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Blood pressure medications?
I think somethings wrong with my heart?
I am really overweight...?
What do you think of this weight/height??
i cant stop eating!?
Does my breakfast sound okay to you?
Trying to lose 30lbs and get a six pack before summer?
5'2 & 220lbs. I have zero will power, i cannot "force" myself to exercise. Can someone tell me what 2 do?
im 14 year old girl n weigh 250 lbs, no boys like me?? is it cuz im fat?? i wear size 18 jeans any tis to get?
how do you get rid of smelly feet besides powder or spray?
Hangovers PLZ HELP!!!?
how long would it take for a miget to overdose on bacon?
Possible Lactose Intolerance?
When I eat certain fruits my throat feels puffy?
What is the best way for a 17 -18 year old girl to lose weight?
How many pounds should the average 13 year old weigh?
is 130 pounds to skinny for a girl who is 5'9"ish?
What foods are good to eat when you have nasia and an upset stomach?
Are you registered as an organ donor on your I.D. or driver's license?
i like to remain unclothed always, is it common phenomenon. i like to show off in public, especially to girls?
have you ever had surgery?
will i get high cholesterol from eating a chicken breast?
Is a pulse of 130 bpm too high for a 15 year old?
EKG vs ECG ... whats the difference ?
any doctors in here!!?
My brother's heart rate has been over 200 beats per minute for the past week. What's wrong?
I'm 18 y/o and feeling some pain in my heart/chest?
What are some diseases related to diet?
A question about running and heart rate?
The doctor suspects mild congestive heart failure. Explain how this can develop from hypertension?
how i am gone lose wight? ?
Is there anything besides surgery that can get rid of stretch marks?
Is it possible to run 1 mile in 10 minutes or less?
My sister is really fat help?
How can I get flexible?
wats is thefasted way i can loss 50 pound in a month?
Which is better, running, or playing DDR for exercise?
how to loss weight if your 13 to 15?
I just took 3 Hydrocodone?
I'm really scared that..?
Irregular heart beat?
Weight for height - your opinion?
how would a person gain weight really really really fast???
Ami overwieght? Check my measurements to be sure, cuz' I'm not sure.?
what is the normal weight for a boy at 13?
Should i loose weight??? The truth?
I really need to stop this!?
what can i do to avoid over-eating late at night?
Why does fruit make my mouth itch?
ear scares...?
Walked barefoot all day...feet hurt so bad!?
im like 50 lbs overweight and i need to lose SOME atleast by my thirteenth birthday?
I'm over weight and I want to lose it.?
How come my right eye keeps getting red?
Why are the armpits the smelliest part on people's bodies?
what can i drink to lower my high blood pressure?
I'm 5"9 and weigh 98lbs... Am i fat?
Question for old people: How did you run and workout before Ipods and Iphones?
Am I Fat?????
ok see i'm not fat when i stand up. but when i sit down i have rolls. how do i get them to go away???
Is my son overweight?
How to get really tall?
i want to lose weight the easy way?
Why is my smoking neighbor skinny and beautiful?!!?
My heart rate is 117 I wasn't exercising I had just entered a store and tested it on a machine?
Is this abnormal??????
How can I make sure I grow to my maximum height?
DO you think i am fat?
My optometrist says I'm allergic to cats but I have 6 of them what should I do?
what can cause nausea, headaches, and muscle weakness?
i have sludge in my gall bladder constant vomiting and pain in my upper right side. my doc won't do surgery ?
Hurting Throat?
Acetaminophen overdose? Help?
This migrane won't go away? Help!?
I sleep plenty, but I'm still tired?
How do I loose 10 pounds?
how bad is it to drink these: tea, soda, coffee, energy drinks?
would i lose weight this way?
13 years old and i am EXTREMELY obese.PLEASE HELP!?
People saying I'm too skinny?
is this healthy?????????please answer!?
im am a 16 year old teenager weighing in at 16 stone ?
I am always tired?
Lose weight in one week?!?!?
is there anything that you can take for depression that won't effect your heart?
is it possible?
What is the best time in the day to do cardio?
Is there way way I can lose weight fast?
Why are unhealthy foods so good tasting and healthy foods so bad tasting?
Is it dangerous that I drink a whey protein shake everyday?
plzzz Read this and tell me if you think i'm fat..thanks?
did i just had stroke ?
How can I motivate myself to lose weight?
am i overweight ? for my height ?
AM i overweight??
do you think fasting for weight loss is a good idea?
how do you know if your anorexic?
Should I lose weight?
is dating a girl that weighs over 700 pounds ok if i only weight 56?
Heart Operation On A 14 Year Old Girl?
How Can I gain weight?
trying to lose lbs for school in a day?
is a girl that is 5'6 and 160 pounds fat?
how much weight should i lose.........?
Can my brother get a 6 pack by June 1st?
Im 13 and I am 7 stone and i want to be 5 stone, any suggestions?
i am 14 and want to lose weight ? i am 5'4" and weigh 119 lbs? how do you lose 20lbs by the end of january?
I have a weight question?
how to loose weight without exercise?
is this healthy?
how to lose weight without excersice and starving?
I have been lifting weights alot lately. What do you guys think would be some good foods to help build muscle?
Will hanging out with tall people really make you taller?
why do guys weight less?
PLEASE HELP emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
My heart rate seems lower than usual?
What exactly is a Heart Murmur?
Why don't pain killers work on me?
What is the best way to get rid of this?
What are my chances of heart issues?
how to lose a lot of weight in a day?
wich sport will give me a nice thin body? not too much muscle just a nce thin toned body?
How do I put on weight?
I am 5'4 and 94 pounds, and I want to lose weight?
When getting punched does it hurt?
Please Help I'm Having my first operation tomorrow and I'm freaking out!!!?
Why are so many people afraid of chiropractors?
Should I cut my wrist?
Have you ever weighed yourself before going to the bathroom and then right after to see if you lost weight?
Is this enough exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
How do i get a flat belly?
no one likes that i lost weight, why?
Is it unhealthy to sleep after exercising?
How long will it take for me to pass a drug test?
Allergic to antibiotics?
hard time breathing, chest pain?
I've been having pain in my wrist, what supplement would you recommend?
Why does my chest hurt when I inhale?
Body so far this year?
If swimming is a good exercise,then why are whales so fat?
I'm 16, 5'8 and 120lb, how can i gain weight?
Is my blood pressure normal?
i've found ticks/mites in my hair, help?
loose weight before august!! HELP ME!?
Smoking and weight loss?
how does beer effect weight?
is it safe to eat raw eggs?
am i fat? (Pics)?
okay I need lot of advice?
Am I the right weight or too heavy?
During my ab workout i have a sore neck?
what do u snack on late at night?
What are some exercises that I can do while I am sitting at my desk at work?
What would these symptoms be if it was some kind of disease?
How fat are you?
Does anyone know how to lose some serious weight fast? Like 150 lbs?
i ate by mistake 1200 calories and i am on DIET!!! what should i do?
Is it possible to have a heart rate over 300?
Is my friend using cocaine?
strep throat?
Why don't ANY antidepressants work for me the way they used to?
High blood pressure, is this normal or not?
Which weighs more: a pound of body fat or a pound of gold?
Is it possible to Trick Yourself Into Not Overeating?
My head hurts....but I have no medicine?
What's the fastest way to loose weight before september?
my legs are extremely sore. how can i relieve the pain?
I just ate a bottle of toothpaste and my stomach hurts?
Would you die if you took 11000 mg of Extra Strength Tylenol?
Taking Vicodin/oxycodone before school?
my shoulder hurts terribly????
Can an x ray tell if you have brain swelling?
how you treat the annoying flatulence?
can i have an example of OCD? WHAT IS IT?
If You Lose Weight Do You Get Shorter???
am i fat???????????
Does sodium make you gain weight?
How can I break my addiction to soda?
How do I help my very overweight boyfriend lose weight?
if watermelon juice gets on your skin and it starts itching, is that a allergic reaction?
Really sore after one workout. ?
I eat 600 calories a day but don't look anorexic, is this still bad..?
Is walking really as good of exercise as running?
I want to be a model?
my blood pressure is 111/66 pulse 85 is this ok?
How risky is a bypass operation ?
Pain in left,lower back and pain in pelvic area.?
My toes hurt after I run?
How do I fix my eating habits?
A What Age Is Restless Leg Syndrome Most Common?
Swollen lump in right side of neck?
why can't I get more weight?
does sweating reduce your overall body fat?
Is this a healthy weight? Or overweight?
How can I lose 15 pounds in a month (without exercise)?
im 13 and i think im too skinny?????
diet help me?
Siliac Disease?
What have I got, and is it contagious?
can deaf people hear the crunchy noises inside their mouth when they eat crunchy food?
how can you make your hair grow?
my dog bites her paws and they get bloody any advice on how to stop it?
help please!?
am i eating enough for a day? should i eat more?
am i okay with my food today?
Do you take aspirin if you think you're having a heart attack?
Weight & Dieting Help For a 13 Year Old.?
What do you weigh? What would you LIKE to weigh?
I went to the gym and worked out my whole body yesterday and I am really sore today, I was plannin on goin tom
I've had a sore throat for over 3 weeks now, what am I to do?
How to lose weight fast?
How to avoid eating junk food?
I woke up & been sneezing ALL day with runny nose. How do I stop it?
Allergic to fruits and vegetables?
Does anyone know the true "origins" of how and where the "AIDS" and "HIV" Virus came to be?
What are some ways I can purposefully increase my blood pressure?
i threw up acid in my mouth and my throat burns?
i am 15 years old 5'8 128 lbs and i want to gain weight?
toe nail fungus?
How do i stop self injuring my self, and stop my anorexia, and bulimia?
What could be causing this in my son?
why do i vomit blood when i eat dirt?
What are some reasons why people go into coma's or go unconscious?
if i know i have a perfectly good heart. is it possible to have a stroke at 19?
Does it sound like I have a heart defect?
i have a sharp pain on the left side of my stomach .it hurts anyway that i lay even while breathing it hurts ?
Why does my heart feel heavy?
Weird question but...I heard the color of your snot could be some type of indicator?
Do i need to loose Weight?
Can I use WD-40 to stop my jaw from clicking?
what weight would you consider fat at 5"3?
Will i get six pack abs if i do 25 times crunches everyday?
is this okay for my age?
Is there a certain food that you can eat that reduces the chances of having mussel cramps?
should i be taking naps or wait for bedtime?
to those of you who have hemmorhoids, what are the best over the counter solutions?
What are symptoms of heat stroke?
my 4 year old daughter is having persistant fevers and has been on 3 anti biotics nothing is working?
what is rehab?
Is a brain freeze bad for you?
what is diagnosis of a 13 month child with epilepsy and progressive owerweight?
what is hypoglycemia?
i am 21 and 5.6" how can i increase my weight?
How do you get rid of love handles and bulge instanly?
What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?
why do my knuckles hurt so bad?
I have white spots on the back of my throat and my throat is also red!?
is it safe to mix ibuprofen and Darvocet?
(Read Discription) What are good, fast, and easy ways to lose weight?
your opinion on the maple syrup diet?
Healthy drink for the morning?
How Much Do You Weigh???
If i am allergic to cats what is the best kind to get?
Help, I think i'm getting a migraine!?!?
The dr. prescribed me ultram today. What are its effects? Will it make me feel loopy?
I've been working out recently, what helps with the soreness??
if ur on a low dose of methadone for pain..for 30 days.then get oxycodone..?
What's the reason for this?
Is there any cheap and powerful painkiller?
Eye pain and headaches?
What's wrong with my tongue?
when does it pain too much ??
My ears ring a lot. Is that bad?
How can I cure a poisoning curse without western doctors?
what is ashburger syndrome?
My boyfriend is starting to become anorexic what I can do to stop it?
How do I treat athletes foot?
If you knew that donating blood wouldn't hurt you?
I am so tired and depressed. What is the fast way to change my head from darkness to lightness?
If you have been totally clean from every and anything until 7/20/08....?
How do i get my singing voice back when i'm suffering from allergies?
rate me 1 being bad 10 being good?
How can i get fatter?
Why is my heart beat do high?
How many maximum stents should put in the heart?
In one cardiac cycle, when the ventricles are in systole, the atria are in:?
I need help with a diet?
I Need Help Losing Weight?
How much 15 year old should weigh?
Any one know anything that I can lose weight from w/o taking any diet pills?
Is this unhealthy for me?
It one starves themselves for about 2 weeks and does massive excercise how weight can they lose?
I need to lose 10 pounds! HELP?
my stomach!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Does getting your ear pierced hurt?
Are codeine and hydrocodone the same thing?
is there anything you can do for a fracture coccyx(tailbone)??
Dose Bellybutton Piercings HURT????
i feel so down lately....?
why oh why does the heat cause so many headaches!?
im 13 and want to lose weight really bad to the point ill starve myself.. help?..?
Will i survive for 40 hours without eating food.?
what is the weirdest allergy you have?
How do I file a lawsuit against a drug maker?
What would be a good "get well" gift for a 55 year old male getting gastric bypass?
Does it look like she weighs 110 pounds at 5'8?
home remedies for upset tummy?
i took 2 benadrly and claritin at one time, am i in risk for side effects?
I am on blood thinners,some foods I eat effect it, Garlic for one,?
when ur heart is broken?
What medical condition does this sound like?
My mother just called and said her blood pressure is 188?
Is a heart murmur anything to worry about in a 24 year old?
my blood pressure was taken the first time- it was 138/100;20 min.later it was 150/108?
Is anemia inherited?
blood in the urine of my 3 year old sister?
How do I convince an Administrative Law Judge that Fibromyalgia IS a disabling condition?
Are these symptoms of any medical issue?
this isn't an eating disorder is it ?
Insomnia and Parents - Help?
how to use your love handles???
i am 13 and are wondering if i am fat!!!!!!!?
I'm 13. And i think i am over weight, but i'm not sure.?
Should I Tell My Parents?
What is dust? i need help finding out about dust?
Man how can i smoke without being out of breath when i run?
Am I fat or at a normal weight?
What will happen if i dont eat for 1 week?
How can i help my boyfriend to recover from Alcoholism?
Listen, I'm only 13 and I'm really nervous-what is it when my throat feels like it is closing in on me?
What could be wrong?
Foot pain...?
3 tabs of 5-500 hydrocodone (vicodin)?
Can your ears stretch back after you gage them???
I have frequent headaches. They have nausea, pain behind the eyes,and sometimes vomiting.?
What is up with my monster headaches?
Chapstick alternatives?
Any tips for weight loss? What are some nondrastic, healthy ways to drop a few pounds with a busy schedule?
Would you turn her in? or let it slide?
Guess which country is the most obese?
Why are school lunches so unhealthy?
Does this sound healthy? I'm on a diet.?
What medication works the best for Arthritis pain?
what exercises help lose belly fat???
What kind of exercise helps with stomach and upper arm fat?
Is head-banging bad for your health?
I want to lose 100 pounds within 6 months, can I?
is it better to eat befor or after you workout?
i feel HORRIBLE i just ate three slices of [FAT] carrot cake the size of my palm and a BIG glass of soy milk?
If I do 45 mins. of cardio workout 5 days a week how long before I lose 10 pounds?
About how long does your blood pressure have to be 179/140 before you have a stroke?
Can a teenager get a heart valve disease?
My blood pressure is 177 / 100 am i in danger?
Question about heart rates?
I have noticed something on my cheek next to my ear?
Why does my throat hurt alot when i swallow?
i was in the hospital?
What are the options for carpal tunnel other than surgery?
Can you get a stomach ache from stress?
why are cold things not allowed to be consumed when a person is suffering with a bad throat?
How tall are you???????????
I need to lose 4 lbs. by saturday?
Ok, am I.. fat?
how can i lose wight in 5 months ?
Does anybody know.......................?
my nose only gets stuffed up in my apartment...? Why?
my 9 year old daughter has been vomiting for 6 days and now has diarrhea. she really has no other symptoms?
Why doesn't somebody do something about how fat I am?
what natural things make you have bowel movements?
How many pounds is the average 13 year old expected to weigh?
how can i take care of my ear infection without going to the doctors i hate going to the doctors?
Im depressed.. I need to lose weight but nothing is working. I can't stick to one program. Any suggestions????
What Is A good weight loss food. ?
I have a weird headache?
what happens when you chew Tylenol instead of swallowing it whole?
do belly piercings hurt really bad im very scared of needles but i really want my belly pieced pain level?
Vicodin isn't working?
how to get rid of headaches ?
Just took 15 Advil..........?
can a pinched nerve by your neck cause you to have a headache?
Why R fat girls usually stronger than skinny girls?
Gained 4 lbs overnight!!!?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a cold?
I want to lose a lot of weight, any tips?
Eating MacDonald's or fastfood EVERYDAY really make you fat?
why would i have blood in my stool?
how to replace cigarettes when stressing?
How do I get rid of anxiety?
Foods for getting over stomach virus?
When you've been told you wont grow anymore, will your features still change?
Is there any cure for colorblindness?
What do you take when you feel a cold or upper respiratory virus coming on?
my armpits hurt form crutches what should i do?
how do i stop my back pain. ?
How do I get this headache to go away?
If there would be a gym specializing for fat/obese people, do you think they would join?
My heart races and then skips a beat?
is a blood pressure mof 136/65 normal?
Is it possible to reverse the negative health effects that stress has had on the body?
My blood pressure is 127/70?
question about my heart ?!!?
What are some symptoms of a heart murmur?An could a heart murmur be anxiety?
Can a heart condition damage other organs?
What should I do if I am experiencing early signs of a heart attack.. Left arm hurting. Chest pain?
Has anyone else tried a bar of soap beneath the sheets in bed as a cure for restless leg syndrome or cramps?
I am 35 and for the past several months i wake very early with moderate pain in my right arm from the elbow?
is there an addiction for food?
Is Alzheimer's hereditary?
Why are so many Americans at risk for heart disease?
cramps i hate them how can i get rid of them?
hurts to breath!!!!!! :(?
Im 17, i got my tonsils out 2 days ago... advice please?
If I take a pain killer before I cut myself will it hurt?
My mother, 86, has congestive heart failure. She's taking diuretics. Leg pores pouring water. Normal?
My cousin had heart bypass surgery and died 6 months later..It's been 6 months for mine.am I going to die soon
What Could I Be Sick With?
I have insomnia?
I just got prescribed Xanax and I have heard different things.......?
If your doctor diagnosed you with a deadly disease that is terminal, would you want to be informed or?
My eyes hurt when i look at computer screens, but i have to work on them? A way to stop them hurting?
I!'m in severe pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My neck is stiff and it hurts when i turn it. how can i relieve this pain?
GERD, chest pains, numbness in left arm?
withdrawal oxycontin?
headache pls help 18 yrs old?
Very very bad lower back pain?
Is it possible for me to have a heart attack this fast?
what should I do to get my cholesterol values to normal levels? Should I worry with the values given here?
Im a 24 year old female, im having a stabing pain in my chest by my heart its been coming and going 4 30min?
My grandmother heart is leaking fluid..Is that something serious??Can she die from that??
Valve through which the left ventricle pushes blood into an artery?
what does my BP mean?
why is brachial artery used to measure blood pressure?
Is a resting heart rate of 63 dangerous? ?
What is to low of blood pressure?
Heart Palpatations. My husband has recently been having heart palpations.?
Im 13 and are having these weird heart issuses?
Is it possible to have too low of cholesterol, blood pressure, and resting heart rate?
would it be possible to have a blood clot on one of your eye veins?
Can many heart conditions be treated these days?
what do you know about morphine sulph?
any body have an ulser or know some one who has one what are the complications with having one?
I suddenly feel disgusted from food?
do yeast infections cause autism??
what does it mean to vomit yellowish liquid in the morning?
Why can't humans sneeze with their eyes open?
My heart stops for a few seconds?
What natural remedy is there to prevent car sickness or to ease the nausea?
I went to the ER last night for back pain and was prescribed Percocet....?
Sinuses killing me...??
Can your blood pressure be too low?
what if your blood presure is 84 over 27?
does a hostpital have to give you a cat scan if you go in complaining about head pain?
Can I go overseas with High Blood Pressure?
Organ Transplants.. Do you think it's possible that..???
can a 210 cholesterol level be lethal?
is a blood test just like an injection?
What foods are high in iron?
What is Lupus?
my mom has a fever?
Ear Infection? What Can I Do? No doctor?
My nose has been bleeding for 3 hours! what should i do!?
List of Symptoms: what do you think i have?
how can i stop a runny nose?
what's the best way to relieve back pain?
I've been high now for 24 hours....?
" abnormal movement left ventricle" confusedscared, please explain best/worst scenario?
When i drink any form of alcohol the first few sips cause an allergic reaction. y?
any home remedies to get rid of a sore throat?
I am often congested - especially at night. I have never had allergies, but could it be due to an allergy?
Both Clartion and Benadryl doesn't work for my allergy.?
If I fell and hit my head, I have had a headache or pain on the same side and nausea when i lie down whats up?
how do i stop the headaches i have every day?
what's the best medicine for skin allergy?
I have this weird pain in my knee and it won't go away??
Body hurts, tender to the touch, tired all the time?
can you die from leaking heart valves?
What's the best way to stop a food allergy (immediate or delayed, but NOT anaphylactic shock) reaction?
What would be a good milk alternative?
My ear hurts a little. What should i do?
Can obesity lead to cholesterol?
how to rid mouth smell like rotten fish in the morning?
What is causing my chronic stomach pains?
vision problems can anyone answer this.?
Why does eating sugar or ( salt) sometimes cause a person's nose to run?
Can you get an allergic rash from a dog or rabbit even though you are not allergic to them?
Is your aunt or uncle considered "close blood relatives" when they ask about your medical family history?
common cold or allergies'''''''''''help???
I've heard of itchy throught, but can the ears be itchy as well? with Allergys?
Should I go to school after a stomach ache?
Have you had an allergic reaction to something that you have been exposed to before and NOT had a reaction to?
contacts drying out way more than they should even with rewetting drops?
Does my 9 year old have an eating disorder?
I have horrible acid reflux...?
do your eyes get watery when you clean your ears?
My nose itches very badly sometimes when I eat but I was tested and have no food allergies. Why?
how do you get a slug out of your throat?
i am getting over a cold that i had 2 wks. ago. now i feel worse with flu symptoms, possible to have both?
can you get high smoking banana peels?
Can an ECG reading provide information about a person's cardiac output? Explain and give examples.?
Help With Low Blood Pressure?
is it true that the heart, arteries and veins are part of the circulatory system?
I just discovered that I'm allergic to mosquito bites, does that mean I'm allergic to bees?
My brother died of a sever allergy to a bee sting. Is this hereditary?
Does getting a cavity filled hurt?
I get a pain in my chest when I wake up, is my bed too soft?
What should I do when I get head?
Urine test strips?
Have you ever heard of a disease of some type where continually, no matter how little you eat, you vomit?
posion ivy?
what is the highest cholesterol level you can have before it's fatal?
What is Definition of hypertension and describe causative factors?
What would be the proper terminology for an Aortic Repair?
Can daily dosages of Cayenne Pepper Reverse Heart Disease ?
i need some advice for quiting alprazolam. help me out...?
If someone fainted and their heart rate slows, what could you do to help them?
can you drink alcohol if you have a pacemaker?
Heart Attack symptom for a 18 years old?
is there a cure for h.i.v adis ?
Is Blood Pressure 85/60 ok?
What is the next step to do if I know that I have 2 blockages at my heart?
Are heart halpitations dangerous?
symptoms of high blood pressure?
is my blood pressure high at 135/98?
How serious is this heart murmur?
Blood Pressure Question: 140/80-- what are the risks of high systolic pressure?
I am 49, how do you get rid of plaque in my arteries naturally, with out surgery, if it is not too late?
What to do if someone has a heart attack?
Does anyone have episodes of "Paroxysmal atrail tachycardia"? and if you do, how do you deal with it?
Does this seem like a heart condition?
how many mcg are in 3 mg? lupron depot?
Im told sea salt lowers cholesterol, is that true?
How many veins go in and out of your heart?
what is a tacycardic heartbeat? ?
is lead poisoning hereditary?
How do I get rid of maggots in my bin?
how can i sale my kidney ?
I'm getting a sharp pain from my lower jaw through my chest into my right arm, what is this a sign of ?
UTI Relief?
I've had this headache for 2days now..whats wrong?
is this just a cold or more.... I NEED ANSWERS!!!!?
GOOD MORNING! I have a question?
I sort of took 8 ibuprofen... and then I read the bottle and it syas not to take more then 6?
I got in an accident on Monday, would it hurt me if I did some exercise tonight?
How is a tooth ache cured with a home rememedy?
i'm 13, with chest pains, what is it?
my six year old has a fever and ive given him tylenol twice today even rub him down with a cold rag,whatto do?
Can allergies suddenly happen overnite?
i was on here yesterday ?about my hubbys high blood preasure ?
What is a heart murmur?!?
blood pressure?
at nites i hardly inhale and there is murmur coming from my lungs, i can't sleep, what to do?
can a heart attack happen at any age?
im afraid of having a heart attack=(?
how do i cure heart desies?
Do I Have A Tapeworm?
Can i freeze my clean urine for a future drug test so i can smoke now?
hypertension is sometimes referred to as "silent killer" what is justification `for that statement?
What is an inotrope?
Can too much pressure on the chest make one's heart stop?
Should I go back to the Emergency Room?
am i..having a heart attack?..?
My mother had dizziness and rushing in her ear a b.p. of 159/90; should I insist on taking her to emergency?
What Is The Best Way To Lower High Blood Pressure?
what is the dvice doctors put near a persons heart..its like a battery or somthing?
Arm Pain??
high blood pressure and pregnancy?
what does the term, "fourth heartbeat" mean?
I have hypertension (high blood pressure), what should I eat?
How would heart function be affected if the AV valves didn't completely close during ventricular contraction?
what is chronic heart disease? how is it treated?
My Dr wants me to get a cortisone shot in my shoulder, does it hurt?
How can I get rid of my canker sores?
Can you list some migraine headache medications?
do doctor's have to write "prn"(as needed) on a prescription for narcotics?
Can you get STD from backwash?
How to get rid of hives quickly?
I need some ideas?
What are the fatal levels in blood pressure?
Cardiovascular Diecease?
what dose it mean to have a low pulse??
I think I have lice. How do I get rid of them?
what causes allergies?
blood pressure stays high why?
my heart rate up too 215 bpm!!! help!!?
Cardiac arrest and Acute MI the same?
I have high blood pressure?
Heart Beat Irregular?
How can I get THC from cannabis if I am allergic to cannabis?
Do i have a cold or allergies?
does anyone else have a baby with a heart murmur? please share your story?
Is there anything doctors can do about this heart problem?
a prostate enlarged to 117 grams.does any one know the cause of this?
whats the brand name for lisinopril?
Is this a healthy heart rate?
PLEASE!........Only physicians or qualified medical personnel answer: About infections in the heart/ I have?
what is the average blood pressure?
What should (or shouldn't ) I eat to lower my triglycerides?
very low blood pressure. 111/50?
Allergic to Tide detergent... is this possible?
I dont know where to go from here, I've been to the emergency room 3 times in 1 week...?
Can seasonal allergies result in just a cough?
What can I take to stop leg cramps? Charley horses? Whatever you call them?
There's a knot on my wrist...?
what causes tingling and numbness in the inner left hand from ring finger to pinkie finger?
Please answer, I don't know what's wrong.?
exactly what enzyme is elevated in the plasma after myocardial infarction(MI)?
Why do Firing Squads Aim for the Heart, and not the head?
What do you think can be wrong with me. I was washing my floor and doing some other cleaning....?
About how often should you stop and check for signs of life when performing CPR?
I'm havining some mean dizzy spells . Could this be a stroke.?
Elevated Fasting Blood Glucose Level And Severe Stress Are The Coronary Enemies NOT Cholesterol?
how can u find out if u have high blood pressure?
my right hip hurt?
On the scale of 1 to ten, how much would getting your ears pierced hurt?
My 7 year old daughter has blood in her urine, high fevers and mouth ulcers?
What is the best advice for anyone diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure?
My heart beats fast why is this?
what is ventricular ectopic? it was detected on my husbands holter test?
question about blood pressure.?
i have had a minor heart pain for about 3 days. Its not sever and i dont have shortness of breath or anything?
can you really die from pumping oxegyn into your heart?
if i have pains under my left breast every 20 minutes or so does that mean i am having a heart attack?
Which One Is Wose....An Irregular Hearbeat Or An Enlarged Heart?
I'm 18 years old, what possible heart condition may i have?
my daughter might need heart surgery for a murmur? have any of you ever had surgery for a heart murmur?
My blood pressure was 154/100 at doctors office nurse was concerned the doctor blew it off,what should I do?
My heart sometimes skips beats or kind of "jumps". What could be the problem?
my dad (62) has leakage by the heart. He had a 4 bypass 19 yrs ago, eats healthy and exercises, what is this?
Does Zantac Raise Blood Pressure?
Abnormal Heart Rhythms and Nausea?
How big of a risk is it for a heart transplant patient to get a tongue piercing?
Can a high or low diastolic blood pressure cause damage, if so what?
Heart palpitations (spasm)?
For Heart Patients: Were you ashamed That You Had a Heart Attack?
is a 130/76 blood pressure with a heart rate of 80 beats/minute okay???
what are the possible problems if my blood pressure medication fails to bring down my numbers? 165 over 110.?
is it normal to feel your heart pump harder when you have anxiety?
Strange heart movements?
I have a nut allergy. Can I eat french fries that are cooked in 100% peanut oil?
Is it normal to have a systolic blood pressure of 165 and a diastolic bp of 81?
can drinking alot of alcohol cause high blood pressure in a woman?
Everytime I run my quarter of a mile jog, I get heart aches. Why is that?
please help out!!?
I drank Redbull, and now I'm afraid I'm going to die or something... please help?
Angina and other heart problems in 16 year old?
Chest pain/Heart beat in my ear?? Health problem question...?
what's the potential benfit of administering CPR to a person whose heart has stopped beating
Can you be allergic to fruit?
Why is snot sometimes yellow?
allergys to cats!!!!???? help?
Question for lactose intolerant people.?
What are some of your worst allergy symtoms?
Does eating grapefruit have an effect on crestor ?
Today I found out I have a heart murmur.?
Dad has massive blood clot in his leg. What could it be?
please help 10 points, what symptom could this be?
What's the maximum amount of time a person can live with a heart Transplant?
i have high triglyceride and very low HDL and v high LDL. Total cholesterol is also very low. what do i do?
do I have a brain tumor? help, I'm so scared!?
Should I start medications for ADHD?
Can someone please help me here..........?
Am I lactose intolerant?
All the sudden when I drink liquids the right side of my lungs get a sharp pain after I swallow.?
Is it okay to take expired aspirins?
SORE MUSCLES = a hot shower or a cold bath?!
i have this constant low thumping noise in my ear?
What is the most effective way to soothe pain from an ear ache?
HELP! medicine question!!!!?
Swollen lymph nodes near jaw under ear?
For someone that is diagnosed with obcessive compulsive disorder, what does it mean when the doctor?
What would cause a healthy 10 yr. old boy severe pain and weakness in both legs? Sometimes even falling down.
I'm 18, and overweight and i've been having arm and leg numbness? like its asleep what should i do?
what am i supposed to do to help my swelling of my beesting go down? tried everything!?
Could you break your own neck and die by twisting your own head with your bare hands with all your power?
Please help I dont know what to do?
I have this strange noise in my Head and idk what it is?!?
what causes a headache?
I stumble and fall sometimes? Why?
Knee problem. Help!?
i recently had a bloody nose and my ears began to clog up.?
Where can you get a nose and mouth cover like what doctors wear?
i wonder what makes my lower back stiff when i get up in the morning?its been doing it for about 6 mos now.?
excruciating headaches for more than 5 month with no relieve help?
Can you diagnose this??
whats this called? nurses relieve each other from shift to shift, they pass report?
my groin area, there isnt any redness, sores or anything. but?
can you lose feeling in your arm by laying on it too long?
How can i relieve neck and shoulder pain from sitting at an office desk all day long?
pulled stomache muscles?
Why do I keep getting nose bleeds.?
How do you tell the difference between pink eye or an eye infection and allergies?
Have you ever heard of anyone that is allergic to caffeine?
is vicodin addictive?
what is wrong with my jaw?
Would a building built in 1857 w/ asbestos floor and roofing and heavy mold be hazardous to work in?
something weird happened last night?
what's the most painful thing you have experienced?
Can I be allergic to certain kinds of cats and not others? or do they create different symptoms?
Which is harder? The onset of cancer, or the relapse of it?
pain in chest?
Has anyone ever had sudden sharp pains in there head?
Self cutting ,without pain?
I have a headache that won't go away and nausea...what is it?
There is a specific bone in my back I want to pop to relieve the pressure on it. How do I do it.?
What a good way to get rid of headaches without using medicine?
which is stronger narcotic.. percocet or tylonol 3. the tylonol 3 says it has 30mg of codiene and percocet....
nuerosurgeon vv orthe pedic surgeon?
Can a doctor perscribe you a drug via phone or internet without seeing you?
my calves randomly hurt in my sleep?
Why is my eye sooo watery?!?!?
Is it possible to have a violent allergic reaction to liquid fabric softener?
what is the cure for pink eye?
I have swollen lymph nodes in my armpit...anyone have experience with this?
am i illergic? do i have a cold?
Hard to breath?
my friend just found out that her house has mold. ?
Is their a cure for allergies ?
Can laughers and pains be together at the same time?
Why can I not get my to prescribe Pain meds for me when i have Fibromyalgia?
Is it dangerous to keep a heating pad on your cramps for too long?
i have a pain in my arms muscle after my first bodybuilding practice! what i should do reduce this pain?
I am getting a pain in my calf muscle. why?
What causes a Tumor?
My 5yr son has a high fever (103.7) and his stomach hurts should i worry?
My ear feels clogged with water. How can I get it out?
Chronic Hives?
Why are my allergies worse in the morning?
Where do you get a EpiPen?
Having trouble breathing on left side lung?
I get a rash from the little buckles on watches, what can I do to prevent this ?
What is the best air purifier for a child with major allergies?
who here has allergies and how bad?
dear all,,i am male 23 having sever hair loss problem.i am taking allopathy medicines now and working average.?
am i allergic to apples if my teeth hurt after i eat them?
I'm so scared, WHAT CAN CAUSE HIVES?!?
Metal allergy?
recently I discovered I'm allergic to contacts. Is there anything i can do to remove my allergies?
Robitussin medicine expired..?
What would cause an ongoing migraine?
im lactose intolerant...so if i drink milk or eat something dairy..will it make me gain weight?
What is the difference between allergy, inflammation, and infection?
Full Body Itch?
Any suggestions on how to cure a sinus infection without a trip to the doctor?
my ears keep popping?
Why does my right elbow joint hurt after i lift weights?
I have bad allergy sinusCan I take an Antihistamine nasal decongestant few times a week without sideeffects ?
Can you have beer if you have celiac disease?
Do your allergy medications cause you to have side effects?
i just found out im allergic to nickel?
What's the difference between Codeine and Hydrocodone?
BAD Headache that won't go away? Help?
Will I be okay?
Which is best for back pain?
I get migraine headaches about 2-3 times a week at least and they last approx. 5-20 min.?
Is this possible? Does WD 40 really work on joint pains?
Why do my joints hurt before it rains?
How do i make myself throw up???
someone please help me?
One eye is dilated and swollen ?
Has anyone taken Ambien for insomnia and did it work for you?
Could anyone tell me why the water in my humidifier would turn black? I tried to search online but can't find
Im Allergic and i dont know what to!!?
how do you mold an infants head?
Lactose intolerant, I don’t want 2 forfeit proteins in dairy foods specially milk, is there milk I may use?
Is Zyrtec an over the counter medication? Does it work for cat allergies?
I think my mom is dying?!?!?!?
Wats a Tumor because mi son has one?
Somedays i'll just wake up and my eyes are all watery and sensitive all day?
Could I be lactose intolerant?
eye allergies help?
My cousin was just diagnosed with lupus shes like my best friend she wants me to go visit her but i don;t know
My sister thinks that she has mold growing in her house. How do you get rid of it?
Is it possible to have a delayed allergic reaction to Penicillin?
If I live with something I'm allergic to (cats, etc...) is it possible I can develop an immunity?
Nose Bleed?!?!?!?!?!?!?
A cold or just allergies?
I need some help with my allergies?
I'm allergic to metal, and I want to get a Piercing?
Has anyone tried the new Benadryl dissolving strips, and do they work as good as regular Benadryl?
I can eat cereal with milk, but when I drink milk alone i get diarrhea?
What is the best food to cure severe constipation?
can i pass a drug test in 1 week if i smoked 2 joints 8 days ago?
How can I get rid of hiccups?
under my chin there's a lump.. what could cause this?
Numbness/Tingling in face, but right-side only?
I'm 14 and I have BULIMIA?!? ];?
what can i take to get rid a cold i might catch?
Why do people think its cool to smoke? Its gross!?
I temporarily lost my vision and hearing from smoking weed?
can you still live if your appendix get removed by a doctor?
I have not yet met my son's future autistic 8yo stepson. How should I handle our first meeting? And later?
is it true that conception of a birth is 266 days?
Whenever I burp, sour liquid comes out and I feel like throwing up?
does arthiritis get worst?
Can you cure a urinary tract infection just by drinking a lot of water?
H.I.V. What do you do?
I have a lump under my armpit and it hurts any clues what it is?
how can i get sick overnight? i dont want to go to school tommorrow?
Feeling of tiredness all the time?
i am 24 and started using heroin 6 months ago....?
how does a person feel after having a stroke?
my dog is having a stone removal surgery in the morning?
How can I help someone who is coughing up yellow phlegm?
What diseases can Stem Cell research lead to cures(if ever done) of?
my hand is burning and i dont know why?
I think i have insomnia? do i?
I've been nauseous all day. What can it be? (I'm not pregnant)?
Please help?
What's It Called When A Person Craves Blood?
Can taking Amoxicillin bring out another infection?
can you buy cigarettes if you're under 18?
Can excess protein cause kidney stones?
Blood CLot in Brain?
Ive been having these symptoms for about 2-3 months?
Could I be Alcoholic?
Ambien safe??
numbness in left hand, upon waking up. i wake up on my back.?
why do my bowels run out before I reach the bathroom?
T.B what what if I'm infected?
weird symptoms...?
drug called saliva..?
Why does my sister smell.?
Help! My husband has been having hiccups for the past 8 hours straight! He's never had this before...++++
My uvula is touching my tongue and I keep gagging on it and it's painful to swallow anything?
What are some homeopathic cures for bad-breath?
Is MS (Multiple sclerosis) genetic?
possible causes of stomach aches after eating?
What helps acid reflux?
Are there medical tests that can determine whether my toddler is lactose intolerant?
Why don't people get motion sick while sleeping?
i have this constant ringing/buzzing in my right ear? What does it signify?will I lose my hearing?
Does diet coke cause multiple sclerosis?
will I pass a urine test if I am clean for 2 and a half weeks?
my eye is moving! help!!!?
i have tryed to cut my self ?
the last two weeks my stool is real hard and kind of hurts?
hmmm id like to hear about schizopherenia cases?
What hurts worse - A tetnus shot, a tongue piercing, getting blood taken or a tatoo?
What medical conditions can cause a putred body odor ? (human)?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold w/o?
Just found out I have a Kidney stone?
Rectal bleeding? (awkward question. For me anyway)?
Is there a cure for insomnia that doesn't require medical treatment?
What's going on with me???
Would drinking a lot of water increase or derease blood pressure?
This one is icky - not for the squemish!?
On the side of my face that has sinus congestion, is it normal for the eye to be affected. See below for deta
puffy eyes ?
Can A cold get worse if it is untreated?
can i give my 5 yr old?
i found a pill in my sons room with an R on one side and 029 on the other. what is this?
What causes Rhumatoid Arthiritis?
I slept for 12 hours! Is that healthy?
can you get hiv if someone else blood in your mouth?
I have continual stomach problems/pain/using toilet up to 4 times a day general unwell feeling.?
If you have severe anemia, what could possibly happen?
Okay so far alot of people have been...?
I feel something moving in the lower part of my legs(calf), is it a blood clot?
My roommate and I are recovering drug addicts, I just caught my roommate smoking pot. What should I do?
How does alcoholism affect you or your family and what are the side affects physically?
my husband is taking a warfarin,can he take loperamide?
blood in stool?
what happen if a 2yr old kid swallow bubble gum?
What's going on with me? I pee like 30-40 times a day.?
what does the liver do??
Is this constipation or more?
I've been constipated and haven't pooed since yesterday. What do I do?
AUTISM,and vaccines,and penicillin.?
For the past six months I've had swollen lymph nodes in my neck. No other symptoms have occurred. Any ideas?
What's the best, sure fire cure for the hiccups?
Autism disease ?
How to dissolve kidney stone?
Please, help me. My doctor tell s me I have arthritis in my hips. Please, tell me what to do.?
what is this lump under my ear?
can i die from this, please helpp?!?
My ears wont unpop!!!!?
i need some help i cant take it anymore!!!?
Consequences of drinking a pint of my own blood?
My Mom is having spinal surgery....how serious is this?
a friend's child is bleeding in his bowels...he is 4 years old...not all the time...should she worry?
Can you die from Chron's disease?
Can you give yourself a Brain Aneurysm from straining?
why does weed make my head feel like something is wrong?
will the doctor know?
how can i numb my arm before getting blood test?
Does vinegar remove plantar warts?
Does toenail fungus ever go away? I know...gross.?
What are the worst side effects if i am a teen and develop a poor sleeping habit?
I'm recovering from bulimia and am terrified now that I'm pregnant that I will relapse and harm the baby, help
Serioulsy! When I urinate now it makes little bubbles, is this a sign of any sickness?
pain in my stomach and kidneys and its not a kidney infection?
i have pain in my chest that goes down into my arm making it tingle and numb i'm 20yrs old healthy any advice
What causes really bad night sweats?
Why does my stomach feel like I have an alien trying to chew its way out?
My poo is red!!!?
I found a lump?
ok this is rediculous...i need some freakin help....?
for an anaemic person, iron- anaemic, please list all the foods that are iron rich..to become healthy?
what is the fastest way to get over the flu?
Anyone have advice for someone age 30 who is facing hip replacement?
How can I get rid of a throat infection?
What is wrong with me!!!???
what can cause serve darreaarr what causes and what can you do about it.?
Could I have a Gallbladder problem? If not, then what's wrong?
anyone know the reason for a 15year old girl to have swollen of the face and legs, with High blood pressure.?
Fainting, Blackouts, Panic Attacks?! WHAT could this be?!?
80 stones in the gall bladder, doctor suggests removal of gall bladder. Is it a major operation?
How do you get rid of Hemorrhoids? Internal and External?
What is a good and fast way to get rid of head lice?
What is the worst illness you have ever had.?
Stress and and anxiety, can it make you feel ill eveyday.?
What are some remedies or cures for hemorrhoids?
what is the website that helps diagnose possible causes to symptoms?
They say bananas help with heartburn. Why is it when I eat a plain ole banana I get heartburn?
Helpppp crazy bad headache! I'm about to snap my own neck off?
my kids has head lice i have done 2 treatments of rid i have done 2 of nix and also 2 of something my doctor?
what do these sypmtoms mean?
Hi i just found out i failed my drug test and i want to know why.?
Is irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis the same thing?
Is splenda really healthy for us?
i've been feeling like death lately, what's wrong with me?
Do I have an eating disorder? =S?
constantly tired no energy and have headaches?
I eat sausage & eggs every morning for breakfast. But I work out every day.,Cardio too. How long will I live?
It stinks!?
6 year old with an on going cough help!!?
does my friend have an eating disorder?
Why is it in the twenty first century, people suffer insomnia?
I accidentally swallowed my dogs antibiotic pill instead of my daily vitamin should I be worried?
My girlfriend has a medical problem and her doctors are not giving answers. Here are her symptoms.?
what are symptoms for a U.T.I?
Should I tell my mom that I think she may have Alzheimer's Disease?
What does it mean when a person throws up worms?
how can i feel better?
Stress causing severe chest pain?
help with triglycerides?
How can I cure bladder infection or kidney infection without going to the doctor?
i think i'm anorexia?
I have strep throat and I need to know what's okay.?
what is the best remedy for constipated ten yr old kids?
I get blackouts (not the kind when the power goes out)...?
Which is the best or least addictive sleeping pill??
I have severe headaches that feels like brain freeze withough drinking anthing cold. What could it be??
is 147/83 bp still normal?
How do you pronounce Alzheimer's?!?
what is the best sleeping tablets?
Kidney infection?????
does anyone have tingling in there feet?
Is there any kind of desiese that you can have if you pee like every 30 minutes?
My throat just started hurting...?
Where did Aids really come from?
please enlighten me of side effects of drug alprazolam?
plz take the time to answer this concerning my grandmother -gallbladder-?
Is it possible to have Brain Freeze and Heartburn at the same time?
blood-not in stool, but separate.....?
Runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, sore throat..related to left eye pain?
What are the symptoms of mono?
Need a doctors opinion...............?
does anyone know how to bring down swelling in a leg from cellulitus?
can i take vitamin E daily?
Is there any home remedy for obesity?
Why would a man in his 30s need to get weekly kidney dialysis?
Small amount of blood in stool?
What is a natural insomnia treatment?
if anyone/doctors can help me with this-i would be SO happy, i'm freaking out/getting depressed right now :(
what happens when you jump up and down on a mattress and on each jump you see 2 silver circles overlapping ?
My mother told me that sometimes my breath smells sweet. What could be causing this?
What are the signs of crack cocaine useage.?
i have acid reflux and i have a problem keeping my food down. what should i eat?
Questions about a U.T.I?
Bad Gas at Night. How Do I Prevent this?
The back of my mouth by my tongue is inflamed, and my throat hurts....?
Pain between my shoulder blades . Feels like my lungs are infected but no coughing. could it be acid reflux?
My weight keeps fluctuating?
Could an approximatley 6 foot tall person carry an approx: 5 foot 6 person?
What illness could this be?
Help Puking Up Blood, What should I Do?
rectal bleeding after eating meat..but only meat?
I coughed up blood....is this serious?
Is it possible to stop nausea?
How can I make my self tired?
My boss and kids have head lice. Should I be worried about getting them too? Help!?
What causes frequent bladder infections?
I have a capsule pill antibiotic stuck in my throat.?
My knees really hurt?
what to do if someone u love takes too much pain meds?!!?
How can I get rid of this horrible hip pain?
These last 4 days I have been having pain in my lower right side (between my right thigh and under my belly)..