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I have been getting headaches and my heart/chest has been hurting at sometimes during the day. What is it?
Is there something going on in my chest?
Mitral valve prolapse?
what are the symptoms of a heart attack?
I bet I have better vitals than you?
medical Symptoms of low pressure?
va percentage for a person who recieved wounds from a suicide bomber and have to have heart surgery?
do poppy seeds really show up in drug tests?
Why do I have to pee once or twice an hour?
what should i do about my hemmorhoid?
could this be a start of an eating disorder? PLEASE HELP!?
What drug could my boyfriend be on?
Is there a legal alternative to acid?
if you have a bad trip on marijuana your THIRD time, like a terrifying trip is it always the same after that?
Any websites that talk about indian tobacco?
What can help me sleep:)?
how can you wake up early?
Fainting, should I be worried?
Does mastubation have any effect on the brain?
mah nose is stuffy, but im working tomorrow, how can I prevent it from getting worse?
what can cause a knee to be swollen and hurt?? and when i stretch my leg out it's sore!!?
Random Question ,, need an answer plz?
How long does it take spinach to travel through your system?
why do people say pot isnt bad for you and isnt a drug?
Why are signs of dehydration?
I need help getting a deep sliver out, my parents wont help?
Reaction To Fire Incident?
Swollen upper lip and left face....?
how bad is my burn? can of axe and light dnt ask i can feel it and its slightly yellow and still burns?
bug bite on my face and keeps getting swollen from the past 4-5 months?
does ear infection cause bleeding from inside ear?
How should I treat Yellow Jacket sting?
is it safe to take an ibuprofen that had a little bit of the red coating scratched off?
what is the best treatment for burns at home to avoid infection?
Im taking methylprednisolone for my poison ivy, just a 6 day packet. Is it ok to drink alcohol?
can i put hydrogen peroxide in my ear?
Top knuckle of the right thumb wont bend.?
Scab Fell Off Now Pink?
How to get my Toe Touch Higher?
Fresh water and jellyfish stings ?
Nausea almost immediately after eating or drinking?
Diabetes? Extreme food allergies? Something else?
what can a person do about diabetes?
Could I have diabetes?
How To Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion?
Can I drink coffee if I am fasting for glucose blood work?
I have a huge problem with chapped lips?
herpes specific blood tests.?
Is this a Disease or is it Normal?
I have a medial appreviation term PUD what does it stand for?
Ears wont pop and Throat feels funny?
i'm having unknown chest pains?
My brain feels fried and my face feels frozen, like someone is sitting on it. Any ideas on whats wrong?
Do all feelings subside?
I have foot swelling, minor redness and a good bit of pain when I walk.?
How would I succeed at fencing (escrime) when my knee is kind of in pain a lot?
Is constant jaw popping normal?
is a pregnecy considered full term at 36 weeks or 40 weeks?
swine flu plz help!!!!!!!?
Do you think that the swine flu pandemic will be as bad as the 1918 flu pandemic?
swine flu geographic advance?
how do you remove a eye mite from a child?
is the swine flu really that bad? im freaked out!?
Please help! Burning in lungs with some pain?
How many total deaths have there been in the world because of the swine flu? (see below)?
what is a staff infection?
H1N1 INFLUENZA......Whos at highest risk!?
i have a tempature of 102.6 and i live in minnesota. is it possible i may have the swine flu?
what makes swine flu any different from all the other flues?
Virus Causing Chest/Stomach Pain?
Should I get my tonsils out? I've had strep almost 20 times.?
Do you think the Swine Flu is that important?
swine flu? cold? allergies? reg flu?
which of the following is a characteristic of most bacterial infection but not of a viral infection?
Another question about Swine Flu. Do I have it, and where in Texas is it?
How long can fatigue from mono last?
home remedy for ear infection?
Should i take Concerta (60mg) for the SAT?
can i take filmtab and phentermine at the same time?
i have these white oblong capsules with no imprints. any ideas?
Very strange feelings..i don't know if it's panic attack or what....please help!?
Is this a sign of asthma?
my dad has cancer and i get upset who can i talk 2 to make me feel better?
I'm very sick with a cough?
weird bump behind ear?
White stuff coming out of my eyes?
Being Deaf..................?
Veins pop out when I stand up?
What makes your back crack sometimes?
i never smoke mary jane, but i took one rip this morning. how long until its out my system?
Is my toenail going to fall off?
does the B12 vitamin have long term health risks?
Hot to make it look like i'm NOT sick.?
how does inorexia start? i need help?
my 18 month old and 2 year old are going for allergy testing... what should i expect?
Water makes me sick...?
Allergic reaction to doryx?
If I am allergic to cats am I allergic to rabbits to.?
Lingering Smoke Odor is Making Me Sick!?
If I am allergic to metal (nickel specifically). Will getting a tattoo cause allergic reactions?
how can i make my nose stop running without medication?
I am stuffed up all the time HELP!!?
Could I be allergic to my dog?
Is this an allergy or an allergic reaction to something?
am i allergic to orange juice?? not good!!?
can you use abuterol without saline solution?
My son (17 months) has hives...?
information on my pink eye please?
i might be allergic to tobacco so if i smoke what damage will it cause?
I have poison ivy?
my dog is coughing or hacking is that normal? What causes that?
My head is so CONGESTED, which makes it difficult to breathe, but yet Iam able to breathe through my nose?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Ever since I stopped taking doxycycyline 1 year ago, I have been having loose stools and food allergies..help?
Eye allergy is to birch?
Can you die from being allergic to weed?
What's wrong with my nose!?!?
Can sinuses (or sinus pressure) can you to see "flashing lights"?
what is don't like people disorder called?
feel tired all the time?
what kind of headache do I keep getting?
I'm Sick. Can Anyone Help Me?
I have kidney pain I need help?
is this a brain tumor?
where & how can i find donors for kidney( i can pay for it )?
If i donate blood, do these blood donation companies sell my blood to patients?
Ribs-- I dont know if its possible...?
Is this really epilepsy?? What's next?
What to do with a cyst on my ear?
Can you guys give me some names of bleeding disorders?
What causes hiccups ?
why does this keep happening to me?
my dad has kidney failure do you think he will get a translpant before its too late?
how come i feel really sick and keep peeing?
panic and anxiety? help!!!?
How long does it take to become alcoholic?
how old are you normally when diagnosed with lupus?
what causes a person to O.D on heroin?
Why is the tv talking to me ans telling me to do bad things? Help!?
is there something wrong with me?
I see myself doing it but dont remember doing it?
I feel so lost and undirected?
What are the symptoms of Skitsofrenia in a teenager?
Is cutting really bad?
During Puberty is it normal for ur legs and spine to feel pain?
How do you beat colds?
Why do I always feel so sick?
how to detox off of opiates using methadone?
Feeling Numb and Sad. Help please?
Will I continue to grow? If so, about how much?
What causes "salty saliva"?
Is asthma from birth, or can it develop later on?
how to stop yourself going red?
need help to wake up?
Drug Test Tomarrow, Need Cures?
Brown eyes + Brown eyes= Blue eyes? How is that possible?
panic attack/ibs stomach attack help?
smoker stinkkkkkk and are in need of help.?
I'm going to be donating blood. Any suggestions?
I think my hand is broken, what should i do?
effects of not washing face?
how can i make my feet less sweaty?
Can anyone help me I've asked this question before but no one answered?
I hurt my knee .. how long to heal?
Sprained Ankle question?
What excersises can i do with a leg injury?
when will this cut/scar go away?
I think i might have broken my big toe and i dont know what to do ?
Swollen Finger please help?
PLEASE HELP- what did i do to my ankle!?
Something fell out of my ear canal ?
can someone give a remedy for an old swollen knee injury?
What will my lip look like tomorrow?
is physical therapy making my Injuries worse?
will a facial fracture show up on an xray yrs down the road?
My finger nail peels from the base?
What have i done to my leg?
what does it mean when there is a bump under your knee like the top of you shin kinda and it hurts to the touc?
it has been 3 in a half monthes since i broke my wrist why is it not healing?
Is my knuckle fractured?
How long does it take for a swollen broken hand to heal after you get a cast off?
Shoulders aching with pain after doing chest workout?
unexplainable bruising and fever?
These cuts wont go away what should I do?
Hurt Thumb- Is it broken?
My big toe naill is injured, its bleeding help?
drainage in ears when waking up?!?
Did I get something from a tick bite?
Gentalene cream can be used for ear itching ?
My husbands fingernail is partially lifted from the nailbed 3/4 from the tip to cuticle. Should he trim it off?
Is it normal to have purple vomit after getting drunk on tequila for the first time?
Eyeproblems, what to do?
Whats the difference between a general CPR course and the CPR certification for healthcare providers?
Dislocated knuckle? Need advice?
sore or bite on side of stomach?
What can I do about my thumb?
Split fingernail what do I do?
is it common for most men over 50 to have some kind of cancer?
Why do some people that smoke never devolp lung cancer and other problems?
Small case of asthma? (details!)?
Do I have something seriously wrong?
my throat hurts and my nose is stufed up. do have allergies...but am i sick?
I have a friend with cystic fibrosis and...?
Bites - Don't know what I got bitten by.?
Medical opinion? I fainted with eyes open and not breathing, may have almost died from 5mg propranolol!?
Best time to take asthma inhalers for best results? (before exercise)?
I got alot of mosquito bites on my legs from outside,what can happen?
plaease help!!!!!! im having trouble?
Why would epinephrine NOT be the first-choice bronchodilator for animals?
could a wax of parafin consistency be used to emergency seal wounds and provide pressure?
Dream meaning of having a bee hive on you're shirt and getting stings all over your arms not feeling it?
info about burn infection help!?
how can i treat a bad spider bite?
Why am I still so tired and sick after having mono?
Correlation between nausea and sneezing?
Help!!! Sore Throat!!!?
The majority of water-accident victims require mouth-to-mouth breathing.?
can a women have an infection that turns into chlamydia or gonorrhea?
why is it so hard to find a cure for HIV/AIDS?
can the freak/dance (grinding) cause any disease or any STD to the man?
If I go to the gynocologist to get ponstel.........?
I have a really bad pain in my heart like mini heart attacks?
Creatinine level is 2.7 for a 70 years old man. Is that normal.?
Does it sound like I have a heart problem?
working with a person who has heart problems?
My heart feels like it's aching all the time (Not in love terms) and it's really scaring me.?
what would go good with a drwaing of a heart?
Why does my knee hurt?
Back pain and finding it hard too breathe at times?
did i dislocate my shoulder?
I can't click the right side of my neck and it is really stiff!!?
bumps on my toes!......?
Why is my stomach gurgling?
weird feeling on both sides of adams apple?
Unexplained Throat pain?
Recently, I underwent ICL surgery to correct my vision in the right eye. Is wearing a eye patch safe?
Do I need to know my eye axis and cylinder for ordering eyeglasses?
Can you get contact lenses for reading?
What does -5.5 spherical distance in both eyes means.Is eye surgery beneficial for me and its drawbacks?
is there a place where i can buy contacts that look like cat eyes for an astigmatism?
Is this website legit?
Help with my eye glass prescription?
eye color...........?
I was wondering if my sister's eye virus is just a virus...?
my right eye has blurred, darkened, fishbowl type vision?
Why can't i see out the left corner of my left eye?
how much will my laser eye surgery cost roughly?
Why do my eyes get tired and burn when I read?
Have you got your full eye sight back by the natural way?
Question about eye contacts?
I just got contacts and its really hard for me to put them on the regular way, help?!?
Based on these symptoms, what do I have?
Can i find out the names of people with Swine Flu?
Obama and Swine Flu??????
I Live in the middle of Denver Colorado, Should I be worried about getting the swine flu?
I just returned from Mexico on May 1st and want to know how long the incubation period is for H1N1?
i am 4 mths pregnant and feverish but no fever?
my throat is aching...?
symptoms for a kitten bladder infection?
All the truth about what is the cause of the pig flu?
How can i pertect my self of the swine flu?
is there anyway mosquitobites cause hepatitis C?
what is swine virus influenza?
Oh yeah... Whats up with this swine flue bs?
Swine Flu or isn't it?
what h1n1(swine flu virus) do?
Is The Stomach Flu Over For 2009?
as the country is with the swine flu?
can you give me the list of the states in u.s.a with confirmed swine flue cases as of today ?
I have asthma. Is smoking going to make my asthma worse?
coughing blood?
There is a lump on my hip that is growing, help! what is this? ?
My wife found something the promises on youtube about hair loss therapy . Does this work ?
Anyone Have Good Tips For Acne?
I have a question about mederma?
I have 3 small styes on the inside of my bottom eyelid...?
Embarrassing question, help? ?
Mole or Freckle? Help NOW!?
stopping body acne....?
Infection in my leg!? Kinda worried?
It is okay to use both of these Neutrogenas?
How long does it take for this to go away? ?
do i still need to moistrizure if apply vitamin e oil?
Wife and Husband Developing Red Moles?
loads of red marks over my face:S ?
how do you get rid of belt buckle rash?
I'm caucasian and have large tan patches on my skin on my upper back and on rib cage?
I have a 5 month old black lab pup. He has very dry flaky skin. Does anyone have a home remedy?
I pop my wrist with a rubber band and these red/purple dots show up all the time, what is this?
When should i put my acne cream on?
a hard bump on my eyebrow bone that wont go away?
my bodys really itchy?
why do I have a stomach ache and stomach cramps in the morning? :(?
is 600mcg if biotin is enough for daily use?
how to treat sore muscles?
What could be wrong with me?
i get bad migranes, help?
Does this medical problem exist?
My daughter sweats a lot!?
This is a question about lexapro and xanax?
My eyeball shakes from side to side?
My 8 month sons left eye is puffy and red. Last night and this morning he wouldnt open his eyes.?
Please help Blood in diarrhea?
what kind of doctors do obese children go to?
causes and treatment of chronic diarrhea?
my friend got me sick and didn't go to the doctor, what illness do i have?
I have blood in my stool?!?!?
what are some symptoms of kidney failure? I'm 54 years old, and over weight.?
i have gestiontal diabetes and my sugar level this a min ago was 162?
whats the common cause of dizziness?
I smoked for a while and Nicotine doesn't affect me, and I did not feign for it.?
what is the Gallbladder ?
my insides feel like its shaking but not outside and i feel like im having shortness of breath?
what would case blood in diarrhea?
what is causing my stomach pain?
What is OCD 'n how can it be treated?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
what is the hormone that removes glucose from the bloodstream?
how does is take for a first degree chemical burn take to heal?
Mouth wound? Ulcer? Been there for five days?
whats the best way to heal a tare on your hand from bars at gymnastics?
clear blister on my lip?
How can i heal a burn or whatever this is really fast?!?!?!?!?
what does espom salt do to your ingrown toenail?
D: Help with my ear please?
Cut on my hand smells?
Split finger nail from the top to half way down...?
need help! ingrown toenail!?
What to put on a sunburn to prevent peeling?
why is an insect bite still hurting afer a year?
it feels like there's a splinter in the bottom of my foot, but there's nothing there? what to do?
I've awoken with what appear to be some Insect Bites, but have no idea what kind.?
What type of burn do I have?
Where online, can I get over the counter antibiotics for my dog's EAR infection?
What is this strange bite mark?
i got a tiny cut on my eye because my baby sis poked me there with a straw, what should i do?
I have high risk hpv is there anything my doctor should prescribe me to help it go away?
chlamydia symptoms again?
Question about GUM clinics?
If you get pierced with the same needle that other people have used but its been disinfected can you get AIDS?
when is gonna be a cure for herpes?
Chlamydia, PID and Hysterosalpingogram?
I'm taking Doxycycline for Chlamydia and I'm having really weird side effects..can somebody help?
How to get rid of Cat Allergies?
How do I get rid of super itchy eyes?
The symptoms of Sinus Infection?
Symptoms and allergy help!?
Was this an allergic reaction?
Can i get a cold?
Whats it mean if it hurts to touch the left side of chest?
How do I get rid of my canker sore FAST!?
Can i get in trouble for breaking someone's ankle while drunk?
What can break your leg?
what shoes shall i wear for school because ive got a sprained toe?
My stomach kills and hurts real bad, but i dont need to go to the doctors.Any advice to stop it from hurting?
my cousin fell and her mouth is bleeding?
If you break a rib;;;;?
How do I know if I have a concussion?
How do you stabilize broken bones?
I hurt my knee playing basketball...what is wrong w/ it?
What is wrong with my ankle?
What happens if I break THIS bone?
what did i to my wrist?
is a split tendon in your ankle closer to a sprained ankle or a broken ankle?
ankle problems for a while now..........?
I got my cartilage piercing done last week, it doesn't hurt only when I clean it.. what's wrong?
when you have allot of purple bruises what does it mean?
concussion? or is it just a bug?
will fracture stop growth????????????? PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS QUICK?
Doctor mistake about what time the bruise happen!! How did he get the time wrong ? a day later?
i need some help on a pulled muscle in my back?
can't sleep because my nose healed wrong years ago.?
i have a sore throat, cough, earache and a slight headache?
Weird feeling in my throat?
Is something wrong with my throat?
I just drank vegetable juice which tasted like blood. Is it possible to get HIV virus if there was blood?
I have Cystic Fibrosis and I have been alot of cigerette smoke.?
Was diagnosed with ms a year ago and the heat actually helps me anyone else with the same problem?
Having only one lung ?
is peak expiratory flow rate good for a 4 year old?
Is it ok to take medications after the expiration date? Is it dangerous to do so?
Can wearing Deodorant Give you Cancer?
He has cancer. How long does he have to live?
please answer... really weird head sensation?
Why do I get shortness of breath whenever I eat Lucas candy?
Hernia and scoliosis for pre employment?
Tonsillectomy..xx ??? =]?
Why is blood coming from my bum?! HELP?
Will socail security help me?
is it possible to cough so much and so hard that you can make you stomach and back and side hurt?
pacemaker question...?
i am only 13 but love to be a general surgeon what happens if i don't make it all the way do i get the moneybk?
got raided and had 20 ecstasy pills and 13 blister packs of telfast going to court what will i get?
Can I remove mold from shoes just by washing them?
I havent slept for the past 4 days?
Can a ADULT grow any taller?
Why don't I feel hot/cold easily?
Did I pass my drug test?
Why do I have the ability to make my eyesight "blurry" at will?
Ok I know this is kind of a gross question but...?
do you know what is anorexia is?
Why do you need a wee as soon as you get in the bath/shower.....WHY???!!!.?
paranoid about what my friend said.?
what is it??? plese help.?
Is learning to be ambidextrous bad?
Constipation and beer?
i have a hard time going to sleep what can i do to help me get some much needed sleep?
while waiting to pass a kidney stone is it normal that ive had no bowel movement in 2 days?
I'm lacking of energy, have shortness of breath, sometimes scratchy throat, and headaches.?
Have been constipated for weeks?
Does any one know what these lumps may be?
Ciggarettes: my mum has a pepsi bottle and put it outside and stacks ciggarettes in it could it be hazardous?
Trouble sleeping, constant sweating, constant eating/hunger?
Help with Crohn's Disease Flare up?
Weak urine flow please answer?
Will i have to go to hospital?
do i have an eating disorder?
what do i have? strep throat? no right?
How to help a friend who is a drug addict?
Pain in side under the rib cage?
Do I have something more severe than restless leg syndrome?
how to pass a drug test?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Can anxiety cause this issues?
My Doctor just ran some lab tests and found a small amount of blood in my urine. What might this mean?
how do people feel headaches?
im having lower stomache pains and i dont feel like eating i cant sleep well and i feel very hot whats wrong?
Suddenly feel dizzy ?
Headache and Stomach Ache and tired..?
If I have Spinal Stenosis, will I ever be able to play tennis again?
Is this horrible pain I felt in the middle of the night normal?
I keep having these headaches and dizziness, what do I do?
A weird bump in my neck?
Anyone have a late Achilles tendon repair? If so what was done?
Mental Health - What could be wrong with me?
Why is this happening to me...help me please!?
I feel guilty because of my mum?
Depot injection not working?
I feel unbalanced when i walk. Picture included.?
Aaaahhhh I can't sleep! It's 3:35 am?
Swine flu Testing information?
what are the signs of the Swine Flu?
I follow http://swineflu.littlebigchange.com/index.php/Worldwide-Confirmed-Cases/ Is swine pandemia started?
My opinion on swine flu.?
my school got out for next week becuase of swine flu?
how do you feel about the swine flu?
Another question about me being sick again ha ha...?
when is swine flu going to close Colorado schools?
How are antibodies used to diagnose disease?
Swine Flu - I missed something: Last wk the death toll in Mexico was150+, now it is 19. Does anyone know why?
Influenza question~ XD?
Whats wrong with me? Swine flu?
he is at last stage will he be cured he is also parallised by right hand and leg?
Do i have the swine flu?
is there someone who have the swine flu?
what is this disease?
what is pig flue ? can u tell me some facts about it?
Went dancing yesterday and when I got home......?
Is botox really healthy?
hpv and the results it has on an unborn bavy?
WART QUESTION! i need an explanation.?
what is solution for oil skin?
what is the cure for vitiligo?
I have an ingrown toenail, can i run in cross country today?
heat rash how to treat it???
I'm having white patches since 4 years is there any treatment?
what are side effects of affirm laser?
What kind of bite did I get?
how can you swell your spleen?
How can I get meds from Italy- quick tranfer in no time at all?
How to get out some thing out of your foot?
Splinter in my foot! what should I do?
Mouse Poison help!!!?
Random Blister- should I seek medical help?
bromine is an example of:?
question about cut infection?
What relieves itching sunburn on your arms?
Can I give blood if my ear piercing is infected?
Ovarian Cyst causing a late period....?
can I use bactine (spray) on my cartilage (ear) peircing?
I was wondering which is more painful a single fire ant sting a single bee sting or a single wasp sting ?
Why do I have pain in my chest and around my heart?
i am 15 years old and my blood pressure is 142/81 how can i lower it before football practice starts?
22 years old women resting heart rate is 100bpm and when i move around it goes up to 110 or 120bpm.?
Can a pacemaker recipient be shocked continually by the leads?
what are some snacks that i could have that would help lower my high blood pressure?
Anxiety attack or something more?
what if my heart beats fast and loud HELP?
Question about pleurisy/pleuritis?
what is/are the surgical procedures for Myocardial infarction? please?
Nadolol/Corgard Question..the sun?
How do I treat a sunburn?
Are there any "cures " to stop snoring that have actually worked for you?
died....(flatlined) for 58 seconds 3 days ago?
Breathing stops while sleeping?
Can staying on a cell phone for a long period of time, can it give you cancer in your head?
Question for people who cook with marijuana?
I'm going to cry for a week! Ear infection?
If I still can get Medicade MQMB, I recently retired from part time job?
Can a blood transfusion effect a person who is already a diabetic?
would lying in the sun and taking glucophage make my face swell?
wat can i do 2 reverse brain damage from spray paint?
i have a huge bruise on my arm tha felt like there was a knot in my muscle my mom rubbed it out but i dont kno?
Is it safe for me to be hopping on crutches at 15 weeks because of a knee contusion?
Arm bruise???????????????????
severe bruise from iv..is it normal?
remedies for bruised and swollen ankle?
I hit my head a bit hard. Really scared!?
I got hit in the throat hard what can i do?
My wrist is still hurting.. why?
injured, please help?
Wound itches, sign of it being healed?
I need help with a sprained ankle?
Catching a cold because of muscle soreness?
If you bruise your knee cap do you need a cast?
i cut myself and i cant stop, please help me!!?
i nees immediate help!!1?
I had a wreck almost 2 months ago...and I am still having pains...what to do?
My knee really hurts when I bend it.?
on a wave board/ripstick and than fall and land on your arm, elbow, wrist, and it hurts bad, is it sprained?
Is my nose piercing infected?
chances of Nerve damage after ankle surgery?
Ankle Sprain or something else?
i hit my finger on my sons playpen yesterday. i can bend it but its very sore. theres no brusing or swelling.?
10 leading causes of infant morbidity in zamboanga?
is the upper part of ur chest?
Wood floor and inhaling?
should see my GP if I'm developing a cough soon after coming off antibiotics for a chest infection?
Endocarditis after giving blood?
How long does it take mold to start effecting your breathing if you live in a molding house?
having trouble breathing?
Why do we hiccup? O_o?
How can I cure a sore throat?
I have a question about TB testing?
I am taking spiriva, omeperazole,lisinipril/hydrochlorothiazide,pravastatin,,daily multivitamin, and 81 mg asp?
Can a person get sick from a tb skin test?
People who take or know about the medicine Singulair answer please!?
Lactose intolerance or something more?
Am I allergic to apples?
Is it wrong to use toilet paper as tissue to blow your nose? It may be spread germs?
Why do i have massive hives!?!?!?
Eyee irritation?!?!?!?!?!?!PLEASE help!!?
How can I get rid of food allergy hives?
any cures for a blocked nose?
Allergic reaction to mosquito bite?
Can you stop being allergic to something you used to be allergic to?
I ate a few bites of apple pie, I noticed mold was growing under the crust on the apples, and I'm pregnant?
Would you pay $200 for this?
how to stop a runny nose?
horrible taste/smell in mouth & throat from mucus?
i keep waking up and carnt breath it feels like my throat is closing up on me?
what is the black and yellow stuff that comes out whenever i gag?
Allergy meds for itchy eye?
How to cure my allergy?
sick and not eating?
can i give my 5 month old citrus,oranges ect...?
Is Vision Therapy with or without glasses or contacts?
Is this pupil size too big when being in a room with a light on (but not having light directly shon in the eye?
I have some questions about heterochromia. Is there an optometrist/someone who knows about it here?
My dog has swollen lymph nodes & has a tumour in the liver lost a lot of weight how long to live and treatment?
How to Get Through the Night With a Sore Throat?
I think my sister may be sick if so what should i do ?
Can you fail a hair follicle drug test if you experienced second hand marijuana smoke?
can bed sores be prevented? And pulmonary question?
Why do I get sick so often?
Do you wash your legs in the shower?
effects of tattoos on the spine.?
Pharmacists are required to give you a ____________ with each prescription medication you buy.?
Doctors no doctors! How to get my mom to take me?
My friend took 10 pills of klonopin (10mg) and earlier drank? Do you think he will be okay?
chaffing problem i need advise?
Why do people do weed?
Question about my ears?
I feel flu sick...but unusual symptoms?
Why does the left side of my throat feel bruised when I swallow a mouth full of food hard?
Does Dove White bar soap kill bacteria??
Quit smoking 3 1/2 weeks ago---can nicotine withdrawal cause ear / nose congestion at this point?
What should I do, I'm always sick...?
What steroids/supplements do I have to take to help me grow taller?
What food makes you gasiest?
is anorexia a mental illness or a low self esteem issue?
i feel really sick..whats wrong with me?
Is Ibupfrofen dangerous?
**REPOST** How can I feel better before school/during school?
i accidently took 3 40mg citalopram anti-depressants. never taken anti depressants before. their my girls?
infected hang nail.. help!!?
Please give advice for a very painful knee..?
I am a bit deaf from my left ear due to the cold weather!?
Stretching after ear infection, safe?
how to help rope burn over night?
Ear gauge help!!!!!!!!!!1?
Bug Bite??????????????????????????
Broken nail. Help!!!!?
i have a wood splinter in my finger and dont want to see a skin doctor for nothing?
Flea bite scars, any way to remove?
first aid for a pinched finger?
freezer burn on knee... what should I do, will my skin die?
Insect sting that left two marks, not a spider (southern california area).?
is the nausea bad, when you first start Lexapro, and does everyone get it?
Be sting issues a week later?
I got a what I think is a spider bite on my eye lid and it turned into a knot what should I do?
Is it a First or Second degree burn?
Tick bite.. head still in?
Ear stretching my first time...?
WHy does HIV come before AIDS if acquired means Have to do something to get it?
Where to go for STD testing?
what are the characteristics of HIV that make it unique and hard to deal with?
Please help me! I have a UTI.?
Want to ask about my CD4 count and Viral load?
Hey inside my mouth I get tiny painless blisters help!?
are there any STD's that make you....?
Swine Flu Went to level 5?( florida flu question)?
my nephew liver is at over 1700 what does that mean?
swine flu?10 points please answer!!!!?
I need info on Septic Bursitis?
Popping Sensation in side of head, waking up with headaches?
chrons. please help me!?
Tongue piercing and a sore throat?
curved toes??????????????
what is the treatment for scoliosis?
Been on citalopram for a little over a month, will things get worse?
How come i can fall asleep so quickly when i lie on my back compared to side or my stomache?
Do breath right strips really work ?
What vision center accepts Amerigroup Health insurance and which will you recommend?
I'm sorry I'm just a nervous wreck over this worry of having something?
what is this ???????
I woke up at 1:42, went back to bed for what felt like hours and woke up at 1:43? Help!?
How much sun exposure do we need each day?
how do you know when you have low blood pressure?
does anyone know...?
Has anyone used the antibiotic Minocycline for acne?
Lessen the appearance of a bruise?
help blisters!!!!!?
birthmark removed?
Lemons on black knees?
is it normal for moles to be a brown color?
how much could i expense if i consult a dermatologist?
getting rid of ward!!!?
getting my cast of today?
Could You Crush Your Own Skull With Your Own Arm Strength?
How to you know if you've sprained your wrist?
What do I do about a broken tailbone that I broke 10 months ago and still hurts horribly?
what degree burn do I have?
i have a red bump on my back it is mushy and is growing it sinks inword in the middle of it what is it?????
SUNburn Crisis!!?
My skin is really itchy... I'm worried it might be an allergic reaction?
Know of any books to help with picking at face?
hurt my neck at cheerleading?
if you jump off a 100 foot building but roll before you land can you still live?
i think i slammed my leg to hard in the door . . .?
How long does it take for a pulled muscle to heal?
I banged my elbow 2 months ago and it still hurts?
my siatic nerve is killing me what should i do?
I have a stress fracture on the heel of my foot from running. How can I exercise while it heals?
how do i know if i sprained my ankle?
I sprained my ankle today and it hurts and i don't know what to do? Please help me?
What Have i done to my ankle?
What's wrong with my toe?
Do I Have An Ankle Sprain?
Do I have a concussion? Is it safe to sleep?
I am 66 year old female. My left leg and arm twitched this afternoon about 30 min. It's doing it again now.?
would a endoscopy?? detect colon or prostate cancer? It showed the stomach and it was clear.?
bad chest pains?
Help?? sleeping after a head injury?
Sprained ankle - should I compress overnight or not?
Why do I always have canker sores, tonge sores, and all round mouth sores?
I was in a fight 3 days ago and I have a black eye. Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing?
how does steak help your eye?
will applying pressure everyday to your nose make it smaller?
What did I do 2 my ankle?
Are Sporks Dangerous?
can you get cancer from moles?
How long does some one with stage 4 brain cancer have left to live?
why aren't diabetics hyper?
can I return unused diet pills to CVS?
hurts to swallow for the last 3 days now?
Hard time breathing while lying down and heart beats hard and fast?
I have a Nose Problem. FAIL?
how do i go to sleep with a bad cough and with a sore throat?
Do I have Bronchitis?....?
Does this mean i have asthma?
Can choking lead to cardiac arrest?
Why Do I always feel out of breath?
Can't take cold meds... help?
What are the Chances of a pleural effusion in Borrelia burgdorferi?
Possible Adult Ear Infection?
I seem to have a sinus infection, is it safe to run or jog or do any sort of excersise?
Throat burns on only left side?
if you are sick how do you get better fast?
I faint really easily if I don't eat A LOT?
Please help! my dog ate chocolate!!?
What causes stiff neck?
Why do i continually have headache's every day i'm a vegetarian could that be it?
Why are some people worried out about cell phone radiation?
what happens if you may have accidentally taken too much mucinex D? please help, i'm scared?!?
I woke up with a sharp pain in my right chest only that hurt only when I breathed in and out. what's wrong?
Is there any ways of getting chubbier really fast ?
What can I give to my boyfriend? He's sick, what would help?
How long will it take for marijuana to leave my body?
Is there a medical term for what happened to me last night?
its ruining my life! help?
How do you fake being sick?
If i break my nose will it become normal?
What's wrong with me?
i cant fall asleep no more at night?
how many people smoke?
Drug test tomorrow morning?
If im a lifeguard do i need to worry about getting skin cancer?
what is the best way to releive a runny/stuffy nose and watery eyes in 1-3 days?
Am I sick? Migrans and nausea.?
How do you remove pet allergen from couch without removable covers?
wife is broken out in hives and has a swollen upper lip? Any ideas if this is an allergy?
Can you eat an animal you're allergic to?
How do yousleep with your eyes open?
how do i get the inside of my nose to stop burning?
this is very strang?
My dogs eye is very swollen =(?
aspirin allergy: what are the symtoms?
Help, insect bite (with pic)?
How to treat an ingrown hair that got infected?
Stretching after ear infection, safe?
What are some ways to help an ear infection go away?
Piece of nail stuck on windpipe?
Little brother and bee sting?
How should I heal this?
Snake bites piercing info?wondering if it got infected?
Removed stitches, but still worried.?
how long does an ingrown nosehair usually last before finding its way out? This is going on 3 weeks now!?
Ingestion of Used MOtor OIl Hazard?
I accidentally cut myself and pus is coming out?
Pantene Heat Protector Spray Accidental Ingestion?
Is It Normal to Think In Second Person Point of View?
Switch from Valium to Xanax (Social Anxiety)?
Sleep pattern messed up?
Why did i get scared?
am i depressed, or whats going on?
body dysmorphia help?
If I have high risk HPV can I contract the low risk type?
I don't understand, they talk about if the mother has HIV, the child can be born without it?
How long does a mouth herpes virus tend to last without medicine? going on second week..?
Question about STD resistance to drug doxycycline?
im off acyclovir can i have an outbreak?
hi i am 14 year boy and i want to give my heart to one girl and i want a heart from someone other.. help!!!?
smokers die yonger! how learn to quit?
What are some ways to lowering Blood Pressure?
Why there is no heart cancer?
how can i help get rid of my insomnia? ?
Just got a copy of my sons medical records, i have so many questions?
Loss of Appetite, Tiredness, and Lump in Throat...?
Kidney stone stuck, how to take out kidney stones safely!?!?
I just got diagnosed with high cholesterol...what can I do to bring it down?
should i go to rehab help!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have been getting dizzy while eating and now I have a dull pain under my left shoulder blade?
where does the small intestine lead to?
My legs and feet keep getting swollen? Is there any danger at all?
Are you short-sighted ?
Gained alot of weight recently and have noticed some shortness of breath?
Is it possible to stay awake for 24 hours, and if so how?
Is obsessive cleaning disorder genetic.?
does my friend have an eating disorder?
What could be causing this should I do if I feel like this...?
my mum has fibromyalgia any one know any thing that can help her?
I feel very, very ill... Help?
Is Cocaine Really bad for you?
I had routine urine check. Now the Dr. wants me to have a urine culture. What could he be checking for?
my son is 6 and he has a fever of 102.2 should he go to the hospital now?
Whats wrong with me?
Cardiology question regarding pauses on holter monitor scan?
Pain in my left arm shoulder, any help please!?
please differentiate a central line and a pulmonary artery catheter?
What is going on with my best friend?
Upper center/left Chest Pain disappears while asleep but lingers as soon as I wake up?
What is the function of the CD4 cells in the body?
What is the best cure for the flu influenza?
Long-running low-grade fever/Tests negative/What next?
Ideas im sick at home alone?
if my grandson who is 18months has a severe cough, with no fever, should we take him to the ER?
A question about Mono.?
NOT just a normal cold.....?
Can my mom get swine flu if this happens?
how long dose it take for water to reach your bladder?
Can gallstones form after first gallbladder pains?
these help wash away germs.?
Is the swine flu air born?
Sickle cell plz answer asap!!?
do i have swine flu or just a cold?
What are the symptoms of swine flu? i think i may have it.?
Swine Flu, regular Influenza, or Sinus Infection?
Please help me! Infection!?
I found worms in my stool, what does this mean?
Where can I report a school that is not sending sick kids home?
I think i have swine flu?
What are the Disease Outbreaks That Are Worse Than Swine Flu?
Are there cigarettes similar to cloves that are legal in the U.S?
What is the explanation of pneumonia as a complication of tepid sponge bath?
what foods should asthma patients avoid?
What's your view on smoking pot?
My nose is constantly stuffy? Not a cold?
Forgot how to breathe?
Is smoking good for Ulcerative Colitis?
dizzy and lightheaded during fever, headrush?
i have sleep apnea and have to wear a cpap. does a cpap cause frequent burping?
is crhonich obstruction airways disease a progressive illness?
what is the difference between amlodipine and amlodipine besylate?
what does this mean?????????????????????????
will one pack of cigarettes get you addicted?
I am an asthmatic and i would like to know because i work in a warehouse why i cant use my meds there.?
how much is it for a laser surgury for a -6 with myopia and astigmatism?
Whats better, LASIK or PRK?
how addictive is smoking, and is it really addictive? help!?
how can i make my sunburn go away?
Will I have acne and how much will I grow?
Do you recommend ProActive? Why or why not?
Dear Footprintz I have a question I want to ask (about Y Answers)? Email? [email protected]?
I get sunbruned alot. help!!!!?
Problem with my right eye when putting contacts in?
how severe is the eye condition of -6 with the sickness myopia and astigmatism?
are these mosquito bites??
Can I go to the Emergency Room to get a prescription for acne products?
Acne problems!?!?Oily or dry skin?
I am a female and every time I tan I get these white spots on my lower legs. What could this be?
What I'm I doing wrong with my acne?
Bellybutton perciring?
What are the best soft contact lenses 2-4 week?
can i get back my eye sight?
i have something inside my skin...it looks like its a size of a pencil eraser?
Sunburn developed into rash?
Really flaky skin under my beard, HELP!!!?
Hedgehog eye removal (enucleation) surgery cost?
Can discharge in my eye cause double vision?
what is the best way to get rid of toenail fungus?
boric acid powder?
My neice has dry scalp And dry cracked feet toes heels. Is there an over the counter solution or home remedy??
common wart solution?
Have you ever used the website, doctor jeeves, to fill a prescription? Is it reliable?
My pinky and ring finger always fall asleep?
Does the strength of a cigarette affect how much smoke there is?
Idk what cause this help please ?
Would 102 Celcius burn you?
I have a Lab with two bad knees and?
is vinegar good for your sinuses?
Is it safe to take all these supplements at the same time?
Its a Chinese liniment called "tay tah chu " (yes my spelling is off) ...?
I keep feeling this random pain in my right leg?
Question about migraines?
Chest/Rib Pain on right side?
pain in either left or right side of the head for about 15 seconds happends sometimes?
Intense Menstrual Pain?
how much do xrays cost?
Last week I broke my foot and today when I took my sock off it was completely bruised. Is that normal?
What are the roles of social, econimic and biological factors in the prevention and control of aids?
how to get rid of trapped gas!?!?
So I have a question! Its about Knees.. not your HIGH KNEE ;) haha?
Help any1 with my headaches?
Where and how could I get tested for herpes? Is it a blood test?
Walking pain after laparoscopic?
What do you think is wrong with my back?
how long does it take a human to die from curare poisoning?
Callus on hand please help?
I cut my finger deep?
second degree burn on hand?
Is there anyway to get ride of a cloged ear?
Is peroxide okay for you're ears?
My eye just turned really red after scratching it..?
Muscles around eye, temples feel sore and heavy?
how can i fix ingrown finger nail?
Help. The ringing in my ears will not stop. Its irritating i cant handle this!?
I have a possibly sprained/ dislocated thumb, i am also 63 and am afriad of hurting my bones.?
Where can I buy Gentian Violet? All the stores around my house don't carry it.?
Lady's:A Foot Massage Or Back Massage?Which Is Better?
i broke my ankle a month and i removed the cast yesterday?
if the menicus tear do i have to go for surgery or can i build up the knee muscle?
How do doctors clean wounds?
okay,so all of the sudden today i cant hear as good out of my right ear as my left and when i yawn it pops..?
Getting hit in the head?
My back has been hurting ever since it popped?
Joint Problems any suggestions?
when healing from incisions for example I had breast implant&lift and the incision about a month ago started?
:/ Please HELP my ANKLE?
why do people rub baking soda on a bee sting?
The truth about mild wrist sprains ?
Skin tag problem...help please?
can anything be applied to bite to make it heal faster?
Please help.. i dont know how to get rid of this.. :(?
Are these medical supplies (syringes and sutures) safe to use for humans?
how much would it cost to go and get checked for tmj and get a bite plat go with it it?
I hurt my knee today. Should I be concerned?
Is it possible that I fractured my hip, and it was in a non weight bearing area so I am still able to function?
Spider bit my toe please help?
broken arm, need help professional only.?
Is it muscle problems or a pinched nerve? (back problems)?
I had fractured my finger, but now that the splint is off i still cant move it?
Do I Have An Ankle Sprain?
numb knee??? Helppppppppp?
my dad got bit by a dog 9 months ago and now its purple, but is that bad?
I had ACL reconstruction surgery yesterday, during that time the doctor fractured my patella.?
what's in a cigarette.....?
My brother was just diagnosed with prostate cancer?!?!?!?
My 2 yr old daughter has a double stye in her eye what do I do???
gas problem?
what are a few reasons for mental illnesses ?
Undiagnosed disease. Accept it or keep fighting?
whats wrong with me?
Plantar fascitis Questions?
i have alopecia (hair loss) and i am a sixteen year old female. i have no bald patches but my hair is thin.?
bulimia relapase?
I am 27 years old and i have been having spells of dizziness,blurred vision.?
What should I Do??? Please answer.?
im 26 yr old male, and this started yesterday, i felt sharp needle pain that started in my lower abdomen that?
while visiting a relative we were told that we could only urinate in his commode-no bowel movements?
Whats wrong with me?
Deafness question?
Help me! I need advice about a lump!?
is this an eating disorder?
Why is being an alcoholic such a hard disease to overcome ?
Is it possible to be allergic to one specific dog?
could it be allergies?
i have dark spots on my face n neck from a allergic reaction what can i use to get rid of the dark spots?
help, my hives wont go away?
why am i allergic to make up now?
Best way to get hives fast?
Do I just have allergies?
What can lip swelling mean?
I woke up from eating not so well cooked bacon?
Why do some foods make me sick?
I was making some pizza dough and my 2 year old ate a tiny bit of yeast. Will he get sick? Will it hurt him? ?
why did my nose bleed?
Should I get a nose job?
Is it possible that i have a latex allergy?
my daughter always has a runny nose since for ever that could remember. please help?
Should I be able to stay home from school?
Do allergies wear down the immune system?
how do you know if your allergic to a certain food?
my cat scractched my face and its turnng?
allergic to a pet?????????
can you be bitten by fleas if you haven't got any pets?
How long should I wait to see if Claritin works for me?
How do i get better soon?
Do I have an allergic reaction to an ingredient of Sour Skittles? Details inside...?
Did I die in my sleep last night?
causes for stomach noises ?
I am getting an MRI tomorrow.?
Newbie questions about marijuana?
I am 6'0 feet at night (11 pm- 12 am) and in the morning, I am about 6'1?
How to get a headache?
I dont know what happen to me. But when i urinate, It feels like i am urinating razor blades.?
What can I do for my panic/anxiety attack (detail fo symptoms listed in more detail..)?
What. The. Heck? I can't taste anything!!!??? help?!?!?!?!?
Will smoking weed about once every month effect you THAT much?
What's wrong with me?
can u get a refill on an old prescription?
question PLEASE HELP?
How do I unpop my ears? PLEASE HELP!?
I'm only 4'11 but I want to be 5'2. People keep saying that it's impossible to grow once you hit puberty.?
i've got a cold but it's been boiling hot for the past 2 days! why have i got a cold?
smoking question, i am not that experienced :L ?
How to quit smoking?!?
Does it still count if I got 7-8 hours of sleep, just not all at once?
Is this normal? please help!!?
Is it possible for a Subject to have a vital capacity (single stage)?
always think im sick? hypochondriac... anxiety attacks... am i crazy!?
can mould kill you if have breathed it in?
are septic tank gases harmfull to breath?
Is Apnea Risk Evaluation System (ARES) safe to use for sleep study?
Athletic Asthma? Blood in throat?
is myasthenia gravis a cell dysfunction?
after smoking marajuana then quitting, will your lungs ever get perfectly clean again?
Do you think an 18 y/old living w/ cancer for 2 yrs becomes "Ready" for death?
Can I get COPD from passive smoking?
Cancer??? do i have cancer?
Im a Girl who needs to lose weight now before i get heart attack,blood pressure, ect HELP!!!!!?
my mom has a kidney infection
Could i have anxiety?? but wait.. i'm 13!?
Please give me examples of your core values??!!?
Self harm, anyone wanna talk?
Panic attacks are ruining my life?
I have Schizophrenia. So is me thinking that my dreams are visions to other Dimensions just a "Delusion"?
how do you tell someone that you cut yourself?
what does my dream mean?
Please help i really need an answer!!?
Can an untreated STD cause psoriasis and hair loss ? If so , which one/ones ?
its that true t-virus?
Is it true that normal flu kills alot of people too?
Are some people immune to swine flu?
do u think i have swine flu?
is the swine flu gonna be like the spanish flu?
Im sick with mono what can i do?
Swine Flu ?????????????
does the swine flu affect candy made in mexico?