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My cold has lasted over 2 months?
How is the Anthrax disease contracted?
seeking advice for liver disease?
Can someone help me with self diagnosis?
what is lou gerehgs disease?
is there any sure way not to throw up or vomit?
Where can i find cigarettes without nicotine?
I have 2 sister just Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and one with Sleep Apnea.?
what is causing this?
Possible Drug Test?
Throwing up ??
i chew on my fingers and tear the skin off them.i think i might have a disorder?
How to stop my Tinnitus on My ear ?
I have been sick 5 times this year?
Question about under active thyroid?
Dizziness, Brain Fog, Neck Pain?
Do i have a chance at a disballity case?
what is the latest treatment for AIDS?
what mental disorder do i have?
chest fullness?
is there such a disease?
can neck cancer be seen on a x ray and ct scan?
Any chance? HELP!?
HELP!!!! Apendicitis/Flu???
wat u feel ?one day u getup n have no vision..?
my pit again is there any thing to give him or do for him for now its xmas and vets not open till wensday?
i have bad eyes!!!???
How can i get taller!?
I can't stop crying I mean it goes on for hours adn I can't control it?
Genetics question? Random i know, but maybe someone can answer this?
Does weed really harm my body?
Doctors and Medical Professionals! Is this infected?
How bad is one shot of alcohol for a 15 year old?
what would you do when you had 5 minutes before you got shot?
I eat and sleep way more than normal, whats wrong with me?
what could this be... is this normal?
Good ways to approach a girl at the mall?
How to deepen your voice?
if i was 1 inch tall, and u found me in your shower, what will you most likely do to me next?
Cant seem to sleep at nights, I have college help?!?!?!?
Am I going to die???!!!???
Is this chicken pox?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What is the name of this drug?
What is wrong with me, i have been getting too hot and blushing a lot?
My boyfriend thinks working out will stop smoking affects?
Can i still grow any taller?
How do you make a stomach not growl?
how to get weed out of my system?
When I breathe in deep my right side from my collar bone down into my chest hurts. What could be going on?
What other preventatives for asthma are there besides Advair?
Can you be misdiagnosed with asthma?
Can being medically "infected" on purpose with hookworm cure asthma?
Any way to clean my lungs out?
How many stages of COPD are there?
Canceling a Gym contract with an asthma note.?
How to sleep better at night?
How to fall asleep when not tired?
My friend took 8 aleves.. will she be okay?
What is the best way to get a good nights sleep?
Question concerning the health of my family. My husband and my daughter have both been complaining about?
which is worse when you're pregnant, cigarette smoking or alcohol drinking?
I have been dizzy. I turn my head and the dizziness comes about. What can I do?
What causes a bruise to last 4 months?
If my mom has blood type A+ and my dad has O+, then what could my blood type be?
Has Anyone Ever Felt Queezy Then Actually Passed Out At Doctors, Dentist, Optimist etc...?
What is it like to die from the exhaust of an old car?
I haven't been feeling good lately.?
what does it mean when your gallbladder hurts?
Whats the shortest amount of time i can leave Vaseline in my hair for to kill lice?
Why do my pinky fingers fall asleep?
What is the best way to sleep?
Bump behind right ear?? What could it be?
Very hard to wake up in the morning! Need help! Any suggestions?
How often should you throw up?
My Dr said that he is not obligated to say results?
What kind of bite is this?
What other conditions Can Anemia Cause ?
What does zantac make you fail for on a drug test?
What is this?
What should I do about my friend HELP!!!!?
Schizophrenia linked with genius?
How DID you cope with loneliness?
.................Help I don't Know what to do.................?
1 am coming off of narcotic pain killers and ultram for about a year or two straight. Took them for knee injur
I was just diagnosed with H-Pylori and also a positive ANA. Can this be the reason for the positive ANA?
All the children are insane?
Do you have a phobia?
Will I probably get sick?
What does palpating mass tell you??
What is the best remedy for vertigo?
Weird blowing feeling in ear?
How much does the medication "Tylenol extra strenght" cost?
The back part of my feels numb...? help!!!?
I slipped and bruised my elbow and hurt my knee badly. Pain still occurring in elbow and knee weeks later?
Really bad bladder problems, help?
White bump in throat?
My 3 year old has had a fever of a 101.6 and sleeps all the time. She said she has a belly ache but no flu lik?
Do I Have Worms And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?
What illness does this sound like?
Doxycycline and UTI ..ASAP!?
Does this sound like impetigo?
How do doctors confirm its Mono?
Would Hepatitis C Virus be found or seen in an HIV blood test?
stem cell therapy for herpes affecting eyes HELP?
how can you get really sick?
is it possible for a throat culture to be wrong?
I`m sick again. is this normal?
am i sick? wat could it be?
Flu like symtoms with a rotten yellow diarrhea smells like rotten eggs?
Red bumps, Idk if its chicken pox, all over my brothers body that itches?
Can you get salmonella poisoning thru an open cut ..please read?
can mono be transmitted without transmission of bodily fluids?
Tonsillitis and Kissing?
Is robitussin decongestant syrup non drowsy?
just ate a taco from 3/3/10 but it ha been in the frezzer can it still mold?
if i take more vitamin d will my cherry and watermelon allergies go away?
Whats wrong with my throat?
I have a dashound that licks, iching. I have tried everything. He hates grass can that be it?
Rash on arms, stomach pain, sneezing?
what is a good allergy medicine to take?
How can I get calcium if im highly allergic to lactose products?
Im having an allergic reaction, and no medication, what should i do?
any one know home remedys to clear out decongestion from my nose??
how can I tell if we are allergic to our apartment or just sick?
Allergic reaction to Christmas tree?
Could she have food alergies?
Allergy Shots Question?
Wheat Allergy & Vegetable Gum?
Ok, my dogs nose is runny cuz of allergies...his eyes are red. Is that allergies too?
Yellow Eyes after I Run?
what can you use in place of 'all purpose or cake flour" when baking if you have a wheat allergy?
How do I know if I need to use my EPI-PEN?
I have a very slight sore throat...is it allergies?
How can I reduce prescription in my glasses?
Do you have to be a certain age to get contacts?
Contact Lenses for Astigmatism?
Why do we rub our eyes when we're tired?
Will my myopia get worse?
Will this "lazy eye" go away?
Non prescription colored contacts Ny?
My new glasses are making a cracking noise when i move them around?
What colour is this eye?
Is it time for a new eye presription?
how long can a cataracts stay in the eye before it cant be removed?
What is bone edema in the thumb? How does it heal?
Corneal Abrasions-do I really need to see a Doc?
Sprain or hairline fracture?
I accidentally stabbed myself with a needle?
Is my arm broken or not?
My mom got burned really bad, will her fingerprint be the same or different on her finger when it grows back?
Punched a mirror... need a better story?
Injured foot at home unable to work!?
my daughter hurt her ankle?
I had a sprained knee and i've been using crutches and now the foot i didn't use is swollen.?
Scar/muscle repair on leg?
How can i make my bruise go away faster?
should i be concerned that my back is swollen?
I injured my knee and I need to know wat it is!!?
How long should a runner be out for bruised ribs?
Should I go to the doctor if I think I sprained my wrist?
My ankle's messed up?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Hurt my kneee last night, help me please?
Help me with this injury please?
i was cleaning my ear and when I was done there was blood on the q tip?
has anyone ever hurt their lower back lifting something heavy before?
My toe hurts what should I do with it?
Why does my girlfriend keep smelling me?
how old do you have to be to smoke in the UK?
Should a person have @ least "1" MRI scan in his/her lifetime?
How can I stay awake for a long time?
Why does my voice go in and out when I am speaking?
I'm Afraid to throw up.. HELP!?
Future height question..?
my ears keep ringing at night!! HELP!?
Long but please read; strange symptoms?
your thoughts on marijuana. good? bad? dont care?
is milk help me to increase my height?
I wake up feeling sick in the mornings?
Childhood Fears for the Sake of Art?
im 16 yrs old and 5'3''....i wanna knw hw can i grow taller?
my boyfriends feet stink "baaddd"?
Food that will affect you from growing taller.?
I got food poisoning a few days ago... Help?
Is it ok to make my EARS pop?
do some body parts grow at different rates?
what is pcp!! im confused?
Is it bad if fat is found in the liver? If it is, how bad is it and what cause it? and how to cure it?
What could this be?
Do you have constipation???
What is Wrong heart attacks, Cancer, Diebeties?
i want to know what the interpretation for my KUB ultrasound findings?
i m sufring in body burning from 4 years burning starts out from my hips,legs ,foots and radiates all body?
what is the cure for a stuffy nose?
Can Cortizone shots raise your white blood cell count?
I have been experiencing a strange pressure type sensation in my head.?
does anyone know where i can find pictures of karyotypes for many diseases?
Can you diagnose my back pain?
what does it mean when muscle jumps in the left arm?
does sleeping with your cell phone under your pillow cause headaches?
Stomach pain after no eating for 3 hours when hungry?
Occasional pain in my let while walking?
Sharp pain in my head that leads to eye?
How to get rid of pain?
The inside of my ear hurts on and off?
How long does children's ibuprofen take to work?
why do my hips crack?
The back of my knee and lower thigh hurts?
What do you think about a dentist prescribing Vicodin & Valium at the same time?
Headache after sun down?
How can i get rid of blackheads!? o.o?
How long wilk it take for these cuts to go away?
How do I fix my skin around my fingernail?
How to use green tea moisturizer of proactive?
What are some signs of chicken pocks?
I have a lot of stretch marks?
My scalp is dry and itching!!!!! Please Help!?
I have severe itching on my right shin and on scratching I sometimes bleed. Now the red spots have appeared.?
About hot compress. What does it do to the skin? and what are the risks, if any?
i get so itchy i scratch to the bone?
How can I rid my underarm bumps?
How to cheaply and safely fade acne scars?
zit problem and i dont know what to do :(?
just found rash on inner thighs. burning, bumps?
Ive got small swelling on the back of my head? Please Help?
what helps a dry scalp? or caked on dead scalp skin?
Bloody stools, odorous urination, nausea...?
what to do if i have mono?
anxiety problems while test taking?
Have I damaged my liver?
Whats wrong with me? left part of stomach twitching and larger then the other side?
I'm 15 and I have a lump above my rib under my chest it's not a tumor cause it does not hurt it just sit there?
what does the liver do??
What does IBS feel like?
Still have left side facial numbness - help!?
What do you think is wrong with my friend?
gallbladder problem?
can you take vicodin when you have a tumor?
why sometimes when i pee there is a dot(s) of red blood? but i don't feel any pain in my urinary track.?
strange!! , What could this pain be?
Throat is sore only on right side...started 2-3 weeks ago? What's wrong?
what causes hypothyroidism?
I lost hearing in one ear?
Trouble breathing and right side of stomach pain. No medical insurance. What should I do?
i had bells palsy seven years ago had complete recovery except for my right eye still a little dry?
What is wrong with my ear/hearing?
I want to ask a question here. I have been getting blood of and on in my urine for almost one year now?
mouth ulcers?
i have ocd????????????????
Jaw cracking habit??Helpp!?
Are all hospital costs in Canada free ? ?
is a little bit bad for you?
I haven't urinated in two days is that really bad?
how many hours of sleep do you get per night?
How can I fall asleep quickly?
Heartburn, need help?
could drinking to much alcohol be related to peeing blood?
Does a change in sleep habit effect your appetite?
should i be worried with these symptoms?
How to sleep better at night?
does drinking warm water help with constipation?
How do I stay awake?????????????
Has Anyone Ever Felt Queezy Then Actually Passed Out At Doctors, Dentist, Optimist etc...?
I haven't been feeling good lately.?
Every time my bf smokes...?
i have hpv. can that cause cell changes.?
has anyone had a hernia operation and repulled it, if so what did it feel like when you repulled it, mine is a
help please?
nauseous, dizzy, eye strain HELP?
how can I hold off on cigarettes for 5 hours?
Are Migraines related to seizures?
what does a creatinine level of 155 (mg/dl) on a drug test mean?
why can i smell things that arent there?!?!?!?!?!?
I'm pregnant, and i have this werid symptoms is this normal?
i need help.. pleasee?
I have hpv and I have been getting a horrible smelly discharge.?
can you get rid of the clap after having it for 10 years?
I have blood in urine, only 16 years old, still a virgin.?
help me what is happening?
sti/std test done harm ?
Can an urinalysis point towards a STD?
what are the chances of getting pneumonia after surgery/anesthesia?
how to get rid of sinus infection pain?
Does this sound like poor blood circulation or somthing else?
question for ex smokers?
Has anyone found an answer to what is causing?
Is the metered dose inhaler any better than the advair inhaler?
i'm in the air force and have permanent lung damage due to pneumonia; will i be medically discharged?
Why Do Some Smokers Think The Smoking Ban Is Unfair?
Differences between Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty?
what disease causing people harder to breathe in, but easy to breathe out? and why?
hye guys..yesterday i took 1 or 2 puffs of hookah..is it harmful than smoking ciggarate..?
My little sister breathes really loud at night?
Are the reasons for high levels of hemoglobin usually dangerous ones?
High hemoglobin dangers?
Is is possible that from a ct scan on a 7 month old can cause him not to sleep?
Why is only one of my nostrils affected by my cold?
why is it hard for me to brethe?
I've been under a lot of stress lately and find it hard to breathe at times. Could this be something serious.?
what are the signs of asthma?
I know someone who have Eibstein's anomaly and I want to know more about it.?
Forearm tightness, difficulty in writing, hand cramping?
eyecare specialis is not treating me for double vision what can i do..?
how 2 loose weight quickly?
too much copper and iron in blood?
bronchitis ? what causes this and wot can u do to make ur syptoms better?
Kalebs story of Shaken baby syndrome?
Sick, now face has changed?
Which of the following are chronic conditions that can affect your driving?
is it possible to becone color blind after a head trauma?
which is better humulin or humalog?
bracelet for ultistic child?
Is this an allergic reaction to Sugar Substitutes?
3 year old allergic to dog saliva?
How to remove DUST MITES in bed?
can a food allergy be considered a food-borne illness?
What are symptoms of an allergy?
Is Penicillin and Fluoroscein related in any way?
What could i be allergic to?!!!!!?
Are these symptoms of food allergy and am I allergic to almonds?
does allergies and sinus problems make u feel tired?
My dog is shedding, I am really miserable. Please help.?
we have some ferel kittiens in our yard. they have sinus issues and watery eyes. how to help?
Is there an amount of allergies every human has?
Does this sound like Post Nasal Drip to you?
if u have a running nose and a sore throat is it allergys?
best humidifier for allergys?
I just started t]aking Vistrel for anxiety i took it an hour and a half ago im nervous about?
i had my bunnies for more than a month and recently i've been sneezing, stuffy nose, and hives. am i allergic?
i am looking for a diet with high fiber but wheat free?
Can methodone clinics close without notice or backup plan?
Will my jaw fix itself?
My mom is a heavy smoker and shes on pain killers?
Diverticulitis!!!!!!!!!!!! READ PLEASE?
Question about Diverticulitis!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP?
I have not gotten a flu shot at all in my life...I just suffered the flu...!?
Do I have mono or something else?
How to make mucus go away?
A fasting lab work is scheduled soon, what foods should I avoid to get a good lab report?
Is a fever of about 103 degrees bad?
I have two related symptons: can you tell me what is my problem?
how to get rd of a stuffy nose and sore throat?
How to get rid of scabies?
what is the growth rate of HIV/AIDS infection in Botswana?
do i have a throat infection?
Can I add sugar to theraflu? PLEASE ANSWER.?
At home with swine flu and I am really bored?
What cases UTI's 'urinary tract infections'?
Does Mono stay in your system or...?
How to know if I have an ear infection?
What's a good medicine for diarreah?
what are the positive effects of DDT?
i really don't get it some one explane ... perferably a guy?
How can i help my friend? Please?
Every time I stand up, I feel really sick?
im extremely congested please help!?!?
Please help me, easy ten points?
What is the highest administrative position in a hospital?
is this normal??????????
why does smoking weed make you hungrey?
i am 13 years old[eighth grade] and i am 5"7. Is that too tall for this age?
very sick. please help!?
How dangerous are Angioplasty operations?
Leaking Tricuspid valve question?
can wisdom teeth grow back?
Drug test coming upp?
I think I have apendix,becourse I allaways pain in my stomach from the middle of the stomach till in abndoman?
Is it possible that I have Meniere's Disease?
what type of cigarette do you smoke?
My sisters stomach is super itchy?
will this give me aids?
i need help. bad. with a lot of stufff. i feel like dieing.?
aspie girlfriend making me uncomfortable?
Have i all ready done growing?
Whats happening to me ? Tingling and numbness ?
how to get rid of hiccups ?
has anyone experienced tinnitus with a sinus infection?
Rachel my daughter is very sick! Do you know what the symptoms all point to?
My hand has felt "asleep" for days!! 0_0?
Is this lactose intolerance or something else?
What is wrong with me why do i feel so sick?
What do you do after you do your 5 cycle of CPR and the victim becomes unconscious again?
I don't know what I should do?
Does coca-cola help with diarrhea?
i have been making myself throw up for a while now?
I have headaches everyday...?
Is anyone else unduly depressed by the recent shootings and the reaction to them?
My friend did weed and she's paranoid the doctor's will find it in her system after her urine sample.?
I have the flu and a really bad sore throat. Can dog hair affect it?
Medical,, I "black out" what's wrong?
How long do ribs that are broken in surgery take to heal?
Why does the world seem different when you have a mental illness like bipolar or schizophrenia?
Which anxiety medication actually works?
who can help? i have diarrhea for the past 3 days.?
I can crack my joints repeatedly, is this a sign of early onset of arthritis or cartilage damage?
How does one get rid if tenesmus?
who has brain anuerysm?
My pups are dying from2 days old to 3 months ??I have taken to vet had tests but they find nothing?
iam 46 and ifeel numb in top part of my head?
HELP - Hair loss question related to Thyroid?
What is the pain around my liver area after binge drinking?
Do you think I will pass my blood test on marijuana if i smoked 2 days ago?
Difficulty in swallowing??
I can't sleep because I find laying down boring?
Didn't wash hands after touching a dirty tire?
Can you chew the tabacco from a cigarette?
Bloated not Pregnant?
Is there something with my son's legs?
getting weed out of your system in cuple days?
what happens at a 14 year olds girl physical.?
How to fall asleep and stay asleep?
What works for you when you can't sleep?
whats wrong with me ?
If I take 1 hit of weed will it be out of my system in 4 days?
I don't know what's wrong with me.?
Will the hospital have to tell?
how to not to fall asleep?
Why am i peeing so much?
Is this Swine Flu,normal cold, or strep?
I'm always tired no matter how much sleep I get?!?
I need an answer or an opinion?
Will my vision change after the age of 19?
My eyes have been itching like crazy! D:?
how do you zoom in or out when you have trouble seeing?
how do you know if a soft contact lens is inside out?
Where can you buy colored contacts with your prescription in it?
How do I slowly increase vision prescription strength?
can i be around people still if i have pink eye?
whats wrong with me?
colored contacts????
Is it okay if I wear my contacts today?
Red eyes help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Flashes of light, increased floaters?
How do you clean contact lenses?
What do you call an eye sergent?
Help with cosmetic contacts?
How can I get around without my contact lenses?
Diverticulitis Timetable?
my liver enzymes where up to 80 can i take vicoden?
what's wrong with my blood any nutreints missing?
Bad kidneys and diet.....please help?
What happens if I where my monthly contact lenses for more than a month?
can being on a computer too much damage your eye sight?
Are your lungs black after 300 ciggerettes so far communitively?
Contacts Prescription...?
does using hair colors containing lead increase uric acid in blood?
Don't know if this is serious or not?
Why is my one contact blurry?
What are some signs of a person being Bi-polar?
yellow ring around eye i have contacts?
My father had his prostate removed in Oct. and now his PSA levels are 0.07, is that good or bad?
What std is this? bacterial/ fungal infection?
can you have an std if it was your first time for both people?if so what do i have?
is this an std or a ripped urethra?
How long until doxycycline hyclate takes effect?
Does anyone know how I can find out what HPV strain I have?
can you pass chlamydia through saliva?
scratch on face can lead to scar?
How do i get rid of a cold sore scar?
bump on ear after piercing?
My scalp is very dry. Any recommendations or remedies?
I hit my head really really hard on the dresser, and i have a dint in my head?
What's the best non prescription acne tablet? Any I can buy online?
What are some good face masks?
Aching arms and legs + rash?
wrinkly old hands :(?
Dermatologist Help, how much for consultation?
I have red bums on the back of my tongue. I have weird white one under my tongue and a few canker sores.?
How do i prevent extremly dry skin from peeling?
how do get rid of the big red bump after you popped a zit?
For the past three days or so.....?
Mole problems? Flat moles?
How do you rid whiteheads from the face?
Sleep Paralysis help?
does this sound like a sinus infection?
Is this a sinus infection and what to do?
What causes a coma? who knows?
can you take mucinex with nexium?
What can I do for my 2 year old's cough?
Voice isn't improving after quitting cigarettes.?
The Olfactory System and Alzheimer’s?
How does a young girl give up smoking?!?
i cant sleep or nothin?!!?
Do i need surgery if there is no pain at all?
Carbon monoxide poisoning without a car?
rotwielers and bone cancer?
lotsa symptoms.... not allot of answers?
I smoked two hits off a pipe on the 4th of july..It's been years since I last smoked. how long in my system?
Is it normal to sneeze and cough at the same time?
i am suffering from snoring problem..what is the solution to avoid or atleast to reduce that?
what are the complication for osteoarthritis?
what is best sitting position to help w/breathing have copd emphasema?
why do i have so much mucus?
Who should we see?
Can a urine test tell if you have used tobacco products? Smoke, chew, or dip.?
My dr said i have copd.?
Where can i get ciggeretes?
What are signs of food poisening?
Itchy lungs & chest infection..........?
I'm sick and need help.?
Panic attacks? All in my head? Food?
a drop in the ratio of sodium bicarbonate to carbonic acid becaus of untreated diabetes can be called:?
what r some strange places to pee?
I just worked out and now I feel sick?
what are signs that your first period is right around the corner?
How many drug adicted persond do we have globally?
How fit am I for a 13 year old boy?
my grandma mad eme some soup and i have a question?
whats the largest quantity of vicodin that can be prescribed to you?
How do I stop sweating? I start to sweat when there is a cute girl in the room. How do I stop sweating?
I go to surgery tuesday and I am worried about the anethestic!?
What's something I can take in my house to make me throw up or get skinnier?
I took a drug today and passed out,?
How long does THC stay in your system?
Wrist injury. Is it jammed,sprained, or bruised?
I have horrible pain on my shin especially when I walk could it be a stress fracture?
broken collar bone? help?
Help with Muscle cramp!?
I have a stye in my eye! Am I going to die?!?
Do you think i could be sick?
Really bad head injury.?
when i cry,why do i feel so tired and sleepy after?
My doctor perscribed glasses for me because I have 20/15 vision. Why?
Why does my hurt foot always cramp up?
Do black people turn white when they get sunburnt?
my friend threw at show at me and it hit me in my lip. what should i do to make it go away?
What should I do (broken nose)?
My boyfriend's sick and I don't know what's wrong, help?
i am going to keep getting taller.. i am 16 turn 17 soon and i am around 5'9 or 5'10 i am 1'76 in cm?
how can i make these cuts on my legs heal faster?
My arm hurts what could it be?
i keep on fainting? why could this be?
Is working at a plant recycling car batteries bad for your health?
sobering up from xanax and alcohol asap, does caffiene work?
Can you get a fingernail removed?
My urine has an orange hue and an almost rancid smell?
Itching where tick used to be...?
How can i make my wrist heal?
i cut my wrist and now it killlsss?
What organs are on the left side of the lower abdomen. Sharp pains?
Nyquil hasn't kicked in yet?
What do these symptoms mean?? ?
if my meniscus is thorn, can i still exercise at the gym?
how come every time i excerise my side hurts?
What could possibly be my injury? i hurt the back of my knee suddenly.?
how do you fix a chip bone in elbow?
Do you get in trouble with the doctors if you cut your cast off?
How can I tell if i have a dislocated lunate?
what are sign of night sweats?
I was sick yesterday and not anymore today, should I still see a doctor?
Is my elbow broken or just bruised?
Have you ever got a shot read this?
My doctor says I have a bladder infection and he says I'm contagious. Is this really what he says it is?
What is cotton fever what are the symptoms how long does it last?
Do you think I have the flu?
Strep throat symptons in baby?
How can i prevent getting the flu?
Cold soar?! How can I get rid of it by tomorrow.?
Currently a member in my family has the stomach flu..?
relevance of UTI *Urinary tract infection* of a woman who was raped?
1.5 miles in under 10 mins 30 secs with glandular fever?
My friend had the flu?
Can you get high from ditropan? My wife is on these for her bladder but is acting very strange while on them. ?
what is the best cure for a sore throat?
can Gerd heal in tine will the hole close up in time?
Lung problems from passive smoking (3 Months) Now my lungs hurt :(?
Is this possible??!?
what kinds of stuff can i let my puppycollie play with without choking on when im gone?
Do I have pink eye?
I have bronchitis.My throat is at the stage where it is itchy.What can I take to get the itchiness out?
swollen face and eye lids denal issue?
i heard when u see something uh how show i say this...hot ur nose bleeds is this true?
carbon monoxide posioning?
what do u think of this?
What do i have? is it serious? please help I can't get to a doctor?
I have OCD and need some advice?
i think my husband has food poisoning any ideas what to do?
Unknown Long term illness?.?
I get shaky and feel weak if I don't eat every few hours?
for the past month everyday I feel like I have some kind of food caught in my chest. It hurts worse at 5am?
Are eyes and headaches connected?
My friend has numbness in her toes but not all of them, any thoughts?
I think my friend is showing signs of anorexia, what should i do?
Dementia....Please only those that have been through this before with a loved one. about 2 years ago my Great?
The hand is what to the liver?
what causes weight loss in cats?
Epileptic Fits question?
I'm 18 and recently diagnosed w/ hypothryoidism.....I have a few questions, can you help?
what is that disease called whenever your mouth turns the other way and you can't move half of your body??
Is there anything that will shorten the duration of the flu?
how to get rid of anxiety?
Acid reflux and thick mucus in throat - advice needed.?
what is gout and where does it touch the body?
how to git rid of lice?
Help! I've lost my voice...?
Why do kids wait until the last second to use the bathroom?
What is the best way to cure a sunburn?
Would it be possible to sleep using sleeping pills for 2 days?
Interesting reaction to Ambien, is this normal?
Reallly dizzy, almost passed out!!!!!!!!?!?
Tight/swollen throat that hurts when i swallow and my voice is becoming funny but nose is fine- what is it?
Would i be eligible for a handicap parking permit because i have rheumatoid arthritis?
Everey time i go to sleep and wake up my 2 fingers are numb or both hand?
My head got bigger at a really unnerving rate, and i think i know why?
Why is my eye feel like it stings?
I'm really tired but I can't sleep?
what are these ? .....?
I took 3 to 4 hits of pot how long will it take to get out of my system?
are my sleeping and eating habits weird?
Places to cut that our easy to hind?
The left side of my face feels like it is hanging, why is this?
Why does my tongue feel scalded and inflamed?
alot of pain when i wake up!?
I went to the toilet then later on urine just came?
what if you had only one partern and you get trichmonas?
Im worried about my family and miself because my step brother is moving to our house and he has herpes! what?
burning when peeing and little bit of pink blood on tissue what could it be? please help!!!?
left calf aches at night and is puffy on the side?
how much money is spent on pain medication each year in south korea?
What is the cause of sharp pains?
Pain under fingernails when any pressure is applied? VERY PAINFUL PLEASE HELP!?
White in the back of my throat?
Will I be able to be prescribed something for pain?
I'm going to kill myself by overdosing on sleeping pills. Will it hurt?
Why am i having these pains?
Pain relief suggestions?
When scars on your body take extremely long time to heal, is it due to lack of vitamin c or high sugar level?
dry cracked, cut hands and feet?
can mold cause a skin outbreak that is itchy and resembles a bug bite even without direct contact?
whole body itching while asleep?
Is my bellybutton infected?
Does Alcohol inactivate HPV(Planar Wart Virus)?
i think i hv a ringworm.?
im thinkin about using skin i.d or proactive which is best?
I have heart burn. Home remedy?
Klonopin Dosage too high/dangerous?
What do I do if a bug bit me on the ear lobe?
I have bumps on my Arm.?
How do I get rid of a red tint on my upper lip?
why do some girls have small feet but huge toes?
Tazorac Cream for acne..?
I have a sty & it doesn't want to go!?
Too much dirt during facial extraction?
Limisil tablets? Any one?
My five month old has bronchitis and her temp has been hovering around 95-96 for a few hours. She is alert and
what is liver cheistosomiasis?
IS it ok to take plan b if Allergic to Sulfa?
When you're sad, what causes that tight feeling in your chest?
having one kidney and harmonal imbalance. can it preventing me from having a child?
Does anyone out there have or know anything about Meneires Disease?
I am having a lot of troubles breathing?
Am I sick???
Does the Pill work if i go on allergy tablets?
Is this an allergic reaction?
why do i break out with acne when i drink cow milk, soymilk and almond milk?
Am i allergic to dogs?
What allergen is in animals that makes people allergic to them?
my mom has cuts and sores all over in her mouth and they go down her throat,a irritated eye and now hives?
Can lemon juice make my nose less red?
i'm wondering if i'm allergic to the metal in my razor blade. what metals do razors usually contain?
Could I be allergic to milk?
red eyes since 3 weeks?
Why do I keep having nosebleeds?
How to treat severe hives?
Does this sound like an allergic reaction to you?
Allergic to salty water?
huggies movers diapers causes rash?
Help I am allergic to trees.?
Do I have allergy caused asthma?
Nose is ALWAYS running?
does medications helps in stopping ridiculous thoughts that makes you feel anxious?
i was diagnosed with ADHD, should i get medication treatment?
I think I have social anxiety disorder?
Should I be this afraid of this woman?
Why do I have memory loss when I wake up?
My grandson is two and has started pulling at his eyelashes alot. He will say things like eyes messed up?
i have a corneal abrasion......?
what color contacts do get?
Is my prescription too small for contacts?
Can i wear my contacts?
What is the axis of a lens? And what is the cylinder of a lens?
I sleep with my eyes half open?
How painful is the Eye laser surgery?
Do I have a lazy eye and astigmatism or just astigmatism?
Daughter scratched my eyeball yesterday.. today everything is blurry?
2 Pairs of Glasses on Works Better!?
At the eye doctor what do they do and why do they make your pupils bigger?
Does anyone know what these "eye worms" are? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=eye%20worms?
SLEEP HELP! Im going back to school on Wednesday, so if i wake up early will i be able to go sleep early the..?
is there anyway to improve vision without contacts or glasses?
How to get dead skin on my fingers?
what are ways to get weed out of your system?
What am I sick with? I can't figure it out!?
Can taking fish oil supplements cause break-outs?
tourettes what the heck?
Is it good if my body temperature is 97.7?
Dry Skin from Sunburn?
having a very low self esteem, need some help!?
Why do I burp a lot now?
How do i get up early and feel energized?
Help with bad anxiety? Only 14..:/?
everytime i eat bread............?
Is this a dangerous amount of caffiene for my body?
Shopping list for a sore throat!!!?
Is it a bad idea to do shrooms while on amitriptyline?
Do you need to be over 18 to be prescribed panic disorder medication?
i need help staying awake?
When will i start puberty and grow?
Am I having a heart attack or what?
can someone tell me the procedure of getting a colonoscopy?
I have really bad headaches!?
what are the chances of getting pregnant if you have bv?
Urinary Tract Infection, 11 days?
Should i be at work with chickenpox?
My sister has been vomiting for 4 days?
Chicken pox as an adult?
when will go this ameoba infection?
I think I saw a worm in my eye?
I have a staph infection?
How dangerous dehydration is?
if i have ebv can i stay in school?
different colored diarrhea?
Haemophilus influenzae does not cause the flu.?
Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty covered by insurance?
im getting sick...i think.?
What could this be? Hemorrhoids?
Earrings Made My Ears Infected?
Is it normal to have alot of phlegm?
Is strep throat man made or natural?
Sharp pains in my chest when I breath?
Any Idea for hor home treatment for sinus or any other ideas to help remove symptoms?
if my dad nearly passed out or had a seizure from coughing continuously should he go to the hospital?
can you join the army if you have asthma?
Can Large Tonsils be to blame?
After eating weed brownies, my chest started tightening up on me and my heart was pounding like crazy.?
I have a really raspy voice...?
Is this asthma? While running?
why do people with copd (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) need to have oxygen tubes all the time?
Can the 75mg aspirin I take daily cause frequent nose bleeds from one nostril, very heavy sometimes.?
What is wrong with my throat?
how do you become a ginger?
Are these symptoms of asthma?
COPD - what is it? How long do you live? Does the medication make you live longer?
acid reflux getting into lungs?
constant sinus infection ???!?
i quit smoking 4 weeks ago?
I'm sick,need to know how long before I completely recover?
Last Tuesday I had a sore throat and I got meds and it went away, now I feel sick again?
Headache, Sore Throat, Loss of Appetite?
Can I take EES if I have a cough/tickle in throat/blocked ear?
sick for a few hours than fine?
A medical question...?
Have you, or do you know anyone who has been treated for TB?
what is the effect of nightmare to us?
I Have Astigmatism?
Hi, good day to you. Wat remedy shld i do wen i'm suffering shortness of breath wen exposing to air-con rooms.
I have a cough I cant get rid of? HELP!?
Help with headaches?
I need some serious bulimic help?
Will lisinopril countract with Velivet?
Is it better if someone have asthma to move to a warmer state like florida?
Hey I've been sick with first not able to breath then now throwing up any suggestions?
if i want to get diagnosed for ADD, do i 1st go 2 my regular doctor or what?...?
Is down syndrome a disease?
what are specific mental illnesses or disorders caused by child abuse.?
Should I go to doctor? Please help!?
I need my medcation refilled but doctor is gone til the 29th of June- I cannot wait that long- any ideas?
how do you know if you are a carrier of Niemann-Pick disease?
my Dane died during a seizure that would not stop. ?
Was taking prescription prilosec but due to money take over the counter ..it doesn't seem to work now why?
Can you catch STD's from licking someone's *ss?
can you get hiv througth the pors in your skins from an infected person with hiv?
I had a cut in metal while having a party, am I exposed to HIV?
can a man get hiv from receiving oral pleasure?
how long does hpv take to show up?
What diseases can you find out you have when you donate blood?
question about valtrex!!!?
I have excessive sweating, is there any other way?
hi i have been having a sore foot latley i feel my foot pulse and it feels like i feel blood pumping in my one
How do i treat acid reflix disease?
treating fibormyalgia?
Is it normal to continue to have a reaction to mold days after being away from it?
What happen if I took 2 pill every 4 hours but it was 6 hours?
what is the best cure for ulner neuropathy, numbness in left 4th and 5 th fingers,?
What is wrong with my EYE?
is there a way to get a free cataract operation free?
what happens if my blood sugar drops and i have been drinking to much gatorade. and not eating enough food'?
Is it normal to have 6.3 as my blood sugar level ?
i need to get rid of this cold sore?
Will acne go away in time if I use a minimal approach?
Green Tea for blackheads?
Could a licensed dermatologist answer this question please?
What are good ways to get rid of black heads ?
Stubborn plantar wart on my hand won't go away!! :(?
what is the best acne wash you could buy at walmart?
I have a skin tag, is it serious?
why is area around mouth darker? plz help?
I have a stye on the inside of my eyelid. As soon as I realized I had a stye I put hot wash cloths every?
Woman complained of too much white gunk under my skin during facial extraction?
What is gentamicin sulfate ophthalmic solution?
Burning rash on back of hands..?
Weird bumps what could it be?
oily skin????????????????????
does vitamin e remove cuts?
I have a bump on the inside of my lip.?
Health: Did I black out?
i cant stop the itching?
Vaporizer Website...... !!!!?
please help me......Please?
is it possible to get marijuana wit-drawls if you smoke again?
i am addicted to meth and i have tried to stop but jst end up getting high again! plz help!?
i no longer have a reaction to gore etc..?
How can I control blushing?
Nauseous When Laying Down?
I need help with empathy....?
what kind of doctor should i go see?
what is wrong with me? think u could help PLEASE!!!!!!?
is miralax addicting if u take it everyday?
do you get high the first time you smoke a cigarette?
my 4 month is sick she has a cold should i take her to the doctor?
what causes your throat to get itchy and soar when your sick?
How does happiness & depression affect hair loss?
Marijuana made me sick?
Does anybody know about athlete's foot?
having body aches and chills feels like coming down with something having body aches and feels like a fever.?
Is there a type of medicine that...?
Few UTI Symptoms, No Insurance/No Doctor, What To Do?
What is the point of tonsils?
Should I see a doctor about this?
Whats the best way to get over sickness?
Am I ill? Shaking chills and acting temporarily "drunk"?
still have strep throat lumps?
What is "cabin fever"?
mucus from the back of my throat?
Sound like Long QT Syndrome?
How to get rid of a fever blister overnight?
Where are kissing bugs located?
can i get mrsa from my friends baby?
What are these symptoms please?
Help with mono please?
cholesterol level 4.6 UK measurement?
I gave my wife a stomach flu bug. can i catch it back again?
I have a question about stool?
Do i have the flu??!!?
I am doing atkins and doing 90 mins of cardio at the gym each day. Is it posible to gain weight by workin out?
HELP QUICKLY! eating disorder? sick?
can you take supplement if you have not takeing med?
my daughter has tested positive on an ana test and has had a sed rate with the level of 47?
Nicotine withdrawals ?
i need a list of anti imflammatory medicines?
Does ingesting dishwashing liquid cause stomac gas?
what does mastecise mean, as it relates to cancer?
Bitten thumb, swollen, blood poisoning?
moms has cirrhosis refuses to eat and body is swellling due to kidney failing shes on a breathing machine?
I just been told that my 3 week old niece's left side of her face is paralyzed? What is this?
I have had tinnitus in my ear after I gave birth to my son. I got my hearing checked and it is perfect.?
Bronchitis and other questions???
Does this sound like Alzheimer's? (need quick answers)?
what is wrong with me please help?
My left big toe has been numb for 3 days now and I did not recently injure it. Any ideas? Should I see my doc?
A question about vertigo.?
Can I use my dads razor?
How much is medication for TB?
What could be the cause of my Nausea?
Extreme fatigue causes?? 10 points?
What do all these symptoms mean?
how to get rid of a fever?
Does anybody have Lupus and if so, what were your first symptoms?
help!! do i have cancer???
could dizziness be caused from fluid in the ear?
Further treatment after discectomy?
My back kills, help!?
DP RX CARD? Has anyone heard/used it?
Random Shin Pain In One Leg?
should i go get x-rays on my back?
Hydrocodone 3592 500mg?
Feels Like My Kneecap is Ready to Dislocate...should I see a chiropractor now?
i've been offered back surgery for a slipped disc but can't decide whether to have it or not - please help?
How to treat this cut?? urgent!?
would will they do for a dislocated shoulder ?!/ popped shoulder ?
How to fix a broken rib after running into a banister full pelt while drunk?!?
did i fracture my knuckle?
Broken foot.. help? 10 points?
I was just pulled by my hair and now there's a lump?
Im having huge trouble breathing. please help?
I've had a sore throat 3 times this month..?
Strange chest pains and fever?
had a really bad asthma episode yesterday, should i be worried about my pain today?
Sharp upper left chest pain every minute for the last 12 hours?
my heart stopped for a second HELP?
Yet another TB test question?
Is an inhaler safe to use if it has been left in heat?
I have a wound behind my ear and it hasnt healed for a couple of months. What should i do?
Question about tendinitis.?
lower back pain HELP!?
I think I may have sprained my neck, how do I know if it is one or a fracture?
I think i sprained my foot!?
Sudden pain in my wrist?!?
Why is it that after a big car wreck you become really thirsty?
Do I still have Chronic Sinusitus even after my sinus surgery last year?
Stabbing pain in lungs.?
Chest pain/trouble breathing after smoking?
Respiratory problems possibly related to medication? (a little long)?
Shoulder keeps Clicking?
My problem still hasn't been solved and my foot still hurts?
How do i know if i popped my vein?
Bruise on a weird place?
Pulled ligament needs medical attention?
Asthma, Inhalers, asthma attacks?
my 9 mnths. son fell down from cot & got on left temporal skull(over the ear). there is swelling?
We are honeymooning and my husband has sleep apnea--help!?
Jogging helps in fighting sleep apnea?
No symptoms of sinus infection, no snot coming out of nose?
for the past 2 weeks ive been having trouble breathing kinda?
Removal of scar tissue in the lungs?
does nose right work?
Anyone know what could be wrong with my lung?
Can I get contacts with my prescription?
Eyes are going red because of contact lenses?
Question regarding my contacts?
to those who sleep with proper sleep contacts?
why does dilation occur? can it be from to much of a flashing image like video games?
Can I wear reading glasses while wearing contacts for astigmatism?
my 6 month old has pink eye in both eyes.his ped. wont be able to see him until next week .what should i do?
HIV..How accurate the test after 5 months and 1 days?
What could be wrong with my eyes?
is my lip infected??????=[?
why are my eyes 2 different shapes!!! HELP!?
Going from eye glasses to contact lenses...Dizzy!?
how can i treat my dry eye syndrome?
Can sleeping with my contacts in damage my eyes?
I have been diagnosed with Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum...should I tell my partner ?
can u get the HIV virus by saliva?
Can anyone give me information on STDs in Egypt ?
Which specialist should you see if you have a goiter? Do you know any one from Manila?
somebody knows where i can get a potato mix?
What could cause my son to have repeated episodes of upper respiratory infections and how much is too much?
Who treats hypocomplimentemia and how?
DO anyone KNOW what DISEASE this is called!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are ?
i am working 3 days aweek for 10 hrdays 330 wk now i am looking at 60 wk what is good now?
for the past three weeks i have been having reoccurring head-aches, why do think this is happening?
Why is my eye feel like it stings?
if i go to the dr and and he asks if i smoke what do i tell him?
Strange feeling during my sleep. (medical problem)?
Leg cramps/twitching?
General Anaesthetic After Collapsed Lung?
does weed show up on blood test?
can ears become stretched out if you pull on them too hard?
Can I do ANYTHING to help him to stop smoking?
I can breathe underwater for aroun 6 mins, without breathe (freaky but true). Doctors say I have thin blood?
What is the toe next to the pinky called?
Everyone says I'm too skinny - am I?
Getting headaches after I wake up in the mornings.?
What does this mean when you can sleep for as many hours as you want?
My boyfriend drinks a lot. After he wakes up, he fixes a drink. After that he fixes another.?
Is this ok to drink if dehydrated?
How can I wake up in the morning when its almost impossible?
my eye keeps twitching today and it never usually does thatt? what does this mean?
i went to the docters and got a cat scan when we got home and looked at it we saw a blur what could it be?
Allergies or Cold?????
How long should the histamine control be raised after allergy testing?
My wife has asmer. She was told it was weather induced asmer.?
Does heavy cream have more lactose than milk?
What do you do at an Inpatient Eating Disorder Clinic?
Dusty feeling in throat, what is it?
why do I have an allergy attack when I do intense cardio?
What is the best Allergy medicine you can get from CVS for......?
What is the rash on my legs from?
i am having sever problem with dandruff......and it is not removing at all.?
Has anyone here used a neti- pot for seasonal allergies?
what can help with my pollen allergies!!?
so i just took 6 benadryl...am i gonna die?
Is my headache caused by mold exposure?
Who can I see about Adult attention deficit disorder ?
alergic reaction from food?
Are allergies really REALLY bad this year? I have not had allergies since 1995, as a child?
why do people dream and talk in there sleep?
does anyone have any good ideas what to do for possible REALLY bad allergies, or a snius infection?
I am sickWell •runny nose •mucus is very watery •brain hurts on side of runny nose •eye somewhat hurts... ?