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what are the bumps on my shins?
Tennis elbow from lifting weights?
Help i pinched my nose and now i hav a red print!!?
Will 14 ibuprofen and 14sudafed kill you ?
Smashed my finger on door,buddy taped,it happened 20 min ago,hurts when I move my hand could it be fractured?
hairline fracture in my forearm?
if i fractured my back will they let me in the army?
could you walk if you had a hair-line fracture in your ankle?
Knee injury or ligament damage?
painful foot muscles while standing/walking, what's wrong?
Is the 3rd line from the bottom on a normal opticians chart usually the 20/20 (6/6) line?
Suggestions why i keep getting headaches?
How do you flip a inverted contact lens without ripping it?
Why are my eyes blurry? They were fine 2 hours ago. I have a fever.?
Question about my eyes?
I have a new eye glasses prescription?
anything to put on eyeglasses to make them sit even? One ear is lower on my head!?
does protein removal tablets make your contacts last longer?
seeing tiny white spots (looks like snow sorta)?
eye contacts question?!?!?!?
Im 18 And My Vison Is 20/30 Im Nearsighted Does That Mean I Need -.50 Lenses?
I need eye glass help please?
Is there any way to darken or slightly alter eye color?
What drug store sells Blue Colored contacts cause i want to get some?
Having eye pain in one of my eyes?
Tips for being able to relax your eyes for putting contacts in and out.. I'm new and i need some help?
my eye is always itchy and i have a little red lump in the corner of my eye?
my friend was lying outside when accidentally there's this tiny metal blew by the wind went in her eye.?
contacts and dry eyelids and under eye?
Taking breaks while reading?
reading glasses question ?
eye problems!!! please help!!!?
How long does it take to get used to glasses made for an astigmatism?
What cause upper esophegus troubles?
Tachycardia episodes?
If you have kidney disease, does it affect your ability to urinate?
Blue hands?
how does alcohol affect the stomach?
Any doctors/nurses out there to help me with something??
the lymphatic system is one route wich cancer cells can spread from one site to another.explain how this occur
In a TB patient when will the cough stops? Is it before or after the medication?
does tomato juice get rid of acne scars?
Does your skin lighten as you get older?
Does anybody know what this bump lookin knot could be on my forehead?
Minocycline for acne?
whats a good home remedy for dry skin?
I need skin help...how cani get healthy and clean skin?
What is wrong with my eyelid?
how to get rid of scars naturally?
Does Trilastin, for stretch marks, really work ?
How to get rid of white heads(they only show up on my chin)?
random freckle on my thumb?
How can I get rid of a double chin?
Have you ever used ProActive? If so, did it work for you?
Help! Blackheads are growing like crazy on my face!!?
How do you get rid of a double chin?
I use darvocet for anxiety what will replace it?
how are we going to minimize the alarming HIV/AIDS?
what do an hpv outbreak look like?
Donkey diseases...can they happen?
ive been having alot of discharge lately aling with slight burning and itching. what could be going on?!?!?!?
if you take doxycyline for swollen lynph nodes?...?
would this be considered herpes or fordyce spots?
my 2 1/2 yr old son is plugged up in the nose and is coughing alot.runny nose,but its clear,sneezing alot,?
I'm sick, don't know what it is?
What's wrong with me, I'm tired of feeling sick?
Any quick solution or remedy for this?
Moving and starting work/school - what to do? Doctor?
Why does my peristalsis hurt?
What is the results of going to a nursing home with mayo and wild shrooms?
any good ones........?
Should I go to the ER? I am unable to get a full breath of air, have pain in my back right behind my heart...?
I have struggled with my weight forever and finally a break through!!?
about 2 years ago i moved a small tv and drop it on my shine?
I need help with a little problem.?
help please what is going on?
How long does it take for glucose level to change?
Do I have Cancer?????????
woke up in the middle of the night dizzy! What could have caused this?
explain why food has to be broken down into very small pieces.?
if someone is in the ICU and her kidney are no longer working properly how much time does she have left???
I have been burping up rotten broccoli smell for 2 days rolaids dont work anyone one know whats wrong with me/
Is quitting smoking really worth it?
does anyone have an eating disorder?
My daughter is 11.5 months old and won't let me feed her with a spoon. She is fine with finger food. Help?
does a hamster bite require a tetnus jab?
Bitten and pregnant?
How to treat a wasp sting on the tongue?
If you saw a Rattlesnake and it didn't bite you, would you learn anything?
You make my ring sting baby.....................?
what does it really mean when you get a spot on your tongue?
my son has these white small patches on his face and neck.?
bunny allergy blood test?
Hives spreading everywhere?
Sulfa allergies and perms.?
can the workplace cause post nasal drip?
can allergies make you go horse?
Got this skin allergy test done. What do the colors mean?
Bad allergies? -itchy eyes, runny nose?
Do I have potassium intolerance, or something else?
Question About Switching Allergists?
Wheat & gluten allergy helpp!?
Do I have something WORSE than Allergies ?
Can one cortisone shot for allergies cause weight gain ?
i have shortness of breath?
Question about qualifying for disability?
Is it normal for allergy pills not to digest?
Possible allergic reaction on my eye?
can you get tested to see if you are allergic to bees?
why is my nose clogged and my throat feels as though its almost swollen?
am i allergic to my kitten?
Swollen glands after taking Zithromax?
how hiv is contracted?
Big tension. Is this HIV?
can bacterial vaginosis go away by itself?
How to get rid of nits with Conditioner?
Help! Ill and about to have a 18 hour journey!!?
How to recover from flu and sore throat within 3 days?
what does sudden extreme dizziness with vomit mean?
Can my minor cold worsen and become other complications?
is rubella virus dangerous if i am positive?
I NEED HELP!! ok i NEED to get sick for the next day or 2 i WANT to puke so i can stay home from school...?
can alcohol lessen the effect of antibiotics?
Is ringworm dangerous?
is the stomach flu spread through feces and vomiting?
Clavulanate Potentiated Amoxcillin, Tonsils?
what do these symptoms mean?
What illness could this be?
Could this have been a virus from food last year??? (long)?
Which is the best anti-inflamatory?
Took to many antibiotics :S?
doctor says nothing is wrong with me?
What do you do to cope with intense pressure?
i had a pain in my lower left i know its not my appendix thats on the right any ideas on what it could be?
Upper back pain or something else?
HELP! whats wrong with me!!?
It sounds wierd but whats an easy way to break a bone?
I've constant headache, chest ache, back ache and sometimes i also have breathing problems. anyone can help?
A question about my legs?
Any advice for a really bad hangover?
What kind of doctor do I see about a migraine? ?
I took 2,400 mg of Ibuprofen in a coarse of 12 hours with no food in my stomach, now I have extreme pains?
help (E M E R G E N C Y)?
What causes stomach pain accompanied by lower back pain?
I have chest pain on the left side of my chest.?
What is wrong with my foot?
I'm doing a school project for ....?
Lower back pain (whats wrong?)?
Fasting to help cleanse my stomach?
why is it dangerous for a smoker to take a cough suppressant when they have a cold?
i got hurt at work, got electricuted,knocked off a ladder, got leg caught in between the steps tore ligaments?
Horrible soar throat - help pleasee, 10 points to the best answer!?
Where Breast Cancer is concerned, where do you draw the line between having firm breasts and having a lump?
some one help me with this.?
if i go to the hostpital right now will i get pain pills?
Help! im in pain! plz?
I need help. My headches are horrible?
so scared of a brain tumor -- please help!?
symptoms of what ? heart probs?
is cancer at stage IV can be cure at the age 55yrs lady?
how to cure my breathing issue caused by pleghm?
help ... what shall i do?
I smoked weed and I'm scared of sleeping?
Lung pain but cant get to a doctor till next week?
Is it okay to force yawns?
numbness in fingers.. whats the reason?
What are the limits on activity after an ACDF?
how wil i know that i hav hpv wich may lead to cancer , apart from papsmear?
Where can I buy something like Monistat to cure a yeast infection in paris?
i m having a treatment of h.i.v since 2 month my hemoglobin is 9.5 what should i do?
UTI can anyone help please?
is my period coming if there was some blood in my draws but when i wiped there was not a lot of blood?
need help, pain relief for herpes? clinic misdiagnosed me :(?
what makes pee foamy?
Can gentail herpes get worse?
is a little eyeshadow in the mouth going to kill you?
Do escort services require a STD test before hiring?
My Grandma has Graves Disease. So, is there a chance I could get it?Is it hereditary?
What is causing my twitching?
Dying Father?
the preferred portal of entry?
what is the name of the disease that ages your body but not your brain?
My grandpa's doctors found a spot on his lung and kidney. His mom died of kidney cancer. Is he gonna die?
Will there be a cure for cyistic fibrosis?
Am I going deaf?
horrible mirgraine.....?
what if you are dependant and an addict what if you cant control your intake of prescribed meds?
Is it normal?
HELP...following symptoms?
how much are realistic looking colored contacts?
My eyes look really bloodshot?
Help i forgot to take my contacts out before i went to bed last night.?
How to stop eyes (eyelids) from itching?
can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon who makes laser liposuction or vaser ultrasonic liposuction in kuwait?
How do I stop my right eye from swelling to the point where my contact lens doesn't fit correctly?
The corner of my eye hurts? Why?
I think i need to go to an opthamologist but i don't have the money. What should i do?
What's the longest you should keep contacts in?
Why is my eye sclera darker than other peoples? and why are my eyes often blood shot.?
Question about being blind (I'm writing a novel)?
Eyesight Improvement - My Own case?
Weird Boil removal help :/?
What can i do to get rid of stretchmarks?
Help! Contact lens problem!?
what is this black shape out of the corner of my eye?
i have an eye infection??which kind?
13 years old getting contacts?
Does sunscreen need to be applied under the eye area?
How much is it for black contacts :)?
Will wearing a -1.00 contact improve my vision a little if my prescribed contacts are -3.25?
Can these Contacts I have effect my vision?
HELP!!!! I can't take off my contact len.?
Have you used Retin A?
Is my rash dangerous to me?
Rippled/Pitted fingernails?
What do you think...?
Does Wrecking Balm Work?
can you develop shortsighted vision?
Do you need to replace contact solution every time you use it?
Right upper eyelid occassionally swells and has itchy, peeling skin?
Puffy Forehead...Right in the middle.?
Can someone diagnose these red blotchy spots ?
i have 4 small bites on my shoulder! Do you know what could have bitten me?
I have small red bumbs on from my upper chest to mid stomach?
can heat rashes blister?
so my skins been breakout out latley?
Is it alright to apply acne medicine while in the middle of a cycle of jack3d?
what to take on my days off desoxyn?
what is basic different ocd to ocpd ?
Who should I see? I have serious anger/aggression problems, never physical though...?
Issues with cutting... but don't freak out.?
What is the easiest way to break a rib?
Im scared to have my stitches taken out of my foot.?
I Love you all Good night Wot will you dream about?
Whats the cure for firing blanks?
When doing a 4 day hse first aid course what will you have to do on the day of your exam?
I've gone slightly deaf in my right ear. I think it's wax and I've been using ear drops, will these work?
i got a mozzie bite nearly 24hrs ago and the swelling has spread further and it got quite bulky, how long ....
There is a bee in my bedroom! Help!?
Ear Infection - Please help?
i have taken a double dose of metronidazol 500mg by mistake?
How can I prevent my three year old from catching flu, cold or running nose from other kids?
2 yr old got Super Glue on her fingers....how to get it off?
burned hand?
What insect bites can you get in winter?
till how long i have to avoid the non veg food and other things for chicken pox?
watery stools 3 days?
Is it normal to have a fever in bronchitis AFTER antibiotics are started?
Liver scarring and cirrhosis?
Pink Eye Question? Please answer...?
What do I have? How can it be cured?
Can I catch Scarlet Fever from my son?
Have I got cold or flu?
After taking Antibiotics, what is the fastest way to produce good bacteria in your colon and bladder?
what is the symptoms of brain damage for kids?
Drugs end up here by way of the bile duct or from passage from the stomach?
Can you culture bacteria from water in petri dishes?
what is a staff infection?
Am I catching the stomach Flu?
I need coping skills to survive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.?
I might have the flu from my cousin who hugged me with the flu?
is this a symptom of..?
If you have a viral infection are you contagious?
Can you catch HIV like this?
Can anyone explain 2 me what tthese 'Jumps' are?
cause of this happening?
suspended from school for tylenol?
How do they clone organs,tissues or cells ?
how tall would i be websites!?
adding water to tobacco?
ouch bad sunburn need help!?
Does anyone know what happened to Lasik First in Hawthorne?
how long does weed stay in your system?
constantly sick after mono?
if i have growth hormone difficency will the treatment not only make me taller but also make me look older?
why did so many of my ambitious and active friends from HS gain so much weight?
Will strengthening muscles reduce the risk of joint dislocation?
What does this dream mean?
Help With Passing Hearing Test?
what is the normal height for a 12/13 year old?
How do you know if you are sick in any way and how do you get rid of sicknesses?
I was lactose intolerant as a baby and as I grew...?
Is Aspergillus in all red wine?
Am i having a allergic reaction?
I'm allergic to Amoxicillin, my boyfriend is taking it orally, can I get an allergic reaction?
Confused about daily allergy and decongestant medicine?
Nasal swollen... its been killing me!! help!?
What can I do against rough, dry, flaky red skin around my mouth?
I have itchy eyes is it hay fever?
What can I take for allergies while also on Wellbutrin?
My gerbal has a bloody/runny nose?
Can babies get mouth ulcers after eating strawberries?Would an allergy include swollen lips, rash & vomiting?
tips on having a bloody nose!?!?
Does it medically make sense for my 93 yr. old gma to take nemenda for Alzheimer? Or any medicine?
neonatal babies at what heart rate would you begin chest compressions? please name your source of informatio?
Uneven palate, swollen soft palate?
what is the use for sepro antibiotic?
i tried a new eyeliner and now my eyes are constantly itching!?
seargents flea drops?
Why do I have a weird feeling in my throat, and get very dizzy at the same time?
itchy burning skin...Dr said...?
how can tattoos increase your risk of allergy to haircolor?
Tattoos and skin allergies.?
What are fake spiderwebs/cobwebs made from?
Congestion is this normal?
My nose is constantly blocked, what could be causing it?
I have a 6 yr old diag. w'/ gilliam beret syndrome. Would like to know if this is catching? Another child in m
Why do video games and neon colors cause seizures?
lead poisoning?
Does Pravastatin contain gluten?
I just a got a CONCUSSION playing basketball, what should I do next?
Does Pepcid have aspirin or aspirin like products in it?
Why do I feel like I'm on a rocking ship. I haven't been on a ship in years?
my eyes hurt? kinda feel like i need sleep, but im not tired & got a good nites sleep. any help?!!?
whats wrong with me i keep throwing up every Half Hour.?
the past few days iv been gettinq thirsty alot. i have to drink somethinq like every chance i have.?
do you have hpv and how are you couoing with it?
Please help me! How to get rid of fear of needle contamination?
what causes dry crotch?
when you find out you have an std are you required to tell your past partners?
Can I use plantar wart remover for HPV?
Does Amoxcillian 500 MG kill STDs like Gonnerhea and Chymeldia?
I have his cut on my lip but it like happens every week and idk what it is im FREAKING OUT!!!HELP?
do anbody know how allergies start?
Did I inadvertly cause my hyperthroidism by loosing 40 pounds?
is a calcium level of 84 dangerous?
lumps under eyelids?
Do i have an earache or is it something more?
Is hypochondriac-like stressing making me worse...?
How can I get rid of blackheads???? I NEED HELP!!!?
how do you get rid of dandruft and itchy sculp???please?
anxiety attacks...?
Asthma: Macrobiotic treatment?
Anyone w/ Alopecia Areata...question?
does anyone know a really great dermatologist in eczema, dermamtitis and that its not intrested in just money?
Lump that feels like it is connected to chin/mandible?
what kind of headache is this?
I need help right away!!!?
Chest Pain From Weed?
Why does my arm hurt?
detox advice please!!?
I'm 22 yrs old and I suffers a lot from severe body pain.pls help me out in knowing my problem.?
What are some natural home remedies that you've found work well for headaches?
I work retail and am on my feet all day. After an 8 hour shift my feet are so sore i can barely walk. ?
My wrist clicks. Is this bad?
relief of constipation QUICKLY!!!?
I been having Migraines for about 4 Months?
What else can I do to get rid of a major headache ?
Quick diagnosis please, earache, throat............?
Ever since I came clean to my doctors about my drug addiction, they don't want to treat my pain?
how bad is a root canal?
Do you think this hurt or felt good.?
how to die without any pain?
pain in my stomach near my left hip?
how should i take my medication if i am asked to take them 4 times a day?
I am experiencing nausea?
What is the process of sticking a nasogastric tube down?
My daughter has a rectal temp of 104.5?
my mouth sits crooked, but only some of the time. is there anything i can do to fix it?
I started breathing a new way, but just breathing through my nose doesn't make me feel better.?
a serious question for anisthesiologist or anyone who has had to deal with them?
I have a medical question, help is needed?
Feeling tired, hungry and nauseous over last week. then last night i had bad stomach pains?
Could you theoretically pass a drug test if...?
I cant get proper sleep if I don't smoke.?
i have the flu and ive been throwing up everyday?
How can I get over the depression?
what happens when you are taken the hospital, show them your insurance, they perform the surgery then?
how do i stop feeling tired all the time?
Will this kill my friend?
what do u think of what the nurse told me?
paracetamol overdose?
Endocrinologist question?
What would be the equivalent xanax dose to 1mg of Klonopin?
Kidney and bladder hurt?
does hypothroid disease make you overweight?
what are th symtoms of someone dying from liver cancer?
very poorly 3yr old?
i may have breathed lead paint dust.?
alcohol question?
what is the role of gabapentine in cardio?
A question for doctors or those of you who might have had SEPTOPLASTY. HELP!?
Seeing spots?
prolonged swelling after laser hair removal on face?
what could it be? and why does it happen?
Any bubble baths for eczema sufferers?
Skin Problems...What can I do?
Why am I getting allergic reactions to overexposure to the smell of ethyl acetate?
heart palpitations on accutane??
AnYoNe WiTh A WaRt PlEaSe AnSwEr ThIs?
My earing backing (or holder) is stuck.. inside my ear... ?
Head injury bleeding?
what happens if you inject cotton into your vein while shooting heroin?
What happens if a cut heals with a hair inside it?
I popped my knee what do I do?
sore by mouth that keeps re opening when i eat or move my mouth?
Hyperextended my knee and now something is wrong with my calf?
I did something to my hand and dont know what to do?
ankel injury..please help! easy points?
what can i use to get this little spot off from my nose?
I think i broke off a part of my kneecap.?
My arm might be broken?
Ive never done anything to my shoulder but now Im having very sharp pain in it and im only 14 what could it be?
Kinda Worried, i caught the skin on my left thumb about 10 + miniutis (cant spell that |:)....?
swollen eyelid and fever?
how long is recovery for a large bucket handle tear leg lock on the meniscus?
What's wrong with my leg..................?
Ankle pain at the top of the ankle just below the shin?
How to help my calves?
I tanned to long and burned what do I do to help with the itch?!?!?!?
I am getting stretch marks!!?
What's the beat acne cream?
Bump on help urgent!?
Do i sweat too much or am i normal?
Does mupirocin kill acne?
Should i be using certain dri every day?
Does proactive work well?
How can I get pretty legs ?
How to use trea tree oil for acne?
Shaving left white areas on leg?
How can I get rid of my acne? (picture)?
Red spots all over body!!!!?
How to get rid of rash on face?
I have a small little bumps on my upper cheek by my eye. What is it?
How do i get rid of scars?
best cure for perioral dermatitis?
Why is my whole body so itchy?
Is hooka harmful to ur health????
Calling all first-aiders ...?
whats the best remedy to get over someone??
what would happen if you put deep heat on your tongue?
help help i've just had my sister get her hand stuck in the toaster?
re that insect bite..... im stuck at home cant leave the house so needs to be something i might have lurking?
the ring in my ear please help?
Ways to help a boil burst?
How Can You Heal Your Life?
can i eat a chocolate?
Question about bleeding ear?
what should i do with a deep cut in my finger?
Is putting garlic in the ear meant to take away infection?
How do you remove sticking plasters without tearing hairs out.?
booster injection help?
Have you experienced this with mono?
Can too much salt create elevated liver enzymes?
I need help from someone who knows Mono really well...PLEASE HELP ME!?
Ive had flu symptons what are the chances of my nearly 7 month catching it?
both my kids are vomiting I cant get them in the doctor today is there anything I can do for them or anything?
I had a virus. Willmy boyfriend get it too?
My 12 year old daughter has had a cold the last couple of days, she is congested and complained of ear pain. ?
side effects of the flu Jab ?
do i have an ulcer? help!!?
When there is a cure for all diseases will there be any doctors?
what are the symptoms of a cold?
The left side in the back of my throat is red and hurt when i swallow spit or anything at all and 1 white spot?
Anyone else get this?????????
i got tonsil at my inner neck and take anti inflammatory lozenges.is that right?
What are some diseases that can kill a woman in 3 weeks?
Ok So I have pink eye, nose, ear, and throat viruses. When is it safe to go back to school?
Home remedy ideas for the flu?
Ear Infection symptoms?
Can you have a common cold and a sinus infection all at once?
i never had a problem with my asthma medican but then i took it because i had this tickel cough and 2hrs late
can you request drugs as your last meal?
Is this just anxiety?
can you die from micro cardiovascular disease?
How do you take out inner warts off the face?
boil? I have been getting lumbs under my left arm in my armpit for 2 years now? they r just lyk really raised?
How to clean my body from drogs?
Can I where Colored Contacts with Astigmatism?
what to do if you get baby orajel in your eye?
How to put in Circle Lenses?
whats wrong with my eye?
Floaters?In my left eye?
question about lasik eye surgery?
thinking about eye surgery?
I cant see out my right eye?
I have really dark marks under my eye..?
What about Orthokeratology ? Other methods of "treating" myopia?
contact lenses??????????? should i?
Are colored contact lenses safe?
can sunglasses prevent cataracts?
Surgery confuses me....normal or not? please read all :)?
can i give my 18mo old cough med.?
dizziness feeling?
Depression like symptoms?
While wearing contacts theres a blurry region in the very far right and left while looking straight?
where can i order cheap contact lense online?
I've had two chalazions in my eye for two years, and my GP has refused to take further action eg: surgery...?
u know when a firework goes up and the sparkel part comes down thats what i see out of my eyes what is wrong?
How long would it take...?
i want to use pink eye as an excuse to call out of work for 3 days...can the doc fax me a note for work?
Question about a Microscope and your Vision?
Freshlook Contacts vs ACUVUE Contacts?
what is this? is this lazy eye?
This is for people who wear contact lenses?
is it possible my chlamydia never went away?
is there a treatment for men with tricomonas?
How long can gonnareah symptoms lie dormant for?
My lip is starting to dissapear?
i need ideas for an aids commercial.. help me ?
can you get an stf without ever having your period ever?
Can I get an STD from my mom?
How long after infected can you give someone HIV/AIDS?
Bad sleepwalking/sleep terror issues?
Does anyone have synesthesia? How is it for you?
more than daydreaming... schizophrenia?
does owning a new hospital bed mean death a time to soon or what?
What does a nervous breakdown feel like?
Am I strange for doing this?
What happens when you go to the doctors for a physical?
Are there any medical ways of dealing with stress?
Really sore arms for no apparent reason?
Lingering low grade temperature at night?
Health issue! Any ideas what the problem is?
I have a bad cold. I need a homemade remedy.?
Which is better ?
What is wrong with my elbow?
does anyone know of an emergency contact number for medicaid patients?
How can i have a really long sleep?
ear wont stop popping after rhinoplasty... est answer = 10 pts?
citolopram overdose!!?
Will visine really make you vomit?
Tired/dilotional/hallucinations why am i experiencing this?
Whyy do I get sharp headaches in the back of my head when I start my workout with Beching and Military Presses?
how do i get a new script of sythroid if i dont have a doctor or insurance and cant aford to see a doctor?
i have a health question?
Tingling in Hands and Feet?
what is a good way to sleep at night i have some problem AND CANT SLEEP ON BACK OR TUMMY!!! help??? ?
does tapping your nails on a hard surface help it grow?
how do i take a 5 minute shower?
Massive sleep problems?
does it really not help to hold the weed smoke in your lungs?
Why do I get nauseous in the mornings?
could this be low blood pressure?
When I'm asleep I can be awake and unmoving at the same time, why is this?
Spinal Anesthesia or Local anesthesia or small inguinal hernia operation?
how can i go back to sleep after waking up.?
Has anyone felt this before?
Can sleep deprivation cause you to become disoriented?
Do we get sick in winter because we are indoors more?
My right ear keeps RINGING! Help?
what pill to take if u have pid or ibd?
Dried blood dangerous?
I'm 20 year old boy. Today morning when i went to toilet then i saw slight blood along with the stools. Is it ?
Sisters heads been hurting? Tumor? HELP?!?
my left side hurts, under my rib?
what is asbergers syndrome?
Can anyone help diagnosis this?
whats the best treatment for a ringworm on my arm? Im looking for a simple cure, something I could do at home?
It it ok to rip open blisters with your fingers?
is asthama infacted people can donate their blood,or their blood is safe to donate????
Mrsa question asap please?
sretch marks and dermatologist?
for very dry rough feet is it okay to soak your feet in vinegar ?
whats wrong with my head?
what about jumping up in your sleep..you can be snoring for like 20 minutes..and just pop up like u being harm
what happend if i take my (mephilenidate)-ritalin concerta once and forget i took it and take it again?
popped blood vessles?
How to improve skin from the inside out?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
where can u get flax seed oil from in the uk?
i cant sit down properly without the very bottom of my spine hurting really bad?
HELP! My boyfriend took tylenol with codeine and I think he's in trouble.?
Whats the most painful way to die?
what should i do if i took a whole bottle of ibprofen?
mindgrain baddd headaches 10 points best answer?
how bad does it hurt?
question about clicking in my right ear only?
How much does ear piercing hurt?
My throat is so sore and it hurts so bad and when I swallow...help!!!!!?
shooting pains in wrist and hands?
i've had a REALLY bad sore throat since june 27th...?
helps what should i do????????????
So pain can cause shock, and shock can kill a person, does this mean giving someone a lot of pain can kill him?
too many tylenol pills ? HELP?
my back hurts all of the time!?
What is the treatment for this? Should I be in a cast?
HELP!!!! My daugther's stomache is hurting all the time(to where she cries)?
PEOPLE WITH ARTHRITIS:How do you cure Arthritis pain?
There's this small lump in my right leg?
My boyfriend is addicted to Oxycontin "oxycotton".?
I took tylenol #3/codiene for a burn. I took 2 per day for week. Are they addictive? I really liked them. ?
Influenza Pandemic in the United States 1918-1919?
What does a sore throat after taking Nyquil mean?
My sister constantly has lice... what is my mom doing wrong?
going to doctors today help!!! PLEASE!?
Is this a sinus infection?
Is tonsillitis contagious?
Does neosporin help with scabies?
Why does my tonsillitis hurt the most at night?
What is Descending Necrotizing Medistinitis?
what is the cost of liver hemangioma?
How can I soothe my strep throat?
where can i find e-coli for a school project?
Will these side effects ever go away? I think it is because of the Flumist?
Dizziness after running a fever. How do I get rid of it?
is sickle cell predictable?
can't seem to get healthy!?
My wife did HBs antigen before 3month and she was negtive.10day later she was repeated the test and she was?
Prevent yourself getting ill after looking after a very poorly person?
my sgpt is 44 and sgpt 54, is it normal?
Need Help NOw Please??
I have this rash under my eyes and I can't get rid of it....?
has anyone had diarrhea for weeks after taking azithromyacin?
swelling to right foot. hard to walk and hurts in certain spot center of foot?
i need redness help!!! from acne pleas help pleeeeeees!!!?
What are the symptoms of a blood clot in the leg?
What do i have?
what arethe main symptoms of chicken pox?
does this contribute to bad vision?
I have a rash? (non-embarrassing)?
do they make hand sanitizer lotions?
How do you get rid of canker sores...?
Would six 500mg amoxicillin capsules count as 3 grams of amoxicillin needed to treat gonorrhea?
sunblister/blister on lip help?
Are you Pro-Aids or Anti-Aids?
can you give type 1 herpes from zits?
does a packet of azithromycin cure Chlamydia or do i need to take more meds?
Can strippers have stds?
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
Can you catch anything if you get a bj from a girl with coldsore?
any one know wer to get knuckle dusters in the uk?
My bro has a constant headache and has now developed a black eye but has not been injured. Is this possible?
Removing a bandage?
if you get an small iceblock stuck in your throat?
Got a blood blister today ?
Injured at work by a chem burn,was wearing ppe, but not the correct ppe,have a claim in,but can i get sacked??
Do wasp stings usually itch?
red nose day??????????
I got my finger stuck in the peephole?
my knuckle has moved out of place and slid about 2cm back.. is it fixable ?
What is the difference?
when a song dies it sings?
do you worry about whether your nose may fall off when you sneeze and be stolen by a passing wombat?
my eyes have been red for a long time and it's not due to an allergy. How can i solve this?
Mold right outside of house?
Help! I can't stop this cough and runny nose.?
do hives get bigger and look worse before they get better?
I went 2 the dr months ago n was diagnosed with bronchitius. the medication they gave me codiene n saratussin ?
What is the most effective over- the-counter medication for a runny nose, eyes and a cough?
Can I mix my daughters CLINDAMYCIN in a cup of milk to get her to drink it?
have a not come up on the right side of my nut?
Question concerning gluten allergy...?
Why are my taste buds swollen? HELP PLEASE!!!!?
Asthma testing question?
Puffy or Swollen Eyes?
Allergies flare up when I come back inside?
Just how safe if malathion on the environment? we use it to spray for mosquitoes. Is there an alternative ?
I have alergies and i REALLLLY want a nose perices...?
eyes r burning and throat itchy,could i be allergic to my new cat?
I need help with my cat who has FLUTD?
Is light corn syrup gluten free?
Allergic reaction to enV touch body glove case?
Can u get bitten from jellyfish but dont show symptoms until the following day,& can they get worse over time?
food allergy or something else please help?
Severe leg pain please help?
When I get out of the shower, how come my legs and feet are red?
I am very worried about a 100% in the health side of things.?
Stressing the body more than before is called:?
can an EMT in lee county, florida have a beard?
why do we get hiccups?? a..a...a....a....?
Can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon in NJ?
can we use nose drops for ear drops?
what causes my low back pain to occur only after i have woke from a sleep but after i be up for awhile im fin?
Can belly piercings cause caner?
Hey, could someone tell me which part of a hospital someone in a coma goes to?
Would you like to know how long you will live?
can i get a tattoo when im having my tonsils removed soon?
I got elbowed in the stomach, help?
I think i have insects in my stomach?
Do people want/need/pay for a genetic consultant?
Experience with Celexa?
Can I still grow even though i'm 5'1" and 14?
I hit my jaw..My jaw will remain swollen?
What should i do about........look at the details?
Eczema keeps coming back? HELP!!?
Is it bad to exfoliate your skin everyday?
Why does Seal have scars all over his face?
Way to oily skin and acne plz plz help?!?
What is the best spot lotion, scrub anything that will get rid of this massive spot that I have on my face. ?
Black scab like spots on the back?
how do you reduce oily skin?
18 year old male with dark circles under eyes?
Is excess skin on top of head normal?
How to get rid of bacne scars from picking? (the lighter ones)?
can erytop and benzoyl peroxide be used together?
I have a hard spot inside my ear?
Would you date a cute looking guy.....with a skin problem?
I have a bump and a small hole in my armpit, what can it be and how can I get rid of it?
caratoid surgery also i have a 7mm anneurism in my head i need to do some research?
sickle cell anemia information?
Our sunglasses customers complain of head ache/vision distortion after wearing sunglasses?
What is vertigo?
second hand sm?
Is this a Deformity?
dialysis or a kidney transplant?
Symptons iv'e have having,..its not me though!!!!!?
Overdosing on nighttime cold medicine?
is it a hemorrhoid, it's a lump that has just gotten bigger?
Was i dehydrated????
No bowel movement?
effective yet simple way of treating ulcer?
My 7 year old?
Help! i have depression and social phobiia and was prescribed celexa...its been 4 weeks its not working.?
something in my eyes?
Why is my 13 year old schnoodle urinating more frequently and in larger quantity?
What drug makes ur head feel like your floating over everything?
Concussion... brain problems...?
Is there a serious illness disorder for talking too much?
Thyroid disorder question?
6 month infant vomiting and diarrhea for 2 weeks?
spider bite?
sore throat?
what is a person who specialty is blood called?
What are symptoms of kidney infection?
how do u know if you have broken toes?
Shot in eye by airsoft pellet gun... please help if you can.?
my toe nail fell off due to wearing to tight of a shoe, i was wondering if anyone knew if it was safe to?
on and off shoulder pains?
Possible rib fracture or bruised?
my leg keeps getting numb and i keep falling :/?
My hubby is snoring up a storm at night...I'm not getting good sleep at night...what causes it & how to stop??
Please Help! foot injury?
Explain the pain in the knuckle of my index finger?
how can i determine if i have dislocated a joint?
What are these chest pains from ?
Do you ever stop breathing...?
If you quit after years of smoking is there any way to rebuild your lung capacity?
A muscle in my back popped.?
How do you know if you broke your toe?
arm goes numb when i yawn?
How do I stop smoking?
is mold dangerous for your health?
Smoking one cigarette?
I have had a cough for about 3 1/2 weeks?
Doctors - Frequent Nose bleeds...A sign of What?
what can be done medically for high fevers?
Eye Problem Solutions?
What is bright, irritating light that reaches the eye directly from a light source? it's 5 letters. thanks!?
so theres this isssue with my eye, i need ur help?
where is a good online site to buy non prescription contacts without having to go to an eye doctor?
A few questions about of my new glasses?
Do i need a prescription for Color Contacts if i wear reading glasses.Also how long do color contacts last?
Contacts for people with strabismus?
Box-like object used by doctors to look at eyes?
to contact or not to contact?
eyes are straining have been for about 3 weeks, i went to the opticians and they said i had healthy eyes,?
eye problem????HELP ME!!!!?
Can you train yourself to see clearly underwater ?
are these TORIC CONTACT LENS ok for me ?
Optical migraines???
Is it true if you put breastmilk in you babys eye it will help clear up pink eye?
why did my heart beat very hard for half a minute?
What is a white spot on the eye ?
i have a slight heart problem so if took some pills (like to get high) would i die or does it depend?
can someone give me info on eye contacts?
famous chain optical centers?
can i wear colored contacts?
Safe to take Creatine while on a beta blocker?
Can cholesterol levels get too low?
Lemon juice on acne scars?
can Tachycardia causes by a TCA such as Amitriptyline create a heart issue?If so what would be most likely?
Can your eye muscles get sore?
Why can't I see anymore?
Left calf pain, any help please?
my uncle is still in ICU the doctors says "no more" what message should i write to him and to his family?
Highest recorded cholesterol in humans?
pelvic injury need some adivce....?
i have a blister on my mouth?
can u use a douche after using monistat?
Is hep B or hep C transferable through mosquito bites? Sharing of utensils?
Help! Did I just get hiv?
what does a clear bubble inside my lip mean?
can chlamydia lay dormant inside of you once you take meds for it?
i have NO idea what this could be! please help.?
How long does it take to Zthromax (Azithromycin) to take a effect?
I have chlamydia and i dont have health insurance?
leukeimia questions?
I was wondering if omni cleans your system from meth?
I have a drug test less than 24 hours away! Will I pass??
Cyril: I had a CEA test last week and came back at 4.3, mother passed away from?
stomach pains?
The nasal cavities helpppp me?
another drug test question?
How long should I have coughing after viral illness?
Can anybody tell me the fact?
How much sleep do you need?
varicose veins question?
The doctor wants to kill me?
Sisters are sick. How can i help?
Should I go to the hospital?
To those who are hurting or hurting yourself?
am i dehydrated................?
Do I have any options regarding doctors medical bills? Seems INSANELY high 4 the services provided?
What does it mean if your tongue is cold?
Does it matter if I fall asleep after I am done working out.?
Is veins popping out good?
I have IBS and i usually get diarrhea often but this time its constant how could i stop it?
my body heats up due to lack up sleep?
Problems with my ear after outer ear infection?
3 year old with allergies in winter. Old apartment air quality the culprit?
I had a hangover 2 days ago...still feeling dizzy?
Why did i just sleep for 12 hours and very tired?
should i go to the docs?
How to last long in bed?
what if a needle goes in me?
I have something wrong with me but I'm afraid to go to the Dr.?
I woke up this morning with trouble opening my jaw. Help?
i'm 5 foot 6 with 43 inch legs?
I need help on getting rid of a cold sore!!!!?
what would cause my 3 year old to wake up screaming in pain?
My Grandma took 2 vicodin!!!?
should i take away her blade? i dont want her to hurt herself?
My leg has been hurting for about two weeks. What should I do?
i have a herniated L7 disc what do most drs do for the pain for that. and it is getting worse?
What are some painful things?
What is the best remedy for back ache?
Why does my mom have consatant head aches?
how can i ease the severe pain in my hanfs each morning? my medication seems to run out by 5 am?
easiest way to get rid of a headache?
lately i have been getting alot of head aches and i dont really know why could someone tell me?
what to do about leg cramps at night?
i need neck exercises to fix neck pain?
Will a pinched nerve get better on its own?
what life insurance companies will offer policies for people with Type 2 diabetes?
Tell me about living with type one diabetes prior to diagnosis?
I may be bipolar? Depressed?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
How can I cope with my failure?
I NEED HELP! OCD 'complications'?
is suicide inevitable for some people?
went into shock mentally?
What does the brain do?
which effects of alcohol?
body insecurity HELP ?
Whay are my feet changing sizes?
When does your face sink in?
Ear Infection, it closed up, what now?
Anemia testing. What is it?
Costco hearing aids ... any feedback?
Any Car salesmen out there? I need your help.?
Going out in the sun never. Can this cause a vitamin D deficiency?
Can anybody give me a link to a good forum that helps dying people through end-of-life decisions/euthanasia?
can physican refuse me treatment for having medical records transfered?
is it logical 2 compare ur height 2 someone else's by seeing whos shoulders are higher than the othr person's?
anxiety is ruining my life..?
what is my body type?
i want to be a good person and help some of the people who are sick and need body parts so should i just?
Is it true that when you eat certain kinds of food you ear wax color changes?
is it posible to be 6"6"? how common is it?
I was listening to loud music and now I have an annoying ringing in my ears?
Why does my body parts begin to slowly numb when I sit straight up and breath deep consistent breaths?
dustmites sticking to hairroot on my skin. how do i get rid off them?
How do i know if i have TMJ if the doctor cant tell???
HELP MY EAR :( ahhhhhhhhhh?
I have a broken foot. AAny ideas what i can do to stop me getting bored?
Rad Weld problem?
First aid for a smacked nose?
can anyone give me a good pain reliever for osteo arthritis?
Anybody got a cure 4 back ache????
what personal protective equipment is used in a barbers?
I have a itchy ear over the past coupe of days usually i loose NO wax but wax is now coming out and it stinks.?
Still Bleeding...?
please help i have a loose hair stuck in my foot and hwats the best way to get it out.?
how long does it take for sunburn to heal?
Advice for a friend: What if you found out,?
I have a whistling nose which is getting on my nerves. I've tried blowing it but it's still squeaking
How do I stop the pain in my ingrown toe nail?
What do you do if your nail is split and half come away from the finger ?
in islam the finger you put your ring on when that itches what does it mean?
How do you stop yourself collapsing?
Can the bugs in oatmeal hurt you if accidently ingested?
why i itch all the timefor no known reason?
Question about blood transfusion reactions?
What things can I not eat??? im allergic 2 a lot of things!!?
sore throat, stuffy nose and head ach but i cant be sick tomorrow?
Allergies- what questions should i ask my doctor?
Help please - hair dye allergy test!?
list of gluten free foods!!!!!!?
I have a latex allergy. Do the binders in time released capsules have latex?
Can I put a down comforter through the dryer just to get the dog hair and dander off of it?
Why am I allergic to certain colas?
Do I have nasal allergies?
What kind of medicine do i need (Allergies)?
I have lots of allergies. How do I eat a healthy, balanced diet?
dont know if this is a cold or sinus infection?
Is there such thing as chronic sinus infections with no nose/throat symptoms?
Should I expect my untreated allergies to always go into a sinus infection, if left untreated?
My eye itches, how do I fix it?
The outside of my nose burns?
why does older people get affected with cold temperature than young people?
I've gotten cold sores three times this year, thats way too many, idk what to do, its ruining everything?
How do you get rid of food poisoning?
I have been getting cold soars recently like in the passed month i have gotten 3.?
SO IMPORTANT. I just went to the doctor and found out i have scabbies aka bed bugs...?
Is a sore throat contagious?
prevent from wetdreams?
which disease is dangerous n can persist for 2-3 month for a hard working man?
I just ate a spoonful of SpagettiOs...that was recalled for Botulism.?
what are the symptoms of tonsillitis?
Is being sick good for you?
do we get sore throat by cold water?
Can colds/Flu change symptoms?
Moldy lunchmeat - food poisoning?
Help?!? I absolutely hate it?!?
can i ogopogo on a tuesday night?
What should I take and what sickness do I have?
depression is it REAL sickness (please help by answering i really need it..)?
Is there somthing wrong with my body?Is there somehting wrong.....am i okay?
Every Time I Eat I Get Nauseous?
have chrons disease. i was wondering what kind of foods are easy to digest and what foods should i avoid?
what is the best way to get rid of tonsillitis?
Can long term anitbiotic use lead to muscle pain and aches?
Can BRAIN TUMOURS cause personality changes?
Is it bad to get high on......?
Does this sound like hutchinsons disease?
could it be appendicitis?
i am 14 years old, i'm a guy and i have like 2 breat lumps?
if you have gall stones do you have a burning sinsation ?
if my sister has celiac disease what's the chances I would have it too?
what states is the swine disease in, and what are the symptoms?
I found dry blood in my ear, what does that mean?
I have a Panic Disorder is it normal to constantly feel like you arent getting enough air in the lungs?
i have diverticulitis?
Meth, Cocaine, or Heroine?
repost: sickness going around my highschool's sports?
What could be causing this?
joint and muscle pain fatigue any ideas?
Do I have a tumor? Please help?
Help! Weird Symptoms and doctors are clueless.?
OK well i have the worst cold that i have ever had and i am wondering if u had any remedies and is there a?
what happens when you smoke?
what to do with acne and black heads?
Pulling all nighters for 2 months?
Will the sun have any effect on the aloe I put on in the morning?
how do i get rid of scabies?
Why do i have the compulsion to lie on top of my arms while in bed?
How to get rid of burn?
Is a brazilian blowout harmful?
BB sized bump has grown onto my lest testical?
How do I get rid or black heads?
I think i have a cold? or something else?? helpp?!?
What is this? I woke up with the skin where a bag would be under my eye swollen!?
How can I heal a scab on my face fast?
Will this help or make my eczema worse?
how do i make the skin on my lips grow back because ive bit them till they bleed?
I have a bump on my mons pubis . HELP!!?
Does the acne medication epiduo work?
how do you get rid of bulging meaty scars? :S?
sleeping problems.........?
a question very common?
Stopping Smoking?
I smoked... twice now... what'll happen to me?
ive had the flu for the past 2 weeks?
What do you twink about smoking? is that good??
should i keep smoking weed or not?
What is the best stuff to use?
Do they sell non prescription sleeping pills..?
how do i know if I have streph throat/ I don't have a regular doc & i can't afford the high priced er?
What time do you go to bed on weekdays/weekends ?
Straight Line Across Hand Does Anyone Have This too?
Stomach bug for a week?
please help diagnose me?
Why does this happen sometimes (not very often) when I wake up?
How can i stop myself from swallowing when i am sick?
how to get rid of stuffy nose?
What do you think these tremors are?
Nauseous until I eat? Not pregnant?
reoccurring headaches...?
Why can't we get all 60-75 in a better health plane rate. Like empuyer's do.?
I'm Lightheaded?!?!?!?
Symptoms in my infant...what do you think?
addicted to gum?!? ... also a weird problem i have with my mouth.. PLEASE any ideas?
Healthcare insurance "ends on 3/31", is the care on the 31st included?
how can i tell if i have a cracked bone? and what should i do if i do have a cracked bone?
Can you mix colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide safely for an ear infection?
Why do i have pain in my knee before it snows?
Is my wrist just sprained or should i go back to the hospital?
what causes pain in the grain?
Finding it hard to breath?
40 year old male with red blood cell count of 4.4L, last year was 4.45L. Concerns???
which shops can u find (Skin) Mole remover?
Do people have lymph nodes on back of neck?
what do you guys or girls know about Leukemia?
Anyone else with tinnitus get the neck/shoulder aches every morning + wakes 3 or 4 times a night?
There's something really wrong :(?
Help! my eyes are all swollen and because i have a rash! HOW DO I MAKE IT GO AWAY!?
help , rash type of question?
I think I have acid reflux... D:?
Has anyone had severe thimacin deficency?