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Do I have OCD? what should I do?
Can I crush Benadryl, if I don't like taking pills?
what kind of disease is lupus?
How to easely get rid of Eczema?
What is my Dr. looking for?
Painful lump in upper thigh?
My scalp seems to be sore to the touch and I haven't banged my head at all, what can it be?!?
Swollen eye. What should I do?
am i allergic to seafood?
I feel tired and dizzy?
what causes constant swelling in legs and arms?
are dizzy spells a waring sign of diabetes and blurred vision?
Are my allergy shots causing migraine headache and diarrhea?
Will I get sick too? Everyone at work is sniffling there nose or coughing...?
I get severe car sickness... what can I do?
what is the reason?please help by any physician. my mom has diabetes since last year she has a problem that?
Could this be allergies?...?
Recurring Allergic reaction in eye! HELP!?
need help on allergen?
guys i just found im im allegric to dust mites?
The inside corner of my eyeball is red.?
Worst Allergy Season EVER! Need Help!?
question about nose bleeds!!!?
if I'm allergic to penicillin can I eat mural mushrooms?
3 year old Child scratches nose till it bleeds. 3 Visits to the doctor have not helped. How to solve nose itch?
My son has bad allergies...what to do???
please help! i think i may have serious sytoms but i have no idea what is wrong with me! D:?
ringing is still in my ears?
i think i have dyslexia in my left hand?
There blood in my stool?
All my open wounds are oozing orange, what's happening?
does tea tree oil works on nail fungus??? and where do you get it?
Will it ever be possible to cure ginger hair and freckles? Can it be identified in an unborn child?
Do you have a black under arm?
How do I get rid of a rash all over my body?
what allied health care professionals does obstetricians and gynecologist work with and why?
Sleep trouble question?
Help-cayenne pepper and white pepper irritate my throat?
What are the ingredients in ULTRAM?
Question about concerta?
Is www.ChronicFox.com herbal incense any good?
Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride experiences? (:?
taking medicine for other reasons, READ?
New cold medicine being advertised on TV?
Clonazepam high ( 93 833 )? and how long it takes to kick in?
Is a pipe more efficient than a joint?
Should I go to the doctor about my sprained ankle?
What kind of surgery could cause a 4- 5inch scar on the lower abdominal?
How do I heal a groin injury from a push kick?
Can you play sports with a partially torn ACL w/out surgery?
I have at least two infected fingers and I am in a kayaking camp for the next month. What do I do?!?
What is hydromorphone?
Can yeast infections cause long term problems?
Valerian or Melatonin Drugged Up Feeling?
needle like pain in knee when touched....?
I think i broke my foot. what should i do?
My girlfriend has a cracked rib....?
I fell on my leg yesterday and it hurts to walk is it broken?
How to stop a blood test from hurting?
BROKEN PINKY!!!!!!!!!?
Is holisticshop.co.uk any good?
More power height capsule?
what is the tyenol overdose amount?
Time for dislocated knee to heal?
Why is the prescription Nevanac (nepafenac ophthalmic suspension) 0.1% so expensive? 3 ml cost $100 +?
Can you mix LSD and Prednisone?
Was i stoned yesterday?
where to buy dxm medicine more than one bottle?
Are my ribs broken???plz help...?
why do people bend over when they close to me?
What should I do for my knee?
numbness in hands and feet?
What does it mean if your back starts to hurt like someone stabbing you then it goes and comes all day long?
HELP!! I have inflammation inside my nose because of my nose ring. What shoudl I doa?
Yesterday I got kicked in the head and now today i have dizziness...?
What happened to my finger?
How to treat a Sprained Ankle?
Can I take passion flower before a blood test?
I smoked weed 4 days ago, HELP!?
Would the fact that I smoke weed be apparent in a blood test for monitoring my thyroid imbalance?
What can cause muscle spasms/ twitching?
What is Room and Board in Shared Living? Maine?
My thumb has been twitching every hour for a couple of minutes today?
How can I get him to quit smoking weed?
i have a sleeping problem?
what could be causing my memory to be so bad?
Breathing problems help?
I am terrifiedddd of airplanes...to the point where I can't sleep at night :( advice please?
This morning at 7am I was driving and Think I almost died or was it a panic attack? PLEASE HELP?
Afraid to go to sleep?
Could i have Social Anxiety Disorder?
Bug Bite That Won't Go Away?
Can you get an MRSA infection from being bitten by a brown Recluse 6 years ago?
jelly fish sting! im really worried?
HELP! Blisters Between Toes?
I put ear wax removal drops in my ear and now it is severely clogged?
What can i do for bad cut?
I have a black/purple line underneath my fingernail base?
How far do you have to trim a toenail for it to become ingrown?
How bad is it to shiver when you are drunk?
I Just Got Snake Bites(2 lip piercings), any after care tips?
what must be the content of the first aid kit for bites such as snake bites and dog bites bites?
Is my smashed nail going to fall off?
The tip of my finger has been numb for over a day?
Possible bug bite on the foot...East Coast people help me?
help! mosquito attack!?
What is the best way to heal a scar on my lip?
Is this and ingrown toenail?
how do I get shard dust out of my finger?
I have an ingrown fingernail, will it heal on its own or should I go to the doctor?
Possible to fix broken finger?
Some one smoking Weed?
When someone clears his throat, is he just vibrating his epiglottis?
So confused! Somebody help me figure this out!?
my boyfriend told me he had gonorrhea but got it treated & its gone. even tho its treated could i still get it?
how long herpes last in your system the firt time?
what caused her symptoms?
i stop smoking a month now and some days i go through a coughing fit and some days it not bad is that normal?
My urine went back inside and I can't pee?
unreal! 20 days now! short of breath/coughing/WHEEZING! cipro/doxycycyline did not work? what will work?
Does sinusitis go away on its own?
Remedy for a sore, raw and swollen throat with a constant need to swallow?
Why Does My Chest Hurt?
Would u rather die by drowning or choking?
What option is worse for your health?
Could I die from this?! Help!?
why does it burn and sting soooo bad when i go number 1, no redness or anything elese?
Do you think I can get taller?
ok so say i have a drug test today and i did stuff last night?
What is biting me at night?
what's up with this? help needed?
I need a little advice about my hemorrhoid. help?
What do you think my sickness is?
Do you think I have an ear infection?
What negative affects does smoking pot have on your body?
what can help motion sickness?
Someone help me with my drug problem?
what bone breaks the most?
What is the best way to kill lice?
where can i find some good info on donating blood?
I am taking one gram of vitamin C every hour for 24 hours. Chance of overdosing?
Why am I so tired everyday?
are finger clots dangerous?
Now i have heart pain, i will not sleep long time, i awake early morning around 2 to 3 am due to heart pain?
Help w/ VERY SPECIAL GIFT IDEA for a pregnant friend who is recovering from a stroke!?
Dealing with a stroke?
Adolescents and heart disease?
what is swine flu and how does it spreads to human ?
I think I have the flu... but is it swine flu?
when did the swine flu become active?
Has anyone ever had cat scratch fever (disease?)?
39 weeks pregnant - I teach in a public school - swine flu pandemic - should I stop working?
what is swine flu and how does we as people get it?
Does anyone else feel like the media is down playing swine flu?
are you scared of the swine flu?
why does other countries affected by swine flu?
Martial Law ? Swine Flu?
Are you going to be wearing a face mask?
If you get the swine flu, will they cart you away in a hambulance?
I don't have the swine flu, But I have a cold...?
Do i have swine flu!? My symptoms are...?
Which epidemic is worse?
Swine Flu? Please help.?
SWINE FLU in the UK? What do you think?
hi, i am 14 years old and recently my dad was diagnosed with cancer. (lymphoma)?
Can a teenager request to have a mamogram?
toes and fingers feeling numb all the time?
why has oxycodone price gone up?
stomach ache nauseau heartburn?
should i go to the ER?
Sharp pain in my lung?!?
Today I have a neck spasm randomly?
Sharp pain that comes and goes in the middle of the stomach?
I'm looking for a Orthopedic Surgeon.?
Best way to relive the pain?
I'm having shooting pains out of both feet and pain in both toes. Would that be gout?
Name some pain killers containing drugs.?
What caused aids in the first place? Where did it originate?
Where are some FREE STD testing centers in Springfield, IL?
Hit in head with pellet gun..help?!?
Is my big toe broken?
Is my foot going to heal completely?
Blister, herpes, or what?
What is this pain im having in the back of my knee?
Is it okay to STOP going to a chiropractor? (10 pts best answer!)?
What can I do to help a yeast infection?
My dog headbutted me is it a concussion risk?
What is the HPV virus, and how do you know you have it?
i hit my knee in gymnastics...now it hurts.?
how do i know if my finger is sprained and how do i treat it?
I have a painful lump under the inside of my ankle hurts to touch and when I walk any know what it is? ?
What is wrong with my finger?
i got a piercing in my ear 3 months ago i took it out to clean it now i have a little bump in the back ofmyear?
can anyone suggest a reason for unexplained ankle pain and limp?
What should I do to treat a bad leg cut?
Carrying my son to bed and my leg slipped to the side and my knee pop. Now it hurts when I bend it or stretch?
I'm having my first herpes outbreak, and I am having trouble urinating. What should I do?
Question about bruising quickly....?
I fell down stairs. Do I need to go to the hospital?
My boyfriend tore my toes apart until they bled then rubbed them in dirt and unclean stuff what should I do?
I have flat foot / feet and have recently suffered an injury to the knee because of it.?
i banged my elbow and need some help?
I broke my tibia and fibula 18 months ago in the ankle area. It healed fine. But is hurting now. Why?
what is the normal blood sugar level for a 55 year old male?
Why should a patient that has malabsorption problems avoid TPN if absolutely necessary?
what would you call the device to measure glucose levels? or sugar levels?
Does it hurt to give blood?
Spider Bite on my toe?
Extensive days-long nosebleed?
what is going on with my skin, please help?
so, i just got this spider bit?
I got stabbed by my 3pointer plug, it bled and now it looks like a bruise. Help?
Identify this bug bite please?
Which Sunscreen Would Work Best?
should I take Roaccutane for acne??
this question pertains to men. What do you think of women who has dark areas like under their arms or between?
air conditioner electric shock?
What to do if you drunk Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)?
Unknown bites!! Help!?
can you o.d. on zinc pills?
i have a keloid problem?
spider bite help please!!!!?
Infection of my earring?
Might Have Pink Eye :(( HELP?
What to use in order to heal a conch piercing? How to make saline water?
what does it mean when u pierce your eyebrow and it starts bleeding ?
Should go to skool tmrw???? Or stay home?
Home Remedies for Stretchmark Removal?
Do you think I Have OCD?
orthopedics emergency
Medical help, always tired :(?
im so scared, im 17 and need help? please?
How bad is a cut with oleander sap in it? If it looks infected today?
My husband had toenail removed because it was ingrown but the Dr didn't tell us how to care for it afterwards?
Energy levels up and down, blurred vision?
What is the disease this boy is suffering from?
I'm not feeling well .. do I have to go to a doctor ?
some cures for drug addiction?
I ate 3 ants i know i don't feel good what do i do now?
how To cure diarrhea with?
kidney pain!?
How can I remove this nasty tonsil stone?
Have you ever passed a kidney stone?
what causes a teenage male to have blood in the urine?
What are the symptoms of being non tolerant to gluten?
What kind of doctor should I see?
Sleeping disorders. Do I have one? I'm always sleepy.?
Bowel Problems?
I have a terrible problem?
if when you pee it smells really bad..why is that n how do u get rid of it?
How are Electric Cigarettes boosting the smoking industry?
what happens if you inhale herbal incense that says it is not for human consumption?
can I take pantoprozole and prilosec at the same time?
i cant lift my big toe in my right foot ?
Is there a way to detox from Klonopin with herbal supplements?
how much u need to snort any kind of powder before u get impotent?
Where can order legal herbal potpourri to smoke?
Where in the Danbury, CT area sells herbal incense?
what is a tb skin test?
Why does prescription medicine take long as 20 min to an hour?
where can i buy boric acid suppository?
What's your experience with a theobromine supplement?
Vyvance PROBLUMS. Help.?
How do I find Macafem from South Korea?
am i taking too much penicillin?
Does anyone has a connection for sour d in Ny?
New medicine makes me REALLY drowsy?
question about celexa?
OTC anti-inflammatory drugs for OSD knee problems?
treatment for surgery infection?
Does looking at a computer monitor strain the eyes more than a TV screen. If so, why?
What if my eye doctor can't get my prescription right?
Where can i find optical hand soaps?
glasses question please answer?
Contacts question please answer!?
I have a damaged tear duct and I need more information...?
my eyes feel weird after wearing contacts, please help?
If i look to the left my right eye lights on fire..... is this common?
What color contacts should I get *description*?
Red Eye from Contacts?
i found blood in my stole what dose it mean cancer?
Why is my eye all red with white goop stuff(I wear contacts, so that might be a reason)?
Where can I get eyeglass lenses removed and installed in a situation where I have the lenses to be installed?
My grandpa might be dead?
How do I know if I've been exposed to too much black mold?
does anyone know anyone who is alergic to christmas trees?
Why is my hair falling out?
Shivering cold and sweating at the same time?
What does it mean when they say that a person died of a 'natural cause'?
Got a question for tobacco smokers....?
I have Pharyngitis and Laryngitis...What are they?
Recovering from a cold but wheezing and some pain in right lung?
why cant i fall asleep on my back?
what could a yellow pill that can be broke in half that reads SALIX on side be?
If i smoked weed on Tuesday and on Saturday i had a hydration test would they find the THC?
Most comfortable/attractive shoe you've ever owned?
sometimes through out the day, i feel like there is a small piece of something in my eye, and the more i r?
Will I lose my health insurance?
Kaiser Permanente Test Results?
what type of doctor deals with muscle atrophy?
what are the three layers of the bone?
Can someone prove that smoking is bad for you?
why does pot scare pepole when it cures?
My dad has a dime size spot on his lung what could it be?
my husband gets dizzy spells several times a day. then feels sick.?
My entire family has never had any problems with cancer, what are my chances?
i was prescribed augmentin but the doctor wasn't certain i had something viral or antibacterial, what do i do?
I heard something on the news about martial law. Anyone else seeing this?
I live in Durham, 20 minutes away from Newcastle - where the latest Swine Flu victim lives?
Swine Flu?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
when a bacteria or virus changes hosts does it weaken?
How many deaths caused by regular flue in the USA annually?
the high school in NY swine flu?
When exactly did the swine flu outbreak occur in united states?
how do you know you got the swine flu?
is the flu gonna get here at windsor?
Is Mexican Town, Detroit during the Swine Flu?
So do u always die from Swine Flu or only certain cases?
how do i know if i have the swine flu?
What would schools do if they had to close due to swine flu?
Swine Flu.? Are we aloud to go anywere.?
when do you think swine flu will hit florida.?
Sorry, another swine flu question:P About sending kid to daycare?
Why am i having trouble breathing?
what is good for coughing?
Can i recover my body from smoking alot of weed if i stop forever?
cant catch breath even after using inhaler what should i do?
very strange feeling. how can i cure it?
head lice how do i get rid of it?
Could I have hypothyroidism?
My friend may have a serious disease? Please help...desperate. Shes 14.?
Ringing in the ear after ear infection?
inflammation of the liver caused by alcohol toxins is what?
Random vomiting, exhaustion, feverish, orange urine? what is wrong with me?
Does this sound like a bladder infection?
why is my eye lid swollen?
Is it possible to get tested to see if you are a carrier for a disease like lupus or alzhiemers?
please help me !! gallbladder or IBS?
Lots of blood on my pants?
My 9 months old and 4 years old both got the flu shot......?
how i do for relieve numbness and tingling sensetion ?
My Gf's liver problem..URGENT... help needed...I BEG OF U.?
what are the causes of having a high blood pressure?
dizzy spells?
i just recently started drinking more water and now im peeing every 15 min?
does anyone know what might be the cause of a bad odour problem which seems to be there all the time?
What does it feel like to smoke a cigarette for the first time?
who's financial responsibility is it when a patient gets an infection (attributable to hospital) after surgery
If you got blood that contained rabies in an open cut
My dad hit his head really hard and is now drinking alcohol..?
Will my nose heal? If u have the awner plz tell me?
My toenail is falling off and it hurts really bad?
Please help Scars on my wrist?
I popped my shoulder out of place!?
Can you get a permanent injury from doing a deadlift wrong?
Burn on neck from straightener? (with pictures)?
Is there anything I can do for this pain?
I fell of the swing yesterday!?
how to get rid of the redness around a scar? 3 stitches...?
What is this popping feeling whenever i move my pinky?
How can I tell if a muscle pull is bad enough it needs attention?
Help with a popped blood vessel?
a Basketball hit my head yesterday?
Left Shoulder has been hurting for the past 2 weeks or so. What do I do?
I belive my medication is making my hands and feet swollen. How can I get swollen down?
calf swelling apply ice or heat?
what is better for a sore back ice or heat but my back is not swelling ?
I might have broken my right foot/ankle and can't drive to the hospital. Can I call an ambulance?
How do I get veins in my neck to show?
I have a sore throat and my ear hurts like crazy.?
my right side of my ear feels really stuffed and it hurts what could it be?
Tylenol Extra Strength?
Scared for an MRI tomorrow?
Double jointed in my wrist?
I don't know what is wrong with my wrist?
Numbing and pain in mid to lower back.?
i smoke weed yesterday what should i do?
I'm a 16 year-old male, how many hours should I be sleeping each night?
Having very sharp chest pains on left side above breast bone. NO OTHER SYMPTOMS?
Why do I get a migrane headache at the same time every night?
How long does it take for marijuana to get out your hair sample if you smoked 1.5 grams?
why have i been getting so much headaches?
Can marijuana do long term brain damage?
Have to Take A Drug Test In 8 Days. I Havent Smoked Weed In 20 Days, Smoked Daily Prior To This. What To Do?
Is there a way to grow 5 inches taller at 20 with the doing stretching exercises and following the right diet?
is it ok to continue breastfeeding if i have a cough and soar throat?
Am i sick,what do i have?
Brain Tumour...What Do You Think?
Most realistic way to fake sick?
How come i can't breath when i hold my breath!?
please somebody help me im freaking out am i going to die now?
Which the most painful: "Pregnancy or Kidney Stones"?
Are these symptoms of fainting?
When blind people "see" what do they see?
I'm looking for a plastic surgeon who will perform surgeries for free.?
I think I O/D do i need to go to the hospital?
Does the blacking out cause the body to right itself?
Do anyone know a drug for diabetes that don't cause nausea ?
Is it bad to have sugar when you have a cold?
Should I keep CODMW2 and Killzone 2? I finished all the levels.?
What all shows up in a1c tests? like alcohol?
whats up with this rash I have?
does soap clean itself?
what are the causes of red cheeks? mean how do we have red cheeks? is it sunlight? etc?
I think my cat has a zit? I'm not sure...?
What are these spots on my leg? ?
What type of acne do i have?
I bit my hand and now i think it's infected?
how can i remove the scar in my face?
Bellybutton bleeds and a stinky odor at random times?
Can someone tell me what these spots are?
acne cut on my nose/forehead.?
will putting a bandaid on acne cuts help.?
acne ! please help me !!! =(?
Horrible shaving bumps on my underarms?
what fruit makes acne go away?
How to get rid of acne. I know there are a lot of qs like this but cmon...?
Question about lovan capsules?
low energy light laser for pinched nerve treatment?
Where can I download "the 7 day back pain cure" for free?
Not really sure what is wrong!?
i got 500mg of bioflu how many should i take in One day?
Where can I find a good dual mist humidifer?
does pulmicort come in a portable inhaler?
How do you listen to binaural or isochronic tones?
Is there any flavoring that can be added to Perative to make it bearable to drink orally.?
what happens if u mix doxycycl(antibiotics) with ecstasy?
Ecstasy and Zoloft 100mg? HOW LONG?
What is your interpretation of this picture?
does certo really work on drug tests?
are there natural products that truly feminize men?
Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?
I wanna decrease my sleep. can anyone tell me names of tablets i can use?
has anybody heard of "siberian pine nut oil" and does it really cures ulcers?
When is it safe to drink beer after tramadol?
Is Cod Liver Oil good for you......?
How would you give a good massage?
What do they put in cough syrup to make it non-drowsy?
is there a set order for the EIght Brocades ? if so, please list?
Hit my head pretty hard on a wall?
What kind of cancer was around before technology?
Can it be testical cancer ?
Yeast Infection, Getting better?
will smoking 6 packs of cigarettes over a 4 month period produce lung cancer honestly?
Is it harmful to your lip piercing to put a ring in after a week?
ears clogged after using ear drops?
Really bad sunburn pain?
Lump in my throat! Minor at first but now stings and burns!?
leech bites what happens?
Unusual bruising and nausea?
bug bite on leg hot swollen and red?
I have a bite on my arm, and I don't know what it is?
Paramedic Training at University?
help! Water on the knee or just swollen?
Pierced Ear Bleeding?
My Tough is burning off :S ITS SELF!!?
Support bandage?!? HIGH RATE FOR BEST ANSWER :) URGENT!?
i cant stop popping my joints how do i stop?
Unsure what's wrong with my hand....?
I woke up with redness and 2 blisters that look water-filled. Could this be from an insect bite while I slept?
spider bite with two holes?
whats the best cream for mosquitoes bites.?
what do i do! my plug is stuck in my ear?
Does getting snake bites piercings hurt?
Why does my heart beat speed up so easy?
my heart is in overdrive and it's scaring me?
Should I really worry anymore?
Can stress cause a enlarged heart?
Im 17 years old with a mild valve leak in my heart, but i want to join the police academy is this safe?
What damage can be caused by a heart beat at 30 to 33 for a 1 hr period?
How do you know if you have a hole in your heart? What are the symptoms?
Slow heart rate , bradycardia?
Tuberculosis is transmitted through any media?
Does everyone who has had tuberculosis coughing up blood mean?
what is CPAP tubing made out of?
I am having my bcg injection done, what does it feel like, is it 6 needles and what is the scar like from it?
Had PPD/Mantoux/TB test done yesterday and no bubble appeared at all, is that normal?
What is the Forced Expiratory Technique in Physiotherapy?
How to get rid of a cold fast!?
Diagnosis of gonorrhea/chlamydia of the mouth?
where can i get free std testing in the altlanta area?
Can HPV be transmitted to a child?
Do they test you for STDS when entering the marines?
Is there a clinic in dallas were you can free testing fo std?
Help!? I poked myself with a possibly infected needle...?
what do i need to take to a mental health inpatient unit?
I think I have ADHD...?
I have a 17 year old cousin who HATES being very tall. She's depressed. How can I help her?
Aspergers vs. Autism vs. ADHD vs. Bipolar?
Where can I get a Thai massage in North East England?
a recent health scar has prompted me to change my diet,?
How do I help myself fall asleep?! PLEASE ANSWER!?
Why can I never fall asleep on Monday nights?
ok i've gone 48 hours not smoking and now i'm struggling!!?
Does my 4 year old have an ear infection?
Possibly cancer. . .?
I think my mom might have a HEART ATTACK! PLEASE HELP?
I accidentally had a sniff of lighter fluid, what will happen?
Whats the big deal about swine flu?
Can I get the flu from this? Please?
i need to know the Swine flu Symptoms?
swine flu?????????????????????
Question bout Swine flu?
My Swine Flu Symptoms?
If you us some amino acids and enzymes to build your immune system the swine flu will just pass you by?
Can the Swine flu get on dogs?
Going to doctor or clinic?
will swine flu ever leave?
Swine flu really bad?
With all the attention that the " Swine Flu " is getting, I have not seen where this strain of influenza is ..?
where can i test swine virus?
sorry for the misunderstanding,,i was talking about staging in regards to the swine flu and the alert 5?
What's the deal with the swine flu?
Do I have the swine flu?
Swine flu in OREGON!?!?
Why wouldnt a doctor prescribe an antibiotic to someone who has the flu virus?
I think I have Swine Flu?
Disposable contacts question?
Best contact lenses for dry eyes.?
Any recommendation about eyeglass comfort?
Why are my eyes bloodshot and glassy?
What are the percentages of people with hearing and visual impairments?
Is this normal about my eyes?
Eye problems! HELP!!?
I just got contacts and I am confused about when I should replace them?
How serious are cataracts?
What's normal for eyes? Please help!?
Can your eye doctor see your eye floaters or are you the only one that is able to see them?
Is there a fix for scratched eyeglasses?
my contact is stuck in the back of my eye!?
Are There Any Red eye Contacts Available?
Huffing Gasolines Harm?
How not to get sick!?!??!?!?
Someone tell me how to get rid if these hickups..?
What Do You Think I'm Sick With?
whenever i get drug tested a week after a smoke i'm always clean. why?
After i take ecstasy ....?
How long should i wait?
is it normal to have a little bit of blood in your pee?
How long does marijuana stay in your blood?
how messed up is it....?
how to cure smelly feet?
Does anyone know what's wrong...help?
Can you tell me what this could be?
what are the health risk for humans when a dog urine in the house and nobody cleans it up?
meditation tips, anyone?
Swine Flu is it worth getting scared about?
Help! Having bad nosebleeds with other symptoms in details!?
Why do I still have diarrhoea after 19 days?
why can an MRI be a better image for a joint then an x-ray?
how do you know if a wound from an ingrown toenail removal surgery is infected?
my lower and middle back wont stop hurting. If I bend over it releases some pain?
In Need Of Advice regarding health problem.?
when i put my hands behind my back one goes up higher then the other..?
Groin injury when I was a child.?
I keep getting cold sores back to back in the last month i got at least five times and am scared that its some?
Question on my ankle sprain.?
I slipped on ice and fell on my but this morning. It really hurts. Should I go to the doctor?
Do i have a concussion?
shin splints, possibly stress fracture?
Need to know how to make a friend have a bowel movement after having a back and neck injury?
I want to do sport!! But ive got osgood schlatters.. What are some sports i could do?
How do can you tell if your wrist is broken?
Face/nose hit steering wheel in auto accident?
Broken arm healed wrong, can i sue the doctor?
Toes hurt like bruises.?
My Eye Hurts very badly!! can you help????!?
i cut off the tip of my toe.. why does it still hurt?
Whats wrong with my knee???????? :[?
What actually makes your body swell when your injured?
Broken Ankle or is it Fractured?
how can i lower my sugar?
Where can I get the blood on my hands t-shirt?
Can people with diabetes be on the show Survivor?
What are the signs of diabetes?
Should I start smoking?
what is the cure for cancer?
Is there anyway to stop the shaking?
My mom is coughing up blood...what should I do?
I have really bloochy skin and some spots. It's also really dry.?
alovera lotion?
Skin problem?
homemade zit healer?
With significant press on MRSA, what is the best topical antiseptic for cuts/abrasions?
i have been dealing with swelling on my body for a months.?
I have a quarter size dry spot on the side of my palm.And its becoming worse anyone have any ideas.?
I am 41 and spend a lot of time in the sun coaching. What is the best facial protection and wash?
i'm alreadi 30, my face got acne. can anyone tell me that what kind supplement can prevent acne?
Is this a wart or what?
Tenniist Elbow cure solution?
can you get herpes if your friend has it and wears your clothes?
How to treat a medium puncture wound?
Doctor said I had some wax in my ear and to put peroxide in it for 4 minutes.?
my sunburn went away but the redness never did.?
Spider bite re-swelling?
My husband has a large red mark after a bug bite... Any suggestions?
Really weird bug bite! Help!?
spider bite piercings?
I got bit on the arm....?
Help with a cut that won't heal?
How do I get this metal or paint out of my finger?
Busted the inside of my lip..How long will it take to heal?? Please help!?
How old do you have to be to purchase ibrofeun that contains codeine?
Is it bad to stretch my gauges the next day?
hydrocodone making my arm swell??hurts!?
So like 3 days ago i stretched my ears from an 18 to a 12?
Can tingling numbness in toes be caused by T9 spine fracture?
Do I have pateller tendinitis?
so my throat has been hurting?
Is my wrist severely sprained?
Why did I end up having another cold after I just recovered from one?
I cant breath at night and sometimes during the day?
Smoke Inhalation: When to be concerned?
Why am i having left chest pains? why am i having anxiety?
feeling very sick. what could this be?
Bad experience in a hospital?
what does it mean when someone is found without breathing but their body is still warm?
I had an asthma attack on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. My lungs feel really worn out :/?
i just want to stop smoking completely, what is the best idea?
does eating weed have the same effects as smoking it?
Asthma troubles, please help?
Relieving Constipation?
I am really short, hoping to grow soon, am I done growing?
Are guys more likely to make advances if they're drunk or if they're high?
My friend cut himself real deep, could he have given himself an infection?
Are people allowed to own/use taser guns for safety reasons?
how much can i sell one pill of excedrine for?
What are the symptoms of being addicted to a person?
Please help...????????
Insomniac....... suggestions...?
hOw CAn YOu StOp a HabiT Of bItEinG uR NaiLs?
i think im taking an antibiotic for nothing?
got in a fight wasnt my fault now what?
Is this bad for my eyes?
how to treat exposed bone?
Why do I want to wear diapers?
What is best to eat when your sick?
can going 2 days without sleeping be very bad for you?
Red, itchy bumps on my skin?
Do you really need 8 hours of sleep?
is it bad to use a lot of hand sanitizer?
what do you see high on cough syrup?
Can i sue my doctor for wrong diagnosis?
i inhaled some smoke at at a garage and now i feel dizzy?
Can a pap smear be wrong?
do you think the doctor will take the blood test?
solve the problem. In 1996 an outbreak of a disease infected 14 people in a large community. By 1997?
first psychiatrist visit?
why do i feel like this?
how in the world do i know if i'm actually depressed?
21 year old and ADHD medication?
Which are the most complete neuroanatomy books?
How long will it take after being infected with oral herpes will you have an outbreak?
Why is my mind happy but body so depressed and down?
Is there a condition which causes low blood pressure that could be cured by antibiotics?
water solube vitamin imbalances primarly involve?
I have recently started studying but i find it very difficult to by heart and its very hard to manage the time?
Any medical experts...pls view?
recovering but still worried?
Name food, drinks or things that make your heart beat faster?
I'm having a minor heart attack but why?
can your heart go back to normal size once its enlarged?
What should I do if my heart is always beating pretty fast?
What are some terminal diseases of the heart that you can be born with?
Do I have a bruised or broken rib and what can i do to make it heal faster?
cat just attacked me please help?
Injured my back squatting, thoughts on what I hurt?
my boyfriend slammed my hand in a solid metal door last night and it hurts soooooo bad?
What can I do without hurting myself?
Do I have a broken nose?
my 11 yr old daughter has a concussion, advice?
this is real quick, i just need an opinion...What do you think?
Could a leg injury have caused me to faint?
pierced my lip about 5 months ago and a week ago a bump around it showed up. no puss and it doesnt hurt . help?
i pulled my ankle, shoulder, wrist, and 5 toe muscles.?
i hurt my ankle yesterday. how will it heal faster?
I fell on a stairs step and can't get a lawyer to take the case. I just bruised my shin. Any other way I ca?
what did i do to my knee?
I think i cracked a rib in a basketball tournament, will i still be able to play in a week and a half?
how to hide scars/cuts?
i got punched in the head and it hurts am i ok?
HELP ! my finger is turning black....?
help my with this injury?
I had a sling put in about a month ago and think there is something wrong. I have to go to the bathroom all a?
ankle issues please help!?
side efficts of lisinopril?
what could cause excessive thirst?
What does the following symptoms sound like?
Is it OCD or an Eating Disorder?
what does it mean when your toes are numb?
where are lymph nodes located?
Does anyone with fibromyalgia have any experience to report with Lyrica?
Thyroid disease/ weight...?
Do i have bad OCD..what do u think?
Often tired, and ill, what's wrong with me?
Worm shaped lump on lower thigh?
why do i feel very weak?
How can i get rid of my hiccups?
I need a diagnosis! weird symptoms!?
whats happening? : (?
is gout related to soft drink?
I have headache, weakness, can't eat and I just throw up! What can be the problem..???
which one first stops functioning when a person is dead,brain or heart?
what does vomit smell like?
What illness do I have?
how do you know if you have depressoin?
I am a singer... but I'm also bulimic... how will this affect my singing?
What could cause blood in the stool?
What type of doctor do I go to regarding respiratory problems?
I have a serious problem?
Need help with my acne?
Every time my hands get wet they dry out and it is very uncomforatable. Any suggestions? ?
i have bad acne around my chin and mouth i really want to see a dermatologist whats the average cost?
always had a real small do on my face-now its growing hair-wat can i use to demolish this mole off my face plz?
how to fix the red ring of death?
does clinique's three step acne solution work?
could my make up be the cause of my horrible acne?
PLEASE help me!!!!!!?
How do i prevent a zit from happening? ?
My daughter has a large lump on the inside of her eyelid?
im a worry wart. help?
Keratosis Pilaris HELP....?!?!?!?
Weird patches on my sisters arm...?
i have a rash ?????????????
I have really gross, peeling skin on my toes. ?
tons of blackheads on upper back...tried everything..help :/?
where do i get this color for eye contacts?
I Can't Put in My Contacts?
Why do my eyes sting?
Will this work for contacts?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
what do you think im allergic too?
Whats another way to brighten your eyes without eyedrops?
One lymph node swollen and draining in throat..?
What happens if you overdose on something you are allergic to?
Potential food allergy to orange flavoring?
My 2 year old son is allergic to dust mites.?
how long will it take till my all over body itch stops?
Allergy shot crisi. Please help!!?
Am I allergic to skittles?
Is it possible to have Colon Cancer at 19?
my mother may have c dif and my granddaughter. how dangerous is it and can it be taken care of easily?
Is it safe to practice yoga with a PICC line in my arm?
i need a strong cough syrup because i cant swallow tablets any suggestions?
Looking to Purchase Ipecac...?
How to get rid of a very sore throat?
how long should it take for a cut to heal?
what do i put on a cigarette burn?
Is it cancer or a canker sore?
what should I eat to lower my cholesterol?
mother rabbit bites 3mo old baby rabbit big gash on side of bay what do i do?
Can you heal scar tissue in your tongue ? IF so how?
Contact stuck to eyelid?
My body temperature has fallen to 35.9 from 37,how dangerous is that?
I accidently cut that piece of skin that connects my tongue to my mouth and what should I do?
how do you get fiberglass slivers out of your hand?
Hypothetical First Aid Situation - Stay or Go For Help?
My thumb nail grows split down the middle, how do i fix this!?
I think i might have asama?
Sudden nausea and hollow feeling?
Pain medication before getting snake bite piercings?
Am I internally bleeding???
I cant remeber the last time i had a mosquitoe bite, i dont swell up or any thing?
Is it possible to be suffering from a spider bite 3 weeks later?
blisters on the bottom of feet. Help ASAP!!!?
how would you treat burns in 1847?
do i have a spider bite?
what kind of pill is white, round and tiny with no imprints on either side? I've already looked on drug.com?
what could be wrong with my daughter?
What do you think of Obese people being able to park in Handicapped spots?
is there something wrong with me?
congested from smoking, or more?
Possible Panic Attack?
what should i wear to the doctors?
My girlfriend got her tongue pierced?
HELP! This is a emergency! Sudden cramps, back aches, massive diarreha.?
Doctors and Nurses: Will I grow taller? Click for more info!?
Is it okay if I take another Ibuprofen...?
What's wrong with my finger?
do i sound overweight/obese?
Which is worse: Marijuana or Tobacco?
i can start to feel myself getting sick..?
I cut myself today...?
Would wearing wet clothing have any adverse effects on your body?
why do you get headaches from crying?
Pain in the lower right abdomen?
Is 5500 mg of painkillers over two days too much?
i have a lazy eye and big ears and crooked teeth how hard can life get?
feeling sick when i am in the bath?
Opinions on if the swine flue is going to expand severly?
Due to the recent swine flu pandemic, I was wondering if it is safe to go to San Antonio for a honeymoon.?
Where can you get HIV?
I have been treated for chlamydia.?
,hi,,for how many years antibodies for hiv detect after window period?
I'm worried that I might have hiv long with my chlamydia?
Scared to tell a new guy i have herpes?
Soo weed is bad for the lungs.?
blood pressure readings of 108 over 75 112 over 59 106 over 51 &104 over 64 are these normal im 15 years?
Is it bad for very young kids to smoke weed?
I'm a very white child, and I want to be tan. But...?
I've been having heel and foot pain. I went to foot Dr. He told me I have plantar fascitis and flat feet.?
I can't stop ripping out my hair? What's wrong..?
Im having problems with my last 3 toes going numb off and on?
I've noticed a quarter-sized piece of blood on my tp after going #2. Should I worry on a scale of 1-10?
my daughter got a monroe 4 days ago it is swollen bigger today. what should i do?
will 2 people with sicklecell trait have a normal or child with sicklecell disease?
ok, i need HELP!!! this is serious!?
Brain tingling headaches?
I have the Flu !!!?
Ok...so I went pee this morning and I saw what looked like blood in the water..what do I do?
Insomnia that is genetic??
If the doctors find weed in my urine sample, will they tell my parents and cancel my surgery?
Tried meth???????????
My cramps are KILLING ME!! AHHHH?
I've had a headache for over a week... what could it be?
I use oxygen 24/7, can high flow setting cause stiff neck and headache?
ouch! my neck hurts! what to do?
Can I put an ice pack on surgical wounds?
People say this is a pinched nerve?
What's Wrong With My Ankle ?
HELP!!! My parents want me to take the bandage off too early!!!!?
can this really happen?
I feel like I want to puke and I keep getting these electric-shock type things running up my arm. Help?
Have I broke my toe???
whats wrong with my ankle?!? please help!!!?
Why do i get numbness n tingling in both hands while im sleeping when ive been drinking?
Do redheads have a higher pain tolerance?
Why can't i bend my arms to my biceps?
What causes terrible stomach pain?
I cut my finger pretty bad so help would b cool?
I'm 14 years old and have never had a shot?!?
My leg aches after working out?
I need help..what should i do?
I broke my arm 2 years ago and now it is crooked?
Please help its serious?
ouch !?
when i sit in the back of the car i get really dizzy and feel like im on a twirling ride ive been pretty overw?
My friend cuts herself and she lost alot of blood im sure and shes pale! HELP?
Help with knee injury?
Cut my finger on scissors at school?
knee injury information for health report?
I might have a concussion?
I dropped a couch on my foot. Is my foot broken?
Does diabetes sometimes cause a yellowish white discharge in the viginal area?
help I dont know what to do ?
will i be able to tell if my spleen erupts?
A little speaking problem (I have asthma)?
is albuterol an inhaled steriod?
Should i smoke weed or not?
Having occasional breathing problems?
Would a TB test do any harm to an anorexic person?
Viral Chest Infection? stuck at home and clueless!?
Please help!!! with this What are the values for the tidal volume (TV) and the alveolar ventilation? One is OK?
my left ear is clogged from my cold..?
why does tap water from my house make my throat feel dry?
How do you take the filter of a cigarette?
Important question about morbidity and mortality meetings?
can i get cigarettes the mail ?
what could Kathy do to improve this area of wellness?
I have had a extremely sore throat and runny nose for about a month?
I have COPD and am experiencing Loss of memory and concentration. should I be on oxygen?
I think my roomate sprayed bug spray in the oven will I get sicK?
Insect Bite Problem!?
I put a needle in my thumb and a hole is still there...What should I do?
Surgical glue getting wet?
How to make blister heal?
help water was in my ear idk now?
How to get rid of a hair splinter?
Nausea, brightness, and almost fainted?
What would be a settlement price for a spider bite ?
Serious cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you develop arthritis from a bee sting?
my 4 pound Maltiese ate a 12.5mg benadryl, will it hurt it?
My finger was cut during work?
Is this a bite mark of some sort?
Swollen finger... HELP!?
Can't hear from right ear?
OMG HELPPP MEDECINE i took 396mg of concerta in the past 24 hourrss bmi is 17.9 HELP?
sandfly bite question?
Like a swollen vein below my eye( lower eye lid)?
my chicken has swolen nostrils?
I havent slept in two days....?
frequent urination, lower back pain, bloated stomach!?
when will i die?
wat is this? should i see a doctor?
will a scar appear because of a second degree burn?
My Hands Turn Weird?
dry red, sometimes burning and itching lips; what is it and how do i get rid of it?
How do people get styes in their eyes?
i have this white dead skin like stuff on the side of my toungue?
Acne formula?
how to cure acne!!!?
will i b okay now?
can you get a spot in the same place twice?
ringworm question...no space really please help me?
I have red bumps in my head?
Help i burned my thumb!?
Theres sutures under my skin.?
I have two things on my upper leg .Can u tell me what it is and what treatment should i get?
What is the newest medication for the treatment of schizophrenia?
Feeling confused and out of place?
I think I may be hallucinating....?
Is this a stress headache?
I have a terrible fear of doctors and hospitals... Help please?.?
what do u guys think to seroquel?
Overdose on phentramin-d?
the brand new face of indian youth colon hooked,crooked 500words?
would i get a cold sore if i kiss him?
Info about HIV infection disease ? what are its symptoms ? whats its cure ? How to avoid it ? what it causes ?
hayy i think im going ano. like jsut starting tho?
i fell in a gutter and got a wound can i got hiv virus ?is there any risk of hiv?
Are Air Purifiers any good?....?
Do I have allergies? What is wrong with me?
Are my husband and daughter allergic to me? When they are around me they burp continuously.?
Am I sick or is it just allergies?
Best medication for burning eyes from dog dander?
What percentage of the population is allergic to Ibuprofen?
my tongue gets sore every time I eat ice cream am I allergic to it?
Does this just sound like allergies?
Do all allergy medicines help food allergies in addition to seasonal allergies?
Does drinking 1% or 2% milk make a difference when you are lactose intolerant?
1/4 to 1/2 lb. of sunflower seeds a day I eat, my stool stinks and floats and looks oily, is it the seeds?
Help: inhaler for asthma bad to take after expired?
my girlfriend is allergic to penicillin but say she isn't allergic to amoxicillian is this possible?
I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
if anybody out there has ever heard of this problem i need your help?
Is the swine flu airbourn? Or can you only get it by touching someone else?
Im Sneezing A lot, What is it?
Heart attack questions? 10 pts!!!?
Is hair loss a sign of cancer/disease?
What is the best way to fight a cold from the beginning?
will cancer hurt you?
How long will recovery take for a 70 year old woman to recover from breast cancer?
Are FML corticosteroid eye drops vasoconstrictors?
I had cataracts removed and implants put in their place.?
Why are Zooey Deschanel's pupils so small?
Do you need to fit colored contacts???????
Please help me!! I am young and I am scared that I might have get cataracts (polyopia)?
Anyone have any idea why I lost some vision after YAG surgery?
Best colored contacts for brown eyes?
Question about Colorblindness? I dont think hes colorblind?
Should i take painkillers after having ecstasy?
I have a serious medical question for any doctors med students nurses or medical experts?
what causes kidney infection?
If you feel that you are constipated, then what kind of foods can you eat to releave your problem?
ive had what everyone is labeling as panic attacks twice in the past 3 months?
How long do you have to live, when you are told your kidney's are failing?
I am feeling very Lightheaded?
What is your diagnosis?
I have Insomnia, will you help me?
Is there such a disease or illness?
cures for an upset stomach!!!!!?
can someone tell me what's wrong wit me?
Could low blood pressure cause the dizziness and lightheadedness that I sometimes experience?
blood on toilet paper but not in stool? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!?
Hey, I have bags under my eyes and I get enough sleep, Genetic?
please help me! im a little worried?
Kidney stones. how to prevent them?
My mom has skin cancer on her face ( under her nose) it has been there for a few yrs now she had it removed..?
how do i know if i have sleep apnea?
Why does my neck hurt so bad that it gives me a headache?
Why does my wrist still hurt? Fracture?
if a 2 week old pup breaks its leg what do i do about the swelling?
Hurt ankle!! I need some help!!?
What is wrong with my foot? - please hlep?
I dislocated my index finger 6 weeks ago and The swelling hasn't gone down. How can this b corrected?
Should i go to the doctor?
Is dislocated shoulder that serious?!?!?!?
I stepped on a nail yesterday,i can walk a little.Should i freak out? I'm nervous.?
Is this a canker sore?
how do I know when to go to a doctor for my ingrown toenail?
17yr played football hurt my knee and torn the meniscus.had surgery went well but startd to play pain cameback?
i fell like i have to pee all the time and my viagina hurts and it hurts when i pee?
I think I have sprained my neck and chest, how do you treat it?
I popped a vein in my forearm. bad or doesnt matter?
i had a cortisone shot about three weeks ago. Well my knee is stiff now and hard to bend it.?
Really Bad Helpp please?
My dad's face is swollen on one side, Where do I take him?
i just hit my foot on a dresser...anyone who can help?
Is It okay to go snow tubing while you have a very mild concussion?
today while sledding i kinda bumped my head..?
My HDL is 62, LDL is 116, total cholesterol 199. Should I be concerned?
Pekingese- Irregular Slow Heart Beat?
what's the machine that keeps pulse during surgery?