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what could i do for a stuffy nose that ive had for about week due to allergies?
i have hives on my hands?
RN possibly losing job?
Which medicine is better for allergies-Claritin D or Zyrtec D?
how are the process of blood clotting, immune response, allergic reaction, hormone release interrelated?
Allergic reaction to jeans?
Is there a common ingredient in the two? I have the same reaction to both drugs.?
My bunny has cracks on her nose.?
if your allergic to bee stings, are you allergic to honey?
Why is my nose all of a sudden so itchy?
i think i'm allergic to pen ink...?
Can running a vaporizer in my tiny studio apartment harm my small dogs?
Latex allergy. Should I get an epipen?
can I take robutisson while on zyrtec?
I am a dog lover and I am alergic to them. What medication/treatment can I get?
one nostril is always clogged? For about 8 years never both are open.....and is really annoying help.?
How to ease some minor aches and pains?
foot all of a sudden hurts insanly n muscles start puling and hurt, big toe gets pulled down, what is this?
my back hurt so bad what can i take?
why we fill extra pain at winter ?
My heart rate has been 160-180 for almost a day now, cardiologist isnt helping?
I wondering if anyone could help,what is this cough?
uummm help with neckk?
Why do i get headach whenever i go out in the sun?
My ear hurts really bad?
I need help figuring out how to get on a good sleep schedule?
How can I fall asleep?
Diabetes diet question...?
Infection from cutting myself?
How do I fall asleep?
What does it mean if the fingernails are thin and fold backward easily?
If cigarette smoking is dangerous to health, why there are still manufacturers of it?
My iron level reached 1.7mg is that dangerous?
Ways to fall asleep?
how can get myself to fall asleep?
help! is my medication causing my hair to fall out?
Can someone help diagnose this?
smoked weed the other night?
Will eating right before bedtime have any affect on my sleep?
What is an average level of serum lipase or amylase for 50 year old females without pancreas abnormalities?
Should I get my gallbladder out?
Should I stay home from work?
how can i stay asleep all night?
why wont my moms nose stop bleeding?
Is there a possibility for me to have the swine flu?
So....My Friend has swine flu, and accordin to my teacher, chances are (Becuase i have a weak immune system)..?
I have been HIV + for 5 years and now I have this fluid coming out of my breast?
Can mono possibly be back?
I'm Scared That I Might Have Swine Flu?
there is a disease of the skin called Sirosis. There are many names for this because of the stages of serious.?
Is this a flu? A cold? Stress? Something horrible?
what to put on resume if fired from hospital as a nurse?
Help my daughter has runny nose, crocky voice and a lil temp and i'm pregrant and scared of getting swine flu?
is ivomec to be given by mouth or shot?
Is there a Doctor in the house!!!!!!!!!. . . . . . or a nurse or something?
What can you say to a bunch of people you gave lice to?
Can a cow survive a broken knee?
what is alt in liver index? if alt is 270, what does it mean?
I have a problem!!!!?
i have been in contact with swine flu victim?
can u catch hepatitis with a used lancet?
Gallbladder question....My nausea.Bloatiness in stomak.symptom of SLUDGE they found....Should I get it out....?
Influenza "A" Help!!!!?
Unexplained Sickness and need help diagonsing?
Recovery time after cardiac catheter ablation?
what happens if i have to many blood clots in my legs?
causes of increase in creatinine?
supplement what is comfortable for patients with heart same weak stomach ...? raising body?
is blood pumped through your ribcage onto your lungs and to the heart?
Women & Heart Disease: Talk about what is currently going on in the medical/psychological community to address?
i have hpv.. i had REALLY small white warts..i got them removed and i still have 3-5 that came back..?
how long can syphilis stay in your system?
If you've had chlamydia at one point in your life, does it make conceiving a child more difficult?
Can u get hiv through smoking from a pipe?
if i didnt like my tongue pirecing can i take it off the next day and let it close? will it get infected?
what are the laws regarding doctors telling family members about a relatives hiv aids status?
Can you get an STD from the gym shower floor?
why do i have yellowish mucus coming out of my vag each month?
every time i yawn tears come down my eyes?
How can you tell if your eye prescription is too strong?
red vein in eye when playing videogames?
Frolicat / 1-mW, Red Laser pointer, in my eye, 3 days pain and little blurry vision now ! permanent damage !?
will (+1.00) magnification reading glasses harm my vision because I have perfect eye sight?
Can a person with 20/30 or 20/40 vision?
I want to get colored contacts/ circle lenses but I already wear clear contacts for my vision?
Which of these glasses frame looks better?
First time contact lense wearer!?
I want to start wearing contacts because my eyes are dry. Is this possible?
How do you get contacts?
Contact Lense Gone - Is it stuck?
Why is my eye watery?!?
my glasses, only the left one has prescription.?
Double Vision - what should be my next steps to find the cause?
what drug is he on??? can you tell me?
Does a blood test reveal infections?
why does my hand shake?
does laughing increase blood pressure and heart rate?
I look soooo young, perhaps, too young?
What is wrong with me? Blood in urine?
Please, my mom's sick, does anyone know what she has? *SIMPLE SYMPTOMS!*?
Is there something wrong with my brain?
What should I do with the white strand of hair growing out of my forehead?
What are my chances of getting a bad hit of esctacy?
Should I tell my brother I smoke weed?
Anyone have good ideas for what to eat with a sore throat? Im tired of soup!?
What are your opinions on drug usage?
why do i always need a pee when i play hide and seek?
i need help! i snore badly!?
Just took antibiotic containing penicillin, and allergic to it!!??!!?
Can I live off this to loose weight?
what can make my skin feel like its being poked with a needle?
Why do my wrists and hips hurt?
Help me PLEASE! i have scoliosis I'm only 14!!!!?
smoking weed and panic attack?
What if my mom stomach hurts?
I have a friend chewing tobacco but dosen't spit, is there instructions to tell him he is doing it wrong?
After my throidectomy, how will I feel physically/mentally taking synthroid?
home remedy for cannabis urine test?
What could cause a man to have a very wide pen!s?
these are symptoms of what? lets see im always hungry i always want to urinate i always have a headache.?
How can I get rid of Fluid retention.Have a liver disorder.?
what is wrong with me?
Is it a urinary tract infection?
Boyfriend has epilepsy?
I'm really sick, and if you have any idea what it is can you please tell me?
Anyone know what foods to avoid if you get bowel spasms?
I woke up with lots of blood on my pillow, and dry blood only from my right nostril. WHAT DO I DO?
Should the medical profession force-feed anorexics as part of their treatment?
My stomach is burning! Urgent help?
does cracking = arthritis?
My mom gets dizzy every morning with a low bp...?
what are the causes of walking corpse syndrome?
Could I have hypothyroidism at only 23 yrs old?
I have a toe infection on both my big toes. Helpul advices please!?
i jamed my finger.. what do i do?
Rasor cut that won't stop bleeding?
bug bite on my face and keeps getting swollen from the past 4-5 months?
How to reduce bruising on the lip?
Knee hurts really much!?
My back hurts most of the time?
Really sore jaw? Help?
Ive noticed a Lump in my neck?
arm muscle pain in healthy arm for a week?
why i hear my legs bones crack while i sit and stand up !?
Should I see a doctor or a chiropractor about this? Please read?
Why is my back so sensitive?
My Dr. won't give me pain meds... please help!?
Dark Armipts??(embarrassing)?
Rising Red Bumps With Blck Center?
Second round of accutane?
Bad skin, what can I do for dark spots?
What skin cleanser or skin care kit is right for a person with very dry and sensitive skin with acne?
lips are red, burning, and chapped?
Question about exzema?? skin rash..?
Question about Erythromycin and Bezoyl Peroxide Topical Gel, USP?
where to buy skin shield liquid bandage?
Ringworm has gotten swollen?
I have an industrial pirecing with a bump help me!?
I have this really embarassing sweating problem . Help!?
Why are my hands always dry?
Small hard lump under armpit?
tweezing eyebrows, can it cause eyebrow skin to loose elasticity?
why don't clean cuts scab?
How to cure sore throat?
What causes you to lose your voice after a plane ride?
Is it possible... (20 characters)?
I put a product on my face that contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide on my face and it doesn't sting...?
how to prove to my mother that smoking inside the house affects me?
Hai, i am 34-year-old female, from sunday night i have fever, on monday it was 99.4 then it raised to 101 then?
What type of duvet would you recommend for an asthmatic?
can you smoke tobacco without fermenting it?
Coughing for about a week?
Why am I not getting better?
Can you cure/handle exercise induced asthma?
i was required to do apicogram and the result is no evidence of apical lung infiltrates, what does this means?
Why is the pee in my toilet yellow?
how come when i rub my private i pee out white stuff?
Cheap STD local centers in 19134?
well my girlfriend has hpv and it is cancerous,ive been with her from may 21 to now oct 31?
Help I'm in my first trimester I have a rash/chaffing on my inner thighs?
swollen ankle could i see a swollen specialist?
What would you like to ask?
I broke my fifth metacarpal and my ulna at the elbow (same hand). ?
I was cutting pablano peppers and now my hands are burning! Any suggestions on how to make it stop?
tensing up my right knee please help?
How can you sprain or brake an ankle?
What can I do about a cracked nail?
If you give a patient, with a closed head injury,hetastarch or Hextend what will happen?
left knee joint pain , pain until my tibia get pain .. what can i do?
bumps on the top of the head?
i am currently in a workers comp case. i h ave been advised by a dr that i need a spinal fusion.?
I fell on my tailbone and I can't tell if it's bruised or broken?
Did I just sprain or fracture my wrist?!?
I tore three ligements in my knee and also have water on it. Do I have to have surgery to fix it?
My finger bent back during basketball practice...should I see a doctor?
How to recover from getting your tonsils out as quickly as possible?
how to cast a finger?
my ribs hurt like a well you know please help :(?
Why do I have such a short attention span?
I was in a hospital for depression, been to a therapist and psychologist, taken drugs(not more than 20 times)?
Too lonely,, its affecting me mentally and emotionally.. It'l help a lot if u write some lines...?
I really need your help! I feel like a complete failure!?
My doctor made me feel a lot worse?
Post partum depression??
Depression for leaving cigarettes?
HELP!! im really dizzy and don't know why?
i made a mistake and relapsed o cocain and weed i got to take a test but its not for a job its personal?
am i going to go blind, went in tanning bed?
can you explain what happened to me?
Best Cure for the Hiccups?
It's 4:20am and I cannot get to sleep. Should I just stay up all night and day?
I ate way too much, and it's really late. What should I do?
need to quit smoking, what are some good products out there that really work?
is eating right before bed worse for you than during the day?
how many ferrous sulfate tablets would kill a 14 year old?
I cant sleep, its 2oclock in the morning and i have to get up at 6.45, any point in sleeping?!?
its crooked now what do i do?
how do i find 1 hour clean products for passing a drug test i have today?
Bringing Food to Hospital?
I'm worried I can't afford to have blood work done.?
When you wake up in the morning and are still tired, does staying in bed awake for a while make you less tired?
I had an accident last night...I think something is really wrong here?
I'm always stuffy nosed, why?
Whats the best thing to eat when you are sick?
How to fall asleep when you are tired and cant?
Can someone tell me if I should go to the doctor?
what are some good ways to fall asleep?
Does anyone know anything about the shot treatments available for allergies caused by animals (horses) ?
Is this an allergic corn syrup reaction or what?
Please Help! I'm deseperate?
Is my son allergic to rice cereal?
Can't breath smoothley through my nose?
Could this be a sinus? eye pains ?
Why do I continuously have nasal congestion and thick yellow mucus, but never have a sinus headache or fever?
Best thing to take for a simple runny nose? Help pleaseee?
cant breath through my nose,need help!?
could i be allergic.....?
How or why do you get rash on your skin?
Trouble Breathing? Summer Allergies?
How to get rid of drainage in my throat?
latex allergy somebody plz help?
allergic to platinum?
Ive had two Boston Terriers for about 8 years and now i think im allergic to them?
what causes house cats to shed there fur all the time?
What is wrong with me?
Why does this happen to my body?
What can I eat or do to get taller?
Help me i don't know what to do!?
my 1 yr old cough is really bad especially at night and i dnt know what to do. any ideas, medications?
How do you un-pop an eardrum?
something is wrong with my nose?
feel a constant urge to burp. the back of my tounge feels slightly numb. feels like im going to be sick!?
Second hand smoke in a drug test?
My face gets really dry what could I do?
I've been sick for a year..help me!?
can you smoke antibiotics? (amoxicillin/novamoxin)?
PLease help! Stuck down my throat.?
what is wrong with my friend?
How tall should a 11 year old be?
What would happen if you donated blood more often than recommended?
Am i the average size of a 15 year old girl?
Do I have a problem or am I just paranoid?
Can I give blood if I have asthma?
My sister is really sick and my parents are 5 hours away?
How does strep throat start?
Is Daflon 500mg an anti-inflammatory?
Why do some children get strep throat more than others?
Staph Infection treatment?
Immunity from bed bug bites? Is there such a thing?
How much is a HIV/Aids Test?
how long until I am in the all clear from the 24 hour bug?
IMPOSTANT...bacterial menengitice?
Question about RSV and flu season?
Is this just a bug or worse?
can pelvic inflammatory disease be cured?
Where was Yellow Fever originally diagnosed?
what are the long and short term effects of chickenpox?
How long does it take for the tapeworm to show?!?
What is the common Multiple of 11 and 44?
who long it takes to drain out cocaine from your blood?
My cousin took an HIV blood test the following day the test came back as pending.?
is it okay to mix cefdinir with nyquil?
how to slower metabolism? are there drugs for that?
Hand sanitizer as a disinfectant?
What if I accidentally inhaled a small piece of dried up shampoo?
Doctors, Nurses, EMTs. I have a medical question but don't feel comfortable posting it here. Message me?
Extreme thirst, frequent urination, and insomnia -- anything explain all of these at once?
bleeding in the brain?
Will i get skin cancer?? :O......?
What is wrong with my eyes?
What should blood glucose levels be for women who are not diabetic?
Why are my ankles swollen?
Why do I feel so weak?
Son choking on saliva while sleeping?
Can fibromyalgia symptoms result from a trauma to the leg/foot?
my dad has diabeties and his feet are swollen what should i do?
Fluid comming out of my ears?
Is he really dying? I'm confused and a little frustrated?
will too much vitamins damage the liver?
my grandpa has alzheimers and is being rushed to the hospital because he's "unresponsive" what does that mean?
I'm 17, been smoking since i was 15, and want to stop..PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS.?
Do you think I have a head cancer ?
how long will it take for beer to get out of my lungs i had 2 7oz beers?
Do you believe obesity is a form of disease? Can people change their eating habits?
Why are all these lympth nodes swollen?
How can I stop this excessive sweating without surgery?
what does it mean when the doctor says the liver is in critical stage?
If you have one eye, is it called winking or blinking?
Can I wear COLORED contacts if I need glasses?
My eyes shake sometimes and i get dizzy?
what are the price of acuvue contacts?
I'm getting contacts any tips or tricks i should know about?
I have a lazy eye? Please Help?
what can i do about lazy eyes?
Glasses for astigmatism only?
question about contact lenses ?!?
problem with eye glasses?
Can you ruin your eyes texting?
How do I put in contacts without freaking out?
Omg the weirdest thing has happend to me!?
once the eye stop changing...can you sit n watch tv 24/7 and prescription wont increase?
Will my eyes ever have good vision again ? or Did i curse myself ?
sometimes my eyes go blury ?
Can you give me some REALLY good eye exercises that improve your vision?
can u put all purpose lens solution in ur eyes?
Which are better contacts or glasses ?
prescription for glasses and contacts?
When you have an astigmatism do you have to get toric lenses or can u get regular contacts?
Should i get green contacts?
prescribed contact lenses?
How can I make my side feel better?
headaches/chest pain?
Abdominal Pain..what could it be?
When I wake up early I throw up. Why?
I have a huge test today and I can't sleep!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
is this normal?????//??
I am in a bad situation :( Someone give me advice?
My cousin cracks her back everyday....are there any long-term effects of this?
severe pain,sweating,cant get comfortable..?
Pretty severe back issues....need some advice?
why does it feel good to scratch an itch?
can i get medical Marijuana for the pain in my back?
Pain in arm.........?
Dry throat, swollen, and hurts... what can I do?
I got hit in the throat...?
loose-joint knee problems?
I am 14 and my left tonsil hurts!?
weird feeling in my leg after playing soccer?
How am I supposed to ask this?
is a jacuzzi harmful for a diabetic?
Tingly head dizzy and slured speech in mom?
help with piercing !?
if i'm 5"8 and 14 years old how tall will i grow?
I had a very strange experience today?
how is diabetes linked to the digestive system?
do i have toxic shock syndrome?
Can you diagnose this?
Am I high or loopy or what?
I Have Had Diarrhea For Nearly Two Weeks More Info Inside Opinions Needed ?
Should I just let my sunburn peel or put aloe lotion on for the next few days?
Is it true that a large intake of sugar at any one time can cause ulcerations?
Stomach Flu/Gastroenteritis ? help pleasee.?
woke up with small bump on hip?
Why are my palms and armpits always so sweaty?
Strange bump please help!?
I spilled holy water on my son, and his skin is turing weird colors. What do I do?
I have a brown spot on my left cheek inside of my mouth, what could it be?
I have a spot on my top eyelid ?
I have these dots on my face?
Could this cause blushing?
I have bed bug bites, am i treating them correctly?
What can I do about a huge blister on my foot that peeled away from the foot?
does using acne products that dry skin make acne worse?
what is the normal time before stitches are removed from forhead?
I'm trying to find out if I what possible skin disease/condition I have- PLEASE help!?
A LOT of peeling skin? What should I do?
how much water should be dilluted to a lavender essential oil ?
What are the biggest cancer causes?
Liquid bandage on burn blister?
Glandular Fever results?
Eye swollen and watery !? 10 points best answer !?
is swine flu, killing straight away?? whats the chance you live after having it?
Unsure if this is a UTI?
Is there such a thing?
SWINE FLU should i go or not?
Is it likely that I have..(gulps)..the swine flu?
Is it too late for me to get a Flu shot? Where Can i get on in las vegas?
Looking at the past...?
Could we be facing another bubonic plague?
do ya think that the swaine flu would get to houston in one week?
what are some home made remedies for strep throat? I think I'm coming down with it and want to stop it.?
what are some good ways to fall asleep i drank some caffeine?
Quit smoking 4 days, 4 hours, and 2 minutes ago. When will insomnia go away?
Flushing out Marijuana and alcohol out of my system?
Best way to make urself fall ASLEEP!?
Why I can't walk in flat shoes?
Please help emergency.?
do you have to take your clothes off for a physical?
I got electricuted 2 hours ago... I'm I ok by now?
how to get pot out of my system?
when I stand up I get dizzy?
What is the easiest way to quit smoking?
Why does it hurt to sleep on my stomach?
smoking weed the night before a doctors appt?? HELP?
Why is my eyelid twitching?
Do You Think The Color of Your Alarm Clock Affects Sleep?
what would happen if i skip sleep for a night?
im in 7th grade 13 yrs old....?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
I keep waking up at night because my arm keeps falling asleep ?
how to make your self tired im 13 years old take lunesta and still does not make me tired?
Can I garlgle warm salt water while I'm taking an antibiotic that treats throat infections called Amoxicillin?
Have you ever had problems with smoking outside because of the HOT weather?
Can you take Cefaclor if you are allergic to penicillin?
is this normal?i reek when i use anything with a scent?
is there any way that i can get ird of my guinea pig allergies without giving them away?
big patches of itchy splotchy bites (?) right thru clothing while lying in grass...not mosquitoes...what!?
bad allergic reaction to a dog?
i know i'm alergic to.... but?
Is it possible to get an allergic reaction to Nivea Chapstick?
nose bleeds?
I know u can get high off?
What exactly is an allergy?
Can someone be allergic to Bing Cherries?
I've had a dry runny nose for about 3wks. and a cough also.?
How can i prevent ever getting a nose bleed?
I need some lactose intolerance info.?
why might my eyes be watering?
I have had some on and off sinus issues for awhile. now i feel what can best be described as. is having a sma?
Headached and Pressure- HELP?
can humidifiers cause illness?
what causes skin allergy?
Does starbucks do drug tests? Like urine samples and stuff?
How do I relieve my blocked ear?
Bloody Diarrhea.......Help!!?
"Valerian" Side effects (Frustration at anything and moody?)?
Blood in urine lately?
What should i get my friend who is in teatment?
weird fever problem please help?
Wakeing up at night realy swetty.?
This is a question... So answer it?
psychiatric drugs causes suicidal tendencies ,agree or disagree?
What is going on in with his body?
How to get over a phobia of frogs?
is it possible to get my heart rate higher?
How do you....?
Boyfriend snores.... LOUD! HELP!?
HELP...what do I do about eczema?
my horse bit me what should i do?
I have stomach pains all the time, any time and i cant even lay on my belly anymore cause it hurts too bad?
How to get taller naturally?
What do you think I weigh?
how can i stay awake, please answer, i only got 10 minutes!?
I keep measuring my pulse ?
Does an ECG test come with a blood test?
Exercise for neurological People?
Yes I had an total hysterrectomy no HRT so now what my body can't handle it.?
Im having Dizzyness, Fluctuating Heartbeat and Pressure?
okay so my heart has began to hurt?
if you had hystertomy for cervical cancer and got rid of it three years ago can it come back?
coughed out blood and quite a bit of tissue membrane?
How long can a patient live with stage 4 liver cancer?
What happens when a diabetic suffers and injury to a muscle cell ?
Know any Diabetic Friendly Restaurants?
i have a broken foot and broken wrist and thumb, both on the right hand side, i need to keep fit any ideas?
Does taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin really work? ?
Can someone please tell me what this is onmy wrist?
How do i clean infected stiches?
is it possible to hit a nerve and cause someone temporary paralysis? If so, where would you have to hit?
strained arm?? please help ?
I think I broke my pinky finger knuckle.?
my back really, like really hurts?
my finger is all swollen.......?
What should i do??? please halp?
My back HURTS, and i'm only 15! ?
ankle brace help please!!!!!!!!?
sore ankle is broken?
What more can I know about Truamatic Brain Injury?
What are the symptoms of a torn lateral meniscus?
Sprained ankle? Need help.?
What did I do to my knee?!?!?
what are some good exercises to get back in shape after a fractured tibia?
Hurt foot, broken or not?
comas involving head injuries?
today in cheering, i got hit in the face, and i suddenly got a giant bump?
How to reduce ear swelling cause by cartilage piercing?
If I Dip,once,And only once.Will it hurt me?
contact lens wearing problems?
how can eye color change?
3D movies are not 3D to me?
Colored Contacts!!!!!!?
What color is my eye?
Pink Eye - do i have it??? help please...i need to know now because i have to go to school?
Under eye darkness troubles?
what the heck is on my eye ?
My eyes are so bad I can't wear contacts? Now I'm doomed to wear glasses forever?
Perception colored contacts burn very badly and eyes become red..why?
nearsightedness question?
Why does your eye twitch alot?
is it bad for the left eye to twitch constantly?
Contact problem plz help?
I want contacs can i do it with my eye exam for glassess?
I can see outline of contact lenses?
Will Walmart still have my prescription for my eye glasses ?
Does switching contacts make you dizzy?
Help Please..Retinitis Pigmentosa?
Daily wear (6 mon to yearly) contacts question?
How to get Rid of Head Lice?
how do you make zits disapear naturually?
Since iodine tincture is an antiseptic it can't hurt me when I put it on a mole right?
How do i stop my heavy armpit sweating problem?
Ok i have a bump on my lip it doesnt hurt ?
about soap free cleanser?
what is this on my lip?
which is better muad, pro active, skin ID, perfect skin, or what Other product//?
I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) complications? help please?
how do i know if my water blister is popped?
Will I have extra lose skin?
Will my scar go away?
why do i get red spots in my arms and legs?
Would laser treatment be good for minor acne scars?
itchy eyes eyelid and neck?
How do u know if ur blushing?
How to get rid of RACCOON EYES!!?
Dermatologist for back acne?
Why is it ichy????????
What are the signs of a staph infection? what does it look like?
Hepatitis C transmission by cat scratch?
isn't it wierd how everyone was so freaked about the swine flu and now we're all so calm about it?
What is wrong with me now?
If you have wound just below the surface from a ball point pen can it cause ink poisoning?
Why is everyone being so dramatic about swine flu!?
Does swine flu infects you in these ways?
if i take Tamiflu when i've not got swine flu, what will happen?
i tested positive for anthrax 11/01/2001--?
Can you die from a UTI?
what foods to avoid if you have mrsa/staff infection?
I have been bitten by a dog?
How long does it take to get back bloodwork for testing for lyme disease?
My son has mono and I want to know how long fever should last with it, he has had a fever of 103 for 3 weeks.?
Do we have mono? or not?
Low White Blood Count?
I had a doctor tell me that HIV is really hard to catch even without protection?
can a person with hepatitic C and cirrhosis of the liver get the swine flu ?
what is the croup and at what age can you get it?
Who want smoke my weed now?
why use a spacer with my inhaler?
Adenovirus... Can a child get it twice in a months time?
To investigate an animal with dyspnea, an instrument called a bronchoscopse is passed down the trachea to visu?
Did I just have a panic attack?
will my friend be okay if they've smoked mini sage wands in a tobacco pipe?
Is there something wrong with me?
What's wrong with me? please read?
why wouldn't you take a look?
I am trying to stop smoking, it is hard?
pot/weed help, pleease :(?
I've been really tired lately?
What is your hygienic routine and how long does it take you to complete it?
Whats the best method to help me quit smoking?
what would you do if everyone in your school hated you?
please help! cant sleep!?
How hard is it to get sleeping pills?
whta is the best position for sleeping ?
would it be ok just to use deodorant and not anti persperant?
what to do with bruised lips?
what are some things i can do to make me fall asleep.?
what is wrong with me?
How can i fall asleep faster?
Drank beer last night, went to bed around 4:30am, got about 4 hours of sleep. Why am I not tired?
my boyfriend disloacted his knee.....?
How to fall asleep fast?
13 and two whole cans of monster energy drinks! what will happen?
Question about my blood pressure?
why isnt this benadryl working yet?
If your dad has an allergy do you get the same allergy?
what happens if you drink the whole bottle of the liquid allergy medicine?
Is it possible to be allergic to garlic?
HELP! i just drank rotten apple cider! EW!?
Should I take augmentin for a sinus infection?
whats the name of this allergy pill...?
my nose always start running when it's 90 degrees or so?
theres always stuff in my nose. help me!?
if your allergic to bee stings, are you allergic to honey?
16 year-old with major knots in my back and neck?
I have a REALLY bad headache/migrane D:?
Sharp pain in my wrist/hand?
Should I tell anyone about my shin pain?
Why do I pop my ear and cannot stop doing it?
bumping in lower abs?
A good way to relive headaches?
Anybody have a Lumbar Discectomy or info on it?
Have you gave your plasma? What is it like? I'm thinking about doing that because I need the money?
Do i have a heel spur/plantar fasciatus?
My 4-year old has an ear ache that just came out of no where?
How long are your hands supposed to stay numb after you've been outside in the cold?
Why do I keep shaking when in "half push-up" position?
Neck pains and other help!?
I got some acid on the bottom of my feet, The skin is peeling away, layer by layer. What will neutralize?
i want to get a goat. But im scared ill get swine flu form it Can i get swine flu from it?
Does breathing into a plastic bag do anything?
How can you stop hicups?
What to do about a buying addicition?
is therapy necessary for those with mental issues?
Can people live through blunt force trauma?
How to 'enjoy' drugs..?
Late night Hallucinations?
Anyone have experiences with biphentin?
what should i do...need good answers?
Do I Have A Cold or is it Just Allergies?
how do i find out if a person has ever had CPR training?
i was sick the other day and i couldn't eat anything and i was vomiting now i am feeling nauseous and i am hav?
Whats is wrong with me?
my throat, i think i may be in trouble. its getting harder to breathe.?
I have had a lot of nose bleeds lately?
Why do i get a headache when i'm not wearing rubber bands?
when you stop smoking weed do you instantly lose all your wrinkles or does it take some time?
How come i sneeze so much?
what medication do i need?
My stomach hurts really bad and I have to go a lot?
blood test????????????????????
why do my bones keep clicking while doing push ups and weight lifting?
i have cuts all over the inside of my mouth PLEASE HELP?
Help with sleeping problems?
If cow's have brains, then what do 3 legged couches have?
has anyone got stomach problems after having food poisoning?
is there anything i can take to last longer in bed?
why do my armpit sweat so much?
Girl menstrual Problems.?
I am wondering about depression?
how many prefilled syringes can be prepared by the home nurse?
i swalloed a soda can tab?
upper chest pain. why?
Someone help me fight my bloating!?
Help on Klinefelter Syndrome.?
a few questions about hemorrhoids?
if you pee too much, how do you know it..?
if i ate my own stool, would it make me sick ?
My index finger and thumb?
What foods make an ulcer act up???? please help?
what is a good site to find out what kind of pill i found!!!!!!?
why aren't my meds working?
what does it mean when you puke blood?
Please help me with my cold!?
i have bad memory is there like a medical issue?
how long does it take to get rid?!?
What does the term arterial thromboembolism mean?
What is lactose intolerant?
do i have an eating disorder?!?
Wondering if this is OCD?
chronic burning in my throat... acid reflux?
Small amounts of blood during bowel movements. Please helP!?
Bug bite? Its on the leg and its 2 circles swollen that are infected had not spread. what kind of bite is it?
OMG help im a hypocondriac and i think im really sick!!!?
Help i'm sick i have no fever only vomiting?
What scientific evidence is there that an anti-inflammatory diet works?
What is my condition?
What century was bacterial cells discovered?
Can a carrier of a staph infection reinfect my son who is MRSA colonized?
Chances of getting mono from boyfriend?
please help me with my dog he has mange and i need help?
Keep getting fevers.?
What is UTI and whats the symptons and causes?
I've been getting flu like symptoms once every couple weeks & bad headaches..?
Am i supposed to go to school with mono?
Can a 7 month old get hemorrhoids?
can someone please help me understand how i run fevers frequently without a cause.?
Could i have strep throat?
antibiotic course duration?
I have been throwing up all night! its random and i dont have any other symptoms! What could it be?
is there over the counter medicine for urinary tract infections?
Does vitamin c help the common cold?
do i have strep throat?
sunburn on face treatment?
Dry itchy scalp? help please?
why does my 8 year old have red hands on the top?
i just randomly grew some scars...?
Eyes + Natural Blind Spot? Question!!?
What are the small red bumps on my arms and legs?
why i feel itchy and dry using my contact lens now?
I have a plantar wart, and I don't know what to do!?
why do i get red spots in my arms and legs?
Whats a good product to help with back blemishes???? Or some advice?
Duct tape work on scalp warts?
Pink-Redish sort of patch on skin?
Disgusting, random rash?
Rash/bug bite on neck with lumps underneath skin?
Does shampoo get rid of a scalp wart ?
Does maxclarity acne wash work?
A question about pneumonia?!?
what's it called when you type a doctors dictation?
Can Sinuses cause dizziness?
Having some trouble breathing and some chest tightness. Is there anything I can do?
what presentige thc do i get from smoking out pf a piece?
i smoke pot 1hits only and a plenty of second hand smoke,and im going to meps next week?
what happens if food enters lungs?
Just been prescribed Propanalol?
Pressure/pain in chest while breathing, worse lying down. CT normal? Help!?
White spots on nails?
This is a worry about night mares. help ?
If you have an accident in the U.S eg break your leg does the government pay for your recovery?
What to do if you cant get to sleep?
I can't fall asleep at night?
what can i take to stop passing gas so much?
I took 2 ibuprofen pills at 10 this morning, can I take 2 tylenol pm pills right now, its 10 at night?
Head ache, hot, sharp pains, whats wrong with me?!?
can you use contact lenses that has been used?
finally, quit smoking?
Will you sleep well tonight?
Can I take vicodin before I get on a rollercoaster?
What can I do to cure Varicose Veins?
how can you find a hernia?
Why does my boyfriend get irritable without cigarettes?
is it really bad to sleep with make up on? & why?
Why can't I sleep at night?
how much sleep does i need?
what are some ideas to fall asleep quickly?? give lots of ideas?
Is there something wrong with lying on your back while eating? Is it bad for the digestive tract?
What is the best way to quit smoking marijuana?
why is my sleeping reverse to everyone else?
Can I change my eyes color?
My 12 yr old daughter has eye pain?
What happened to me in class?
can i wear 2 contacts in one eye for a day?
Whats up with my eyes?
Just got glasses. Do i just need time to adjust?
Harder too see, need glasses?
can you make your eyes go blurry?
I had LASIK 3 years ago, after 2 years I had to get in hard contacts again.?
How can I tell if I put my contacts inside out?
Do contacts hurt when you first get them?
Is there a way to order contacts online with an expired prescription?
Contact lens alignment issues?
Could I have lost both of my contacts in my eyes and not know?
Excessive K-reading in eyes?
where can i find these?
Could a change in eye color mean somethings wrong? Like any sickness?
where can i smoke these cigarettes?
where to apply kinesio tape ?
Help with medicine Answer needed very soon?
Ear itching? Please help?
Could I be Alcohol Intolerant?
Can a sulfa drug allergy lead to a sensitivity to other sulfur containing chemicals?
Allergic reaction to Poppy Seed Tea?
Can an allergic reaction mimic symptoms of stress?
roaches enter into my ears how can i get it out safely?
Hives concerning me all the time?
Are wheat, gluten and wheat gluten seperate things?
Am I allergic to my Rats :( please help if you can :(?
My Eye has been a little red all day?
Clueless help please?!?
Any answers on this will be greatly apreciated?
Wasp Sting Allergies?
I think I have an allergy on red rice, but im not sure so im seeking other opinions.?
WHy do I get this horrific reaction after eating chicken?
if dogs are lactose intolerant and if they cant drink milk then could they drink there mothers milk?
If I ate a hole frozen chicken breast how long would it take to get sick?
Are there any homemade recipes I can make to replace Saline Rinse?
How do I get rid of the hives?!?
Warmth behind ears and jaws?
help!?! very bad headache?
my legs cramp up at night only why?
Pain near neck when walking?
Should I use Kava for a Natural Pain Relief?
can i take motrin and bc together?
Why is only my left tonsil swollen?
Why do I have red lines around my Ribs?
How would you treat a very small fracture in the 5th ( small ) toe?
I am unable to completely flex my biceps muscle.?
what should i do for my ankle?
Ankle question...i dont know what i did to my ankle?
I hurt my wrist about a month ago, and it still hurts?
I got hit in the face a couple days ago in the lower back of my jaw i feel like a a lump.?
why did my vision turned black for a couple seconds?
My fiance got hurt at work, they're denying he got hurt on the job..?
How to treat an aching wrist?
What is the best cure for a pulled back. I twisted it on Weds and it still hurts when i sit for too long?
My Knee Is Swollen, Red, and Hot and Hurts really bad for about a week now?
is it normal after you have jaw surgery to have pain in front of the ear?
Help!! I can't afford a doctor or insurance!?
my ankle hurt real bad omg?
leg problems please need help fast?
i think i sprained my toe!! ouwww!!?
sprained foot problems?
Do I have a hair line fracture?
i hit my nose.i need help.read description.?
how do i fix uneven shoulder blades...and can someone tell me what it is?
What to do about knee pain?
is this very normal??????please help only if u know?
I think I'm sick. What foods should I eat?
embarrassing question about diarrhea?
Why can't people sneeze with there eyes open?
Do most people have bad posture?
I need to get my head out of the clouds!?
I have trouble sleeping ):?
Question about being sober?
Do u think i should be fine with the drug test?
HELP!!!!!!!!!! How do I stop being so lazy?!?!?!?!?
What kids of foods should I give her when she's sick?
Help me please, I'm freaking out!?
I am 13, and I have so much trouble falling asleep.?
Stomach Problem??????????
Can dr's choice life or death?
need to stay up in morning..? help!?
In a week I start a new job with killer starting hours. Should I practice the new hours for the week before?
why are my lymph nodes swollen under chin and on sides of neck?
Hi, does anyone know what is wrong with me?
Constant Nausea and Anxiety?
Asthmatics: Which med(s) work best for you?
what happens chemically in the blood when an animal holds its breath?
What should I do if a timed release blood pressure pill moves through my system without melting?
Serious Bladder/Abdominal Pain?
does eating your fingernails give of a burning smell?
Is this a migrane or something serious?
Fatigue, dizziness, low iron?
What kind of problems can tinnitus give someone?
Feeling drunk, with no alcohol or drugs of any kind?
What is Hypothyroidism?
what is wrong with me?
Which candies are infected?
Severe stomach pain/cramping after eating certain foods?
i have heard that eating too much banana can lead to kidney failure..?is that true...?
Can I swim when my ear piercing is infected?
appendicitis or just a stomache ache?
i am 16 yrs old and i am kida weak and kinda tired what do you think it is?
what does a person with hypertension take if they can't tolerate water pills?
Acid reflux help for a 19 month old?
Why does one tend to get "shivery" when they've ingested too much sugar?
how to get rid of sharp throbbing earaches?
Is drinking 27 year old coca cola harmful?
What can I eat if i have tonsillitis/strep throat?
Should I get the flu vaccine?
I need some advice about my 8 yr old that has the flu!!!!!!!!!!ASAP!?
if you have staph can you be around babies?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose?
Who discovered gastroenteritis?
What's wrong with my throat?
Carpool has a staph infection, should I not carpool?
what can my mom do to get rid of the pain ? she got the flu shot and it was a winn-dixie and now....?
Weird lump in throat?
How do you know if you have an eye infection?
What kind of disability is it when someone has a cloth in one hand is keep twisting it with the other?
Got Diarrhoea what to eat?
Eggy burps and yellow diarrhea?
Anyone else in their 30's with high blood pressure?
Heart Troubles, something doesn't seem right.?
Im a male and almost every night have right pelvic pain what could be causing this?
How do you count your hearts beats per minute?
pain r. leg possible causes?
Define Clinical Shock?
mom was diagnosed with mild copd need some answers?
Is this an ear infection?
What the acne commercial...?
if your skin turns pink is it a frostbite ?
Does anyone know why I have this skin rash on my arm?
Help with a mystery rash!?
My was swollen, and now it's just wrinkly.?
My daughter has been waking up with random rashes on her body and they are gone within a few hours. i havent s?
When you take Accutane does your acne get worse before it gets better?
I have a rough feeling dry lip area?
I found ONE small bug in my hair... What is it?
how do i get rid of a cold sore, FAST!!?
I am getting random new freckles on my STOMACH?
what helps with stretch marks faster, vitamin e or almond oil?
How to cover up eczema?!?
What are some of the best acne and face cleansing products that can also shrink pores?
I Am Way TOO Stressed For My Age! HELP!?
depressed depressed depressed?
Recent violent nightmares?
Is hand-job is bad for health?
Smoked weed a week ago..is it out of my system?
am i ok or is there something wrong with me?
How long would it take for a hit of weed to get out of my system?
i keep getting light headed after standing up...?
Should I take my boyfriend to the hospital?
What will happen if I don't fall asleep soon?
Will this help me go to sleep faster at night?
How to fall asleep without drugs etc?
what happens if you eat raw beef from freezer?
Always Feeling Tired ?
Haven't slept for 4 days?
What's wrong with me?
I got very dizzy and blacked out?
Can small amounts of tea and coffee cause you to pee a lot?
can u live to 100 and smoke all ur life?
Never smoked before, I smoked weed 3 days ago, and once again tonight. How long will it be in my system?
Shaky feeling at night? Can't sleep?
I always want to sleep?
How to get rid of nausea on Roller Coasters ?
stopped takin dilantin?
What is the best natural (herbal?) remedy for gout?
More puberty problems..?
If a hot object hurts one of the five senses-touch, what hurts sight?
Why Is Contamination A Concern?
I wanna donate blood but im afraid of passing out. Whats the chance.?
Is this normal [breathing issue]?
what should I do if I need to stay awake?
what are those cane like things called.....?
what happened to my ear?
Why do I like old music?
For the past couple of days I can not take a full breath whenever I want. I am able to sometimes.?
Is there anything wrong with my lab results?
how can i pass a home drug test?
How to stop stomach grumbling?
Why am I always so tired?!?
average height for a 13 year old boy?
Can you use hair spray paint on your body?
My friend is suffering intense stomach pain every time she eats...?
Why am i haveing truble fallin asleep?
Are massage therapists supposed to do your front?
helpp I'm soo sick what do I do ?
is there any possible way of getting rid of tinitus?
How do you get rid of ring worm...?
2 in the morning and i can't sleep!?
What does it mean of your period lasts 6 monts straight?
whats a good moisturizer?
what is philiacs disease............?
Do all people who talk on cellphones get cancer?
I have really bad acne?
HELP!!! i HAVE a big zit?
how to get ride smoke smell before my parents wake up?
my parents smoke, what can i do?
what's the difference between a lazy eye and crossed eyes ?
terrible eyesight. can i wear contacts?
To fix eyesight naturally ...?
My right eye have a correction of +1 (cyl) and +0.25 (sph) 180 axis. is it comes under 6/9 vision?
I need help with my contacts!! please help 10 points! thanks?
How do I give the PD for my eyeglasses?
My Contact Lens Won't Center?
My eye feels like there is something in it but there is nothing in it and it hurts what is wrong with my eye?
My eyes are dry or am I in trouble?
will sunglasses clip on hurt my eyes?
If my presciption is -2 then like how many feel can I see?
Why we do not see the World in double even though we have two eyes ?
My eyes started hurting with my contacts in today, put new ones in and it still hurts?
Everthing grows out of proportion, the rooms spins or shakes....what is this?
Is it possible for your eyes too bleed?
My Nose is in trouble HELP?
can i become allergic to cats? i had two and have never been allergic before?
question about milk allergy?
will having an allergic reaction to something prevent you from being in the military?
Hayfever, I'm suffering here!?
Is there a room air freshener that reduces allergens? My allergies are out of control and I was wondering..?
I came back from my allergies test and I'm sad?
Hives when I get to warm?
I am coughing uncontrollably...and now some blood?
What is the best nasal decongestant for a permanent nose block ?
Will staying inside help my allergies not be so bad?
My friend has an allergy....What is that? How to cure that?
Could I be allergic to onions?
i am allergic to poison ivy,help!!!!?
Is there any reason it would be a bad idea to run both a humidifier and an air purifier at the same time?
Is it ok to take advil cold and sinus with XYZAL (a 24 hour allergy medicine)?
Red in the inside of my eyes because of new contact lenses?
i inhaled a little bit of dust remover?
Will my allergies be problem in Europe?
i don't know what broke me out but what can i do to get rid of the bumps?
When testing for lactose intolerant will...?
HELP My 4 yr old daughter has allergies as well as myself, shes on Zyrtec 1.5tsp daily..last few days she has?
how to avoid dust mites?
is it possible to be allergic to soymilk if....?
My eyes ache, everyday for 2 weeks?
foods without soy,oats,rice,wheats?
after insect bite swelling up?
Health issue: adult egg allergy?
Running nose, for reason, even when I'm not sick?
I hyper extended my right thumb now i cant do ANYTHING!.......HELP!!!!?
What's Wrong With My Knee?
Why have I been getting headaches every day recently?
it's been 8 weeks and my ear stretcher hasnt heald...?
I have a Clear hard bump under my tongue on the right side. What is it?
i have a really sore heel?
Am i getting the flu?
lately i feel queasy and weird fuzzy feeling in head.also fear i have cronic constipation.?
in regard to hiv testing in florida?
If lotion had nicotine in it, and someone used it for a long period of time, could you get nicotine poisoning?
can you eat pork that's been left out over night?
can you have the flu without a fever?
A girl scratched me on my face i had 3 marks then i got a cold sore did i get herpes from that?