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Sensitive eyes. What is the cause?
what should be my SPF value for a gud sunsceeen losion?
Hip pain in teenager?
hyperextension of the arm, what did I do?
if im using a cream to fade away a scar, should i put sunscreen while im at home?
I need advice or help or something!?
I have lump on my thigh 2 cm above my knee cap any ideas ?
Hole in back of throat, directly above back of tongue.?
why does my throat feel weird?
What medications are closest to Tylenol 3?
My Blood Type is -O is this bad or good?
What type of drink can I keep in my room that wont spoil?
I get sick eating and thiking of?
Whats wrong with me ?
Do you believe there is something wrong with me?
Can you donate blood at fifteen?
I'm suicidal, please help?
Could i have cut a vein(not on purpose)?
I need help to stop pulling out my eyelashes and eyebrows!?
Will I look skinnier if I get taller?
How long will it take for marijuana to leave my system?
How would a doctor help a deaf person?
how often should i...?
another question bout my physical..?
I'm doing a 24hr urine test for protein,the bottle is almost full and its after hours what do I do?
My Mom has been constantly sick.....?
Tell me if I'm normal?
i got my nose peirced 2 days ago and its still a little red and sore, is that normal?
what r things u can do to help u sleep?
about weed and my first time???!!!?
How likely is it to survive when you have a trauma ...?
does a embryo have a heart beat?
Can a ruptured vein in heart be fixed?
my hb is 9.4 and esr is 50.is anything wrong?
my heart feels sore- is this a warning sign or is this normal for somebody with arrythmia and a high pulse?
chest pains all and every day since april?
can i bath with cold after valve replacement surgery?
is a resting heart rate of 46 too low for a 54 year old male with a semi clogged non major arterry?
meaning of heart flushing?
a relation of pancreatitis & bullimia?
Do abnormal PAC's cause heart problems?
cornary bypass surgery?
Is there an agency that rates thoracic surgeons? Just looking for the best in this field.?
What can happen if you break your hip?
My left big toe is sought of numb?
What's going on with my ankle?
How can I make this canker sore go away?
Ankle is really sore when I step?
can u get high from smelling ice for 2 minutes?
Hit my head on ceiling?
I hurt my wrist a month ago?
I hurt my foot! please help?
hit my head while wrestling, huge bump.. what should i do?
I got hit by a car and now I'm paralyzed, please help?
Is their An "acl" in your ankle?
Blood Clot in Wrist??????????
I want to know if i dislocated or just sprained my thumb ?
Is it normal for my wrist to hurt a month after getting out of a cast?
All those who've had ankle surgery: How severe was the pain you were in after?
I stepped on a nail at a fourth of july party...ouch?
i think i have broken my foot how do i know if i have without going to the doctors as i cant be bothered?
the dr. had to rebreak my ankle. does this mean i am starting from square 1?
My son is having chest pains he is 13years old anyone know what i should do besides going to the Doctor?
Thumping sound in my ear?
_Bed-wetting Tired Teen_ Needs Help Pronto!?
Leg won't quit twitching!?
I just got an unusual bloody nose?
swine flu a problem or no problem?
Do i have the swine flu virus?
i live in new york..how at risk am i to develop swine flu?
is the swine flu anywhere near santa clarita?cuz im goin tomorrow?
epidemic and pandemic?
Is the Swine Flu in Los Angeles?
i need help on tapeworm?
What is the Swine Flu all about?
so i went to the local cvs clinic to get tested for the flu?
do you think my son has the swine flu?
swine flu question....?
change antibiotic course?
Swine Flu possible pandemic?
would swine flu turns in pandemic or not?
Question about Swine Flu, how is this going to affect travel?
Do I have pink eye?????
My asthma is getting worse, why? please help?
Im cough up blood and having a bloody nose?
can i smoke weed while on methylprednisolone?
Why does my roommate clear her throat constantly?
Headache, loss of appetite, wheezing when i cough...no sore throat, no fever, no runny nose...?
What streptococcus group causes Infective endocarditis?
Weird chest pains.. Please help?
I'm sick but i don't know what i have (details inside)?
How to prevent an asthma attack?
Over The counter STD testing?
HIV oral test being positive but HIV blood test being negative?
Ugh can i get STI from this?
Can i have chlamydia?
Ok, I recently came from my doctor a few days ago.?
do i call my primary doctor to get tested for disease's or my obgyn?"?
my son has watery wax coming out his ear?
What can heal a open blister fast?
Cut on the corner of the lip?
I cut my index finger will this numness go away?
How to treat a bad dry skin cut on my foot?
How do i take care of a ripped off fingernail?
whats the best way to check your body temp?
How do I get rid of this bruise on my chin?!?
Should I drain blood from my nail? [PICTURE INSIDE]?
Burnt my leg from baking pan?
my lip is swollen, i need remedies?
what can i cover my blister with?
Bad sunburn, whats wrong with it?
Is it ok to use aloe vera gel after exposure to the air?
Can i have an ingrown nail in my hand?
What happens if you eat thermal compound?
My ear keeps closing up and i cant hear out of it! help?
will Ear Gauges in your ears close?
Left ear feels clogged?
why would my glans sting when i touch it?
The cartilage on my ear is black from a piercing... what can I do to get rid of the discoloration?
How long does it take for bedbug bites to appear once bitten?
is it dangerous to get clothes detergent on your hands? I was rubbing in arm and hammer detergent in my clothe?
Is it ok to sue my Docter after doing a operation where no Cancer was.?
Does this mean, my sugar cravings ONLY at night mean I might be diabetic...I HATE SWEETS?!!!!!!!!?
Which category is diabetes found in? Acrocentric metacentric, or submetacentric choromosome?
My dad's a diabetic...?
when i'm eating dirt my arms turn bright red is this normal?
my normal heart beat is above 90/minute. What is the reason. pl. advice.?
please exsplain different handling equipment in a care home?
Can an arch support be molded into a cast?
if a person has an epilepsy if they're growing what happen to their brain? ?
Do i have the stomach flu?
Do I need to go to the hospital?
Are these signs of Alzheimer's?
I heard that if you have a lot of ringing in your ears it could mean a brain tumor,... Is this true? does anyo?
In need of thyroid advice?
Is a dislike for water a common thread for Hypoglycemia?
how bad is marijuna for your health and teeth someone exactly tell me the real deal?
Is it right to mask my problems with antidepressants?
URGENT: pain inside my right ear?
Urinary tract Infection? (male)?
my legs are red and swollen and they hurt they feel hot too what should I do?
Gastritis or Gastro intestinal infection???? Help!?
bloating after eating?
Whats wrong with my ears?
What is the difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia?
I'm 20 years old and Just got Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or MS?
Why is the sebum in my eyes causing my eyes to sting?
Can i use my contacts a little longer if they were only stored most of the month?
Cant see strongly, why?
Question for licensed opticians..?
whats wrong if one of my eyes goes blurry?
2 questions about my contact lenses!?
how does eyesight get worse?
please answer..............?
Just got new eyeglasses help?!?
allergic reaction???? help!!?
Omega 3 strange problem?
why am i getting random nosebleeds?
How can i stop this blocked nose quickly?
What is the most advantage of house air purifiers?
When I take Sudafed for my allergies in the day, it keeps me awake at night.?
Itchy eyes for almost a week?
Why is my mother's eye red?
My wife has had a cough for about 2 months now , somedays worse than others. She has almost tried all the over?
Can I take Allegra D if I am already taking Singulair?
Whats Good To Help Allergies?
Are you allergic to water?
Was this an allergic reaction to ASPIRIN?
is visine eye drop suppose to burn?
Am i allergic to these foods?
What is in my nose? HELP!!!?
How can i prevent getting bloody noses? I have really bad allergies and usually get them once every 2 months?
does sour milk hurt toddlers?
every time I hold my little chiquaqua she makes me itch and get a rash! Any ideas?
My nose feels blocked and I can't breathe through it but when I blow my nose theres nothing at all, like there?
Can anybody help me with my acne problem?
I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do acne products that have benzoyl peroxide in them get rid of blackheads too?
Ive just had a tattoo on my arm is it safe to work out or should i leave it a few days b4 i bo back 2the gym
any good skin exfoliaters?
I have eczema but my dermatologist prescribed me the clobex spray. Will it treat my eczema?
Is this a wart on my thumb?
Best and fastest way to get rid of sunburn...
i woke up with gunk and red eyes after being at a campfire what is that?
Skin Problems due to Hyperthyroidism?
I found a greenish black spot (1 inch diameter)near my knee. I can see a green vein as well. What could it be?
I removed a wart with some gel remedy...how can i clear up the remaining mark?
Help with Best Remedy for moles ?
I have a weird rash on my face!
Really horrible acne what do you suggest
Are these symptoms of a brain tumor?
Asthma, how bad can it get?
What is the definition acute angle?
question on accutane?
is 600mcg if biotin is enough for daily use?
Is it safe for teenagers to take Calcium Citrate Supplements?
Is Magnesium and Vitamin C good?
How long does THC stay in the bloodstream?
Is it safe to take all these supplements at the same time?
What do u think about super natural powers ?it's true they are able.?
Question about Adderall?
Should I get the liquid or dried elderberry extract- is one better or different (Sambucol brand)?
Would snorting 5-10mg of Adderall kill you?
what does hyoscyamine show on drug test?
is buprenex for cats the same as for humans?
Anyone eat/drink chia seeds?
Can you take 2 trazodone?
Blue vitamin makes me feel funny?
Do any medicines slow down the growth of your hair?
Is there a 'right way' to get a medical marijuana card (Cali)?
I used to abuse Tylenol pm pills now I'm allergic to them?
Humidifiers: Where can I get following item?
Help!! Tongue acting up. Need suggestions?
Parasites, bacteria, yeast, SOBI or what?
is Ultram considerd a narcotic in west virginia?
i smoked that herbal blend space will it come up on a drug test?
Could thrush.......?
Today I'm getting checked for a yeast infection.?
Was he flirting with me or was i imagining it? Terrified to make a move since engagement ended! Advice?
What do I do? I dont know anymore?
I am having interrupted sleep every night?
how can you be completely honest (with a mental health professional) when you fear the outcome?
any help on this please?????????
Mental health institutes in Virginia?
is this a spider bite?
Remedy for a swollen eyes.. (both)?
Will my sunburn or sun tan go away?
Dried blood in ear that I got out?
A bee stung me yesterday and about 24 hours later there is a small rash is there any severe consequences?
Earthquake preparedness?
Severe Sunburn... Face Swelling..Help.?
My dog ran into my knee and it hyper-extended and make a loud popping noise. What should I do?
Bleeding under fingerTIP - what do I do?
Is this some sort of bug bite on my neck?
ear infection? gauges?
whats the best way to heal scar tissue from a navel piercing?
was i stung by a bluebottle?
do you think it is a good idea to take my nail off?
I think I got a cure for cancer!?
if i think my dog died suddenly through parvo could my staffyx get it or be a carrier of it?
Swine Flu Bail Out, Help Me Please?
Flu vaccine help prevent swine flu?
I am going to Detroit today, should I be precautious?
Question about swine flu?
I am taking Keflex for a tonsil infection, can I consume alcohol?
Will they have to close all the schools down because of the swine flu that's been going around?
How fast do you think the flu will be spreading?Now hit Mn?
If family member has swine flu, can non-ill family members carry virus but not be sick?
Swine Flu? PLEASE answer!!!!?
Does the flu actually kill people? or does it trigger worse things that kill them?
swine flue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where Has The Swine Flu Arrive In The UK?
Swine flu? or just a flu?
vomiting for two weeks?
How many here have seen the Swine Flu commercials of the 70's?
My dad had Lime Disease?
How long do (influenzas) flus usually spread for?
What is a National Public Health Emergency?
high blood pressure long term effects?
Does anyone know of a website that has heart attack statistics by job type?
should i not worry anymore?
Is it heart burn or something has to do with a bad disease?
What area of the heart would be Ischemic if the anterior descending artery is blocked?
what does fluid around the heart mean?
Why does the heart rate increase in response to metabolic acidosis?
What does "Tortuosity of the proximal left pericallosal artery mean?
Is tingling in your face, hands, and legs a symptom of an asthma attack?
Pain in my chest..please help!?
Why is getting ashes from a fire in your eyes, or breathing it in, or getting it in your mouth dangerous to us?
hi, has anyone got any tips for stopping feeling sick please?
bubble like thing inside my nose.wht to do?
How long can you be on a ventilator?
If I was discharged during boot camp for asthma. Am I eligible to receive medical coverage?
HOW SAFE WILL IT BE TO TAKE Loratadine Dosage20 MGS.?
Random Choking And Coughing, On Nothing?
i got fluid on my right lung how do i get rid a it?
Sharp pains in my chest.. what is it?
I have a serious problem?
how to tell my coach i have trouble breathing?
I have a cold and my ears feel pluged up?
Does anyone know what this may be?
Eating Disorder Help Please?
Is there something wrong with my throat?
do i have an eating disorder ?
Is there something wrong with this?
can i get liver disease if i take 12 or more of excedrin all at once.?
what kind of doctor is this?
where can i find clear band aids??
I have a question about a hemorrhoid.?
Can you develop an eating disorder without meaning to?
Help I'm very scared, tingling feet and hands...?
What could this be...?
Vertigo causes please?
Lactose intolerance issues?
Which is worse? Ecstasy or cocaine?
I might have a blocked "carotid artery" on right side or do I?, Someone please read..?
Anyone have an idea about what type of illness I have?(details)?
Liver or kidney pain?
Is this lactose intolerance?
my 13 year old daughter has severe migraines, can someone tell me what might be wrong?
i want to know if prediabetes can cause headaches?
how can somebody be type "o" blood?
What Can Breast Cancer Cause?
How many people smoke?
How do I stop my back from hurting?
Is my thumb Sprained/fractured/Broken?
I broke half my thumb nail off.. Should I rip the rest off?
What are activities to do with someone who can't really walk due to a knee injury?
I dislocated my right knee, it was pushed back in but it is now swollen. How long will it remain swollen for?
my husband blew his ear drum will he ever have his hearing back?
How can I tell whats wrong with my foot?
Best way to keep -little toe- from moving....?
i need help a doctor please?
How long should the swelling of a black eye last?
will i reach 6 foot i am 17 and 2 months and im 5 foot 9?
Injury!!!!! help!!!!!?
About scaphoid fracture! (wrist)?
quicky remedy for canker sores?
I just got back from a concert 2 hours ago and it was like 2 - 3 hours long, why are my ears ringing?
toenail cut really short?
I slipped on ice like 3 days ago, and now it's yellow. What does this mean?
Jumper's knee question?
Did I tear my mcl or something? Or my acl or my meniscus?
My Microwave turned on while open!?
I cut my lip how can I reduce the swelling?
What causes false blood pressure readings?
What could be causing my joint pain?
Chest pain, back pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, what could be causing this?
What just happened to me?
My stomach hurts when i eat but it's in the middle of my chest area?
Should I go to the doctor?
cyst under tailbone.. help?
I just got my stitches taken out?
medicine i am taking questions about it?
if i did a urine test directly at the lab in the hospital how long does it take them to get the results. Read?
What can i do for my aching muscles?
Can you exercise during a headache?
Does Celexa cause constipation?
i had a bump on my nose and i took it off, blood came out, a little but now water comes out, why?
does it work?
While using differin(acne medication) what should i clean my face with out of the two?
My mom and I have small red bumbs on our arms and hands. Know what it is?
name some infections of the skin that are non-bacterial?
Keratosis Pilaris?
On my skin..?
hi i have a rash behing my ear had it for a month now yeasterday cam a rash on my neck and chest and idea?
When you first feel a cold soar, how can you stop it from coming or spreading?
i have little blisters on my hands and feet??
What would cause this?
my skin.................?
keratosis pilaris?
What is Eczema? - A Common Skin Ailment?
I have spots on my face that are beginning to spread but they are lighter than my actual skin complextion?
I'm scared to get my birthmark removed?
16. Serious Boyfriend. A little nervous about giving/recieving oral. Help?
Can you get AIDS from making out with someone when they have an open sore in their mouth but noone has AIDS?
hiv negative can mean aids can get positive?
I have herpes and i have white cold scores around my tounge. they dont hut me though. is that normal?
How does Chlamydia effect ur body?
blood test question answer please?
I have a bump ...?
92% chances to survive chemotherapy and refuses?
is wheat the same as flour?
allergy testing?????????????????
why do my eyes water out of nowhere?
Can you tell me if my friend has a pill problem?
I ate just a couple of bites of some funny food?
I have bad allergies, how can I get relief?
Am I lactose intolerant or allergic to milk or what?
I got bit by mosquito last night on my foot and now my whole foot and toes are very swollen?
How educated are you on the overwhelming use of corn syrup in the food products today?
plz help me its real URGENT!!?
do in house pets need shots?
Can I take Lortab and Ibuprophen at the same time?
Is intermittent fasting okay to do every other day?
what is the best libido medicine one can take. due to diabetees, ms, high blood pr seems i just dont have the?
Help! Can you answer this?
i need help- hormones?
what's the best OTC to completely clear your system?
can i loose weight on lexapro?
Which antibiotic for strep out of these listed would I have the least amount of side effects and work best?
what is pramipexole an is safe?
where would i look to find out about a medicine i was taken?
is there any solid formulation (cap or tab) from matricaria recutita?
Sleeping pills help...?
Does hypnotherapy work for quitting smoking? And If so does anybody know a good place to go in Tulsa, ok?
can i mix body building supplements purple k with cryotest?
Where To Buy Herbal Cigarettes London?
can you still buy blackberry balsam?
Can I smoke and be clean ?
what is the grossest thing an xray tech does on the job?
homemade screen for a vaporizer?
Facts about home drug tests. What drugs show up?
Buying Lactaid enzymes in "bulk"?
I pierced my ear, when will it heal?
I think i got bit by a spider?
I was stung by a wasp on my finger?
cleaning a wound with stitches?
if you put your finger in your ear what does it sound like?
riping and clicking of the a jaw? HELP?
Is my spider bite something to worry about?
i feel like something is crawling around in my ear but no pain what could it be?
what does it mean when your ears feel clogged but are not after a ear piercing?
How do you know when a burn is healed?
i burnt my arm, what should i do?
Is it a Brown Recluse bite?
how to get rid of sunburn ichting?
Difference between paid and free cpr classes?
Very minor burn from a curling iron?
best treatment for a burn?
my ear hurt a lot so i tookout the earring, but then it started bleeding.?
Do spider bites burn?
Why is Pepto Bismal Pink?
unusual mosquito bites help?
Crusty Nasal Passage?
once again, swine flu question?
If you get swine flu and it's weak version...?
whats the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
has the swine flu reached long beach, CA?
how many % of people have the pig flu in usa?
Swine Flu - Help, should they call doctor?
WHO confirms pandemic threat raised to 5 out of 6, How critical is this?
High AST and ALT...........Help?
Flu shot and the Swine Flu?
How bad is this "swine flu"?
The CDC suggests "most" people won't be immune to the swine virus who are the people who are immune to it?
is it ok to smoke pot? ?
Have people died from the swine flu?
Why can't I get better?
can the swine flu infect other animals? if so, do you have to keep changing the name?
Do virus' have more trouble spreading in the heat?
what is the chance of my 13 year old have of dying from swine flu?
Two People Died of Swine Flu in LA?
what is all this talk about swine flu?
only 1 death today from swine flu?
When will schools/businesses close?
inhaled a foreign object that obstructed right primary bronchus, tidal volume would be less. how to calculate?
Wait a second, I'm confused: I thought lead was dangerous?
What is the diferrance between these meds?
The structure that permits blood flow the right atrium to the left atrium while the lungs are developing is?
What do you think these chest paim symptoms entail?
i have a yearly cough........... ?
My lungs hurt...why!!!!?
Does this sound like a deviated septum?
Painful ingrown finger nail and diabetic?
Sugars that are made up of exactly two sugar molecules are called what?
not on medicare card?
both hands and feet are swollen and very painful tingling and burning numbess stabbing pins and needles tighne?
What is causing my shin pain?
Minor concussion? Heres what happened.?
Do I have a shin fracture?
can liver cancer come from diabetes?
What do you think I did to my knee?
my blood pruesuse is 100 over 90 is that normal?
my ankle is swollen i can barely walk on it and i just got out of a cast what do i do. its been two weeks.?
Help, im 13 and once in a while i all of a sudden get really dizzy feel like im about to pass out.?
Will i get a cast for my messed up foot?
I have a problem with my toe.?
got tackled hard today?
Half of a toenail?!?!?
my knee hurts what is wrong with it?
What is going on with my elbow?
i was hit in the forhead by a sled 3 years ago and i think i have permanent swelling above my eyebrows.?
acl and soccerrr.............?
What's up with my ankle?!?
my little toenail came off its bleeding how do i stop the pain?
i have like painful cuts on my lip. what is it?
A buddy of mine smoked weed saturday nov 7th has a drug test on 21st. should he pass it?
Why am I really cold and shivering while high?
ihow long do you need to workout to show progess?
What is the quickest way to get over a cough, fever, runny nose, and throwing up?
are people less depressed living in states that have more sunlight and warmth year round (like new mexico?)?
I feel like I am about to throw up.?
How Can I Get Used To Go To Sleep At 10:00?
do tongue piercings hurt?
My armpits itch like crazy! What do I do?
Has anyone ever died from not blinking or can you die?
do i have toxic shock syndrome?
Is my girlfriends heart ok?
nearly every time i drink alcohol i wake up around 4 with severe shaking feeling sick and having diarrhea why?
Can you get sick......?
is it bad to swallow gum?
anyone know what this might be?
I spilled hot water on my foot by accident...?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!! Why does my throat hurts so badly I cry?
What does mixing weed and tobacco do?
where i get cistic fibrosis plz?
do you become addicted to smoking by only having one cigarette?
Every time I drink alcohol and smoke weed I get cold chills the next day, why? And How can I stop them?
Are these food bad for cough?
Dizziness after camp?
My son was born with only a single coronary artery where can I find out information about surgeries to fix it?
Does drinking alcohol raise blood pressure?
How do I know if my hair loss is reversible?
i can feel the artery in my leg ?
Can I drink with my heart skipping beats?
Are all guys carriers of HPV?
what is a virus ?
small bump under tounge?
What are a few ways for an individual to deal with HIV/AIDS discrimination?
Would chlamydia affect the baby?
what is the meaning urethritis ?
Do I have a yeast infection?
does crabs give you a discharge?
Ringing in ear when sort of moving my bottom jaw to the back of my mouth, 13 years old, male?
10 points if u answer correctly ?
Can anyone out there who knows anything about eating disorders help me?
what disease can ticks carry that have cold like symtomes?
can you take probiotics being lactose intolerant?
what is the solution to hyphothermia?
my boyfriend has a swollen, red, bruised, brownish-purple area on his toungue. Im not sure what it is i think?
Kidney Infection?
(A little nasty) Should I see a doctor?
How do i get rid of...?
Does 'cracking' your joints actually damage them or give you arthritis in later years?
My heart randomly stops every once in a while...?
For the past few weeks, I have had a tender spot on my neck directly next to the right of my windpipe.?
is drinking hand sanitizer mixed with water bad?
I've suffered from severe constipation 4 years now and it still wont go away, PLEASE help?
I just puked up this thick foam with a decent amount of blood in it........? ?
I have severe anemia. What foods would be good for me?
what causes stomach nausea other than a sickness?
is my liver and stomach damaged?
Why do you ache when you have a fever?
My quadriceps is in a great deal of pain.?
my back hurts and it wont pop?
cant keep nothing down what to do ?
Suffered from depression awhile back, and feeling its coming back?
Does an IV shot in your arm hurt?
Is there any way to get rid if a headache? ?
right foot swells at night?
Back pains even though I'm healthy?
i have really bad lower back problems, what would be a good pain killer.?
Why do your eyes tear up when you get hurt or punched in the nose?
Any help , i wanna kill myself.........?
I'm paranoid about my boiler! :(?
Seroquel long term (8 years) low dose, can I go on ?
what is and causes stress?
How do I get my hearing back? Please help
When do you stop getting acne spots?
What is the best thing/way to get rid of acne?
Need help with acne as soon as possible
Warts on Pinky Finger?
what is the best remedy for scars?
What is the best way to get rid of and keep from getting in-grown fingernails?
can you suggest an effective lotion,soap or cream to treat fungal infection and skin discoloration n scaling?
What is the safest and most effective way to get rid of a boil?
does proactive work for acne scars?
how can i stop sweating so much?
I always get cold, even during the hottest days of the summer, why?
i need to know how to clean my acne fast and easy! thanks in advance.?
good spot cream? in england? details below?
I Got Spray N' Wash In My Brothers Scab!!!!HELP!?
Is it true that 1/2 people these days will be diagnosed with cancer?
Suffering from chest pains whenever I sleep on my chest/stomach
Heart Rate Quickens?
is pizza bad for someone with cancer!!!!?
Do cell phone's cause brain cancer?
HELP do you think i have lung cancer??!!!!!!?
I feel like im not getting enough oxegyn? PLEASE answer?
how can i get 14day acai berry in saudiarab?
Why doestaking an alka seltzer give me a lift?
I just got a new Lapis Lazuli Pendant and need to cleanse it.?
can you exercise on vyvanse?
Natural & live yoghurt?
Alternative to ACE bandages?
Is the medicine Levequin safe?
Is Vanilla Absolute and Vanilla Essential Oil the same thing?
How much mg of klonopin does it take to get high?
is smoking legal herbs good for you?
If I take a Niacin will it clean out my sytem?
What are the differences between powdered probiotics and capsules?
what dose this card do?
What is the normal diuretic dose PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
do fiber supplements give you energy?
what are the side affects of rhodiola rosea?
VITAMIN vitacerebrin?
What kind of kush do i have?
Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification?
Can i take 2 gravol pills?
Does cherifer pgm capsule for teens can give you 2-3 inch more on your height?
How many supplement pills of 525mgs of bitter orange would be lethal?
how to become a yoga instructor?
SWINE FLU!?!?!?!? please help!?
Birthday coming up and i wanted to go out to dinner but im worried about swine flu ...?
can the swine flu turn to pandimic?
3 questions, NOT about the swine flu but about HIV/AIDS?
Swine Flu not a concern.. agree or disagree?
What states are infected by Swine Influenza?
Why have 3 of the last 4 major Flue Pandemics originated from Mexico?
Swine Flu, Sorry, I know everyone is asking this.?
Another Swine Flu Question?
is hepatitis b dangerous?
SWINE FLU: Are we suppossed to be afraid of the Smithfield Foods?
bro. swine flu?!?!?!?!?!?
Is the swine flu really something to fear?
Will swine flu reach a level of alert 6?
Should Floridians be concerned with "swine Flu"?
Why is everyone freaking out over swine flu?
Trust the WHO or the media over the so called "Swine" Flu? (8 vs. 150 people dead)?
Bug Bite In a Bruise?
My flip flops gave me a blister.. Someone plz help?
pus filled lump/boil inside my upper lip?
what are some remidies besides aloe for bad sunburn??????
How or when will energy drink nausea go away?
what is the most painless and quick way to heal a blood blister?
What should i put on my face to help it heal?
Hives! Where did I get them from?
Hamster bite, whole thumb hurts?
i got stitches and it was bleeding is this bad ?
is 4 liters of liquid in about 10-12 hour period too much?
there is redness around a cut I got and there is white drainage should i just keep cleaning it?
Water stuck in ear!!! Tried everythingggg!!!?
am i having a allergic reaction?
HELP! I've got some sort of allergy, but i have no idea what it is!?
Is there any surgery to help stop re-occuring nose bleeds?
What should I do if I eat mold on bread?
What could be the problem with my nose?
my boyfriend wakes up every morning no matter what time and gets sick what could it be?
very Sever allergies. help?
i just got bit by a spider, should i be worried?
I bite my finger nails & Skin i need advice on how to stop .?
Are these symptoms of seasonal allergies?
Do I got asthma or something?
Can i be allergic to ciggarettes?
HELP! I was chewing on a pen cap, and now a tiny piece is stuck?
latex allergies?
does anybody have a good home remedy for scalp itch?
Something red came out of my ear?
help; am i allergic to feathers or dust?
Can someone help me identify this insect bite?
can I take an antihistamine and a decongestant?
Is it possible to be allergic too?
Can people be allergic to cigerrate smoke? The smoke its self. ?
Can a sheepskin contribute to a snotty nose?
Why are these foods making me sick?
what are symptoms that your allergic to sesame seeds?
does anyone know of any gluten free, soy free, casien free, sugar free,wheat and rice free snacks? God Bless!?
Hii I am Sick and don't know what it is......?
Is this an allergy to fruit?
Waking up during surgery...?
When I don't eat for a while I get terrible headaches and extremely irritable. Why?
What would be the best way to GAIN weight?
will i still be growing ?
I have been having problems with consipation for the past 3 weeks, what do I have?
Will the THC get detected at my annual?
Are drugs bad for you?
Do you donate blood?Why/why not?
Please i need your prayers?
what is the best cure for hot pepper mouth burns?
am i sick???????????????
What's your bathing routine?
Throwing up everywhere need help please please please!!!?
is vitamin water good for when your sick?
Do I need to go to the doctor?
Tips on how to stay awake with only 3 hours of sleep?
why am i so tired all the time?
Eyes irritated when I wake up?
Does anyone know about an Optometrist that accepts medical in Hollywood, Ca?
Just wanted to know something?
i am 35 weeks, and have been contracting for the past 2 days, i was given 2 shots to stop labor is this normal?
Question about stds.?
is it possible to notice the difference Between a flu and a HIV infection?
help i dont know what this is and im scared?
how to make my coldsore go away by friday? 3 days?
I Have A Bump On My Lip But..?
Sound like Bacterial Vaginosis?
TYPE 2 DIABETES......................?
What are the symptom diabetes ?
Whats wrong with my knee?
amputation; should I cut off my toe?My dr offered to 'trim off one inch off my small toe.?
how to speed up recovery of sore muscle?
I have burnt my left thigh so will it leave a scar?..i am scared?
treatment for a broken bone..? help?
Why is my bruise yellow?
If you blowout your knee can you still walk on your leg?
how can i tell if i sprained my ankle?
I fell on my foot about a week ago, and im wondering if its broken or sprained.?
Is this normal : painful ankle?
HELP on how to treat my knee injury?
I have a bad sunburn..anything that will make it look or feel better?
my boyfriend has had a white bump on the tip of his tongue for a few months its not painful....any ideas?
My shoulder keeps grinding when i move it, what's wrong?
I have this soft aching on the right side of my right eye. it felt like i pulled a muscle in my eye?
How did you break your ankle/arms/ or whatever you broke..?
I fell and twisted my ankle this morning and now its really swollen.. is it sprained?
I'm 13 teen and my left knee is hurting alot , what is wrong?
What is wrong with my arm? Is it broken? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!?
What is an electronic cigarette?
need help with my hookah stand.?
what causes pulmonary fibrosis?
My blood clot is hard and green. Normal?
breathing tips without asthma pump?
do i have pneumonia? (ANSWER ASAP PLEASE!!)?
I'm doing a medical report on severe acute respiratory syndrome?
an example of a blood loss source found during endoscopy that they could do anything about?
Bongs for smoking- please help.?
left leg is swelling no injury .if i do get cut it leaks clear fluid?
Do i have an eating disorder?
dear all,i feel very lazy,sleepy always,i cant do my duties perfectly,wats wrong with me,piz help?
I need a diagnosis please!!!?
Do i have food poisoning?
my skin is pale my stomach wont stop gurgling and im cold?
I think i might have a tumor, what doctor do i see?
Thyroid problems? i think?
Is being addicted 2 laxatives considered bulemia?
Is drinking a disease?
low energy, fatigued, tired during the day?
Can you get a panic attack without heart beat pounding?
zithromax...yeast infection?
my thirteen year old black lab is peeing nothing but blood is this curable or is it time for the worst?
how do you cure acid reflux without going on medication?
Why don't I sometimes have to wipe after bowel movement?
i get really light headed alot can someone tell me wats up?
will to much soda hurt the kidney?
Why is cancer considered to be a failure of the immune system?
[Please help.] My doctor doesn't seem concerned... why isn't he?
reason for swollen lymph nodes??? HELP ME!!?
Why honor breast cancer survivors..............?
Cant sleep alone, what you do?
Expiration date on Theraflu?
When you crack your knuckles is it air bubbles that pop? or cartilage?
2 scars on my face -_- how to get rid of them?
I have oily skin...I need help!?
I have this lump or bump on the back of my earlobe or somewere there ?
These HUGE mosquito bites?
I have a big sweating problem...?
Picked Raised Acne Scar... HELP!?
Numb feeling in both of my arms and hands after...... normal or not?
i have red dots in my ?
Could this be some kind of thyroid disorder?
10 years old, can't stop wetting bed?
how to make days go by fast?
Hydrocodone prescription, drug testing.?
Should teens take naps? lmao don't ask.. just answer the question :p?
Can drinking from the same water bottle a lot or a lot of days can cause cancer?
I'm sure that i'm going to have a positive for THC, help!?
why do we care so much about are body image ?
I think about dying at an early age all the time do have this problem?
Omg..is it possible to sue her?
does green tea drain the marrow from your bones?
why does my stomach keep growling?
Why does it hurt when i smoke weed?
Why don't people think alcohol is a drug?
swine flu...should i be worried?
What would I need to do if I got the swine flu?
What does it mean when the swine flu reaches level 6?
what exactly is the swin flu!?
Swine Flue - re-infection?
do u know how to get your iron (anemia) up ?
I have NEVER taken an illegal drug in my life-besides prescribed meds. how could I test positive for cocaine?
How do I wake up in the morning?
havent smoked weed in a while?
What can I do to remove thc from my system?
chicken pox. is it them?
asking about swine flu?
question about marijuana?
what are the simptoms of swine flu?
A question about the swine flu, can you help me out?
Swine Flu precautions?
What is the Swine Flu, how does one obtain it, and how much of a threat is it?
i have a report on the swine flu plzz help help?
Should I get tested for swine flu?
What are the syptoms to the swyne flu?
Swine Flu is going to kill millions of people.?
Swine flu in ohio....?
How can I make an experiment using apples to model how washing hands can prevent the spread of disease?
Is there anything being done to temporarily shut down the mexico border to try to limit swine flu in the US?
Should I wear a shirt or just put on sunscreen when I still have peeling sunburn that I got about a week ago?
i got bit by a spider?
what can happen if you eat poison ivy?
Whats is it called when you throw up everything you eat when your not forcing yourself? Please help!?
What do I do about a gash on my toe with puss for 2 days?
hi, i am 14 years old and recently my dad was diagnosed with cancer. (lymphoma)?
I got my lip periced ?
I got bite by a tick years ago...?
Bug bite on the neck?
What do i do for a ear infection?
my son who is 21 months has red bump at end of nose and he was playing with it and it started bleeding what do?
paper wasp bite or sting what do you do?
Spider bite question?
What type of break is this?
does pancreatic cancer go away?
white stinging bumps all over my legs after walking through bushes?
my toenail came off!?!?!?
pharmacist / pharmacy tech. advice?
why am i dizzy al the time?
Do i have a torn muscle in chest. I have regular breating just a little pain in my chest in the center?
I have heart burn. Home remedy?
how long would it take a kidney stone to reach the size of a golf ball if given time?
How long does Phentermine Pills stay in your system?
xanax question help quick!?
Girlfriends heaches.?
supplements vitamins for inactive thyroid?
What is the common weed in ohio?
what is the natural medicine for white hair?
I throw up whenever i drink my medicine?
I need to drop. Can someone help me it's urgent?
Where can I buy herbal cigarettes?
where can i buy an iolite vaporizer for cheap?
Extremely flat feet, looking for a fix?
Does Karvia make your acne worst?
Anyone overdose on mucinex before?
What's the difference (if any) between Ichthammol Ointment for horses and the same product for humans?
What are some neuromuscular exercises used in rehab?
Does sibutramine cause tinnitus?
Can you take these to medacines?
working in lyme powder could it make me sick?
feeling crummy from new health supplements?
medical marijuana legal?
aloe forex herb can it help in liver cyst cases?
What is the content of resveratrol in yucca and grape seed extract?
Is Sudafed effective for allergies?
what trees are giving off the most pollen right now...i have asthma . trying to figure out which one culprit?
Allergic reaction after using "ORGANIC" skincare!!?
I have a sore throat and hives. Any ideas on what is wrong?
Is skim or regular milk bad for us to drink?
Can your ear unclog itself?
Am I allergic to bees?
do people get allergic reactions to avon products like their perfumes .?
am i allergic to bananas?
Help Wanted for cause of horrible rash hospitalizing 21 month old?
Anyone else had a non-allergic skim reaction to antibiotics?
can perfumes and cleaning products give you headaches and plug your sinus's?
I lost my voice how do I get it back?
What type of cat should i get that won't cause an allergic reaction?
I cant sleep! Help!!!?
How can you fight the winter blues and stay active?
how can i stop my cuts from itching?
Is it true that people can become schizophrenic from smoking marijuana?
If you have ADD,what type of ADD meds would not interfere w/creativity [like painting/the arts,etc]?
surgery??!! please help?
My leg is swollen and won't come back to it's origanl size?
My b/f broke his wrist in in Feb. He had 3 metal pins in & a cast. Can he still do army bootcamp this summer?
friend has a surgical scar on his middle/lower left abdomen, what is it?
My voice is cracking?
How you ever broken a bone?
I don't know what I did to my ankle!?
What Does It Mean When Your Finger Tips Are Black?
How do i know if i tore something in my shoulder?
SCARS/CUTS! What to do?
My ankle hurts for no reason.?
A recent wound. Did it heal correctly?
i was just choking..............!!!?
hey, do i need to get a knee brace?
Would You Ever Go Out On Crutches Just to Check Out What it's Like?
Can you walk on ankle fracture (fibula)?
How do i know if my dog's leg is broken or sprained and how to treat it?
how to heal muscle spasms?
how can u keep ur cast(arm) from smelling if u work out with it?
Is it infected? What can he do?
can a pediatric dietitian be a part time job?
Has anyone that is a type 2 Diabetic did a liver flush?
Do I have cancer or am I paranoid?
what are some stds or stis that cause bumps to appear besides gential warts and herpes?
Write a letter to someone why it is important to talk about AIDS and to protect yourself against the disease?
i have dots on my foreskin head?
Could I have got a false negative for a syphilis infection if they tested for the wrong antibodies?
HIV transmission through cuts on hand?
what blood test checks for herps 1 and 2?
can you catch gonorrhea from from a person that doesn't have it?
Urinary Tract Infection?
My doctor can't find what's wrong with me... do any of these symptoms add up to something to you?
What's happening to me?
i know i have ocd and i am struggling with it really bad.?
what's the disease that doesn't allow its victims to be in the sun?
Do I have brain damage?
Hi i'm a 28y/M and have been having gi problems for over ten years without seein a doc. I've been experiencing?
What is wrong with my GF ?/?? SERIOUS help pls !!! any expert?
red bump in corner of mouth?
Im Really scared tremors in my hands and Ect. Help!?
Please help 10 yr old daughter has swollen glands in throat and dr keeps saying its a virus?
Is this a form of OCD?
does my friend have an eating disorder?
if your hands shake does it mean you have arthritis?
Do i have a brain tumor ?
can you tell me whats wrong with my girlfriend pleasee !!?
i just went to the doctor for a UTI and he gave me medicine...is it possible he diagnosed me wrong... because?
what is the condition called when people are extremely short?
please help me?! what do i hve?!?
what are thirst, cold sweat and loss of consciousness, symptoms of?
my hands are shaking!! :S?
Alcohol & antidepressants?
I haven't eaten much lately but I'm not depressed and I don't have a disorder. I'm just not hungry. Is this ok?
For tb tests, do they read the redness to ?
chest pain, frequent coughing, swollen lymph nodes?
could i have pneumonia?
Can second hand smoke cause risk of stroke and blood clots while on birth control pills?
The more oxygen you need in your cells the _______ hemoglobin gets at doing it job.?
Small case of asthma? (details!)?
Chest hurts from running...?
Best time to take asthma inhalers for best results? (before exercise)?
im 14 5'6 and i weigh about 140 my resting heart rate is between 80-90 am i unhealthy?
what are the chances of suriving and living normal life again after a massive heart attack?
stroke, thumping in the ear..?
Is 108/70 blood pressure good for an 11 year old girl?
can someone help me????diagonosis?
Are hiccups a symptom of a heart condition?
Does it sound like something is wrong with me? What could it be?
what is the the difference between a lexiscan stress test and a cardiolite stress test ?
Mixing Beta Blockers and Sleep Aids?
Is it normal to feel nausea after taking cetalapram?
What's going on with my ear? Please Help?
my earlobe it has a strange bump on it?
Help! Labret piercing sinking and disappearing?
I Put a Chewed up red cry baby in my hands cuz it was too sour and now, my hand is COMPLETELY red. PLZ HELP!?
Russel's Viper bite.?
what is it called when you have things that kind of look like ant bite but the have a red dot in the middle?
A question about hand washing?
How can i bee like that forever a lone guy?
I got a cut while playing, it left behind a scab, the scab came off by mistake, will I get a scar?
How to reduce swelling underneath eye from bug bite?
how to heal a charcoal burn on my foot?
spider bitei believe i have been bitten by a spider. the bite is red swollen and feels hard. it hurts when i w?
I have a two year old that has been puking and i want to know what i can do to help her? (she has a fever too)?
Any way to help a hangover when you have IBS?
Will i grow any taller?
When I have a couple alcoholic drinks I don't sleep well at all. Isn't it suppose to be the otherway around?
My friend isn't eating, what should I do to help her?
is being flat footed rare?
why do the docters touch (.)(.)?
SO I had to fast today really from like 9:00 last night to 7:30pm today. Was it bad for me?
Am I sick or do I just have lack of sleep?
i think i need to got to the doctor but i am not sure?
Why don't I heal....?
I feel like I've stopped growing.............?!?
i need to get weed out of my system in 4 days help.?
help coping with finding my brother-in-law of 10 years dead?
how can you get ur hands on a really nice joint/weed?
Please help me my heart is aching and is full of grief?
is it ok to take medication for headaches (such as excedrin) for headaches while on birth control?
What can I buy for a stubborn old man who will not go to a doctor to get a hearing aid?
can being sleepy all the time be a sickness?
What are things you can do to grow taller? help!!!?
muscle spasms/ and how to treat them?
I just took 3 somas will something bad happen to me?
What causes sore intestines?
Re: My Back Is Killing Me. Could Leukemia Cause This?
Pains/ Sharp Pains Upper & Lower Chest For 3days?
My neck has a pulled muscle or something, it's VERY painful?
Anyone have any experience with "Progesic" supplements regarding joint pain,arthritis or stiffness?-Link below?
Is something wrong with my eye??
Is watching alot of TV and using the computer alot really bad for you?
HELP my eye is watering like crazy?
Do I look better with or without glasses on (pic)?
Can my daughter get contacts?
what does this "overnight wear" mean?
what happens at a typical eye exam?
How bad is -12.00 vision?
Will the Swine Flu spread fast?
So is the swine flu a natural mutation or synthetically made or what do you think?
is it possible for a dog to get the swine flu?
swine flu ???? no idea what it is...?
swine flu and traveling?
are sun & fever blisters herpes?
should you go to the doctors if you think you have the flu?
do you think swine could be in New Mexico?
is the swine flu airborne?
list of infectious diseases?
Closing Schools because of swine flu?
Is it true that brushing your teeth frequently can prevent from flu contamination?
Can i take paracetamol with norfloxacin?
will the swine flu come to the part of england i'm in?
What is the right cure friends?
help what should i do for my lip!?!?
What is the procedure for getting tested for Chlamydia?
how soon can i get pregnant after having a std?
does hiv virus die on water? does hiv virus die on soap?
Is this a good reason why we shouldn't have oral?
My sock puppet is coming unraveled.Is it sick?
How is kissing so unhealthy?
what are two ways the risk of some types of cancer can be reduced?
I used to drink a 12 pack of beer and a pack of cigs a day.Now I have throat cancer could that have caused it?
Lower Left Abdomen Discomfort?
Rank cancer types in the order of the most prevalent to the least?
How to get rid if allergies?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
i itch when im around myyorkiepoo does it mean she has fleas.?
How long do HIVES last?
hey every one i need sum help i help sum type of bite they look like Mosquitoe bite but i dont remember any Mo?
Any solutions for severe nasal congestion?
does freezing pillows kill dust mites and germs?
Allergy to Jalapenos?
my baby might have a milk allergy?
My dog sounds like something is caught in her throat but wont cough and thing up?
Drug problem how do you overcome it!?