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Sore throat information please?
is there a way to cut my jugular without instance death?
when i have a cold - or even just a sore throat - why do my ears hurt on the inside?
how to get taller naturally?
new glasses cause headaches?
Feeling sick only when its night time?
i have gelt sick everymorning this week,, so what can it be? and how can stop it!?
do i need to go to the doctor for this burn?
partial rebreather mask and pneumonia?
Yesterday I started to hear ringing in my ear does anyone know how to get rid of it, it's annoying??? Thanks!!?
Toddler, pneumonia, drooling, what to do?
i think my friend smokes pot?
medical question about falling?
I cant sleep what should i do?
I think I had a panic attack?
tuberculosis test results.....?
What kinds of drug(illegal) is this for?
when you get a physical do you take your socks off?
what should i drink?? i have strep throat. and white blisters in my throat.?
what causes hic-ups ?
is this alcohol withdrawl?
What is the name of this medical 'Problem'?
can this be avoided or is just...?
I have pink diarhea is it blood?
What kind of STD's can be transferred by kissing?
Which stds can be transmitted through saliva?
what is most dangerous: symptomless HPV, or wart-type/visible HPV?
can complex hyperplasia with atypia cause chlamydia?
How do you die when you have HIV / AIDS?
an STD question??????
What are the real chances of getting an std or aids from kissing?
Is there anything I can do about my scoliosis?
Does smoking occasionally kill me in future?
iam keeping one big secret, how can i reveal it to her?
Help me please? Conjunctivitus :(?
i have a flu and im fraid that well be h1n1 . so does any one know the symptoms?
swine flu question on how long be around someone to catch it?
Green stool and lack of appetite?
how can someone get rat disease like besides drinking from a can without washing it and what are the symptoms.?
I think my sister has swine flu?
I have a sore throat and a headache?
i know it can be spread to your baby.?
my temperature in changing is it a fever?
Can i stop augmentin ?
how many pieces of frozen chicken nuggets would i have to eat to get salmonella?
Traveling to Argentina in November, is the Swine Flu something to worry about?
my newborn has a yellow discharge, is the doctor diagnosing this right?
Multiple kidney infections? What does this mean?
is tylenol w/codine ok for dog?
Does anyone know where to order antibiotics on line without a prescription. i need some for a eye infection?
Will i definately get swine flu and when will i start getting symptoms?
My friend mixed ecstasy and oxycodone. will he be okay?
Oxycontin sold by Ethex:?
Distance glasses blurring vision up close?
I slept with my contacts in last night...?
do u think i need glasses?
Is it normal to want glasses?
Okay, what is the deal here?!?
i need info about lasik eye surgery?
My daughter has been wearing glasses every since she was 4 years old. her eye?
could i change my eye colour permantly?
Is having yellow in your eyes normal?
Should I trust my eye doctor, or go to the ER?
I got toothpaste in my eye on accident!?
When i play wow for 8 hours strait my eyes get sore, is there something wrong with my monitor?
When do you know when you need optical glasses ..?
Can I get my glasses prescribed without a test?
My eye won't stop twitching! Why!?!?
Whats wrong with my contacts?
Is this weird or strange?
my eye is blood shot what should i do? I already took out my contacts.?
Good ways to fall asleep?
I petted my dog and then rubbed my eyes a few min later. Will i get a parasite in my eyes or something :( ?
Can you join the military with Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Is anxiety causing my chest pain?
What are the risk of stroke, over 60, generally healthy, have beginning formations of stroke in brain?
i have a stent in my aorta, and I was wondering if anyone knew when it was created for that matter?
can very hot food affect heart?
how would excess ADH production increase blood pressure?
I have this pain in my chest?
how do i pop my lower back?
Experiencing sharp chest pain?
Really bad tension headaches?
I have Hashimoto's so why won't doctors treat me?
Could I have a blood clot?
How to get rid of hiccups fast?
i cleaned my ears, now my right ear can not hear much.. what do i do?
What is wrong with me!! Please answer!!?
im 16 and i have Lupus Wondering when i get old enough to have kids will they have it to ?
hi, i'm a regular sufferer of headaches almost every day i have one and they seem to be affected by emotions..?
My tummy hurts and i have diarrhea...?
im having a blood test tomorrow and im afaraid that i would be caught of smoking. how can i pass the test?
Need help...Can't vomit?
How can I cure my sleep paralysis? ?
Lisp Situation. Help.?
What could be causing my constant burping? I have IBS and am lactose intolerant, but the burping has just?
Do I have a sinus infection ?
what is my blood type? does anybody know?! I need to know real quick cuz my friend got shot and i need to know?
i have just been diagnosed with anemia and need information? ?
I have a 142 blood preassure, is that bad?
Has anyone out there heard of POTS? Posural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome?
can you tell me when a blood clot lodges in the entrance of the small bowel,can anything be done?
hair loss, chemotherapy?
Panic Attack Question????????????
how long will a 16 year old smoker have to live?
BP is 117/76, pulse is 105 - heart attack patient?
What's the name of this infection?
Has anyone ever been to Rehab? If so what's it like? Did it help you?
Was this asthma attack that bad?
Severe anxiety attacks every night before bed. What would an ER do? What are things that would help from home?
panic attack during mental evaluation?
any pros on here that could help me deal with my bfs depression ]= its so hard right now please?
Does every imagine what it would be like to commit suicide?
Are there after affects to depression?
Stop taking Cymbalta?
Generic Benadryl causing problems?
i just pierced my snake bites a few days ago, will they close if i take them out for a few minutes?
Reaction To Fire Incident?
how long does this take to heal?
treat a burn with out ice?
What can i do to help my finger?
i had my cartilage pierced over 7 months ago. still hurts?
I broke my nose a couple of months ago and it seems to have got wider..?
Heel / Calcaneus Injury?
What Should I Do With MY Ankle This Week Off?
what to do in case of brain trauma or brain aneurysm?
How can i avoid long term injuries [from the joints] due to running?
Repaired Jaw Problems! Plzz help?
weird grinding noise when i move. HELP!!!?
i get cuts under my toe, where it connects?
got in a rollover car accident a little more than a year ago in a range rover but none of us were physically..?
Does one concussion make you forget things?
Calling a doctor when he's not in the office?
I fell off my bike and got a small cut on my leg. It swelled alittle and now its a very small lump.?
what do i have??? what's wrong with my knee?
I've been having problems with my knee lately...?
how do i find out what kind of knee injury i have and how do i heal it?
Knee injury question?
can you tell me what i did to my arm?
I got a cat scan and now I'm freaking out?
I sprained ankle is this normal though?
Left shoulder pain with popping and cracking?
keeping swelling down?
I hit my head. Help please ? ;/?
HPV-sharing drinks, saliva?
My girlfriend says she has hsv 2 herpes virus?
Has anyone used abreva and it made their lip swell?
Does Jim Carrey really have Gonorrhea?
ive had gential warts for a few years now av i left them to late to cure?
what STD can show these results?
Sometimes i have......Anal itching....?
Headache for the past 9 days?
what would happen if you took 30 tylenol plus swallowed scope mouthwash but then threw up?
whats wrong with my leg?
Top part of foot numb?
the front of my shoulder hurts?
whats wrond with my wrist?
Reasons for randomly vomiting?
I think my friend has possible liver or kidney failure What do i DO?
anyone else sick of winter?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Answer if u hate smoking?
How do you get you child's Dr. to take your maternal instinct seriously?
can i get pregnant if i have breast cancer?
should i see a doctor?
Could this be Breast Cancer? Or am I over-reacting?
painful to breath. help.?
ive been on accutane for 12 days now have questions!!!?
can i get accutane even though my dermatologist messed up?
Scars on my chest, What's your advice?
I can't stop picking at my eyebrows?
this is nasty, but has anyone ever had a soft corn on there foot..how do i get rid of it?? PLEASE HELP!?
DIAGNOSE ME: I've got a lump on my armpit. Could this be cancerous?
Tragus piercing please help?
how would i know if i have a keloid?
Strange, reoccuring bumps on my leg?
white spot on skin mean?
mole problems! please help me! ten points?
best quick acne treatment?
my scalp is dry i never had this problem but it is so itchy ?
what is best to use on razor burn?
whatdo i do about a planters wart?
i have red rash looking armpits i use right guard deoderant what kind should i use?
lotion or gel moisturizer?
How to get rid of dark circles?
Feels like a fiberglass hair sticking in finger...?
Please give me some tips of how to stop Acnes.?
My Eyes are Red.. How do I make it go Away?
HELP!!! I've been sick for 2 weeks & can't shake this nasty sinus infection. Tried everything, what can I do?
Am I allergic to smoking?
If I eat sugar or flour, my face gets red/rashy. Could I have an allergy?
am i sick or is it allergies?
Why is my nose always so stuffy and why do I have so much mucus in my throat?!?
Can I die from a nose bleed?
if I am allergic to codeine am i also allergic to hyrocodone?
Pressure on the side of my head is it allergy related?
What is the strongest and most effective allergy medication?
How to tell what you're allergic to...?
I have a soat throat from allergies and sinuses that I had 2 wks ago?
What's wrong with me?
This morning I woke up with INTENSE vertigo, what is wrong?
Can a memory foam mattress topper be easily cut?
I have a problem please help me :(?
what is the genetic makeup of swine flu?
Should the media focus on more dangerous diseases?
does a person have to have an illness to contract something through fomites or feces?
how many swine flu cases in the UK now?
If I have the symptoms of a temp of 102.5 a dry cough & muscle aches do I have a cold or a flu virus? Explain?
what is the treatment for syphilis in the brain?
I stayed home sick today.. what could it be?
Lyme Disease? what should i expect?
How can i get the swelling down on my tonsils?
My Co-worker was Diagnosed with MRSA, HELP!?
is having pinworm dangerouse??? what can it do to your body?
why are people with swine flu quarantined if it's no worse than normal flu?
Going to China?!? swine flu?
I have a constant headache and fever since few months back.?
disgusting coldsores?HELP?!?
How Can You Get Hepatitis?
So my friend told me that she has swine flu and that she got it yesterday, well I was hanging out with her.?
Salmonella bacteria lifespan?
what is Origin of HIV?
I have a weed problem ?
I am 49 yrs male. My blood pressure is 75/115 and my resting pulse rate is 47-49.?
How to cure a pinched nerve?
If you got diagnosed with cancer, would you tell people?
I have a friend who baby boy is very sick........?
multiple lung nodules?
I have floaters! Help!?
What is a eye place called?
why aren't contact lenses as good as glasses?
How can you go blind?
super glue on eye glassess?
New to contacts, sore eye?
are non prescription contacts illegal?
i see floaty things in my eyes?
My eyes hurt please help!?
Why does my eye twitch!!!?
Lazy Eye.....can anyone do it?
20/20 vision...is it perfect?
How can I tell if my eyeglasses aren't the right prescription? What are the symptoms for incorrect lenses?
How can I fix my problem ( I hate my eye color)?
What causes eyes to be bloodshot besides drugs?
Question about Contacts.?
Anyones eyes crossing?
How much do contacts cost?
Are they grey or blue?
what color eye would you say this is?
What color are my eyes?
Is it ok to disinfect my contact lenses using hot sauce?
I want to wear weird contact lenses, just to change daily boring days.?
Coughing up blood !? Please help !?
Very Persistent Cough?
Having throat problems?
Using expired asthma inhalers all day by accident. Bad?
Coughing up bloody phlegm!!! help?
Will my swelling my gone by tomorrow?
My ear is closed up, please read and and answer soon!!!!!?
Sunburn around my nose. Help?
My cousin's husband is losing weight.?
Can Blood Cortisol levels yield false readings ?
What is the difference between hypersensitivity and autoimmunity from a biochemical and cellular perspective?
I recently had some blood work done for a Hormone workup. My Insulin GF BP-3 is 7200 What does this mean ?
Could you tell me why I'm still dizzy?
Help! i found white spots on the back of my throat?
if i get a blood test wood drug come out too?
im tire of being small?
Could I have diabetes or anemia?
what can i do to improve my nail growth?
Medical professionals please answer quickly?
how to fix insomia any ideas?
My eye drops went into the laundry. Is it okay to use?
why do I ache in my hands when i am deeply sad?
What are some ways I can fall asleep faster and wake up easier?
Question on Tylenol overdose?
how can i make bug bites stop itching?
can they if that i smoked cigarettes in a urine drug test ?
what would you do if you find out your baby organs are going to be out instead of in the body?
Abuse of_______have been linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine. a) cocaine b) amphetamine c) alcohol d) all?
Difference between ADD and ADHD?
can u die from taking 60 klonopin?
I want to make a difference in someones life?
Don't know what's wrong with me:(( Help?
How to stop Nose bleeding?
What can cause diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis?
did the guy i went to see have herpes?
Likeliness that I now have herpes?
can you get chlamydia if wearing someones clothing from either a flea market or salvation army such as.......?
What could red/raw area on Labia be?
Hiv spots on tongue!?
Am I having panic attacks or something else?
It hurts when I urinate, bot a burning but a forced pain, a little blood.?
can you tell if someone has cancer or some other disease going on in their body by a particular odor?
I have an Infected toenail, can anyone please help me?
What are these bruises?
can anyone tell me if it sounds like a fractured or broke my elbow?
Think I pulled a muscle in my arm, no more working out?
how do i know if i have a concussion?
Should I go to the doctor with my suspected sprained ankle?
Slammed my fingertips in the door!! help?
Elbow issues..help me?
What are some major injuries from being hit by a car?
What can I do to a boot type splint so I can walk through snow to get to my car?
what is wrong with a knee that keeps popping and really hurts?
Can anybody tell me how my shoulder is broke?
how to make a homemade ankle brace?
swollen rib after being beaten up?
How do I know if I sprained my wrist?
I need to make an arm for a demonstration at school and it needs to be soft enough to stick a needle in?
I bruised my toe pretty bad and a small blood clot has formed on the side of my toe. Will it go away?
Internal stitches, should I clip the strings?
i broke my leg twice?
HELP!!!!!!! hand sore and pins and needles after sewing?
What do I do about my hurt ankle!?
The back of my ankle hurts, right up my leg a little bit.. is it that tendon thats there or whatever?
concussion?? HELP PLEASE!?
hard bump on the back of my head?
Wierd hive Rash! Help?
slightly painful recurrent boil like swellings?
Is Optimal Blood Pressure Good?
if it was necessary i would need a pacemaker....?
My aunt is having open-heart surgery; She has a 90% block; I don't understand?
Quante persone sono colpite dalla malattia di cuore in Italia? Number of people with heart disease in Italy?
What causes the cardiac arrest in a bulimic?
Why do I have this diagnosiss?
my friends rib cage shows and her spine shows..?
If somebody paid you big money (like millions) to get real sick with a bad stomach virus would you?
I have been have having blood when i use the bathroom in my bowel movement and my stomcah is swollen, ?
what disease has these symptoms??? please help!! :(?
I have a question about a Kidney stent procedure.?
What's "better"? Die from obesity or die from starvation?
I'm doing a project on self-harming and I was wondering if anyone knows top tips to self harming?
My toe hurts!.... Help?
i just want to know if there is way to deal with anxiety... maybe get rid of it?
Is this Epilepsy or Migraine?
So, I've had a not in the side of my neck it feels like a ball it's in between the head and neck on the left?
Most shocking gets 10 points!!?
I read that HPV can lie dormant for years. Is it possible that i had hpv and still had normal pap smears?
what do i do when another person has mini blackouts in front of me repeatedly?
Help! I think I may have a stye in my eye?
Bayer Baby Aspirin...now I'm breathing HEAVILY.?
can vomiting get rid of acid reflux?
I went to the doctors today and i got blood withdrawn from me do they drug test along wth the test for disease?
drug help plzzz!!!!!?
please help. i took some robotusin and now i'm bumpy red itchy and dont feel good... HELP!?
Im allergic to my puppy!! Does anyone know any good OTC allergy meds?! please help?
My throat and ears hurt and i have a stuffy nose.?
What happens if you ingest 20 oleander leaves?
Oatmeal cookie gut rot- allergy?
Am I Sick Or Is This Allergies?
does Ny-quil give people Hives?
reaction to hersheys all natural extra dark chocolate?
i have fits of uncontrollable scratching. why?
Risks of ignoring asthma and allergies in children?
i have a mildy sore throat, a little bit of runny nose, and my body is slightly achy, no cough. what is this?
Asthma troubles- will this help?
I have had pneumonia 3 times in 4 months now. At first they said COPD then reflux and now they dont know! Why!
Could somebody please reassure me that I don't have a brain tumor?
What is wrong, could it be cancer?
are these symptoms of heart failure??
How do I catch her smoking?
best treatment for tinnitus-where I can get it?
Can you give a cat a small dose of NyQuil if it has a cold?
My bones huuurrrt D:?
remedies for spider bits?
are the benifits the same?
Is it wrong to be so scared?
Can anyone tell me if I'm doing good with my routine or do I need to make some adjustment I want to be sure?
I have a STRANGE Addiction please help?
my 5 year old son got only 2 shots of vaccine for hepa b,will he infected with the decease?
wheezen noise from my chest?
spitting up blood and sore throat?
I've been back to running for 2 month now, and my body's getting used to it, but my lungs are not?
I have tonsillitis, need some answers?
information about radiation cystitis?
Laxatives and suppositories....?
foot falling asleep too often?
Why do i feel fatigued?
Are Caucasians more health conscious than the Chinese?
Anyone else have to frequent the bathroom five times after having a cup of coffee, and why does this happen?
Answer only with A B or C?
can i get some help ?
I have a question regarding cigarettes?
What do you use as a filter when smoking a joint?
What are your thoughts?
Really painful and swollen wrist bone, whats wrong with it?
Chicken Pox..................?
Are Vapor Cigarettes bad for you?
what half cigarette half cigar called?
What can I do about bad breath?
What average houshold item is equal to 1 inch?
what does this mean?? anyone?
OK can i have some help please?
Health problem need advice!!?
Why do I feel hot all of a sudden? Is something wrong with me?
Back/neck pain issue?
I am doing a muscle of the wrist joint where do the mucles go?
What's wrong with my ear?!?
migraine or something else?
i have a painful bump on my head (no trauma)?
headache & sore throat?
looking for a new general practitioner as my doctor retired but used to prescribe all my meds that I have been?
Pinching feeling in shoulder/neck when eating?
Is it safe to take butalbital/apap/caffeine with Valium?
MRI alternatives or what?
Has anyone tried Advil Congestion Relief?
Yeast infection? please help!?
Can you ACTUALLY catch an std by kissing?
lips burn after kissing?
Herpes test results IGG versus IGM?
Abnormal to normal means no more hpv?
Can you take a blood test to send somewhere else?
I finally confessed to my bestfriend that I have an eating disorder and..?
Can stress alone cause irritable bowel syndrome?
Is She Bulimic???????
I will be 46 in 2 weeks?
I think i might have a possible heart disease?
My left eye has been red for a couple days now and i dont know why?!?
How long before you die of Swine Flu?
Does hyperthyroidism contributes to obesity?
alright i think this is bad
Should i go into work today? im really unwell ?
What is lupus.signs and sin toms,is it curable?
My daughter has Type 2 Diabetes?
can you explain what the bp situation is?. what's going on?
It has been 5 days on levemir insulin but my sugars are still in the 300s I take 20u in am and pm?
what would you eat to bring your lever down on thyroid?
Can you get bifocals in contact lenses?
Eye Contacts (colored)?
2days after laser surgery...?
do i have pink eye??
Help! i just started playing with myself when suddenely this white stuff came out and hit me in the eye.?
Is -3.25 eyesight really bad for a 13 year old? Any ways to improve it?
Would it be harmful to wear glasses, if you do not need to wear them, if you are an actor, for example?
Is it safe to wear my contacts?
I've been wearing glasses for 3 years, but my vision is still blurred?
I was just informed by a doctor I have acute iritis in one eye. Will smoking pot affect this at all?
How long can contact lenses' fluid in the container last?
My new glasses strain my eyes..!?
do i need to go to the eye dr to get color contacts?
Are Bacteria Colonies visible to the naked eye?
What is happening in my eyes?
Does anybody here wear Acuvue Colored Contacts in Hazel Green or Jade Green?
My contacts wont come off! Easy 10 points for contact wearers?
Does anyone know about laser eye surgery after care?
why are my eyes burning so bad? is it my glasses?
so walmarts eye doctorrrrrrrr?
My right pupil is bigger than the other?
swimming with contacts + goggles?
Possible to sterilize contact lenses?
Anyone know anything about toe nail Fungus?
adult ance?
my eyes!?!?!?
health?(is it poison ivy)?
how do i get rid of a dry spot on my cheek?
Help!!! alergic reaction!!!?
What causes the inside of my fingers to prune up (not due to being in the water)?
i have SEVERE acne i have been to the dermatologist many times and have been given several medications?
question about diabetes?
why do people with HIV/AIDS are mostly likely to get pneumonia or TB?
Do I sound "sick"? And if so, what do I sound like I have?
Is it safe to mix dayquil sinus and dayquil cold and flu?
11 year old with 102.8 temp?
what is mean 'terminal stage' in cancer?
what sickness is this?
i think i might have an infection or something?
Swollen shut sore throat... any cures?
Whats the deal with mono?
Swine Flu at the airport across the world?
Throat infection or cold?
Sludge (so far..further testing) in Gallbladder...Any connection w/ weight gain or unable to lose weight??
Before the onset of a fever, if i take fever reducing medication..?
I have flu like symptoms? *oink*?
is there any vaccine for leprosy?
Antibiotics Question?
Stomach flu? Or more serious?
how is diphtheria transmitted?
what is parvo and its symptoms?
what would cause a high fever with knee pain on a 6 year old?
How do I get rid of a virus/infection?
how long does chicken pox last on a 10 yr old child?
i'm constipated but at the same time i'm having spouts of yellowish, diarrhea type stool.?
sore throat, antibiotics aren't working?
what are the dangers alcohol poisoning?!?
Is there a DOCTOR in here who knows what causes bleeding in a MAN who is 70yrs old?
Clicking, pain and Odd Oozing in left side of head?
Could this be an Eye Issue? Dizziness/Vertigo?
i think my brother has autism?please answer?
What could be the cause of a swollen rib area and pain while inhaling?
Can carpal tunnel kill you?
Make my Nausea go away?
Can I get used to my tinnitus over time?
i cant concentrate and have no short term memory whats wrong with me?
whats wrong if your stomach hurts after you eat?
can i take advil with methazolamide?
I thought marijuana was a downer? Why does it make my heart beat real fast?
My lips are always chapped?
If I just took 2 acetaminophen with codeine can I drink 1 beer with no bad effects?
I woke up with really bad vertigo this morning, like room spinning, stomach wanting to vomit?
Whats wrong with me?! I can't breathe easily =/ Please help!!!?
Does Tramadol have Codeine in it?
I just found a dead spider in my bed...?
Ok idk why but i realize ill been breathing harding now is there somethign wrong with me?
do you think diagnosing your symptoms on the internet is a bad idea?
Is this normal? sickness.?
do you think i should see a doctor?
Ok I have a question I'm 5'4" 98lbs and I social smoke marijuana almost everyother day about maybe 5-6 pulls,?
Short and depressed 18 years old because of my height 5'6-5'7 tal...How to overcome this height issue..?
What is the significance of 'S-Shaped" Bowel Movements?
Is it possible for a teenager to have a heart attack?
what can i do to keep from getting Dehydrated?
Does A.D.H.D. come off with medication?
Emetophobia( fear of vomiting)?
Help do I need medical attention?
I couldn't sleep last night at all?
is eczema really bad?
My son went to the ER last night with my mom, and they said he has a severe ear infection HELP?
What sickness could I have?
Health problems help.?
How do I heal a warm, tight, dry?
Pneumonia? Please Answer!?
A doctor told my friend!!!?
whats the best natural remedy for a headache?
What is an abnormal pap smear mean ?
Collectively, can we all take just a min to pray for a friend of mine that has cancer? Her name is Sherry.?
how long does it take the virus herpes to digest in someone?
HIV serious help needed?
Why is my heart doing this?
Inhalation dosage chart ?
best infflamtion medicine?
What type of doctor should I see if I am experiencing numbness with hands and feet?
can you get std's on your leg?
if you get cold sores do you have herpes?
whats symptoms of aids?
Burning sensation in my stomch.?
Is carrot juice good for when you have tonsillitis?
Can having the clap kill a person?
I don't know if I have OCD. Can anyone help?
I need sum help pplleeeaassee help std?
What are Primary Care Physicians allow to prescribe?
How can i STAY awake!?!?!?
If I go to the E.R will the check me for diabeties?
Is there a blood sodium meter one can buy to check the sodium level at home?
How can I keep from having faint like symptoms?
When you have a heart attack, what does it feel like? And does your heart beat quicken?
Will a saline nasal spray help my extremely dry sinuses?
What are you NOT aloud to do if you have Asama ? Also what are you ALOUD to do if you have Asama?
when will my kitty allergies go away?
eyes are permanently red!?!?
allergies or what is this?
Can I eat shrimp if I am allergic to fish?
My son has big red spots on his arms what to do?
My allergic rhinitis turns on at night! How to prevent?
Am I using the Saline Nasal Spray right?
Is there any alternative to lactaid?
what is the quickest way to grow mold?
Please help to find out some websites which provided the informations about allergies?
A Heath Question about blisters?
I'm allergic to all sunscreens + lotions at any SPF. Help!?
What is going on with me?? Do I have an allergy to something?
can allergies go back?
Throat is sore, but no symptoms? Having to clear my throat all the time?
pregnancy and allergy.what can I take?
Do i have a food allergy or a skin disease?
is sometthing wrong with me or what? im confused?
Do I have schizophrenia?
Is this normal or am I strange?
question about 50mg of Adderall and 50mg of Xanax?
Is there any physiological mechanisms in place that induce forgetting(memory loss)?
can i go blind by wearing my contacts?
do contacts take getting used to like new glasses?
i lost my glasses where do i look?
Can I switch to a different brand of contacts?
Are your Eye lids gas permeable?
Have you ever suffered from some eye infection due to contacts?
I've got blurred vision,more glare from car-headlight,distance light,did the eye-exam, had same result.Why?
One of my contact lens doesn't seem to fit correctly?
How do I make my eyesight worse? I'm on -4.75 but I have a fear of that number?
my eyes are yellow? any ideas?
is it bad for my eyes if i don't wear my glasses?
Poor eyesight, hear better?
Contact lenses? Are the universal power?
Isn't it wrong to use the term "farsightedness"?
Do I need a fitting before ordering contact lenses?
A question for contacts wearers!?
contacts/eyes- Question?
i need help with converting my eye exam numbers into a prescription for online glasses?
I'm 12 and would like to have colored contacts?
Slightly Blurry Vision ?
why is the vision in my left eye blurry?
I need help with oily skin?
What is the purpose of a sternum rub?
i have a red spot under the iris in my left eye!?
my mum and dad have glasses will i need them?
In my OD I have -3.50 Cyl.+0.50 Axis 170In my OS I have -3.75 Cyl. +0.75 Axis 88What does this all mean?
Pain in my back when I breathe deeply? ?
How to get prescription sunglasses?
Can wearing other peoples glasses that are a lot stronger prescription harm your eyesight?
Can bad brusies cause anything?
why my left hand keeps twitching all the time ?
How do i get a arches by next years?
what in the world is wrong with my stomach ? getting annoying ASAP?
what's wrong with my lips?
Is there a certain season that you are more acne prone?
I have acne scars help?!?!?
I have a itch that I cant scratch.what should I do?
Is labrum surgery painful?
Liquid Nitrogen Question, Please Help, Thanks?
I have a question about my legs..?
where do i find a dermatologist?
It hurts when i rotate my wrist, what can i do?
how do you act like you have cramps?
Random pain in my foot?
It's 3.35 in the morning I am up.?
my dad hurts me what to do?
Can anyone rate the pain of recovery from an AC joint repair?
Why do I have this ticking/thudding/pressure buildup in my ear when I write/colour?
I have quite a bit of self inflicted sores on my body. What is the quickest way to get rid of them?
what kind of bug can cause a bite this big?
What's the best acme treatment I can use?
did dermatologists cure your acne?
Continued driniking even after Chronic Liver disease.?
I have a heard time sleeping
Is this Urinary Tract Infection?
I had a weird "Vision" 2 years ago...What does this mean?? (Please answer)
i have osgood schatters disease ?
if someone was diagnosed with a mental illness how long will that diagnosis last?
I have insomnia and i can't sleep?
What antidepressent is not only highly recomended for?
How can i beat my insomnia?!?
Can anxiety be cured naturally?
red patch on the inside of daughter's cheek.?
I'm always thirsty, and I've been more tired. ?
Uncomfortable feeling at the back of my neck!!!?
do you always die when you have a terminal illness ?
i heard from my specialist that if your an active teenager, THC only stays in your system from 2-3 days.?
can urinary tract infection cause back pain?
How much sleep is too much sleep?
Best ways to get a good night sleep?
whats wrong with me am i sick?
I had blood in my poo ?
bloody mucus from nose, sore throat, muscle aches, fever, dry cough?
what causes things to crack?
should you tell your doctor if you do drugs?
my friend had taken a "roll" which is extasy and she told me her vision went green?
How do I get 3 inches taller as fast as possible, without surgeries ?
Can smoking marijuana become genetic?
Why do I stress to much about my health?
I need your help!!!? Pretty plz! Easy 10pts!?
My ears are ringing..loud!?
how can i go to sleep sleep faster?
I think Im deppressed what should I do?
How do I get glass out of my foot?
Why would you want to be a nurse?
what are the medical codes for acute hepatitis and early cirrhosis of the liver due to chronic alcoholism?
what are chances of getting hiv from kissing someone with cankor sore in mouth?
How likely is it that i have giardia?
could i have tonsilitus?
Any solution for arthrities ?
The flu for three or more weeks?!?
what do these symtoms mean?
what is sudden allover weakness w/nausea in 67 yr old symptomatic of?
what are the symptoms to H1N1?
name ten types of pathogens that cause communicable diseases.?
my bacterial culture is contamenated with fungai how can isolate pure bacterial culture from contamenated plat?
Is it normal for me to be getting nervous/ scared about catching the stomach bug that's going around?
Chicken pox - I've had it before but could I carry it?
watery diaherra !!! at age 15 ?
hey can you help please?????
Is it normal to be worried about catching the stomach virus when it is going around?
could this be swine flu symtoms?
how do i prevent nausea?
Blood Test Results-Question ABOUT ESR?
Dermatologist Procedure?
My Daughter is 7 and had a CBC done, here Neutrophils is high and her Lymphs is low. Can someone help?
Fever, chills, joint pains, cough and chest pain.Pls help me!?
How can I cure my cough?
Sensation of something in back of throat?
PLEASE HELP! Throat and chest pain?
is it dangerous to sleep completely under the covers?
3 packs a day- EXPERIENCD SMOKERS?
Can someone help with Vocal Health Advice?
Fluid draining procedure?
Help! I have a upper sinus infection. Has anybody successfully gotten rid of one without antibiotics?
CLICK PLEASE HELP! i dont know what to do!!!?
how do you get herpes of the mouth?
Culturally speaking : Is it true if you make love to a virgin you will never have an STD ?
do monkeys have pubes?
I have high blood pressure and its still high i need advice?
why must aspirin not be taken on an empty stomach?
HELP PLEASE! Yes / No question!!! please answer
the ______ protect vital organs suh as the heart and lungs?
Someone said cancer has been cured. Has anyone heard this?
I know a guy who has cancer but hasnt told his new girlfriend- should I tell his girlfriend>?
my husbands snoring/breathing is affecting my sleep.trouble falling asleep/ waking up in the middle of nights?
My husband has cancer and we fly every two weeks for treatment. Any suggestions on how to save some money?
I was on a taper dose of prednisone?
Do I HONESTLY!!! look like im 229?
Where can you buy lancet devices?
They say I have a bad kidney infection...?
my dads stomach hurts,is drinking beer the solution?
waking up to the smell of coffee, but none brewing in the home at any time.?
whats gonna happen if i take 23 different tablets in 1 day?
very bad stomach problems for 4 years?
Will my eyelid stop twitching?
i am epiliptic, resently i have been experiencing body tremors, no balance,no energy at all.?
HELP!!! Vomiting blood! Am I going to die?!?
how can i get rid of bloating and prevent it? and please don't tell me colon cleanse......?
help with a kind of illness..?
Does aspirin get rid of swelling?
My grandma thinks we are the enemy?
Deceased father's medical history...?
My boyfriend smokes a lot of weed?
Smoking weed DRS appointment HELP!?
Alcohol withdrawal, problem need some questions answered please?
coming off anti-depressants and feeling worse! :(?
cannot sleep at night until 3/4 am, and cant get out of bed til noon. i try lunesta but gain tolerance really?
Why can you feel your pulse with on our thumbs but not on any of our other fingers?
is it safe to drink water from a jug if its not refrigerated?
Any idea how to return to sleeping at night and not during the day and afternoon?
How can i help to my son ?
I'm either really hyper or falling asleep. Is that a sign somethings wrong?
What would cause trouble speaking?
Rectum??? Is This A Real Blood Test...Or Am I Hearing Things?
my hands are always cold! how can i make them warm?
Honey on lips overnight bad for teeth?
Need help with health insurance deductible?
Why am I dizzy all the time?
What is the best recommended med for wetting the bed?
Can anyone recommend a chewable multivitamin?
I haven't slept in 3 days, whats wrong with me?
Marijuana Question: myth or fact?
Can marijuana make you irritable?
Why do I lose my sense of taste and get a very sore tongue when I eat pineapple?
My right ear feels clogged, I know it's not earwax.?
Why do I keep sneezing?
Could my eardrum have burst?
How tall will I be when I grow up?
I walk with my feet pointed outward?
I get lightheaded only when standing on my feet?
I have bad anxiety attacks which kind of doctor do i need to see?
why would an adult take Adderall?
Just wondering about my daughter.?
Can i smoke wild marijuana?
What are some good ways to hallucinate without drugs?
how can i pass drug test tomorrow i smoked 2 days ago?
what does it mean if your whole body random itches?
Tips to avoid drinking alcohol, worried about my health?
is it true you give a kid a certain amount of honey to help with colds??? how much?
MY legs are so ichy :( help?
Having white bumps on throat normal? ?
I gave blood 3 weeks ago and i have a question?
If you have abnormal discharge and ichey on your jenital area dose that you have std?
Could I have gotten an std?
painless heart attack?
Where can I buy some Rohypnol?
Just got OLD Oxygen Concentrator for my Pulmonary Fibrosis?
Is there any possible away to keep youself from swallowing liquids down your air tube ?
can an infant get tested for tb? whats the earliest age?
what is the EZ SMOKER?
Can you catch a cold by being choked out?
Why do only one of my nostrils leak mucus during my cold and why is there so much?
I have panic attacks...?
does ance get worse before it completely clears?
Feeling sick and I don't know what to do?
Can you get chickenpox from a kiss?
My left ear is clogged from strep throat will the antibiotics take care of that too or should I take something?
can a kidney become crooked from an infection?
strep or something else?
Dude im flippin out about swine flu.?
Tired, lathargic and fatigue?
Why they say viral diseases can't be treated while they can?
When was the Avian Bird Flu a pandemic.?
do i have the swine flu?
how to hide a stuffy nose cold voice?
My Son asks "H1N1 is Swine Flu; H5N1 is bird flu; HXNX is people's flu?
24 and I feel Im passed it?
what are the symptoms for bipolar disorder?
does green snot mean you have an infection ?
im going to delhi india and the cdc recommends that i take the malaria pill. i dont want to . have any?
I have a small cut and my dog licked it. He was vaccinated 2007 do i have rabies?
am i worrying needlessly? Or not?
why do i keep getting viruses?
What is wrong with me am i sick?
Do I have pink eye...?
how long after starting antibiotics for strep can I return to school?
A question about Swine Flu (H1-N1)?
Eye burn is this anything serious?
Eyeglasses website legit?
My eye wont stop twitching!?
How should I to put on eye contacts?
is it bad to rely on eye drops to stop eye itching?
What eye color could I pull off?
could i wear my contacts if they've been dried out?
iPhone or phone ruining my eyes?
How to Cure Glaucoma Naturally?
i know it seems funny but believe me ;ok read it then you will understand!?
i use to have white flashes in my right eye?
Can carrots help maintain your vision?
hi, i have just received a new pair of prescription glasses and they feel to strong. is this correct.?
PLEASE HELP![READ DETAILS] eye infection/medication question 5pts to who ever answers!!?
WHY DO I HAVE SUCH BIG EYES !!? )),: please help me..?
What makes us blink our eyes?
Continuous contact lenses and extended?
I have very squint eye...what is wrong?..do i need to wear glasses?
How much does it cost to get contacts with no power in them?
just got contacts..my vision is blury?
Do Contacts Hurt or Bother?
I have a strange redness in my left eye and I have no clue what it is, can anyone help? o.o?
I need help with eye contacts?
Are minus power lenses on glasses really detrimental to your sight?
My dad had a heart attack last friday and he was discharged on the 24th June?
has anyone used mirapex?
Viagra and Blood Pressure Medication?
what are sats as in blood pressure, sats, etc?
what drugs will NOT show up on a urnalysis done at STERLING reference labrotories?
How do Azo Pills work?
anyone a proctologist?clinical equipment needed for proctologist?
Help!!!!!! Please!!!! Really Concerned!?
My mom thinks shes allergic to chocolate milk?
allergies or what. o dpm?
can allergies cause the following ?
what would happen if i eat carpet like a lot of it?
Why does the sneezing start when I finsihed my bath?
Is it possible to be allergic to food?
whats your personal remedy for pollen allergies? what works for you?
i always get bloody noses?!?
is there an injection you can take to get rid of a fur allergy?
am i allergic to smoke?
Question about allegic reaction.?
Is it possible I have Epilepsy?
i need help. want to binge. ?
Are these thoughts due to a mental illness?
What happened to me on seroquel?
Could my OCD be the cause of my self harm?
Why do I have trouble unscrambling words ?
Sometimes I can't talk, why?
how to thread upper lip without pain?
my lower back is killing me! i am just 17(male) please help?
breathing problems?
I am feelin I guess what u could call a knot in my stomach it makes a weird squirting noise wen i push it!?
(Scared) Sharp pain when I burped...?
Reasons for pain on right side of abdomen?
Why do my knees hurt when it's cold?
I took a heavy fall and injured my wrist, how bad?
Whats Wrong with my body?
what disease do you have when cough alot?
how do you get rid of a sunburn fast?
My mom has Cancer,I don't know how to handle this?
How to get rid of a cold?!?
will i pass my drug test?
smoked weed for first time last nite?
Health Question???? ASAP?????
How do I get rid of the cigarette smoke smell?
What happens if I eat some marijuana?
I just got my tongue pierced, and now I'm sick. Related?
what do I have? symptoms:tiredness, red tonsils....?
Is this normal, an age thing or some illness?
Diarrhea!!! What do I do to stop it?
ok my daughter shes 11yrs old and shes having pains in her belly could it be her period?
what happens to your body if you eat nothing for 2 and a half days?
What's worse- cutting or burning yourself?
Sharp pains in bottom half of stomach ..what can this be?
How long does marijuana show up in urine?
Can you have a habit that could be mistakin for tourettes?
I'm scared... please help, Scoliosis?
is it possible to get rid of ringing in ears/tinnitus?
Questions about mental hospitals, have you been a patient?
How do i get un-sick fast?
Why does my leg shake like a dog when I stretch?
If you have diabetes and you are obese can you get rid of it by getting fitter and healthier?
I'm scared I may have diabetes?
Whats the best way to get your blood tested?
I have three bumps on my upper lip. they are white and painful. im pretty sure they are just cold sores.. ive?
Could this be herpes?
I have to pee!?!?!?!? Or do I.... ?
Do I have herpes, or something else?
Is vasaline good lube for anal?
White scratch on my virgina?
Pepsiguard? Help me :(?
Have had frequent stomach cramps and diarrhea my whole life. Several Doctors later and no diagnosis?
What causes liver disease?
I swallowed a lot of blood?
Mystery Illness...please help?
Very frequent urination! Help!?
if someone is diagnosed with cirrohsis of the liver. and whatever caused it came and?
Need all the advice that I can to help me fight this deadly disease called {crack cocaine}. PLEASE HELP ME!?
Stomach Pain Question, Please Help!?
what kind of liver disease can cause itching and jaundice ? what can be the best treatment for that ?
i see a black dot in my field of vision is it serious? or will it just go away?
My friend is feeling pain in his chest?
how do i know if im ADD/ADHD?
is there anything to get cured by rabies?
Why are people prone to so many illnesses?
Cannot take full breath.. Heart also feels like it kicks and beats hard sometimes.. 15 years old. whats wrong?
im scared i have a small yellow bump on my eyelid i think it might b cancer cuz i put tan lotion on my face!!!?
Strange symptoms and they won't go away..any opinions?
My husband has blood in his stool, a lot?
Why do i keep twitching?
Can you get swimmers ear if you didn't go swimming?
If you are nude beneath the hospital gown, would you be exposed totally nude during laparoscopic surgery?
Does CVS Pharmacy would except Prescription by Fax?
How to order prescription drugs in US without prescription?
Healthcare in Korea ?
how long does morphine stay in your body?
Why am I always tired in the morning throughout the day & when late night comes I'm WIDE AWAKE?
How long do i have to wait to start smoking again after a sinus infection?
Had sinus surgery 6 days ago and can't sleep still. I have gotten about 2 hours a night if I am lucky.?
What is a normal blood pressure for a 14 year old?
I'm decided to quit smoking but don't know how. Any advice?
Whats the best health insurance i live in kalamazoo , mi for a breast reduction i have bad back pain?
How high is your spleen?
Snake bite what should I do?
Where can I buy compression socks for men?
my health makes me worry?
I quit smoking 12 days ago and now i am feeling like im going crazy just thinking about a cig wht should i do?
Case Study: Crohn's Disease?
where in the world is the swine flu the worst?
What germs does Lysol kill?
So we are in a pandemic... what now?
swine flu scareing me?
Flu symptoms and info (please answer quickly)?
Does this story make you furious?
What are the symptoms of E. coli OI57:H7 infection?
tonsillitis. contagious with no fever?
mumps or something else?
I suffer from frequent colds? Why?
Why is Pink eye And Strep thoat going hand in hand?
Anyone have a good link to show the numbers of Confirmed cases of the Swine Influenza by Country/State?
What is Conjunctivitis?
4 month old boxer has a cough and on antibiotics so do u know how long it will take for him to feel better.?
how to convince my parents that the flu is caused by a virus and not by cold weather?
whats up with the swine flu...?
For the past 3 years or so I have had problems with my bladder. It started with my first UTI.?
Do I have strep throat?
can you get rid of strep throat naturally?
what is the treatment for a bad chest infection?
Question about an undying phlegm for years? sorry for the gross question need help?
Possible infection from box cutter?
I'm overweight and I went to the doctors yet they said?
Pharyngitis, persistent coughing?
Stomach and chest pains?
HOW TO TALK RASPY????????????????????
I have an on going nose and throat problem that has lasted 9 months. What should I do now?
can a person with sleep apnea do things they don't remember?
How often your flu progresses into pneumonia?
Is this asthma?
Is my blood pressure level ok?
why do i have a lump getting bigger?
Has anybody out there ever had a MRI scan?Are they really as bad as people make them out to be.?
milk of magnesia question getting out all the poo?
How do you fall asleep? Do you drift off or Soon as you close you eyes.. your gone? And how do you wake up?
When I sweat it smells like cologne, is this normal?
Can I still grow in height ?
what are the side effects of having one ?
Why am I losing so much weight?
how do i get rid of my fears?
do drug tests for your whole life.?
Marijuana causes me to have a weak stomach all the time even when I haven't smoked in a while?
how do i get THC out of my system desperately?
why is are my ribs sticking out?
I cant sit up, feel dizzy and room spins when i do!? :S?
can i drink while taking zoloft?
what is this? is it normal?
My son needs help bad?
Other Names for marijuana?
help I woke up and was paralyzed!!?
What is wrong with me? ?
I need as much people to answer this question for me please!?
What are soma's like (carisoprodol)?
I am sick with mono when can i ride my horses again?
What is blue badge...?
is it dangerous to take 3000 mg's of advil?
Caffeine high? WHAT THE?
what causes eye floaters?
Could being shot in the eye be fatal?
Is contact lens solution harmful if swallowed?
What color eyes do you have. ?
Witch vitamins woks well?
Unsatisfactory Optometrist appointment?
colored contacts?????????????????????????
Even if you cant see with one eye do you still need glasses?
what do you think this is?
My eye color is changing?
can you put contacts after soaking it for less than 6 hours?
Bleach in eye: Should I be worried?
I improved my vision by following an eye exercise book. How long will it last?
Can i have color blindness?
if you jam your fingers in someones eyes can you blind them?