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How do i donate my kidneys on the nhs?
Is this harmful to my family and I?
What is the relative potency of illegal and medical marijuana?
Will i still keep growing or am i done?
Two adult people fitting in a twin bed?
If i removed my growth plates would i stop growing in height?
Inhaled friends puffed out weed smoke?
im a 16 year old girl and i have a question about hygiene?
Will I grow any taller?
Can I donate blood if I weigh less than 110?
Is there anyway to fight an ER bill?
could this be angina?
anyone know anything about tonsils?
What happened to VideoURLS|Bypass Megavido Time Limit?
heartburn affect the digestive and cardiovascular systems?
What is it with people and vaccinations?
do you think it's kind of neat that?
Can i sue a doctor or Hospital for this?
Major aims for therapy for mycardial ischemia includes which of the following?
Just had a anxiety attack help!!!!!!!?
open your heart for them?
HDL 0.77 mmol/L NV= >1.45?
what is the fastest easiest less painful way to kill yourself?
Natures Cure for Women to treat acne?
my skin is real real real bad?
i have a small white patch on both of my eyelids. i had them for a few years now.?
Burn victim & itching?
help, sunburn problem!!!!?
Bizzare Rash. *not a joke?
can poison ivy rashes come back years after exposure un-provoked?
How do i get rid of mosquito bite scars on my legs FAST!?
clinique dark spot corrector directions?
are tan injections effective?
Welt on arm.... itchy.. hurting?
Stretch Marks??? Is it normal and help?
What causes people to be light skin?
red marks on sides of lips ? NOT herpes ! help ! what do i do ?
how long does it take for amoxicillon take till you start feeling better from sinus infection?
can we find the disorder in a baby is inherited by father or mother?
whats wrounge mee i dont know if i have mono or not?
i have hear burn alot..?
blood pressure when high?
My TSH test is high?
All week I've been wetting my pants randomely without feeling that I had to go whats wrong?
If VLDL cholestrol is lower than normal,( 19.4) what does it imply?
how much does your pulse increase...?
Why are there different HIV/AIDS tests?
is it true if you think positive ?..?
how many percentages of girls are doing masterbating?
How soon does chlamydia show up?
What STDs can you get from just ejaculate?
HIV/AIDS clinic jobs, paid or nonprofit?
canĀ“t sleep in the dark ?
How do I get health insurance?
Do you know smoking in office is healthy?
I have super bad sunburn and I don't want to peel HELP?
why does my eye keep twitching if im only 14?
Are unprescribed contact lenses bad?
Are their any anti depressants out there that doesn't make you sleep all of the time?
what happens if you smoke WD 40?
lump on top of eye lid?
Constant popping noise in ear?
laced weed causes permanent brain damage?
Embarrassing sweating problem?
I feel like I have to vomit?
Is this a muscle ache or kidney problem?
How do you fall asleep?
Why is my eyelid twitching and will it stop?
How much sleep should I get?
If I go to bed @ 1AM and have to wake up at 6:30AM how tired would I be?
I have to sleep at least 12 hours every day. What's wrong with me?
would percocet show up in a drug test?
could it still be fractured?
fell on ankle :/?
Dislocated Finger... Need Help!!! ?
How to speed up the healing time of a sprained ankle?
How can you make a homemade knee immobilizer?
My nephew broke his arm in daycare, who should be responsible for the medical expenses?
I had my appendix removed 6 months ago and im still very sore is that normal?
i broke my nose and its still broken and the doctor said he cant see me till monday but the bone is still out?
Can anyone tell me, can a stroke in the cerebellum occur from bleeding in the brain caused by a blow? ?
how long will it take to knock yourself with 8 dayquils and 4 nyquils ?
Does this look broken or sprained?
I dont know how to ask...read the details..?
Sprained Ankle Problems?
MY BACK!Could you help please?
Knee Injury Help..............?
how do you make your ears hurt less after you stretch them?
Bruising around the eye and leg?
my boyfriend has a pinched nerve in his lower back and cannot stand up?
Bump below the knee cap hurts after activities.?
how do i protect myself from a knee injury?
Pain!!!!! Answers please!! had surgery and... Pictures included!! Please help?
How Long Cocaine Stays in Your System?
I need help trying to figure out a certain disease to play a prank...help!?
Thyroid medication question?
Thyroid medication problems?
What is Artrities and the cure?
Constant feeling of tiredness and excessive sleeping...please help
Why is the liver such an important organ that a person cannot live without?
Can anyone help me understand my MRI Scan report?
plssss help im gettin worried!!!
Constant Dizziness and lightheaded?
Risks of radiation exposure:?
How can i tell if some one punched me in the face while i was sleeping?
What is the first symptom of Rheumatoid arthritis?
Mom is bipolar, can it start suddenly? How to make her go to the doctor for meds?
Question about blood thinners?
what does this mean, can someone help me ?
Does anyone have seizures?
Information about Kidney Infection?
Sometimes I have twitches out of the blue.Wat is wrong?
Could I have a moderate case of anxiety?
what is it like in a mental hospital?
Will things get better? I feel as though I am losing my sanity.?
has anybody ever got an atomic wedgie in boxers?
Is it normal to defecate twice in the morning (with the second defecation at my workplace already)? PLS HELP?
What kind of sleeping disorder would this be?
can you drink alcohol while taking blood pressure medicine - if so, how much is reccomended?
can you have the flu but dont have fever??
is there anythang wrong wit my head?
I was born almost completely blind in my right eye?!? help me?
My left eye has a lot of fluid under the eye lid?
When one is awake all night do ones pupils become bigger?
Can you get your vision back after being blind?
What does yellow diarrhea mean?
headache all day and a little nauseas?
Is it true that if you sleep earlier, you will get taller?
if you could change your name, would you?
What can you do to help stop being lightheaded?
What type of constipation do I have?
What Rights does a 16 yr old have Medical Wise?
is lying to your boyfriend that you seriously can't tell him?
My 14g taper wont go all the through,any tips?
mole on my tongues...?
Can anyone tell me what is happening to me?...?
If someone overdoses on xanax do you die or do you just pass out?
i have no idea what to do plz help?
need surgery and have no insurance?
Sporadic stabbing pain in inner ear?
Will my voice go back to normal?
can anyone help me... what's wrong with me!?
My 9 year old woke up feeling very lethargic with a sore throat and headache. I get soo nervous when my kids?
What could cause chronic cold feet?
what do you u think these symtoms are?
ugh so tired of being sick!?
What should I do? I overdosed.?
been coughing for a month now and now i am having trouble hearing?
How do you work out a synthetic epidemic?
Can anyone answers this please? What does it mean if liver count is 485?
Could this be meningitis?
Bladder health question ?
my son is on his 7th day of scarlet fever, and 4th day of treatment, rash has progressively faded and began to?
Im 13 and get fever blisters ALL the time like every month. Whyy?
Is three weeks to late for untreated strep? what happens?
What kinds of hip infections are there and how long can they be known to last and what happens if left alone.?
Is it possible to get TSS when your boyfriend fingers you?
What is this?! Please help!!?
What is an eye sty(st-eye), and what are syptoms of it?
Could I be really sick? Fatigue, stomach problems, etc...?
what are the chances i have mono?
Curious about sharing food?
I think i have an ear infection can someone please help me!?
I think I have strep throat what should I do?
Is it bad when you vomit and get a nose bleed at the same time?
How does the viral flu (common cold) survive when people are heathly?
i still have a sinus infection and i took antibiotics?
How can i mask the flu for 6 hours? PLEASE HURRY!!!!?
Am I more likely to break a bone if it is bruised? 10 pts?
can you get mucus in your brain?
Continuous small coughing??!?!?
Strange Feeling in Chest?
I want to quit smoking for someone else, is this ok?
Would you tell me some good asthma preventing methods?
Can asthma cause spontaneous pneumothorax?
will a doctor read a TB test after 72 hours?
Urinary Tract Infection Help?
If born with Asthma, does it last for life?
have u ever taken prednisone?
Bad Cough and don't know what it is. Help Me?
From what you learned about the effects of marijuana use, especially chronic use, do you think it is a gateway?
Feel like i have to keep tensing my throat?
I was wondering what you can take for a cold while having asthma?
center chest pain...acid refleux?
How to smoke mugwort?
Can you smoke a cigar with mold on it?
My nose is stuffed up and I can hardly breathe.?
Could i have asthma?
I have had a cough for 3 weeks and watery nose ?
how to have a voice like i have a cold? (without the cold)?
Do I have pneumonia? When should I go to the doctors?
Could a new coth sofa cause breathing problems?
if you are allergic to penicillin what type antibiotics can u take instead?
I have a Pit Bull, he has bad allergies I have taken him to the doctor and they usually give a steriod shot?
What is this temporary eye problem called?
kidney stones???
My dad might have lymphatic cancer, honestly, what are his chances of doing well...?
I am having frequent urination and sharp pain in right shoulder blade. Anyone know what it could be?
I have abdominal tenderness/ lower right quadrant. started about a week ago. Any suggestions on what it is?
The doctor said they found what looks like a cyst in my head. Is this bad or is it normal?
why do my eyesturn bloodshot red and eyelids fill with fluid?
i am looking for moms of children mith cerebral palsy?
what are the reasons of low blood pressure???
Can males develop lupus?
Could all this lead to diabetes?
If I donate plasma or blood will it mess with my unemployment?
i am concered............?
What is wrong with me?
Nearly everyone around me has a cold or cold symptoms. Should I take medicine now?
How can I make myself throw up?
Is sleeping 9 1/2 hours a day bad for you?
My bf will go 1 month or so w/o showering. 6+ mo w/o brushing teeth. Please tell him why this is a bad idea?
How do you prep for a Colonoscopy when you cant take the prep?
Trouble with neighbor help details inside?
why do i shed skin around my lips after a good kiss?
what is it when you feel dizzy when you are in the sun?
Why am i thirsty, tired and bloated all the time?
How to get rid of blood stains on skin?
Have u ever fainted before?
i have a very bad kidney infection. i need to know if i need to go to the hospital since my temp is rising.?
scared and worried??
Want urgent help, kinda worried.?
how can you fall asleep really easy?
License suspended for seizures, can't get to work, can't get health insurance help?
this is the WEIRDEST question that i have ever had to ask...but here it goes...?
Best acne product for cystic acne?
what does eczema look like?
soles skin different then the rest of the skin?
How much do guys care about scars?
what can i do about my post acne spots?
how do you heal acne scars?
I have this little thing inside my lip and it really burns but it is so small what can it be?
My plastic surgeon doctor gave me hydrocortisone 1% cream for my scar, but can i put Super E lotion on it also?
Random bruising on legs ?
why would stiches re-open after 8 years?
An eye sty scar rid it ?
Is there an Acne ACCELERATOR?!?
Removing Warts With Dry Ice ?
What should I do for my dry skin on my feet from my cast?
Popped a zit now it is dark red / black what do?
question to answer about breathing ?
My nose bleed yesterday night?
I get sick all the time. Is there anything I should take??/?
im 6'0 and i drink milk everyday and take 2 vitamns a day am i ganna grow anymore my mom is 5'4?
Going to my first therapy session today. What should I expect?
Please answer im stressed out!!!! I need tips on marijuana cleansing!?
Why am I feeling so tired ?
what can i do to help calm my anxiety attacks?
my stomach hurts when I'm in the car! How can stop being like this?
My husband has the stomach flu. Will the couch that he took over today have all his germs? Is it safe for me?
what on earth does this mean?
Will you have any one or more of these three today: caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco?
What's my problem? Feel uncomfortable with legs?
when we sneeze which part of our body stop its function?
Why does this happen? It's emabarassing.?
No matter how much fluid I drink, I still feel dehydrated...?
what are the long term effects weed does to you?
Go to school with the flu?
How do drugs affect people? What does it feel like to be on them?
what else can i get from herpes besides shingles?
how long do hiv virus live on a piercing needle?
how long after i take a percot to show up in my urine?
Who is at greater risk for Alzheimer's?
Can Stress make me feel this way?
poor mans facelift?
Does taking bcomplex vitamins and calcium supplements lead to problems?please help?
list of food or medicines to avoid for g6pd?
a question about the E.R. and surgery?
Could freaking out be the reason?
I have strep throat! help?
So I found out I have mono...?
Is vigamox safe to use when I haven't had pink eye for a month?
Strep Throat Please Help!?
Are there any lyme specialists in the Beaufort SC area?
My Dr injected (IV) me antibiotic for throat infection. I feel it was very over doze. Please let me know does?
I have suffered tuberculosis and jaundice.will this effect my manhood.?
how to reduce a high fever?
Whats a staph infection?
Should I go see a doctor?
Nausea and slight fever?
What are the causes of vomiting and dizziness?
Might swallow a small piece of glass?
I have white, red and black in my stool..?
dose anyone know what these symptoms are?
gastric bypass patient 10 mths out.. bloody stool, pain in left side fever.. do I need er?
Monoo? Elevated Liver Enzymes?
What condition do i have ? ( vomiting , light headed , swollen throat, cold sores on my lips ) ?
put this in the wrong page HELP i am really ill?
My mom thinks ill have seizures after i blacked out and my back hurts?
How bad would 20amps hurt?
what is the cause of having bruise that go away and later return again?and its a bit painful.?
Knee Arthroscopy, Post surgery question?
Can I sue my work because i hurt my back bad lifting a box?
what is a noise bleed?
if my friend got shot in the mouth and it came out her neck will she have to go thru therapy?
bad fall can anybody advise?
what makes my knees pop?
why do my arm muscles feel sore or feel tired when i drink alcohol?
I hurt my ankle and don't know what doctor to see?
Tightening back pain?
Is my shoulder injured?
Possible broken nose with black eyes?
does a knee injury require imnediate surgery?
What is wrong with my finger??!?
i woke up with a really swollen eye...?
My big toenail is pretty much dead, and is just barely connected?
Is my ankle broken/or chiped????
What is wrong with my back?
my foot hurts only when I bend it or put alot of weight on it, whats wrong?
Leg swelled up and there is no visible injury...help?!?
which health profession should i see if i want to do balance training to prevent ankle sprain?
i burned my fingers and part of hand a couple of hours ago around 6 should i be worried?
Night sweats, dizzy, feeling like im in a different world?
What causes low Lymphocytes?
BHT, MSG, Aluminum zirconium?
Extremely wierd eating sickness?
Does anyone who is hypothyroid take the otc diet aid alli? any feedback?
can sinus infection cause facial numbness?
What are the consequences of toxicity?
whats that condition in little children called?
Chest Pressure? I am 14 Years of age?
Why do you get anxiety attack? HELP?
Is it ok to be eating then have a choking feeling?
alternatives to cortisone for asthma?
I m a boy of 19 years old......... my chest is so thin........ how can i increase my chest ?
am i really sick! HELP!!!!!!!?
Strange Breathing Problem?
pulse checking?? why?
how do u get rid of a cough,and a running nose?
i think my mum is allergic to my step-father can it be true ?
My dog has allergies. She scratches her paws continously and they get very irritated. What can I do to relieve?
i am lactose intolerent and allergic to penecillian do i need a medical bracelet?
Allergy to vegetables?
Have a question about bee stings?
Can I all of a sudden be allergic to the cold air?
every time i eat something with salt, a gland in my throat swells up.?
what we call a surgery for nose bleeds?
are these the symptoms of a cold?
Does childrens Tylenol meltaways help relieve allergy symptoms?
i have really bad sleeping problems and i think my allergies are to blame?
What Washing Powder do Dermatologist advise patients with Allergic Skin reactions to use.?
My eyes are kinda red!?? what should i do?
My Nose Keeps Bleeding?
Any detail on Children Nosebleeds?
Why cant i hock a loogie? everytime I try, i gag and come close to throwing up!?
Why did my nose bleed?
could my contacts be too strong?
Is it possible for an unopened contact lens to be damaged?
Contacts for astigmatism?
Are gray eyes comon????????
Which contacts can I wear for a whole month straight?
So I just got a lazy eye?
Why does some people use Eye patch?
Help with color toric lenses?
My vision is is blurring in my left eye and I'm seeing flashes of light out of the corner of that eye?
How can i make my eyes not bloodshot while my contacts are in?
seeing starbust and halos at night, can it be retinal detach?
Can rubbing alcohol be used to clean anti-reflective coating on eyeglasses?
Can I wear normal colored contacts if I have astignitism?
how do I know when my ears are healed from my gauges?
eye sight over the age of 40?
Reading in direct sunlight, is bad for your eyes. T/F ?
My eyes dont see as well as they used to?
how long do you wear your contacts for i mean in weeks?
i've lost my glasses were should i look,and how should i look?
Why do you tear up when you're sad?
is it hard to learn how to wear contacts?
how should you sit in front of your computer screen and tv to have least effect on your eyes?
Sleeping with eyes a little open, does that mean anything?
Does it really sound like it''s anxiety?
my mom is doing drugs so i took her stash and hid it now she is threatening to take away the things i love?
Meditation, doing it right?
What OCD medications don't make you fat?
How do you move on from someone you still love and still in love with? How to deal with it?
Di ke colore e la vostra vita?
Why am I flailing around in my sleep, help?
is there a good osteopath in daventry?
why does my contact lense hurt?!?
Headaches on left temple?
does ear streching hurt?
What exactly is heartburn?
I have a tender spot behind my ear any ideas on what the cause might be?
At night my throat hurting bad n the cough are big. It feels like I got something in throat so I try spitting.?
Ears heat up during exams, quick solution?
What could a sharp pain up the left side be?
Why do I get a sharp pain in my side when I feel sad?
White patches on throat? What could this be?
Hypothyroidism...Would I notice a positive change in symptoms if my dosage jumped from 50 mcg to 75 mcg?
One week ago, I had a successful PFO closure, now there is lump at the groin site, is this normal?
How do you get a lisp?
i need help?
Can you have a LDL cholesterol reading of 1,500?
Is my cartilage piercing infected?
what can cure a swollen lip fast?
Dr requests a BMP test for my husband. It said he was a high risk med use. Explain?
When I get nervous i get this rush down my back and my heart does this really weird sinking thing?
someone help i need to fall asleep but i cant and its three hours before my drivers test and my birthday is ?
What first comes to mind when you think of ultrasound...honest answers please?
I Caught a Cold, Now I'm All Sore?
Anyone know what NASH is?
does smoking cannabis effect the healing process of a sinus infection?
Do contact lenses affect reading?
help....i cant poo!!?
Should I go to the hospital?
Why am I still awake after only two hours of sleep?
PLEASE HELP! I think someone I know is smoking crack?
Can xanax help you quit smoking?
woke up dizzy and throwing up. Help!!?
dizzy while in car :(?
how bad is MAIJUANA?????????????????????????????????
Why is my boyfriend still sick?
what's wrong with me? help please!?
Why am I also so tired? Im young and was very healthy.. Now Im exhausted. Bpap didn't help at all. Please Help?
During the winter, my fingers turn WHITE... is this bad?
How do you catch mondayitus? Can you get it from public toilets?
I kissed two guys with about a week inbetween and both got sore thraots yet i feel fine?
Need Help?? HIV/AIDS?
After surgery of anal warts?
how do you get crabs?
Can you get an STD from fingering through clothes (with clothes on)?
10 minutes left on my health quiz and i need some help please!!! asap?
Whats the best medicine for ear infections?
is this the flu or what?
What can I use for my throat?
Sore throat, 95.6 temp, and chills :(?
Threw up yellow acid-like liquid?
does my 6 months old niece have chickenpox?
what to do in a disinfectant expriment?
I was tested for hiv after 3 months and the result is negative by elisa MEIA am i safe?
What do you do doctors to prevent getting HIV or hepatitis or other transmitting diseases from your patients?
if you swallowed a harmful chemical how long would it take for symptoms to appear?
Did I get an infection from blood draw?
what is a pelvic infection?
Is an ear infection contagious?
is it common to have blurred vision with pink eye?
How can make your voice come back within 24 hours after being sick?
Question about doctors visit tomorrow?
Can Lysol kill parasitic worm eggs?
fever and severe sweating, can i shower?
Stretching Earlobes?
What is Scurvy?
What is this strange swelling?
does bladder extrophy operation work?
my head hurts, neasua in the stomach, body weak?
Why shouldn't you undergo Botox treatment if you have a history of neuromuscular disease?
Does netorgenia oil free acne wash work?
Has anyone heard of Gastritis. I had my EGD done and that was one of the findings. What causes it? Can it?
What could these symptoms be coming from or mean to my friend? The symptoms seem to occure every two weeks.?
does triamcinolon make perioral dermatitis worse???????????
How much does a gastric baloon cost to have put in anyone know?
can polysistic ovarian disease be healed for good?
Gurgling Tummy! Gas! Aches! Oh MY?
Can i scratch the dried pox?
How do you get rid of pores and blackheads on your nose without products?
is it bad to use 2 different acne products at the same time?
non itchy red bumps on inner arms and thighs?
How do i get rid of Scars?
birth control and acne?
How to hide scars at a water park?
Any idea what this patch is?
Toe is red, peeling and hurting?
A question about Proactive Solution?
Uneven and patchy skin tone?
does acne come back after taking accutane/roaccutane ?
I had 3 tiny blisters on the middle of my upper lip and now it's very swollen. ?
Does lancing a pylonidal cyst hurt?Do they give u a local and does it work?Going to have it done today!?
Does Proactive really stop working over time?
how sunburnt would you say i am?
Chest problem (health question)?
I have a cough for 4 months along with some other problems and I need your help?
do i have asthma?low blood pressure?something else?please help?
i have cf and i dipped?
am i having a asthma attack?
what is the strogest nebulizer at home treatment?
Do I have asthma or just a really bad chest infection?
Can you get 15 nanograms of thc in your system from second hand marijuana smoke?
ok what do these mean in smoking terms?
how do i go about donating my kidney to one of my friends?
how you cannhave fun or amuse yourself with a broken arm?
can atarax be mixed with tylenol?
what do cardboard mites look like?
How can I make my nose run badly or make it really stuffy (no allergies)?
has anyone had problems being in new trailer homes,like allergies.?
looking for a long lasting decongestant?
Hives that have come from nowhere?
Is it Important to know the allergies of my parents?
is this something i should worrie about?
how can I stop one of my eyes from watering all the time? Have been to the dr. said do not know what to do.?
what is wrong with my eyes geeze?? 10 points?
My husband is allergic to cheese with his blood pressure dropping dramatically. Cheese is in everything-HELP!?
When visiting new places my nose feels blocked?
My daughter gets a rash if she drinks PROPEL FITNESS WATER (but not from anything else), any ideas why PROPEL?
what can i give my dog for itching/allergies?
If a person has a boil can another person become infected from it?
Help! Allergic to Trees?
I'm buying a used mattress. Will spraying it with Lysol get rid of the germs/virus including common STDs?
please help me bad itch in throat?
Ciprofloxain and benadryl?
Does anyone have any really good Gluten free recipes?
how do you know if u have crabs, std, hiv or any other disease as a man?
Is there any pill for Gluten disease yet?
How long will the bad effects of Prednisone last?
Is this a symptom of west nile virus?
What could be causing my trouble breathing?
can you get herpes from a foam party?
Is it normal if the seminal fluid is yellow?
What is wrong when your discharge is a little yellow?
i have little white dot like specks on my contacts... what does that mean?
Headaches from light? Sunglasses?
help with my eye!?!?!?
Contacts and Glasses?
Trying to find the perfect eye doctor, please help.?
If vision is the same for both eyes, can you get just one box of contacts?
Eye Contacts Question!?
how much are contact lenses in total?
first time with contacts?
Prk bandage contact lenses.?
how much does a six month supply of contacts cost?
how can i learn to wear contacts?
in an eye surgery what does ECCE with PCIOL, OD means?
i need help with contact lenses?
Why does my eye twitch?
Help taking off soft contact lenses?
can u read this eye prescription for me?
is there a place where i can design my own eyeglasses?
Is Sofmed better or Acuvue?
what is lazy eye syndrom?
contact lenses question?
Hollow Under Eye Lines?
uhhh please help?
how do you adjust the pressure from the breathing machine when it is too high?
If my aunt is in bad health can i get what she had?
does asthma and other allergic reaction increase or decrease blood pressure , and about pulse?
Flank pain, what should be done?
what is the definition of thrombocytopenia?
instances where disease was found in zoo animals????!!!!?
white things on my chin , what are they?
are there any new remedies for keratoconous?
if you have a cough and cough med is not working what can i do?
can you have a urinary tract infection and not know it?
i sneeze a lot?
Friend in danger for cancer?
what is a hairline fracture?
My ankle hurts really badly when i walk on it.?
I smashed my pointer finger in a door about a month or 2 ago. the nail just fell off a few weeks ago any help?
Black Eye and Bruises?
Please explain where each of my friend's injuries is located?
Hit on head, should I be worried?
How can I know if my jaw is dislocated?
Anyone know what could be wrong with my toe/?
Does weight lifting causes stretch marks?
why is my old wrist injury hurting?
my boyfriend hit his head. is it a concussion? should he be worried?
I have a piece of glass embedded in my foot.. please help!?
I had rugby practice.. i know i didnt break it. but it seems like its cramped.. my big toe.. i cant move it.?
Do I have nerve damage in my thumb after dislocation?
What type of injury is this?
can a concussion cause you to miss your period?
should i be worried about chest pains?????????
if you tear your ACL can you feel your leg?
How can you clean your thumb?
Could your arm break like this?
Nerve damage from surgery?
Could I have another stress fracture?
I have been having pains in my back on the right side for a few weeks. Could it be serious?
Where do I get suboxone in orange county or los angeles county?
Knee pain/weird noise?
Can Appendicitis Pain Go And Come Back?
Lower Back Pain. Advice needed on whats wrong, a fix, and what an MRI may show that a CT Scan couldn't.?
I have chronic neck pain It was recommended that I try a product called "That dragonfly stuff" ?
Anxiety related muscle spasms. What is this and how can it be treated?
My left leg...is killing me!?
i have a speech impairment might that be a viral brain infection?
Am I going to a mental hospital?
I'm really hyper and have an overwhelming desire to kill myself!?
i have a child that is ADHD and OCD would riding a horse be good therapy for them?
Is Zyprexa available by mouth and injection?
information about the case study of marilyn who is suffering from inoperable cancer?
My daughter has the croop. Any ideas how to help her with the coughing ? Cause you can't use cough medicine.
Stomach flu question... URGENT PLEASE?
asteline nose spray?
should i run track with my bad allergies to pollen and dusts?
Is this swine flu or more sinister?
Stomach flu 2 hours since I last therw up?
is there is a Treatment for Incontinence wind?
how long will an middle ear infection affect my hearing?
Questions about UTI. ?
how many people died from normal flu in 2010 and how many people died from swine flu in 2010?
Question about upper neck pain? Should i call the doctor?
What would these symptoms be common to?
Is this a way to catch anything?
What if I only have one symptom of appendicitis?
rug doctors harmful or not?
A few days ago I got my tonsils out and everytime my I eat my throat hurts but my ears kill why is that? ?
Do wild animals get similar diseases as humans from eating raw meat?
Tuberculosis case notification (in CA)?
how do i stay hidrayted while having diarrhea?
What can this vomit mean?
How do I get over the common cold by this Saturday?
i have a headade 1-4 times a week?
hospitals in the USA?
white/yellow tented spiders?
Am i done growing in height?Doctors?
any tricks for falling asleep?
Can i sleep anyway i want?
Why do my eyes get tired after I rub them?
someone please help me find out what this is?
Blood in urine .. is this dangerous?
Does anyone have any idea whats wrong with me?
Why does this happen?
Do you think my drink was spiked?
How Much Time Does a 1 Cigarette Take off your Life?
I'm having pain that's getting worse in my ovary I believe and no insurance?
How do I stop pain in hip?
can dieting affect he weakening of h eyesight?
Is my blood pressure normal?
Cant sleep D: saaave me?
Will they drug test a teenager before a knee arthroscopy.And will two weeks exactyl since last smoke be eno?
It's about my hearing?
How often should you have a bowel movement?
im having trouble sleeping?
How do I deal with stress?
removing hard skin from feet?
What is wrong with my eye?
Is my resting heart rate bad?
why do my hands sweet when i hold hands with my girl?
Cervical Spine Pain What Should I Do?
is this anxiety!!! please please help):?
im in a rehab program that uses urine tests,i drank on fri.and my next session is mon.will they detect alchol?
I found a pill in my kids room.?
Have a drug test coming up, advice?
Question about medical marijuana in the state of Michigan?
How long thc stays in system?
how long did it take u to learn to roll a joint?
Am I starting to get addicted?
sleeping with your hair wet ?
Why do you have to empty your bowel before xrays?
My leg twitches in the cold?
What is wrong with my finger?
Why am I dizzy when I look up lie down or bend forward or look up to the right, only as of recently!!!! ?
Has anyone ordered from thebotanicalsource.com?
is peppermint extract safe during pregnancy?
best moisturizer and toner......help?
My period blood smells like chlorine, is this strange?
What are these welts that appear after I scratch?
Does acne treatment terminator 10 work ?
inside vag is red !!?
Is getting Botox in your armpits worth it?
Height supplements do they work, would they work in my case?
what is the best way to make eczema scars disappear?
Tanning bed for psoriasis?
Does Murad acne complex purge your skin?
Do I have Alopecia..?
Retin-A and scar removal?
How do I get rid of broken capillaries?
I have very large breast and get tons of blackheads under them what can I do to make them go away?
Should i Keep using skin blemish ointment even after the blemishes are gone?
What is This? Red dots on my legs that hurt!?
Acne and Chest acne? Help please?
Do I have Chlamydia? Just a little worried.?
how to get rid of crabs at home?
What are the chances of my best friend passing away for appendictitis?
Regarding Blister problem?
Have had 3 yeast infections the past 3 months!?
When Flagyl starts working?
My husband will soon be 63. His recent PSA test was 3.4 1/08. In Nov. '03 his PSA was 1.4. His DRE was normal
I need a heart defibulator put in but its 42,000.00 and have no insurance. Is there help for the poor employed
I have a husky and he has a really bright red tongue. Is this normal?
can lipitor cause liver disease?
If I tell my doctor...?
Dr prescribed me Augementin for sinus infection, 3 weeks later no better, so he gave me another 10 days of it?
What can I bring to someone who just had deviated septum surgery?
Is it possible to have a sinus infection without having ANY symptoms ?
Has anyone tried the CPAP PRO mask for CPAP machines for sleep apnea....?
help im having throat problems can anyone help me?
What is the best way of determining whether your home is infected with mold?
how to deliver oxygen to patient with asthma?
What was the year when it was announced that smoking was actually not good for you?
WHat is this ?Breathing problems?
I have thick yellow mucous for the past week... could this happen from allergies?
My throat itches a little whenever I eat avocado or melon. Could I be allergic?
my lip line,lips & eyelids become swollen whenever i go out in the sun.Itching follows & then rashes.any cure?
how to stop a running nose?
after drinking milk from cereal I find myself sneezing uncontrollably. am i allergic?
Why is it after you clear your airways(blowing the nose),it starts to get clogged up again when you sit?
taking antibiotics for an infection is an example of what?
Cold, sinus infection or allergies?
Is this strep or allergies? help!! illl choose best answer!!?
Nose irritation - do you think sniffing is the only method to give temporary relief?
My husband gets a lot of nose bleeds. He said his head hurts and then his nose starts bleeding.?
Will my skin allergies stop?
I can break out in hives at anytime of the day. I have had it now for over two weeks.?
How do I explain my "allergy" to bees?
Allergic reaction to allergy shot?
Could I have Mold Allergies?
i've had my septum done for a couple of months now. It is very swollen and sore? any suggestions?
I think my mom has an allergic reaction?
Which air purifier is good for 500-square feet for someone with allergies?
Can you be allergic to a candle?
On average how much does an allergy test cost for a dog?
eye concern?
Can you take dramamine and valium at once?
nbc aired a program your total health on sat. feb. 2nd. with dr. joy bauer on arthritis and foods that help w/
what is the porpose of CT scan and do think that it is the best choice for diagnostic procedure for CVA?
I got a pair of rabbit, and i noticed that as they grow older the fur on their nose area disappears.... I?
I have regenrative bone disease. had two surgery . would like to know what exercise are best for me?
I have pea-sized lum p on the left side of my neck.?
What to do about weight gain from prescription drugs?
Prescribtion xanax?
can chrones disease cause high blood platelets?
What's wrong with me?
Do blind people wear contacts for cosmetic reasons?
Treatment for severely strained eyes?
What is this and what does it mean if this happens?
My eyes change color with what im wearing or my mood..?
How to get better eye vision, or stop it from getting worse?
I take out my contacts with my nails?? help please!!!?
Will the corneal heal in time?
what should i do? i feel like my eye doctor doesn't know what he is doing?
Can different people with normal vision have different base curves for Halloween contact lenses?
How much do monthly contacts cost?
theres a hole in my eye?
What are these things that I'm seeing?
what happens if your colored eye contacts you bought on line dont fit right ?
Why do my eyes look bigger to me than usual?
Can I get new glasses from my contact lens prescription?
How much smoke inhilation is dangerous?
Should I take my child to the emergency room if her temperature is 101.3 degrees?
Thoughts with drugs? Experiences?
My 2 year old is running a 103.5 temp with no symptoms of being sick. Any opinions?
I had the flu now am constantly tired??????
How can burn this fat off my belly so i can see my six pack?!?
Please help! My stomach is being weird!?
What is causing his stomach pains?
Do I have the stomach worms?
Do I need glasses or am I over straining my eyes?
i have a eye lash that wont come out?
i feel like im a time bomb how can i get over my drug life at a young age?
I roll my eyes without realizing it?
How many bones are in the human body?
Health question!!!!!!!?
what would cause the white of my eyes to turn blue?
My contact lens seem to irritating when watching a movie?
My left eye keeps twitching ahh!?!?
What could....do to a person?
my right side under my ribs hurts REALLY bad. please help?
How Do I Act Like Im Sick?
Should I go to the hospital?
My head circumference is 6,000 cm?
Could stress cause me to feel sick to my stomach for days in a row?
do girls' voice change?
the following symptoms describe what condition?
Am I getting swine flu?
i need a nervous habit to replace biting my nails any ideas?
How to get rid of the flu?
my brother has the flu, and i was wondering am i going to get it too?
Flu? When to go to hospital?
How long does antibiotics take on sore throat!?
Could these possibly be mono symptoms?
can uc cause your stomach to swell everytime you eat?
my dog is always itching in her ears but the vet. did a culture.?
How do I get a fever?
Does this mean my gauge in my ear is infected?
What does the eye doctor do when you go in for an eye infection (pink eye)?
What do I have, illness?
Should my antibiotics be working now?
does gas cause nausea?
What is the meaning of Bacterial Growth?
I have two question bout scabies for my 17 month old baby.?
How long can a tick live with it's head inside your body?
Natutal/organic Ulcer treatments?
If Wolverine from the X-Men stabbed somebody with AIDS, would he in turn also become infected?
burning sensation when you urinate.?
can herpes cause nerve damage?
whats the earliest you can start having signs for any stds?
how do you get herpes off your foot?
SLE misdiagnosed as Herpes?
could a yeast infection mean an std?
What are the symptoms of having ainfection spread to your bloodstream???
What am I coming down with?
I can sense a when a t.v. is on?
How do they do the surgery for cancer?
Help with my son's seborrheic dermatitis?
accutane professionals only !?
Round, Redish/pink, Dry/Itchy Rash... Not sure what it is!!?
What do you recommend for scarring from picking?
Reaction from Nair hair removal?
What is a good moisturizer for dry, flaky skin?
how do i get rid of these bumps on my legs?
Lemon for dark underarms?
The list of drugs that will cure ghnoria.i wil buy it at eny registared phamacy?
can i remove any scars?
Is this how it should look recovering from toenail surgery..?
popped spot? moisturizer?
Is it normal to have a birthmark shaped exactly like a country?
How do you get rid of a cold sore?
I urgently need info about ANY & EVERY cure possible for SWEATY PALMS (palmer hyperhidrosis). ?
This is the third night I have wet my bed?
Question about emotional numbness.?
i am really depressed,is it normal im self medicating with alcohol?
What's the personality disorder when someone keeps thinking he/she has a disease or a mental disorder?
please seroxat/paxil takers?
6mg of xanax and hiccups?
I get a catching feeling on my left hand side at the bottom of my rib cage.?
My side of my tounge hurts what should I put on it?
Lump underneath left side of jaw?
hit my head today and headache?
HELP! I just burnt my knuckles on a 410 oven coil! What Do I Do?
compression gloves; also info on De quervain's tenosynovitis and other hand issues?
I have one very swollen ankle. It is not a sprain. Was taking water pills and it went away, now it's back?
lump on my ear what can it be?
I got a surface piercing on my wrist about one month ago, I have yet to experience drainage, is this normal?
Why do I feel a warming sensation around my ankle?
My knee has been hurting while exercizing and now it hurts all the time, anyone have any idea's?
10 points for best answer! I dont know what this is, should I be worried?
would it be a bad idea to put biofreeze on my groin?
some ways to numb yourself..?
What do you think is causing this bruising?
Why do I wake up with bruises on my legs?
get rid off puffy swollen eye?
ever since i got off a plane my ears crackle a little when i yawn its been going on since 2005?
Sports Injury Help Needed?
I don't know what to make of my currently pained ankle?
Any Idea what I did to my knee?
back injury and muscle spasms?
Recently I have lost all hunger urges?
Kind of hives?
I feel this weird pulse every so often around my eyes, ears and forehead. What could it be?
First time with an anxiety attack, can anyone help?
Can a little alcohol, like 3 beers in the course of a night increase tinnitus next day?
matching DISEASE/condition?
Can a drug counceler tell if your a drug addict?
Mentaly ill depersonalization.?
Swollen Ear?
i am 15 and have horrible Migraines help me?
why does my shoulder still hurt after physical therapy?
Why do my ankles and knees always "pop"?
I have a script for buprenorphine. CVS will not fill more then 6 times the same script..?
my ankles seem like they sit on the insides of my feet. is this normal?
What do/can you use to fill microwavable heating pads?
Why is the head of heels sharp?
Help i neeed Cures and What to eat?
Nasty tongue cramp that went up the right side of my neck/head?
face biopsy anyone??...?
I lose my breath for second.?
Gas exchange readily occurs between the alveoli and the adjacent capillaries because?
When you have COPD can it cause swelling in your legs?
What are the symptoms of cystic fibrosis?
Chronic cough what to do?
This type of air pollution includes dust and soot. It gets into our lungs and causes irritation. Over time, it?
my right nose is blocked the gap in the airway is very narrow, iam unable to breath properley from alomost pas?
my girlfriend has cystic fibrosis and has caught pneumonia. will she be ok?
quiting smoking where alcohol intervenes?
I have A LOT of mucus that I can't cough up, I can feel it bubbling when I breathe?
is there anyway i can smoke hookah withought using charcoal?
What is whooping cough?
Will my surgery also help my singing voice?
Smoking...please help!?
16 and smoking because of stress...?
Does this sound like a sinus infection or could it be something else (I'm on antibiotics for a sinus infectn)?
does hookah tobacco stay in your system for three months?
Why do people make a fist when coughing into their hand? Why wouldn't they cough into their cupped palm?
Will a doctor perform unnecessary surgery at your request?
is there a way to get tired?
How many hour's of sleep is the average teenager suppose to have per day?
ideas on health project..please :)?
im been going to sleep at like 4:00 in the morning but i dont know what to use to help me go to sleep earlier?
are underpants supposed to smell?
my Achilles tendons sometimes tighten up and wont allow me to walk without pain?
I am wanting to try and get help for a friend that cant stop taking Vicodin.?
How long does the weed effect your body for?
what are the factors making people fat?
Does this happen to anyone else? when you're throwing up do you cry?
question to smokers only about how you feel about smoking?
Should I go to the hospital?
how long does it take for weed to get out of your system if you smoked everyday for years and quit a month ago?
if i tire myself out during the day, will it help me sleep deeper at night?
Im 17 and i peed the bed?!?
Is cream really necassary for skin?
Why does my ear keep getting 'plugged'?
Do you think that I have H1N1?
I'm losing my hearing, how to make it any better?
can i become a emt then go into a hospital setting as a doctor?
how do u know if u have popped ur ear drum?
stuffy and loss of voice..?
extreamly bad sun burn?
Is it possible for anything to go up through your nose and into your brain?
What can i do to stop my knees from popping?
Can my employer make me take doctor's appointments in the afternoon instead of the mornings?
Can one hit of weed show up on a hair test after 2.5 months?
I started off sick, but now all i'm doing is coughing and puking up just mucous what is it?
What is the easiest or quickest way to get rid of the smoke/marijuana smell off your breath?
what age do you stop growing? Right now I'm 15 and I'm 5 4, is there any chance I will get taller?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! 10 POINTS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
question about giving blood?
I'm not totally sure why, but my left ear just went 'deaf'... Help?
does prescriptions have expiration dates?
Would weed have the same effect?
Need help with medical question because I am not insured?
sun burnt bad help me what can i do?
im i anerexic or something else is wrong?
i want a full body cast?
Which materials cause poisoning in one's body?
I work in a two story building; they are doing some remodeling downstairs and I can smell the paint fumes!?
what do allergy reaction feel like from lubricating jelly?
Do I have sleep apnea?
A friend had gastric band surgery in joondalup and has had nothing but problems since.?
I have a bad stomach and keep going to the restroom. I have to go to play a mach,but dont know how?
If a person is experiencing extreme agitation, restlessness and confusion, can s/he insist to have ECT?
What Is Gliotoxin?
okay so i have to go get blood tested and i have a questionn .?
Can you get sick by drinking someones urine?
Is this something serious? Flutter?!?
Friend Caught Aurora, How to Test Him and Basic Info About the Disease?
if you do drugs, is it more common for outbreak?
Am I infected with herpes?
What Could Be Wrong With Me?
Liver hemangioma size of golf ball...should I be concerned?
An open wound - how to treat it?
12 hour fever???????????????
I am taking metronidazole, but then I am forced to stop taking it because of holiday vacation,?
I think I have pink eye, how long until I can go back to work?
I was recently diagnosed with infected Olcranon Burcitis...I spent the evening in the hospital?
Can bacterial vaginosis be harmful to the baby if not treated asap?
Could it be mononucleosis?
i poked my eye with a tree branch and its been blurry all day what do i do to get rid of that?
So I got my blood results and I have mono?
i just found out i have hep c and i'm preg will my baby have it too?
I have lower back pain help please!?
can fumes from a iron get you sick?
Is there anyway to ease the discomfort of a UTI?
is it okay to go to the interview even i have colds?
Possible dog tapeworm to human?
If washing you clothes on hot kills lice...?
yellow fingertips?????????????????????
why is one whole of my nose always blocked? everyday..24/7.. help?
bloody noses... are they serious or not?
what can I do to help my dog with allergies? running nose and coughing also ear infections.?
allergic reaction to amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium in infants>???
I have hives, I've always had hives, i have been taking Reactine but recently they have been coming back HELP!
What air purifier would you recommend?
Could it be Allergies?
How to get gluten out of your system faster?
i woke up this morning with a swollen thoat is there anything i can take that will not make me tired or shou
i just started to be allargc to pollon but now i have runny nose and icthy eys what can i do to stop it?
i sometimes get hives around my eyes. i know it's not something i touched.. what could be causing it? stress?
Simple Flu or something else?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Itchy red patch on face comes and goes?
Why is there a random patch of missing hair on my leg?
i woke up and my face was extremely oily?
What is the best way to get rid of zits?
I have had a monroe piercing for about 2 years, and it is suddenly swollen, what should I do?
what is cerises skin disease?
what is a rough estimate to remove my mole with laser?
rash on my neck? or exema? help asap?
Picked off a scab on my arm, please help!?
How to make high cheek bones not noticeable!?
I was just wondering.....?
Help? Spots all over my arm?
I want to be a dermatologist...?
Do I have the beginnings of Skin necrosis?
Why do I mostly feel the need to put cold water on my face?
...........Tinea versicolor................?
How do you get rid of black heads?
Eyebrow regrowth - haven't grown back in 15 years?
Bruised Knuckle that swells up and goes back down?
Can i tan after i get laser treatment for acne scars on my body???....?
help me!! my eye is burning and watering and i hate it!?
yes i was just wondering what color?
Why are my eyes becoming red while wearing my contacts?
My eye keeps twitching?
Help with contacts? plz?
having contact lens problem?
Is Lens Crafters a good place to get glasses?
What is the differences between Chestnut and Amber?
Is this a strong prescription for my first pair glasses?
i want to ask about musterbation?
I really want colored contacts 4 astigmatism, but the ones I want don't come exactly in my prescription!help?
slightly blurry vision from my contacts?
Can I wear colored contacts?
Why is there so much gunk in my eyes?
does putting a spoon in the freezer get rid of puffy eyes & eye lines completely?
Is LASIK surgery good for programmers?
What is the difference between Biomedics contacts and non-Biomedics?
Urine Analysis High school lab questions?