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how can i not feel pain in a fight?
wat do you call when it is not a tonsilitis? but it is very pain when u swallow?
Why does my foot keep hurting?
Why is it some people have a higher pain threshold?
I think I'm morphing?
sorry but this is kind of gross but for the past 3 days?
Can a recovering alcoholic ever drink socially again once sober for some years?
how do u stay cool under alot of pressure?
I can only breathe out of one nostril...HELP ME!?
My 2 year old has autism,what can the future hold?
My infected finger. It hurts!?
I have numbness and tingling to the left side of my face and a twitching under my eye.?
what is happening to my puppy?
How can I help my cold sore?10pts.
i had a headache for a very long time, it is not chronic but its continuous.is there any explaination 4 this?
How bad is my vicodin addiction?
I'm getting these tiny bites all over my body. We moved into a new apt less than a month ago, and since then..
what happening after death?
What is the strongest OTC painkiller for headaches/migraines?
I don't know anymore. Help?
What should my friend name her tube?!?
I found out on November 1 that I have fibromyalgia, I need to know if anyone is familuar with this?
My girlfriend has a lump on her groin area near the crease of her thigh! What's wrong?
My nose is SOO itchy!?
parents with terminal illnesses?
How can I get rid of that swimmer's ear ?
Please help me to help this guy?
What disease, if any, would you chose to cure?
Is something wrong with me? ?
I have athritis at 36?
I suffer from acute migraines, does anyone know the best treatment for a migraine?
My shoulder hurts, why is this?
Should I take pain medication?
Can open Spine surgery be fatal?
what causes severe leg cramps every am so bad that I cannot function for a few minutes, and what can I do?
Chronic headaches?
Leg cramps, they are killing me,Help!?
I have a crick in my neck, what do i do?
When I lay down my head feels weird like it's shaking..... can anyone help?
how do i get rid of a head ache?
does the flu shot hurt? does it get sore??
Do you think I have the right to be hurt by this?
swallowed magnet on accident, is this dangerous?
what happens if you take too much advil?
How to eat IBUPROFEN?
i have a headache right now do u?
what was you epidural experience?
My neck really hurts?
I have been hearing about NSAIDs on here. I am wonderin what they are?
Whats the best OTC medicne for a migraine?
Is cracking your knuckles healthy?
How to releive a migraine without medicine?
Why do I get a head ache when I smoke ciggs?
i have back pain in the middle of my back how can i get the pain to go a way with out going to the doc sum ?
..If I call my dr about hemorrhoids...?
Once you get Kidney Stones, how often do they reoccur?
How do you relieve a headache?
Real sharp pains moving from place to place in my body.?
Sores in back of my throat?
i have just got braces they really hurt wat can i do to relive the pain?
i have been getting a pain in my right arm all day. what could it be?
the pills i take hurt my stomache even aspirin what can i do?
Sore Throat?
i need a stronger pain med than oxycodone since i have such a tolerance. what should i ask my doc for?
what is the best home remedy to get rid of a toothache?
ive tried everything and my toothache wont go away?
Help with injured wrist?
i burned myself at work on grease. Any tips on how to allieviate the pain?
Cortisone shot - worth it or not?
Is this normal?
i have a swollen gland on the left side of my neck and it hurts to the touch what is it?
which doctor would be best a chiropractor or orthapedic?
Help! My dad has iscrutiating(idk how to spell that) pain in his shoulder!?
Calf pains while sleeping.?
will my doctor give me a wheelchair for my broken leg?
What is the best way to relieve pain from a bulging disc in the neck?
My back hurts?
Can a chiropractor help someone with arthritis, osteoperosis, pinched nerve, and a syndrome that causes pain?
I have really nagging neck pain that has lasted for about a week, it wont go away and might be stress. Help?
Why do you think I lost feeling in my right thumb?
constant headaches?
A question about Braces!?
ive been brushing my teeth about 4 times a day for the past three months. yet no improvements in tooth color?
What should I do? (tooth pain)?
i have a tooth ache but no insurance or much money to go see a dentist. What do you suggest...I'm in pain!
Ugh i cant take my tooth pain no more?
braces plz answer as possible?
Is having pain after tooth extraction over year ago normal?
How often do you have to go to the dentist?
My co-worker?
how long does it take for a body to rot in a grave?
Canker Sores?
so scared of dentists?
how do i get whiter teeth?
I have really bad inflamed gums with purple lines and get bad breath because of this. What do I do?
i might get braces soon what color braces you think is better black or dark blue?
Is it safe to pull out your own wisdom teeth?
Holy S****!!!! i just got my wisdom teeth out and need help!!?
Why is it that white people have nicer teeth then black people?
What color braces should i get?
What is the best teeth whitener?
What colors??? Please Help!!!?
Can I sue the dentist?
HELP! PLEASE!!!?! Getting Cavities Filled... !!!?
How long does it take for the pain to go away after getting bottom braces on?
are my teeth too yelllow? [pictures]?
How far would you go for the perfect smile?
getting braces tomorrow what color should I get?
how do i get ride of gingivitious?
HELP! 9 Days after Wisdom Tooth surgery, something is on my gums.?
i haven't been to the dentist in 7 years?
Can I smoke weed after getting wisdom teeth pulled?
My tooth really hurts when I wiggle it and I just want it out!?
How do you suggest to someone that they should visit a dentist, and SOON!?
When will it stop bleeding?
Wisdom teeth results?
I have a chipped tooth and I want to fix it. How can I fix it at home and what's the easy way?
Will tylonol get rid of my tooth ache?
Does it hurt when you get braces?
getting braces...?
scared . wisdom teeth getting pulled.?
What's a good way to start a speech for persuading people to floss?
help! best pain relief? i'm getting lots of cavities filled...?
Help! I have a broken tooth and i cant afford dental insurance right now. What can i do?
How can I prevent grinding my teeth when I'm sleeping?
Will it hurt when I get my braces off?
What toothpaste whitens your teeth the most?
What is the best way to tell if you have bad breath? (when you're alone.)?
can you put hot glue on your teeth?
I have the WORST nail biting problem and I'm only 12! I need major help!!?
I hit my lip on something and my front teeth were bleeding for a little bit. Is there anything I should do?
if u've gotten ur wisdom teeth out...?
Sore on inside of mouth .....?
Is it as bad as people say ?
Why do wisdom teeth need pulling?
Braces. (just basic questions)?
my tooth fall out, if i superglue it back is it ok cuz i dont wanna go to dentist?
What color braces should i get? (no yellow or white please)?
It looks like my 5-year-old has a permanent tooth coming in behind his baby teeth. What should be done?
Will I be fat forever?
does it hurt to get your braces off?
Wisdom Tooth, which one is better, keep it or pull it out?
I have a gap in between two front teeth...?
am i get any problem if my wisdom teeth get removed ..?
is it okay for yr tongue to be white?
Do braces hurt? I'm getting them tomorrow?
root canals and caps, or dentures?
What can be done for sensitive teeth when Sensidyne toothpaste does not work?
Does it hurt to get braces?
Is it weird that ive only lost 9 of my baby teeth?
Hey! i get my braces off on tuesday and im very excited! what should i expect?!?
is it ok to drink pop with braces once in a while?
Is it okay to be up to 35 min. late for a dentist appt.?
Dental Question??
Should I be worried about my tooth filling coming out?
do braces hurt reallllyyy bad when you get them?
I just got my braces off!! So how long will I have to wear the Retainer?
How do you tell someone they have bad breath?
how to make your teeth whiter at home?
Can an cavity cause death?
What are some exuse's for getting out of getting braces?
I just went to the dentist and am in a bit of pain...?
I have an abcess tooth?
does getting your braces off hurt?
How often do you forget to brush your teeth?
I have a slight overbite?
Smoking after a wisdom tooth extraction?
I've had braces for 3 days and still can't chew? Is this normal?
braces....(3 questions)?
can you still have a wisdom tooth eruption when your 25 years old or older?
Getting braces tomorrow... HELP?!?
how can I whiten my teeth naturally? (No lemons or other harmful substances to tooth enamel)?
Can you ask the doctor to get braces?!?!?!?
Does this look bad? (pic included)?
what retainer should i get?(people that had braces only)?
Cavities can be genetics, right?
my 19 month old baby has milk botte tooth decay on his four upper front teeth..can he have tooth fillings?
How do I get my teeth super white?
Is there any way to get rid of a cavity without drilling it ?
Will I get cancer from smoking?
Does opening up your body for operations make your cancer worse ?
If your wife has breast cancer...and people tell you to "Be Strong". What does that mean?
What are the chances of surviving untreated liver cancer?
I have a lump in my armpit!?
when a person is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer do you wonder if maybe they should not seek out treatment?
what are signs of leukemia?
Is it possible for a 17 year old girl to have breast cancer?
Are you allowed to listen to your ipod while getting an MRI done?
Are all tumors canerous?
which soda rots teeth fastest?
I'm getting braces tomorrow. How bad does it hurt?
dental sealants for children?
Would you ever use someone else's toothbrush?
scared of mouth being numb?
how to whiten teeth?
If a brain tumor surgery is unsuccessful, what else can be done? If none, how long will the patient live?
My friend constantly has stank breath, how do I approach her with a mint without it being offensive?
13 , never been to the dentist BAD?
what colour braces to get?
what causes bad breath and a slighty white tongue?
HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there anytime doctors wont recomend chemo therapy?
Help I'm nervous!?
I just got my retainer today........?
I have braces, do I have to wear the rubber bands all day for my over bite or just at night will be fine?
Wisdom teeth?
Should I be worried about having braces fitted?
Is drinking from a straw easier on a toothache?
What's the best way to keep your teeth bright and shiny?
is there a cure for cancer..................................…
What are the best whitening strips to use for your teeth?
When you go to the dentist....?
Who had their wisdom tooth removed? How painful was it?
i think i have Cancer and idk how to tell my mom and dad?
using clean tweezers to clean teeth?
My daughter needs braces and my X's insurance will pay for 1/2 of $5000. ?
Is there anything I can do for pain with braces? PLZ help! SOON?
do you think theres something in our air/water or anything that is causing cancer so Many people have it now?
What do you think are the most suffering diseases of this era: Obesity, Acne, or Cancer? ?
How do you deal with life when you're dad has cancer?
how many times do you brush your teeth every day?
Can bleaching your teeth weaken them?
are there any kinds of acid in pop that can damage your teeth?
What is other best alternative of root cannal surgery of wisdom tooth ?
I'm going to the orthodontist in 4 days and I was just wondering...?
i have this boss who have killer breath how can i tell her about it?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
I have to get my wisdom teeth out :(! Is there any way...?
Is it advisable to give the Cervical Cancer Vaccine to my daughter? How safe is it really?
what is the best gift for someone who has cancer?
do people with green eyes have more chance of getting cancer?
do you know whats going on when your just getting ready to die from cancer?
Does anyone currently have cancer, or has in the past, and can answer a few questions?
Does anybody know of free meds for cancer patients?? Dad's meds are more than we can afford. Pain meds.?
I think I have bone cancer, specifically Ewing's Sarcoma, but I'm afraid to tell my parents. What do I do?
Anyone know of any anti perspirants that do not contain aluminum?
Do women only get breast cancer through genetics?
Does it hurt to get your braces off?
I'm pretty sure that I have my first cavity...What will happen at the dentist?
How do you get your teeth white?
If I brush my teeth 3 times a day, how long will it take for them to get really white?
Should I brush my teeth at school?
I've been smoking weed since summer 08, do I have lung cancer?
I just got braces! What can i do to ease the pain?
Gum or a mint before a kiss?
can you get cavities from pop. I stopped eating candy after i needed fillings, but my tooth aches a little?
please help i cant sleep with brain cancer anxiety i lost my job?
Any positive facts about breast cancer?
what is Cancer...?
blended water at high speed at least 1 minute - is that energized water?
When you have braces can we kiss our boyfriend?
Can braces fix a gummy smile?
Is brushing your teeth more than two times a day a problem?
if i got my wisdowm teeth pulled on friday. it should be okay for me to smoke now, right?
is it true tanning beds can give you skin cancer?
Alright. Someone tell me, DOES MARIJUANA CAUSE CANCER?
What is the best remedy for toothache except going to a dentist ?
How can I get over the pain and just pull it?
what are some natural teeth whiteners?
Do Braces Hurt?
I had 3 molars pulled, and stitch work done, how long do I have to wait to eat?
What natural methods can I use to whiten my teeth?
i want my teeth to be whiter?
does smoking cannabis help kill cancer cells?
hi i was wondering if anyone out there has a quick cure for cancer handy i really need it?
I'm 13 and am worried I have Cancer and don't know what to do... Help.. PLEASE xx?
what causes breast cancer?
Is ending an antibiotic to soon bad for you? My dentist seem to prescribed me what seems like too much.?
Wisdom tooth infection after surgery..?
Should I be smoking at this age?
Is it true that cancer industries try and kill women by tricking them into mammograms and chemotherapy?
Family member undergoing chemo, safe to be around?
Why are Breast Cancer Supporters so Greedy?
I think I Might Have Brain Cancer?
How likely is it that my dad can overcome kidney cancer if he has it??
What would be the net worth of a person who finds the ultimate cure to cancer?
what's the worst cancer out there?
A serious question about being sick on chemo...?
Why won't women support prostate cancer?
can you get any type of diseses or cancer form smoking for ONLY 2 yrs.?
Are m&m's bad for braces?
Does getting braces put on hurt??
What age do you think it is too old to get braces?
I made out with some guy and now my gums are bleeding whats wrong with me?
How do you get ride of really REALLY bad breath.?
Is she faking cancer???
Does cancer make your hair fall out or treatment for cancer?
I can't sleep, could someone help me?
Crumpling Pink Tooth!!!!! HELP.?
i don't have any insurance and i am in desperate need to get a tooth fixed, what can i do?
what happens when a person stops brushing their teeth?
I just came from the dentist office?
Haven't brushed teeth for a week?
can someone help me smile again my teeth are ulgy and i have no income no one hires people who cant smile?
hows does chemo work against the cancer ?
is there ever gonna be a cure for cancer ?
why do i want cancer???????????????
I think i have a cavity - how long is it ok to see the dentist?
My dentist removed the wrong tooth Friday. Can I sue? How much can I expect?
Brain tumor?! helppppp!?
Is there a new total cure for cancer?
Friend's child needs chemo - what can we do to help from a distance?
Im 22 and dying from tobacco and alcohol abuse. I think i only have a few days left to live what should i do?
What are some simple things i can do to reduce my risk of getting cancer?
This girl in my school just figured out she has leukemia?
If they want to study me, should I feel useful or used?
I'm Losing my hair because of Chemotherapy?
Explain why delaying treatment for cancer reduces the chances of survival.?
how rare is it to have brain cancer when you are a teenager?
Is it normal for my mom to be always hungry if she is diagnosed with Breast Cancer?
Can getting an MRI find brain cancer?
How can I get cigarettes?
If you are on MORPHINE and you are dying of cancer or aids....?
How long does a person have to go for Chemo therapy if they have breast cancer?
Shouldn't cancer be treated for free in every country?
Does smoking weed help with cancer if so which forms?
how to get rid of a tooth ache?
Is there any way to correct a gap in teeth without braces?
if you make out with a person who has yellow teeth,?
Can drinking soda pop cause cancer?
silly question...why does listerine burn that much in your mouth?
braces ah help FAST!?
badbreath cure?
How much does a dentists earn per year?
How long does getting braces put on take?
I accidentally swallowed a mouth wash liquid ... HELP!?
wisdom teeth removal?
I am thinking of getting braces but I am 26. Does anyone know if invisiline works well?
NEW study that said red meat is to blame for the sudden spike in cancer...thoughts?>?
what are some of the best sad songs? my friend's mom has cancer?
Can a 23 yo get breast cancer?
can a person who eats organic foods get cancer?
Is this normal????????????
What if someone wants to fight you and you dont want to fight because of braces?
I am so nervous. I am getting my wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow. What can I expect? Please help calm me down!?
What's the name of that disease that people get from tongue kissing or borrowing other's toothbrushes?
Wisdom teeth question?
why do we have bad breath in d morning even when we brush at night?
Getting tooth drilled....?
Wisdom teeth pulling unecessary in teens w/o wisdom teeth?
Can drinking dental rinse kill you?
how many of you have had your wisdom teeth taken out?
my friend's 5 yr old daughter doesn't like to brush her teeth?
how to get rid of bad breath?
Crest Whitestripes for your teeth?
What do you call people who talk with their tounges?
[email protected] of Alcohol?
Bad Breath?
What are some things you can do to take away pain for getting braces?
My daughter who is only 20 mo. knocked out her front tooth yesterday. the tooth is in milk can it be saved?
I'm a student and need to see a dentist, but have no insurance. What can I do so it's not expensive?
Why did my tooth just come out of my gums?!?
Is it true that cancer patients hav less life time than normal people....?
how do i get rid of mum's cancer?
how do get these white things off tonsil?
Does everyone get some amount of bleeding during a dental cleaning, whether they have gum disease or not?
Wisdom teeth removal under general anesthesia, waking up?
what color braces should i get?
What household item is good as teeth whitener?
i used crest whitestrips and it was white now my teeth are yellow again!!!!?
smoking pot makes me feel weird? (pot smokers answer plzz)?
what to do to prevent ALL kinds of cancer?
how is cigarette smoking linked to an increased risk of getting lung cancer?
Shall i tell my boyfriend i think i have breast cancer ?
5 Polyps Removed From Bush's Colon. What do you think?
I'm 16 and still have most of my baby teeth?
does it hurt to get a root canal?
okay so i have braces and im "supposed' to wear rubber bands but i dont an di have an appt next week?
I am gonna need a dental surgery and they can't put me to sleep because I have sleep apnea.?
Is there a cure for cancer already?
can you get breats cancer if phone is kept in shirt pocket?
What is worst? Lukemia or cancer??
Is there a cure for cancer?
Is cigarette smoking really injurious to health and use of tobacco is prone to cancer to human?
how long does it take to recover from getting 4 wisdom teeth cut out?
braces + permanent teeth wiggling + 2nd year?
is it ever too late for Chemotherapy..?
tanning can give you skin cancer?
Brain Tumor (STAGE 4)?
Is it true that ramen last 5 years in the human body system?
Weird smile because of braces?
Does Diet pop give you cavities?
I just got braces today, Any tips?
Why shouldn't you exercise after you get your wisdom teeth out?
Can you be in two places at one time?
Have cancer and need chemo but don't have insurance and don't qualify for Medicaid..What to do?
What causes cancer? How do you prevent getting cancer?
Does the seed of a tomato can cause cancer?
How old should a child be before you take them to a dentist ?
Can i whiten my teeth right after I get my braces off?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
HELP!! what does this look like?
I'm Worried About Cancer. REALLY Worried.?
Is diet related with cancer?
What kind of healthy and soft foods should I eat after getting my braces tighteneD?
Braces....Hurt.. Help!?
why do i have white oval looking stuff in my tonsils?
Are you scared of the dentist?
do I really have to finish antibiotics if I already feel better?
Is it possible?
How do you tell the one you love you have cancer?
does he have cancer ???
Any idea's how I can quit smoking ciggarettes?
can milk ducts last more than a week? i am 26 and brest feeding.i have lump in my left brest.can it be cancer?
my son swallowed his new $500 dollar crown. do I replace it or make him sit on a bucket for a few days?
Permanent tooth loose!?
i'm getting 3 wisdom teeth out tomorrow...& i have a few questions that need answering :]?
Bad breath help?
Is it okay to use super glue to fix my retainer?
Do Dentist Needles Hurt?
Dipping tobacco question?
Can u get lung cancer when your 22 yrs old?
Cure for cancer or 1.00 gas prices?
Hi my mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, why can't she eat fruits and juices?
am i at risk of getting cancer?
What is Mesothelioma?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
How do you make a sore tooth feel better?
how bad do braces hurt???
Is there a cure for cancer?
My tooth is LOOSE? I'm 17!!!!?
how bad do braces really hurt?
do you close your eyes or keep them open when your in the dentist chair??
okay i have the worst toothache and a bad cavity in the tooth and it hurts when i eat cold and hot food ?
I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday at 5. They were stitched up..?
how to stop bleeding after pulling out tooth?
I just got braces. What can I do o make them NOT HURT?
is there any solution other than braces?
Strange tooth ache, help please?
I was just diagnosed with prostate cancer it is less than 5%?
i think i have really bad breath, what to do?
The BEST braces colors???
does getting braces hurt?
Why does my breath constantly smell bad?
How do you make your braces on today?
should i get braces (pictures)?
braces and retainer question?
How can you use tobacco safely?
How should I get back at the people who made fun of me for having cancer?
Are you supposed to use mouthwash after brushing your teeth?
For those who are wearing retainers?
When did the twice a day standard for brushing teeth come into practice?
How do I remove braces myself?
What are good colors for Braces?
Non asians...would you go for an asian woman dentist?
my brother never brushes his teeth i do all the time, why does he never get cavitys at dentist and i do?
I have cancer again, and i'm struggling?
Will insurance pay to replace breast implants?
do spacers hurt???
Are liquid pain relievers useful when I get my four wisdom teeth taken out?
Bleeding gums - but not gingivitis?
does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled out?
I have Cancer, Why can't my avatar be bald? ?
Do I have cancer or am i overreacting?
Religion + smoking?
what is the most affective way to treat breast cancer?
How to support my bf's sister with breast cancer?
How Can I Get Rid Of Black Spots On My Teeth And What Is The Best Way Of Keeping Them Healthy And White???
NEED HELP!!! Braces Question??
How can I prevent bad breath?
What colors should i get my braces?
BRACES....just got them?
Do braces hurt?
what to eat 2 days after getting tonsils removed?
I am a mother of a 27 year old daughter with possible breast cancer how to deal with this?
I've been having pain in my right side right under my ribs for about 4 days it's like a dull pain that does
Do you believe that cancer could have been cured decades ago, but millions of people would be out of work?
what's the different between malignant and non-malignant brain tumor?
Wisdom Teeth???
how much do braces cost??? in the USA?
What should i expect when i get my braces on?
Is it the brace that's coloured or the band?
Does every man get prostate cancer sometime in their life?
How far should I stand away from a smoker?
Do I have Colon Cancer?
I just got braces! Help?
broken tooth - help?
am i going to get cancer?
I've been smoking for 7 years, do you think ive increased my chance of getting cancer in such a short time?
Why does God put "cancer" in this world to make millions suffer?
Cancer, whats really going on?
what are the chances that it is breast cancer ?? ( she is going to read your answers)?
Is it bad to rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide?
what kind of pain should i expect after i get my wisdom teeth cut out?
I'm getting braces! Do they hurt? Aaaaargh!?
why is my mouth bleeding?
What do you think is the cause of Cancer?
What can I do for my friend's mom with breast cancer?
Is it weird to have a mole under all my hair?
is it possible for someone to survive if they have the kind of cancer that is not curable?
How can I convince my mom to get cancer treatment?
until i can afford to go to the dentist?
How do I remove tea stains from teeth?
am i able to drink hard liquor while takeing cephalexin 500 mg capsules?
How much will it cost to get 2 root canal treatments?
Do you like it when your mouth bleeds when brushing your teeth?
can i die from my infected tooth?
Wisdom Teeth?
have you ever had 8 or more teeth removed?
My son (4) was hit in the mouth with a baseball, his tooth started to turn gray, he says it doesn't hurt?
Breast Cancer patient support...I need opinion.?
I'm 19 and smoke 40-60 cigarettes a day. My mother died of lung cancer three years ago. How can I stop?
Should cancer patients peel foods?
What drink beside water is good for your teeth?
How do you get rid of bad breath?
What do you do about a chipped front tooth?
Teeth rotting away?
When a child looses a tooth, are there any special hygeine measures that should be taken?
Getting wisdom teeth cut out- do they put you to sleep or give you a local anesthetic?
which is worse smoking cigarettes or marijauna?
What are the symptoms of brain cancer?
can motor oil give you cancer?
can you get lung cancer from smoking pot?
Dry mouth?
Getting my teeth pulled,reallyyy scared,HELP?
Do you think gum should be allowded at school?
how can a dentist tell if their has been chewing tobacco?
Ugh....Braces Question?
Does the numbing shot that the dentist gives you hurt?
will u pray for my mom, please? she's dying of CANCER.?
how does cancer spread to another person..?
Scared to get my Braces?!?
Which toothpaste do you think is better?
I just got new braces put on and they really hurt. What can i do to stop the pain?
How else can I refresh my breath (I don't like mint)?
cancer is a disease of __________ _________?
Why Is It I have to Keep Away from my Dad when he's going through Chemotherapy?
When people get cancer, is there really only ever one cause?
How do you make your retainer not stinky?
are you wearing orthondotic braces? or did you?
Dentist scam?
Have you seen my retainer?
Likely to get cancer based on family history?
Any natural ingredients that make your teeth white?
Pain in my front teeth when I bite?
Can I keep my dog while my brother is going through chemotherapy?
Would you have a surgeon look at you for breast cysts?
Should we all start smokeing since Obama does it ?
I am a 37 yr old mother of 3 and I just found out I have breast cancer?
Does smoking cause cancer?
Do you think the Smoking will kill you at last?
I've had cancer a year ago, can I donate blood now?
why do the british have such terrible teeth? is it due to poor genetics or poor diet or what?
How to stop drinking soda...either all together or just so much?
Trypnophobia(fear of injections and needles) and dentist procedures?
In Extreme Pain, Need Root Canal, No Insurance, No Job, What Can I Do ?
can i glue dentures back together with krazy glue?
Can I brush my teeth in public bathroom ? Does it disturb you to see anybody brushing teeth in public place ?
I drink alot of coffee and its made my teeth a bit yellow, how can i whiten them a bit without spending allot?
Inflammed Gums?
I'm really worried, do i have cancer?
Do people that get cancer always end up dying of cancer even if they do get over it once? My mum said that ?
A girlfriend of one of my best friends told us she had Colon cancer .?
how many times can a person get cancer & actually survive?
does alchohol consumption lead to liver cancer? if so, is there any limit to take alchohol in order to avoid?
what are the side effects of removing the utris ?
Do you know anyone who defeated cancer?
Do you have to have your wisdom teeth pulled?
Is it healthy to rinse your mouth with warm salt water everyday?
What should I do about my dentist?
I had dental work done yesterday (a filling) and part of my face is still numb...?
What color braces should i get?
Little question about the Dentist!?
what 'colour' braces look good on most people?
Does it hurt to get braces?
Does root canal surgery hurt?
How long do people usually need braces for?
Too Lazy too brush teeth?
Does anyone know?
What are some cancer fighting foods?
teeth cleaning and plaque removal?
how can you get to see a dentist w/out any money?
do braces hurt or are they just uncomfortable?
How does one get the whitest teeth possible, without going to dentist?
Who agrees with me when I say if a person don't take care of their teeth and they rot out and run to?
I may have cancer, how do I get rid of it?
I feel that I have brain tumor or cancer. What should I do? Should I consult doctor.?
if you have ever had braces then asnswer please!!?
how can u come over your fear of the dentist?
What's your opinion on Jade goody getting all the attention she did because she had cancer?
Will smoking cigarettes kill me?
Can you help me make the right decision?
Is chemotherapy a type of nuclear medicine?
What is the best home remedy for a toothache?
Would you go to the dentist now knowing that a 5 yrs old girl died after getting the sedation?
I broke my half my tooth off last night?
I am about to get married. I have a few gaps in my teeth. Everyone think its cute. I dont. Should I get braces
How do I deal with my Bulimic girlfriend?
I have really bad breath?
should i go to the tanning bed if both my aunts had skin cancer?
If I drink diet coke almost every day, how likely is it that...?
If I don't have a family history of colon cancer and I have bright red blood from rectum, should I worry?
my gums are bleeding kinda...?
What do dentists usually check up on ?
French fries causes cancer?
Since we're all going to get cancer?
do you think i need braces be HONEST ?
What happens at the Dentist?
any harm if i swallowed the elastic from my braces?
Braces.??? :]]]]]]]]?
3yo daughter will be sedated?is she too young?
At what age do wisdom teeth stop coming in?
how do i report a bad dentist? my son ended up with a cut lip from a drill,wet himself, and hemmoriging in eye
Do I have a legal case?
My teeth hurt when I breath, what is this?
I have a question for cancer survivors?
Will my teeth be hard to fix?
Ok I admit British teeth are bad. But aren't American teeth just vain and unnatural?
I have braces, my gums are very swolen and are starting to cover my teeth, i brush regularly what else?
Should I really remove my newly grown wisdom teeth?
are there different kinds of cancer?
I want to start smoking...?
what do you think about people with gaps in between there front teeth?
How much would it cost to get 18 of my teeth crowned?
can a 15 year old get breast cancer?
if i inhale weed from a bong will it be as bad as smoking weed?
I don't know if i am anemic or if i have leukemia?
If your diagnosed with cervical cancer what are your chances of living?
is it true?
What can decrease the risk of getting cancer?
How much do you think you should brush your teeth?
If there are white clumps of "bacteria" coming out of tonsils... What are they? How do you get rid of them?
Any ideas to break this habit?
if a person loses their hair during kemo will the hair grow back?
What does this mean.. Lung Cancer?
I am a nursing mom & woke up this morning with a sore lump in my breast. Very tender!?
survery- have you ever had cancer?
Does this sound like cancer?
Do you think ANYONE likes cancer?
Braces .?
Why do people put rubber bands on thier braces?!?
anyone know how i can stop gritting my teeth at night? it's making them loose and bad feeling.?
what kind of doctor does my boyfriend go to to find out if he has testicular cancer?
Can someone Help me with my health? I'm scared?
How long do people have to wear braces in average?
do braces reshape your jaw. If you dont know i would appreciate it if you didnt answer?
At what age do wisdom teeth stop growing in? I'm in my 30's just have one?Normal/Abnormal?
Is it unhealty to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide? Can it damage your teeth? I heard it whitens them.?
tooth extraction?
I just got my tooth filled and it hurts; what can I do to numb the pain?
My tooth is all of a sudden...?
i going to get braces anything i need to be aware of?
whiten teeth........?
Will a Dentist Know I smoked?
What to do about fangs...?
Question about getting wisdom teeth out?
Does it hurt to have your braces taken off?
I heard eating toothpaste is bad but I love to eat toothpaste, why is it bad?
What causes cavities in adult teeth?
Can you tell me the process of getting your braces off?
Why do some people claim that dentists are just trying to rip you off or over charge you?
How come my dad never brushes his teeth and never gets cavaties?
What is the best and most cheap you can do to whiten teeth?
Breast Cancer????
how to deal with my bffs little bro having cancer??
Help please. a family friend has liver cancer. can you name any doctor or clinic where he can be cured.?
I found small lump in left middle of neck. Please help!?
What are the main reasons why people get cancer?
Chances of teen breast cancer?
will i get high if i drink orange juice and toothpaste?
teeth messed up by braces what to do??????
Does it okey to pull your tooth during your monthly period?
Why is it strange to brush your teeth in public toilets/restaurant toilets?
Root Canel or pulled tooth?
his breath nearly kills me- what the he-- is it-he has acid reflux?
I have a black tooth?
Are you supposed to spit out mouthwash?
Is 12 years old an age you could get breast cancer?
Whats the worst part about getting braces ?
I'm getting my braces tightened, can you help me with some questions?
How do I get rid of my bad breath? 10 points!!?
Crest Pro Health Rinse?
Hydrogen Peroxide(in the little brown bottle)?
So hungary, eating so much, rumbling stomach. Cancer?
So I just got my braces off...?
The gum area over my right canine hurts?
Why is drinking bleach bad for you?
is this a good BRACES color choice?
Advice&Opinions? Is this wrong or illegal?
when can you smoke cigarettes after you get your wisdom teeth cut out?
grind teeth while sleeping? help?
do you wish you had a prettier smile? what are some ways i can keep my teeth pearly white?
White Teeth???
Can you get cancer by drinkning coke alot?
Drinking cola then brushing teeth... The pH conspirasy?
Are there any dentist that can help me for free? I have major problems and no money.?
Why some teeths are yellow in colour?
Do implants hurt?
People that have had or have braces...?
do spacers and braces hurt?
what is the cure for cancer?
i am getting my braces on today,should i be scare or NOT?
what ingredient in liquids cause teeth to stain?
signs of someone smoking crack?
Is my smile really bad? :(?
Do you see a lot of college students with braces?
I am facing an acute problem or my teeth becoming yellow. Can any one suggest any solutions for this?
had your wisdom teeth removed???
I am trying to pull my tooth out.?
How long does it take to get oral cancer or mouth disease from smokeless tobacco?
Why do people with cancer lose their hair going completely bald?
Stage 4 Womens Breast Cancer?
do you rinse after brushing your teeth?
Do you NEED wisdom teeth removed?
When you go to the orthodontist for braces and they take out your permanent teeth does it hurt?
do only guys get pancreatic cancer?
how to fix bad breath?
Why do they call them "Wisdom Teeth"?
do spacers (seperators) hurt when you get them?
does aspartame cause cancer?
how would you describe cancer to a 7 yr old who has it, while also being delicate... ?
Is there a way to purposely get cancer?
Why does my breath smell bad, even after I brush my teeth?
What would black braces look like?
is this a sign of cancer?
i started to dip 2 days ago and after like 10 minutes of it in my mouth i get dizzy?
Is a 20/21 year old too old to wear braces?
why do actors have such good teeth?
How many cavaties do you have ?
Are dental professional cleanings legit and/or can I be okay without having them? ?
leave the wisdom teeth alone?
How do I stop biting my nails? Will biting my nails cause my teeth to be misaligned?
how to makeout with braces?
Any tips 4 not losing your retainer?
My son's new tooth is growing in behind his loose one...should I pull the baby tooth?
Best way to...?
my teeth hurt and i need advice! and my filling is coming off along with/ 1 tooth has a sharp pain?
How does geting your wisdom teeth pulled feel like?
How long do braces hurt your teeth for?
Do you brush your teeth up and down or left to right?
ive been wondering, how do you know if you have cancer?
My sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is afraid to die...how can I help?
what is the best natural foods t eat for cancer?
does getting teeth pulled out hurt?
My braces look really bad...?
I'm getting braces this month. What can I expect?
Swollen pus filled gums?
What is the best cure for bad breath? mouthwash or oramd?
does it hurt.....(if you've had braces!)?
Is a solid lump in the breast always cancerous? or are there exceptions?
What do you call that stage where the cancer comes back after a remission?
just got braces...but my teeth seem like they are going to fall out!?
I am getting an abcessed molar removed and I'm being prescribed a sedative to take before the appointmentt.
I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed, how long will it take to recover?
Survey 4 the colors of my braces?
Are braces cool or not.easy points.?
Questions/Worried About Braces?
If I get a cavity, waht may happen if I leave it untended?
Wisdom teeth healing--gaps not closing!?
What is cosmetic dentistry??
My dad died of pancreatic cancer many years ago. Back then there wasn't anything a Dr could do. ?
what happens when you get your wisdom teeth cut out?
How are your teeth?
My twin sister has infected wisdom teeth, & she can't get it fixed until December. Is she going to be OK?
What can I use to treat my tongue?
Flossing - Before of after Brushing?
what would happen if I don't take my child to the dentist to get her teeth crown.she is 3 years old.?
Does getting teeth pulled hurt?
what does getting a tooth pulled feel like when you are on nitro?
have you ever had braces? Then be human and help!*****************
I DRINK MILK BEFORE BED, do I have to brush my teeth again???
What can you do to make a toothache feel better besides having it pulled?? Need quick relief.?
Should I sue my dentist.?
Brush teeth before or after having breakfast?
does getting braces hurt ?
Help me!!!!? I am in so much pain!!?
what are cavity fillings made of?
Colors for braces?
v serious question: do people die in pain from cancer if they don't have chemo?
does getting braces hurt?
Which tooth brush is better - soft, regular or hard?
Getting Braces off Soon?
When you have teeth removed do the others slowly spread out?
What kind of toothbrush do you use?
One of my teeth has become sharp and I keep cutting my tongue on it while I'm sleeping?
what are the best way to whitn my teeth?
on a scale of 1-10 how bad do braces hurt????????????????
Is is standard to be knocked out for wisdom teeth surgery?
Can u wear a retainer without having worn braces before???
I have had a wisdom tooth extracted today and i feel really poorly! will i feel better by tomorrow?
I just got braces......?
is it normal to have teeth hurt when sugar or hot/cold drinks touches them?
does anyone's jaw make a clicking-ish sound when they chew sometimes?
can i write off my sons braces on my taxes?
When you have braces do they numb your gums?
Will the orthodontics fix....?
Is her cancer gone for good?
What do i 13 yr old boy and girl do to hang out?
Why is there always zero progress in treating cancer?
cell phone and radiation?
Is getting your wisdom teeth removed painful?
two cavities? POINTS!?
what makes your breath stink in the mornings?
I grind my teeth all the time... How can I stop this bad habit?
When you were little, and started losing your teeth, who pulled them, did you put them under your pillow?
Braces question! PLEASE ANSWER & HELP ME!?
if u havnt brushed ur teeth for a long time will ur teeth fall out?
Front teeth are becoming loose im only 19 how can i prevent this?
I recently heard aluminum which is in most deodorants and antiperspirants causes breast cancer...?
Lump on armpit?
Please pray for my grandmother she has cancer:-(?
Why do my teeth hurt when I drink cold water sometimes?
How long did you or will you have your braces?
marks on my teeth?
How long do I brush my teeth for.?
Will YOU Stand Up to Cancer?
is there a way aids can be cured?
Why is support for breast cancer so common?
why is there so much breast cancer support?
Is it true that the government created AIDS and breast cancer?
I am grinding my teeth at night and I guess it is a good idea to wear a night guard on my teeth.?
What is Tooth Decay?
Which is more important your Mother or Father's Medical History?
I use nail polish remover a lot&I always wear perfume. How much does that increase my chance of cancer?
How can I tell my girlfriend that I'm dieing?
why is it that when someone has cancer, they start to lose their hair?
i want to donate my hair to the cancer patients i need help on where do i send it or drop it off at?
I want to be a fighter again?
Do cigarettes really kill you?
Can I Get Cancer If I've Never Had a Sunburn?
why do people get cancer?
women only please . i think i might have cancer, and i've researched it.?
Do I have breast cancer ?
Why is the United States so far behind in cancer treatment?
Mother in law is dying of caner as I write this. She is pretty bad off and looks terrible.?
Do they give chemotherapy to people that don't have cancer?
what, besides cancer could cause rapid growth, aching pain, and warmth in a breast?
More women die of lung cancer or heart disease than breast cancer?
what is a hooka(h) used for?
what should i do with my last few days?
Lump under armpit, could i have breast cancer?
I keep telling my wife to quit smoking and although she tries she doesn't seem to be able to quit?
What are the chances that I die because of my lung cancer?
my gf's mother has cancer and..........?
Does smoking weed lead to cancer?
my dad has cancer and im 13 and hes 43. i hear from my mom that he is really sick and not doing much better?
If 1 in 9 men suffer from prostate cancer, why is the NFL supporting Breast cancer?
Is it safe to use this moisturizer?
Why do family members with cancer hide their test results?
If you have cancer please answer this.?
Breast Cancer Question?
do cold coffee really causes cancer?
i'm 18 year old girlfriend of two years is pregnant and has cancer and is going to refuse treatment?
im dieing from......?
A Girl In My Class Says She Thinks She Has A Brain Tumor?
Should I wait it out or go to immediate care?
PLEASE help me, i am quite desperate at this point?
If you have brain cancer (tumor) does that mean you are dying?
how do you know if the lump in your breast is benign or cancerous?
why do we smok knowing that it is not good for our health?
Is my bio teacher going to die? ( she has pancreas cancer)...?
If your breasts have pain when you poke it, does that mean you have breast cancer?
anyone dealt with pancreatic cancer?
I want to help someone I care about through cancer, what do I do?
Breast Cancer...?
Is there even a point for me to go to my chemotherapy treatments?
What do you know about Chemotherapy?
Why does everyone want to "cure cancer" and all these other diseases?
I'd like a range of how much it would cost for chemotherapy?
Leukemia? Open, read, nd answer pls?
is chemo-therapy given during the first stage of cancer?
brain tumor?!? i'm scared.?
radiation therapy does it work or should we try something else?
is breast augmentation/breast implant still allowed to someone who's undergone a mastectomy?
I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me...?
What's the chances of surviving brain cancer?
deodorant and cancer?
Do you think it's even possible to cure cancer genetically?
Very scared..................??????
is my boyfriend lying about having cancer?
Is there anything that doesn't cause cancer?
In your opinion, What is the worst cancer you could have?
if u drink from crysal does it causes u cancer?
does your hair fall out if you have cancer?
What are the types of cancer that you can't treat currently?
I would like a straight answer on how long my stepfather has to live since being diagnosed with liver cancer?
I currently smoke 80 filtered cigarettes day, should I switch to unfiltered?
Idiotic to think 'Alternative Medicine' can cure cancer, I say Yes. Do you?
I have heard that drinking Green Tea helps to fight cancer and shrink cancer tumors. Is this True?
Can you live if the cancer has already spreaded ?? honest answers only.?
I just found out my Dad has leukemia?
Swollen lymph nodes by neck?
I drink from an average of eight water bottles a day. Will I die of cancer?
Is it possible to not be addicted to cigarettes after 3 years of smoking?
I have 2 pea size lumps in my neck. They don't hurt.?
How do cancer cells make energy without oxygen?
What does a breast lump feel like?
Do I have cancer from my cyst?
what would happen if you ate a tumor?
Has anyone ever had cancer really bad and wasn't expected to make it and is still alive?
My dad and his sister had breast cancer, what is MY risk for the disease?
Can you explain to me how cancer eventually leads to death?
rectal cancer??? plzzzzz help me!!!?
I have cancer of the tonsil area of my throat. If I do nothing .. how much time do I have to live?
After donating blood...?
how does a person get cervical cancer?
I'm 21 and my doctor found a lump in my right breast yesterday...?
14 and breast cancer??? help please?
my grandmother has been diagnosed with lymphoma and might be taking chemotherpy is ther way to not lose hair?
a person with brain cancer whom had chemo and radiation therapy develops fluid on the brain can it be treated?
Did you know cord blood can save lives?
During Chemotherapy do you lose your eyebrows and eyelashes too?
Can you have Breast Cancer in both breasts?
Do I have stomach cancer?
at what age should I start worrying about colon cancer?
How do you tell your family you have cancer?
I am 38 yrs old and for the past 2 days I've had blood in my poo! Dad died of bowel cancer, what should I do?
Can you have Cancer and not know it?
I received an email from a woman that has cancer and supposively wants to give me some of her money?
How long can you live with brain tumor?
I smoked hookah once, thinking it wasnt bad. Turns out to be much worse. How much have I raised my cancer risk?
How common are brain tumors?
Do microwaves give you cancer?
question about your hair when you have cancer and need chemo..?
Do you think Makeup foundation can cause cancer?
I'm 2 TIME Br Ca Survivor & need help with 20% Medicare does'nt cover, in Springerville,AZ can anyone help????
Why would someone do this?
Why choose France or India over the US for a brain tumor removal?
Is choosing to not get cancer treated a form of suicide?
Is it true that laptops and cell phones can cause cancer?
Could this be hemorrhoid?
Do cell phones cause cancer?
i need help from ppl havin brain cancer?
What to get for someone with cancer?
How to deal with a parent that has cancer.?
is cancer a genetic disease?
Where can I find stories of cancer survivors telling their story?
What is wrong? if anybody has had this please explain?
Does getting a root canal treatment cause breast cancer?
What food should I avoid if I have stage 2b breast cancer.?
Do tattos give you skin cancer?
I am scared i have breast cancer?
my teachers want to fail me because i missed school because i was getting chemo?
Ovarian Cancer are the sympthoms consistant.?
what is the chance of dying during a head surgery, or surgery for cancer in the brain?
Breast cancer Stories.?
what is blood cancer.......?
how am i not addicted to cigarettes?
does vitamin water give you cancer?
I was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 months ago. It did go into my lymph nodes. So far, I have received two?
How much chips and french fries do you have to eat to cause cancer?
If you chose NOT to donate to Breast Cancer awareness, what else would you donate to?
I'm worried and scared that not only will I be told I have cancer, but also only weeks or few months to live?
I think I may have cancer, my mom won't take me seriously?!?
How does it make you feel when people lie about having cancer for financial gain?
How much would a chest x-ray cost to diagnose lung cancer?
Which doctors make the most money?
teenager with chemo came back to school...? Please help!?
how does cancer spread?
Eyelash Cancer?
Does anyone have experience with alternative trtmts for lung cancer?
Which vegetables help us fight cancer?
can anyone help me find information about the cancer named hoskins or something like that?
Breast Cancer Age Limit?
i need to know is it breast cancer?
how does chemo do it?
I'm paranoid I have a brain tumor?
Can a regular blood test show signs of cancer in general?
Does a lump in a breast necessarily mean breast cancer?
Leukemia vs. Anemia: Which one does this sound most like?
I've heard MANY say urine is STERILE??? Is it TRULY sterile?
Have you ever heard of absolutely anyone that has survived after having been in stage four/five cancer?
I think that I have breast cancer (female)...? Preferably Intelligent people answer?
So, if my mom left a plastic spatula in the oven for 3 days, about how much cancer do I have now?
Do I look like Demi Lovato?
Can an 18 year old get breast cancer?
can inhaling computer products lead to death...?
have stage 3 bc and have had 3 chemos and want to stop?
is low iron a sign of cancer?
What are the physical symptons of a brain tumour, and are there many?
Who is that man who died from cancer? (more details)?
Do people treat you differently when they find out you have cancer?
My mother in law passed away 01/23 at 8:15am from Beast Cancer. How concerned should my wife be for herself?
Does this sound like the end stages of cancer?
Can you get breast cancer at 15?
What is the prognosis for someone with a rather aggressive form of non hodgkin's lymphoma.?
can a pure baby blood (transfusion) cure cancer?
is it not a good idea to buy your friend a little gift if their parent is dieing from cancer?
HELP!!! My dad is 40 (smokes) and I think he's developing lung cancer? I'm scared!!! :(?
How much beer is needed to kill a noticable amount of brain cells???? THX?
What is stomach cancer?
Why don't presidents die of cancer?