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laser eye surgery:?!?!?!?
Can you diagnose me?What could it be?
How are dialysis bags made?
how do I hide this bulging stomache?
how long does 31mgs. of xanax stay in your system taken over a 3 day period. drug test in 6 weeks.?
Swollen Lymph nodes?????
i have got burning sensation in my throat .is there any possibility of this because of acidity . ?
No matter what I do, I can't fall asleep?
Can two people sleep in a bed, but only one get bitten by bed bugs?
really dizzy for no apparent reason?
Should I go to hospital?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
How can I stay awake?
Why does TYLENOL PM leave me with a hang-over (especially my eyes) ?
how do you get to sleep?
My 1 yr. old has a horrible cough! i know i cant use cough med, but what can i do? he has a sore throat as wel?
Do you think I am drinking too much?
How can i make myself fall alseep?
should i quit smoking?
What physical things can make you fall asleep?
I need help to quit smoking, tips?
What time do you wake up in the morning?
How much sleep is normal for teens?
Can running EVERYDAY for AN HOUR be bad for you?
Is clear pee good or bad?
I need tips on how to fall asleep! PLEASE!!!!?
Which is better for falling asleep faster?
do you think smoking is good or bad for the health ?
do you remeber what you last dreamt about?
Do girls really care if you have spots?
im 18 , im nervoussss. my abdomen is kind of bloated. but i alos feel like i have to do the #2. Im ver?
How to prevent acne? Pls help?
If someone has lupus, can they die from it?
My boyfriend has a blister on his bottom lip how long will it be there for it came yesterday ?
Std or infection no jk please ??? Help??? Me?
Is thick discharge normal for a UTI?
What do you do when you have a blister?
how long can herpies stay on your lips for while having them?
Is it possible to have Chlamydia and not pass it on?
how long does it take to for an std to swoll your fallupion tubes real bad?
how can asthma physical change you?
I get bruises after using nasal strips...?
can you get laryngitis from inhaling perfumes?
My sister is complaining that in her chest, between her ribcages at the top, it is hurting. Any ideas?
What's some interactions between the respiratory and circulatory systems?
Is this a really cold or allergies?
pt on ventilator what intervention would you expect?
relation between pco2 and respiratory rate?
Positive TB test and chest x-ray help?
I am having trouble with EKG interpretation help?
Is this just sinus/congestion or a cold or worse?
what is the best breakout solution?
How do I know if I have a Wart or a Mole?
how do I get rid of dandruff?
Does anyone know of a GOOD Scar removal medicine?
not sweating and itch skin?
Whats this bump on my shoulder?
What should I do about this weird blackhead?
how do you get rid of sunburn blistering?
how to get rid of acne scars?
Random Bruising On My Legs?
Has anyone ever experienced a breakout of boils after or during the use of nicotine patches?
Is retin a working for me?
How to prevent skin closing over Monroe piercing?
Can someone help me i.d. random bug bites or sores i keep getting?
what is the best hand washing method?
Is it possible for someone to *become* allergic to something?
Woke up not breathing... through started doing something strange help?
Is hing gluten free ?
My left eye is all swollen? 10 points!!!?
Why Is My Nose Itchy While Im Chewing Gum?
I feel fine inside of me. But i have runny nose for about 2 weeks ?
what is wrong with my eye? its itchy and it hurts?
My cousin has nose bleeding problems!!?
Im gettin an allergy infection again!!! i hate using nose sprays, whats a natural way???
asthma infants:i would to know why we get asthma infants?
Alcohol Intolerance, Cure?
Are you suppose to stop taking allergy medicine before you get your blood drawn to see if you have allergies?
why do I sneeze way too much?
Allergic reaction with flavored toothpaste?
My hands have become red? Please help?
runny nose?
How can you treat allergies that are effecting your throat?
baby with allergic reaction?
can any one tell me the best cure for flu?
Am I allergic to chocolate?!?
how to tell if a metal is surgical steal?
I want to quit smoking but if i dont smoke i eat,a lot, and i dont want that either,any sugestions,wt can i do?
Do You No anything about Or have Arteriovenous malformation in the uterus?
If you get bit by a dog with rabies and are taking the vacinations can you pass it onto someone else?
I m having flu, taking medicine & resting at home. Any advice to expedite my recovery?
very worried about this person..was throwing up?
After the process of a body part amputee?
A girl's urethra???????
Im afraid Ive That I can Catch Hepititas c From This Please Help?
How did the Samoan people deals with the Epidemic Influenza in 1918?
how long will these symptoms from shingles last?
how long dose a sickness bug last?
What do you think I have?
are scientist scared of any virues that are showing sings of mutation to a air born state?
Tonsillitis - Do you think I have it?
I have a sore throat:(?
Have you ever had tetnus?
My neighbor has hepatitis c and his girlfriend gave me her swimsuit. If it's washed idk, am i at risk?
once you catch swine flu, can you catch it again?
Is the swine flu still in Texas?
A couple of days ago someone put their "privates" in my drink...i found out the one who did it has herpes...?
Diabetic - Pls explain HOW extreme heat temp affects blood glucose and why it causes SEVERE DROPS in levels?
Can drinking beer or liqour do this?
Plz help can't get rid of lice?
Do I have swine flu?!!?
Do i have colon cancer? i need your opinions?
my skin got extremely pale in the last three weeks?
Should i get tested for swine flu?
What are the chances of me getting skin cancer if I tan in bed 5 times?
does epilepsy cure itself?
how do you cure dry skin on face?
My dad got stung by a yellow jacket near his eye, HELP!?
Soda causing nosebleed?
Identify this thing on my foot? Been here for 3 years (Pic included) not graphic...?
I think i have an eating disorder?
Only 1 person answered, I need a couple more opinions please (it's short).....?
traumatic brain injuries questions?
is it normal for my leg to shake uncontrollably?
There's traces of blood in my poo, what's wrong me?
What is this bizarre sensation in my head upon waking suddenly?
I had a child that has Spina Bifida and want to have more kids. Can i have another one?
how long can a seizure last?
Slightly foamy urine?
What age can you develop lactose intolerance?
my body is making too much blood what are the sypthoms i need to know?
what could be wrong if i have bad headaches on the right side of my head?
A friend of mine has been having stomach pains on her left and right side.?
How can I treat myself from ...?
Sharp, brief stabbing pain on far right side of abdomen, what could this be?
Does NOT hearing from your doctor on a test result means that it is probably OK?
What can you do for a swollen "camel's toe"?
what is the best remedy to get rid of a soar throat?? could a shot of hennesy do the trick?
What do you think was/is wrong with me?
does any one know what could cause my 12 year old daughter to bleed when having a bowel movement?
my boyfreind is color blind and i want to know this?
could something be wrong with my liver?
Why am I in pain! I have always been active hiking and such?
PLEASE HELP: how can you possibly reverse a damaged nerve in the ear causing 50% loss of hearing?
what is a good way to give a girl a foot rub?
Cracking neck question!!!!!!!?
What happened to my knee?
Which continuous glucose monitor is the best out there?
is humulin r fast acting or slow acting?
My Grandson dumps out sugar, salt, flour anything like this.?
diabetes, what happens to the sugar if its not used ?
What is difference between HIV & AIDs? How long HIV virus takes to convert in AIDs?
i need help, hpv problem?
Help with HIV/AIDS essay ?
What are the long term effects of having Chlamydia?
how long does it take to find out if you have an std?
is sunshine really good for a sunburn?
What does my daughter have?
should i go to the emergency room or not?
Can I refuse a colonoscopy?
How do I get rid of those red veins in my eyes?
How can i fall asleep fast?
How to fall asleep fast?
my eye keeps twitching?!?
could i possibly be dying?
I can't fall asleep!! Help please! If you think you know, then don't pass me by.?
is sleeping a reason for tired?
Hygienic to wear pajamas twice?
is there a name for this?
i am 17 years old. i started smoking cigarettes at 16.?
I sleep a lot, yet I'm still tired?
i cant sleep, and i have to work at 6, is one night with no sleep bad for you or will i be okay?
how to make myself to be busting to pee in 30min or less?
Does anyone know what would cause an 11 yr old to start sleeping a lot.?
I have never got the flu shot before!!!!?
Red lump on my eye lid ?
Why don't I look older? ?
what can i do to get to sleep?
I hate people looking at me, it makes me uncomfortable and I have walked out on many jobs because of it?
slept all day, now i can't sleep ?
Can I get the flu again if I already had it?
Is there any chance that my mom could have cancer?
How do I get rid of eczema on the legs quickly?
Fever help?????(cold)?
I had to take a drug test at work and i understand they will want my rx drugs problem with that?
Do Cordless Phones Cause Cancer?
what is an outpatient center?
Do i have food poisoning?
Effect of ONE night of no sleep?
Are these symptoms of swine flu?
why i feel dizzy when smoking black and mild?
What should I be eating if I have strep throat?
what would cause a pain in the chest?
very scary symptoms, help!?
I have a small yellowish spot on my eye?
is the prescription for your glasses supposed to be slightly higher than the prescription for your contacts?
My right eye can't see properly. Is there anything I can do about it?
How to stop the new EYE FLOATERS being formed. ?? Please reply me ..?
eye irritation & contact lenses?
Bloodshot eyes!!!!!!!!!!!?
Some one answer this?
Does it matter if wear an right (OD) contact lens on my left (OS) eye and vise versa?
Do I need to have another eye exam to get my contact prescription?
Eye color problems need help :(?
Dp eye exercises work? Please do not say they don't work, unless you tried them or know somebody tried them?
Colored contact lenses?
My eyes are going really blurry? I've had the problem for about a week now - any good suggestions?
Is my eye perscription really bad.. im 21?
will washing of eyes right after awakening harm your eyes?
Has your vision improved if you are nearsighted?
How much do contact lenses cost?/?
Base Curves in Contact Lens?
i only wear my glasses during classes, if i wear it full day will my eyesight eventually get better?
Don't know whats wrong with me?
I have something in my eye.?
Eyes blink at different times?
I sweat a lot at my armpits. I'm afraid I would be having a bad odour. Give me a remedy?
Took nutmeg. Not feeling anything. Worried and don't want a bad trip?
Is this average for my age?
What would happen if you sat in a vat of bleach?
My 83 year old Dad has constant pain from peripheral neuropathy and is now addicted to Vicodin.?
What really does flush THC out of your system?
Do i have vision problems?
Adult bedwetting because of dream...should I be concerned?
14 and very tried hungry and have cramps in lower part of stomach ?
What is wrong with my eye?
omg whats wrong with my stomach?
what are some reason your eye can be itchy?
Question about an anxiety (panic) attack..???????
does it smell like a rotten animal cage?
I have stomach pains all the time, any time and i cant even lay on my belly anymore cause it hurts too bad?
Is this a cold? Or something else?
I know this is embarrasing but....?
One of my ears is clogged and it wont go back to normal!?
omg i have been looking on the web and "huffing" is a big thing is it possable??
panic attack help :( please?
What is the best way to schedule your time?
How do you get rid of dandruff?
i have this birthmark or freckle or something on my palm!?
mole on umm personal are?
hands/feet cold but sweaty?
Do moles and birthmarks gross you out?
small, hard bump under skin on abdomen?
huge birthmark on the back of my leg?
What is the best thing to do to a huge zit that i just popped?
Bellybutton Piercing Has A Bump Under It>!?
how to get rid of a scar from a knife?
how to heal facial wounds fast?
What kind of scar will red hot metal leave?
Acne for combination skin?
How to get rid of black heads?
Why do I have dry flaky skin?
Bronchial asthma person can drink coconut water?
Does getting an arterial blood gas hurt?
Can you get asthma in the summer?
How bad is it to breath Dog Urine 24/7?
Does she have TB....?
Is it possible to break your nose so badly, that when you get surgery to fix it, the shape is different?
What organs are located in the peritoneal cavity?
How does your body recover or get rid of a respiratory infection?
What is CRT in Blood work?
asthma attack????/i think it was?
Is there side effects?
Work in the neonatal Field?
allergies and gagging? phlegm?
my husbands blood pressure was 168/114 w/ pulse of 98. It has been running high all weekend.?
Sunscrean allergies?
can omega 3 fish oil worsen nose bleeding in kids?
i have a rash all over with hives and i itch like crazy and my right wrist is swollen?
medicine possible allergic reaction?...?
Best cure for a blocked nose? No nasal sprays please, and something homemade!?
Allergic reaction...pls help me pls.?
why do kids start smoking?
what is a diffrence between smoking person & non smoking person?
Throat hurts, swollen, and face is puffy?
Can teenage girls (17 and younger) get breast cancer?
would a girl allow a guy to rub her chest when she is coughing badly?
getting rid of a cough?
MOLD IS KILLING ME! What can I do?
Help, BAD allergies that wont go away?
What is wrong with my eyes?
irritated nose because of runny nose?
Is it normal for allergies to cause you to feel...?
Why do I keep sneezing even after having taken an allergy pill an hour ago?
what can i do for vertigo......?
Is Cocaine Really bad for you?
I had routine urine check. Now the Dr. wants me to have a urine culture. What could he be checking for?
my son is 6 and he has a fever of 102.2 should he go to the hospital now?
please answer my question?
Fast Cream that Removes Scars/Cuts?
Is this considered a speech impediment?
I'm going crazy?????
What does this mean on my pills?
Anyone know any reputable website to order medications without a rx?
swine flu do u get a fever?
Are these symptoms of a cold?
a freind of mine has had a large operation and had most of his bowel removed due to e coli whys that?
What does Hepatitis C antibody reactive w/the numbers 24.90?? I already went did the treatment in 07?
help about hiv on gays?
what natural medecine replaces erythromycin?
My eye is pink... but it's not pink eye.?
I live in the Suburbs in Michigan near Detroit, and I want to know if Lyme Disease is common?
How can i get rid of my fever.?
Do I Have Swine Flu or something else?
Infection in eye and sore throat is it serious?
Is there any Free STD testing in London for under 18 ?
How do you get herpes and get the cure?
About hiv some doubt?
if someone has chlamydia, can they pass it by getting head?
What std is the worst ?
still just paranoia? or reason for concern?
Look at my scenario and tell me if i hve herpes?
how do i get less side effects of my medication?
Where can i donate blood and get pay?
could this be mrsa?
after requesting smaller pills can you request even smaller pills. if i still have issues swallowing them.?
How to get rid of chapped lips?
i can only sleep if its cold.?
How to fall asleep fast? HELP!?
Sometimes I get dizzy for no reason?
How can you tell if someone (or you) are dehydrated?
i bite my nails to much! i wanna know how to quit HELP?
How long can you go without sleep before you collapse from exhaustion?
a friend took 6 shots of 5 hour energy and can't feel his left arm... overdose?
I get so tired, how to stay awake?
how do i fall asleep at night? i have tried tricks and i can't use meds! help needed!!! any clues?
What is wrong with me?
how do i go to sleep?
whats wrong with me!!!!! HMPH!!?
Why can't I sleep during the night?
home remedies that will help me sleep?
Cant sleep!!! Ugh!!!?
What is a good way to fall asleep?
what can i do so i will wake up when my alarm goes off and not turn off my alarm then go back to sleep?
Why ever time I eat something I have to smoke a cigarette?
Is it bad to wait until you get sleepy before you sleep?
I smoked a cigarette for the first time today...?
why am i so very cold.?
How can I tell if I have a better memory than most people?
On Tuesday at 2am I got kicked in my head from a guy friend?
can anyone help me out?
Sweatingggg! Ugh help me?
1st womens check up I hav a ? plz answer?
Have I got reason to worry?
How do you get rid of marijuana in your system?
Am I going To Throw Up?
would anything bad happen if i did this?
What Is Wrong with me?? Please help!!?
how i can be taller natural or with food?
why, with all its medicinal values, is marijuana illegal?
Just over tired or could it be something else?
i have a fear of choking when i eat i can only eat things that are soft. what can i do to beat this fear?
How close do you have to live next to a power tower to get the harmful affects of radiation?
is nicotine patch safe for stress reduce? (I am not a smoker )?
How do I help a sore throat?
I cut my pinky finger, don't think I need stitches but...?
pain in right upper arm bicep.?
why are migraines making my mom cry?
Why does wearing headphone for a long time make my ears ache?
My fingers curl and lock up when i tuck my thumb into my palm (like you do when you make the #4)?
Something bit my leg idk what it is?
how do i know if my bruise is normal?
Shoulder Pain Question?
im 15 and i have hurt my ankle so i am not in basketball anymore. at times i feel like i have not been in the?
smoker help???
Smoking in the bathroom?
Pains on left hand side of chest for 4 days??
Colored Lenses to change my eye color?
Why do I have problems with these contacts?
My eye prescription changed in a few weeks!!!?
What can I do about my lazy eye?
what wrong with my eyes?
please explain floaters in my eye ?
Eye lids hurt every time I blink?
Hi, I don't understand my glasses prescription?
my eye color... ?
i bought glasses....i broke them help?
Have you ever been to an eye doctor that was weird/creepy?
why do colored contacts irritate my eyes?
If a person must have a blue eye gene from the mom & the dad, then why does my mulatto niece have blue eyes?
how do i know what kind of index to choose for my prescription lens?
My contact lens prescription is different from my glasses prescription. Is it supposed to be like that?
Can contacts get lost in your eye?
abt contact lens reddish eyes?
hi im 22, and i have astigmatism. the opthalogst said dat my L50x85 R50x95. do i nid 2 wer glsses?
My eyes are alwaaaays red and im not crying?
do you know anyone with cullen eyes?
i've been getting stuff in my eyes.....?
Im I going to go blind? Please help me here?
What should i do about my tired eyes during the school year?
Is this kidney stones?
My eyes are starting to look yellowish / jaundiced. I drink heavily. What does this condition indicate?
Does this sound like OCD to you?
Ive been on zoloft for about 2 weeks now?
I pierced my ears and my ear got infected what do I do?
Why am I having frequent urination?
Is rabies a genetic disorder?
Stomach problems?
Is it ok to take Propoxy-N/APAP if its exp. date is 11/2008? I need something for the pain! Nothing works!!?
does anybody know wat is the disease that when you THINK you're sick, you'll be sick?
is rat poison in cigarrettes?
Lump Behind My Ear Near My Jaw?
I am constipated all the time and when I'm not it's diarhea. What's wrong with me?
Concussion Still after 5 months?
Pain in my rib(s) -what could it be?
Is it okay to smoke weed if i have a swollen foot ?
how to make a homemade rib belt?
it couldnt be Lukemia could it?
can i get liver enzymes down?
can cracking your neck make you puke?
are Heroin addicts really so unhappy?
Sick, but don't know what it is, HELP!?
what is this called please read .?
Can anyone help me diagnose my illness, please?
What are symptoms that can tell me if my gallstones are getting worse?
Why does my eyebrow hurt badly? ?
Hpv and pregnancy? Any risk of complications? ?
Can you get the clap from a public toilet seat?
Will I still have discharge when my Chlamydia is cured?
bump on lip? can it be herpes? is there cure?
what must happen in order to get an std?
why havent my uti gone away ?
Can mupirocin be used on an active herpes lesion?
How can i keep my hands from getting all sweaty when im nervous?
Does a facial with (dove) soap and sugar help clear acne?!?
Today is world aids day?
Why are most moles on faces near the mouth?
a world without aids. give me a short essay.?
Where can I buy a World AIDs Day ribbon?
I just got a check up for std yesterday i was wondering if i come out positive for hiv?
Stretch mark cream help?
What causes this red circular rash on the inside of my arm?
Is itching a sign of appendicitis?
Okay i've had acne for four years now it's time for it to go away! Tell me how!?
could it be an std or am i crazy ?
Wow am I gunna have herpies?
My skin feels dry because of SKINID does this mean it's working?
My scalp in bad condition?
Is it possible to have a bruised scar?
I have red dotts on my hand like if i poke my self with a needle what can it be?
i'm 16 and have eyelid wrinkles?
urinary tract infection..?
smoking with a wheezing cough?
help my nose please :(?
I'm breathing wierd ?
sleep paralysis?? help?
Can screaming damage your vocal chords permanently?
Why do I get flem in my throat when I'm nervous?
a lot of blood comes out when i blow my nose?
Am I allergic to my own body fluids?
I get sick when im at school? 10 points.?
Vitals during a stroke?
questions about heart attacks on tv?
Tachycardia history, now pregnant?
Heart transplant patient?
I am 12 & do i have low blood pressure?
At 8 weeks with no heart beat. answer this one plz?
What are some cheap supplement i can take to help build muscle?
Is there a way to have a better batapolism?
can't stop coughing?
Where does breast cancer start from?
he has cancer will he survive?
Animal Disease?
Is the effectiveness of disinfect spray that kills human viruses like influenza, the same as killin dog virus?
Growth factors may be given to AIDS patients in order to ________.?
how do I acquire TSS?
Is this strep throat?
how can i order ivermectin without a prescription. (for humans)?
How do i tell my temperature on a Geratherm Mercury Free Fever Thermometer?
what is the start of a staph infection?
can a yellow jacket sting someone w/ hepatitisC & sting the person next to them & give it to them?transmit?
Could I have meningitis?
What's goood to eat that's actually filling when you have a soar throat?
swine flu questions and concerns?
is it true that if you had STD?
how can i make myself sick enough to receive a doctors certificate?
what are the first symptoms of swine flu?
I was a counselor at a camp since we've been back 10 campers have been sick w/ swine flu should i get tested?
I might have possible Swine Flu,need helping advice?
Slime question????????????????????
does cranberry juice prevent yeast infections?
Are Vapor Cigarettes bad for you?
what does this mean?? anyone?
how can i get marijuanna out of my system?
One of the first stages of Type II Diabetes M is...?
Why do ur feet itch, when you're a diabetic?
Do I have low blood sugar?
What is causing me 2 get this shaking/flustering feeling inside?
What will happen if you take 30 Aleve's?
Do i have a heart condition?I'm only 14?
so if someone at our school was tested positive for swine flu.....?
After having a mild HEART ATTACK, is another Big one imminent?
I have eczema on my hands?
Do alot of people die from having syphillis? and is it curable?
Am I at high risk for HIV or Hepatitis B?
how long can you live with an std?
my boyfriend was diagnosed with urethritis but i was diagnosed with gonorrhea, how?
How accurate the HIV rapid antibody test is?
can you get an std from taking a bath with someone?
Dry, chapped scrotum?
Please Help?? Is this serious health risk?
How do i stop a recurring nightmare?
Is it possible that I have mild ADHD or something?
what can i do to improve?
Please help me...i need your advice?
Dr gave me Methylprednisolone?
I have problem sleep because my brain won't turn off !?
Whats the best way to fall asleep?
How can i learn to sleep at night instead of the early mornings?
I can't sleep, please help!?
What should i do, please help!?
Is it ok to get 6hours sleep every night?
Are weed and pot the sAme thing?
What are some things I can do to help me sleep? I've not been able to go to sleep lately and can't take pills.?
how can i stay awake?
Haven't slept for the past 60+ hours, I can't sleep yet I'm so tired.?
How can i fall asleep quickly?
Please help! I'm so desperate. ?
my best friend is having some problems, i'll be specific in the question details..?
If you take your own blood, is there any chance of air getting into your veins?
how can i fix not getting a hangover?
What causes your foot to fall asleep?
Is cracking ur knuckles really bad fir u?? If yes y?
why can i not sleep tonight...i hate this?
My mother fell and hit her head this morning on the hardwood floor, is she going to be ok ?
girls awnswer please?!?!?!?!?!?
Symptoms someone is using xanax?
i can't stand to be around people, help please?
someone please help me with this?
whats the best cure for UTI? ?
what could be the cause of these symptoms?
Numbness and Tingling sensation question?
is it bad to wear a heating pad on your back when your back doesn't hurt?
Lump on upper right back?
Something good to eat when you have a canker sore and can't chew?
My neck is pain when I look at a certain point help!?
this weird feeling in my knee?
Sore Feet and aching back after work?
Twisted knee? Or not?
i have a question about just randomly fainting!?
HELP ME URGENTLY!! :(! anxiety?!? or a disease D:?
What illness did i have yesturday?
How long before death when someone dying starts hallucinating?
Anyone familiar with Effexor XR?
So I need help finding out whats wrong with my elbow...?
Numb upper thigh? why?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Why has my eye been twitching?
Does anyone suffer from leg or foot cramps at night?
I have a cyst on the side of my hand and I cant afford surgery?
Can someone put this in lame mans terms for me?
alchahol - my liver feel weird?
Have i damaged my ear? help please!?
something wrong with my ears!!?
Headaches :/ and issues with them...?
Why does my elbow lock up?
My throat is soar and my neck is tight after smoking out of a metal tobacoo pipe what should i do?
What are these symptoms for ? help please?
2 bumps on front of forehead?
Does the possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer concern you ? Why ? Why not ?
Ive had this cold for almost a week now and...?
how long does weed stays in my system if I only smoke 10 days straight?
why we use peep in hospital?
Is there a pill for nervousness?
Did control of handpractice is better than do it?
How should I treat Yellow Jacket sting?
Best scar reducing cream recommended by doctors?
Is aveeno good for a dry face?
is it normal for me to have one ball bag bigger than the other?
I have sensitive skin. It is never really smooth. What can I do to make it as smooth as possible?
Do freckles disappear after so long?
Back/Facial Acne Problems, HELP!?
Bubbles on my big toes?
Treatment for my dark droopy eyes?
What should I do about my back acne?
My nose is red"..................................?
I have this small discoloration on my nose that sticks out like a sore thumb, how do I get rid of it??????
Does salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or any acne product cause premature aging or cancer?
question about skin !!! please answer?
Any working acne products?
What is the cause of planters warts?
What is this purple blotch on my arm?
Name the connecting organ between the mouth and stomach?
Struggling with excessive thirst?
Does this sound like I have anemia?
Is being 'super sensitive' a medical problem?
I just got a tb shot..?
Dialated Pupils.. way to un-dialate?
what does this sound like to you?
i need help turning my life around!?
Why Do I get Dizzy when I'm in a car for a long time?
My back and chest are really itchy, what can i do?
I stopped smoking weed a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly I have nightmares EVERY night.?
how come sometimes ill get really dizzy?
did i get a contact high?
What vitamins heighten human "night vision"?
how to pass a marijuana drug screening?
How tall will at full adult height?
Wheres this thing called happiness at?
Can you please help my runny nose?
getting tonsils removed...?
Huge lack of motivation?
I have been getting nose bleeds lately and it just started out of no where, ive never had a nose bleed ever...?
How can I know the best sleeping pills?
What"s My Eye Color!?!?!?
what are the spots that you see when you look at the sun or bright lights?
Are my eyes too dependant on my glasses? Why do I get headaches if I don't wear them?
I was hit in the face with a dodgeball. after the hit my eye was off center but healed. now i see flashes.?
How much do colored contacts cost?
i need help with my eye lenses!!!?
I recently got new glasses and now when I'm on the computer I find it hard to read as my eyes tire quick?
How do you put on contacts?
why do my eyes turn red like not my whole eye the color of my eye.?
Contact lenses, help?
what caused my eyelid to swell up suddenly?
Why are my glasses so painful?
Why do I have three eyes?
I think i got pink eye!?
Are colored contacts ruining my eyes?
Put glasses on and get a headache? Also contacts?
About Contact Lenses????????????
I dropped my contact, and now i found it..is it safe to put back in?
What is 3/400 Vision?
am i sick or something?
did they find a medicine fo swine flu cause i heard that they find but they"re not using it.?
Do Doctors ever find HIV or Cancer while doing other blood work and checking for other diseases?
How to cure Viral Throat Ulcer?
Can anti-oxidants be one of the possible theories of curing AIDS?
Has anyone ever taken Bell Shark Cartilage for rheumatoid arthritis?
Blood in urine, inflammatory cells?
HELP ME!?! i think somethings wrong!?
Is a urinary tract infection contagious?
wat 2 do if I got bitten by a mosquito?is it alredy dengue?r there ways 2 prvent dengue after it bit u alredy?
Do I have pink eye? How do i tell?
is there any dye for E.Coli to count the cell...?
Any Doctors online?sickness and diarrhea?
one person if he get hiv in his body how he knows with out doctor? after how many month or days?
Can I get sick from eating a sick persons food?
My mother has alzheimer's?
My dogs head shakes and he foams from the mouth.?
Please help! on penicillin and have a ?
Does it sound like I have Swine Flu?
Why haven't I ever gotten salmonella from eating raw eggs?
HIV why it take up to 6 months to produce antibody?
Will I give him herpes?
how long does hiv symptoms occur?does hiv symptoms occur at the same time?
9 weeks post pregnancy ive got smelly yellow greenish discharge to it. not bacterial or std. any ideas ?
can i make my vigina lips smaller?
My son is 6 years old and he has a knot on the side of his neck. It is about the size of a marble.?
If Someone was to fall asleep on a cellphone could they get cancer?
I havent been active?
Skin Problem that has been diagnosed once and needs expert second opinion, pictures available.?
Would the tech tell you if there was something significantly wrong on an echocardiogram or would one...?
should i be concerned about oral cancer?
will becoming doctor/surgeon give me big bucks?
how can you make yourself cough in 10 sec outside then come home and get sick?
Ear Piercing && Roller Coasters....HELP!!T-Minus 5 Hours.?
Is smelling my fingers weird/a problem?
trying to sleep how can i sleep?
i just got up and helped my son in the shower and i looked down at my left arm and noticed my veins were real ?
wby cant i fall asleep?
How to get my pee test to be clean.?
Help! I sweat through my shirts?
I am never able to sleep properly?
I havnt slept in 32 hours and im still not tired! Why cant i fall asleep?
how do we get more blood in our bodies?
How to fall asleep faster?
Dried lips & very thirsty constantly?! Whats happening?! D:?
Every time i pee it hurts?
i am constipated a lot. is that bad for my health?
Stuffy nose, eye area is sore to the touch, scratchy throat, heavy, aching head?
what would happen if i drank a galleon of bleach?
watz worse to smoke weed or a cigarette?
Should my boyfriend go to the doctors?
Do you like to sleep? How many hours you sleep?
I'm not sick...but it hurts to swallow...whats wrong?
Why are you awake? Its 2:32 in the morning!?
is it harmful mixing medications?
Is this an allergic reaction?
my cusin just ate carpet freshener?
Does it seem to you that my breakouts are being caused by allergies?
is it possible to have an allergic reaction on your skin but not internally?
Can lack of sleep cause allergy problems?
what can you give a 8 month old with allergies to pollen?
my son has red spot all over his body like mosquito's bite.but it is not mosquito's bite.?
i've been having a strange allergic reaction around my lips for almost a month now which is only worsening
when you eat does it burn your mouth?
i think my sister is allergic to bees. what are the symtoms?
does putting olive oil on a rash work?
how to stop a runny nose or a nose that just pours?
Bags under eyes from allergies?
What food would you miss the most if you could not eat gluten (a.k.a wheat)?
I am having trouble keeping my eyes open, one is red and watering.?
Nose is swollen/ puffy ?
Grrr, mucus stuck in my throat !?
Do all allergies have to potential to turn deadly?
I have a cough that I have had for the past 4 years.?
my chihuahua is sick and and not eating nose is dry eyes are red he only lay in bed 2 days now?
what is the best allergy relief?
please help me I can't breathe properly what do I do?
when strengthening atrophied tendons in shoulder, am i doing enough push ups to safely move on 2 freeweights?
Strange pain in my head?
help..pain everywhere?
left side of my stomach feels like it twists?
My body is so sore + aching !?
are there any exercises to help ease pain of a bad back?
Can prolonged or obbessive coughing make you go into cardiac arrest?
upper congestion need help asap?
do i have an eating disorder?
Inner Ear??? Vertigo??? Help?!?!?
Anorexia and its effects on the body!?
is it the flu or cold?
I'm sick and was wanting to know what i can drink without making me vomit?
I am 21 years old and have severe diarrhea....?
please help, should i go to the hospital?
Is there a disease or condition which makes a person go to extremes?
I get headaches bad when i'm on the computer, does anyone else?
When a person has a disease that cannot be cured, do you think..?
What is the fastest remedy for gout?
Do you think that Marijuana affects your health in the future as an adult or affects ur thinking as an adult?
How much blood is in the human body?
my friend took oxycontin, help? (urgent?)?
Help me figure this out pleeaassee?
Why does everyone try to lecture everyone about the dangers of marijuana? There is no danger it's a plant.....?
How can I relieve stress?
What are some tips to falling asleep?
Mom was prescribed 300 mg blood pressure meds.Pharm gave her 30 mg for 7 months. She was 200/150. Can we sue?
Is this a SERIOUS problem with my breathing? How worried should I be?
Could this have hurt my bladder?
Wen i punch in to the air, my elbows make cracking sounds? is that bad?
is it normal for a 21 year old to have hot flashes?
my brother had a flu, and I'm beginning to get one, how do I avoid it?
How can a 14 year old girl get taller?
how much protein will i be able to eat to help me grow taller?
Why is my skin so itchy?
What's your bodies natural reaction when you get nervous?
I have a cough! how do i get over it by 2morrow before it gets worse!!? Click to read more!?
What side of the body are the kidneys on and what do you think is wrong with me?
Do YOU take all your antibiotics?
Can glycerene kill fungus?
Is there any way you can deacrese leg vein appearance? *Urgent*?
Terrible spots on chin?
Laser scar removal, prices and effectiveness?
What does this rash look like?
Are there any treatments for bow legs without surgery?
Which cream is better for acne?
Red ring around my pupil?
I have a spotty beard, any trick?
I need some help with my burn?
I have this keloiding like scar? How to get rid of it?
What do I have to do to cure my problem?
hard red painful bump on my chin?
i have a sore face how do i get rid of it?
Whats wrong with my finger?
Please help Whats wrong with me?
My girlfriend left me, I'm gonna commit suicide?
I have got Borderline Personality Disorder. How will this affect my relationships?
What is in the Focalin family?
I am totally helpless...need some effective suggestions?
I think I'm going crazy?
Have i made up a psychological injury?
Chest pains and increased heart beat?
how can i improve my breathing. i have emphysema?
how can i make my tan develop quicker?
what is OCD i might have it!?
the 19 year old that died of swine flu in London...did he have health problems?
18 month old has viral pharyngitis and had seizure?
How long do intestinal viruses last?
what medicine that can cure the illness of HIV?
Is CT scan designed to detect ulcers?
is herpes zoster (shingles) contagious to a person who has had a chickenpox?
Is psoriatic arthritis grounds for insurance to cover orthognathic surgery?
Where could I get tested for the swine flu in miami at a very affordable price?
what do i do for reaccuriing sinus infections?
Shingles question ??????????
do u know the name of the 19 yrs old teenager who died from swine flu in Britain?
When is it safe for a person treated for MRSA to be with other people?
Looking for medical professional to answer...Please?
Does anything help a UTI?
Not passing motion since 4 days?
Could I have west nile?
Which One ER nurse or L&D??
bladder and uti suk..hope you can help me:)?
Where can a person get a vari flow valve for oxygen for cluster headaches?
DO I have a heart?????????????????????????????????????????
I m diabetic and have high blood pressure. I m noticing the I do not last long in the bedroom anymore. What do?
Want a proper diet chart for an angioplasty patient...?
i have a lipase of 75 is that good or bad?
how to email montel williams?
is balanitis curable ?
If you already have a uti can it hurt you more if you hold in your pee?
am i being paranoid for no reason?
Does the HPV shot hurt!?
herpes sores healed at home. Moist or dry blister?
What should I do for this?
can u get rid of crabs by drowning them?
Question about HIV blood?
How do I heal this cut in my ear?!?
My son got 5 stitches on his eyebrow shoul i keep a band aid on it all the time?
why does my hip pop and hurt?
I am having chest pain. What should I do?
What leg workouts can I do to strengthen my ankle?
My backyard seriously smells like Pot, what should i do?
Height questions? Wants to grow taller? :(?
Have you ever ate dirt before?
how does age affect people?
How do I stop screaming when I yawn?
does crying a lot dehydrate you?
Please give me ways to stay awake all night?
My hands are alwaysss cold ! Whats wrong with me ?!?
What affects does stress have on the immune system?
Is xray machine harmful for the body?
Why would you puke everyday...?
why am i always tired and nauseated?
how long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
how to fall asleep?.?
How to fall asleep faster?
I have been sleeping alot recently?
when im walking in the dark say in my house i have to run to my bedroom i feel like there is someone behind me?
How do you pass a drug text?
How do I get to sleep?
why do i keep getting nose bleeds?
i smoked weed out of regular school paper and its the day after and my stomach hurts am i going to be okay?
Getting blood drawn tomorrow...?
Would I be eligible for disibility?
Why pay for health insurance if you can't pay the 20%?
Mother is acting very strangely?
I keep passing out and no one seems to know why. HELP?
Do I have bronchitis?
is it ok to eat meat during diarrhea?
what type of nurse does this?
Why do guys like it when i sneeze?
How to increase weight and height naturally? how long does it takes?
Does stretching make you taller?
i feel sick, anxious,depressed,tired, chest pain,, weakness, sad, empty, body aches?
why are my pupils always getting big and small?
my blood pressure is 80 over 50mmHg.. im 16 is this normal?
Am 70 and in reasonably good health, but I don't sleep hardly at all.?
im scared i wont like my nosejob?
if you go to another country and drink the water what will happen to you?
Is it possible to O.D. off of weed?
Will smoking a cigarette prevent me from getting a cold?
Every time I stand up I blackout and get really dizzy? It happens very often. What could this mean?
how can you stop the hiccups when you get them?
Smokers-Have you ever taken Chantix?
Does tar from cigarettes stay in the lungs forever?
Why do i have trouble breathing at any time or moment sometimes?
I have COPD & I feel as if I am choking all the time. What can I do?
Choking game? Do it once do you loose brain cells?
how much money do you have to spend to be a respiratory therapist?
How can I get rid of smoking?
whats the best medicine for asthma that does NOT contain steroids?
Is this asthma?! Pls answer asap?!?
smoking and the nervous system?
Is it ok to take claritin and another antihistamine like lets says zyrtec at the same time?
Are wool duvets best for allergy sufferers?
allergies and asthma?
Am I allergic to chocolate if I get horrible headaches.?
I was diagnosed with Sinusitis.?
when i've been up to long like on speed or something and i try and eat my top back of my mouth swells?
Does this sound like seasonal allegies?
real answer's?
is there a cure for tinitus?
Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to a saline pool system?
Am I Allergic To Grass Or What?
My dog has a alergey?
milk and vitamin D?
How to beat a cold by tomorrow?
How long will it take to get rid of hives?
if im allergic to penicillin will ranger school accept me?
Would sinus drainage make my jaw hurt?
My bf came home from work with hives all over his face down his back and chest any ideas?
how long does it take for benadryl to kick in?
Developing food allergies at age 20?
everytime i work out or go for A run my scalp itches?
When we get a cold and blow our noses?
what should i do if i have carpal tunnel symptoms?
Pain in left wrist and side of hand?
Why do my legs hurt during the night while I am sleeping?
I have a sharp sharp pain in my side?
Kidney stones dangerous?
Paranoid or a deadly symptom?
Snapping Hip Syndrome for a 16 year old! HELP!!!?
how much does urethra sling surgery cost?
Strange Bump in my wrist?
Asthma need help asap?
high blood pressure reading?
how many brain cells do you lose by playing the pass out game?
I need contacts with prescription, where and how do I get it?
Eyes turn red while wearing contacts.?
Small cut on my right eyelid?
Question about walmart's eyeglasses center?
Should I get new contact lenses?
Swollen eye:( please help? ?
Can you use contact solution as eye drops?
Lost my contact and found it 4 hours later on the ground is it safe to wear?
Can I better my eye vision with bad stignitism?
Contacts lens question?
is it possible for a person's eye perscription to go down and get better?
causes of an eye twitch?
Will wearing non-prescription colored contacts over my glasses be harmful?
I have little black specs in my eye, I have very light brown eyes ( like honey brown)// what are they?
Why is my eye twitching?
Can i clean my contacts with water . ? PLEASE HELP !!?
Is this bad for my eye?PLEASE ANSWER?
Are disposable contacts a better choice?
what is wrong with my eyes!? (any comments will help!)?
do you think i need glasses?
Where can i buy orange colored contacts for Halloween?
Proclear vs Acuvue Oasys Contact lenses?
doe the doctor have to approve color contact lenses?
Can you get high off snorting pain pills from the dollar store?
What is the normal diuretic dose PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
I have redness on my stomach that wont go away?
My finger became temporary EMBOSSED when I pressed my finger tips?
Can i go swimming in the ocean after just having a TB test taken?
can you help me solve a bug bite problem?
Do stomach virus symptoms always hit you suddenly or can they slowly come along and get worse?
2 000+ 'exposed' to H1N1 Virus in Jhb?
Do I have an ear infection?
Do you know any Acute Malnutrition or Chronic Malnutrition diseases?Help!?
Can eating worm medicine prevent pregnancy?
I have a fever blister around my new lip piercing!?
How long till we find a cure for chronic Hepatitis B?
Was told that my abcess has MRSA surgery tomorrow?
What infection do I have?
if you have swine flu do the symptoms arise straight away ?
I had helicobactor pylori bacterium for ova a year witout treatment, is that dangerous?
I have a purple ring on my scrotem do i have a STD?
my bf gave me chlamydia and didnt tell me can i still have children? "/?
Okay so can I kiss my child if im having a outbreak with geni herpes?
What are the real symptoms of aids?
What are the sign of a infected virgina?
can you test urine for bacteria.?
do i herpes?????????
okay help me please..............................?
A little blood after bowel movement?
I only pee 2 times a day, I know it's not normal what's wrong with me?
Do I have an inflammed appendix?
Does anyone know where I can find a support group for people with Turner's Syndrome?
Ambien CR and not sleeping?
Am I sick ( ill ) with something odd?
what is diabetes type 2?
how do you know if your anerexic?
Why did my Doctor give me an inhaler?
Tumor Contact....Can you get cancer?
How do i get rid of my acne scars?
smoking only on the weekends/not as much?
When a doctor paints a bleak picture,What do you do?
I have allot of moles and like little skin tags they look like snots will a doctor take them?
please help! I got a really bad itch down there?
i always get a really bad shaving rash, except on my legs, how do i stop this?
Ways of reducing the dark circle(10 points for best answer)?
Why are my eyes red with veins in them? ?
Does your Zeno heat treat device breakdown all the time?
weird rash/burn on arm?
i have there dry spots apparing on my privite and idk what they are or how to make them go away?
Why is the skin of my foot peeled off?
I have itchy bumps on my skin?
I have a bump on my back .feels like a cyst but has a black dot in the middle . thought it was a bug bite but?
Red spots all over body?
is there any way to stop my face from turning beat red when i talk to people?
How to make my skin back to original color?
what are some ways to get stronger?
Is There Someting Seriously Wrong>>???????????
i need help this is serious?
How Can I Build a Human Knee.?
Do you think a persons health should be...?
Am I drinking too much water daily?
How do I get myself to go to bed?
do people snore lying on their sides?
How long until acid/lsd hits you? What does it look like?
why do i have these wierd feelings after smoking a cigerette?
Is there something wrong with me?
smoking question...............................?
How to get rid of lice?
what happens if you rub yourself raw?
How do you say "ureter"?
Does it hurt afterwards to have your tonsils removed?
Whats the best way to get rid of a hickey?
Is it okay to stay up late a lot?
do younger people say in there 20's and 30's suffer from high blood pressure?
Help me with my life? How to fix it?