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anti depressant nauseous??? PLEASE ANSWER THIS!?
Something wrong with my eyesight?
Taking 200 mg of Celebrex now, can I take 300or 400 mg. I am 6'2 235lbs. Meds do not seem to be working?
hypothyroid and synthroid???
cant remember the disease name?
Do i have Insomnia? Any Advice?
Please Help.Small lump under skin just above hip slightly behind my back.?
Fever, headaches, general sickness, muscle aches, and general illness...?
For the last week every time I eat my stomach hurts?
is this a cold, allergies, mono, or strep?
TMI, sorry, but DIgestive ISSues?
thirsty,feel sick and dizzy?
I have this pain in my low right side. What could it be?
i was born with my ear drums closer to the outside of my ears, will i have problems in the future? ?
I have been coughing for 9 days now!?
Did I have a stroke????? Please help this is not a joke!!!!!!?
Bulimia - weight loss?
Do i have a speech problem?
Red lump on my eye ? please answer :(?
how many stds are there and what are they all called?
HIV ,How long can infected person live?
If he wants to perform oral on you all the time.?
what to expect...HIV?
I cant open my left eyelid all the way?
Twisting Knee Injury?
please help, my scar didnt heal?
Not carpal tunnel syndrome then what?
Should I get this checked out at all or would there be no point?
Is it still solvent abuse even if you don't spray anything?
Can I snowboard 3 weeks after my hernia surgery? No jumps or anything crazy just green slopes .?
Do I have a fractured tailbone (coccyx)?
I have this slight lump near my ankle!?
Lump on shin? HELP PLEASE.?
is a coccyx your tailbone?
Tightness/soreness in heel area?
My husband thinks he strained his groin, can someone tell me how long an injury like this takes to heal?
Should I Play soccer with a injured Knee?
I slipped over and hit my back hard, is this causing the numbness in my toes?
Did I jam or twist my ankle?
Why is my ankle numb?
i have constant burning pain in my right shoulder blade, what could this be?
is carpal tunnel sydrome affects both of ur wrist? or it can affect only 1 wrist?
What to do about my shoulder?
What medication can be used in a nebulizer besides albuterol?
What is the partition that divides the nasal cavities called?
has anyone gotten sick while being in the hospital?
chest question? whats going on?
asthma problems? dry cough?
Do breathing restrictors work?
What is the difference between hypoventilating and hyperventilating?
what is the nonspecific and specific defenses of whooping cough pathogen?
How can I breath better in horrible humidity with asthma?
Sinus problems? Help!?
One of the signs of a meth lab to watch out for is aluminum foil on a window....?
Parents that smoke ????????????????????
why does my chest always hurt?
asthma keeps me awake all night what to do?
i really dont like breathing?
smoking during when tuberculosis?
Is asthma inherited and if not why do some have it and others dont?
Will you pray for this little boy with neuroblastoma?
Do Whole house fans contribute to respiratory problems?
When I Breath in it hurts at the bottom of my throat (esophagus) and i start coughing?
Pain in chest and breast?
can plueral effusion after MI attack be treated with bruonia alba 200?
What causes dizziness and loss of memory?
seems like fainting?!?!?!?!?!?
can tell of constipation by feeling on my stomach?
my head hurts, and my temp is pretty low?
What's Chemotherapy Like?
Sore throat and shakes?
i hope someon can give me some input im 42 years old ive had the shakes since october my doc pot me o klonopin
Do i have an ear infection??
how do you stop a mole from bleeding quick?
skin issues: more than skin deep?
My wife has problems with muscle cramping in the winter time.?
when standing or walking for a few minutes my upper left leg goes numb?
Can flat head syndrome be corrected by age 15?
Why do I have this annoying head-ache!?!?
Is it normal for people to get ache on their backs and shoulders?
Does getting an ear pierced hurt like getting a vaccine?
why is n.k. keep causing bad stuff?
I always take off my brace in my sleep?
Bruising with no trauma? Left hand palm?
I use the bathroom every hour upon awakening! Isn't this excessive?I?
Is this sinus infection?
Does cracking your knuckles lead to arthritis?
how to wake up and stay up?
How do I get hyper!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you give blood if you're not well rested?
how should I fake being sick?
very dizzy for no apperent reason?
My friend is vomiting blood?
Well now, this is awkward...?
How can I fall asleep?
Would someone be sent to a lung doctor for asthma?
how to fall asleep faster?
any suggestions on how to get yourself to get out of bed in the morning?
Is This Something To Be Woried About?
Friend may have OD'd on Advil?
what is a hernia and how is it taken care of?
Do women get more mannly?
when you're taking a dump, why do your eyes get watery?
i have alot of night mares scared to sleep somtimes and im 17?
i just got new glasses so how long will it take my eyes to adjust to them because i feel a little dizzy ?
Why do my veins beat like a heart?
High Blood Pressure and Blood test results back and dont know what the outcome is yet, what could it be?
Have my thyroid removed and im scared?
I want to donate my eggs, but was wondering if I would even be accepted into a clinic because I have Epilepsy?
my friend had an x-ray and found out that she has a sist in her brain.i want to know what causes that?
Blood while having a bowel movement?
gastric will lead to ulcer.Ulcer will lead to what ?
I have been getting a lot of dizzy spells and it is getting really bad and i passed out for 2 hours . Why?
I am on synthroid and I start gaing weigh and my joints hurt badly.Somebody has the same problem as i do?
I have urine that smells very strongly of ammonia,and i am extremely fatigued,I can hardly stay awake.are thes?
I'm not lactose intolerant, but some foods make me pretty sick, anyone know why?
what should i use to pass urine drug test for morphine?
Optitians said my eyes will get worse?
I have OCD, is this a complication?
what is SGPT & SGOT tests?
How bad is a blood pressure of 110/16? Isn't the bottom number dangerously low?
gooey stools with black specks?!?
See people as a collection of medical problems?
How do you get rid of a cold.. and should I go to school tomorrow?
what are symtons of liver failer??????
what to do if inhaled a bit super 77 spray adhesive?
Does being around with kids with fifths desease can be harmful for ur health if you have inactive tubersulosis?
Is it true that it is hard to breathe in a back brace?
How effective are skin allergy tests? What kinds of things show up as false positives?
Does meth cause people to stop talking? If so, how long?
i feel like my food is in my throat...?
10 points for the best answer?
What does it mean when you see floaters for about an hr or so? that happened to me at work tonight,?
Small, squishy, painless ball on the the right side of my neck?
stress bloody noses in a child?
What else is there? I need some variety?
antidepressant withdraw symptoms?
Play computer game for long. Does it effect you(14 years old boy) with growing?
I have mono Panera's Bread ok?
Why can't I stick to any schedule at all?
Feeling so sick all week?
Lower right stomach pain and nausea?
i want to get stiches.what do i need to do?
why do i have daily headaches?
I have a...rash? I don't know.. (picture?)?
What is the best way to get rid of blackheads on your nose?
What happens if you pick off a wart?
What are the best insoles based on odor resistance, comfort and dryness against heavy foot perspiration?
What could cause three people who live in the same house to get itchy red bumps on their bodies?
how do you get rid of a cold sore? FAST!?
Question about acne help?
How do I get rid of MY warts?
How do I get rid of acne on my chest and back without exspensive products, Home remedies. Just normal product?
why do i get this red pinkish red bumps on my face only but they dont itch at all?
How do I get rid of redness on my face?
Is it normal to lose some eyebrows?
Skin condition about my husband's hands after a shower? Spongy and painful.?
Extremely dry skin around eyes/nose, PLEASE HELP!?
Razor burn on bikini? Rash under breasts? What is going on?
How can you tell if you have a fever in a bump?
My Total Cholesterol and LDL levels are low, but HDL is low also. Should I be worried?
Why would a heartbeat go down after a catheter angiogram procedure?
How much does BP make a year?
Why does my blood pressure drop after running?
what after doppler test?
my heart feels like it tightens and i think its cuz of my depression what is this?
48 with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy...?
Could any of these skew blood pressure results?? too much water, full bladder just before or recent drinking?
Symptoms of a sinus infection? They just started this morning.?
Lacking something in diet?
umm, yeah, i need help with my cold sore again?
does anyone know a good site where i can find extensive info bout nutrition deficiencies and not symptoms?
Does anyone know why a panic attack would come on suddenly, when I didn't feel anxious, or so I thought.?
Do you have to be born with MSUD to have it?
What are these bumps?
i think i am close to my pd and dont want to talk about it with my fam. how do i know if its coming?
I have had waves of nausea for 3 days and spells of dizziness HELP?
*Am I going to get the Stomach Virus?
Is it safe to use antibiotic eye drops if I think I have pink eye?
Is it safe for my grandparents if they come over when I have flu?
What causes fever ,chills, sore musels, and joints?
patches on the back of the throat?
How long will it take for strep throat to go away?
Had an ear infection, now my ear is clogged with white stuff... how do I get rid of it?
My boyfriend licked the dutch to open it to find there was a worm in the dutch, could he have caught something?
how long does it take to recover from gallbladder removeal?
Found dog and he has scabies, i don't know what to do?
Constipation after the stomahc flu?
Have you had a bad experience with the flu shot?
What is the stomach disorder Hypalon? (Not sure if I spelled that right)?
Is enzymes pork i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed tooooooooooooooo knoW?
can a parasite in your small intestine kill you?
My Brother got the stomach flu this morning, how long will it last?
Why do I always get sick when I change environments?
What are the signs of pinworm?
how to clear a sore throat?
Strep throat, fastest way to get rid of it?
can you get antibiotics at walmart?
Where can i find this Color contacts?
will i go blind if there's a bug or eyelash in my eye for too long?
Purple/Violet ring on eye iris?
Problem with my eyeglasses!?
Anybody else's eyes get this wierd feeling when...?
What would happen when you put your right side contact in your left eye?
is there any way to know what size of colored contacts to get without going to the eye doctor?
is this actually possible (eye color changing over time)?
refund on eye glasses at wallmart?
Seeing halos around lights is this normal?
lazy eye question for optometrists or eye specialists.?
My eye is itchy, water and more. Help on what could be wrong?
Why is it that I can "sense" when a tv/computer monitor is on in the room?
plz help how much should i use tobradex alcon like every month every 2 months?
most comfortable contacts?
Are contact lenses infections temporary or permanent?
where to buy coloured contacts in australia?
What's wrong with my eye ?
Eye glasses help? Please?
Mono vision contacts vs bifocal glasses?
NIGHT TIME VISION CONTACTS-HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the best contacts for me?
Why does my wrist keep cracking?
How do I get ridd of a stuffy nose?
drank too much & vomited dark fluids. washed sheets next day, color was green, not red. what did i throw up?
Allergy attack? Please help!?
My dog scratched my mom's eye ;(?
Can cats have allergies?
cheeks swell up after a shower?
My throat feels like im going to choke?
Summer allergies or something else?
Prednisone is what they gave me why is it doing this?
dusty stuff triggers my runny nose?
why do i get sinus headaches everyday?
Why wont my cat stop sneezing. its been a year since we got her!?
what helps nosebleeds?
can you be allergic to white eggs and not brown?
Running nose lasting more than two days?
What can I do to soothe my allergies/cold?
Thinking about food makes me sick?
how do i tell if my house is infested with black mold? I have been so sick since i have lived in it.?
Why doesn't everyone do "rush" immunotherapy (allergy shots)?
my 18 year old cat has cough and sneezes why?
I wake up every 2 hours unable to breathe through my nose unless i stand up.?
Symptoms of a Cat Allergy?
If you're just a little allergic to dogs, can you still have one?
Do any of you get...?
I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot , will it come out on its own?
how long does it take doxycycl to cure std?
can you get STDs by giving a guy head?
Were you a smoker that quit? How long ago did you quit?
Is this skin cancer?
a std question; vaginitus.?
Numbing for skin?
what's so important about sleeping 7-8 hrs every night?
I would like the infected achement for mw2?
Hallo! How are you, my friends?
I know Im hiv free but still got oral thrush and its making me wonder?
I am 11 weeks pregnant and 3 weeks ago found out i have hpv. i am nervous about it and need more info?
my sister had gastric bypass surgery and now has fluid around her lung?
Calling things by the wrong names...what could be wrong with me?
what age is a person at risk of dying if he/she smokes?
What kind of sickness do I have?
Ive had dreams about death of people i care about.?
Is there a medical term for someone when they love someone so much and when they are away from that person for
streptococcus test negative..what could it be?
How can one know if he/she has a heart problem before it worsens?
hey looking for personal experiences with podophyllin please????....?
Would I need someone to drive me home from a spinal tap?
How do you get over the fear of being sick?
"mental illness" or bound in sins? Certain "mental illnesses" is if the devil...?
Is it normal to take xanax, and then blackout passout and not remember anything?
just my eyelid twitches why is that?
People with Raynaud's Syndrome ?
I have a severe issue with throwing up, I need help but don't know where to go?
Weight gain caused by kidney stones.?
what are some examples of deficiency diseases?
Is this an eating disorder?
Common cold remedies?
Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
i have epilepsy for but i ahve no seizures since 1995 so 16 years free can i stop taking pills?
What can't i eat if i'm lactose intolerant?
my son 8 yr old, is suffering from bed wetting since his birth, initially Drs told that after 5 yr he will not?
Is having high liver enyzmes bad?
Weed and Appendicitis?
kidney infection or not?
What do i have? Please help!?
For all doctors out there... will you help please with diagnosis?
Did I just have a panic attack?
How to help with intense sinus pressure?
Keep having to snort snot?
Whats going on with my throat?
not sure if i have an ear infection?
Is there any home remedies to sooth the cough?
Is any inhalant as dangerous as huffing air duster?
i smoked some weed for the first time 2 weeks ago after 3 years.?
question about purchasing cigs?
What is the difference between a full blown panic attack and a psychedelic bad trip?
my cat vomits a lot of phlem and chokes?
Is the 'passing out game' worse than smoking weed?
How can i get rid of my cough?
can keflex treat sinus infection?
deviation showed on spriometry ?
what are symtoms of chrones desiese?
I have urinary tract infection and with medicine, I have a rapid heart rate. Do I have sepsis?
I'm wheezing and having shortness of breath due to allergies, will breathing in steam help?
I broke my femur in 2005 and i got the metal plate removed. what is the metal plate (most likely) made out of?
What was wrong with the shrooms?
depression cause daily headaches?
what is the difference between urinary tract infecton and kidney stones?
my friend is really sick even though its the day after could he have alcohol poisoning?
Do I have sleep paralysis?
should I go to the ER?
Which body type is better?
I feel like there is a strong pressure on my body forcing me downwards when I lay?
How do you make the popping sound with your mouth?
I was wondering if anyone knew of or could recommend me a good healer in Maryland??? preferably near Bethesda.?
does the industrial ear piercing hurt the most?
cant figure this out?
Does anyone know to stop a runny nose that is not a caused by a allagie or cold?
What is wrong with me?
how can i focus all day with out getting any sleep the night before?
If a doctor appeared with a bloody white coat, would you enter the room as his next patient?
I just noticed my fingers are blue. They are not cold, numb, or anything, just blue?
is drinking (getting buzzed/drunk) every night a bad thing (health wise)?
Helppp please. What is wrong with me??!!?!?!?
u have 6 mnths to live, ur savings $3500, u've nevr done anything exciting, How would you spend ur final days?
Why does the body need to go to the bathroom when you wake up?
i have hair fall due to salt water in my area. how to solve this problem?
No energy - ALWAYS tired?
Sleep Deprived?? Please help?
I've felt very off ever since drinking Monday. Please help. I'm afraid. Will I be alright?
Is it possible that your brain connects more with sounds from one ear than the other?
What is wrong with me? Any answers?
for doctors and nurses please,?
clotrimazole betamethasone dipropionate cream for scabies?
dry cracked itching swollen hands whats causing it?
Does Meladerm really Work?
Why do I get cold sores after I apply chaptstick?
Does proactiv work to cure acne?
my friend has very dry skin. wat should she do?
what should i cleanse my body with to heal breakouts?
Do I have to see a doctor to get Accutane for my acne problems?
How to get rid of this red dry skin around mouth?
The Best Scar Treatment?
How to cure the damage caused to skin by bleaching? can anyone get a genuine answer as i really need help?
Does Best Wrinkle Cream really good work for healthy and shining skin?
how long does it take a largeish skin tag to fall off by tieing a string around it?
High Dose Prednisone Lower Fever?
Are Lasik Eye Centers that good?
when the Doctor takes a urine sample?
Why do I keep fainting in crowds?
Severe headache and vomiting?
What causes elevated levels of liver enzymes in bloodstream?
Does anyone know what these may be symptoms to?
Panic Disorder, how can i look past for finals?
My mom has thinks she has plantar fascitis. Anyone out there who has tried and true alternative remedies?
sharp pain op top of right thigh? nerve i think.?
Loss of appetite, losing weight. Help?
It feels like somethings crawling on my head?
Is my Broken Leg healing?
WHY is this happening to me???? PLEASE HELP ASAP?
presence of ketones in urine?
because of Food poisoning i havent ate all day but now?
Question about an Epsom salt bath?
What is the new disease that is going around swans?
I feel horrible. What's wrong with me?
My right lower back is always hurting what could it be?
my dr told me to take 1mg dexamethason tab the night before my thyroid panel blood test. why do i have to take?
It's been three days and I still can't make a bowel movement?
i have chorn's and cant take it anymore !!?
why dose my lower right abdomen hurt?
Why does my throat hurt when I swallow?
Concerning flexible flat feet, is it better have insoles, or a shoe designed for flexible flat feet?
what is carpel tunnel, and can it be serios?
Is type F strep throat more, less or the same dangerous as all the other strep throats?
Going to the doctors for my knees, what will they do?
how long does a baby with aids live?
How to cope with chronic pain?
Ive had Diarrhea for 5 days?
What could cause excessive hunger?
How many times a day should i be urinating?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Constipation help?
how to pass saliva drug test?
I have lupus and primary billary chirrosis, will methotrexate help both?
Does it sound like I have strep throat?
Can you get re infected with Viral Pinkeye?
I need doctor who every thing about HIV and symptoms?
I've had a cold for over a month now. Tired all the time. What could it be?
Help please for sore/strep throat?
what feels good when you are sick?
is rice bad for a sore throat?
Should I be afraid of acquiring CJD this way?
Is orange juice good for BV?
How to clear strep throat ?
If a person was sick, and you went to their house a few days after, will you get sick?
Could I have an appendicitis?
Will my fever go away before christmas?
Pacu question?Please help?
Is Candida overgrowth real?
Help Infection Name...?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
curious about cellulitis infection in my leg?
what do you think???
Causes to these symptoms....help.?
can you have a pituitary tumor and if its smalll like really small can it be missed on a mri ???
if you have cancer do you lose alot of weight, or stay the same weight.?
Mammalian Physiology Question? I'm having trouble answering this question. Please Help!?
I constanly pass windhow do i stop it?
wheezing in the summer?
I've got serous otitis and taking cortain-b ear drops?
can anyone tell me about Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE) of liver..is there any cure for this..?
How can i stop my eyes from doing this?
Do twins can feel each others physical pain?Scientific Explanation PLS T T?
spasms in the middle of my chest?
I think I got an ear infection :[?
is it true that bananas make you pass wind????if yes why?
You're addvice on my feeling of Anxiety?
can u donate plasma after....?
Having nerve/anxiety troubles, what should I do?
how long after internal bleeding in the head...?
I need help! I dont know what is wrong with me!?
COLD RELIEF HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I've been on fluoxetine 10mg. for at least five years, could I still be benefitting from it?
15 year old with scoliosis?
Which drug in X produces the "everything's soft" feeling?
Could the blood pressure from vomiting cause brain vessels to internally bleed?
Is there such a thing as "bone on bone" arthritis ?
Pain in my foot's arch whenever I take a step?
Why do I twitch.......?
Drug Question? What is a hit?
how do you get rid of flea bites?
nose bleed feelings + head related?
I was dismmised from a seasonal job at a college without probable cause after working for 1 year can that be a?
for a one yr old child having milk and soy allergy is it good to add rice milk in diet?
I've had a sinus infection for almost a month now and it wont seem to go away. what should i do?
Really itchy nose when I'm in my bed? What is it?
Allergic Reaction to Retinol Cream?
Why am I suddenly allergic to apples? i throw up immediately after I eat them and my lips swell up.?
What can I do? I'm allergic to dog alergens in my boyfriends beard?
Are Reese's Puffs gluten free? On the box it says that they may contain wheat, but does anyone have any idea?
can a human have an allergic reaction to a flea collar?
Where I can get an Epi-pen at a reasonable price?
My Lip is Swollen on One Side?
What helps alleviate allergies?
milk or whey even though lactose or allergic?
Can you be allergic to Smoke?
can you all of a sudden become allergic to bees?
what is your opinion about midwest allergy relief?
my poo is very red and runny any suggestions?
Can i get sick from dogs?
How knows a good poison?
how do you cure an upset tummy?
is it possible to become immune to certain medicines?
What contacts are best for me...?
Is my prescription wrong?
I noticed a gray spot on the iris (colored) part of my eye?
Could i rest my eyes by using one of them at a time?
Why does my eye do this..?
Do electronic screens cause bad eyesight?
I have had my contacts for like 6mos and are starting to hurt?
What type of contact lens should I wear?
My question needed 20 characters so i added this, LASIK inquiry?
What is the proper dosage of Iodine i should take each day?
How Can I Stop my Contact from Moving?
What happens if you put contacts in without putting a bit of solution on the contacts?
can i use chloromycetin ear drops for my eyes?
can you get laser eye surgery on one bad eye?
POLL: what pair of contacts should I get?
whats wrong with my eye?
How much is 20/20 in dioptry, like -1.50, +2.50 ,etc.?
Contact care...what do you use?
Why do my eyes always turn red?
Without glasses someone with -2 sees clearly to 20" apparently. What is this calculation used for?
How to take care of contact lenses?
Where should I go to get an eye exam done?
why would your eye lashes start to turn white?
I am 19 and about a month ago I started to get some knee pain in the form of it heating up/inflamed and i?
Slight Spinal problem?
Is this shin splints or a stress fracture?
small lump on the top of my foot (around the ankle area)?
does this mean the canker sore is goin away soon?
the wax burn on my finger shows pus what do i do?
hit my head 4 months ago,?
is it possible i fractured my toe?
what is this called i woke up at 1200 am thinking it was 4 am and my alarm had gone off and it didnt so i woke?
How do I treat a wooden splinter wound?
how can a break my foot after already hurting?
my calf hurts really bad please answer ?
Flat brown spot on toe?
Did I sprain my finger?
I punched a wall a few hours ago and now my hand has a blue/red mountain on it, but doesn't hurt. normal?
I slipped and landed on my back hard and my head has a headach? Why?
help my antibiotic is not working...?
Is this a sleeping condition?
Exercise indused asthma?
A ? for those of you who've experienced a cold sore?
Is this even possible?
How expensive is std testing at planned parenthood?
can u not have anything bad happen if u leave gonorrhea untreated?
HPV in men? For how long?
how can a man get tested for HPV?
What number would constitute a "sluggish" thyroid?
What is your layman's definition of vertigo? How can it be prevented?
Anyone have any ideas on how to stop snoring? what causes it?Does anyone that you know have this problem?
Is it normal to feel disoriented and confused when you are in the half awake half asleep state? Worried !?
What just happened to me? A panic attack?
Calritin question?
how do i treat my delusional disorder?
how do you know when your apendix are going to burst?
lactose intolerance?
why did i get a reaction and from what?
Acne Scaring?
Ive been sick for almost 6 days?!!!?
What would you suggest for severe inner ear congestion?
what are these symptoms?
How should I tell my parents I might have ADD?
I am afraid to sleep because I am afraid to have a seizure, I'm sleep deprived and have bad anxiety?
is there any type of general test to determine if you have cancer?
How can I tell if I have anemia?
what is on my stomach?
medicial condition?
Discoloured hand palms?
Can strep go away on its own without antibiotic treatment?
Would any of these things disqualify me as a kidney donor?
I think I'm anemic..?
A Gluten Intolerant Vegan, can you help me?
can BP affect both eyes?
my dad is getting whipple surgery, please help?
What are some ways to get rid of a cold!?
A patient comes to you complaining that when they are eating fatty food they experience digestive problems?
Why would doctors want to "kill the kidney" on purpose....on a person with only one kidney left?
very frequent sore throats?
Does this effect humans?
Will it go away? HELPP!!?
one of my hips is probably two inches bigger than the other?
Is this a cold or something more?
How to know when paronychia is healing?
Why do i itch everywhere?
Recently started birth control pills, it's making my skin bad. How long until your skin clears?
hot glue gun burn healed but now skin on thumb red itchy and dry?
Blisters on pinky toes?
i have a medium bump on the back of my head i just found it andd its harmless but what does it meen?
I am getting a boil again on the same spot what should I do before it gets bigger?
Can you apply moisturizer on top of Differin lotion 0.1%?
What's a really good antiperspirant?
How long does it take for rose water + sandalwood to remove acne scars?
How long would you consider dry facial skin as being persistent on web md they said you should see a doctor?
Clearasil is burning my skin!!!!! Plz help?!?!?!?
taking vitamin E while on accutane?
severe skin rashes after switching to irish springs soaps?
how long will it take to have pale skin?
can someone help strange problem?
is it possible for a tan to be permanent?
Hi my brother has the "100 day cough". I really need to no how to cure this.?
Has anyone ever taken the stuff called "silver" for their asthma or lung problems?
What is edema of prepatellar and infrapatellar subcutaneous soft tissues of the knee?
everytime i eat, i have gas and throw up. i have the sweats, gas etc. had small stones a year ago what is it?
have problem speaking and singing with my nose?
is there a list of diseases that qualify for social security disability benefits?
about cuticles????
i had a cold sore about 10 months ago, and it has left a red mark on my top lip and it won't go?
drug addiction advice?
I get the feeling in my head that everything is moving slowly, and that everything is very loud.?
Stomach Pains from Working Out?
could something be wrong with me?
can panic attact's can they make you dizzy? and you can't hardly walk?
Is it too late to improve my health?
Random bruising on both lower legs?
Medical Advice Please?
My ears always hurt and ring sometimes... why?
i have been diagnosed with mono, if my sore throat is going away am i getting better?
What problems can transfused blood cause later on in life?
What is the best medicine to take if my stomach hurts when burping and when i eat?
Always sleepy and dont know why?
Valerian Root and Drug Testing ~HELP~?
i recently went through 25-30 ambien in 3 or 4 nights i know this is bad was wondering how i can get off this.
Campaigns for texting and driving?
i think i have the stomach virus and im at my high school rite now?
suddenly losing weight?
how do life events such as parenthood and bereavement affect an individuals development?
what is the best,cheapest way to clean my system?
What is causing my sudden pain near my ear?
What is MRI? Can it be used to scan babies? Is there any side effect?
My sister is 22 years old and complaining about severe chest pain?
Are generic meds really 'just as good' as the real thing?
Why am i feeling so Weak/ weird Lately? Please help!!!?
i m 42 years old my weight is78 kg i m suffering from thyriod before this thyriod my weight was 68kg?
Is drinking coffee bad if you have a bladder infection?
My Boyfriend have a Brain Tumor?
How do drugs affect the brain? I'm basically looking for what drug taps into what brain chemical...?
After donating blood, is it common for tonsils to feel sore?
appendix help?
Is frequent urination a symptom of IBS?
how do you know if you have acid reflux? think I might?
I brushed dust from a jacket & didn't realize it had mice urine & dust. Is this the disease from the mice?
antibiotic question, could I?
What are the documents I need to show while testing hiv in hivtest.org?
am i too worried about this?
Does coughing mean the end of the cold?
Do you think I have mono?
do you think it will get worse?
Suffering from tonsillitis, is this normal?
what would happen if you snot vulums?
Can dogs get HIV or HEPATITIS B/C if they bite a human who has these?
What can this be...an early sign of tonsilitis maybe?
can you have regular cheetos with the flu?
What could these symptoms explain?
Does strep throat cause blisters in throat?
my skin is irritating so badly and i have skin rash just like hiv?
What kind of sickness is this?
I was just diagnosed with throat infection/ tonsillitis. I am taking erythromycin for 10 days.?
My son has high LDH and ESR?
on a recent cbc my plalet count is 55 and i bruise easily is this dangerous?
home remedies to beat flu?
Approximately how many white blood cells does AIDS kill?
could this be a sign of an STD?
does it matter if you have hsv1?
could this be an STD or something else?
What is wrong with my lips?
How can a drug show up in a blood test after being off for two weeks?
I Have Thrush Can Someone Please Help.?
why does a person have immunodificiency if they are making antibodies in aids?
If you freeze up HIV blood or put it in the fridge, how long would it take for it to die?
how can i help my seasonal affective disorder?
How do I stop cutting myself?
Best psychologic counselling and development doctors?
I need to be hospitalized, I'm scared of my father's reaction?
rash on back?
i have a small blistery rash on my fingers,that feel sore,does anyone know what this is??
big bump under skin?
Weight gain and hyperthyroid medication?
Am overweight, but not too much. Lately I have been having chest tightening that comes and goes, any ideas pls
Is there a way to cure infertility?
can you get a tick stuck in your windpipe?
I've just passed out on the floor?
My earring is stuck in my ear and I'm really scared!?
How long does 2 hits of paramol or premol stay in your system for?
I want to start running, but I think I have asthma, any advice?
Ear blocked after syringed?
How do I get rid of a runny nose asap?
have you ever heard of hay max?
Took prescription drug 2 1/2 hrs ago. feel nausea, is that an allergic reaction? Information is inside?
Hives all over my body?
why is the area around my nose red?
air cooler vs air conditoner. whichis the best?
was this an allergic reaction?
Nut alleges. Epipen Will an out of date epipen still work.?
Skin rash/hives?
how long will it take for mold to affect your body after you have ate it?
Stabbing Nervous Pain In Ankle?
HELP PLEASE someone please explain what has happened to my toe ligament?
Do you get headaches from being on the computer to much?
Is my Knee Buckling a problem?
I need help to write a percription.?
i've never had cat allergies and now i have a new kitten and i have bad allergies what could it be?
Ive beent taking sulfamethoxazole/tmp ds tabmpc and i have a rash. well sort of a rash it just makes me itch
My ear is really sore, and i dont know why?
why is my nose stuffed up so much?
If my wrist hurts like this, is it bad?
I'm allergic to fish, how can I get a healthy dose of omega 3 oil?
Has anyone developed an allergy to grapefruit that causes diarrhea?
Why are my hands tingling?
Is my dogs front wrist or leg broken if she can move it without pain?
I need help with me legs, please!?
Do Phiten necklaces help with neck stiffness/pain?
Could you get muscle cramps in ur chest?
Is it possible I have lymes disease?
What's wrong with my arm?
What effect does NyQuil have on you?
left the top off my contacts lens case?
Im Stress Dealing with my Contact Lense! Help!?
Red eyes and allergies with contacts?
eye floaters are they caused by the sun?
can video games, electronics , ect ... effect your eye sight or give you headaches?
Constant teary eyes for no apparent reason?
Why does squinting sharpen your vision?
seeing eyelashes and floaters in sunlight?
what is the best prescription and/or non prescription contacts?
reason for putting lens in the front of the frames rather than in the back?
Pain in my right eye socket?
Question about my eyes?
Reading glasses need some help?
Eye trouble...anyone help?
Contacts cleaning solution question?
Do I need an glasses/contacts?
My contacts get blurry after a while?
Light reflects from my textbook into my eyes. What kind of lenses do i need on glasses to prevent this? 10 pts?
something with my eyes?
Breathing problems?
What is a brain mass?
do i have a virus? are my vocal chords broken?
which diseases are due to chromosomal defects?
what effect does heart blockage have on cardio out put?
sore swollen glands :(?
My friend seems to have something that aches her from the inside of her chest. What could be the problem?
where can i find a website on information about state funded drug abuse rehabs in oklahoma?
What can help me fall asleep?
What is wrong with me?????????????????
how can i get my sleeping pattern back to normal?
Eye twitching lasting more than week?
If you know you can't get 8 hours, should you only get 4?
Getting Surgery On Tuesday * Want To Know If My Mom, Dad, Or Boyfriend Can Be With Me Until I Fall Asleep?
what is the qwickest way to fall asleep?
Weird Sleeping Patterns?
Is it ok to be taking this much: are there any doctors in the house?
where can i find free health care?
I wore sunscreen and still got tan. Does that mean it's no good?
I have no life what should I do?
whats the best way to make a soar throat go away really fast?!?
Will I get ittt toooo???!?!?!?
If I smoke 2 for a day it will affect my health?
slept for 12 hours but still feeling TIRED?
Blood work and fasting?
my temperature is 97.1...is this unhealthy i don't feel well either, i took my temp while under blankets too..?
SICK :( ( details within) please help.?
i feel like i need to throwup?
I have a soar throat how can i get it to stop?
why do i black out when smoking?
Do you think I might have the flu?
I don't know what i am sick with?
If you smoke once is the damage irreversible?
what do you do to keep your skin looking healthy if you still wanna smoke..?
my skin "melts off" in the shower, help PLEASE?
What is THE best way to get rid of very bad spots all over my body?
canker sores everywhere?
what will help acne overnight?
Does the ten percent benzoyl peroxide spot treatment work well on cysts?
Continue Accutane or Not?
Has anyone out there had any success using Milk Thistle for psoriasis?
Can cold weather make you itchy?
I have small "blackhead" looking dots on the inside of my upper arm?
what are dark red itchy lumps on my toes?
I have just got my lip pirce i wanted to know is it infected it is swollen and it hurts pus is coming out.?
Everytime I sleep at my boyfriends house, I get these little red bumps on my arms and legs. ?
Is dermalogica a good acne cleanser?
can i take co-amoxiclav and azithromycin together?
hopw can i get rid of my coldsore by tomorrow?
i have a outbreak or some kind of blister on my inner right thigh?
Can you get HIV from sharing a swim suit?
can you get hiv from sharing brushes and helps from an affected person?
Why am i getting discharge!?
Do I tell my partner about herpes (viral stomatitis)?
What is herpes and how do you get it?
What could it be, if the doctors say it's nothing?
Can you tell me some thing about my ears (hearing inside)?
Knee Arthroscopy Complications ?
What happened to my big toe?
Should I take out my dangling skin?
slammed my hand into a table...?
Can hydrocephalus cause brain lesions?
I have occasional Insomnia, what can I do?
can anybody help me with my case study, anybody in medical feel, please?
I have a bad damaged slipped disk; whts the latest treatments; do u recommend vertebral fusion?
Bone under pinky toe hurts?
Is my thumb hurt (sprained/broken)?
Will icing an injury still be effective after 24 hours of the initial injury?
my lip piercing got pulled on and now it hurts?
Was the doctor wrong :L ?
Hurt my wrist....is this just a strain?
is it a concussion or not?
is my nose broken? please answer?
Worms? please help?
Constant ringing ears - Who knows the solution ?
What disease or condition can occur if?
hey iam 19 years old and i got some difficulty that i cnt move my right hand...please help me?
buzzing noise in ears?
How does arthritis affect the body?
How long until I get my muscle back?
Is my foot/toe broken, fractured, or sprained?
i need help can some1 find out how many people a year are diagnosed wit bipolar in our country?
I ate a roach and now my tongue is swelling up. What do I do?
Should I go to the doctor for a knee injury that happened approx. 5 yrs ago? It still bugs me sometimes.?
fracture foot please help?
could i have a serious ankle injury?..or is it just another "bad sprain"?
why does my knee hurt?
I cant feel my thumb and my wrist is white?
MY FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do I do when my earring holes are black on the inside?
How do you clean an infected cut?
I got a problem with my toe...?
how long does a tendon strain take to heal?
I broke my thumb 5 years ago and recently it has been hurting like crazy?
Severe Hip/Back Pain? Help!?
Would you call this anxiety?
Bump on back of head??? HELP?
An AIDS Cure?
My son has an immune problem. does anyone know of an atty. that handles misdiagnosed.?
Astherosclerosis help!!!?
i need your help people??!! please read..?
I am moving to Beijing for an internship. How can I continue to get treatment for my hypothyroidism?
does any1 know??
bulemia symptoms??
Mysterious illness??? HELP!?
Description of turner and symptoms of turner?
could playing too many video games, at once cause pink eye or other kinds of eye infections??
Drug abuse?
stomach ache, virus, birth control, food poisoning?
My brother has a high fever?
my 1year old white blood cells are low what is this suppose to mean?
I have rashes on chest, body and arms. It is burning. Is this HIV rash?
Question about flu?????
Viral gastroenteritis ... please read & answer?
Diarrhea, Headaches + Unusually Tiredness? Swine Flu!?
Can I use Zithromax to treat a UTI?
Question about HIV survival in toilet water...?
Can Stomach Bacteria cause Hair loss?
Mouth wound? Been there for five days?
How can you tell if you're getting a staph infection?
Can you get mono simply from being around someone with it, or do you need to make oral contact with them?
sick horse with diarrhea...HELP!!?
What do these symptoms say? what so i have? ?
Is the flu virus the h1n1?
I took my little sis' temperature orally and it was 100.8?
cold or flu?! help pleasee?
How do I know if I have mono?
Top thigh muscles so tight it hurts to sit and stand (3rd day of pain)?
Cod liver oil and birth control pills?
does any one take vistaril?
When you count with your fingers, do you start with your thumb or your index finger?
weird bubble like thing on my eye?
Antibiotics for a sore throat caused by common cold?
My husband has something wrong with him?
Is 105 a high blood sugar?
Blood work ordered after a positive celiac biopsy?
What are the symptoms of a recurrence of Lymes Disease? None of the online sources are consistent?
How long does it take for potato poisoning symptoms to occurs?
Why do I constantly feel sick?
Anyone know why I'm feeling these symptoms?
can someone tell me everything about megaloblastic anemia?
my boyfriend has leg edema along with kidney problems is their a way to get rid of the water w/out water pills?
what is trisomy?
Help this anxiety or maybe something else?
Home remedy for fibromyalgia?
What's a common household thing that could make you sick but not kill you?
everytime i eat and wait for hours , i get a sour stomach and vomit ,is it something deadly?
I keep drinking water but still feel thirsty no matter how much I drink, what should i do?
stomach pain (wont go away)?
really not trying to be a hypochondriac but...?
Quick, Simple, Easy, lice killer!?
Blood Pressure at 138/57, pulse at 54?
cause of virginal itching?
ohio prison blood/std testing?
what do I do about penile discomforture?
White clumpy discharge?
is this genetal warts?
Do herpes sores always hurt?
Can men get HPV if it is the cancer causing kind? If so what are the chances of him passing it to another woma?
do i have a yeast infection .. ?
please help me, is it std's or herpes? or nothing?
My mom is having chest pains. What can she do?
my roommate smokes inside the apartment. should i move out?
Can You recover from H1N1 on your own?
how do i stop snoring? Is there even a way?
do you smoke........?
i get nose bleeds whenever the air air is dry. when i do get 1 what is a good way to stop it?
help I cannot smell or breathe?
I've been coughing up blood - what should I do?
What can help me cough up this stuff up out of my chest ? been taking tussin chest stuff?
Eating problems, really worried, help?
Today I had this weird attack. What was it?
which one of these enzymes are in gastric juices: amylase,protease, or trypsin?
in a blood transfusion, how can you get red blood cells without getting the donor's antibodies?
can you have a foul odour and severe itching with uterine cancer?
why hypertension occurs in hypothyroidisim?
Heart problems or not?
Septoplasty Surgery?
red marks acne leaves behind?
Do You Think I Would Start To Smoke ?
skin burn & allergy?
My chin is blown in my childwood because of Neprotic syndrom disease?
what are these weird looking bumps on my tongue?
Does anyone else have hyperthyroid?
How can you drink 8 glasses of water if you don't have the opportunity to use the bathroom?
Why is my Urine clear?
How can I make myself not reek of cigarette smoke?
What is wrong with me? :o?
Is it safe to take out my earring for an hour and a half?
About how much would a skin pigmentation cost to remove?
i need help. what is this??
Question about acne scars...?
Bright red rash/hives on neck and upper chest?
how do i stay awake for 2 nights in a row?
Why did I quit smoking?!?
Zit that won't go away? 10 points!?
how to get rid of (skin) moles?
whats the best way for skin to grow back?
can glutathione cure dermal pigmentation?
Why cant i sleep? Any idea?
When I drink alcohol my neck feels tight?
Is it actually bad to pop your fingers?
is it ok to use drinking water with contacts?
Im freaking out!? What Is This Stuff?!?
Contact Lenses, overnight?
I've had this weird skin...bump on my hand for like 4 months.?
trouble falling asleep at night?
blood tests in morning can i drink water?
My 8 year old daughter started wetting the bed... never did it before?
any help for dry flaky skin?
Any guesses on why I am always tired even with 12-13 hours of sleep?
can you use hypnosis to acquire insomnia?
Why does lotion - even lotion made for sensitive skin - burn on irritated skin?
See Dermatologist in Morning!?
I found a Rough/Dry Red Spot/Patch Just Above My Right Breast. What Could it Be?
The kit that hides THC from your system?
Who can answer this, need help please?
embarrassing question?
Urrrgg Im Itchy, HELPP !?
Why are my toes red and itchy?
I'm Don't Know if I'm Depressed or not?
Is there any cure to seasonal depression?
I have no self control, please help?
Tactile Defensiveness ?
Suddenly super sensitive to sound...?
How to find lost glasses?
the cheapest eye glasses?
Should i get non prescription color contacts?
How do you clean your eyes when you wake up in the morning?
why am i seeing only white?
whats wrong with my eyes?
can you drink alcohol while taking eye drops?
Blind spot just happened in eyes?
Are eye exercises real?
Best place to get Lasik in the Detroit area. Do they offer financing?
Can excess rubbing of an eye make an eye lid lower or droopy?
Could lack of sleep cause bloodshot eyes?
How long do eye floaters last?
Something wrong with my eyes?
Why does my eye always twich?
were can i get cheap colored contacts?
Seeing double???????????
one of my eyes is bigger than the other?
Blepharitis and eye make up?
Went blind for 10 minutes while riding motorcycle.?
How do i improve my vision?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Ordering from 1800 Contacts?
CAN Allergies TURN INTO or lead to ASTHMA?
What are some good remedies for food allergies?
Am I feeling this way because of my allergies?
Am I allergic to MSG?
Do i have to go to the hospital.??? ='/?
What am I doing wrong to have hives since June 08? ?
Is there a permanent or long-term cure for Hayfever?
Is it possible to be allergic to a perm?
When my boyfriend fingers me it bleeds a lot..is that okay?
I think i have hives can someone help?
my eye feels hard, itchy, irritated,and hurts when i close them they hurt whats wrong with me?
Am I allergic to silver?
My nose is always blocked what can I do?
question about Stevens- Johnson syndrome in a child?
What can i do for my allergies?
How do I prevent an allergic reaction?
Face Mask Allergies.please help?
Can I take Claritin D-24hrs twice a day, since i need stronger dose?
Lump in lower arm????
how to make lil acne scars go away?
Humidifier With Ionizer Question?
How much digestive enzymes should I take for acid reflux?
My Little Sis Has Psoriasis?
Egg allergy?
anyone taking methatrexate? what,s your experience with it?
does n e 1 have jungle fever?
wut are the side effects to bulemia?
Have you ever gotten a scary health problem that doctors couldn't tell you what it was?
I am having some signs on my skin !?!?
Causes of cold night sweats, dizziness and nausea?
can celiac disease or parasites cause reducing substances?
How do I stop the ringing in my ears?
how do I know if my eardrum is ruptured?
Why are painkillers so addictive. And what is the easiest way to get off them?
I slept on hard surface now my HIPS really HURT?
I Have pain in my healed broken hand 4 months later what is it?
Testicular pain after torsion surgery?
Stomach pain and uneasiness after taking chicken?
Should my arm still hurt after giving blood?
Difficulty swallowing saliva?
People with chronic pain: what is your typical day like?
Could i have tss? do my symptoms fit?
i have a cold can u please give me advice?
fever, headache, chills, super tired, flu?
I am fighting a cold/flu?
what are some ways to help draw out infection.?
Rare form of strep???
what weakens our immune system?
Best Way To Get Rid Off A Cold Fast?
Nausea All day long? Help?
Will eating ice cream be good for my swollen tonsils?
I was sick for 24 hours?
what does mean of disease TBPCR?
Exposed to stomach virus? PLEASE HELP!?
fever, ulcers, body aches, bleeding gums? what is it!?
sore throat, bumps on tongue, swollen gums?