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Who is most at risk for Pinworm? How does it spread?
how long should she be out of school?
I have ANOTHER question about the black plague...?
How did the Ebola Reston virus get around?
How can I get strep throat,bronchitis, or the flu?
Do UTI's (urinary tract infections) cause bedwetting?
hand 5 months after i got bitten by a dog?
once you have hepatitis b, is it your forever have this kind of disease?
Does this mean i have Swine flu, just a flu, or allergies?
how did i get of having a high blood pressure and a peptic ulcer?
the difference between swine flu and H1N1?
is about t.b. infection wonder if some one knows the symptoms.?
How long is a cold supposed to last?
Is 98 high on a glucose test Is 98 high on glucose test?
how long for a busted lip to heal?
How can I fix an ingrown toenail painlessly? (Pics)?
my lip piercing still swelling?!?
Puncture Wound Kind of thing?
How long should I keep steri-strips on for?
my sunburn went away yesterday, but i still feel sick, doctors?
Can you call poison control to practice? Or to check the number?
Pus from vinegar mole removal?
Bumps on upper neck a problem, or common?
what is the best way to keep a burn from scarring?
My finger is swollen?
Post ingrown toenail surgery advice?
how do you heal an ulcer?
Thumb and index finger won't move?
How do I remove steri-strips over removable stitches?
Huge bruise from mosquito bite?
Insect bite???? HELP?
Bite marks on nail polish cap?
i got a bee sting and it has been hurting for two days and i put baking soda paste on it it hurts to ice onit?
how to make a hige mosquito bite swell down?
I have a rash on my chest (i think it's a rash)?
conjunctivitus!!docs shut over weekend chemist now closed is there anything i can do to get rid of it or help?
Accutane, Does it work?
I need help with this itchyness that just won't go away?
Do you think my ear can ever heal): ?
Knee injury any suggestions?
What's the best way to explain to my doctor im not ready to go back to work after an injury?
Help Me Please!!! I Think I broke my pinky!?
How long will it take for me to return to football after my Acl surgery. i had it jan 19 i got a kadver graft?
leg cast help?!?!?!?!?
My friend hit his head and we are concerned.?
what should i do if i fell and this happened?
I need help diagnosing myself?
How long does it take for broken/sprained toe to heal?
Rollercoast dips hurt! Help?
My son fell and hit his cheek. Why is it so swollen?
Help please! For a sprained ankle!!?
Is it normal for ankle to hurt 5 months after fractured fibula?
How long does it take for a stiff neck to heal on its own?
I want to get a black peace sign on the back of my shoulder, no bigger than a quarter. Good or bad idea?
why is the tip of my finger red and hurting?
Broken/Cracked rib ???
how to bounce back from an ac sprain ?
does anyone know the chances of recovery for drop foot?
I hit my head badly. Help immediately please?
my daughter is 3 months old and i found a small soft bump on the bottom left side of her neck what could it be?
an 800 lb trailer was dropped on my foot, is it broken?
horsewith a swollen knee?
I have a really bad ear infection/ear ache. What a good pain relief remedy?
How to get rid of trapped Gas!?
Is it normal to feel a burning pain long after carrying my purse?
Why am I waking up with back pain and a bloody nose every morning?
pain in my upper arm?
I got a headache after eating?
Help! I have a problem with my tongue!?
Numbness and hand pain?
is it adrenaline that I'm feeling?
weird pain in my left shoulder and chest after eating?
Two lab blood test report shows different blood urea level.?
How does dxm effect your blood pressure and heart rate?
Look i got a good heart?
on Amlodipine for high blood pressure how long does it take for it to start working?
my 19 year old son had VDS Heart Repair when he was 2 years. Can the repair fail?
I worry about my heart condition I had when I was a kid?
Heart Burn... Attack? IDK help?
Can you help me make a thesis statement about preventing breast cancer?
am i smoking too much?
could asthma give you a rash?
My sister has been checking her blood pressure and all the readings come back 185/104 . She is 5'4" and heavy?
SCARED. breast cancer ? 14 year old ? lump ?!
Do I have cancer???!!!!?
How long will O2 Optix contact lenses last before the expire if they are unopened?
Do blue eyes suit me?
How will green freshlook contacts look on dark brown eyes?
Weird eye problem what could it be?
I have a cold and don't have an appetite?
How to optimize recovery after Laser Surgery?
I have a sty, can I wear contact lenses and mascara?
Does coughing clear your lungs?
Left eye is irritated when wearing contacts?
Eye very irritated...?
Everytime i close my eyes i see justin bieber! help!?
i have 20/70 vision and im nearsighted what is my prescription?
How long do Eye Coloring Contacts last?
Bug bite? Sting help not sure!?
Why doens't the palm of your hand burn?
Rite Aid saline solution for cleaning piercing?
Bug bite or Spider bite? Any suggestions on how to figure it out?
my mom got bit by a red ant?
I have an ovarian cyst my period is late is it just the cyst doing this or could I be pregnant?
home remedies for nausea and vomiting?
I am 13 and I play softball. When I throw I get a sharp pain in my outer elbow.What is it?
My friend just branded me with a livestock brand!!?
What is more likely to break hand and cut hand?
is this a blister on my tongue?
I keep getting these weird spots on my body. Any ideas?
just quit smoking weed last friday, how long will it be until I start feeling normal?
Health Insurance coverage for Pre-existing conditions?
What is best Hospital - Mt. Sinai or NYU re: infection rates?
Several small kidney stones?
will disturbing stitches in the mouth delay recovery?
Besides insurance, how best do we avert claims for liability?
I'm Chafing! What do I do!?
does any one know how aids started?
Can you use tampons if you have LSIL?
Is it possible to have a new kind of HIV?
What year did the HIV test come into general use in the UK?
Is low potasium dangerous?
does cancer have a smell?
No hope for cancer that spreads to the lymph notes?
Need help: Can a person that does not have cancer receive chimotherapy pills?
Chest pains days after smoking? feels like heart?
Can an HIV infected mother give birth to an HIV negative child?
i have really bad sunburn, HELP!?
whats the different between the regular flu and the swine flu?
Tonsil removal..? Is it expensive ?..?
Do I Have The Swine Flu?
Could it be pink eye?
Will i pass a mouth swab test?
Anybody an expert on Quarantines?
rage virus! AHh its on the news .?
Anyone watched Quarantine, who knows about REAL Quarantines?
What the heck is swine flu?
Swine Flu: Is this a case?
Is there any Swine Flu case in Argentina?
Does it sounds like I have the flu or a cold?
can you catch a disease from the ashes of a cremated person?
o negative hasn'tany antigens but it has A & B antibodys .can they reaction or not?
Did doing this make me sick?!?
what is that disease called where they age very rapidly.?
Is the "New flu" or "Flu A" so dangerous?
how can I straighten my hair every day after i take a shower, and not take a long time? (i have a chi)?
hi i had have a lovley girl but now my tummy is full of strechmarks what product can i use?
Does anyone experience this kind of sensation with acne?
Boils on your skin.?
bedbugs? spider? help!!?
i have these weird raised areas surrounded by red on my legs, spreads all the way up to stomach when i sleep?
I have sunburn and now it's giving me a rash!?
how can i shave my armpits well ?
can some one go completely blind for aminor blow in the head?
Do you go to a DOCTOR or DERMATOLOGIST for Accutane?
Taking Tylenol with chicken pox?
whats wrong with my hand?
I hit my head really hard..?
Can anyone help? lumbar spondylosis/sacroiliitis?
I have had mild to moderate headaches for the past two weeks. I have also been extremely tired.?
do scars from burns ever go away?
How do I get a sharp, maybe metal, object out of my foot? I can't see it!?
Hurt my finger and it's gone numb?
WHAT CAN I dO TO STRAIGHTEN my leg with half a cast ALL THE WAY? ?
i hurt my wrist the today, now its bruised and purple?
what is bow legged and is it when the knee do not touch?
HELP! how much will it cost?!!?
Someone yanked on my arm and now it hurts.?
I got bruised right above the ankle and i thinks its something more than just a bruise?
why does my ankle hurt and i didn`t do anything and why is it swollen?
my ankle pops and everyone can hear it. why does it pop when i walk?
Just got kicked in ribs 5 times by friend and got $50 ?
what should I eat to get fast recovery for my hand?
Why does you face go numb when you hit it really hard?
Help with tendonitis!!!?
Can my eyebrow piercing scar heal?
How long does it take for a sprained finger to heal..?
do i have a broken wrists?
St. John's Worts HERBAL Anti-Depressants SAFE?
my doctor says i slip in and out of reality, what is this all about?
type of eating disorder?
i'm obsessed with food.. what do i do?
for some reason i feel crazy right now?
My mom has a huge drug problem. What can i do to help?
My sister has a bunch of symptoms and i'm wondering if its all leading to Toxis Shock Syndrome...?
I am a teenager and might already have GERD?!?!?
a question about OCD?
i am 13 and i have recently begun twitching?
why does my pee smell?
what causes swelling in feet and hands?
What's wrong with my stomach!?
I think I may have an eating disorder, but I'm not sure?
how long can one live on dialysis?
Violent shivering fits at night?
What not to eat -FLU?
do I have a mental disease?
what foods should you not eat if you've got galstones?
is it called aneating disorder if you can go for days without eating and still not be hungry?
i smell and i dont know what it is?
Is this some sort of sleeping disorder?
Is my sister getting addicted to cocaine?
I have anxiety problems..I get panic attacks a lot, if i get pregnant will it make it worse?
what is my daughter experiencing.?
Do I have hypoglycemia?
Help me get rid of acne!?
is it cancer, please help me?
Question for those who were diagnosed with cancer?
why are my finger nails gone yellow?
Why can't cancer be cured yet?
Some question of smokers!?
I have an NSAIDS allergy, can I smoke pot?
Why am i breaking out in hives everytime i go outside?
does my runny nose will not affect my nose lift?
Chocolate restricted from Peanut Diet?
can allergy pills such as claritan,zertec, etc. be taken with asthma inhalers?
is my son lactose tolerent?
noticed my eyes were yellow?
Am I just sick, or do I have allergies?
running nose problem..?
my nose has been swolen for more than 3 months what do i do?
Allergy pills? Help me?
I've Have A Bad Cold And I Would Like To Know What Foods Will Help My Cold?
Is my husband allergic to alcohol?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
Allergic to Dairy Products?
how can I stop a dry cough ?
can cats cause allergies in the eyes?
Question About Milk Allergy?
what is best medicine for nasal allergy?
where do you buy allergy meds online?
Question about gluten allergies?
Would a person just get one hive?
help me with my eyes !?
Dust Inhalation, nothing to worry about?
Frequent colds/sinus problems?? Help?
Clavicle Bone Pain! Help?
Sharp pain in chest when breathing in?
during the cardiac cycle the blood is pumped to the lungs by the?
Feeling achey, nose stuffed/running, sneezing and coughing, tired, and head aching?
Are the cartrages in e-cigs and green nicotine interchangeable?
Got punched in the back?
Why is it easier to get bronchitis after you've already had it?
Why is my left and right sides of my body hurting?
Will micro suctioning help my blocked ears?
Does anyone know what could be wrong with my knee?
my leg muscles hurt because...?
Severe Abdominal Pain ?
EXTREME UTI pain !! any instant pain relief tip ? if not any pain relief tip AT ALL !?!?
I have pain that started in my back from a hockey hit, and now its wrapping around to my chest.?
Is this a migraine? Or a virus?
The same question about drug test?
What kind of bite is this and what should I do?
Beyond Painful Bug Bite?
what is the best way to treat a blister?
top of my ear cartliage is extremely swollen?
I got a small, thin splinter in my foot and removed most of it but i am worried i might have missed a little b?
What should i do about my ear?
Do I have frost bite or something else?
how to get rid of blisters on feet?
I put bandaid on sons mosquito bite now its swollen?
what can bite me and leave red around it?
i was stung by a wasp this morning in me bed and under my sheets when my door was closed what can happen to me?
i cut finger tip off?
How to make mosquitoes not like me and make the bites stop itching?
How can I cure my blister? Please answer?
what could cause a finger to swell up a lot over night?
can an Aloe Vera cream/lotion be used to prevent a horse cut from scarring?
my ear is making an odd sound?
Questions about std's?
have to pee all the time.?
I take valtrax daily for almost 2 months, but still feel sensations and itching like an outbreak is comin why?
Can BV make you not have babies?
STD question? Please help !?
Cif u dont have an std but you get checked and they treat you for all possibly types can u still get one?
How to get hearing aids cheap?
i had a heat stroke and cant walk now?
biology question on heart plz ans with explanation thanks?
Could Arrhythmia interfere with ADHD symptoms?
if you have a heart problem can you smoke weed?
I'm so Sick of Acne......?
Can I get a disease from smelling/licking a girl's stinky socks?
What is Heatlh Care Bill?
What do breast cancer lumps feel like?
Share your exerience with an insulin pump?
So , how do you like paying for Health Ins. and paying for Medicare, Social Security?
gold aesk tea can reduce diabetics?
what to do when your diabetes numbers are high?
can anyone tell me what could be wrong?
Are face masks against swine flu needed to be worn in NYC now?
how do nurses treat the following diseases?
can i get ink poisoning from this?
When swine flu will come under control in US?
I am very sick, what should I do?
i had a spot in my urine?
Are RNA's allowed to give hot/cold packs to resident/patients?
antibiotics and alcohol?
What are these symptoms of?
how long does Rheumatic fever takes?
My brother has just been diagnosed with malaria, do I have it too?
my dog has parvovirus....is there anything i can do?
Can azithromycin be taken with clarithomycin?
possible chance of having rabbies?
should I get tested for rabies? doctors? scared & need help?!?
How can I tell if I have the flu or H1N1?
will i get an infection?
Indian babies born with aids?
Is anyone still going to travel in the summer now with swine flu danger and all?
Can anybody tell me what kind of disease or bacteria i had?
My dog has a bump on her left shoulder that has popped and is bleeding. Wanted to know if this happens much?
what is a fast way to clear acne? NEED HELP!?
Need help with Acne red spots?
sweating problem plzzz help?
Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?
Sweating Help Question EMBARRASSING???
my wife has itchy skin and when she itches it swells and looks like welts. any diagnosis?
I have two warts on my face ?
I have lil bumps on my hands an they can pop i have been doing that but clear stuff comes out an they itcha?
Lumps under arm, should i be Concerned?
Can human will change his appearance after few years?
If you have changing moles dose it mean skin cancer?
Can you have breast cancer at 15?
I think i have a sty in my eye. how do i get it out?
oral cancer,how is it casued by smoking?
I took my 11 month old son to the doc today and they said he has a lung ineffection?
I throw up whenever i drink my medicine?
does dark chocolate really stop migrains?
is it bad to take pills right after you just ate? please read!?
what to give a 6mos old for runny nose/stuffy nose besides saline?
So how likely is it that only one person in my college has an std?
Do i have an STD or what.?
is this normal when using Monistat?
how long can someone live with HIV?
everything with Hiv and Aids?
Where/how do STDs start?
why have African American women have become the largest group of victims of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. ?
Had a pap when preggo, it was normal. Had a pap post pardem and now have HPV, did my bf cheat? ?
problem with my thumb?
How to cure a burned finger ? Please help !?
can vitamin E can cause hair fall?
My Eye Has Went Puffy Please Help?
do i need to go to the doctor for this burn?
Generic Benadryl causing problems?
question about cauliflower ear?
home remdies for redbug bites?
what kind of bee or wasp is shaped like a bumble bee but is a greenish color and stings?
blood blister (help fast)?
Doing first aid training, what can I expect?
Is Medicaid free now for all U.S. citizens now after Obama's new reform?
does the Care Plus Click-Away – Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching?
When someone can barely breathe,do you start giving them mouth to mouth even if they are conscious?
Can i repeirce my ear with a 8 guage if its been ripped out?
Insect Bite- 2 small welts about 1/2 inch apart...?
Constant nausea and loss of appetite. Help?
help , a badly bruised bug bite ?
Terrible bug bite , please help !?
when i bend my wrist back i have some kind of bump that comes up?
help!!!!!IF UR RLLY SMART OR IF UR A DOCTOR...plz.........my wrist...?
is my thumb broken...?
if i drove to Canada, could i go to the ER for free? ?
Does this sound like a fracture?
i just got my pins out of my borken now healed finger when can i start playing soccer?
Broken Nose???????????????
Do you think my dog suffered serious injuries? (read details)?
help with back/shoulder major pain?
Am I at any serious risk?
Could he be causing more injury or delaying the healing process?
heyy heyy PEOPLE, i think i broke my leg?
Im 18 years old and got a pinched nerve in my lower back and got it playing basketball ?
What's wrong with my finger?
Somethings wrong with my right ankle, anyone help?:D?
Someone drop kicked me on the outer area of my knee..and it hurts when I run? What should I do?
Could i have a fractured coccyx?
What could this knee injury be?
My ankle kills, but its not swollen!?
sprained ankleee....?
Lungs act passively in both inspiration (inhaling) and expiration (expiration).?
Causes of shortness of breath?
2. In the lungs of smokers, a process called metaplasia occurs where normal lining cells of the lung are repla?
could i have asthma....? what are the symptoms?
Took methylpredisolone for 6 days had horrible side effects anyone know any info on this?
Help! Cat with asthma...?
Do i have bronchitious.. I have asthma?
How long does it take to get nicotine out of your system?
sore nose and driy throat from sinus infection?
medical help please ?
Why are there so many medical things named with Mayo?
After having smoked pot almost half my life, should I quit?
Is it smart to only shower..?
If you sit next to people that are smoking drugs (weed)...?
how much should i take?
HELP ME PLEASE!!! What's wrong with me?
Why am i afraid of death?
URGENT URGENT URGENT! Please help me out(:?
what are the key components to be taller?
does having gas in your stomach make you feel like vomiting?
i forgot to eat today? is that normal?
What will the doctor do if they find drugs in my urine?
Is it alright for guys to wear panties for massage?
How can I fight off ibs symptoms?
Does anyone know how to get rid of Rashes like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis?
my dog has a high fever and she's shivering she wont drink water or eat and shes vomiting -?
String sticking out of incision after umbilical hernia?
Have you ever had gastric bypass or lap band surgery?
Why does drinking water make me gassy/bloated?
That feeling you get in your foot after it goes numb? Is it normal?
How many shots will I need when I turn 12?
What can cause an eye to look in a different direction to the other one?
My eyes are slightly out of proportion (I think)?
I bought new glasses?
What does my eye prescription mean in terms of 20/20 vision?
Can auto darkening welding helmets hurt your eyes?
what type of artificial tears are best for use?
My contact feel out during school so I had to put it in my mouth and wait to get home.?
where can i buy an eye patch just like the one tom Cruz wore in valkyrie?
My son is 8 years old. He has been throwing up every morning and sitting on the toilet with upset stomach.?
What is this? (symptoms below)?
My 6 yrs old - No bowl movement for 5 to 6 days; what is wrong?
Sick- should I wait it out or seek some help?
symptoms of a bad appendix?
I have this ringing in my ear what is it?
what to do for laryngitis?
I'm not feeling well. List of Symptoms included?
Bad stomach pains... What could it be? help please?
Is it common to get headaches that are triggered really easily?
been seeing spots and dissy for now 5 weeks plz help!?
My wife facing urine burning problem with some blood pls advice how to solve this problem?
Mass Vomitting of bile?
Any hypothyroidism (thyroid disease) sufferers have the same problems...?
My stomach hurts so bad?
Is this a form of Sleep Apnea or not?
what is the best time for sleeping?
Can weed do more damage than cigarettes?
I've had insomnia since I was 10, my doctor told me I have fight-or-flight. What is this?
My hands are so cold..?!?
head pressure and ear fullness?
Whats up with this swine flu!?
questions on anaemia?
How long is this Swine Flu Pandemic expected to last?
I'm ab+ and when I researched this blood type, it's only been around for 1000 years.?
is it bad that reading about how bad peoples lives are makes me feel better about mine?
How come whenever I cry I see very violent and horrific images and hear voices?
suicide support forums?
I act crazy when I'm alone for a long period of time, is this normal?
on zyprexa 5mg for two days, i dont like it and i want to stop if i stop today will it be okay? or should...?
Kidney and heart infection in 17 years.?
Is low blood pressure with mono normal?
is it arrhythmia or something else?
How can a heart donation occur?
discomfort in lower left abdominal?
indicate to me the different type of food that provide me with calcium/magnesium/potassium?
If you are a renal/dialysis patient and your blood pressure is 196 over 100?
What is the chance a 13 year old could have a heart attack?
how can I lower my blood pressure?
how to grade pedal edema?
Would a person just get one hive?
Help! IS this my allergies or what?
My son is a year old w/ cows milk, goats milk, and soy allergies - What do I do now?
More Questions - Allergies, Pollen......?
Should I get allergy shots?
Is this an allergic reaction, and if so, how severe is it?
Why does the nose and the ears appear red when exposed to cold temperature?
allergic reaction?
My husband has severe allergies...........?
how do alergy tests work?
My wife LOVES latex but shes allergic to it?
i had acnenow vanished but pits and scars remain on cheeks not deep but still visible i had aclear skin help?
blisters on toes?
How do I clear razor burn fast?
Skin redness?
does any one have thicker skin on their hands and feet?
Is Using Sun Block Daily Harmful?
i have one finger that the nail keeps splitting down to the cuticle what can i do to prevent this problem?
Summer hot days...?
HI, I want to know that either egg york or egg white can disappear acne scars plz help me?
what are some ways to make burn scars go away quicker?
Why would my friend get UTI meds for a bee sting?
bee sting treatment options?
my boxer keeps getting a boil? or something on her ear it has been lanced but keeps coming back whats going on?
When do you start breathing after you drown? When does you're throat come unsealed? What is done to someone wh?
deep cut what do I do?
What does a brown recluse bite look like when its healing?
hit in ear with Outback breadboard. Will I get cauliflower ear?
Venom bites piercing HELP!!!?
What do I do if my big toe got stuck under a chair and my nail got lifted up?
My little brother finger got hit with a football and now its all hard? what is it and how can i treat it?
Is my Dads spider bite bad?
can I get infected if I get a splinter in my wee wee?
Am I in trouble? Is my life endanger?
Graphite in my fingernail?
Why do people get mosquito bites when they travel?
Is anyone familiar with spider bites?
what should i do?,dog bite?
The future of HIV/AIDS on earth, what worst will it be?
can you get hiv through a tiny barely noticeable cut if fingering?
Weard spot on tongue after kissing?
prostate problem any help would be appricated?
I'm scared of having an STD ?
Can someone please put me in a good mood!?
i am 15 and smoke cigarette before and after school.?
can you please help me? i feel really sick!?
what does the large intestine do? i know the small one, is where chemical digestion occurs, but what does lrg?
Not sure if this is normalllllll......?
How can I grow taller?
headache problems please help!?
should i do it?? opinons needed?
Should i see a doctor?
i am a girl and my girlfriend is sick wat should i do?
A question about being in the hospital?
What does it mean when you read about diseases and disorders and you think you have them?
I'm 14 and have bifocal glasses. And heard it's not normal for kids my age to have bifocal lenses. ?
BAD WEED TRIP. why does this happen to me? of all people..?
Do you think my earlobe piercing could be infected?
Help please!!!! This is realy important my friends hurt?
What could be causing these symptoms?
stomach pains please help?
my stomach hurts really bad?
Really bad vomiting hangovers?
whats happens when you take the max dose of benadryl everyday?
thyroid has not functioning?
What is wrong with my hip?
Lower Back Pain And Stomach Pain I Need Help ..?
Migrane Help?! please..!?
What are some things that can relieve bladder pain. Thanks.?
Sleeping on my shoulder hurts!?
neck hurts for more than 8 hour?
Headache when I move my eyes?
Nausea, diarrohea, stomach pain etc. Help!?
oxycodone vs oxycontin question?
A diagnosis and the best way to recover quickly?
Effusion chemistry question.?
How to get my mum to stop smoking?
Is it true that if someone actually gets 2nd-hand smoke, they feel sick?
i got a cold??????????????????????
having problems breathing normal and having a dull ache in my chest that comes and goes?
What is the harmful substances to our respiratory system?Can somebody tell me?
how to get sleep paralysis?
kool ways to inhale like the french one?
How long does a sore throat usually last?
How do I get my mom to stop smoking??? Really worried!!?
I have a question about an old injury and arthritis..?
WHAT DID I DO to my leg?
Whats wrong with my ankle? Do you think I need physio?
Should I take a shower even though I have a burn?
Is it shin splints or stress fracture...?
Chronic pain due to injury?
help me please my shoulder hurts so bad :(?
whats wrong with my pinky?
I have been struggling with pain in my left knee. The pain is on the inside of my knee while jogging only.?
What did I do to my shoulder?
i have a meniscus tear and i am elderly do i have surgery?
What could be wrong with my foot?
i had acl surgery about six weeks ago, my graduation is in june. will i be able to wear heels or wedges?
Closed stab wound on palm, closed but swelling?
Did I pull my calf or what?
How can you rehabilitate from a herniated disc?
I have very continuous chest pain, help?
My layer and Dr both Scam what should I do?
What is best home treatment for pulled muscles in the back?
Flat feet or an arch, which do you have?
my face is swollen and has open wounds, how long will it take for it to heal?
I fell off a horse i hurt my back and my stomach is swollen can any one help me?
Urgent question about cancer patients with fever!?
how long does it take to be effected by smoking?
Tongue Cancer??
Is there anything wrong with my heart? My pulse rate just won't go beyond 135 per minutes during exercise.
I just started smoking cigs?
Sore Throat: Can I beat it by tomorrow? Answer quick!?
Uhmm... i have a blood blister down there........?
bitten by a water moccasin?
I have a bad rash and/or bug bite on top of a sunburn. Help?
not sure how i did it, but i hurt my foot?
my eye is suddenly swollen?
I have been healing from a second degree burn - the burn is closing and looking much better however I have man?
How long does it take to heal?
ant bite treatment.........!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
question about splinter?
Could inhaling Ant Poison kill you?
Is my ear piercing infected?
Bug Bite. Leg is Swollen.?
Has anyone received any side-effects from going off the drug? Like muscle fatigue?
my hand are very swollen every morning?
Do I have something wrong when my urine is cloudy?
Multiple health questions...PLEASE help.?
is taking ten .25mg of xanex the same as taking two 1mg?
how to get rid of and prevent cankersours?
what could this be?
snoring loudly how can i stop?
What disease does the girl in the middle of the photo have? Anyone?
do anyone know the symptoms of havingg gunorrea?
Help me, my cat is dying!?
help. the doctor can't figure out what's wrong with me.?
What is OCD?
I'm 15 and I pee 20oz at a time and sometimes can't pee and pee 6+ times/hr and bladder pain. Possibilities?
do i have restless leg syndrome?
Can one take prilosec before sleeping? PLEASE ANSWER EMERGENCY!!!?
I have slightly low vitamin b12, high white blood cell count, and abdominal pain could they be related?
is there a disease where you always have to wear exsessive make up ALL THE TIME?
What are some of the struggles that you or someone you know have with fibromyalgia?
Im 14 and recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease what happens now?
My grandmother's brain...? Please help me.?
How often is it normal to get the runs?
health question, scared not sure what this is! dizzy?
Why is my vision blurry after retinal screening?
How should I fix my high blood pressure?
i have groin and testicular pain does anyone no wat might be wrong its itchey and swollen?
I'm tired of hearing about how tanning salons' give you skin cancer, I want some odds?
What is a negative blood?
i'm worried i might have HIV because i have a swollen lymph node in my neck ..?
Got blood results should I get a second opinion?
Can you catch an STD if u and ur partner are both virgins?
What is the disease chlamydia?
I need help about hpv?
ihave medium cell changes from hpv does this mean i have the hpv that will b with me forever?
The truth about HIV................?
what is the cause of purple spot on top of eyelid? std or no?
planned parenthood std testing services?
how long does marijuana show up on a saliva swab type drug test?
Why am I so dizzy when I stand up?
why am i loosing weight so fast and how can i gain weight?
Health Insurance question?
How can you tell the difference between mayo scissors and mcindoe scissors in the operating room?
Does popcorn make you feel nauseous?!?
Unbalanced and a little nauseous?
what do you do if your hormones affect sleep?
My vision is worse at night?
Serious or common side effect of Doxycycline?
Is walking around with a wallet in your back pocket bad for your back?
I get uncomfortable when laying sideways?
How long can a tan/sun burn last for?
i sweat at night... what shall i do?
simple homemade remedies?
quest. for ladies (intimate hygiene)?
im 12 and I want to kill myself:/?
My family refuses to accept I have schizophrenia, but accepts my sisters ADHD.?
what's rong with me ???????????????????//?
Is ADHD a real disorder?
I've been prescribed antidepressants but I have no diagnosis?
Anyone used nasonex or zyrtec for a child.?
Allergies or sick???????????????/?
could i possibly be allergic to cats?!?
Am I allergic to eggs?
I want to buy an air purifier for my house but I don't know which one to get. Any suggestions?
Food poisoning/food allergy?
My siblings are allergic to cats...?
my dog has a skin allergy to flea bites. lately hes been whining a little and hes lethargic and wont hold his?
do antihistamines make u drowsy?
i have sinusitis and my throat is still killing me.?
We ate delivered pizza. He's sick, and I'm not?
Prednisone...streiod. I have asked soooo many ppl, noone knows. What is considered short trem or long term use
which allergy medicine does not make u drowsy?
tell me if this is an allergy?
Any suggestions from fellow allergy sufferers?
How to stop a swollen throat?
what can i do to help with my allergies?
Bloody nose ALL THE TIME!?
My Mom has cancer?
How much are eye exams at walmart?
which brand of contact lens color can really make a noticeable difference on dark brown eyes?
My glasses aren't clearing when side viewing. Normal?
How much does one pair of colored contacts cost?
Can someone try to tell me whats wrong with my eye?
What's wrong with my eye?
How do I find a neuroopthimologist in Cincinnati, OH?
Police Officer with Unacceptable Vision...?
Has anyone had Intacs?
Do I need some kind of vision correction?
What cold medicine works miracles for a runny nose?
Will I inherit M.S.? (a disease)?
Does this sound like asthma? Please help?
Really bad sore throat and trouble breathing?
Should my child go to school if he is on a Z-pack and other steriods?
What is this dry, shrill cough?
is it normal to not breath when you are yawning?
Can it be that my emphysema came back?
what can I do to relieve sinus drainage?
Help with quitting smoking?
I need surgery for a bulging disc in my back, does anyone know what it will cost to repair.?
what colour are internal stitches?
How affective is PT in reducing the risk of patella dislocation?
can i cheer on my sprained ankle?!?
What is the name of people who cannot bend their arms fully straight?
help me!! my nail is bruised....?
swelling of the knee?
I got a scar on the lower part of pinkie and i have a bump that really big underneath what is It?
UH OH!! MY FOOT??!?!??!?
Can shoulder ligaments heal on their own?
Swollen cartilage piercing done 11 months ago.?
hurt knee? please help?
What do you do if you shoulder feels off set?
My left elbow feels all tight and sore. I can't really bend it straight. what's wrong with it?
I did something to my knee at track and i dont now what it is?
when my body is sore should i take a cold or hot shower/bath?
Do scars from burns ever go away?
Is something wrong with my arm?
What to do with blister?
Don't Know if my nose is broken?
How to make a dislocated knee....?
epilepsy then develop brain tumor additional problems?
Bilirubin Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Test?
what is this lump on my hand.?
my friend has a really bad case of head lice and nits i dont know if she knows should i tell her?
Gum disease: Do I have it?
14 year old with scoliosis...Please help....please?
I have hypothyroidism and i'm frustrated, please help if you had this disease or know of it!!!?
Child anxiety problems?
what is the cure for hyperhydrosis?
Have i developed an eating disorder?
What kind of diseases related to my problem?.?
What is the medical terms for abdomen pain?
my dads stomach hurts,is drinking beer the solution?
How can i get cocaine off my head?
What causes blackouts?
would this be classified as epilepsy?
OCD tell me about it please (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
herpes desese...wanting a child..plz help??!?
whats good for your liver?
Do I have rabies? Thank you if you take time to read this...?
How do i get rid of my insomnia?
What do you think is wrong with me?
What's wrong with my knee?
sharp pain in thumb?? what is it?
Are online pharmacies safe to use for pain medication?
Weird Hunger/Knawing/Discomfort stomache Pain?
good pain doc in central ohio?
i injured my wrist and its finals week!!?
What is the best way to get rib of a scab on my lip?
Question about percocet and ambien?
MBT trainers caused ankle pain?
My tongue hurts ?????????????
Blood Vessels Constricting?
can someone tell me if this could be a uti or something far more serious?
Would vitamins A and C help fight off herpes? more info...?
after an inverted papilloma surgery an unpleasant odor is coming out of my nose. how can i get ride of it?
Im scared about the swine flu?
Did the Spanish Flu start of mild?
swine flu....................................?
Is impetigo dangerous to those with HIV?
How to avoid swine flu? And is it fatal if contracted?
What are the symptoms for SWINE FLU?
sickle cell disease help?
Some anthem playing while the virus is airborne is the end near?
I need a swine flu answer quickly, for travel?
Igm test herpes negative after a year?
Has anyone tried immune glory?
How to tell when you have Orofacial Herpes?
Do I have the swine flu??
What is happening around my mouth?
I donated plasma for 2 weeks, now they won't let me, why?
Swine Flu Virus is in my school, What should I do?
what do i do to treat this??/?
swine flu? i live in illinois!?
how many times can you have swine flu?
I can't afford a hospital visit. but i'm scared...?
Eyes are always watering but no other symptoms?
Marijuana starter questions? I need to hear from some people with experience.?
what is with my moms body shaking for?
is my son overreacting or do all teens act this way?
Can you take a multivitamin on an empty stomach?
How bad is consuming caffeine everyday?
Have you ever heard your ex's name and just felt sick to the stomach?
How long after my bone marrow transplant do I have to wait to drink alcohol.?
picking off the hair of my head, any effective solutions?
what is this a picture of?
am 20 and 5'2 in height..is thr any option to increase my height?
Teen Bedwetting Problem?
Will skateboarding make you grow taller?
I dropped my apple down the loo by accident. Do you think that it will still be OK to eat?
what time should a 16yr old go to bed?
what r the side affect for gabapentin?
what foods am i suppose to eat if i have problems with gallbladder?
Which is (are) the predominant second messenger(s) involved in regulating glucose metabolism?
I have ichy, dry red bumps on my face. What should I do?
I want to know about an illness where people grow a textile-like substance on their skin.?
i have bad exzema and nothing i do seems to work. does anybody know a good cream or anything i could use?
Fungal Infection?
Healing time for scars after a car accident?
Can your body get immune to depo after taking it for so long?
Quit smokkkinnngggggg?
when i get REALLY tense/nervous/anxious my fingers actually hurt quite bad and i start shaking..?
green and purple around my eyes - can it be corrected?
Can you please answer my question?
Worried about my boyfriend! Is it ever unhealthy to fast?
How to demonstrate the how important water is?
tell me can my hernia wait 2 months to be repaired?
I have a heart Murmur can i.. Please Help me..?
Can anyone give me the link to Pinky Lee having a heart attack on stage during one of the old "Pinky Lee" show?
Am i having a heart attack?
Are there any valve repair operations that are low risk.?
Kaiser Permanente insurance?
Which of the following is least important in returning blood to the heart?
mums doctor has prescribed morphine for her cellulitus and heart problems is she dying?
would my cholesterol level go down if I just stop eating foods high in cholesterol?
where was the worlds first heart transplant performed?
what exactly is going on during an aortic cross-clamp?
if you have a heart problem can you smoke?
i'm 24,what is the best full medical insurance i can get,covering diagnostics,surgery,treatment,medications?
Poor circulation in legs?
How should I interpret this pain down my left shoulder blade and down my left arm?
how do i get rid of sore throat really fast?
6 month old shrooms still good?
what should i do before taking acid?
Why do I keep sneezing?
is oxygen bad for you? also, these following?
my cat is allergic to flea products but has fleas..what can i use for flea control that won't affect my cat?
Random nose bleeds been happening?
What allergens come out around the beginning of august?
I have a really itchy rash that keeps coming up in random areas of my body. I cant figuire out what it is?
Is what i have an alergy?
quick fix for allerigies?
Allergic reactions!! Help!?
how come i can't blow my nose?
Eversince i have had my guinea i have suffered a lot with runny eyes, could i be allergic to them?
monday i vomited and it came out my mouth and as well as my NOSE.... i am worried never happened b4?
My 2 year old Yorkie Terrier has a bad case of ear itch. He scratches until it bleeds. Please help!!?
is amoxicilline and flucloxacilline have the same effect for someone who is allergic to amoxicilline?
has anyone has swollen painful joints with immunotheropy for allergies?
Can animals be allergic to anything?
I suffer terribly from allergies, pollen, grass, trees, etc If I get an air purifier, would it help?
What can I do about my nose and throat?
HELP-- i was bitten by red ants.?
i have not been feeling like myself I'm always tired lately.And now I think i had an allergic reaction and now?
does this sound like an allergy?
what do you think when someone has Red eyes !?
Who would you contact if you had a theory about a possible cure to AIDS/HIV?
can i get aids by cutting myself shaving my pubes with a rusty knife?
how do I know if nI have AIDS?
What are the Signs of chlamydia?
Should I run outside with a torn ACL and menicus?
what would help my burn?
I have a knee injury what do you think happened?
Is my hand Broken, just bruised, or sprained?
11 yr old hit in nose w/baseball.How do I know if it's broke. What is treatment if it is?
4 days ago I was getting ready for work and while putting on socks I noticed left foot problem.?
smashed hand ..... help?
wrist fracture, swollen fingers!?
Bit my nail now end of finger is swollen?
badly bruised back muscle that runs up my left spine between my spine and my ribs?
What could cause jaw pain like this? Please read details!?
I jumped off a corner store and now my legs hurt. Should I go to the hospital?
I hurt my left foot. What should i do?
when you have low back pain wht is the purpose of the heel toe walk?
I can,t afford to be off work to recover from surgery.. what should I do?
Do you think I am getting my cast off?
bone brusise or spang ankle?
i have a big problem well not really but its getting on my nerves?
How long can a concussion put you in the hospital?
do walk in clinics prescribe...?
i got brused on my shin and it hurts so should i walk with my leg like this?
Tendonitis: does there need to be redness and heat? what causes that please help?
I cant go to sleep cuz my knees ache! ive tried everything. PLZ HELP Me?! :)?
i fractured my foot and i want to keep doing tae kwon do, what should i do?
How do you fake a fever?
Why don't more people wear contact lenses?
Do I need to redisinfect my contact lense after dropping it on the floor?
My eyes changed color? huh?>?
What color are your eyes, do you like them?
how many hours a day can you wear disposable contact lenses?
if my contacts were inside out would it be painful in my eye?
itchy red eye.. :[ :[ :[?
Is it normal to be able to see with my eyes closed ?
Is this normal for my eye?
My contacts are stuck in my eyes!?
Can you cry in contact lenses?
My eyes hurt when the sun hits me.?
First time wearing contact lenses?
Is reading in the dark really that bad?
What's 20/20 vision????????????????????????????
Contact Lenses? Easy 10 points?
Contacts wearers - do you *always* wear your contacts when you go out of the house?
Poll: Do you wear/need glasses?
can a 15 year old wear contact lens?
how old do you think you have to be to wear contacts?
if i go to a appointment for my eyes, can i ask the doctor for contact lenses or do they pick for me?
Can I order contacts for one eye but wear them in both?
Has anyone ever improved their eyesight naturally?
Please help me. I'll give you 1 million dollars.. Nobody answers my questions :( please help?
Contact Lenses Help Please "/?
what are the symptoms of mono/could i have it?
what does WBC 0-2 hbf means in urinalysis test?
what is mean by blood transfusion?
do i have swine flu????
what happens to a dog when they get their anal glands expressed?
Is there a vaccine for swine flu?
Why is a long-term high fever bad for your health?
if you're being treated for hep c would there be any lab findings to indicate HIV?
what are the chances of getting cat scratch fever..?
Stomach Flu Question?
Anyone ever had mono before?
I cut my finger on a rusty metal dock. Should I get a tetnus shot?
I'm getting sick...what is this!?
Tick Bite strange Symptoms please help?
Does she have a Yeast Infection?
Having Bad Diarrhea, someone help?
Serious question. Do I have swine flu?
how to soothe an infected eye?
One factor in hunger seems to be the increase in __________, which causes blood sugar levels to eventually dr?
diabetic with bladder removed due to cancer, but kidney infection every now and then?
what food did sugar patient can take ?
Are these the symptoms of diabetes?
Is 150/80 a good blood pressure reading?
My friend had a liver transplant at age 9 she is now 17 will she need another transplant?
what is the white ring at the top of the nail?
Icant turn my head to the right without hurting what is it?
Why do his toes itch?
My doctor told me I had anxiety, how to cure it?
anxiety and panic attacks? Im 15 and idk if im having these or not.?
Is this a sign of an eating disorder?
what should you do if you accidentally forget to take your medicine?
what is wrong with me?
Do I have epilepsy from my 2 instances having seizures?
Whats that medical problem that people have that they get intense pains in their stomach but it comes and goes?
What vitamins should you take if you have Multiple Sclerosis?
lump in my throat, nauseous (sp?) and really out of it?
is acid reflux inheireted?
I have a choice to have half of my thyroid removed or leave it in place . Does anyone know what will happen if?
there is a twitch in my leg and it will not go away at ALL what is is and how do i get rid of it?
very odd medical question?
Seizure or Panic Attack happend to my 50 y/o mom?
Does breathing in house paint cause birth defects?
does germ-x soft wipes kill the flu virus?
Do I have asthma? >:(?
i just tried smoking for my 1st time :(?
Is it normal to get acute bronchitis this many times?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to bad asthma attacks in 2 days. what should i do?
How can i tell if i have asthma if im a footballer?
I had a TB test last week and now I am short of breath, coughing and occasionally skipping a heartbeat.?
A question about running with asthma?!?
what are the signs the end is near with copd?
Has anyone gotten air sick lately?
proper treatment for neck & back pain?
Pinching feeling on my back?
What are these painful bumps on the bottom of my toes ?? can anyone explain how to remove them ?
Why do I have get a sharp pain on the side of my leg when i walk?
Sharp pain under right side rib cage?
Throat/head problems?
How can you tell if you have a neck aneurysm?
I got sudden lower back ache this morning. It pains whem i bend or sitting. Doctor's pain killer does nt work?
Whats wrong/what can i do to help myself?
Terrible lower back pain? Almost like Pms cramping?
Is it bad to have very frequently cracking joints?
if you took the chlamydia pill when should you stop bleeding?
Does oral thrush also give you sores?
What std can kill you?
i have light yellow discharge no pain or burning or iching sensasion?
Can boys get the gardasil shot for hpv?
How do you get rid of Bugbite scars?
what is the best natural sweetener?
Is it safe to take syndol with diazepam?
are legal buds for getting high for real or is it a scam, if so what are some online ingredients?
Really small acid tabs?
My husband throws up in the shower?
whats better cocaine or EX?
Why won't I run "dry?" I'm 15 years old, and I relieve myself, but I think I have an unnormal problem!?
IS dandruff edible ??? ????...?
What are these random twitches?
Why do teens take xanax..?
I wake up every morning with a bloody nose, should I be concerned?
why am i hungry when i'm sick?
does vinigar clean weed out of you system?
Is it normal to never want to grow up?
Does anyone know the feeling i have at the moment?
if i roll catnip in paper and smoke it what will happen?
my doctor told me not to smoke after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. when can i smoke some weed!?
People ! Am i going to die!?
male being a Gynaecologist?
How can I grow taller?
Question about a medical term?
My girlfriens throws up in the morning if she eats. Like from 8-12.?
i am always tired now?
Do you think going to the mall tomorrow would be over doing it ? ASAP Answer now!!!?
Dehydration or a virus...?
Its super hot and i absolutely cannot sleep with out my legs covered?
Waking up High in middle of night?
Question about Ultrasound technicians and eyesight?
Haze you heard of a health insurance company called Starr Indemnity?
electric cigarette question about vaporizer?
Is my lip gonna be swollen? please help?
i have mold in my apartment ?
why people drink so much in this days, Smokey to, do drugs ?
My eyes are red and getting redder?
Deviated septum and sinus problems?