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Im super bloated and I took working out medicine and..?
what happens when you mix vicoden with larazapam?
Can liver flushing really help with skin disorders?
question about the eye doctor?
Possibly an infection from giving oral?
how can food poisoning be reduced or prevented?
Symptoms of internal fungus illness and treatment?
How to treat ear buzzing?
Help I my eye is swollen!?
Can Korean Red Ginseng do heal Hepatitis B ?
What do the tapeworm tablets do exactly to get rid of the tapeworms themselves?
what's the differince between a phagocyte and a macrophages?
Can a tongue swab be done for a strep test?
is bacteremia the same as septicemia?
When should I start my Antibiotics?
Do I have mono or just a cold?
What are some of the leading non-communicable diseases in the United State?
If a person has decreased mitochondrial enzymes and aconitase is there any known treatment?
i think i have a throat infection.. can i take penicillin?
Sore throat, fatigue, EBV IgG: 1917, EBV IgM 11 what does it means ?
Amoxicillin! Help ME!!!?
Can rabies be transmitted from person to person in its asymptomatic incubation period?
How can I help my wife sleep? Swollen tonsils and sore throat.?
Expensive Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses, but now I want contacts?
Possible Reasons My Eyes and Eyelids are So Asymmetrical?
How do I know if I have a corneal abrasion?
Where can I buy -6.50 contact lenses for Halloween?
changing eye color??!!?
Could bad eye sight be caused by how much hours you spend on the computer everyday?
the optician said I don't need glasses but sometimes I have trouble reading the board?
Flashes of white light!!!helpp! =]?
My right eye keeps shaking. What is the matter with it?
First time contact lens wearer, turic lenses go blurry when I blink?
What kind of concacts should i wear to change my eyes to blue almost gree and i have originally bark black eye?
meaning of refractive error?
Darkness under/around eyes?
what can i do to get healthier looking eyes?
plz answer if you know?
Vision is wierd lately..please Help!?
how to make your eyes bad?
Where could i buy colored contacts ? cheap , comfy, and natural looking . please help !?
Is it possible to miss glaucoma in an eye exam?
Does anyone know about repairing the optical nerve?
Anyone thats got contact lenses!!!?
Is it okay to super glue my eyeglasses frame?
Is this dangerous to my Brothers health?
The Body and Blood Transfusions?
I had a CT Mylegram done.?
Swollen lymph nodes in neck?
do i have insomnia?
blood vessellll question helpp 10 pts first right answer.?
Knee pain help?????????????????????????
Is gent' herps a STD and..?
how long till syphilis is cured?
what is an std's origin?
Can you get and STD/STI from food?
if a women has HPV16,18,31,33 does this type cause warts for my partner and i? ive read that it don't?
What can HIV do to you?
cream/milky discharge. diferent to what i normaly have. pls answer?
HPV - doctor said not to worry?
what should i do about these warts on my feet !?
My Special Spot Has Tiny Bumps On The Inside?
I have weird small tiny bumps around my chin i squeze them and nothing comes out . ?
I have like this painless bump inside my skin next to my spine on the back of my neck?
What's the best way to get rid of a cold sore?
How can I get rid of a scar?
Really dry finger tips.?
i have a bump on my lip from an accident..how do i get rid of it?
When using aloe vera??
Is there anything you'd reccomend for getting rod of acne?
Why do I have some stretch marks when I don't have more than the normal amount of fat?
My hands get really cold and sweaty and we're starting dance in gym? Please help?
I need help with my skin on my face.?
what causes sores inside the nostrils?
apply acne medicine before showering?
red-brown spots/patches all over body?
My 4 yr old has a rash on her chin and cheeks, how can I tell if it is dermatitis? what can I use to help her?
What Does This Seem Like?
is there a name for people who are obsessed with midgets and short people?
if i test positive to a drug urine test for methamphetamine and ive been clean is there any rights to have?
My sons ear infection...?
my 12 year old son gets migranes?
Do i have rigid flat feet or flexible flat feet?
Is there an over-the-counter drug that will increase your appetite?
What does BMXing do to your body?
Im sick please help!!?
how fast is a normal heart rate?
What can you do as a patient to ensure you are getting moral health care ?
my 12 year old urinates and defecates on him self in public. Why?
Tylenol Multi symptom cold tablets?
will my hips still grow?
Emetophobia Help!!! I don't know what to do!!!!!!!?
If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...?
Emptying bowels before gallbladder surgery is this normal?
i have a flat area thats a little red but mostly skin colored. it burns and has a pin sized hole with hair?
Why do I keep getting hot flashes? And why do my eyes black out whenever I stand up from laying down?
How does one get things posted?
Can I have a bite of that?
when you cut yourself, how does your body heal the wound?
I took out my nose piercing and it wont stop bleeding?
Would ya get a BUZZ out of suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? Lol?
How would you treat multipal lacerations, the type that you get from a flogging?
how come if you wear thick socks in summer your feet don´t sweat.?
What are the effects of taking trimethoprim with amitriptyline?
what apart from ice cubes can i use to numb my ear?
I have sinusitus - any remedies? Constantly losing my sense of smell/taste. Could it be smoking isnt helping?
soaking foot in hot water to get glass out?
can analgesic balm be used on 7 yr olds?
What is one thing you can suggest to do to make your day nicer than it already is?
help me is it a bite?
why did the bee sting me?
Where can i buy Syrup of Ipecac in the UK?
Fainting left, right and center?
Stomach is off after eating burrito?
Is intentional popping your ears bad for you?
Do I sleep too much????
I want to be able to sleep good again. help please?
Insomnia??????? i cant sleep!!?
please answer this?(Health Question)?
Would wearing a bracelet around my legs, according to the Chinese method, improve blood circulation to my feet?
Tips to help me sleep?
I gave up soda for my new year's resolutiong and now i am having a hard time staying asleep.?
Is there something wrong?
What do you do when you feel down?
Recently, I have a headache for no reason. The specific problem is not really a headache...?
help i have this....blue vain at the side of my eye !!!?
How far do I insert a rectal thermometer?
does anyone know how to help my mum?
I smoked like maybe 5 hits of weed two and a half months ago.?
My mum has a high blood pressure?
When you crack your knuckles, will your knuckles eventually grow in size and become really big when your older?
Has anyone ever seen moving sparks?
umm help please!!!!!!!!!! ASAP?
My left hand is tingling?
What should I do for these problem?
Help with eyes for Drivers Test.!?
How to help get rid of Winter Vomiting?
Strep throat keep coming back? Is that normal to come back 3 or more times back to back weeks?
What is Card method of HIV testing?
can a 8 month baby get chicken pox from my shingles outbreak my daughter age 21 has never had chicke npox?
Eyes burn when i yawn-is this the sign of an infection?
How long is a cold sore contagous?
is it possible to have had mono and be not sick with it but still be contageous?
How dangerous is smallpox?
What is smallpox and what are the symptoms?
How long does parvo stay around?
where can i get some free on-line medical advice?
can drinking too much cause diarreha?
How not to get the Stomach flu?
molluscum contagiosum help?
what does diffuse tear means?
there is blood in my stool?
How do you catch hiv?
Why do I have recurring viral infections?
What is the maximum bilirubin levels an adult can have in case of severe jaundice?
Glandular fever ?Tonsilitis ?
Am i Weird or just scary?
Why is my friend not eating?
whats causing my heart fluttering ?
how does the digestive system,circultory system,and the respiratory system depend on each other?
Nerve Damage Tingling everywhere!?
can I take a multi vitamin that does not have vitamin K in it with warfarin?
My dad is an alchohlic who is just self medicating because he is bipolar, how do i get him to take the meds?
Does anyone here take Zoloft?
plz help!!! willa doctor phone my phycharitrist that i have seen before about depression and aneixty, and get?
coughing since 3 years, sputum very minute after coughing a lot,No TB,coughing after lunch, not during sleepng?
Why would having a hole in your lung prevent you from being able to breathe?
What do people mean when they tell me I'm "strong"?
excesive nose bleeding please help.im scared?
ever so often i spit out a small yellow pebble that reeks. Does any body know what the heck it might be? ?
I slept with a table fan close by, now have a sore throat.
Need to figure out the damage done by my smoking.?
Left part of my chest hurts, having pains?
Okay... I recently had some blood work done.?
im havin trouble breathing plzz HELP !!!!?
asthma question please help!!!?
It is hard to breath! HELP!?
what causse kidney stones ?
Friend with Asthma... Help!?
What is this medicine?
Can i stay overnight in the hospital if i ask?
How to treat ear pressue caused by flying?
Does my throat hurt because i smoke weed?
how do you unclear a stuffy nose without medicen?
My 8 year old daughter gets leg pains at night..whys?
IN ALOT OF PAIN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what would happen if someone took hydrocodone 7.5mg and did not have pain at the time?
Her whole body hurts!!?
i have back pain what should i do?
Is it possible that this is a stroke, or just a migraine?
i think something is wrong with my jaw?
Back flip accident (landed on head) and now my back hurts?
Should I take Tylenol PM with cocaine?
What was this medication?
what causes all of a sudden vomiting?
what is good for nerves?
i OD on 22 panadol tablets around christmas. i went to hospital but....?
my wrist and some fingers hurts when im playing guitar, what should i do?
neck pain after car accident?
i am in so much pain but i dont know why??????!!!!!!!!!?
Really bad ear ache remedies?
I need stronger pain medication. How to ask without sounding like a "drug seeker?"?
I'm having severe pain in my knee?
I have had a neck and headache for 11 days now. Help?
I have a really bad pain in my lower right abdomen?
Why do I get headaches everyday?
How can i get ride of my migraine/ headache when i have tried every drug i can and yet it just gets worse.?
Drops vs Syrup vitamins?
allergy of my 74 years old mum - red spots all over body starting from leg and arm in a month, swelling, ?
Why wont my eyes stop watering?
My yorkie does not have flees, but itiches her skin constanly what can I do ?
Itching face and neck? Possible allergic reaction?
I recently started using the patch i didnt use it for more than 2week after that I got really itchy why?
can one docter talk bout your condition to anyonw with out your condent?
Are these allergies, or just bad makeup?
Anybody know another steroid suppliers site that's in the uk, other than elitefitnesspharma?
I'm allergic to benzyl peroxide. can I still use zicam?
How do I make the Allergies stop?
How to prevent nose ring from going into the nose and not come out?
The exact question is: What happens to the rubber as it is rubbed off the tire? It ain't Dust?
allergies? and eyes and ears?
Could I be having a reaction to Advair?
Does biocamic medicines have any side effect ?
Something is wrong with my nose. Help?
Stuffy Nose every Cold Season?
Am I lactose intolerant?
I think I may be allergic to my dog!!!!?
A STD question.... D:?
Did I pass my pee test?
swollen lymph nodes, bloody urine & herniea, mean what exactly?
is it true that chris brown have hiv?
Normal colposcopy results but still trace of HPV?
Can you get HERPES in your lungs? If so how does it get in there? What r the typical symptoms and is it fatal?
Can I live a normal life with diabetes 1?
Help! My tonsils are super swollen. What should I do to make them feel better at home?
what can i do for my lactose problem?
had acid injected to eat away my stomach fat?
I think i suffer insomnia.. what do you think?
What the **** is this?
pancreas question????????
My son was recently diagnosed with Crohn's . We are looking for some "sack lunch" ideas while in a flare up.?
I need to find a disease that has not-so-serious symptoms but is fatal?
What is meth and where can i get some?
did my child ingest poison?
I think I have mono but not sure if this is how I contracted it?
Scared - Brain Aneurysm!!?
Thyroid surgery! What were your experiences?
He looks like hes dying! help!?
I was told there is a treatment for people addicted to meth like a rapid treatment used for herion addicts?
where can i find concentrated cherry juice? not black cherry , just cherry . this is for the gout?
disease that makes you want blood? NOT Porphyria?
Blood in bowel movements?
diahrrea from coffee?
when i jump i feel like i want to pee?
does dirty teeth can lead to heart attack?
I keep feelin like im going to faint?
Just Hives or Herp?
how are persons with ADHD protected under the ADA?
Oranges, tangerines,etc make my stomach bloated. Why?
can croup be dangerous?
Sick... symptom change?
Has any1 had a gastric band op?
what does my eye color mean?
Where to order contacts without script. ?
my friend has two colours in his eye?
Help with a lazy eye?
Can I wear the wrong contacts?
Why do people's eyes glow in laser tag?
i got some hair stuff in my eye, what should i do?
What can I do with my old, still-unopened contact lenses?
can i wear cosmetic contacts if i have astigmatism? 10 pointsss?
Where Can I Get Colored Contacts?
Pushing on the side of my eyes?
is it possible to get rid of red veins in my eyes?
Help, contact lens tore and I'm stuck at work with no spares.?
How can I take care of my vision?
seeing black spot out of my left eye?
i cant get contacts in?
my eyes are very sensitive to light and are hard to open in the morning with some mucous in the corners. Help!?
Eye vision and lasik surgery?
what to do when eye wont focus?
Can looking at computer screens hurt your eyes?
Buying eyeglasses online, size question?
I have a lump on my back?
My Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty took 5 and a half hours?
Someone please help (Bulimia)?
how can i get rid of a really bad headache?
how long does it take to freeze to death?
how easy is it to die from nicotine poisening?
I really need some help. Kinda longish but help?
Sore throat / cough / NO VOICE?
I can hear a high pitch sound on my left ear?
Here are my symptoms...Please someone help me?
Hard to wake up. Tired and grouchy in the morning. Am I not getting enough sleep?
Headaches? Please help =[?
Can drinking herbal teas cause you to test positive for a drug test?
Omg i really need help im getting blood work done and i need to know what there testing me for?
What disorders/diseases could cause long headaches and occasional dizziness?
what can cause anemia?
Why does my arm keep twitching?
How do I get rid of my chubby cheeks?
Itchy bumps on my skin?
How do I get rid of bumps on my chin?
I think I have permanant razor burn?
White spots on skin...........?
i have small haemorroids?
Is there anything to get rid of ingrown hairs?
Does stress cause acne?
What is it and how do i get rid of it?
How do you fix popped fingers??
Hi, please advice and help, i m suffering 4rom acne problem for last 6 years. I have very deep scars. I hve ap?
perfect skin pleas help?
how to get rid of a burn on your neck?
would like to know what to do to reduce itching during exercise?
ACNE on cheek help!!!! what caused it am i allergic to makeup of hormones?
i have a circular rash under my left breast, it looks like a ringworm?
do chapped lips cause sore lips?
Anybody had this? Headache w/ swollen stiff joints all over body & a swollen lymph node on neck? What's up?
Need help with pink eye?
treatment for non bacterial cystitis?
Best treatment for fever and aches?
My boyfriend came down sick today and our anniversary is on Monday. Can I avoid catching it?
Is citrobacter freundii bacteria contagious?
I have holes in the back of my throat and chunks of yellowish stuff come out of them!! Help!?
Could I have Appendicitis?
Person I know has lice?
Should beef liver be washed?
3 year old, throwing up, diarrhea, but no fever?
What sickness does this sound like to you?
I have a few questions about staphylococcus epidermidis..?
What is my diagnosis?
A malarial question please help? urgent?
Due to my symptoms, what might i have?
Constant Diarrphea, Vomiting. What do I have?
Is it normal to not be able to taste when recovering from flu?
who is most likely to of given me mono?
i took antibiotics it still hurts when i pee?
Ulcer or tonsilitus? Not sure!?
There is something wrong with my heart!?
I went to the ER because i was bleeding like 4 different colors, red,pink,black and brown?
Please help - injury?
Can I go back to working out after an injury?
Why won't my bruise go away? Where did it come from?
I hit my knee on a handrail. How do I fix it?
advice please on my injured ankle.?
I just got minor toe surgery and it really hurts right now?
how to get swelling out of foot when you step on nail?
finger bleedin after an hour?
when your arm gets disable and you need an artificial one. (is your nerve able to come back?)?
Can I ride a bike with a pin in my big toe?
I hurt my ankle and its swollen again...what to do?
I was doing pushups and suddenly got an instant headache in the back of my head..It comes and goes :(?
What is going on with my knee???? Please Help?
Pain in chest wall & wondering what it is?
I got hit in the head with a softball?
Could exercise cause a swollen back muscle?
Infected toe!? help please?
i think i have an ingrown hair between my eyes could this be dangerous ?
what are the benefits of cycling ?
how come you lose weight when you have the flu?
thumb disslocation?
what's the best way to get rid of a migraine?
my leg is really itchy. what can i do so i don't scratch it?
Questions about First aid?
finger cut by lil wire and yellow puss comign out a bit?
After I've been running I get a long-lasting pain in my left hip. Have tried stretching. Any ideas?
whats the difference between a sauna and a solarium?
why is it neccessary to have first aid provision ?
My grandads got bitten by a red ant. The bites thats about 4 inches long and wide. Help!?
how much novacaine is too much?
What are the causes and possible treatment of my 8 week old son's eczema? It is all over his head.?
pierced earlobe is still bleeding after hours?
how long does a lip stay swollen?
Should I Get My Ear Syringed?
I cut myself, now my cut is warm?
What's the difference between a vitamin and a hormone?
Motorbike accident? Help urgent please?
sore eye plz help any info?
I keep waking up at 5am everyday. Are there any tricks to staying asleep until I actually want to get up?
Why should U drink warm liquids when...?
do finger shots hurt at all?
I'm really scared I have something really wrong with me.?
Waking up tired Everyday?
Will the opiate in my system affect the adoption proceedings I'm going through?
Im using Vicks Nyquil to fall asleep at night. could this harm me?
Help with a chapped lip problem...?
i have this really bad urge to pee?
i took too many blood pressure medicine will it hurt me?
I slept for about 5 hour per day, sometimes just 4. is that safe? cause I think sleeping is just wasting time.?
Question about hemorrhoid treatment?
Suffication with a towel, what happend ?
What to expect for first time blood donation?
What does it mean when a patient is "babbling incoherently"?
sister in law SICK! HELP!?
what are the pros and cons of different syphilis treatments over the years?
Can i get an STI from my teacher ?
So really if 50-80 percent of people have oral herpes,does that mean the ones who get outbreaks are a minority?
When u have malaria is it possible to be misdiagonised with HIV or if you positive is it likely toshow negativ?
Specific Examples of policy from 'Pandemic' the documentary about HIV/AIDS?
I just went to get tested today for HIV and I noticed that where they put the niddle it immediately bruced?
Who discovered aids? Its for a project?
Can HPV be passed from mouth to mouth contact?
What drink do you suggest for a cough?
how can i calm my cough?
whats that disease called?
Coughing all the time?
Im 20 years old n started smoking in april and i quit yesterday June is it possible to still get some kid of?
I can't breathe when wind blows against my face?
if a person passes out from an asthma attack will CPR work?
Needs Serious help this is nasty?
is pipe tobacoo healthier than cigarettes?
I have chest pains, is it serious?
i have chest pain and shortness of breathe should i go to the doctor?
son is 7 he has had a temp of 101.7 for two days with no other symptoms at what temp do I take him to the er?
Do I have pneumonia or something else?
Whats the difference between a zit and a mole?
Itchy thoat?
I was diagnosed with Shingles 2 weeks ago and was put on Medication.?
what are some symptoms of sun poisioning?
48 hr Lockouts due to unusual activity what is the cure?
"what under eye cream ... gel ... serum can give hope to diminishing dark under eye circles?
Birth control pills for acne?
I'm really stressing over these headaches?
Burning needles in torso when excersising?
do you think I am short?
Cancer research....relay for life?
I hardly ever get fevers when I get sick?
I am short sighted (myopia). Where can I order sunglasses for short sighted ? (I need to drive). I live in CA?
Zoloft?? Annayone had good results? Bad ones? give me some ideas of how it works please!!!?
Can drinking lots of alcohol in your teens damage or destroy your brain development to mentally perform?
what is my body type?
Need some medical advice.?
Am I sick and need to see a doctor?
what is this under my tongue. Pictures included.?
What does a cat scan reveal? Doctors please answer?
doctors? mole or skin tagor w.e. hate it?
Am I a germaphobe? Or the beginnings of one?
possession and the dying birds?
Does anyone have avoidant personality disorder?
Someone please help me! PLEASE!?
how long should you wait to kiss after you had mono?
Growth on tonsils that looks like tonsils... picture to show?
what causes numbness in your legs?
Do doctor's ever become ill,if so who treats the doctor?
I haven't had a bowel movement since my episiotomy 5 days ago. Is this normal?
What illness can you get with rotten meat?
is this an eating disorder?
Here Are My Symptons. What illness do I have?
What to do about removing fluid in ears behind eardrum?
Do I have some rare type of OCD?
How do you get rid of a fear of drawing blood?
what happens when you use your sense of smell and sight?
Bitter taste in mouth?
How long do you have yo be bulimic to become sterile?
why is it i never get full?
black stools, vomit like coffee grounds, get light headed easy like getting up from a squatting position?
What are symptoms of intestinal infection?
I have a cold, and I need to smell!?
types of treatments for different mental illnesses?
I feel like i have a lump in my throat?
i have taken an ipill .can a doctor find i have taken an ipill?
Are random, short, constant " blackouts " serious? How do I get rid of them? is it Normal?
fibromyalgia question? please help!?
What is the sound you hear when you listen to your heart with a stethesope?
hi ive been havin pains in my chest for awhile ive been to the doctors also had an ecg my chest feels so tight
cancer or not?
Is anyone else allergic to benzoyle peroxide? What happens after applying it?
Subtopics for Facial Cosmetic Surgery?
how do you get rid of athlete's foot?
my moms liver is bleeding and she does not want to take medication cause if she takes med she can't get high.
i have a lot of childhood scars..how can i treat them?i dont know wats d most effective treatment 2 fade dem?
how long does it take for you too die when your kidney's stop working?
Dizzyness, Headache And Loss In Appetite...?
agh! wtf?!?
Can a sensory disability count as wearing glasses because of poor eyesight??
Do I have testicular cancer?
is heart paplitations a sign of heart failure?
medical terminology questions on the cardiovascular system?
Is it harmful to miss taking one or two pills for my high blood pressure?
Am I at a high risk for heart disease?
How much cardiac tissue are in a pound of muscle?
do you think im having mini heart attacks?
My dad went to the hospital last night and was put in ICU because his heart enzymes Was up and he had blood in?
Sudden chill, dizziness, and rapid heart beat?
Can there be symptoms for high blood pressure?
ears peirced? does it hurt?
I hit my head can I sleep?
Is it safe to give asprins to 15 year olds ?
Do you think I'll be sore tomorrow?
why am i still getting acne at age 17?
my kneee is in major pain , i dont know what is wrong with it :(?
do you need a perscription to buy stool softeners or laxatives?
Would it be safe to take some ibuprofen?
my bones are so stiff, i feel like i can't walk,what causes this?
when i have my monthly periods my stomach ache so much??? why does it ache?
Are calluses keepers or just useless skin?
Help I am in extreme joint pain all over my body?
I have a really wierd stomach ache! HELP!?
are my appendix ruptured or somthing?
bump left from infection from nose piercing?
Extra skinn on my stomache how 2 get rid of it?
Annoying Red Marks above my upper lip, any ideas how to make it go away?
Chronic diarrhea and very extreme abdominal, lower back pain?
I have severe lower abdominal pain on the right side...?
How to get rid of burn scars on wrist?
Headaches and Body Aches?
white spots on my hands? PLEASE NEED HELP NOW!!!?
Does sandalwood powder and rosewater work for acne?
pain in my liver ??? please help?
I am having pain in my abdomin...?
What could cause patches of skin to lose feeling (become numb)?
Home remedies for arthritis pain?
where is the appendix?
How do I bring a head to my zit?
My skin wont grow back?
I have a bad headache/migraine won't go away for 1day what to do?!?
Skin is peeling off my fingertips?
Painless ways to die...?
what plants cause rashes?
dose anybody have cushing diease?
bumps in the back of my throat?!?
is mrsa contagious after taking antibiotics?
Strep throat question...?
BLOOD COUNT question?! Please help!?
has anyone cried from puking?
Am i going to get mono?
How can i tell if i have a ruptured eardrum or an ear infection?
Can anybody tell me what this is?
White and red stuff in my stool, What is it?
How do you catch a uti?
Is it possible that I have Lymes disease?
How long does it takes for the treatment 2 kill trichomunis after take the medication for it?
What could cause swollen lymph node on right side of neck for weeks, fever on and off for 6 days,?
Insanely bad headache for 2 days straight?
i think i might have pinworms.?
random symptoms. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!?
Germs from Toilet flushers?
HIV testing and results on record?
What are the proper precautions to take? serious question!!!!?
i have red bumps on my lips and sores in my mouth i have bumps on my legs also what can this be?
I have recently started to pee. A whole lot.?
Blister in my mouth-not a cold sore?
If your 17, can u get tested for STD's by yourself?
Will your blood be checked for STDS before ANY cosmetic surgery?
can you cacth piosoin ivy by touching an infected individual on their infected area?
when were the first cases of HIV known?
wat is aids ive never had the class?
Acuvue Oasys contact lenses?
Can one of your eyes die?
my eye feels like theres a huge bruise at the corner of it?
Eye problems due to contacts?
can presbyopia happen to an 18-yr old?
i need help getting my contacts in i cant open my eye wider?
eye site issues! (20letters)?
ive just seen for the first time a small black spot pass across my field of vision quickly,what was that?
What's wrong with me eye?
Someone help my eyes are red and I can't figure out what is causing it.?
Burned my eye when A/C blew an ember from my cig into my face. How do I treat a burnt cornea?
Is there a contact lens that is the same size and shape as CIBA Vision Focus Dailies?
Eye twitches? What causes them?
where are the contacts at in old paris flea market?
Can some one give me some advice on my eyes/glasses please.?
What could this be? My eyes?
vision problem pleas answer?
can i start wearing contacts again for tomorrow because my pink eye is gone?
I’m using +1 number glass for my eyes?
I have dark brown eyes and i would like blue contacts, will it look good?
What type of eye do I have?
Why is my eye red (bloodshot)?
My contact lenses are irritating (details)?
I just came into a little cash and need laser eye surgery for best price since. Where should I go?
What should I do about this?
pleas help me!!!?
colon cleansing?
Could someone tell me if cancer has an odor and also if it is a parasite and will chemo get rid of it. Thanks
help with info on Concussions?
Is depression a curable disease?
How did the ribbon idea started? and why the shape it has now?
Feline Anemia?
Would my family doctor have asthma tests in office?
Odd sleeping habits, falling sensations. Please help.?
Can you have worms in your stools and IBS(constipation)?
Whats going on with me?
i need some ones advise for stomach pain i am experiencing?
Low WBC! please help?
Severe Flank Pain! Is this stomach inflamation?
Will a cracked nail continue to grow if I repair it?
Do panic attacks have any positive effects on the heart/cardiovascular system of the sufferer?
Genetic Counseling vs. Genetic Testing?
How much does smoking take off of your life?
is it bad to hart four days after the first time?
what do perks look like?
Second Hand Marijuana Smoke?
Where can I find fincancial medical help?
Anorexia to interfere with growth?
whats wrong with her foot?
What do LSD do for you?
electronic cigarette help?
what do you think is wrong with me?
what should I eat to prevent low blood pressure and weakness?
Ingrown toenail removal surgery?
Strange but no itch rash?
how easy it is to lie on your eye exam?
Doctors note to go back to work?
I get really bad mosquito bites and?
My hand won't stop twitching..?
maybe tmi...but what could be wrong with me? (no health insurance)?
What should I use to clean staples after surgery?
is it bad thats its not even 3pm and im drinking?
side effect of swallowed eye drop?
I got really dizzy earlier from getting up too fast, but it was weird?
Sudden vomiting in the middle of the night?
how long have you given up smoking for?
I CANT SLEEP PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do limbs "fall asleep" while one is sleeping?
Preparing for a blood test? ...?
Difference between pickling and fermenting?
a fatty lump on my hand?
I Need Help Realy Bad !?
hey everyone! i was frustrated last nite and took 5 sleep MD pills at one go... its melatonin ....is it bad?
Do any first aid courses last a week or five days?
info on sanoid first aid box?
I cut myself while cutting a cold precooked lobster. Help?
I cut my cuticle and now the skin round the bottom edge of my fingernail is infected. How can I treat this?
Blister on knuckle of toes won't heal?
My friends daughter is very sick!!!! Please Help!!!!?
I own a drug rehab in california. I cannot seem to find clients. What do I have to do to make it successful?
when did hospital births become normal?
Do you know any site for health care?
Are burns meant to peel :S ?
Splinter in my finger D:?
why are there so many jet aircraft leaving chemtrails and not contrails thesedays?
What is the best way to get rid of hiccups?
I'm getting nowhere with my 2 year olds speech problem. They just told us he has fluid in his middle ear.
Is bronchitis contagious for babies?
How can I get rid of a cold on my chest?
Need help: My son was diagnosed with asthma 2 days ago.?
Are Cigarettes harmful?
what does marijuana do good for you lungs?
Still Coughing?
Does someone with a pneumonia need antibiotics to get better, or can it be done with humidity, fluids etc?
Anyone have these symptoms?
what would happen if you smoke marijuana right after you gave blood?
How can food move into the lungs when someone is on a feeding tube?
why do i have panick attacks?
is this remotely fair? what can I do as student? ->asthma related?
What could be causing my fatigue?
What do I have?
Sick and don't know what to do?
cant find an answer to whats wrong?
Would sleep apnia disqulify me from becoming a pilot?
is this herpes or is it hpv?
IS MY CUT INFECTED ?!!!!?!!!!!!?
If you have AIDS, do you infect others with HIV? or with AIDS?
what is the ratio of aids in Michigan?
how far are they from finding a cure for herpes?
Tripping about being a tripper.?
i have a few white spots on my gums..and i once had a bump on my lip but it never scabbed do i have herpes ?
I have a year and a 1/2 red nose pit. he went to the vet and was given some pills and now he is lathargic?
I have had a horrible cough for about 3 days??
im tried all the time n i get headaches all the time what can cause this??
do people with sickle cell sometimes have illusions?
what does this mean? any doctors out there?
my son is 6 years old, his eyes are week, checked it and doctor says for specks but he so small for this?
is osoathroritus totally treat able r not? second can taking of food contianing calciam can help this disease?
I'm getting my adenoids out in May 28th.I was wondering if anyone knew if i would still talk stuffed up?
Are gastric bypasses covered by Peach State medical care?
What is the advantage of long -lasting antibodies?
does this shingle stuff come from bad nerves or stress?
Antibotics for Kidney Infection?
What are anthrax letters?
How long do I take cipro?
Help!some kind of stomach bug?
How would someone get Bacterial Vaginoisis and whats the symptoms?
i have awfully weird toenails!?
hurts when i breath, helpp?
Can you answer this virus question for me please?
I need help with diagnosis?
Is it a panic attack?
Stool in the blood for the first time.?
How can plasmids turn the normal harmless escCoilchia into a pathogen?
help with bloating?? stomach gas?
Could my ear be infected? (description)?
I have had an external hemorrhoid for about a week now..?
Fatigue, weakness, nausea....?
Circulation problem or something else?
Is there a way to stop my fever?
Are nail fungal infections contagious?
occasioal blood after wiping stool?
sore throat plz help?
how often can i inject the parvo injection?
Tired, thirsty, dehydrated, lack of energy, loss of apetite, whats wrong?
Is this Food poisoning?
Could it be Flu or Stress?
I feel like smoking meth becuz i like the way adderal makes me feel.?
feeling sick and dizzy, tired?
teeth can be damaged by acid erosion , what food could contribute to this problem ?
I am trying to figure out what illness i have?
what does it mean when you are pregnit and u throw up blood ?
If your at the doctors, can they tell if you've been drinking? ?
Is this a cold thats coming on, or something else?
Why does my voice go when I get a cold?
ok so is it normal to feel like i have worms crawling under my skin?
What is the six signs of a stroke?
I am on 8 mg dilauded every 4_6 hours and 1 80 mg every 8 hours?
Ear gauging problem.?
Liquid wart remover??????? help?
get rid of back ance scars?
Bump on my neck that stays for a month?
Whats best to use for acne?
my toelnail came off the skin part on the bottom?
How to get rid of red at the bottom of my eyes?
HELP!! best ways to get rid of a stye and cold sore!!!?
How can I get rid of Keratosis Pilaris?
Chalazion has been on my eyelid for over a year!?
23yr old mother with acne?
Rough skin on my arm?
How do I prevent pit stains?
Why is my mole now hurting and sore?
I smoke 1-2 packs of cigs a week and have allergies. I have a cough that has persisted for 3 weeks after cold
Sometimes at night I get so so cold when nobody else is cold, i shiver, and can't get warm no matter what?
Allergies to certain type of marijuana?
What things are you allergic to that you wish you weren't?
I have a little silver and idk how to get it out!?
my eyes are red swollen burn and they make me tear up what is it that i am going through?
I have just found out that i am three weeks pregnant. and i have been using a prescribed drug (oxycodone)?
What are J10 pills used for ?
My 5 yr Pomeranian has been sneezing alot and has a runny nose?
can somebody tell me about steven johnsons's syndrome? My son got it.?
How many eyes does a bee have?
The bile canals of the liver unite to form?
allergies... to my friends dog.?
my cat vomits a the least twice a week?
How Do Doctors Test for Allergies?
when i sing i alway sing i get tonsillitls but we go to the doctor to ask to take my tonsils out but they wont?
is postnasal dripping common with hayfever?
Is it just a bad cold?
Throat problems - help!?
Can anyone tell me about Septoplasty and Sinus surgery?
Allergies to Warrensburg water?
I was told to take vitamin C capsules but instead took vitamin C tablets and I have been getting REALLY sick.?
This is strange you have to read it all?
I am a little worried about my 9 year old. I took her to the doctor and she said she might have strep or a?
where are there ligaments? is there one in the back of the leg?
i have a reduction in my reflexes what could this mean?
Help! I need a remedy for my itchy throat!?
is this an allergic reaction?
I received disability for a closed period of 1 year, can I apply again, will it be easier this time?
Am I allergic to dog dander?
Formation from Canada Only...?
I recently have begun to have an aversion to the taste of foods?
is nose spray like Afrin addicting?
I'm having back pain, can any one help?
Do I tell his parents he has an addiction?
chest pains???????????
i want to die, and i have been feeling this way for quite a long time.?
I get a headache when i exercise?
I am in pain and my doctor is not helping me?
Will advil work for sore muscles?
What would cause your jaw to hurt?
whats the worse that can happen if i move out at 18?
My throat hurts..... what helps sooth the pain?
My left side is hurting really bad, not the back but the front, what can be wrong?
I got a wisdom tooth recently. This evening i have pain in the left side of my throat, like I swallowed a pin?
what is wrong with my left leg!? help please =)?
can anybody help me? ive been having this problem for about 4 years.?
Sharp pain under right rib cage help!?
Sharp pain under right rib?
Is it possible or normal for young people to suffer from migraines?
i have a sharp pain on my back on the right hand side how can i make it go away.?
my throat hurts so bad.Any clue as to what it could be?
dwarf intellect?
Am i the only Irish person with charcot marie tooth disease?????
Smoking tea leaves?
what is the scientific name for whooping cough??????
my 1 1/2 yr. old just began a strange breathing, almost like a gasping hicupping sound. is this allergies?
what are your thoughts about epilepsy and what do you know about it?
lupus question?
Smoking reduces the tempereture of the extenities.What is the apperent effect of smoking on blood circulation?
What are some speech disorders?
Im tied all the time sore in my arms and legs my head hurts and it comes and goes.?
Lumps throughout neck. Is that normal?
Having trouble sleeping waking up to really short breaths please help ?
Hurt from fall after sleep?
why do nose jobs look unnatural? and why can you point them out a mile away?
i cant sleep at nite ! advil pm ?
I just peed blood should I go to the doctor or sleep it off?
Once or twice a year I smell something I can't explain?
Which side you sleep and giving comfortable to the body ?
Sleeping problem i need quick advice. i sleep 9 to 12 hrs a day!?
How do i fall asleep with a horrible ear infection?
why does my eye keep twitchingg? -_-?
Emergency Room billing?
how long does weed last in your system?
I think my 19 month old may have been exposed to amoebas?!?
need help with my husband?
what does health care mean to you?
i wake up in the night and keep thinking about something. i dont get solid sleep any time.?
Used to be an early riser, but now i'm lazy, i sleep more, and feel tired, any idea of possible causes?
i cant sleep please help?
IS THIS HEALTHY?! any advice!?
how can i hang from a bar for long periods of time without falling?
what is wrong wit me!?
how do i clean my system of thc in 8 days?
why have the blood vessels in my eye burst?
What is the name of the electric shock thing...?
My puppy got stung by a bee!?
I bought zanza no from chicco and it is not good, any help please mosquitoes still bite.?
i am looking 4 how to heel ant bites fast and quick?
will my fingernail come off?
important !!! i have a wee bump thing on my index finger, at the middle part.. read des first !!1?
How do you stop bleeding?
Get back extension?
I bite my gums regularly?
who do you have more respect for?
where can i find a retreat to recover from alcohol?
How do you stop your tongue from bleeding?
whats the communication for care standards 2000?
What can be used to aid healing?
is this even possible?
can i get diagnosed with popcorn desease by listining to ICP?
hiv questions symptoms?
How long should I wait to drink after a single dose of Zithromax?
Help!! I can't take life anymore, can someone help me?
carnt stop dreaming about self harming (i stopped doing it as much)?
I seriously need help?
Will There Ever Be a Ture Cure For Anxiety?
HELP I'm terrified she'll say yes..?
Has anyone taken Celexa (Citalopram) and Wellbutrin together?
Do these symptoms indicate type 1 diabetes?
Poor circulation????
how do i know if its diabetes ?
How low can a persons blood sugar go before they slip into a coma?
Blood Clots, frequent trips to the bathroom, pain after urinating.?
A hole in the heart or in the lungs?
can you get a panic attack if you get really mad?
i feel really fat tell me is this fat?
please help?
Does any have the baptist heart diet -- on 3 or 4 days and then reasonable diet for the remainder of the wk??
I have been diagnosed with demenaling disease&cerebral&?
if a cat doesnt eat or drink water how long does it have before kidney or liver damage happens? :-(?
Have you experienced severe fatigue?
wat should i do if i get food poisoned?
NEED OPTIONS, Had a stress test and now they want to do a angioploasty.?
i'm trying to find a neurology/specalist in epilepsy that takes united healtcare medo card canany 1help?
What did my optician mean?
Does Pearl Vision test for eye detatched retna?
I moved to south Georgia in June 2010, since august I have had what looks like pink eye 6 times. I have never?
How much is laser eye surgery?
Is there anyway to make my eyes feel less tired through-out the day?
My dad is 73 and having some form of dyslexia where he skips letters or words while reading and even driving.?
Is it bad if you don't blink or move your eyes a lot?
Colored contacts for dark eyes?
Could My Eye Colour Change Back to the way it was Before?
Where to put soft lenses if you forgot special liquid ?
Full time wear with this prescription?
Brown eyes... Getting contacts?
My eye is freaking out?
need to change my glasses prescription?
Help with colored contacts?
Where can i get non-prescription glasses?
I've had treatment for Keratoconus and my vision has improved 1 line and the cyl has improved from -5 to -4?
Where can I find glasses like these?
Transition lenses where to buy?
why do my eyes get red when i cry?
Scratched my cornea- god anti biotic drops now its even worse!?:(:( HELP please?
Eye doctor won't verify my prescription?
Do I have a tendinosis or a tendinitis?
foot pain? stress fracture?
Do i need crutches or not?
getting hit in the thigh?
Has anyone had knee realignment surgery and tell me why you had it and does your knee still sublux?
Do you ever get so mad you just feel like ripping your eyes out of your own skull?
Broken hip from skateboarding?
Which is better for a sprained wrist that will take about 5+ weeks in order for it to heal...?
I got Jumped on New Years eve. Why doesn't my eye open as wide as the other?
My daughter got stitches on Tuesday and she needs to be in the pool on Saturday, will it hurt the stitches?
I hurt my ankle... Help? please?
i got a semi deep cut on my hand. . . . . .?
Please help! I hit my leg, and part of it went numb. Is this normal?
Broken Tailbone Help?
what is wrong with my head?
i just got mine pierced 3days ago and i have a bubble on the side of my tongue. normal?
Good exercises with crutches/broken leg?
Why aren't my Injuries healing?
do sketchers prevent shin splints?
i have a cartlidge piercing for 2 years now and it still hasn't healed what should i do?
i got stung in the head by a bee or wasp and i feel a little woozy any idea why?
Question about Cannabis?
Question on smoking cigarettes?
Chest pain when laying down.?
okay so i been having breathing problems...?
what to do to get sick ?
I've been smoking for about 2 months and I have asthma I smoke 3 or 4 times a week maybe less should I stop ?
My father is 76 years old. He is suffering from less intake of oxygen when he breaths.?
Is this food poisoning or something else?
Can sinusitis cause pressure in your head?
i've had a hard cold.now i have this green phlegm stuck in my throat for 2 months.?
Can't stop coughing...help!!?
whats wrong with me?
Smoking cigarettes through your nose?
How to get rid of Chronic COUGH?!?!?! HELP?
low blood oxygen sign?
panic in the heat ????????
My brother is a chain smoker. I need an article or anything that would make him stop smoking. pls help?
Blowing your nose with a little green?
is it better to smoke grass than tobacco
What does a real sudden sharp pain in/by your lung mean?
What is the tube with air bag that is put down someones throat when they are choking called?
Is it true that cold weather makes you cold?
How does one find out what allergens cause them to have a horrible, hacking cough?
My blood pressure is 116/90 pulse is 64. I do not normally have the sys that low is this a problem w/dys @ 90
can diarrhea last only about 10 minutes?
My father is immune from hepatitis?
what is aero safilo prix sociopathy?
I think i have chicken pox?
i think i have mono... what should i do?
what to do if you puke?
How long does it take for flesh eating virus ?
Is it advisable to inject again gardasil,,even you finished 3 shots of injection?
Are my symptoms that of a cold or sinus infection?
how can i get admitted to the hospital and nothing serious and dont answer if u dont want to help?
is is safe to take 2g AZITHROMYCIN and 400mg SUPRAX in a single dose at the same time?
how can i tell if i have strep throat?
Can a flu shot cause severe neck pain?
what causes diarrhea nausea loss of appetite?
If you get a flu shot this year but not next year, are you at more risk next year than if not?
I have bloody diarrhea after eating pink chicken about three hours ago... should I be really worried?
I have a Cold. The fastest way of getting rid of the Cough?
Very mild flu symptoms?
Is it possible for a stomach ulcer to come back after being treated?
Hard Bump In Ear, Used To Hurt, Only Hurt When Pressed On Hard Now.?
Lips red and burning and chapped!! please answer asap.?
How to make a scar less noticeable?
Canker Sore Problem/ Question?
Will hair grow back darker/thicker after getting first laser hair removal treatment?
I got a mole removed and it's growing back?
There is a bump on my lip and i really want to get it off.?
my new tattoo dries out at night while sleeping, what can i do for it?
Sulfur(sulphur) question about acne?
My skin is very dry and peeling! help me:(?
Is there a bug that burrows into your skin ?
Every time my child gets sick she gets a boil?
I ate moldy yogurt and i'm allergic to penicillin. What should i do?
How to get rid of this acne problem?
labrador retriever had chocolate...?
Has the oily face syndrome along with acne, please help!?
Litttle sore bump on my finger?
what!? i cant blow my nose?! but im sick!?
is burnt toast gluten free?
what to do for 6 yrs kid who is highly allergic with milk n milk products?
Why I Keep Sneezing Alot?
i drank max velocity engergy drink now i have a rash my face is hot and im coughing is this an allergic reactn?
allergy symptoms? what are symptoms my experience..?
loss of apetite due to allergies?
whats the best home remedy for sinus trouble?
blood oozing out of the nose in a child?
Itchy little spots everywhere .. it itches so MUCH!! HELP?
My bottom left eyelid is red, puffy, and a little itchy.?
My dog is constantly itching her feet and paws. Is this a sign of allergies and what do I do for it?
Will smelling mold from chicken harm me?
My nose is always stuffed. How can I fix this?
i cant stop sneezing...............?
Anaphlaxis question??
If gluten makes me constipated does that mean Im allergic?
For people with milk allergy.?
is it possible to be allergic to one dog?
my doctor told me i was lactose intollerent except some of the lactose free stuff still makes me sick...?
Do I have a yeast infection?
so is it a cold sore or not?
I have high risk hpv. I found out about a year ago. I just started dating this amazying guy....?
if u are treated for a std yesterday how long it takes for the std to be gone for good?
can you get hiv by shaking someone's bloody hand?
I would like to know if i will show up positive on a urine drug test.?
how to fix scoliosis, can you really fix it just by doing daily stretched for 5 minutes?
I'm 27 and all my joints feel bad.?
Migraine question...is this normal?
1 cigarette. Will tobacco show in saliva?
i woke you yesterday and my right eye is swollen today i wake up and its swollen worst?
Why is it that my elbows making a cracking/popping noise at random times when I straighten my arm?
What is wrong with me?
When did you last have diarrea??
Can the choking game kill you?
should i take tylenol pm even though its not night?
what to do when someone is intoxicated with unknown drugs!?
I'm really dizzy, and it won't go away )=?
i have a hard time sleeping/ cant sleep?
how many years you should keep your towel?
Shin Splints....HELP!!!!!?
hydrocodone 5MG/500MG Overdose?
its been two weeks and my girlfriend is passin clotts bigger than a softball and is in unbearable pain what is?
i have had a headache for the past day and a half, what is wrong with me ?
What's the difference between Oxycodone and Oxycontin?
Could this achilles tendon pain be serious?
How do i you get rid of blood blisters?