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when you drop a contact does it break?
Bloodshot eyes... how do you fix them?
i got my new eye glasses yesterday and things seems smaler for me and feel too strong for my eyes.any help?
eye has a blind spot? 10 pts?
Is it normal for your eyes to change color?
Problem "Downstairs"?
Is vagians naturally dirty and stinky with yeast?
Can i get HIV through this?
Cold sores and herpes?
Could it be hpv? im terrified?
Can I get an STD or STI from this. Please respond.?
what color should your skin be after a blood test?
What was this blister on my lip?
How long I need to wait for HIV test result ?
My friend aged 79 a heart patient has Serum Creatinine level of 2.1 what meal will support him?
Is it possible for a women to have a heart attack without knowing?
do i have a tape worm:/...............?
Will spinning everyday help me to get more and more immune to head aches, which i get from spinning?
Are there any good home remedies for throat mucus from acid reflux?
is it ok to take 2 different medications at once?
Weird eye problem (red, itchy, hurts)?
How can I tell if I have blood in my stool?
Ear problems please help?
xanax and oxycontin? deadly?
I get headaches and I smell smoke?
What kind of illness or disease or virus could i have?
What is wrong with my eye?
What are the signs and symptoms of Huningtons?
why do i feel shaky and sweaty after eating anything sugary?
what kind of surgical complications are these?
Can diabetics have surgery? Will the scars heal?
What will happen at my consulation?
My Daughter has a temp of 102.7? she is 2 years old?
Do i have.......Cancer??
ANYONE who knows about drug addicts HELP ME!!!?
i got really dizzy today after i had my daily smoke?
Chewing Tobacco?
Am I suffering from depression..?
what do i do if sit-ups hurt my back during pft?
grinding noise in neck? why?!?
I stubbed my pinky toe...?
Whats this tingling sensation on my left back of head?
How to lose weight with minimum exercise? I have arthritis.?
Why do I always get pains in my joints?
How can i get rid of pain in my quad?
i have pain on my left side neck & shoulder and left side waist that runs down my leg?
ok i really need help with this doctors please help !!!!!?
why is my foot swollen?
Help?! I don't know what I did!?
Do I have Swine flu? Or h1n1 as it's more accurately known?
who started aids.......?
After this "Swine flue" disease .. Ist safe to travel to Europe this summer ?
question about mexico and swine flu?
Does Swine flu have a chance of taking over the world?
antinuclear antibodies direct?
Easy 10 points : What are the symptoms of Swine Flu ?
Do you think i have lyme disease?
how long is mono contagious?
fordyce spot..help please lol?
how contagious is Merca?
I am sick with a cold or flu, now I have conjunctivitious in my eye. How can I get rid of it?
How does Swine Flu kill healthy people?
Should a person who is HIV positive be required to inform their school or place of work?
can i catch my friends virus or bacteria?
What is cyst?Is it a vocal disease?
How much is heart worm treatment?
Can someone please explain how the Swine Flu could mutate?
Is swine flu/H1N1 involved in biology?
Trouble breathing at night?
Why do you have back pain with pneumonia?
Free stop smoking patches.?
i currently have acute bronchitis?
hi had a temp of 102 this morning and 5 hours later my temp is 96.5. is this bad?
diaphragm relative to the liver what position is ?
Is Diziness a symptoms of pnemonia?
white patches on face?
Nasal Polyps HELP!! REMOVAL?
how do i get rid of blackheads on my face.I never had them before i always had clear skin HELP PLEASE?
When I wake up after a normal nights rest for the first hour I have difficulty breathing and...?
is it true that vicks vapor takes away fugus on your toes ?
severe itching on arms&neck?
Would oxy be good for sensitive skin?
non stopping blood from mouth means .....????
Can fall alseep. is there a drink that can make you sleepy?
why do ears ring?????????/?
Itchy after a shower?
What's wrong with me? (Please answer!)?
I feel sick what should I do?
what make-up should a eleven year old be wearing?
How can I fall asleep fast?
Where can I get tested for lice?
what will i be when i grow up?
Is my mom addicted to pain medication?
how long does weed stay in your system?
Why do I get so Lightheaded when I stand up?
What time should i go to bed?
When did alcohol become a drug?
What kind of drugs....?
can clorox clear out your system?
Is it possible to become invisible?
My nose bled the instant I woke up...?
should i keep going or go to bed?
How to treat a mouth sore?
Unusual bruising and nausea?
strange waking up problems in sleep ?
i woke up with nausea and chills?
lexapro and generic celexa?
i had 2 cups of nyquil and tylenol took shower ate went to sleep woke up in the er crashed into a tree they tr?
HIPAA Violation in Pediactrics office?
Can humans take NSAID's and Steroids at the same time?
What do these sympoms mean?
why do I taste a combination of blood and metal in my mouth?
really bad allergies?
How are people allergic to certain food dyes?
I'm allergic to chocolate :( please help?
Feeling sick?
Need help with a good allergy medication?
Dark under eyes from allergies, what to do?
Can having an indoor pet help your allergys and are there ways of reducing allergy's if you have a pet?
I herd on the news this morning that there is a new kind of an allergy and it has something to do with the?
Am I having an allergic reaction?
Is my lip Infected??????????
Can I get herpes from drinking after my friends?? ?
can you get pregnant after having chlamydia for 4 months?
This has really got me worried. help?
i have a hard blister inside my mouth on the bottom right side of my lip. i have had it for like 3 months and?
capsaicin cream help?
What majors can I choose for a surgeon and a pharmacist?!? Help asap please!?
can i catch herpes by smokeing after someone?
can doctors tell if your a virgen or not by urine samples?
Can someone tell me why I hiccup randomly once or twice EVERY day?
Is there anyway to fake smoking weed?
Does smoking turn you on?
When will lack of sleep effect my weight loss?
How long does it take to get results back from 3 hour glucose tolerance test?
my first a1c was 13.9, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, 3 months later my follow up is 6.1 and i?
What's the feeling of wearing eyeglasses for the first time?
How should my eyes feel with contact lenses?
My 2 year old son has +7 lenses in both eyes. I am ordering online and am confused with the types of lenses.?
My eyes are really starting to bother me..when i look at a computer screen my eyes become blurry...is this?
I slept with contacts and cant take them out!!!?
A couple of days back I was advised to try wearing a lower prescription to stop my myopia getting worse?
just got contacts, and i can feel them in my eyes,?
I just got contacts and my eyes are irritated. Can contacts cause long term damage to your eyes?
a tiny amount of yellow gooey stuff in eye when i wake up.?
what does this mean? :'( ????
What is the highest a person can get on their glasses?
is it easier to have contacts or glasses?
are contact lens bad for eyes?
is it weird to have a cat eye and diffrent color eyes ?
I recently got contact lenses...?
Whats going on with my eyes?
What would make my tear duct burn ?
does anyone sleep with thier contacts in?
what is wrong with my eyes?
Fingerprints and eye colour?
can you use the right eye lenses for both eyes?
i got a honey bee sting?????
Possibly bitten by a spider?
is it likely you will?
My feet and ankles started to swell yesterday, i do have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism?
my heart is beatin fast?
do i have the cold,flu or what?
Can i take alcohol with cough medicine?
can u die from sniffing fumes from finger nail remover?
Am i having halloucinations of some sort...?
I think my taste bud is swollen,what can i do?
Fed up whats wrong with me!?
is this normal please click?
How can I stop my tongue hurting after I smoke?
what will happen to me if i find dead body in my bed in dream?
does eight glasses of kool-aid a day count for your water?
im allways crying over the littlest things even one little joke do you think im a little emo?
How can you tell if a toilet is clogged? There are no substances floating around, but the water is low.?
I think I'm sick with something, but I'm not sure whether this is something to see the doctor about.?
i have a question about wat u think will happen after my surgery tomorrow!?
what are the most harmful cigarettes?
My ear hurts soo bad! Help?
What are the health affects of hallucenagetic mushrooms?
Why am I consistently Tired?
Diet during stomach infection?
questions about mono?
que la enfermeda es herpes?
I have fever like symtoms and a bad caugh what could this be?
Medical question: Do I have pink eye and what can I do for it?
Worried about a tick issue. Please help.?
swine flu early stages?
Is spaghetti good or bad for candida?
Do I have chicken pox?
What may I have if my symptoms are..?
what happens if you have a little cold but is going to get surgery on your tonsils in a day?
being hapatitis B+ is contraindication for start of residency at US?
What is swine flu???????
how long is swine flu dangerous to someone?
Is there a medication to Prevent you from getting Heppatitis C from your Husband?
how to avoid getting cold sores?
Is it a bad idea to book a hoilday to the dominican republic because of swine flu?
I think i have a tonsil stone, help !?
is it possible to get swine flu and "recover" and then die later on?
mosquito bite sickness?
Where can I get the cost of life support?
What are the results of smoking a hookah?
Nicotine – list two consequences of using/abusing nicotine, and tell what group of psychoactive drugs it?
How long does THC stay in your system if this is your first time smoking?
Gagging tedency, chronic coughs when excercising or chilly?
I think my throat closed up last night?
What is a good way to get rid of head lice?
Will i die in my thirties because i have sickle cell anemia?
Does anyone know what these symptoms might be.?
How can I get better from my cold in two days?
how will i feel by taking this much vicoden?
Know anything about hypothyroidism?
How long does doxycycline take to work?
epilepsy then develop brain tumor additional problems?
How long does a cold last!?
14 year old with scoliosis...Please help....please?
I have constipation and I was wondering if i could..?
my the middle of my upper lip hurts a lot like it feels like a cut?
wye does my wrist hurt help:?
What is Plica Syndrome Surgery like?
has anyone tried........?
Dark Undereye Circles?
poison oak?? maybe... help!!!?
removal of blackheads from nose?
What are some causes of my itchy face? Can I make it go away? please answer!?
Weird discolored spots on neck.. what could it be?
Is it true that lemons actually remove a tan?
Mysterious shoulder blade pain?
i have this weird red spot on my back and it has a little white Circle around it?
I had femur surgery 16 years ago and now for like 10 days pain in femur and outside of knee is stiff, painful?
I started taking Accutane(5mg) 4 days ago and i was wondering if it will work really good.?
my skin is really oily?? what to do?
Standing up too fast?
please help me, i really need help any doctors out there....?
swollen LEGS from bumps?
how can you get rid of acne fast without medicine?
What is this red rash on my leg from?!?
Chest pain when running or doing physical activity?
Why do we get so much dead skin on our feet ?
Throbbing arm pit pain with shooting pain after?
Should i take roaccutane again?
Itchy bumps on the skin?
help teatree oil deep in ear!?
I have acne and it puts me down a lot?
How can you catch spots?
My friend was giving birth and while pushing blood vessels appeared on her face, is that normal.?
HELP! Blister Popped?!?
why do i have high blood pressure at 18.?
Does Yogurt need to be fruitless and sugarless to cure thrush?
my dad is throwing up and sweating, telling me its hard to move and breath. he said his heart hurt. WHY.?
what herbal remedy works for add children?
is cold pressed castor oil just the same as the castor oil that is use for purgative/cathartic?
What is the best way to sooth a sore throat?
were can i buy lucid?
Took 4 Aleve pills. What helps?
Alcoholism - help please.?
I feel like everyone's out to kill me?
Parents feelings on my anorexia?
how can meditation improve my health?
About AIDS: If a person is infected with HIV virus what symptom they will have?(on their body and everything)?
can hiv be transmitted by water?
HIV possibly?!?!?i need help?
Is it possible for the doctors to check if your still a virgin?&how?ahaha?
What is the prognosis for treated AIDS?
Could I have an STD??
I can't stop bleeding can you help me?
how can you swell your spleen?
Is smoking really that bad for you?
when does the hour fall back?
what do my oral glucose test results mean?
Cancers & diabetes, what is the solutions?
can a diabetic woman do surgery in her stomach tumor?
Is 0.66 low for a free t4 level?
I want to grow taller... need some advice?
Should i pull a allnighter?
is there anything that i can take to help me sleep?
Why don't I sleep in?
How tall will my son be? He's like 5'4" or 5'5", age 16 5 months. Weighs 125.?
would it be ok, to try shrooms, or pot just once?? 13 year old !!?
which is more healthier marijuana or cigarettes?
Why do i unconsciously scratch my arms?
Wetting the Bed as a Teen? Please Help!?
i am really gassy and my stomach hurts how do i stop it?
Which is worse of these drugs?
whenever im touched in any area of my body i have a tingly feeling.?
I'm Having Bad Panic Attacks Because I Think Too Much, Why?
How do I make myself throw up?
i think im constipated.. help ?
how do i clean out my blood system of marijuana?
Why am I losing weight!?
I Have trouble sleeping often need help?
what could be wrong with me?
how do u get rid of hiccups?
how do I get rid of an inner ear virus?
is alcohol harmful for gastric ulcer?
Pro- life + babies with down syndrome?
cause of too much enzyems in liver?
Strep, allergies, or cold?
Does anyone know if this is tongue disease?
My 15 week old son has been having poor appetite and nightly low grade fevers...?
Bloated swollen stomach?
while im brushing my teeth im shocked of my gums bleeding!what kind of illness is related to this symptoms?
could this mole be cancerous (pic)?
Question about being in a coma?
I've had a ringing in my ears for a couple days now, should I be concerned?
Is there any alternate use for marijuana in medical situations such as glaucoma, ms, cancer, etc.?
will walking a lot give me arthritis eventually?
My boyfriend of a year is 18 and he suddenly started coughing up blood shaking and having heart pains.?
i having big problems with swallowing food.?
Why is there such thing as mono-brow ?
i get panic and anxiety attacks they are getting even worst what should i do?
How sick can you get from smelling sandwich mold?
my daughter 5 yr. fill on her head. little ball appears but dr said its ok as he check her and made x rays for?
Should I get sinus surgery?
Feel like throat is closing up/lump in throat?
How do I stop producing excessive mucus?
how fast can pneumonia/chest infection show up on an xray?
my x-ray result says "PTB minimal"..what does it mean?
when to wear my new glasses?
is it possible to get one contact lense only?
Why is my eye bright red?
wearing contacts more then 2 weeks?
My eye lids wont open?
I am thinking about getting contacts.. : ) What do You think?
hii.. can the eye axis be 1? my optometrist says it can be nything from 1 to 180..?
what vitamins are good for healthly eyes?
How do you get water to people in Africa?
Contact lens precription help?
My contacts are blurry?
Can I wear my contacts yet?
how much does a lazy eye surgery cost?
How much on average do contacts cost?
How do I get this thing out of my eye?
my mom says my eyes will burn if i watch too much t.v is that true?
Will I Go Blind From This?
is it safe to dye your eyes with food coloriong?
is there a such thing as a person with natrual red eyes?
At what point should you wear glasses all the time?
during a seizure, can the eyes fully roll back into the head?
Cat scratched my eye! Dad won't take me to ER!?
Help with my contacts?
caan you get eye floaters a 16 year old?
how do you treat a burn?
Do you need white blood cells during chemo ?
Random thought, is eating skin good for you...?
Can you please tell me if this is normal?
What works well to get rid of a sore throat?
I have a serious problem?
Why do i keep finding blood spots on my pillow?
My sis BP was 200/0 with a low sodium/potassium count. What does that BP mean-200/0?
My girlfriend won't eat and I'm extremely worried. ?
did i just have a panic attack? ?
How do i stop peeing my pants?
chemotherepy hair loss?
i was tested hiv after 10 weeks possible exposure and tested negative by combi aids test am i think safe?
how much does an std test cost at planned parent hood?
is fire blight a dieses,bacteria,or a virus?
Where are there free std test in houston?
Changes in number of hiv or pregnancy strip?
If i had nightfall twice in three days then what?
Has swine flu mutated in south america?
what evidence is there that vitamin C actually prevents or shortens the flu?
Swine Flu?? I'm scared!!?
Should I be worried about my lymph node?
when is swine flu going to end ?
how can i tell when my flu is no longer contageous?
Lyme disease, tick bite rash disappeared???????????
Is it possible that I have the swine flu?
I'm going to Canada on the 20th but my cousin, (I'll be staying at his house) has the swine flu, will I be ok?
Antibiotics for acne?
Why is the skin on my cheeks flakey and slightly red?
Rash on the inside of my arm?
what is mumps and how do you treat it?
Is there any possibility of being infertile if you just had mumps?
Should i contact a doctor?(swine flu)?
parasites help please!?
Crenotizing Fascitis Flesh eating tissue?
Swine Flu outbreak and who do we call?
does anyone know what a little white bump on nose could be. Not a whitehead/?
does UTI includes bleeding when you urinate?
bacteria isolation from in used syrup bottle?
how to get rid of a hand wound infection?
How can i get ride of lice?
help with feeling after shaving..embarrassing..?
does it sound like i have mono?
does every person have their own germs?
I have a reoccurring lump in my throat. It is right below my voice box.?
I have reallyt bad break outs?
What is poison ivy an example of?
Keep Scars From Fading.?
Werid Small Rash on ONE Of my Fingers.?
how long does medication stay in your body ?.?
What takes eye pain away?
Why is there swollen lumps all over my neck and why has it been so sore?
Could these be stress fractures?
Scratch on neck just noticed it now?
why do my forearm muscles feel weak?
Is it simply restless leg?
What is the best way to ease the pain of a herniated disk?
Muscle pain/spasms after electrical shock? ?
why Does my shoulder hurt when i lay flat on my back?
would smoking weed once effect me?
does my 5 year old have symptoms of leukemia?
Vaporizer - Does anybody know about it.?
Like the left front side of my brain hurts but its not a headache? and floating black dot in right eye?
Burn Blister on thumb ?
I need to know what to do when my foot is swollen to the point where it hurts to walk on it?
Has anyone here ever giving up smoking? Please help me!?
Do I get enough sleep?
Is it normal for a 16 year old with brain cancer to cry all the time?
I have sleep problems and I need help?
Can you get high of off expired medication?
what do you do when you cant sleep?
what are the best ways to help you fall asleep?
After I oversized, smoked weed...?
Streess.( 10 point for best answer)?
does gum affect how often you urinate?
Black vomit, throat has acidic feeling?
does anyone know what happens when you stay in the bath a REALLY LONG TIME?
What can I do to fall asleep?
Craving a cigarette!! Should I have one?
I can't fall asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why do they have you wear a lead jacket during an x-ray?
Anyone with medical knowledge, please help!?
How do you make yourself throw up?
How can i fall asleep ?
i have a sore throat. do you think i have swine flu?
What could be wrong with my boyfriend?
I have a sore throat and feel dizzy and tired. What do I have?
I accidentally ate part of a moldy doughnut! What will happen?
What type of doctor should I see?
how much hours of sleep do i need as a teen?
don't people who smoke don't realize how much their breath stinks and make other people sick !?
Do you buy the excuse that...?
can u pass drug test if you do this ?
Why can't I fall asleep?
how can i stop smoking?
How can someone successfully drown himself in a bathtub?
Is mercury from thermometers bad?
At what age do people stop growing tall?
Tips for reducing anxiety throughout the day?
Can you die from lack of sleep?
How do i stop him from beating me up?
what are the cause of chlamydia?
what causes hepatittis?
night-time bug bites with no obvious source?
which one would kill you?
someone please help its bad!!?
is gallbladder surgery safe for a type 2 diabetic?
How to take control of my Diabetes?
how come my sugar went down to 34 one morning but im only border line diabetic?
Can I become a firefighter with Type 1 diabetes?
Could this really be a shampoo allergy?
Curing mild food allergy?
If I have a sore throat,any home remedies?
I'm looking for a new puppy but I am allergic to animals, which is best?
Any one know anything about zyrtec?
nasal spray??
Am I lactose intolerent?
I'm getting nosebleeds in spring?
I cut myself. Will I have scars forever?
my mom might have cancer?
Is it possible to have throat cancer if you have one of the possible symtoms?
Can a MRI effect your short term memory?
Found out my grandpa had cancer yesterday....advice?
Has anyone experienced or know someone who has experienced a rare form of cancer?
Why do you goto Chemotherapy if cancer was removed?
How to get rid of scars?
what is a chemical berrier that stops infections and starts with an A and has 10 letters in it?
Have a acne n need it to go away!!!!?
how long is the life term of the patient with ovarian cancer?
who was the first one in the world to have aids?
oral herpes is bad, mkay?
do i have anxiety??? i'm 13!?
what if i shot myself today?
Can pap smears show whether or not someone have a disease or HIV/AIDS with out having a blood test done?
A question about hpv?(type of std)?
What prescription drugs for depression and anxiety make you feel good?
Do you think its anything?
I think I have a problem here?
I have a sinus infection and..?
How do you tell if you are experiencing tachycardia arrhythmia and what may cause it?
help with meds please?
the best cough remedy?
Asthma or something else?
the reaction of living tissue to a local injury in which the reaction as a farily rapid onset and a clear and?
Is it possible for someone to have so much mucous/snot that it builds up and reaches the brain?
I have a dry skin and i have tried different type of cream but they are making it look older.what should i do.?
My husband takes off his CPAP in his sleep.?
How can I tell the difference between regular lumps and cancer lumps in my breasts?
can high blood pressure do anything serious to you?
solution for high blood pressure....?
blood pressure?
Does Morphine Sulfate have Sulfa in it ?
Does anyone know anything about bone cancer? How about vitamin c injections to treat cancer?
if one of your parnets had cancer will there child or children end up geting it in the near futture ?
how do you feel about professionals using steroids?
Is there something wrong with my eyesight?
Why are part of my eyes orange?
What is the sandy thing in the inside of your eye called, that you get especially after waking up?
Is it ok to wear contacts once in a while and not everyday?
Black dot in left eye?
How to improve your eyesight quickly...and are glasses bad for you ?
What are the dangers of contact lenses?
How can I use old contact cases? Or what should I do with them?
Please help. Irritated eye...?
darkness under eyes?
Eye scratched by dog?
do your eyes really turn yellow when your liver is failing?
My eye color is changing! Has this ever happend to anyone?
First time,help with glasses?
lazy eye help please?
Contact Lens information?
Should I bother going to the eye doctor?
****ing magnets!!!!!!!?
How to pass a urine drug test for weed?
Eyes not focusing correctly?
slept with lenses not d 1st time. my right eye hurts and is watery. what to do?
Is laser eye surgery safe?
Something's wrong with my eye.?
Is it a waste of money for me to get glasses?
what is the highest amount of fenugreek i can take safely?
Why is it that my eyes start burning when I play games on computer or video games on tv?
How do I get my gf unpregnant?
i have this bug bite on my arm. is it serious?
how long does a swollen pinky heal?
Home remedies for swollen legs?
It feels like i have poison Ivy, but is not it is one my neck , back and stomach area?
i got stitches and it was bleeding is this bad ?
Why do people get mosquito bites when they travel?
clear red liquid coming from my blister? NOT Blood!?
open sores all on bottom half face chin and back/ear herpes? staph?
acne on head under hair?
Overgrowth of scar tissue; requesting medical advise?
Painful bumps on my feet?
what do doctors use to remove warts?
does anyone know what this is ?
Help with restoring damaged skin....anyone?
Is this a bug bite? Or something more?
what causes a sty on your eye?
Acne scar question help please. !!?
Itchy skin from blood tests?
why do we break out more often on our faces than our arms or other body parts?
So does shiva 23 really work?
How do you get rid of skin colour?
Why did I randomly develop eczema?
What can help with Psoriasis?
Skin problem. I have a 5yr old daughter with sebaceous bumps all over her T-zone. Especially on her nose.?
I need a vitamin regimen for my weakened immune system?
infectious pus pockets?
What can happen if given a double dose of varicella at the same time?
Tenut shot reaction,Help?
Do I have an Eye Infection?
What is leprosy??????
is this symptoms of swine flu?
i have been vomiting ,chills,fever,joint painwhat could i have?
i have a bladder infection what do i do? i been drinking cranberry juice and water and it doesn'tt help?
Could it be Meningitis?
Could I have mono if I do not have a fever or fatigue?
If someone who has a staph infection swims in a chlorinated pool will it still spread to other people in pool?
how high of a fever should i start to worry?
Drinking while taking Metronidazole?
Can dogs get kennel cough from a kennel cough vaccine?
if not phenmonia, what would be causing fluid in both lungs?
i need to know about mono.?
i had the swine flu and it's been gone for about a week now. can it come back and if so, when?
could i spread hepititis B after years of having it?
Can I prevent mono after exposure?
chemotherapy wigs?
HELP!!! I swallowed the gel inside an ibuprofen and now my tongue is swollen!?
Odd and painful knee pain. What's up?
My knee is still sore?
My boyfriend used to eat oysters, then one day got food poisoning, now cant eat them at all? Why?
Do I have a Rotator Cuff Tear?
What Causes Scoliosis?
I sometimes twitch randomly and get a tingle in my neck.......what could this be?
How did I hurt my leg?
Why does my right side hurt?
My muscle feels sore after stretching?
Could I have meningitis?
what is a good place to buy tramadol cheap online?
My knee feels funny;(?
Right eye hurts when I move it to the right?
I slept on my arm, and now I have pain in the back part of my left arm!?
my nose ring is infected, what should i do. i DONT want to let it close.?
Why are there bags or sagging flesh under my eyes? What causes such to happen?
What usually triggers an eating disorder?
Is it true that every couple of seconds someone dies of hunger related illness?
What could be wrong with me?
My mom has something wrong with her bowels, doctors haven't said anything yet.?
Colonoscopy tomorrow. Should I be so scared? What can I expect?
drinking and liver damage...?
what could cause these symptoms?
Do I have appendicitis?
What foods can help your kidney?
How does insomnia work?
what should i do if i was operated on and the surgery was not needed now i am missing my coccyx?
How Does It Feel To Be On Cocaine?
Diseases we never saw 50 years ago?
left eye twiching for 3 months now?
High liver enzymes with Lipitor???
I just found out I have acid reflux what should I eat?
how would u react if you were diagnosed with a terrible disease?
Does acid reflux cause permanent vocal chord damage?
my gf hasnt got her period for 2 months and her vag is sore can she have an std stopping her f/ havin her peri?
what are sc laws regarding partner notification for HIV or AIDS?
Where can I get more information about chlamydia?
why do i wake up with thick white stringy saliva?
if you have a yellow discharge but no smell what is it?
why it takes 6 months to show antibody in hiv test?
STD or no ? Why does it hurt down there?
is there a cure for HIV? if so when are they going to let the public know?
Will i get aids/hiv ?
How did AIDs originate?
Child Scrotum problem?
Am I allergic to shrimp or what?
Fruits/vegetable allergies?
I have a three year old that has started rubbing her eyes. No discharge yet just puffy and red. ?
Why does my throat hurt when i eat raw fruit?
I just broke out in hives and i dont know what to do?
Help? Brain Damage??
If you are laughing and accidently inhale a food chunk is it more likely that you will expel it by coughing?
what to do during an asthma attack?
Can you get cancer from dying your hair too much?
Can People Be Allergic To Hamsters?
Can you grow a allergy?
My allergist said I have dark circles because of allergies and I haven't seen any improvement?
How to get rid of my blackheads?!?
How do you prevent breast cancer in the most simple ways?
I think I may be allergic to yeast?
should i go to the emergency room? (BEST ANSWER GETS 50 POINTS)?
I still can't get the blockage of "snot" out of my left nostril, i dont know what to do HELP! It's been 4 days
Sinitus or Deviated Septum or Allergies?
what does it mean when the doctor says the liver is in critical stage?
what is steroid?
my mother is a diabetes patient since 5years she is fed up of insulin injection. Is there any oral drug 4 thi?
What exactly is a cancer relapse?
Why do I get one or two hives on my face when temp. drops?
my neck has been itchy the last couple of days, any ideas why? im not allergic to anything..well nothing i kno
What happened here? Could I have an allergy to caffeine?
who have breathing problem?
Can people with seafood allergies swim in the ocean w/out having a reaction?
took a test and i am severly allergic to pet dander? what does this mean? can i visit those with pets?
My mom dosent think this is serious?
do these symptoms go together?
What's wrong with me?? PLZ HELP!!?
What can help me fall asleep?
does smoking weed have just as bad of an effect on your health as cigarettes?
okay i have a health related question?
I smoked weed on Feb 13th, will it be out of my system by the 26th when i get drug tested?
Using q-tips for ears?
how come i sleep during the day and awake during the night?
I fall asleep in class some times,what should I do?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
If someone works from 12am-3am and has to get up at 7am in the morning... (click to continue)?
how bad can second hand smoking get?
When my son sweats his clothes have the most awful smell. I have tried changing detergents, but to no avail.?
What to do to help fall asleep?
i cant seem to fall asleep. what can i do to relax myself?
is a cat scan better than a ultra sound?
I broke down and took a couple hits of weed two weeks ago and i took a drug test... Will I pass?
how come every time I want to go out for a drink, i end up with a sore throat or something?
I woke up last night choking... it has happened about 5 times now, what the heck is this?
DO guys smells down there like girls?
Stress relievers.... any suggestions?
I sleep WAY too much.?
what gas is used in fire breathing?
is anyone on this a physical therapist ?
I seem to get croup a lot?
hantavirus question and concerns?
sometimes i cant catch my breath and my lung feels like it catches and feels like it pops when i force a deep?
can some one help me with my asthma diagnostics?
Does/can a nasal obstruction cause your nose to appear "big", or a little wider?
How do you reset your body for school?
what do you wear when sleeping?
My poo was green,help?
how do you eat less but prevent depression?
is it possible for a 4 y/o to skeet?
how do i induce puking without using my finger? i have been sitting by the toilet all day and need to but cant?
Why do I sleep for so long?
Could soda be ding this if not what could it be?
i cut myself and my friends don't think i should be doing this?
do cool people trip like ever?
What happens if a hospital gives you a urine test and it comes up positive for marijuana before a surgery?
Marijuana smoking question?
I'm only 15 and everytime I go for a walk, my feet gets swollen. Why is that?
why is yawning so contagious?
Why is it that when i put rubbing alcohol on it doesnt burn?
uhhhh pleaseee help me!! my stomach hurts so badddd. why?!? 10 points?
Frequent nose bleeds for no reason?
the facts of weed? please help?
i have a really big problem.....?
Help for a 9 mth baby - constant fever up to 104.6 & seizures. Drs. say no infection/can't help him.?
get in touch pleasei want to get in touch?
What should I do about this bee sting of mine?
I got bit by an insect...HELP!?
bruised insect bites?
a very strange question?
What on earth is wrong with me?! Crazy symtoms. .?
cluster of bug bites...?
I have really bad excema on my face. any tips for getting rid of it?
About 36 weeks pregnant, rash on the underside of my left arm since last Saturday...?
lacto-calamine lotion?
How do you get rid of a ......?
What on earth is this?
Ringworm -working around food?
Question about spider veins?
I have sore toe, but i have no epson salt, whatelse will help heal a sore toe?
can You be kind and help me out here to figure something out?
what type of rash does this look like?
information about lice?
My cheeks get very red how do i stop it?
mosquito infestation?
does it matter if i use medicated acne facewash while on accutane? ?
will they ever go away?
are tea leaves a good substitute for tobacco? and if not what is?
Do u feel sick the next day from anesthesia?
Can cannabis be used as a sleeping aide?
easy cure for slip disc?
How can I better control my emotions? Not hide, but control? Guide? I cry too much and get too angry.?
experiences drinking while on prozac?
What kind of mental illness do I have?
Airborn by Kenneth Oppel?
If someone has dormant mono, and I kiss him, can I get mono?
when does a kidney infection clear up ?
how soon after stepping on a nail should you get a tetnus shot.?
HIV1 and HCV are thought of as being interconnected?
hepatitis c in water?
what are anti-virals?
Meningitis help please i need to know answers fast?
Is it possible to get sick like this?
What causes a yeast infection?
how do you avoid getting mono when you know you will be near someone who has it?
Question about Meningitis?
swine flu- face masks?
what does a needle feel like?
am i still contagious or at risk of anything else?
i'm scared about getting mono..plz help?
i sicked about 2 weeks with flu ,fever ,cough and headcace,what is the symphton?
Is this herpes? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Report analysis for Hepatitis B?
Is the swine flu vaccine fully tested for its safety?does the manufacturer have a product liability?.?
Diarrhea for four days!? Help me!?
Can you tell me if this is permanent?
How was Aids/Hiv started?
how do you get rid of crabs?
can using too many suppositories hurt?
Would Molluscum Contagiosum and/or all types of HPV cause an abnormal pap ?
can you give yourslef a std test at home?
Have you done your ? ? ?
Are Zeiss lenses for eyeglasses worth the extra money, and how much more are they?
will my contacts still wear out if i leave them in solution?
White dot on Iris? NO INSURANCE?
Why can't I wear contacts when I'm sick?
How to be a somebody.....?
A Question about laser pointers?
What is the average price of getting contacts including a visit to the eye doctor?
can you become blind using eye drops?
is laser eye surgery painful?
I can make my eyes go blurry is that normal?
if I am sitting 4ft from my computer and can still read the size 8 text (arial), Am I under 20/10 vision?
contacts without prescription?
if you have one eye do you blink or wink?
My vision went weird for roughly 30 minutes, returned to normal, and i got a headache after?
Is this normal......?
What's wrong with my eyes?
is this weird...........?
can i wear overnight my contact lens even it is disposable 3months?
i swam in my contacts yesterday and my left eye hurts?
are contacts a hasstle?
Can I wear my right contact in my left eye?
Can I get contact lenses?
what are floaters??????????
Contact or eye trouble?
will i need surgery for ovarian cyst?
My knee is starting to hurt?
How would a hypoglycemia person develop diabetes?
Do I Need A Basal Change Badly?
Help,, do i need hospital???????????
when am i going to die?
my feet seem to always be cold! what's the problem?
how do you fall asleep?
Could pain be from how I am sleeping?
How can I increase my blood pressure?
Do you look when you get a shot?
are cracking your knuckles bad for you in the long run?
i have low blood pressure every time i sleep too long. what does it mean.?
What could you do for a sore throat?
how can i get a good night's sleep i haven't slept one full peaceful night in17 years?
Do cigarettes show on urine drug test?
A way to fall asleep?
Is it bad for your neck to sleep like this?
please give me good methods for staying up all night?
I didnt sleep last night and im really tired, what can i do to gain energy because i simply cannot move! help!?
Wake up feeling dehydrated every morning?
Do you think it is okay for health insurance companies to deny someone health care because of medical history?
Is this weird or what?
do u thinkk its gross when a gurl smokes ciggs?
how can you quit smoking?
Sleeping Problems? :O?
My boyfriend has really bad food poisoning, and no insurance! What can I do or get him to help him :(?
How to stabilize blood sugar (hypoglycemia)?
What are some symptoms of spinal menengitis?
Do you know what this could be? very important.?
How to get rid of a sore throat in one day?
whats wrong with me?
please help my bones feel really hot and hirt so bad what ist his?
Possible bladder infection of some sort?? What medicine will get rid of it??..?
What is wrong with me?
Stabbing in the right Side if my stomach?
I havent had a bowel movement in 6 days, and drank 10 oz of laxative, what do i do?
how to get rid of kidney stones?
soda pop habit & terrible headaches?
any cures for bad breath?
the disease/sickness mono, is it harmful and can be cured?
urinary problem?
sore shoulder joints & elbow joint without lifting?
I've been feeling unwell for weeks, I need some help, but I don't want to go to the doctors unnecessarily.?
What specifically the signs that you have that "bipolar" thing?
Is there any other option other than surgery for a brain tumor?
Defecating blood isn't good right?
Caffeine Problem?
How do i know if i have a tumor?
my sister has a stomach problem...?
What are the side effects of amlodipine?
Is asthma hereditary?
my mum has cancer in the lung and in the liver and now has a purple tongue is that common?
Why is breathing important?
How long do symptoms of an overdose of advil and tylnol take?
Do I have skin cancer?
why was i hallusination after smoking weed?
Why is my Blood pressure high still. I started a BP Pill a week ago.? I feel weird too sometimes.?
Why am i so itchy pleas HELP !!!!?
What to do about Acne Please Help!?
How can I get the smokey feeling out of my lungs?
i have stretchmarks!! are they normal in this situation?
should my Great Grandmother Take chemotherapy?
if i smoked a cigarette 4 weeks ago will it show on a drug test?
if you have been fighting cancer for 12yrs and the drugs no longer work would you quit taking them?
Confused about possible COPD?
A person with kidney damage after an acute exposure to a toxic chemical is showing?
My chicken is baby chicken is mouth breathing and is lethargic. What could be causing this?
Breathing bleach dangerous?
What causes chest pain in a heart attack?
Is this my first time PVCs?
Is there any treatment for breathlessness and a weird feeling in throat ?
my heart skips when I drink alcohol, What could be causing this?
chronic heart failure and blackouts?
2nd degree burn blister popped...now what?
when i cleaned my ear with a qtip it went def what do i do?
Help With Infected Scab?
my 9 year old black lab is starting to lose her hair in patches the vet said it was allergies, is it?
what is good for allergies?
Has anyone ever had or heard of an allergic reaction from Fiji Water?
my son is now allergic to soy - we used soy sauce for our mushrooms/chicken. Any suggestions for substitutes?
Am I allergic to my own body fluids?
What is allergy? Is it a disease?
How do you dislodge something from someones throat?
is there any drug cure for allergies?
Is there anyway to cure my throat?
I get sick when im at school? 10 points.?
Is anyone getting allergic reactions to doritos' new flavor, scream cheese?
Allergy to sunscreen!?
it's okay to have birds at home if a child has wheeze on his chest?
If I'm allergic to Ibprufens; will I be allergic to Vicodin?
Why does the inside of my nose itch and it I running like a faucet why?
do benadryl help for a rash.?
fever with dry cough?
Very swollen taste buds in the back of my tongue?
If you are exposed to a single allergen when young, are you less likely to ever become allergic to it?
Is there a liquid medicine I can take to be not allergic to cats?
has anyone used birth control for their acne?
What acne medication do you suggest for me?
Will they remove it this week or will i have to wait again?
A bump appears on my cheek every time I go outside in the cold, what could this be?
Dry facial skin, lotion isn't helping it?
how do I get rid of oily eyelids?
will skin i.d work if i get it 3 months before prom?
i hav such anderarm sweating problem,i live in ehtiopia there s no any solution here (in ethiopia)....pls advi?
Can you get rid of milk spots on the face? I think that's what they're called?
How do I get rid of my scars?
how do exfoliants differ from scrubs?
What is this pain at the top of my chest?
Found a lump on lower right leg?
My vigina itchin burning irritation is killing me?
Pain below hip bone and back always hurts?
change in discharge after meds?
i have a medicine called tazorac for acne i had it on for about 1hr strarted getting itchy then to burn why ?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? PLEASE PEOPLE ANSWER I KNOW I POSTED THIS ALOT BUT HELP PLZ?
Where to do this ? ? ? ?
My dad is having stomach pain that radiates to his back and doctors don't know what it is?
can having a staph infection while taking a HIV test, give you a false reading of the HIV test?
please help! is this herpes on my tonsils?
Are my back problems severe enough that I should go and have a consultation? Dropped sacruma and pl L5?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? please help me? please i know i asked it alot, but i really need help?
Random minor head pain?
Does it hurt to finger yourself for the first time ?
Does hydrocodine 10.5 have ip110?
i have a bad pain in the side of my neck?
why do my ears......?
I need to pass a pee test?!?
my heart beat is 120 in a minute is it a serious problem?
I have been put on steroids for asma/panic attack is this ok?
How do I take care of my hands during winter?
white bump on tip of tong?
i accidentally inhaled some air from a whipped cream bottle? will i be okay?
how 2 get rid of blackheads
Sharp pains in my chest?
i put lemon on my zit and now my face is all red?!? plz help me asap!!?
Can you itch a scratch?
My mom is a major alcoholic...Please help!?
my grandma has blood pressure of 138/56 and is complaining of feeling dizzy what should I do?
what dose this card do?
Can you catch the Swine Flu a second time ?
Swine flu! Please help!?
WHAT DOES A pHD in Medical Microbiology entail?
how do sti s develop ?
I have Mono. Is it possible to get it from being overworked? what Is it exactly?
Is a hot shower okay to take during a fever?
I Had Mono For 8 weeks already, can I travel?
is this a sickness - EDNOS?
Can pets get contagious human diseases like a virus or a fever?
Is this just the cold going away? Or what?
How long does it take to diagnose swine flu?
do i have the flu or a cold?
Pink eye question,please answer?
I think I have a uti infection! I really need help. I would like some doctors to answer if possible.?
Can this really just be a cold?
i have swine flu and i am wondering when i will get cured?
Feeling sick...AGAIN? Help!?
is the tb jag over in scotland and not comingg back ?
is it just me or does everyone have swine flu??( england< london)?
guy dies of swine flu..but is hit by a semi at the same time..isn't SF overrated?
Can you lie when you are high? ?
What's symptoms of loosing to much blood?
Who do you think saves more lives -airline pilots or doctors MD-?
why do i never poo?!?
Could you survive at 1 degree celcius?
i must be mentel.....?
I can't pay attention/keep my focus when I'm out; do I need to change something?
ADHD and ADD at the same time?
Help! I'm sad cause I have to leave my dance studio :(?
very moody, negative. MORE than a normal teen should.?
fear of people ? (asperger syndrome)?
what is the best acne wash that get rid of zits in no time?
diabetics on insulin two question's?
struggling with depression?
Random thought, is eating skin good for you...?
my mom has uti.. the doctor prescribed her cipro yesterday but it seems like its not working.. she's vomitting?
woulndt this be funny?
what is wrong with me?
Is a blood sugar level of 124 after drinking juice diabetic?
Should I wear my contact lenses?
As soon as i get my income tax I am going to the eye dr. and dentist since I dont have insurance,?
Glasses for people with lazy eye?
i have unequal refractive power in both eyes and i get non stop persisting eye strain?
I think there is something wrong with my eyes?
Anyone use 1-800 contacts? Is it really cheaper...?
getting laser eye sugery?
what are the consequences of being on a computer 12-14 hours a day?
Should I go to the doctor for Pink Eye?
Parkinson Disease Question Serious answers only please!?
Consistently red eye after wearing contacts?
my eye is red, can i put on contacts?
Can my eye color change?
My eye is twitching what should i do?
Do I need to use a specific contact solution brand for my contacts or can i use any brand?
Is it bad to wear contacts more than once a day? like periodically?
I'm trying to put in a contact lens but there's a few problems?
Is there a disease where a normal person can randomly act like a kid.?
How do I cure transient insomnia?
Why both feet are swelling?
celiac disease and working?
HELP! Eyeball yellow? Scratched-sensation...?
Is it ok to wear your contacts over night? And to wear them over 24 hours?
Should I go see a doctor about this!?
severe pain in stomach, not gall bladder?
how can i make my finger heal faster?
Do i need glasses?????
Does it hurt to put contacts in?
how to cure bad breath in children?
I am Always cold? Please help...?
How can I deal with A.D.D naturally?
Any teenagers with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
is it panic attacts or anxiety?
i tneed to knjow wghats wrong?
acid reflux in a 14 yr old?
what does it mean if your temples swell?
what should i do my friend...?
I slept with my contact in for two days now one eye is quite red and slightly irritated?