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What am I allergic to?
How should I treat runny nose?
i have allergy from sweat?
how do you know when your allergic to cephalexin ?
Help... will I get worse?
i have an aspirin taste in my mouth very nauseated what could it be?
Allergies or to much computer?
is there any way to remove my dog allergies?
HI, i have an almost constant annoying tingling/itch in my throat.?
Can people develop allergies later in life?
water keeps randomly dripping out of my nose............?
im allergic to latex...?
My cheeks,my nose nd the bottom of my legs and ankles get really red,is there anything to reduce the redness?
What is wrong with my eyes?
For the past three weeks, I have been having a sensation that after i eat food it feels stuck in my throat?
Is it unhealthy to stifle sneezes?
please tell me if dr. numb really works,the'yre all over the net, and i need to know if it works.?
Could my elbow be broken?
Swelling on my ear because of piercings and help?! URGENT!?
what does it mean when your hand is blue but isn't broken?
Help Cont. of Emergency Help?
What are you supposed to do for a broken toenail?
Is it possible to pass out from bloodloss if you have a deep enough cut on your hand?
Is it true that if you break a bone it grows back stronger?
Is the doctor in the house(or doctor's office)?
My brother just had a leg injury and one of his finger on his leg turned blue.?
Last night i punched a door and it resulted in something called a boxers fracture.?
I think I have a broken toe?
my elbow hurts really bad i bumped it a few weekes ago and whem something barley touches it it hurts what do i?
Do I have to see a doctor if I have a second degree ankle sprain?
I got my nose pirced, and they said i could change it in 2-3 weeks. is this true?
How long until i can lift weights after shoulder dislocation?
Pain in the middle of my foot whilst walking.?
how to releif a pulled muscle?
broken foot menstrual how to help heal?
how long will it take for a fractured knuckle to heal?
Sharp shoulder pain after dives in dance?
My shoulders keep coming out of socket?
is asthma and eczema are the same?
should i go see a doctor?
Is this a cold or the flu?
Could i get in trouble if a friend is smoking pot, even if I'm not?
Why do I wear glasses, and my sisters don't?
I have had an eyelash stuck in my eye for 2 days and now it's in the back of my eye and it hurts.Help please!!?
what color are my friend's eyes?
marijuana can improve your eyesight?
How do I restore the brightness of my eyes?
new glasses give me headaches!!! HELP!!!?
Will wearing new glasses, with a higher grade than your previous glasses, make you feel dizzy upon wearing it?
Help! Does Pink Eye require medical attention?
does wearing contact lens can lead to blindness if so how?
contact lens question?
What is the most common parasitic infection in the United States is it.?
I want glasses how can i get blurry vision?
can someone out there tell me why my eyes twitch?
Are contacts safe for your eyes?
could a foreign body cause these symptoms?
where can i get free contact lenses without prescription?
Is it possible for my eyes to change color?
What does blood results showing HCV Reactive 75.8 mean?
My brother shined a laser in my eye!?
Is there something that I can put in a room that kills airborne germs that cause sickness?
does our favorite colour depend on our eye colour?
How do i keep my glasses clean?
Are you allowed to take a shower with contacts on?
Is it possible to only not see blue?
What's safe to eat when you have the stomach flu? (GRAPHIC)?
Where can i get a check up for swine flu?
is there any treatment i can buy over the counter for chicken pox scars??r=1242762300?
Foley Catheter: How do you change from the night bag to the leg bag?
Is the swine flu going away?
I think I have the mumps.Can a adult get them again when I had them as a kid?
What could cause the whites of your eyes to turn a brownish yellow colour?
Swollen Left Tonsil Only-Took several courses of antibiotics yet remains enlarged?
Could this best H1N1?
Should i let my child go to a school that has a confirmed case of Swine Flu?
Do I have symptoms of Osteomyelitis?
In the chain of infection, the reservoir is the means by which pathogens travel. true or false?
Is a sinus infection contagious?
was the NHS teen viral pregnancy video sick? or good for education?
hope its not mumps! can anything be done at early stage?
did the guy in missouri die of swine flu?
What did i do to my elbow?
why wont this cough go away?
my veins in my foot bulk up (usually at night)?
Could my fiance be a Diabetic or is it something else?
can vicks chloraseptic get you high?
i can't breath deeply the day after a night out. whats up?
Does this mean that i dont have diabetes?
can i take a motrin if I took Claritin d three hours ago?
mucus is what come out when you sneeze?
How long does it take something from Boohoo.com to reach the U.S.?
HELP! Blisters Between Toes?
Taking a multivitamin makes me sick on my stomach, so much to the point I actually vomit.. why is that?
My daughter's height?
I'm a lil drunk, i weigh 135lbs and I took 12 - 600 mg tablets of ibuprofen...will i be ok?
if i'm drunk, am i more likely to try a drug i'd otherwise never touch?
do you get drug tested when your prescibed anti-depressants from a doctor?
I took a drug screen today, I drank a Bud Ice saturday and got tested today will I pass..?
do you have to feel pain to die??cant u die without pain?
Is it safe to use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my ears out?
HELP! i need ideas, two ten year old boys bored out of thier minds!?
Would i be called Ambidexterity?
can scoliosis be cured?
what can I do about the smell below my stomach layer?
What are all the ways you can get high?
what would a pharmacy give you for really bad diarrhea?
Do you know any ways that can make you faint?
please help PLEASE !?
what do you do to make you sleep at night?
Feels like there's a hair stuck in my throat?
Dislocated Thumb Help ASAP!!!?
Is it bad to rub the testacels?
Is it restless leg syndrome?
EMG-what can i expect?
How can I fix my lower back and knees?
feels like a fingernail is stuck in my throat?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? seriously please help me?
Hpv jab can I get it free?
Feels like I have bruised my tailbone but I haven't fallen on it. Why could it hurt?
My joints keep cracking?
I was diagnose to have Vaginosis?
rotator cuff tears and mot...?
Why does it feel as if my ribs are pressing on my lungs/heart?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? plzzz helpp :(?
Horrible headaches! What is going on?
How long does Ecstasy stay in your system? Does urine sample or blood test show if he took it?
Pain on right side of upper body?
my back seriously hurts?
Will subutex show up on employment drug screen?
what is that medical condition where you are afraid of people?
Are anxiety twitches/tics permanet?
What exactly makes you an alcoholic?
I'm in the military and have been diagnosed to GERD. Is this going to lead to a medical discharge?
What would happen if you were an emo hemopheliac (person without bloodclots)?
How can you tell if you overdosed on advil?
My friend is bulimic?
Lyme Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis?
when you have diarrhea does it make?
I feel all shaky, nauseated and sweaty? any clue of what is wrong?
i have a stomach problem,when i am sleeping or sitting some sounds come from my stomach.are dis worms?
three year old diagnosed with brain tumor, please list any questions you would ask consultant?
whats wrong with me please help..?
Im having an Endoscopy on Friday, really scared. Okay to take xanax 8 hrs before to help me sleep?
Can black people become anorexic?
I want to become a doctor and I'm 13 any random recommendations?
what are the early symptoms of liver damage ?
What is the name of the disease... ?
is that ocd?please help?
Should I see a doctor?
what natural supplement is good for concentration and focus?
Why use a Vaporizer, and which is the best?
does happy shaman herbs show up in drug tests?
are there any drugs that dont affect your heart?
Can someone,please, help me?
Is it ok when your scared and your heart pumps really fast?,and....?
If a person has an irregular heartbeat, can they feel it?
what is the treatment for right atrial abnormality?
Why would a patient have low blood cholesterol?
Scared of open heart surgery and being on a respirator.?
what is the test for cervical cancer called?
how do u know if u have some sort of STD?
What are the worst cities to live for kids with asthma?
Will I get skin cancer from going tanning for 3 months?
Will I need Arm Surgery?
Questions about eating after vomiting & going to school tomorrow? x?
Quick easy question about?
How toxic is plaster dust? What can come from it?
still cant walk right. need help please?
What temperature is good to sleep at?
Causes for coughing up blood.?
How long until vitamins show up in your blood stream?
Fake Nail ripped my whole nail off!!! Help!?!?
I didn't drop anything on my foot or sprain it, but it hurts when I walk.. what could this be?
if you break your leg, can you still wear jeans?
how to sprain my ankle tonight?
My sprained ankle has been swollen for the longest time?
how does a health procedure rejection appeal by a insurance company work my dental oral surgery clinic filed?
Could I have actually broke my jaw bone, and the doctors just don't know what they are talking about?
Can a neurologist diagnose scoliosis?
recovering from fractured ankle help!?!?
Why do I sometimes wake up hicccuping?
how many years does it take to become a nurse.....?
doctors help!!!!!!!!?
Impact injury to my knee, need some advice? Really Important!!?
whats wrong with my back?
I need help with my knee injury?
Nearly half of my toenail fell off?
How do you treat a broken nose?
I cut my wrist with a box cutter at work rode to hospital in ambulance recieved 7 stitches can I get compensat?
Having Blood after my Stool.. No Pain nothing just having Blood... What is the solution ?
how do you get rid of misquito bites?
Why do I get diareahha when I am nervous?
I have been having trouble breathing. Can you help me please?
what family does rsv belong to?
Rhesus blood group reaction?
Alcohol with Doxycycline and Cephalexin?
How can I judge if I'm fully recovered from mono?
Shortness of breath for the last few days?
Stomach, Back & chest pains?
what is liver damage?
what happens to viruses when washing your hands?
Would you consider this appendicitis?
Can you get Rabies from Being around a dead animal?
how is arthirtus spread?
What are swine flu symptoms?
Does smoking cause ear infections?
What is the biggest preventable disease that kills poor childeren in the U.S.?
What % of bacteria in the body do antibiotics kill? Is it 100%?
what happens if I inhale mold?
do equine nasal strips work?
Urinary Tract Infection or not?
how can cystic fibrosis be diagnosed?
What causes a person to get UTI and why are women more prone to it?
i feel i cant breathe here now?
Hepatitis C and stage 4 liver sclerosis.Will Ritalin & Tylenol 3 cause other health problems ?
Do I have some type of infection or just the common cold?
Do you think i might have swine flu?
How do you get smallpox?
do you think that the mexican government did a good job addressing the swine flu?
I might have mono!? What do I do!? Will I get sick?
chicken pox in mouth and troat?
Can I get fleas from a friend?
what can i do to help my adrenal glands start working again?
Halloween eye contacts?
i cant see out of my new glasses proparly what should i do?
what am i entitled to if I'am sold expired eye drops from a pharmacy (australia)?
Glasses is bad for you?
What color are your eyes?
has anyone ever been told by a doctor that they are allergic to the sun. Not sunstroke, but actually allergic?
My 5 year old daughter just got glasses for the first time and is complaining of blurred vision.?
How to fake for glasses?
How do I make my eyes worse to get glasses?
Is it normal to get headaches when first wearing glasses?
Is it okay to take a shower with contact lenses in?
Is it safe to do this surgery?
Do your eyes stay the same size all your life?
What color are my eyes?
What do i have? please helppp?
I am having a running nose, dried out sinues from electric heat in my apartment.?
Do I have to soak my contacts in solution every time I take them off?
Could it be that I'm Over Medicated,Anxiety,Allergies,COPD, or something else?
are contacts a good choice for me?
Do contacts really replace glass's ?
should you wear your farsighted single vision glasses at all times ?
i think i may be allergic to gluten / gluten intolerance? HELP!?
Is there a natural way to kill dust mites?
why is my right eye is so red?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Uvula purple and swallon up, help!?
I think there's something wrong with my eyes?
i want to buy contact lenses......???? (( best answer gets the most poinnts )) xx?
what does it mean if you can't maintain eye contact?
Is it safe to wear someone else contacts?
What can I do to help my sinus?
Little Red Ants In My Apartment!!! Baby Power?
Sickness question!?
alternates for creams?
Are Allergic reactions to food progressive in their intensity?
What do I do about these hives?
treatmeant for walnut allergic after eating?
Random Bloody Noses. Why?
There's a small chance I'm allergic to shrimp.. should I try to eat shrimp again? See details?
I leave my contacts in over night?*!§$%"?
Glasses/contact perscription question?
what color contacts are these?
is there a safe way to get high?
I want to make sure im ok!!!!!?
Regarding weight gain and anti-depressant medication?
a kidney dialysis machine cycles the blood through a filtering device using countercurrent exchange,explain?
what disease is this?
I'm having all these symptoms anyone know what it is?
If you don't have medical insurance and your broke what do you do if you think your going threw kidney failure?
reasons for pain in kidney region?
Amoxicillian life span?
I was recently diagnosed with a liver hematoma, I am 29 years old and I am very scared. Is it deadly?
what is this i feel?
how to convince an alcoholic?
Any possible diagnosis?
does acid reflux turn into crones disease?
chinese food makes my arthritis worse?
My husband is tired all the time, sleeping on his day's off and will go to bed a couple of hours after he gets?
Do pyscotheraputic drugs really work for mental illnesses? whats your opinion?
Could i have a kidney infection................?
sometimes i get tensed and my BP increases too much.... iam not able to control even if i want to be calm?
Severe stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea 2 nights in a row?(Long)?
question for doctors or people who know medical stuff?
genetic hearing loss?any possible cure?
what are some causes for fainting?
I think i'm going to vomit?
My right kidney have a 6mm stone. Anybody has experience how to dissolve this stone. Please any tested medicin?
How much does smoking in the car damage my son?
Help! i think my mom just had a sroke?
Where can i find breast cancer awarness stuff at?
hi m getin an itticing in my private parts , do i have aids , pls help me im worried , n now a days i get ti?
Why do people suffering from cancer are usually bald?
Can you get skin cancer in a place that never sees the sunlight?
What did I do to my toe? I can't figure out what's wrong!?
where can i get fioricet online for cheap?
where is the cheapest place to get tramadol online without a prescription?
When I get up in the Morning why do i have Pins and Needles?
Will an Ice patch help my Toe Pain?
What could be the cause of pain just below my shoulder blade?
Anyone who has bad joints, or arthritis?
I have a cold with headache in back of head?
I'm out of Phenargen and get violently ill when I take Hydrocodone. Can I take Dramamine instead?
im getting surgery on my collar bone.. what pain meds will the doc give me?
I'm having pain in my knee, can anyone suggest something?
Can anyone reccommend a good DR?
is my boyfriend in fact who i contracted herpes from?
Does anyone know a lead based potion to cure syphilis?
Can HIV be stopped through destroying the outer protein coating of HIV viral particles through low voltage?
How to cure a sore throat FAST!! VERY IMPORTANT!?
Is it true that your body can surpress hpv?
Temp Doctor cut my Medication?
I keep sneezing but i'm not sick?
What sort of things can I do to lower my blood pressure?
High Cholesterol at 16, Am i gonna die early now?!?!?
Naturally stop oily skin?
coldsore scar.......?
how do i get rid of acne scars ?
I keep getting blood blisters on my side what does it mean?
Small patch of extremely dry skin?
how can you keep your skin zit-free?
My right eye is swollen and i have a white dot inside my bottom eyelid?
I've got an itchy scalp, what can I do?
For what reason is the 6 pack of prednizone prescribed?
Can bruises damage the body tisueses?
kitten fungal infection or mite?
dark circles:- but they start from under eyes in a hollow line ending at the mid cheek with reddish saggy skin?
The skin on my fingers ... along the side of my nails , keeps cracking and splitting?
my skin keeps itching usually after i get a bath and comes up in blisters its been happening for years?
how to heal face scars without surgery?
help!!! doxycycline acne medication!!!!?
Are there any pills i can take for break outs? ?
whats this best lotion for really dry skin?
lack of dependent support?
anxiety and social anxiety about school?
Please help, lonely and depressed?
Would you call this insomnia or another sleeping disorder?
My ex-boyfriend wants to kill me and now i'm paranoid..?
Is it normal to keep having dreams about clowns?
Nerve Wrecking Dream I Had...?
how to help a sore throat fast?
getting cannabis/marijuana out of your system?
Is there such thing as "to much shopping"?
How can I stop being so tired all the time?
sunburn issues please help!?
I was drinking soup when I swallowed a bone. I still feel it in my throat and is uncomfortable. What do I do?
Is an iron overdose always fatal?
Do i have abnormal abilties?
Am I tall for my age? And will i grow taller?
How do i get alcohol out of my body for testing?
What Else Is there To Help You Not Smoke ?
Can you get high from other people smoking pot around you?
I might have a drug test today @ my interview and the last time i smoke was 10 days ago. will i pass drug test?
How do i get rid of smelly feet?
I have panic attacks when I drink and want to know how to stop it.?
I turn 18 in a week, can I get a vicodin prescription without my parent's consent?
PLEASE HELP. stungggg by a beeeeee!!!?
What is wrong with me? Any ideas?
Lack of energy, constantly fatigued.. What's wrong?
what should i use for a pulled back muscule ice or heat?
What could I have done to my foot?
Will bike riding, Walking and the Gazelle be sufficient to help my arthritic knees?
joints when you get older?
What color bodycast should I get?
Does anybody who suffers with self-injury like to talk?
what do I do for a sore mucsle?
Tightness in left arm?
What happened to my voice?
Got my lip pierced yesterday and now its swelling?
Stress Fracture Recovery?
What to do for a hyper extended knee? (See details it might be a weirder case)?
Is this normal after an ankle sprain?
What kind of Doctor do I see for a possible torn ACL?
Swollen knuckle with no pain - should I be concerned?
how can i make my wrist swell up?
i have an extra bone in my foot and my doctor says i need a brace. y?
I fell on my ankle and it made a cracking sounds like the sound of bones breaking . Is it just sprained?
Why I Have A Sudden Lump And When I Touch It, It Moves Side To Side?
Is it likely that i fractured my heel?
Hunching and Scoliosis?
what's causing pain in my wrist?
How do you prevent Repetitive Strain Injury?
Heal stubbed toe and bruised hip by tomorrow?
Does smoking weed alot make you boring?
Dry Coughing for three months, and slight chest pain?
Help!!! Always congested!!!?
Slightly blocked nose and chesty cough for 3 days, is this a cold getting worse or one that is not that bad?
Best practices in asthma prevention?
why am i coughing up black mucus?
i think food went down the wrong pipe?
Asthma? Bad allergies? Just from lots of running and heat?
Do I have asthma? Help?
How long do the marijuana side effects last for?
What should I tell my mom cause she just found tobaco in my room?
Are there areas in America, where there are a higher incidence of reported cases of pneumonia?
if you are diagnosed with liver failure how long do you have to live?
So....what is wrong with me?...hahaha?
my cousin has a weired illness that the doctors have not been able to tell him what he suffers from?
does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
Should 'video game addiction' be put into use as a legit medical term?
When i swallow i feel like theres a lump in my throat?
Whats up with me?? Symptoms and illness?
what can cause a child to go deaf in one ear?
What to do when someone is having a seizure?
I stoped drinking coffee now i have bad head achs?
If someone with AIDS put some of their blood in my drink and you didnt know and drank it will you get AIDS?
Do you know the decibel level of your tinnitus?
Is a clicking jaw serious, or can I just live with it without medical attention?
Does rheumatoid arthritis spread?
PLEASEEEEE help need to find a good cream SERIOUS!!?
Help with acne (please no spammers)?
my daughter of 10 years is always having headache?
starting cigarettes?
⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡I need to get better! HELP!!!!! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡?
Do I have the flu and what are the symptoms?
What should I do if I have strep throat repeatedly?
Swine flu symtoms?? help very scared?
Is this hay fever or some other infection?
what kind of sickness do i have?
Why do I feel SOOO sick? NEED LOTS OF ADVICE!?
what medicines can i use for a fever of 101 if im breastfeeding?
Why do people with recurring strep throat get told by others that their tonsils may need taken out?
blood in urine is a sign & symptom of hepatitis?
hi if u know how to cure this can u help?
Stomach still not feeling 100% after stomach bug 2 weeks ago?
Whooping Cough, Why Worry?
if a child has the flu and the parents arent home and you take matters into your own hand what do you do ??
my 2 year old has had fever for 4 days. she has been to the doctors and er?
Recently I had my CBC and these are results: normal RBC,WBC,platelet. Low MCH,MCHC, MCV. What does this mean?
Sore throat,Headache,Feel so weak and i think i have a fever .?
what are some of the epidemic widespread diseases out there right now?
Sores from strep throat seem to get bigger, but seem to itch and hurt at the same time?
do i have the swine flu?
how do i know if i am allergic to grapes?
how do I get rid of rash on my lips for over a month now?
Blood Sugar Monitoring?
DOCTORS? Why do I urinate so much?
What are some symptoms of aids?
Have yellow disharge, burning/itching. No sores or anything. What is it?
HIV test results at 85 days?
is your bellybutton an iny or an outy?
Does Proactive Solutions work? And what is your experience with acne and what worked?
How do you stop sweating from arm pits???????????
So I love smoking. How do I stop?
Is my eye permanently damaged?
Wearing contacts for the first time, does it take time to get used to them?
I can see fine but my eye doctor says I have bad vision.?
Is it bad to not wear glasses/contacts if you have bad vision?
Could people actually have natural colored purple eyes?
Question about Wearing Contacts?
New to contact lenses, please advise?
who has eye color like this?
My eyes hurt from contacts?
Contact lenses or glasses?
Can eye doctors tell you smoke weed by doing tests?
Swimming with contacts?
Eye color: Do grey eye's exist?
what color would my childs eyes be?
i lost my left eye's contact lens ...is it possible to get a single piece ?
Can leaving eye contacts over extended periods cause blindness or infection ?
What can I do to promote better wealth for my eyes?
EYE PROBLEMS !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I dropped my contacts in a dorm bathroom sink - is it safe to use them again?
Eyes sting from contact lens solution?
what is the icd-9 code for a bilateral hernia?
CCSVI angioplasty.......not done under anaesthesisia?
Could shortness of breath be a symptom leading to Sudden Cardiac Death?
Weird feelings in my chest when im anxious?
can st john's wort and top oral(heart medication) be taken at the same time?
Is it true that only soluble fiber that comes from oats helps reduce cholesterol?
how can you keep your blood in good condition?
Why is my heart pounding so hard and my limbs feel jumpy?
My total cholesterol is 168 . should I bother to get a detailed cholesterol test?
Heart rate monitor ... can you recommend?
Why do my neck glands hurt and heart races?
Is there anyone who has a child with transpostition of the great arteries?
How does Regurgitation and Diarrhea link to each other?
eye/eyebrow twitching >_<?
EYESIGHT help..???? X)?
Am I Addicted to NyQuil? Pneumonia 8 months Ago.?
does dramamine really mess up your brain?
I'm so tired but can't get any sleep.?
Perpetually high hematocrit?
How would I fill A physical form out?
serious head rush problem whilst smoking weed?
why do some people have such bad reactions to taking drugs/alcohol when others can be completely 'calm'?
Can you die from crying?
Should I take Tablespoon of Olive Oil?
Sb pls tell me where to get 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in nigeria?
What are the differences between powdered probiotics and capsules?
Can you get an MRSA infection from being bitten by a brown Recluse 6 years ago?
bad bruising in my thigh, really scared?
ok i was wondering does a cut always scar?
H-E-L-P please its somewhat serious?
i just fell and hurt my knee and i already had swollen knee joints?
Silver-gray liquid oozing out of big toe?
Pulled muscle a couple years back and now...?
my legs are hurting a lot?
is this considered part of your thumb ?
What do I do? Stress fracture in foot?
What is wrong with my foot? First, sting really bad. Day later, hurts kinda like a bruise?
So I got my lips cut a bit...?
i cut myself, skin teared? (had to re-post as not enough details)?
My Hands give off yo much heat!!?
my cut is yellow white in color, is it infected?
Been 4 months and plantar faciitis not gone?
i have done meth about 7 weeks ago and have a folical test coming up in two weeks will it show up?
What kind of doctor would I see regarding a rib cartilage injury?
having hip, low back, and knee pain with swollen black ankle?
did i brake or sprain my wrist?
whats wrong with my thumb?
i lost strength in my right arm, i hurts around my elbow?
my fingers are always numb?
Pain in right temple area?
Pain a few weeks after appendix removal?
What would you suggest for loose/dislocating joints? Locking hips?
How to stop frequent urges to pee with ureteral stent?
Tingling and burning spot on back?
How Much Can I Take??
have you ever had pneumonia?
what do you do if someone came in to work sick and coughing all over the place?
How/why is cystic fibrosis recessive?
is triple antibiotic onitment toxic to a 3 yr old?
young adults with cystic fibrosis?
Did my lungs get weaker????
Lose/reduce a cold in three days?
can food poisoning leave you with no energy after 3 weeks.?
What are 2 respiratory care procedures or modalities that can interfere with the accurate measurement of?
HELP! VERY SCARED! coughing up blood?!?
should the way a person become infected with HIV/AIDS affect the kind of treatment he or she gets?
how late can HIV show up in your system?
will the psychiatrist give me medicine on the first visit?
Social anxiety -- I'm moving to a new school!?
What STD are curable?
i scratched my vulva then i just pee alot it looked like water?
I get 6-9 hours of sleep so how is it that, im not getting enough REM? i use to dream like crazy, now nothing?
What can i do about my hallucinations and nightmares? o.o?
Adderall XR tolerance (PRESCRIBED)?
Why do people want us "sociopaths" to change or "seek medical help"?
How can I keep my memory on the allert? I always forget,and I forget too soon T-T?
what is this medication for?
my chloride is low 95 (98-107)& my alkaline phosphatase is high 135 (32-92)?
Is there anyway to cure my cold with water?!?
please help!! abdominal pain!?
Dehydration Problems?
What is my problem! I'm sick of feeling like this!?
My husband's kidneys and liver are failing.. what's going to happen?
HELP!! Whats wrong with me?
would this be OCD????
what is the disease where you eat nothing but junk?
is being an albino a disability?
a little confused.. if a person complains of vomiting many times a day wouldn't that lead to dehydration?
Do I have a brain Tumor or anything serious?
foods to avoid if I suffer from gout?
why do i have diarrhea everyday !?
Plz I'm very scared, I pee a lot and my side hurts a little bit lately.?
I think I have an ulcer.
cymbalta and esophageal spasms???
what is anaesthetic awarness?
Sharing Earphones Disease?
My fathers leg got amputated. Will it ever be the same? Please let me know if you'd have similar situation?
I have a shortness of breath and feeling like i'm choked every time i do exercise...please help!?
should i take a shower in the morning or night?
Help with white stuff growing on my face!?
is it wrong to give brain?
I have trouble breathing?
What bad can come from smoking weed?
Please help, pot and blood tests?
What is that stuff they use to use in walls? it is in old buildings, and causes lung cancer?
What is the best and safest way to shrink a big acne nodule under the skin?
what is swine virus influenza?
Do I have swine flu??
When H1N1 flu will come under control in USA?
Foodborne Illness From Undercooked Pork?
how do i get water out of my ear?
Help for a 9 mth baby - constant fever up to 104.6 & seizures. Drs. say no infection/can't help him.?
how do i get out please help me?
Help,, do i need hospital???????????
what happens when you eat to much flintstones sour gummies ?
How could I get ADHD medication if i am not perscribed it?
Does second hand weed smoke get you high?
Keeping awake tips please?
HELP..sister hurt mom is panic. can help?
Will i be able to stay up all night tonight?
Besides my finger going down my throat, how can I make myself through up?
What Places Sell Plan B To Someone Under 18 Without a Prescription?.?
Bully problem. That i can't handel?
What should I do to make myself taller and fill out?
will i get scar on my lip?
Have you had this experience?
Increase Low Testosterone Ideas?
I got alcohol posioning two weeks ago and now my stomach won't stop hurting?
back problem. please help?
AHHHHH my nails are falling off?!?!?!?
Kay i need help please.?
Help! I don't know what to do!?
Allergic Reaction to Bug Bite? Help!?
I am 25 and starting getting severe hives about 5 months ago.?
I drink 1 or more tsp. of Benadryl everyday, does it have any side effects?
How do I treat an allergic reaction?
I am allergic to salt, How do you cure that? Please Read.?
I just had Benadhryl and it's making me super-drowsy. How do I combat this drowsiness so I can be more awake?
Itchy irritated eyes NOW, irritated dry skin around eyes! home remedies?? or just more organic?
Taking Allergy medicine long term???
egg allergy as an adult?..please read?
Can KY jelly be used when on medicines?
Breastfed baby has several sever allergies!?
Is this Eye Allergies?? PICS INCLUDED?
When I get out of the shower, bath, swimming pool, whatever, my feet go bright red..?
What kind of harm can smelling mold and mildew do to me?
What is wrong with me.. Allergic reaction?
Why do i cough whenever i eat ketchup!?!$#!?#! It's so annoying!?
Can a person be allergic to people?
Allergy help?
Can you be allergic to apple juice?
If I have to squint do I need glasses?
question about contacts?
I see dead people. Is this a problem?
Anyone else experience stabbing pain when putting in contacts(eye)?
how can i stop smoking weed?
does lazer eye surgery get rid of lazy eyes?
can anyone give me some tips on putting contacts in?
Can I Leave My Contacts In Overnight? HELP?
I'm having a white flash in my peripharil vision. Help?!?
is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?
does contact lenses casing can still be used?
Something in my eye, what should I do?
Which eye color is the best?
laser eye surgery for teens?
How do u fix a lazy eye?
Can I wear contacts to the beach? (HELP, LEAVING SOON)?
I'm supposed to throw away my contacts every two weeks...?
What is this in my eye?
what is the difference between contacts and contact lenses .?
Is it better to get laser eye surgery correction when you are younger?
would contacts make my bags bigger??? curious?
Eye exam for contacts?
i think im addicted to listening to my ipod??!!! help!?
is touching your cornea nessecary for contacts?
Recommendation on website that shows flow chart on how managed care works?
I have a "double" heart beat. What is this?
What causes orthostatic hypotention?
jobs with sports medican?
My heart randomly beats really fast?
I was diagnosed with PVC's last year.?
diagram for rheumatic fever?
my heart beat is 55bpm and my blood pressure systolic reading ranges from 130 to 160 what my problem?
I need help with a Wrist Injury?
ada masalah tulang belakang? back problem? slip disc? scoliosis? dll...?
why is my toe swollen?
how do you know if the fractures are several years old?
i was hit in the ear,?
medical doctrors who prescribre pain meds?
why is my eye hurting?
Broken fingers??????????
My son knees/patella dislocates alot so is there surgery?
Had ankle surgery and didn't go under anasthesia right away- scared me-high tolerance?
Possible knee injury, should i see a doctor?
can i sprain my wrist without alot of pain? how?
where do they take the body parts...?
Pulled muscle? anyone who has ever pulled a back muscle, did you feel this?
Tripped and fell on knee while running. What could it be?
Four weeks should have taken care of the?
Can i do contact sports with thesse stitches?
What is meniscus(cartilage)tear?i wana know its symptoms and treatment?
what's up with my ankle ?
I hurt my ankle...what could this be? And what to do?
can cold sore be transfered even if there is no sign of it?
Can I get oral herpes from my girlfriend without her having a cold sore?
Materials for my HIV model?
Can my blood test results come back abnormal if I have a disease or anything?
I'm 16 years old and this whole week my "vulva" has been itchy.?
Listened to music for 10 hours next to a window non stop, now i've got a cold and is sort of dizzy?
when will i be able to afford to treat my illnesses both physical and mental?
need help! ingrown toenail!?
What kind of bite did I get?
Still seasick from a cruise after almost 3 weeks ?
My belly rumbles in class a lot, even when i am not hungry. What can i do?
wich is the killing dosis of ibuphrofeno or acetominophen?
Any doctor or anyone who knows anything about broken bones answer this please?
So Ive had this problem for awhile.....?
Should I go to the doctor? Throat not only hurts but hurts to the touch on my tracia area... THERES MORE!?
How much hydrocodone is in lortab liquid 7.5/500?
If You are Up To Date On All Of Your Shots, Is It Still Possible To Get The Swine flu And Recover From It?
how do you get swine flu?
should i be scared, if am diagonosed with HIV?
/Which of these is worse?>?
My dad just got out of the hospital yesterday of surgery?
What's the best probiotic out there?
Why do some old people get water in their lungs? How can it be prevented or cured?
sleep paralysis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what do you think of asthma spacers?
is smoking pot worth it? i kinda want to try it...?
Is taking a sleeping pill daily bad for you?
why do we cough when we are sick?
severe infection causes metabolic acidosis? why?
What’s a good way to relax after a work out?
Is it normal for my joints to crack?
What is happening to my body?
What are some tips for staying awake for 30 hours?
This is the weirdest question ever. please help.?
Only got to sleep at 3am and woke up at 7am and was so energised?
Do doctors always try to sell things in their practices?
i have deppresion how do i get rid of it?
Which is worse for the body, cigarettes or alcohol?
can someone be addicted to juice/?
Panic Attacks.........?
is there any way to slow down your vital signs?
Is weed the least dangerous drug?
I got hit during softball, is something wrong with my veins?
What are good natural remedies for Muscle Twitches/Spasms?
what do i need to do so that my limbs don't go to sleep?
Is it okay to sleep very late if you are making up for it daily with naps that are a couple hours?
I am really small and want to learn to protect myself, what kind of technique would you suggest?
i have sleeping problems.. help?
I'm trying to stay up for 30 hours, help?
Could you become ill by drinking chlorine in a pool?
WILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!?
Im getting spider vein on the side of my leg and I think I see a vericose vein-IM 21..?
i have had cold symptoms for 2 weeks and today all of a sudden my balance is very off & vision shaking?
My child high temperature of 103.4 and spitting phlegm what should I do?
Is it okay to take tums after getting a nasal spray flu vaccine ?
what kind of health insurance?
What does this mean?????????
How much does it hurt to brand yourself with a cigarette lighter in my car?
Who do you think saves more lives -airline pilots or doctors MD-?
Is it unhealthy to drink too much water?
why do i never poo?!?
here's a question.. best answer get the points:)?
Is this supposed to happen after you smoke weed?
Could you survive at 1 degree celcius?
can herpes be on the cheeks?
Could I have an STD or disease?
the dr told me i had inactive herpes in my bloodstream explain?
If you scratch someone who has HIV accidently....?
why wont my yeast infection go away ive had it fr years and ive seen the doctor so many times and been treated?
Getting std hiv results back?
Do i have a burn i should get checked out?
Got a bad spider bite it is big and has a red target on it.?
If you have a secluded upbringing....?
Are these drugs interacting!? 40mg Prilosec/Omeprazole with 30mg Citalopram/Celexa?
Best Friend was Murdered I Couldn't Cry at the Funeral ? But I cried when I got the news Alone?
Problems with depression?
how do i live stress free?
extremely tired on cymbalta?
Was this a bug bite? What kind of bug?
I bought a Allergy med. called EQUATE 24 hour but it's not helping so can I use something else? I'v only took
26 y/o with first time allergies..?
Help with Hives!?
Can I SAFELY take diphenhydramine (Benadryl) with glucophage (Metformin) and Lisinopril?
Where does snot come from before it drips out your nose?
Hives won't go away it's been over a month?
Got beaten by a bee and wonder its an allergy?
Whenever I drink Soy Bean I get dizzy or minor headache.Anybody having the same symptom like me?
Can someone help with my eyes?
am i alergic to amoxicillin?
If you don't have asthma, can you still get asthma from allergies?? ?
Is a wheat allergy dangerous?
My mom is allergic to ibuprofen, does this mean she's allergic to Excedrin too?
Can Zrytec cause a child to have diaherra?
Feel drowsy whole day when I wake up after 6-7 hours sleep. Sleep is good. I am a patient of allergic asthma.?
is there a way for humans not to be allergic to cats?
stuffy nose :/?
problem with drinken milk?
allergy or cold and can I feel better for the night?
I hate cancer!!! I lost my mom 2 years ago and now my Dad. How do you deal with this? The hurt is so unreal...
What Are The Little Bumps On My Face?
Why do I sweat too much?
Acne help, clear skin?
How long does it take to get cancer from smoking?
what are the symtoms of the swine flue?
I can't drive due to EPILEPSY.?
If I got an edoscopy do you think my doctor would've said if I had celiac/checked for it?
They say if you put pressure on your stomach, it growls?
Cold sore won't go away!?
Head feels like it's being squeezed and vision goes grey.?
i might have the wrong spelling but what does the medical term syetaka mean?
How can I reduce depency on hydrocortisone?
How to deal with and understand my addiction?
what happens if u take 6 advil in 2 hours?
i have the following symptoms and want to know whats wrong.?
Is this still treatable?
im curious of your answer to this question?
There is a little dot in my vision.?
Blacking out after getting up from a sitting position?
What tests should I ask the doctor for?
i think i may have poisoned my golfish?
Please! Any cures for lupus? ?
Why is my vision dimming and why am I fainting?
which of the following chemicals is said to be deficient in people with depression?
Do I have OCD or some other mental disorder?
im 14 years old and i feel sick every morning .. but im not pregnant (obv) .. what can it be ????? :||?
stomach discomfort??
What happens if one sleeps while wearing lenses?
is putting your contacts in water for seconds then putting them back on bad?
how to see better without glasses to pass license vision test?
Replacing glasses with contacts?
Contact lenses- do i have to line up the lines when putting them in?
How to tell if someone is wearing contacts?
Should I get contacts?
i was wondering is this normal?
How do you get rid of a sty?
How long did it take you to put your contacts in?
Whats wrong with me eyes!!!!!![READ DETAIL]!!! OPTOMETRISTS !!!5 PTS TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERS?
Is It In Any Way Possible to Make Your Eyes Larger?
why has my eye been twitching for weeks now. usually you get an eye twitch and it goes away .?
where to get contacts without having bad eyesight?
Double vision please need real answer?
Can someone explain this to me about my eye color ?
i am seeing a black spot about the size of a pea with string like things coming out of it?
The optician said my eyes will continue to get worse, please help?
is this true about the eyes?
What could this be on my eye? (Picture)?
i accidently took two percocets?
Why do I have a large amount of fluid building up in my ankle?
What is the correct ICD-9 and diagnosis for a person that fell off wheelchair and injured their skull?
Should o go to the doctor about hitting my head?
What is this lump on my right ankle?
Why does my min pin walk on two legs?
If your tounge was cut partially or completley seperated...?
Did i pull a muscle or what ?
Now my lip is infected. How do I make it not gross? (In like 6 hours.)?
some of the wart remover liquid got on my hand, what to do?
my dog will not put weight on her back leg and when i touch her ankle she screams?
i think i broke my finger?
bump on my collarbone?
i have bad chest pains please help?
Back brace for 20 degree scoliosis.?
Help I'm in a touch situation?
how do know you if i pulled a muscle in my leg?
swelling with a break in the 5th metatarsal?
I accidentally my pencil is this bad?
Is it bad that I am still swollen and sore after a workout that was three days ago?
What is a compressed disc in the lower back?
My wife has got asthma and during the night she coughs continously - has anyone got any suggestions that would
If one eats a cancerous tumor, would they get cancer?
how long can someone live with cancer?
What is mesothelioma?
Dreamt I was having a hear attack and took me few seconds to wake myself up from it. Felt very real?
Chest pain for 6 hours?
Heart Disease in Young Man?
I was recently diagnosed with Hypertension (high blood pressure)...what comes next?
Am I lack of nutrition if my urine turns red after eating beetroot?
What happens when you smoke paper?
After how many days of no sleep?
Is it normal for my ribs to stick out?
Drinking with Depression will it affect me?
how long does it take for weed to alter your face?
Health question for anyone with medical knowledge (is this bad)?
get sick to stomach after sleeping for a couple of hrs.?
how do you get rid of smelly gas that has gone on for days or weeks?
Please Help Medical Experts. What Can I Do About This?
Can you get high on methylphenidate(Ritalin)?
I'm not sure what is going on, but I'm beginning to worry, my body is telling me things & I'm not sure what?
Is there something wrong with me?
I have a throat problem that has been bothering me...?
is there a national chewing tobacco day?
high pulse rate, is this dangerous? HELP!?
is sleepin too long bad for you?
is it ok when a guy ejuacts and gets a bad headache afterwards?
What could it be? 10 points?
Weird body. Indentation on either side of my sides. Please help. Look at the picture?
I have pinworms help?
My boyfriend has worms... :S?
just had surgery, immune system really low, got the flu, help!?
what's a good global swine flu number website?
do you think the swine flu is real?
How to prevent malaria?
Is my strep penicillin resistant?
Why can't HIV pass through the GI tract of individuals and infect them for eg if the food they consume has HIV?
Do I have the swine flu?
can you get tattooed after you've had mono?
i have pinworms and im so upset.?
Blisters in my mouth! HELP! 10 POiNTS!?
can you get hep c by sharing earings?
Could I have UTI or Kidney infection?
Tested Positive for Leukocyte Esterase?
Swine flu information. U NEED 2 KNOW- before its to late!!?
Albumin and pus cells in urine test ? what it means?
my boyfriends sister has swine flu?
i have type 2 diabetes, is it ok to have one of the weight watcher desserts?
Any Philippine Food Recipes that written in Tagalog for diabetic?
Will 2 mini cigars daily have deadly effects?
what is causing this!?!?!?
where does salivary amylase work in the GI tract?
is it possible to have an asthma attack while asleep?
exercised induced asthma?
Does emphysema typically progress, even when the pt. is nonsmoker, living with nonsmokers?
Why doesn't decongestant restore my sense of smell with a bad cold?
Quit smoking 90 days ago. Have shortness of breath; no cough ... how long with this last?
Addiction to Ventolin?
dangerous strip club encounter? could i have aids?
If i used crack on sun will it be detected in a urine test on thurs?
How do you get aids? By sleeping with too many people.?
Pus through my urethra what could be the problem ?
I want to know about AIDS/HIV?
Is it normal to have little white heads on my vigna?
What causes anal leakage?
I need medical help please!?
what are the best medicines to cure acne?
What did I do to my foot?? Help!?
Strange knee thing..?
Is something wrong with my gallbladder?
Should I go to the ER? Or Wait?
I smoked marijuana over 1,000 times of and on for 9 years. I do exercise; whats the shape of my lungs?
i get dry skin alot, someone help?
Would you pose topless to fight breast cancer?
what do i do for sore back dont go out tomarrow?
I have a pain where my left leg meets my groin?
Am i having a heart attack or what?! Im so scared! Im 22 yrs old!!!?
How come i Tested positive for herpes and negative for HIV in a month and a half?
what might be the most common type of cancer in women?
Tramadol equivalent to Hydrocodone? Please help!?
My head feels like its falling apart.?
Sore Leg Pain In My Lower Thigh Area!!!!?
leg and knee pain help please?
Is this sleep paralysis? And what causes it?
For about 6 months, ive suffered from quite severe queasyness after drinking tea. Anyone know why?
when i pee i cant pee without not stoping?
i had my first colonscopy today?
I'm high right now, why do i keep feeling something in my throat?
Falling asleep after an allergic reaction? HELP ASAP!!!?
My tongue itches! I was recently put on an antibiotic....is this why?
I feel like I was run over?
how can i get rid of allergies?
How do I get rid of my pet allergies?
I have horrible posture really weird neck now? HELP! I always remember to give 10 points?
My father has an excessive throat cleaning habit. Talking to him hasn't helped. What do I do? It's irritating.?
I have a runny eye and a runny nose, but only on one side. What could this be?
is it dangerous to drink after a cat?
How do you know/find out if you have a food allergy?
can a dirt a/c filter cause allergies?
Help for my allergies!?
Can you cut the veins in the forehead and if so are they as vital as the veins on the wrist?
cat allergy solutions PLEASE!?
What should I do if I touched something I'm allergic to?
Why do I have a rash on my back ?
Am i allergic to weed?
How long does it take to recover from a hernia repair?
What is different in the new health then our present health plan.?
Allergic reaction or not? What do i do?
Will I get my smell and taste back?
what causes a puppy to foam from the mouth and sneezing?
what is msg,the food additive?
can you be allergic to soda?
can you be allergic to wet cats and not cats?
why i wake up at 3:05 a.m?
anyones dog have allergies?
doctors & nurses PLEASE help, no one can figure out what's wrong w/ me. i REALLY need your help?
when does health insurance take affect?
There's something in my drink?
how do i know if i have a concussion?
I sprained my ankle a few hours ago, well at least I think it's sprained...?
Help with back bend,i can bend back until my head is three inches off the ground,when i put my arms back i fal?
What's Wrong With My Wrist?
My back hurts a bit how can i fix it, im 14?
discomfort when i breath while layin on my right side?
what to put in a friend's house after they get home from surgery?
I can't straighten out my elbow, i really need help :(?
How to sprain my ankle?
Is it ok to work out on upper body only with stitches in my foot?
Knee injuries...help me?
I got my apendix removed over a year ago and I am still feeling numb in that general area, any ideas why?
What type of strap/sleeve/brace should you use for football after a torn acl?
If an infected wound heals, does that mean that the infection is gone?
How to heal a swollen and twisted in two weeks for track and field?
If I stretch my ears to a 00g will it still go back to its normal size?
Long cut on shin area - will it scar?
my left pinkie finger has become numb. this concerns me much, for about a month. I already looked at webMD?
Help! I think i hurt my knee!!!?
Pain in the back of knee?
ho do i fix "winged scapula" pls mine looks bad and im worried that it might unatract wemen?
My Ear piercing is infected how do i cure it?
How can you stop excessive negative thinking?
Did i just get bit by a spider?
Should I stay home or go to school?
How to wake up at 7:00 am?