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Is urine therapy popular among alternative medicine adepts in USA?
Taking LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) for Multiple Sclerosis?
What should I have in a First-aid kit?
Two Burst Timed Release Capsule?
Found some genmai-cha green tea.. will it help ?
Would you like to hear my dulcit tones?
I need 2 know about food extracts supplement for those patients whose digestive system dosnt allow any eatable?
can you take oxyelite pro as a powder?
Where can you buy herbal ketamine or k-powder?
Am I having valium and alcohol withdrawls?
Is it safe to order from Secret Herbals on Ebay?
Where can I find some meditation downloads?
What is the best physical therapy place in NYC?
Where on this earth can i find kratom?
What exactly do roxeys do?
Is baby powder containing cornstarch not talc safe?
Woke up very dizzy..?
Why are Electric Cigarettes preferred over normal traditional tobacco cigarettes?
just got prescribed adderall 20 mg xr do i have to take it everyday?
Does anyone know an alternative to Omnigest EZ?
a couple questions about ecstasy use, specifically " pure ecstasy"?
Sick! :( what do i have?
My dad has had a cold and he woke up and his ears are bleeding what should i do?
How long does marijuana stay in your system if you only smoked a small amount?
I have no appetite when I wake up? please help!?
im already 20 and 4'11'' in height. can i still get taller?
Is it possible to have any of the following colors to be your BORN eye color *WITHOUT COLORED CONTACTS*?
how do you free a clogged up spray?
my girlfriend is sick?
Help I've got my private stuck in a hole in the wall!?
I hate getting sick please help?
What kind of disorder can cause chronic stomach aches and urge to throw up?
Why am I so tired alll the time...?
I have the stomach flu. What can I eat?
What happens if you don't use rolling paper to smoke a joint?
do toenails grow back when they fall off?
Is blacking out close to a near death experience?
Tips for falling asleep faster?
Quick ways to break my wrist///10 pts?
When i blink hard i can see better?
Do I have some sort of sleeping disorder?
What do I do about my immune system& what do I do about calling in sick so much?
Can I wear colored contacts when I am athlete at school?
seeing spots and stars HELP!?
question about cancer plz?
I am allergic to Penicilin, could that make me allergic to mould?
Can you be allergic to milk but not lactose intolerant?
Can sinus problem's feel like the flu?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
daily bloody noses! help!?
How can I get one if my eyes red?
My room looks like a hospital?
why my eyes are watering ?
since i came to ireland i have been having blocked nose.....am i allegic to the weather?
quick question.?
I just got my nose piericed?
How can I get rid of allergy symptoms that persist after taking allergy medication?
What are the symptons of food poisoning?
i searching for a fragance thats very light due to my allergies?
I just got a bloody nose and dizzy spell about 40 minutes after working out...any suggestions why?
My body gets itchy and swollen.What should I do?
Wake up every middle of night/morning with runny nose/some times sneezing. why is this?
How do I stop my eyes hurting from pollen allergy?
Am I allergic to soda?
I'm sick, what should i do?
Is there a cure for allergies?
Skin allergy?
how sever can food allergys get?/.?
Im allergic to my pet dogs but it would devastate my family if we got rid of them. What should i do?
Do I have bad allergies because my Mom smoked?
I can't breathe at nite help me!?
My knee hurts and is locked up.?
i have an empty hurting feeling im my stomach?
When I jog, my brain feels like it's floating....?
Please help, boyfriend has burning stomach pains?
do i have to remove appendix? help! im so scared!?
upper back pain on the left side?
Pain relef for ankle and knee pain ?
Why are my eyes red and my throat hurts?
what is abnormality of gait?
what punishment should be given to kidney king??
Am I bulimic?
Do I have a serious bowel disease?
i fed my cousin poo, now hes vommitting?
what are the causes of seizures? can you die?
how can i get better from a cold?
I really enjoy coffee but I have acid reflux, is there a way I can dilute it but still keep it potent?
I am 31years and my pressure was 161/89 is that to high ?
I can not get rid of my sons head lice!!!?
How do you know if someone is a herion addict?
can you help me with symptoms?
Would this be considered anorexic?
What is it when you haven't eaten for a just little while and you get weak, disoriented, and confused?
how long does it take to pass a drug test for herion and cocaine ?
I have cirrhosis of the liver but quit drinking a year ago. Will I be okay if I never drink again?
is there any connection between ear infections or fluids in children's ears and autism?
Blood in my stool? Serious or not?
Are there cigarettes without menthol?
Urinary Tract Infection?
cold sore embarracement?!! help?
what doctors studied prove that diabetes cause high blood pressure?
so i got hit pretty hard on my head right above my left ear. its been over a week and the nausea?
I burnt my finger really bad. HELP?
I can't hear out of my left ear after using a Q-tip. But i now i didn't puncture my ear. what do i do?
If I shoot someone playing call of duty black ops on xbox live will they really die?
i have a spider bite with a hole?
A spider bit me last night... what spider was it?
I'm on cruches plz help?
Why do I bite my tongue on purpose?
Is this infected??! kinda freaked out!?
my mom uses rats to bite in her navel and fills her navel with blood is it safe?
What do you do when your little sister gives you a blister?
Is rubbing alcohol safe to put on the outer edge of your lip?
Why when I cut finger does red water come out?
bleeding from ear WHAT MIGHT THIS B FROM??
Can a splinter left beneath the skin be harmful?
whats the best way to heal an infection?
What can I put on my brow piercing to help it heal faster?
I cut my finger on a coke can is it infected?
How do I treat my burn?
Will this splinter come out on its own?
HELP! I just burned my ear straightening my hair! What should I do?
Chances to survive with multiple bullet wounds?
Lately I've been always hungry, feeling like i need to throw up and I can't cure my hunger.?
What could this bump on my head be?
What causes brain freeze when you eat ice cream?
Employee rights question?
How high is the risk of microwaving sauce plastic bottle?
Any ideas why I get tingling palms when I use the loo?
I have pain in the middle of my throat that is getting worse and can crack it!?
Do I have to worry about positve babinski sign?
I need help interpretting these labs.?
do you think my lungs are bad from smoking?
Started taking fish oil, but I am belching from it, any ideas?
Do you think I have Mono???
what does yellow fever do?
Can someone help me with chicken pox spots please?
What is mercer, Friend's were talking last night about a bacteria , what is it how is it transmitted?
PLEASE HELP! Leukemia?
How Contagious is Strep Throat?
Is this a type of disease or something?
SWINE FLU!!? Help!!!?
what is this swine flu thing?
What's the swine flu?
should i be worried about the swine flu ?
Is the Swine Flu going to spread to Lincoln, Ca?
last nigt i swallowed a doxycycline pill, and it got stuck in my throat and it has been all day?
Should I be Afraid about the new Flu?
Any More Information on SWINE FLUE?
I think I have swine flu, help!!!?
The Mexican Swine flu can we call it by it's real name?
Is my ear infected? It's very itchy and swollen.?
swine flu??huh wat is that?
is the h1n1 a killer?
A bump on my toe?
why do you get zits?
Benzoyl peroxide wash or a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment?
Light marks from where scabs came off on my face....scars??
what else can i do or use please help me?
does lemon juice and vanilla help wounds?
how can i eliminate my acne permantely?
what do i have?
can anyone tell me why the better u treat some one the worse they treat u n how do i break my self from carein
Long lasting rash with nothing to help? got any ideas?
Can dark circles be caused by lack of exercise?
Earring infection?
white blotchy skin after getting a tan!! is there a cure?
Do girls like..?
Altabax for acne?
Does Vitamin E work on a cold sore?
My ribs hurt very bad, almost two months after I got punched, what is wrong?
Head-On Collision, 6 months ago - ongoing back pain since then...who do i see about my back?
If you receive a minor concussion, how long should you stay out of school?
I was playing basketball and rolled my ankle.?
what did i do to my leg?
will i have to wear one?
Is it broken ribs or something else?
I sprained my wrist three months ago and it still hurts. I cant do push ups and I am going to BCT on the 21?
injury to rotator cuff. In back of the neck,overhead presses,?
I have a terrible pain in my foot?
My foot makes a strange cracking sound?
has anyone got the time?
can you do anything with swelling in your knee?
How to strengthen my lower back?
Should I go to the doctor?
Do you think i need to take my son to the doctors?
MRI, effed up knee, help!?
What could be wrong with my wrist?
How to alleviate the pain from a "tweaked" muscle?
Accidentally drank a 500mL bottle of 100% HCL?
what happens to you if you take 20 advils at the same time?
I have missed alot of school and I'm scared?
Clear fluid from nose and severe headache?
Pretending to be sick? using Nyquil in the day?
How do I get my arm-pits to stop smelling so bad?
Really bad, really red, mosquito bits is this normal PLEASE help!!?
Is the pitch of my voice "unmasculine" to you?
Craving a cig but I can't inhale.?
sweating in the sauna?
i snore and i need to stop by may 21st any suggestions?
How do I stop having bad dreams?
is is possible to pass my drug test?
i have trouble staying awake on the night shift. What are some of the best ways to stay alert?
taking marijuana test ?
Can being on the computer for long amounts of time cause headaches?
My stomach hurts so bad!?
My mom broke her finger due to the car door slamming on it, what should she do?
What could be wrong?!?
why is my finger cold?
ear hurt for about a week i then went to the docs 2 days ago given ear drops and medication my ear hurts why?
i want to grow medical marijuana in oregon what do i need to do?
answer this question please...?
Is being underweight a symptom of HIV?
Why do organisms that are infected with the herpes virus experience flare-ups throughout their lifetime?
what does my urine test means?
can they lock you up for having hiv and mental issues?
What is the likelihood of a cure for HIV in 20 years?
My boyfriend is smoking weed?
My Dad Snores Very Loudly. How Do I Stop Him From Snoring Or Learn To Ignore it?
Was A Quaalude an opiate or benzo?
There is a steroid supplement called Test, has anyone heard of it and can tell me more information about it.?
How to cure hyperhidrosis?
pepper juice in nose, what to do?
Please help me get better?
How can I get rid of this yeast?
is seven seas cod liver a good product ?
Muscle milk doesn't dissolve?
can I still drink vinegar while on an antacid?
Gerd/heartburn/acid reflux remedies do's and don'ts?
Can L-Theanine cause euphoria or brain stimulation?
whats good for a ear infection?
why the following medicines are used ......?
what is that new cancer treatment in oklahoma?
Has anyone ever tried that memory pill called Procera and if so how did it work?
Why does erythromycin work effectively on gram-positive and negative bacteria?
What is cetirizine HCL?
does actron ibproffen 400mg contain asprin?
Fluoxetin and buproprion medicine?
is GABA a natural supplement?
Do I have a brain tumer?
Orange Urine For Couple of Weeks What's The Cause?
Is it normal for a 13 year old to have insomnia?
Can an mri tell if i have depression?
What's wrong with me?
Constipation curious???
My 2 yr old has Constant thirst, excessive urinating and constant crying
Why am i drowsy and sleepy ALL the time?
could doing this make you seriously ill?
Could this be constipation or more?
Is is possible to get a job at a psychiatric hospital at age 16/17 and be around the patients?
do i have an eating disorder?
Should i be worried if i have a lump in my neck?
Question about Cocaine?
What's wrong with me?
What are all the causes of bad breath that won't go away?
Can anyone tell me what prednisone is?
hmm. what is a stool???
what is that thing call when your in coma and your connected to a plug. and if they disconnect you, you dye.?
Whats the cure for a scratchy voice?
Why does my vision get blurry when I jam a celery stalk in my eye?
has anyone ever heard of a seizure that effects the eyes but the person can still talk and everything?
how can i deal with the ear wax?
what to do for mosquito bite behind my ear?
i got stung by a bunch of bees what should i do?
what otc nausea medicines work? or should i go to the doctor?
i ingested blue stuff in icepack?
what do you do for a squirrels swollen finger?
i got burned bad, a few days ago, i did not do anything to it, and now its like red and looks like a bubble. s?
is my cut infected, and if it is, how do i treat it?
Does Abreva sting when u put it on a cold sore?
i've got a grass burn on my knee what should i do?
What's good for sunburn?
How long does it take mosquito bites to heal?
What Should put on a sunburn to take the pain away?
what should i do about this splinter?
Help with a splinter?
i cut my foot four days ago and it hasn't healed?!?
i have a wood splinter in my finger? what happens if i dont take it out? will my blood eat it?
Accidentally cut a chunk of skin off of the top of my middle finger. What should I do to help it heal faster?
wats the easiest way 2 break your arm or finger?
Weak? Lightheaded? Seeing Spots? How Do I Cure This?
How Has Cancer Affected You?
I've asthma, got H1N1 jab & it cleared up for 1 wk & since taking antibiotic for an abscess it's been fine too?
I have had some tightening of my esophagus, what could be causing this?
having chest pain in left side of chest....?
what could be wrong with my daughter ?
My chest hurts from running?
If your life insurance were to come up with a Cancer policy would you take advantage of it?
what is this pain in my chest?
I have been sick with a cold for about 3 weeks now?
I was diagonois with hyperthyroidism and later it turn to hypothyroidism how can this happen?
how do you tell on an animas 2020 pump how much battery you have left?
I use ritalin 10 mg one time in day for narcolepsy before sleep, what is the right time to take it?
I have to take a drug test in august?
Is it a bad idea to eat CANDY when i'm sick?
my boyfriend has stinky breath what shall i do:/ ?
how tall could i grow to be?
tips on getting blood taken?
Am I going to be addicted to cocaine? Read details.?
can i drink alcohol on a friday night if i have a blood test on the monday?
Does smoking marijuana increase your metabolism?
My 2 year old daughter was in a public restroom and i turned my head for a second to put my 3 year old on the?
Embarrassing Question, Please Help?!?
I am sick but i dont know what i have?
What is the best way to grow taller?
What deodrant do you use?
Will I Get A Drug Test? Please Help?
How do I take liquid acid?
I've been so thirsty lately and I don't know what to do?
Anything to help stomach aches?
Cocaine Use & My Heart?
(Girls only)which one?
SERIOUS HELP!!! plz answer this?
Best non drowsy allergy medications?
How to get rid of an allergic reaction caused by makeup?
I'm allergic to garlic can anyone help me?
what is the best foods for a upset stomach?
what can cure the yellowness in my eyes?
How do I get rid of a head cold. My nose is runny and i feel horrible.?
Could it be allergies?
I have allergies!?
my freind think i might have asma how do you know if you do?
Do you think i would be ok working at the DQ if im allergic?
My one year old had her shots and has broken out in the hives everyday since. Does anyone have any info?.?
Does alavert (allergy med) work for you? Or another medication?
of the following cereals, which is Most likely to result in an allergic reaction upon first feeding?
I have congestion cough, fever up to 102 and headache, and severly tired. What is it?
remedies to curing a stuffy nose?
does anyone have the same symptoms? I have had post nasal drainage every day for 4 years, it is wearing on me?
Is there a permanent cure or treatment for Lactose Intolerance ?
Is it possible to get allergic after birth?
My Mother in Law has stage 4 brain cancer. She has asked me not to tell my husband with is killing me.?
Am I allergic to new soap?
Im a male in my late 20s and this last year ive been having allergic reactions and i dont know what its from?
I wasted my entire life, and now it's over...?
how do you know if your elbow burstitis is infected?
can you get HIV with oral/ having no sore or anything?
i am freaking out please help?
What are the symptoms to an HIV?
what are some statistics about syphilis?
why are women more vulnerable to STI's than men?
I have brown eyes - would green color contact lenses would look more natural?
can crying cause your vision to be blurry for days?
can crying, cause your vision to be blurry for days?
Does popping your neck on your own have anything to do with eyesight? is there a connection?
What was with the bright light in my vision?
something on the top of my eye when i take my contacts out?
antidepressants and no dreams?
What happens if your hit your head to a wall?
Invega question? Muscle Pain?
thoughts of suicide. please help! :(?
i can't sleep, please help me?
this new swine flue whats going to happen?
how is infection seen inside the body?
what is the life cycle for yellow fever?
Bovine flu question , read below?
What is the swine flue??
should i be worried about the swine flu in california?
How prepared are we for the Swine Flu?
I'm 17 & have problems with cold. Being out in weather under 70 can cause mild to moderate hypothermia in me.?
Flu-Could the very advance strain infect 40% of the world?
Did the dog feces do something to my skin?
Can you get lice from animals?
what is lupus what are the symptoms?
What could this be!! Sinusitis or cold?
whats with this swine flu, and what's its potential for becoming an epidemic?
how deadly will the swine flu virus be? will it be like the avian flu in WWI? and is there any potential cure?
After you get the swine flu and get it cured can you get it again?
Has Anyone Heard of the Swine flu?
Is the "Swine Flu" in New York, yet?
Can smbdy help me - itchy red rash on the back and upper arms.?
Bumps appearing?
can i have my color backkkk??
My hands are peeling for no apparent reason??
why am i immune to cole sores????????
Has anyone had a rub on tan done at a salon? If so, what do I expect?
Red Bumps on Legs?
How can I treat a blister on my 16 month old's heel?
what is the best product to treat acne and oily skin?
Is it a mole?
whats the white gooey stuff making holes?
SCARS? help !?
Poison Ivy Treatment?
how can I know if I have ring worm or psorisis?
Date code "U301407" of Dermalogica. Does anyone know how to read this into a real date? Thanks!?
i have acne and im taking minocycline....any experience of it? does it work? been prescribed it for 6 months.?
My Sister's daughter met with an accident?
Why don't I remember injuring myself?
Care for little kiten?
Today i stapled myself in class and it is sore?
I think I broke my foot. No really...this has gone on for a while now...?
Why do i bruise so easily?
when i land after i jump the bottom of my knee cap hurts..also if i bend it , it hurts a little and when i do?
How long until my shoulder is healed?
Was it just a muscle spasm?
how many cast have u had?
Can a doctor tell if you have bruised ribs without an x-ray?
would anything happen if you smoked a cigarette when you just got lip piercing?
What should I do about my sprained thumb?
how long do you stay in hospital if you break your nose?
Could my hand be broken?
Help!! any suggestions on how to get rid of incredibly bad back pain due to dance?
Suddenly everything got slow, and I watched with horror, his teeth sink in my wound.?
My 90 year old grandmother just broke her ankle. What kind of recovery time can my family expect?
PLEASE HELP! i might have broken my foot but im not sure?!can you help me please!!?
Shoulder Injury....Need help...?
I stretched then passed out?
Will plantar fasciitis eventually go away?
My knee popped and bent to the side...?
Very sharp pain in my inner thigh, can barely move it much less walk, what could it be?
why when i bang my head on the wall does it hurt..?
My legs ache occasionally?
walking with an aircast boot?
I have pain in the middle of my back, it shoot up my spine...what is it?
Why is there a lump on the side by the end of my armpit bone? Should I be worried? D:?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Pain on the left side of my right shoulder blade?
I woke up this morning and my spine and lower back are completely numb?
Pain after ear ache remedy?
Is this a disease?
Swollen legs and feet?
my husband uses to smoke outside the home.but when he comes inside smell also coming with him.will it affect?
does anyone have or know about lupus?
What health problems have the following symptoms?URGENT!!!?
Please please help! Blood in urine.?
I've had diarrhea 4 times in the past 24 hours?
do cigarettes sink?
can somebody please tell me any symptoms of kidney failure. thanks so much. =]?
I think I have the flu?
im in 9th grade and i just started and i feel really nauseous and i feel really sick when I wake up ?
Doctor gave me the incorrect prescription? I have none of the conditions it treats.?
Really Bad Acid Reflux at Age 13?
iam 15 now but i have still habit of bet wetting.what should i do?
Am I turning anorexic ?
Is there anything I can do about my scoliosis?
are these symptoms of fibromyalgia? or something else / few things?
What do i do to fix my infected toe?
iam keeping one big secret, how can i reveal it to her?
What happens when you get your blood tested?Do they check it for more than one thing?
My wife suffers from fibromyalgia and is so tired all the time. Anyone know what she can do to have more pep?
My bf's father has not eaten in a week, does not recognize anyone, refuses to go to the hospital. Help.?
My mother-in-law is very sick. she is 65 years old. she is now bedridden and she has the following symptoms.?
stomach pain, what could be? opinions please?
Is it safe to smoke cigarettes near a jungle?
Weight loss on adderall?
What would happen if injected with urine?
How should i take these supplements and which one is the best one?
what are the side effects of mylan 327?
is yoga will improve back disk & back spinal ?
what are some decent stores to buy aromatherapy oils?
Colon Cancer Information Help?
Can you smoke Rhodiola Rosea Root extract?
can i take meclizine and prednisone together?
can i take amoxicillin while taking zoloft?
has anybody tried Honey Blonde legal bud?
Does green tea increase dopamine and serotonin?
what is the proper healing for gauges?
can sleeping pills be added to food/drinks?
Anti depressant.........?
Do you think using Electric Cigarettes saves the money?
Can you take Tylenol with Plan B? Will it affect anything?
can dogs have low blood pressure?
Hear beating fast should I take a propranalol?
IL doc says I need a stent but refuses to put one in if I do not want to take Plavix, can he legally do that?
Why would a heart murmer not be detected in the womb?
i jumped off my moms porch hit gravel and now there is gravel stuck in my knee hat will happen?
how can i make my finger heal faster?
What Should I Do About This Cut?
How bad of a burn is this?
how do i get water out of my ear?
horse fly or spider bite help?
help with curling iron burn!!!!?
Can i still get stitches??
i have a spider bite and and its the size of a tomato on my finger so what should i do please help?
pink eye, How long it last? what can take the redness and the swollen?
do x-rays cost money?
ear piercing question.. ?
can an oil candle hurt if drank?
Is there any way to prove that one's brain is NOT bleeding? ASAP.?
A bug keeps biting my face at night, help identify it.?
will my knee that pops out all the time ever heal?
Normal for Peroxide to turn the skin around an infection white?
What to do with my skin burn?
Should i peel the skin of a popped bubble after a burn?
I was stung by a wasp more than a week ago and now I have hives around the sting. Is this a reaction?
Vitamin C - how much should I take?
Something in my ear, cant take it out...?
I hiccup all the time, just once or twice though, for no particular reason. Anyone know what that could be?
Why would a doctor have obligated my eustachion tube?
Toddler who has a asthma problem?
Will Robitussin help with this cough?
What does it mean if you get winded easily but not tired?
Is it unhealthy to choke yourself to get fluid out of your lungs?
Why am I breathing so hard???????!?
Stabbing pain in chest? Please help?
can you catch cervic cancer from siting somewhere where a person had it at can you catch it that way ?
anyone has diabetes and swine flu before?
Coughin and vomitting up blood??
As a cancer patient or survivor, what are some if the most rude comments people have said to you?
I think I have diabetes?:/?
what is the pathophysiology of maternal diabetes that leads to polyhydrmnios?
Am i depressed/suicidal?
Why can't you "eat" pills instead of swallowing them?
Please help, possible depression, maybe eating disorder?
what household objects will give you a 'high'?
i have trouble breathing all day long what could it be?
can you really trip on cough medicine?
When do you give up ............................................?
What is a hickey???????????
i think i might have adhd?
Why have I been blacking out in the shower?
What happened to me last night?
Why do you think I get dizzy?
A question about worrying and stuff.?
What is a safe sedative that will knock me out fast and keep me asleep for a while?
When I touch my cheek on the side of my face, I fell a lump like thing. What is it?
Any advice on how to stop your stomach rumbling loudly in classes/lessons at school?
Should I go see a Dr. / Urgent Care?
what is the birds and the bees talk?
Should I get retested?
how do I get rid of the clap?
what is this bump on my lip?
Regular Blood Test Detect HIV?
Which of the following is NOT one of the three possible scenarios describing how HIV destroys T cells.?
What kindof stds can be left on a bathtowel ??? If someone actually does have stds.?
gonorrhea treatment side effects?
Is it possible to get any STD?
what abdominal exercises are best after an inguinal hernia repair? it hurts when i cycle or do sit ups.?
please explain medicare to me.?
Chest pain after vomiting all night?
Should I worry? HELP?
Can't sleep, and i've been breathing oddly for the past 2 days...?
How can u fall asleep on meth?
I took a trazodone to go to sleep but it won't work when it usually does. Is it alright to take another? 50mg?
Health Insurance Question?
Why can I never fall asleep on Monday nights?
what does a dent in your skull mean?
please help me im sick=10 points if read and answer?
i have a numbness in my big toe to the inner part and cant really feel it at all anymore?? what is it?
It hurts when I urinate, bot a burning but a forced pain, a little blood.?
does drug use cause dark circles under eyes?i suspect a relative is using again?
Any help with IBS would be wonderful!?
very dark stool with blood coming from it?
can you intrepret this?
frequent urination?
is there a disease that make you so tired you just pass out?
Why is he throwing up blood?
pee is orange?
Acid Reflux at night even on an empty stomach....how?
Just the common cold? or something else?
Is Bloody Noses 4 times a day healthy?
very dizzy for 30 sec periods?!? please help!?
should i go the er??????
do i have an eating disorder ?
With the swine flu going around, should I refrain from traveling to Mexico?
tell me about this Swine flu?
I live in new york and I am wondering if there will be school tomorrow due to the swine flu.?
what part of b.c did the swine flu hit?
swine flu question again.....?
Should i go to school if i have mono?
Severe stomach pain and 104 temp........?
what does it mean when there is blood in your vomit?
Am I worrying too much about the swine flu?
I was told that I had the antibody E, and if I was to get blood it had to be in it. What is antibody E?
Is this a run-on sentence? Ryan White expanded the study and knowledge of HIV/AIDS among the medical community?
Will my vacination from 9/08 keep me safe from the swine flu?
What are the symptoms for the swine flu?
Will my dog die from parvo?
How do you know if you have the flu?
Whooping Cough outbreak in Australia?
False COCAINE Positive? Benzoylecgonine? Any Help?
What do you think about this whole swine disease in Mexico?
How come when I use Airborne, it backfires on me and makes me sick?
Could Swine Flu be terrorist related?
What do you think about this "Swine Flu?"?
Why the Swine flue now ?
What types of injuries are most common when a car goes head on into a tree?
How long for a sprained ankle to heal?
i've had my tongue pierced for 5 months, if i take it out for a day will i be able to put it back in?
Broken Ankle Question?
Is Sonia Sotomayor still wearing a cast on her broken ankle?
What is this bruise-type thing?
How can I hurt my knee on purpose? (ex how to tear the cartilage how to strain it etc)?
i went to the doctor and!!!!!!?
i swallowed hot lasnga and it burned my throat and its been hurting for the past 5 days?
I injured my hand a few weeks ago while boxing...?
what can I do to make my swelling go down?
help?is this normal????????
How long should i sit out of practice with a severley sprained ankle?
i sprained my knee and have been hobbling around for 4 days?
how r u really sure if u have a hairline fracture?
my baby has just fell and hit his forehead, now there is a bump growing on there, help?
Hmm. Medical question about knees & legs?
Okay, what is wrong with my toe?
Lower back pain problems?
My shoulders hurt when I do pushups?
I've had about 3 blood noses a day for the past 10 days- what can i do about it?
Nasty cough for 7 days now.?
Do you know anyone with cancer?
My parents keep eating swine what to do?
swollen but i have no idea why...how to stop swelling?
Left eyes always red please advise?!! its been 4 months?
can you be allergic to perfume if you are a smoker?
My throat closes up when I eat certain foods?
I think that I'm allergic to wool. I get a terrible rash every time i were it. is there any way to really tell?
how to remove swollen nose?
What are some good medicines for diareah?
12 week old baby with cows milk protein allergy
what is ur reaction if u saw a big spider right infront of ur eyes and suddenly ?
why does my lips get dry when i'm sick?
I'm allergic to cats and I may want to keep this kitten. Help.?
Tell Me Your Best Skin Care Product You Live By?!?
Why do I get hives after drinking alcohol?
lactose intolerant please help
What really is hyper carotene pilarese?
Is soy really, bad???
Bumpy Skin Problem?
problem with allergies to deodorants?
Are there any "natural" ways to help allergies?
My nose is constantly running. I have used allergy pills and they don't work. Is there a shot I can get?
Bloodshot eyes!!! Please help!!!?
whats a good remedy to get rid of a soar throat quickly?
what should i take for allergies, i usually take zyrtec, but it doesnt help anymore.?
Horrible sinus pressure and allergies! Any suggestions?
Have any mothers out there tried Epione- Coolbeam laser treatments?
i have posion ivy and my skin turning differnt colors is this good or bad?
Help Cat Hair loss in a strange way!!?
What can I do about sweaty palms?
The skin on my face is burnt from waxing!?
skin eczema maybe.. please help??
why do I keep having an itchy spot on my skin when I go on a grassy place?
My 10yo sister has a rash on her feet?
Tiny red dot rash on top of inner thigh?
How long until a burn stops itching?
help my finger is turning purple?
my hand is bleeding very bad?
If you use peroxide on a fresh cut, and...?
Havent worn earrings in a long time. Holes are sore? Help!?
how do u put hydro peroxide in your ear?
Bleeding out of bellybutton?
How to treat a straightner burn?
Please help me, I'm really scared! Why did I faint?
What kind of bug bites are these?
Long Lasting Effects Of Sunburn?
Are there any ways to quickly fade the redness of a sunburn?
How do i stop the pain from a sunburn?
ammonia crystals for fainting?
my ball sack seems to get so tight that they seem like there a piece of leather they srink soo smal i cant fit?
would bleach burn an open cut?
are we always bleeding internally?
What do I do about this cut on my tongue? HELP NEEDED?
Will snake bites look good on me?
My friend has a peice of popcorn stuck behinde his tounge, its been in there for 3 days, how can he get it out?
question on a bottle of pills and fire?
what is the english translation for (spanish) anticonsetivos?
do you have to be u.s citizen to have a cannabis card?
Where is the best place to purchase spores of shrooms?
How long does it take for salt water to make you throw up ?
People get immune to stuff faster than others?
would taking three 30mg dihydrocodeine pills be safe?
What are the side effects of pulse treatment?
DDAVP and Zoloft with Alcohol (Bedwetting)?
Is Brewers Yeast a natural source of protein or amino acids?
Can a house physician practice in another setting other than a hospital such as a clinic?
What are some good therapy clinics in the USA ?
What states is Cherratussin available OTC?
where can i buy ESSIAC in montreal?
Massage therapists: do you do insurance work? If so, do you do it yourself or use a service?
Aromatherapy Incense?
What are the benefits of using Aoqili Seaweed Soap?
what are some good websites to order herbal incense over?
body and pill/drug absorption?
Is magnesium stearate safe?
Are Hydrangea drops just as effective as the tea?
Why do I have horizontal nail ridges?
A question about smoking cigarettes?
i'm really scared i may have lung disease but am too scared to know the results?
I am losing my eyebrows from chemo?
Help me! I cant move!?
how much weed do you need to smoke for it to show up on drug test?
I think i have worms?
Small People In My Ear???????
faking sick! PLEASE HELP.?
i have a drug test next wednesday?
Can you have tinnitus at 12?
why am i sleeping so much, also really cranky and snippy?
supposed to take 2 ibuprofen but instead i took 7 is that ok?
Will my fingernail grow back?
My Doctor want me to donate blood every 30 day's. Is that possible?
what medical problems is marijana perscribed for?
side affects ofsmoking weed?
Is it normal to be 4'11" and 88 pounds as a 14 year old boy?
Are there any foods I can eat to help an acidic stomach?
what is the main cause or causes of a metallic taste in the mouth?
A really weird smell when I'm anxious...what is it?
Why do I puke every morning for school? How can I stop it?
can you really not eat junk food when you have the flu?
What do you usually do on an average day?
what's causing my stomach pain?
Does anyone know about the role of AIDS in Africa?
Getting blood tomorrow morning.. when do I stop eating!?
What constitutes the average diet of frogs?
i am a diabetic with a kidney infection a high fever and my numbers are between 600 and 700 what should i do?
Is there really a blood type call A.S?
normal elctro cardiogram readings?
Chest pain/weird feeling?
Is a doppler the only way they can find a blood clot?
Question about a pro-hormone supplements and blood pressure ?
What to do about high blood pressure?
Heart feels like its weak and beating slow sometimes..get light headed..sometimes hard to breath..im 22?
Where can I get sample questions of certified respiratory therapy (CRT) exam?
What does it mean to dream that i had an asthma attack?
Sore throat comes and goes for the past month?
Do I have asthma? If not why is this happening?
Do I or don't I have pneumonia?
is it normal/good if im sick and coughing alot,sore throat, and whenever i cough my lungs hurt ALOT?
I pasted out after smoking a blunt?
Dealing with Cystic fibrosis,?
Is bronchitis contagious? I'm getting mixed answers online.?
Can you get asbestos poisoning from changing a ceiling fan in an old house?
Whats your view on Cancer??
I possiby have a fungal sinus infection, is there anyway to alleviate symptoms before I can go to doctor?
help for people with cancer?
Degrading State from Depression for 5 years?
i need someone to talk too problems?
How to stop thinking of him?? Help.?
I think I'm going insane?
I have a numbness in my fingertips(my thumb and finger next to pinky on my right hand). The numbness feels lik?
Can you teach me some First Aid basics?
Chronic supra orbital nerve pain, tried everything, last resort options?
Quickest way to heal an open burn?
blew my nose had blood in it now i have blood comming up from my throat should i call 911?
pierce my ears nd a lil thing dat seem like a blister came out nd wont heal does any1 noe how i culd heal it?
my left side ear is noisy?
sunburn itches really bad..please help!!!!?
I got into a fight and got hit in the jaw and i think it is dislocated, also i was bleeding out of my ear?
Well i get stung by a bee if i.?
Why does it hurt for me to lie on my side while propped on an arm?
i have a piece of mechanical lead stuck in my ear?
Who to heal wind burn effectively?
What is the fastest way to treat a really bad sunburn?
what damage can an air horn do to the ear if next to ear?
Feet hurts after walking for about 2 hours?
Ear Gauges.. Bleeding! Help =(?
I have a boil on my head :/?
what do i do to my infected cut when its dark green and the size of a glass bead?
whats a good way to treat a burn?
why is everyones nose bleeding?
Why is it when you take a lot of an opiate you get a headache?
Is this a normal bee sting?
Is it good to let a cut knee "air out"?
How can I make my sunburn heal faster?
does blood pressure medicine make you be mean?
is it normal for a 6 years old child to snore?
i need to stop somking! does anybody out there know of a good way to quit?
Don't men get heart disease, too???
How do you positively diagnose swine flu?
what does this mean? I don't get it?
what are the causes and symptoms of a swine flu?
Swine Flu Mexico Vacation?
how well do sera work with the immune system?
what are symptoms of scabbys .what do i look for?
What is the Swine Flu?
Question about Swine Flu?
My 2 year old got the stomach flu and I think I'm getting it now?
Best flu vaccine shot available, where to find it?
Is the swine flu airborne?
What is hte government gonna do about the swine flu?
What will be the next pandemic?
Positive for Flu A and B?
Is there a cure for the swine flu?
Could the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that just hit near Acapulco, Mexico give rise to swine flu infections?
Swine Flu, what should I do?!?
Does anybody know anything about the Swine Flu that was confirmed in Wood County Ohio?
i remember getting a swine flu shot in the late 50'sor60's?
Is this a urinary tract infection or something else?
How to stay asleep during the night?
Hand washing in school bathroom, lack thereof by fellow adult!?
Hate neck not being touched?
What is good posture and how can I correct my posture even though I'm overweight?
Stretcher help? Will it heal?
WHy does your ankle crack every time you twist it around?
like 2 days ago i smoked weed out of a gravity bong havent smoked for 10 months?
Why am i restricted from donating plasma because of a bicuspid aortic valve?
I fell of a skateboard!!!!! Help!!!!!!?
how do i stay active and strong while immobilized?
Spine trauma nerve problem eventual paralysis please help?
What should I do about an old ankle sprain?
Would a bat bite draw blood? And would the wound site hurt?
Is it recommended that people see a doctor for a sprained ankle?
It hurts to breath? What the heck is going on?
i play football and my heels are hurting intensly, i can hardly walk whats wrong?
Have you ever heard of this?!?!?!?
Black Painful Dot Inside My Foot?
Quad injury please help?
please help fast!!!! can i heal my sprained ankle in 3 hours?
ACL reconstruction/meniscus repair afterwards?
why does my hand hurt?
How can i get rid off a sprained ankle in less that days?
i slammed my finger in a door and it's been swollen for 4 days?
I think my nose is broken?
back injury advice & prevention?
sprained ankle! please help!?
i broke part of my toe nail will it grow back?):?
Muscle spasms in my thigh?
Has a doctor ever slipped and stabbed someone in the jugular with a needle?
What should I eat if my stomach hurts?
What is this lump in my neck?
Poll: Which Acne Medicine Do You Prefer?
Help! This is really urgent?
Help with future grieving?
Does anyone know a really good hemroids remedy?
Swollen Ankles and Feet
how do i get rid of a blister? ?
Are Canker sores contagious?
Red rash-like area by my mouth?
i'm so worried about my grandma! ?
HELP FAST PLEASE! does my brother need medical attention!!!!!!!?
Why can't I catch my breath?
someone told me you brain bleeds when youre on shrooms. is this true? please tell me no. :/?
Is it possible to defecate, urinate, and vomit at the same time?
What kind of rash is this?
I have a swollen, red eye with lots of tiny bumps on my eye lid?
Poison Oak question?
I have lower right side pain. This has be going on for 1 year now. It comes and goes, but now it doesn't go.
Do you have scoliosis?
loads of tiny bumps have appeared on my chin and neck and behind my ears?
How to stop sweating so much?
i have dizziness, what do i do?
Can you get brain damage from food poisoning?
How can I stop eating?!!? If I continue this track, my bulimia will trigger itself back!?
My 2 year old baby brother gets really puffy eyes after he sleeps, can someone tell me why and how to stop it?
Please help if you can, this is really embarrassing.?
puss under thumbnail?
does the neutrogena wave help fight agenst ance?
Healing Broken foot?
what caused lip to swell up over scar tissue?
i think my sons father is trying to rig our dna test can he do that if he is going to the lab to take it???
Am I here for a reason???
How to get rid of a sunburn QUICKLY?
what are the chances of a healthy 19 year old dying in their sleep?
If I were to stay awake for 48 hours how long would I sleep?
Which Illicit Drug Has These Effects?
Im dizzy i neeeeed help?
Should I Shower Even ThoughI Have A Fever?
When do boys stop growing? I am 5 feet 11 inches and one half inch. I am 15.?
What can rubbing alcohol do to you?
do you smoke in your bedroom?
Mysterious Bug Bites during the night?
How is this possible?
would your food move from your mouth to your stomach, even if you are lying down?
I have bloody stool possibly caused by drinking vodka?
Alcohol poisoning? Help?
How to tell what drug I found in my child's room?
Something weird happening with my body..help please?
Need Ways To Relief Stress?
Ways to keep myself awake?
Allergies, please help?
let my grandma eat a contaminated cake?
My nose runs constantly - ?
What's the best thing to wear to allergy tests?
im allergic to cats but i love them. how can i be able to get rid of of my allergies?
I have had a stuffy nose for a week but i am not sick. Could it be allergies?
can you give someone else an allergic reaction?
Am I lactose intolerant?
(Protocol) Detecting food allergies?
Gluten Free Diet, Side Effects?
How do I get rid of the smell of garlic in my nose?
Everyday I wake up I feel sickish, like with a stuffy nose, sneezy, and the like what could it be?
Is there any remedies for ears that are clogged?
On my right hand rash or allergic reaction?
anyone accidently give their child too much Zyrtec?
Banana's..am I allergic?
Does continuing to take allergy medicine (i.e. All Day Allergy and Nasal Spray)prevent the flu or common cold?
is he breaking out in hives?
I was taking benadryl for a itchy rash, and the rash spread and the itching got worse. Could I be allergic?
What is wrong with me cant take it anymore!?
Over counter allergies medicine .......?
where can you find codeine?
Why do I Itch as soon as the winter weather gets cooler?
Can your diopters get worse over time?
Why does my eye burn?
i want to be an eye surgeon need any and all info needed?
vision problem? maybe?
hi i just got some hypnoteye colored contacts and they slide down on my eye just outa place. any ideas?
I have slight swelling in my right eye, and there is a clear film that looks to be covering my eye.?
i keep getting bit by fleas?
Can *** in your eye give you a lazy eye?
I have amber colored eyes. If I get honey colored contacts, do you think they'd be too yellow?
Can one get Asthma after kissing someone with Asthma?
Could I die from cardiac arrest?
do you do any illegal drugs? if so how much and how often? have you ever? how old are you? what are you opinio?
Occipital Nerve Block side effects?
Safe Medications?????
Is it safe to mix oxycodone with concerta?
Can I take Excedrin, Sudofed, and DayQuil together?
Is florastor ok after expired?
Where can I buy a philips wake up light w/ dock in canada?
I took a vicodin 7.5 about 4 hours ago, is it safe to take a 5 mg percocet now? I have a decent tolerance.?
how much Ginkgo Biloba should I take to be effective?
Can Depakote ER 500MG make you tired?
Verseo 24 Hr Appetite Suppressant Patch....has anyone tried this?
where can i get indian herbal medicines in seremban?
How to practice conscious breathing?
Where do I go to report blood sugars, to [email protected]?
How much would my sugar decrease for 30 minutes of walking?
can exhaled vapor from e-cigarettes be harmful to babies and children?
Robitussin and Ventolin?
What can i do to stop smoking.?
Is bronchitis still contagious after 24 hours on the antibiotic?
How do you stop someone from snoring? Can I just hold their nose or will that kill them?
pneumonia and potassium relationship?
How do you make pee appear less diluted on a Urine test?
Do I have a Yeast infection?
Is it possible to contract AIDS or Herpes or any other STD from a public toilet seat, swimming pool or lake?
if my tongue is a little white this means i have aids?i m so scared?
will HPV effect my marina birth control?
hiv/aids in gainesville?
Can you get infected if? PLEASE HELP!?
how can you tell if yoouur lip's infected?
I don't know how to deal with this!? am I a bad person for having an Std?
What can happen when your piercings get an infected?How can you heal them?
ear gauges are bleeding?
3 day old ear peircing bleeding a lot when i sleep?
Please Help! I tried to bite off a little access skin on my finger?
Why does my centipede bite hurt more than a week later?
Possibly bitten by a spider?
how we can remove the head of the ant?
could somebody give me the middle finger?
My boyfriend asked me to get him an ipecac bottle ? What is that and where can I get it ?
Why wont my navel piercing heal?
I need to know what to do when my foot is swollen to the point where it hurts to walk on it?
What kind of bite is this?
is it true you can loose blood on one finger?
Sunburn Relief????????
Mosquito bite or spider bite?
Why do Q-Tips say not to insert them in the ear canal?
tiny splinter in foot help!!?
How long does a scratch take to heal?
how much time does it take for your lungs to be clean again from smoking?
sunburn question. please answer its urgent :/?
HOw to get a blister to heal?
Is my spider bite dangerous?
i started using the nicotine patch and have been smoke free for 4 days now?
My barber accidentally cut himself while cutting my hair..will i get HIV?
I had a TB test come back positive, i must take a med called Isoniazid for 9 months, I am afraid 2 take itHELP
what can i take for acid reflux?
What do they see in blood tests?
can anyone give me a diagnosis?
Can anyone help me with my chronic back pain?
help help help my toe!?
what are the symptoms of lead poisoning when stabbed with a pencil?
I have chronic constipation. I've tried EVERYTHING. Any advice?
Is it a good thing that I get cranky if I don't have enough sugar in my system?
whts better anorexia or bulimia ?
How do i detox from marijuna?
Movement disorder specialists, please help me!?
what will make me sleepy?
probably a dumb question?
Please i'd like to be taken serious?
How can I cure my headache?
my eyesights affected and I feel dizzy all the time my balance is off too?
Found a lump behind my right ear?
my friend has a yellow discoloration and his blood is brown ,what does this mean? should he see a doctor?
How do you cure bad breath?
just got back from cancun mexico- swine flu?
how do you know if you have strep throat?
Swine flu creeps me out?
How deadly exactly is this " Swine Virus " ?
does anyone know any details about this swine flu going around?
The Swine flu? Help.!?
HELP! I'm really really really scared about the swine virus?
Ohmigod Swine Flu? Whats the storŅ‡?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
Information on this "swine flu"?
im going to the doctor's tommorow and im worried about swine flu?
swine flu????????????????????????//////////?
Please tell me how a person dies from swine flu and what the process of it consists of?
Is there any way to avoid germs at school?
omg i dont want swine flu. what can i do to keep germs away?
Can mosquitoes carry the swine flu?