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Ovarian cysts? Does this sound right?
A question about cancer? Radiation?
is cancer genetic?
if i get hit in the breast will i get breast cancer?
why do hickies feel so good?
Have osteoarthritis of the hands. Play golf. Will soaking in w-d 40 help? Does w-d 40 contain Benzene?
What is the most common cancer in teenagers?
Can women give cervical cancer 2 guys?
Hodgkin's Lymphoma, how long can my husband live with this disease? Who's experienced it out there?
Should i go to the doctors?
What is the best tobacco-free chew alternative?
Did you read that CT scans put ADULTS & CHILDREN AT RISK I read that on a UPRIGHT_MRI search?
What would cause uncontrolled bowel movements in a 9 year old boy?
HELP!!!!! do i have nose cancer?
PLZ HELP-When is my HAIR supposed to FALL OUT during chemotherapy-thx?
Cancer vaccines I saw on CNN news that it was said by the year 2015 they would have most forms of them?
Does using constant use of deodorant cause cancer?
Do i have a Brain Tumor?
Hair loss, doctors stumped, daughter has it too!?
Are there any cures, treatment, and prevention of Lung Cancer?
Is it true having kids before 30 avoids breast cancer?
Cure for breast cancer in 2 years?
Does your family history affect how likely you are to get cancer from smoking?
how would hiding the cure for cancer benefit us in any way?
when donating blood what do they test for?
I just found out my Grandmomma has pancreatic cancer and I'm wondering how long she has left?
can a 14 year old get skin cancer?
Can't find the words for a friend who's mom might not live through the night, Cancer...?
what is the chance of survival of stage 4 cancer patient who is vomitting bec he no longer can take the chemo?
My girlfriend has a cancer. Should I withdraw from college?
i have just been diagnosed w/ prostate cancer stage T1c, gleason score 6 psa 3. All 12 biopsy sticks had ?
lump in breast and arm pit?
is there any proper and guranteed treatment for 4th stage cancer of pancreas,other than allopathy system ?
how many people in 100 have cancer in america?
I need a slogan !!!!!!?
if you have bone cancer would it show up inr your somplete blood count???????? or only in like mris?
Random question about smoking?
What color of blood & stool is accosiated with colon cancer.?
what does it feel like to have cancer?
my dad had chemo treatments?
Oral Cancer Contagious?
Gaining wait after being told I have breast cancer.?
Becoming a non smoker?
cancer and shaving my head?
Colon cancer that has went into the Liver?
Would You rather Die of a bad car crash,Aids,or a bad Cancer?
i'm 13 and i have lumps in my left breast and the breast is quite hard, the right one was hard the other day?
what is cancer?
I found out about my breast cancer gene?
SMOKERS Can you tell me why...?
hard spots in my breast?
Would parental consent change the rules?
What are some signs that tell you that you have breast cancer?
I am the mother of a 27 year old daughter with possible breast cancer how to cope with this?
My best friend has been diagnosed with colon cancer and a secondary on her liver. What now?
Please help! What could a painless swollen lymph node be caused by?
Is smoking (on average) 5 cigars a year unhealthy?
Radio active seeds....why not for everyone?
Can licking foil cause cancer?
Can cancer be spread if someone who had it spit into my eye?
can a person catch cancer from a person who has cancer?
why do they inject ink into your brain?
can teenagers get ovarian cancer?
Could a cancer patient still donate body organs?
i am so scared right now...?
I may have breast cancer, how do I tell?
I know this is a gross queston, but my mom want go to the doctor and she has a hole in her side.?
I smoke 1 or 2 cigars a week. Will I experience any negative health effects?
how do you prevent accidents and cancer and how do you live to be 100?
blood cancer?
Medical question!?
what ways do people with lung cancer body looks inside and out?
I am having a Breast MRI because there are cancer cells in a small lump in my breast.?
i have a cold/flu. and I have to go for chemo therapy this morning, would that be a problem?
should i have knots in my breasts or is it muscle?
What is something good to take a person who is in the hospital and just found out they have cancer?
Can you starve cancer cells to death ?
A friend, still lucid, has a tumor, brain cancer, and is given 2 weeks to 2 months. What to expect?
are cell phones and computers contributing to the rise in cancer?
Swollen lymph nodes in neck and under chin for almost a year now, sometimes feel pressure when i bend over?
How to cure a person that has a liver cancer or hepatoma?
Is there a way to get cancer quickly?
Do I have breast cancer? Help?
Cancer runs in my family, what can I do to protect myself?
my mom is a breast cancer survivor. however, recently she has accumulated fluid on her lungs.?
.:::.>Apricot seeds?<.:::.?
im so scared. i might have eye cancer?????
Girl cancer check when 13 ?
If diagnosed with non-hotchkins lymphoma, detected in bone marrow, is it a short life span?
20 year old with lumps in my breasts?
what else can a lump be besides cancer?
What's the cure for cancer?
any 1 know effect of dexamethasone as antiemittic action?
What is the typical rule for pre-existing conditions (like cancer) when obtaining life insurance?
Question about cancer treatment?
What foods can I eat to prevent cancer?
Has anyone got the Ovarian Cancer vaccination yet?
chemotherapy questions?
should i dip(tobacco) longcut with braces?
What is stage 4 in a cancer patient?
what category does lung cancer fall into?
How likely is it for someone to survive breast cancer?
what are things or jokes you could say to cancer patients?
Sudden growth of hair on husband's back -- what could it be?
About 90% of all cancers are caused by?
Hi, Is anyone can help me to answer my question?
I'm only 20 ... could it really be colon cancer?
worried about my fathers health any advice please?
Swollen lymph nodes in neck, underarm & groin?
should you tell your boyfriend your dad is dying of cancer?
can i take a sleeping pill while doing chemo?
how long does it generally take for precancer to turn into cancer?
Whats worse chewing tobacco or cigaretts?
What do you think cancer can be cured completely and without medicine?
is breast cancer genetic?
If you were diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer would you take chemo and radiation, and why?
Does smokint pot cause cancer in your liver and stomach if you do it daily?
If weed is so bad why do doctors give it to their patients who are going through cancer or something?
Generally, do cancer patients need to stay in the hospital?
what to get as gift for someone with stomach cancer, early stage?
is my mum going to die?
Should i examine myself? I'm 15 & have a close history of breast cancer in my family.?
If the cervical cancer screening age was 20 instead of 25 would jade goody still be alive?
i love the love of my life to cancer and now i am depressed.?
Will an MRI of the neck detect esophageal cancer?
Where can lung cancer spread to?
My Parents wont tell me?
cigarettes = death, ??? t/f ?
Is there a cure for Cancer?
is it safe to have relation with a cancer patient? to kiss him/her and sleep in bed?
breast cancer?
I'm 15 and I found a lump in my areola?
What, exactly, are cancerous cells?
I just took my second chemo treatment and I feel miserable.?
back pain and cancer?
Cancer Donations?
life or death situation?
Who thinks that they have a cure for cancer?
can lung cancer be identified through Xray ?
Dr. found hi risk HPV 4 mos. ago. This was 1st pap in 7 yrs. I've no insuranc. I'm miserable when will I die?
can cancer go untreated?
If a person has cancer, is it true they can't have any diary products?
what is hipatites? what kind blood test need to know about it?
can ear infections get my lymph nodes swollen?
what are the side effects of Kimo Therapy ?
Will Chemo Therapy Hurt for a 14 yr old girl?
what do you think would be your reaction if you found out you had cancer?
can i get cancer if people in my family had it?
Do u think cancer runs in family ? ASAP?
do you know anyone who?
i'm having a biopsy done on both breast?
what is the best advice you can give to quit smoking?
can someone tell what are the symptoms of breast cancer?
Is there a lung cancer charity?
How does lung cancer spread to the hip?
Could a round lump near jaw/ sub mandibular area that grows and shrinks be cancer/ tumor? It's been there 5 ye?
what is the life expectancy for a 76 year old with acute leukemia?
is it possible for me to get cancer?coz my family,relatives die at cancer..is it?
Could I Have Cancer? Or Am I Freaking Out Too Much?
My friend has cancer, what now?
Is smoking cigarettes a good retirement plan?
Can cigarette smoking cause breast cancer?
if i cough up blood does it mean i have cancer?
i think my mom has breast caner but she wont tell me the truth. what do i do?
how does tabacco effect the smoker?
Anyone with breast cancer had it spread to the brain?
Cervical Cancer?...........?
what should u do if u saw a messages to ur husband cellphone sent to other girl like,my love i miss u.?
Ovarian Cancer without medical Insurance!!! Please what can be done?
Brain Stem Cancer, is there a cure?
Could I have throat cancer at 14?
Does the government really wanna find a cure for cancer? They will lose alot of money?
Do I have Leukemia or just anemic?
If I wear a bra to bed, will I get Cancer?
exist a vaccin against the cancer?
Can I have cancer and not get sick?
I think im dying of cancer at age 22 and its my fault. How do i tell my family i am so scared to.?
When is enough enough?
How should I prepare for my husband's chemo tomorrow?
does it necessarily means that if you got anexplaine bruises you alredy have acancer or leukemia?
How long does it take to get mouth cancer?
Where to hid cigarettes?
What does my appendix do?
i would like to know what leukemia is?
is cancer curable or are we wasting money?
if you had the choice to sterilize all evangelicals or cure cancer which would you choose?
How soon can you get Cancer when you start smoking cigarettes?
What can cause cancer?
Can cell phone's cause cancer?
What is your pinion on embryonic stem cell research?Do you REALLY believe you'll find cures?
A question about chemotherapy?
does the needle that prevents cervical cancer really work?
my mom told me she has breast pain and she can feel lumps on her breast, is she aving breast cancer?
How dangerous is getting a brain CT scan?
Older people at higher risk of cancer than young?!?
My mother has cancer and i wanted to ask if it would be safe to give her zeolite? i heard it healed people...?
My friends brother has leukemia will he die?
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 myltiple myeloma a week ago. how much longer does he have to live?
in cancer, Chemo-therapy makes your hair fall out or does the cancer do?
Can cancer kill you, or is it just like a cold?
Which type of cancer is most prevalent in children?
cigarettes or weed...what does more damage?
I have a illness dealing with the stomach have any suggestions?
symphtons on cancer?
What is the survival rate of colon cancer?
Cancer: What are the Top Ten things that you would like to see happen in this New Year?
I think my neighbors cancer is getting worse, is that why he suddenly became mean?
what are all the different types of cancer?
Cancer is the devil, and i mean it?
Have you ever had someone close die from some sort of cancer?What cancer?
Is there a cure for brain cancer? If there is what is the cure?
Is there any study where it is found that small children can also have breast cancer ...........?
what are the chances of survival when cancer reaches the vital organs?
I am 12 years old and i have lomps on my breast.. i haven't told anybody yet. so do i have breast cancer?
My grandmother is dying and depressed, what can I do to make her feel better?
how can i quit chewing tobacco?
pancreatic cancer - what does this mean?
what is blood cancer?
I'm 50, on perm dis., going on medicare as a stg 4 cancer pt. if i earn $ can i ever loose my medicare?
A question for those of you who have experianced brain tumor's?
Breast Cancer Risk from trauma?
Is it fair for Medicare and the VA to refuse to pay for CANCER TREATMENT?
do i have skin cancer?
can you get cancer if your dad had it?
H. Pylori...Is it necessary to get stomach cancer if H.Pylori was positive?
Who do you know personally that has had cancer?
If you notice a lump under your skin should you go to the doctors or the hospital?
Wat are the side effects of Chemotherapy & radiation?
I'm dying-should i talk to my parents about arrangments?
is breast cancer cureable?
What are someways one can reduce the risk of cancer?
Can we treat cancer using herbal medicines?
Is there any treatment for liver cancer?
Aldo, do you take Hobo to be your awfully wedded eWife?
Is it possible to be allergic to coffee?
why do scientist keep coming up with things that give you cancer???
Does cardiac arrest happen to teenagers?
Chest pains?
To settle an age old argument: When partaking in "herbal sustenance", do you believe that there's a ...?
I have read the article on Wikpedia but still do not understand! What is a water hammer pulse?
How many diabetics suffer from acid reflux?
Does cancer medicine or chemotherapy causes depression..........?
What risks are involved for a 70+ lady with heart valve disorder (shrunken), if she refuses surgery.........?
Poll: Safe ways to get ur daily doses of Vitamin D..?
is there a cure for ptsd?
Diabetics who have went off of meds. what do you do on a regular basis?
What would you do to help a friend or family with a bed bug epidemic?
What makes the heart actually ache or sting during heartbreak?
Permaculture and Ethics - Is this our sustainable future - Earth Care, Fair Shares and People Care?
Which AMway products are good to take after the treatment of breast cancer.........?
I've been inhaling sharpie fumes and feel a little lightheaded. Am I safe to drive to Walgreens 4 packing tape?
Spiritually Wondering: Has your heart got to the place yet that it is no more harassed with doubtings?
What would cause a person's arm to not raise all the way up anymore?
What precaution one should take when one had gone through breast cancer ...........?
What do you think the chance of survival is if some one has leukemia and has already had cancer twice?
Please tell me some warning signs of heart problems or impending heart attack.?
Spinal fluid leaking into /onto the brain sounds real bad, is it?
Hypothetically, would it be wrong to refuse to help pay for a parent's treatment for lung cancer if they smoke?
What are Grandma's remedies to fight the winter blues?
Do you tell long winded seemingly?
I just threw away my ashtrays... brief moment of panic...?
Why have cancer rates increased since the late 1800s?
having serious breast pain while fighting breast cancer, normal or not?
A friend's daughter has pulled out her hair -Trichotillomania- do you know any high quality wig makers in NYC?
what is the difference between a disease and a disorder?
What are normal blood sugar levels?
Most STI's and HIV viruses are spread through what means of transmission?
What Kind of Pesticide Goes Best With Your Strawberries?
I just came back from the dentist: How much hydrocodone is too much?
What do you think of people dying from second hand smoke?
Survey: Do you recreationally abuse any of your prescription medications?
I have swine flu! Please help :/(really bad , dry cough)?
Are there any diagnostic tests to identify whether a person suffers from Parkinson's disease? Read details?
How does one practice self-healing through self-hypnotism?
what suggestions to keep your immune system in top form?
Can someone help me out, I've been extremely sick lately...what should I do?
how do you get rid of bad breath?
Any Doctor Or Cardiologist Out There? What's Wrong With Me?
How can Acupuncture release hidden emotional blockages?
What is calcified granuloma of the lungs?
What exactly is "Walking Pneumonia?" What causes it? What can it lead to? ?
White thing on my tonsil?
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease?
Why do bananas get bruises?
I had Gastric Bypass surgery last February 2009. Since then, I have had Iron Deficiency Anemia and Low Platele?
How to do a prostate massage?
Is it ok to mix children's benadryl and xanax?
How often do you consume meat? Every meal? Every day?
What should I do if I was bitten by Bellatrix Lestrange?!?
Is it a disease if there are changes in your heart muscles, and what is it called? Is it life threatening?
What should i take for my sinus infection?
Does male can also have breast cancer .................?
What causes headaches *20 characters*?
People who believe in the mind/body connection, what do you do to get someone balanced or yourself?
who discovered cardiovascular disease?
How are sinus infections developed?
Have you ever heard of a sports injury like this one?
2nd degree burn help?
what are the procedures in hospitals in disposing of body parts?
I have this memory lapses what can I do? Could they be caused by allergies, diabeties, stress, age 50?
Alties, Name me a true skeptic?
Using a Neti Pot for the first time... What should I expect?
If a person with only one eye blinks, is it still a blink, or is it just a wink?
How does one get marijuana out of their system fast?
Have you "quit" trying to quit smoking?
Have you heard that woman with breast implants have an increased risk of a rare form of cancer?
Could it be possible that disasters like the Gulf oil spill is creating a huge increase in allergies?
Why is my Angina so bad when I wake up in the morning?
Should i go to the emergency room or no?
Why are Band Aids so hard to open?
Can you recommend a reliable book on natural medicine?
Is methyl prednisolone and just plain prenisolone same drug?
What to do! Should I ring Talktalk customer service or saw my own head off with a rusty spoon?
How do you tell your best friend you have leukemia?
what causes excessive gas & stomach discomfort?
Is this a sinus infection, or something else?
I have rotten teeth which causes bad breath,?
Can being in front of a computer screen too much contribute to the development of cataracts?
Home remedies to stop smoking?
My mom found out today that she has breast cancer. Can anyone tell me some positive words about it?
would someone having a life threatening disease in my family improve my chances of winning Americas Got Talent?
How long can post-concussion syndrome last?
I think i have a stomach bug ! Please help!?
can you each make a toast to Hobo and Aldo?
What can be done to reverse the aging process, so I can hope to love again?
What countries have the highest incidence of osteoporosis?
Can fat protect you from stab wounds?
What are the pros and cons of a career in naturopathic medicine?
is it enough to use Dettol spray(or any disinfectant) on toilet seats in public toilets ?
Some health problems about second hand smoking?
Does this sound like a good substitute for Nyquil?
How to train your abs effectively?
Do you think it would be asking to much if I asked Farmer Bubba down the road to put me out of my misery?
Alternative healing for fibromyalgia?
What are some cheap protein supplents I could take with Synthroid?
What can we use to kill germs?
Is there any way a hospital can justify charging $2500 a day for a regular room?
Can lazy eye develop all of sudden? Or it has to be from birth?
why hookah are gaining popularity in bars and cafes?
What is Emotional Freedom Technique?
Questions about acute megakaroblastic leukemia...?
Does Donating Marrow Hurt?
How and when did the disease cancer get started?
I Need a cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Breast Cancer?
What do it mean when your heart beats fast.?
How can i get rid of knots in my upper back?
What are some Tips for keeping your eye healthy?
Are crunches better than sit-ups and why ?
How do I improve my posture?
Can I just order a CPAP machine if I'm pretty sure I have sleep apnea? Do I really need a dr. sleeping study?
What do they put in homeopathic medicine?
There has to be a cure for cancer somewhere, so why hasn't it been found? What is holding it up?
How big is the risk of H1N1>Swine Flu? how many deaths?
Is CANCER contagious??!!!!?
What can I do to help my students with Breast Cancer Awareness?
Grape stuck in my nose?
How do these contacts look on me (video included)?
**UPDATE** kk?
So I was recently shot through the heart...?
if you have a heart attack does it mean you might die soon?
mixing naturopathic supplements with my current medications(medical staff please)?
What is the testing procedure for meningitis?
Type 4 hypersensitivity reaction?
Why i am seeing some worm like things when i open my eyes? is it a disease? read the details?
Sinus infection question?
How to sleep only 3-4 hours a day?
Have any tips on quickly killing a nasty head cold?
What is wrong with me!?
What can i do to recover from possible RSI injury?
How long does it take for the side effects of Sustiva/Epzicom combo to subside?
Does insurance cover eye surgeries?
Does this work to break bones?
How can Hashimoto's thyroiditis cause panic attacks?
Why do some people consider Kundalini yoga dangerous?
Any way to get rid of an allergy to animals with fur?
Prolactinomas ??
I believe I have a toothache, but I cannot tell which tooth it is. I just know it Fvcking?
Asian parents often tell their child/children not to sleep with their hair wet. Any scientific reason for this?
How do I get a splinter out of my nail..?
Early this morning I awakened with asthma. How do I protect myself if this occurs again?
Someone recommended that I turn my belly into mold. How do I do this?
Does under wire in bras really cause breast cancer?
What contact lenses are best for people with allergies?
What are ways to look after your eye? Physically and in function?
I am sick but...? 3 stars?
do parasites create negative energy in living bodies?
Common cold?
How do I cure my bad breath?
is there any truth to this causing cancer?
Can Sleep Apnea Be Passed Down?
What to do about my weak ankle?
My throat hurts really badly, But I dont want to go to the doctors just yet..?
What sort of alternative treatment?
How bad would it be to sleep in contacts?
my girlfriend has a brain tumor she needs help!?
Can women prevent breast cancer by excercising and eating right?
If your paralyzed from the neck down and you have a seizure does your body still twitch? or just your head?
My doctor says I have fibromyalgia...I don't believe in that...what do you think?
How does a doctor tell the difference between a viral or bacterial infection, say, in your throat/ear?
What are energy meridians in the body?
Would there be any symptoms....?
Does it Hurt to Touch and Then go Your Seperate Ways?
Can someone be born with one black eye & one with color?
Whats the longest case of someone wearing braces?
How long does it take to recover from Arthroscopic shoulder surgery?
sore throat and shortness of breath, carbon monoxide poisoning?
Can you easily comparison shop for glasses?
Is it normal to feel extremely sleepy while doing homework?
I have a St. John's Wort plant, how do I use it to improve my mood?
Soft Tissue Damage? Need advice from others.?
Why is sleep so elusive when you're at your most tired/exhausted point?
I was stung by a spider or some other insect?
Why does my heart hurt?
Eyes flicker back and forward?
can we delay the onset of Alzheimer's decease?
How to care for some one who is cancer patient?
Why does the Government & the C.i.a hide the cure for cancer?
How long should I put off walking for exercise while my knee is sore?
How the Government Hospitals functioning in your locality ?
will diabetes increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's,disease?
which path of medicine is more effective in curing spondilosis, back pain, osteoarthiritis without sideeffects
Can you get Lasik surgery if you have?
Should I Be Worried About This?
Who is sick of hearing about breast cancer?
How can I gain better posture?
Has anyone ever recorded the speed at ?????????
can you get frostbite from icy-hot patches?
why does salt help soar throats?
What are some ...natural .....foods, substances, herbs...that help lower blood pressure?
Is there a cure for strabismus?
4 of my toes on my left foot are numb?
Out of curiousity, regarding the "pandemic" of this Influenza A?
What heals faster for you, physical or emotional pain?
Is there a natural alternative to metformin without the side effects?
why does breast cancer get more attention?
i just accidentally my foot and it hurts really bad. should i go to the hospital?
Is this considered "palpitations" ?
Can people die from hemorrhoids?
Can your Lymphatic system malfunction? Can it be harmed, or make you sick?
Is there a way to get rid of a lisp without speech therapy?
How do you start a fire when there's nothing to burn and it feels like something's stuck in your floo?
Is the smell of tobacco dangerous?
How bad is it if you hear crackling noises coming from your lungs when you sleep at night?
Dedication to anyone who has died from Breast Cancer or cancer?
How do you encourage someone who is battling cancer?
insomnia:tips on falling asleep?
I'm allergic to school!!?
Nausea in the car when it's been raining?
Has anyone had a corneal abrasion?
I'm having random sharp knee pains...?
What is the most number of stitches you've had at one time? What is your story behind it?
if you're nearsighted, is it bad to wear your glasses to look at close or nearby things?
Herbal Treatment for ADHD?
Why is the Alternative Health Community filled with a bunch of kooks?
Does anyone here understand the connection between the mind & certain dis-eases?
how much are your eyes worhh?
What can be expected in the life of teeth?
make my teeth white!!!!!!!!!?
I may have cancer what are the signs? I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP?
every body thats diagnose with lymphoma is HIV possitive?
how does poor blood circulation affect...?
Why does looking at the light seem to help you sneeze?
Does the Magic eye art work for Colour blind people?
My sister got the flu saturday morning it is Sunday now and im starting to feel queasy? did i get it? ?
What is the disease here?
I think I have TMJ but I'm concerned with treatments for it.?
Why do some people feel tired when they wake up even after they have got enough sleep?
How does a girl pee standing up?
hey guys how do i tell if my pinkie finger is broken or sprained? if you can what can i do to make it better?
My ears are bleeding?
which diagnostic test detect the stage of kidney disease ? Urine for micro albumin or GFR?
Symptoms of HIV Positive?
I had back surgery 3 weeks ago...can i go snowmobiling?
My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer this morning. She attacked the Doctor and was arrested.?
Can Teenagers Get Breast Cancer?
Depression, or leukemia?
Losing hair due to chemo. Any ideas on where to find trendy head scarves? I am only 27?
Can you spread athletes foot to your head by picking your nose with your feet?
Why does your face/head aches suddenly if you 've taken something really Cold ?
How can I fix my knees?
How does STRESS induce GRAY HAIRS?
How to Twist your ankle on Purpose???!!!!*No mean comments please!This is an emercency*HELP!!!?
Are there any ophthalmologists (eye doctors) here who believe in evolution?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
Do diabetics have healthier teeth because they don't eat sugar?
what are the signs and symptoms of staphylococcus?
how do you do a scorpion and heel stretch in cheer?! help plz and thank u!?
I was sick yesterday, threw up a couple times, now i'm wondering would taking my thyroid pill upset my stomach?
The Correct Way to Cut Yourself?
Do you, or someone you know, suffer from Mixed Socks Syndrome (MSS)?
What is disease, what is the root cause and what is real ‘healing’?
Patients under anesthesia: A source of entertainment for doctors and nurses?
Horrible, HORRIBLE neck pain?
Is chronic pain a way of life for you?
i think that you should all be aware of this?
Will a turned ankle make the arch of your foot and the top of the foot to the toes hurt?
I need to know the truth my friend was in a bad wreck and I want to know how bad this truly is?
Why does your nose run and run and run like a broken tap when you have a cold?
How risky is it to eat chicken off a grill that cooks shrimp, if you're allergic to shrimp?
How do you sleep; on your back, your stomach, right side, left side?
Why do people always sprain their ankle when they go to New Orleans?
When will I develop Hepatitis and or HIV?
ASAP please answer: is there any IBCpatients/survivos(inflammatory breast cancer) here? please help me..?
Is thyroidectomy advisable if your FNAB states that 'follicular neoplasm cannot be totally ruled out'?
Why cant you donate your hair for cancer patients?
What are the dangers of Radiation therapy?
"Cancer Treatment Centers of America", is their Success Rate a Great Deal Better than Other Places?
What can you tell me about Bach Flower Remedies?
HELP! I can't stop coughing!?
Why can't I breathe properly all of a sudden?
What organ contains the smallest bones ?
why do hand sanitizers only kill 99.99% of germs?
Are scented candle fumes ever dangerous to breathe?
Why are my normally soft cheeks like sandpaper?
I have no health insurance and in desperate need of pain medicine, where would I be able to go?
When should I wear a knee brace?
Why do they say you shouldnt take you shoe off after an injury?
Something's wrong with my toe.?
I have a question: Cancer seems to run in my family. What are the chances I'll get it?
Has anyone had experience with Nopalea Cactus juice?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
What do I do if my fingers are superglued together and to the little container?
Suggestions to temporarily relieve lower back pain?
I fell down the escalators at a mall 3 years ago and broke my collar bone. Can I sue now?
Have any migraine sufferers had any luck with magnesium?
Knee popping help!.......................?
Can the prescription pill DoxyCycline ever expire?
Epstein-Barr Virus!!!!!!!!?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
Why do we itch?
How can so many people get addicted to cigarettes ?
Why does our stomach "growl" whenever we are hungry?
Lyme Disease, and TICKS, can someone tell me what this means?
took an elbow to the face.....is this normal?
I have had some terrible blood sugar numbers the past year.....how can I improve this?
MDs, RNs, anyone? If CIN 1 in fewer than 9 months and CIN 3 two weeks later, then not long until cancer?
What effects do chemo have?
Breast Cancer?
Lance Armstrong has a?
My daughter with cancer is really sad, what can i do?
What are the symtoms and treatments of down syndrome?
Daughter has crossed eyes and refuses to wear glasses.?
Why do we still use antibiotics instead bacteria phages to treat infections?
how to get rid of the bacteria causing the underarm to smell??? (is there something natural)?
Benefits for fibromaylgia patients?
46 and what should I do.?
disease where words come to life?
Please help, ive been having abdominal pains near the navel!?
Can tomotherapy only be used to treat SOME types of lymphoma and NOT other types of lymphoma?
could this be cancer? guys' question.?
kidney cancer outlook/treatment?
Chemotherapy Question?
How do I get over the paranoia that Busta Rhymes has STILL got us all in check?
I saw the video for strabismus eye surgery and now I am really scared what can I do?
Has anyone here every rejuevenated. I mean went from poor health to radiant health?
Does this disease have a name?
if you are sick can you possibly get your dog sick?
How do I get rid of this $%@&#?! tickly cough?!?!?!?
Extremee sweating and sleep problems!!?
Concerns about a bruise I got last year...?
Has anybody tried Lumiday ?
give me some examples of some diseases ?
tore a rotator cuff?
HELP! I keep pulling my groin!!!?
How much faith should one place in an alkaline diet for cancer prevention?
are cancers new born disease?
Unrelated Stemcell or Bone Marrow transplant for thalassemia major.?
How does lukemia kill someone...?
Do I have tongue cancer?
Ouch! After an overzealous workout, my calves are killing me. Does wearing CFM boots exacerbate the problem?
Is it safe for a teen to take Liquid Chlorophyll?
Caffeine withdrawal headache. Fever-few not working. More effective natural remedy please.?
Sleeping with ur cell next to ur head??? :OOO?
What vitamins help your eye site?
Sensory Integration-Autism?
Why do I love the smell of cigarette smoke even though i don't smoke?
What might happen if I accidentally inhaled a partially-dissolved Good & Plenty.?
my daughter's heart will beat hard and you can hear it several feet away when she opens her mouth, anyone ?
whats the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore?
Can low blood sugar make you see white light?
I broke my collar bone twice on the shoulder...?
Where can i get circle lenses in the U.S.?
Can you eat cocaine and get high?
Do any other surgeons like to tell jokes in the operating room?
4 hours ago I accidentally?
I have a really sore throat! Any home remedies to help, besides tea, honey & gargling?
4.Which part of the heart/vessel is most likely to suffer, why?
Have you heard of the recent recall for Tylenol?
13 year old girl with these symptoms?
Headaches, how to deal with them?
Why do you get a headache when sitting near a fan?
Can anyone tell me what kind of results they have had with HOODIA in regards to weight loss?
Why do Cranial/Visceral Osteopaths Claim "Therapeutic Touch" works?
Do the skeppies put the food they eat through RCT before they eat it?
SORE ELBOW From Weightlifting?
what are the good things about aspergers syndrome?
could i have caused this problem?
2 1/2 year old got hold of a 50mg......?
What causes us to itch ?
Does our skin reveal clues to our over all health?
Were there any foods that actually tasted better to you while you were undergoing chemo?
Why do they instruct people who are undergoing Chemo treatment not to eat any fresh fruits or vegetables?
What are people's opinions on the following treatments for cancer?
what do you think about cancer cures?
What good things have happened to you since you QUIT SMOKING???
I am scheduled, to have a silicon joint placed in my upper thumb to replace?
Can you become blind if your eyesight gets worse each year?
WHY is staring at a computer screen for a long time bad for your eyes?
How is Yahoo! Answers helping with the current Swine Flu crisis?
Do vaccines cause autism, senility, and brain damage?
How long does the fever last if you get infected with the swine flu?
Is paying off the charlatans and quacks the best chance we have for qwelling the TB epidemic in India?
Can anyone please recommend a good book on how to make essential oils?
Why do we hicup?
I Walk 6 Miles A Day And Climb Several Steep Outdoor Staircases?
How to deal with an advanced lung cancer patient?
my friends dieing of cancer?:(?
Cancer- how do you know if you have it? Or to get checked for it?
How can you increase your white blood count after chemo to receive another chemo treatment two weeks after?
First time pot user, how long will it take before i can pass a urine test?
I do sleep restriction for insomnia cure?
Alcohol withdrawal?
What should America do to ensure the Government does not ruin Health Care?
Boogie Fever- How do I fix it? ?
What happens to white blood cells after protecting from infection?
do hiv infected people live normally or feel sick everyday?
Do you think the USA will get this Swine Flu under control?
Has the flu bug hit your place yet?
I've a sore throat and a very bad cold and my exams are on? :(?
What are your best beauty home remedies?!?
Anyone have a home remedy for getting rid of cholesterol deposits top and under eyeslids?
Who has treated their dog with radiation therapy for cancer and what was the outcome?
my mom might have ovarian cancer please help to confirm and or help out please.?
when do i have radiation only after breast cancer surgery? when i heal from surgery? or right away?
Do you like smoking...!!!? Why?
What Does It Mean When Your Bowel Movements Float?
How do I switch to a new doctor?
how can i get a bit taller!!!?
Please pray for this girl?
Why don't they make band-aids for dark skin people?
how much do non prescription colored contacts cost ?
What are some of the easiest ways to get a fever?
what are the symptoms of uti spreading to kidneys or anwhere else?
What does my "URINALYSIS" test result means?
Does lack of sleep cause heart damage?
Is there a link between alcholism and heart disease?
aortic stenosis, can elderly patients with this disease be given nitro for chest pain.?
high cholesterol?
How do people with Anorexia go so long without eating?
I'm getting over the stomach virus, question about what to eat afterwards?
If blood is red why do your veins look blue?
What was your worst bodily injury?
Got a gouge in my big toe, and now the gouge is black! HELP!! Is it okay?
Has anyone gotten poison ivy in or around the eyes?
where did swine flu start? And which states is it in?
The best cure for a huge boil/abscess would be....?
homeopathic cure for gas?
The BEST alternative med!?
What is high blood pressure or hypertension? How does one have high blood pressure? How is it treated?
What causes autism?
headaches..head pression in the rigth side!!?
what foods etc makes you grow taller?
Tell me About lorazepam?
Is anybody else having as much trouble as I am, stopping their self from saying Devil Rays instead of Rays?
Do You Suffer From Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
cure for cancer and aids?
Is there a natural Cancer cure?
Is there a way to tell what allergies you have by a blood test?
Is there any cure for heat allergies?
Can red, puffy skin be an allergic reaction from aloe vera?
Why can't you mix alcohol and pills?
What do deaf people hear in their head when they think?
When a nurse says she is going to draw blood, how does she draw it?
how harmful is smoking shisha/Hookah? ?
what are some things i can do to relax my nerves?
Why do I keep feeling like I'm going to throw up?
Health Question please?
where can you get professional training/ education in alternative medicine/ herbal medicine?
Is there any ayurvedic cure for stammering?
New Age music and health?
Help with settling an unsettled stomach? (because of green tea)?
The real deal on Virgin Coconut Oil.?
How painful is getting your wisdom tooth hurt and what happen if you don't do it?
Why is bone marrow taken from your hip?
Does the komen foundation acknowledge that they don't help men or children with cancer?
What kind of tests or examinations should be done for breast cancer?
How do Solve a sore throat?
Allergy to tea ?????
Why does my knee hurt when it rains or gets stormy?
What hurts the least to use to cut yourself?
Osgoods Schlatter and GCSE PE?
Why does your nose start to itch when handwashing dishes?
Can you tell me about your experience with Vyvanse?
cold medicine torture...............?
Quick relief for penile friction burns?
if a person suffered a major MI. Heart stops. How long can he maintain consciousness?
What is the relationship between pressure, flow and resistance in the cardiovascular system? What determines r
Do I have exercise-induced asthma?
What could be causing these horrible and long headaches...is there anything to worry about?
What would this surgury be called?
Does your wrist have to be swollen for it to be broken ?
I slid on black ice and hit the curb really hard?
I have been having really tired eyes lately, please help!?
Does anyone else on here have Protein S Deficiency?
Aloe Vera - how useful for rheumatoid arthritis?
Did craniosacral therapy worked for you? Can you share your experience?
All side effects from Gallbladder Removal?
If the cold doesn't cause a cold, how come more people get colds during the fall and winter months?
Feeling "gassy" when I sleep over someone else's home?
How long does it take for a white scar to form?
Turn A Bad Doctor In?
I was hurt at work. went to workmans comp doctor...................?
I've come down with a pretty bad cold, but is eye pain normal with it?
how does radiation hav to do do with leukemia?
Question regarding surgical stiches?
Breaking News Regarding The Swine Flu Outbreak: What Does Level 5 Mean In Layman's Terms?
Swine Flu (H1N1) Cover Up?
What are pandemic alert phases and what phase are we in?
if you could have surgery to change something on you would you do it?
I am having a strange sensation going down the center of my face.?
Why do you hear that funny noise when it is totally quiet and absolutely silent?
How can I improve or maintain my eyesight?
can 8 Hydroxyzine PAMs kill someone?
how long do you heat up salt water?
Vicodin causing nausea?
How many hours/days does it take until you can't stand being alone anymore?
how to heal a bitten lip?
Could birth control be causing an allergic reaction? Help!?
Can you get mouth cancer from using mouthwash?
I currently have bronchitis anything extra I can do?
I have been perscribed Methyiprednisolone dose pack for a chronic cough & PND, how soon should I see results?
My back hurts almost everyday should I be worried?
$2000 for breast cancer?
Do you know breast cancer symptoms?
Dos rubbing salt on an open wound help ?
I feel like I got punched in the stomach?
Whats with the red nose did I miss something?
are sleeping pills dangerous?
If a bee is allergic to pollen would it get the hives?
hard and swollen around right side of nose?
yogurt and lactose intolerance?
allergic to the sun disease?
cause of dark undereye circles in child.?
what causes High blood pressure in Healthy People?
Random heart racing? Problem?
what is worst, a heart attack or stroke if neither did much harm at all?
My heart feels heavy! I don't know why?
After a long time when the person is depressed, does her heart start to feel pain?
Compression pantyhose bad for big toe/nails?
How can I break my wrist short and easly?
How can I get rid of my gas pains?
I'm REALLY worried about my mum?
I hurt my lower back....?
What age did you start to feel OLD?
If you split your head, is that considered a serious (head) injury?
Can I charge Dr for canceling 45 minutes before appt. and I had already left?
Where do my Cuts and Bruises come from? I really need an explanation!?
how do i wash my hand with a cast on?
I need to be grounded, talking about the yoga :-)?
Can I add citric acid powder to fresh juice so it lasts longer?
which one can is better homeopathic or allopathic or Hikmat[indian medicine].?
natural supplement for ovarian cysts?
I would like to hear one example of why Alt Med should be used.?
why!!!!!!!! and How many people???
can you have coronary artery disease and not high cholesterol ?
Painful Palpitations :S?
probability of having clogged arteries from smoking 5 cigs a day for 2 years ?
What does a heart attack feel like?
i can see my heart beating through my chest?
Why do I suffer so much ?
Need help ASAP! Thermometer broke!?
Is it bad to gulp down a hot drink?
Having a Blood Test. Very squeamish. Please help me?
Why does milk have lactose?
Shouldn't the Tide Free and Clear be cheaper since they are NOT adding any dyes or perfumes?
ok, serious answers only please....? Question about red/green color blindness!?
Ever tried sclera contacts?
i m having spects since i was 17..today my eye's number is -4..m 27 now..?
are all irises the same size?
Do your eyes feel dry or uncomfortable when you wear your glasses instead of you contact lenses?
Can my surgeon stop me from returning to a sport?
My baby pulled a hot iron onto her leg?
How much do braces hurt and what color is the best color?
Any chance people are going to become addicted to that anti-addicition pill?
anyone besides me feeling...?
What's the best treatment or help for leg cramps during the night???
Smokers of the world!! or ex smokers even better?
If i'm allergic to chlorine and i get hives when i get in the water that hurt,do you think they doctor is goin?
Have you ever been successfully treated of a CHRONIC sinus infection?
What home remedies did people use during the dust bowl?
What is the best natural remedies encyclopedia?
Brush teeth with a bottle of Jack?
Should I use a bandage ......?
Do you know It is impossible to sneeze with your eye’s open?
How can I tell if my wrist is fractured, without going to a dr?
HELP with my CONTACT lenses? they burn my eyes when i put them in???
My thumb still looks weird?
what things might help with undigested food in the stool also feel I sometimes have very rapid transit as?
What would help a new meditator to get started? I feel like I am not doing anything so I don't get started.?
Does different kinds of alternative healing works?or which one really works?...?
Cholesterol & Alternative Medicine - Which Natural Therapy Helps Lower High Blood Cholesterol?
is this normal ??????!!?
Poll what are u wearing on your feets at this moment?
When you get your tonsils taken out?
History of febrile convulsions - is "spacing out" considered a mild seizure?
If a loved one of yours was suicidal, what would you do?
BACNE AND ACNE!!! HELP NEEDED!! (people who have had this problem are perfered)?
The case in which a patient is aware of his breathing, What is it called?
questions about smoking weed?
Where can I buy Skunk Mrk III Herbal Incense/Fertiliser?
Do you have to get wisdom teeth pulled?
i want white teeth, any products that can help?
am i allowed to drink water during fasting?
'Popping' right knee....help!?
why do people stare at me?
contact lens exams?
I just accidentally touched something really hot. My fingertips are very burnt. how do i take care of this?
how do you know if you a brain tumor?
Does anyone believe in Chinese Medicine?
sick elderly with flu?
What more can I do to avoid government poisoning?
wht r u LOOOKING.... for !!!!??
I didn't eat enough before going into hibernation this year...?
If you are a body organ, What would you like to be?
If you like universal health care so much for the cheap health care...?
Why do parts of my body start twitching sometimes?
Why does my face sweat so much?
What exactly is Asthma?
What foods commonly trigger IBS attacks?
hodgkin's disease anyone?
If salt burns your eyes why do tears and contact solution taste salty?
How can I stop cutting?
What Happened?
Have you ever had an interesting conversation with your shadow?
How does an Acid Trip feel like?
Should I buy eyeglasses online or at Lenscrafter?
Why is LASIK surgery so popular if PRK surgery is so much better?
Why are my eyes so extremely sensitive to light?
Does a computer ruin long sighted vision?
Perm/Relaxer fell in my eye?
Prescription Filled??? ProAir not Proventil!?
whats worse for your epidermis?
Is cracking your neck a bad habit?
How long until an alcoholic dies?
Can an agitated contact affect your entire body?
does your mom smoke weed early in the morning, or late at night?
I have been advised to eat oily fish because of eye problems..?
Cancer survivor, 75, skis to North Pole?
I am doing a biology project on breast cancer what are some things I should put in it?
My mother was diagnosed with Anaplastic throat cancer. She underwent surgery too and then 25 sittings of IMRT?
definition of cardiac condition...?
Are Coronary Artery Spasms unusual for a 36 year old?
can anyone recommend some sites for people facing a heart transplant?
What is a heart murmur?
Antiobiotic allergy question?
Nose problem?
How Important Is Resting When It Comes To Getting Over Seasonal Allergies?
Walls facing south?
why do I gasp for breath when I'm crying?
why does this happen?
how do I create a website to raise donations?
If you touch your leg with your hand, which limb do you feel the touch with?
Why do so many teens have bad eyesight?
how do people go into a coma?
have a med question.....need advice?
Is this lupus, pleurisy, something else..?
Are you brave enough to ask a question in Italian mental health?
How to help a dear one cure from unipolar depression?
Sometimes little spots of light flash in front of my eyes. What are they?
what time is acute?
My lymphocytes = 44% of total white blood cell. Wonder is it healthy or sign of acute leukemia ?
Do you have any strange cravings after chemotherapy?
i am experiencing serious weight loss.from almost 170Lbs in 2004 down to 128Lbs in 20098 What is wrong with me?
Best juices to lower blood pressure?
is my cholesterol bad?
Good sinus medicine without pseudoephedrine? I have sinus problems at night. Sudafed keeps me up.?
Why does tea mildew if it is left out for even a few hours?
I have been taking a birth control called Loestrin24.How can I tell if I'm allergic to it?
Is there anything that relieves stomach pains?
Is playing the victim just a cry for attention or is it a real mental disorder?
Which technique uses prisms to equalize the accommodation of both eyes or to balance accommodation?
Eyes? transition? color?
Contacts ? Please help ?
I wear glasses- if I get colored contacts for costume purposes, will they alter my vision?
Acuvue Oasys or Proclear contact lenses, which is better?
Can a woman who DOES NOT have hepatitis b get hepatitis b from breastfeeding a child that does have it?
What would u do if ur HIV test is Positive ?
How do you feel about mercury tainted vaccines given today?
My ear has infection and now I notice that I have dry blood coming out ?
Have any of your friends or relatives been infected by Bieber Fever?
how bad is myloid lukemia?
What is beta glucan?
Whats happening to me?? smoke came out of my mouth!?
Is/can Marijuana be addicting?*?
why tall persons want to become shorter and short persons want to become taller ?
what are some examples of things that are 35lbs?
is 99.8 a bad temputuer?
How do I know if I am having an orgasim or urinating?
Question on weed. if u know anything about weed please answer i need help?
Can you recall any of your Grannies old remedies, for various illnesses?...e.g. My Grandfather swore by?
I ate mcdonalds and the grease from the food must have burned my throat?
How many puffs of an inhaler does a nebulizer treatment equal?
This is in regards to stress management. What is the connection between relaxation, imagination and breathing?
How can I go back to sleep?
i hate blackheads , how do you completley get rid of them? destroy them? whats the formula?
Something is wrong with me, but what?!?
Before bed do's and donts?
Why does high fructose corn syrup give me a raging headache when crystalline fructose does not?
What is the cause for coughs during Spring season?
Is nutmeg safe for people with nut allergies?
Can allergies give you a sore throat?
My eyes are "zooming in" on objects, what does this mean?
On those "Have You Seen Me?" things, what do they put for the eye color if you have heterochromia?
Color blind, Can that X chrome lense be surgically installed?
How do optometrists correct astigmatism?
What is the toothpaste that you use regularly?
What causes "morning wood" when a man has no reason to be aroused?
OMG i just got bit by a bug! what do i do?
SWINE FLU?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Why is there suddenly someone complaining about nurses who answer flu vaccine questions?
What are the proofs of AIDS a man made disease?
After 36 hours on the antibiotic shouldn't the fever have lessened or broke by now?
Can you catch a cold or the flu via your tear ducts or ears?
Do You Think The Swine Flu Can Be Just Like The Movie "I Am Legend"? ... Think About It?
What's wrong with my ankle?
Do you Know what Kawasakis disease is? Please specify.?
Im so scared?
Is it possible that extremely high levels of testerone can lead to heart disease?
What can I do about hives?
Does meditation reduce hypersensitiveness?
I Just Heard an Ad for Zyrtec, "In Fact, it Works Two Hours Faster than Claritin", What is the Basis of this-?
What are types of weed plants that do not give allergies?
How do you stop nose bleeds when nervous?
I would like to interview someone who has had or still has Leukemia/Lymphoma?
anyone know a thing or 2 about cancer?
Who thinks Moon water is the cure to Cancer? i do?
How to tell if you have cancer?
Muscle pain?
Do you ever suffer from Sleep y/a answering or Y!arcolepsy ( or summint)?
help my tungue get better?
What is her major malfunction???
Question on science homework - The dodgy barbeque?
When I look at the sky it appears grainy?
Buring contacts!?
if you normally wear glasses or contacts, do you have to stop wearing them to do the bates method?
Is this pink eye or what?
do people suffering from dry eye have red eyes and itchiness every day?
I dont have much confidence in my look.As a petite girl,everything should be put in a very nice position.?
Alcohol is a poison, so why does drinking it make us happy?
What are the greater health risks?
What is the best way to obtain a copy of every one of your medical records?
Can y ou have a malignant tumor behind your eye without having any headaches, seizures or classic symptoms?
are you for, or aganist stem cell researche,?
Could these be symptoms of leukemia?
Requests for alterantive treatments for cancer?
People Fighting Cancer?
Can you ride a bicycle when you have herpes?
sinus pressure HELPPPPP?
feeling sick after eating?
Is anyone els Allergic to Apples and Carrots?
How do you 'accidentely' serve wiper fluid instead of koolaid?
I got hives and goin to the doctors.?
Soy allergy - what are your symptoms, how suddenly did they develop, and how were you diagnosed?
How common is it to suddenly develop allergies as an adult?
If somebody who is allergic to shrimp kisses someone who just ate shrimp, will they have a reaction?
If you were bit by a spider on one foot, would both feet swell?
can too much sleep makeyou MORE tired?
What is the remedy for a rattlesnake bite...?
how long to complete withdrawal from Oxycontin?
What is the best way to deal with a cricked neck?
what r ur best tips for gettin rid of acne!?!?!?
Do I have some type of epilepsy or something wrong with my eyes?
Which is easier to understand;hyperopia or astigmatism or myopia?
why am i working with one eye?
Would sleeping with your eyes partly opened cause blurry vision when first waking up?
Recipes, meals/diet for Grandfather diagnosed with lung cancer? NO meat, carbs, sugar, salts, etc.?
How can liver cancer tumors be TOO BIG for a transplant?
what are the possible treatments for cancer and a tumor?
I need a list of non-comminicable deseases?
Could this be the beginning of swine flu? I feel -?
I did a PPD test on an AIDS patient & when removing the needle solution landed on my cheek. Should I worry?
Symptoms of Toxoplasmosa gondii?
Have you made any preperations in case your area is affected by swine flu?
If modern medicine has come up with shots for the flu, why not one for the common cold?
Sleep problems? Please help!?
What strange thing are you allergic to.?
What are the chances of taking an allergic reaction to a tattoo?
I think im allergic to my earrings?
how to get a smaller nose?
What is the best ionic air purifier for allergies?
Is there a natural way to relieve year-round allergies?
What does a headache feel like?