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in regard to hiv testing in florida is what?
the most common mode of transmission for HIV infection in women?
How could i have gotten mono?
My fingers are sore why is this happening?
If I have the flu will my baby get it?
is there any such thing as a cure for yeastinfection or it can only be treated?
Why do they keep reformulating flu vaccines?
How to get rid of the redness of my coldsore?
my sixteen year old son has been very tired. he has no fever but his legs hurt and he is out of breath easy?
does this sound like a bladder infection?
I have an addiction to tic tacs?
What are these the symptoms of? :// Please helpp!?
How can I boost my immune system?
4 terms-fatigue, restlessness, lethargic, weariness?
Is normal when recovering from the flu?
How to NOT catch a cold..?
MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Anxiety?
will sleeping help clean out my system?
uncle has a drug problem!?
I think I have insomnia...?
could this be that illness pica?
Is there any cure for essential tremor?
Why am I so FATIGUED?
Why would someone have confusion? (medical)?
My dr wants to meet "in person" to discuss abnormal bloodwork results -- what could this mean?
why are my eyes so red?
Q for those knowledgeable about the body, esp. kidneys. proteinuria question?
Would bloodwork show if you had the flu or not?
I am a 41 year old female with many symptoms of ms. Have questions about disease. Help!?
my friend is urinating frequently and having pain in lower right corner of the stomach,tell me its curable ?
how long an someone live with type 1 diabetes?
High Potassium Level?
I had a ALC done and the result was 6.3.Does that say I am a diabetic?
I'm breaking out on my hair line and scalp?
What is the Best face moisturizer for a MALE?
I have a huge problem! can u help?!?
I have a rash on my hand.?
How to clear acne its been over a year?
What can be used to simulate skin?
How to turn burn into a tan?
Reasons I might be so sensitive?
Why is there a dent in the upper sides of my thighs?
If I went to the doctor for Scabies and he did a blood test, would that blood test have any drugs?
worst place to get spots?
Do I pop my cold sore?
does neosporin help acne?
which moisturizer is good for oily and dry skin?
should i exfoliate eczema?
will this bump every go away?
Are there any coupon codes for Pseudomonas aeruginosa?
GERD/ heartburn or something else?
Lead poisoning? Help?
what is the causes of the heart dieses?
how can i give myself tonsillitus?
is it ok to take levaquin 500mg while my wife is on Birth control?
Gallstones and Shortness of Breath?
How long are Nicoderm CQ Patches good past their expiration date?
Exercise induced asthma? When I was running at soccer last night I had a horrible incident...Help?
What is the cause of Anorexia?
Do I have a phobia of some sort about throwing up?
Do I have an obsessive gum problem?
I smoked weed 1 week ago and have a drug test in 3 days?
What's the easiest way to commit suicide?
i have had the stomach flu for past 3 days,but only having stomach ache now and i cant eat alot.whats the prob?
If I ask my doctor to not tell my mom something, would she be REQUIRED not to tell her?
what would happen if?
Are cigarettes bad for you?
Is it just me or what?
how tall will i be wen im older i am 5 foot and i am 12..how many inches does a boy grow how long does it last?
caffeine: is this true?
Am i sick from the stomache?
ive had too many "pop tarts" and now i feel funny while im at school. what should i do?
How long is a humans tounge?
How to get over urges to smoke Marijuana?
What should i be prepared for High Shcool?
How do you get rid of shortness of breath?
what can i do to wake myself up?
Need help Addiction..?
my lungs feel weird?
could i have lung cancer?
how do air get to your lungs?
How can i get to sleep?
I feel dizzy after i stand up?
Has anyone felt the same thing?
is this a bad choice or good? smoking weed?
Why is it that my husband can sleep for 13 hours straight and still be tired?
If you have mint chocolate chip ice cream, can that make your stool black/dark?
Will my cast stay off for good?
please answer this if u r a docter?
Rib sticks out on one side?
whats going on with my shin?
knee problem??? help?
I fractured my pelvis five years ago. All of a sudden, today it hurts real bad.?
Black/Purple Toenail Root?
Did i fracture my shins (or any other part of my lower leg) ?
I think I burst a vein when they injected me. 2 weeks later it made a hard buldje and it's sore. Normal?
Upper Thigh Pain from running?
What could have happened? Knee cap injury?
How should I treat a mild tailbone injury?
My cousin had a car accident 8 days ago ,since then he is in a coma ,glasgow scale shows that he is 9 from 15.?
is my muscle fadeing away??? plez help?
Do I need crutches or not? HELP!?
i stepped on my left ankle wrong, it flexed to the inside.?
i cant get to sleep! any suggestions?
How long will it take for it to go away?
i ran into bleachers and hit my hip on them. they've been hurting for a while. what shoule i do?
Physical Therapy: metatarsal stress fracture?
Very strange pain what is it?
A part of my toe nail was left separate from the rest after clipping. What do i do?
How Long does it take for the pain from an impact to settle in?
Wrist pain help??????
Why do I get nauseous every morning?
How can you tell if you pulled a muscel or if its just sore?
Is it normal for my entire hand to hurt?
Is this a Sprained Anckle and is it bad?
What is wrong with my toe?
Did i fracture my ankle or stress fracture?
Today while working on our van I had a freak accident and am wondering if I broke my hand.?
do i have a spilt shin?
what are the differences between a simple, compound or communited fracture-and how could they be told apart?
I don't know whats wrong with my ankle?
Supplements for energy and focus?
How do I lower my fever?
how can i cure bacterial vaginosis?
what could be the cause of excessive coughing after recovering from the flu?
There's an infection on my second toe and it's spreading , any idea what is it ?
Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite?
I have the flu, what should i do to make it better and how long will it last?
Sick with fever/cold/cough, what can I eat!?
i am a lab technologist and scratched the corners of my open eyes by hiv blood infected hands can i get HIV?
I have swollen tonsils?
Germs on store keypads?
How efficient are the protections for veneral diseases?And the reasons for failure?
Kinda scared, please help?
Who was the person to find vaccine for pox?
How can i get rif of my sore throat?
Quick remedy for dry throat and cough?? Very important!!?
if a vaccine is immune to hepatitis A, is it immune to other hepatitis disease?
I have the flu and sore throat?
What should I do?! My friend might have Tuberculosis. =(?
What can you take if you have diarrhea and an ulcer?
the patient is unfit to work till 1/11/2010 means including 1/11/2010?
What can I do to get my 9 old daughter to stop having frequent Urinary tract infections?
Do I have an ear infection?
What are some reasons that your appendix would need to be removed?
I am starting to get worried!?
Rabies I got bit by a little kid and my skin broke a little bit but i didn't bleed?
Painful Swollen Glands HELP HELP HELP HELP?
Got bit by a tic. Should I see a doctor?
Can anybody please tell me if I have insomnia?
I was just diagnosed as being hypoglycemic and I was just wanting to get some more info on it, please help =]]?
i took a drug test on wednesday n i've been drinking a lot of water lately should i worry?
Can the disease Scurvy be spread?
Smoking i just started smoking plz help me????
MRI contrast injection site?
My son is starting to use imitrex nasal spray. 5 mg. I think he is confused on the amounts ?
my stomach is swollen like im 6 mos pregnant, i can barely eat or drink because i feel like im gonna burst.?
whats the best w ay to obtain anxiety meds?
how to cure upset stomach?
Severe case of Insomnia?
Why do I feel so weak?
Pills coming out with diarrhea, is this bad?
Can a lymph node disorder make you obese?
what caused my seizure?
Increased thirst and hunger? ?
I'm curious about some symptoms; can anyone suggest what might be wrong?
Gastritis, Celiac Disease, or Something Else...I have no Appetite for anything!!!?
What causes kidney stones?
I have watery eyes and my head hurts what is wrong?
I know this is embarassing, but diarrhea?
Hurts when i swallow, the roof of my mouth is itchy, sometimes sneezing or runny nose?
How do I make my nose feel better?
Do I Really Have Allergies?
Allergic to Diet Soda?
How do I know if my daughter is allergic to latex?
Allergies or Asthma? Green mucus in morning?
Why am I breaking out in hives? ?
Anyone have or had a child on a hypoallergenic formula, What did you switch your child to when they turned 1??
Cat dander and allergies?
How can they say hypo allergenic feathers?
Could being hit in the nose by a baseball bat cause a deviated septum?
why is my room humidifier water brown?
cat allergy comes and goes?
Cold or allgery??????????
Why am I allergic to Aloe Vera?
what to do? i am an allergic, and now i suffer greatly from it? what shoulld i do?
My horse has a skin condition?
if you think u might b lactose intolerant, r eggs in the dairy group? What about egg whites?
Can you grow into a food allergy?
What are the symptoms of Food Allergy?
Allergic Reaction to Omnicef Medication?
I had pink eye for a week and now my vision is impaired; is this permanent?
I have eyes that are currently red. they look bloodshot & i know that i don't have pink eye.?
Is it okay/safe to use Maybelline Mascaras with soft contact lenses?
Wouldn't it be cool too..?
Colored contacts for dark brown eyes?
Hi, I'm very short-sighted (my latest eye prescription is left eye MINUS 19,?
Can i put eyedrops in while im wearing contacts or do i have to take my contacts out first?
My eye pressure is 36 in one eye. Is it generous for eye? Do I need to doctor immediately?
What will happen if i wear my contact lens over the time i was supposed to?
how to put eye contacts in?
Do i need glasses? Please help!?
i want glasses but my eyes are good?
prolonged eye twitch?
If your contacts are uncomfortable/cause you pain, can they damage your eyes?
I have droopy eyelids (PICS?
Help Rx glasses to be orderd but cant make out what the cylindrical is...?
what herbs can i use to strengthen my eye site?
Eyes sightedness problems can be genetic?
Why are my eyes like that? ?
I am looking for a printable log that includes blood sugar, carbs, insulin, time and date.?
whatt are the causes of genetic variation?
if i get shot then how do i know if it was by a blood or a crip?
can staring at a computer screen too much make everything look weird?
can your doctor tell your parents if your smoking without consent?
how to pass random drug testing?
Digestive problems? Help.. embarrassing.?
Biggest health hazard in our society?
what are home remedies for a stuffy nose?
What do you do when you are sick (a cold/flu) without feeling worse?
diarrhea while staying hydrated...?
Why does my chest hurt when I eat fish?
Unexplainable easy bruising?
What are some good ways to relieve stress?
Blood in urine, do I need to see my doctor sooner?
Why do my eyes burn when I close them?
i know this person that burns herself.?
Doctors Help a Youngster, please?!?
Can antibiotics be used to clean the body from drugs?
Why am I waking up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach alot?
How long will it take for Marijuana to get out of my system?
cant swallow antibiotic's what should i do?
Why is my whole body hurting.?
Do you have to go to the hospital if you stab yourself in the hand?it doesnt hurt!?
How can I find relief for blisters on the bottom of both of my pinky toes?
Weird Pain on my palms on the bottom left?
My knee is "popping" out of place and then back in..?
Sharp constant pain in lower right abdomen...help?
Best way to get rid of a bruise?
Tingle under my tongue, any ideas why?
I have pain in the back of my knees and the inside of my elbows.?
i was given a prescription of klaricid, but instead i bought a cheaper clarithromycin.?
Can you smoke marijuana in a galvanized steel pipe?
Do you know an expert guilt-tripper?
what should i do about my redness from old acne?
why do i hear people screaming at me in my head?
Symmetrical, Circular Rashes?
I have a bump on my foot?
is there a way to get a problem maker person, turned into a problem solving person?
Sunburn Scars treatment?
what are the best websites for depression, anxiety and medications used to treat them?
Mixed feelings can't explain why, help?
How to detect eczema?
What do i do with this teacher crush thing?
Are these statistics on schizophrenia correct?
How to know if I have Arachnophobia?
My skin has been breaking out alot more lately?
Like the music in this video or no?
Could someone with keloid pigment in there skin get gauges?
do you have bad skin?
Antibiotics for acne question?
I scratched my head and there was a bug...?
how can i get healthy and flawless skin?
Does laser scar removal hurt?
Why is it that your sickness is worse at night!?
are fevers contagious?
Paranoia about a growing blister?
Is there a deathly epidemic/disease/plague going around in these areas?
How you get staph infections?
how how does water need to be to be disinfected?
Can you get Scabies from this?
can i have mini corn dogs with the stomach flu?
why am i dizzy in public?
Can you get sick or poisoned from getting nail polish in your system?
I have the flu..i have no aches except in my arms..is this normal?
Ammoxicillin 250mg can i give this to my 5 year old that has had a fever for days?
here are all of my symptoms, do i have mono?
Can tinnitus lay dormant?
What is a good nickname for white blood cells?
What can I eat after getting tonsil suergery?
i have been on antibiotic tablets for 5 days for an ear infection?
Flu/Cold symptoms Air Smells Really Bad?
can this computer tell me if a ring worms kill you?
can antibotics give you dieabites?
Im sick and i have some big lumps under my arms they hurts so bad ans itch what could this be?
What are some signs of brain damage?
should the blood pressure cuff go on the right or left wrist?
What does it mean when your left eye is twitching?
What am I supposed to do about health insurance?
I want to quit smoke, can you tell me if those products available at the grocery stores are good or not?
White spots on nails?
What helps you fall asleep?
I want to quit smoking , but I can't . Anyone facing same problem ?
sleeping pills are they bad for you?
When I walk I hear this clicking/popping noise inside my head? Is that normal? Does it happen to anyone else?
HELP! What is wrong with me?
Wtf happened to me yesterday?!?!?
Health Insurance Question?
I took 2 puffs of weed, will i test positive?
Please help?! Really worried!?
I quit weed about 2 - 3 weeks ago and.. (read on)?
help with medicine and bud??????
My nails arent drying and i got them done a couple hours ago?
Do you fall asleep in class?
will weed show up on my blood test?
How can i keep my boyfriend from snoring?
I have been getting really dizzy lately and im worried this could be really serious...?
Is there a way to get rid of the bacteria on my eyeliner from pinkeye?
Burned tongue drinking hot chocolate?
unblock sinus'??????
I have an allergy question?
Does Leprosy Maime you for life? And are their any vaccines or antibiotics for this?
in earrings i'm allergic to anything but reg/white gold. any options for making other earrings wearable?
im allergic to pollen so why dont i get an allergic reation when i smoke weed?
weird bump on throat?
Do most people normally get heart attacks and strokes in their early or mid 40s?
Please help me. I'm sick or something like that...?
Hay fever help cure remedies please!?
What does it mean if you threw up from drinking and there was blood?
my left arm is feeling a bit sore,and there is a bit of soreniss near me heart,i need to stay up,is this bad?
allergy medicine and 2 year old?
I was taking omnicef, but dr. changed prescription to azithromycin. Do I have to wait until scheduled dose?
hey..what is Skin Asthma?
I've got the taste of deodorant in my mouth, and the odour up my nose?
Do I have a heart condition?
Can you recommend a good homeopathic or herbal supplement to help alleviate cat allergies?
Do I have a cold or allergies?
What is the best type of air purifier?
Is there any way to make my earring collection wearable?
After ASD heart surgery Weight will increase or not?
What is wrong with me, do i have mono?
UTI infection, help!?
Will my dog live with Heart Failure?
Help! does alcohol show up when you get an allergy test?
what causes pink eye and what precautions can i take to prevent it?
i have a UTI can my occipital gland swell because of that?
what does it mean when part my nail is yellow?
i like drinking tea sooooooo much?
I woke up yesterday with the flu I'm wondering if I'm still contagious?
Do I have strep throat based on these symptoms?
What happens if you swallow a long open pin?
Normal blood pressure and pulse for a 16-year-old girl?
Are hemorrhoids deadly?
Can humans catch mange from cats? ?
Is this the flu? Help!?
How to get rid of a fever fast ?!? HELP?
Do have Bites or an STD?
can you die from being fingered?
thick yellow phlegm in the morning?
whats the history of campylobacteriosis?
Where can you get checked for an STD?
Cold Sore and kissing Please read the whole thing!?
Can you catch chlamidia from toilet seats?
Can you get HIV by making out with someone?
What causes PolyMyalgia Rheumatica and how do you get rid of it?
I pick at my zits when I'm stressed out...?
How to get rid of this fat zit?
why do I get bumps under my eyes?
have you used clinique even better dark spot corrector?
what should i do about seasonal dry skin?
I had a scare a couple of months ago and now I'm totally paranoid about getting a coldsore?
ITCHY dry feet & hands & body!?
does birth control stop acne?
i have a bump on my lower lip?
Single red spot on face - HIV?
does anyone know a good african american dermatoligist in the tampa bay area in fl?
Painful, small spot on forehead!!!?
Very red swollen lips?
Small red itchy patches on inner thighs?
Do I have nail fungus?
best way to get swelling to go down?
Will running near street tar damage my lungs?
Please help! Abdominal issues maybe related to sinus infection 10 points!!?
endoscopy tomorrow!!!! eeeek:'( !?!?!?!!!?
Is a Futon good for everynight sleep or is it only good for Temp Sleep?
Exposed system: Advice/Suggestions?
Is my brother a veteren?
anxiety attacks or something serious?
how to exhale scream?
The left side of my chest hurts when i drink, swallow, anything.?
Does Laser eye surgery improve your eyesight for life?
why is it that everytime i close my eyes i cant see?
FreshLook Prescription Colored Contacts?
Does lenscrafters sell colored contacts?
Is it not safe for my eye to buy my color contacts at walmart?
Both of eyes are really itchy, and swollen underneath,and red inside my eye. What should i use, or do for this?
I can my eyes do all these cool things can you?
how long does it take to see clearly when you first get contacts?
What is my eye color? :)?
Help me please!!!!!!!?
can you go blind if your light sensitive?
Is it okay to keep contacts in for 36 hours?
Colored eye contacts (how much are they)?
I have some sort of immovable particle in my eye, could someone explain?
why does vision get sharper when looking through a pin hole?
Sall bump under eye, what is it?
My sight is blurry, help?
Does anyone know anything about the eyedrop called Atropine?
Why is Honey & Lemon always used in Medicine?
Xanax messed me up. ?
other over the counter medicine/stuff like @adderall that a minor can buy alone?
can i get any kind of compensation if I take time off work for a heel spur operation?
I was just diagnosed Hypoglycemic?
What do I have??????
Be completely blind in 3 yr.s Now what do I do?
i have been serverly having diarea and fever for the last two weeks?
blood comming out of my eye.?
How do you help a drug addict?
symptoms of illness of my dad..what illness might be this?
i no that sniffing a sharpie once wont kill me, but does lighting the sharpie change the effect?
how long does crystal meth take to get out of your system after snorting it?
When I'm on my period do you have to sleep perfectly on my back?
At what point should I go to the hospital?
Is it at all normal?
do long showers right before bed affect sleep?
Why do I turn yellow?
why are my lips so chapped?
What can i take to help me sleep?
There's not enough blood going to my fingers?
if you took one hit if weed will it show on a hair follicle test four months later?
What is this on my fingers?
can only 5 hours of sleep a night hurt you?
Have i got something wrong with me?
What causes dizziness after donating blood?
Medicare and U.M.W.A Ins. Will the U.M.W.A Insurance pick up for home health care?
What will help me sleep?
Im really worried! please give me your opinion!!!!?
What is Emergen-c and what does it do?
Can a splitter kill u or do anything harmful to u?
Eating dishwasher tablets...?
HIV test help need ,please answer me?
Side effects of Mirtazon?
I talk to myself and it's getting really bad?
Nobody understands me I just want to end it all!?
Is clinical trails good for future life?
How long does it take two hits of weed to get out of my system135pounds5foot8?
What's a good type of tweezer for removing ticks from humans?
I'm only 15 and have bags under my eyes?
how do you get rid of the hiccups?
is it bad to put in contacts that arent your prescription?
Why don't doctors use only water to treat a patient with dehydration?
how can i get taller?
Running as a cause of diarrhea?
is it safe to heat up my massage cream in the?
I workout 3-4 times a week and dont see results so can anybody help?
I got a small rock stuck far underneath my nail... how can I get it out?
I accidentally ate raw chicken. What should I do?!?!?
Swollen Feet and Ankles?
When i lay on my stomach i can feel my heart beating...?
why do i get panic attacks when i smoke .?
Another day home sick?
i am bleeding from my nose non stop?
I sat next to a lady with her young baby in the bus today?
Is it normal to hear a high pitch sound in silence?
how much more will i grow?
I am really sweaty and i have tried allllll kinds of deoderent help?
Teen major upper back problems. Please Help!?
What 2 neurotransmitters inhibit Pain and why is good to feel or not feel pain?
Really Strang Feeling In My Arm?
my lower back side hurts everytime im sleeping in my old small bed , and when i sleep in my sis's bed?
I'm planning on getting an apadravya piercing in march and i was just wondering what to expect with pain?
Is my food poisoning over (leaving on a trip in 7 hours)?
Strep throat: why is wrong?...?
I was bitten by a dog 8 years ago but Im not injected an Anti-rabbies,Is there any chance to cure me?
Might be getting strep throat?
Could my dog die from strep throat?
My dog is throwing up yellow stuff. I think he may have ingested thistle weed. Is This dangerous?
Why do I have a high fever but no other symptoms?
what is going on when 2 tests show a positive negative in hepatitis c?
is it really a stomach flu/virus?
scabies...has anyone experience scabies still active on clothing and bedding after a month?
Best treatment for a cornea dellen?
how would an aids vaccine be developed?
how to get a fever please tell me?
Is salmonella contagious?
Fever for 3 days anyhting the hospital can do??? Please HELP?
Bladder infection keeps coming back?
what do bed bug bits look like?
Sporadic fevers on toddler, is it normal?
i broke a bone and went to the doc now i have 2 go to the surgeon?
HELP! very bad pulled muscle?
swollen ankle for 6 months - any ideas?
if i sprained my ankle could that make my gout flare up?
Why do my hands and fingers swell?
Numbing following break?
i have a question last night i had pain in my lower back at the end of my rib and now it radiated to my side?
i cant hear out of my left year?
Chipped toe nail. please help?
Bruising on the back of my head for no reason?
Is my mom's wrist seriously injured?
I think I broke my pinkie toe.?
OUCH! Could this be due to the broken wrist i had last august?
if the tongue ring hit a nerve on my tongue how would it feel?
Someone jumped on my neck while i was swimming. It still hurts, what should I do to make it feel better?
i hit my hand real hard now its swelling between my index and middle finger what do i do ice makes it worse?
My finger still hurts after cutting it a year ago. What do i do?
can i walk on a fracture?
How do I get ride of my canker sore?
HELPPPPP please! (arm swelling) :]?
knuckle injury Fracture?:S?
what to do toe was smashed and now there is puss under cutieal?
Im 60 and my BP is 154/88 high how bad is that?
What is the best vegetable for border line diabetic?
I have a pinkinsh purple bruise like rash?
Heat Rash continues to spread and come back.?
Mole removal help please !!!!!?
how do i get rid of an itchy scalp?
I need serious help with fungus?
The Best Acne Scar Removal Product in India?
I think I might have Hives?
What is Anti Aging pill?
Dry skin condition on persian cat.?
if i have acne because i get stressed a lot..?
I have had this spot on my face because I fell down on my face before I even went to Elementary school and...?
why are my legs bumpy?
Please help it is an emrgency?
Bulimia: had it, left, but its not coming back ? ?
Can ticks get into the brain from your ear?
What really is Cabin Fever?
Whats a good food for your stomach when it feels like acid is eating away?
Carbon Monoxide poisoning?
whats wrong with me? i almost passed out twice yesterday & im 16.?
Why is it that im always cold?
I accidentally poked myself under my finger with a pencil, but I am not sure if I got infected?
What can be the reason for being fatigued at all times?
I cannot take a deep breath?
Do I have a serious disease?
does appendicitis come on quickly or gradually fee worse over a long time.?
Diagnose this! type of common cold?
I want to detox my body with thing i find in my home?
Can you die from smoking sage?
Does cigarette smoking diseases go by your family?
how to get steroids????????????????????????????????????
Why do I hiccup only once?
Why is my rabbit breathing fast and acting weird?
advil PM and cough syrup?
Am i allergic to Pizza..?
How do i know if im allergic to these pills?
is anyone allergic to brewers yeast or alcohol?
my nose rign isnt going all the way through my nose ?
ALLERGIES ??!!?!?!?!?
am i allergic to weed ?
Why do my eyes swell up when I go on holiday?
when u have a runny nose w/ a cough, is it better to blow my nose or not, whats the fastest way to get rid of ?
Why is my eye swollen?
my eyes are constantly red and itchy?
Is this an allergic reaction?
My throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(?
need help with allergies?
Clariton vs. Zyrtec or ?
Why do I cough like a goose?
MEDICINS FOR SCARS ???? !!!!111111?
please help me breath thru my nose!?
Why do I vomit after eating shrimp? Am I allergic?
why is it that everytime my boyfriend eats hot foods it gives him diareah.?
my friend is addicted to nyquill?
Does sleepig with a nightlight make your eyesight worse?
Stomach pain problem help?
Why is my vision blurry one day and then not blurry the next?
I feel like throwing up but...?
Why does you heart actually hurt when it gets broken?
what is wrong with my health?
Why do i feel like i am going to throw up for no reason?
ok so what will happen if me and my friend snort a couple of lines of flour?
My brother won't stop playing World of Warcraft?
why do i feel so ill all the time?
Help with foot pain?!?!?
help with sleeping pattern!! urgent!!?
Would I Get In Trouble If I Got Diarrhea While Walking In The Mall And Letting It Flow Down To The Floor?
I get an immediate head rush during an awesomely evil thought.. why?
i got out of the tub hours ago and im still way hot and have a lil head ache is that bad?
HELP! I get sick to my stomach after eating anything!?
eyes exploding during a sneeze?
Female with a deep voice..?
What do i have based on these symptoms?
Why was my vomit white?
why is that my ear is clogged?
What are some tips to gain more confidence?
it feels like my eye is popping out?
Is there a kind of bar soap sold in grocery stores that is all natural?
ear piercing got really infected, should i take them out?
what is an easy way to fall asleep without using a pill?
I cant sleep!What do i do?
How do you quit drinking caffinated beverages when you've had one almost constantly for the past 20 years?
Is this considered a light smoker?
What do the white specs on your nails indicate?
How do you feel about the Medicare payment reductions to doctors?
Best way to cure a cold?
can i get my benefits earlier than the 6 month wait at my job?
Why am i so gasy during school?
how much caffene is in pure ceylon tea if any?
Is something wrong with me? Please help.?
I black out and my hands go numb sometimes when i stand up.?
It's 2:30 and i can't sleep?
what kind of pills is square/diamond shaped, blue and have a 17 printed on it?
wat is it wen u sleep n u get hurt n go thru da pain like u fall and u die and dont wake up intil next dayy?
My mom doesn't believe i'm sick. Is she right?
i really need to fall asleep soon?
How to reduce a fever naturally?
can i make a nicotine patch out of a snus pouch?
Can you mix 15 mg Roxy with 10mg lortab?
what is a std test exactly? blood test / urine?
Hiv....How many day take to produce detactable antibody?
How Close is the World to Finding a Cure to HIV / AIDS?
Is it bad if I wiped after goin mumber 2 and there was a little blood on the toilet paper?
I was tested for std's almost 2 months i was diagnosed with cervicitis and still have symptoms bt std test neg?
My cousin who has herpes, punched me in the eye causing cuts, can i get herpes from this?
Is it possible to sneeze with your eye open?
My eyes are very sensitive. How can I get contact lenses?
Constant pinkeye, doesn't go away?
How much will an eye exam at Wal-Mart cost?
do -0.00 contacts have prescription?
I can't find my contact case?
Does wearing glasses make eyesight worse?
Do I really have pink-eye?
Can the computer give any eye diseases.?
Is it safe to put my contact lens in my eye that has a sty?
How Often Should I Change My Clear Care Contacts Case?
small white spot on my eye?
Have you ever seen an Asian with heterochromia?
How to create a bruise near your eye area?
Can i wear two contacts lens on one eye?
Can I wear my contacts early? 10 points! :)?
Small chip in my eye? Help?
what do you recommend daily weekly or monthly contacts?
What dose morning sickness feel like?
How long is the longest tapeworm?
is it normal, when you have conjunctivitis, for your eye to hurt when you bend over?
How to get rid of the induration caused by PPD test?
Can i use alcohol with metronidazole?
"Cold" For 10 Days What Kind of "Cold" Is This?
can i switch from cephalexin to amoxicillin?
Is it ok to go from Cipro to Bactrim?
Difference between vaccines and antibiotics?
could i contract HIV through a cut i got a couple days ago?
My RDW is 16.5 and my absolute neutrophils are 7993 what does this mean?
How do I get sick in 4 hours ?
Can you play sports with an infected wound?
How long do flu shots stay in your system for?
Licking a scab normal or dangerous?
I have a ear infection do i need surgery?
if i have a normal body temp of 36.0-36.4 then what is classed as a fever for me?
Voltaren® [supp] can use for normal fever?
What diseases would someone take medication for to boost their t-cells?
Where on the internet can I find pictures of like dehydrated tissue or muscle and stuff like that?
What bacteria in milk causes what diseases?
can you get an ingrown nail inside your index finger?
Please Help i have a spider bite on my finger and i need to know what kind of spider?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
someone please help, heart trouble?
can a blood clot break lose from the lung and move in the body?
Blood pressure medicine and vitimins?
Breast cancer-17 year old?
Really bad sore throat?
Do you think I have diabetes?
I would like to communicate with anyone who lost a loved one and suspect Actos medication as the cause.?
Low Vitamin d and anemic...?
I have really bad anxiety problems....?
Ladies, Should I get my jaw reduced with botox surgery?
OK how tall will i be?
Is there really a 500 mg Vicoden?
I want to smoke weed again?
how long are you high after 1 joint of weed?
Is it normal to hiccup alot?
why do bed wetting happens in in adults?
Klonopin withdrawal and mental incompetence?
How long will marijuana stay in my urine?!?!?
Need help to diagnosis a back problem?
Should I go to the Doctor?
What are these strange things growing out of my hands?
Sleepin hours to grow?
On my arms I have unclear skin...?
can eye drops give you a stomach ache?
I have bumps and strange red spots on my body can someone tell me what this is?
Who are you afraid of?
Really bad white head problem?
what is the best moisturizer for guys?
I hit myself when i get really upset!?
Should I take sleeping pills...?
I need help with a popped zit?!?
what does one have to do,short of usin t those motion activated shacles the police use to track prisoners?
Really bad dry skin on my face?
Why is there a bloody bump on my cartilage piercing?
what happen to my skin?
Small red mole on armpit?
Can I put moisturizer over Proactive?
What should I take to calm down?
I am 5'3 weight between 120 to 130 and work out everyday. My blood pressure is 84/52. How bad is that?
how to finger self good?
how to not care what people think of you?
A serious itching problem?
Help I got sweaty hands :P?
Is there a way to report a mentally ill person to authorities?
silicone sheets for scars?
Painful bump on my inner thigh?
Is it possible to talk to a psychiatrist online?
Am i a bad friend...or just depressed? Whats happening to me.?
How to get rid of heat bumbs on face?
How do I get rid of cellulite?
Itchy armpits.....................................?
Does acne cause a red face?
I have really blistered sore skin what do i do?
Red, Sometimes Itchy, Hard Bumps On My Kneecap?
Average sun exposure while using benzaclin and epidou ? (acne medication)?
can you catch sphilis from smoking a cigg after them ?
should i take my piercing out if its infected?
how hard is it to tell if you have chlamydia?
Whats the difference between herpies and cold sores? and how do you tell which one is which?
I have a white fishy discharge and its not bv what is it?
is there treatment or exercises to correct knock kneed diagnosis?
Do I have strep throat?
how to sprain a wrist inside on perpuse?
What are some causes for shoulder pain?
did i hurt a nerve in my thumb?
I feel like there's a splinter in my throat?
Why does my index finger twitch?
8 dpo cramps stoped.?
Strong, uncomfortable pain in my left bicep.?
"Correct posture" is causing me significant back pain?
Can someone identify this headache and suggest some natural cures?
are you made to go to the bathroom before day surgery?
Painful pins and needles in my head?
What's wrong with my thumb?
What are some aggressive, fatal cancers?
im a singer and i smoke?
how to deal with cancer?
if u have a heart transplant,is it have a possibilities that you might change ur feelings for your loved ones?
Can you fly with one lung?
what is best panic attack medicine to take?
Is is possible to donate part of your lung?
What do tonsils have to do with nose breathing?
getting blood in saliva only after a deep sleep or morning tym alone .sure my gums or not bleeding?
Asthma and pet dander?really nervous... please help?
Quitting tobacco could involve?
Are there any exercises to avoid if I have asthma?
How to snort PCP/angel dust..?
I have been sick what do i have?
How to get the Vicks VapoRub burning then cold feeling away?
Air conditioner causes allergy like symptoms?
Home remedies for acme?
Can i take robitussin after i took wal-itin?
I can't sleep! please help!?
what is the longest amount of time you have waited for a doctor in the Emergency Department of a hospital?
forehead feels like its burning when sleeping on pillow.?
how to fall asleep when i'm not tired?
Are lice capable of flying?
I quit smokning 10 days ago. Is it ok to smoke hookah?
I get a coldsore about once, maybe even twice a month?
How to pass out????????????
I'm too exited to sleep, help?
how long after getting prescription can you get it filled?
How bad is it to sleep really late?
Where can I purchase a thermometer?
what does this sound like?
ASAP! please help with hot glue gun question?
Should I stay home from work for a day for a sprained ankle?
Is cracking your fingers and knuckles bad for you?
So, I cant get up in the morning, any help? x?
What can I do for my son he has a fever?
Please Help. UTI question?
How do you know if you don't visit a doctor?
How do I remove a pus ball on a tonsil?
Can you have the flu without a fever?
what happens if you insert monistat ball then get your period?
how does HIV and other viruses affect the immune system?
i have Positive Mono!!!!!?
Cotton swab mouth test?
Help, I have the flu?
Do I have tonsillitis?
i heard about a viral out break in the united states and i was wondering what it is?
ruuny flu or stuffy flu?
HIV and T Cell Count?
What has brought on the world wide bed bug infestation?
Im getting an ear infection?please help!!?
so my aunt has been freezing when it's warm. what can it be??? i'm worried.?
how do I stop the diarrhea that I have from antibiotics?
If you invented the AIDS vaccine, how much would you earn?
High fever, bad sore throat, maybe the flu?
Is there a cancer cure?
how is black or dark chocolate ok for people wiyh heart condition or people high blood pressure?
Do I have ORAL CANCER????!!!!?
I Have Cervical Cancer?
can i claim dla mobility for my son?
Diabetes and obesity in 'non-whites' due to westernization?
HELP! could i be anemic?
I think glass got in my eyes, help?
Had Eye infection in right eye. Now blurry vision, floaters, blotches and headaches?
Eyelash stuck below corner of eye?
I got poked in the eye, am I fine?
does watching tv affect your sight?
Irritated eyes from contacts?
Changing my eye color?
how much does lasik eye surgery cost? i would have to get on a payment plan, b/c i don't have much up front.?
My left eye is red since about a week. Why?
0.25 Sphere each eye. Do I need glasses?
Sand in eye: will it stay there or will my body expel it?
What should I do about my eye until I can get to a doctor?
why can't you make eye contact?
What are the signs and symptoms of epidymitus?
Is a change in -2.25 to -1.25 cylinder for contacts ok?
What are the causes of blurred vision ?
I can see the outline of my contact lenses?
how do i know what my eye vision number is?
How can I make my vision stop getting worse?
Lower abdomen Cramps at night?
Hiv ,my test is non reactive at 5 months and 15 days back?
What stds are checked using urine?
When I woke up my eyes were blurry and all lights were refracting into halow of rainbow?
Do you think I should get these Contacts?
lumps on the back of my tongue?
Better to leave my daily contacts in overnight so i can see tomorrow or to take them out and put them back in?
Bad Vision + Eye Disturbances?
Very important question!?
what is trigliceride in blood test?
does vitamin e help fade scars or acne scars?
do you think i might have mono?
How do I tell my friends I'm going to die?
I have a lump behind my left ear and it's gotten bigger! Cancer?
Is it safe to be pregnant while on chemotherapy?
Help with Sweaty Stinky feet? PLEASEEEEEEE?!?
Super bad sunburn, prevent peeling?
When a person gets high...?
i have been experiencing low energy?
Fingers are swelling?!?help!!!?
how do i treat a dislocated thumb?
I broke my foot, and I want to start running. Medical Advice Please!!!?
how can i strengthen my muscle back ?
Knee Pain, 16 years old.?
Can anyone give me a clue as to what is going on with my elbow?
I sprained my ankle a couple of days ago and I got some xrays taken, is my tibia cracked?
I think i broke my foot but i need help analyzing?
stretching out my ears... need help?
Help, is something seriously wrong with my wrist?
is there something wrong with my back?
Sever pain in all regions of back?
during a rib contusion. is it normal to feel "movement"?
Hi, just a few days ago i pulled my hamstring muscle! When will it heal?
Black Foot!!!! HELP!?
Significant Injury to my ankle?(surgery necessary)?
Hit my head on a chair?
I've been having a lot of weakness and tingling in my left arm. Can someone help me on what it could be? TY!?
Is My Leg Broken????
injured finger problem?
hip problems please help?
What can I do about pooled blood or bruising under my eyes?
How do you get a fever overnight?
Adominal Pains scaring me :(?
If you have a low platelet count & get a sick (sore throat, flu & such) would you get it much worse?
how can i get rid of pharyngitis?
can a 23 year old man have a febrile seizure?
My brother has a high fever?
What does it mean if I've had a fever for 2 days?
flu or cold what do i have?
How bad is a MAJOR Pilonidal Cyst surgery (Not lancing)?
At what temp do germs die?
Should a patient be allowed to refuse an IV?
the letter is below and what onions are best to use for this. I have done this and now flu in our house?
My stomach has been painful for the past two months ?
Sleeping with the flu?
can a dog that is almost two get parvo?
Do i have strep throat?
How much longer before my UTI gets worse?
What to expect when 2 year old is recovering from Scarlet Fever?
i had the flu so is it ok if i go to school because now i dont have it?
i had make a Rabies antibodies analysis for my 2 cats.?
Has anyone ever heard of Martuse or Martruse? syndrome, not sure of the spelling?
Is it bad to drink while on the drug celexa???
does anyone take lamictal for seizeres?
How to make a diagnosis of brain tumor?
I'm sick, but I have to work!?
Can someone answer my question?
I'm so stressed out my capillaries are breaking?
What are the possible indications if a chest x-ray has infiltrates and/or apical opacity? Aside from PTB?
I forgot some water for a long time in a glass and it spoiled. I drank accidentaly some of it. Is it bad?
After heart bypass surgery does the rib fracture heel?
Does Honey Eliminate Mucous Build Up?
can afrin nasal decongestant spray cause nosebleed?
Is newspaper bad for you?
Why is testing milk teeth a better guide than a blood to a child's exposure to lead pollution?
How do I help my friend stop smoking?
coughing and heavy chest?
I have been told that the chorotid artery can cause problems with the closing of the eyes my husband has probl?
Was this sleep paralysis?
Is this a Sinus Infection?
Who here has been denied/accepted for a madical marijuana card for asthma?
Please help I hate this hard lump feeling in my throat?
I've had 2 seizures I know of. Last night?
Is there a treatment or cure for respiratory stroke?
my heart beats rapidly and my hand and sometimes leg trembles whenever i am nervous is this normal?
Why does cardiac overload occur sometimes postoperatively for a right pneumonectomy?
what is pre-infarction angina?
can facial scars go away????????????????????? !!!?
Is it bad to put vasline on rashes or acne? ?
Vitamin E and acne scars?
How do I get rid of dandruff?
WHAT IS IT??????? HELP!?
What happens if you bathe in black tea without a sunburn?
how do i get ride of hand fungus?
How to go about taking care of my face. I REALLY NEED HELP!:(?
who ever thought we would be debating marijuana for 50 years?
Small little bumps on my feet and toes?
using proactive.???????
Are these real Diazepam ?
A light brown circle on my skin? doesn't itch, it's not filled in with brown?
How to get rid of these bumps on my face?
I have dry skin between my fingers and on the side of my hand i put lotion on it and it comes back?
How to get rid of a double chin fast ?
Can i take shower after put clean and clear advantage on face ?
any solutions for inchy scalp?
How to Reduce Shallow Acne Scaring/Large Pores?
I'm on Acne tablets but i still get spots?
Whats the best acne cream?
It's really hard for me to fall asleep at night and i don't sleep well at all?
How can i stop sweating all the time??
Why do people say it's bad to sleep more then 7 hours?
evry1 knws spinach s gud fa health but my mom always tell me not to take it at night but in the day tym.y so?
Does anyone else sleep 5 hours a day?
Vicodin for a black eye and busted lip?
how long will weed stay in my system?
I don't know what to do?
My eye is constantly twitching? [Best Asnwer 5 stars! :D]?
Any sleeping tips/ food that can help me sleep better?
is 106/55 quite a low bloodpressure?
I smoked weed about three days ago and im having blood tested for cholesterol and tryglycerides. Can weed show?
ugh. kinda worried. any answers would be awesome.?
What causes veins to stick out?
Can't fall asleep ?!?
Lighthead, nauseated, dizzy... anyone know what's wrong with me? :(?
My dog Sierra is having problems with watery eyes with marks under each eye.What can I do to help her? Greg.?
Is it allergy season right?
For Doctors or expirienced people...?
How do you make your home more environmentally friendly....?
is it possible that my constant exposure to dogs have some cured my allergy?
I get dizzy after eating certain foods.?
what is p -Phenylenediamine-allergies to,what is it?
If u suffered 4mr an allergic reation?
i am suffering form acidity?
Is my piercing infected? or is it a reaction? or is it just fine..?
Do I have asthma or a dust allergy?
is this just allergies/sinus?
does any 1 know how to make natural mayonaise, if so sould li have the recipe?
I need details! Asthma and Eczema?
How do I get rid of my runny nose?
My Whole face has gone red like a rash and inflamed.?
if u can answer this... plz do soo!!!?
What could be causing this weird allergy?
What could it be??plz help?
can winter/dry heating worsen asthma?
std test should i get?
would you have to go to the doctor?
Why does my Chlamydia keep coming back?
percentage of people with stds in spain?
Should I Kill Myself?
Plz help? idk if this is std or not?
Having problem waking up from sleeping sometimes?
Is this a symptom anyone else has?
Is he infected? Is it something I must know?
Can you pease tell me the different kind of hand disease?
how many people have been treated for aids in America?
what would you tell a friend if they were suffering from anorexia nervosa?
My grandfather has these terrible headaches daily. Does anybody have any advice?
What happpened?? is it serious?
Bleeding Piles?
Adenoid, surgery or not?
I have a cough?
what are the symtoms?
can i dye my hair if im allergic to ink?
Ihavesuperstuffynose,&itskina hardta breath... i took sum medicin anditsnot workin. isthere ne thinels i cando
I have a bad pain in my neck?
neck pain 4 days after accident?
Right side of face is swollen because of toothache?
Should I see a doctor/get an MRI for pain in my lower back?
Why are my ears constantly popping?
iwas just seen and i have a double ear infection my ears are in pain and i can barely hear how long does the?
My dad has been shivering, vomiting and has a fever. What's wrong with him? He is type2 Diabetic.?
Diabetes Type II and the Pancreas.?
how to properly run a code?
i'm 12 and i think i have swine flu? HELP!?
What happens if IBS is not treated?
what are blood pallets?
how common are sickness bugs in adults does anyone know?
A lot of sick kids after show.?
Do I have stomach flu?
Feels like the flu but no fever?
Are you suppost to refrigerate antibiotics?
Could you get liver cirrhosis if you only drank for a year?
Stomach flu or something else?
What sickness could this be?
Can strep throat be deadly?
my son having the 34.5 neutrophils what is the effect?
would i get the tummy flu?