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Get rid of baggy eyes?
Weird Colored looking dry skin on my hands?
why is surgery sometimes called bypass?
I get a rash on my hand every 2 or 3 years or something and have no clue what causes it?
All day i throw up in my mouth?
my head has been hurting for 3 days.?
Feeling something under my ribs?
Migraines 4 to 5 days a week for over 2 months?
I am in a very complicated situation and need help immediately?
There is a pain in the bottom of my left eye. It feels like pink eye but my eye isn't pink? what is it.?
How can people faint ?
Recommend a good cough-syrup?
If I smoked weed on the 1st of the month, will i pass in 3 weeks?
.:.:.:POLL:.:.:. do ur grandparents know what lol means?
Migraine Sufferers: Is there anything more frustrating than hearing someone say "yeah i get headaches too"?
why does my wrist hurt bending it back or forward?
i need urgent help, please.. numbing arm?
what causes you to have an ear ache?
What does this sound like?
I took 9 ibuprofen, and I need to know what I should do.?
What would cause my eyeball to hurt when...?
Sometimes I wake up with an intense headache, why?
My knee has been hurting.?
Does anyone know a cure for back pain???????!!!!!!!?
Why does part of my left foot hurt after I run?
is there any other way of getting a permanant tatoo other than needles and painful stuff?
How to do a hand stand? HELP!?
woke up with horrible neck and back ache?
this is really killing me..pleassssssssssssssse help me..?
Lower back pains? D:?
Please help! I have had a headache in the back of my head for 1 week!?
I don't want to make a big deal out of nothing.....?
I think i just took 2000 mg of ibuprofen?
Can you swallow "chewable aspirin" whole? That is no chewing.?
get headache to go away.?
I need to get a epidural steroid injection into my lower back, to ease the pain. What should I expect?
can hiv affect your eyesite?
Does this sound like a cold sore?
If my eyes are purple, does that mean I have herpes?
will i test positive?
what is aids stance for in a long word?
std issue, please help?
how does health problems (HIV /aids ) contribute to African poverty?
If Magic Johnson were to take an HIV-AIDS test today would he still show up "positive" for the virus?
what are the Illinois statistics for HIV/AIDS in 2009?
i just got contacts and they make my eyes bigger...is dat good or bad? lol?
Do any optifree replenish solutions come with a free lens case? where can i get contact lens cases?
what is it when you're "seeing stars"?
Why do i have these spots in my vision?
Are contacts easy to put on and take off?
Is it true if you wear someone elses contacts?
Popped eye blood vessels?
Can I get california driver's license with macular degeneration?
Colored Contacts = )?
Eye Irritation: Help?
Does anyone else get a "light" in their vision as if they just looked into the sun?
Want to get Lasik Eye surgery?
Where can i find an eye exam online?
Why do my eyes ache with near vision tasks?
i have a pain behind me eye?
Is there a Website that's safe to buy angelic contacts?
how much is an eye exam @ walmart?
what is a easy way to put on contacts?
can contacts be blown out?
I got this weird thing in my eye?
Is this normal when you have new eyeglasses?
My left eye is blinking last few days?
Is My Navel Ring Is Bad?
anyone ever had this ankle surgery?
Scar revision? opinions/advice?
how long for my foot to healed after foot deform?
Extreme shin pain that is limited activities.?
I just returned from the doctors. I only have a soft tissue injury. What does that mean?
Should I be worryed ? I had a chest and head cold its mostly cleared up but my lungs are sore but i also quit?
Had appendectomy 2 weeks ago, is it ok to take a flight?
will i loose my hearing?
what can i do for a tight back?
Infection? Red and Warm to the touch!?
i think i sprained my ankle?
I don't know if I cracked my tailbone?
how can I make the bruising on my knuckles go away?
Does picking scabs really make scarring more likely?
i get sudden headaches, i was in a car accident....?
Would a doctor prescribe me roxycodeine for scoliosis?
when do you need to have surgery on Tennis Elbow ?
so i just pierced my own ear. it's the 3rd. should i feel dizzy and kinda light headed afterwards? //:?
Would you cut out your own ingrowing toenail?
i fractured my Radius on my forearm!?
Repeated ankle sprain with overpronation...help?
Would you like to have cybernetic implants like night vision eyes?
What is the tip for taking injections when you hate injections?
Severe bruising on back of thigh?
I work in an old peoples home as a cleaner ive been there 8 months i can't get used to the fact that they die.
anyone know any ways to get rid of conjunktuvituose quiker?
About a bruised toenail..?
what happens if you break ur sine from cervical,thoratic or the lumbar part?
MY BACK is killing me, should I just rest it or is there anything to help it heal faster?
Do Bee's Sting And What Kills Them?
How do you stop embarising wind caused by irritable bowel syndrome?
suddenly cant hear in one ear?
whats the best way to stop sunburn stinging?
What does green diaria mean?????????
Do hamsters cure disease?
How do I get rid of headaches?
Help! Please i feel terrible!!! sick and...?
help trying to talk to an alcoholic?
Do i have an Eating Disorder?
Possible diagnosis brain tumor?
strep throat causing acne?
What disease can causes periods of physical weakness, clumsiness of hands and legs, visual disturbances, and m?
Either something is wrong with me or I'm going crazy.?
Acid in your spit.. acid reflex?
Scared of ultrasound for liver :(?
Bad throat, swollen gland, swollen tonsil, and now gunk in my eye?
Feeling of constant urination and numbness with out urinating in Lupus patient?
Why do I get vertigo all the time?
what can i do for acid reflux?
can blatter problems cause you to itch in femenime places??
so there's a tiny lump behind my ear?
my boyfriend said the doctor said his intestines and stomach are rotting away and hes dying.what disease is it?
i need some help with a medical problem?
Im doing a speech about home remedies for common illnesses, acne, common cold, heartburn, etc...?
itchy blotches prior to monthly menstraul cycle?
post nasa dripping?
what kind of lotion can i buy to get rid if the bumps that came up omy skin because of chicken pox ?
Has Cimetidine, acid recuder, ever given you any major side effects?
I was near a camp fire last night, and my face is burning now.?
does weather conditions cause dizziness, lightheadness?
Jock itch help?
which is more reliable, a stethoscope or ECG?
need to know what causes dizzy?
my dad is reallly sick can you help me find out what he has?
I Can Feel A Lump Forming. What Is It?
my dads digestive sytem not working food is laying in his stomach can he live like that?
how does Influenza injection cure allergic rhinitis?
is this normal after an allergy shot?
Where can I find sulfur soap?
Is Splenda basically the same thing as aspartame?
is the poison dangerous from extermination?
Am i allergic to alcohol?
MAJOR blocked nose, i cant breath. help!?
Benzoyl Peroxide allergic Reaction?
could pimentos cause swelling in my 4 yr olds eye?
Would someone allergic to penicillin react the same way different times.?
Why is my new Honeywell HFD-010 Air Purifier making clicking noises?
Question for Doctors, Nurses, etc.. Hives ?
Anyone tried SilverSinus for nasal allergies or infections?
how to get mucus out of the inner ear causing it to plug up from sinus infection?
What is the disease that causes your mucous to go from runny to sticky and thick?
are sulfate and sulfa the same thing?
Can eating snot kill you?
Side affects of Fluticasone propionate nasal spray?
Any suggestions on how to help a really, really runny nose without medication?
my catz nose is really cold and pinker than normal is that normal if not what should i do?
Help Identifying Rash on Toddler?
Pink eye??????????????????????????/?
Can you get rabies from using someones toothbrush?
how long does it take to show symptoms of mono???
do I have tonsillitis?
when i was little a kept getting tonsillitis?
What could this be? Sore throat on one side...?
would it be okay to put tea-tree oil on a verruca ? [i haven't seen a doctor about it yet]?
I am a male..im taking medicine(doxycycline) for a uti..can you help?
how can i get tested for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?
Fever and no other symptoms?
Throat and nasal infection, got antibiotics (azithromycin 250mg 6 tablets 5 days) how long until it works?
Serious question!! Do gingers have weaker immune systems?
Are there long term consequences with Bacterial Meningitis?
a cold, tonsilitis or strep throat?!?
can i catch this?????????
What is the quickest trick to get rid of pink eye?
Can you still have strep throat without a fever?
I have a sharp lump in my throat ... help please?
the cause of hiccups?
how do you wiggle your nose?
Where is the suture line located?
how do i know if its a wart on my hand?
Does Strattera Have Bad Side Effects?
White spots on tonsils?
Is it possible for a sleepwalker to interact with other people?
what type of nose is this?
Have you ever.......?
HELP I think I have loss of awareness?
Weird Rashes that look like a cat or i scratched myself up.. Sick of people thinking that i'm making it up..?
Vitamins Testosterone?
can shingles cause drowsiness?
severe body pain attacks lasting 4 to 7 days after strenuous activity also low iron and potassium ideas?
how long does it take for puppy with a broken limb to heal?
What to do when you have Low Blood Count?
What causes headaches?
can tongue rings cause headaches ?
could i be sick? need help?
Is there a symptoms when experiencing a high cholesterol? what are those?
Blood test for Vit.D3,why it is done.What are symptoms if more in blood and less in blood.How is it treated.?
Is this bells palsy?
i quit smoking pot 2 months i cant risk getting fired,but my girlfriend still smokes.can they detect 2nd hand?
do I have cancer?
I'm finished with meth clean for about a month not sure if i will be tested how can i get my hair clean?
Normal ultrasound, still gallbladder pain?
im on klonopin for anxiety, 1 mg, but i only take it as needed, about once a month, instead of nightly.?
why dose my stomach growl ?
Do you know any more about "Apo Tetra" medicine for getting rid of acne ?
Why do my feet itch?!?!?!?!?
Tiny bumps on face you cant see but can feel?
Does Dilantin cause waitloss?
Cluster of sores on side of dogs tongue?
why do i keep breaking out on my chest? 10points!?
Small itchy bump in my nostril?
help my sister on her unknown acne visit pls?
got cut by a blade at barber's?
How should I remove my warts?
Antibiotics for acne making my face red and hot - normal?
No doctor can give me answers.... can you?!?
my body is dry~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how did people in the 1980's react to people with AIDS?
Why is my skin darker in some places?
Am I pregnant or is this an std?
I am having an upcoming CT, how long does it take? can you leave piercings in?
Are there any other STD's with similar early symptoms as HIV?
Products that remove blackheads?
What are 10 complications STD/I's can lead to?
What's this rash :/.....?
I have bumps that turn into sores on my scalp, what can I do to get rid of them?
wher can i find a cheap medication for herpes?
i live in montreal and i wanted to get a pap test and get check for any std but i cant find any does anyone?
how do i no if i have genita warts?
Is lactose tolerance something people (and dogs) develop with exposure to dairy products?
What does the medical term for sidds mean?
How could I stop this from happening?
What is the safest occupation for someone with asthma?
advice for a school marathon?
Would any of you or do you smoke?
Cig help??
Can a heart still beat even if the person is brain dead?
has smoking done this to me?
blood pressure? light headed?
Health Care and Tobacco Use?
I can't sleep, any tips to help me sleep atm?
Eye has started twitching?
I can't eat, sleep, drink, and my back hurts, what could I have?
I have twitching in my right forearm 4 or 5 times a day for the last month. Any thoughts will be appreciated?
The right side of my chest has been hurting for the past couple of days. Today I coughed up blood. Help!?
What is best nasal decongestant?
sleep deprivation question?
what is "garam sard" called in english?
Problems sleeping and staying asleep =(?
My mother is hypertension, I want to know how to lower blood pressure? Thank you!?
does a hernia only happen to men?
I have asthma right now and can't breathe normally please answer quick how can I avoid asthma?
can stress progress ms fast?
Is it possible to use asprin to "thin" your blood and caffeine and NaCl (salt) to raise your blood pressure?
this is for real i scared my grandma and she had a heart attack and she doesnt remember that i sacared her?
What is the best way to get rid of extreme nasal congestion and sinus pain? I've already taken a decongestant.?
Is it truely bad for you to crack your joints?
are you breathing hair?
mrsa in the fluid around the heart?
fever with unknown reason for the 2nd time?
What should i do for the swine flew?
Should I stop taking my medication?
My 6 year old has smelly underarms. I am worried!?
what is the drug tar?
my girlfriend has a bladder infection..got it on saturday...coughed up blood tonight?????!? help?
HOW do i stop smokin??? .....?
what is the best thing i can do to stop smokeing?
Cigarette smokers only?
How do I dispute a doctor's office bill?
Health problem...help anyone? Doctors maybe?
What does a soft systolic murmur in the left parasternal region mean? Ive been told my 10 wk old son has one?
i wake up suddenly in the night and can't go back to sleep?
Feel tired all the time....?
Why am I tired most of the time?
Choking when I sleep?
Can I go the doctors and ask them to clean my ears?
Why do our eyes feel dry when water gets into them?
constant back pain in an 18 year old?!?!? T^T omg..its so painful?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
how can you breath from your mouth and nose but at the same time eat from both too?
How to be brave when having an injection?
piles- haemorrhoid's?
Is there a correlation between pulse pressure, old age and pulse rate?
My so is having fever?
my son aged 5 yrs having high fever (103) for last 4 days. In Chennai which Dr. can help ?
Diarrea, throwing up, and mucus?
i need so info. about mono??? please help me! =?
Low blood pressure, sugar, heart rate?
Why am i like this ?
Why do I like to see people happy, rather than seeing myself happy?
seeing people who aren't there. ?
is it weird that i want to do this....?
stressed and want help/someone to talk to?
Ache/sharp pain in right side of chest when breathing?
intense stomach cramps?
what causes a throat to hurt REALLY badly, but you know it is not strep throat?
stomach ache. sharp pain in my tummy.?
where can I buy codeine without a perscription?
very bad lower back pain?
I need constipation relief quick, please send some idea's?
how can i make my eyes less puffy?
My husband is 6'0 and 250lbs, what would happen to him if he took 17 vicodins??
Should i go see a doctor? HELP!?
Ouch, I have really bad sunburn...?
what time do you wake up in the morning?
Ouch! I just got my tetnis shot?
Do I have to be 100% undressed for a spinal injection?
Omg!!!! My lower abdominal really hurts soo bad!!!?
Tylenol 3. . .how many do I take :|?
What do u do if u have a very strong headache?
i am going to have spinal surgery because of scoliosis will i get tall because of my back getting straighter?
Chest Pain???????????????/?
Blood clot? Help pleaseeeeeee?
what do you think a red neck is?
lost the felling in my right hand?
what remedy woud you suggest for a sore tounge please'?
What is the watery stuff leaking out of my friction burn??! D:?
How are chemical burns actually treated?
Should I take myself to A&E?
whats an easy way to make a cut heel faster?
I've got bumps on my tongue?
what can u do with kelp?
does hypnosis really work in gaining true self belief and confidence?
how can you tell if you broke your knuckle?
I got stung by a honey bee and my foot is swollen and painful. When will it stop?
What should you do if someone collapses?
Medical Insurance - for Deibetic people?
One question about... PLEASE ANSWER.?
Want a bedtime change?
can anybody give me a list of trainings that i can get in as a registered nurse?
Vertigo question? Any body here?
why does your stomach "growl" when your hungry?
I seem to have a problem, when i smoke pot, i get these weird feelings, i get a massive headrush and pass out?
tears of joy, tears of sadness?
I have a question for any Drs or Nurses, Or any one that may know...?
Do you get drug test for TA?
What is the pH of gastric juice?
why is my chest area red everyday?
Is this even possible? If so, how?
Why could a person get stomach cramps from eating sugary foods?
why do i get so tired in the afternoon?
Can I still use this prescription?
question about doctors appointment?
Compare and contrast acute and chronic infections in terms of damage to host and the probability of spread?
I don't know what sickness it is?
what bug can this be?
I have a sore throat please help!?
Should Clarithromycin,bactrim, Cephalexin taken together ?
is there something wrong with my eating?
What do i have (sick)?
Is this Normal?
anyone know if an ordinary detox ya get from the chemist would clear cannibis from your sysyem?
name the three ways carbon dioxide is carried from the tissue to the lungs and which one is prevalent?
what are some fact about MALARIA?
What is significant about the fact that the patient presented with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, but was?
Can eating fast foods like poutine give you appendicits?
Does the meningococcal shot hurt?
is there a Cure for Gingivitis?
high for 2 days?
Blood on stool?
if u have been a smoker for the last 10 years and for the last few weeks u feel u r gonna suffocate but when?
My son is 11 and has his s.a.t.s coming up?
Could this be possibly be cancer?
what are some home remedys for sweating?
what does it mean when you look at your face and vomit all over the mirror?
Abdomen/ Ribs?
If my daughter is diagnosed with scabies that she got from another child is that transferable to my dog?
What Illness do you think I have?
I was diagnosed with a viral infection and now I think I have viral pink eye?
Can you contract HIV from kissing?
What illness is this?
I have had a cold for the past 3 months.?
Is it okay to take L-Phenylalanine supplements if you're allergic to Aspartame?
Can I take Benadryl on...?
is there a codition that could cause sever acid reflux along with allergy type symptoms?
Am I allergic to chapstick?
Whats wrong withy throat?
Is there lactose in "Emulsifier (Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids)" ingredient?
polarimine antihistamine?
Why does my throat burn and im caughing like crazy?
Lactose intolerant...?
My cat has thyroid issues and is allergic to the medication. He at times has a appitite not ravinise. I now?
How do I get rid of my blocked nose?
Serious cat allergies?
when is red nose day this year?????
Blood tests show my IgA is raised.?
my tonsils feel swollen and i'm spitting up clear mucous.i have a runny nose to.what can it be?
Did I have a reaction to Vitamin B3?
Why My Eyes So Itchy?
my nose has been itching like CRAZY for the past few days, what could this mean?
way to much mucus all the time?
I need ACUVUE 2 COLOR CONTACTS in the next two days?!?
Will I notice not having anti-reflective glare on glasses?
Coloured contacts for your eyes ?
Under-eye twitch for the past year?
A random question....?
something irritating in my eye?
What is a good website for nice designer frames?
I have a short sightedness since 8 years ago.I'm a soccer player but now I cant see well without my spectacles?
How much did You pay for your Contact Lens?
Black flashes in my eyes. help!!?
New glasses my eyes hurt?
What is the "Axis" in my eye perscription?
Where could I buy contacts that are light blue or light green that will cover dark eyes?
What eye color do I have?
How do I make my eyes more ALIVE?
Can you rip an eye out from someones socket?
My eyes won't stop hurting and watering!!?
Where is there a good place to go to for laser eye surgery?
I want to switch from toric to non toric lenses?
I got hit in the eye?
what stores sell glasses for cheap?
sooo digusting!!!!!!?
Taxodermy For Dummies?
Best Moisturizer for Face and or Body!?
Do I have cancer?
what could this be... does if have to do with my heart murmur?
what is this bump on my finger?
Can I file for workers comp for a re-injury?
Possible Broken ankle?!?!?!?! cant go to ER plz help me?
am 21 weeks and have been dizzy for 8 days. i went to the ER and my blood test all cameout normal.?
What could this be, other than a torn meniscus?
Ok so I just got my tongue pierced 4days ago and it feels like its on fire.?
how do i stretch my thrown out arm?
What's wrong with my shoulder?
What is the most likely cause of:?
what could be wrong with my ankle?
My ear drum popped WHAT HAPPENED HELP!! D:?
How badly did I break my toe?
How long does it take for an elbow bursitis to return to normal.?
Back Problems, Help!?!?!?
Swollen and bruised ankle after walking?
Is a Dislocated Shoulder a soft or hard tissue injury?
Muscle twitches...Why?
i fell and hurt my shoulder. the doctor said i had bursitis. he said bursitis was red and burning.?
My finger Is swollen and can not bend all the way?
Something wrong with me?
what to do with my open wound?
How can you get rid of bruises ?
How long will my finger be in pain?
can people with aids have kids?
Are there any risk factors of HIV and/or AIDS that cannont be changed or prevented?
Gonorrhea and chlamydia..3 questions?
whats the percentage of hiv and aids in africa?
Do you think we will ever have air borne aids?
if i waited 4 months to take a HIV test will the results be accurate?
PLEASE HELP ME, i can't firgure out if i have UTI or if its something else?
i have a fever blister? do i have herpes for ever now?
One of my feet has been swollen..?
is colotis long term?
absence seizure - what is it?
it appears as if something is swollen where my ovary is? from my view looking down my stomach doesnt look norm?
Blood in urine for 4 months...what could this be?
my son was told he had severe liver damage ,what does that mean .and what happens now?
my friend has hypoglycemia...?
dog arthritis????????????????
Waking up with a bad stomach ache, this time I threw up.?
i need a doctor? PLEASE :(?
PLEASE HELP ME! My moms schitzo?
Constant stomach rumbling?
Swelling under right eye?
a patient has swollen ankles and signs of degenerationg organ functions.What is a likely diagnosis?
I have right upper quadrant pain?
Why so unnaturally fatigued?
Could I have lupus or something else?
is it dangerous to take 3 codeine and how will it make me feel?
How can I improve my circulation?
Why do i get muscle spasms?
How to get healthy when you're diabetic, overweight, have high bp, and 65 years old?
I cannot sleep. I try to relax so I can sleep but nothing is helping.?
Am I gonna be alright?
How to respond to well-intended but unwanted suggestions?
Could I possibly have o.c.d?
what causes light headedness?
I have a pain below my stomach, any ideas?
Do I have throat cancer?
How Long Can mono Last?
How long will it take before pot gets out of my system?
What illness do I have?
i don't know- what do you think about...?
Can I Ask The Gynocologist For A Prescription For My UTI While I'm There Or Wait And Go To My Regular Dr.?
Health... i have problems with my body or something.?
Puberty websites for me?
Expired Prozac what happens if I take it?
help me i'm choking!?
I need all the names of parts of the ear.?
im thinking about smokeing weed?
Why do i always feel sick?
Sick for 24 hours???/??
A Strange Lump Feeling In My Throat?
Itchy palms, arms and back?
I waxed my upper lip myself, now it is sore, dry and red allover? HELP?
red lines on thigh..it looks like someone drew it on with a pen?
i had this bump in my face started small but now it has gotting bigger and is hard and a little painfull?
tiny black dots on toilet paper?
What can i do for dry cracked feet?
can skin moles grow from protein intake?
Waxed my upper lip myself this time and its so sore, red and dry allover?
Bumps on ankles and on wrist itchy turn into sores after scratching?
I have these ______ all over my body...?
I have a large yellow/white bump on my inner upper eyelid?
Large Bump above groin area?
Easy, homemade 24-hour zit solutions, anyone...?
could any combination of pills from your cabinet possibly kill you?
How long will this take to heal? Will it scar?
both grandmothers have diabetes does that risk me and my neice too?
What does this sound like?
how does fast food cause your blood pressure to raise?
my 53 year old husband has been having severe headaches for about a month.?
The after effects of coming off beta blockers?
Cardiac ablation problems?
When you have asthma is your heart rate slower or faster than a normal person?
i had a stroke a year ago and I want to take the day after pill, but want to know how bad it would be?
sinus infection & asthma!?!?
antidepressants affect sleep patterns?
Blowout Ear Stretching.. Help?
How can i tell if my ingrown toenail is infected? Whats surgery like?
i have bad breathing what should i do?
a 4 years old is coughing every night especially when he is asleep.is this normal?
how can i get to sleep?
Is Allergies worst than Asthma?
Is Marcelle hyrdra-C radiance suppose to burn like this?
Is smoking cool again?
Smoking? Good Idea? ?
i smoked plastic?????????
What can I do to Stop Choking on Food?
Why is my 13 year old having 4 or 5 bloody noes's a day?
i am throwing up blood is that bad?
I inhaled cigeratte smoke?
My six week old baby over the past 3 to 4 weeks has been struggling with breathing. Most days are good.?
Chest Pains? What could it be? ?
what happens to your lungs when you smoke?
My boyfriend started coughing up dark red blood a week ago and today he vomited blood, what could this mean?
Will 2nd hand pot smoke make you test positive?
My Lung itches help??
How do you unstick super-glued fingers???
Addicted to chocolate?
people say that houses roofed using asbestos pose a grave danger to the people. what is this danger?
How do recreational drugs affect our bodies?
what happened?
My boom holly is bleeding because of farmer giles. Is there any self help remedies?
What does the Snake around neadle on the hospital and Paramedic symbol's mean?
How dangerous is to receive a flow of cleaner for a child?
how big does a splinter have to be to no longer be a splinter, but a piece of wood in your hand?
how can my mother increase sodium level in blood. some of her medication is taking it out of her blood?
how can i put on weight?
I think I've got some gravel stuck in my hand!?
how long do u have to keep paper stitches on for??
What Is The Best Way To Get A Splinter Out Of My Hand?
have i got an ingrown toenail?? please help!!?
how can i get rid of a love bite!?
If someone is having doubts of contactin chicken pox wat r d sign?
Help about mono and strep throat.pleas help.?
How long does it take for food poisoning to set in?
Can pets get colds or flu from there owners? We just adopted a 9mo old pet.?
ear infection ? or normal ?
Constipated...not passing stool at all for 2 days...what to do?
sore neck but no sore throat?
What are the risks during a Gallstone operation?
Is it just the common cold?
how do you make your stomach feel better when on a medication?
if you have mono how long are you contagous?
seizure after hot flash?
On Monday, I was diagnosed with a Peritonsillar Abscess, I had it drained, When can I go back to work?
really worried about diarrhea?
Numb, tingling hands and very sore muscles after having flu?
how did the bubonic plague spread from west to east during the medieval times?
If my boyfriend brother has chicken and my boyfriend came over to my place but chicken pox was not obvious on ?
My mother has Alzheimer's disease and is becoming worse by the day. Please help me if you will!?
what does a sickle cell leg ulcer look like?
Could she have contracted meningitis from her daughter?
What is NEPHROTIC SYNDROME in children & where is place of treatment for it in India / South India?
rash on my face?
Hi I'm 19 yrs old, and for the past month I have been very nauseated and vomiting with activity, any ideas?
Vertigo sufferers?
I got a flea or something in my eye, and now my face is red?
how do you get rid of a running nose?
are allopathic medicines non eco-friendly?
Allegra D side effect?
Is there anyone having an allergy reaction (such as rashes) eating Kellogs Sultana Bran?
Is sinus totally curable with medicine or do i require surgery?
what is the best way to reduce redness from your nose?
How would you feel if your mom told you she had the HPV virus?
I have some white bumpy wart-like things on the underside of my scrotum but I'm a virgin? What's up with that?
can gonnorhea start from me originally?
I have some chest tightness and a stuffy nose. I know it isn't a cold or anything. I never had chest?
any ENT's out there.?? Please , please , please help me.?
how to deal with sudden and unexpected reaction to food and drink such as choking vomiting?
Asda Antihistamine- have you tried them?
Do people just suddenly develop seasonal allergies or is this just a prolonged cold?
Allergy of fruits? I don't know what it is, I'm getting fed up - HELP!!!?
Woke up with a swollen Eyelid?
what are the symtom of oral thrush?
yeast infection help!?
what do you think is going on with my 8 year old?
razor burn on private aera?
does having an std affect u getting pregnant?
project topics on hiv/aids?
Can you get allergies from parakeets?
Charmin wipes causing irritation?
I have a slight cough after giving this guy oral about a week and a half before.?
Symptoms of Kids with Hiv/Aids?
do you automatically get tested for chlamydia during pregnancy?
im flat footed!?!?!??!?!?!?
Really painfull neck?
Chronic back pain, I can't stand it anymore?
What will happen when i take all these drugs at the same time?
Do I need to see a doctor?
Are these numbing cream used if there are any open wounds?
My leg hurts when i kick the ball. What can i do?
why does smoking make my body ache?
what is the sign of the pain on the side of the neck and up under and behind the head a little?
Any ideas what is wrong with my tongue?
Having pain in arm , neck, right shoulder, right side of head,and some time head gets nump.Pls answer?
I am only 15 years old, and I have had constant joint pain for the past 2 years.?
my tongue has been sore for several days...wonder what it could be?
how do you get rid of a migraine?
HELP! Constipation!! ouch!?
i feel dead in side can u help?
Should I go to the doctor?
What is wrong with my ear?! HELP?
I got my prescipition glasses and they are giving me a headache! Is this normal?
i have this pain right by my bladder near the right leg and it hurts so much.. what could it be?
how to deal with depression?
Anyone been thru withdrawls from Ambien?
lasik eye surgery thoughts?
Is these an eye problem?
Engagement ended after 7yrs together, Did my ex fiancee do this to spite me? Advice Needed asap?
is there anyway to improve my vision without glasses?
How can you blind yourself ????
my sister has crazy rode rage..?
How to fix my eye turn?
Cheap colored contacts?
Can wearing power-less spectacles also affect one's eye health and eyesight?
how long should it take to get contacts?
how would you describe colors to a blind person?
My contacts seem to have a haze over them.?
Can I preserve my contacts?
Why can't I see clearly out of colored contact lenses?
What is wrong with me?
Why do I get double vision sometimes?
Lighten eye color using honey?How long would it take?What color could it change my eye? ECT...?
How often is it that the Lasik surgery doesn't work?
one eye bigger and is bothering me?
opinion on something about my?
My eye has been red for weeks but its not pink eye. What could it be?
A few eyesight questions?
Question about Contacts?
What are bedroom eyes?
Does lasik eye surgery fix...?
what is the wite part of your eye called?
Is it rare to meet someone that sounds or looks like you ( not a twin! )?
Can Ex Doctors that are in a different career now write prescriptions. Think I know but need to be accurate?
How much Vit. D supplement ( if u have no exposure to sun) do you need daily?
Will cracking your back affect your height?
Has anyone taken ginko biloba?
what does this meani need to know?
Penicillin Vs Cretin (creakic), can i mix it ?
I lost my voice, but how?!?
what do you think is wrong with me?
Yellow/Red liquid coming from my nose?
what special qualities are required for individuals performing this work?
how to get up in the morning?
What do I do about my foot?
Can some explain to me what an Enema is?
What is the best medication or treatment for gastro esophageal reflux disease ?
Why do my muscles twitch?
why does my stomach hurt soo badd?!?!?
Is it possible to become shorter?
What should I do??? I need help before tomarrow. HELP?
Help Finding Earplugs?
Head problems?
Skin Irritation on Ear?
I forgot to put on of my contact lenses in the case now it's wrinkled and it shrinked?
I think somebody drugged me.. Please help?
Are you a smoker and are you trying quit? If so, what's making you quit?
Is something bad going to happen?
Took blood pressure and things went wrong..?
Am I going to be okay?
please help ( health related)?
How many Multi-Vitimians should I take ?
What could these be symptoms of?
would it be good for my neck to sleep with out a pillow?
What's an alternative to health insurance? What is a reputable healthcare discount business? Plz help?
badd gas pains and stomach ache..help please?
How do you make yourself sleep for longer?
my daughter has always got really bad wind and it is always really really smelly could she have anything wrong?
What is wrong with me?
Why is my left hand twitching?
My friend put ice in his pants, fell asleep, and woke up ill.?
What is wrong with me? PLEASE HELP?
how can i stop my fingers smelling?
Why are my hands so dry?
If i dont wash my head i get Dandruff? If i do wash my head i get more dandruff?
whats the best way to deal with/get rid of nose blackheads?
How to hide warts on my hands?
Is using proactive once bad?
does proactive work on bacne?
What skin Infection is this?
I have bad acne is there anything i can do?
how to not get dry legs?
what do this one hair mean? Why it be there? and how get rid of it forever?
process of getting a mole removed?
cold sores ......help please?
what is a good medicine for canker sores?
Can my employer fire me or cancel my insurance if I was diagnosed with cancer and am being treated for it now?
Acne Scars????????????
Can you get a freckle on your eyeball?
can your family doctor prescribe acne medication?
will pranic healing really cures liver enlargement?if no,pls tell me someother best treatment to cure it....?
whats the safest way to remove skin tags?
how can you get water out of your ear? ?
My earring is stuck in my ear. Please help?
First Aid at Work Course ?
Can anyone remember the resurection spray we used in the school playground and where can I buy one today.?
what's the best/quickest way to get rid of tickly cough/bd chest (catarrgh) please.?
How can i get a splinter out of my stomach?
Lip piercing?
I wish to know the cause / causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Is it a life long illness? What the modalities Rx.
Is it bad that i am throwing up blood?
Why do I find it hard to breathe?
Some question of smokers!?
why does it feel hard to breath?
Sleeping problems? seriously?
my daughter of 10 years is always having headache?
what is this thing that in my ear?
cement burns ..... help?
its 0106 here and its shut eye time for me. night night?
Why can't you reheat rice? Anyone know?
cut my finger got 5 stiches?
Is it safe to eat bread if you cut tiny bits of mould off?
Is it harmful to swallow a tsp of cinnamon?
can a burst nose pollop cause an inner ear infection ?
Distilled witch hazel in the uk ?
What do you do if you guy comes home after a neurological sugery and wants to make love to you immediately?
how can i stop my lip from bleeding?
How did I get chlamydia?
can a 10,000,000 mg injection of penicillin cure chlamydia?
I got tested for HIV and it turned out negative but..?
Is someone elses saliva bad if it got on my open wound on my finger?
I am going to get tested. What should i expect?
Can You get infected with hiv by earrings?
is it true that half of american's don't have HIV/AIDS, but know it?
Why am I always sick in the morning?
how long will i have diorehha after illness?
What is medically wrong with my throat and treatment?
what can my cat take for the sniffles?
What would cause a bloodless period?
Fever,severe body aches, shooting pains, recurring....what is it?
Is there a desease that can make your tong to grow?
Why am I always cold?
Am I sick , flu ? Cold ? ?
I've been feeling ill for around 5 days now, do I have the flu or a bad cold?
What are these symptoms of?
my friend has pneumonia ?
lead poisoning??????
My boyfriend has gotten 4-5 stomach virus' in the last year. They always last 3-5 days. Is this normal?
can pneumonia be contages?
tonsil stone question help me?
Does being HIV positive affect your chances of migrating when someone filing for you?
bacteria infections for couples?
after vomiting im always burping so much, what does burping so much mean?
Do I have food poisoning?
I'm 15 and my knee is hurting?
My side feels like its vibrating! Help!?
My legs ache at night?
what medicine can i use for toothache?
Which is the deepest pain from which a person suffers? ?
14 years old with back pain?
Headache with painful pressure. Help?
Stopping smoking with Zyban.?
I have a horrible pain in my tummy! Please help!?
i wanna cut my wrist, but i dont wanna die by doing that. What should i do?
What is the best way to wash a sleeping bag?
is there still chance for young teens to grow if there 17 and there hight is 5'1 can they still grow?
I get headaches alot?
i just got toric contact lenses?
i just need some answer's!(:?
what do i do about workers comp DR?
How can I stop the pain?
i am going for an MRI in a few hours please answer!?
should i go to the ER [crying i dont what to do]?
Is there such a thing as being prescribed demerol for migraine and sinus infection?
Is it normal, to see your esophagus?
How do you use a contour memory foam pillow?
is half an 8th of shrooms enough to trip me out?
How much does it hurt to get you tounge peirced?
what should i do im falling...............................?
so is it true that you can get high off of...?
how do you treat iron deficiency anemia in a 2 year old?
What vitamin am I lacking if my fingernails split?
Can I get rid of snot in my stomach?
Nose piercing- Pain comparence!?
I have an allergy to medicine with sulphur in it?
How many are Allergic to Antihistamines?
Where to find allergy-free clothes?
After using dilanyl syrup my child start continuesly cough more than before.Why?
i get poison ivy I’m wondering if the dog gave it to me???can dog pass poison ivy to human ?
how long does it take to get an allergic reaction to a drug?
May i ask on how to cure labrador allergies? i just bought a new 5 month old labrador .?
how do you pronounce Alavert?
hay fever is an allergic response to pollen. which type of antibody molecule is being produced?
allergy bumps in my arms sometimes on stomach and back?
how did i develop this intolerance to meat?
Hydrochlorothiazide and itching?
symptoms of ingesting molded wheat bread?
What is something I can use for allergies?
is anyone out there alergic 2 papya?
Can I call in sick for allergies?
Anyone suffering from hydrocele ?
i am allergic to 2 percent milk for some reason any ideas why i am?
Could i be a allergic to cigarettes?
I think I'm allergic to Tylenol?
What are Allergy Facts?
home remedies to get rid of an allergic reaction?
armpit rash?
my husband blinks VERY Hard when he sees or thinks of something unpleasant could it be ocd or a t i c?
have you had a surgical ablation for Afib? how old were you ,didyour heart go back in rhythm?
Heart problem question! plz plz help :|?
Could I have had a heart attack and not realized it.?
Does anyone have Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)?
What medication shlould be taken for high triglycerides?
f a person that has had a heart bypass , smokes eats unhealthy foods but takes medicine is some what over weig?
How make my grandpa's heart better?
Is there such a thing as having to high of a Mean Arterial Pressure ?
no will to sleep at night?
Why cant i sleep anymore!?!?
my girlfriend does not has mono. So will i get the disease if i lip kiss her?
Is it possible to have broken a bone?
I want a nose job, I think it will make me feel better about myself. Has anyone ever had one?
go to the ER for broken nose?
Cut in my eyeball? Hurts!!!?
Has anyone had Ice Pick headaches?
Have you ever got drunk and cut yourself and the gone into a swimming pool and left it red?
Ok so my knees started hurting about 5-6 wks ago an lately its been really hard to stand.?
how long will the slight bruising stay at the injection site?
why cant I move my left hand as well as my left?
MY friend is in serious pain with her back.?
sprained finger, or not?
orthopedic says now nerve compression/nerve damage...should i go to a neurologist now or just believe the doc.?
Fastest way of getting rid of cuts.?
How do you know if you break your nose?
Anyone had cyst surgery?
Bruising Question. Please read?
My quad is killing me?
Should i go to the ER?
My ankle hurts on the inside of my foot...is it tendintis?
lump in my leg, because i fell?
Should I see a doctor? I dislocated my finger?
How do you know if you broke, jammed, or dislocated your toe?
Colored Contacts on darker eyes?
What subjects do I need to take for ophthalmology?
my eyes have been hurting for a couple days?
is there anything that can help you see at night?
what's going on with my left contact?
Question about eyes.?
Can anyone tell me where I can buy and what brand of colored contacts come in 8.3 base curve?
Why do my eyes appear really round?
Helpp!!!!!!!!!! Pleasse!!!!!!!?
I need help involving eyes and sleep?
Why are my eyes so dry?
Do i need a new prescription?
Contacts & red eyes!?!?!?
know anything about vision?
can Chlamydia treatment have effect on a womans period?
Is Blue Waffle an STD?
what are the economic costs of HIV/AIDS globaly?
will u test positive from being contact high?
if my ex partner has trich and i tested negitive should i take the pill and let my new bf know just in case?
To be HIV or Not to be, that is the true question...?
Is this the herpes research?
how can ecstasy be transmitted through body fluids or any possible way?
my abdomen is paining?
I want to get in touch with someone who?
How long will my sunburn last??
how to get rid of coughing?
Has anyone ever used too much nasal spray and has the reverse effect, causing your sinuses to become blockd?
How does the respiratory system affect the other systems?
Pressure/Swollen Feeling?
did the media influence your decision to vaccinate your child?
what is anatomy and pshysiology? And what has i got to do with a beauty therapist?
what is the best product on the market you would recommends for incontinence problem ?
Taking out stiches?!?
Help, my head hurts !!?
first aid certificate?
It seems eating lots of pineapple help to clear up urinary track infection. Yogurt does not work so well. True
Graze on face starts oozing and dries overnight - try and clean it or leave it?
Why living is getting more frustrated and there is a limited or no harmony at all 24/7??
How can I make drinking water better?
Which Mint herb do Mediterranean woman use to combat the symptons of menopause?
Is it bad to bandage your cut with duct tape?
if a body produces to much insulin can that cause belly fat?
Effexor Withdrawal - People with experience only!?
Will a teenager who is laughed at and called "weird" by her peers become depressed?
How would you tell your parents that you did self harm? and what was your story, if you have one?
Wants to try cocaine. HELP.?
Are Facebook "Friends" To Blame For This Woman's Suicide?
Im trying very hard help?
I ordered xanax online from overseas without a prescription. Is that medicine legal to have in possession?
if you remove a groidure thyroid that keeps growing & u want it to get surgically removed can you lose your h?
Are having long sleeves against heath code?
is steroid.com legit???
stomach problems, any suggestions or advice?
is there a food that would show up in..?
the four steps in the RICE principle that can be applied to both acute and chronic injuries include.?
How long does thc stay in your system?
Insurance and psychiatrist... Can anyone explain, give me some advice?
when leaven a job isn't the health Insurrance supposed to stay active for 30 days?
How much does it usually cost to remove acne scar from your face at a kaiser hospital?
Stomach Problems: Please help!?
is there a site where i can get medical terminology audio for free?
do i have a deviated septum?
What does throwing up blood mean?
Is it worse for your voice to whisper when you have lost your voice?
I dont feel anything whats wrong?
Fiber Supplement for IBS?
pneumonia -breathing difficulty?
i cant breathe right and i went to my doctor and he gave me amoxicillin will these help?
sore throat help?
fellow marjiunna smokers what side effects have you got or noticed since you started smoking weed?
I Smoked Some Smoke XXX Out Of An Irish Headstore :( And Still Havnt Come Down After 3 Days? Any Help Please!?
why can't my daughter breathe through her nose?
Why do i feel this way after smoking weed?
Is there a certain way to sleep well could pls tell me I'm hopeless it's 2am and I still have when sleeping?
Tea Tree oil: why do i get such a deep, great nights sleep when i use tea tree oil as aroma therapy?
What should I do for razor burn?
how can i get rid of hard scalp tags?
sharp needle like pain in my eyebrow!!!?
Dandruff for 6 years, please help?
help with my fingers?
can nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide be used for ring worm on kids?
what is good ways to get rid of acne?
Surgery to remove sebaceous cyst on scrotum?
Is UVA and UVB light the same?
what causes the back of my ears to sweat when i sleep and then start itching?
I have this huge marks on my back??? help? 10 points?
how 2 get rid of old chicken pox scars?
Weird skin growth, maybe skintag?
im getting itchy all over and when i scratch ...?
How much it cost to get rid of rosie cheeks pleez help!?
Can using too many different body wash stuff be bad for my skin when in the shower?
Question about swelling?
what's the name of this throat disorder?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Self employed and no motivation?
How can I help someone from home, detox off heroine?
What does it mean foci of tracer.?
answer please?
I have really sweaty hands....?
Can I use Desitin (Zinc Oxide) to treat a PPD allergy (paraphenylenediamine)?
there is mold in my house?
what is common house hold item that could be used as poison?
Am I allergic to shrimp?
What is wrong with me eyes?
do i have allergies or am i sick?
What may cause an elevated IgG?
Pregnant with severe nasal congestion- nose bleeds?
how do they treat an allergic reaction to soybeans at the hospital?
Is it true that dust mites cannot survive in 100% wool blankets?
Red Eye...............................................?
My eye can't turn red?
What are the best states to live in for allergy and asthma sufferers?
Is there a difference between cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke causing sinus infections?
Does soy based formula help with eczema or make it worse?
Hay fever medicine not working?
Why does air escaping my blocked sinus sometimes feel as a flat tire losing air? It even escapes through eye!?
Could anyone find me a personlised sillicon wristband website?
am i allergic ???????
How many American people suffered from allergies?
I'm allergic to the chalkboards in my CLASSROOM?
Is It Normal When you Have a Allergie Reaction?
can chlamydia be passed by urine?
if i take any type of medicine continioue.is it can show abnormal result in HIV test?
what percentage of people in the world have gonorrhea?
is it possible to tell from a persons face if dey have an std?
what can i do to make my swollen vigina go down?
Chlamydia test negative could I still have HIV?
hi i live in dallas,texas and i was wondering does anybody know any community clinics or somewhere i can go?
it is possible for a couple to have chlamydia or gonorrhea.?
If a person tests low positive for HIV/AIDS in the ELISA test,does that mean they are in an early phase?
what happen to a person who has aids?
How can You not fear pain?
Should I call the Dr.?
Should i go to a doctor?
I get migraines evertime I go to my dad's house.?
I've got a bloodtest tomorrow and I'm so scared. How much do they hurt? How do I stop the pain?
can a cat have tylenol?
Having foot trouble...?
how to tell the difference: Migraine from Concussion?
What kind of headache is this?
I am deadly afraid of vaccines a i pass out every time i get one i just don't like the pain please help me?
am passing blood frm back passage feeling light headed pain in belly?
Should I Go See A Doctor?
I have a bump on the side of my neck...?
How can I stop myself from cutting?
Wat would be a good way to get pain meds at tha e.r.?