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my left jaw hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
should i go to doctor?
Do humans sweat when they swim?
Everytime I wake up, I have pain somewhere in my legs, usually around the joint areas, What should I do?
Are there any side effects to sniffing menthol filters?
My right ear buzzes and makes a little bit of vibration when I sleep?
Can 40 aleves hurt you?
im unusually angry today...?
If you grafted your legs onto your shoulders ?
I am having extremely weird knee pain, Help!?
having nightmares.. please help?
Sometimes i have these moments when i can't breathe?
Lungs burning when running?
My throat hurts when it's swallowing? Feels like there's something inside?
Can Seroquel be taken after Gastric Bypass?
Pain in my chest is freaking me out..?
What have I done to my finger?
How much sleep do we need?
Hi i am using Windows XP home edition and need help?
What is the least painful way to die?
Home remedies to get rid of a sore throat?
accidently took tylenol one hour early?
What are some quick fixes to help stop snoring?
Can I treat?
is something wrong with me?
Pus Filled Mosquito Bite?
Why am i feeling this way is it my cig?
A friend of mine has been having really bad diarrhea for the past two days?
I need an acne product that not only gets rid of blemishes but also stops breakouts from happening. Help!!?
Why can't I get health insurance?
i have a beigin tumer i got an mri and thats what the result was how can they tell its beigin from an mri?
What is this bump on my friends head?
Is it true that a person who has eaten prawns after having just taken a vit. c pill will die of arsenic poison
did i say something wrong when we talked about his dad's cancer?
Abdominal problems?
dizziniess problem?
What are the risks?
ear problems?
does "Resveretrol" work - any experiences out there you can share with this anti - aging miracle drug?!?
is this melanoma?
what substances that people get addicted to it and why?
would sleepwalking happen twice in one night?
Dealing with loss...?
What is Pepsin? where is it found? how can it be harmed?
dandruff or build up? Or are they the same thing?
Dilated EYES?
Sometimes I feel like vomiting, but 30 minutes later i feel perfectly fine....?
Why when I take tylenol pm in the morning I feel hungover?
discoloured finernails- Psoriatic arthritis?
can i get xanax without an perscription?
what does it mean when you have a lump under your ear?
What could be wrong with me!?
how close is she to death?
my left foot has been swollen with pain for about 3weeks now almost a month. i went to the doctor and was told?
I have to go to cheer and I have a horriable stomach ache and I can't get rid if it Help please?
will smoking weed do any harm to me if i have swollen glands?
my appartment has mold. i need to know if i can take my clothing to the new place or the mold will transfer?
How to stop from shaking?
Medical Q; Should I be worried?
Is it a tumor or a cyst?
Ringing ears........?
Did I have a seizure?
Could I have appendicitis?
What is the best way to get rid of chest congestion and flem?
I have had a fever going on 4 days!!?
clenbuterol and other drugs?
Need help with eating disorder :(?
Is being a psychiatrist stressful?
Help me! im begging!!?
I suffer from chronic sleep onset insomnia. How can I adjust my sleep cycle without pills?
My short term memory is so bad due to drugs. Any way to make it better?
any natural things to take to help with anxiety? (herbs,pills?)?
Trouble Sleeping, Because I'm Scared ?
how do spary effect heart patient?
How serious is Hyperthiriodism?
Who discovered celiac the disease?
Are there any colour contacts you can get without Prescription that you can just buy?
ok question about eyes >>?
Can something in your eye be broken?
My eye stay red and i dont smoke ?
Is wearing coloured contacts bad for you?
Are bloodshots that serious?
What causes lumpiness on optic nerves.?
Is it possible to wear circle lenses with your glasses?
ive heard about a new therapy for weakness of eyesight ill tell u about it in quesition how safe is that ?
when in a dark room...........................................?
I've been wearing glasses for about 4 years now and ?
Depth Perception test?
The outside of my eyes (my eye lids, under my eyes) are itching and burn?
Could this be conjunctivitis?
is there any way of changing your eye colour without contacts?
Left eye 20/200 and Right eye 20/15 do I need glasses?
Buying colour contact lens online? helpp?
Would an eye infection or something happen if I wear amber contacts (just for show...) every day?
can anything happen to my eye from a laser pointer?
How come eye drops have no affect on the redness of my eyes?
what is this many tiny red dots i keep seing whether i close or open my eyes?
Why is my eyes always and so itchy?
What is a good brand of colored contacts to buy for people with green eyes?
My 5-year-old's ear holes seem to be getting much smaller, and it seems like his hearing is affected?
Is this normal???? Question inside?
anyone know what it up with me. achy body?
Uhh what's wrong with me?? Ha.?
Why do I feel sick like this?
kan u die from the gardisle shot or have any problems?
my girlfriend cant wake me up at night if there is a problem.... how can i become a lighter sleeper?
Why do i keep getting these migraines and headaches?
what is co2 poisonis?
Is there something wrong with my brain?
sick! help?
How long will it itch?
i have been snoring please any help?
my 6 year old ferret has begun coughing and hacking quite badly and I am very concerned.?
What Is this conditon called and will it go away?
I have an itchy eye.?
can anyone tell what a kind of pill this is its oval imprinted with 5113 and a v underneath?
i am 15 should i smoke?
Has any one tried sinus irrigation?
skin became oilier after using acnefree?/?
what does it mean if my dog is weezzing and has blood coughing up n running out his nose?
Can someone with hypertension do strenuous activities?
If i stopped smoking weed can i become a soccer player?
When i sneeze i get an extremely sharp pain in my chest, should i be worried?
vomiting blood after I run? is it serious?
QUITTING SMOKING......................?
what are the most common signs or all the signs that you have smoked weed (pot)?
I think i have gerd, i need help!?
Diagnosed with sleep apnea; any other options other than C-Pap?
Does this sound like an ear infection?
How Do You Get Over A Cold?!?!?
Do you think i can last 5 more days without going to see a doctor about Asthma ?
Which of these ia a function performed by the system of the body?
First Nosebleed and one every day since then?
Wart Frozen, then ripped off will it grow back?
is my industrial piercing infected?
my mom mixed vinegar and bleach and is having a little trouble breathing what should i do?
Should I Quit Smoking? (Need opinons from smokers and non smokers)?
I have a wart on the end of my index finger. I have Compound W treated it twice and I have Frozen it 7 times?
does it mean i should stop using retin a if i have been on it for a year and it realy hasn't helped?
My 9 mo had pneumonia, we were in the hospital for 5 days. She was hooked up to fluids,and rocephin through IV?
if you smoke from age 11 to 28 and you quit will your air sacks in your lungs reproduce back to normal?
Ear Infection?
Why do i get these white tiny little bumps on my hands?
Some Alternatives to Soap?
How to get rid of a black bruise on my FACE?
How does one get rid of a mole?
What should I do about this lotion?
Can you decrease the size of a facial mole? And ways on how to stop it from growing?
Shaving Down There! Relieve itching!?
What are the benefits of bathing are far more extensive than simply cleansing your body?
What are these bumps on my hand?
Real life home practices/remedies for wrinkles?
How to get rid of scars?
I get extreme itchiness when I exercise?
I had an allergic reaction to my deodorant! Please HELP!?
How can i unblock my nose?
Am I allergic to soy milk?
Italian Greyhound Question(:?
Am I allergic to something in wheat products?
Is it possible to be allergic to marijuana?
im scared and alone, please help! whats wrong with me?
can you be allergic to gold?
Allergic reaction to makeup? Please help.?
What can be causing my allergies ?!?!?!?
What to do for allergies?
Scared, do i have allergiess??
How to get rid of itches fast?
if my nose bleeds out of nowhere every once in a while will a septum piercing worsen this ?
am i allergic to watermelon?
If there are more flowers in the summertime, why do many people suffer from allergies in the wintertime?
Allergic to office food?
am i allergic 2 avocado PLEASE ANSWER?
Epidemiology for HPV?
how accurate is a negative hiv test at 5 weeks?
if you test positive for hpv how long should you wait to repeat the papsmear?
my lip is it a blister or no?
How long does it take for a pulled muscle,too go away.?
my brace has just broke and its really sore what do i do untill i cn get anouther apointment ?
Stress fracture still?
should i go to the doctors about my thumb?
My esophagus hurts when i eat........?
what did i do to my ankle?
I need help covering my cuts.?
what to do for this knee strain/sprain?
I had surgery for a torn mensiscus and the surgeon, without my knowledge, also did a chondroplasty. Acceptable?
what are the signs of a fractured heel?
I cut my finger and now it hurts to bend?
I have sliced a chunk of my forefinger off /w a stanley knife (Healing possible)?
Is it okay to wear an ankle brace while playing basketball?
The back of my foot hurts, please help?
rele bad muscle aches?.?.?
neck pain day after car accident?
red bump beside tragus piercing that was pierced with a gun over 3 weeks ago?what to do?
Any idea what the injuries could be?
Should an infected finger with a puss blister have peeled?
Ankle Pain PLEASE HELP!?
Knot behind my left ear?
i keep having sharp pains in my stomach?
"faux" bronchitis?
i can't wake up after a reasonable about of sleep-what can i do?
omg what is wrong with me?
Silly question but can mouse droppings/ mice affect people and make them sick or stop fertility?
Stomachee achhee help people?
Is it bad to take advil for a week?
how do you inhale a cigarette?
My eye keeps twitching?
Tonsillectomy in Children?
i have very light sleep?
Upper Back Pain, pinched nerve?
I have been dizzy for going on 11 days. I have been to the doctor, ER etc. theyve done blood work, which all?
How to get rid of dark tint on lips from smoking marijuana?
How to get out of bed in the morning?
is there any way to make my nose smaller?
can i have an MRI with a piece of metal in my leg?
is a blood alcohol level of .22 bad?
How do I strengthen the skin that covers my nails?
Chapped lips but they aren't really chapped?
Is it strange that I find comfort in knowing my neighbor is a doctor and another a cop?
I can't sleep wat is wrong?
i smoked crack and took a urine test 10 days later. will i pass? that is the first time i smoked in over a yr?
My mother is dying of Altimeters. Can you please give me info?
i have uncontrollable muscle spasms? ?
what would cause extremely sharp pains in my right side?
is cracking ur back bad 4 u?
I think I Overdosed on my perscription Ibuprofen.?
Low back pain for over a year. I'm desperate. Help?
i have this pain......its behind the upper back bone area?
Help!!!!! Serious back pain what should I do?
Diarreha for over a month!! What's wrong with me please help. Because the doctors don't seem to want to.?
Can anyone help me I've asked this question before and nobody answered?
I'm buckled over in pain and medicine isn't helping!!! Doctors won't listen. Any advice?
I have flat feet and they're getting worse?
How can I help mask the severe pain in my left ear and left side of throat every time I swallow or talk?
I just took two 800 ibuprofens. Will I live?
How can I ease my lower back pain?
How to clean out your digestive system?
How do I not be constapated?
Lower back pain and CANNOT pee!!!?
how do i get rid of a headache that i ahve had for the past 11 months?
my heart hurts what's wrong with me?
What should I do? Im plagued by dizziness and headaches?
I swallowed a pill and after that my throat hurts really bad when I swallow.?
Itchy ears??
what type of doctor do i go to...?
Wondering, Does anyone have a similar issue and know what the cause is?
Help tumor or im just overreacting?
Could i have mono?
Can water get into your brain?
Hepatitis B "HBV" disease question ?
How long is a virus contagious?
is a slight tooth scratch made by a shihtzu can cause a rabies?
What do hemorroids feel like?
How can you relieve a tickle in the throat?
What happens when a human gets rabies?
do all diseases have bichemical basis?
Is it bad to mention your past sickness during your interview?
Do I have the stomach flu?
help with mono question?
can u catch rabies from another person? and if so how is it contracted from that person?
How many school children are absent because of the flu each year?
how to resolve uti and the symthoms of it?
i got the flu and i got the flu shot. What is up with that? how do i get rid of flu fast?? :( please answer?
I took my urinary tract infection medication late. will it still work?
i was told my daughter had pink eye. she is running a high fever of 103. and is on eye drops and antibotics?
Stomach hurts... What do I do?
what kind of cold did i catch?
Question about Hepatitis C?
Is there a shot for your brain?
Engrowing Toenail? Infection?
I got really bad sunburn on friday and it started peeling yesterday and the peeling is really bad today?
My middle finger is swollen...?
How long do you normally faint for?
first aid: what would you do?
ive just spilled boiling hot coffee all over my hand at work..?
How does an electric shock device help with insect bites?
did i break my hand help?
How to get this earring out of my ear?
I have blisters on my bottom lip and it has swolen up, what do you think has caused it?
First Aid Procedures help please......?
moving and handling course content?, please help?
I take a small aspirin every day, is it safe to take Co Enzyme Q10 also.?
I have a gastric problem.When should I take medicine (b4 or after meal)? Why?
My digital ear thermometer is in farenheit and should be Celsius, how do I change it?
I think i've sprained my wrist?
What's going on with my right eye?
how long did insomnia last for you?
I have a weird quetion about...?
what would make my ankles swell?
Needs a doctor, doesn't have much money?
im sick and bored what r some things to do when ur sick?
Ache and burning veins?
Can you give children Valerian Root?
my stomach "grumbles" a lot.. how do i stop it?
I had 4 compacted wisdom teeth removed 8 days ago. help!?
What's worse, Cocaine or Alcoholism?
What if you inhale small amounts from a cigarrete?
Hurts to swallow, little red dots on tip of tounge,slight headache, inflamed tonsils, white on tonsils, HELP!?
is this normal after a stomach cyst drainage?
I have a really bad cold, what should I do to make me feel better?
wrong diagnosis?
Sick ): need help please?
Help! I think my best friend is anorexic!?
Where do babys come from?
I took panadol fter having fever(38.9 deg), now i am scared, help?
I have some mental disorders...can i take 5 hour energy drink?
i have a friend that is selling his perscribed drug to his friend that has the same drug perscribed to him?
Can a person with drug addiction be treated?
Will i die from diabetes?
Can chlamydia cause your cervix to close?
Can 1 STD virus kill the other virus if placed in water at the same time or same blood?
Will my insurance cover std testing at planned parenthood?
Does a married couple pass HPV back and forth forever? How can it be stopped?
If Im alergic to valtrex will I be alergic to acyclovir?
What are the second lot of tests really for after the initial blood test showed I am HIV positive?
my 14 year old friend had a seizure, how bad could he be?
Should I see a doctor?
Should I see an orthopedic surgeon?
I took 100 mg of my ritalin...?
I need Facial Moisturizer recommendations?
Does proactive work for anyone else?
what was the great depression?
skin problems?
what are electrolytes for, i have them in a pill form, if i take them what will happen?
What's the quickest, surefire way to get rid of a fever blister?
Neck symptoms- Itchy, Red, Peely, Scaly. What could this be?
I have broken out in hives over the last half an hour. I have not eaten anything new,but I still have?
I have real soft feet; all the sudden my heels started cracking I've trie lotion. What now?
How can i remove burn scars?
What does "mild soap" mean?
Anyone know of something awesome that helps with Milia?
Itchy lump behind ear?
Why do I have a cyst on my face?
What are some tips for better skin?
What is an easy way to get rid of stretch marks?
How to get,rid of acne naturally!?
I have blue mold on my toenail what should I do about this??
Scars from acne? If I use ScarZone, how long will it take until it removes the scars?
Is ProActive supposed to sting?
hydrocortasone cream work?
Why do my cheeks get really red and hot randomly?
whats the best cream to mousturize very dry skin?
does anyone know a way to get rid of acne scars?
I Have a COLD SORE on my lip and is there any cream i can put on it?
Lost 40lbs.. now blood pressure is high?!?!?
eye size what can i do?
Extreme pain in and around my eye?
Are there colored contacts for those with astigmatism?
Would I be able to wear a 8.4 diameter if I usualy wear a 8.6 on my contact lenses?
Is it still likely for me my eyes to get worse from long time contact lens use?
Do I still need to get used to new glasses with the same prescription?
really weird eye problem...?
Suffering from dry eyes. Helppp!!?
EYE Contact lens question help please?
?????????????optical test???????????????
Where can I get a low cost vision exam (for contacts, not glasses) in Los Angeles? Under $100?
Can i get into the indian air force if i get my eyesight corrected by laser eye surgery(lasik)?
Looking 2 places at once.?
Eye and Puberty. Anything in common?
how to wear contacts?
is there a way to change your eye color?
what's happened with my eyes?
Scheduled for lasik tomorrow but have a bad sinus infection...can I still get it?
Where did my eye contact go?
I Got Flea/Tick For Dogs/Cats Inside My Eye..Help?
do i need another eye exam if i had one in nov/dec 2008 to purchase eye glasses?
do you get contact lenses the same day as the contact fitting appointment?
i use contacts and lately my left eye has been itching bad and swells up the next day if i scratch it?
Should I get contact lens or stay with glasses?
Do IV shots hurt??????????????
bad chest pains!!!!!!!!!!?
does it hurt when you get the top of your ear pirced?
right side chest pain?
I have had a head ache for 26 hours now. i was taking advil and the last advil i took was 10 hours ago, 4 hour?
Deep pain in Centre of my Chest?
Headaches are taking over!!?
Why do i feel so sad that my heart aches?
How can I numb my skin?
How to get rid of a headache without taking pills?
Why does my jaw [mouth] get stuck often? please answer!?
I've had a headache for 9 days straight...?
Should i go see the doctor?
Car accident injury has left me in pain and frustrated. Please help!?
Back pain at night but not in the day?
does anyone know what i can do about this..........?
I hit my head and I have a MAJOR headache and it wont go away?
i suddenly lose movement in a finger, and have pain when stretching my calf?
How to swallow tablets!?
Neck problem.. i dont think this is normal?
Appendix is hurting very badly?
Can you have a jack russell dog if you have asthma?
What does chest pressure mean?
Asthma and/or a severe cough?
Is this asthma dangerous?
HoW tO gEt RiD oF a CoUgH?
how to get over an illness fast?
i had some everclear alcohol last night. my throat is very irritated, anything i can do to soothe it??
Why am I always waking up with sore lungs?
I inhaled a lot of smoke at a bonfire, are there any risks?
what are person's vital signs?
does anyone know what angina is? i get these chest pains and my mother thinks it may be angina,how do i know?
what happens when you put Vicks in your nose?
My boyfriend is naturally warm and therefor he never freezes, not even in the winter? Is this normal?
I quit smoking only a few days ago, however I still have slight chest pains. Does anyone know about this?
I woke up with a bad sore throat. What is the best thing to do for it?
asthma getting worst!?
i have a cold, how can i clear it up so i can taste and smell better?
What's the best way to get rid of a productive cough?
has anyone had a nose job?
im 14 and i smoked 2 cigs, would i stop growing? im gonna stop smokein and im 5'9?
Can you increase the size of your lungs?
I was just molested and i don't know what to do please can someone help me?
Am I having a seizure or a dream?
Will this anxiety go away?
I want to commit suicide?
What is Avoidance Disorder?
what are protaxos for and what the side effects?
Blood tests and bad circulation?
goals and objectives?
My dad has Alzheimer's and it's at night when things really hit me. What to do?
Can Adderall Cause Brain Damage??? Please Help me?
What does the flu feel like?
i am supposed to send in a stool sample... does it matter if its diarrea or solid?
what is the the strongest antibiotic?
i've had a cold for a year?
Why cannot HIV vaccine or AIDS cure be found?
Can you have coxsackie and no mouth sores?
Staph infection on a premie anybody know anything about this?
getting sick after getting the flu shot?
Is there sulfar in Clindamycin?
can the cold make your tonsillitis worse?
Lice Infestation!!!!?
If you have a flu how long can a temperature last befor its dangerous?
Are there lymph nodes in your collar bone?
What causes the disease Malaria?
Appendicitis operation costs?
DO I HAVE MONO!?!?! pleasee help?
Have I done the right thing by having an eye removal for my rabbit?
Can a 4yr old take 400mg cod liver oil capsules daily?
Is anyone afraid of puking?
Professials please answer?
Strange disorder please help.?
heart transplant?
I have these small white bumps on the back of my tongue and lots of them to what are they?
can u die from a tumor in ur arm?
i have white spots on my body from the sun, what is that? and how can u treat it?
running with asthma??
How does this sound? PLEASE HELP?!?
Coughing up grayish/black stuff?
What organizations accept hair donations and give away free wigs to patients?
My husband has a fever, feels nauseated, is aching and has to urinate frequently...?
How can i straighten my posture fast ?
I Have My Bellybutton Pierced And I Have A Question?
HELP! What can I do to make this stop?
Do women prefer cut or uncut guys?
I can't sleep. Help plz?
Need help identifying a peach/orange, oblong pill?
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?
Should I be concerned about a hard vein in my arm?
I'm 14 and I can never ever sleep?
i feel dizzy like can sumone help?
does changing your sleeping time give you eye bags?
i smoked weed today and need to be able to pass a pee test by the 15th!?
Please Help: Medical emergency?
I always get cramp in my foot?
Is my sleep hours good or really bad?
Is too much sleep bad?
How long for blood work results?
I keep getting insect bites in my apartment. How do I know what's causing them?
Why did I feel like this?
i have a really important health question?
smoking like when i really absolutely need to?
Have I had this splinter too long?
i have a really sore infection on my big ,it hurts when i walk.please help me.?
Apart from exercise and eating healthily - does anyone have a cure for high cholesterol?
What was the first instance of the use of a sphygmomanometer?
Ho do you make the pain of a blister on your tongue go away?
my lil bro just nocked himself out. i'm da only 1 home?
My uncle has just lost his hearing in one ear. I am looking for a good specialist and also a hospital.?
what's the best way to treat a cut on the forehead?
What does acutely ill mean?
what are the clases of fires?
Why are Philippines nurses the best nurses in the world and why do other cultures not realise this fact?
How can you treat a cut under hair?
Anyone else hate splinters?
had a blister on my foot and now it is swollen?
what are fennel and houlba seeds? do they have any therapeutical value?
Which is the best way to treat sun stroke in a child?
I itch so bad!!! Why?
amoxicillin could i be having a reaction?
my lubriderm is expired can I still use it.?
Help sinus stopping sleep help please im rediculously tired?
my lips swelled ,then turned black after sleeping in a motel?
Is this an allergic reaction?
I didn't know I was this allergic to cats?
Am I allergic to this food?
hives allergic reaction: how long til they go away?
10 Year Old Loses some Hearing after travel- allergies?
Does black tattoo ink cause allergic reactions?
Does this sound normal to you?
Why are my hands swollen?
my skin is terrible do i have a virus?
Every time I take Day/Nyquil it makes me cough so hard I almost throw up?
if my spouse is allergic to seafood, can i still use fish oil(omega oils)?
Have you ever played Mortal Combat or eaten celery and thought about teleporters?
does any have any personal experiences from mold?
Reaction to H1N1??????????????????
Gonorrhea and Amoxicillin?
can you pass a swab test if you smoke k2?
The herpes virus comes in several forms name a few of these with a brief summary of their primary effects?
can u get gonorrhea from seating on a toliet seat?
do airlines accept std infected person?
Maximum amount of blood vials can be drawn from a person?
Can one safely purify raw cow milk w/ few drops colloidal silver???
How do you treat Myelodyplastic Syndrome if you are uninsured?
How do you get blood clots in your brain?
how many hour to spent to made AFO?
two cancer children?
what are possible causes for left leg swelling and tingling and numbness on left thigh?
Tear in spinal disk?
Does this symptom warrant a doctor's visit?
is anyone on here an alcoholic? I am, and i take lots of prescription pills. I know its dangerous I'll write m
What happens if you go to the hospital in severe pain while drunk?
my mom does not think im sick enouigh to go 2 doctor but i feel terroble what can i tell her to take me even i?
I was in the ER last night and they did a CT scan of my chest. The dr. found a 4cm nodule on my right lung....
Help? I think I have a disease? Or a problem at least?
what is wrong with my boyfriends eye?
vey hard to breathe,seious tightness in chet,and lots of chest pain short breathing.never can breathe fully?
What are the symptoms of.....?
How Long Does It Take For A Black Eye To Develop?
Why do my arms and hands go numb?
If your gall bladder is inflamed?
Bad cold, but now fainting and light chest pain? Serious?
Dizziness, lightheaded, aching?
Stabbed with a syringe?
What is this disability called when your face is on a slant?
whats wrong with me. i think i have a diesase?
Ongoing constipating help!!?
What's wrong with my throat?
How long will it take for my external hemrroid to go away?
Did i sprain or fracture my wrist?
how to care for a Fracture?
Just got over staph on my shin area. Had 1 weeks worth of antibiodics, but should I now go back to doc?
did i break my foot, or sprain it?
What injury is this? I mean... it hurts a lot!?
For anyone who has ever hurt their leg/knee?
okay so ive had my lip periced for about 3 months &about 3 days ago i get changed and it hurts is that normal?
Should people who have previously broken vertebrae go to health spas?
how to sleep with a black medical boot on?
I think I scratched my cornea?
broken ankle, needs to heal?!! i'm going crazy?! :(?
Do i have an ingrown toenail?
anyone who knows a thing about bones, am i hurting myself??
Back crack problem! please help?
Why do I keep getting water on the knee? It keeps coming back..?
Hurt my knee!! Could it be a meniscus tear?
What i do to my knee?
why does a grandmother had a several fractured ribs than to a 9 y/o child after they were crashed on a train?
What can cause arm numbness?
Red, Somewhat Itchy Patches On My Skin Now?
What is wrong with the skin on my hands?
What scent do you think original chapstick smells like?
What is a good skin facial cleansing product to use on oily-conbination skin?
bumps behind ears after dying hair?
Small red dots on my upper thigh.?
wrinkled hands??????
keratosis pilaris??????
Why some people reject hives?
Should I try retin a for acne scars my dermotologist prescribed it to me?
I need acne help NOW!?
does olive oil work for acne?
How can I get flawless skin naturally?
LICE - I have heard using a flat iron straightener on hair kills the nits.?
Home Remedies for papules?
How can i get rid or red acne?
How can U remove stretch marks?
Do i have a concussion?
How do I figure out who I really am?
excuses for bruises on forearms?
What is a spinal tap?
Why dont I like my body?
Why am I getting sore bumps on the back of my tounge?
drug use for a report?
Has the price of nicotine gum been going up significantly and if so, why?
If you have a plugged nostril due to a cold, why does it still drip?
how long will it take for her to be normal?
Why my mind is itchy that I want to do things that I don't want to do.?
How can I tell if she's faking?
Help! How do I wake up?
I'm so sick and I have to get better in 3 days! HELP!?
Why do I have a sore chest?
Among teenagers; what would this be? "Salt" and "ice"? I am guessing a type of drug but do not know.?
I've been feeling really strange lately.?
do you take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach or full?
I think i am getting a stomach bug and i want to know what i can do to prevent it?
I need to get rid of the acne scaring on my back in about 2 weeks--suggestions?
How much Tylenol can kill you?
whats causing my headache?
After i eat a banana, My throat starts to itch and i feel pressure on my chest and upper back. Whats wrong?
problems if you start to use you left hand when you right handed?
legs are numb after wearing high heels?
how do I stop leg cramps?
i was up all night from severe pain in my left side with my neck,ribs bront and back on left side and chest. i?
does anyone know home treatment for pain?
how bad does it hurt?
How many days of PAIN?! (braces)?
What is Morphine used for?
I took Percocet and Benadryl,Please help!!!?
is there something wrong with my head? or am i overreacting?
Why did i wake up with a knife in each hand?
How do relieve muscle pain?
what is the noise called when you swallow?
Serious Back Pain, what do I do?
What is this pain in my wrist?
i lost my voice when i woke up this morning.....wat should i do to help it?
I am 15 and I get headaches everyday?
i had this pain in my stomach for a week. it only happens when i cough. a bubble forms behind my bellybutton?
waking up shaking and hard to breathe?
Question, please help with cerebral palsy.?
If my naval is infected and I take the ring out to clean it, how long will it take for my naval to close?
anyone ever hear of a condition called leg perthy (spelling)?
My uroligist says I need to retrain my bladder so it will not wake me up when it is not really full.?
ear leak??
benicar medicine whats it for?
Hernia & Gerd?
a muscle disease that causes tumors/cysts, i think i have it?
Can you develop a cold or can you only catch it?
If I have a stuffy nose can I still get surgery?
I feel I have a sore throat coming on! Please help!?
I NEED to get rid of my cold which I have had since Saturday by Thursday HELP?!?!!?
What kind of doctor should you see if you have lesions on your liver?
Anyone have an autoimmune problem?
Is my fever gone? Will I be healthy for Thanksgiving?
How to know if stomach bug is getting better?
A female has a history of uterine tuberculosis, can she conceive?
a question about mono?
If you had hepatitis c would you put it in your profile on a dating website?
can i die from pin worms if i am not treated?
Strep Throat.. tonsillitis? help please?
How long does the flu last?
How is it determined if a disease is caused by a bacteria or a virus?
how long does it take for an stomach ulcer to form?
How can you tell if you have food poisoning?
When you are sick with the flu or cold do you experience this?
is this the flu or allergies?
please help why this Headache?
Gonorrhea? What are the symptoms?
What causes AIDS to occur?
Are drug test results private or can they be shared?
anxiety swollen lymph nodes?
What are political causes of STDs?
Can you get an STD from doing this?
what are the chances of getting hiv from a needlestick accident?
How to fix drooping eye?
What I kind of eye surgery did I have?
What is my vision in a fraction?
Vision requirements for career, please help?
What's wrong with my eye?
Why are my eyes always dilated?
Question about Implantable contact lens...?
does widening your eyes damage them?
what is my blood type?
How to put in contacts?
Can i still get lasik if I have recurring mouth sores? (Herpes Simplex Virus)?
what degree of eye contacts should i get ?
About astigmatism and eye power:- This is my description i have placed before?
what kind of doctor checks lungs?
My fiance suffers from extreme sweating from his head at night? Can anyone help with a cause or solution?
How does Obstructive Sleep Apnea impact cirrhosis and high blood pressure?
Why do people take medicine ?
What do I have? Please help?
what is the movement of air into and out of your lungs?
when falling asleep i feel like i stopped breathing ?
I have been coughing up flem mixed with some blood clots. What could this be?
how can i stop smoking?
My Dad promised me he will stop smoking?
How do I fight a sore throat? I am just feeling one come on..any advice?
Can I smoke weed with a slight case of asthma?
I get sinusitis and bronchitis after every single cold- whats wrong with me and what can I do?
Should I be worried about my dad?
I get chest pains and I don't know what it is?
I'm paranoid (Smoking weed outta plastic)?
What is my risk of getting a lung disease?
can asthma cause you to throw up?
My grandpa. Please read?
Do u smoke?
smoking weed?
Is vomiting anything to be scared about?
So, I have this throat problem?
Heart attack genetics ?
Problems with my right ear?
Redness around the burn from Hair straighteners?
I just got a foot tat and I've let it heal for 2weeks but it's still peeling a bit. Can I wear socks or wait?
Where does all the snot come from when you have a bad head cold?
How can i reduce my Hayfever?
SIMPLE Accident Form? First Aid?!?
how to get rid of spots easier?
How can i treat a minor iron burn on the face?
wound healing (burn)?
I bit my tongue, it bled, and now there is a small lump on it.?
How to bandage up knuckle?
whats this bite? please help!?
Restless sleep 3 days in a row? !?!?
Do i have a deep bite?
SWEATY PALMS???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
I have to get a physical in order to play track.... What do they do?
almost Lime green fluid in stool!?
i slouch and have a terrible posture.can you actually fix your posture so u stand straight all the time?
What are some good things I can eat/drink while I'm sick?
are BMIs correct or is it bull?
Painful lump on the side of my neck (appeared overnight)?
Whats the best way to get rid of a love bite?
If you smoked weed once yesterday how long will it take to have a safe urine test?
Sleeping problem? Im tired all the time almost?
why does it take me 2 hours to fall asleep?
hard time sallowing pills DX?
Why do I keep burping everytime I wake up from sleep?
shrek glasses recall?
Help! Wierd Feeling Of Adrenaline Rush While Trying To Sleep, What Is It?
Is there any legal action I can take?
My foot! twitching! HELP! 12 points! 10 points! just help me?
My nose stared bleeding in the middle of class today this is the first time this has happen in16 years why?
I pee quite frequently, is it because of caffeine?
I need serious medical attention but I have a serious problem standing in my way?
Should I wear so too much clothing when I'm having a cold?
how do i unstuff my nose befor i got to bed?
Throat feels like it's closing in.?
need help about liquor allergy?
when they give you an allergy test do they test your for latex?
i have a stuffed up nose every day can you help me?
My 4 yr old had allergy testing done, results showed her immunoglobulin levels at 6768!!!!!! Pls read!?
My nostrils are not the same size.?
what wores having big ears or big nose?
My son allergic to red food dye?
metal-like build up on my earings? am i allergic?
What are symptoms of allergies?
If you breathe better after taking a shower does that mean allergies is responsible for difficulty breathing?
whats the best thing to do for your throat when u have an allergie infection?
I have a cold, but my nose is making me so crazy!?
if i can wear 10k gold and not have an allergic reaction shouldn't i be able to wear 14k gold or higher?
Does this sound like bad allergies or a cold?
Is it common for an infant to get hives 10 hours after getting flu shot?
antihistamines not working anymore?
i took claritin 24hr about 4 hours ago. doesnt seem to be working. can i take an aleggra D now? is that safe?
bestfriend, cats, allergies, sleeping over?
My mother has a sinus infection?
is there anyway to help prevent anticoagulant nosebleeds?
how long does dizziness and light headed last?
What are the issues or anorexia?
i think something may be wrong with me?
what is it like for alcoholics coming off the booze?
what are this lumps in my neck?
How longis a sore throat supposed to last. I am upset I have a really bad sore throat for 3 days..?
what to do when one doesn't have any medical insurance at all?
What can i do to help with congestion?
I went to smoke and my body hurt, and Im curious as to why? does anyone know?
Can someone please help me? Weird symptoms; no answers; scared!?
What is seratonin turnover? What is the relationship between serotonin turnover and aggressive behavior?
well i lost my voice thursday afternoona nd its not back fully saturday...?
One of my hands is always colder than the other? :/?
Can you become blind natrually?
Dietary Analysis.....Have no idea how to do this!!!?
Mirtazapine help and advice?
Wellbutrin making me have mood swings/intense emotions...?
What is this compulsion called?
Is it a disorder to have a very negative anxious view of lofe?
Should I go to therapy? I honestly don't know what to do...?
will this pass??????????
About my Leg It hurts in my thigh?
Back pain? How do I have it?
I have alot of pain in my back, and im only 17?
can somebody explain why im getting so many frequent sore throats?
Will anything happen if I take 2 extra strength tylenols?
I have a pain in my upper right arm. What can it be?
How to relieve period pains? Please help me, I can't even get out of bed.?
I am in so much pain.. please please help me...?!?
I have nausea, weakness, headache, and fatigue. I got bloodwork done and nothing came back. Any diagnosis?
im 16 and i cut...i don't do it for pain cause i hate pain i do it cause i feel trapped sometimes?
Constant heartburn a problem?
Where i can get Ibprofen?
I get headaches all the time, is this normal?
SO. MUCH. PAIN. ? Mid-back to abdominal....?
How do i get my 5 year old to stop screaming?She has an ear ache or something and its 2 in the morning?
my friend just randomly woke up and started vomiting. i gave him back blows and the Heimlich and then he got i?
14, nausea, really bad chest pain?
I get headaches a lot, what causes this?
Why do you hiccup?
how can i tell if my thyroid meds are still working?
Questions about the L-lysine supplement?
In need of a vaporizer, need HELP!!?
kidneys shut down, heart problem?
Tick Bites?
over lapping fingers?
Can a person diagnosed with minimal tuberculosis still be allowed to go to work? Is it contagious?
Digestion problems,what could it be?
Is my blood pressure okay? Only high when anxious,nervous,etc.?
nursing care plan of encephalitis?
why are the bottoms of my feet tingling?
what ingredients are in zyrtec?
I have stretch/ growth marks. Any way to get rid of them?
Foot fungus on foot, what is it and how to get rid of it?
13 year old with insomnia?
What is the term for a person having absolutely no hair on their body?
Hemorrhoids and weight lifting?
i got into a fight and i was not even ready the guy started early and can anybody tell me how to get rid of it?
I have these random spells where my vision goes bright and my ears ring?
Triamcinolone Acetonide for coldsores?
My feet really itch? Why is that?
Left eyelid is puffy!?
Okay I am so sick of acne and my acne scars!!!?
Is there a website with medical symptoms that you can choose/combine to narrow a search to find a condition?
Does Over-Washing Produce More Sebum Or Is It A Myth?
how do you get rid of a scar on face?
What is wrong with me?
How can u get rid of acne scars fast?
How do i get rid of my gastritis pain?
I have an acne question that I really need answered...?
How can i hide my hickey, or get rid of it?
what is a lifestyle disease?
Where in So Cal can I get my acne scar removed?
Are there any differences between seeing a dermatologist at a hospital and seeing one with an office?
Insect bites? What insect is it?
Question about the treatment of lice?
i took a zanex pill a month ago will it show up on my drug test?
What will happen if i eat my own snot?
What causes an illness to stay in the household?
Help!! Weakness and hair loss.. hyperthyroidism?
do i have hypoglycemia?
HOw to stop your face from swelling and itching?
What are some ways teenagers catch ringworm?
will taking glucosamine help with gout?
How do I get rid of a cold sore?
Little to no appetite, nauseous after I do eat?
How does HIV rash look like?
what are the chances i have hpv?
Yeast Infection Problem. Please help me?
Can you get STD's from sharing tweezers with family members?
I think I have herpes, what kind of doctor do I need?
Been cleared for all std's so whats going on ?
My roommate has Hepatitis C?
How can I stay sick for just one more day?
DIarrhea and feeling very cold and nervous what can it be?
Can you have cold symptoms with mono?
how to prevent getting strep throat?
What is the history of strep throat?
If a guy gives a girl HPV, does every girl he sleep with get it?
Sore Throat, Ear Ache, Head Ache, VERY MILD CONGESTION..what is wrong with me?
What is the cleanest shower, hot or cold water?
This sore throat has lasted so long?
Diarrhea Problems, please help!?
i have used my fathers shaving razor but he is diabetes patient?
What blood test requires the patient to fast first and why?
how do i fight off strep throat early without the use of antibiotics?
Tonsil stones are out, but why do i still feel it?
what does it mean if you feel cold after a liposution?
can you die from having infected holes in your pancreas?
can thrush be passed on through kissing?
I'am in serious need of help, i'am pregnant with an ulcer.?
Is it possible to be completely cured of Hep C, or will you always have Low viral load?
Are Haemorrrhoids merely a pain in the backside?
iam often experienced itching on my palms and atimes on my foot what is the cause and solution?
What if you don't know if the stinger by a bee is still in your skin?
what should i do about insect bites?
What popped in my head?
what do ambulance staff think of british red cross?
Why do I get migraines after swimming?
i have discharge from my ear like clear water,any ideas?
Quick/easy way/s to reduce the redness of a spot?
How do a compeed blister pad work?
What can I do to stop looking like c**p?
Do you ever have hiccup days??
when i was young and first heard the word bj i used a hair dryer on myself. it didnt feel very good.....?
What do ambulance crew think about the british red cross?
How are broken blood vessels in the esophagus treated?
How long is this gonna last?
This kid is annoying in school?
legalization of medical marijuana?
please please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Mystery bruises that don't hurt?
Hay fever sufferers - what do you do to make life a bit easier?
every time i lay down in bed my ear plugs up and i have to make my ear pop to clear it up what should i do?
20 year old Female : voice changes?
Can your skull soften????????
How can you lower your blood pressure?
what do you think it is?
the first drug used in the medical field?
does music get a higher pitch when you're sick?
this is a dumb question, but is anyone else feeling drained, no energy or life is taking its toll?
please answer and help thanks!!!!?
.............Was I sleepwalking?
Is this thing normal?!?
ive been having desua vu realy bad my friends dont belive but i can tell them wats going to happen?
Tricare Prime and Bariatric surgery: Personal Experience?
are there medications you can take to rase the fetal heart beat?
FAINTING after rapid heartbeat, afterwards a prolonged period of sight/hearing loss.?
My wife can't stop coughing and she is pregnant.... what can give her to make her stop coughing?
what do i have? asthma or something else. please help me serious answers only please!!?
what is good for chronic fatigue
Bad cough, NOTHING works. PLEASE HELP.?
Help with snoring. i've tried everything from sleeping on my back, side, and stomach?
Need good airpurifier. Neighbor smokes pot?
are you supposed to inhale when smoking pot?
i smoked now i have problems?
is it possible to die like this?
I`m Having very frequent but sometimes heavy nosebleeds they look like strings of blood, what`s wrong?
URGENT HELP! Strange sounds from right lung!?
How important are cholesterol & triglyceride levels, and how long should they be high to hurt us?
why can't i breathe through my nose? since birth ive been breathing through my mouth 24/7. is it b/c of sinus?
Why am i sick for this long?
My chest hurts really bad, what can it be?
Any suggestions on what's wrong with me?
heart flutter / skipped beat sensation?
How can i stop snoring?
Can a strong sinus infection cause migraines? etc.?
What can be the cause of an anxiety attack?
What Is The Cause of This Breathing Difficulty?
What is pulmonary disease?
i take cough medicine to help me sleep. im not coughing.?
How to get rid of smoking? I tried herbal cigerattes,more coffee tips etc. Should I consult a doc?
I get the worst of all worst headaches and neckpains after a night of drinking?
why do i get nose bleeds out of the blue? i didnt get nose bleeds until we moved into our new apartment.?
migraines and food allergy's?
My throat hurts really bad?
Can you get rid of allergies for good?
am sick and i feel mucus on my throat and nose but when i blow my nose nothing come out?
terrified of anaphalaxis!?
i have reddness of the eyes with discarge what is it?
nasty little bug bites!?
Best allergy medicine for you? [symptoms below]?
Has anyone experienced any health issues using a bluetooth headset?
how to help allergies?
Could I be allergic to Alcohol?
How im I supposed to go in to an animal shelter to look for a puppy im not allergic to.?
how can you tell the difference between hives and poison ivy by looking?
Everywhere I go/All the time I smell smoke and something must be stuck in my nose or something?
Does anyone else get a depressed feeling from allergies?
What can help hives go away.?
I got a rash from a plant help!?
My 2 1/2 year old son has had a productive chesty cough for the past month and a runny nose that wont go away.?
Little Red Line On Nose?
have you ever fainted at school? what happend?
my knee hurts what should i do?
I have been struggling with a cold for about a month now and now all of the sudden my ear keeps popping?
jammed thumb.. help!?
Am I still just as prone to getting a concussion as I was 10 years ago, after my last one?
Okay I haven't fell or bumped into anything I swear but I have bruises?
please help??!! Question about goose egg on forehead!!!?
How do you get rid of a scar caused by getting hit with a basketball?
How do I relieve sore muscles?
a lump on the inside of my foot?
pain in the eyes and headache?
how can i stop my neck from hurting?
what would be the cause of severe leg pain that goes from the calf down to the foot and it is constant ?
Kidney stone pain... please help?
Possibility of appendicitis?
Yesterday (8/15/09) I had a very bad headache, and i took Tylenol, and after I took the Tylenol I throw up.?
good to workout before sleeping?
Help HEADACHES & pain?
Do i have to go the doctor?
Constapated what should I do for fast relief?
migraine gone, but head still hurts after a day..?
whats causing this pain?
I pulled my muscle behind my right knee two weeks ago after slipping. It's still a bit swollen, is that normal?
Help with Serious Side Knee Pain?
does it hurt!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Would snorting an ibuprofen (sans-coating) eliminate a headache quicker than chewing one?
I woke up and all day I've felt like crying?
what causes my calf to hurt when i walk?
Neck hurts terribly!?
My 6-year old has been telling me she has piercing headaches.?
Lower right stomach pain?
I went to the ER with a headache and ended up just leaving scared....?
How can you get rid of a BAD headache?
i only get migranes in the fall and winter. any idea why? what can i do to alleviate pain w/out not going out?
Girlfriend has a migraine what to do?
are there anywhere to get medication without a perscription?
I have horrible knots in my back?
i just got my wisdom teeth out, which painkiller should I take?
I'm having knee pain?
My mom is AB+ my dad is O- What is my blood type?
What are the best contacts that are inexpensive? New to contacts...?
first time going to an eye doctor appointment?
what are the best eye drops for red/dry eyes?
What part of the eye exam do they test for nearsight/farsight?
red eye or retinoblastoma or what?
Cost for prescription colored contacts at walmart ?
Help! Something stuck under eyelid. ?
if i have blurry vision, am i good ofr laser eye surgery?
What's a matter with me? (Seeing things)?
can i use eye drops as an overnight substitute for contact lens solution?
Is the scent of a cigarette unhealthy?
is there a machine to stimulate bowel movement?
do i need to be 18 yrs old to get an eye exam?
Will I have to wear contacts/glasses for the rest of my life?
What is that thing inside my eye?