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What is meant by a pandemic?
How do i get my voice bacckkk!?
what age do you stop growing?
would only 1 or 2 drags of smoking a cigarette still harm me?
What does 1/8 of marijuana stand for?
how do doctors fix broken ribs?
Sprained Shoulder heal time?
i've been kicked in the mouth?
please help me! hurt my wrist?!?
When is this fly in my room going to die?
Pulled a muscle during jumping jacks?
Is it normal to hear loud slapping noises when you hit the back of your head?
Okay, I want to break my wrist/ thumb...?
Why am I always sick? Please help me..?
I feel nauseous on and off, but never throw up. What's the problem?
6 AM and havent sleept yet.?
13 yr old girl and have been getting lots of stomach aches recently?
someone i know is having headaches and is feeling dizzy what could possibly be wrong?
How long does it take to throw up?
i want to hurt myself i am actually thinking of ways to do it?
hi erm my boyfriends mum had an operation today?
Old Pee, Bleach, Drug Test?
Will I be able to grow taller?
Whats happening?! Help!?
Is it bad to smoke weed?
fractured foot?? or sprained it?
am find in it hard and still try in to get back on my feet?
I sprained my knee about a month ago And everytime it seems to get healthy i reaggravate it. What should i do?
Accident at work has kept me wondering about the future...Advise Please!?
i'm really cold and my head hurts.?
Is smoking once in a while bad?
Is this laced with acid?
what happens if i just walk away?
serious question: do i have a...?
What was my weed laced with? .. :S?
Do anyone's hands swell up when they get cold?
My Finger Is Swollen, From Jamming in Football... ?
Head Injury Should I Be Concerned?
Why do I have this Thumping noise in my right ear?
question about crutches? please help!?
I hurt my back about 8 months ago doctors no help.?
i fell on my wrist like 8 months ago couldn't move it for weeks.?
Depression are these the sighns?
Do you think I'm bipolar?
Should I break up with my girl friend because of her mental health issue?
Homework stress, please help?
What's wrong with my brain?
What are the symptoms of H1N1?
is cervical cancer life threatening??
How long does the flu last?
cause of death was Sepsis, what is this?
Why can't I smell anything?
how old do you have to be too be allergy tablets?
Is swelling a side effect from quitting smoking?
Celiac Disease.......?
Need medical help but have no insurance or money?
Dizzy and sick feeling when waking up... PLEASE HELP ME!?
Is there anything in men or women that's only on the left side of the groin?
Please help translate an xray report :)?
Feeling tired all the time?
How do I un-clog my ear?
Best way for liver and kidney cleanse?
Is it possible to be allergic to fur?
Hi i have allergies(Hives) ?
my 2 year old has had a bloody nose for a week?
How do I get rid of hives?
My mother is allergic all sorts of hair dyes?
Does thick dust in house cause illness to a person who is allergic to it?
Is it possible to be allergic to food?
I think I may have mold in my house.?
Random red eyes??????????????
What do I do when there is no kleenex in school?
Am I allergic to Kit-Kats?
causes of a bloody nose?
Can Benadryl cost dependency ?
strep throat?
home ready for hard cough?
sneezing everyday many times from morning till night!?
If I am allergic to cows milk am I also allergic to human breast milk?
what feedback from folks who had retinal detachment?
what can you not do during remadan or fasting this is my first time doing remadan the whole month?
Cardiovascular fitness and heart rate question?
What is the mediacal cost of a heart stint?
if Troponin -T is 22 in blood is it a sign of heart attack ?
Are Statin Drugs for cholesterol a scam by Big Pharma? Do they really help or cause harm?
heart problem when I was a kid?
Do I have High Blood pressure..help?
anxiety and stress and heart attacks what do you do to calm down?
blood test and diseases ?
I have a blood pressure of 89/57. Am I at any health risk? What could be the cause?
Rubeola Cure?
Mole Question - Help Me!?
my 15year brother's umbilicus smells foul?no any pus,even he cleans daily.any suggestions to get rid of this?
i have really sweaty hands.help!?!?
why do i have a bumpy rash on the top of my hand that is not itchy?
Sun Poisoning???
I'm 19 yrs old and I've have bruises on my shins for about 1 yr. Anyone know what it could be from?
Brown on my neck?
skin help please?
My zits get irritated in my sleep?
I put rubbing alochol in my ear..?
How long does snorting meth keep you awake?
medication question..?
Can you get high off the walgreens brand tylenol pm?
are drugs from other countries for ED safe?
Flutters? please Help?????????????/?
Incense inside a closed room?
does "super detox tea" help clean thc out of system?
SCIENCE HELP: what is an analgesic and how does it work?
I have a17 year old lab with arthritis, what is the best food?
Quest Diagnostics Urine Test?
Does exercise agitate healing of a black eye?
Is this herpes or a chemical burn?
I took Ativan twice over the course of a week. Horrible side effects. Help?
Does cranberry juice take the sensation of having to urinate away during a UTI?
Does supplementation with Niacinamide/Nicotinamide inhibit lipolysis (ie fat burning)?
Do I Have To Take A Green Food Suppliment If I Juice Each Morning?
Salvia as a depression medicine?
Is it OK to supplement Nutrilite's concentrated phytonutrients along-with Spirulina?
what are the best effigen pills to take?
Lexxie;I have clinical depression...?
How can you make "dip pouches" (Aka snus) but I heard you can make it from tea bags?
What % of the world population have Hiv/aids?
Is it posible to ................?
does anyone know any home remedies for a urinary track infection?
My wife who's 27 complains of heart pains while exercising, what could this be?
why human can not breath under the water?
my husbands blood pressure was 234/118 how bad is this?
how do i get rid of a cold?
Gauze sticking to wound?
EAR Problem Please Help!?
I have a burn on my face, what do I do to make it go away as soon as possible?
help nail polish remover licked?
how to cure Jellyfish sting!?
Big zit in my left ear...?
I cut my finger on fish teeth and now my finger is swollen, hot and hurting. What do I do, is it blood poison?
my kitty got a rip in his ear somehow, about 1-2 in.long, will it heal on its own?
Did I pull something or really hurt my elbow?
poison related question?
i cut my finger cutting up raw chicken am i in danger?
Will aloe vera help on poison ivy?
I got a bug bite last night?
How can I reduce and prevent swelling?
Sprayed windex on the ceiling and inhaled some?? What to do?
how do i treat a bug bite?
bee stung and itching getting worse after 2 weeks?
Snake bite piercings?
ingrown toenail help?
can you die of bleeding through your mouth?
Neck tongue syndrome?
tinging feeling in my arms and head when im out of breathe?
Sudden head pain! 13 need answers.?
Ankle Surgery ? help.?
I am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades with pain in my upper right chest. At times frontal headache?
Taking pills when u run out of suboxone?
Why do I get pain in my hips at night and how can I alleviate it?
Slight Dizziness, Sore throat and headache, what could be wrong with me?
I fell on my elbow n it wont straighten out all the way?
burning in my throat like when you throw upp?
what are some diseases cigarettes cause?
HELP!!! If someone quits smoking, will the possible health problems from before go away?
13 sick sleepy and more what is wrong with me?
When you get your gallbladder taken out, do they take out your appendix also? Even if its not bothering you?
Whats wrong with me?
Should I go to the emergency room?
i think my ear is infected, what do i do? MAJOR HELP?
Diagnosed with Kidney Stone, I sometimes have sharp lower one sided back pain, could it be related?
im only 12 and i need rehab.....?
blood on stool, is this a cause to go to the ER?
Is there something wrong with me?
I just got a blood test done..?
why is it only burning at the end of urinating?
What is rehab???????
Does ringing in the ears indicate a health disorder?
how can i vomit?
is this normal? does anyone recognize this?
My grandma cant remember who my mom is?
Dr. not concerned about low T4, normal TSH?
my ears are purple what should i do?
will i pas my drug test?
How can I grow taller?
Whats your favourite drug and why?
Feel sick after smoking weed, why?
How do I get rid of the flu fast?
what would happen to you if you didnt talk for a year?
can you still be conscious after being shot in the head?
If I stick my finger down my throat won't I puke on my hand?
what does the average urine drug test test for?
ear infection?!?! 15 and scared!!?
help me plese im sick all the time details inside?
Weird thing in my eye? Please help!?
My feet smell, why is that?
whattts wrongg withh these people?
How to cure chronic constipation?
What kind of sickness do i have .. ?
Is this much sleep bad for me, or is it ok?
how can i get rid of anxiety? forever?
When I am trying to sleep, I see flashes of light?
What's up with my eyes?
how to change my eye color naturally?
shaking while trying to sleep?
How can you tell if your contacts have protein build up?
What sickness do I have?
Glasses or eye test jus wanted to kno?
Are my eyes a reason to go to the doctor?
Is there a cure for insomnia?
My mom has cancer, and has to shave her head. Should i to?
I have a bladder infection. My doctor told me to drink only clear fluids. Vodka counts, right?
Im scared I might have lukemia... please help me?
Is 122 over 76 good for blood pressure? Please see details?
I have the simplex virus type 1 and I'm wondering if my offspring will have it, too.?
should i get swine flu tested?
the swine flu????do you believe?
I'm quite surprised it hasn't....has it?
How dangerous is Swine Flu?
Where in NY Has The swine flu hit?
I think I might be infected by the swine flu.?
what is the swine flu ?
what's with this "Swine Flu"?
What are the symptoms of the Swine Flu and what can i do to prevent myself from getting it?
Do i have Swine Flu? Yes? No? Maybe so?
What is swine flu and how does it transmit to human?
are la mesa schools closed because of the swine flu?
help!!, do i have swine flu or is it just my allergies acting up??plz im really worried...?
I would like to ask about the govermental response to a pandemic, and what it could cost us in freedom?
Could I Have A Disease?
Can I drink Pop Now? I got my Tonsils removed 1 week ago.?
neck injury, please PLEASE, help!!?
how to tell if you have a concussion?
Should i see a doctor for a sprained ankle?
can you sprain your thumb by texting a lot?
can my foot be broken? (read discription)?
Collar bone broken for 16 years?
Help! help! help! help! ASAP?
How can I make my finger feel ?
ankle problems, please help?
I got my ear cartilage peirced a week ago and it has been okay until today when it has become very swollen?
What's my wrist injury?
doctors , nurses , or medical people pleasee answer !?
Left ankle swells up?
carpet burns??????????????????????????????
Blood under my fingernail?
A dislocated jaw i think?
Is my pinky toe broken?
was dancing, landed wrong on my leg, now hip is swollen, whats wrong?
Is running bad for patellar dislocation?
If your cracking someone's back from behind..?
jarred fingers?? please help?
what can a person do to keep high blood pressure down?
i notice that after i smoke my cigarette i feel my heart beating faster and sometimes i am out of breath.?
do canker sores show up as herpes 1 on a std test?
Why is gonorrhea referred to as "the clap"?
can UTI cause any type of STD?
The cells of the body that are attacked by HIV are the _______________.?
Can you get Chlamydia by using an infected person's dirty underwear?
Is it possible for a male to have an STD without having any sympthoms?
my blood mpv test 13.44?
is 500 mg less or more than one million cc,s?
pancreas transplant ?
Will insulin injection increase the body weight of a person who had angioplasty?
what happen to your blood glucose when you eat protein?
how do you get water out of your ear?
My earring got just got ripped out of my ear this morning and it wont go back in. What should I do?
Is it bad to try and bite my ear off?
I cut my hand..from falling off a bike?
I think I got bit by a spider.?
what would happen if i drunk a cap of bleach and a cap of antifreeze?
got bee stung on the throat how long will swelling occur?
Identify this thing on my foot? Been here for 3 years (Pic included) not graphic...?
Cut off skin on tip of finger, not healing right?
I cut up my upper lip and it really stings?
Any remedies on how to get rid of cold?
If it ok if you can go to the pool with snake bite piercing ?
any other remedies for mouth ulcers other than salt or drinking more water?
Theres a bee on the other side of the door, the door is shut but will it come in?!?
What happens when you mix stong pain killers with achahol does it get you drunk quiker?
my ear wont pop after cleaning it out with a Q tip?
i stretched my ear and its swollen?
why did I find one black bandaid in my Walgreen's plastic tan band aid box?
what can i do for my ankle and heel pain besides see a foot specialist?
can an air horn damage your inner ear and if how so?
Melatonin OTC and Body Clock?
Does pure Kava Kava have any physical feeling/relaxation?
Levothyroxine and Apple Cider Vinegar?
Green tea OIL benefits?
Are there any real good Massage Therapy DVDs for beginners?
what to use for a massage?
Is there an age restriction to buying Epicac?
Can cosmotologists do massage?
Co-codeine and alcohol ???? 14 years old. Answer asap?
Is it possible to get a nonstop runny nose from not taking one of my medications?
Aleve and alcohol consumption?
I am 200 pound and want to get built, how do i go about this?
Would 10 kava capsules give me any permanent liver damage?
After mbbs is it possible to do MD in ayurveda?
What are some of the best muscle building supplements?
Are anabolic steroids legal?
Alcohol or Sleeping Pills?
This medicine is making me feel really sick... Invega?
would mescaline still work for me?
Need to detox from opiate abuse the natural way>/?
Where to buy mr.nice guy online?
Can you take iron and biotin together?
Immune booster product?
Why is my nose PERMANENTLY stopped up?
is it possible to keep the fat left over from my liposuction?
what can make my sore throat go away quickly?
Hi I'm 16 and two days ago I smoked marijuana I have an annual physical next week?
Do you know why I might be sick?
Help, my stomach keeps getting bigger and i throw up often, it's been 5 months. am i getting possessed,?
What happens with food poisoning?
How can i make myself sick?
I have really bad stomach aches about once a week, can anyone help me?
Is it possible to need glases for the relief of headaches?
I want to be able to faint?
Why do I always feel so faint/dizzy during Summer?
What are some effective ways for falling asleep?
I'm thinking of becoming a kidney donor?
Im a daily smoker and I just tested negative for marijuana. How is this possible?
What do you do when you can't sleep but you have to wake up early tomorrow?
Im a Senior and i don't know if i should take medical terminology?
Why does it takes me so long to fall asleep?
How do i stop chewing my fingers?
I Am Getting These Dry Spots.
what are the bumps and unevenesss on the back of my head..they may have always been there. is it normal?
Yellow bruises (spots?) on forearms
How do i get rid of this rusty odor on my hand?
too much skin produced in my ears?
Can you get rid of the appearance of cellulite?
i just had a breakout, I'm going to see a dermatologist on the 19. do they really help??? if yes how??
Is there a safe, non-habit-forming prescription sleep aid?
Pulsating twitching inside head (urgent)?
What is this mental disorder?
how can i get rid of dark circles?
How Can I Make BlackHeads Go Away?
I keep getting sunburned after a few minutes in the sun. Is the sun getting stronger? I can't take the sun now
How do I get rid of?
Is it possible to go to sleep but not really "sleep"?
Adderall XR and Xanax question?
Anyone recommend any creams to remove red skin?
medicine for candidia(yeast infection)
Double Depression/Dysthymia..?!?
why do i have achy legs and feel shortness of breath?
Does anyone knows what is good for cold sore?
I have a pink color bump on my inner thigh that im worried about. can anyone help me in figuring out what it m
can bug bites hurt??????
Bowel movement is a pale maroon color, I need help!?
Is there a way to get off of Hydrocodone without going to a detox center?
Is this bad for my eyes? And how long will this last?
Whar Do you drink when your throat hurts?
I'm throwing up blood its dark red, and i also feel dizzy. What should I do?
diarrhea. helppp!?
I feel like i cant go on with life, what should i do?
Am I too skinny? 5'4" and 85lbs? please help?
What happens when you take Pepto when not needed?
Am I likely to get Arthritis?
should i be worried about this?
Why do i feel like my body is giving up .?
Should I go to the doctor?
Do i have a sleeping disorder and if so what could it be?
Is there a pill for nervousness?
does anyone have a way to get rid of cold soars really fast??
Fastest way to get rid of cold?
When you starve yourself for a long period of time whats the chances of fainting?
What's the name of that disease where your bones break easily?
How can you tell if you are anemic without a blood test?
Can someone tell me why I feel like throwing up after I eat?
Can a guy have a baby if he is missing a liver?
Is it possible to maintain weight loss even if you have Hypothyroidism?
Grandfather has diastolic heart failure how much time does he have left?
my alt blood test is 210 what effect may it cause to my body?
I think I have some sort of cancer, I want to commit suicide?
I already asked but got no answer!!!! Is it melanoma?
What happens if you smoke a cig ONCE?
My breathing has been strange for the past year?
If I am allergic to cows milk am I also allergic to human breast milk?
I've been sick for a bit and now I'm fine what should i eat?
Starbucks gluten free?
I am allergic to penicillen. Can I take amoxocillen?
how come everytime i smoke, i swallow it?
Allergic reaction to a peach?
14 month old has allergy rash when nothing new is eaten?
Did my allergy for cats go away?
Is there something that I can use in place of eggs when baking things like cake and cookies? my bf is allergic?
is it possible to develop an adult onset food allergy?
I've had hives for the last two months - what should I do?
why asthama pateint have always alergy,and suffer frm coomon cold?
How to stop profuse sweating?
Am I allergic to cats?
Allergy Questions?
What doctor checks for food allergies? Is it a nutritionist, a dietician, allergist or other?
Unbelievable rash?
why can i only breathe in one nose but not the other?
Help with breathing troubles!?
Peanut Allergy Help Please!!!!!?
Help me please! I think I'm allergic to my guinea pig!!!?
How do I clear my nose up quick?
Can you catch a disease from a single drop of blood?
Symptoms of the swine virus?
What, Now it's Swine Flu????
is this swine flu symtoms?
Will the WHO declare pandemic swine flu even if it is truly a pandemic?
im getting sick of that and i cant over it!?
Is swine flu the past tense of pigs fly.?
3 months ago... huhuhu...?
does anyone know what a rapid hiv test is? and how do you get it? also can u get a hiv test at a gum clinic?
What is the difference between the common flu and this swine flu thing going around?
Are there any games about the Swine Flue Pandemic?
I'm really worried about this swine flu thing?
will the swine flu get any worse?
Swine Flu? Taking small baby on plane?
swine flu trip to queens, new york?? cancel?
what are the symptons for swine flu? The radio and television does not say!?
how long does it usually take for a sprained ankle to heal?
Quick, sharp pains in ankle while running?
How to know if u broke ur hand?
I think I broke my nose, any ideas?
I was lifting weights then all of a sudden my neck area started hurting?
How can I stop my knees from swelling up when I run?
My foot is swollen help?
I poked my nose and i think it broke?
Hit in head with baseball...?
Can I sue for a botched spinal tap?
Is putting ice on an injury beneficial?
I dropped a brush on my foot 3 wks ago and still have a painfull knot on top of my foot. Is this dangerous?
I have a finger injury that needs an explanation so does anyone have any ideas?
why hasnt my black eye gone away...its been over 2 months it happend in august!!! please help me!!!?
foot and ankle swelling and numbness?
Intense pain in heel?
My nose is bent. How can I fix that?
How would an orthodpedist treat this?
i have fractured my ankle, what exercises or treatments can i do to speed up the healing process?
What can I do for my aching calves?
Upper Thigh area pain.?
What if you have a new partner? Is it necessary to be tested for STD's?
Help! 20 weeks pregnant & biochemist!?
can a pap smear detect any signs of hiv?
what are the little white bumps on my top lip?
thought i had hpv........?
How do I get my back posture right?
Right shoulder pain after coughing?
I just got spacers in?
Body Issue with Arms and Legs?
Why does my neck feel really tight?
Can I still use Bangay and Icy Hot?
What is your experience with a ruptured disk in the neck?
How to CURE chronic sciatica?
What cause sports on tongue?
Why is a fluid coming out of my ear ring hole?
Burn on hand.. help!?
Is it a mosquito bite or something else?
How to heal cuts fast?
Bug bite question!? Please help asap.?
My son has a bite and....?
i got shocked by my car starter plug while starting my car up what do i do, i feel my arm tingling?
severe first degree sunburn help!?
What could have caused a short sting, and then later swelling and pain when touched?
my lip is cut and has been slowly bleeding for 4 days! what should i do?
Would an amputee help stop the bleeding of a Shark Bite?
Does ripping your ear help close yuor gauge in your ear ? if so how can i rip it?
How do you get water out of your ear without using drops?
should u repeirce your ear if there is a bump with puss in it?
Help my ear got a small cut and then...?
I Cut Myself Shaving?
Im kinda bad bleeding bad?
I think I have a splinter underneath but idk?
I got bite and there is three darks dots on my bite?
Is it normal for the doctor to squeeze the bone in your nose after a nose job?
My ear is making a weird noise?
if i took a 30mg roxi on sunday and then took a drug test monday at 1030am. am i gonna fail the test?
Niacin with B-12 vitamin?
What medicine should i take?
what do you have when you vomit but can't use the bathroom?
How can i get motivated to change my life?
if you are 11 are you suppose to have a light faded line across your stomach?
Is listening to headphones on max volume bad for your ears?
is there any medicine for 11 year old when they have headaches.?
I feel horrible today..whats wrong with me?
I've been really self conscious about my vulva all my life..do guys get turned off by this stuff?
Ok wtf does this mean?
how long does it take for thc to hit ur longs?
How about this question?
How do i get rid of stress?
I am pretty sure that my husband is addicted to heroine. How can I prove to him that I know?
when i without smoking weed i feel suicidal?
how can i change my sleeping schedule?
Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?
Can i go to jail for pranking a suicide hotline?
whats a human stool hardener?
Infection in ears from earrings?
Could I have the swine flu?
Can huffing cause permanent damage or is that a lie?
My 8 yr.old son is vomiting and has diarrhea at the same, is it just a virus?
HELP??? Is it a cyst?
how to get over panic disorder without meds. please read?
What's it called? I have something terrible!?
I get head spin every time I smoke how long until that stops?
What could be causing my dizziness?
Husband has swollen nose....?
Why am i constantly dizzy?
Swollen throat with white spots?
Do you think this could be anything serious?
My 8 year old son has a small ball in his left side of his head.?
Stinging eyes constantly?
What medicine (that cures headaches, etc.) does this?
help stomach acid?
Sore throat and (non painful) lymph node swelling.?
i have a problem of acidity so what should i eat?
give me some names plz?
which is more addictive crack cocaine or cigarettes?
Coffee Breath...How bad can it be?
is it dangerous to smoke with athsma?
Should i get checked out?
does this make me anorexic?
whats worse? cigarrettes or marijuana?
Nopalea is it safe to drink?
Filing for social security disability, will going to detox make you lose it?
Does any one knows the use of Nigella Hispanica and Nigella Orientalis?
What bong can be attached to the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer?
How long do prescription pills stay in your system?
Can u mix alcohol and cefdinir?
Do General Surgeons Make GOOD Money ?
what happens if you double dose synthroid?
my medicine is making me sick help?
natural lipton green tea?
Curing Blurry Vision Naturally? 10 points?
Question about eucalyptus oil and depression?
cold turned to coughing up mucus?
long term chest congestion? please help!?
Is Invasive Mechanical Ventilation risk to lung infection?
Is it normal to be constantly tired with a sever sinus infection?
How to get rid of bronchitis without medicine?
does garlic help asthema?
Is cayenne pepper ok on vocal chords?
is provoke airway constriction a type asthma?
Ex Smokers please answer?
How to stop coughing?
What does being around a smoking environment do for non smokers?
What is a good over-the-counter medication for yeast infections??
I have a scar on my upper arm. You can barely see it, but the skin texture looks all ruddy. ?
Dry skin patched in bikini area?
Best home remedies to take care of scars in a few days.?
i need help my skin is horrible =/?
if a persons skin is pierced by a blooddraw needle and they jump/flinch what does it mean?
My daughters finger nail fell is a new one going to grow???
How do you treat heels with hard skin ?
What are some things you can drink / eat to get over a cold?
helpp easy 10 pointss ?
my skins always itchy and i have spots on my back scratches and now they are like lumps on my back! help?
how come i get feeling like bugs are crawling on my skin?
Acne Help Question!?!?!?!?
What could be causing my Dizziness ?
my daughter is having burning,itching,and stinging on the side of her private area and i dont know wat to do ?
On my way to the hospital. Sending via mobile phone. Really shou ldnt have drank that paint i got dared too hu?
If gingers don't have soles... how do they walk?
how you quit smoking weed?
whats a good acne skincare?
I have a farmers tan!! How can I fix it!!??
how do i quit smoking?
what kind of vitamins help when you have psoriasis???
whats it mean when you keep having nose bleeds?
I can't stop sneezing!!!?
My husband I wake up with dry mouth almost every morning?
Is there any kind of metal someone might be allergic to?
Sinus problems help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
I had just been bitten by my puppy!....?
everytime i lay down and get up, or eat something sweet, my eyes black out?.. what could this mean?
ALERGIESSSSSSSS itchy eyes 8-{?
Bloody Noses Question!?
why does my throat itch when i eat fruit?
Could this be a sinus infection or what?
My lip is swollen since i woke up?
I Think I Have Allergies?
Can listening to music with earbuds cause sinusitis?
could i keep using this moisturizer, thanx?
ERAR MITES IN CATS.......ewwwwwwwwwww?
Can mucous go from your throat to your nose?
how do i get rid of mold/musty smell in carpet?
neti pot not good with colds?
so i'm allergic to eggs...
Could I have an allergy to heat?
I don't smoke and my parents do. I have tried everything to have my clothes not reek. Nothing works long term.?
how do i get rid of chaped lips when it always happens to me like every 3 days?
i'm 16 year old and i feel like my heart is being squeezed...am so so scared...i cant even sleep! afraid 2 die?
In California what is the difference between a Paramedic and and emt.?
Why won't my sunburn fade?
I need to talk to a doctor for free about bruising that could be a bite. Where can i find a free online source?
sore in the ear inside the ear, not in the canal, won't heal and she scratches and it stays red I think?
My 4 year old popped a blister a blister on her heel?
Burn Blister Accidental Popped!?
I cant hear out of my ear for a week now?
Could this be bed bugs or a spider bite?
What does a swollen thumb mean?
Help! My dog just bit my nose off! What do I do?!?!?!?!?
What should I do about my hand?
What is the best way to treat a swollen hand and knuckles?
i hit my foot on something and got a blood blister?
can your eyes turn red from a spider bite?
Is it safe for my 9 year old to take Zofran for nausea ?
is it normal for sunburn to swell/?
Should I see a doctor for this burn?? Pic Included..?
How do I stop a cut fast?
How do I pop a bubble in my ear?
how can i get rid of a bug bite?
Pleaseee help.. what am i doing wrong:(?
reading OCD has been really annoying me for a couple of years now. what do i do?
I believe i have Maladaptive Daydreaming, what should i do?
Can using ecstasy one time cause permanent depression?
Is there something wrong with me?
Do you have to be a certain age to get an aids or hiv or std test?
What specific programs have been created to look for a cure for HIV/AIDS?
chlamydia/ gonnorhea?!?
Has anyone had success using Binaural or Isochronic tones to reduce anxiety?
Why are hearing aids so expensive?
Social Anxiety problems...getting nervous...acting different at school.. Help please?
how do you know if you have gonorea?
Please help me answer this!?
How long does it take to become positive?
Does working out help people with anxiety/depression?
can you only find out if you have herpes when they test you because you have a symptom ?
how long will it be around for???
How about how many more days do you think this flu will last?
Obama being 'crafty' with Phony Swine FLU PANDEMIC to disguise his desire to END Gun & AMMO Sales?
Why W.H.O. spreads fear on swine flu?
tonsillitis could i have it help?
Hundreds of kids have suspected swine flu in New York...?
How does the govt know you can't catch swine flu?
Swine Flu and travel?
Where is the good news about the swine flu?!?
Swine flu in Texas??
Whats all the hype about "the swine flu"?
Do people who work where they are exposed to a lot of people have better immune systems?
Can Staff Infection can effect my clothes?
Thoughts On Flu Risk For New Yorkers Commuting?
should i be worried about the swine flu?
What is the difference between normal flu and swine flu?
What states have been affected by the swine flu?
swine flu symptoms??????
The Swine flu outbreak?
What exactly is "Swine Flu"? And how is it cured?
Swine flu?Any advice, precautions?
MY 4 year old broke her hand and is now complaining of a headache and noise bothering her?
Is my foot broken? Help?!?
Ankles are slightly swollen after work. What are some things to help prevent it?
Got a small stab, will i be ok?
what type of acl surgery should i get?
possibly head injury?
So I hurt my knee in football...?
Bug flew in my eye in P.E today?
help me please! thank you in advance .?
What did you put on your skin after stitches were taken out to prevent a scar?
is my foot broken or fractured?
Help me diagnose my ankle/foot pain?
Had EKG done for heart, but they pushed on sides?!?!?!?
how fast do antibiotics work for rib injuries?
My actual heart hurts?
Loss of vision and diziness when i sprained my ankle?
Is it bad to play on my sprained ankle?
I got out of bed and I sat down and when I tried to get up I began to feel the room spinning around me.?
I did something really back. I do not know what to do and slowly I'm breaking down. What should i do?
Is it possible to bleed internally without any serious pain or loss of consciousness after hitting your head?
I did a lot of pushups and even some with my legs on my bed. Now I think I pulled a muscle in my lower right?
Helpp???????? My knee buckled then hurt to walk?
what can be done to help my injured thumb?
Once you get shin splints are they a problem forever?
Whats the symptoms of a heart attack?
Medication causing tachycardia?
what jobs can i do if i suffer from hypertension?
Is this a clog in a vein?
Are there any vegetables out there that can also cause blocked arteries?
weird symptoms. please advise!!!!?
Do you know anyone with OCD?
can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of night sweats and hot flashes..ive tried black cohosh doesnt work?
I have headaches, pressure in the head and eyes and ears, dizziness, and zings that go through my body?
Do i have an "eating disorder"?
Burning, sensitive feeling, and sharp pains under left arm?
what would happen if you drank your pee?
Im 15 years old, and have ADD. Im sure theres medication that can be perscribed but i dont know any..
My niece has a head ache and has been sleeping all day for 2 days.
Could this be a UTI or worse a kidney infection?
Is anorexia like...will never go away?
Can you tell me if my symptoms are kidney stones or not?
What are these symptoms of?
I need help with anorexic problems?
Cold and sore throat won't go away?
why do i shake violently when i drink my own urine?
Need to think of as many health problems/illnesses that would prevent a person from drinking alcohol...?
Do I have appendicitis?
Randomly throwing up with no other symptoms?
Is it Bad if My Urine is Bright Yellow?
How can you treat sun burns?
I think I got a cure for cancer!?
Where do I go next? Mystery illness needs a diagnosis.?
Do i have asthma or what?
How to Survive Cancer!?
Chest pain on the upper left chest.?
Can you really get a Cyst for the second time?
can i be addicted to alcohol?
i pee more often then i usually do so what does that mean?
What do i take for headache.?
How tall will I be when I grow up?
Please dont leave me with no answers... nobody seems to care these days?
After effect of weed / pot- help!?
was my marijuana laced?
I inhaled quite a bit of chlorine...?
I cannot see my nose?
Why did my stomach swell up?
How to get rid of that feeling.?
Get up too fast , Everything turns black And ...?
is holding your breath good for you?
What should i do! emergency?
How do I pass a urine test for THC (marijuana)?
What kind of medication do you think an ER would give you for this...?
Why do people die quickly when stabbed in the neck with a knife?
what do you think i should do...?
What is the best medication for protecting kidneys in diabetics?
What do these symtons mean? Early signs of pregnancy or diabetes?
Everywhere in my body hurts ? Help.?
does fiber use deplete sodium?
My wrist hurts i need some expert advice!?
i have an a1c of 6.0 my doctor told me i was a diebetic.but i thought 6.o was normal?
Leg Cramps horrible & for days... what could it be...?
Has anyone tried royal jelly pills to aid in conception?
Best way to get rid of cold?
Does afamelanotide and melanotan 1 the same?
I had a little less than a table spoon of nutmeg what is a nutmeg high like?
Is carrot juice good for when you have tonsillitis?
users guide for dr. scholl's paraffin bath for her?
What would happen if a guy took natural estrogen with pomegranate extract to go from male to female?
wholesale herbal smoke blends?
how do i know when vicodin es is work?
why doesnt tramadol seem to work for me?
whats the diffrents between niacin 500mg. and naproxen ?
What does a pinched nerve feel like?
Red dawn vector pill??? Whos taken it!!!?
12 milligram zoloft & weed?
Can't Dr's detect Acetaminophen in your blood or urine?
Which is better somas (cardisoprodol) or vicodin?
where can i get ulomoides?
Anybody who knows about health?
good legal and natural highs for smoking?
natural cure for prositatis?
is human consumtion of ice harmful?
Do I have cancer? Picture included?
I am scared I have cancer please help!?
skin cancer question
what happens during a anxiety attack ?
hickeys.. i have one?
I have a question for people who know about acne?
clear skin? REAL accurate and fast acne help???
head itch, ugh?
My face gets greasy during third period!?
red, puffy sore tatoo, causes?
ringworm help?
when do wasp stings go away?
Wasp sting swollen to the point where can't open eye?
My lip bit swollen after it got hit accidentally. Should I take it out?
I got bit or stung by an ant with a black head, orange body, and stinger. What kind of ant is this? (Florida)?
piercing info?
Can a Doctor or someone from the medical field tell me if this is serious enough to go to the ER?
neutrogena for acne?? ANY advice for acne?
Alpecia Areata is it curable or not?
Acne Help?
Im having an alergic reaction to overdose of antibiotics what should i do how long will it take to clear?
how do i treat swollen feet by sunburn?
There is something wrong with my Ear?
Does anyone know what this first-aid item is called...?
how to revive a bee after a sting?
bald spotting I am 21 help?!?
REALLY itchy feet?????
Differin users?
What to do for inner ear balance and nausea?
Help! There is something weird going on with my skin?
i have this wierd purple mole on my leg what is it?
When a bottle of sterile water/sodium chloride is opened to clean a wound, is it still considered sterile?
What kind of disease or skin problem is this??
I have a lump on my arm and it hurts when i touch it... what could this be?a spider bite?
how do i take a shower with stitches on the back of my neck?
I'm gonna suntan in my backyard? What should I put on first? Sunscreen or bug spray?
Medics I need help, did I mess up on first aid?
How do I prevent a burn from scarring?
how to stop a dog nail from bleeding?
stomach pains and nausea?
A clot of blood under the skin is called what?
Someone who has snake-bite piercings, please answer this for me?
STD questions/ asap!!!! thanks?
treating my molluscum?
std screening and false positives?
Does this mean I'm positive?
Is this a Yeast Infection? Or something else?
I think I have swollen Lymph Nodes???? Help?
What are the chances I have oral herpes...?
I smoked 10 cigarettes yesterday and my chest hurts now?
What could be the culprit for lung pain in an asthmatic, when Pnuemonia is ruled out?
Is the person who exercise regularly would have a larger lung capacity?
I was crying and freaking out because of some family issues and now i have shortness of breathe?
Help me with this symptoms?
Do i have Pneumonia or Bronchitis ?
what causes a vp shunt to break?
temporary Tracheostomy? (10 points!)?
Is it possible to enlist in the Marine Corps with Asthma?
Are electric cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes?
can nebulizers be used on infants and small children?
how long does it take weed to get out of your system?
what do i do if my two year old got ahold on adult nyquil?
Inhaled a little bit of water?
where can a 13 year old get cigarettes?
questions about Arterial Blood Gas. need help!?
how much is the cost of ventriculoperitoneal shunt operation?
what would you do if you found out that your mom or dad had cancer?
How to reduce the cholesterol level?
What are the chemicals in cigars and chewing tabacco?
My mom has cancer, how do we figure out what is the best treatment for her?
I'm having trouble breathing?
Does anyone know where I can get the funky contacts with prescriptions?
What should I do if I think someone in my apartment is smoking drugs and the smell is really bothering me?
I can't tell if I am sick? Please help? 10 pts!?
Lying about health problems...what is this called?
if you throw up without having a fever what does it mean?
My wrist has been sore for a week or two, but I don't know why or what I did to it.?
Is my foot broken? Please help me!?
i want to pierce my hip bones how much skin should i be grabbing?
why is my urine bright yellow?
does anyone know whats wrong with me i get these headaches every 2 weeks?
Help on this... I've got a question!?
Does anybody know an effective treatment for esophagitis(heartburn)?
Should someone with diverticulitis see a doctor or go to the ER each time there is a flare-up?
does a urologist look up your whoowhoo?
I feel sleepy what should i do?
Why is my urine bright yellow?
Skinny and diagnosed with hypothyroidism?
can you take the medicine flomax (to open up your uretha to pass kidney stone) and drink beer?
Is my arm fractured or is it muscle damage?
what is the muscle group in front of the femur ?
Im not sure if this is a bad thing, is it?
Unknown Child?
If I was smacked in the head really hard, would i acquire a concussion or lose brain cells?
How can I stop being bulimic?
it slightly burns to pee not bad but i noticed it. no other pains anywhere else at all.?
Area below right knee has pain..?
Broken Nose!!!!!!!!!!!?
how long do you ice a swollen knee?
Sewing needle went half way into my heel, do I need to see a doctor?
nose bleed...........?
Knee popped/Bad pain?
What is Whiplash (car accident)?
What can be causing all these changes to my body?
What disorder or disease is this?
I have found a lump in ...?
I hurt my wrist yesterday, basic movements are painful. There is no swelling. What can i do?
Do you think this could be epilepsy?
i am a 28yr female with ischemic colitis i am wanting to have a baby does anyone know what risk is involved ?
High pitched clicking in my ear ?
16/female wanting to know more about Hypoglycemia?
What disease is this?
Is my wrist broken...?
My wrist hurts and i don't know what it is?
How do I know if I've broken my foot or not?
When I stand up, everything goes black.. why!?
How bad is Cocaine really, does the medi make it worse than it is?
At what age do girls usually stop growing taller?
will i pass my drug test?
Help with Sleeping problems?
Can vodka treat stomach ulcers?
What happens to your body if you just stop eating?
what are some bad effects from smoking weed?
Why am I having these stomach problems?
not sleeping well. any suggestions?
what's wrong with me?
What can help me grow if I smoke?
How much Ibuprofen can I take before i die and whats the max i can take so i will feel no pain?
Is having my tonsils taken out dangerous?? PLEASE HELP!?
My pee is red, is that bad?
fan sleeping answer me now!!!!!!!!!!!?
How Do People Get The swine flu ?
Should I be worried about the Swine Flu?
im getting a package from a area with swine flu should i worry?
what is the disease that's form mexico what is it and how can u catch it?
is the swine flu hormonal?
Which area of mexico is hardest hit by the swine flu?
Why is the Dept. of Homeland Security involved in the Swine Flu situation?
are you guys worried about the swine flu?
The swine illness, to be afraid?
So, North Carolina MIGHT Have A Few 10-20 Cases? And It Might Hurt North Carolina's Pork Industry?
The infection cycle of HIV includes all of the following steps except?
Why is a blood transfusion given?
I think I might have swine flu I have most of the symptoms but my doctors said no what do i do?
What are the causes of the swine flu?
are you worried about the swine flu?
is flavonoid good for a diabetic patient?
Should I gop to a doctor?
What kind of protein is the hormone insulin?
Wasp Sting - WHAT DO I DO?
How can i make my scab heal faster?
How to treat this cut?? Please help its urgent!?
My little brother's ear is bleeding what should i do?
A Bee sting question?
Popped a blister and it filled back up?
How should i treat this?
my sister ear has a big cut at the side of her ear and has fluff around the side, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?
Stung by a bee! Help?
how do i stop excessive bleeding while on coumadin?
i got a little plastic splinter stuck in my thumb?
I need a good tranquilizer?
Snake bite piercing questions?
how does circleing a mosquito bite work?
Could my cut get infected?
Apply a pressure bandage tight is that true or false?
I have an exam next week, but I also broken my finger, and hence cant write. What will happen?
what bug bit me????????????
what are some home remedies for an ingrown toenail?
ok so got stung by a wasp for the first time today, & i have some questions?
hangnail??Red swollen streak?
My best friend is freaking out about stds?
what are the specific white blood cells infected by HIV?
could ear and nose itching be because of food allergy?
why is drug and alcoholism considered an allergy?
Alternative to phenylephrine or pseudophedrine?
I have had hives and been itching what can I do?
How can I relieve my congestion due to allergies?
Random shower hives...?
Am I allergic if I puke???
How high of a fever can you get from an allergic reaction?
Does anyone know a cure for allergic reaction to water?
Allergies will they go away?
allergic to contact lens?
Would insurance pay for central air conditioning?
Do I have allergies or something else?
I'm trying to find a substitute for ketchup My son is allergic to high fructose corn syrup please can you Help?
Ears Are Still clogged HELP!!!?
My nose has been bleeding for 2 hours :(((?
Everytime I have my Allergies i get a Yeast infection. Does any have any suggestions for Med.'?
hives with chest pain???
I can't get my son's allergy meds til tomorrow and he is irritated....?
How long to cat allergies last?
Sinus headache help please?
How much is Voltaren Gel in Mexico?
is there a website to download hypnosis audio tracks?
do you get high when you overdose on Dicetel?
I still want to learn real yoga?
Question about lavender tincture?
people who take pills!?!?
can u get messed up on naproxen 500mg 149 93?
I want to supplement with Arginine but I get coldsoars...?
what makes rubbing alcohol smell?
How long does it take for a certain milligram of opiates to stop working?
i lost my heidie yesterday. cancer had been a strugle for her. i am a full grown man, but the loss is killing
How do I make/help my fiance stop smoking?
What can be used to treat ear pRoblem?
what is a good over the counter medicine or home remedy for poison ivy? im currently using zanfel,?
Alternative name for 4-methyl benzaldehyde?
Reaction or Opinion about drugstore business?
how old were u when u started smoking?
what level of training allows you to perform an electrocardiogram and advanced life support?
Recipe for Boiling Herbs to Clear up Sinus Congestion, sneezing, cold?
what can I do about my muscle in knee constriction?
My grandma has cancer and she wants me to pull the plug what should i do?
What is the best way to smoke K2?
Sister-in-law sending upsetting cancer emails?
Every smoker will get Lung Cancer, true or false?
How to cope with my teenage depression?
why does this happen to me?
Is this a cause of my OCD?
How to get rid of acne??
Why do I sweat a LOT?
Acne at 20?
My dad's immune system is down to 2 points does any one know how to boost you immune system?
what do i have? what is causing it? ?
Alcohol and Liver Damage ?
wht are pre symptoms of brain death?
What kind of surgeon should I look for to do a gallbladder removal?
What raises white blood cells?
Stomach problems for over a year now?
Lump on back of my head Freakng out.?
how to cure pigmentation ,what all should i use to cure it?
What is causing this crazy dizziness?
Area behind jaw, infront of neck and below ear hurts help?
Need Help Pleez! Can an outbreak of?
Bumps and pigmentation?
I had a Migraine today. Is this OK to eat for dinner?
What to do about my face and chest acne?