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epidurals? are they painful?
Cures for headaches/migraines?
Worst pain you've ever had to deal with?
im 17 and get a headache everyday for about 5 years now please helppp ?
I get dizzy whenever I stand up...?
I need to know what to do?
whenever i eat i feel like im going to throw up?
Can I have some information on labyrinthitis?
i have been clean and sober 74 days?
How to you can cure your hemorrhoids ?
Do I have a disorder?
That time of the month,more than once a month.?
I am an 18 year old female. I seem to have UTI. It's late and only emergency room is open. What should I do?
my foot is viberating?
How can I prevent this symptoms?
Since i gotten pregnant im hungry every hour.if i dont eat at midnight my stomach hurts what do i do?
how bad is internall bleeding?
I feel sick, all jumpy and stuff, What do you think?
Do you think she has an eating disorder?
how long does lice live without air?
uninteligible voice in my head?
possible illnesses from these symptoms?
Iam not pregnant and i want to know why i have started burping a lot everyday?
what does this thyroid test mean for me?
Iron Deficiency? Other explanation for symptoms?
How long can the Herpe Virus survive outside of the mouth?
what could these symptoms be?
What could these symptoms be?
Do I have strep throat?
Is the surgery necessary?
relief from the gout?
painfull knee?
doctors and rn's only please, kidney infection pos and worse?
Eating disorders and depression?
does anyone have vertigo and does it go away?How are you coping with it?
What illnesses is to much acid in the stomach related to?
whats the difference between antibiotics and disinfectants?
The medicine cipro ear drops?
I hear not to drink coffee with htc oral spray it that mean at all?
Will throwing up damage your body?
Is it the flu or meds?
what causes pica??????
can you get a sore throat from crying too much?
Family Member Has Stomach Flu...FREAKING OUT?! please help!?
Is HIV a Biological Weapon?
clear liqui in stool?
Is Erythromycin in the sulfur drug family?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS??????????!!!!!!? :(?
What is really happening when our muscles 'fall asleep'?
this is really embarrasing?
What could cause months of gagging (retching) at different times of the day, but mainly in the a.m.?
Does gymnastics lessen scoliosis?
going to the beach everyday in the summer?
Can I go swimming tonight (I just gave blood)?
Is it bad to sleep on your left arm?
i havent smoked marijuana in 45 days will i pass a urine test?
How long does it take someone to fall into a deep sleep?
My fingers on my left hand especially go numb and turn white ( circulation) I did some blood test .?
I havent smoked weed in about five days but I still feel high! please help?
whats going on with me?
Shooting pain headache help!?
Why do I randomly pee in my bed while sleeping at age 20?
please help me!....i don't know what to do?
Drinking too much water, Can I be diabedic?
Can someone give me advice on what to do about school and being sick?
Please I need your help?
What could be wrong ?
someone close to me has bulimia, and i dont know how to deal with it?
what is the symptoms heart attack?
what is the diagnosis for persistent normal coloured cough with fever?
Heart pains....?
is this pink eye.?
i am having cough for 2 months, trace of albumin in urine. high ESR rate. Would I have TB problem.?
He got so antry that his arm numbed and doctor said that his heart increased its size. I need help.?
My ears are driving me insane?
Bad Lower Back Pain, Nausea?
How to beat a hair follicle drug test?
if you accidently ingest residue of car battery acid..how would maybe make you feel like and for how long?
Wasp sting on my mouth?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
whats the best way to get rid of corns?
my nose hurts!?
Internal bleeding in his brain?
Help, my eyes are stinging?
What does it take to be pronounced dead in the UK?
I can't get my toe to stop bleeding, what should I do?
Drinking water avoiding loo?
Does putting vinegar on a wound make it better?
How do you know whether the dissatisfaction you feel in life is just a phase or not?
Who should I see first?
when do you need to get a cut checked by a doctor?
How will the United States cope with Bird Flu?
inhaled gases(symptoms,basic first aid,what not to do and when it can be dangerous to give first aid)?
Is this bad- I think I just swallowed a 2cm long, 2-3mm wide piece of a Plastic fork ?
Massive Blocked Ear Please Help!!!?
moved to hong kong and have broken out in painfull spots around chin area, Help !?
have you been sucessful in losing weight? how did you do it?
when you go for donate blood how much they take en ny?
what is the apearance of magnisium?
i need a thesis for obesity research paper?
Someone please help me with low blood sugar?
Whats the Difference in Sides?
Eye doctor was wrong?
Blurred Vison, Nausea & Slight Dizzyness?
What can I do to make my eyes better?
This pink eye? ( i dont know any terms for your eyes. described as well as i can)?
We just noiced a new black fleck on my step dads iris of his eye - is this normal for eyes to change like this?
question about my eyesight?
anyone buy colored non prescription contacts over the internet?
Ouch my eyes!?! Did i scratch it or what?
If your eyes keep showing light flashes, esp in the dark), what can be wrong?
I want contacts but im kind of uncomfortable about touching my eyes ...?
Can You Be A Pilot In The RAF If You Have Had Laser Eye Surgery?
EYE PROBLEM: my daughter gets the eyelashes from the corner of her eye rolling into the eye.?
Are light colored eyes more prone to UV, or does eye color not matter?
When I look at a white wall it seems to have colors moving on it similar to at night when looking at darkness?
Contact lenses: 2-clear toric?
Why is my right eye alot duller when i look at anything?
Contact makes eye hurt and red?
Annual, monthly, or daily contacts? And why? (for colored contacts)?
I am 15 with 20/40 vision. Can contact lenses make my vision worse (more blurry)?
New Contacts; vision temporarily foggy with them on and off?
do youcover eye doctor apointments?
Sweating problems??
What are some future treatments for TB?
Im wondering if i have a cold or if my seasonal allergies are acting up again?
what is a ct scan?
Medical Mystery Diagnosis?
could it be acid reflux?
what are fever blisters?what are herpies?
What can i do to feel better from pneumonia? i feel horrible!?
Interstitial cystitis...?
Tetracycline 250mg capsules.?
how can i get rid of my tiny moles on my face?
I get very sweaty hands alot anything i could do to get rid of that problem?
physiology question?
what is the best way to quite a snorer?
How to fall asleep when eye is twitching?
Please tell me how should i cure the wounded skin caused by belly piercing?
Acne on my arms/shoulders, back and chest, but not face. How do I care for those areas?
my 3 yr olds finger tips are red and peeling?
I have veins popping up all over my arms and stuff and no one else does that i know. help?
Small flesh coloured bumps on my face?
does Acne Ace actually work?
Have you experienced a mole itching, bleeding, falling off, growing back irregular? What was the outcome?
My back is pretty sunburnt, it's starting 2 peel already. Is there anything 2 stop peeling? ?
am i having a bad reaction or is this just the beginning stage and my skin's gettting used to it?
cuts leaving mark on my skin?
Need help with hyperhydrosis.?
How to get rid of bumps on face in 3 days?
small black dot? not a black head...?
I have acne scars on my back. I have tan skin so the spots come out dark How long will it take or them to fade?
What are some effective treatments for Eczema?
conjuctivitis and chlamydia?
do you need to set an appointment for a std test or can you walk into a clinic?
what are the names of all of the STDs and what are the symptoms?
pathogens transmitted through the air cause?
Why do I get headaches everyday?
I have a headech every day..any ideas?
My Legs hurt from skating help?
Whenv i finger myself it hurts..?
How can I reduce the pain in my feet during work?
What's wrong with my hand?
why do my toes always get cold!!?
I have to get a filling and im scared the shot is going to hurt so can someome plz tell me if it hurts or not?
just had gallbladder surgery but still having bad pains in my sternum?
Something wrong, but normal blood work. Docs can't don't know. I HURT.?
My leg gets a intense cramp every time i try to run, why?
i hit my head what should i do?
My back has been hurting since Tuesday, what should I do?
Severe tension headache, NEED ANSWER -NOW-?
can oxycodone be taken with ibuprofen?
my mom has an umbearable migrain should i go to the hospital?
Should i go to a doctor?
Should i go to the doctor?
how can i fix my scoliosis?
Why haven't my questions been anwered?
can a bone be broken and not hurt?
I have had this bad cough and for some reason, I cannot breathe?
can i go to water park if i have bronchitis?
is my mom smoking or not?
smoking question?
Does these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?
Is smoking less than one full cigarette a day dangerous?
if you have to take a drug test can you test positive for meth if you are prescribed fentanyl?
After i was eating dinner, it became hard to breathe. i tried to spit up what i swallowed, but can't breathe?
weird constipation/non constipation?
i have an adnormal inner bump in my mid thigh. I dont know if i should be consurned or not?
help immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is antibiotic resistance in monogastrics?
medical advice needed... on hives, infection, wheezing etc?
Need Help!!?!? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
how does a person get lupus?
Occasional fluid in belly?
I have a small ulcer on my tongue?
what causes a 2 year old to have a temperature?
I'm going to get my throat swabbed at the doctors in 2 hours?
Could I possibly have Lymphoma?
could it be the flu ,headache,no appetite,tired ,upset stomach?
if you have a sinus infection, does that cause white spots in your throat?
is there specific organism for hand foot and mouth disease?
Antibiotics question?
Quick question about Mono?
Do I have Srep Throat?
Is scabies common between people?
Give me treatment in throat infection?
I have strep throat, should I breath through my nose or mouth?
how long do antibiotics stay in your system?
How can I prevent Strep Throat?
Can a budgies antibiotics get contaminated?
What do I have?? Flu or virus?? 10 POINTS!!!?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
could you get a girl pregnet if you have hiv or any kind of disease?
what do u think this is?
A few years ago my DR prescribed a med. I can't remember name of it for stomach aches I was having w/no other.?
What could this be? Stress?
will Green tea help in reducing the hairloss?? will it stop going bald??? i am 25 yrs old.. i am having green?
this is not a way to die because they are not even suppost to do. they have a life for their own futeru. thank?
Weird buzzing sound in my ear?
is this wrong to think this way?
I took one of my dogs 20mg Prednisone by mistake!?
How do I research the best medical insurance to suit me?
Can I get driclor deodorant from a hospital pharmacy?
can i use my cna or cma license that i have now in tulsa, ok in san antonio, tx?
Raw Or Hard Boiled Eggs?
What is anti-natal care?And is there a website which gives more information about it?
What is a home remedy for stomach cramps in a child:?
majorrrrrrrr help please(pasisng out?)?
How long does someone have to be on methadone before they can be weaned from it safely?
i am feeling so sick, what is wrong with me?
Is it possible to tell how frequently marijuana was used with a hair test?
can adderal and ibuprofin make you really sick?
I don't want to be a night owl anymore?
I really wanna quit smoking cigarettes?
when i stretch in the moring or really big some time in the day i get tunnle vison or everything goes black?
I can't sleep? Please help!?
Not feeling well, need diagnosis.?
whats the best way too loose weight?
SOAR THROAT!!!!! help??? so you know any home remides?
Can you be sick and get surgery?
How do you fall alseep?
hygiene problem need help?
I think I am retarted ................no joke!!?
I have a serious sleeping problem. Can you give me tips on how to fall asleep besides counting sheep? Thanks!?
I just gave blood and i want to go give plasma for a little extra cash.?
why is this?????????
Which is more effective in waking me up in the morning?
I have had these annoying chapped lips for a month and the next morning they always come back help?
can i drink while on this seizure meidcation?
If ur taking this medication for thyroid plzzzz let me know how it made you feel... thank you?
wha tare the symptoms of being allergic to eggs?
can something other than gallbladder?
I get headaches/migraines along with blurred vision almost daily, what can be causing this?
help with a headache problem..?
What medical conditions cause numb toes?
I'm not going deaf am I? Or is this something else having to do with my ear?
do i have hypothyroidism?
Everyday about 3 hours after I wake up I get shaky, week and very tired?
what is the best way to just relax, like so all your muscles just loosen up?
My hands keep shaking and I'm totally off my food, and keep waking up at night? Any ideas?
Eighteen years old and eyebrows are drooping..?
so i am 5 days late. my face is breaking out. i have ear infection, lower ab pain. could i be pg?
Do i have kidney stones?
What is seizure like activity?
Feeling ill any help?
what is the reason for having a lump behind your right ear?? help?
Severe bloating, hard abdomen, and abdominal pain...please someone help!!?
What does a temp of 100.6 mean?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Can a pregnant woman attend a funeral?
Slowly descending into madness?
Engagement ended after 7yrs together, Did my ex fiancee do this to spite me? Advice Needed asap?
I really hate myself?
I'm thinking about doing drugs again?
i chopped my hand off and i'm not sure where to put it?
what does it mean when you feel numbness& tingling in your right hand & arm?
Recently I have noticed my urine sometimes smells like ammonia. What does this mean?
Navel Piercing Infection?
My finger swollen and painful when it was struck by baseball?
what are the chances that a 4 year old child outgrows the Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis disorder? Pls help?
First aid manual older version or newer version?
I have pain in my fingers like they are bruised. I am 33 and have had it for over 6 months?
Why does it sting, when you put Antiseptics on a Wound
Badly sunburned by just bad luck!?
Bee sting! help rlly weird?
why is by my toe swollen?
What foods or fruit fight bacteria or cold?
explain what calcification is please?
What to do when I'm hungry but can't eat?
Night terrors and sleep apnea in children?
I just had an EEG done. My doctor told me that I had rhythmic activity so I had to continure on my Dilatin.?
My shoulder muscles hurt to the touch......?
How can i heal my wound quickly?
What's up with my back?
How does ipad use feels?
a broken door slammed on my foot at a bank, they knew the door was broke i had to go to the hospital and i am?
Does anybody know what causes heal spurs?
should i have gone to the doctors or should i go to the doctors if my eye still hurts from last night?
Where can I get a knee brace?
coup injuries to the brain?
My finger is Swolen from football what to do?
i have a pin in my thumb from surgery....and the pin is coming out.....so how do i take the pin out?
what is wrong with my ankle when it is puffy?
why do i keep going dizzy and feeling sick its only started about a week ago?
how do i make my cuts "dissapear"?
Achy Pressure Feeling in Eye?
How to control my skin allergy pls anyone help me.?
i have itchy red eyes and keep sneezing?
Can you be allergic to contacts?
Am i allergic to chocolate?
Can you mix Veramyst with Claritin or Zyrtec?
Can my allergies be the reason I am getting so dizzy?
Allergic reaction to a bug bite?
Can claritin, the allergy medication, make you break out in hives?
I stopped using Flonase...?
what's the best decongestant for nasal drip?
Why can't colds only happpen in the winter?
how do i know my allergy?
Can nicotine patches cause allergy's?
started taking cipro and about 5 days into it i got blister Type rash in and on my nose?
i had an allergic reaction and have little tinny bumps all over. its like sand grans?
I ate a tiny little piece of avocado and my mouth is itching?
About aids/hiv in Zimbabwe, whats a good persuasive topic?
What are the chances of HIV transmission after exposure to an AIDs infected female?
treatments for allergic reaction?
What should i do about my allergies?
Lactose intolerant question?
What can I do for my allergies now?
What are the causes of air-borne allergy in Bangalore?
When I run my throat gets coated in mucus.?
If i had a cut in my mouth..and kissed a hiv infected person who has no cuts can i get it disease from saliva?
Mild Hives and Swelling under tongue...?
Help could this be allergies?
Do you get phlegm if you have gonorrhea as well as a sore throat?
Swollen face due to an allergic reaction?
Does this sound like blood, and am I at risk of aids?
I might have gonnorhea... please help?
what could this be??
A red spot on the inside of my leg that once and a while itches?
Are Electromagnetic Fields Safe PLEASE!?>?
chest pains?
what is raised folate?
how to cure my leg?
Can allergies worsen after pregnancy?
need help about asthma?
i need some help on my stomach hurting pleaseee!?
Are Advair and weight gain related?
My friend got hit in the head and is having a weird sensation...?
Im really sick with the flu i took theraflu a few minutes ago but its daytime now i really wanna sleep. nyquil?
Can tinnitus be cured?
Is it okay to use a pan with rust?
do they sell home drug tests at pharmacys like riteaid or walgreens?
what is used to cut off rings?
i have 20/20 vision i was wondering can i get color contacts without prescription ?
Is this normal for Moles?
Is it poor blood circulation?
my shoudlnt muscle keeps having little spasms and i dont know why or what to do to stop it.?
scoliosis question................?
what would happen if i just left?
pain in my stomache what is it?!?!?
Help falling asleep:/ please give me your suggestions!?
Can someone please help?
what causes sharp pain in my right lower abdominal area?
Excessive cleaning and squeezing made my nose slightly curved.Will it get normal if left untouched.?
BACK PAIN...does anyone know what this can be?
Help!! When to have surgery for chronic back pain?
Experience with chest pain could it just be heartburn?
I need immediate relief for my constipation!!!!?
Whats a good way to deal with pain during my ingrown toe nail surgery?
Has anyone ever heard of a Kanker Sore?
Does it hurt when you get stitches removed?
how to stop the pain?
Always feeling tired, even after a good night's sleep?
My friend is tripping?
persons reaction when they burn their lip with a cigarette?
How do i get more sleep?
pain on my lower right side of stomach...?
stomach pain can some one please help!!!!!?
I can't stay asleep at night--help!!?
i think i might have ibs ? and if so can i fix it ?
how would u kno that ur appendix needs to come out?
How do I get rid of a migraine without going to the doctor?
What muscles are involved in lower back pain?
How do i get rid of this bump on my forehead?
Can lupus look anything like scabies?
Is it normal to get a rash on solodyn ?
Can clip on earrings that is not made out of real gold still infect the ear?
Black spots under my big toe nail...?
How do you get rid of odd tan lines?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
What can i do about this spot thats erupting like a lump under my skin?
I have poison ivy can anyone help?
What can I use to treat back acne?
where are these dark dry skin spots coming from?
I popped a blackhead and I'm wondering if the redness will go away by morning?
How to get rid of biting midges and so seeums, you can't see them but when they bite it itches real bad.?
What kind of acne treatment do you use?
How do you put a shirt on with out moving your arms?
i have red little bumps on me and don't know what it is..(its not chicken pox's)?
What are very small gnats that follow you around you can't see them but when they bite your skin itches .?
alcoholism is not a genetically inherited disease?
What are the Pros and Cons for Crohn's Disease treatment?
question about mono/1?!??!?
can i drink beer i have a bilirubin 1.4?
new partner has hepatitis c?
what helps a sore throat?
Is this strep throat?
Do I Have mononucleosis? Please Help!?
is this pink eye or stye?
if i have the flu could my baby get it?
Question about the immune system?
I have had diarrhea for the past 3 days after i eat something my bf made?
Help! I have a serious fear of illness?
How long are you supposed to wear daily soft contact lenses?
If I were to go to the optometrist and got glasses would it ?
Is it safe to 'pinch' the contact lens out of your eye? Is that a good method?
help! is this normal?
Can someone please give me info on eye health?
What is the medical term for these symptoms?!?
A few months ago, my sister found out she has MRSA. How do we protect ourselves from this?
need a health question.?
eyes my eyes go blurred?
Ad for cheap, cool eyeglasses?
Blood Vessels Growing towards my cornea?
How long can rabies live in a dead opposum?
i really want to be ill and lose my voice and have sore throat?
Why do i have blurriness in my eyes?!?
How to make My pupils bigger without contacts, alcohal, drugs, dim lighting. or anything.?
Sore kidneys(to touch) for maybe 8 months..?
Please Help Me - Food Poisoning?
throat mucus not coming out?
What options are there for eyes other than glasses, contacts, and the laser surgery?
eye enlaring surgery?
Is it safe to use contact lensea after they have been in the case for 2 years?
Can alcohol cause eye dilation?
Question about eye examination?
Question about my glasses. I just got a new pair and they're giving me a headache?
Am I going to be alright?
what are the risks and benefits of a laser surgery ?
problems with contacts?
My friend's 4 year old is losing vision in one of his eyes, and no Doctors will take medicaid.?
What's wrong with my eyes?
help me..............................................?
help with deoderants?
What helps with a bruise?
what can be used if i dont have contact solution on hand?
Can someone tell me what this is (dont look if you get disgusted easily)?
My moms height is 5'5 and my dads height is 5'8, how tall will i be?
Is it okay to take AZO standard before a doctors UTI test?
eye twitching ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
is it bad to have low blood pressure as a 16 year old?
Is my ankle sprained?
Sleeping Too Much During the Day, None at Night!?
pins and needles in my hand?
I am 15 years old and i get the hiccups very often.Is that something normal or do i need to go get a check up?
Why am i so tired? My eyes hurt but i cant sleep..?
What's with all this noise!?
All nighters or 1-2 hours of sleep?
Really bad Knee pain?
Choosing the best health insurance?
helpppp tazor emergency?
Should you get dizzy from getting blood pressure checked?
Can anyone suggest something herbal for stress relief that will not make me fall asleep?
I'm afraid to take my shirt off..?
My husband is Asian with brown eyes, and I am white with blue eyes. Wha color of eyes would our child have?
I get really really sleepy during the day.?
Can I find out my blood type through a Red Cross blood drive?
why do my hands fall asleep or feel like they will right before i go to sleep?
I'm only tired in the morning.?
What is a good alternative to smoking?
i smoke and i have bad respiratory issues,my sinuses have been acting up and now i am coughing up blood. ER?
relieves constipation?
Some type of feeling in chest area when I inhale?
Why won't I hiccup more than once?
why do people smoke and please answer for people who do and do not smoke?
chest pains?
Is it safe to smoke smokeless tobacco?
coughing up blood? why?
age you have to be to smoke?
does amoxicilin contain pennicillin?
What kind of coughing problem do I have?
Sick sister in hospital please help?
im spitiing up blood in my mucus and not just a little its like 60 % of blood any1 have any ideas what it coul?
Can second hand smoke still affect me if i cant smell it?
is it worse smoking with filters or without?
my friend accidentally took flonase from 2005!?
swollen bite?
Migraine sufferers: what food trigger migraines? what are you symptoms?
hole in bottom of ear:|???!?!?!?!?
what do you know about the tablets called XL Well Bruitin?
Mosquito bite made left leg swell. Swelling goes away in morning but gets worse during day. Is it normal?
is this normal with stitches?
what do i do with the bite on my lip?
burnt my hand can any help me get rid of the sting?
Can you have contact lenses if you've got an estigmatism?
I cut my finger, there is an elastaplast on it. How long will it take my finger to mend?
I've ripped my bicep or detached part of the ligament, is it possible to get it fixed and if so will it last
My blister burst and it stings?
When should we perform CPR/BLS and when SHOULDN'T we?!?
because of a back injury in 2001 I have numbness and pain 24/7 on outer left side foot since 2001. any cure?
were can I buy odomos mosquito repellent cream?
I have 'trigger finger does it go away on its own?
what causes Floater?
Whats poison control centre number for the U.K?
What is a decontamination tent?
What is aspertame?
Tumor wrapped around spine?
How can I build up my resistance to tonsillitis? Are there ways of strengthening my immune system?
Do you think coffee hurts/does harm to the digestive system?
When I have a bowel movement my stool looks like it is disintegrating.Why?
why cant i wake up in the mornings???...?
I want to be a gastrointestinal surgeon. What should my major and minor be?
Question for Medical Professionals on Body Temp?
why am i getting headaches now when I work out?
How could I make my cold worse?
anyone know of a book that provides the details of how to perform surgeries?
has anyon had successful results with electroshock therapy to treat depression.?
Anything to worry about? What do I have?
Red blood cells and White blood cells?
My boyfriends mom just had a brain tumor taken out now she is having granma seizures?
what do you do if you hit your head?
can a pulled muscle cause shortness in breath?
What are the effects of over-dosing on over-the-counter pain medication?
test for alcohol drug test ?
Whats the best, SAFEST place to hurt yourself?
17 years old...Zanex?
Am I allergic to beer?
what can this be? what can be done?
I have a cough and my friend gave me some cough syrup...?
Am I having a reaction to the cookie dough?
low temperature allergies?
when you are stuffed up is it swelling in your nose or mucus?
what is wrong with my eye? contact allergy?
Why did I break out in hives this morning?
im allergic to sooo many things HELP ME!?
How do I clear my nose out?
Cost and effectiveness of Allergen immunotherapy?
Could this be an allergic reaction to (possibly expired) Aveeno lotion?
How to cure my chronic sore throat?
Every year I get a rash that drives me crazy what to do?
Can you OD on diphenhydramine and feel better later?
Do i have an allergy pink eye?
my workplace is making me sick, what can I do about it?
I have a question regarding allergies and skin sensitivity?
Allergy to dirt/fertilizer?
possible food posining... feel horrible,?
Why can't I drink milk without getting nausea?
do trich symptoms get worse if you leave it untreated?
where can i get a free std screening and treatment?
Help....whats you opinion.. i went to get a pap today and.?
(i)What is the cause of AIDS? and (ii) What are the symptoms of HIV and AIDS?
How to know whether thrush is going away?
why should we avoid foods high in sugar?
How can you be sure that you and your partner as first timers get an std? Knowing neither one has an std?
Question about the "HPV shot"?
I cut my wrist and my arm: and now it hurts!!!?
Hiv symptoms after 7.4 weeksl?
how to get my headache gone?
why is studying hiv/aids important?
Should I go to the doctor for my back?
once you have chlamydia do you have it for the rest of your life?
painful feeling on the foot?
What is wrong? What should I do about my headaches?
headaches for four months?
Question about panic attacks?
Why do I get depressed every night?
Does your mid-Back section ever hurt?
Why do my calf hurt when i walk or run?
pain in my feet and legs please help!?
i have had a headache for the last 7 days but it only hurts when i talk...Is that normal?
Wrist pain, numb finger tips?
My biceps hurt when flexed as a result of my curling yesterday is it safe for me to workout again today?
I need help!! My moms neck!! Help!?
What happens if somebody finds out I'm suicidal?
Why cant i get rid of this headache? ?
Having a headache eeeveryday?!?
What type of disorder is this?
What is the actual difference between being a controlled substance and a substance that is not controlled? ?
Above my but hole hurts.?
can u take pain killers with alchohol?
will getting a name of five letters small across my lower back hurt?
Is there something wrong with me? ?
What's the difference between below?
bowel movement problem?
How do i get rid of the redness on my nose?
Does anyone know what might cause ringing of the ears when in certain buildings?
Are the Howard Leight Laser Earplugs that are sold in bulk, the same as the ones the Leight Sleeper Earplugs?
Help! Not sure why my forehead is swollen.?
How to sleep through my neighbor's alarm clock?
When you have an ulcer do you also get bloating/inflammation in the abdomen area?
Carpal Boss Surgery...how long will i be out from work?
Is it ok to take antibiotic 1 hour before the schedule?
If I had a normal white blood cell count, would that rule out bacterial meningitis?
i need help i think i have a uti?
I went for a jog in the cold today, and now I have a sore throat?
Bursting Ovarian Cyst or STD?
I have been having right upper stomach pain. I was sick 3 days ago, vomiting, diharea, and fever. Any help?
Can tonsillitis occur after a bad cold?
can they numb you for throat culture?
hi all plz suggest,,,,,multiple choice questions regarding alcoholic hepatitis?
Stomach flu and fever. What can I do to make it feel better?
What could be wrong it these are my symptoms?
What is adderal what isit used for?
throat issues help me!!?
Could I have a polinadal cyst?
Viral or bacterial colds/flu ?
i have Extreme nausea. how do i make myself puke?
What is this strange sore throat?
do ear infections make you feel drowsy?
why am i so cold all the time?
I had alcohol poisoning...will that show on my medical bill?
Close contact with the doctor?
Cold sore contagious after scab peels?
How can I lighten my arm hairs?
What does mederma skin care for scars do?
Strange red bumps on hands?
how do i get rid of a sty on my eye?
what is it called when you have itchy burning feet?
What does drinking water do for acne?
Will cutting down on salt help with dry skin?
Why do I lose at arm wrestles?
What are these tiny bumps around my nose?
Why Does My Skin Look Like This ?
if pale scars are visible is it a good idea to tan them. sun usually does me wonders?
how can i get rid of my tan?
Does eating mayonnaise cause acne?
opinions about proactive?
What is this strange sore on my lip?
how do i get rid of a keloid on my ear?
What could have caused my ringworm?
i have red bums on the top of my arm, what should i do?
i hate my skin!!!!! help!!?
Does benzoyl peroxide slow down the healing processmof acne?
open pores- need help to rid?
What happened to my finger?
do i have a hairline fracture?
How do I know if I sprained my ankle or im just sore?
help me please? i'm worried :(?
Blood drawn a week ago, i irritated it now its bruised?
pain in the back of my calf after knee injury?
I hyper-extended my left elbow four days ago...?
if you tell your doctor............?
Dent in head from headphones?
Numbness in my fingers?
I cut my self shaving two days ago, and the area that was cut has swollen up pretty badly, and it's painful?
Should I just blow this off?
Any ideas what i've done to my arm/wrist?
Strange sensation under the knee cap?
After Ingrown Toenail surgery..?
I hurt my ankle today and when I did it my ears like popped?
I think I hurt my hamstring again. What should I do?
Did I break my baby toe?
What will happen if I mix Tramadol and Muscle Relaxers?
My inner shin hurts when i walk/run.?
Was my nose a broken nose?
is a coronary angiography a dangerous procedure?
does anyone know the CPT code for Nagel Test?
Section of vertebral column that forms back wall of chest?
Cold sores??
Is there an enzyme I can take to help digest gluten better?
can you take 5 hour energy with high blood pressure?
Hair dye questions....?
Does this REALLY mean I'm unhealthy (heart rate)?
what does ablood clot look like?
Is benadryl extremely harmful to the liver?
I'm having a heart palpitation issue. Help?
why do all potassium supplements have such a low level of potassium?
Chest pain that went away?
What is giaradia?
pranayam for sudden hearing loss?
How can muscular dystrophy be detected?
Hard heart beat at night?
What hospitals in the UK carry out mastectomy operations? And is it possible which ones do the most etc?
how is the heart used in everyday life?
I have sharp chest pain on the left side of my chest?
How to lower systolic in blood pressure? occasionally pain in heart/chest?
Question regarding safe use of Beta blocker and ace inhibitor blood pressure?
Has this ever happened to you when you smoke weed?
How much is it for Roaccutane and where can i get it from?
I don't feel well at all?
do your ears adjust to volume levels?
Why do I get cold so easily?
my hips hurt really bad help?
what's the scariest thing you've ever seen on a bad trip?
I've been told that a lack of salt in the body can make someone go crazy and literally kill for salt- true?
Do I have the flu??????????????????????
if i frink a half gallon of water a day and have a drug test in 17 days showed i pass?
Why do you gag when you see something gross? Isn't the purpose of the gag reflex for stuff goingdownyourthroat?
what is a buzz??????????/?
if vomiting and feeling sick, will tea make it better or worse?
whats wrong with my stomach??
Why am I sick still?
What teacher should I tell?
anyone had the same experience?
i dont feel so good..i have a pain in my tummy and i wanna puke tell me the best way of doing that?
helpful tips to get over a cold?
smoke weed arm painn?
I'm not sleeping well at night, any help?
My boyfriend refuses to go to the doctor no matter how much i insist....?
will smoking cigarettes affect my recovery?
First time contact wearer? Please help!?
Please help me?????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!?
girls DILEMA!.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
Why am I always thirsty?
Dumb this down for me: Health Care?
Is this considered a nap?
Please Help - Rolled Up In Agony!?
What are these symptoms signs of?
I can't fall asleep? Need help.?
I need help getting rid of a scar. What is the best scars cream that helps scars disappear?
to the hospital or not?
Haven't BM'd in 4-5 days?
What are some good ways to help you fall asleep?
OK FREAKING OUT! Just saw this little black bug on my bed!! what is it!? bed bug? lice?
Do I feel sick due to bereavement?
Need help... Just smoked Tylenol PM and feel really wierd...?
Two week long headache possibly from neck pain? Help?
Second time seeing a star or floater ...?
Are there any eye doctors in Houston that wil let you make payments for the exams and contacts?
Strange feeling in the eye?
Slight double vision when using my LCD monitor/watching TV on an LCD?
what do you do when you're asked to go swimming but you have contacts on?
What exactly is a lazy eye?
where can i get a contact exam at , what stores ?
Which soft contact lenses brands are good?
what is up with my eye?
astigmatism contact lense sometimes give me blurry vision when looking at the computer?
I'm going to the eye doctors this weekend to get contacts...?
Why does my right eye sting when I put my contacts in?
what happened/????..................?
What color are my eyes?
What do I do? help please.?
Laser eye surgery...How much longer?
Irritated, red, and swollen eye?
optical / neurologic problem?
should i go back to the optitions to get glasses?
How many chinese woman have gotten eye surgery?
Could my contact solution be causing pink eye?
Where to go to get tested for STDs?
Has anyone had a Biopsy with normal results?
I got STD, any tips to me to date others?
HIV . . How long can man survive with HIV?
How is starvation spread?
so if the STD is all about body fluids, what about kissing? it is possible to contact any STD by kiss?
explain your first thoughts or reactions to the HIV/AIDS virus. What do you think about the virus?
Do they check for STD's in pregnant woman?
How do aids progress in a human body?
I'm obssessed with tweasing. How can I break the habit? Do you think its a pleasure/pain thing?
Puff adder bite?
can a spoiled hair removal cream cause herpes or any other disease?
How can you tell if your thumb is broke or just jambed?
My boyfriend got bit by an insect. But now it looks like a dark red bruise. I've never seen a bite like it. Wh?
Where I can I buy intravenous Saline Bags from?
bad phobia?
Can nettle stings be fatal? If so, how many do you reckon it would take to kill a man?
What is a pressure sore?
If you were to have a salt bath for stitches, how much salt is put in the bath?
how can i stop my sleep walking?
Does removing ones own warts cause cancer?
Will consumption of viagra increase calcium in the body?
if i workout for 3 hours a day (throught the day) and eat about 1000 calories a day, how much weight..........
what is the maximum length of time cannabis can stay in your system?
Body Detoxification?
athsma help I cant breath?
im 14 and i want to quit smoking .?
I have been stressing out lately and I want to smoke?
Sore throat that will NOT go away?
2 year old with fever and these sympoms:?
What helps with a migraine?
Aching jaws and dizziness?
Should I Go To The Doctor Or Not?
Why cant i break my leg?
Does anyone know a good way to quit pain killers?
I worked out yesterday now my arms hurt everytime i strench them out or move them. Whats wrong?
Pain pills question, PLZ answer im 16! (2 parts read all the way through )?
Ouch my pinky hurts alot?
Bed bugs? I woke up with bites down both sides of my torso.?
What else can I do for chronic back pain?
I took 4 tylenol fast release gel in a good 2 hours am i gonna live?
my left arm from the pinky to the elbow is numb?
my co captain told me i have to start taking laxitives or she will cutt me!?
I think i have slipped disc..Should i go to the ER?
I have a stomach ache, cause I'm so full, what to do?
can some one explain why.?
Pain management doctor anyone go to.?
I need to pop my ears!!!?
The front of my thighs really hurt when i stand up, this is after excercise.?
i've had my ears pierced 3 times could i be allergic?
If a person sneezes on his hand and then touches a cup, is this a fomite? Explain?
can someone please tell me if i am allergic?
I have difficulty breathing after drinking some types of alcohol. am i allergic to it?
Infection, or just allergies?
when my son gets sick it looks like spoiled milk...?
why is it that the food i take in my mouth seems to flow to my nose when i swallow?
how can i treat my dog naturally for dust mite allergy?
Which is the best Water Purifiers?
can i be allergic to bats?
Why is it that during the month of December I am allergic to my parents' dogs?
Do you know someone who is allergic to Casein?
how do you get allergies?
Will I see good results after taking steroid patches for a month?
does cigerrette smoke affect dermagraphia?
Flapping in my throat?
Can you develop a sensitivity to cow's milk after drinking soy?
Would saline nose spray stop mucus from backing into my throat and making my voice harsh?
What is an allergy test?
Allergy to iodine by smell but not by taste?
what can i eat to have more blood?
could staphylococcus epidermidis become hemolytic to blood?
b12 connection with parasites?
Is this strep or what is this?
If my boyfriend is on the strep pills and I am too is it okay to kiss?
What's going on with my throat?
what causes a uti and diarrhea?
UTI symptoms won't go away! Help :(?
Is this chickenpox? what do you think?
Is it safe to take NyQuil after taking throat spray,and antibiotics?
Could it be a stomach virus?
How do i know if i have thrush?
What does HIV paperwork look like? Is thier any legit idenfication for it?
What do these symptoms mean?
how can you tell if you have pink eye or if your eyes are red because your sleepy?
What happens if you swallow nail polish?
I have mono, again, now what?
how can someone get the chicken pox?
The removal of ban for Hepatitis B carrier to obtain working visa in dubai?
do i have a mouth ulcer?
What is something that can get rid of an ear infection?
How to do an intervention?
i need something to say on a card for someone who has cancer?
I have Dry Skin?
what should i do about my blister? kinda gross...?
how do large roaches make it into my restroom, almost nightly?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
joint pain and working out?
Need a professional opinion. Between vision and object, I have episodes of electrical impulses that overtake.?
Is A- a rare blood type?
why does shampoo make my hair itch so much (it doesn't seem to matter which kid)?
Does breathing in places with little air improve lung capacity?
I'm slow. Is there anything i can do?
does cartilage piercings hurt?
Hi! I am getting my stitches on wed and I am wondering if I should continue to wear a splint still?
Leg twitching horribly. Help!?
Someone help me find this pills name!!!?
My shoulder popped while throwing today. What should I do?
Need Clear Skin? 10 point?!?
what are benfits of cleansing the skin?
how good does Dan Kern’s Clear Skin Regimen work?
Where do they sell bio oil for scarring?
Is it bad to put hydrocortisone 1% on your face everyday?
Is this a scar or will it continue to heal to normal?
Mysterious bites on legs?
I've got red marks left from my spots. the spots are gone, how do i take away the red marks? help!!?
Itchy dry scalp HELP?
how to get rid of you?
What acne treatment creams can I buy for me (17 year old boy) in Malta?
Sudden eczema outbreak?
my body gets VERY itchy and gets bright red when i take shower or when i go to cold weather from warm.?
what color are a frog's kidneys, bladder, and intestines? i think i know but i m not sure..can anyone help me!
I've had a blister for about a week now right under my middle finger. It's broken now, but it hurts when I
Paxil, why did I get really dizzy from it?
Difference between ssris?
How would you diagnose Holden Caulfield?
can chlamydia go away by itself?
How much blood does it take to get infected with HIV ?
Is it safe to take both Zithromax and Dazomet at the same time?
Why is my tonail infected?
what do i do if i think i have gonorrhea?
why cant you lay down when taking doxycycline hyclate for chlamydia?
I am a male, i have Chlamydia, how long after i take the treatment for it until it is gone?
on how to get certain STD s?
if a guy doesnt have any discharges does he still have and std?
Bacteria of Chlamydia?
College student with no job and no insurance..went to e.r.?
How long should I wait to not take adderall before getting my tonsils out?
Will my system be clean of THC?
Why do my body parts fall asleep every night?!?
Can lack of sleep cause double vision?
what is it please answer?
i dont sleep that much...is that bad?
I'm having problems falling asleep at night. What are some quick and effective ways to help me fall asleep?
can i give blood after surgery?
If I was trapped in a collapsed building, could I live by drinking my wife's breastmilk?
What white noise sound do you use?
Why do I always feel like this?
i have been feeling lousy for the last 48 hrs,i have very little energy and i feel weak?
how much coke would i have to do for a pee/blood test to come out pos.?
do hospital emergency rooms have to offer a translator before performing services?
I had a bad fall this afternoon around 2 is it safe to sleep?
Eyesight (and saving what's left of it)?
Why do I get really tired in the middle of the day?
I am always tired, am dizzy, am always thirsty and have a constant headache.. whats wrong with me?
how long does cocaine last in your system?
My right big toe my right ankle and my right knee crack when I move!?
is there anything i can try to stop my asthma from flaring up so often i take inhalers steroids antibiotics?
best way to ask a girl out (that i like)/ how to get chewing gum out of sofa?
What are the white spots under my eye, and how can I get rid of them?
when somebody goes to A & E of a public hospital is the problem he/she has recorded somewhere?
help me please. my nose won't stop bleeding!?
my son was stung by I think a bee 2 days ago and his site is swollen and hard he says it itches and hurts.?
Please help solve swollen face problem!!!?
I leave for boot camp in 19 days, is there something to cure my shin slpint befor i leave?
Could you help me with this question about a wasp sting please?!?
Where to buy a CPR Pocket Mask in Central London?
why does my tongue feel burnt and raw?
Sleep paralysis.........anyone have that?
I need to get rid of a blister fast?
Been jumped... facial injuries?
what are the nes cpr ratios . cardio pulmonary resus for first aiders?
Is it possible to break a bone in your wrist without banging it?
head bleeding what going on?
Got a blow on my face?
streching my ear help, its bleeding!?
Can anyone help with info on Epi-pens?
Im sore...you know down there....?
10 year old daughter with chest pain. Please answer?
shoulder pain when i throw something?
I smashed my left hand very hard. I am righty. Everything I do with my left hand makes it hurt really bad.?
My head hurts a lot and i don't know why?
I have THE worst headache in the world!?
I have a small round ball under the side of my neck?
I have a numbing leg since yesterday. it is not painful but really uncomfortable. Any thoughts/?
I have lower back pain from a car accident and my doctor gave me a script for 30 4mg dilaudids.?
I am having back pain, the chiropractor is expensive. Any alternative?
side really hurts need answers?
Whats wrong with me? I'm 12 and have chest pains :(?
Can i take paracetamol for headach caused by knock ?
I have IBS and I get gas in bed?
COLD SORE HELP/ ADVICE! serious answers!?
What is wrong with my eye sight?
I hurt my knee last tuesday and immediately grabbed a icepack from the freezer and put it on my knee.?
how do you get rid of a headache without taking pills?
I have been having extreme pinching pains in my neck and lower back. Any ideas on what it is?
Can you help with a 'gout'question?
why do my eyes keep burning?
why do i keep getting shocks in my wrists just when i move my hands or lift anything ?
Can I give my dog pain meds?
what is wrong wit my arm?
I am on my feet for over 9 hrs. every day, I need to find a pair of shoes that will ease my feet pain.?
Can this person be forced into a drug clinic?
Vertigo question.....?
what are the life time effects for a pyloric stenosus survivor? I am 47 and had the surgery when i was 6 weeks
help health problem.?
why dont pigs and other quadrupeds develop hernias?
if one parent is an alcohlic?
My 3 year old has a small spot of craddle cap. How can I cure it?
does any one know about laser spine inst. in tampa florida L.S.I?
My ringfinger joint is swollen!?
Part of my hand i swollen. How can i make the swelling go down?
my back has been hurting non stop for 2 months?
Is it healthy to not have a bruise where you got hit by a softball in the ribcage under the armpit?
Is it normal for your finger to randomly start swelling...?
What is the hard bump below my right knee?
What could be wrong with my ankle?
hurt back a month ago please read?
I jammed my finger with a basket ball and the inside of my kneckel is brusied?
help please! doctors appointment tomorrow!?
L5 fracture hard to find on xray? What should I do?
do nerve impulses travel directly from the eyes and ears to the brain?
Did I fracture my fibula?
How do I remove my stuck toe nail?
what is wrong with my back?
Is my foot broken, please read?
Left ankle bigger than the right?
Is this cut dangerous or not?
How long does it take for a dislocated patella to heal?
advice for a knee injury?
Why does my knee hurt?
ive been sick alot latey, can someone please help!!?
am i sick????????????/?
Can anyone tell me what this rash is on my skin (picture included)?
If I'm allergic to wool, will I also be allergic to angora?
Will balancing heavy objects on your head make you shorter or cause trauma?
Is it true that the water tank can have bacteria?
ive been taking zyrtec everyday for probably a year or more now, is it bad to just stop taking it?
IgE test results, any drs out there?
could i be allergic to this?
does green tea help with allergies?
Is it possible for allergy medicine to make your face break out?
my puppy has taken an allergic reaction to his first jags?
what are sls free shampoos and toothpastes.?
Dry mouth/throat after eating pinapple?
I think I'm allergic to milk (or lactose intolerant)?
Why does only my left eye drain when I suffer from seasonal allergies?
Skin allergy cause headaches?
I just moved into a rental house and I am getting an itchy rash/hives.?
How can i help or try n prevent my allergy?
Decongestants making me lightheaded?
Why when my nose 1,only 1 nostril run?
I Live In Queen Creek, Arizona. When Does The Allergy Season Start & End?