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Swollen upper lip randomly, gone in a few hours?
Im trying to figure out what makes the surgical mask seal around your nose to keep air from getting in eyes?
Is this an Allergic reaction?
when doing a ct scan of the liver, they ask if i was allergic to iodine, why is this, do they inject this into?
can you use tea tree oil if you're allergic to pine?
How to treat an allegic reaction to naproxen sodium (aleve)?
is this a sign of allergies?
Am I ill or just a cold ?
Could the stomach pains and vomiting be a allergic reaction to eating strawberries?
are there gluten free restaurants?
Am I allergic to fruit?
Am I allergic to marijuana?
Is this allergies or a cold?
I have heard GRAPES are poison for dogs. Why?
Get rid of allergic reaction to body wash?
can allergies just produce scratchy throat and cough?
any time I eat bread or pasta I fall asleep. Am I having a allergic reaction?
Allergic Reaction. Swollen lips... ?
all i have are these symptoms?
What Is Wrong With My Throat?
Blocked up nose? 10 points?
Why do people hate people that self injurr themselves?
Will my teacher be allowed to sit in on the consultation meeting with school counselor?
Is there a scientific name for a fear of closing your eyes when you're alone?
Fighting with depression?
ADD or Depression Meds/Adderall and heart conditions?
will 4mg of xanax make me pass out?
How long does it take for Chlamydia to turn into PID?
What are The Signs of a UTI?
could i have an std..???im realy scared..:(?
Getting an STD test at Dr?
can you pass chlamydia with a mouth to mouth kiss to your baby?
Question about AIDS: will the patient die in a virus free environment?
i have herpes so if you touch the infected area what are you supposed to do? can hand sanitizer kill it?
Im feeling low and i know i shouldnt?
What is the relationship between JVP and hypertension?
Is it normal for your heart to beat faster when you breath in and slightly slower as you breath out?
Catheter Ablation for Wolff-Parkinson-white Syndrome?
Does lovastatin (a cholesterol-lowering drug) reduce the risk of heart attack? In a Texas study,?
How serious is fluid in the lungs and CCF (Congestive Cardiac Failure)?
Do the filters for the m10m gas mask have asbestos in them?
does sleep apnea cause you to sleep alot?
Was I right to give him a taste of his medicine?
Ct Scan Chest High Resolution?
I don't know if I have aspiration in my lungs?
Is Mouth Breathing really dangerous ?
can dizziness from sinus infection problems with memory?
Is there anything I can do to help with my husbands asthma?
i just had a ct scan done on my abdomen, everything came out fine but im worried about the radiation?
i just had a ct scan of my abdomen i have been reading about to much radiation?
Without guessing, does anyone know if doctors advize people with stents to moderate their...?
How do doctors clear out dirt from inside the nose?
Can loratadine and singulair be taken together?
How do you get rid of smokers voice!?
how do you find steroids?
Why Am I Shaking at night?? Is their any cure?
I am sick! Please help!?
I have a fever that is steadily rising. How do I stop it from getting any higher?
I made a boo boo! Someone please help.?
i've had a sore throat for a couple weeks now, what could it be?
Does anyone know what these symptoms could mean?
Home remedies for pink eye?
Can white patches(lip tip toes) be stopped from spreading it is in starting stage ?
Oh my gosh I think I'd rather die. Someone please help.?
i feel sick from the antibiotics?
My friends were going to come for a sleepover tomorrow as it is NYE, but now both of their parents have Flu :(?
I just got over a flu.. how can I stop coughing?
I was tested for EBV - The IGM was positive and the IGG was also positive (it said >300)?
How does the way in which humans become infected with malaria and West Nile Virus differ?
what to do in a child with high fever?
Ways to get the flu?????
my one year old has a pink eye how can i get rid of it? pls help..?
Am i suffering from a cold/flu, allergies or something else?
Does this sound like bronchitis?
Can Love bites cause fever?
can hay fever cause a rash?
What illness do I have?
8 yr ols with fever for 5 days w/ cough?
should i go to the doctor? I think its an infection?
Possible finger infection?
Did I Tear My ACL or My MCL?
What happened to Charley Rangle?
I have sharp pains in my ankle please help!!!!?
Is this normal for someone to have?
Back Pain after Sleeping on a Couch?
i am always havin somekind of pain in my torso?
Random small pains in my left hand?
I am unable to fully extend my arms. Is there a therapy that could help me gain full extension.?
Having heart pains, it started out with running but now it hurts randomly?
if you slouch throughout childhood, will it change the way your jaw, face and neck grow?
Sharp Pains?????????????
Does Thyroid medecine show up in your urine?
When I'm adequately hydrated I have to pee every 20 minutes?
whats wrong with me.. :[?
Why do I always nearly pass out in the shower?
Ugh. How to get over shyness....?
Is the substance salvia legal?
Aleve and alcohol consumption?
Constant ringing in ears...?
When we get hurt why do we automatically say ouch?
Did naked juice make me sick?
marijuana in blood stream?
What is wrong with me I don't feel normal?
Anyone with some answers please!!!!?
If you had such a severe toothache that kept you up all night would you?
am i done with puberty?
does my stomach need to get used to coffee?
i have social anxiety around people. can people tell im nervous by my face?
My stomach hurts when i Cough HELP!?
what to do to feel better in extreme sickness?! HELP!?
How to cut an ingrown toenail?
Am I Old Enough 2 Go 2 An Emergency Room By Myself?
I move around in my sleep too much?
Extreme dizziness. Help?
Should I see a doctor for my depression?
Swollen, numb toe for 3 days?
Gallstone or Gastritis!?!.....any help?
What's wrong with me?
My 7 1/2 yr old is having a abnormal bowel movements what could it be?
HELP! Do I Have Gout?
General Medical Symptoms - Doctors no Help?
Difficulty breathing?
I think I have fatal familial insomnia - HELP!?
how to get seizures ????
Why does it feel like my nerves in my body are jumping every second?
Should I tell the doctor that his prognosis was wrong after stop seeing him year ago?
Does acid and shrooms show up on drug tests?
stretch markss?
I need help with science?
help!! what can this be?
Am I bipolar? What causes bipolar?
how does cocaine affect the nervous system?
My husband is struggling with Bipolar disorder. He's on Medications?
what is this odd pain under the left side of my rib cage?
What causes a person's ankles to feel so cold when the rest of the body is warm enough?
they found a patch on my liver from the scan what can it be?
does anyone know who you get diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis?
when i kiss my fiancee there is a smell but it only happens when he breathes through his nose ?
Question about panic/anxiety attacks?
Lump under arm what is it?
what to use to get rid of weed smoke and smell when someone is smoking it in your home?
Do onions get rid of Skin moles?
how do you keep your face from turning red?
what is the best moisturizer and Cleanser for regular use for sensitive dry really really dry skin?
how do i get rid of blackheads?
Peeling skin on fingers cause and solution ?
Skin Tag! Help,Please!?
what acne laser treatment work?
Which works better for fading/removing an acne scar?
Acne Really hurting! Help!?
Who do i go see for skin problems?
i've been on yaz for 2 months for my cystic acne, but i still have some acne and it's still coming out...?
How can I tell the difference between Pre-Rosacea and Acne?
I can't sweat. HELP!?
I used garnier fructis smoothing milk it broke my scalp out. How do I treat my scalp now ?
Urine Therapy cure for acne?
bulemia is making my hair dry and my skin dry and spotty etc help!!!?
When I scratch my head...?
How can i get to sleep at night?
i crack My knuckles alot and im 13?
how many years will the average person live?
Why Am I Dizzy/Nauseous All of a Sudden?
I can not sleep well About 4 days. if take medicine I feel asleep at daytime. what I can do now?
Blacking Out When Standing Up?
my lips are really chapped and i smoke alot but im quitting if i drink alot of water question?
If I can't work due to body problems will I have to pay for mandatory health insurance?
3 year old neice stops breathing for a few minutes and lips turn blue? eyes roll? ?
Doctors! is it possible to get weed out of your system?
falling asleep fast? ?
How often can i take Tylenol for period?
Any suggestions on how to fall asleep without popping a pill?
I can't sleep?!? Any advice?
combat vet looking to sleep at night?
sleep deprivation? whats the limit?
I dropped a can of corn on my big toe and it really hurts. Did i bruise the bone? Or just the toenail?
my tsh score is 0.04 and my t4 is 1.2?
What is the healthiest diet for people with type two diabetes and gives energy at same time...................?
hiv questions help please?
How do i know if i have herpies?
can you get an STD from booty shaking?
does (one minute cure book) really works?
Should i be worried? I need to know what it could be.?
can vampiers die of aids?
Me and my girlfriend were messing around.i had precum on my boxers i might have touched. After that i was worr?
Do I have Herpes?????????????
HIV..How long can infected person live?
Is HPV forever, like once you goes away does it come back again in the future?
Can I throw after an elbow fracture?
what percentage of americans get atleast one concussion during their lifetime?
what to do for a bruised heel?
How to get a bruise on my leg to go away?
I fell down a couple stairs and now my ankle and foot are hurting/swollen.....what could have happened?
My left wrist hurts when I bend it - I think I've damaged a carpal, need advice please ?
Skin under my eye vibrates.?
I am 13 and I have Achilles Tendonitis?
how to purposley sprain your ankle?
Small injury, possible bone damage?
Why do I have this knee pain?
What could my back pains be?
Cutting and self injuries?
Tore my meniscus, how can i exercise it so that it will heal faster?
I got in a really bad car accident and had the helicopter and all the icu... Disability?
Why does my heart get a sharp pain out of no where?
what is going to happen HELP FAST PLEASE!?
Hey guys. A few days ago, i hurt my knee, and I was just wondering if I got a growth plate fracture.#?
WHY does SCRACTHING relieve and ITCH?
what r the initial symptoms of someone suffering from celiac?
Itchy Legs???
On antibiotics since Monday and not any better?
i need a face mouisterizer for sensitive skin?
what other kind of childrens cold medicines can be taken with delsym cough medicine?
have you ever sufferer a disease more than one or 2 years? how did live that time ?
is there any cure for nasal polyp and nasal blockage due to allergy, except surgery?
Stress and Poor Diet question?
I need to ask this question. I had a cytoscopy 2 weeks ago for blood seen and unseen of and on in my urine for
cold for last 2 weeks still not gone?
underarm odor?
Do I have an ear infection or a blocked ear? Help.?
what if epilepsy treatment fails?
i have an out side fever that can be felt by hand but no scale is readn it i get 36.5 on thermometer?
Drops of red blood in stools?
i have sore kidneys?
What do you think?
i got this frequent urination sensation y is it so and irritation ?
my mum has arnold chiari syndrome i trying 2 find out what the average life expectancy is for people with this?
What could this be? is it Lupus?
How Many trips does one take on an average to the bathroom after drinking 2 litres of water?
ringing in my ears what could be causing it?
i'd like to know ..?
If a person has never been lactose intolerant are they capable of developing it later in life?
What could be the worst thing that woud happen to you if you decide not to take your medications for graves.?
Almost threw up while sleeping, help?
Bad taste in mouth after medicine?
Allergy shot site numbness lasting 2 weeks - can anyone tell me why?
blocked nose no mucus flow?
Could I be allergic to champange?
Temporary dementia from waking up in the middle of the night?
if you have a seizure does it mean you have epilepsy?
How to treat skin allergy immediately?
puffy eyes, please help?
Why do my seasonal allergy symptoms improve when I go outdoors?
Running nose, cough, Nasal blockage due to alergy. Name medicine without side effect or with least sideffect?
Do I have some sort of allergy?
What is the best allergy tablet?
How come i am sick constantly?
Dishwasher powder ingested?
gluten free ice cream cake?
Allergic reaction caused puffy eyes and lines under them?
Why does brown rice products make me sick?
our french bulldog has skin allergies . i don't want to keep him on prednisone and antibiotics.?
Why does my son's nose do this?
When i sneeze my musus(snot) is bloody and it is very runny out my nose. What is wrong with me?
sleeping in air conditioning?
How can I unclog my nose?
Can you be allergic to Red Grapes, but not allergic to White Grapes or vice versa?
Can I take whey protein even after being born with an allergy to cow's milk?
Strange off and on rash?
My mother used neutrogena powder make up and got some allergic reaction?
why do allergies make me suicidal?
is running nose to be tested for h1n1?
will this harm my eyes or blind me?
can eye vision can b improved laser eye surgery?
What is the best redness reliving eyes drops for someone wearing contacts.?
Glasses, can i get them for the 1st time without going to the eye doctor?
Eye-sight problem after cataract surgery.?
Look to your left, what do you see?
i want to get contacts but i wonder would they hurts if you put them in your eye of if you tak them out help!!?
Hi I have this layer of gunk in my eye?
Would I need to take the eye chart test twice? (10 points)?
Is it okay to wear eye makeup when you have pink eye?
what do you think about my eye color?
I am seeing blotches in my eye sight and i dont know what it is help me out?
Bright light in the corner of my eye?
How do i get rid of a droopy lid?
How to make the whites of my eye whiter?
i am nearsighted,if i get LASIK and get good vision, and later have children, will they have good vision also?
Can Wearing glasses correct your eyes?
How much are D&G Prescribed Glasses ?
Little white bump in eye?
whats this on my eye?
Colored contacts for dark eyes?
Are contacts supposed to be annoying in the beginning?
need to know of any travel restrictions after a cysts was removed from my brain?
Contact Lens Question?
intestinal pain when breathing?
Please help, im desperate.?
Does a back brace hurt to where cause i found out i have scoleliss and i have too get one?
Does this make you gain weight?.....?
is it possible for this to happen?
Potassium with aspirin? For better health?
Can i grow taller? I started puberty when i was 12 but, i haven't grown since I was 14.?
What is the average heart beats per minute?
Are there tablets to help stop breasfeeding?
Weird joint pain in my knees?
Signs of Blindness, plz help?
Developments in HealtCare Techonlogy?
Dizzy, tired, headaches??? Help!?
radiation sickness/poisoning?? please help?
Health Article Project, PLEASE HELP!?
Plz Help Me! I Am Depressed!?
is there methods to get rid of anxiety without meds?
Thank You Crossley for the advice! (forget about the question mark)?
Any Stories...................?
What Should I do? I need to lose as much weight as possible in 3 weeks!!!Help!!!?
My right ear gets swelled help me...?
How long does it take for a lit cigarette to burn out unsmoked?
I want to start running to tone up and lose fat!?
Am i sick, i went to soccer yesterday and well...?
Do I have a kidney stone???????
wats this disease called?
what are the causes of lupus?
i have no apetite , I feel full all the time, gas and stomach pain . What is it that i have?
I have ocasionally a severe stabbing like pain?
I need help with scoliosis.?
what does my 4 yr old child have?
Can you get a virus/disease from sharing food!?
Can using hand sanitizer get rid of threadworms eggs?
Question about the stomach virus?
what to do with baby whom is congested but no temperature?
is this appendicitis?
recovering from cold, getting hot/cold again?
What are some diseases in the nervous system?
Do i have strep throat ?
What causes your eye to turn pink with pink eye symptoms?
how to get better when you have the stomach flu?
When is a good time to go to the doctor?
Question about E-coli transmission?
I have a friend who hasn't eaten in 2 days way do I do?
Can you get another infection in your throat after you get your tonsils taken out?
Can bv cause pid?? plz help?
Is this a stye or what??
What does a high platlet and low red blood cell count mean?
What do you think this is?? Please help?
My doctor just called my mom saying I have low white blood cell count?
ok heart question PLEASE HELP EMERGENCY!?
can you send prescription medications to india?
LOW pulse during pregnancy?
Does the Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System only work is response to the decrease of blood pressure?
High blood pressure what can you eat and what can't you eat?
what is the term for vein + surgical fixation?
Does A Stress Echocardiogram show Pericardial Effusion?
Pacemakers.. Unforeseen complication / physical limitation?
How can I feel comfortable smoking pot again?
Coughing up white phlegm and tightening of chest, whats wrong with me?
does listening to music help unclog an ear?
Sleep Paralysis, is this what i have?
please help me??? asthma?
Costochondritis prognosis?
Bad cough for some time now?
Will an inhaler prevent wheezing?
hi, about 2 month ago I was taken into hospital with a suspected angina attack, i was kept in and put on aspr?
Ex smokers please help!?
Is it safe to smoke weed while on Synthroid?
what nursing management for tracheostomy is done?
how does a doctor tell if you have asthma and or allergies?
I was sick yesterday?
do i have a ear infection?
I am sick with c- def. the more days go by am weaker, and I have been to the emergancy 3 times what is next?
How to stop smoking before it "starts"?
trying to convince boyfriend that smoking marijuana is harmful for him..any advice?
Renal Tubular Acidosis?
10 pts. Could I have been exposed to asbestos? Expert advice is needed!?
my cat is breathing rapidly he is 16?
My poo started moving and claimed he was Mr. Hankey. Help!?
STD testing?! questions please.?
Does a blood test show hiv or stds?
HVC boreder line.plz help me about this.?
red bump on thigh...what could it be?
Will i be tested. Please answer?
Does an Arm abcess mean you have hiv?
Can you get herpes inside your rectum?
I can't seem to function without an anti-depressant?
Is there a form of autism so mild...?
Have you guys heared....?
What do OCD medications do?
can you take daynurse on an empty stomach?
Is OCD hereditary?
Antibiotic and antiseptic?
Non vestibular balance disorders?
what is everyday life like with hemophilia? what is the quality of life?
I really want to commit suicide but I don't really feel depressed?
What are good books for overcoming anger issues?
I don't have much self confidence. How can I fix that?
Muscle Twitches in exact same spot?
Psychiatric hospitals & technology?
how to keep a girl from suicide?
Question about eating disorders? :)?
I'm Having A Lot Of Trouble Sleeping After This Happened. Can You Help Me Please?
Anxiety weird feelings?
Does accutane have side effects?
Is there a cheap cream that can reduce the sign of scars and dark skin?
Blocked ear?!Please help im freaking out!!?
Lice Help! Urgent ! Desprite !!!!!?
What do you think are pharmaraceutical companies main objective?
stretch marks across my back?
why do i sometimes feel an irritating itch all over my body on my skin when i feel warm?
Are my hands itching due to nerve damage?
If i exercise regularly and weigh 165lbs how long should it take to get THC out of my system?
Can you give me some tips for better sleep at night?
my friend smoked weed and now he has a check up wht should he do?
urgent question, hubby being rushed to hospital?
Tips on how to get to sleep?
how to get rid of dandruff fast?
Is this normal??????
Why do my legs hurt really bad when I try to sleep and how can i fix it?
for a while now ive been real itchy?
Where can I get a PT/PTT and CBC blood test done?
how can i sleep w/o taking pills?
zeno heat treat? how long does it take to work?
Do guys care if a girl as acne and other skin disease?
Is this bleeding from your mouth something bad ?
i have a 6 yr old tat thats breaking out in itchy red feverish bumps ,what is it and y is it doing it now?
What ate my finger prints?
what am I lacking in this?
I'm always cold. Any suggestions as to why?
What are the syptoms of dehydration.?
When I eat certain foods, my palms, face, and neck areas starts to itch. Does anyone know why is that?
how do you get rid of chest acne without popping it?
How do I quit smoking immediately?
Im eleven and i want to find out how to get sick so i can have sleep?
Why do i get sick when I eat certain foods like eggs, bologna, beef?
i have a swollen eye its been like that for about 3 days now. any ideas on whats wrong?
please some one give me some advice?
I feel tired all the time and nothing helps?
Oh great... I have dark circles around my eyes now. I think it's from lack of sleep. What do I do?
The left side of my tongue hurts?
Wise to be a doctor in comings years?
My chest goes tight when I breath in, so it literally hurts. What could be wrong?
Flu Shot Pain- Can it be nerve damage?
How do I get a rheumatologist to help me?
pins and needles all over my body! please help?
Why do i still get pain months after surgery ?
Heartburn after Gallbladder Removal?
I've just taken 2 Paracetamol and then taken 1 Co Codamol after. Will i be alright? Im shaking a little bit.?
people who had cold sores and used abreva?
Child obecity?
will albuterol sulfate test positive for methamphetamines?
I suffer with snoring,and heard about "Snoremender"?
primary complex?
do i have alcohol poison?
Novahistex DH Cough Syrup? Any one ever take??
Why is under your eye black?
my son was in a slight altercation with his snowmobile, and got some bruseing. He has a muscular build, 5'8" 1
What are the consequences/ side effects of child obesity?
What is wrong with me?
Can any1 tell me what a suspected bile duct stones are?
wat r signs that acne is ended now?
is there bad water quality in the taiga?
Cant stop talking on the phone, need help!!!!?
how do you get rid of cellular light?
how does ecstasy affect a person's health and life?
what are some types of harmful bacteria?
i have these weird thing on my tongue...?
exercise and tone up for the USMC it'd be nice to lose a few pounds.?
whats it mean if my temp. is?
Why do some antidepressants make people suicidal?
what valves drain the stomach?
Are dairy products bad for your skin ?
Possible eating disorder? Why can't I ever get enough to eat? Why do I also crave healthy food?
Multivitamin and biotin?? For a 17 year old girl?
How long are arms that are considered long , if my arms are 27 inches from my shoulder to my middle finger is?
Why is my shoulder tingling?
shareing drinks???????????????????????????????/?
do i have a deviated septum ? with pictures?
how tall will i be when i grow up?
Coughing with massive headaches, plz HELP!!!!?
Curved Xiphoid Process?
What are the organs of the digestive system?
Why do people need towels and blankets after seizures?
which of our muscles works to help mix our food,filter out germs,?
My left hand itches, what does that mean?
what do you consider bad allergies?
Is it a cold or allergies?
How much (approx.) is a penicillin allergy test? Can I get it at a family Dr, or is it w/ an allergist only?
Been blowing nose for months now?
Help recurring sinus infections ----> ?
Whats wrong with my eyes, and how can I fix this problem?
Reoccuring Pneumonia, sinus and bronchial infections...?
my kitten has a real bad cold mouth crusted over and eyes and nose help?
can mold kill a person?
which is best milk for cereal--health and taste?
What are symptoms of Black Pepper allergy's?
How do i know if my allergies are related to my puppy?
WHAT DOES SNOT DO for the me?
allergic to the COLD???!?!?
Every time 4 year old holds our cat he breaks out in hives on his face or chest. Solutions?
my mom's tongue is swollen from an allergic reaction to ultram, what can she take to counter react to this?
What do I have!!!! Somebody who noes about being sick?
i have a rash on my hand ? what is it?
My ears have been plugged for two weeks due to a cold or allergies, when will it go away?
Sinus allergy medication: seggest a good one...?
i gave my dog herpes, what do i do?
how long would it take for a disease to kick in like herpes or something?
Can my friend take my urine test for me?
HIV Oral test. How accurate is that?
can hpv be spread through a toilet seat? please help me?
Peeing sensation will not go away..?
can one be diagnosed with aids after death?
how do i cure diverticulitis?
gabapentin used for mentile heath?
I was diagnosed with kidney stones?
Lupus-chronic fevers-how high is too high?
I weight 127 lbs and i just took 6 xanax. answers asap?
Is this an illness or just a random thing?
i have ocd, how can i stop it without medicine ?
Are these bumps on my tendons scar tissue or does everyone have them?
high thyroid peroxidine antibodies?
Anyone ever had a broken/ bruised finger?
ankle injury help me please?
frequent urination after drinking coffee?
Hi. I got this rash on my neck about a month or more ago.. every were the rash was it left a scar on my neck..?
Help! Shoulder Blade Pain?
Neck injury when stretching?
Cures for sweaty hands?
I burned my throat drinking HOT coco?
I got my tongue pierced about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it's still a little swollen. Not sore. Should I be worried?
Foot Injury? What Could It Be?
What is Colt McCoy's diagnosis and prognosis of his shoulder injury he sustained in the BCS game.?
I'm sooo freaking out!!! Is this normal?!?
My hip joint is in pain. What's the fastest way for me to recover?
does weight bearing promote bone healing?
How do I know if my toe is sprained or broken?
Did i do more damage to my knee than i though?
i broke my finger 15 weeks ago and it still hurts why?
Symphoms of clogged brain arteries?
should this bruise still be this bad?
urinating problem...please help?
I gave my son 2 1/2 1 tablespoon of benedryl instead of 1 teaspoon what should I do?
what is the word root of kidney?
I was fired as a cna cause a nurse said i pushed a pt into the wall.that did not happen.should i fight it?
Bruised foot and hurts to walk on?
my finger is still swollen?
How to get rid of a scar?
Do I have a UTI?
Did I have a seizure?
Swollen neck lymph gland...?
What to do about numb fingers?
I stapled my hand and theres lots of blood!!!!?
Broken or sprained ankle/foot?
general pain below knee adove ankle?
Why do i have chills all the time?
Is it possible for this to happen?
tapeworms for losing weight?
Causes of recurring ear infections in toddlers?
Is HIV the cause of AIDS?
Do I have food poisoning?
Will abreva help prevent a HSV-2 outbreak, below the waist? In addition to accyclovir, what else will help?!?
Am I too old to get my tonsils removed?
How can you get hypothermia without being out in the cold or in a cold environment?
How cant you get hep c?
Can I drink fermented milk when having Mononucleosis (Epstein Barr virus)?
What are the signs of recovery from UTI?
Being active after throwing up?
Is it possible that if I don't treat this UTI i cannot bear a child?
What are the chances of me getting lou gehrigs diesease(ALS)?
how can i get a fever??or how can i get medical leave...?
How sick have you ever been?
plz help!! i have an ear-infection and i went to the doc, and he gave me a couple of things, and one of them?
help i need alot of answers ive been undiagnosed since 3 yrs now but the doctors cant diagnose me ,but say im?
Why do i have chest pain, and servere breathing issues while using a 'vpap" Servo for mixed sleep apena ?
Can I swim with Pneumonia?
I Swallowed A Bobby Pin?
my findings on my x-ray was prominence of bronchovascular markings what does it mean?
is it possible that taking antibiotics for bronchitis or the cold can cause a relapse of the same ailment?
My asthma has been getting really bad lately?
what is my condition?
my 9 year old always feeling sick?
Any alternative sleep apnea treatment?
Does this sound like asthma or what could it be?
why do i yawn every second even when i am not tired?
is this a sinus headache? or sinus related?
question about an anitbiotics called cipro?
Quiting smoking is driving me crazy.....?
Cough for three weeks but not sick?
Any tips to someone who suffers from "FAMILIAL MEDITERRANEAN FEVER"?
What's an Immune System?
took a 4 year old puffer 2 days ago and now my chest and esophogus hurts!?
What to do for ankle tendinitis?
Contact lense solution?
My dad has high eye pressure is that bad?
What Should I Do With My Eye?
Computer glasses for people who don't wear glasses?
Should this be happening to me?
Prescription glasses?
How long can Contact Solution last in a case without going "bad" ?
should I get glasses or contacts?
I took my new contact lenses off a while ago, but my left eye hurts, why?
I am 63 and would like to know if it is safe for my eyes to use the internet for about 10 hours a day. I have?
how much is it the laser surgery for eye floaters and flashes?
Should I be concerned?? I have a dark spot/shadow that I can see out of the corner of my right eye?
Non-Presciption Glasses?
This is a health question please answer.?
One pupil larger than the other?
How do you get more awake looking eyes?
Can I get some clear, colored, contacts?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
What is wrong with my eye/eyelid?
Why are my eyes blurring all of a sudden?
is laser eye surgery good for you? if you have had it done have you experienced any side effects?
What is the process to getting your eyes dilluted?
What color is my eye?! This needs to be settled (Picture link)?
What steps should I use first for acne?
i have white in the back of my tounge and there are also some bumps...?
what's a natural way to rid yourself from a headache?
Warts?!?! Please Help!!?
How old do you need to be to get stretch mark laser removal?
itchy spots around my body?
how to get rid of acne scars 100%?
Can you get a heat rash during winter time?
How do you get rid of acne in the fastest possible way?
How can you get rid of back acne?
I've got these weird scabbish spots on my arm(s)?
Do lemons actually help with acne scars?
Chest Acne? How to cure it?
My son has a ringworm spot on his scalp. My son is African American, what can he use to get rid/stop it?
small bite like bumps on dogs skin?
Does anyone know if Red Clover oil is harmful if put all over hands and left on for hours?
Which is better? Exposed acne system or zenmed ?
What is this strange rash?
Hi all.. I am 20 years of age and have all sorts of problems with bad acne.?
what does "symptoms of withdrawl" mean?
have Bronchitis on the verge of pnemonia, now coughing up blood and have blood in stool. Should I be worried?
i have weird small blister-like things on my hands?
can someone help me find...?
court cases involving skull fractures?
Sleeping with mouth open... HELP!!!!?
how can i fix the skin peeling thats right under my nail?
hi mine is oily face and my friend suggest to use proactive.Does it suits me?or anyone suggest me some product
Numbing for skin?
Why is the cough so important when being removed from a ventilator machine?
Snore problem and little sleep. Help!!?
i'm feeling sick..?
i havea lisp...few questions :)?
electrolytes anyone no anything about it?
Anyone on here have any medical knowledge?
Do I have a bomb in my body?
I hit my head an hour ago ... can i sleep?
Don't know what to do about school tomorrow - Extremely Unwell?
Feels like someone is touching me?
Feeling strange...unusual?
What could be making me so itchy?
Can't stay asleep, any ideas what it could be?
sick please please if u could answer would be nice?
I can't wake up, I'm hot, hungry and nauseated?
why do my hands do this?
I am pregnant and I have a really bad headache can I take tylenol PM , I am 5 months?
Please answer! i'm very scared!?
What can I use to get this mucus to go away? Home remedy? ?
I've just quit cannabis, It's been a month (in 3 days) since I last smoked, would I be able to..?
How can i fall asleep!?
When should start to worry about headaches? :(?
bulimic for over a year, shouldn't i be in the hospital?
help iv had no sleep?
EAR infection in left ear. CANT HEAR out of it!!! how can i clear my ear?!??!?
what to do for my sleep coursework?
I have this weird pain in my stomach?
What can cause a mild constant headache?
illnesses involving vertigo?
Why do I have insomnia all of a sudden?
Do you have low iron? if so whats your iron level?
Are there generic equivalents for ALL brand name drugs?
Why is the lymph node in my neck swollen?
what is autism?
how can i fix gastritis?
Iron Pills?
Scoliosis and pinched nerve 28 years later?
Friend carved into my friends skin with an unsanitized knife could that be dangerous could it get infected?
Why can I feel and hear my stomach gurgle all the time?
Autism !!! Why and/or how is this is happening? I believe that it's a combo of bio. and enviro. factors!?
Why is it that when I...?
been feeling sick all day am i gonna be sick?
Help me find a website that...?
Does my baby have pink eye?
My leg is constantly swelling and giving out. It always hurts to the point of tears. no one can find a cause?
Mercury light bulbs were broken?
Why would I have hair on my elbow after surgey?
Help what could this be?
what are reasons to cut urself?
Female to Male, Can anyone help?
Difference between A.D.D medications?
Is it bad to go to a funeral while having a cold?
Sleeping too much... I want less sleep?
can i get some help please?
How can I get air bubbles out of my hand sanitizer?
White mucous in stool, after weeks of cold symptoms?
i have sweating issues, help?
what cause bad cholester?
Research on positive attitudes and health outcomes - prevention of disease, survival, etc?
My 5 year old brother has a low white blood count & can't even walk because he claims his calves hurt...?
To protect the crab population, lawmakers prevent crabbers from fishing crabs that are too small ?
accurate over the counter std testing?
HIV how long can person live?
Do i have herpes, please help me?
how can midwives tell you have an outbreak of herpes when they check your cervix?
How can I increase my immunity to Lip Herpes (hsv1)?
Clear urine after trying to flush out UTI using water?
I was just prescribed prevacid can I take more than one a day ?
Can you find out if you have Ascites through a blood test?
Is this an almond allergy?
am i allergic to plasters?
I just got retested for allergies by a RAST test. Results went from 443 to 2443.?
my turtle has swollen eyes and it wont eat got any cures.??
I have a severe nut allergy, can I drink beer?
3 month english bulldog with mucus from nose and phlem when caughing is this a big concern.?
is there a substitute for contact solution?
could my boyfriend have an alergic reaction to me?
completely lost voice and red eyes?
Do People With cat allergies have the same with dogs?
Do i have a big nose??
child skin asthma pictures?
I need allergy advice, I've never had allergies like this?
itcy throat and wuts causing it??? and how can i help it also itch nose?
Am I allergic to my work??
Is there any way for me to make a "homeade humidifier" to keep the air in my room moist?
Anybody, especially in NW USA, experiencing seasonal allergies already?
My little girl keeps gettin nose bleeds.?
testing the severeity of an allergy?
what should i do with my gluten free problem?
dizziness accompanied by temporary partial blindness?
I have all of the symptom's for crohn's disease but the Drs. don't think I have it....what kind of questions s?
Topamax questions....
did i have a panic attack
Can swollen lymph glands from mono cause a stroke?
incense burning and cigarettes?
why does my throat get sore if i sleep with my head under the blankets?
i think i have OCD, or something?
how to tell if your kid is bypolar?
why are my hands shaking?
cant stop my nausea?
16 yr old - how to lower fever?
Is anybody a doctor??
Why do I get frequent cold sores, and a frequent sore throat as if I'm getting a cold, but no cold present?
SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME!! PLEASE HELP?? anyone's input is welcomed?
what can I eat when I have a peptic ulcer?
can you get blood poisning if you pierce your below your lip with a thumbtack?
My eyelid suddenly got swollen? ?
Why does this feel so intense?
Why did the nurse ask me this off-the-wall question?
What to do about white tongue?
Excessive Daydreaming ? Help NEEDED !?
i think my friends depressed?
depression or seasonal affective disorder?
Would lack of sleep or emotional stress cause frequent head rushes?
I have conjunctivitis and..?
How dangerous is a yeast infection?
Urine Test Report is it normal ...?
boddyy feels warm but im cold..what does this mean?
Am I at risk for being infected with Hepatitis B?
wat disease can u get 4rm kissing?
Will my dad die from lymes disease?
Is there anything i can eat tht wont make me throw up, i have the stomache flu?
Mucus in throat with chunks?! ?
when should I see the doctor- is it the seasonal 'bug' or something worse?
Food poisoning or Stomach bug?
Could I have an ear infection?
Sick for along time! Help please!?
how can science and music help cure diseases?
how do i get rid of this sickness!??! plz!?
Is this bad for you?.... I'm worried?
A Question about HIV?
if you have a urinary tract infection and cant go to a dr, what should u do?
sore throat and spotty tonsils.?
Will I catch a cold soon?
something like mono, or possibly mono.. what do you think?
what is the best way to reduce redness of sunburn?
I need to get better. I am in pain. I need to love myself.?
What's the cause of a terrible headache?
Will UVc kill dust mites?
mono...how do you tell if you got it, or if you got something else?
What's the best/fastest way to flush impurties out from your bloodstream?
I have a sharp pain in my right side on my back under my ribcage.?
how to calculate incidence?
Why do they call it a spinal compression "fracture"? In what sense is it a fracture?
I used Bigen on my goatee and mustache. I used it plenty of tim before and now i just had an allergic reaction
enumerate some sites of cancer.?
Back pain? Still? Please, help:?
Maybe Mono?
Can you get paralyzed By piercing your cartilage?
In the wars or conflicts that are currently occurring in the world today. Is disease still a problem?
can pain make you dizzy or feel nauseous?
when i get cold (start to shiver) my chest gets EXTREME pain?
what is a diaphram?
Brusing on my legs? Pregnant?
SERIOUS brain tumor questions. (About pupils and headaches)?
How can i stop cracking my knuckles? I hate it.?
Serotone 5HTP suppress or increase libido?
thorn and torn what should i do!?
Medcial Coding CCA EXAM?
Wondering if any prescription drugs sold by WalMart in USA are manufactured in China?
stomach hurts bad !!!!?
EMO :O BLAH i need help?
Wat can I do????????
Throwing up black chunks?
What happened when i was with my gf?
Piercing healing time?
how much nicotine/many cigarettes?
does Gyming Weakns Brain!?
Wierd red/bloody mucus?
i hurt my eye iris with a stick?? what effects can this have?
what is the drug test patch?
Who Help Me For My Porfiria?
Has anyone had C-5 surgery for cervical herniation.?
how do you treat a swolen glan?
My dog has Myasthenia Gravis as well as a Megaesophagus. He always looks so sad :( how can i cheer him up?
Possible Chest Cold, Should I See A Doctor?
is Naphazoline Hydrochloride an antihistamine?
how long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?
Can I still whisper without vocal chords?
Do I have a sleeping condition?
children coughing after sumerging in the pool?
Tinnitus or middle ear infection or both?
Why do the pulmonary vessels not function in the foetus pig?
throwing clot of blood 5days after tonsellectomy,tonsil removal?
Can my chest pain be from stress?
what causes people to hyperventilate?
Sometimes it hurts to breathe?
how long does dehydration last?
Breathed fire lasts night - lungs hurt SO bad today!!! Am I in danger - what should I do? ::?
dog has asthma attacks?
Lobectomy?? Any previous experiences?
Lung Cancer Research Paper-questions?
How do you tell someone their breathe smells without being mean?
Oily skin? or Dry? or Combo? or What?
I Have Dark Spots On The Bottom Of My Stomach?
I have an incoming cold sore. HOW CAN I GET RID OF IT BEFORE IT GETS BIGGER?
What Can Cause Petechiae When Your CBC/Platelets Are Normal?
Third toe on right foot swollen?
can eczema allergy's to dogs be treated?
Cold hands and feet in the winter?
Getting rid of a whitehead?
I have a bump the size of a dime on the left top side of my head?
I have this big red ring on my face that wont go away ?
My face is swollen and I have no idea why?
how do you get rid of kankles?
I've got itchy red blotches on my Chest and neck, Whats going on?
What to do? My friend has very bad body odor.?
Whats the best over the counter acne cleanser?
will waxing instead of shaving remove dark skin around my bikini line?
Being on accutane? Help!?
do you have to be u.s citizen to have a cannabis card?
How many sleep aids can I take?
Can I call my doctor and have him add Marinol to my perscription?
Whut can I do to make my brain smarter n tink better?
how long drugs last..........?
Does anyone have any medtech questions I could use to test a Medtech person?
How long does it take to know you have aids?
Where can I find help for my parents??
Is there any way to cure food poisioning or is the best way just to wait it out. Please respond ASAP.?
why does my chest turn beat red when im nervous??
where can i find a turner's syndrome pedigree?
what kinda sickness can this be?
Yesterday at work I began feeling sick. what could this be?
why do we have to go to the doctor and get shots?
Vocal Cords and Acid Reflux - Please Help !?
my cat has a lump in her throat and is losing weight. Is this cancer? And what can I do about it?
Can you have 20/20 vision and be slightly short sighted?
does cardio kill cancer cells help iv fallen and cant get up!! joking please help?
Diabetic snack after breakfest?
do stomach ulcers show up on stool test?
I've been having some knee problems, it has been filled with fluid, cracking, pain, and swelling any ideas?
Help cure my acid relux/GERD?
I'm 14, and I think my fingers aren't working as well as they used too. What could it be?
Why does half of my hand feel like it's asleep?
Why does my stomach hurts...?
Is my dizziness.....................?
I'm having some weird symptoms. What could be wrong?
I'm losing my eyesight?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Can Bulimia be the cause?
i have a boyfriend with mrsa. will i get infected if he kisses me? oh yeah i just got my wisdom teeth pulled ?
I have the flu and I was wondering if Its ok to leave the house?
Ear ringing and pressure on my head?
What will happen to a 65 year old man who does not take bath after passing stool?
is it ibs or something else?
Do I have hypothyroidism?
Worried about Gallbladder?
What is my speech impairment called?
okays, eating disorder. READ.?
My husband has lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks mostly muscle all the test show nothing can you help?
60 year old female is feeling her heart beat (52 bpm) in chest. Full cardiac workup in June was great - Worry?
what are the symptoms of coronary artery disease?
proper blood pressure technique?
Kinisiology major! CSULB/CSUF?
Child is sick and throwing up in the mornings.?
I sleep so much time in 24 hours. How can i enless it?
Is there a reason for almost passing out? I feel really queasy, kind of dizzy and not sure whats going on.?
Should I take my wife to the hospital?
if i didnt have eyelids, could i still sleep?
why are my hands freezing ALL the time?
are the electric blanket safe?
At 16 years old can I see my doctor without my mother?
Is it mandatory that schizophrenics are institutionalized?
Tricks to go to sleep?
is drinking hot tea in the morning good for your bowels?
can cigarettes come out in pee test?
which is better for falling alseep fast and is very comfy too. a memory foam or sleep number matress?
Cant go to sleep?>>>>?
Does Hyp-notism work?
Tingling in my fingers?
Plllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee hhheeelllppp meetees!!!!!?!?!!?
I feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time and the doctors don't understand...?
my eye just star turn red yy?
I want to buy colored contacts but am trying to figure out what kind to buy?
how can i get off this computer!!!?
Eye contact question?
Could my recent double vision be due to just needing the prescription changed for my glasses?
How do you put in contacts?
What lenses are available for BC 8.7 Dia 14.5 Sph -6.0 Rt Eye -4.25 Left Eye Cyl -2.25 Axis 40 Rt Eye 160 Left?
Where is the best place to get colored contacts?
blurry vision with new glasses?
what if you fall asleep with your contacts is and when you wake up you cant find one?
I need cheap colored contacts?
do i need distance glasses ..?
small particle stuck in my eye?
is our eye lenses convex or concave or biconcave?
whats wrong with my eye?!?
where to get unprescribed contacts?
why are my eyes so dialated?
I have colored eyes and all of a sudden i cant see at all outside.what can i do?
my girlfriend wants to know.. eye vision?
Why cant i see anything?
eye contacts problem. help?
Why is red-green color blindness more common?
got lysol spray in my eye?
i slept with my non prescription contacts on, and now my eyes hurt?
been havin' swallowin' problems lately?
could i get aids from this?
how to get rid of lice?
Help! Will I get food poisoning?!?
If your vargina hole gets ripped can it get infected and what happens if it's untreated?
I need a home remedy for Mange for my pittbull!!?
if a thalassemia major patient married a normal guy, what kind of kids would they get?
How long before cipro takes affect for my UTI. I started the first dose Christmas Eve. It's been two days.?
Should you use the bathroom if you have hemorroids?
Is this a staph infection or a cold sore?
I drank a whole can a four loko i threw up and the next day my pelvic area starts aching do you know why?
Will I be okay if I just do this?
Whats good for a 9 month old for a sore throat?
My stomach is runs and make a sound every minutes. I dont have dirrhoea. Smoking a lots stop dirrhoea in HIV ?
I need a way to prevent the flu ASAP?
why i have lots of yellowish discharge and it makes me itchy?
Can we intramuscularly inject Vitamin K on the DELTOID MUSCLE in infants?
is there any possibilities that a chronic carrier of hepa b will recover without medication?
Pharmacists often prefer granules over powders because granules?
have an ear infection still?
Would a MRI detect low bone density?
passing at home drug test?
Strange colored transforming growth.?
Why do people grind their teeth at night? Is it caused by stress?
AHHHH! I need help! please!?
how long does celexa stay in your system?
okay can someone help me out with this?
I have aniexty attacks and i dont know why. they normally happen at night and when i am tired...any idea why?
Where can I find an argus BCBS form?
lately when i eat i feel like i cant swallow,,and when i do i feel like ima throw up..?
will i pass a urine marijuana test?
Is anemia genetic? what are the chances i will get it if my dad has it?
could my nose be broken?
Is my labret infected?
Ethics In Plastic Surgeries?
This morning I woke up and felt.....?
I need help with my medical homework? *~Drug lable and prescription~*?
i have tingling in my head face and lightheadedness and icey/burning in my head docs act like its no big deal?
im sick question about me?
what hospital besides usc can i go for emergency care if i do not have medical insurance?
bad taste in mouth nott bad breathe what could cause it?
Why can my husband eat cheese, sour cream and yogurt with no issue but can't tolerate milk or ice cream?
Baby allergic to cat?
interim ringing in ears?
Peaches, Strawberry + Kiwi mixed together, my tongue feels funny now?
My throat feels swore, but I am not sick?
what are the sympthoms of wheat allergies?
How do you cure a stuff nose?
how to make Benadryl go away?
Frequent headaches, nosebleeds, and tiredness. What could this mean?
can i take claritin and benadryl?
my son is very alergic to cats and my grandmas cat just died. what do i do so my son can sleep over her house?
Allergies or something else?
ranitidime hcl used for?
i think i am allergic to some lotions/soaps ?
How come I get nose bleeds on Friday?
Why is it every time I pick my nose 15minutes later its full again? PLEASE HELP ME?
My nose and its problems?
Dry nose, and dry throat cures?
what is my cat allergic to?
why i get spring allergies?
What are these red itchy dots on my hands?
my friend wants to know how do you get rid of allergies.?
I have a terrible rash that appeared after an appendectomy?
how soon can a doctor tell if one has mono?