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Does it really take 1-2 hours to enter the dream state of sleep?
What are the side effects of not getting enough sleep?
What Can i Get Addicted To?
Natural Remedies for ADD?
Does lack of sleep make a person crazy?
Tips for psychiatric nurses aide interview?
how to help rope burn over night?
how bad is my burn? can of axe and light dnt ask i can feel it and its slightly yellow and still burns?
what do i put on a cut on my tongue to heal faster?
why am i having chest discomfort and slight vibrations?
ok what is wrong with me?
What and how are these things related to Cystic Fibrosis?
blood in phlegm? bleeding lung?
I need help answering 2 questions about a prescription for a MDI?
My hsuband can't lay down without gasping for breath. Can't breathe at all.?
is it dangerous to donate blood every 2 months?
asthma attacksI am 25 year old female with very mild asthma i have only had a few asthma attacks in my life!!!?
I have a paralyzed vocal cord. Does anyone know of a support group? I live in Massachusetts?
i'm applying for a job, they require a urine test, can i ask for a blood test instead?
I need help on haemorroids?
Could I earn a higher salary in physical therapy if I speak Spanish?
all the clinics are closed and its not serious enough to go to the hospital what should i do?
How can I get a better night's sleep with no meds?
How to get weed out of your system?
how can you get high without smoking ?
Whats the best way get presciption painkillers and sleeping pills?
Reasons for eye twitching.?
i really dont know whats going on with my boyfriend:(?
Is it dangerous to smoke weed/take exstacy if youre using the nicorette patch to quit smoking?
Whats worse, drinking or smoking?
Why does doctors have to get blood out of your veins instead of just puncturing your skin??
ok any suggestions on how to quit smoking?
I can't fall asleep at night, what should I do?
does poping your nuckles damage you bones or fingers in anyway?
how long would thc be able to be detected in my system if i have only done it once and i weigh 197 and i am 6'?
What are you doing to prepare for the H1-N1 season?
HELP I just swallowed a fly on accident and I'm freaking out!?
please help but dont judgee with this?
Does cracking your knuckles make your fingers get fat?
why do old people get huntch back?
am i done growing, or do i still have growing to do?
I am heart broken i can feel my own heart beating please help i am going crazy?
Panic Attacks! Please help.?
Is this a Cold Sore coming?
Okay so is this herpes or something else?
what are rainbow kiss's, mudslide's, arabian goggles ect?
I found a (meaning just one) on the inside of my..i guess lapia minora?..?
Urethra pain, Swollen Urethra?
How do you know if you have chlamydia?
Does Cold weather alone make someone catch cold?
Recurring diarrhea with stomach cramps, yet clear bloods and stool?
what causes pain beneath the elbow?
I suffer, and I mean suffer from fibromyalgia, is there any home remedies I can try?
why is my puppy vomiting?
how can i get me and my children clean of yeast?
What are the chances of me getting swine flu?
how to help h pylori?
Back pain .. what is it ????
Nerve pain in amputated lemb......?
sick horse, are they contagious?
Nervup OD tablets benefirs and side effects?
what if your liver was damaged by execedrin migraine (acetaminophen) can it still repair itself?
What do you think of this abundance of symptoms? please help?
dizziness when looking up or down.?
my boyfriend is bi-polar?
What is it called you have small red blood cells?
i think i bruised my ribs, but now im feeling most of the pain in the back right under my shoulder blade?
weird symptoms (sweaty, scared, time went by slow, dizzy)?
I feel terribly ill !?
how can a 5th grader fake sick?
I'm a 23yr old female, I haven't been able to urinate for over 12 hours, should I be concerned?
what happens if a cancerous tumor goes untreated for years?
Sleeping problems..............?
sick help?
What are some activities that those suffering from gout...?
I really need help!!!!?
My stomach makes weird noises, even if I'm not gassy/hungry?
please answer this question!?
Unknown Sickness??
Swollen tounge. Hard to swallow ?
Can this make a normal, healthy person get thirsty?
What does the future look like for a child with GI defects?
Will the laziness of a surgically corrected lazy eye get worse with time?
Why is one of my eyes red?
Is it okay to use eye drops that expired 5 years ago?
What's wrong with my eyes?
White flashes of light?
How do you get prescription colored contacts?
Options for 16 year old besides glasses and contacts?
Blind spot in eye? Very Concerned.. Help me.?
What colour contacts should I get?
I'm not sure if it's a habit or not?
Question about pink eye and going to school?
Should I change my glasses if the prescription -0.25 higher?
Who know about Lasik?
My eye doctor gave me contacts with a different strength then what he wrote on my prescription. Why?
Is it normal for this to happen with glasses....?
how to convince my parents to get me contacts?
I just lost the game?
do color contacts cause side effect?
How do I unswell my thumb?
my knee poped when i playing soccer and know it hurts and popes when i try to move quickly and it popes again?
question about my meds the doctor put me on..?
Is my nose supposed to hurt this bad?
Help please? nausea, lightheadedness, heat flashes.?
help me huge problem plzplzplz?
Why is my finger warm?
Dangers/risks of taking NSAIDs and Antibiotics?
Uncomfortable legs and knee?
Why is my right shoulder hurting a month after my left shoulder's surgery?
I have hand pain when squeezing something too hard.?
What is a good stress reliever while studying for finals?
i need help with my appendix?
Diastolic Blood Pressure question?
What are some ways to meditate?
What makes nausea go away?
If it ok if you can go to the pool with snake bite piercing ?
How does cancer kill you?
Has anyone done colon cleaning and does it really work? Does that stuff they show in pictures really come out?
i used this new face wash and my skin is sooo dry what do i do?
Enlarged pores help!?
How do I cure the red face that occurs when I drink alcohol?
My boyfriend is suffering some major chest congestion! Please help!?
psoriasis and tattoos?
is it true that I shouldn't eat dark green vegetables while taking plavix?
Is smoking weed a sin?
how can i get rid of calluses on my feet?
Little red dots on my skin?
Sore scalp near crown area , along w / thinning & breakage. Why?
what are some foods that help with cancer recovery?
what is a liver spot?
Why is my skin so thin?
Will acne ever go away?
Accutane? How long does it take to work?
White skin around cut...but I can't air it out?
can a burn not scar? hel please.?
I need help figuring out what's wrong with my face...?
my 2 yr old has dark circle under her eyes the doctor says its do to sinus congestion?
Is Volleyball allowed for a person who has scoliosis?
how long before symptoms of chlamydia shows?
how to get rid of herpes without picking off the scabs?
pictures of different kinds of stds?
Is there a way to ease symptoms and naturally cure a bladder infection without antibiotics?
Headache for 2 months?
Metabolically, what causes osteoporosis?
Ok basically what I want to know is if I have Herpes Gladitorium or Staph?
chlamydia treatment help!?
antibiotic: zithromax?
Sleep paralysis?
Is there any medication that can calm bad anxiety as soon as it comes on rather than something taken all the t?
Is it possible to have an STD for 7 years and not know it ?
I got 3 vaccines today, is it okay to not feel well afterwards?
46 years old, last 2 days found what looks like blood in urine. but like clotting cominig out of urine
For 3 days now, my hands periodically stiffen (about every 30 mins) whenever I do typing and phone texting?
Please help.... Why is she lie this?
Still having Chlamydia symptoms?
I recently found out from the doc that I have protein in my urine...the doc couldn't explain why?
Can Iron Def. Anemia be cured?
Hallucinations before I fall asleep?
are people getting smaller/shorter or bigger/taller?
How do I fix my bad posture?
I am a man of 63 years. I feel burning when walking bare-foot on tiled floor; so slipper seemed necessary.?
I'm sick and don't know what's wrong?
needed help on a hearing problem?
why dont i drink ?!?!?
Have I got minor frostbite?
How can I have more energy during the day?
Can i get health insurance while i'm in the hospital?
am i lossing my hair?
I think I bought some ecstacy today?
How often can I smoke tobacco without getting addicted?
Having vision problems...help?
When i smoke this happens, short and easy!!?
Do I have a tape worm?
Why don't i have chest hair?
What are the effects of smoking marijuana while taking hydrocodone?
Mainly season change time,i suffered with cough and fever so what can i do? please help me?
accidently inhaled a bit of nitrous oxide (n2o) at work, am I going to be alright?
Drugs and asthma... would weed or chronic help?
why do i keep coughing?
why do some people that breathe oxygen have the huge 100 pound tank in like hospitals and nursing homes etc?
Constant dry cough that makes it hard to catch breath after?
How to get stronger lungs!?
my lungs hurt when i breathe?
Trouble breathing during exercises.. is it asthma?
I saw a human like figure when my eyes were closed?
I think I'm going to develop an eating disorder, what do you think?
i think my OCD is returning?
My girlfriend might have borderline personality disorder.?
Weird things are happening...?
In shizophrenia, what does it mean to have disturbances in emotions and thought process?
im depressed, what should i do?
INSOMNIA! Cant fall asleep for hours :O(?
How can i quit biting my nails?
Can't sleep at night, seriously affecting me. Help?
I haven't took a dump in like 10 days?
how can i fall asleep faster?
Can't Sleep Please Help .?
why dose my belly hurt really bad?
what would happen if you took 5 advils a night, every night?
How does one fix their sleep cycle?
what are some easy ways to fall asleep?
How do you tell a person you work with that he stinks?
Who is awake right now?
What could cause my child to be dizzy, nauseous, and have severe stomach pain for so long?
is 4'4 short for a grade 6 year old?
I cant sleep at night!!!!?
What are signs of someone on drugs?
have you ever been so tiered that you couldn't fall asleep?
how do you make yourself get a fever? I really don't want to go to school because I don't feel good but I?
ways to get rid of redness from acne?
is having to pee this much bad?
Is it dangerous to stop suddenly while running with high speed or for long distance?
Why TMT test is required before doing Angiography?
Please identify the problem here.?
Does a heart murmur affect your athletic ability?
With a thrombosis does ischemia occur both upstream and downstream of the clot?
Red Wine for High Blood Pressure?
How long does it take to withdraw from Atenolol?
does getting chills means your shivering?
Mosquito Bite Infected?
Do I have a urinary tract infection?
what does it mean if you have low mean corpuscular hb .?
my baby is suffering with scabies fr 2 month.all precaution we take fr removing scebies.help me.?
what caused this dog wound?
why do i keep getting ear infections?
what are hiv aids infections?
Need microbiologist to help me identify a Human Pathogen?
Swine flue, at lease one remedy for very early symtoms?
when you have sun poison you have flue and fever 2?
my 15mo old daughter ingested a small amount of nailpolish will she be okay?
what are symptoms of mono?
Cat scratch fever help?
I have mono. HELP!!!!?
when are the eariley relise?
I got Swine Flu. Need some Advice.?
Pink eye - Pls Help !! ?
swine flu and pregnant wot would happen?
what would happen if i caught the flu 2 days prior my flight? what should i do? please help...?
Is It Contagious?????????????
Swine Flu, Newborn Baby and the UK. Please Help!?
Work 8hrs on my feet, i have been getting very lightheaded?
why does sugar level go up even when we don't eat anything?
How can I tell if my 3 month old has swine flu?
I have chest pains, should I call an ambulance?
if you smoke weed or cigars can it still cause cancer or any other symptoms?
Should I go to the ER for high BP?
Use of medication....?
Im out of melatonin! I dont know how to sleep tonight please help!?
what is the natural medicine for white hair?
what are some Natural remedies that heal your esophagus from acid reflux?
Should I take rhodiola rosea and/or L theanine?
Itchy watery eyes? do i have pink eye?
My eye doctor said im at a vision of -20,000. Am I close to blindness?
how do i know when to change contacts?
Can I use Visine if I have contacts?
Opthamologist or Optometrist?
Okay, thats it, what the **** is up with my eye?!?
i dont have any solution for my colored contacts help!?
How to fix my lazy eye?/?
can laser eye surgery regress?
Will my eyesight get worse if I wear my glasses a lot, or will it get worse if I never wear them at all?
help with colored contacts please???!?
Can i put my contacts in after my eye is irritated?
Best brand of colored contacts?
how much would color contacts cost to get them from a docter?
Should i play hockey after getting an ingrown toenail taken out?
HELP! I got a cut "inside" me, how do I stop the bleeding?
bleeding ear piercing?
Do you have allergy or sinus problems?
Im litterally allergic to a person...?
what kind of liquids will bbreak down mucus in my throat and mouth?
Sick or Allergies? HELP?
how do i get over my allergies?
what is the best herbal cream or iontment for a 4 months old baby with eczema?
I have recently cleaned windows with a lot of pollen on them the next day i started to feel sick ?
anyone have bad allergies like me?
Are my bad allergies and sinus issues from my office building or normal outside pollen?
would taking an allergy medication help with rashes from another medication?
Is it normal to have allergies to basically any animal with fur?
Why do I catch colds and the flu? Allergies, do they affect my immune system?
Do you know that they the gonverment lrts food makers put poisen in our foods?
i cant smell or taste anything. due to allergies?
how to get lower prices on organic fruits/vegetables (allergic to pesticides)?
Can my nose get chronically stuffed?
Hives after swimming?
what is it called when you have mucus in your nose that wont go down?
Could this be an allergic reaction? Pictures available.?
Why are my eyes always red?
Why does my leg hurt so bad?
Can you actually buy crabs from crabrevenge.com, and does anyone know if they actually work?
How do I contact a person who was intimate with a person whose whereabouts is unknown and the person has AIDS?
What are the obvious symptom of STD?
I'm a hypercondriac and think I have herpes.. ?
Why does it burn when I pee?
Cerave or cetaphil cleanser?
Can mupirocin (bactroban) be used for perioral dermatitis?
can i use Accutane soft gel even thou i smoke marijuana and cigarettes.?
Could the vitamins i've been taking be the reason i have gotten hives and a rash?
Can iron deficiency cause eczema or psoriasis?
Can I stop taking my acne prescription pills?
Back acne + prom = problem?
If contact with mango skin gives me a rash, is it still okay to eat the fruit?
Skin rash side effects?
can skin discoloration intensify after waxing?
Skin Lightening Concern?
Is my tongue piercing infected, getting infected or healing?
Can I use Dr. Scholls wart remover twice in one day?
Question about Retin A cream?
super powerful homemade moisturizer?
ok so im wondering if im clean, i havent smoked since liky early july its now the middle of august am i clean?
Does Right Middle Lobe Syndrome ever go away?
Pain below the knee on the right leg on the right. Please help i am only a teenager?
Chest pain in the left side, help!?
pain in lower left abdomen and feeling like vomiting /feeling sick?
I have a popping and crackling in right shoulder !?
Upper right ribcage EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!!!?
Will only 1 Lortab cause me to test positive on a drug screen?
I went to rehab for patella femoral syndrome and recently my knee has been popping and clicking causing pain?
After haveing a misscarage does the pain stop right away after two clots came out the pain stop?
Woke up in pain than start bleeding thought it was just my periode and the next day saw a big blood clock ?
Can someone explain how to do pelvic floor exercises please?
whats wrong wit my neck? i slept on it wrong now its swollen?
i coughed up blood?
What is good about smoking?
how can i prevent a yeast infection?
White spots on nails?
how can i fall asleep faster?
i am not getting too sleep it takes me ages how do you get too sleep easier please help me ?
will a small infection get better or worse by its self?
how can i get to sleep?
Can this be from smoking?
How much do you sleep every night?
What do you think I have?
Should I go to the doctor?
What's happening to me? Should I go to the doctor?
Any tips on getting to sleep quicker?
This is a gross question but I need to ask?
How come I am still tired after 14 hours sleep?
what to do when I cant get to sleep?
How to get to sleep faster?
How high and how long does your A1C have to be before kidney failure with diabetics?
Could I still possibly have mono?
elevated white blood cell count?
Can Elisa test be used to detect any disease other than HIV ? ?
Is there another way to cure this infection?
very high fever..infection?
how can you cure urinary trac infection?
I was diagnosed with MRSA, methicilin-resistanct staphlaccocus aeurus....also known as a staph infection?
Is it at all possible to get nail fungus from a fish tank?
About Pepperment Killing germs?, Does it also work for pepermint coughdrops?
What are u doing this new. Years eve? N can u get alcohol poisoning from?
My 3 year old son was just diagnosed with Mumps. Any advice?
Do I need to take the vaccine against Rabies in this case?
Is foot fungus an issue with shoe-sharing?
is it okay to take 2 kinds of antibiotics?
Can your tongue get stuck to a wooden pole?
What would happen if you got bits of pieces of metal or plastic in a cut and it got infected?
Did I damage my Hearing????!?
will not using my glasses make my Vision worse.?
My girlfriend wants me to ask...I had mono like 3,4, maybe 5 years ago... Can she still get it?
Why do they say you should only drink small amounts of water if you're extremely dehydrated?
Why do I feel like my heart is pounding and I am going to pass out after drinking alcohol?
How do i heal a burnt finger?
DARN HICUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Unexplained burning sensation?
Near fainting at sight of fresh blood ...normal?
i feel sick, what's wrong with me?
Is it safe to my thermometer in my mouth?
Can you please give me the answer to why my mother is weak and has muscle twitching?
Blood in Vomit? What does this mean?
is it anxiety.....???? im 13?
How many people have died from withdrawls after quitting drinking cold turkey?
I think I have a UTI, is there anyway I can get rid of it at home?
my neighbour is burning horse feces and urine how toxic are the fumes?
Im always thristy! Its like 8 glasses of water isnt enough for me read on plz!?
Is it possible I have OCD?
What is down syndrome?
Auto Immune Disease, Gluten Intolerance, or Depression?
Why is apple juice/cola no longer treatment for diarrhoea?
What is this big lump on my back that is the size of a golf ball under my skin?
How can i get rid of this cold sore by this friday (aug 7)?
I have had mono for a week and i already pretty much feel back to normal and was wondering when I can smoke?
Blue/black color under the toenail?
Best anti-perspirant?
Does our body weight increase immediately after a normal workout (treadmill, light weights etc)?
When I get hor*y, I need to relieve myself of course.?
Why am I waking up in the middle of the night with acid- feeling liquid coming out of my nose?!?
Taking Adderall XR twice?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! 10 points?
my voice is all messed up. how can i fix it ?
a friend of mine has a weak liver, and is wondering if it is safe for her to ingest thc?
How to treat my 5year olds busted lip?
should i be worried about my hearing?
does anyone know what muscle relaxers can make people trip?
Blushing question?
Do I qualify for Medicaid?
Cures for a backache?
Spider bites!!!! Help?!?
Does anyone know whats wrong with me?
My friend has been sick for about six months now where he gets terrible stomach pains and throws up.?
How can I clean out my body of marijuana and alcohol?
What could be wrong with me, i'm ill all the time?
In an average physical, when they take urine and blood, are they looking for drugs?
can you get HIV this way ?
Where can I find a chart on how many people have been affected by HPV in last 10 less/more years?
I gave my bf oral and forgot a had a small sore in my mouth...?
What STDs have similar symptoms to that of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?
Can i get herpes from ..?
how do i know if i have oral stds?
I had some warts removed by my doctor using some type of acid instead of the pain from the procedure site?
Sometimes I don't choose my words carefully and come off as judgmental. What should I do to change?
scared to go back to school?
is it true that time heals everything?
I think I might have something like ADD. Any ideas?
i take these pills for migraines that black serotonin receptors? How may that effect me?
Why can't i hear my alarm clock if i happen to dream during my sleep on that particular morning?
What can I do to get some sleep?
Funny taste in my mouth at night?
why am i having pain in my left shoulder?
How many hours of sleep should i be getting a night?
Lower right flank, almost hip, aching, young male?
brown spots in random areas why ?
Can you get tan through glass?
whats wrong with my palms?
Is it healthy to push my cuticles back with my thumb nail or should I spend money on a specialized tool?
Will the U.S Army let someone in if they have toe nail fungus?
Does listerine really clear up your back and chest acne fast?
do you think i will have a scar from being burned with boiling water?
If you have the type of skin where it does not heal easily (lots of scar tissue), is it safe to pierce tongue?
Acne on chest and shoulders... PLEASE HELP 10 POINTS!?
I have a sore on the side of my mouth and I'm not sure if it's a cold sore or not.?
Red circles on my legs?
When I get hot, anxious/nervous, or exercise I get itchy all over...?
Is it appropriate to work with a cold sore?
Acne product questions?
Do you think Accutane is working for me? (*pictures.)?
How do you relieve ear pressure due to allergies?
Doctors or not?
Is Monosodium glutamate an allergen? Scientists pls. explain.?
My pony suffers sweet itch in the summer?
pepper spray????????
is a rash around the ears and eyes, along with fever a allergy?
Why does pollen cause allergies?
Swelling After Misquito Bite?
Im due in five days and im extremly sore and miseriable what can i tell my dr to get induced?? any ideas?
is there any LACTOSE FREE MILK POWDER or DRY LACTOSE FREE MILK available anywhere ?
who knows how to stop the flesh eating disease? is courtney rice the only person that knows how?
How can I get rid of my congestion / stuffy sinuses in the morning?
Allergic Reaction?
What is the best nasal allergy medicine out there. over the counter or prescription?
Allergic to Siamese cats?
I might be getting sick i ran in the rain in track and my throat hurts today and and my nose was running ?
do i have a yeast infectionnn?
I'm allergic to cats but invited to a house with 2 cats.?
Heelpp with shoooees!?!?
Can these be allergy symptoms?
why does my tailbone hurt?
Sore finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Dislocated jaw after a fall?
nausea stomach ache ????????
i have a sudden pain in knee?
my elbow starts to make snapping sounds when i bench, is that bad?
What's going onnnn with my hip?
Why does my throat hurt?
Neck tension whenever I try to relax or sit still for too long?
are colored contacts as bad as every one says ?
contacts making my eyes blurry?
hi everyone. i wear contact lens . and my eyes are not that clear.what to do?
how do you clean your glasses with out a cleaning solution?
Blackout When Standing Up?
Should I wear my contacts?
I've been googling, and now I dont know whats wrong with my eye?
Shot in eye with Nerf Dart.?
Anyone know what this could be?
Contact lenses are turning my eyes red?
My eyes are swollen from crying.?
Should i get contacts or glasses?
Soft contact removal device?
Pink eye curse please help?
Am I color blind....?
Why is my eye all red after taking my contacts out?!?!?!?
My Son Is Having Problems Sleeping?
What's wrong with my eye?
Help: Super bright red eyes. Won't go away with eye drops?
What happens if I use my contact lens more than 2 weeks?
Which is color of iris?
Is it ok to wear contacts longer?
How comfortable are hard contact lenses?
Do I have sleep Apnea?
why does the throat closes?
What do you do if you inhale concrete dust?
Smoking just smoke out of a twig?
About 80% of food-borne illness in the United States is caused by?
How can I help my daughter who is just diagnosed with Motor Neuron disorder?
How far do you have to trim a toenail for it to become ingrown?
12 hours of sleep per night?
I need to fall asleep! I drive for the first time in drivers ed at 6AM! help? :[?
what should i do or drink if im constipated?
Am i going to die? I don't know whats wrong?
i cant fall asleep because im nervous..help?
my wife wants to stop smoking weed?
how to fall asleep faster?
Health Care is universal right or privillege?
How can I get to sleep? In bed now...?
is it bad to get any kind of water "up there"?
Trouble sleeping........?
How can I get rid of insomnia/restless sleep?
help i cant fall asleep (10 points)?
I was super hungry but when I ate I got nauseaus?
Why cant i fall asleep anymore?
WHY do we need to sleep?
why does this happen?
There is bright red blood?
How can i fall asleep?
Chest Pain radiating through arm and neck?
Can a strong hit to the eye/forehead and head cause blood clotting in the brain?
If I feel a shock in my ankle every time I step down, what does that mean?
life insurance & diabetes?
Is a potassium level of 6.1 anything to worry about?
Small painful lump on front of ankle?
Can a maltracking knee ever recover?
How do I get rid of muscle spasms in my calves? ?
what did i do to my ankle?
i fell on my ankle but can still walk on it but im in pain ?
ehh.... knee problems...help w/ problems coming from tht plz?
Pain in the chest/rib area.?
how should i care for my toe?
what happens if you sprain your wrist or pinch a nerve?
my knee bones are bent from both the sides towards each other, it looks awful when i walk.?
do you cut? if you do, why?
my hands are like ice..even when i am hot?!?
I fell of of my playground and hurt my Rist and i dont know what to do?
My brother thumb got hit with football and now its all hard? why and how could i treat it?
Knees..water on the knee?
i hyper extended my elbow during football game 2 days ago cant extend or bend past L shape, doctors?
do i have a concussion?
I sprained my foot. Please help?
I seem to have fainted and landed on my head?
My knee hurts... 10 points!?
Could I have arthritis at age 22?
why am i getting overheated so easily?
I'm scared! Is black diarrhea bad.?
How can i support my friend in quitting smoking?
Is vomiting good for you?
Health class marijuana questions.?
My little brother's third toe is the longer than his second and slightly longer than his first. Why is that?
Fast acting laxative remedy? Embarrassing topic #1?
how do i get rid of baggie eyes....help someone please!!?
how does a health care clinic operate?
why do i have sleeping problems?
am i sleeping to much?
I have a lot of questions on marijuana?
What are these wierd head rushes?
I feel so self-conscious when it comes to smiling?
I feel like I want to throw up and my body feels achy all over. What's wrong with me?
My friend has ingested 2.5 mg of Xanax and .75 grams of high/middle quality cocaine. I'm worried and need help?
Wut kinds of stuff should i do or things should i eat to grow taller?
I keep feeling sick when I get in a car...help?
Did you experience any side affects when stopping lexapro?
Help About Smoking?? Light headed?
10 week old kitten flu?
what do the mean by mild case of swine flu???
what can happen if someone were to inject themselves with a bleach disenfectant?
Does this sound like the flu?
Was Swine flu relased by the gorvernment?
i have to get my sixth grade tetnus shot today. Will hurt and what will it feel like?
Do I Have The Flu? Or Just A Cold?
I need some information about Hepatitis C?
How does pinkeye start out?
Lyme disease help.....?
Do i have the chicken pox?
Pus pockets in throat that won't go away?
will golden seal help pass a urine test?
is it possible to get rid of a bladder infection but have it move to the kidneys?
Have any one heard about the swine flu being in Valdosta Ga.?
Can someone tell me if I am getting sick or something?
My husband has septic arthritis. We didn't know what it was so he waited 3 days to go to the hospital.?
what is ganoderma extrack?
i live in nursing home with no family help and state can't hep me in here.where can i look 4 used motorized?
Why does my body keep switching tempature?
cite ways to prevent diseases.?
Shouldn't it be called "The Swine Flu"?
Can you get HIV?????
What stds can 2 girls spread to each other?
gave her an incurable STD?
can you have head lice and only find a few?
do the party pill work?
what is a good smoking herb for sleeping?
salt water healing infections?
Cure for over sweating?
Any Doctor out there please help my daughter?
3 yr old has fever?
Is this bad?
how does a doctor test for Alzheimer's?
Does anybody know the symtoms of Food Poisoning?
How can I get rid of this sore throat?
What are the problems that people face when they quit taking drugs?
What is it. I'm super curious!?
Can you develop Flu like symptoms after a flu shot?
why should I have a blood on my stool?
Could these be symtoms of a blood clot?
is anyone here a doctor...???
I always feel dizzy and dont know why?
does anyone scratch their scalp to the point of bleeding?
Can deodorant... alseimers?
when will baby acne go away?
Itchy scalp when i'm running or bike riding?
What are the brown spots on my body and my back?
is hives contagious and wat could make the itching stop ?
How do you cure swollen lips and what is it caused by?
I think I have a skin allergy my skin feels hot, itchy and flares up!?
Cellulitis on Foot not going away!!?
Why are my sides so itchy?
How do I stop recurring dandruff?
Red Cross Emergency Response Training?
Is diclofenac better and stronger then ibuprofen?
Shin Problems, Whats wrong?
Why does my finger hurt so bad?
Badbadbad pain, how do i sleep with it?!?
Could this be appendicits?
why do i get cramps on my face?
How many mg Ibuprofen for herniated disc?
Discomfort in right head.?
Can I sue over my addiction to OTC nasal spray?
Why do I have random sharp pains in my fingers?
Why does my upper back hurt?
right foot is killing me. Help?
Is this a floater??????
Eyes :- can i use to ice cubes to my eyes to avoid dark circles ?
Head Injury - effecting my eye months later?
Name for this kind of colorblind?
Whats the difference between 25/20 and 20/25 vision?
How can I change glasses prescription to buy contacts?
are brightening /soothing eye drops bad?
How bad can eyes get?
Do 3D movies cause headaches?
Either I'm drunk, or I put both contacts in the same eye again.?
How can i change my eyes to green like the incredible hulk eyes?
do you need glasses if you have 15/25 vision?
Is it impossible to get used to wearing contact lenses?
How do month long contacts work?
Is there something wrong with my eyes?
I have glasses , but my eyesight isn't that bad , should i get contacts ?
Can a 17 year old get a prescription for contacts without parental supervision?
if i stop watching TV and computer and my mobile phone for a day or a week, would it improve my eye sight?
Do contact lenses stick to your eyes?
- i need help fast PLEASE answer !?
eye problem,please help!?
why can't i see from my left eye?
when will my vision stop changing?
are there any good exercises and foods to improve my eye vision?
can i use multi-purpose solition as eye drop?
Shortness of breathh?
Hard to breathe but no coughs. Sore throat now?
can u take zantac with zithromax?
How to fix my nose problems?
Can my son still go into marines with mild athletic asthma?
I keep getting chest pains?
i think i may have bronchitis?
Why do you hiccup??????????????
how can I get a cystic fibrosis vest?
How can i breathe better and be stronger?
How To Get Rid Of A Bad Cough?
I keep getting asthma attacks?
Cardiovascular system questions survey? Please help!?
myocardial infarction with premature ventricular contraction?
Is this Pericarditis?
what should my diet be with Sinus rhythm heart condition?
how many pepoal getting bp in age 31 years?
Heart palpitations when sick?
is a therapist closer to psychology or being a psychiatrist?
How to be emotionally numb?
Since Nutmeg has a weak MAOI is it safe or not to have food containing it while on Fluoxetine/SSRIs?
please answer this for me????????????
Can you have symptoms of anxiety but not feel anxious?
Is it time for me to move on? Is this normal the way I feel?
I sleep all the time. Does anybody have a good explanation why I do so?
do you know anyone who smoked nearly all his life and lived healthily for more than 80 years?
which is worse, anorexia or smoking?
How do I know if I have liver failure? Or a possible overdose?
what good is affordable health care when we don't even have jobs to pay for food or gas to get to the hospital?
, how to heal chapped lips?
why is this?does this happens to everybody?
I really have to take a massive dump?
Can someone diganose me?
I Have a major issue.... HELP!!!?
I Can't Swallow Pills?
Aspirin overdose? Is that possible?
there have been some very strange happenings?
Terrible Terrible Terrible ):! Help me pleasee.?
I am having diarrhea a few times per month, what could be the cause?
How do you know when your addicted to cigarettes?
Anyone know what is going on?
How do you know if you have a brain aneurym?
how can i stop this?!!!!?
is standing more tiring than walking?
WEED ... what will hapen to me if i smoke it?
what would make your hands and fingers hurt and they feel like they are a sleep and itches?
Why does my nose smell?
How do I lower my temperature?
I know weird question but is it normal to have a bowel movement one time or maybe twice a week?
How can I fall I asleep fast?
I only slept couple of hour can anyone me out?
Why is it when I hide I have to pee?
ok i need your help really badly!!!!?
Advice on weed :-) asap?
Soo i got a sunburn at the lake..?
Medical question?????
I just tried weed for the first time, should i be guilty?
how do you beat guys bigger than you?
is it ok to give used contact lens to my sister?
My dad woops me with a belt alot.?
Why am I peeing out light brown and yellow?
home remedies for a bowel movement?
Will smoking weed have any long term affects on brain?
Do you really need all your meds? (no)?
if someone has cancer in his body will he test positive for hiv?
what is the advance hiv and std test name in uae?
Hiv test at 5 months and 27 days back?
What are la laws about STD ?
what is smear test..........?
STD Benefits will not be paid for a disability that begins within 12 months?
Does excessive amounts of sugar intake in diabetics cause leg aches and mood swings?
How does insulin bind to cells?
Help me please it's a crisis!?
Is it possible for a bruise to come back?
How should I treat my jammed finger after a day?
Knee pain symptoms...what could be wrong?
I think I sprained my arm...?
How can I find help after being in a car accident?
what can happen if you get punched in the ear?
What is the best stretch/ way to get rid of shin splints?
My little brother hurt his eye! Help!?
I'll just be sitting and my lower back will start hurting terribly.?
How do I treat front neck pain that creates a tight strangling feeling with sharp pains?
Is this 'normal' bleeding for a nose piercing?
What part of the face would be the hardest to bruise or fracture?
Something is wrong with my foot?
I think I sprained my thumb. Do I need to see a doctor?
Is my toe broken or just bruised? No health insurance so can't go to doctor...?
Will My Injury go away or will I need surgery, do you think?
Is my finger (thumb) broken?
If i just got stitches tooken out of my hand can i go swimming?
In the last 8 years I have had 3 foot injuries to my right foot. ?
Did I sprain or break my ankle ?
2 weeks ago my right hand went numb but it had that tingle like it was asleep it has gradually gotten worse no?
i was in back seat of a small truck and got rearended and the back of my head bouced off the rear window?
How does a doctor know if a person has an infection?
How many times can you have shingles?
if someone taking the treatment of tb and having high antibiiotic medicines and meanwhile he gets infected..?
What type of infections can cause confusion and dizziness?
can anyone tell me how soon does an antibiotic work if it was administered via an injection?
Do you think there could be a connection--woke up with a sinus infection and ear piercing infection today?
Someone, asap, is it the flu?
after how many days on antibiotics are you not contagious anymore *for strep throat*?
Do I have food poisoning or the flu?
I check my blood & Hepa B Surface Antigen is Positive. Is there a chance that result will become Negative?
I am wondering if i have the flu? What are the symptoms?
Help! I have a low grade fever and tons of sweating...?
robitussin the children one?
what does an ulcer thats not sore but been their couple of days it has a little white spot in the middle?
help with ear infection please :(?
Are there any medicines available that can extend a persons life?
I put ear wax removal drops in my ear and now it is severely clogged?
Is this supposed to happen?
How do you ballance ACCEPTING yourself with REFUSING illness?
I have had soars on the back of my throat for a month now... what could they be?
My eyebrows have been falling out for the past year and are now fairly non-existant.?
my friend is urinating frequently and having pain in lower right corner of the stomach,tell me its curable ?
Do I have a thyroid problem?
i had fell at work and had to be taken to the Dr for xrays. they did a dip urine test they?
if you go in for a check up, is there any way of the doctor being able to know that you're bulimic?
can they tell i've smoked weed with a lactose intolerance test?
I have had to pee 10 times in the past 10 hours, what is going on?
Do any of you have Celiac?
Why is it the no matter what or how much a person eats causes bloating and gas ?
Illness is going away, but today I am extremely groggy?
Trichotillomania help?
I need help getting off prednisone because my adrenal glands are not kicking back in. Is there help for me?
My 13 y/o's stools have undigested food in them?
Lump on my armpit?
What could this be?!?
This makes my blood run cold...?
Is gastric reflux going to be a bigger problem for me later and do you know any methods for easy control of it?
OMG,insomnia? please help!!?
I'm chafing in the creases of my thighs! Will it go away or continue to keep me from working out?!?
I have noticed random bruising, out of nowhere. Normal or not Normal?
Reaction to benz peroxide facial cleanser?
whats wrong with my skin?
People cut like the skin right above your elbow right? whats it called? not the bone... the skin?
Is this a keloid???????
cold sore... white huh??? please help?
what helps with dry lips?
how do you get rid of a mole naturally?
how to get rid of this red spot mark?!?!?!?
Why do people get spots on their tounge?
Can somebody tell me if I have lipoma?
I haven't worn earrings in ten years but my hole is infected?
Theres a bruise under my armpit?
Why is my skin shedding or whatever?
how long can you go without a outbreak of herpes?
Is sleeping with various women really that dangerous/risky?
If I got a bikini wax, is it still possible to acquire crabs?
Does yogurt really help with bv?
How do u know u got aids?
How do we develop allergies ?
Is it possible to be ALLERGIC to water?
Is My Dad Allergic To Something or Is He Sick?
what are the side effect of liprozene?
Y does my dog break out from the grass?
Why does my right eye itch?
What tests are there to find out if your alergic to anything?
Allergic Reaction On My Face, Please Help?!?
Am I lactose Intolerant?
Are people with O blood type more prone to gluten intolerance?
What did I eat to make me sick?
can i have a Gluten Allergy?
What type of condition can cause allergies to fod and meds?
Am I allergic to liquor?
acid to throat from what foods?
Why are my eyes watering usually when they meet air like when i walk and etc?
Why are my eyes red this past week?
FOr the last 3 weeks I been sneezing like mad...what gives?
Why do I feel like I am having an allergy attack with one of my dogs, but not the other?
which food would cause this reaction?
Can cat allergies really do this to me?
my nose burns,what should i do?
I was just diagnosed with hypothyroid, will I grow more?
Does having whooping cough make you tearful?
what is pleuroparenchymal?
Is smoke coming from kitchen is hazardous to health?
Does a ventolin inhaler work for a person who has severe reflux?
emergency- I think i just overdosed on my albuteral inhaler?
i cant breathe out of nowhere?
How often can you use an inhaler?
Need medical advise, findings: "normal sinus rhythm with sinus arrhythmia/non-specific ST-T wave changes?
can u get kicked out of the national guard for having type 2 diabetes?
Is mebendazole safe if you have hypoglycaemia?
What can I eat or take to help my eyesight?
How can I calm down, help please?
My bottom eyelid has been twitching for 3 weeks. which doctor should i go to?
Is it dangerous to clean your ear with a toothpick?
can someone help me ? i wanna become tall ? i'm 5"2 ... i'm the shortesst of all my frndz?
i smoked weed about two days ago and i smoked maybe once in the past 3 years how long will it take to clean?
How can I stay awake at work?
Can you purchase a doctors note online?
easy 10 points! help me!?
Feet hurt? but differenet?
I can't sleep at night!! Please help!!?
Does anyone know a fast way to fall asleep?
Am I dehydrated? I don't feel so good...?
is it true that its bad to wear rubber bands ?
Was I sleep walking last night?
If you pull an all Nighter, how much sleep do you need the next night?
what does this sound like?
How do I prove to my parents that I am truely sick?
its over 90 DEGREES in my house because my mom wont turn on the air?
Quit smoking weed help?
i cant stop weeing i go like every half an hour, sometimes less than that it depends. What could it be?x?
When does drinking affect health?
How Do You Know You Have The Swine Flu?
What are Americans addicted to?
Having an MRI vs having an XRAY?
what is wrong with me?
how do i build a tolerence to chewing tobacoo?
I have a Drug question?
Is something wrong......Please Answer?
What's wrong with me? I really need help!?
How do I unclog my ear!!!?
how do i get rid of this horrible painful hangover? help plz?
Swollen glands, 101 temp. PLEASE HELP.?
do nurses have to really work 12 hours?
Why does my stomach hurt like this?
what does it feel like to be high?
why am i so THIRSTY?
How can I get my friend to go to the doctors?
Why do people vomit after excercise?
Can i buy medical marijuana online?
How can I fake appendicitis or get a fever?
What happens if I sleep on my arm?
My brother keeps spraying his deodrant everywhere!?
Which doctor is best for treating depression? with no medication?
Blue eye contacts........?
how to ncrease eye site?
During a cold when your nose skin gets drys and sore from blowing it what heals that fast?
What Would Ease Dry Eyes Problem? LASIK or LASEK (PRK)?
Is this normal vision? please help!!!!!!!?
what is the colored bit of your eye called?
Can you wear Contacts if you have eye herpes?
Do prescriptions change based on which lens company you're getting from?
eye trouble need help?
Help!!! My dog ate my glasses?
What does the following mean for eye glasses?
bad pains in my knee?
Glasses aren't clear?
Sharp pain in the middle of upper back?
My knee suddenly hurt after sleeping?
ENTs Answer this please!?
What tests will a neurologist preform?
When do you change contact lenses?
Can back squats cause severe knee damage?
Need help, will a better mattress help me with my back pain?
Contact Lens Wearers NEEEDED!!?
I accidentally bit my tongue two weeks ago and it still hurts?
my thumb will go completely numb if i hit it to hard on anything what is wrong woth it?
Numb leg and foot nerve or?
whats wrong with my wrist?
bulging vein in left hand?
Is it true that if you read in the dark you will need to get glasses?
Can blind people see their dreams?
red vein in eye when playing videogames?
Ah...Question about Dry-Eye Syndrome?
TONSIL QUESTION HELP ....food getting trapped in tonsil?
What is causing this pain in my bones?
What facts are there about MARIJANA?
What cures are there for a rubbed-raw tongue?
what is the best cure in case of fight?
I have a painless bump on my lower lip is it herpes?
I have had symptoms for 5 days now. what do you think it is?
How can you get rid of Chlamydia?
How many days does it usually take to treat PID?
My vigina won't stop iching?
Do I have and AIDS lesion?
an having chlamydia cause brown clumpy bleeding before your period?
What causes the chest discomfort from Anxiety?
is this a disorder or is it just me?
How can I get rid of gallstones with out surgery?
I really need help here! Puzzling Symptoms.?
How do I tell if I'm getting strep throat?
Black stool - Causes ?
What possible illness could case these symptoms (symptoms in extra details)?
Whats the best product to get rid of breakouts and dry skin together?
What are the signs of diabeetes?
Can i stretch the holes in my ears?
I think I'm getting warts on my fingers but I'm not sure because I've never had them before.?
when does down syndrome appears?
my big toe hurts how to fix it?
My friend has now not slept for TWO weeks, what are long term reprecussions/ chances of coma/death?
is this a good conclusion?
Do I have anorexia? And if I do how do I cure it?
Scars on my legs please help?
I have a red bump on my knuckle.It doesn't hurt nor itch. anyone know what it may be?
Dry, rough, cracked skin on one only hand?
I have blood in my urine ?
my hands r constantly sweaty :/?
Do I have a drug problem?
does any one know the answer?
is it safe to remove the rectum polyp in 5 year old child instead of remaining it their inside the rectum?
How do i remove my stretch marks?
mystery disease, why and what is it?
how to get rid of my cold?
Why am I still getting acne?
My lips always get dry Any Help!!?
How long does it take to go away for red spots from a blackhead extraction?
Medical dictionary?
heath issue!?
Irritating (small) bump on the roof of my mouth?
what is OCD? look at my previous question before this?
what could this rash be? Im scared?
Is drula skin creams really lighten your skin?
why skin develops blemishes?
Severe dandruff cures?
Would I have to talk to a counselor or...?
Why do I misspeak so much?
Why can't I ever sleep in?
What kind of mental illness is this?
i had pneumonia last year. will i get it again?
Im 24 yrs old female, weigh 205lbs and 5'2..I have heart palpitations and im REALLY concerned!?
After Chemo how long did it take your hair to grow half an inch?
I have breast cancer and Diabetic too. I am taking Tamoxefen. Why is it that I feel nauseated the whole day.?
Severe Foot Blister - Cut skin away or wait?
Boy or girl doctor for boy?
I have taken all my antibiotics and my symptoms have not gone away!? PLEASE HELP ASAP?
misdiagnosis of scoliosis; what is the effect?
What makes someone's upper chest make a popping sound when they inhale?
okay so im 14 and i got influenza, pnemonia, and H1N1 when i was 13 almost a year ago! Do u think ill get it?
what could be causing these life interfering reactions?
Hi, I have a question about smoking?
can your lungs collapse from anorexia or fasting?
I had a CT scan done in January. I got the results TODAY! and they arent good. is this delayed diagnosis?
Have copd,fybromalgia,reflux,antiphosolipid antibody,migraines,lymphadema?
What kind of machine did my physical therapist use on my hand?
allergies and illnesses?
what are the allergy symptons to ibuprofen?
Am I allergic to lemon?
What is the cause of these mouth abrasions?