of oily skin?
My little 5 year old sister has this rash on her body..it is red patches with little bumps around it?
I got this red marks around my neck?
Are these teen spots acne scars? And how can I get rid of them?
tips on getting rid of white heads?
How do i get rid of chapped lips?
my ear's skin bleeding (between the two small wall thingys above ear hole)?
Is it possible to get rid of stress marks?
How do I clear up my acne? Tried many things not sure what to do,?
how to get rid of acne?
Advantages and disadvantages of moisturizer?
how do you hav a seizure?
my toes go numb and turn purple?
worried about headache and weakness?
How to get rid of a cold sore ASAP?
Weird symptoms with gums, eye- right side of face?
Heavy drinking & vomiting blood?
Can anyone help me. please!?
What can cause tingling in the fingertips without there being any numbness. ?
List some non infectuous diseases?
Extremely Upset Stomach?
Throat Sore? Please take a look ?
This is for people who have IBS (ONLY)?
Extreme insomnia, please help?
Can anyone diagnose my condition? If it is a condition that is?
In btwn the ribs under your breasts?
would you go for a ct scan.. or go with someone you know, but not all that well?
Getting lightheadedness?
Do you ever feel panic attacks?
what % of cigarettes is poisons ?
Which one hurts the most...?
Dizziness when I stand up? Severe headache? Slight shaky?
when a person is born with 2 heads does each brain control 1 arm or both arms?
what is wrong with my head?
Do you get a long arm cast if you have a fractured radial head?
qutting smoking?
I've had several back sugeries & I have leg spasms at night. I sleep thru it but it wakes up my wife. Help ple
how do you reinsert a prolapsed rectum?
blood in stool?
My Left Eye is Blurry, Watery&&Hurts when i blink?
Would think too much of problem causes lazy eyes?
How can I put contacts in my eyes?
Is it bad to put on ...?
Streaks of lightning in vision?
How do I get contacts????
Eye exercise??????????????????????…?
Contact lens help, first time?
how can i improve my weak eye sight?
strabismus? need help...?
Colored contacts...are there contacts that can turn hazel eyes blue or green? so basically brown eyes blue..or?
My eyes got infected so I took medicated eye drops...?
i'm getting contacts?
is something wrong with my eye or my contact and what should i do about it?
what do i do when my contacts are bothering me?
What is a good place to get contacts for cheap?
How can you tell which contact lense box is for which eye?
could my contacts be causing eye problems?
Has anyone ever had or heard of subtarsal conjunctival cyst?
I wear glasses can I compete in Boxing tournaments?
I have a small wound that wont heal?
Will my infected fingernail eventually fall off? and if it does, will it grow back?
where can i find Hopes Release Cream?
How much are steri-strips?
I drunk 2 bottles of large red bull between 12 and 8 today and now i feel like i have taken ecstacey !!!?
What is the difference between a "dwarf" and a Midget? Short answers only plse. (sorry, couldn't resist that!)
Ingrown toenail question?
i've been goin out with my fella for 9months n we already argue abt silly small things, why?
why do some people's fingernails grow skew?
What are the school`s procedures for responding to and recording accidents and emergencies?
15 pills tylenol overdose?
what could this pain that my mom is having be?
why do people handle physical pain differently?
Why am I always nauseated and light headed with a headache?
Why am I such a horrible runner?
how bad does a nose piercing hurt?
after i smkoe a cigarette i feel dizzy and then i feel a numbness in my left arm,what does that mean?
what is a joint between hand and elbow?
I got my spacers in Tuesday they hurt so bad. It feels like i have the worst tooth ache ever. Oooch :(?
How painful is.......?
Sharp stabbing pain in my lower right abdominal???? Please help pronto!!!!?
What could this sharp pain indicate? So many symptoms and little answers...?
Can I get my doctor to order tests to be done at my local hospital I can't wait?
I need help with ending my back pain?
does cortisone shots relieve degenerative arthritis pain in joints?
I got tissue stuck in my throat how do I get it out?
What is the pain on the lower right side?
how can i ask my bf if he has an STDs or to go get tested w/o him thinking i think he has one?
Who has cancer from the HPV virus?
Constant hunger, please help!?
what do you do when your neck hurts?
My mom needs comfortable shoes for her feet, she has heel spare, any special brand, or store to tack down?
I banged my head on the wall and now it hurts?!!!!?
What happen when I just sneezed, very worried?
how did you know you had gentail warts what were the symptons and what did they look like?
*HELP*what was this sore on my finger?
A medical examination for syphilis?
I am male in my 50's I got diagnosed with urinaryinfection i took antibiotics for 10days.It didnt go away! why?
Are there any free std testing in kissimmee fl?
How long do you wait before you can test for STD's?
Will Flexeril effect Synthroid?
change color under pressure in the legs?
What do you do when your boyfriend mother has breast cancer?
how can i stop sneezing?
is smoking better then chewing?
Is it normal to stop breathing when you sleep?
Had a sore throat for almost 2 weeks?
Whats wrong with my throat?
what will help me breathing problem?
do i have bronchitis?
what whould happen if my mom woke up tomarrow morning and i left in the middle of the night?
why do i have a hard time breathing when i dont sleep much?
Should I take my baby to the hospital? She has RSV?
Prednisone Questions?
can you gargle with hydrogen peroxide?
I've had a persistent cough for about a month?
Info about asthma.?
is there anything i can do....?
Almost choked on food....scared about some getting into lungs. Please help.?
how does laughing help your immune system???
Doctors don't know what is wrong... a bunch of symptoms can you PLEASE help me.?
Horrible sinus problems, how can I feel better?
I have cough for more than 2 months, just cough, no other sympton, never smoke, does anyone know what's wrong?
what do i do if i have an asthma and don't have an inhaler? ?
does not enough excersice make you tired?
Im getting bruises all over my legs and the veins are very visible and large.?
What all do you need to go to the doctors by yourself?
Did i take to much xanax 5.0?
Is my blood pressure ok?
Breathing problem question?
I look tired all the time but i sleep on average 10 hours a day ?
Cant sleep at night!?!?
How long does it stay in your system?
Doctor's Offices aren't open on Sundays, right?
I recently found a large bump on my head and I don't know what caused it?
How long do you have to wait to take off bandage from a shot or a blood draw?
Help!! I have these symptoms, have you experienced this as well?? All tests came back neg!!?
why do i wake up during the night to eat?
First time I smoked a lot of weed?
when you are dehydrated do you sweat more?
which is worse? Giving birth or colonoscopy prep?
What happens if you go 36 hours without sleeping?
what happens when you get a physical?
What do you see in these x-rays if anything?
can you get high by swallowing 4 5mg ritalin pills at one time?
Does anyone know a website (it's a certain one i had bookmarked) with nutrition counter and it grades?
Whats similar to the respiratory system?
what are good ways to relax?
where can i find a website that is...?
Will my GF pass her drug test? Urine is being sent to lab, she took 25mg Adderall 9 days ago?
tired and a bit irritable?
can you become addicted to marijuana?
my friend douched earlier, and she said it burned. is this normal?
is caffeine the source of my stomach/back pain?
Can you get off of nutmeg if it's mixed with pudding?
what do i have in my neck?
when you give blood in a hospital can they take it from places other then your arm?
very sick please help?
OCD! what can I do!!?
scoliosis and insurance?
Harmful effects of ADHD medicine.?
Why do I fall asleep a lot. Are there ways to stay up more often?
Has anyone had success with a drug called Erbitux. It's used for cancer patients. My father has cancer .?
Would it be possible to help treat Guilianne-Barre Syndrome with Prednisone?
Medicine Help? Somebody who knows please help?
Bulimia. I dont know what to do anymore?
How to get rid of a cold sore FAST...?
how do i get rid of scars?
What is hemoglobin that has oxygen attached?
what is the haemodynamic monitoring?
i have a hystorectomy. can i still get cervical cancer?
treatment to grow moustache and beard?
Why does my heart beat so hard and so fast for like 5 min? Feels like air knocked out of me too. Muscles weak?
Lungs hurt when exhaling?
I am 24 y/o and when I work out I feel a little dizzy, tingling on the backside of my head, ringing ears?
what do you know about crones disease?
Can you get parasites from wrestling?
Second case of Chicken Pox?
What do these symptoms mean?
How To Get Rid Of A Sore Throat Emergency!?!?
Can chlamidia stop u from having kids?
Can you give me a sample of nurses n0tes?
I have a history of oral cold sores (never ocular) will this disqualify me from LASIK or PRK?
Intestinal infection - How long should it last?
Vomiting something black.?
How to prevent coughing/flu, just shared food with a sick person.?
how are bronchogenic cyst treated in children?
my baby ate a raw egg 5 days ago, now he has a fever is it something to worry about>?
Should I get scar cream, or should I just let them scar?
when can i hang out with my girlfriend after using the scabies cream?
if your throat is sore would it cause blood in your mucus?
How are the antibodies in your body made?
i had a medical done last week for work and the hep b antibody showed <10 IU/L. is this bad?
What time of year does tuberculosis spread the most?
An insect bite that is swollen?
i need help being positive?
i ran into a tree the other day, laugh if you must but i was running from something that wasn't there. help?
What mental disorder is it when someone reacts to a threat that was self made?
is zenmed really helpful for acne scars?
Angular Cheilitis Helpppp?
How to get rid of acne?
What is this rash on my inner elbows?
please please help with my lips!!!?
Can someone explain why my palms are itchy?
I have an acne cyst in my ear?
How can I get rid of small dark blotches on my skin?
What is the quickest possible way to get rid of zits?
has anyone had pixel resurfacing for acne?
my forehead skin is coming off and its kinda red?
How do I get great skin?
What are the side effects of dermabrasion?
Can ringworm spread? read first?
Bump on 2nd piercing on earlobe?
how can u turn sun burn into a tan?
i have allergy on my face , it was cause by the medication did i was taken ,what can i use for that , ?
Ear piercing allergies?
could I have dog allergy?
nasal emergency!!! my nose is sooo stopped up?
Constantly tearing eyes...Not allergies. Virus? whats the problem?
Un-coated Pill that tastes purely disgusting?
am i sick or just allergic to somthing?
cooking oil needed but my child has sesame and egg allergy? what is safe?
please help me.?????
Can anyone tell me what this is?
Allergies or pink eye?
these are my Symptoms?
Why does it feel like there's something stuck in my throat?
hair dye reaction. help?
If you have a CT IV contrast allergy would you also be allergic to the Iodine oral contrast?
MuscleTech Cell Tech allergic reaction????? plz help?
I think I have hayfever, but...?
Alergies or Flu............?
Why am i allergic to caffeine?
I have some Mold questions?
Are these symptoms of allergies?
Rib cage looks different?
I had laser hair removal on my face and it got a mole, it is tender now. Is that normal?
I have sunburn?
has my cat had a stroke? Or is just his time is passing?
Grandbaby has boils/abscesses again. What else can we do to prevent this?
Im scared to death... need help on chiggers!?
will this be a bruse?
i have a bump on my fingers and idk what they are?
how and where do you go to get tested for STI's?
How do you tell or ask the person who infected you with HIV, that they did so?
Can one partner test positive for chlamydia and not the other?
Help with School project on AIDS?
How long does it take the antibodies to show up after relations?
only people who has had chlymidia! Please help :(?
How Do You Deal With It...?
Do I have IBS or GAD?
I found a tick in my hair?! Help!?
How bad can Mono, (the kissing disease) be?
im 15 and have insomnia how can i get a good nights sleep?
I have a lump on the back of my head?
What is the cause of jaw discomfort?
What is this arm pain?
Anorexia.... Let me rephrase.?
Severe abdominal pain and chest pain after eating an egg?
what system is the gallbladder in?
What would cause this?
What do I do if people know I have an eating disorder?
Am I infected? Please help.?
if you have bulimia and overdose panadol can u still die?
Why do i always feel like passing out?
dizzy spells in the morning ?
why is it burning every bite he takes?
Help! My little brother twitches his head and coughs a lot at the same time, what is this called?
what type of possible medical condition?
Overdosed on Hydrocodone Last Night: I feel much better now, Anyone know if im ok though?
I want to start going to bed sooner?
how to loose muscle?
How do I know if I have a stress fracture of metatarsals or ligament tear?
Don't we all just love our daughters so much, and wish them a Happy Mother's Day?
how do you get rid of a runny nose?
I did a bungee jump and my back's not been right since?
why do men with brown hair have ginger beards sometimes?
Which store chain carries Compeed Blister Patches in Rotterdam Netherlands? Please help me figure this out!?
Is it a legal requirement for a gym to have a first aider on site?
Where i look for emergancy and first aid jobs?(UK)?
Higher levels of first aid?
free circulation of air near skin, prevents what?
Information about glue ear?
where can I buy ferrous fumerate in the UK?
I would like to know how much you know about masterbation because i feel i know something very wrong with it?
what is a "HEALTHY DIET" in your opinion! compare conventional vs traditional!?
Ok, I stepped on a nail in aug. '08. I have a hole in my foot still where i stepped on it. what is it?
cheap crutches? please help! ?
How to stretch my back?
How do I know if my nose is broken?
How can i heal my ankle?
i whent to soccer practice (i dint get hit) next day i woke up with a swollen eye.?
do you think i need more time on my broken hand?
Whats wrong with my left arm?
Is this a Torn Rotator Cuff?
What's the rehab going to be like and will I be ready?
Large bump on my leg, should I be worried?
will any doctor take a cast off for me? Even if they wern't the one who put it on?
should i go to the doctors or not?
I am28 years old and suffering from scietic pain for 4 months. pain is basically from lower back and the right?
Did I break my ankle?
Torn earlobe, will it heal?
i was doing squat thrusts now my back hurts?
Should I Pull Out Jammed Finger?
men with spinal cord injuries?
Thumb fracture healing?
Brake in Growth Plate?
what should i do about my glasses?
does wearing glasses make your eyes worse or better?
Is there surgery which makes you smaller?
What is wrong with my eye?
where can i find colored contacts?
are theses contact wroth the money?
Lost contact lenses (trial pair)?
Is this an eye strain?
What is it with my eye?
There's something wrong with my vision, can anyone help?
i have good vision,i want to change my eye colour,is there any place i cud buy some dat wont effect my eyes?
Can someone tell me everything I need to know about keeping my contact lenses clean?
When I shift my eyes to look somewhere else, it hurts my head and my eyes. What's wrong?
What are some remedies from itchy eyes?
how does it feel to have glasses with out ever waring contacts?
why do i sometimes sleep with my eyes open?
Question on floaters?
I have Amblyopia [Droopy Eye/Lazy Eye], (Picture included), is there a surgery that will fix it?
I want green contacts and my friend has a pair?
14-day contact lense question?
What do these symptoms add up to be?
Can Smoking Stunt Your Growth?
help please!!..what could it be?
SHROOMS; what happens if you smoke them? my friend wants to :(?
prednisone after cold recovery?
i need help on the immune system!!!?
Why is my spit yellow...........GROSS?
felt Very very sick to stomach for 3 days now. what is wrong with me?
urinating blood-----possible causes and...........?
wastage of chemotherapy drugs in my hospital?
Can the hospital keep people alive ...?
Stomach growling is giving me really horrible anxiety issues? Help!? It's taking over my life!? I'm Desperate!?
What might cause a tingly feeling in the back of the head?
Push ups + Curls w/ Mono?
Is popping your ears dangerous?
what is the meaning of angiography?
Worms in human?
Does anesthetics cause absense seizures?
Doeas anybody know anything about choreiform????
Just a minute I go my head felt shaky what does that mean?
With regards to finding blood in your stool....?
I Got A TB Test. About A Week Ago And Its Red & Hot?
why the ketoacidosis does not occur for the patient with diabetes mellitus type 2?
how can i make the stomache pain go away?
What to do about pain and stress.?
I just drank gatorade thats been left out awhile what should i do?
Why do my knees hurt?
Pain Management question?
Being dizzy when standing up...?
Should I go to the ER?
why do we have 5 toes?
Will a doctor release me back to work at my own will?
Neck pain help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I go to the emergency room for my back pain?
on and off headaches/migraines?
Whats wrong with my back?
My knees hurt when I start my run?
I feel that I am too young for this....?
My neck hurts? (20characters)?
i have a pain from the left side of my left knee, i jumped and then i had this pain what is the treatment ?
Small, hard lump on neck?
Liquid Gels - Tylenol Or Advil Better? ?
what do i do when my eyes hurt?
leg pain, please help!?
What is the most pain;ess way to kill myself?
OMG, Where is my foot?
Pretty sure I have swine flu, need some advice?
Air purifier or air humidifier for a new born?
One way to relieve an upper airway obstruction is called the abdomonal thrust or the ____________?
Chest pains from marijuana?
Do I have ASTHMA? Please help, I'm extremely worried!?
what will happen if the carbon dioxide get filled in lungs?
kissing blood?!dangerous?!?
What does smoking weed do?
my yellow lab seems like he's trying to talk?
can i give someone else my left over prescribed pills without causing any harm?
Any smokers/tobacco users please help me!!!?
Electronic cigarettes for non-smokers?
Does having a clean house help prevent colds?
Breathing through mouth and nose?
Are there any physical signs of telling if anyone is a smoker? Aside from the lung issues, of course?
I have an extremely sore throat!?
What are some signs of kiddney problems?
Insane Vertigo?
What causes sinusitis?
how could I loose my biting nails habit, I am a guy?
Doctors or anyone with medical experience please help! hurry i need help in the next 20 min!?
i need help getting up in the morning?
My eyelid has been fluttering for over a week. Something to be concerned about, or just an annoyance?
Does drinking a lot of alcohol cause blood to be in your urine???
why are we suffering in the U.S. like that ?
Could they symptoms be connected? (HELP!)?
im scared to get put to sleep for a hernia surgery tomorrow any input?
the lefteye ofmy son has less vision i.e even after applying lenses he is not able to read more than 6/15.help
I'm tired all the time no matter how much or how little sleep I get.?
How to get thc out of your system as fast as possible.?
How does reading before bed help make you fall asleep faster?
what is hyperkalemia?
Did I drink something bad?
What could be wrong with my eyes, could it be glaucoma?
what is the best way for me to bulk up?
What does this sound like?
No vapor/smoke coming out of my electric cigarette. Help?
why does that happen?
is unhealthy to sleep with a plant in your bedroom?
why people must sleep?
Anyones opinion on United Health Care please?
i think i have neck forward posture of whatever its called what do i do?
Will an hour and a half hours of sleep affect me?
If someone with AIDS put some of their blood in my drink and you didnt know and drank it will you get AIDS?
If someone with AIDS put some of their blood in my drink and you didnt know and drank it will you get AIDS?
do i have a cold???????????????
What can happen to someone on immunosuppressants if they're around someone with the flu?
Whats the best thing to eatdrink after the stomach flu?
can antibiotics mess me up this bad?
Why not outlaw psuedophedrine to stop the meth epidemic?
why are my tonsils swollen?im not sick or anything?
What happens first when you get Salmonella, vomiting or your immune system begins to work?
A Question about immunity......?
Why was it previously believed that only DNA viruses can cause cancer? How can RNA viruses cause cancer?
Sore tonsils and white patches with no other symptoms?
how long does tonsillitis last?‎?
Symptons chicken gunia?
Did anybody can tell solution typhoid?
do anyone know the steps involved in the course of an infectious disease? also, can anyone interpret?
Can u have tonsils on one side and not the other?
What does it mean when your feeling kinda feverish and your throat itches?
Is this food poisoning? I'm not sure...?
okay some sort of epidemic is happening in my body?
how can i be allergic to meat?
Is it ok to use expired promethazine?
My boyfriend touch something I was allergic to now my labium minus is really swollen?
I mixed accutain and nasonex...?
Do i have Asthma, bronchitis, allergies? I don't know what's happening!?
i have red blotches on my skin!?
how to get rid a stuffy nose?
How to get rid of a nasal condition?
I have a really bad cough?
What is the best air filter/purifier to eliminate dust?
Nasal Congestion, what can be done?
i have severe headache.and sneezing nose what shall i do to control,cure,prevent ? ragavi?
MILK allergy? or not? HELP!?
Do I have Dermatillomania?
How to clean the nose??? I find it really irritating and difficult?
Why do I have the feeling of guilt of all of the time?
my cat scretched the outside of my upper lip?
my eyelid is swollen and my eyes are red.is there some special eye drops for this?
Is there a difference between OTC antihistamines?
Berry Allergy: What do you have to avoid?
I take Allegra for my severe allergies. Years ago i was on?
what is white particle stuff in back of throat?
Lactose Intolerant... New to me?
Does anyone get ringing in their ear with allergy and how long does it take to go?
Cause of Eye Swelling?
best way to boost self confidence? teen.?
Depression and Love Help...?
how to tell my dad that his dying brother abused me as a kid...?
Whats wrong with me? please help.?
how to stop thinking about worries such as..?
cancer caregivers?
hi ive been havin pains in my chest an feel short of breath also tight feelin in nose?
My dad is sick and I dont know what can be done to help him?
my surgery's in 1 wk on my tonsils & adenoids, will they still do surgery if lymph nodes are swollen?
black stools is serious condition.?
what does it mean to have a numb left arm/hand?
i'm 16 and my lower legs are kinda bowed am i suffering rickets =(?
random bruises ? sick most of the time ? what does this mean?
What can these symptoms be related to?
Do I have "Hypoglycemia"?
Why do I always feel dehydrated?
How can I control my eating problems?
From these symptoms can someone tell me what I may have?
Lumps on neck?, please help?
My mother is going through DTs ( severe alcohol withdrawal )?
Water diarrhea and gas?
i need a diagnosis!!help?
what can i do for blood shot eyes?
do i have tinnitus ?!?
My wife has a lump on her lower left abdoman.?
i took some xanax n now i want take a klonopin can u that?
cant feel my leg n feels numb?
i dont feel good help me find out if im sick?
can you tell if you have liver damage from a blood test?
Help on Panic Attacks?
smoking how does it affet your pulse rate?
Wasp sting a week later...?