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Should I see a ENT doctor over ear problem?
i have a blocked nose but how do i get rid of it?
What is the number one cause of the obesity epidemic in the US?
How can i avoid getting cold now?
I need help from a doctor???? Foot problem!?
What is the proccess of getting tested for STDs like?
why do I continually get new STDs after getting rid of the old one?
What kind of STD can cause a prolonged mild fever?
Can my tatt get fix up?
is it possible to have a false positve herpes result?
Can STD's be spread by making out?
how to treat a Straightener burn? ?
I have laryngitis and I have noticed when I drink hot liquids my voice gets worse.?
Does your head or hands shake and you don't know why?
Hi please help me....?
Tingling Head?
Skin-coloured bumps on the front/side of my stomach?
having artritis,what food is to avoid?
face burns?
Why is a 12 lead EKG called a 12 lead EKG when there are only 10 leads. Please explain in a easy way.?
my friend has a lump or buldge on his ear and i dont know what it could be?serious answers only..RN or MD?
4 yr old son has been ill on and off 4 afew wks now starting 2 worry?
I was born with a hole on my heart and now 20 year later I have recently discovered I have low blood pressure.
what is wrong with me? i am getting desperate?
i need to find out were to start with finding out what is really going on with my 1 year old health?
Isnt niacin for your skin problems?
Can i use nystatin cream for a rash on my arm?
Does acne on the p*nis usually hurt when you touch it?
Getting tiny moles on body??
How do you heal raw skin super quick?
Doxycyclin Not working for my acne?
i want to see a dermotoligist for my dark circle problem?
How to keep hands warm?
What's a good store bought acne treatment?
What does it mean if you have bumps on the back of your tongue?
help with mole removal?
toenails turning purple on ends?
What are some items with Glycolic Acid for acne in it?
How long should I wait to get surgery after Accutane?
Red bumps all over my body for less than a minute ?
Help! Suggestions needed to get rid of Spots, Blackheads AND dry skin!!! :@?
Small black spot on finger?
Weird bumps. Please help!?
In the past few weeks, I constantly need to urinate. What is this?
How come i can never feel my hands when it's cold out?
my sisters belimic....?
can broken blood vessels in the face due to crying in a toddler cause a severe nose bleeds?
Chest question please help!!!!!!!!!!?
How long will the tar be in my lungs if i smoked for about 3 months?
asbestos in new apt and CPAP?
could this be something serious?
What does this mean and how can I fix it?
My doctor never returns my calls and treats me rudely can i turn her in?
what is the best medications for sleep with fibromyalgia?
Laxatives didn't work?
Why do shoes hurt my big toenails?
Are queefs a type of std?
Is tricamonia contagious?
does blood group has anything to do with hiv test?
If my cat has feline AIDS do I need to take an AIDS test?
why can't they just find a cure for HIV so more people can live a good life and get a second shot at life?
Why is it optional to get an HIV test while pregnant?
If my colposcopy came back normal do I still have hpv?
how could i get tested for pid when i'm 16 with no insurance?
My throat hurts REALLY bad...?!?
My boyfriend's throat hurts?
Me and my friend have been experiencing the same syptoms, but we don't know of what?!?
Suggestions for knee pain relief?
what is a good alternative to killing myself?
Do I have a bowel obstruction?
What do doctors do if you have an ear infection?
can arthritis get its beginnings from air blowing in your face?
How does the immune system act to microbes?
Do i have the flu or something else?
Multiple styes and antibiotics not helping, bad pain and discomfort?
Why does my lower back hurt?
What's going on in my head?
My wrist and head bleed?
chicken pox in early age?
Severe sore throat, fever...?
Sinus infections that are stuck behind eardrum/eyeball area (no throat/nose mucus).....does soup help?
why would my foot be in pain?
will kissing transfer tonsillitis?
I have a cough and body aches after being on a z-pak and prednisone. Can I still get the flu or a cold?
What do i do if i have headache alot its been like this for like 3 days already?
can worrying/being anxious cause diarrhea?
what causes bleeding from ears and nose?
what can cause lower back pain?
Can having bad teeth cause your neck to hurt?
Should I see a doctor?
Hi. I am not an American. Could anyone explain to me what does it mean - "I am going to stick my neck out"?
I have 2 herniated disks in my back . Can this cause my knee to have pain?
anyone have any period pain cures?
I had cortisone shots in both knees 2 wks ago and am still in alot of pain, what now?
Tonsillitis? What's that?
Nausea for 3 days- what could it be?
I'm falling apart, what should I do?
weed causes headache help to make it stop?
Will sitting in a hot tub that's 108 degrees when it's 20 degrees outside make my flu worse?
Weird blister like infections on my pelvic region?
I am suicidal, i cant take this anymore, The pain is to much for me. ?
What cures a yeast infection quicker? monistat, vagicaine, or azo yeast?
Freaking out. Problems with my right eye?
Help burn to the eye!?
where can i get good CEAP clor contacts ?
Questions about contacts!?
my contacts are moving in my eye?
What does this vision sscore Mean?
Why am I seeing double when I look to one side?
What contacts work the best for people with myopia?
remove eye brow hair without laser treatment?
Weird thing with the glows from lights and seeing them when i look away. Should i see a eye doctore?
Why do my eyes have a bright yellow ring around my pupil?
My EYE is having problems?
Where can i buy FreshLook Color contacts?
How do you properly remove your contacts?
I Think Something is in My Eye?
what would happen if someone was wearing clear contacts when taking ecstasy? ?
Close objects/text are blurry with soft contact lenses?
Can i wear astigmatism contacts to bed?
My eye is being weird!!!!?
My eyes burn, but only if...?
This is about my eyes?
Why Is My Left Eye Half Bloodshot.?
Contacts blurry and slide slightly?
how do you unclog clogged arteries?
My iron level is 194 is that high?
why does my husband feel he has a black hole inside his chest 6 months after?
why flush adrenaline with saline after peripheral administration???? HELP PLS?
I Keep Getting This Weird Feeling Near My Heart. Help?
I have a blister please help!?
how long it will take to remove metal plate after ORIFsurgery tibia my father 60 yr old?
How long does a deep cut take to heal?
omg i broke my brothers arm?
i broke a bone is it to late to get it fixed??
Is my ankle sprained,fractured or broken?
How do you heal a scalp cut without shaving your head?
i fell down two years ago while i was playing and my nose got swollen a little bit and its weird .............?
Is my finger broken ?
cracked bone? helppp?
Is my elbow fractured?
hi i got a tribal 5 months ago but since yesterday its been very itchy and swollen can any 1 help?
I feel a cracking/clicking when i walk?
I pulled a muscle in my leg and it hurts when i put pressure on it what should i do should i get crutches?
what is this bump under the skin on my arm?
why do people step on my feet everytime when im playing soccer? my feet have been scarred ?
how often does anyone know about people suffering from anorexia,coming from a food starved family?
What kind of stomach pains are these?
Why do I have foot pain, and how can I prevent/treat it?
I hurt my ankle help!!!?
HELP I need answers my 85 year old grama had surgery Monday to stop bleeding in her head.?
Why should administering a high concentration of oxygen tend to cause a person with emphysema to stop breathin
Working makes my back pain worse; should I take time off?
i have a stress fracture, should i quit cross country?
do you take pills before a surgry?
Severely Dislocated Kneecap, Questions for the future?
does blurred vision have any relation to stress or emotional issues? or what are the causes of blurred vision?
my whole body itchys and cannot sleep please help<can this be allergic?
why is my face swollen?
Curing Anxety?
COPD common features?
What should you do to get rid of post nasal drip?
Do you think I will be ok I just eate some raw meat? ?
help me please, is this an allergic reaction?
is flatulance a symptom of food posoning? ive got excessive flatulence and am worried of its cause?
Strep throat every two months....?
I have a headache and a stomachache all the time iv tried aspirin and it still doesnt work what is wrong with ?
I've got swollen eyes and ...?
persistent sore throat.?
Allergies turned into heartburn and chest pain?
I just got over a cold and after blowing my nose continuously under my nose is red dry and irritated?
Son uses one soy formula, allergic to another soy?
Why won't my nose stop running, even after taking medication?
Do you think I have asthma Or Allergies?
It seems like my nasal passages are swollen, I can't breathe at all through my nose. I've taken Zyrtec?
Extreme Guinea Pig Allergy! Allergy Shots? PLEASE help -- 10pts?
could it be an allergic reaction?
I need help!! Allergic reaction?
Do I have a food allergy?
How can I clear up sinus problems I have been having my whole life?
How can I tell if my hives/rash is healing?
Is any one experiencing coughin with their Allergies ?
Is it possible to be Allergic to Alcohol?
What is thrax weed/killer weed?
absorbing emotions and giving away happiness?
What's wrong with me. ?
help with a problem i'm having?
What should I do? I Cannot get help?
Should I kill myself?
How can I get rid of the red bumps on the back of my arms?
why does my skin welt and become very itchy at random times ?
What causes a skin reaction to happen from a ring that I have worn for 5 years?
what would cause swelling and redness with hives on skin exposed to cold outside air?
How do i getrid of blackheads?im tired of the dry, itchyness.?
What is wrong with my lips?
Red marks on shoulders from acne?
Is Retina a good product?
Looking for a permanent cure for blackheads?
Medical help needed! (lip and mouth problem)?
help with stretch marks?
What skin type do most people have?
If you have been to a dermatologist?
I punched a wall last year and my pinky knuckle...?
How to take care of your face?
Can migraines cause paralysis? My sisterinlaw was given this diagnosis.?
eyelid . rash?
ive been getting alot of nosebleeds in the last few days. even though i have a cold, should i see a doc?
my dad is going home from hospital he has heart problems i want to take care of him but need to work is there?
Should I buy this horse?
gastricbypasssurgury doctors in New York City?
My cat and I have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure; is cleansing & detox the best thing to do?
Does anyone have Purple allergies?
I got a blow to the ribs... now I'm coughing up stuff... any idea what is happening?
HIV window period?6 months or 3 months?
my baby has a sore on her tongue?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Low Grade Pap Smears.?
should i get tested again?
is it possible to get an std from materbating and if so how?
What is the name of this illness?
Could Renard Disease be mistaken for ALS?
just started taking Rythmol for my a fib does anyone know the sucess rate of this med?
i feel like i can't breathe!?
How long does it take for a virus to leave your system?
Fainting because of cold?
what does it mean to have high ferritin, high rbc and low mch and mcv?
what is gastroenteritis?
I am producing clear urine...tired...stuffed up...sore throat?
Strep throat, Wake up sweating?
how to protect myself if im a danger to myself?
Common cold or something else?
is it normal for a fever (due to a virul infection), to go away then come back again 2 days later?
i was sick and gave it to my mom, can i catch it again, it was the pukey flu :/?
If i miss a final because of a fever do i fail ?
will I get more sick if I eat something cold... I have a mild cold rite now?
Body tingling, face & legs numb, can't talk?
Can you die if a UTI is left untreated?
is it ok to have anal?
I'v been sick for two months please help?
why are they making herbal incense illegal?
What is worse for your health; nicotine or tobacco?
I am borderline Iron deficient, anemic. What is best iron supplement to take and how much?
How can you prevent varicose veins?
I haven't smoked from last 3 days. I am feeling very tired and sleepy (not active) from the day I left smoking?
if i smoked ganja one time a year ago .. is it out of my system by know ? PLEASE HELP !!?
Stabbing pain on right side?
Standing or sitting up, blackness?
my toddlers got stuffy nose.is it ok if I give them bath?
What are the health disadvantages of nail biting ?
feels like there is something clogged in my throat. plz help?
I smoked weed and I'm scared of sleeping?
HIPAA question about privacy?
Twitching while sleeping?
When is the right time to sleep?
For people who quit smoking..?
Please help, I have strange lumps in my legs!?
I have an ingunal hernia?
Can you get heartburn at 13?
heyy heyy, i need HELP???? :(?
Help! I have a UTI! What can I do to quit hurting?
Is it okay to sleep with bug spray on?
if you were to swallow food or drink and accidentally went into lungs would you be aware of it?
which is worse and why?
I really need help please!?
do the home drug testing collection cups have a thermometer on them?
Does anybody have any proof that people grow taller when they're older?
why is the lung so important?
awake by body shaking!?
all about anti-cataract solutions?
calicinosis in kidneys?
still hungry and have a warm flushed feeling, help?
When Can I Change My Lip Ring?
Colonoscopy painful...scared?
how can you get rid of rashs?
What could cause long-term lack of sleep?
Chest Pain when inhaling?
I have stomach pain immediately after I swallow, is it because of the Flu?
How do I make my voice higher/lower?
what is the difference between yoga and Pilates?
im having a problem with my body tempeture?
Why are things like video games and TV bad for the brain?
please help! i have an important scoliosis question!!?
Can a pressure point cause shoulder pain?
A complete mystery to me? How am i allergic to cats and dogs?
How long can an Allergic Reaction last?
Why Are my Allergies So Bad?
whats with my punching bag thingy in the back of my throat?
why does it itch and how to i stop it.?
Anyone every heard of an ear candle?
MEDICATION ALLERGY!!!!! Help please I had a reaction to zyprexa, Anyhow?
food poisoning?!?
anxiety or something else?
I have rapid heart beat, can I go by plane?
Am I allergic to Caffeine?
How do I treat for my allergies that are getting worse?
anyone out there?
I have had asthma for the past 16 years+for the past month it is out of control.I take regular medication.?
disease conditions that affects the conduction of nerve impulse?
Would drugs/alcohol in the system affect a minor bunion surgery?
Ive tried all that but i severe scolicos.which makes me limeted to alot of movement?
recovering from pneumonia on antibiotics 2(Cefuroxime 500mg & Roxithromycine 150mg) How do i aid my recovery?
is this a cold or just allergies?
is there any disease that can make you have a black and white vision?
My eyes are very itchy?
what causes random bleeding in one side of the nose?
What causes allergies?
Is my sister allergic to bees? should she be worried?
I have a problem. I have been sick lately .I have been congested, fever, watery eyes..( Been taking medicine)?
why cann't I donate blood while taking Lamictal?
Is freezing of piles not an adviseable treatment?? Is it very painfull??
My dog has recently started having like serious asthma attacks ! I can't afford a vet !?
is this temperature bad?
am i on too much thyroxine?
What can I use to stop my hives from appearing on my skin?
Why are my lips always dry?
Ok i had eye surgery yesterday and they said they put a breatheing tube down my throat now im spiting blood?
How longis the waiting time in doctor's offices/hospitals in Sanctuary cities like SLC?
how much for STD testing?
Whats the chances of getting HIV/Aids?
Eyes: Looking through my rt. eyes lines are straight, my left eye vertical lines have a hump in it. ?
Symptoms of??? Plz HELP ASAP!!?
I have a contact fitting today at 9... ?
I had a prescription over a month ago and it seems like my eyesight has gotten worse already......help........?
Am I overeacting or should I get out?
which hepatitus is worse?
What's wrong with my eye (positive it's not pink eye)?
what is the effect of a -1.50 sph contact lens when reading in near distance?
Ehh.. I have to go back to costco for training for contacts. Advice/Tips?
is it possible that i could treat my convergence insufficency at home with various exercises?
How to correct my wonky eye? (opticians preferred, please!)?
friend gave someone a rash, how did that happen?
My eye is hurts and its red!!?
what contact lens would you suggest?
Why does my eye twitch?
Urgent: Expired Eye drops? PLEASE help!?
Is there a diffrance between Displaisa and HPV?
Do I have pink eye..?
what virus do 2 out of 3 men carrie?
Is there an online source where I can send an old pair of eyeglasses to be tinted for sunglasses?
contact helppp right eye is red but left one is not!!!?
How does someone without eyes fall asleep?
I just got contact lenses, what should I do to take care of them?
my right eye gets foggy sometimes?
Cost of contacts and good quality?
Why are my pupils so big?
What's wrong with my eye?
Why My Poo Smell so Bad?
Floaters?Retina detaching?
what does it feel like to have a cold sore?
Is this serious enough for er?
What can I do to stop ear ringing?
I pee about 10 times daily.. is it too much?
Horrible lightheaded problems!?
How can i cure puffy eyes?
I feel this weird throbbing lump in my side? It feels like a heart but its next to my ribs?
My sister might have a mild concussion?
if my nose is running does this means i have cold?
what kind of doctor should I see?
lupus and cant work...?
Bladder problems? I think...?
my stomach hurts bad?
whats the study of study of the brain and brain disorders and diseases?
I've stopped aging?...?
testing to determine fragile x syndrome carrier?
What are these weird bumps?
Is proactive a good system?
sweat patches!!!!!!!?
do ethyl alcohol makes the skin sensitive when applied?
How do i get rid of horizontal creases on my stomach?
plz tell me wat would help my chin?
Help finding acne help?
Im always tired and i have really bad bags under my eyes how can i get rid of them and why am i always tired?
How can you get rid of blackheads?
Face cleansers.....?!!?
Do i have frostbite in my feet?
what are the best ways of taking care of your skin?
What is the small hard bump behind my ear?
How do I reair a tissue burn?
Acne medication irritated skin?
Vegetarian Issues with fingernails?
Cant make nausea go away.?
why do i have this headache?
Is it bad to have one Advil a day?
What could be wrong with my foot?
Neck swelling is killing me, can someone help?
what causes numbness in the limbs (fingers & toes)?
why does my hand hurt?
does it hurt to get your ear pierced?
my throat really hurts and i cant make it [email protected][email protected][email protected]?
What's the worse [physical] pain you've gone through?
In Pain... Need relaxing MUSIC..Anyone?
i have a pain in the left side of my chest?
Can anyone please give me and insight including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
My arms hurt when I stretch them?
having pain in my throat, both sides it like a sharp pain and kind of hurts when i swallow and i do smoke?
My lower back hurts a bit but not a lot. What should i do?
this is killing meee?
I have a terrible headache; tried tylenol, it's still there, and nothing is working!?
is getting someone to pop you neck good for you?
theres something wrong with me and im scared?
what causes pins and needles?
Who was the person who found the cure for appendicitis?
I feel it coming on, swollen glands......what can I do?
Kidney problems?
Wheat intolerance?
How do people get diabetes?
i have a sist on my body. they say its a in grown hair. what do i do without going to the doctor. can i do an?
It's something i did terribly wrong in past life years ago and can't seem to forget. I tried listening?
Bacteria in fecal matter?
Why is my throat so sore?
I have a lot of trouble remembering names in books and movies. Is there a specific problem with me?
can EMTs ever make good money?
i have a question I v been really sick maby somone can hlep me figure out whatswrongwithme?
I have a few questions about my knee injury...?
how do i find out what kind of arches i have in my feet?
Digestion Problem - Chronic Diarrhea (medium gross factor)?
Should Children Take Fish Oil?
prednesilone side effects?
Air Force drug testing: Urine, Blood, or Hair follicle?
Can a doctor refuse a minor patient as an excuse that its too full and no time?
What could I have, been sick forever?
Unpasteurized yogurt help?
Bugs/Parasites that can burrow into skin?
Help with a sore throat?
can the flu cause my glands to swell?
Hiv status and Anxiety Related Question.?
Can dogs catch the Flu?
Do cholestrol lowering drugs remove plaque from arteries?
My fiance is sick. The flu?
If my dad gets one of those pacemaker/defib (combined) can he still drive his semi for work?
Ugh...conjunctivitis or just a part of my head cold?
kids and yellow bile 9 year old?
Does a fever kill a cold or a cold kill a fever?
my boss wants a doctors note even though you self certify for seven days but as i had flu not too long ago he'?
Can you get 3 shots in 1 day at the doctor?
does every one throw up after having your tonsils out?
chance of infection: HIV?
What's the reason behind illness?
Did masturbetion affect urinary chennel?.?
Eating Poisoned Roaches Kills?
everytime my boyfriend has even the slightist cold he starts being sick what is this?
I'm having strange thoughts/dreams lately, and I feel fatigued more often than usual. What's the matter?
Borderline personality disorder question?
Can i ask my doc to prescribe?
Anyone eat/drink chia seeds?
is buprenex for cats the same as for humans?
what would happen if you drank resiniferatoxin?
Do the water purifier pitchers take out the choline in city water??
Would exercise like jogging help if you suffer from restless leg syndrome?
what is a really low blood pressure?
Insomnia,passing out???
Common reasons for this mouth surgery?
i have high blood pressure, and i have fibroids that are very large. i need a operation but the doctors wont o
Question about Chest Pains?
websites that say food you can and cannot eat according to diets/food allergys?
help i have phyaryngitis?
symptoms of?
can the aids virus remain dormant for ten years or longer?
my bottom lip has tiny bumps..?
A question about AIDS?
white sore on under my lip?!?
Does blood ever come out of a burn when you get burned?
i just googled my symptoms and now ive just been sick with worry... someone PLEASE help me!?
is it possible to get STD from lotion?
what the heck!!!! please help?
is it true that the military test things on troops?
my voice keeps cracking!?
blood in stool, what could it mean, help please?
What can I expect when taking anti-anxiety medication before a flight?
Do you get enough sleep ?
neck twitches help please?
so i just toola benedrel and i feel kind...?
I drank tons of water and i feel extremely light-headed?
I sleep on my side and I wake up to horrible pains in my hip and my leg on that side. Any thoughts as to why?
How to fall asleep quickly!?
i have bad lower back pain when im sleeping?
A problem I have had all my life, now want to sort it?
HELP! Will I get in trouble for getting this prescription filled?
I have a cough and it's running on 4 weeks now, and getting abit worse, no medical, I'm poor?
did my weed go bad it dosent smell right?
Sleep by just closing your eyes?
does anyone know how much it cost to go to this gynecologist?
Please Please Help me!!! NOW!?
Drinking too much...?
can anyone help me with this?
I was just applying rubbing alcohol to something and inhaled it?
Took a whole bottle of nyquil nothing happening. is something going to?
I sprained my ankle a few years ago and now it gets hurt really easy. Is there anyway to strengthen it?
Is there anything that i can soak my toe in to make the toenail fall off?
Pop/snap sound from ankle?
my foot/ankle have been hurting for weeks, what's wrong?
what was wrong with my wrists?
both ankles sprained within the last month?
How much activity should I be doing with a broken foot?
How can I prevent my ankle from hurting?
whats better a cast or splint?
Whats up with my ear drumb?
Do i need to go to the doctor?
really Stinky arm cast ?
What are those two bumps on the sides of your nose called?
My ankle hurts from sitting on it?
Could my arm be broken?
Might I have a sprained ankle?
ok i got hit with a basketball?
Big toe bone injury ? (please help)?
i got hit on my nose at around the eye area and there is a bump with a small cut?
i think my friend broke her arm ?
Feeling of almost spraining my ankle every time I stand up?
What is the best dog food for one with skin allergies.?
how do you stop coughing?
Any suggestion's on how to get rid of this sinus infection?
Is it possible to make yourself allergic to something?
Swine flu....... ?? I Have these symptoms?
if i have hives is it bad to scratch them?
My Bichon always has such a terrible time with his ears after our groomer. "plucks" the inside hairs.?
what should I feed my recently rescued 11 year old poodle with allergies.?
If I'm allergic to codeine, should I be allergic to hydrocodone apap?
How did Allergies start?
Are there any 'at home remedies' that help with Allergies?
I have looked and looked, but appearantly not in the right spots, I seem to have an "allergy" to beef ...?
Allergies:Should I seek professional care?
How to get your iphone back from sour wanna be teachers?
Why dose my throat get itchy after eating chocolate?
stuffy/runny nose? watery eyes? only when i go to bed?
Hives help!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to get rid of cat Allergies?
allergy symptoms and flu symptoms?
My sinus or allergies are acting up. What should I do? Details below.?
Looking For An Affordable HEPA Air Purifier?
Is there any topical product, available in India, that contains salicylic acid (preferably 2%) for acne?
Could this be mold?
i am a guy. I have lot of dead cells in my private area. i am brown but it looks black.?
Cure for Vocal Damage?
what causes swollen feet?
Has anyone had cardiac ablation? results? how long till you could return to work,etc?
Does anyone know of any good off-the-shelf fungus cream?
what r raser rashes?
i need helpp!?
Ball like thing under my chin, is it a possible tumor?!?!?!?
If you live in Westchester County, NY, can you apply for CT Health Insurance?
illegal without a referral?
does anyone know how 2 overcome sleep deprivation forevr ?
What is the difference between an artificial nerve and a bioartificial nerve?
why do ppl wake u up(slap u) when u faint?
laxative withdrawal symptoms?
Should I be concerned?
Is pain under right on the top of the ribs?
Does getting your nose cauterized hurt?
what is the average weight of a human in India? and how much weight a person can carry in hands?
ive had a cold for 1 month cough first then sinus,congestion andmucus?
HELP! I lost my Voice! Play in 2 days!!?
Do i have add or adhd?
ok so i put toothpaste on my face?
When I get angry I lose control and get unknown what looks like to be red scratches on my body.?
What product i use to make my skin slide white?
I have 2 bumps under the skin on my arm...?
How can talk to my dad about getting perscription acne cream stuff?
i have chicken pox, would having a bath every day speed up the healing process?
Extreme dry skin around my mouth?
weird spot on my skin?
Can bactrim treat plueresy?
How do I get rid of alligator skin on my legs?
I have red flat circular spots on my inner thigh that are spreading, they aren't dry and do not itch?
Itchy & dark armpits ?
that chicken pox is TERRIBLE! it gave me 3 crater-like scars. any FAST and EFFECTIVE treatment for these?
I have HORRIBLE cellulite please help..?
How can i have the most softest hands and skin?
Red dots appearing think it has something to do with the beach?
vision blurr bc wore prescrip. glasses if i stop wearin dem will my 20-20 eyes vision go back to normal?
Does green tea with sugar in it effect hypoglycemia?
another thyroidectomy question?
my mom has renal cell kidney cancer that has traveled to her brain,she needs financial help who can we turn to
sweating feet?
Can vivance make ck levels elevated in children? and if so, how high?
how to get rid of my anxeity?
if a fever is the body's natural way of killing an infection then why?
Sore throat...I think?
What is your normal Adult oral and rectal temperature?
Can you at least drink a LiTTLE alcohol when you have mono?
Can i get the Stomach FLu??? Again?
What is the value of WBC count blood to be normal?
Throat and shortness of breath question?
Taken 10 paracetomal within 30 hours will I be ok?
Couching up yellow mucus, sore throat?
How to cure a fever fast!!?
Sore throat from clearing throat?
i took a lorazepam and have cold sores now?
Slightly Elevated Iron Levels?
Can strep throat turn into tonsillitis?
How can i get rid of a coldsore?
Woke up with mucus in throat, what could it be from?
my boyfriend gave my hpv and left me to deal with it?
herpes never leaves-------?
can you die from lime desise?
Can Chlamydia over time turn into Gonorrhea?
plz tell me that if i have hiv concern, to whom should i go,, i mean a physician, an imuunologist, whom?
Which one is better ultra omega 3/6/9 or evening primrose oil?
What supplement for lung?
a pill that will increase appetite?
how much copper is safe for the body?
some questions about vicodin.?
why all these aches and pains?
What's wrong with my knee?
Can you get a headache from not eating?
Why does my tongue piercing hurt?
I have fever, upset stomach, backache & severe headache, can i take tylenol?
does getting an IV in your hand hurt?
Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!?
What Is The Most Pain You Have Ever Experienced?
my throat hurts when i swallow and talk?
If I ask the doctor for pain medicine ?
How do i stop the stomach ake and throwing up?
What are better options to relieve stress/pain but not cutting?
Help! My husband is in pain!?
I tooked 20 sleeping pills.bt nothing happened.i just bought them today.?
I have pain in my arm following a flu shot.?
My 6 yr old daughter has been running a 104 temp for last 3days i have been rotating tyenol and ibuprophen.?
Help! My leg hurts so bad!?
How can i get my soar throat to go away ASAP?
Should I go see a doctor?
ouch my writ hurts plz tell me whats wrong?
ok so my right top molar hurts and i mean like unbearable pain my right side of my face is swollen what is it?
pre existing condition and insurance? confused?
How bad is one Cigarette: bad, super bad, good, super good?
Does smoking really stunt your growth?
Help me please guys!???!?
I can fall asleep easily, and sleep for about 8-10 hours. But how come I always wake up tired?
Can i take Nyquil and ibuprohpin PM at the same time ?
is it ok if i go 24 hours without sleep?
What is wrong with my heart?
How to fall asleep............?
spider veins from drugs?!!?
Is it normal to get occasional "sparking" / "flashes" in sight?
i need a diagnosis!!! please help?
How come when I sleep in a particular room I get sick?
please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!?
How can I sleep when I am not tired?
Need help, Im experiencing certain stuff . Ill add details to this question, the idea is whats wrong with me?
Sleep Apnea & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
I have a urine analysis on Monday. I smoked weed on Tuesday night. Is it possible for me to pass the U.A.?
What does severe liver disease mean?
I need a A+ blood donater phone no. in ahmedabad for poor family?
i need to get una de gato the one by sculer but i dont know how to find that in the us.?
always get stomach aches?
hangover question?
My foot still hurts!!!!?
Is my finger broken/fractured.?
When does tonsillectomy pain go away?
Is it possible to be sick because of a broken heart?
What is this black thing on my leg?
how can i avoid an ear infection?
my room is like a nucleaer bomb site ... help... need tips?
Please tell me if I have the chicken pox?
What to expect in a physical? Help!?
Which Facial Moisturizer Should I Buy? HELP!!?!?
clean marijuana out of your system less then 30 days?
Is it okay to take nyquil with antidepressants at night?
i need help with medical terms.?
how to get rid of a cough!?
still coughing after weeks...?
Whats the point of this...?
Does Oregon Health Plan cover herpes medication?
I smoked marijuana on March 17 a small amount is it still in my urine, i only smoke once every 2 months?
Allergic very bad to horses HELP?
Which dog is better for allergies?
Is there a "special" lightbulb available for people who are sensitive to light?
can allergies to food and having hay fever eult in the dark circles under your eyes?
Skin Irritation/Allergic Reaction????
Really bad allergies? or something else?
I got this funny feeling in my nose.?
Allergic to medication --- what to do?
im having food problems.?
allergic reaction to new hair dye?
question! : Possible Sinus Problems!?
What is the best medicine I can take for my sinus/allergy problems? ***Mainly headaches***?
Nose bleed question.............?
what is best treatment for seasonal Allergy?
Delayed weed reaction?
Allergic 2 Cheese ????????????????
Is it possible to be allergic to grass in one area and not in another?
If a doctor gave me two refills on medication can he take them away if i dont use them right away?
Could I be allergic to Murray's beeswax?
Am I having an allergic reaction?
Can a child be born 'an alcoholic'?
What insects can bite u in ur home?? I found 5 bites on my leg?
caring for deep cuts?
How come when I get a scar it turns brown?
What could be causing my ear to itch?
Is Dermatix Scar Remover best use for mosquito bites and simple injuries?
what do to do for a cold sore?
Whats the best thing for eczema?
There is a white bump on the tip of my tongue that does not hurt at all?
i used cantharidin on my plantar wart, it blistered, popped up but i cut around it, was that a bad idea?
Is topiclear good for getting rid of acne?
Red bumpy rash on skin?
irritated and itchy knuckles.. what can i do to get rid of it.?
How do i stop touching my face?
My scottish terrier has the habit of wallering on his back and talking like his back is itching what can I do?
Can saunas improve skin complexion?
how to get rid of problem zits over night?
What are these tiny bumps on my fingers?
Why do the bottom of my legs turn blue when i work out?
Body itching out of nowhere?
what product can help hyperpigmentation?
Why won't she admit she's depressed and upset?
Suicide? *Don't read this if your feeling sad*?
my age 44years and 8months an my bp 129/90 and my pulse 64 is it normal if no?then what treatment should be?
Can my boyfriend self diagnose himself with ADD? Am I being a bad girlfriend for not taking his word for it?
I have bipolar and is this normal too see a "man"?
i have respitory symptoms in my chest?
Im constandly in fear of being sick and other ridiculous things and i dont know why?
Does treatment cost for drug addiction?
What is this??
does anyone know who discovered nail patella?
can abilify cause intense dreams?
what does it mean if squamous cell found in urine?
plz advise the significance of my complete blood picture:?
after treatment of tubercolosis,is there a chance my lungs be totally not detected with spots,how many years?
This hard looking blister on my toe, its been there for more thn a year or so, what is it?
If one does something that transmits H.I.V. with an H.I.V.-positive person, will they always get H.I.V.?
what are the Chances of getting False Negative Results on rapid hiv testing after 3 years?
Do i have hiv or dehydration?
Can you get Herpes from sharing a toilet seat?
i have white clumpy gel and clear discharge almost a week late from last month could i be preg?
Can u get a yeast infection from long term use?
How Likely Is it to get H.I.V through Chapfingers. But Not Bloody?
can I take a different cephalesporin if ceftin and keflex won't work? or would I get the same result?
When should i visit the dr? ?
Lots of blackish stuff from my ear?
Do i have strep throat?
Should I see a doctor?
What all do this medicines do beside treat bacterial infections?
How to get rid of a cold fast? Please Help?
Does colloidal sliver really help preventing stomach flu?
Bleeding from colon with hemoglobin at 6.3?
What caused my sudden fever?
I have mastitis. It has been 10 days on anti biotics and it is still inflammed and hurts!!! Here is the thing;?
how has treatment for meniere's disease changed over time?
Is bird flu communicable to other animals?
yeast-infection in the mouth?
is there a medical name for these symptoms?
I hurt my pinky awhile ago, and the other day I hurt my hand. I don't know if it's broken, sprained, or what?
I just had my pinky toenail ripped off, what should I do?
If a person has a sprained MCL how much pain would he be in?
Why does my arm hurt?
why does my knee hurt?
Is this an Infection of some sort?
what do i do when i injury myself from running?
Help with an ankle injury?
i hurt my knee and there is a bruise that keeps coming back. anyone know?
i think i pulled my muscle?
Should i wear an ankle brace when i run? I have a sprained ankle.?
How do I fix my baby toe?
my dad tried to help the pain when my fiber glass cast was digging into my skin?
My doctor doesn't know if my ankle is sprained or fractured..Help!?
Broken arm???????????
How can I make sure my contact isn't in my eye?
HELP!!! I accidentally slept with my contacts in!!!?
Eyes sensitive to colours?
Can You Use This Water Inside Your Eye When Washing?
i have pain in my ribcage all the time. what dose that mean?
Secrectly stole my wife's painkillers. What to do?
I think I doubled up on tylonal, should I go to the ER?
Left arm and hand and left leg and foot constantly numb, right side of the body is fine, any idea?
my eyes hurt a lot plz help?
do you feel pain when you shoot yourself in the mouth?
right arm goes numb is it anything to worry about?
what goes through your head right now?
Does tattooo`s hurt????????????????????????????
Does it hurt to get stabbed?
I took 2 vicodin pills about 40 min ago and feel nothing?
Help!!! My right chest and throat hurt when i breath? Whats wrongg!!?
why do people get heartburn?
I was given Tramadol thru IV about an hour ago... Is it ok to take the hydrocodone the doctor prescribed now?
Can you smoke while you have strep throat?
My boyfriend has been told by various Drs. that he has a pinched nerve or muscle spasm. He is in a lot of pain?
In a lot of Pain - what should i do?
I get migraines frequently sometimes 5-7 days a week and up to 24 hours a day. Is this normal?
I am unbearably depressed and...?
My throat hurts anything that will help make it less sore please?
my lower back hurt anything i can do at home?
My stomach hurts?
Are you comfortable with your eyes, after using computers for 4-5 hours a day?
where is the clinic of doctor tam mateo?
What do you know about ADIS? How it spread?
What r sm good home treatments for hemorrhoids? Or good OTC ones?
Have you ever treated a person with fibromylgia?? If so with what kind of med's??
HBP, vomiting, diarrhea , back pain and stomach pain.?
Help, I'm on an endless acid trip...?
medicinal uses of aloe vera?
what does half-life in medical terms mean? (e.g. what is the half-life for the medicine?)?
Drug hair test question - please help!?
when you feel nauseous, and dizzy and have green stools?
Any ways to grow taller?
Urgent help needed, anyone?
2 nose bleeds in 2days !!??
what happens if you take fluoxetine then consume alcohol/smoke pot?
What do I have on my thumb?
I have found that after I eat I get a few stomach cramps and diarrhea but this only happens when...?
i feel like #*@#**#.........?
Am I going to pass my drug test!?
What makes you feel thirsty?
Girls anwser only please thanks?
What is a good way of boosting confidence?
Does anyone know of this health thing..............?
Could this just be sinuses?
I think i might have food poisening but im not sure! PLEASE HELPPP?
Why does my knee hurt so bad?
how long to get weed out of your blood test?
Law against denying someone their right refuse to vaccinate?
GGTP - what does it mean?
What is it about ginger ale that gives it medical qualities?
I quit smoking for him but...??? need help?
i need help i need your opinions?
How much sleep should i get?
my son works out at the gym at seven are later at night. he cant sleep at night?
Does this make sense?
Is it bad to only have cold drinks all year round?
Cracking knuckles make fingers longer?
Im always tired, what can i do? And another problem...?
Panic attack, seizure, or what?
Smoking side effects can be lowered by sport practice?
my lips are ALWAYS chapped lately. this is totally in the way, what can i do?
What will happen at my consultation?
How o take care of Rectum?
tricks to fall asleep faster?
Does anyone have a reaction to sugary foods but does not test positive for diabetes?
my 4 month old kitten has a stuffy nose, antibiotics &nasal spray don't help?
What Happens when you give yourself a tattoo and it gets infected and scabs over.?
If any one does have HPV, how do you go about it in serious relationships?
Possible i gotten get it from her?
can having HPV raise your white blood cell count?
are STD's hereditary?
Does HPV always show signs of cauliflower bumps, or are there other signs ?
what does yelllowish discharge mean?
Can Vitamin E oil heal acne scars or can somebody tell me what other product might help?
I'm 26 & have 4 lumps under my skin on my neck what could it be?
does L-Arginine and Ornithine cause acne? HELP!?
what oil is good for toe nail fungus?
does proactive work? & does it help get rid of acne scars?
Whats the best thing to use to get rid of blackheads?
My skin not returning to the same skin tone after a cut?
Please tell me about Central Serous Keratosis.?
Ingrown hair/skin tags?
Skin problems??? HELP PLEASE!!!?
What is the treatment when u have mouth sours?
weird rash that itches like crazy (picture included)?
Effects of eyelid tape ?
Does my skin still have elasticity?
Is my wrist broke!!please help?
Do you have to use a moisturizer on your face?
Medical Question ref minor surgery for son?
pediactric imune something?
healthy diet for friend with fms?
which countries suffer from dehydration?
does eating "spinach" during" fever "aggrevates it?
Could this be an allergy to corn?
How do I decongest my nasal cavity? One nostril is always clogged. Please help me.?
i toke claritin a few hours ago but its not working can i take benadryl also ?
Am I allergic to my cats even though I've never been allergic to them before?
How do I know if I have allergies?
my nose ring fell out?
my cats is chewing its fur on belly legs she has no fleas?
could i be allergic to nicotine?
Swelling eyes????????any help please?
Is there a non drowsy benadryl?
How can I stop my runny nose?
What is this ? hives , am i allergic to something ?
Can I give 4 month Children Benadryl?
how can i unblock my ears?
What can i do when i have an allergie attack.?
bunny is loosing her fur,is there any medication I can try?
matistis can this occur without nursing or having milk in you breast?
Should i be concerned with mold forming in my apartment after a flood in the apartment above me ??. ?
Whats a good way to cure a soar throat?
How common is parinaud syndrome?
I've had strep throat around 7 times in the last year?
i have low grade fever from last ten days. in between dry cough started. what may the reason?
Sick of being so hot all the time.?
Is this a sign of strep throat?
Can it be Chicken Pox if it hasn't started on your torso?
Sore throat, is it mono?
What are the symtops of a tapeworm ? , and please be descriptive.?
How do I cure my sickness in one day/night?
If you put neosporin on a dogs wound will it effect the animal?
Oooooooooooooo, it is burning every time?
How long does your arm itch after a flu shot. I had hives the first week and my arm has itched for 3 weeks.?
Can you get mono/glandular fever twice?
liver problems help please?
I have strep and have to get a TB shot...?
is my sore throat severe?
Fever, stiff neck, nausea?
I have diarrhea from Cefdinir, Please answer!!?
Someone with medical smarts, are these working?
I don't know what type of cold I have...?
Have stomach flu two times in a week?
how do i get rid of my cough?
what does this mean????????????????????????
Please Answer my scoliosis question?
I have a lispe (i think i spelled it wrong)?
Why do my upper arms hurt when I don't get enough sleep?
Is and MRI 100% safe?
i fall asleep when i read and my mind drifts?
Anyone know anything about Human anal glands.?
strange pain..help me?
I have jet lag and I cannot sleep. Help?
Why do I get sleepy when I smoke Pot?
daily severe headaches?
can you get leukemia from being anemic?
Weird Blindy Dizzy Feeling....?
Please help! In a panic, babies and x-rays?
a question about a anaesthetic for doctors and nurses?
How Can I Do This???????
Does anyone else have to pee every time they wake up in the morning?
please help me, in soo much pain?
Why has my hand and arm been so numb?
My throat is killing me! Any ideas that may help?
just a headache or something serious?
i have been getting sharp pains in the lower right hand side of my head?
Medical Help! - Pain on lower right stomach?
what do i do about heartburn?
pain on the left side of neck down to arm?
cramps...help?!? :'(?
what kind of freegin question is this from a doctor?
I need a quick way to numb my ears for stretching.?
burnt my finger whilst cooking, it hurts like a b**ch any ideas on how to treat it?
Painless Lump Under Skin In Right Side Of Neck?
I wake up with half a numb hand! Whats going on?
Help me with pain.... I will give ten points?
How can I get rid of my back pain?
Pain in the....foot!?
PLEASE HELP! Horrible pain in my jaw and my teeth.?
is tramadol prescribed for headaches?
My mom has a severe sharp pain under her right shoulder blade...should she go to the hospital?
deviated septum from rugby. is there any way to change appearance and have it covered by the insurance?
what to eat to lower blood urea level?
I have tinnitus and when i turn the tv on it makes it worse. Anyone esle have this interference ?
Does anyone get heart palpations when allergy season starts?
why bilirubin not appear in urine ؟?
How can i feel better?
What to do about depression?
Do u think i hv a.d. d attention deficit disorder?
Has anyone ever taken Paxil ? Share your experience?
Is there a way to control Schizophrenia?
What does it mean if someone walks outdoors?
hypothesis on ekg experiment?
My heart is beating faster than ever... help?
steps to become a Cardiologist ?
whys my throat/mouth feel like this?
How can i fall asleep fast?
How can I look way more awake in the morning?
Cigarette smoking: give me some facts for those not easily addicted?
i need to get a physical but i don't have any insurance?
Anybody know what I have?
23 years old at risk of stroke?
Tips on staying asleep?
Does cold weather make you pee bad?
Where can i buy hyperallergenic blankets / pillow in wellington new zealand?
my head has been hurting for 3 days.?
Feeling something under my ribs?
I can't fall asleep and its late?
I am always tired!!!?
brown liquid discharging from ear what is that?
Is it normal that when I blew my nose today my right ear popped and I almost fainted?
why can't you nap before a sleep study?
please help need help translating my blood work report.?
Can drinking night before hernia surgery be bad?
Greenish Blue fingers?
Migraines 4 to 5 days a week for over 2 months?
i pierced my ear cartlidge friday and its been fine until now. Now its sore at times. what could be wrong?
How do I pop my thumb back in?
What defines a trauma fracture? Whats an example of a trauma fracture in, say, the Tibia?
HELP -- I am having surgury Monday for 'trigger finger',but it's my thumb. What should I expect. ?
Fractured the top of my tibia?
Can u just leave a in grown toe nail?
what do i do for a pulled lower back muscle?
How can I tell I sprained my knee?
Cat infection turns into a bruise?
Swelling on side of knee after 30 minute jog?
please answer my question what is wrong with my knee?