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Does anyone else my age have anxiety?
what will help Acid Reflux?
are alcohol and cigarettes bad for you?
Is there something seriously wrong with me?
How to get rid of nausea?
what kinds of jobs give out the hair drug tests?
what will happen when I have an enema?
Can someone help me i have this really bad cough and my whole family is sick like my brother and my dad but?
why do i have headachs like 5 days out of the week?
i found fleas in my bedroom. is there a chance that i'll transfer them to friends by visiting them?
i took wrong medicine?
scared of loud noises...anxiety on the rise?
How to stop these feelings?
When i sleep, i don't feel like i am actually sleeping?
Is it possible to get depression randomly?
Which high will be donain, King Kripyo or Molly's Pure MDNA?
How many pairs of glasses can I get for free?
i feel like im going to puke when i work out or talk too fast, whats wrong?
How can I get good sleep?
how to stop picking the skin around my nails?
anorexia recovery-weight restoration?
what is versed most commonly used for?
A question about dilated pupils?..?
How often should you let your nails "breathe"?
is it possible to cure tinnitus remedy?
What mental disorder is this?
Urinary Tract Infection?
why does pot scare pepole when it cures?
Should I give donate my organs? I feel for some reason that I shouldn't?
Im really scared can any1 please help me
do i have appendicitus?
Need To Know Whats Wrong With Me I Get Out Of Energy Real Quick Dizziness And So Weak?
Very constipated -- please help!!!?
I have been sick for a month please help!!!?
Somebody please please help!?
pill may stain contact lenses?
Is there anyway to stop the shaking?
My father is coughing up blood?
What do these symptoms indicate?
Any suggestions for controlling an elderly man from urinating all over the place? He goes in drawers, bed, etc
A disgusting question...?
west nile virus?
just now doctor said i have bladder infection, but i missed my periods 2 times,?
HELP it hurts!!! would like doctors opinion's?
Chronic Diarhea after eating?
What are the chances he will ever quit crack cocaine at 40 years old?
warafin+cannabis, Is it dangerous ?
Where Can I Buy L-huperzine in Canada?
dose this mean that they are on drugs?
Can I get monistat online with my medical insurance?
How to make weed milkshakes?
is it bad when i itch from hydrocone?
thyroid has not functioning?
Can you buy ear drops over the counter in VA?
Klonopin Dosage too high/dangerous?
know of a legitimate online herbal smoke shop?
Where can I buy Dr. Sheffield's ClearZit Acne Cream?
What natural remedies are available to reverse proptosis?
urine test for job, will vyvanse show up?
Natural yoga highs please!!!!!?
IGF 1 for tendon repair?
I have been on suboxone for about a year now and sadly I am addicted what is the easiest way to quit?
first video. improvments?
Should I be concerned?
In th united states, how many companies make IV drip?
how to clean my ear i think is going deaf?
I have an ant bite, how do I stop the itch?
fingernail split???????????
I swallowed a quarter and it is stuck! What should I do?
I smatched my fingernail and there is a big black spot under it. Its been there for 6 weeks. What is it?
Will covering a scar with foundation cause infection?
how do you make a bee sting stop itching?
Should i go to the ER?
HELP! My ear pericing is bleeding!?
Knife cut and crazy glue?
I have a small white blister on my thumb from where I burned it a couple of days ago. Do I pop or no.?
Whats the easiest way to get a bruise?
My ear is bleeding inside, am i okay?
is slight bleeding from the ear dangerous after you have been hit in the head several times by someone?
how do you get rid of a mosquetio bite ?
my ear really hurts(10pts best answer)?
how do you stop an infection on a toe?
I have a splinter in my finger that I was too scared to take out... is that bad?
Burnt Finger?????????
i got a wax ear plug stuck in my ear canal and im not surehow to get it out. any suggestions?
what are some tips if I have reactions to Monosodium Glutamate(MSG)?
we got this pit on friday. but now he has a stuffed up nose and every time he.s sneeze something brown comes
Is my Son allergic to milk?
A friend is having light headed?
How can someone deal with cat allergies?
What are some peanut-containing halloween candy?
Is it possible to be allergic to oxygen?
Help! horrible allergies!?
anybody got any ideas what this could be?!? H E L P!!?
I have terrible allergies, have tried everything, nothing helps!! my nose seems to run 24-7!?
ughh i have allergies and im ALWAYS getting sinus infections!?
Calling all doctors!?
I'm currently awaiting allergy test results.How long would it take me to make a full recovery, if ever?
can this be an allergic reaction?? to what?? ?
IS it possible to be allergic to just kittens?
Could this be allergies???????
why do I break out in hives when I eat fish?
Everytime I use strawberry chapstick I get a rash ?
please can everyone look at this?
How to get rid of an ear infection?
i have a stuffy nose, which runs sometimes, clear snot. my throat is sore, head feels clogged, & body aches.?
If beef makes me sick, am I allergic to it?
can my grandpa be allergic to cigarette smoke?
im a diabetic and i want to get a tattoo of my wifes name?
Will Accutane cure scars?
How do u hide a Fever Blister on your Mouth?
When will I get bigger legs?
RSV Question - Was it RSV?
is it normal for hands to sweat?
Has anyone ever had a bleeding ulcer?
how do you get the flu?? please help.?
why the children more die in diarrhea rather than adult?
I found this bug and I have no clue as to what it is.?
My roommate has mono and I know you can catch from them coughing or what not how can I protect myself?
what kind of disease is MRSA?
how long should tonsilitis last?
What was the Spanish Influenza Epidemic?
Can the body function normally without tonsils?
I have a 102.8 temp. Im shaking, i have a headache, Soar throat, bladder?
Should I give aspirin to someone who may have had alcohol poisoning?
A friend of mine has "DVT"?
How does someone let down the walls around their heart?
Why does my heart race for no reason what do i do?
Are there any support groups in the Memphis area for people living with herpes?
what std can u get through a kiss?
Yeast infection maybe?
Should I get tested and have my fiance tested too, or should I wait?
rave pill natural herbs help!!!!?
Is this sciatic pain?
what does it mean when your lower back of your shoulder hurts and each time head hurts also?
My jaw swells right in front of my ear when I chew. It hurts. Sometimes it shoots sharp pains when chewing.?
HELP! ringing in my ears (EAR)?
why is there a knot on my knee?
what kind of knee brace would be best?
Can anyone tell me if I might have torn a muscle?
Whats wrong with my foot?
Can I keep lifting weights like this?
Scorched my tongue ! ouch!?
Will I be able to walk?
how can i make most of the swelling in my finger go down by tomorrow?
Wrist pain.. What could it be?
How can you heal shin splints/stress fractures?
I have a question as far as what I may have done to my foot / ankle. A few weeks ago I fell on the stairs....?
How do I heal a sprained ankle thats swollen by wednesday?
Got a cut and it's doesn't heal?
Did I break my toe?!?
Swollen foot?!?!?!??
How Do You Know If You Have a hairline fracture in your arm? HELP?
I bent my finger back in gym and its swollen and slightly bruised in the middle?
How do you heal a jammed finger that has been jammed for a month?
ummm...yeah i kinda need some help please?
The hospital has referred me to a neurologist..?
Will I Still Sleep After Eating This?
is dipping a finger in liquid nitrogen bad?
If you are at the doctors, are they able to put an IV in your ankle, or does it have to be wrists elbow etc?
Do your eyes get messed up playing in the dark?
i think my wrist and finger is broken/fractured what should i do?
What colour should my cast be?
I need help with a molestation problem?
How do I sleep faster?
Can I still eat my frozen pizza I made? Please Help.?
Pain behind my knee, muscle perhaps?
how long does it take for the swelling to go down on a broken nose?
good ways to get rid of the hick-ups?
Why do I get these headaches?
how to pass urine drug tests with meth and marijuana?
Why do i blackout when i get really upset?
I need a good excuse why I take a long shower?
How can I quit smoking (I'm ttc)????????
My friends throat is really sore, hard to breathe?
girlfriend feels like shes spinning around. what is this?
If I inhale whiteout is that considered smoking whiteout ?
Why is chicken soup good for you when you are sick?
diabetes with yellow eyes and yellow skin is my liver failing?
Help with my friend. Claims she has seizures from chocolate.?
what causes a bloodshot eye?
what does it mean when i have 2 go pee like every 2 min! and when i do like 2 drops cme out and it hurts?!?
What is causing my husband such chronic, irritating GI pain, diarrhea, vomiting and excessive belching?
swollen feet?
Alzheimer's disease realted to mt.dew????
Is alcoholism or drug abuse/addiction a disease OR a choice?
doctors please help..?
are people who do this simply bored and suffering from insomnia?
am i sick, and what should i do? (salmonella)?
is it normal to be this cold?
DO I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
about to vomit help QUICK?
I've noticed I've had to pee more often, what could be the problem?
What's wrong with me?
is stomach ulcers is curable?
what is Aneurysm? My freinds mom died from that disese and i dont know what it is.?
is it possible to have arthritis at 19 ?
My mums ill anyone know whats up?
can you get aids from sharing food?
what is IBS?
how can i cure bad breath?
Getting Contact lenses from Costco?
if i have 14/20 eyesight in both eyes....?
I got Ahturization from my doctor, What dose it mean?
My best friend's big brother was just diagnosed with lymphoma...is there anyway that I can help!? ?
amoxicillin and benzamycin for acne.... does this work for you?
i need acne help what is it and what can i do at home for it?
brown now white?
peeling skin on my nose and then it turns into a dark sore. could it be sun burn and it's only on my nose.
Am I lacking a certain vitamin?
my eyelid has drooped, no disease is the cause why has the eye moved?
starts as a lil raised place that itches to no end until a sore develops then scabs over what is this its scar?
what should. I do if my earing hole hurts to touch it?
does acnefree heal acne scars?
Mole Removal Question...?
I have a small blue ring under my skin on my stomach?
Will burning Feet skin help to...?
My 2 year old son has 4 dime size circles that form under his skin all on his legs ankle, knee, thigh HELP!?
itchy red bumps after waking up?
I am 29 years old and for the last week or so my head has been itching pretty bad?
Dry Skin! please help?
Why are the palms of my hands suddenly sweating so much?
i accediantly shaved my mole off is this dangourous?
Do I have a skin disease?!?!?
Does anybody no anything about cpr?
this girl I am interested in smokes. any health problems?
How can I get sick fast?
definition of pulmonary vessels?
Social security benefit for lung disease ?
Coughing! I start coughing at night time, not when I get into bed. I actually can be awake and anywhere in th?
what test should be diagnosed to treat hypertension?
breathing difficulties?
my chest is hurting really bad?
Can I still go to school if my voice is gone?
I am 20 and I had a lack of oxygen.?
Blood in mucus, sinus infection?
IM scared !!! I need prayer, is this a test from God??
I stopped smoking weed for 3-4 days (I was smoking for 2 two weeks) and I want to smoke again what could apen
Oops! When I was smoking today, I accidentally blew a bunch of smoke in my grandmother's face....?
any cure for insomia?
Why is Difene not working?
is zetia a statin or is it a weaker statin than the rest of the chlesterol drugs?
how many 0.5 mg or clonepens does it take to get high, if i snort them?
How can i get a cannabis card in CA?
I wanted to know how effective Nauzene is?
if i have been drinking alcohol all day and drank a cup of kava tea is that ok?
Why is my stool is rubbery?
when i get an injection and ...?
Is c-dust really untraceable?
Over dosage of strongid?
best advice for when on roaccutane?
has anyone used the Extra Stuff to pass a drug test for crack<?
I read a thing that said vitamin c helps pick up antioxidants from green tea so when t i take a vitamin c?
Taking Nytol sleeping tablet if you are 14?
anyone ever tried hops hash?
What pills do i take and how many?
anyone ever take Buspar?
In August, a 24 year old man from Virginia developed difficulty breathing...?
when will Mylanta be back on shelves?
Fast Working Cold Remedy?
How come im not as tall as my brother? ?
What is the easiest way to break your arm?
why is it that when i go outside at night the mosquitos eat me up, but my little sister gets not a bite why?
Boy or girl doctor for boy?
i got a sewing needle stuck in my hand and left it in for the night its really painful and red?
Got antifreeze on my hands and accidently put my finger in my mouth...?
my friend stuck a glow stick in my ear..?
How can I remove Misqiuto Bites, Cuts, and Scratches?
what do i do about this ear infection? helpp please!! severe pain!!?
I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it won't come out?
my daughter was bitten by a spider her face is swollen what should i do?
I have water in my ear, eventually will it ever come out?
when can a blister from a burn be poped?
I sliced my finger,do I need stitches?
Should I take benedryl for anxiety/depersonalization/Nausea ?
Was outside and got sunburned, now I'm experiencing other symptoms?
Any good home remedies for treating sun burn, something other then aloe?
My ear wont pop what do I do?
Can you possibly pop your eardrums? EMERGENCY HELP PLZ?
Can a non-U.S.citizen get a LPC or LCSW or such state licensure ?
why am i so angry all the time?
I just feel so stuck....?
Can the mixture of Buspar and Acutane cause full blown hallucinations?
question about a burn on my arm?
worst pain of my life!! please help me?
i just burned my thumb on the pan. it was on there for 1 second. What should i do?
How to lose a LOT of stress!?
Wanna ask a question about weight and depression but everyone missunderstands it? anyone that can?
I think i have ADD. I have trouble concentrating and i can never stay focused.....?
How do certain recreational drugs affect those with bipolar disorder?
What are positive and negative aspects of medical terminology between health care professional and patients.?
With all respect, What is "Anal Rinse"?
Is anyone with HCV receiving homeopathic treatment?
Sick, dont know what is wrong?
what can effect a breatherlyzer test besides alcohol?
SpinoCerebellar Atrophy?
if someone gets a virus why dont they take antibiotics to feel better?
what is acetaminophen used for?
I have ebola, should i go to school anyway?
can't men get urinary tract infections???????????????????/?
when or am i going to get mono?
Pink Eye untreated. O.K.?
how long will my fever last at this rate?
Is my bacterial infection contagious via saliva?
Today we have come to know our coll had Hapetitis B who was a tea boy. Do you think it will be infected?
How would I know if I got aids?
Does anyone no of a good way of disguising coldsores?
Strep Throat...... 20 characters?
Why do I get so dizzy?
What do these symptoms mean?
Impetigo, how carried?
if you have hpv are you garanteed to have warts?
Could I get aids in this situation?
Chlamydia? Help A ratio amount of peopl in the US who have it?
How would I take my friend to a clinic to get checked for std's when we're both under 18?
how can you tell your niple rings are infected?
Having a hard time breathing..?
I had a allergic reaction to my foundation! Help.?
what can you give a two year old to stop a very runny nose?
What am i allergic to?
Could my puppy be allergic to grass?
Please help me!!!???
ok so my friend woke up with a huge puffy face covered in hives had a 101. 5 temputature and swollen ears.?
I bought a home that I am thinking may have mold somewhere. If you don't see it how do you test for it.?
What is the Best Allergy Medicine that You Know of?
Can anyone help with stuffy nose?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
my son is 12 and is having mild pressure in the sinius area what is the best OTC medication to give him?
Is this ALLERGIES from Pollen?
i think im allergic to drinking alcohol how long will the effect last?
every year, around march my son got this cough that last for three months, what could it be?
Does anyone have celiac disease?
Is there a way I can get the redness out of my eyes after I've been crying?
how can i get rid of this runny nose?
My cat does the same thing but she does it to my nose or my breath. Why is that? She does is almost every morn
What would you use in place of the bread- I have a gluten allergy?
What is the most popular allergy?
what will i do to stop smoking?
how to dissolved kidney stone?
is this serious constipation?
i just got diagnosed with mono, but the doctor i can go to school. why?
I think I have A.D.D and A.D.H.D!?
Do i have some type of disorder?
How long can you stand on your head without dying?
i think im in serious trouble.?
Is there any cure for muscle disease?
how bad is turberculosis?
DO you think my hand is infected?
can someone try to tell me, what i might be sick with?
Red drug addict eyes.?
Can you get osteoporosis if..?
Very Sick Man?? HELP PLEASE!!!?
what foods should i avoid that cause diarrhea?
What kills you when you are shot in the stomach?
I feel like something is eating my brain?
What terminal illness only lets you live for 8-9 more years of life ?
what does it mean when your head pounds worse then a migrane, and your vision blacks out? please help?
am i anorexic or bulimic ?
my stomach hurts!!! help?
Something went in my eye and now it"s fat, how do I et the swelling down fast?
pretty sure I fractured my foot. How can I take proper care of it? I can walk but do I need special shoes?
I just got kicked in the face. How long should I ice it for?
I got a cut last thursday and its still aching?
Friend slipped & fell on her back. She got up and sat down. 30secs later she fainted. Is this normal?
I hit my head a week ago, should I still be worried?
sprained wrisk??????
What does it mean if you have soar ribs and chest?
How do I know if my foot is broken?
ew ouch HELP ]: omg this hurts so much. what do i do?
its a little bump under my top eyelid..sensative to light..my eye is watery and extremely red.?
Whats wrong with my legs?
i think i hurt my arm bad?
do i have grounds for misdiagnoses of a ruptured appendix?
whats the best way to make a cast for a broken leg (front leg)? ?
Follow up care with stitches?
Why would a bruise last four months?
How do you break an arm?
i think i broke a rib?
Broken Nose? what should I do?
i slipped and fell on the stairs 1wk ago. since then i have backaches. is there something wrong?
torn acl in volleyball?
really embarrassing please help!?
Drugs that create the illusion of death?
Can you get sick from depression?
why does this happen when i eat out ?
if i shave my testicals, will the hair grow faster?
How long does it take marijuana to leave your system??
If You Are Shot In The Neck...?
What happens if you accidentally smelled nail polish?
I'm getting worried what could be wrong with me?
How much does an average 13 year old girl weigh?
how does one go about tricking a drug test without being caught?
If you mix water with your pee will it help you pass an at home drug test?
what are these symptoms?
what can i do to make it go away?
Medical Issues Help ?
I have been getting headaches for almost 2 weeks now, what should I do?
I'm kinda constipated.. what can I do.. without buying anything!?
Is there a name for this? (It's kind of weird by the way) short question east 10 points?!?
how many times did you stay up all night?
if you have extreme Agoraphobia and narcolepsy, Can you qualify for social Secuirty?
Problem sleeping? Please help?
I figured out i have cancer and im really scared and im too scared to tell my parents. how should i tell them.
Does skin recover its colour during a period of time?
Has anyone tried the Neutrogena Complete acne system?? If so, how well does it work?
Would i have Asbestos in my lungs?
brown spots?
What is manuka honey..?? is it different from other honey..?
i have keterios polarius[sp?] and i put this cream on my legs and now they're burning.?
Dopamine stimulates the_______.?
Coughing for 3-4 weeks straight?
medicine makes me gag?
What does bilateral hydronephrosis mean?
Is there a way to tan the underside of my arms? My arms are dark brown but the underside of my arms are white.
clear skin by august 15????????
My breathing is heavy when i run?
I just had cellulitis on the side of my head and my hair is falling out, can i stop this? will it grow back?
what to do with a cold?
Can i smoke cannibas every now an than?
what is the impact of smoking on children?
My husband had been in the Er several times this past two weeks with Severe allercis reactions.?
Ear Infection, I dont know what to do?
Do I need stitches for my finger?
Another way to cure Sunburn besides aloe?
How do you remove water, that's trapped inside your ear?
cut wont stop bleeding :S?
HELP! i burned my hand?
I have a staple on my foot help?
Research for my book, what happens to an untreated dog bite?
my fingers are on fire?!!!!!?
Cut finger, now skin is white.?
Did i sprain or break my toe? help!!?
Help! My throat was cut slightly!?
Bleeding rectum? Is this an emergency?
How do I know if I have an ear infection?
How long will my knee (after being dislocated) hurt?
pictures of a spider bite on pinkie finger what do i do?
Can i sue my apartment complex for got bitten by scorpion twice in one night on my cheeks?
Can you guys help me with this?
How do I make a sun burn heal faster?
Does the Bellergal-S Compound work well on migraines?
my knees really hurt!!?
I have Spina Bifida and arthritis in my knee along with pain from my tailbone down should I exercise?
Tonsillitis pain help. ?
I burnt my fingers. How can I help them heal fast?
dislocated shoulder problem please help!?
Cut up my hand pretty bad?
Is my CPR/First Aid Certification Void?
How can I get a stuck band aid off?
I hit my head on the wall and now a bump has formed?
Vein looks like is swollen... What could it be?
How would seeing a physiotherapist or musculoskeletal specialist help my rotator cuff dislocation?
shooting pains up my bum?!?
light headed and headach?
Elbow problem? Can anybody [ like a Doctor ] Help?????!!!!?
I've been to Dr. For cramping right middle Abdomon he told me I have a calsafacation that has attached to my s?
When will my knee stop hurting?
part of other question!!!?
How bad is Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette for you?
Hi! Can anybody tell me where I can buy Himalayan bath salt in Singapore?
Thera-patch.. has anyone else tried it?
prevacid expires 9/10 is it still good?
Thia is a question about klonopin.......?
Does a pinched nerve make you feel like you cant think?
I plan to take growth hormones at 21?
Will kid medicine work on me?
What can I do to get stronger?
Help!!!! Opiate withdrawal =,[[?
Detection time for roxicodone?
Where in Singapore can St John's Wort be found naturally?
What are the highest paying currently recruiting clinical trials/inpatient sleep studies?
how to avoid acid reflux from dxm?
What are some reasons for the us of 5HTP?
where to buy raw chaparral plant?
How to safely milk the prostate?
If I mix Neem Oil and Neem twigs and branches and grind them up will it help my gum disease?
Has Anyone Tried XTZ Party Pills?
Effects of Human Growth Hormone on a 16 year old male?
where do i find witch doctor, the legal herbal bud? (no shipping) is it found in gas stations, etc?
is mixing a small amout of dextromethorphan and xanex harmfull?
What is a substitute for Concerta?
Where would you expect the following reaction to take place in the kidneys?
I have bulimia?
Whats something good to eat for a sore throat?
i have high blood pressure, why did i need to have a blood test?
Is it normal for my heart to race for no reason?
Risk for fetal injury related to reduced placental perfusion secondary to vasospasm? Rationale for it.. please?
On BP meds..................?
exercise inducible myocardial ischaemia?
Does Pravastatin effect your heart rate at all?
what if your BP is 108/47, and the heart rate is 127, and the baby's hr is at 179?
How can i ruin my eye sight less?
where do i buy glasses with no/clear lenses?
How to treat a swollen eyelid, and whether it will affect my vision.?
HELP I have forgotten which contact prescription goes in my left eye?
How long does it take for an eye to clear after a vitreous detachment?
eyes hurt with a little blood .. what should i do?
How to remove hair in my eye?
How do I put on contacts?
Where r meh mudkipz?!!!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!11111?
I want to know good tablets for diabetes?
My Girlfriend's Appendicitis?
fever problem please help?
Will I get the flu? How fast?
is it ok to drink milk while having a tonsil infection?
Tomarrow i am going to my doctor to be treated for pin worms and?
How can plague spread from humans to humans?
Blood in stool? I want to know what it could be?
I have a question abou my eye?
I was walking down a street and my friends and I saw a dead squirrel with all its guts hanging out ( sorrry)?
Whats fever temperature?
Throat Hurts on One Side?
how and where are modifications made to eucaryotic mRNA before it goes to the cystol?
if you are 89,very ill and have mrsa in an eye,and being treated with antibiotics...how good are your chances?
what is a good name of an organization that helps and treat people with AIDS and Malaria.?
will infections are viruses last longer in the body if you?
after i eat something i feel like something is stuck on my throat?
info on scarlet fever bacteria?
What is the scientific name for Epstein-barr virus?
LEPROSY, am I falling apart?
At UTI (Universal Technical institute)in California can you test posittive for thc if you have a perscription?
My German Shepherd named Lucy is suffering from infection, swollen nerves spread across body in patches?
OMGGGGGGGGG HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
What may be wrong with me?
how do you know if you are addicted to smoking cigarettes?
how can I tell if im an alcoholic or just drink heavily?
Hearing loss due to ear wax ...reversible?
How Many Diseases..Do U have?
Do you think I should be worried?
What eatting disorder do i have?
i feel kind of sick right now i feel light headed and i feel like vomiting what could this be is it normal?
how to cure a sore throat?
please help me with my depression.?
Self-amputation question?
Do I have OCD? I might I would just like to be sure.?
Disease of being tired all the time...?
My nephew drowned 15-20 mins, he is now in coma, is there any hope?
I found a pill dont know what it is?
Can an alcohol binge cause your liver to "hurt"?
Help odd Medical Question?
Help with insomnia PLEASE?
should i go to the ER if i have had diarrhea for 3 days and have gone to the restroom 15-20 times each day?
PILL??? Hurry!?
whats wrong with my eyes?
whats the quickest way 2 get over a developing cold?
Do I have depression? Help pleaasee?
I'm scared??? What will they find in my blood?
How much is 500mg of ibruprofen and 5mg of hydrocodone on the streets per pill?
A shock victim may have cool and pale ________?
Can THC get into your system if you are in a car with people smoking weed and you did not?
Im getting taller. Will I stay like this?
Took an expired medicine 10 hours ago?
How do I get warm?!???
I have a bad sore throat! :( Help Pleasee!?
why do i have panick attacks when i go inside my room?
Dentist or pharmacist?
how old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
I think something is wrong with my throat?
why do we cover ears when feeling cold?
when you're Exited...?
What to do when you've taken too much medicine ?
Why am I so sluggish to wake up?
How long after having the flu can i start smoking again.?
How can I avoid pit stains?
Why do I cough yellow/green phlegm in the AM when I brush my teeth? Sometimes chunks (not food)are also in it.?
I'm wondering if my sister is on Methanpetamine?
is something wrong every morning i wake up i have a nosebleed ?
Will it hurt my dog is vicks vapor is in the air?
Im 13 and I think my voice is cracking and I wanted to know how long it lasts?
Could wrist pain be coming from neck?
shoulder injury? What to do?
What's wrong with my knee?
About 2 months ago, I bruised my shin. Now, two months later, the bruise is completely gone but there is a...?
shaky hands and arm weakness after workout?
What causes a bruise without harm?
I smacked my right ear getting into my car on the passenger side door. Now I cant hear out of it. Why?
When should I wrap up an injured hand?
HELP!!! ive got full body pain, nobody knows whats wrong please help!?
i just got my retainer on today and its my first night and it hurts really bad on the tooth they attatched it?
How Can You Tell If You Have a Bad Knee?
its about my mom. she was suddenly collapse while standing, then she was afraid to stand again.?
leg brace......after leg cast.?
I had acl reconstruction surgery and incision isn't healing well.?
I hurt my ankle. What do I do?
How to tell if I have a broken rib?
I am needing help to stop my constant nose bleeds that are occurring every day and sometimes even twice a day.?
Sore throat problem....?
Is it possible to be severely allergic to mosquito bites?
What health risk are cause by mold?
My 6 month old son is having an allergic reaction....?
im allergic to fake earings so if i get my tongue pierced will i have an allergic reaction?
Help, I'm Allergic; Read Details?
what should I take for this cold/allergies?
My eyes hurt so bad when I move them around. Do I have a sinus infection?
Avocado alergic reaction?
Please help me! Im Confused. Eating disorder?
How does an allergist find out what you are allergic to?
what do hives look like?
How to fake a runny nose?
Does anyone else besides me get horrible mosquito bites?
do i have Bipolar disorder?
Is it possible to choke on spit/air?
My 7 month old lab mix has her lips swollen. Specially her upper lip. Can anyone recommend anything?
Can a military deployment trigger OCD and anxiety?
i dont have an actual cold but i gotta keep blowin my nose all the time?
What are your allergies?
How to cure my husband PTSD (iraq vet.)?
Should i be on a beta blocker? Panic symptoms never ending?
If i want to start a new relation and I am cure what are the risk of transmitting gonorrhea?
chlamydia question?Answer?
Do I need a parent to get treated for clymidia ?
Can you get herpes on your foot?
help please...Im kind of freaked out..?
Spider bite? Should I goto sleep?
how to get a small piece of glass out of your thumb?
How to prevent razor burn down there?
How long will it take for a sunburn to turn into a tan?
wat bug bite stuff really works to relieve itching AFTER the bite?
redness from sunburn? Need help please!!?
Is it normal for your ear to be swollen after stretching to a bigger size?
What are some vomit inducers? the names of them?
conditioner in ear how to get it out?
How do you remove a bruise quickly?
I think I have a spider bite?
have just burned my arm on the oven, what do i put on it!?
Anyone know what the orange stuff inside a hackysack is? Is it toxic?
My finger keeps bleeding. why won't it stop?
how long does it take for some bad food to get through your system?
i just burnt my fingers on boiling-ish water and they hurt, please help?
can i put makeup on my stitches?
Could it go into my head? How can I get this out of my ear?!?!?
how to do i get this cut on my tongue to go away please help!?
What do you think?
I been to the Doctor already for a cough? but it just hasnt gone away!!?
Sharp pains in chest for 3 days..?
Been sick for 4 weeks?
I've been sick for three month, and cannot afford a doctor. It's bronchus pain. What can I do?
My ear is making a crackly/squeaky noise ?! :/?
Question about Hypnotherapy?
What's wrong with me, cold or worse?
Smoker: wheezing and coughing. What could this be?
Which sickness is worse? ?
respiratory infection?
asthma symptoms but tested negative for it?
Extream fatigue during and after blood dontation?
Can any docs or chemists tell me how dangerous this is?
Do you know anybody that is hiring in the medical field like, medical billing clerk or medical receptionist?
Alternative options for higher blood pressure?
Do you know any contradictions in our knowledge of health?
is hot sauce bad for you?
i think i'm dying, can you help?
Is it okay to take these at once?
Why Electronic Smoking is considered more convenient than traditional tobacco smoking?
what year is it because i just came out of a coma?
Modes of natural selection?
Drinking cold drinks when you have a cold? (facts)?
Has anyone ever bought the Jenny Craig food system? How much does it cost? ?
How is the herbal incense 420? It is similar to k2 and mr.nice guy.?
Does anyone have the contact number of Beijing Ton Ren Tang Pharmacy in Ortigas? Do they have other branches?
can you take savella and valium together?
what it paregoric tincture 2mg/ 5ml liq?
Would eatin jelly babys help a sore throat?
rhodiola rosea dosage?
What r the household treatment methods for uterine prolapse?
Is 5 foot 8 short for a sixteen year old boy?
does extenze pills work?
Whats a good prescription for staying awake/focused and stuff?
best phoenix arizona massage therapist?
what do you think about someone who used Nitetime Nyquil as a sleep aid?
where i can find remedy for tinnitus?
Should i take Concerta (60mg) for the SAT?
Is there a man juice?
what is the best home remedies?
Can Clozapine get you rolling (high)?
acne problem?
Why would an ointment (containinig resorcinol and sulfur) be used in an elderly person?
Retin-A, help anyone?
perscription acne creams.....???!!! help! sick of spots?
Athlete's Foot Cure?
eyebrow loss?
Olive oil for skin?
Low blood sugar/ diabetes/ what could this beee?
How can I get rid of that "morning taste" in my mouth?
How do you fall asleep?
what is on my daughters back?
im a 28 yr old female and.....?
Can I give my 5 year old dissolvable asprin?
Is it bad that i can't swallow a pill?
After being sick for a day with no food, should I eat double the next day?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
does making yourself throw up cause health problems?
Is 162 cm too short for a 15-year-old girl?
Are hot/warm baths good or bad?
is this depression or just intensely sad ?? i dont want to ask a doctor yet....?
What's that occasional, brief ringing in your ears?
How can I sleep tonight? PLEASE HELP!?
I'm really skinny and have a fast metabolism, how can i get bigger?
How can ask the doctors for anti-depressants?
ways to make yourself sick???
Uncontrollable crying.?
what puts you to sleep?
I'm a FedEx courier. I deliver meds to this sweet older woman about once a month. What to give to her now?
why is tetracycline susceptible to staph?
what liquids go right threw you?
is this a UTI or what is going on?
What would all these symptoms be?
does E coli urine infection cause birth defects to unborn child?
My fecal matter is white. What does this mean?
my fever's on and off. why?
how to cure rooster's fever, he's had it for 10 days already? pls. help...?
Dose these minerals prevent the spread of Herpes II?
is streptococcus b inherited?
i think i have mono and i need major help!?
how long do headaches last after a flue?
how can i get over a cold quickly?
What Is a High Fever? For a 9 year old?
spinal menegitis contagious?
What are the characteristics of anthrax that make it ideal as a bioterrorism weapon?
this morning i passed out?
how is hepatitis contracted ?
are some people immune to mono?
Who can have bulimia?
are cigarettes already affecting me?
Drug test tomorrow morning?
it seems to me 55 fl oz orange juice per day cure irritable bowel syndrome, is that it?
SERIOUS medical question?
toxic shock syndrome.?
I bite my tongue while having....?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
Do you think he will live?
What happens if relatives make baby?
How long do you have to have an eating disorder before it kills you?
i feel really sick and i need help?
intestines bulging through stomach. what is this diagnosis?
After a kidney stone stops hurting should I not go and see and urologist?
My daughter took 18 Advil and shes only 12 , what do i do !!! ? what will happen to her ? please help me?
how long would it take for some-one to get a disease from chicken that's not cooked properly?
Im having stabbing sharp pain in my ribs and orange spots that look like grease in my urine?
I have terrible anxiety and don't know what to do about it anymore. help?
Chest pains, Please someone help?
If you had to vomit right now, where would you run to?
Does anyone know how to get rid of Rashes like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis?
suffering, i have been having stomach problems lately and i dont really know the problem.?
are these early signs of heart problems?
what is wrong with me?
I wanna sprain my ankle how do i do it?
I injured my knee a few days ago and i still have pain on the outside/back of my knee..any ideas?
Something keeps biting me need help!?
How do I relax in a full leg cast?
Could this be a heart attack?
i accidently swallowed a glass bead?
How can you speed up the recovery of incredibly stiff calf muscles?!?
Hurts like a b*tch, but no bruise!?
Treatment for hairline fracture?
sore calfs when runing on treadmill!!?
how can i give my self a bruise?
My leg was amputated below knee coz of fracture that didn't heal Now I'm worried no man will ever want me and?
Should I go see a doctor?
i sprained my anke today at hcky n have an allstar game tmro, what shud i do. n shud i ice bfore game?
I need some advice on pulled muscle ?
how long does it take for broken ribs to heal?
Dropped something on my foot, is it broken?
Will my friend's sister be alright?
i have scoliosis and im am really scared?
What the heck is this bump? Please help!!?
what should I do about my ankle?
Whats wrong with my eye?
lower back/tailbone area is very painful?
My heart is beating fast! I have a question?
I just fainted, i think...?
I keep getting spider bites when I am asleep in bed.?
Infected cut on bottom of foot, how to treat it?
what is the best way to get rid of diaper rash?
poison ivy help???????????
what does it mean if you have ears pierced for 4 days and they are really red and swollen around the ear?
My ear cartilage piercing is swollen and painful, what can I do to help?
I Burned my hand ! With Hot water!?
Traveling in Costa Rica and swallowed a bunch of river water!?
I NEED HELP! Mosquito bite!?
Got peice of wood under fingernail and vision went black?
im such an idiot? help! was this the wrong thing for me to do when he was drunk?
Cut my knuckle but it won't stop bleeding?
What kind of bite could it be? ?
What should i do if i burn my tongue?
boil water burn on stomach... :(?
is this a mosquito bite?
Pink eye or regular irritated eye!?!?!?!!??!?!??!/?
Help I think I cut my stomach?!?
Piece of food lodged in throat? Help please!?
how to get ride of a finger burn?
Pinky toe nail came off?
How do you find out the power and BC of your eyes?
One of my spacers fell out what should i do?
Anyone ever feel the need to constantly stretch/pop their arms or legs?
Does a torn ACL always hurt after a day or so?
I am experiencing pain on my lower abdomen and i have round bruises on some parts of my body.?
My ankles hurt when I workout?
Help, my toes are itchy!?
feeling strange 2 days after drinking?
Female, 18yo, large ear stretches?
What should I take for Allergies?
Watery eyes, itchy nose, throat hurts... but I don't have a fever?
my 10 mos old son is having an allergic reaction to something and i was wandering if it could be apple juice?
Can Allergies cause fatigue?
sneezing and nose run help?
i took three benadryl +?
How come I itch all over whenever i work out? Am i allergic to excercise?
blood pressure questions please help!?
what foods would be good to eat when diagnosed with asthma?
I have a cold, I think, and i took a 24 hour Claritin but it didn't really work too well. ?
is there a stonger allergy medication than zyrtec.?
What is the best medicine for dust allergy?
How can I get cough syrup with codeine?
Could i be allergic to soap? ?
my nose runs CONSTANTLY. my eyes are fine, everything else is fine, it's been like this forever. HELP!?
can you be fired because you are allergic to cats?
How do I know if I have a food allergy?
Can you be allergic to your shampoo?
What to do about allergies?
can you hurt the baby by smoking pot?
My mum has cancer and I want to know how long she has to live, and whether her death will be long and painful?
uhh, help im afriad he might die?
How do u feel about public smoking?
can the chest x-ray show if i am a smoker?
has anyone lost someone to cancer?
I need a way to get me motivated to do homework. I get tired, and eventually fall asleep without my homework?
is my weed laced please help?
How tall were you when you were in 7th grade?
DRUGS AND how dangerous they r a list plz?
do i just have a regular flu or the H1n1 flu (swine flu)?
I'm worried if my friends find out im taking antidepressants they'll see me differently.. what do i do?
can u get into trouble for letting some esle use your pee for drug test.?
I take a multivitamin. But it makes me nauseous. Is there anything I can do? I take it with a full meal.?
Do i have anxiety????????????
My boyfriend has weird red bumps on tips of fingers?
How long can weed stay in your body so drug tests can find it?
I'm having stomach pain. Can someone help?
How to grow 5 inches taller?
I'm sick and pee is dark yellow. Is this normal?
HOW CAN I CALM hormones down?
do i smoke too much weed?
I accidentally put drano in my weed. I dont feel good and my skin around my neck and chest is turning red.?
What is inside a bellybutton?
i am kinda skinny but think i need to loose weight...?
WILL I GET SICK?????????????????????????
Emergency. puked blood :?
is there a procedure to look down the nostril with a camera?
Sore Throat Problems?
My chest/nose feels weird, can't figure out what is is?
I think I might have Laryngitis...?
Do you think it sounds like my cold is coming to an end?
If I were to stop taking my Warfarin, what are odds of developing another clot?
what should i do (details inside)?
sometimes when i wipe there is blood from my bottom. what could be the problem'?
What sickness is this?
is there a disease that makes people black?
does anyone have a cure for mange that doesent involve peroxide, borax, or expensive meds?
If your stomack makes noises all the time and your breath smells bad?
Has anyone tried the nicotine lozenges to quit smoking?
when I pass a stool i find bright red blood on my toilet paper, itching, and dull soarness too, what is this?
fell asleep, but my mind still awake?
will i get arthritis???
acid reflex. ah it hurts?
blood in stool??
my throat is so swolen i cant drink water or even swallow my own spit?
bowel movement.. SCARED!!?
Is it safe to take Dicloxacillin for...?
I have a 99.4, am i sick? details about it are below vv?
does anyone know what i might have?
I have some yellow round pills that say AN 512 on one side and nothing on the other side. What are they?
My ribs crack when I lay on my stomach. normal?
do i have an eating disorder?
in my stool,there was white substance that was sticky that go together with my stool and my bowel changed?
Would toe caps be a good solution for this?
I have a swollen eyelid and have no time to go to the doctor. What can I do to help it go down a little?
I have gastritis and I get severe bloating about every few days... Is there something OTC I can take to help?
How do I make cold go away?
Im concerned about this bump have under my arm...?
i have many floaters on my eyes, and i only 13, i looked it up on internet, it says i should go see a doctor,?
some example of an automal recessive disorder are?
A blood sugar reading of 46 is dangerous after a GTT, right?
Why do people self harm?
Talking to anonymous people is a good idea? (Suicide)?
If my psychiatrist diagnosed me with anxiety?
I am recovering from an addiction. Need some experienced recovery advice.?
Describe a comprehensive mental health program?
When you go see a psychiatrist for the first time, do they give you a self evaluation test or ask questions?
When is the best time to think about and acknowledge the concept of death?
When do the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder usually first appear?
Does anger or aggression release testerone?
what constitutes mental health?
Do i have Post natal depression?
how do you know if you have been itten by bed bugs?
Has anyone ever heard of stripeptin,for skin?
i have a darkish redish almost black dot on my toe, what is it?
lip bump????
i got a tatoo on the top of my foot recently.... i hate it now.. whats the best way to remove it??
why do moles occur?
which herbal drugs are used as anti aging and anti wrinkle?? plz inform the site for it also........thank you?
do healing scratches heal in a darker coloer than your skin?
im a handsome guy and ive been suffering with acne for around 3 years n i need some kind of good advice!!?
i have knots on my thighs and arm?
help me I have hyperhidrosis?
HELP! Huge pores w/ acne?
what shud i do for exfoilation on a dry skin?
For the last year my skin has been awful. I'm covered in spots and feel really embarassed by them. Mum tells..
Acne Cure in 3 days?
What does it mean when half your fingernail is white?
what are the positive effects of clean water?
Can you have a blood infection without an elevated white blood cell count?
What would you ask a polio victim's sister?
Do you think i have pink eye?
Can you get any incurable diseases by kissing?
do you haft to have white spots on the back of your throat to have strep throat?
does non sterile latex gloves, mean that theyre dirty?
what is the best way to get pus*y?
can you please describe how the flu effects the cells?
Have you heard of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (V R E)?
Is there a test that diagnosis Guillain Barre Syndrom?
I have throat infection for past 3 months and before 2 weeks it ended up in fever . But still i am not ok .?
salmonella typhi ... help plz?
B lymphocytes _____.?
what tissues make up the liver?
do you have pinworms?
Hepatitis B "Do I need the booster"?
UTI Symptoms please help me?
bacterial homework....?
what do i do at the clinic?
is this a sign or something?
i have wierd lumps in my scrotum?
I got clyamdia (std)?
could hpv virus mess up your period cyle?
middle ear infection popping? HELP PLEASE?
spider bites maybe help?
to bite, or be bitten?
How to tell if you have internal bleeding?
should i go to the doctor? is this some sort of spider bite?
I got maced today....?
I cut myself, not super deep what can i use to prevent scarring?
i need help with my poison ivy?
i just got burned wat should put on it to help?
stung by a bee or wasp still hurts?
What tye of medicine do you put of flea bites?
is it bad to bite ur self?
how do you get gum out of your throat?
How can i get rid of a bug bite that is making my leg hurt?
how do i stop my finger from burning?
Which of these patients presents the highest priority for treatment?
How do you get rid of red bite marks from another person?
I have stabbing pains all around my stomach, and it hurts to breath and move, What's wrong?
What are some non painful ways of removing a splinter?
Qtip came off and can't get it out of my ear! help?
What kind of spider is this? My sister just got bitten this morning.?
ear infection HURTS what to doooo!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sharp pain in one toe on foot!!!!!!?
so i think i broke my toe and i have a tournament tomorrow!?
i fell flat on my back playing football a week ago and i'm still in pain is there anything i can do to cure it?
i landed on my wrist from a height im in pain cant move it much had an x ray nothing showed up?
what have i done to my finger?
broken or not..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!?
how can i help my sprained toe apart from R.I.C.E?
Do you think I have a stress fracture?
What is wrong with my ankle?
Cut above your eye, why do you bleed so much?
My knee hurts really bad when i bend it can any one tell me what it could be?
Im a 16 yr old football player and pretty sure i have a stress fracture in my lower back on the left side?
i have two little brown spots on each side of my hip, i was wondering what it is?
My nose broke when i got hit. I cracked it back as soon as i new it was bent.........?
i hurt my knee i need help.?
i THINK i got stung by a jellyfish?
is a broken toe worth going to the doctor's?
How hard is it to actually injure your eyeball?
I bashed my head. There is no mark but it hurts badly?
Why is my friend not in a cast?
does anyone have any advice?
I am having strange chest pains. What should I do?
High cholesterol, but I'm not doing anything wrong?
Should I be worried?
Husband has angina, doc says no meds?
Does anyone remember a little girl on the news in miami for a certain surgery ? re: a hole in her heart.?
will your blood pressure go up with angina?
What is the purpose of high blood pressure?
Stomach ulcer... been prescribed Pariet 20mg which has worked a treat..?