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Please help! Does this sound like morning sickness?
Do i have mono or just a cold?
What are some remedies for a dry cough?
Pregancy and flu...and flu in general 10pts to best ?
Is my ear infected or just irritated?
medication sounds like azosoplom?
can doxycyline be used for inflammation of the lower abdomen?
anti ds dna results?
Whenever I eat, I get nauseous. What is up with that?
what are some ways to get nicotine out of my system?
what is the best way to detox herion?
black mold exposure during pregnancy.....?
Whats CT scan??
my friend has already had mono when he was little and now his girl friend has mono. can i get it from him?
I've had watery bowel movements for a couple weeks?
Medical Issue?
Constant sore throat?
So my uncle's 15 year old dog has a tumor, and has trouble walking/jumping. What are his options now?
is it bad to have blood in your stool for more than three to five days a month?
Does anyone have a home remedy for ear ringing? The doctors say there is no cure! Thanks!!?
What's wrong with my brain?...?
help!!!! How do i get water out of my ears....5 days later?
I have a lump in my left hand, that i have had for at least a year now. Could anyone tell me what it could be?
a kid can't swallow thicker drinks than a milkshake or she chokes?
What causes bacteria to become drug resistant?
what causes rectal bleeding?
How to get rid of a binge eating disorder?
do i have i have lice in my hair?
i have gout, what kind of food should i eat to lower my uric acid and what food sould i avoid?
PLEASE HELP ME, i have bad conjunctivitis and i got eye drops but they arn't working?
Upper abdominal pain?
What's wrong with me?
How many days does it take to get results back for all stds?
Red, swollen bump, is it herpes?
am gona fast for 10 days..hus wid me?
Im getting a biopsy because of hpv...what happens?
Would you be in a relationship with someone if they had hiv?
How long does kidney stone typically stay in uterer?
When was HIV virus discovered and who discovered it where how ?
Will a contact high show up on a blood test two days later?
I have oral HPV. What can I do to help reduce the problem?
I have a question about my bloated stomach?
blood tsh levels are 0.6 range is 0.5 - 5.5..i have anxiety depression and tremors and fast heartrate?
why did i cough so much while i was trying to sleep last night?
i have no idea what this is..?
what is the effect of taking anti-gout drugs with multi-vitamins?
Tingling sensations around the left eye and cheeks?
how much malic acid (tablet form) needed for gallbladder cleanse?
I want to know about kidney transplant? please help.?
chest and back pain when moving and breathing.?
tb skin test???!??????
Panic attack at random times?
Why do i always have to spit out mucus?
My Asthma Diagnosis(PFT)?
I want to join high school football, but I have asthma. What should I do?
what causes my asthma attacks to be more frequent and Intense?
What are the first signs of a stent closing?
Do i have asthma? need help!?
Is it time to see a doc for my allergies? If so, what kind of doctor?
Does anyone have their kids on Claritin for allergies?
my diarrhea went away for a week then came back after i ate some seasoned chicken"?
Why do I sleep 12-13 hours?
my scalp is peeling what do I do?
I quit smoking weed. But i don't know if i should have?
Which multivitamins are best to take?
My 2-year-old is vomiting coffee grounds?
what are ways to stop using illegal drugs?
Not smoking makes me preform worse?
when i swallow it feels like something is stuck in my throat hurting along the entire windpipe track, why?
showering at night or in the morning?
How to go to bed VERY early?
How to not fall asleep in class tomorrow?
How can I make myself more tired?
What r foods that people with eczema should eat?
Why did i get cystic acne??!?!?
I'd like to get some Plastic Surgery, who would you recommend in the area?
Blisters on my toes ?
What is the best cream to erase dark spots from acne and sun damage? ?
Why is my skin so oily?
what products actually help get rid of spots?
Is it safe to pop a boil with a sharp pin?
A very heavy, long-lasting, irritating rash all over? Not a reaction to anything?
How to avoid a scar after getting a burn?
Will my skin break out really bad the first couple of months on oratane?
Use St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub for morning and night?
Why do i itch all over why?
I sweat REALLY badly -____-?
arm pits staining white shirts yellow?
Why are the colors i see through one eye a little different than the colors i see in the other eye?
Doctor told me today I am going to be blind in the eye that I had surgery on 3 times?
I have a question about a injured eye?
colored contact users + opticians please read?
Is there a way to protect your eye while on the computr or video games?
‘Correlation is not causation’?
what do i do after getting my colored contacts?
why is my eye watering up?
Do O2 Optix contacts tear easily?
Blinking problem.... Is it serious?
Can Any Sunglasses be filled to a perscription?
Continuous Wear Contact Lenses Question?
I am worried about my partner, what should he do?
Possible vision issue?
My eyes look a little red?
Pink eye infection, contacts lenses. I have had the infection about 2 weeks ago.?
how do eye prescriptions work?
what causes your eye to twitch?
Sudden vision blackout - Help me please?
How do I know if I need to adjust or if my Rx is too strong!?
Eyes hurt when I turn them?
blurry eye with contacts?
Can Meningitis come back?
a patient has CHF and follows the fluid & salt restricition. SHe comes into ER w/SOB and swollen legs.?
how to get rid of tonsil stones?
How (or where) can I read this text: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8840614?
Help got dry erase board cleaner in my eye (read description?
Does anyone have a clue as to what I could have?
What is it like to get your tonsils removed?
What is Hbsag positive?
On antibiotics for strep throat?
Can you get disease from stepping on a used bandage?
home remedies for food poisoning?
phobia of vomiting - help!?
How long does it take for stomach virus to show?
effects of appendicitis?
can you take doxycycline and acyclovir together?
would u go to the hospital for staph?
Is this the flu or....?
I have the flu what are some foods to eat?
How do I know if my Pharyngitis has gone away. ?
what are normal liver enzymes?
what harm can diabetes do to the eyes?
This is a mediacl question, my brother has numbness on his entire right side and can't keep ahold of things?
i feel not like myself?
Every time i get up i fill dizzy?
I am suffering from gout. What all tipes of foods shall I stop. Which is the medicine to reduce gout.?
my son of 5 has got a viral infection, turned into a cough. it sounds like a productive cough but he tries to?
Mild cerebral palsy - left side of body?
3 months sick HELP?
Water or sanitation?
Grandpa complaining of headaches?
Should I tell my parents I need to see a doctor?
How do I know if I have a swollen lymph node in my groin?
My life is such a failure / joke.?
why do I hear voices?
How do meth addicts sleep?
smoking and coffee links to depression?
is this a smart way to come off zoloft?
Can I take 2 18mg Concerta pills?
I bit my boyfriend's arm being playful. Did the muscle separate?
I broke a bone in my lower back and have been resting 4 3weeks now.I have my next appointment on the 19th of?
How to break a bone really fast?
my ankle and back heel got run over by the tire! what should i do?
How long before i can walk on a hairline fracture to the fibula? its been 4 weeks already.?
Has anyone had a lateral release done on their knee?
My right ring finger has been swollen since last night?
shoulder just poped out?
My skin feels dead on my shins and when I stretch it feels like my flesh is tearing ...?
dislocated elbow...help please doctor only?
So I got stung by a hornet about 2 days ago.?
Hurt my hand a week ago and it's still not better. What could it be?
I have torn ligaments in my wrist and I have a computer-related job...?
Thoughts on knee brace for acl tear.?
Fractured Tibia How Long Until My Cast Is Removed?
Can a 2 year old foot and ankle sprain and injury show up on test now?
can i still play if i have a bruised toe?
toe and nail injury, what am i supposed to do?
I have a Swollen knee how can I make it better?
I recently hit my head off a sidewalk and have been experiencing a headache and general "foggyness" since?
How can i gt my voice back?
Can you expose your DVT leg to sun?
What is the easiest way to get off subutex?
Hiatial Hernia and GERDS?
Is there a standing mri in south carolina?
Knee pain? Please help!?
Remembering things?
muscle pain in throat when singing?
what makes muscles twitch?
tingling in my pinky and ring finger and half my arm and funny bone?
where can i download the "It's not lupus" video from House?
The pills didn't work, and I am STILL experiencing menstrual cramps?
Ice pick headaches with no migraines (18 yrs. old)?
Can I take baking soda for heartburn?
I just had a bowel movement and right after it, i got a cramp on my left side help?
Are Cephalexine and Tri-methoprim contraindicated in pregnancy?
Upper Abdominal Pain in the Morning?
Trying to get tested at clinic BUT......?
Under my tonuge is irritated, possibly looks like a small cankersoar. what might it be?
What are the possibilities of testing postive for HIV, Hep. C, and STDS if partner tested negative?
I went to get a std screening and the Dr. Gave me a shot. What does this mean?
What is this bump next to my cartilage piercing?
Siberian Ginseng - Reputable Manufactures ?
what is myaexertion syndrome or something like it?
Where can I find something about household mold?
what's wrong with me!?
how long does xanax stay in you blood?
can valtrex (1 gm 3 x day) cause kidney stones?
Do I have a a raspy voice?
i'm about to start taking xanax for my anxiety. each pill is .5mg.?
Did You Know Atherosclerosis IS An INFLAMMATORY PROCESS- A Response To Injury?
what are some causes of eyes lossing its focus?
Would a blood test for mononucleosis detect HIV?
My face twitches alot. Is it a possiblity that I have tourettes in my face?
ive been sick for 4 days no fever?
What could cause these symptons?
Can you use Herpacin L directly on cold sores?
do i have the stomach flu or food poisoning?
Husband has Constipation Fever for 3 days!!! HELP?
How did african Trypanosomaiasis (Sleeping sickness) spread?
How long will the fever from my tonsillitis last?
i need help i need to know if i might die?
Does this sound like the flu?
how do i get rid of pink eye?
What could be wrong with me?
Is it ok to drink alcohol with mumps?
What happens when you have a mutation?
a massage for body aches from a flu?
will ear tubes work for earaches and infections for my 22month old?
What breakfast foods can you eat if you have colitis?
Scarlet fever - doctor?
i did weigh 125 now i weigh 112 and i am 5'1, am i too skinny?
i took a toke or two of weed around a week ago, i tested today and a nervous wreck.?
How can i get rid of this stomach ache?
My boyfriend has been smoking hash since he was 6 and taking other drugs since 10. How can I get him to stop?
What kind of Doctor should I go to?
need tips I cant fall asleep?
Does Percocet make someone sleep all day?
I woke up this morning with a really scratchy/sore throat. Any ideas to make it go away quicky?
My boyfriend is getting a cold and i want to help him as he can't take time off work ... ....?
so why isn't not good to sleep on the left side of your body when your sleeping?
How do you prevent vitamins from turning your pee neon yellow?
Health Insurance Cost (not through employer)...?
I am very tired and I am going to go to sleep.?
Dizziness when I stand up?
Recently, I'm always hungy and need food. Why? I'm only 14?
Can garlic heal old acne scars?
What does it mean if your eye feels like it's throbbing a little bit or like twitching a little ?
What is the difference between acne scars and acne holes?
Homemade underam pads?
Dry skin under my nose?
How do i soothe red skin after waxing ? PLEASE HELP?
Cures for yeast infection?? Help stop the itching?
How do i get rid of this thing you get in your mouth? 10 POINTS!!?
Please help me with my dandruff .?
How do you get rid of the tiny razor bumps on your legs?
I got little red acne under my lips by the corner but by the middle going to the corner is it herpes? ?
Should I use Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System or AcneFree Clear skin system?
Can babies have flu shot if they have eczema?
does lava soap work on Keratosis pilaris?
Solutions or Methods for Oily Skin?!?
How long does a skin rash last?
Does using nail polish to remove skin tags work?
I want to create a National Go Gluten-Free Week....?
what is the best allergy medicine?
So recently I found out I'm allergic to cashews how can i get rid of the bumps that broke out on my lips?
My eyes are red????????
I'm six months pregnant and on cephalexin for a uti, can I take sudafed to relieve allergy symptoms; not harm ?
Does this sound like allergies?
how do you get rid of a cold. right away, i have the sniffles and my head hurts?
Could my recent nosebleeds have any connection with my over-exposure to the smell of ethyl acetate, lately?
allergic to cantalope?
If I've outgrown my dog allergies, do you think I've also outgrown my cat allergies?
What should I do if I can't breathe through my nose?
my son was recently diagnosed with an egg allergy...?
I am looking for a NON-drying allergy medicine. Every one I have tried creates nose bleeds. ?
my eyes are SUPER SUPER RED you cant even see the white part anymore?
Question about my nose lol.?
what r side effects for these two meds?
HIVES - Has anyone used Hivotab product?
If a person was extremely allergic to dogs...?
what is the best brand of air purifier or filter in the market for around 100 dollars?
am i allergic to my eyeliner?
Why do my eyes keep watering?
fanconi anemia?
whta happens if you eat at a grocery store and dont pay fro it and you egt caugh twhat will happen ???
my son (3 ears ) is less speak & eat what can i do?
which doctor?
Why do people SNORE?
Why can't I smell anything?
Very high Ebv count causing lots of problems.?
Nicotine withdrawls can last for more than 2 months?
is lyrica a sedative?
how long can a std virus live on a item and how long can a normal cold virus live on a item and how long h1n1?
is it always going to burn every-time i use monistat 7?
How long does it take for HPV to show up on a pap test?
Can you get stds from being a stripper and grinding on a pole after someone else does?
How contagious is herpetic whitlow?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
my eyes are getting bad?
I think im going to get contacts....?
tips for waking up easier in the morning?
Can any tell me the cause of blood in your stool?
Would you need surgery if your lung was failing?
Is This True or false?
If your sixteen and want to give blood. . .?
anxiety attacks......?
Was my friends marijuana laced?
How to forget painful memories ?
Skin rash all over my body.?
What can i do to rid of my serious exhuastion?
Does anyone else get intense pains from this?
Anything to make bugbites stop itiching?
I have weird symptoms?
Im throwing up and i cant drink water HELP!?
Do I have the common cold?
Some questions on eyebags?
how much cocaine does it take for a person to overdose?
I got stung or stuck by something and I'm not sure what?
Can you meditate/relax instead of sleep and get the same effect?
plz help me i got a pencil lead in my foot?
Why did I almost faint?
My right ankle hurts super bad and i have not done anything to it what could be wrong?
I have downbeat nystagmus. I want to try and take 3,4 diaminopyrodine for it.?
What are some of the name of stomach Bacteria?
How do I speed the recovery of my damaged liver?
T.B. treatment regimen?
why does my right chest hurts when ever i breath hard? is it serious?
Why do you get heart palpitations when you lie down? They are annoying.?
Aerosols vs Cigarette smoke...?
Do I have asthma?
How long will it take to improve thyroid problems?
Does eating broccoli reduce the risk of prostate cancer? According to an observational study, men who ate more?
could I have lyme disease?
Am I developing pinkeye, or is it just a bruise?
Am i going to have a UTI for the rest of my life..? :(?
Antibiotic resistance?
how to tell if you have strep or just a cold/flu?
What can you do for a swollen tonsil?
What sickness do i have or could have?
Is it bad if I haven't got the chicken pox?
Can my school have a "cold day" tomorrow?
What are the symptoms of untreated lyme disease?
Do you get hsv-2 on your lips? ?
why it is important that your body has several different defense to protect from pathogens?
during the time of bubonic plague ?
if you are put on a ventilator and have a choice to shut it off or get a tracheostomy does it mean you will?
How Cold Does It Have To Be To Cancel School?
What dose it mean when a guy bleeds out of the but?
How does the herpes simplex virus spread?
How long is a freaking cold supposed to last, anyways?
How long does it take for a punctured small intestine to heal fully?
Hi, just for the record I had severe flu I still have it now but it isn't as bad as it was before. The real pr?
what happens if a diabetic gets in a tub filled with sugar water?
What would happen...........?
what is it?????????....?
about Base and lungs?
Does having Herpes Simplex Virus antibodies mean you have the virus?
what cud b d menaing if your sclera turns yellowish?
A huge swelling on the right side of my ovary??
What things can throw off a Pap Test and positive reult for HPV?
fruits curing sinusities?
can u buy revolution flea med over the counter?
Have you ever used Goldenseal drops?
Hiv questions? HELP.?
is Diarrhea after one week is hiv symptom please help?
any one know how serious is thyroid deseas? overactive?
can you be born with addisons disease?
My wife had a whiplash injury from a car accident...?
how long would it take to heal my tongue and the inside of my cheeks?
Does stretching worsen a strain?
what should i do about my strained pec?
How do I know if my nose is broke?
Arm hurting cant put any pressure on it.?
do i need surgery if i have a hernietic disc on my mid back?
I broke my ankle and am moving from a cast to a walking boot but I am having a hard time applying pressure?
I got thrown from my horse yesterday and landed on my neck/left shoulder it couldn't move for the first few?
PLEEAAASEEE HEEELPP. Any sugguestions on healing a stab wound?
My Toe Is Really Swollen!?
how do I know if it's a broken ankle or not?
What is the impact of shin splints, whiplash, sprains and fractures on mobility and locomotion?
electric stimulation made injury worse?
sprained foot..hurts so bad, help?
whats wrong with my foot?????????
Fell from a latter. Pain on upper ankle, Is it possible that I have torn ligaments?
What is wrong with my foot?
What is wrong with my ankle?
My son needs to be looked at by an orthopedic for his knee. he felt it pop and can't walk on it.PAIN ON SIDE.?
backhandsprings...and fulls...broken arm?
bruise getting worse. it looks bad.?
What goes on during an evaluation at an Autisum clinic?
When looking into a mirrow?
Anxiety medication that doesn't decrease libido?
Is this a disorder and could it be related to something else?
I think I'm addicted to ketamine?
should i go to the hospital my mother thinks i should?
I think I might die soon?
My sunburn itches really bad. How can I relieve it?
Do you sleep on your back or your stomach?
Anyone have any suggestions to fall asleep?
I seem to sweat alot when wearing any kind of clothes. Is there anything i can do to prevent this?
Should you sleep with socks on or off?
Which e cigarette should I buy?
My Body Keeps Twitching ?
What is up with my ear?
is it possible to shut down my nervous system and if so how could i do this.?
Quite severe indigestion problem?
Daughter's strange sleeping behavior?
How does it feel to have tonsillectomy?
Can I get medical care at the VA Hospital?
My sleep schedule is incredibly messed up...?
Finding it hard to wake up from sleeping?
what can happen when u drink water from a puddle off the ground?
I have had headaches for several years now. Almost daily. I will have them when I go to bed at night...wake?
How can I fall asleep earlier and easier and stay asleep?
How to tell my parents about a groin hernia?
my ear wont pop after cleaning it out with a Q tip?
how do i heal my swollen finger faster?
Acne like spots on my chest?
Has anyone been on accutane more than once?
How to fix broken skin and hangnails around fingernails? Help?
infected mosquito bite...?
How can I get rid of blackheads permanently?
Why is my chest and neck area bumpy?
Is it bad that I was out in the sun for 5 minutes with .1% Differin?
Does mixing honey and cinnamon actually help with acne?
Scar cream for my face? (Not acne scars)?
Why do I have these on my breast and bum? How do I get rid of them?
itchy roof of my mouth? D:?
does vitamin c lighten skin?
i have sore legs front of my legs is so sore?
Is there a hair thinning lotion?
Is Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief by Clinique good for my age?
Why are there chest pains?
What can having a mylogram done do if you are pregnant. ?
Lower stomach pain, left or right, different times?
has anyone had a good experience with bladder/hyst surgery - 1 week away, heard nothing good about sling?
Having knee pain....can someone tell me whats going on or give me an idea?
has anyone else been put on permenant hospital bed rest for a herniated disc?
My foot hurts what do i do:(?
Really bad knee pain?
why i feel so pain in my leg but haven't any hurt?
How long should i wait to o to the hospital?
post- hydocelectomy help?
Fell on my knee, now I can barely walk?
why after i eat anything i feel like i am going to throw it back up ?
What do you do when you have a family member addicted to pain killers and muscle relactants?
I have something stuck in my eye and it hurts?
how to prevent cramps during soccer games?
Breathing Problems?
I am takeing 500 mlgrm of metronidazole. I have no appetite, am duizy, have a headache, and cramping.?
Vivration when i cough?
Sleeping while awake?
Sound That Comes From Chest?
Is vomiting common in end-stage frontal temporal dementia?
Having trouble breathing?
Suggestions to help really thick post-nasal drip?
what starts and causes a uti (urinary tract infection) ?
my horse has a corneal ulcer and I am not sure how I can get meds into his eye when the vet had to sedate him?
the rusult of having the affliction of tuberculosis?
I get shortness of breath after overeating?
thanks brain?
what is the drug Antihistamines used for?
is wd 40 dangerous to be around?
i have some unused albuterol what is the shelf life?
i have a sore throat i'v had it for about 3 or 4 weeks what should i do?
does smoking pot cause vertigo symptoms?
am i sick or something?
do i have something??.....?
Iv been having a lot of weird symptoms at the moment and i want 2 no whats causing them or if its just normal?
i pick my snots and eat them...will i die...and wat r the crunchies inside my nose ?
can i take some ibuprofen pm now?
I can't sleep and I really have to but....?
What could be some reasons why my eyes are always red?
Should I go to school?
Whenever I stand up, I feel dizzy?
My swimmer ear seem to get worse with each passing day, what to do!?
panic attack after drinking?
Why am I always cold?
What is wrong with me?
Are there temporary depression meds?
Wellbutrin SR & Smoking Cessation?
Dizzy Spells & Blood Spots On Skin?
Drug test question,,mixed with water?
Patient-doctor confidentiality?
Is there a connection between taking Xanax and an increase in testosterone levels?
My 2 year old has a high fever, and then her urine has turned clear... Kidneys? Urinary tract infection? ER?
Throwing up bright yellow?
Why am I exhausted ALL the time?
What are the odds, and why is it so "unusual"?
Medical questions help please!!!!?
How to get the Stomach Flu Overnight ?
When can I drink Amoxicillin?
What are these the symptoms to?
Is there any proof that recovery rooms must be extremely cold ?
Stomach flu? What to eat?
How to get a cold fast ! ?
can any one get rid of AIDS?
Where can I get scabies medicine?
MY brother has a headache chest pains sore throat stuffy nose and vomiting?
I had an ear infection about a couple weeks ago?
What Illness Do I Have... ?
does this dog have rabies?
Need yto get fever!!!!?
does a 6 wk old pup get a little sick after worming?
ill? is it just a cold or what?
Names of diseases caused by missing or malfunctioning cellular organelle.?
what is fissured tongue?
my right eye hurts help plzz?
how to lose your voice?
can i have lasik if i have -2.5 diaptors vision,.?
Vision is -2.50ish and -1.50, glasses? Contacts?
Is it bad if you use eye drops a lot?
my sister's eyes suddenly went blurry?
i just got contacts, and letters are kinda blurry, is this normal? will my eyes adjust?
Wrong eyeglasses prescription for nearsightedness vs. farsightedness?
contact/eye issues please help?
Is it normal for my vision to be blurry with contacts?
question about eye drops for pink eye?
why do you need a prescription for eyeglasses with a negative diopter value but not for positive values?
What happens to lost things in your eye?
does it cost money for your eye doctor to convert your glasses prescription to a contact lenses prescription?
colored contacts websites brands and colors?
What causes eye twitches?
whats the deal with Lasik eye surgery?
is there a way to lighten your eyecolor? without contacts?
my black labs eyes are swollen?
you are isolated on an island and want to use your eyeglasses to start a fire. Can this be done if you are?
what happens when your eyes are turing gray?
can glasses make your eyes appear bigger?
Contact lost in eye, help?
Have your eye floaters ever gone away?
advil and ecstasy safe?
do dogs get a common cold ie. running nose , puffy eyes?
When will I feel better with food allergies?
why are is my eye EXTREMELY itchy?
Is this even remotely possible?
i have a 6 month pit that is breaking out in hives,she has swelling on her face body and paws..wat do i do?
When will this nightmare end? When is the pollen count expected to go down?
Does this mean I have a wheat allergy?
Seafood Allergy from Blood Pressure Medication?
is there a way to cure an allegry to cats bc if sum1 was 2 move into my house, i have cats and they r allergic?
My nose is runny and my throat is itchy/dry cough.?
I'm suffering from allergies and have surgery tomorrow, is it ok to still have the surgery?
hayfever symptoms at night?
why is there something white in the back of my throat?
how do i buy medicines?
Could it be a tobacco allergy?
Does anyone have a cure for sneezing? I have been doing this for abour 40 minutes and it is driving me crazy.?
Does Anyone Have Allergy Right Now?
What is the best product to Kill mold with.?
is this an infected toe?
Is it sinus pressure?
what could i be allergic to?
Would making an AIDS Colony eradicate AIDS?
White spots on my back - caused by STD ?
i took a urine test at my doctor's, can they tell if you have an std from the urine sample?
Confuse about hep results!!?
Am I Dehydrated? please help?
When a person have diabetes and died?
I am a 30 yr old female and was curious on what my blood sugar should be. I weigh 96 lbs and I am 5'1"?
which one do you think has a better body...?
I keep waking up at 3-4 in the morning and i cant fall back asleep till 8!!! Help!!!?
how do i sleep easier/ faster?
how to stop sweating nauraly?
sick and at work.. what to do?
Is it bad not to pee for awhile?
Getting cigarette smell from breath?
Is it bad to take tylenol pm or advil pm every night?
Should i go see the doctor tomorrow?
What causes your foot to fall asleep and is it a sign of a worse condition ?
I smoked pretty often for a year but have recently quit for over two weeks will I be ok for a drug test?
Why am i not mature yet?
i am just wondering if...?
I have smoked my first 3 cigarettes of my life this week. Will it cause any permanent damage if i quit now?
i feel dizzy when i stand?
how many sheep do i need to count before i actually fall asleep?
Help with a kidney stone?
Is it okay to skip school because of a stye?
How Many Hours Of Sleep Is A 11 Year-Old Supposed To Get?
What is wrong with me? sick?
my friend has random hicups all the time. Why is this?
Flu? At least i think thats what ive got!!?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
What symptoms would be caused by an elevated TSH (5.090)? What would be the long term effects of elevated TSH?
my friend just got her gall bladder removed, is this because she is overweight and doesnt eat fruit or veggies
Please help me with this pain and tense feeling in my head!?
does anyone have experience with Alzheimer's in loved ones?
please read?
What are some reasons for?
My daughter was given a yellow xanex and a white one . I took them away from her but would like to know about?
i just wrongly diagnosed myself...?
advice about friends drinking problem?
My lips are swollen right now, are they always going to be like this?
How long does strep throat last? and How long should a child wait before they can head back to school?
can any sort of brain tumor lead to change in smelling? for example smoke smell?
Has anyone had these symptoms before?
Can a UTI make you have a fever?
can you get aids from dried blood?
blind spots and headache?
Help...swollen lymph node under chin?
tinnitus question URGENT!?
Do You Believe This Is Lupus?? Please Read... Im Very Scared!?
What is the percentage someone would get both pneumonia and bronchitis ?
How do I remove blackheads?
Lot of perspiration from my armpits. What can i do?
If anyone could tell me a really good body oil or lotion for dry skin, I would love you forever. Thanks much?
How long does it take for psoriasis to...?
If you shave a certain area? HELP?
Does Anyone know the treatment of Skin condition 'ashy dermotosis'?
Why does every cut I get Keloid?
Can I go to the salon for a cut with a broken and damaged scalp?
Glowing white spots on my hand under a black light (pictures included), why?
5 year old with Purple Lips?
Stretch marks? GUYS ONLY?
EXTREMELY dry skin! help quick!?
Mederma or Dermatix? PLEASE HELP.?
how do you solve a sweating problem?
My skin gets use to everything I use?
How do I get rid of this cold sore?
What have you used to cure candida? ?
Ear piercing just not healing?
Is my doctor really taking my case seriously?
How do i stay up?!?!?!?
Is it legal to buy vicodin online from mexico?
Please help! I am very scared that there is something bad wrong with me :(?
should I start smoking? I have a reason.?
Y do i do this?????????
Why does my boyfriend do this?
any problem eating slate pencils?
Why do I have trouble falling asleep?
Something stuck in my one of my tonsils...it is bleeding...has been for a few hours..Help!?
Is it safe to take Excedrin Extra Strength and smoke marijuana?
What do you think the problem is? (Medical)?
Do you think I should get "help"?
Why is that I never get a hang over?
will trying pot for the first time fail me in a hair drug test?
Is it possible to get a blood test to find out what vitamins you're deficient in?
I need sleep immediately, help please!?
Is a coffee addiction one of those 'ok' to have addictions?
I'm scared I'm going to eat a human...?
How do I stop this Knee pain?
why do i wake up with a headache every morning?
Stomach pains. what could they be?
Knee hurts when bending?
My thumb twitches uncontrolably?
My Dr prescribed me Zoloft 50mg to help with pain i am having, but what else will it do?
I took tylenol but i'm not sick..is that bad?
Cooking oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
why i get joints pain while i do any exercise in gym?
Can former drug users be prescribed painkillers?
I'm soar from working out?
Can you get high off of nexium?
Sudden vomiting after drinking hot tea?
Should I see a doctor?
My seven month old has been diagnosed with the flu six days ago and has been symptomatic for two weeks and?
does drug resistant strep show up on culture ?
i have a fever, what do i do?
Can I catch Deer AIDS?
How can I get rid of a sore throat?
I havnt done a "proper" poo since wednesday?
sharp, sudden lymph node pains?
Could i have a tapeworm?
Mono rash relief/timeline?
Tested weak positive for hiv?
Brown Urine, Headache, Strep Throat?
Does this sound like mono?
Severe ear infection?
Constipation and Diarrhea at the same time? WARNING GROSS?
my brother has strep throat, i need some 1 on 1 about it.?
can you have a Gramal seizure at age 48?
What are the ways to tell you DONT have a intestinal block, and it's something else?
I hurt my leg, any idea whats wrong?
I was diagnosed with HPV at 24 I'm 25 now so will it be gone on my b-day or when it was said when I got it?
could I get oral herpes from my moms toothbrush?!?
Where and how do I get an HIV Test in Southern California?
Help please! i think im schizophrenic. please im in such a state.?
i am 16 and i also want to die, i dont think any one loves me nor they understands me what should i do now?
Im in a abusive relationship and I don't want to exercise or do anything why?
What should i do? do i need to tell someone? please help ?
How to cope with missing someone?
What is are some mental effects of gonorrhea?
whats good about b negative blood types?
Pregnant vs Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
I'm really worried, whitish clear discharge?
What is your opinion on HIV/AIDS in America today?
Tell me whats on your mind?
Okay, so I need help with my feelings?
can i become allergic later in life?
Help hives that cover entire portions of my body welts some 10 inches in diameter MEDROL NOT WORKING?
How do I get rid of hot sauce irritation?
Am i allergic to pineapple?
I sneeze way too much?
shampoo breaking me out?
Can't breath through nose...?
Is is Possible for Allergies to Adapt to medication?
am i allergic bites?????
I've been rubbing my eyes lately so bad that the whites got swollen, what's the matter?
i have a rash, what's it from?
Is there any way to find out if I'm allergic to dogs, without actually being around them?
A rash I get at the start of the summer and i dont know what it is... Help?
i got hives on my lip 2 days ago dont know what it is or how i got it never had them before dont hurt or itch?
I have been healing from a second degree burn - the burn is closing and looking much better however I have man?
What happens when you mix stong pain killers with achahol does it get you drunk quiker?
did i damage my ear use of cotton bud?
I have overactive bladder. I've tried detrol and other medications nothing helps?
I've been super thirsty lately?
What should I do about my ankle and my knee?
My thumb is swollen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help im scared boxers fracture?
How do you make swelling go down in your hands and feet?
can you get hearing loss from weight lifting? please read and help :]?
what can i do to get my pinky working again, stiff from surgery. got pins out 3 weeks ago doing excrcises?
HELP. What do I do!! Need advice QUICK!?
best for icy condition, removal or sand?
what can i do with a torn knee ligament?
Swelling, pain in forefront of foot, pls help?
what your favait foot?
is my wrist broken or just sprained?
I have a pocket of fluid underneath where I banged my lower leg - what could it be?
Is it better for a child to get injured than an adult, because theyre still growing?
fell hard(forward) landed on hands, then landed backwards on elbows, would that cause bone spurs?
I hit my toe on my dresser.?
my dad has these cracks on his feet and he went to the doctor and he gave him ontmint but its not working?
Really bad knee pain after playing basketball?
How do I play piano after I've broken my arm?
How can you tell if your middle finger is broken?
Is my finger broken ?
can your eyes get tired before your body gets tired?
my eyes are hurting am i ok?
my left eye lid is blinking?
Is my eye sight really bad??
I have 20/50 in my left eye and 20/50 in my right eye and 20/40 in both eyes?
Feels like there is something in my eye but there isn't? Feels normal with a contact in my eye?
help pleasee.? i think i need to be checked!?
why do certain sounds hurt my eyes?
Can you randomly get cross eyed?
how long do contacts last if you dont take them out of the package?
My eye sight is worsening.?
Question about contacts?
how many times a year can each person in the family go to the eye doctor?
Problem with my contacts!?
Are there any drugs or dietary habits that can cause eye floaters?
Why am I blacking out...? Please helppp?
what happens when i leave my contacts in for longer than the eye doctor said for the first day?
Eyelash in my eye? Can't get it out?
i think there's something wrong with my eye, there is a large sized pink square and a new red large dot and ev?
I had an eye problem will the insurance cover new glasses?
I see specks..Is there anyway of getting rid of them?
is it normal for my contacts to be blurry?
The doctor won't let me have contacts!?
What is this thing I'm seeing?
Tonsillitis, antibiotics won't help.?
Should I See A Doctor For This?
I need an expert opinion?
Do i have strep? Or is it a cold?
what is parvo and is it dangerous?
I have a fever of 104?
where do my fever blisters come from?
What's the best way to bring down a fever?
Do i have strep throat?
Should i be worried ?
how do i get rid of a cold by tomorrow and how long do colds last?
how can i get tape worms without throwing up from food poisoning?
What happens when you have progressed rabies?
Is toasted skin syndrome curable?
I think I might have mono?
what can i do with a cyst problem?
Can my 4 yr old take advil fever reducer and mucinex together?
Wwhat causes e coli to be in your urine. what can i do to prevent this?
If i had strep, how long would i have to stay away from people so I dont infect them?
what is the consequence of leaving a stain on the bacterial smear too long?
How can i get rid of my stye?
what to do since my 9 month old and myself were exposed to toxic chemicals?
what is leather lung?
Dose Hepatitis cause low blood palettes?
Do I have sleep apnea?
How to tell if you have asthma?
Cant expand chest, help please?
i think i might have emphysema?
Anxiety Attacks.....?
has anyone ever been able to recieve disability for guillain-barre?
Is this a cavity??? Please Answer?
Is going pee alot normal?
Can you help me figure out what I have?
Smoking... why do I cry when my boyfriend smokes?
Odor from the nose from sinus infection?
If a patient is recovering from a coma what kind of tubes/machines are they connected to?
How long will it take for a hangover too pass?
My sister is perscribed Zoloft for depression and she smokes crack cocaine. Is this a dangerous combination?
My mom needs by pass surgery what is involved?
Do cardiologist prescribe vicodin, or other pain medication like that?
Anyone out there under 50 after heart bypass surgery?
how to help anxiaty attacks?
im 14 almost 15 why do i keep having this nervous feeling in my heart?
What to do about my forehead?
Some Eczema problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Acne help! Is it the Medicine?
underarm irritated skin?
I have a small cyst. Please help?
Winter acne : terrible clogged pores!?
What are many good ways to clear up skin?
Help help help!? Acne ?
acne problems and gluten?
my stitches aren't healing?!?
Can too much biotin cause break outs?
Is this a mole, cyst, or a weird form of acne?
Acne products at Pharmacies ,?
how to cure dandruff?
What do doctors test for in a STI and STD test?
Does the grade 6 HPV shot hurt?
How is ocular herpes transmitted.?
How do you know if its herpes?
Confused on where to turn?
i am 17 and i can't do a single push-up?
I'm spitting out blood, what do I have?
Do I have carbon monoxide poisoning?
Do You Like To Get High?
Is this a normal temperature?
how many hours of sleep do you get each night ?
Does lying in the sun clear skin (acne)?
if I were to smoke tonight, how long til it would be out of my system?
why do i keep pooing my self im being serious?
is it safe to smoke hemp?
help me need 2 stay awake?
is meditating and releasing energy good?
can eating a scorpion make you sick?
Help with my phobias and problems please?
Drug test how to pass?
what happens if i don't sleep at night?
What can I do to prepare for a fight and keep calm?
Drug taking heredity?
do hameroids hurt at all?
Posterior heel pain or Haglund's Deformity ?
Is there any over the counter things like oxycodone?
Can anyone suggetst a pain management doc?
What are some allergy procedures?
My hands have been numb all week...?
Why does my right foot swell and hurt so bad?
self inflicted pain or weed?
quickest pain free way to remove a tooth?
Someone please help me my sides hurt?
Why are my toes falling apart?!?!?
pain in the back of my shoulder?
Why is there a strong pain in my heel and what is causing it?
Sever Migraine!! Pease Help?
i took a zyrtec and benadryl. am i gonna be high?! D:?
Is it normal to faint?
Why do I go to the bathroom so much at night?
by taking too much insulin can it damage your liver?
am i mentally disturbed? is this healthy, please help?
Help! I think i have a low Self-Esteem problem how , how gain it back fast? thx!?
Wellbutrin XL and anxiety help?
I'm overly emotional?
Why do I have thoughts that don't mean anything?
Experience with general anxiety disorder and ibs?
My doctor said I have elevated liver enzymes and need to get another blood test.?
my hep c test came back reactive/non reactive what dose that mean?
Sore throat, and lots of...?
My 10 year old has ran a high fever for 3 days. What could this mean?
Might have strep throat ?
Is augmentin safe for a patient suffering from g6pd deficiency?
how can i get a high fever?
I have strep throat. But is it more?
Bug killer spray is it ok to..?
Fever, Swollen/bleeding gums, mouth sores?
whats wrong with me i think i have a disease?
Do I have the flu? Please help?
What do MS and Alzheimer's have in common?
What is the best way to get rid of parasites?
I'm afraid I have a serious infection and it's scaring me, any advice?
How many people have died from Rickettsia Prowazekii?
how to kill head lice?
Sudden nausea, followed by weakness, anxiety-type fellings, dizziness?
i have diz wierd headache?
bleeding ears?
I have bad thoughts, is this because i have ocd?
what are the food that removes feces?
So lost any one else have these symtoms?
what is the disease called when your body can't produce fat?
How to get rid of sorethroat that hurts when I swallow ?
anyone who is permanently not been able to walk at all due to degenerated achilles tendons?
How to cure blood in stool?
last night i started shaking uncontrollably for no reason for 7-10 min?
LATELY..I've been sleeping and waking with less energy...bowels aren't moving as much and a decreased appetite
what is this thumping in my ear?
Can I still be an effective nurse with a kidney disease?
Headaches, Dizziness, Light-headed feeling? What's wrong with me?
I have swollen glands in the area under my chin, I feel weak with muscle aches, and I have a sore throat?
Is smoking weed while having a cold sore bad?
can u get headaches from having poor eye sight??
Can you get a cut in your bum?
If i go to the doctor for a UTI test will they check for alcohol in my system?
Help! I have really odd symptoms
Bad smell from nose when I exhale?
anyone know cure, treatments, meds of any kind that will shorten or in some way help bronchitis?
Does this look like a Sinus Infection?
I want to die soon. Can anyone give me an easy and a painless way?
I feel a little embarrassed to ask this, but it is a very big problem, so don't laugh.?
My boss and co-worker smoked for 3 years in our small office(no ventillation) could my workplace be hazardous?
How do anit-depressants work?
I can't fall asleep unless i'm exhausted?
I took a 2mg Ativan 5 hrs. ago but still can't sleep is it ok to take 2 tylenol pm's?
does any females in here have very prominant hand veins that always stick out do you like them or hate them?
Is it bad to smoke a cigarette every other week?
Any1 know any tips on waking up at 4 in the morning???!!!?
Is having tonsils that are too big a good enough reason to have them out?
im getting a colonoscopy done tomorrow...scared?
How long does it take to become a massage therapist?
Serious case of hiccups whenever I eat anything, especially hot(chili hot)food....help?
What could be wrong with me? Someone please help I'm in pain...?
what do you do when your stomach gets upset a lot?
Is it possible to....?
I took two 200mg advils.... and went to a party and got drunk 2-3 hours later.?
Medical Help! tongue and lower abdomen?
Postpartum depression - how do you deal with it?
I've got a stomach virus and I need some help on what to do?
What type of doctor (the specialist) deals with flatulence?
I think I am going to die...?
Is there anything wrong with me?
My bodys aching all over, i took ecstasy help!?
Going to the bathroom alot at night?
What causes all of these symptoms?
I have strabismus in my left eye. It always turns inward when I focus. How can I correct this without surgery?
poll: do you see it too? please help me.?
What's wrong with my eyes?
what's wrong with my eyes?
I can only use one eye at a time, why do I still seem to be able to see things in 3-D?
I have green/Blue hazel eyes...Are there contacts that can Intensify my color?
Getting eyes tested soon!?
ive had pink eye for like a month.. what too doooo?
i was poked in the eye really hardly, now its blury.?
my eye color was blue now its gray why does that happen?
whats wrong with my eye?
is it possible to change my brown eyes to green?
Blindnesss in one eye ?!?!?
Is it a bad idea to buy just frames at one time and buy the lens at a later time?
Do eye excercises actually ?
Are the eyes connected to each other or they work each one by they own in connection with the brain ?
New to contacts- any advice?
is tv bad for your eyes?
If I let my eyes "loose" things go blurry!?
Did a capillary burst in my eye?
Do you have to wear laser goggles while using a green laser?
cant figure out my eye color?
help....eye contacts?
Contacts that make my eyes very light blue?
Could it be something other than herpes?
anyone that has gotten HIV/AIDS...?
Will Camu Camu cure herpes for real?
Why are there 2 US AIDS patents?
how is SCID like AIDS?
Can you help with a certain symptom I've been having?
do many nurses get backpain??????????
Frostbite help?????????????????????/?
Medical ? about a dog bite?
How much does a firs year EMT make in British Columbia?
What is this bump.............?
How to get rid of my blackheads on my eyebrows?
Rash all over body...?
What are the symptoms of scabies?
Are there any medications to prevent facial flushing?
psoroisis .. ways to get rid of them ?
Why does my hands go blue with orange spots?
hypopigmentation from laser surgery.?
I need help with my scar...?
Question about clearasil skin perfecting face wash and oxy 10 benzoyl peroxide acne lotion.?
I have a weird acne on my chest?
I have a little lump under my skin... zit?
How do I cure a serious habit of picking at my lips?
Skin care question? (Reviews)?
Help me on cold sores?
family has white spots on skin?
how long should it take for duricef antibiotics to stop your breakouts and clear up your skin?
How do you get over a masterbation problem?
Why does it say not to take this pill with a vitamin?
Does anyone know where I could get glass smoking products in hatfield pa?
how is high fructose corn syrup lawsuit linked to obesity and diabetes?
I am 51 years of age 5'7' height and weight 315 lbs..I need to raise my blood preasure mY TEETH ARE CHATTERING?
Hypoglycemia testing- Levels seem unnaturally low. 2.3mmol/41mg/dL one hour after eating. Advice?
when i poo there's red blood quite alot if i have to push i've had it for a mouth at least what is it?
can a nurse tell about your blood test results?
I have a really bad sore throat and HAS to be better for tomorrow!?
So my Dad has Hepatitis C, and he won't get treatment.?
I just drank a whole bottle of disinfectant and my mate said I will die ?! HELP ME! D:?
Does HIV/ HIV medicines affect pheromones?
How effective is the drug Flagyl/metronidazol in dientamoebiasis?
Why am I Nausea's all the time?
Do I have the flu or just a cold?
At times I randomly start having explosive diarrhea. How do I fix this?
Anticancer protein might combat HIV?
Is it just a cold or something to worry about?
I swallowed a tonsil stone?
I lived in Vietnam for three months. Is there anyway I can give blood now? I don't want to wait a year.?
Sickness(not serious) changed my voice!?
Lymph Node? (Doctors,Dentist,ANYONE)?
I am quite sick and have been wondering what is it?
Do I Have a Flu, a Cold, or What?