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DOCTOR/NURSE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you think weed is really that bad?
is jan 17th 2011 the saddest day of the year?
So can I eat ice cream with strep throat?
Sick, what medicine should i take?
I think I am addicted to going to the pet store and buying animals?
is it bad to wear ur bra at nightime?
How can I take care of myself?
I think I'm having a panic attack?
i overdosed on nyquil, will i be ok?
What is gastroenterology?
Is your stomach supposed to be "lumpy" after liposuction?
How can I grow 6 inches in 1 whole year?
Should i get a brain scan?
How do you get bad images out of your head?
Can you list non-painful deaths?
How to control anemia??
Why do my big toes hurt?
Flu . . or pneumonia ? ?
immediate flu help?
Do i have a UTI(Urine Tract Infection)?
My lttle sister... in the hospital... she's only 8 years old!!!?
My yorkie has hiccups?
what kind of lung problem causes pericardutus?
how long does the effects of prednisone last . i eat any thing that dosnt move . Max?
Mono Question?
please please give me advice.. on foggy brain/candida/anxiety/bingeing??
I need some recent news on heart disease. Can anyone help?
9 year old sister said heart hurts when breathing deeply?
My resting heart rate is 90 bpm, how off is this from normal?
open heart surgery with no insurance?
What factors affect the severity of left sided heart failure?
where are you? my sweet heart mo asmar?
can valves be effected in an MI ?
For the past several days my bp has been around 123/100. What's my risk for a stroke?
My heart starts beating really....?
I have diaphragm problem. When brething out , it is so squeezed in side, very painful.?
will i be okay i doctor lowered my medication today?
Can teenagers get infected wih the whooping cough?
i think i have a urinary tract infection?
Is this a serious vocal cord problem? What can I do?
does the lung inflate part by part or as a whole?
Marboro Reds vs. 4mg Nicorette gum?
medical, breathing problems?
what is the cause of my chest pain?
i have been diagnosed with sinus tachycardia for almost an entire year without a reason why or how.?
my friend uses 250/50 adv air can he use 100/50 advair?
what is osteomylitis -husbands med records state this and he has recently suffered from"valley fever" a lung?
How can I get rid of my cough?
how does air get from the human/nose to the lungs?
If I take 30mg a day of Prednisone for 5 days (but stay active) will I gain weight?
How to get her to keep the CPAP mask on during the night?
Pleurisy meds making me sick?
Could my shortness of breath at night be do to panic attacks?
im 15 years of age had panic attack twice and suffering from chest pain and lightheadedness!?
what are the side effects of zyban?
Is there anyway to make yourself not be allergic to cigar smoke?
Can Dimetapp C go with Reactin?
Lump in throat and throat pains?
Tender scalp now head aches in that area?
where can i buy a thumb splint?
is this cause of anxiety? i get this pain in the side of my brain?
Leg cramps cured by a bar of soap?
How do you help the pain when you stretch your ears?
I can barely move my elbow around without some type of pain?
how do you relieve full body soreness?
a common madaly in runners who run on too hard a surface is shin splints. if a runner's 7.0 kg leg?
Migraines, Anxiety, or something more serious?
Does it sound like the flu?
Does this sound like the flu?
how do i get rid of this sore throat?
is there anyway to get rid fo staph infection?
What is the worst thing that mono can do to u?
Hyoscyamine Er? UTI infection?
strep throat or tonsillitis or just a sore throat?
What can happen if I swallow excessive amounts of mucus?
How do I know if someone has drank a few nights before?
My boyfriend is unwell?
How can I break my fever?
"Bell's Palsy" how long?
can someone help i have a bladder problum?
How long does flue last?
What causes blood in stool?
how to protect cold sores while taking a shower?
can hearing loss be so minimal that it is not noticeable?
Can someone explain these blood test results to me?
Vomiting and Stomach ache no Fever?
Did I catch a stomach virus?
How can I reduce stress in my life quickly?
What sleeping disorder do I have?
Do I have schizophrenia? ?
Why does this happen to me?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
Do you know anyone who's commited suicide?
What happens when you get aids?
is having one blister on your lip herpes?
how long does hpv take to show up in a pap?
Can having hpv affect your menstrual cycle?
So I have Chlamydia and and a Sore Throat, can they both be cured by one antibiotic prescription?
why do misquitos bite some people,not others?
serious quesiton here. I am just woundering if it is normal for a person with cancer of the Uretha, Uteras or?
non-infectious disease?
How is ringing of the ears caused by stress?
how can i tell if i have a ulcer?
what is the meaing of the word secretions?in the digestive system?
What do i do now!?
A mole removal gone wrong?
what will happen if you inhale a spray from a spray can?
Too much caffeine causes heart palpitations, but what about drastically reducing caffeine intake??
do i have one?
I used vinegar to clean my ears.... it started to hurt afterwards and I hear a fuzzy noise now.. will this go?
Do I really need my epi pen?
Am I allergic to apples?
Allergies or Something Else?
Food Allergies - a lot of them?
what things fall under gluten allergy?
How to lessen the symptoms of dust/pollen allergies!?
What do you do for a stuffy nose/sneezing because of allergies? What helps?
starch free = gluten free?
When i breathe through nose i feel it in my mouth?
Took Zantrex 3 around 4 today and am still a little itchy, can i take benadryl?
what are the prescriptinaol medicines for body odour?
Can I overcome my seafood allergies?
lactose intolerant i
how to get rid of an extreme stuffy nose?
Red swollen nose from swimming?
any time I eat something I start to itch?
Is it safe to eat banana bread made with overripe bananas? I've heard it can causeSystemic Yeast Infections.
how do i get rid of hives that keep comong back?
Is dust the same night or day?
Is there a better way to ventilate to avoid allergy symptoms?
I took four children's Allergy Benedryll?
can you use oliveoil and sugar as chapstick?
Head lice and infestations in UK Schools?
Should I quit cold turkey?
Constant head aches twitching of eyes and taste of metal in mouth?
Is it possible that I am not as tired when I get less sleep?
i have a dry throat that no matter how much water i drink, its still dry? help!!!?
Shall i go to hospital?
i want the veins in my hand to stick out permanently how do i do this?
What should a 14 year old girl do?
Nausea in the mornings.?
Sleeping problems.... I really need help!?
throbbing, numb arms / chest pain?
What is wrong with me?
My sleep pattern healthy?
How can you get someone to go to the doctor when they refuse to?
Just got back from the hospital?
Help how do i get to sleep?
Health Insurance Crisis!?
Name this skin condition?
infected tragus, what should i do!?
Is it possible to get 'phantom' bug bed bug bites two months after you were originally bitten?
How often for pedicures ?
How do you get rid of plantar seed wart?
I have a rash on my D I C K, what should I do?
Question about egg whites to clear pores!!? Help!!?
HOW can I get rid of ECZEMA marks?
How do i get rid of this?
What could this rash be? Help!?
Near Quarter-sized cold sore on the corner of my mouth that WON'T go away. I'M GETTING DESPERATE?
Orange tint on skin around my fingernails?
what acne products to get for my face?
what can i do to prevent my cold sore from bursting?
is this a yeast infections or is it somthing else?
I broke my collar bone 2 weeks ago and theres still a big lump. Should i get that checked out.?
Sprained ankle or worse?
I sprained my ankle Aug. 5th its been stinging but I thought it had healed. But it still hurts and its Sep. 27?
I have a really weird bruise?
I have a question about a tendon/ligament in my wrist?
I got punched in the jaw, how do I know if its broken?
what would cause scare tissue to form in your shoulder when only a bone was trimmed and a burr smoothed?
I sprained three toes?!!!?
Uugh under eye treatments?
How can you make a fat lip go down faster?
I bruised my wrist playing volleyball. What should I do?
How to treat a pulled muscle in left thigh?
Is it true that if you put potato on your arm, it'll break?
Did I tear my ACL, or am I just paranoid?
Can getting hit in the bridge of my nose make it smaller?
severe abdominal pain post gallbladder removal + elevated liver enzymes?
when you have your nose broken what can make the black eyes go away faster?
How can i get my GP to refer me for an MRI scan?
do i have a concussion ? please answer need to know i dont know ne thing about them?
How is it possible to break your forearm?
I The Dr. said that i cut a nerve in my hand will it grow back?
How much to expect or settle, for rear ended lower back Injury, That was on the job?
severe cramping in the upper abdomen?
What drug is the best 2 start with?
Can you overdose from tylenol if you take them throughout the day or does it have to be all at once?
why do i sweat under my arms so bad?
OMG I'm having surgery on my hand tmrw, and I am not supposed to eat/drink after 12am, am i gonna die!?
Is it OK or smart to workout while I'm sick (stuffy, kinda sore throat)?
Is it ok to drink cough syrup that was prescribed seven months ago?
Why did I feel like I was going to faint?
how do you get rid of heartburn?
A question about height...?
Healthy things to eat/drink when sick?
Is it true that as you grow up your eyes change color?
What do I have? Help!!?
I have a cold sore on my lip, what can i do to get rid of it? (home remedies)?
I'm a teen- should i tell my dr that i think i may have IBS?
Have been taking alot of deep breaths lately?
I have a chronic un solved medical problem would marijuana help?
My head hurts, my bodies hot all over... and I feel disoriented?
Pupil constriction in a blind person when a light is shone into the eye?
what eye color do green and brown eyes make?
Contact lens solution help?
Excessively watering right eye help?
i havent slept enough for 8 months (really sleep deprived) and now my eyes seems to be smaller?
can we make 6 pacs if our age is under 18?
Im 14 and have a funny feeling in my chest and neck?
How does walking on a threadmill help a stroke survivor walk better? How long does it normally take?
What is the Common name for Myocardial Infarction?
My heart has been feeling uncomfortable?
Can the heart be completely stopped in a bypass?
heart rate too slow then speeds up?
Where can I find blood pressure monitore (Made in America), and what brand is it ?
will larges amounts of stress cause my moms heart stint to kill her?
What are some classes of drugs which may be used in the management of the patient with heart failure?
I got mono?
could endometeris cause kidney failure?
Is there another medical diagnosis other than preg. with the same or similar simtoms?
Is therapy needed after bells palsy?
Which chromeosome is causing this disorder?
carpal tunnel, do I have it?
What is wrong with my skin? My doctor said its not acne...?
What dose this rash look like to you?
Ive had a really fast pulse all day, and i have started twitching a lot....need help?
High alcohol consumption... skin hurts... "bubbly" coughing... achey?
syptoms of?
How am I able to get rid of cellulite on my legs?
Question about smoking?
what is crones disease? is it curable??
I just broke out on my cheeks really bad. It's not anywhere else just on my cheeks and they are really little
I have these pale patches...1 on each cheek...weird thing is they are real noticeable in the winter but?
stomach pains and urination?
Why is the skin on my head sore.?
can you die from weezing with a cold?
So I have huffed before... more than twice and I just coughed up blood. Am I dying?
How can we get that disturbing commercial of the coughing baby that sounds like he's chocking off the air?
i breathed nicotine inhaler into my lungs instead of mouth will i be alright?
Who knows a fair amount about Pleurisy?
Smoking Question....?
Is it possible to procure •chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by only smoking once?
I have a cold and can't breathe at all out of my nose...?
Home remedy for whiplash?
My blood....I just cant get enough?
Any suggestions for an air purifier for cigarette smoke removal?
i have a fever of 100.2 and im breathing faster, is that normal?
Whats going on right now?
Is there a student respiratory therapist that could help me?
would you get a H1N1 shot or a Flu shot is it more safe then dangerous ?
Is mutism that's caused strokes usually permanent?
How to get rid of EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma)?
I had my adenoids out almost 2 weeks ago and I just coughed up this huge bloody thing...I'M SCARED?
Why do I have trouble breathing in deeply?
The important property of mucus is what ?
Which one is the principal constituent of airway secretions?
aspects of insomnia that make it a health issue in our society? ex.statisics?
Can I use pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel together?
What can happen if the blood vessel in your eye pops?
eye infection...help! :(?
Ear fluid, lymph nodes swollen for 6 weeks...tonsils?
Is the Center of Disease Control ever allowed to answer questions posed?
can malaria occur in domesticated animals?
will sleeping in wet clothes give me a fever ?++?
help with toe nail fungus?
i have had a fever for a week with no other symptoms?
The dr said my daughter has scabies could it be something else?
Chances of getting hiv?
what is the procedure for implanting the shunt?
what sickness is this?
Do I have The Flu, or a Cold?
do i have a cold, or the flu?
Sporatic Stomach Virus?
name three diseases from drinking alcohol?
Doctor said I might have had Mumps but, the test came back negative.. ?
After i kiss my boyfriend...?
What can I do if someone gave me an std purposely?
Alli makes my doodoo orange , is that normal?
white labia minora upto the perineum, is it a disease?
HIV..what my chance to change test result at again at 3 months?
is a sore throat lasting over a month a sign of an std?
i pierced my tongue and i think it might be infected what are the signs of infection ?
can you catch STD's from sheep?
what cause pain in the left side and in you left kidney?
Stress Fx or tendinitis?
Why do I have knee and thigh pain?
Upper left/middle abdominal pain?
On the right side of my rib cage it feels like something is trying to push it self out?
Very sore neck? HELP?
Doctors, i have a lump underneath my tounge?
Swollen lip and face need help :(?
I've been looking for tylenol. Any idea when it will be on the shelves again?
Pain in lower abdomen and fluish?
Throbbing Cheek and Eye?
do i have scoliosis or is it something else?
What is the cure for dull skin tone?
is a lip peircing scar really noticable?
What do I need to do to become a dermotologist?
eww, im a sicckkky.. :( helpp?
puss coming out really fast?
Blackheads on my nose?
I want to join sports in high school but i have acne on my neck face back upper arms and chest?
my armpits sweat ALL of the time?!?
new scar on my face...what should i do?
Sometimes my veins become very visible under skin, why?
Hi - my 4 1/2 yr old son has a fever and now he got this red itchy rash on his back, neck & face!?
I have sores on my scalp can this be because of a potential thyroid condition?
Get better looking skin?
How do you get rid of a cold sore in a day?
a small dry spot? idk what it can be?
How to relieve itchy hypertrophic scar?
why am I recently sensitive to light?
What can you smoke to get high besides drugs?
Is there a downside to not talking at all?
Do you need to take off your bracelets when having a blood test?
how long can a child have fever before i take her to the dr?
Soap vs. GermX, which is better?
If a cell phone is dead, when you call, doesn't it go straight to voice mail?
Im scared!!!! Blood taken?
Which bodily system do you find most important?
Only having bowel movements once every 2 - 4 weeks?
what is it called when human body doesnt decay after death?
My husband is sick. What do you think it is?
is it possible to smell cigarette smoke on a person the day after they smoke?
drug test coming up need help?
I'm always thirsty...?
Taking Paxil and drinking Alcahol?
Is it bad to take Imodium every day?
He was pronounced brain dead, I don't believe them?
im 15 and 6'1 how much taller will i get?
why are my pupils ALWAYS dilated?
What to do about a persistent cough?!?
I just took a 2 and a half hour nap and I'm still tired. what do I do?
what's an organ inside the stomach?
sleep deprivation? whats the limit?
I'm pregnant and need health insurance but NOT maternity coverage!?
I really need to pee, but I struggle or cant at all!! ?
i need sleep help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what causes you hands to go numb and tingle in you sleep?
is oxygen bad for you? also, these following?
How can I quickly heal chapped lips?
What could be wrong with me?
smoking as a teenager does it really matter?
whats wrong with my nephew???
Was it possible I could have died?
How to not fall sleep as soon as i jump in bed?
Any ideas on how to get rid of a stuffy nose ?
How do you know if your getting enough sleep?
how to quit? any ideas?
is smoking weed really that bad?
I did 2 very small lines of cocaine lst wednsday will I be able to pass a drug test 5 days later(tomorrow)?
First it was my left ear now it's my right and it's ringing?
I found out today I was allergic to black walnut tree. What are the some of the the syptoms of the reaction?
how many of you have allergy from clothes?
Runny nose problem need help?
What's Wrong With My Nose ?
Chronic nasal conjestion, difficult breathing at night?
i took 2 equate allergy relief pills within 24 hours?
i think poison was put in my food?
Am i allergic to babanas?
How to cure running muscus?
how can food allergy with chicken be cured?
I woke up & my eyelids are swollen . HELP ME please .. their really puffy .. what should i do?
My nose always gets runny when i eat, is this normal?
i am 15 weeks pregnant and not taking any prenatal vitamins,as i have allergies.will my baby be fine?
Am I allergic to this medicine???? HELP! URGENT!?
Did anyone else develop allergies during pregnancy?
Engagement Ring and Metal Allergy... Solution?
Could I be allergic to somethning?
I want to know what medicine works best for pollen allergies ?
am i allergic to alcohal?
any natural or herbal relief for allergies?
What is wrong?
I have Osteopenia. What foods will help?
has anyone taking lisinopril had kidney problems?
My muscles areall swollen from a surgery. What do i do to decrease the swelling?
what are the symptoms of febrile illness?
I need to know where to get some good ointment. Any ideas?
how do you cure ear leakage?
.. i have a heart enlargement..how many liters of water do i drink in 1 day?
soplo en el corazon en bebes?
What's this? I ate some food and my heart rate increased?
what does it mean when left axis deviation in sinus rythm?
patients with heart arrhythmias or tachycardia are often prescribed a type of drug called a "beta-blocker"?
If I am taking Atenolol for my blood pressure, what can I take for a cold?
When should I go to the hospital for high blood pressure?
Can feeling guilty cause sleep talking?
Do you think these past hardships are causing my relationship issues?
depression getting worse over years?
Am I going insane):??? I'm so freaked out!?!?!?
I had a colonoscopy. Colon is free of cancer. Doctor recommended I visit a gyneacologist. Why is that?
these symptoms??? what could this be?
my lymph node on my neck is swollen can someone help me please???
help wanted for eating disorders?
Having day surgery for kidney's who should be with me?
whats going on with my baby's head?
fixing a speech impairment on your own?
i am usually cold, but when its summer and im in the sun too long, i feel like im going to faint.?
Contacts don't seem to be working right?
Eyes that always look up?
colored contacts really cheap?? 10 points.?
Is this good or bad for your health?
Hi im thinking about getting contacts.?
where to buy rolling paper?
the eye place in walmart?
Eye problem Cant focus clearly?
Hair in my eyes!? please answer!!!?
Does your eye get red if you have your contact lense stuck in your eye? ?
My vision changed in 2 months?
I need help with my eye prescription, but i wear contact lenses?
....Health question...?
Sudden Change in Eyeglasses Prescription?
How to put in contact lenses?
does this sound like im getting pink eye?
Should I choose Glasses or Contacts?
how rare is it to have one brown eye and one green eye?
Why is one of my eyes all of a sudden more relaxed?
i need help choosing a color for contacts?
What solutions do you use with your eye contacts?
My eyes are really dry?
what are some good tips to get rid of worts?
If you found out you had gotten herpes from someone in particular, would you kill them?
bacteria problem help me?
Is it possible to get a STD if neither partner cheated?
how do you throat f*uck?
Blood work is in...!!!?
i burp alot have breathing problem and chest sore when i breath?
why is second hand smoke more harmful then first hand smoke?
what is Central Sleep Apnea n how is it cured?
My chest hurts when i breathe in deeply?
restricted breathing trouble & feeling of death at night - help?
problems breathing while running?
i had a cold now im wheezing. why?
does it work with delsym?
What is the risk of sand blasting with silica?
How does the respiratory system work with the immune system ?
what is normal oxygen level for normal person?
Why is it so hard to breathe IN through my nose?
Can you get a cold from an air conditioner?
i suffer from a knarley case of crohns disease and filed for ssi, has anyone won their case?
What happens if you just take two hits on a ciggarette?
I am getting a TB test today (PPD) and I am freaking out. I hate needles! Does it hurt?
Please help, at my wits end with this sickness. It has been 5 weeks?
HOw can you get rid of anxiety in your chest?
how do some bulimics make themselve sick without using their fingers?
Meth Question. Urgent!?
What affects blood pressure ? How does it affect it?
Why do I have a headache after using my left hand more!!!?
Strangely wierd feeling!?
Is there anything i can spray directly on the under arms of my clothing to stop them smelling funny?
how to get rid of acne?
mom left baby...what do i do?
what do i do please help me ......?
What is the best anti-nausea prescription drug?
Guess my ethnicity.....?
i want to know how to get taller How to get taller?
Genetic hair question: Shouldn't I have inherited my dad's black hair?
im sick almost every week with something else?
What are the side effects of being taking off life support?
I've been having a problem while asleep...?
Crack cocaine question?
I just got sprayed by a skunk?
I cut when Im stressed, and I have no clue why HELP ME!?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS?????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i had 11 hours sleep and i am so so tierd?
Please help. This is not a joke,What should i do/?
what is Genitofemoral Neuropathy????
help...ears and face iches like crazy...I'm getting a rash I think....what should I do?
Any cures for arthuritis??
My dad is in the hospital. First he is better, then he is worse. Im scared!?
Can anyone tell me what antibiotic family this is in?
bruised feeling?
i eat just not alot will that still cause seizures?
How can you tell if a wound was self inflicted or caused by someone else by the angle?
I think I have mono?
i am 36 year old and i'm 4' 11" and i a midget?
Sick kid maybe flu help?
used lime on face now swelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I Have Pink Eye?
will this help my cold?
Finished taking antibiotics for tonsillitis but still not fully better...?
get dizzy and blacks?
what is the name of the antibiotic prescibed for gonnerhea?
Rash? Or just irritation?
Parkinson's disease: does anybody know an effective treatment to cure the sickness ?
How can I get rid on my 1 month olds caugh?
How to get rid of the flu?
What kind of deadly diseases are there?
i an 82 years old and can't get my strength back after a long illness. I had a back infection .?
what is used to treat bacterial diseases?
I've had a fever for over a week?
Has anybody had Shingles in their ear?
how does acupucture help cure UTI?
is there an easy home remedy to get rid of spider veins?
can any ONE help to interpret blood test?
what kind of shaver should I use to avoid irritation?
Antibiotic stuck in my throat!?
Nervousness, shaking, Panicing?
ingrown hair problem?
At home wart removal?
ear cartilage piercings and keloids?
what foods should i avoid with h. pylori?
what class of microorganisms can cause diseases such as measles and mumps?
eczema lotion to help it not look bad?
do people with Diverticulitis die? Please be honest?
Problem with pinworms! NEED ADVICE!?
Is a mole bigger than a pencil head eraser suppose to hurt when touched and have dark spots in it?
body rash what could it be?
how do i get rid of scars that has been there for almost a year?
Why does my husband's nose smell like parmesan cheese?
Why does it always seem like I have goosebumps on my arm?
How to get rid of the black circles under your eyes?
is it easier to get an earing infection or bellybutton ring?
Why is my skin changing colors?
affects of accutane for 4 months?
What could these bumps mean?
A tiny rip/tear (On rectal opening(?))?
My eye really hurts?
I hurt my wrist earlier and I don't know what has happened?
From the back of my knee to my heel hurts very badly and I don't know why. Can you help?
My ankle keeps hurting? (please read description)?
what did i pull/dislocate in my jaw?
i got kicked ...why is my leg numb?
exercises to do to strengthen lower back?
what does it mean if i keep getting headaches off and on for the past 3 days, especially when i workout?
i have a hert chickmunk !?
I don't have a concussion, do I?
I dislocated my ankle a year ago, what happens now?
my gf got knoked un coutses and is in the hospitial and still hasnt wake up yet it happend lastnight got jumpt?
what's the best remedy for a "computer shoulder" i don't have time to rest, besides 8 hours sleep.?
How do I relieve pressure on my shoulder?
did i tear a ligament in my ankle?
I have a mild pain in my foot, how long will it take to heal?
I have hurt my chest lifting some heavy furniture....have a pulled a muscle or fractured a rib?
How to get over this sickness before Friday? DETAILS INSIDE?
which thing in our daily life i can use like a dangerous posion?
How to not be tired when you didn't sleep?
What is biting me????!!!! Help please!?
what is the age of a 47 year olds parent?
What's this on my eye? (pictures)?
It takes me hours to fall asleep?
how often do you shower and how long does it take?
95/65 Blood pressure, is it normal?
is there anyway to prevent a cold if you feel like your geting one?
How many hours of SLEEP?
Eggnog in a Neti Pot video? Sinus Damage?
will i die if i consume wd-40?
why cant my mom sleep. shes very depressed. shes really tired but cannot sleep.?
Vision problems, Sometimes headache too, what is it?
Need Help!!!! I'm waking up in 2 hours!?
Do you believe doctors will quit over health care reform?
YOU MEDICAL ADVICE NEEDED( i want to hear your opinion before i see a doctor)?
what is the best way to get THC out of my system?
I'm a young teen using Marijuana , How do i handle the pressure, and make good decisions !?
Will i be drugtested while being checked for a hernia?
my mom has a terrible migraine right now? worse than usual and for a couple days now...?
Sudden dizzyness w/ no obvious reason?
I have been experiencing stomach pain for in excess of 5 months! No resolution as yet please help!?
Urinary Tract Infection help?
if you have had food poisoning please answer!?
Is My earing infected?
I have swollen lymph nodes behind each ear.?
i was wanting to no if 100mg zoloft could put more weight on u after being on 50 mg?
You know how they have rehab for addicts..?
What could be causing my irritability?
I just started having some pretty bad circulation problems, and I've been getting bruised really easily?
What is wrong with my left ear?
Is my ear infected? pleas help.?
Is it possible for a tumor to...?
Out of curiosity, what are some things doctors have prescribed or used in early medicine?
How serious is a small kidney tumor that hasn't metastasized yet and is diagnosed as renal cell carcinoma?
Hirschsprung's disease and pregnant?
Can someone describe these for me??!?
If you have had a history of seizures before and are now seizure free, are you allowed to drink alcohol?
I have been sick for about 6 months! Sinus infection and cough? Please help!?
Gastrointestinal Question?
the discoloration I have on my back is one single line down the back in line with my spinal column. Any sugg?
Earlobe cyst please help!!!?
Please Help Bad Back Pain After a sneeze?
Headache...test tomorrow :(help pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz ?
Badddd lower back pain ? =/?
I dont know whats wrong with my ear ! I cant hear loud sounds!!?
I have been diarrheaing for 24 hours what's wrong!?
What to do with a neck muscle spasm?
How come it feels weird when I sleep with my head where my feet usually go?
Sharp pain around right shoulder blade area, any ideas as to what is causing it?
What can I do to help someone with a gallbladder attack?
Stomach heaviness and tension or feeling of pressure...How do I relieve it?
In an adenoidectomy of a child what are the possibilities of needing a blood tranfusion during surgery?
How long does the shingle shot last?
What to do if you have pseudotumor cerebri and had a shunt put in and?
If you smoke a half a pack of cigs a day how long before it starts to show signs in your health?
i ave sufered panic attacks in the past. never been breathless but feel really unwell and very breathless.?
medical student with ocd?
Allergies that occur around this time (Mid-Feb to Early-MAR)?
If a perfectly intelligent person is quiet because they have trouble thinking of anything to say during?
Does anybody have symptoms/trouble with their mitral valve prolapse?
high potassium level ? 15 year old?
did my heart almost stop?
do other heart doctors work with you during an heart surgery? i want to bcom one tats why?
what is the best medicine for pregnant woman with skin allergy?
My throat hurts and it feels hot?
do i have a cold or allergies?
Should a person who is allergic to penicillin help with the removal of black mold caused by flooding?
Do i have a cold os sinus infection?
Zyrtec and Claritin at the same time?
I think I might be allergic to gluten. What foods contain it?
my nose is runny and it hurts to breathe through it?
Could I have an allergic reaction?
Is it safe to do with an allergic reaction?
Potential allergy problems or something worse?
How do you get rid of a rough cold, stopped up nose, itchy throat?
coughing and sneezing when eating bread, breaded foods and pasta?
Any good allergy doctors in the NYC area?
Possible allergy to eyeliner?
Nasal polyps After Surgery problem!?
Anafalaxis? A mild to severe allergic reaction?
am i allergic to my dog, even though i cough and wheeze everywhere?
OAS Help, Im becoming allergic to almost every fruit!?
Can you have a skin allergy to a food yet be able to consume it?
Why does my face get all red on the smallest things? low self-esteem & confidence problem?
Need a product to detect marijuana smoke?
need a little bit of help please?
can a person get sick by standing in the rain?
Can marijuana show up in your system if....?
Paralyzed feeling during sleep?
are there any negative effects for marijuana?
Why do I have large feces?
Could stress be making me this sick?
Possible continuing infection?
does ibuprofen help uti?
how to get rid of mono breath?
Can a person survive a ruptured esophagus due to an eating disorder?
Which Drug is more dangerous Alcohol or Cannabis?
Why did my friend vomit blood and should I be concerned?
Can the liver regenerate itself?
Headache, sore throat and pressure at back of nose?
please help me !? question about surgery and my uvula?
should i be worried about a lump in my neck?
tell me should i talk about surgery for my scoliosis to my doctor?
Really need some advice regarding having a son who is a drug addict and as been to treatment for 30 days reall?
Am I anemic?? PLease HELP!!!!?
Are there any other things, besides bacteria and viruses, that cause disease?
can u just help me with scitzophrinia and OCD?
I am concerned that I may heave lupus and never really paid much attention?
Will i pass my marijuana urine test for my job?
Why am I supposed to get a shot when I turn 16?
Help for head aches and pains?
I may have H1N1 or is it normal?
Choose a specific disease that can effect Kidney?
Problem with dehydration.?
Is my ear piercing infected?
Whats wrong with me (10 points)?
Serious stomach issue. HELP!?
Is there another way to get seratonin?
Need help for mother suffering from osteoporosis...?
Herpes infection in nerves?
So if I run thrity minutes everyday, how long will it take to get rid of my gut?
dizzyness when hearing loud noise?
my daugher has very dry skin on her face,any suggestions on what to put on her face to keep from gettin so dry
Can anyone help me find...?
Could someone give me a list of names of different antihistimines?
how much mucus can one produce?
What does this mean in layman's terms?
Help with my 14 year old Anorexic son. Does anyone seam to have this problem?
5. What is a neoplastic disease? Describe how the various etiologic factors cause neoplastic diseases.?
How do you cope with grief?
How do I stop procrastinating?
What happens during a psychiatric exam?
Can you Help me learn to Focus?
Help, I put a scratch on my new rifle now I want to kill myself?
Why do people who hear voices continue to believe their voices even though they know they are wrong?
will i ever get over my derealization/depersonalization?
Where can I find a catalog (paper or online) of Givenchys recently released eyeglasses?
do people with Diverticulitis die? Please be honest?
Which color contact is lighter? Contacts ordering problem?
Which Freshlook Colorblends should I get?
Red veins, pain, and pus in my eye? How can I fix it?
muratic acid in the eyes?
Why can't see out of my right eye?
Contact Lenses messing up?
will a red eye go away?
How much does it cost to go to visit the eye doctor for getting contacts in the US?
I'm trying to order some glasses online and i have no idea how to read my prescription.?
My eyes are blurry! Help!?
Any real need for toric lens?
why do people think that germs don't cause disease?
What happened to my contact?
Vomiting,nausea,chills and fever,any solution pls?
Why do I feel so dehydrated?
I Need Some Help With My Eyes?
I need articles on hand eye coordination!?
why did my right eye randomly get dilated and blurry?
Could it be meningitis?
What Are Symptoms of TMJD?
What's good for baldder infections?
What is is a infection of the stomac that starts witha C?
Can anyone answer my question..?
What's the best brand of contact lenses to get for brown eyes?
what is the number of pus cells in a normal person. i have 11-12.?
My flu is entering its 11th day?
If my lip piercing is oozing a whitish puss, is it infected?
What kind of infection is this?
What could this be symptoms of?
Swollen Lymph Nodes after flu?
Do I have the stomach flu?
any eyedrops for contacts that get dry throughout the day?
Is it normal for a teenager to have floaters in his eye.?
I have MRSA, is it contagious?
lazy eye or off-center eye?
how many people get diagnosed with AIDS every day in Africa?
Could this be appendicitis?
How to interpret high Neutrophil & low Lymphocyte #'s on my blood work?
I am in need of help fast, please!?
Is soy milk 100% Dairy-Free okay to drink if i have acne?
waxed my face and ripped of skin.HELP?
is alba good for ance or ur face ??
Part of my finger is sore and red. Is this normal?
red bump on my lip, what is it?
is it normal for acne to cover up your moles?
Skin Lightening Question?
is benzoly peroxide bad for skin?
does food create pores in your face?
i have dark marks on my skin, if i use bleaching cream would it work them off?
I took a different brand of vitamin b, now I'm itching.?
what is the best skin whitening product?
best alternate soap for skin adjusted to lifebuoy clearskin soap.?
How to fix/prevent splits in skin ?
How visible is vitiligo on white people and can it make head hair turn white? ?
My hands sweat all the time, what to do?
What is the importance of the HPV shot?
If wound touch with HIV positive serum sample .Can a lab technician also got positive?
What's the timespan from contraction to death for Hepatitis B?
How would you handle "the clap" on your face?
Do you know a good way to remove a ring from a painfully swollen finger ?
how to cure a heart break?
slight red blood in stool? helpp?
son had blood in urine?
Help with insomnia?
Do i have an eating disorder?
My boyfriend is developing an ulcer and were not sure what to do. any suggestions on what to do?
I think I may have a kidney infection.?
if my mom is stealing my money i have worked for with my sweat and blood,?
I keep getting a lump behind my ear?
What is a good deoderant that prevents major persperating and where to get it?
Pulse in abdomen. More noticeable than heartbeat.. Feel it when laying on stom or just resting arm. What is it
What is causing these problems?
My doctor gave me 800mg ibuprofen but it upsets my stomach what alternatives are there?
Why can't I sleep at night?
have not slept for 4 days straight omg what can i do!!?
Can you have growing pains in your breasts?
Relieve an itchy eye w/o scratching?
How can I get my parents to quit smoking?
How do Hernia tests work out?
need help my bf is sick need to know if its serious!???!?
i quit smoking but now i wanna smoke just one cigarette?
How to stay awake and not go back to sleep?
My hands are shaking?
what's the best thing to sleep in?
what causes my low blood pressure?
Pressure on left temple, forehead, what is it?
Olive oil hurt my lips?
Should I sleep for one hour?
Heavy Blood Clots All Day Long And Worse At Night?
i am really tired is this bad?
How life threatening is having a PFO and pradoxical embolism in each lung?
Need help with tracing a drop of blood from the aorta to the circle of willis?
called out again, did I make the right decision?
My Dr. put me on lovastatin, I am having side affects, has anyone experienced this and what.?
Possible acid reflux?
why is it that accutane.......???
I just had four stitches placed in my forehead above my left eyebrow? Will Vitamin E help the healing process?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
laser treatment how much are they?
If you have sweating and cold hands for no apparent reason what does that mean?
Can Eloment lotion use for fungal infections?
Is the Common Cold transmitted thru saliva? I am finding conflicting answers?
Second hand marijuana blood test?
Does this sound common for an ear infection.?
what is wrong?
Nasal Surgeries?
Need Help: Doctor suggested something, but I'm afraid the animals at my workplace will be uncomfortable?
tell me some causes of hart attack.?
hip pain think caused by a nerve.?
swelling under the eyes i dont really know what it is it is pink and swollen do u know what it is?
If there is spme effective treatment of Irritable Bowl syndrome?
17 Year Old Skin Turning Yellow?
what will help me to not crave alcohol?
how do i get rid of my dizziness when i go to go to sleep i almost get to sleep and i open my eyes?
Some sort of pressure in my throat after eating certain foods?
my mom breaks out in crazy sweat but only on head whats wrong?
Am I Anemic? If So What Do I Do :?
Whats the disease that the orphan had?
i always feel dizzy and sleepy?
boy friend with bi-polar disorder?
i want to get rid of my migraines and i get them almost every day and i would like to know what cures them....
2 hours ago I took an ambien. Can I take a xanax now?
Why don't they sell dark band-aids?
My left hand is always shaking, and my right hand doesn't. What could this mean?
How can i grow my body?
I am so scared about my mom!?
I feel sick but don't know what I have?
Do I have a urinary tract infection?
can anyone make the ringing in my ear go away?
Can you be lactose intolerant if your parent aren't?
im wondering if i have fibromyalgia ..?
where do i go to sign up for a liver transplant?
Never Heard of this?
What is the least harmful drug for your body?
High fever, what should i do?
How long is THC detectable in the blood?
never feeling clean?
can a inner ear infection cause head pressure?
Poor circulation or something else?
blood on the bowls bleeding on my toilet tissue?
Is there really a disease, or head trauma that make you think you hear music?
One hit a pot, Could i fail?
Have to be to work at 4am and just woke up & cant fall back asleep?
Should i go to school?............?
can i rinse my mouth with peroxide?
I kept falling asleep in class?
I found a pill, and I dont know what it is, help?
Is it okay to take a shower before doing my homework?
Why do I get bad headaches after watching movies with rape in it?
I have hard hard poo?
Why do I always feel dehydrated at night?
I think i'm to hit puberty and my dad was explaining to me about the birds and the bees and he didnt explain..?
does a vigina close up if never used?
i think that i have crabs help me?
throat hurts from smoking?
Can putting ice in hookah cause pneumonia?
Cigarette information?
Do gynecologists do check up for AIDS?
i just wanna know this: someone who goes for PMTC group is the only person who is hiv or not .?
Burning sensation on the inside but cold on the outside?
Can't catch my breath while walking?
labia. question for the guys?
im 13, and smoked once?
im 13, i smoked 1 time to try to stop my mom from smoking ( didnt seem to work) will somthing happen to me?
Is Shisha bad for my health?
What is an actual handjob?
AIDS support group help?
how to avoid breathing secondhand smoke from when my parents smoke in the house?
I have a very VERY large black lump around my lungs and i find it hard to breath what is it?!?!?
Get rid of my sore throat!?
my friend has hpv she borrowed my pj pants can I catch it from that?
Sleep apnea induced seizure in a non-epileptic patient?
is it normal to have difficulty breathing with chest congestion?
Why am I salivating so much?
Whats the difference between asthma and bronchitis?
Why does my chest hurt and i cough alot of mucus?
do I have sleep apnea?
Snoring spouse, what to do when it sounds like an Ozzy Osbourne concert?
What does it take to get carpal tunnel?
Heart Palpitations For Hours?
Why does my elbow hurt?
what should you do if you have lye on your tongue?
Sore lump behind ear lobe?
Can't flex calf anymore?
my stomach hurts!! BAD!?
Pain in between rib cages after urination?
Might have neck injury?
What shoes, or shoe products will keep my feet from hurting all day?
is my toes broken they hurt so bad i cant even stand on my foot for 2 mins. at a time?
Today i squashed my thumb in a door then i passes out any thoughts?
What did I do to my finger...?
I think I dislocated my knee yesterday. Would appreciate some help or advice.?
Is it bad that I throw up a lot?
What could have happened to my knee?
I bruised my thumb about a week ago and now the side of my thumb where it meets the nail is oozing. Lance it?
when can i drink again after a lacerated liver?
is pressure good for a sprain?
When bones break they grow back stronger...?
Punched in the chest. Indentation possible?
How do you ease a pulled muscle in chest?
Woke up from dream and slammed head?
Stress Fracture maybe?
should i go back to the doctors?
When is it decided that conservative treatment is not working for knee injury?
What have I done ? To my wrist?
Bruising on backside of knee on the inside after running. cause? and can I continue training?
Should I exercise if my muscles are sore?
Can I take my bandage off my in-grown toenail and wash it?
Sprained wrist! Help!?
Cutting Problems I Really Need Help?
do you think this will give me a bruise?
More back trouble. Help please.?
What happens if you get worms and don't treat it?
Risk of contracting viral hepatitis?
does being constipated affect your appetite?
Can you contract tuberculosis or any other airborne diseases from cleaning public restrooms?
Can I take ciprofloxacin and azithromycin together?
why HBVDNA is positive in a few HBsAg+ peaple and is not in other HBsAg+?
How long until my daughter stops giving everyone stomach bug?
How much longer do I have to suffer?
One of my vigina flaps is very big and has been like that for awhile. Is that bad?
I have a cut on my tonsil what should I do?
Infected Lymph Nodes?
Can someone PLEASE give me some advise on how 2 make my throat feel better?
Is it dangerous to sleep in a room that was recently washed with T.S.P. cleaning stuff?
i have a chest cold, started with a cough now in chest, not much in nose, what virus is it?
Sypmtoms of yeast infection >>>> someone help please!!?
how long does it take for strep throat to treat?
How long does it take to get rid of a cold sore with lip care + Lysine?
Iron Deficiency Anemia turn into sickle cell?
Hepatitis C.how dangerous is it?
whats the best thing on how to get rid of eczema ?
Is Acne Vulgaris contra-indicated to beauty treatment?
What are the best acne washes?
how to get acne free face/clear face cheap?
Wired bumps on very back of tounge and on the side that sting?
Any idea what these small red bumps could be?
can mild molloscum bar you from entering the military?
Dry patches of skin on my 1 and 1/2 year old....... What is it?
Has anyone improved the appearance of there white stretch marks?
What does it mean when your finger is itchy and swollen?
Suffering from Acne...sensitive skin. teen, could use advice.?
Hi there, I was wondering would a skin graft on my forehead get rid of a scar? I had a Brain Tumour and the sc?
How to get rid of my VERY dark armpits?
How can I tell the difference between Pre-Rosacea and Acne?
Can't see for a couple seconds after lying down?
Help me with a Smell problem!!!!!!!!!!?
why do i get twitchy right before i fall asleep?
My girlfriend maybe overdosed on nightquil? (help!!!!)?
My 11 year old son's left breast looks like growing?
Repeated white spots on back of tonnils.?
my left side looks bigger then my right side?
It's been 16 hours since overdose?
I keep getting pins and needles in my hands and it is really annoying me?
my eye always twitches alot during the day is this a very serious issue should i go to Er is it deadly?
Is Getting Put To Sleep For Surgery Safe?
is it bad to take a couple sips of white wine every night to sleep? i use to take sleeping pills every night?
Why does the goverment sell something that is bad for you?
can you die from a hernia?
Once I wake up I cant get back to sleep?
I cannot sleep! Help Please?!?
Why do I still feel this way?
HELP PLEASE :/ really worried :(?
Is it wrong or weird to enjoy pain or blood?
What is the best deoderant for excessive sweating? & does the dove clinical strength deoderant actually work?
i had a bump on my right side of my nose n it hurted a couple days later the bump went down and that side of?
What should you do to ease stress?
To smoke weed , do yhu need a special type of paper ?.?
Can I crush Medicine and still get the effects?
How can I get the strongest effect from my Adderall?
HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS!!!!! PLZ!!!!!?
Mixing two different kinds of antibiotics?
what is causing my headaches?
How come when I get out of the shower my calves are red?
is this infected need to know?
Weird things happening to me?
What's the best drug to OD on?
How dose eating a weed brownie affect your physical health besides calories and sugar?
Why am I having horrible jaw pain?
I am panicky and anxious all day long... what do I do?
Does ingrown toenail removal via doctor hurt??
Feeling really sick????????
how long does it take for cocaine to get out of your system.?
Drug test coming up. Will I pass?
Is it true that you can get high from smelling markers?
If you could invent a drug that could do anything, what would you invent?
what are benifits of using bacterias to produce insulin?
Can I give insulin if patient is on NPO?
keeping from going cross eyed when speaking eye to eye?
Do i need glasses? Please answer?
i got poked in the eye with a sharpie what do i do??
Can I get a contact & glasses exam at walmart and buy glasses at another store?
how long does it take for contacts to be delivered to the doctor/clinic?
star burst vision........?
would sleeping with contacts in cause migranes?
contacts lens question?
I might get new contacts, but I'm scared of putting them on? help...?
Sometimes i see spots before my eyes is there something wrong with my eyes?
Is this true about my eyesight?
how to cure red eyes?
I'm seeing spirals all the time!?
how much do contacts cost at costco?
Blurred peripheral vision in left eye and spots?
K so todai i have to taik a test about my eye q but what is an eye q test?
my eye prescription reads od +1.0 -0.50 x43 os+1.25 -0.75 x170?
eye problem please help?!?
Question about my eye!? Funguses!?
Why do I have weakened vision 5 months after LASEK?
Is it possible for an allergic reaction to show up 3 days later?