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Help with my leg!!! MY KNEE?
Does anyone know what causes this amonia odor?
its been almost 2 or 3 months and my sprained ankle has not gone away.....?
Is it painful to break a finger?
what did i do to my knee?
How long will i need to be on crutches?
did I break my foot or ankle?
Would you rather lose an arm or...?
Hand Injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
premature baby on home oxygen?
how do i now if i broke my thumb?
Wrist pain after certain normal workouts?
Doctor predicted my brother has bronchitis, is it okay if we have cat?
what are the side effects of tar?
getting rid of a cough that just won't go away?
What are the best sleep apnea machines?
how likely am i to have pneumonia again?
If I'm on workman's comp who determines when I go back to work?
Hit my head last night and knocked myself out!! should i get checked out by a dr. or am i fine?
What is this on my toe please help?
is this asthma if it is how bad could it be serserious is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the doctors going to do?
Should I get under arm or forearm crutches while I recover from broken ankle?
my mom was outside cleaning the vacuum when she felt a sharp sting in her leg now the back of her leg has a ?
How do you cure negative thinking?
Can you mix alcohol and paroxetine?
is there any over the counter drugs that could help me get it up?
Pfrimmer method of Muscle therapy?
how long does it take for sulfur pills to relieve a bladder infection?
What are the innovations provided by an Electronic Cigarette?
Is this what its like to be high?
Hydroxyzine question anyone help?
Can i drink water before my medicine?
Safe sleep aids for teens?
do binaural beats actually work?
is there a remedy for watery red wine?
Does lemon juice help a sore throat?
Nyquil is sort of ineffective, and I'm sick and need sleep. Help?
Psychoactive essential oils?
Xtreme No Muscle Building Supplement - Achieve Your Dream Body?
what type of tea contains the most ginseng?
Are there any sleeping pills out there for teens?
How is Copper used in Copper-67 to help treat Wilson Disease ?
vad är risperidone alkaloid 4mg?
What sort of technology, style and class does an Electric Cigarette provides?
Is CO the #1 weed smoking state?
My eyes are burning!?
tint of yellow in eyes?
Will bifocal contacts prevent my vision from getting worse?
What can I use to protect my eyes against airborne particles like smoke,dust, etc. I get sensitive to those.?
How hard is it to quit smoking?
if I got health insurance from Mcdonalds when would it go in effect?
Antibiotic stuck in throat!?
Weird feeling in legs, mostly calves?
drink or two and gravol?
third shift and all i do is sleep?
Why do I always get Charlie Horses PLEASE HURRY!!!?
Memory Lapses in Teenagers?
I have trouble getting to sleep at night. What should I use to get to sleep earlier?
sometimes my leg will kick on its own. Is this normal?
Is this normal after a cold?
i'm 19 years old. do i fall under the catofery of teenagers?
Please help, Im really worried!!!?
what could possibly be wrong with my fiance?
What are some ways you can treat Alzheimer disease?
i hit a blunt 6 times earlier today, how long it will be before i should be able to pass a drug test?
I am losing weight to fast and very sick. never feel good for past month help please?
What is wrong with me??
Liver damage from alcohol.In ICU. Confusion. WILL HE MAKE IT..?
What could happen if I swallow too much of my own blood?
what is a discription of ocd ,what are symptoms/signs ,are there treatment for ocd do ,famus people have ocd?
something is wrong with me.. I get nervous all the time and my stomach hurts?
I think I have a bladder infection.....can I medicate myself?
Can you drown head lice (nits)?
How do you get liver disease?
i have a question about anorexia..?
I have scolliosis...?
I just noticed that one of my hips is larger than the other, I also put more of body weight on that side..?
What to do for a migrane?
Has anyone experienced ringing in their ears for a day or over a day? Emergency, please help if you can.?
Could This Be Anorexia?
Am I having an allergic reaction to something? urgent!?
Is it possible to be allergic to a cracker?
My son is allergic to wheat, but not to barley and oats. Specifically what protein is he allergic to?
What are you allergic to?
why are some people lactose intolerant while others arent?
I have hives?
why does my son's nose often bleeds?
i took zyrtec, claritin and benedryl but my allergies are still horrible! what should i do?
is there a safe way to eat food you are alergic to?
Do i have a cold or allergies or a sinus infection?!?
How do I unclog my nose?
Is it possible that I have an water allergy?
eye keeps twiching how to stop it?
i keep getting theses bumps on my stomace an there really itchy what do you rekon there are??
how can I cure and avoid my baby getting diaper rash?
Very urgent! Wheat or milk allergy?!?
boyfriend && hacking noise.?
Help with an addiction?
I was bit by a mouse at PetCo when i was a kid, is it okay for me to use sun screen?
Why is it bad to breathe through your mouth?
How do they drain your ears at the doctors office?
how long does it take for thc to get out of your body?
okkkay..this is what happened this morning..?
i am so depressed do i need help do i see a Dr?
Why can't I sleep, no matter what I do?
I feel bad after smoking weed.?
Any advice on stress relief?
why can't i get up in the morning?
Help! I have a job interview tomorrow and I have diarrhea!?
constipation? help..!!?
Stitches in my mouth bleeding, what do I do?
i eat deoderant,.....wats the best kind to eat?
Why wont my nose bleed!?
How do you get someone else's pee for a drug test?
Did i eat too little today? anorexia and bulimia recovery?
how nitroglycerine is effective during a heart attack by its action on phosphorylated myosin in c?
I had a heart transplant?
right hand numb tingling, lower back hurting, indigestion feel kind of light headed what is going on?
heart attack symptoms?
say someone got Hiv at age 15 when will they develop aids if they dont get treatment?
Last month i did a urine test and was told i had urinary tract infection. I now feel abdominal pains.?
Has anyone had experience of an anal fissure?
Do I have oral herpes?
why do i have a raised discolored spot on my scrotum?
Can I get HIV from a random cut on my finger while at a strip club?
solve the problem. In 1996 an outbreak of a disease infected 14 people in a large community. By 1997?
give me a brief short summation about children with cancer?
please help only if you know for sure thiis is serious!!!!!?
What medications can affect blood glucose levels?
how many get infected with steptococcus (rhuematic fever) ?
Possible Infection on my gauge.?
Why am I getting sick all the time?
my blood test shows that my WBC count is 8900 / mm3 neutrophils 42% ( normal 50-70) lymphocytes 51% (25-40)?
I NEED TO KNOW if i have something serious wrong with me.?
My friend is sick what could it be?
Is doxyclycl hyc ever used for post surgery infection preventive?
How long do operations take?
What will be the first aid to avoid or to cure of being anemic..?
Cotton Swab test???????????????????????????????????????????????????
I have pharyngitis and i need to know a few things ..?
My 12 mo old was exposed to shingles. Will vaccinating reduce the chances of getting chicken pox?
measures for disease prevention that were used in early times that are still used today?
gallbladder, ulcer or gastritis ATTACK?
forgot to go back in three days after a tb test, what do i have to do now?
Question about Nits/head lice
how to you become rosy white clear skin???
Fungus on toenail - toenail now removed - how to keep bare toe clean/stop return of fungus
does some medicen make the hair fall down ??
How to eliminate Dark Knees?
wher i can buy the treament Neutrogena Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment and how much cost?
i have some kind of painful blister like thing on the tip of my tongue can anyone please help?
Question about sunburn
Correct hand placement C.P.R?
Sliced my finger with a chopping knife...?
my knees hurt for no reason?
Why do people get cellulite?
how can i cure dis???
After wearing a bandaid, my skin came off with it and now looks like a burn with blisters. Any ideas?
I have mild acne on my face and along with scars from it. I recently bought bio-oil to help with the scars but
got my nails done last week and now my finger is infected?
If I am in a bind, will hand sanitizer work on a wound as well or almost as well as antibiotic ointment?
Ripped off a part of my lip, will it ever heal?
What is wrong with this person...?
I take adderall XR, and i bite my tongue all the time and it swells up in the back on the side.?
What can cause an abscess and swelling of the big toe on your foot?
What is good for flea bites?
If you ever had chickenpox and already healed but it made you scars on the face, how do you disappear them?
bug bite help please!
My dog got nipped in the eye and it is now swollen over and oozing. What should I do to take care of it?
How do I treat minor hemorrhaging?
I dont know what wrong with me! feeling sick!!!! medical professionals please!?
Sick daughter, not eating?
How can i get rid of hiccups?
Am I anorexic? I hope not...please reply...?
What bit me, please look?
What is the cause of Vomiting with blood?
I have blood in my urine?!?!?!?!?
is smoking 80 cigarettes a day bad?
How do you fight your insomnia?
wtf, how confusing about eating disorders?
I have not smoked pot in 2 and 1/2 years and I would like to take 2 hits - how long will it stay in my system?
if I have blood in my stool..what could it be???
pLEASE HELP!!!! But I must warn you kinda graphic... For the last 2 days I everytime I have a bowel movement?
What is going on... please can someone help?
Every once in a while semi- monthly my tips of my fingers swell along the cuticles as well as my Big Toe. ?
whats wrong with me??
can a sudden fright cure the hiccups?
i suffer frm stage fear how can i cure it and get rid of it forever?
Afraid of shots?
Still not eating (day 22) Im on the way out feeling
Any suggestions on what hurts in my Knee?
who knows how to sprain ur ankle?
how long will it take for my piercing in my ear to close up?
what could be this pain in my right knee?
I had a head injury when i was a child. Noticing problems now. Need help.?
fractured wrist ?
how much do you get for a broke big toe?
can you tell me if my wrist is sprained or broken?
I'm in a lot of physical pain at the moment.. PLEASE HELP!?
Is my shoulder broken?
Some accident and now am I injured.?
Doctor's advise please!?
do we still smell things if we pinch our nose?
If a student got stabed?
How long does it take someone to recover from a gunshot in the abdomen and grazed in the rib cage?
a bug flew into my eye and it felt like acid eating through it, should i be worried?
I broke my foot and now its cold?
if i got elbowd in my nose and it was bleeding,feels bruisd,i heard a crak wen hit,and eyes r black isit brokn?
If I had carpal tunnel surgery in '95, both hands, will it return? If so, will it be worse than before?
Pain behind kneecap?????????
Do i have a concussion?
How can i break my wrist in one day?
what have i done???????????
My sister is sickkkkkkkkk?
If a human organ has already been donated and transplanted, can it be donated and transplanted again?
If they're going to drug test you at a physical examination, do they check your hair?
I hit my head and urgent care said i didnt have a concussion how do I know they were right?
What is your favourite cigarette?
my girlfriend and i have a slight adiction to pain pills and I made a mistake and need advice on what to do?
What is ecstasy like?
Do anti depressants really work?
What's a good way to stop someone's habit of finger nail biting?
is it true that the first time that you do marijuana you don't get high?
My friend does this thing...?
are there any pharmacies open on Sunday evenings?
what does it mean when i feel a twinge when I'm sad?
do electronics cigarettes really work?
is it possible that i have asthma?
How do you make yourself throw up?
who is the effect of nexium medicine?
What supplement/medication can I take to grow taller?
How can I stop biting my nails?
I have a bad COLD but plans tonight?
Mucus in back of throat and chest and also trouble breathing?
I have no idea what this is caused by?
I feel very cold, but im not coughing or sneezing.?
How common is sinus arrythmia? Are there any statistics?
sneezing and coughing do i have a cold?
how long would a person be in the nursing home getting physical therapy and recovering from full knee replacem?
vitamin b shots in NYC?
What is the best OTC sleep aid?
Is ammonia the beginning of life or the end?
I just took 10 pills of 500g metaformin and im not diabetic, will i overdose?
Is bowtrol safe? Where can I find more information about it?
callus appear after rhinoplasty?
Can I shower with Steri Strips on my knee?
baby vaccine delays speech?
how long drugs last..........?
Will prescription HGH (used for growth deficiences) make me taller if I'm already 18? My mom and dad both grew?
Disorientation while driving, exhaustion, any idea?
help i have to go to an..........?
Question about my piercings?
Does Coffea Cruda help with Tinnitus?
Black Walnut, WormWood and other Parasite killers?
When do you harvest hibiscus flowers for tea?
Naproxen sodium dosage?
What would happen if I took a bottle of trazidone?
Is there a drug just as good as Afrin, that I can take daily?
Zoloft extreme vomiting?
exhausted but cannot sleep!?
pain on my shoulder and arms after drinking pink lemonade or red gatorade? what is it?
Im feeling like im worried about something, But iv got nothing to worry about?
I dont know whats wrong with my gran?
What are some ways to prevent migraines?
Ok so I hold water...?
Question about medicin and oxidation?
herbal incense smoke ok so there is "space" with jwh-018 but i smoked this stuff called "kush"?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Cannabis Card ?
whats a natural way to get rid of a stomach ache when i drank 5 shots of kahlua and 9 shots of whiskey?
What's a good natural anti diuretic?
does anyone know on what to take to dissolving large gallstones naturally?
what pills for bladder control?
My aunts brain cancer is back,): could she die?
can you be allergic to humans?
Is there such a thing as getting a "Shot of Antihistamine"? I have too much Histamine in my body. Aways Itch.?
My allergies are acting up really bad :( what can I do to prevent that?
Random Nose Bleed?
Can someone help, I think I'm allergic to exercise?
my dog has something in her eye what can I do to get It out ?
why does my nose smell like a worms eyeball?
why does my throat itch and my tongue swells?
What should I do??? I have a horrible allergy!?
can cigarette smoke cause my throat to be sore?
What is with the apparent increase in gluten allergies?
what do you call when acid come back to your throat and it burn and leaves you without breathing?
Dont feel good could this be why? 10 pts?
Is to possible to be allergic to apples?
Do allergies make you want to sleep?
how do you prevent bad cough's?
Do I have allergies or sinus problems? Please help!?
Can a Penicillin Allergy be set off by being around someone who had a shot.?
Nose bleeds My 5-year-old gets nose bleeds maybe twice a month. Anyone knows the reason why?
i catch colds very easily and they dont go away for up to a week. what could be the cause?
Been wearing contacts for about 3 years, now having trouble?
Does your eye flap heal after Lasik surgery or not?
Another question about contact lenses...?
Should I be worried? (Question about looking at the sun)?
Can anxiety cause dry eyes?
Does reading too close to your face ruin your eyesight?
What is going on with my eyes?
Are they borned with it?
Lower back pain for a month. Is is cause for concern?
How much does arthroscopic surgery (lavage and debridement) cost in Canada?
Will Alka-Seltzer Plus help my ears stop crackling/clicking when i swallow? Do i have sinus congestion or wat?
I have an ingrown! Please help me!?
what are the names of these tablets (293) i think there painkillers?
I had the lap band surgery done i am very worried = (?
why do i keep getting cramps?
Is my voice changing or do i have a regular throat ache?
Shoulder fatigue and pain?
I banged my leg pretty bad and now it feels a little weird what should i do?
how many ice burns can i do b4 permanent damage?
What is wrong with my nose?
How to look clean with acne?
after cryosurgery what should I do?
what kind of insulin pump is the best?
i have strep throat today's day 2?
Positive or negative tb test?
good sites for history of HIV?
what would the mrsa virus do to someone who is well on there way undergoing radiation treatments and has Hep C?
Is her ear infected or is it crusting?
i have animea due to blood loss from a ulcer and the last 2 blood counts have gone from 9 to 10 back to 11 ?
headache fever and hot flashes....?
How does the Immune system help the Muscular system?
How does the Muscular system help the Immune system?
help please im really scared...infection?
My dermatologist prescribed me Erythromycin ?
what is a simple and easy to get infection?
is it safe to take tylenol pm and theraflu at the same time?
i get sick so easily... flu.?
Well.. ive got this like bite .. :S?
Ear Infection Ear Tube Help?
Can you get high/messed up off of Penicillin VK 500MG?
Piercing infections ?
So I'm not sure if I have a cold or the flu. My nose is completely congested, I have body aches, my throat was?
where did hiv start at?
How to get rid of Mosquito bug?
can you get posin ivy on yourt palm?
I have teenage acne. How do I get rid of it?!?!?!?
How can i get rid of these acne scars?
I need help with psoriasis?
What are these bumps????
Sensitive skin question!!!?
getting rid of sunburn?
Strange Scars on Legs?
Is vitamin B12 one of the causes of acne?
please help me out..skin emergency?
first day of school, huge zit, HELP!?
I got bit by a spider bout 5 yrs ago. Now my skin hurts at times and is aging fast could this be linked to it?
how do you get rid of mosquito bites???
Has anyone tried aslavital products from gerovital for acne?
my son is 28 and found a quarter size soft spot on the right side of his head what could this be?
is a person with down syndrome capable of being a doctor?
Does this stuff really work?
my 15 year old mite get her gallabladder removed.help?
how do you get through a lifetime disease?
87 year old woman, slow heart rate, slight kidney dysfunction, swelling of hands/feet, and minor pneumonia?
what is best for dehydration?
whats the best thing to get rid of a sore throat?
constant runny and loose stool? how will the doctor diagnose the problem?
Please help me I can't stand this?!?
strep trout?
What could be wrong with her?
Could You Please Diagnose Me? I'm Really Starting To Get Worried.?
is it true that adults don't get head lice?
sharks and cure for cancer and aids?
Piercer said im anemic?..?
what is down syndrome?
Extreme hair loss but no signs of thinning. What does this mean? Is this bad or good?
should animal organs be used for human transplant surgery?
What can cause kidney damage or failure in a 22 year old?
can i sue my doctor?
Anxiety Pill. - just make you drowsy ?
HELP! shes dying and i dont know how to be there..?
Is quiting smoking causes people to gain weight?
Should I take a shower when I'm sick?
fever for 3 days now , throats really red , cant swallow anything not even drinks, and dont want to eat?
Can you get caught smoking by a doctors urine test?
are Salvia Divinorum and Weed the same thing?
Why do I feel this way?
Why do people look so bad in the morning?
my body temperature is 35.5 is that bad?
why does my face get red when i work out?
Is it okay to eat playdough?
how do you get taller?
What is wrong with me?
Why Is My Head So Itchy?
How long can YOU hold your breath? Be honest...?
How can I stop smoking weed?
I take such good care of myself, and yet I get sick a high amount of times a year.?
Son is almost 6 and still having breakthrough seizures?
how do i hide my cutting problem?
What can I do to beat this drowsiness?
Cut on my............????????
i have hiccups for last 1 hour what can i do for stop hiccups?
what have i done???????????
How can i fix my shoulder problem?
i fell ova in the garden yesturday and fell down a pot hole.as i went ova i heard a crunch it has swollen?
a couple of weeks ago i banged my elbow going down a water slide and the pain is still there i have plates in?
My eye got scratched is it okay?
my son got hit and know there is a large bump above the eye that's soft what to do?
a few days ago i fell and got alot of splinters in my hand. I got all but maybe 1 or 2 out. should i worry?
Wrapping an ankle injury?
Energy Drink in Open Wounds?
No cartilage/ligaments in my knees suggestions?
what should I do about ankle pain?
Did i break or fracture my toe?
Do I have a fractured rib?
How to Walk straight?
what have i done to my foot?
Ankle still hurts. Could there be something wrong?
can gonohrrea symtoms disappear and the disease still remain?
what tablets do i take for chlamydia?
I need a urine test tomorrow morning for STDS: gonnococcus and chlamydia. Should I not drink alcohol tonight? ?
Major depression, no money....?
Does 150 mg Efexor (Effexor) cause severe insomnia?
HOW TO HAVE A RASPY VOICE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I have low ferriton! Why can't I sleep and why am either hot or cold? I have hot flashes too.?
double lumen tracheal tube placement?
Salam, recently I watched on 'you tube' about death and barzakh few days later I had panic attack & is scaredd?
Tuberculosis and contagious question?
Why am I only congested on the left side of my chest?
Vocal Cord Damage or just a Sore Throat?
How to cure a sore throat in 2 days?
Is cardiomegaly a complication of pneumonia?
Why do I have frequent coughing fits?
HAir follicle test and a prescription for flexeril. Will this cause a problem?
Nursing and Anti-Depressants?
ever since I quit smoking I can't fall asleep?
Can a doctor order day shift?
is it good to sleep in the afternoon?
Can you worry yourself into a heart attack?
i have sinus drainage and it wont stop?
Disruptions every hour during sleep?
biotin for hair and nails mainly hair?
st. johns wort and night terrors?
Anyone know about recurring Ingrown Toenails?
I need help with dxm?
Kona Kava For Stress?
What is the best Pill/Chemical/Smart Drug/Herb to become couchlocked?
could this be side effects from my medicine?
Which pills make you mean?
Has anyone ever tried Celexa?
Is it safe to take tablet of Vitamin C, Evening Primerose oil and Echinacea purpurea at one time?
How much Valerian Root For Same Effects Of Valium ?
Does healthy hair herbal tea really work for thinning hair? And can you take it while on high blood pressure?
How much Melatonin is too much?
in victorain times how much did a medicine?
Is there any pills or anything that can make you extreamly aggresive that i can buy?
Where Can I Get Sleeping Pills?
so i need to know about some prescriptions to ask muh doctor about but idk what kinds to ask aboutt...?
Can taking a laxative and drinking alcohol make you sick?
I have this ingrown hair 4 inches above my private area, it been there for 2 weeks? What can I do?
UK alternative medicine?
Can someone please help disgusting taste in mouth! ( Lunesta)?
I accidentally took 2.5 times the dosage for vitamins, and I'm incredibly sensitive to medications and such?
Smoking weed and smoking cigarettes affecting voice?
If i have a level of twenty in marijuana in my system now. How long will it take to get out?
Once and for all: Does dip contain fiberglass?
are house call doctors safe?
My heart has been racing nonstop for the past hour?
Which of the following rhythms can successfully be defibrillated?
How do your arteries' and veins' walls get damaged? What damages them and how?
checking circulation?
what is wrong with my heart and my heart rate?
Help!!?? is this heart problem really serious?
Tired of being tired all the time, please any advice?
alcoholic please help?
am I sick or is it in my head?
Is it a bad sign if a doctor prays before surgery?
Is there a cure for dwarfism?
trying to sleep but restless legs?
Are there any site to go to find PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSY? I'd like to find others like me to talk to.?
Do I have Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?
Should kids get LASIK?
How will you know how strong your immune system is?
what are the symptoms for the H1N1 flu?
Please tell me what causes this?
drugs.. relief or suffereing?
Is it possible to have attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity?
Will I be forced into an eating disorder clinic?
Can anybody tell me how to pass a urine test for pot I dont want to use detox kits my test is 27 FEB. Thanks!
Is Autism is genetic Disease?
Is Someone Who Occasionally Does Cocaine..?
What is an astigmatism?
Is crack cocaine addictive?
Could I be a diabetic?
Headaches with Insulin?
What can I do for my 11 year old dog who has both Diabetes and Cushings. He has been on meds since March,2009.?
how do i know if i am an alcoholic?
Why does my thoat hurt when i swallow?
Can anyone test their own blood sugar, even if they don't have diabetes?
What can I do about my chronic back pain due to scoliosis?
Do horsies drink milks?
are warts on your feet usually painful or painless?
Does Marijuana stay in your blood system within a week?
should i see a doctor if my nose is bloody?
why do I smell marijuana throughout the day?
Rescue my friend, please!?
am i allergic to bees maybe?
Does beer contain gluten?
what would your ideal weight be at 5'8?
I feel so sick...what should I do ? ):?
How can control different types of allergies?
how do you cure a horrible cough that it does not go away easily?
what am I allergic to?
Why does cantaloupe and celery make my throat itch?
what are nasty facts about the meat from slaughterhouses?
how do i cure my sinusis?...sinus?
is my 22 month old baby allergic to cows milk?
I'm having allergy troubles. My nose gets stuffed up, my throat is sore, and Claritin isn't helping. HELP!?
i think i'm sick but i only cough in my apt?
3 bloody noses in 2 days?
my 4 years child swalloved a coin?
bad allergic reaction to food. help!!?
I vomited 2 days after using marijuana. Should I be worried?
My daughter is severally allergic to milk/dairy.?
My allergies are ruining today.. PLEASE HELP!?
How do I deal with a runny nose at work?
How can I prevent my allergies?
Possible dairy allergy?
I have lots of health problems, but my parents won't do anything?
my 4 year old gets the hives i dont know what shes allergic to we took blood tests..?
any idea on this "girl" situation?
Whats wrong with my throat?
Eyes keep watering/tearing?
I have a friend with milk and egg allergies?
Breathing in cleaning chemicals?
is it bad to copy your hand?
Will this help my cut heal?
I NEED my foot to heal in two days..? Help?!?
My fingernail is swollen and blue!?
I got something in my eye--please help!?
Can my tongue ring make my throat itchy?
Why would sever black eye keep switching sides?
My newly pierced ear...bleeding?
Help please.. Spider bite?
how to heel a scissors cut on the face quickly?
i have a bite that is a lilttle smaller than a dime and it hurts i have had it for about 2 months?
My dog bit me. What do I do?
The "slow cooker" is another name for ____.?
Poor, elderly, chronically ill, alcoholic, or obese persons are most often affected by which heat illness?
How do i help blister plains?
Staph infection help?
what is fuchs eye? i would like to know more?
Do i have appendicitis?
what viral disease can be spread by contamination of food and water?
symptoms of weak immune system? recently, i have been getting hives.?
Hey i have a sore throat and i lost my voice what should i do?
Why did Hepatitis C caused Natalie Cole's two kidneys to completely fail?
what can you do to find the cure for aids?
Is penicillin 500 mg and z-cof good for?
Is it possible to treat prostate diseases with drugs or is it only through surgery?
what are these symptoms?
Sore Throat help please?
Younger sisters both have food poisoning?
Should I go to school today?
Which of the following antibiotics is not bactericidal?
Are we gonna die because of mosquitos?
Why are we all getting so sick?
Could I have MRSA or a form of staph?
Where can I find a site about Salmonella?
what over the counter drugs can kill you?
Which toothpaste(s) can prevent oral STDs?
Would u cut them off?
I had burning in my upper arms,chin, inner legs while i was just laying in bed?
what is a good product for flaky scalp?
strange bumps when i get cold; HELP!?
How do I treat dark acne scars?
Why do my eyes feel sore after wearing contact lenses? a potential concern?
Are color contacts bad for you than normal contacts?
Any idea what this means? Trouble switching from looking away to reading close up?
Eyes irritated when I wake up?
Do you have or do you know anyone with a lazy eye?
I need some help with my eye sight?
My vision is +2.00 and +1.00 and +3.50&+2.00 on the wide purple. Can i wear glasses on +3 and +2 for example?
Why when reading with contacts, the words aren't magnified like when reading with glasses?
My eyes are deep dark blue in the summer, but turn to bright icicle type blue in the winter, why is this?
does cold or cough affect sugar levels in kids?
blood turned into mold?
what is the name of the Groin area Doctor?
I fell down a set of stairs and fell on my knee. How much damage do you think was done?
Concern with a CT scan?
Possible knuckle injury?
whats up with my spider bite?
will a piece of hair cut ur throat if swallowed?
Injured shoulder - Is surgery the answer?
♥ HELP! What is wrong with my leg?
What do with a swelled ankle?
I Hurt my back a few weeks ago and now I get pins and needles sensations in that area, anything to worry about?
is my foot/ankle fractured?
my ankle is swelled. it has been since last thursday. help.?
i beleive i broke my toe ... how long till it heals?
how do i help a black eye go away faster?
Will my wrist ever be the same again?
any idea what bit me or infected me?
It hurts, please help??????????
How can I get rid of back muscle pain? I think I Pulled a muscle and it hurts right near my spine (right side)?
meningioma operations?
how long would this take to work?
What is the test for PH?
How long does it take to leave your system?
How many pills are in one bottle of Force Factor?
will tum tums help you with gas ?
Is ALA an abbreviation for alpha lipoic acid or alpha linolenic acid?
Nyquil tylenol question??? please help?
what is a Amphetamine?
How many milligrams of klonopin equals a xanex bar?
Carpel tunnel surgury?
Need an answer can any one please help me?
how to cure the acne mark?
how cold should probiotic supplements be kept?
what over the counter drug would sub for lisinopril?
Hi Friends - Suggest Baldness oils?
Does the detoxifier Chlorella cross the blood brain barrier?
How long does Adderall last ?
Can over the counter sleeping pills kill you?
How should I take L - Argentine / Ornithine pills?
Help , What do you think this could be ?
Am I really seeing blood?
How many drugs are there?
Why can you see your veins better when you've been exposed to hot water?
Will these medications with weed hurt me?
What does a dime bag of chronic look like?
Vaporizer ideas anyone?
What supplement to take to lower cholesterol?
What's Wrong With My Foot? Slow Reaction?
Does sunscreen work just as well if you've had it for a year?
Should I see a cyropractor?
Safe use of Fleet enemas?
will i be able to rotate my wrist as much as i used to be able to?
is there something you can use to stop your nose from burning cause of doing cocaine?
what is this!!?
What is the easiest and fastest way to cure sinus?
Have gone 2 days with out Lexipro... feel dizzy?
Is there anything wrong with this child?
Feel like I keep having to Pee?
i've been getting real dizzy lately and some headaches that i normally don't get.?
my urine is quite yellow, i don't drink much water only like a glass a day, could this be my problem?
Do you think i have OCD?
people, im only 13... but im freaking serious...like when you get stabbed, how much pressure do you apply?
i got serious problems now?
I just swallowed a small piece of mechanical pencil lead...im fine right?
What is that humming noise I can hear but nobody else can? Am I having a stroke ?
Could i have a kidney infection?
Can lack of water make your urin smell strong?
Are Bud and Bud light the worst for causing diarrhea?
how old do you have to be legally to get your cartalige pierced?
I am lactose intolerant and get major stomach aches when i have dairy, though when i smoke weed it goes away?
What illness do i have?
How do I know if Im having a contraction?
could hpv give you a false test for hsv?
How long does a woman need to have chlamydia in her system before it can make her infertile?
what people show positive for hiv after 6 mths.?
Does all the early HIV symptoms occur at once ?? In how many days they will show up after low risk encounter?
I need good workable web site for HIV/AIDS?
when you go to the ER and they take your blood do theyy check for HIV/ADIS and Pregnancy?
Is there a name for this ?
I quit smoking pot, and now I can't sleep?
How can I participate in clinical trials of experimental antidepressants?
Why do I feel so empty?
How would you "cure" this kind of fear/anxiety?
if im unable to take my kids because of my work.can that be used against me?
What is a person called who is always tired?
what are the first signs of lice and how do you get it? 10 pts. best answer?
what is the most painful death?
some questions about bellybutton piercings?
is it true that gum stays in your digestive system for 10 years?
what are some things i can do to help me sleep?
Would every girl have a curvy body if...........?
12yrs and 103.2 in temperature....?
Does alcohol do more damage to your body then pot?
when pupils dilate is that when you see dots?
How do you know when your dehydrated?
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is it safe to run when it smells like smoke?
Omfg Im Creeped Out! My Friend Can Mind Read?
Can anyone help me try to figure out what I might have?
can anybody help me with this???
What is wrong with me?
i need help trying to figure out if im being poisoned?
I need a way to stay up late?
i lost my birth ceritificate when i went to the ER a couple of weeks ago. Where would i go to get a new one?
I have a question i started smoking cigarettes like 3 weeks ago and all of a sudden i have a pain in my back?
I need 5 questions about symptoms of cardiovascular that I ask people age 60 and up?
Can someone help me with my last dieing wish?
some pinch on the left breast area?
Open heart surgery, clogged artery! help ?
Hep-c symptom question?
Vomiting after eating - not on purpose?
can you prevent kidney stones and infections?
how do people with gillian barre syndrome recover?
Where to buy Ketoconazole tablets or something over the counter that will help?
Woke Up With Weird Sore On Foot HELP?
blisters on the throat?
Mononucleosis help pleaseeee!!!?
Whats with the aids deasise?
what do the tonsils do?
Is it just normal recovery after a 10-day long diarrhea with fever and other symptoms,to have multiple?
I might have the Mumps and how can i make it not hurt?
Is it Ulcer when....?
i have epstein bar, im 28, i have a headache and fever every single day, being active,its destroying me, help?
Meningitis in rodents?
what is the scientific name of the agent or pathogen that causes the disease Pink Eye?
What is HIV? How is it connected AIDS? What is the impact of AIDS/HIV around the world?
one side of my throat hurts, can it be strep or tonsillitis?
Can mouth ulcers be contagious to dogs?
Strep thoat or worse?
Zylet for eye infection?
can you use sulfmeth/trimeth for a bacteria infection?
Should I have my tonsils removed?
my right leg from the knee and below is very heavy.?
Please tell me I can have a lil pulling feelings sometimes in my stomach what is this?
Really bad headaches?
Bad lower back pain!?
Half of my index my finger went numb?
How do i get rid of the black mark that my football helmet left on my forehead?
about Anaesthesia......?
Are these heating pad burns...?
Strange ear/throat pain?
Ammonia inhalants- dangerous? when to use?
swollen legs after working out?
need help with smashed finger!?
First aid questions....................?
Help bleeding from cut what do i do?
is it possible to cut off somebody's head?
Is it OK to put triple antibiotic ointment on the hole in your rear-end?
cut off my skin on finger! HELP!?
Question about a really bad burn?
What is the greasy material that is used within the burning bandage gauze?
The first step in caring for a heatstroke victim is to:?
What is the best first-aid antibiotic ointment for small infected cuts?
Wet clothing accelerates the loss of body heat up to ____ times faster.?
when will a burn heal?
Can clorox be useful in a first aid kit?
I have a tick bite that is small, looks outlined with red and has a black center. What is this?
Is there any evidence that bee sting therapy could relieve cluster headaches?
How do I reduce this swelling in my lip?
How can you sprain or fracture your finger easilly? READ DETAILS!?
Pain in neck and shoulder?
constant back pain from injury a few months ago...?
I have severely dry fingers and are cracking? and my joints are really hurting.?
what are the risks in wearing broken soft contact lens?
Why do I get muscle spasms?
Strange lump on lower back?
How badly does it hurt to dislocate your shoulder?
Can ur bones ache if you dont drink a lot of water? N what is the best thing to do for sprained ankle?
If i had a concussion before should i not be sleeping?
Is My Toe broken??????????????????
HELP!! Fell down broken stairs of hotel & cant leave, yet cant afford.?
Can someone tell me what I should do about my elbow?
I cut my foot pretty deep today and now it feels tingly, almost as if it's asleep. Should I be concerned?
i rolled my ankle and my calf has really sharp pains. Any suggestions?
i accidentally stabbed myself with a rusty nail on the foot?
Cut my finger with a knife and now it's numb!?
I woke up with a pulled muscle in my back lower leg, I'm 13?
I am a gymnast and need scoliosis surgery. Will I ever be able to do it again?
Why did this happen just because i was??????does someone have any clue wat to do?
I have a bump on my shoulder. What is it?
My nose itches on the inside?
Will a standard allergy medication work less effectively for a larger person?
can I be having an allergic reaction? what should I use?
Can smoking weed give you hives?
i am a little sick -just under a week- my sister was sick but different symptoms is it just allergies?
how can i get a nose bleed or how can i make my nose bleed?
am i haveing a allergic reaction?
what is the best drug for indoor, as well as outdoor allergies?
I'm nursing my baby girl, but have severe allergies...What can I take?
How to get nasal spray taste out of my mouth!?
I am allergic to wheat, colors, preservatives, additives, sweetners. WHAT CAN I EAT?
I have cat allergies but my husband doesnt. Will my unborn child have cat allergies?
Itchiness around hands and legs i don`t know why!?
my eyes are different?
Im Sick, what is it?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
ok i dyed my hair n freaked out as if i may get an alergeic reaction. how long after i dye it will i know if i?
i have bad allergies, and it makes the insides of my ears itch badly. what can i do? any remedies?
Child's allergic to azithromycin Help?
What cure and foods to avoid for skin allergy?
I had a small warts in my face...what is the best way to get rid of it???thxxx a lot?
I have a rash, i dont know why i got it. help?
Does the Clinigue acne kit really work?
How to prevent a scar Please Help !!!!!!!?
what causes itchy skin?
cold sores??????????
Dark mark on neck????????
need advise for acne`?
are sun burns usually itchy?how can i make it not hurt? and how long does it last for?
Does chronic bronchitis lead to emphysema? I've quit smoking, but smoked for 30yrs.?
i have these bumps on my legs?
Skin condition; Medical term for this symptom?
a health question about xrays?
Do fumes inhaled through the lungs go through or affect the liver?
Sore Throat Problem, Please Help!?
my sister has a shadow on her lung...?
Is toothpaste a good treatment for acne? And if not what is a good homemade remedy?
can using lots of spot treatments all at once make your spots worse?
Can you give me some tips for recovering from a bad sinus infection?
Does any one know what to do to get rid of poison ivy?
Are you itchy if so where?
The area where my legs meet my torso looks and feels like a big paper cut.?
I have these sores on my lower legs?
Will sleeping cure my puffy eyes?
why do my mouth crack every year around the same time?
Childhood Cancer and height issues?
Anyone out there with narcolepsy?
Medical staff priveledges in a private hospital are a right to open to any licensed,?
ok so i have been having increasing problems in the last 3 months?
I need to pee really badly but don't feel like getting up. Suggestions?
health care.........................................?
what do they give you to make you fall asleep during a tonsil surgery?
How serious could this be?
left ball [teste] is bumpy?
If its been 3 weeks since the last time I did x will I pass a drug test?
I am obese and I need to lose weight, but?
can you get stds from a bathroom?
Is it ok to bleed from your urinary tract but not alot? Is it ok if it makes you strain when you have to pee?
I've been passing out?
Can men have candida and do they get symptoms like women?
Can men be carriers of Chlamydia?
Is it safe to mix multivitamins and hair, skin, and nails pills?
have you ever used cannabis?
what pills and where?
How much should magnesium supplement should a 15 yr old take?
Medical Treatments For Cuts/Self-Injury?
My Brother Is Really Sick . Help Please ?
I make Kefir from raw milk. Why doesn't mine get as fizzy as the one i buy from the people whe sell the milk?
Benadryl and Motrin combined?
can antidepressants get you high?
how long to get 10mg adderall out of system?
sleep deprivation + hydrocodone = .....?
Does health information systems involve a lot of math?
How do i know if my voice has cracked?
Question about the medication Provera (Medproxyprogesterone)?
Can I take Stool Softener every day?
Where can i buy k2 or mr. nice guy or something similar in Connecticut?
what would happen if you overdosed.?
gender dysphobia, should treatment be readily available on the nhs?
Does extenze pills work?
Why the heck do I feel like this? Please?
OTC sleeping pills Boots Ireland? Do they even exist?
Most popular medical marijuana strains in washington state?
Passing a drug test for a job position?
I have a Mold problem?
a question about alcohol poisoning?
How can I make my voice sound nasal?
why is yawn contagenious?
Please help me. Can't sleep til 2 or 3 and then wake up at 2 or 3?
is something rong or not?
WHY- is it bad to eat lots of multi Vitamins?
ok so i really want to smoke weed?
What is this pill I found in my sons room?
What's wrong with my stomach?
I had a blood test earlier today... will marijuana come up?
is this true about smoking weed ?
why do people like do crack even when they know its bad for their body?
how do you brake your leg?
what is going on with my stomach? :L?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
Will i pass a drug test if i take it tomorrow?
what are the differnt things that adderall is prescribed for?
rectal bleeding for 5 months.... help please*?
Health problems for a 22 year old active male??? WTF is wrong with me?
Why is my sons foot swollen and now his right hand and other foot are getting there?
I hear this little noise in my ear and it is continous?
Does anyone know any cold sore remedies?
Whats wrong with me?!?
Um, medical emergency?
can u tell if someone been drinking by a catscan?
I think that my friend is anorexic?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
Am I the only one scared of eternity?
A friend of mine urinates frequently....No pain or blood coming...Is it a UTI?Are there any herbal remedies??
what do u think this is?
What's wrong with me...medically speaking?
What can you eat and not eat if you have dirrhea?
please answer?i need help from anyone who knows what this could be/?
My head is huge it is bigger than a lot of other people I know I feel like an alien how can I shrink it?
Does anyone know what is wrong with my sister? Please help!?
Im microphthalmic is there any hope?
How varifocal glasses will helpful for me?
Clear lump on my eyeball?
Is there a procedure for eyes that slant down at the ends?
is it possible to get 2 different colored contacts?
I want to buy glasses online for the first time... what info should I get from my eye doctor?
what is the life expectancy in the us?
type 1 diabetes? just some advice?
Is there any OTC product for diabetic pain?
I'm think of donating plasma ?
symtoms of tonsils busting?
Can you "catch" an eye disease from someone? My?
how long does is take to recover from septic shock?
Is this ear infection ?
how long does cocaine last?
Do I have strep throat?
Can i drink alcohol with mono?
My 4 yearold son has vomited 3 times in the last 5 days, no fever,no parts of the stomach hurt to the touch,?
I have a lot of body aches & fever, What should I take besides Iboprofen?
If a child has a fever of 100 and you give motrin then the fever goes to 104,should you call the DR.?
what are the risks to a fetus being carried by a woman with hepatitis c?
What's an effective way to prevent a cold?
Entire house waking up with crusty eyes. Conjunctivitis?
Fear of vomit? please help?
boosting an immune system?
very sick for two weeks...?
How long does it take for the really adverse symptoms to start?
Marijuana has what effect on the body?
how can i take out a ingrown toe nail before it gets infected?
sunburn swimming? it hurts pretty bad?
How To Treat a Jellyfish Sting?
PLEASE READ THIS, It's a emergency?
what to do if your lip and half of your face is swollen?
What to do for my burn?
When's the last time you used a band-aid?
How can I heal a cut on my finger that needs stitches when I dont have health insurance?
EKG Machine Dead Man Walking?
what can I do about a piece of soap stuck in my ear?
How do you stop a sunburn from burning?
Mosquito bites ALL OVER my baby. Please give advice.?
there is a normal understanding that if some one had already 2 heart attacks ?
I got stung by a bee 3 dys ago...what should i do? i dont think im allergic but should i worry?
what do you do when you get stung by a wasp?
Got stung by a bee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My ear has been clogged for almost a month now. LOTS of wax. HELPP?
My Boyfriend has stage 3 Spine Cancer. Aside from TB of the Spine.?
I have water clogged up in my ear... Help?!?!?
I ate a whole tube of tooth paste?
What chances of cancer from 1 head ct scan, radiation effective dose 4.1 mSv.?
Should I go to the hospital?
How can I help scratches/scars heal and disappear faster?
Help me what im supposed to do if my ankle hurts after few months.?
i fell down badly and i have a huge bump still for 1 year?
Any advice with ankle injury?
ankle pain still ? :(?
can i wrestle if i broke my ankle 6 weeks ago>?
I banged my knee and now the back of my calf hurts. should i get it checked out?
A car fell on my dad!!!!?
Left side of left knee is numb!!!!?
Why do both of my ankle swell when I stand for a long time?
twisted ankle urgent help?
Would I be able to take a hot bath to help my knee since I just had surgery, or would that cause it to swell?
what should i put ice on this?
What are good ways to ease the pain of a swolen ankle?
i broke my thumb 3 days ago and now its numb and pain also and sometimes turns blueish should i go to the E.R?
How to strengthen my neck?
Help needed. Punching. Hurt my Ulna.?
all of the following are injuries to joints except:?
can i get oral tests for HIV in canada anywhere?
What are these rashes on me?
Flesh-colored bumps on hand?
Small, thin white skin on legs?
Cosmetician and deep cleaning after accutane?
How can i get rid of abcesses without surgery?
powder(pulbo) can prevent oily face and sweet foods and chocolate can cause an oily face?
I have suffered from BURNING SKIN on the front of my legs between the knees and ankles. Is this firbrom.?
my son has a rash all over his body . . .?
my husband has a gray raised up spot on his arm, he has cut it off but it always comes back, is this cancer?
Apparantly I have alopecia? Need advice!?
adverse reaction to waxing?
If it doesn't spread, is it still ringworm?
how can i get rid of this ward i have on my elbow?
Cysts or what under my eyes?
I have a red, itchy rash? Do i have chicken pox again?
Is asthma worse in the winter?
How can I tell if this is a cold or the beginnings of bronchitis?
Describe the pathophysiological changes that result in chronic obstruction pulmonary disease?
i burn alot of inscence ..is the smoke from them bad like second hand smoke from cigs?
how do cure my throat infection?
dosage betahistine hydrochloride?
What are three types of IV Fluid pumps used in ICU? What is the purpose of each?
i have a drug test at my first job.and i was wondering how to clean my system out.like super fast.?
Drug Test Tomorrow...?
An at home laxative??
why do i feel tired all the time?
Why did i almost pass out in the shower ?
Really worried about my mom?
Everyone in my house threw up...?
Smoking! I know its bad for me, but why do I love doing it?
should i cut down the water?
Hand sanitizer and my 5 year old at school?