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Was I molested? Please help..?
Where would be the cheapest/coldest place to live inside the U.S. for someone with severe allergies?
1mg of xanax = how many mgs of valium?
Is having an allergy to alcohol common?
covered in insect bites?
It is depressing to become the short guy (165 cm) --Pls answer this asap?
So my mom got surgery and she was happy and had energy the day after, but the next day, she was tired and sad?
What can I eat if I have an upset stomach?
will they drug test me if....?
Why do your muscles tremble?
I am 16 and I want to give the gift of life. How can I do this?
do i need to go to the doctors?
What exactly IS a "Goose-bump"?
always sleeping; is this something to talk to a doctor about?
how long does anxiety last in a teenager?
Kidney donation question?
Should I start taking antidepressants?
What disorder could this be?
Getting high on nutmeg? o.o''?
How much weed is too much?
i smoked pot about a week and a half ago, will i pass my urine test?
Why does government ban certain vitamins and supplements but allows cigarettes to be sold?
Because Of Comming to India, I HAVE HEADLICE.?
what do platelets in the blood produce?
numbness in feet in the morning?
I have three 2mg generic Valium pills, but I need to know if its safe to take them.?
Which areas of the country are best for someone to live in that has emphysema?
whtats a good exercise that will give me a decnt chest asap help!!!?
steriod inhalers?
What ailment can harm the respiratory system?
shaking all over?
are the fragrenceses in shampoos emitted into the atmousphere carried by steam a threat of pollution??
Pneumonia and just coughed a little blood?
is this an allergy to a drug?
Itchy armpits? disgusting but it's bothering me!?
why is my skin like this?
what does this mean? ringworm?
What is the H miracle cure?
I really want to get rid of this?
Red, scaly patch of skin on my arm? What is it?
what can boils cause?
I have theses weird red dots and around them my skin is pink, how do i get rid of them?
scalp dryness, irritated?
Is this a good face washing routine for acne?
rash skin irritation? help.?
What in the world is on my thumb?
Anyone tried this face lotion called "Vi Derm complete care acne prone skin" ?
allergic reaction (discolored skin, swollen fingers)?
l glutathione side effects on the skin?
Skin picking problem...what do I do?
How soon would the Red Cross alert me if something was wrong?
a question about herpes , need your help guys.?
am i just going to keep having reoccuring uti's or is there something i can do?
Do I have aids or am I just overreacting?
Keep Burning myself?
is my yeast infection gone?
Are these swine flu symptoms?
Should I be worried about my Tuberculosis Skin Test?
Both my parents have the flu, and I feel like I'm getting it, what can I do to prevent this?
i donated blood the other day..but i didn't get poked at so now i have this huge bruise...but anywho?
Is the new superbug virus spreading everywhere?
How long does it take for carbon monoxide to kill you?
Why is my stool water?
If I have appendicitis, is it CERTAIN that it will show up in a blood test?
ear stuffy for 4 days with cold- is this something serious?
can a patient be saved from tubercular pleural effusion?
my tonsils are swollen and do not hurt its been like this for two weeks is this some type of infection?
How long does it take to heal after an apendix operation?
PICC line for antibiotic treatment?
If your really shaky but are not cold or hungry what could it be? im a guy?
I have this five year old neice that has what looks like chicken pox?
Can I leave a tea bag on my stye all night?
Can you take Robitussin DM and Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom nighttime together?
Swine flu injections?
I can hear my heartbeat in my right ear!?
propane leak and carbon monoxide poisioning?
How long are MRI results valid ?
hi my afgan is 15 yrs she has never been sick in 15yrs 2wks ago she started a hard dry cough what do you think
oragans used for breathing?
Acid Reflux, pretty sure?
My son has excessive ear wax,,any suggestions??
Can your lung partially collapse after surgery for a Transfusaport . I was put to sleep for this.?
Does health care have immediate medchine for the running nose?
How can I avoid getting a sinus headache?
is my blood pressure considered extremely high?
What could be causing this ankle pain?
just wondering if anyone can tell me why my toe feels half numb?
Swollen, tender jaw. Bump inside mouth.?
No physical response to pain?
i cut my self lots of time i have pain scared into my hand and cutting is addicting ..... thretend to beat me?
My pinky is unusually double jointed?
Okay, so I am only 13, but I have severe menstrual cramps. Do you think you can give me a few solutions?
Could my leg become paralyzed?
Vomited Once and Now I'm Feeling Better? What could be wrong?
whenever i eat pork my lips,tongue and right fingers would get numb and migranes?
first time smoking weed .....?
does anyone know if pneumonia is contagious?
could i have been spiked?
no insurance need to go to the doctors?
Getting more than 10 hours of sleep?...?
What would happen if I took 12 simply sleep pills?
Arm numbness, Cold sweat, dizzyness?
How come I'm tired during the afternoon but can't sleep at night?
elderly mother refuses to go to bed at night?
contact lenses fell in sink???
I always feel like I'm on the verge of passing out?
how many fingers....... ?
why cant i fall sleep???
Scared, help please!...?
Medical attention now or can it wait til i go to the doctors in 2 days.?
Being sleep deprived, is this bad?
How to get THC out of my system faster?
Has any one ever felt a huge rush while sleeping, like being shot from a canon, then you wake up?
what kind of pill has (23) on one side and an (a) on the other?
has this ever happened to you?
Heart failure due to alcohol abuse.... please help?
Bathroom problems need help?
ears ringing..........?
please help with these symptoms! i am desperate?
lately i have been have bloody bm's ... does anyone know what that means?
i had a colonoscopy 4 months ago, now the doctor wants to do another, is this neccessary?
can a person w/ alzheimer's really remember you all of a sudden 1 day and then die the next, like in the ntbk?
10 points to best answer! Please answer?
How does it feel to be poisoned?
Do you know any HOME REMEDIES for tinnitus or "ringing'' of the ear?
acid reflux?
Is long term memory loss normal with a concussion?
insomnia... help!?
what to do about swollen feet??
What are the symptoms of a UTI?
No doctor can figure out what i have but i feel like i'm dying, help? pain all over?
Why am I always cold ???
How can I stop snoring?
what does this mean in hospital...?
i've been sick 4 3 days what do i have?
Why don't I get hangovers?
What is wrong with me? Really strange feeling.?
Why do i get dizzy whenever i standup?
Is something wrong with me?
Where can I do my EMT training?
how to stop diarreha?
Search Results for "I’m 19 and my height is 52 cm wants to grow taller what to do any guide plzz??"?
what keeps you awake at night ?
after 20mins of crying i have bloodshot eyes and?
Quick question!!!!!!?
What does this sound like? Pain in my throat, neck and ears?
Loosing Hair????????
ever have that feeling in your throat?
How to hide chipped tooth?
i have a saliva drug test on tuesday havent smoked in 7 dys, will i be ok on tuesday?
How can I get my contacts in?
to people who use clear care help.?
how to get rid of eye glasses manually?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Eye pain headaches whats going on?
Do I have pink eye in my right eye?
What causes the dancing green dots/lines when you close your eyes?
i just had lazy eye surgery?
optical - how do glasses work?
Light sensitive pupil diameter?
About Some Unusual Eyes?
humidifier blows out cold air?
Hypoallergenic Bedding Question?
Constant sneezing when specially outdoors?
Iron deficiency anemics?
No insurance but I have chestpain which makes it hard to move.?
enlarged ureter with kinks in it what could it be?
What would you think if I told you the following...?
my friend has a couple of swollen lymph glands in his groin area, is this normal after having a common cold?
asthma patient best place to live in humidity or dry?
does anyone know where i can have a hair test for drug that goes back a few years?
want this blood test said?
What is the relationship of smoking to the incidence of lung cancer in different cultures?
Appendix issue?
Having severe insomnia due to nasal congestion. My sinuses are stuffed up and painful.?
How do I heal a patch of severe dry skin on my finger?
How do u get rid of cutting scares on ur arm?
Nail is big help to us daily work..how does nail fungus increase?
what are these bites?
how to get rid of this line on my head?
Whats better for oily skin?
Swollen bump on my brow bone below my eyebrow?
Dry pink patches on skin?
how to treat/prevent dry cracked fingertips?
Lump behind the ear could it be a cyst?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
Make up to cover up eczema?
Ear infection? If so how?
How to get rid of round shoulders ?
I have red little pin spots on my chest what's wronq with me ?
Do pharmacies selL Acne Cream ?
How to get rid of acne scars on your back fast?
i recently got into my hot tub and it was really dirty and now i have rashes what should i do?
How was the STD crabs made?
Heptatitis b question HELP!!?
Is it possible to have a false positive chlamydia test result?
what can i catch from kissing?
what can I use for an infection inside my ear?
Strep Throat Questions!?
my stools are hard like a ball, and then sometimes there like a puddle?
what does it mean when your glans are really sore?
car sickness perhaps?
do i have a tonsil infection or tonsil stones?
??????Picc Line Trouble???
why am I so cold all the time?
What does E.H in stool mean?
how to stop feeling like vomiting?
What is going on with my tonsils?
Where can I get an HIV test in Vermont?
Should I go to the ER?
Fever, severe headaches when i get up from laying/sitting down, bad sore throat, and regular tempature chang ?
What are these symptoms? flu bug?
can guiena pigs get staph infection?
blood in feces? please help.?
Pleases help!? (Chlamydia antibiotics)?
HSV-1 question? What types of tests are there?
what to do with my broken finger?
my ankle is still bothering me?
How do i fix my little toe?
Woke up with a sprained ankle..?
How to treat soft tissue damgage?
I need help!! Stitches issue?
i think i might have a concussion ?
Can u tell me what happened with my leg ?
my hand was injured. will it heal?
Should I get this checked out?
i think i might of got compresed air in my eye?
What to put on swollen toe?
what to do with a school dance and a cast, and crutches!?
spondylolisthesis, what can i do?
a while ago i fell and hit the back of my head and i just havnt been feeling right since?
Friend was in really bad car accident. What possible brain injuries might she have?
How to get out of P.E?
Do i have a concussion?
pediatric elbow abuse injury?
bone problem? broken twice?
my knee cap hurts every autumn and winter?
I had an accident about a week ago and my airbag deployed. Ironically, that did me no damage, but the seatbelt?
if you have latent tb can you still work in the medical field?
Tabacoo, does it kill brain cells??? also is it addictign (not ciggysthough) why is it bad besides the cancer?
Why is my gall bladder shooting bile back into my stomach?
Why do I see purple when I drive at night?
what the *BEEP* is wrong with my ______?
i have a 2 and a half year old and his hemoglobin level is 7.9!?
disorder or not?
Help! Really odd, scratchy sore throat?
Can you fly with one lung?
wat are the symptoms of lyme disease?
Stomach Problems! It hurts in my lower stomach Unkown what the reason is?
what can cause liver problems?
What does the inside of a tumor look like?
can a blood test lie?
i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but i think its just hormones....?
Whats wrong with me? I get a headache/migrane every wednesday in the same spot.?
what is fibromyalgia?
what does internal bleeding feel like?
Any advice for sore throats?
How to become a Bulimic ?
is thyroid disease terminal?
i cant stop shaking what should i do?
emergency medicall bill?
For the past couple of months, I've noticed that I'm having stomach problems and it is progressively getting w
question about scoliosis..?
Whats is the cold or medical problem?
i get twitches in my eyes, especially in my eyes; whats wrong?
is there any solution for lethargy problem?
Do eating disorders ever go away? =[?
if i fell and bruised my kidney and have blood in my urine is it serous? what can i do?
Is it okay to smoke if you have Vitiligo?
How do you make yourself through up purposely to get a toxic chemical out of your system?
When i spit loogies out it looks like theres a tiny spot of blood what does this mean?
I have smelly armpits and it makes me very self conscience. What do i do?
After smoking weed, is it normal for your senses to change?
Why do I feel this way?
Does this sound like migraines to you?? help?
are glow sticks poiseness?
Purple fingernails...caused by weight loss?
Can I die.............?
Can firefighters or emts smoke medical marijuana?
Feeling the need to pee a lot at night?
what should you do when you are on drugs and are about to die, but you are soo addicted you can't stop ?
Is there any way to help me grow taller or appear taller?
is my memory getting worse because i smoke weed?
is this a wierd habit?
how do you smoke weed?
lost alot of weight, and dont know why?
What might be wrong with me??
Water help lactose intolerance?
AML Hope....Please Read?
looking for help with vertigo?
what are the signs of blood shortage in the body?
nicotine withdrawals how does it takes to settle down?
plain old cough? more?
since I was 12, ive felt this way?
smoking weed the same day as I have tumbling.?
How can I lose my voice?
2 [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!?
took 10 mg adderall drank tons of water and acidic drinks had a drug test 24 hours later think i passed?
Where to go to get a physical?
What is this? A virus?
I think i sleepwalk at night?
I feel dizzy, nautious & Extremely tired?
I'm afraid to sleep at night because I keep getting bitten?
tonsillitis how many times until you need a tonsillectomy?
cant count on my right hand?
Would you sue for medical malpractice in this situation?
I really need help. Its serious.?
How can I control my sister's car sickness?
Enema questions......................?
I decided to take ibuprofen six hours ago, had a beer since and took one tylenol. Is this okay?
Best way to relieve soar eyes and hands at work from typing and staring at the computer all day?
i have ear tubes in and i got really bad sinus. Now my ears are popping and all stuffy is this normal? help!!!?
is it bad to eat then got to sleep?
How can I fall asleep?
Can I prepare something in my home to help me fall asleep? ?
Does Anyone know any good ways to stop biting my fingers?
Why does my throat hurt from screaming one day, but another day, its fine?
Broken BOne OR NoT!!!!!!!?
Painful Foot cramps in Arches?
What is causing this sharp constant pain in my neck and top right shoulder?
my radius hurts so bad!!!?
where can i get morphine on private prescription?
HELP PLEASE! I'm in so much pain (nerve)!!?
if i put orajel in a water bottle for someone to drink will it numb there throat?
What should I do???? Need help!?
What's wrong with me?
What are some general characteristics and tactics of a person who tends towards manipulation?
Which is a symptom of worse depression?
Can adderall xr increase ones desire to use other drugs?
how long do herpes last?
Blood and urine test before d&c?
what tests do I need to do.?
Is there an at home way to tests for STI's?
is it true that they can't send u if u have an std?
Can Diflucan be used to cure an std?
what does peeing bubbles mean?
Is it possible that i have diabetes? ?
my gf has strep throat?
can cipro cause false urine results and culture?
I had impetigo and i dont know what to do?
diarrhea and throwing up but only in the morning?
is scleroderma a hereditary illness?
what are the last stages of parkinsons?
Should I go to the doctors ?
Is it possible to have a flu without these symptoms?
What are the five major barriers for pathogens?
I accentually stapled my thumb today...?
96.1 body temperature with body aches, feeling weak and dizzy?
What exactly is pinkeye? Serious question?
Are these signs of meningitis?
My friend has had been unwell for a couple of days?
I have mucus in my throat! Please help!?
Are these symptoms of the flu?
How serious is the Hepatitis B disease? Is it fatal?
it sounds like my 6 month old is losing her voice, what could it be if there's no signs of pain or discomfort?
Does anyone know the name of this disorder?
piegon chest?
if you have liver disease does you stomach hurt and do you vomit?
ok my tummy still hurts yes but this is about some symptoms ive had 4 the past year helpme figureout what itis
I have been on cozarr for a week for high bp.While i feel better I still dont feel right?
Please help! Has anyone here ever had CHAGAS disease?
How do i calm my heart beat down?
why heart does not get tired?
I'm wondering about heart pains or chest pains?
Anyone had the Bentall procedure?
ep study and ablation?
Is an umbilical hernia similar to a leaky gut syndrome?
Cardiovascular disease?
Do you know how I can make my eyesight better ?
Contact lenses hurt my eyes after a few hours?
People with blue eyes?
Is it uncomfortable to put Contacts in?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Help! need some advice..burned my eye.?
Colored Contacts Help?
Grain of sand stuck ON my EYEBALL. HELP!?!?
1 bloodshot eye...pinkeye?
Eye Surgery Question?
Who takes Medicaid for prescribed colored contact lenses?
wat wud happen if u put 2 contacts n 1 eye?
Have you ever successfully gotten rid of eye problems? (puffy eyelids, redness, blurred vision)?
I need help, with colored eye contacts ?
new prescription, did the optician mean i should wear it full time?
do i need glasses......?
Hey All, im 17 years of Age, and i used to get 'Eye Floaters' well i would like to know if i should worry ?
Did anyone have myopia when they were young but grew out of it?
Serious eye problems, help!?
Why did my eyes change colour?
how to manage contact lens wear schedule?
How important is it to get contact lenses fitted?
I have to start using a nasal wash?
is there any cure for lupus?
My father has suffered from ALCOHOLISM for many years. He has a relapsed. He is 57. What can you do?
How to get rid of a sinus infection without going to a doctor?
Do i have a panic disorder?
What are these symptoms? Help, I'm scared.?
Swollen fingers and hands?
My friends stomach aches and he feels bloated? What's up?
do i have appendicitis?
The ___ gland regulates the function of may other endocrine glands.?
what is this eating disoreder called?
Stomach Issues...What should I do...?Eat?
Mother age 67 yrs having arthritis problem since 20 yrs, now facing BP, Is it curable?
How to get hyper?
I make lists all the time is this weird?
After eating something, how many hours would pass before you knew if it gave you diarrhea?
This is kinda weird... any info on this?
What diseases cause reduction to the smoking desire ?
i have a lump in the corner of my eye. can somebody please tell me wat it is?
Anyone know what this could be =o?
A real cure for bad breath?
how do i get rid of this dizziness ive been having for so long?
fever persist upto 104 F medication going on with akt4 and o floxacin600mg in bone tb case ,is it side effect.
is this part of mono?
Is this infected? And if so, what should I do?
Whats wrong with my boyfriend? :(?
What to do if you get sick from something you ate?
Why do people add the stuff to cigarettes to joints? Do u need to have this or can u just have weed?
Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes opened.?
has anyone used a neti pot before? I am wondering if it is going to work?
Non toxic glue for kitty? Help with making a prosthetic limb for missing foot.?
How to soothe a sore throat?
I'm sick. What should I do for these symptoms?
how long does one generally remain on life support?
How do you fight off a cold?
Ana's and Mia's only please?
Why am I having dizzy spells?
i need to pass a drug test in 2 weeks?
i have/had strep throat.. can i drink alcohol?..?
I have a drug test in the next couple of days i havent smoked weed in over three week .?
is it normal that basically everytime i get up from sitting down i get a headspin and everything goes black?
why is everyone so tall nowadays?
Just out of a coma - is this realistic?
Shyness problems getting on my nerves?
where a safe place on the body to cut and draw blood, without doing major damage?
Why do humans sometimes just stare into space with their eyes wide open?
Did I smoke Marijuana or was it something else?
Should I go back to the doctor, my symptoms aren't gone, maybe getting worse?
how long can you sleep...?
The difference between raised and flat moles?
Is it UVA or UVB rays that are harmful to the eyes?
i went to a cosmetic surgery today and they said a chemical peel will not help pitted scars?
How can I get rid of a double chin and chubby cheeks?
how to cure monocytosis?
Purplish Red, Itchy, Flat Bump?
Is accutane worth it? ?
how to get rid of fever blisters?
what is this small little white bump above my eyelash?
Clothes make me itch?
How can I get rid of dry eyes?
White layer on tongue?
my little brother scratch me need help on healing ?
I need to know what this bump on my hand is.?
Ringworm question help?!?
where can i get my blackheads removed in san diego?
Anyone who fortunately get rid of chicken pox scars?
question about allergies to grass?
Can you eat/drink something you are allergic to AFTER taking anti-histamines?
Allergic reaction question?
Is this posion ivy?!?! (picture inside)?
How do you get rid of a bloody nose?
If i am allergic to grass, will i be allergic to weed?
Does any one out there know how to get a non-stop attack to finally stop?
when my husband sneezes, it smells?? what is it?
Does anybody have a solution to denture allergy?
is cortisone a steriod?
Allergic to Medication?
Is it possible that the musty dust stuff in the bathroom vent is causing me allergies?
If a bee is allergic to pollen would it get the hives?
Is it Allergies Or A Cold?
does an allergy to pads cause open sores down there?
does this mean im allergic to something??
What is an allergy test?
My eyes always go red 4 no reason?
Cat bite reaction question?
Dog ringing bell for wrong reason...
I think im allergic to ear care antiseptic?? Should i stop using it?? plz answer and give me advice!!!?
how long does this take to heal?
if you had a yest infection can you pass it on to someone by kissing?
took an antibiotic for gonnorhea three days ago, still having discharge?
what do the 3 HPV shots feel like?do they hurt badly?
i used protection with my ex and she may have had HPV should i worry?
Having Trouble Sleeping?
My stomach has been bothering me for the past couple nights?
Please help, is this deadly?
My husband keeps throwing up randomly?
How can I STOP biting my nails?
How can I lose my voice?
What is this? A virus?
can anyone help me?? (know one ever answers!)?
I'm going to get a blood test this week. And I've been smoking weed.?
Enema questions......................?
Will I and my dogs get sarcoptic mange if I foster a dog who has it?
Can you get HIV from a small cut on your finger?
what kind of surgery would i have to get to make it impossible to make any sound from your throat?
How to keep water from getting to perforated eardrum in shower?
can i get sick or get a disease from my sick dog?
Could I have gotten mono in September?
Red Human Feces please help?
I am worryed of my sonogram please help..?
What are the possible causes of a child having frequent illness , both viral and bacterial?
Can an employer refuse employment if you test positive to a mantoux/ppd test?
phosphate cyrstals?
Anyone know any ulcer treatment?
In a newborn baby, what is the result if he inhales oxygen but does not exhale carbon dioxide?
Dilaudid Hydromorphone? Takes a long time to take effect?
Should i do this?
why does the tubercle bacilli prefer to lodge at the apex of the lungs?
im really scaredd i need help?
a person who specializes in the study of diseases is called a?
Is there a doctor in the house?
Is Fibromayalgia genetic?
I have a vp shunt can someone?
the blood smears of patients without spleens would reveal what?
Sprained ankle? ( I think )?
How do you get rid of a bumb on your nose w/o surgery?
sciatic nerve trouble?
is it normal when.......?
My son has a very bad ankle sprain?
Can someone help with my ankle?
How to work out with a fractured ankle.?
What could be causing it?
What to do with a Pulled muscle in wrist?
What is my injury worth?
what happened to my knee?
Bruise for 7 Months? Is this normal?
Help! Serious Ankle Problem?
please help me, its about my bottom right rib, my right your left.?
my ankle help please?
About 4 days ago, I fell off a longboard and landed hard on my left side.?
i hurt my thumb n now my hand really hurts ?
to anyone that has ever broken a foot!?
Is it normal for a bruise to do this?
any stretching techniques on the ankle joint of the front foot?
I have pulled my Hamstring! any tips?
I don't have a gag reflex?
How did I consumed over 20,000mg of acetaminophen with no apparent ill affects?
Stomach flu? Pregnant?
can you catch pneumonia?
why my face starts to sweat when im eatting chocolate ?
is this a normal reaction to smoking weed?
Do showers help when you have a cold?
How do you get rid of a cold?
Does this sound like Arthritis to you? I just need your opinion?
ways to fix stomachaches? And to stop throwing up?
when you are sick is it better to stay in bed or?
What is this? Please help.?
Looking For Some Advice Not Criticism!?
Why Am I Vomiting for No Reason?
wat is anemia/enimic?
Feeling sick whenever i eat? please answer :)?
what are some causes of morning sickness? (please read)?
Something is wrong with my ear? it hurts, and it feels like there water in it??
can you explain what the medical term "hypothyrand" means.?
Lump on my neck....WHAT IS THIS?
Could my lower back pain have anything to do with me having had an epidural?
Doctor said nothing els he can do for me and im steel in so much pain what do i do?
Pain under ear and by jaw?
My poor painful back!?
What does it mean when u keep having ache reflex?
eyes hurt when i move them.?
Collarbone Clicks/Crackles when doing Pushups?
Why is it bad to crack your neck?
Please answer, no one is! Help me make sense of my feelings.?
I don't know how to meditate so how do you meditate?
How can i control my bad temper that comes with constant stress?
how do i get over my fear of psychical and emotional intimacy?
How long would a facial wound take to heal?
Swollen numb left thumb? help?
Unable to fully extend arm, sometimes elbow pain?
Really bad ear ache! Any remedies?
About every 3 to 4 Months my upper lip starts to swell, it moves around my lips then the right side of my?
Im wondering do peas affect gout?
i know im killing myself with this?
Is it ok to take pepto bismol and zantac at the same time?
Thyroid or something else?
Lice is going around my school...?
Can I get a medical marijuana license for Fibromyalgia?
what is the remedy for IBS?
what does a seizure feel like?
What foods promote good liver function or are good for the liver?
my husband vomits every morning what can this be?
I have burning during urination?
Does the liver rejuvinate?
What are some immediate side effects of bulimia?
what are the mild symptoms of having a brain tumor?
Should it be legal to buy a kidney??
Any doctors out there?
Chest pain and burning stomach please help?
How to get rid of a cold thats lasted more than a week?
Why is it every time I smoke, I cough?
Does anyone know any solution to 2nd hand smoke?
Chest pain under ribs/left arm?
is it possible that a 15 years old injury suddenly cause paralysis?
do i have bronchitis?
i have been having a stoicky discharge!!!HLP!!READ DETAILS!?
in your opinion, is there cause to believe I have myasthenia gravis (MG)?
Symptoms coughing blood up?
Asthma and Marijuana...?
I have minor asthma; during the summer months for the past 2 years my asthma acts up more. Can u tell me why?
The First Time Smoking?
Eye Doctor regular checkup "air puff"?
Need advice for stuffy nose/congestion?
Frequent bad nose bleeds..?
Coughed up blood - is this serious?
Anyone else get sleep paralysis?
Issue with breathing? Deep breathing?
does it really benefit with exercise and pranayama?
Why can't I breathe deeply enough?
Does rivet transmit HIV ( if stabbed one guy, and after a while another one) ?
Can my boyfriend give me HPV back after my treatment and recovery?
how long can you detect drugs in your saliva?
I am having this itching down in my labia at night.also there is dry flakes of skin coming from there of late?
warts? please help me!?
My vag has a yellow greenish discharge. Is that normal?
Alright so could I have an std from 2 years ago and have no symptoms?
watery ear fluid?
Have you tried Xango Mangostene and does it get rid of fibroids? some people want to know if this is true. ok?
too much anti-seizure medication can be?
When a baby is born with no brain activity what is the life expectancy?
I have been sick for a couple of days now. When I breath in too deep my rib cage hurts. What's the problem?
this disease?
Will Weed show on an eye test?
My eyes are very red after taking my contacts off.?
my eyes are freaking out on me!?
New glasses! help please!?
Lines everywhere I look?
How would you define my eye color?
Possible reason for seeing spots of light?
My spectacles/glasses degrees are overpowered by 75 degrees for each side. Is it safe to continue wearing them?
Most accurate correspondence between Snellen chart and eye prescription?
contact help? could it have been because of this?
While doing the Vision test at the DMV, do you keep both of your eyes open at all time?
If I have astigmatism in one eye do I need special contacts for both?
problem with optic nerve?
How to figure out the right sized glasses? *Best answer will be chosen*!?
I don't wear contacts so how did I get eye fungus?
contacts lenses first time in a while?
Can you keep your eyes open while....?
lost contact lens rx form?
Is it normal to open your eyes and have blurred vision?
Good Contact Lenses...?
Seeing dots in my left eye?
Watery eyes..!! PLEASE HELP ME..!!?
What causes blood vessels in the eye to rupture?
Zeiss Individual or Shamir Autograph?
A rash that is bleeding on my hands??
i have really bad dry scalp? tips?
Which products can help me best for my nail fungus problem?
How long does it take for the first signs of lead poisoning to appear?
how to tell a friend she has nits?
Strep Throat: quick recovery?
I have had diarrhea for 4 days. What's going on?
i'm sick with the flu...what do i do?
Parasitic organism question?
do i have more of a chance of catching a cold if i am chewing gum and blowing bubbles ?
Can you operate on a 3 year old when he had his appendix rupture?
Does this sound like the flu or low blood pressure?
Could it be Cancerous moles?
Best friend has mono... HELP?
I went to the doctor last week and I was diagnosed with Cellulitus. Anyone else ever had it?
i have been diagnose of herpes can i sue this person,i notify him and never cooperate?
okay so should i go to the doctors for my UTI?
i have very bad cold.?
Virus in Blood...Prednisone?
does hot water kill scabies?
Desperate for Help Regarding Stomach?
Advise on My Symptoms... I Feel Like I'm Dying?
what is sickle cell disease caused by?
I don't know i have a bladder infection :(?
Is it ok to have a handyman come in to do repairs who has mrsa on his chin?
should i go to the er please read?
Antibotics how many is too many ?
How do you know if you have the flu?
the function of white blood cells?
dermatitis how can i cure it ?
Flu symptoms? Stiff Neck?
Feeling ill these are the symptoms?
7 year old diagnosed with "type B flu"; is tamiflu really neccesary?
How long should the histamine control be raised after allergy testing?
Why is my nose alway's blocked?
Need suggestions for allergies?
how can i stop a runny nose?
What does it mean when a dogs nose is dry?
Best way to relieve soar eyes and hands at work from typing and staring at the computer all day?
What is wrong with me?
I can't sleep.I wake up 5 to 6 times a night. I go to bed the same time frame 10-11 nightly. Why can't I sleep?
droopy face and numbness of face left side?
my mom might be having REALLY bad food poisoning how can i help her?
ok i am in school and i am about to fall asleep how can i wake myself up?
Constantly tired after 9-10 hrs sleep?
Socialized healthcare in the US?
What Is Wrong With Me ?
Do I really need a colonoscopy?
Is the Thumb a Finger or Something Else?
Just turned 21, what should I drink and what should I be aware of?
What is going on with me? I'm so confused.?
can you help please...whats wrong with me?
Does anyone know of a doctor with similar strength of character and tenacity as Gregg House is portayed?
I really feel like I have a serious heart condition, but my doctor said there is nothing wrong with me. So wh?
my friends lil girl's loung aint where it's supposed to be?
Is regular smoke a carcinogen?
what should do you think this could be?
what is lion's disease?
what is a good home remedy for gout?
my 10 year old son has a tumor .?
what are the arguments for not treating people with smoking related illnesses on the NHS?
Lead Dangers?
If 4 out 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
How to not be stressed out& not worry about little things?
Does a surgeon have to tell you if they made a mistake during surgery?
anyone ever taken a drug test?
I have shin splints. Do I ice, heat, or both and how long?
Ur thoughts on the H1N1 shots?
Why is my five year old dizzy?
Where can I buy a legal pill that will remove all of my bad memories?
how long does Marijuana stay in your system?
How can i make sunburn fade ASAP???
I want to get eyebrow transplants, is this crazy? Anyone done it?
i have a flu and need to get rid of it quick..?
What could be wrong with me?
My sons ear keeps draining mucus! Any ideas?
Blaoted, hard stomach that leads to back pains. Help?
why do i throw up every time i drink alcohol?
can i loose weight by doing this?
pictures of aids patience?
got blood test 4 days ago.?
Me and my boyfriend get cold sores, when I break out can I make him break out too?
recently i noticed really light pinkish blood (?) after i wiped. It seems to happen only when i pee.?
If you wish to work in the medical field ex. RN or LPN can you still get accepted if you previously had STD?
my friend slept in same bed with a girl that has lice. i checked my daughters head?
My tongue hurts, is it an STD?!?HELP?
does this sound like a cold sore?
whats wrong with me??
Can dog allergies cause dehydration, dryness of mouth in humans??
I have pain in my right chest ??
do i have a fat person disease? i'm not very fat compared to most, but...?
how long is .6 of a minute?
Does nicitine restrict blood vessel?
what is the drug dose relationship?
anyone here ever heard of Palo disease ? Kidney infection?
Kostas Karanikolos:I have G6PD deficiency!Is there a drug or anything to increase levels of the enzyme?
Anyone in their 30's have?
What is wrong with my leg?
Is my finger jammed, fractured, or even broken?
what have i done to the muscle in my thigh?
3rd metatarsel broken hard cast can i walk on it?r=1239102921?
Treatment for achilles tendonitis?
i have had a dislocated shoulder?
bruised wrist, is it sprained?
I've just had a meniscectomy & acl reconstruction on my knee. What sports will I be able to do?
Ok i dont no wat it si but i have some thing huge on my nose it looks like a zit but its like a inch ?
lost part of my big toenail? it wont grow back?
Have i broken my ring finger??? Help!?
I just got an appendectomy 13 hours ago, and I was wondering are these things Im experiencing right now normal?
is my toe maybe broken?
What's up with my toe?!?
My eyelid hurts really bad. What is up with this?
how long does a broken pelvis take to heel ?
Is my nose broken it really hurts?
I hit my back really hard on the ground?
why won't my bruise go away?
My nose hurts really bad...?
physical therapy for a muscle sprain?
what happens when a tracheotomy his removed?
Ok, so I have this cough that is bothering me?
has anyone ever swollowed a ball from a tongue ring and got it caught in there lungs?
Emotional effects of quitting smoking?
what are symptoms of MS?
How to get rid of mucus fast (day of birthday party)?
I'm a 28 year old female who sweats profusely?
Does advair (250/100mg) cause infertility in women? Asthma related Questions+?
I have to see a hematologist because of high IGE Levels. What could cause these high levels?
I accidentally took one sip of ecoli infected water.?
Do i have sleep apnea?
What are these sympthons? Should I go to hospital/doctors?
Does this sound really bad or like something minor?
Is primatene a stimulant?
Is there a doctor in the house ?
What is a good med to take if coughing up green gunk?
I've been sick for the past couple weeks...help please?
How to treat 68 year old female with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with toxic carbon dioxide levels?
swollen lymph node - concerned?
What does this sound like, based on my symptoms?
What can I do to stop my heartburn?
Can you suddenly one day turn Lactose intolerant?
A little bit of constipation?
whats wrong with me?
i have a constant headaches..what could it be?
I'm vomiting green liquid, my stomach hurts, and I have a headache?
Will i pass this urine test.?
Cloudy urine...how concerned should I be?
Not the most happy of questions, but have you ever thought....?
Treatment for chronic tinnitus?
drug addiction son, kick out of our home?
Can alcoholic fatty liver cause sudden death?
Whats wrong with me??
What could a lump behind my ear be?
if you quit smoking pot how long till you can pass a urine test?
Is it normal for a 15yr old to feel anxiety disorders?
What can one expect if doc is going to put a scope down into stomach?
i have an ulser?!?
What's your definition of an alcoholic?
Does Psudoephedrine give the same stimulating effect as ephedrine?
I have had conjunctivitis since a week before Christmas, and it doesn't seem to be going away?
how to cure stomach flu from a baby?
Chronic hepatitis c where can i get the interfereon started at as soon as possible.?
Daughter keeps getting ear infections?!?
How to break a fever?
Can you explain the lymphatic and endonine systems in detail?
why were viruses found recently?
who makes Alcodine a medicine that cures MSRA.?
lump on my armit.. yellow ooze.. help?
Can I get mono from a person who got mono from someone else?
Is there 10 lbs worth of HIV virus particles in existence?
clotrimazole cream get rid of thrush?
Hosp that treats Hepatitis C type 1 in Maryland?
What infection/Disease do i have?
What are the immunoglobulins specific to altered IgG?
Can UTI go away without antibiotics (please read details)?
is there any possibility of spreading computer virus to humans?
Feels like something stuck in throat?
what charateristcics do emerging infectious diseases have in common?
Have you or anyone you know taken Cymbalta?
My personality has changed since taking Keppra. Does anyone know anything about his medication?
What will my psyciatrist give me for this problem?
Psychologists/Psychiatrists who have depression/anxiety?
why am i interested in "killers"?
How do I tell my parents I want to see a Psychiatrist? ?
Is there a legal way to commit a suicide?
Why do i feel good when someone is cutting a paper?
flat back syndrome!!!!?
I have ringworm all over my back and my arms and aome on my torso.?
do i have an acne scar?
Blister on outer ear...?
How to get rid of my acne?
Why does my face burn red when i drink alcohol and other times it doesnt?
Need help . Tons of bumps on my arm ~? DDx?
I'm having oily skin issues?
Organic acne treatment?
How long does it take for sunburn to fade and the pain to stop?
What are "razor bumps" or "razor burn" ?
How to get rid of acne around mouth?
whats this bump on my finger?
Help. My mom has some rash going on!?
Freckle on the palm of my hand?
I want to stop the highness. I'm currently high and is wondering if my inhaler will stop my highness?
help me with bowel movements?
A patient in a psychiatric hospital exhibits disordered thinking, bizarre behavior, and hallucinations. This p?
Don't feel well, Am I sick?
I would like to cut my carotid artery. how should I do it?
When you go to the doctors where do you go to get the prescription?
Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
my anorexia is damaging my hair help?
Why do tears sting my face?
How do I stop sweating alot?
Why do I feel really shaky, unsteady, weak and tired recently? What could causing this?
What are the symptoms of a gallbladder attack/stone?
What does it mean when my ears hurt or ring from time to time?
My friend thinks she has lice? PLEASE HELP?
can i still get taller at 17? (late bloomer)?
How to make myself puke?
Why do I have lower back dimples?
is it ok for a teen or minor to ??.. PLEASE HELP?
Tooth soreness, allergies, sinus?
what can i cure my cats ear mites with?
who hates hives? Do you know any tricks to get rid of their itch?
Is this allergies? If so why so bad in october?
How long does it take for Equate Allergy Medication to work? HELP PLEASE!!!?
**DOCTORS HELP PLEASE** Bad Face/skin reaction!!?
Upper lip rash allergy from candy?
my throat feels like its closing!?
my daughter has the stomach flue and she only get it when she has D milk could she be lactose intolerant?
my daughter got spray paint in her nose?
I ate 5 day old bread am i going to get sick.?
sinus. very often my nose gets clogged only on the left side. its like a gel bag inside my nose.?
Allergic to electricity?
Whelps and Swollen Lips?
Are these sinus symptoms?
eating egg and yogurt is ok or it can cause any problem?
my throat has a very sharp and sore pain when i cough what can i take for this?
Sinus infection?
How can I sleep longer?
Never enough sleep always tired?
I applied for disability and was denied the first time.?
My eyes have started twitching. Is it just stress?
Can anyone please help me with this? Mt height has been bothering me for a while now!!!?
How do you get the best possible sleep?
what do you think is wrong?
How do I reset my body clock?
What are some tips to help me quit smoking when i'm mostly doing it as an oral fixation?
When does old age begin?
busted blood vessel in eye!?
Whats my problem? i go into sleep comas?
Where can u get Colored Contacts?
I had LASIK and rubbed my eye?
What color would you say this picture of this eye is?
Is my eyesight really bad?
Why do my eye's shake rapidly?
what does this mean? please!?
while i fall asleep i cant open my eyes?
Rods and cones slowly bending?
When they made my prescription eyeglasses up at Wal-Mart they didn't put anythiing in for the focus part.?
can i keep my eye contacts in a ziplock bag with solution in it?
lost contacts in my eyes where are they?
should i stop wearing my contacts?
Had eye surgery, still have a few stitches in eye, white "spot" on color of my eye?? Help?
Best non-dry non-irritating contacts?
what kind of damages can a laser pointer cause if it is pointed directly at the eye?
i keep blinking a lot cause my eyes feel uncomfortable 24/7?
What are some ways that you can make your eyesight a lot better in a short period of time?
does smoking more get you a better high?
do my pupils dilate shrink because of blood flow or head tumor???
what is the general weight for an adult and child brain?
What are the 2 leading STDs in the world?
What type of STD requires this...?
my docter said i dont need treatment for BV wtf?
can you get chlamydia from getting oral from a guy?
Cold sore contagious question?
Is Lyrica an Opiod or Narcotic?
why do mosiquitos only bit my legs and ankles??? even if i have trackies on!?
Cervical Epidural - C-2/C-3/C-4/C-5 - Lots of pain in my neck and shoulder blade and shoulder itself. Will it?
Whats wrong with my body?
right above my diaphram every few days it feels like somethings slowly draining or swelling & hurts. any idea?
Pain in the Right Knee Help?
I'm getting circumcised I'm scared, will I get pain medication afterwards?
Would a doctor tell you? [scoliosis]?
Can anyone tell me Which Medicine is Good for Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D)?
medical surgeons.....?
Bowel Problems....Please help!?
Did you know that cocaine is harmful?
Acid reflux or bad habits?
I got battery acid on my tonge.I washed it with cold water and the taste buds came of what do i do??????
Do I have the Pink eye?
please help should i go to hospital?
please help me... bulimia problems!!?
Sick for the whole school year... what could it be?
ive been coughing sometimes with flame for 4 days but im 17 overweight and afraid to go to the doctor?
What Excalty is a Panic Attack?
If I say on my physical I have insomnia and anxiety, will I still be able to play sports?
my dog is in late stage renal failure and is eating the plaster off of wall board?
I get lightheaded and pass almost pass out, why?
Excessive flatulence with irritable bowel syndrome?
what are the foods suitable for avoid joint paining?
What are some symptoms of being anaemic ?
Can you get a tumor get it taken out and then get another one in a different place?
does anyone know the symtoms of attention defeceit disorder?
Am I at risk for Lupus....?
What could be wrong with my dad?
are numb legs normal?
i have 0-Rh blood just wondered if anyone could tell me more about it ,i have heard its not very comman?
Does this possibly indicate I have cancer or an autoimmune disease?
What are symptom's of ovarian cancer?
what are some diseases.....?
I've been sick for about three weeks. Saturday i went to the doctor & they diagnosed me with pneumonia! Help!?
Do you feel that a shrink does more harm than good for panic disorder?
Can you get time off work for this...??
What is the pathway for pain/temperature reception in the face at the level of the pons?
I injured my neck and i need some tips that can reduce the injury?
Increase pain tolerance?
Terrible headaces!! Plz help?
do i have to take my antibiotics at exactly 8 hours?
is it risky for a one year old to get the chicken pox?
What happened to my appetite? ?
How many deaths are caused by hemolytic-uremic syndrome?
I got the flu real bad and need advice on a few things?
do i have stomach flu or what?
12 year old boy nausea,dizzy, and a little fatigue?
patient with spleenectomy history and WBC 13.4, neutrophils high 85 and lymphocytes low 8 mean?
I want to have myself inoculated with smallpox. Where can I get some?
Can I be a blood if I'm white?
I have a bad sore throat?
Im 14 & my right tonsils been swollen for 2 months off & on. its starting to join w uvula.any ideas what it is?
new flu going around?
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and going to school?
What is an ulcer? (more letters so its 20 characters)?
Help! will i get ill from drinking a tiny bit of handwash by accident?!?
Why does it take me so long to get over a cold?
What cuase red lumps in the of throat in mouth?
How do you treat furniture for scabies?
I'm scared please help me, strep throat question?
why does my stomach...?
How long can you wear sample contact lens?